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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> right now at five honoring and ring a local officer killed in domestic violence call over the weekend and family and friends are remembering wife of the suspect who was also killed. >> it's tuesday, march 1 also super tuesday. nice warm today if you head to vote. we'll check in with melanie alnwick live at a poling place already this morning we'll get an update from her in five minutes. >> i'm holly morris alongside wisdom martin and maureen umeh. >> we thank you four joining thus tuesday morning. >> today, friend and family will say good guy to pr
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gunned down while responding to domestic violence call. ronald hamilton shot and killed ashley guindon over the weeken weekend. services will take place hylton memorial chapel.i viewing start 10 a.m. and funeral services begin at noon. it's on to the public and make sure to keep it locked on "fox5". we'll have live coverage of the service throughout the day. >> light lit up the sky hundreds of officers escorted her body it a woodbridge chape chapel. tears streaming down faces of hundreds who did not know officer guindon but carry pain of her loss. >> shes with in with the mar eepz an i have a child who is in the military. it's side, so sad. >> to think it was by somebody active duty you know it makes it worse. >> officer guindon was
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just an hour and a half into her shift on her favorite day on the job. >> tonight, friends and family of crystal hamilton will gather to honor here during a candlelight vigil the 2 29-year-old mother was affectionally known by christie. flowers, cards, teddy bears formed outside the of the hamilton home. crystal and ronald were high school sweet hearts married for 11 years. >> ronnie seemed like an up right person when i met him he was just all smiles, very intelligent and very intellectual and i felt like, okay, this is aa good match for my signatureer. >> tonight's vigil will be held 7 p.m. in fronts of hamilton home in woodbridge. coming up we'll have christie's sister live on "fox5". >> meanwhile the suspect in the shootings remains in jail held without bond this morning. 32-year-old staff sergeant ronald
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court via video conference from jail. he's facing several charges including capital murder. he murdered his wife and used a rifle to shoot and kill officer guindon and shoot two others. he was convicted after salt in another state ten years ago. >> switching gears to flix now. super tuesday is here and in a few hours polls will on in several states including virginia. lot of delegates at stake for presidential candidates. melanie alnwick joins us live from oak nonfairfax with more on the story. mel there's a lot at stake here even though we have not heard a lot of buzz about virginia. >> well, right, and definitely a big deal here in fairfax county. one of the schools -- one of the school systems that closed for the day. fairfax, loudoun, prince william and stafford county all closing for soup ers tuesday. some of it for security concerns. others because they predict perhaps a larger turnout than
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though generally primaries see lower than election itself. virginia is on primary meaning anyone can come to the poling plays to their poling place and then after they walk in the door they can say whether they wish to choose a republican ballot or ballot for the democrat candidates. polls on 6:00 in the morning and there's 49 delegates for reps up for grabs and 95 democrat delegates up for grabs in virginia and both parties award them proportionately. all candidates made recent stops here in virginia. hillary clinton rallied george mason university yesterday and donald trump rally last night in roanoke made news again for unruliness involving protester protesters, photographer, and seek relate service. and virginia is seen as a pretty good indication of how the rest of the country will go. it's a swing state. a deeply purple state from what was once a republican state. and so a win here
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seen as a pretty good prize for any of the candidates. and again the polls on 6:00 this morning and they close at 7 you will need to bring some sort of identification with you and also be aware that there will be some candidates' names on the ballot that dropped out of the race. the party election officials say they will count all the ballots and it's up to the parties to decide how they'll award those for the candidates no longer in the race. back to you guys. >> 5 past the hour. gary mcgrady we're talking about a nice day i think. >> oh, my god, yeah. >> i was going to start paying attention i remember you said something was happening down the pike. >> that's later on. friday, maybe there's snow. do you want to talk about that. >> no, no, no. >> i you would rather talk 60s and sunny. >> yes. in the moment. >> chilly out there it morning. 42 in town. it was holly
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about snowy got it confused stop it. >> 36 winchester avenue 39 for westminster this morning. temperatures all over the plac place. we do have generally clear skies out this morning. winds are light. i know it's on the cool side. we're not talking about wind chill values or anything. kid owes at the bus stop so you know a little on the cool side. again, sunny once the sun comes up. 28 to 40. obviously colder out in the suburbs. later today when they get home anywhere from upper 50s to low 60s breezy and we'll start to see some clouds come in late in the afternoon. showers roll in here late this evening and tonight. we'll talk more about that coming up in the full forecast. right now we get to traffic. erin cuomo is patiently standing by. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit via >> i am staring at you and tapping my foot with pain sgleps we have traffic in fred rake 80 closed park mills
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a tractor-trailer crash cleanup and this could be out there 7 or 8 this this morning be prepared to deture around 80 in frederick. aside from that couple work zones you need to be aware of. up areaen outer loop top of melt way east of jorming aavenue lane closures. use cautionment plenty of green on our map. it's not really causing any major slow downs. bw parkway nice and quiet for bwi for early morning flight this morning. 95 you could get slowed down before icc right lane blocked guardrail repair. still green on the map. volume light for the start to tuesday morning. aside from that work zone on 3 395 southbound near seminary and silver hill flowed prince george county eastbound after branch avenue. aside from that metro on time this morning and we'll let you know when anything else pops up that you need to be aware of. that's traffic back to you guys. >> spending time this long. >> after a year in space astronaut kelly is scheduled to
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return in earth today around 1 11:45 tonight and fly to houston tomorrow where he'll be welcomed home by nass a. second lady dr. jill biden and brother mark. he spent record 340 days in space and tweeted this photo last night saying earth i'm coming for you. he hopes his mission helps lead astronauts out mars some day. >> that would freak me outfy was stuck up there a year. >> amazing. >> stories cho tell. >> all right. coming up tearfull erin andrews testifys in court with a stal stalker that secretly recorded her as lawyers tried todd hold the hotel responsible. >> and search for person that shot a teenager aat a bus stop. what we learned about the ta ak taft break.
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>> back now 5:10 an investigation under way to what caused a house fire in southeast. calls came until massachusetts avenue. fire officials say one person was killed in the fire and so far the victims names have not been released. >> let's go to fairfax county where police need your help finding this missing man who they say escaped from a mental health facility. michael marshall was last seen at the northern virginia mental health institute along gallows road false church 6 p.m. yesterday. police say marshall is known to exhibit violent behavior and they believhe
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annandale or false church area and also say he has ties to centerville and sterling. prince george county now, the school volunteer acquisitioned of producing child pornography now faces more federal charges yesterday a federal grand jury indicted deanne take caroway on 13 ounts counts of xlottation of a minor. it involves 11 victims and replaces criminal complaint filed last week which included fewer charges and victims. if convicted he faces minimum of 15 years in prison for each of the 13 counts against him. >> the man accused in disappearance and murders of two college students is expected to plead guilty tomorrow. plea deal jessie matthew junior will plead guilty of deaths of hannah gram and morgan harrington makes him immune from the death penalty matthew was arrested following murder of hannah gram in 2014 and later charged with morgan harrington 2009 murder.
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why this latest court ruling could have an impact on the company's lawsuit with the fbi. >> plus it's been ten years since this happened inside the supreme court. find out what caught everyone by surprise after we talk about traffic. >> gary. >> depend where you are in city lower 40s. that ain't bad for the first day of march and you try to get to suburbs and some shots in upper 20s which would really be closer to normal this time of year. full forecast is coming up. we have rain in the forecast. i'll show you when it's coming in. stay tuned for that.
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>> happening today a rookie prince william county police officer will be tried rest. and this is video from last night and hundred of officers escorted body of officer quep done to a woodbridge chapel. she was gunned down by ronald hamilton responding to a domest ike violence call. today's services willen held hylton memorial chapel. viewing 10 this morning and funeral to at noon. also happening today friend and family of crystal hamilton with gaj to hon here here. the 2-year-old mother was affectionately known as christie. flowers guard and teddy bears has forme
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woodbridge home. the victim ill will be 7:00 in front of hamilton home has mere court in woodbridge. >> fair skies out there this morning and it is kind of cold out in the suburbs and here in town it's not terribly bad. let me show what you is going on up and down the east coast and across the nation with temperatures. 4 12 glitcy a. boston 3. cold stuff into canada thank goodness. wilmington north carolina 49. let me show you warmth down here. st. louis 52 this morning. little rocket 59. we'll touch more of the warmth later this afternoon. we'll have a lot of sunshine and that's going to allow temperatures with dry atmosphere to warm up. there's chilly temperatures reading coming in northern plains this central canada. this will make a run for us. and it looks like some of this moves in by the middle part of the week and late week and that's cold air. let's see how much cold air we have in place for potential of some wintry precit
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start getting down the road to late thursday and into friday okay? so sunny sdhiz morning at 11 a.m. we're breezy at noon today. 61. and then later on i think a few clouds coming out across by maybe even 5bg or so and really what that means for us is that we'll end up with a beautiful sunset out there. it's not going to be enough clouds to take a way sunshine. we'll still be good. today's high 62 in city and 61 gamersburg and 58 annapolis and down to fredericksburg later this afternoon. and we're talking about temperatures that will be into the mid to upper 60s. how great is that. so today, 62. mild conditions. few clouds late. showers come through overnight tonight and tomorrow we'll be cooler. north lower 50s. that's not bad. march 2. 52. fair sdhiz morning. few clouds running from west to east to the norm of us. future cast keeps them to the north of us. and even late this afternoon i think we'll start to sea a few clouds coming on across. high clouds and blow off from some of these hours
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thunderstorms back out to the west of us. but it will be a while before any of this rain gets here. we can go nine, 10, 11:00 tonight dry before this tries to come across the mountains during the overnight and the way it's looking now good news for us the way it looks now any rain that we have is overnight and it's out of hereby tomorrow morning's commute right erin that will be good. yeah. athen you can see colder air back here there's snow. we're still dry. we'll cool off a little bit. sunny and breezy today. more clouds late this afternoo afternoon. but again a lot of sunshine coming our way. we're 62 today, 52 tomorrow. 43 thursday. temperatures going down here. friday, still possibility of rain and snow too, early to tell specifics on that. clouds around for the weekend. temperatures will respond and next week i see 6 0s, maybe 7 0s next week. here's erin. >> 5:18 gary that forecast for the 60s and 70s please. >> t
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heard of three minutes there that's all anybody remembers 60s and 70s. >> i'll take it. >> metro all rails on time this morning. metro bus no alerts. we'll go outside for a live look no frederick. 70, 270 moving along long without any problems. once you get to 270 traffic is flowing freely southbound side as well which is nice news through gaithersburg to the spuvrment look at maps now. keep in mind 80 still closed in frederick however park mills road. tractor-trailer crash from earlier it's cleanup underway so give yourself time to get around that area. in montgomery county, still dealing with roadwork inner and outer loop by jrj aavenue no major congestion yet we're hoping that will be cleared within the hour and dealing beyond construction northbound prince george before icc right lane blocked nor guardrail repairs. if headed to bwi take bw parkway and traffic on way to dulles and reagan national. moving on without any delays
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we you have covered this morning. holly. . >> thanks, erin. in maryland, the search continues for whom ever shot a 17-year-old at prince george county bus stopch the teen is now in critical condition. happened yesterday morning along green belt road in green belt the shooting caused police to lockdown deer by defal high school and god dard middle school they believe the teen was targeted and stemmed from ongoing dispute between him and gunman. >> in tearfull testimony sportscaster erin andrews took part in a trial michael david barrett secretly videotaped her naked in her room and shared on internet. he explained how he figured out what room she was in at the nashville mariott. >> i picked up the house phone and called the operator and asked for her room. and they connected me
5:21 am
house phone concierge phones shows room number on it then i knew what room she was in. >> barrett altered people in the door to erin andrew's hotel room and videotaped her coming out of shower and was eventually convicted in connection with the incident and sent to prison 2 1/2 years. andrews is suing nashville mariott for $75 million. >> new developments between fight of apple and fbi over up locking data. a judge said the u.s. justice department cannot force apple to allow up locked data. the decision comes after fb. a trying to get app toll give them access to one of the shooters in the san bernadine owe massacre cellphone. >> something that has not happened in a sdek aid. collar eps thomas broke ten years of courtroom silence yesterday. he posed questions during a supreme court oral aring the and provoked gasp from the arguments he asked questi
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during exchange about argument of gun rights. this is the second week the court has heard arguments sin the death of antonin school he a. >> we'll head to fairfax as voting gets underway in 35 minutes now. we'll be right back.
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>> 5:4 clock it ticking to use the
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tag on quarterback cousins. here's how it works the franchise will cost the team $20 million and give them exclusive bargaining rights with kirk cousins. transitioning tag would cost them $18 million and leave cousins on to other teams on the marriageet that may be interested. >> what do we think will happen. >> franchised probably. >> kirk cousins will get paid. >> he'll get paid. >> the initial negotiations --. >> the initial negotiations i know this sound crazy it was too low between $10 and 12 mill qulon was offer and agent was like that's ridiculous compared to other quarters back. he's not leaving. so i don't -- no need to papic. >> kirk cousins --. >> that money is awful. >> it's always what the market will bare. >> it's the free market. >> this is our key to move sglon we got you. bus stop. >> what's
5:26 am
bare. >> 60s. >> that's three days in a row. 28 to 40, after school 57 to 6 61. don't fight your kid if he wants to wear shorts today. >> not at this hour. >> let's not get carry away. >> this afternoon will be nice again. >> it's cold now. >> 42 very cold out there in spots. upper 20s in suburbs. that's mannasas. 28. little breezy today. it will get up to the lower 60s and be mild. late day cloud we'll start to see them coming in. high clouds, winds out of southeast, 10 to 15 a little breezy today. >> 60s on march first, come on. >> we'll take it. whatever the market will bare that's what we'll take. >> what are the roads bearing. >> erin cuomo with on time mask that's right, right now, 5:26 dealing with construction 35 southbound to after seminary road. plenty of green on the map. we don't have usual congestion popped
5:27 am
beltway to 14 street bridge. and prince george county a work zone now. silver hill road eastbound after branch avenue and in addition to that we have more roadwork on beltway in montgomery country and it's inner and outer loop affected east of georgia avenue as you make your way in front of frederick this is deadly crash investigate. 80 shut down at parks mill road it was a crash involving a tractor-trailer and we'll let you know when things reon ther there. met bro' is on time and i don't have major congestion on 66 i'll let you know when that changes, back to you guys. when we come back the officer and woman she was trying to save are remembered this morning and details about the funeral service and vigil after the break.
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burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> live look outside tuesday march 1. it will by beautiful day. warm up nicely according to tar gar. we'll talk more weather with him and twravk naern five minutes. >> 5:30 your time we begin in prince william county. it's a somber day for friends and family of ashley guindon. they will prepare top lay her to rest after gunned down by army sergeant over the weekend. today's fewal services will take place hylton memorial chapel potomac mills road in woodbridge. funeral service for officer guindon
5:31 am
on to the public. keep it live here on "fox5"we'll have live coverage of the service throughout the day. >> a solemn tribute lit up the night sky for officer guindon. community members lined the streets as officers escorted her body to woodbridge chape chapelel. teams streaming down hundred that did not know her but carry pain of her loss. she was killed an hour and a half into her shift on the first day of the job. >> tonight, friends and family of crystal hamilton will gather to honor her during a candlelight vigil. 29 mother was affectionately nope by christy. flowers, cards and teddy bears has formed outside her home. crystal and ronald were high school sweet hearts married for 11 years. >> ronnie seemed like up right person when i met him. he was just all smiles. very intelligent and very intellectual and i felt like okay, well, this is a good
5:32 am
>> and tonight's vigil will be held at 7 p.m. if front of the hamilton home on lash mere dmort woodbridge and coming up in the 8:00 hour we'll have christie's sister wendy live on "fox5". >> mean while the suspect in these shootings remains in jail being held on bond without bond rather this morning. 32-year-old staff sergeant ronald hamilton appeared in court via video conference from jail yesterday and facing multiple charges including capital murder. police say he murder he's er errerd his wife and used rifle to shoot and kill officer guindon and township others. he was convicted of assault in another state ten years ago. >> today is super tuesday. in a few hours polls will on in virginia. it is the single biggest delegate grab of all the days in the primary process with more than 14 0 0 at stake. melanie alnwick joins us live from oakton high school from month more. good morning, l
5:33 am
>> we picked oakton high school as central to fairfax country. schools in fairfax are closed as well as stafford and prince william and loudoun county as well. now, virginia is on primary which means that voters when they come here can choose which parties primary they wish to vote in. and polls on at 6:00 this morning. there are 49 rendell gats and 95 democrat delegates up for grabs in virginia and both parties do award them for a proportionately. virginia is seen as indicator of how voting goes in the rest of the nation it's surprise swing state and wins here are strategically important. all candidates made recent stops in virginia. hillary clinton rallied at george mason university yesterday and virginia governor ter ter has been campaigning for her around the state and donald trump rally in roanoke made news for unruliness involving protesters, photographer and secret servic service. now here in virginia voters will need to
5:34 am
be driver's license, work i.d.. any form of state or federally issued id. even student i.d. will work as well for those voting -- older high school students and college students as well who are going to take part in today's primaries. also good to remember there will be candidates on the ballot who have since dropped out of the race because they do have to print those ballots well in advance. so, voters need to make sure they pay it attention and choose carefully. live in oakton i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> and taking a look now at our other top stories, push for change in montgomery county this morning following a deadly crash in bethesda and online petition is calling for traffic signal to be installed at the intersection of pile and river road. three family members were killed in the crash. and a 15-year-old girl was critically hurt. >> and tomorrow, jessie matthew jr. expected to plead
5:35 am
disappearances and murders of hannah gram and morgan warrington. matthew was arrested for hanna hannah's murder in 2014 and later charged with morgan 2009 murder. >> time now to get update on weather and when i was picking up kids in school yesterday. everybody was happy. >> you don't realize he's quite the dad. he is like taxi service after 2. >> it's ridiculous but principal asked what are your predictions friday i said i don't have a prediction but i know somebody whob does. >> friday. >> friday something about snow. >> your principal is asking you about the weather. >> yeah. >> do they know what you do. >> they know where i work. >> that's like me -- asking me about a news story. >> everybody does, that's righ right. >> you know how it it/. >> i see how it is. >> that's right. >> you have the answer. >> about friday. >> every day
5:36 am
>> yes, rain snow question mark. because the things about friday looks like snow in the area. and we have not -- we don't have a consensus yet with the charts and so i just looked this morning and a lot of it is north and west which is probably to be expected. >> it wion't be a big deal though right. >> little bit of snow goes a long way you know how that is. i don't want to say it won't be a g big deal. stay tuned as we get closer to the event. let's not forget 6 0s today. 42 in town this morning. temperatures in the suburbs lower 30s. 34 for balt pour and win chester right now is 37. here's the deal for today, 8 a.m., 30s and low 40s. low 40s here in town. chilly conditions. breezy today, 15 miles an hour. few gusts around 20 and few high cloud late this afternoon. temperatures make it low 60s today. how about that erin cuomo you do you like that forecast. >> i do
5:37 am
if you head to prince william the viewing and funeral 10 a.m. expect increased traffic and ep guideon drive potomac mills road as people head to hylton memorial chapelel. give yourself extra time head into the area. typical volume dale city to wood brim. you'll need extra time to get lieu that area as you head to bottom of beltway. once you make your way to alexandria keep in mind we have roadwork. it's on the southbound side on 35 after seminary road. two right lanes closed. good news 395 northbound not hitting congestion yet from the beltway towards the 14 street bridge. east west highway looking good. problem free inbound quiet and key bridge looking good. same story on the third and 11 street bring. we have a work zone lingering. silver hill road eastbound after branch avenue so that is the in prince george country caution there. we you have covered
5:38 am
that's traffic, holly. >> thanks, airport, what zoo keepers found at the national zoo that forced them to temporarily close a popular exhibit. 5:38 is the time now. we'll be right back
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>> back now at 5:40 a heads up for anyone planing a trip to the national zoo. kids farm there is closed after ecoli
5:41 am
ecoli was discovered in animals. zoo vet fair yains said the bacteria was detected in four goats and one cow during routine scam last month. they're working with health experts and department of health. most types of ecoli do not cause illness. however some strains can affect the human digestive system. >> those under the age of 18 montgomery county could soon be banned from using indoor tanning beds. a bill set to be introduced to the county council today would prohibit those 18 and under. currently minors are allow todd use them when accompanied by an adult. the bill would require tanning salons to display warning signs about the health dangers associated with exposure to uv rays. >> residents in loudoun county can now text for help. 911 call center receives text messages in addition to traditional phone calls. a text message will be most crew signal cases involving death callers and threatening
5:42 am
situation which voice call could increase dangerer. officials say 911 text should be brief and include type and location of the emergency. >> voice calls are still encouraged whenever possible. >> just ahead, recognize bein beinging signs of domestic abuse. >> controversy over oscar diversity may have cost show viewers. first though traffic and weather with gary. >> listen, warm to mild conditions happening on one more day. we're in the 60s today. and then that cold are air you see lurking to the north and west, it's going to slide on down and bring us more of a reality check. we'll show you the numbers, talk about the next chance for rain and maybe even some snow, too. that's all coming up. don't go away
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5:45 am
>> happening today a rookie prince william county police officer will be laid to rest. this is video from last night as hundreds escorted the body of ashley guindon to a woodbridge chapel. officer guindon was gunned down by ronald hamilton as she was respending to a domestic violence call. today's services will be held held at hylton memorial chapel. the funeral begins as noon. >> friend and family of crystal hamilton will gather to honor here during a candlelight vigil. the 29-year-old mother was affectionately known as christie. flowers and cards and teddy bears have formed outside the home and tonight's vigil will be held 7 p.m. in fronts of
5:46 am
home lashmere court in woodbridge. >> hey, welcome back, beautiful view this morning of capital in the distance. once the sun comes up we'll have lots of sunshine. crystal clear skies. later on today clouds start moving across. look at the next couple days. today, 62. obviously well above normal. and it will take all day to get there. it will be real, real nice. breedsy late this afternoon. so 62 while not officially wind chill problem at 62 obviously but it feels cooler than that i suspect. 52 tomorrow. showers will be tonight overnight and looks like they get out of hereby -- in time for morning commute tomorrow morning. let's hope that holds and that doesn't change. it won't be a lot of rain coming up. listen. big changes coming our way. obviously we can't stay in the 60s this time of year forever and there's cold high pressure back up into canada and building. and jet stream will start letting some of that come on in and so by the
5:47 am
thursday, it looks like you know we're 6 today. 52 tomorrow. as we get to nurse and friday and at least into saturday temperatures will come back closer to reality thanks to high pressure and coiled air moving in. 42 now city and game urzburg 34 and frederick 34 and dulles came up to 33 and culpeper warmed a little as well and mannasas still holding 28 degrees. nothing too terribly cold. binghamton 18 this morning. that's not extreme by any mean means. new york city is 42. boston 3 and down to beckly 37 degrees. again, warmer air continuing to come on in today. we're sitting under this nice refreshing air mass. it's dry. it's sunny. that will get temperatures up today under clear skies. future cast doesn't show anything today. few high clouds moving across late this evening. hopefully only aamount to great sunset out there. if you get good pictures send them our way and get them on the air and
5:48 am
showers west of us. this is midnight. notice most this is still back west of the mountains and it's startsing to come out across. it does appear that by tomorrow morning and this is newest modeling coming in right now to future cast. all the shower activity is east of us through tomorrow morning's commute. that willen good if we can get that out of here overnight tonight. 41 this morning chilly. and keep in mind at 8 aex there's still going to be basically temperatures in the 30s and suburbs. this 41 represents the city. noontime 57. it will be breezy and late today. we'll go for 61 or 62 pardon on me high temperature for tomorrow. cooler, 52 few more cloud. clouds thursday, 43. rain, snow, still a possibility as we watch the next system slide across here late thursday and through the day on friday. some clouds on saturday and sunday and temperatures next week we're still talking about temperatures next week in 60s.
5:49 am
next week. how about that? you like that erin? . >> love that. >> you can see erin smiling big grin on her face. >> huge grin i like the sound of those temperatures. >> unfortunately now big crashes one fredericksburg 5 northbound crash both shoulders at 3. two off the road and one left shoulder. big crash screen in fredericksburg. give yourself extra time to get through the area 95 northbound. closer to the beltway volume building wood city to and big yellow zone. that is where things really start to get congested that crash is on shoulder and however all lanes on. as you head to potomac in arlington no problems reported on key roosevelt memorial or 14 street bridge all inbound bridges are looking nice right now. we'll let you know in the normal morning congestion starts to the pick up and we're tracking deadly crash in frederick, maryland this morning and 80 remains shut down at park mills road and
5:50 am
crash was involveing a tractor-trailer and there's a crash cleanup there. so give yourself extra time 270 southbound also slow as you make your way to truck scales as usual. if anything pops up we'll will the you know. that's traffic back to you. >> you may want to start playing close area teption to parking signs in d.c.. there are park restrictions around the city. signs posted that identify the days of week and hours of the day when parking restrictions will be in force and sweepers can clean the streets. if you violate the rules you'll get a 45 ticket. today a new dmv office is opening in d.c. bening ridge service center replacing pen branch service center that closed saturday. new dmv center at 4525 bening road southeast. it's on tuesday through saturday from 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m.. >> thousands will say good-bye to prince william police officer killed while responding to domestic violence call over the weekend. man that shot and killed her also killed his wife
5:51 am
hamilton. one in four women have experienced domestic violence. here's eye look at signs to look for. low self esteem. personality changes,self blame and fear of conflict. and we spoke to the ceo of local domestic violence support group who also shared warning signs. >> they isolate them from family and friends. they limit their access fund and they keep pulling that he way so the person feels very much trapped in a situation. >> in this society we do a lot of blaming victim. what did she do to pro vehicle this? what is she doing that makes him so upset? maybe if she was different this wouldn't happen? . >> if you want more information about domestic violence support groups check out our web site, >> today is super tuesday and in a few hours polls on in virginia from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and today is single biggest del grat grab of all the days in prime areay process with more than 1400 at stake
5:52 am
13 states and one territory are participating and hillary clinton still leading sanders for democrat and meanwhile, donald trump still command his lead among gop candidates and speaking of donald trump scuffle erupting in virginia yesterday hatched tweep a media photographer and secret service agent. amateur video captured it all on tapech the photographer was escorted out of the rally before released. secret service says they're investigating. >> virginia governor terri mc callive veto's tebow bill which whoa have allowed home schooled student participate in public sports. it's name after tim tee whoa bow he was home schooled and allow todd play football for his high school. this will they say would disrupt the level playing field of school sports competition. >> today a new law requiring salt warnings on menus and some new york city restaurants has taken affect. it requires chain
5:53 am
restaurants to warn diners about menu items with high levels of sodium. restaurants will be find 200 for each violation. >> the odds of having a baby on leap day, slim, reports indicate less than 1% of world population shirz leap day birth day. a couple in colorado can say they have not one but two children born on this unique day. >> weighing in 7 pounds 5 ounces welcome antonio gen his brother gee vane was born february 9, 2004 so he technically celebrated third birthday. >> february 29. >> okay. >> confused. >> let's talk about the oscars. >> ratings for oscars hit 8 year low and it got less than 35 million viewers. >> some people boycotted show saying movie industry lacks diversity. for many years they have been the biggest
5:54 am
super bowl. >> when your grandmother --. >> let's go ahead and say hello he look at that debonaire handsome man facebook fap of the day as well. keith mayo. >> keith mayo. >> it's a great name. >> he turns -- tunes in rather before he set off on two hour commute district heights maryland to chantilly virginia. >> 30 minutes it's like noon. >> change your work schedule. >> keep that look up that's a good one for you. for your chance to be a tomorrow's fan leave a comment below his facebook page. safe driving to you keith mayo. >> he has all the ladies asking for mayo, they want mayo. come on ! >> exactly. mayo on my side of mayo. >>
5:55 am
>> i had a classmate when younger his name was mayo he got the jokes all the time. >> there's hold the mayo. >> there's officer and gentleman mayo-naise. >> it's true. >> okay. >> we have taken this way back. >> sorry guys i did not intend --. >> yes he did see how he toss it's and walks a wane and acts like he didn't do anything. >> 40 today for the bus stop in the city and in the beltway upper 20s or so to lower 30s out in the suburbs keep that in mind. after school today, temperatures will be anywhere from upper 50s to low 60s. it will be a little breezy in spots. okay, enjoy the 60s today. because we trend colder next several days. still a chance for rain, snow. maybe a little mix on friday. we'll know more about that tomorrow and next day and we get into the weekend. next week, 60s. could we get 70s? . >> when you come back next week please bring
5:56 am
going i --. >> i'll try to bring the warm good bring the 70s back to us. >> okay. >> you can take me we you? . >> take me with you. >> we'll take your vacation and make it a girl's trip. >> there you go. >> northbound in fredericksburg crash on both shoulders, 5 northbound at 3. two vehicles off the road and one on left shoulder a big scene there give yourself extra time to get through the area. second crash 95 northbound reported prince william parkway blocking shoulder and volume building dale city to woodbridge in the usual spot. and as you cross the potomac. no problems reported on the ke key. rose shelt or 1 street bridge. we're probable free and no issues reported in south capital street. 11th street south or east capital street brims we'll get let you know when more volume does pick up. holly. >> ahead at 6. how do you feel about
5:57 am
how do you feel about google'sself driving cars. a day after one hit a bus in california new studies show that most of us are scared to actually ride in one. we'll talk more about that in today's "business beat". >> redskins playing tag with kirk cousins and deadline is approaching hours away. we'll give you the latest information of what is going on between cousins and the team
5:58 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
5:59 am
>> straight ahead at 6
6:00 am
farewell. police procession lights up the night sky. tribute to fallen officer ashley guindon. her body is now on a woodbridge chapel and for hours. >> and decision day of virginia the polls are now on as of 8 seconds ago on super tuesday. today's contest in twelve skates to make or break republican and presidential candidates. we'll be live with the latest through the morning. >> a live look outside on this first day of march believe it or not. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> bring it on. >> bring it on you have that rite. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> first up 6:00 today super tuesday the biggest day of the polls before the general election and virginia is only state in our region involved in today's nominating contest. heading into super tuesday new national polls show donald trump and hillary clinton wide widening their leads. polls in virginia literally on up one minute ago melanie alnwick nel oakton high school


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