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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 1, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> right now at 7:00 this morning remembering officer guindon. funeral services today forever the rookie police officer who was killed during her first day on the job over the weekend how you can pay your respects coming up. >> plus today is super tuesday. voters in 13 states including virginia headed to the polls today. can i any of the republican candidates stop donald trump and will bernie sanders catch up to hillary clinton after her big win in south carolina. >> a win for apple in this round and they ruled the apple does not have to help the fbi. how that could relate to the terrorist in san bernardino sgle tuesday, march, 1, 2016, weather and traffic on the fiv fives at 7:0 r5. good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to "fox 5 news morning morning". first up at 7, thousands of people preparing to say good-bye to fallen prince
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today. >> funeral services will be held for officer ashley guindon police say she was gunned down and as she was respending to domestic violence call over the weekend. >> hundred retsz of officers escorted her body to woodbridge chapel where she'll be laid to rest. live in woodbridge with the story. bob. . >> hey, steph, allison, good morning, this is the hylton memorial chapel in woodbridge behind me this is just off interstate 95 near potomac mills. and the public viewing, public invited to the viewing this morning for ashley guindon at 10:00 and the funeral mass or service will be at noon today. she's going to be buried in her home state of massachusetts. but, again the viewing and funeral her are on to the public. we shshow you this is
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police from officer quep done's police cooser is covered in floor i want to show you as you guys mentioned last night the procession of bringing hearse from the funeral home here in woodbridge to the chapel last night. the procession was six miles long. amazing sight have the air. poignant from the ground. hundreds lined the street along the route and the protection went are from the funeral home past the gar teal motion police station and then to chapel. hundred of people lined the street and tears in arms and hand owe coing is their heart. and that's what we'll see today. hundreds if not thousands of police officers from around the country really at least eastern part of the united states coming here to the funeral this morning and as you know, ashle ashley, guindon was shot dead on her first day on the job here in prince william county and
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for help at a home here in wood bridge. she was officer guindon was shot dead. the wife was found dead inside the home. and two other officers wounded. and the suspect gave himself up and ronald hamilton and army staff sergeant now facing capital murder charges. i want to tell you that prince william county lease most of the police department will be here at the viewing and funeral they'll have virginia state police covering mannasas, city police and also prince william sheriff deputies will answer calls in the western part of the county and ashley guindon was 28 years old nar even reservist and rookie police officer who leaves behind a mother and pet pug named scout. guys. . >> okay. bob. thank you. so incred ibry sad. >> other than the news super tuesday biggest day at the polls.
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today's potential mom nation. showed hillary clinton, melanie alnwick is live at oakton high school. >> good morning, guys, fairfax country poord of election did expect a large tun your out here in fairfax today. one hour so far into primary day and we have not soon a terribly large turnout so far perhaps things will pick up as people get back into the morning and but fairfax country did decide to close schools today along with prince william county, spotsylvania county and loudoun county as well. all because of super tuesday. now, virginia is an on primary which means voters can choose which party's primary they want to vote in. and rendell gats and 95 democrat delegates
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good indicator of how voting goes in lest of nation. surprise swing state. wins here are stat eemingicily important and. >> marco rubio is hopinger virginia voters particularly area around washington d.c. you have highly educated managers and professionals that they will not feel comfortable volt fog for donald trump and they may go to his candidacy or maybe to john kasich. >>. >> so 13 states in all holding primaries today. all of the delegates in today's contest are awarded proportionately. which is why even though a candidate may win, everyone else may still be able to pick up delegate and adding to their numbers as well. for the them dats there's there's 2382 needed to win and republicans
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needed to secure the party nomination. here in virginia voters need to bring a sort of photo identification. that can be driver's license and government id and employee id or each eye student identification card. folks also need to know there will be candidates possible low pressure the ballot who are no longer in the race. so they need to choose carefully. they had to print ballots quite sometime ago poling and at 7:00 tonight. live in oakton i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> all right. mel, thaving you very much. >> sunshine out tlut this morning. >> beautiful sun advise. gorgeous day. low 60s for ytime high. first. >> it is chilly early bring a jacket as you head out the doo door. 32 dulles and 20s
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and call puper this morning, fredericksburg the area. with expected daytime temperatures step above formal by afternoon. at site and radar is not featuring much in the way of cloudyness and have a few in pennsylvania and we should remain generally sunny today. we'll have a few more clouds this afternoon with next cold front which will get in tonigh tonight. we'll have rain showers tomorrow morning's commute. we're have winter weather on our beautiful tuesday. 62 this afternoon and peesy. >> tuck, thank you. get a look at the road this morning. >> 7:307 updated information for you. finger board road 80 shut down in both directions bark mills road. deadly tractor-trailer crash and earlier father cleanup underway. 270 also delayed southbound from 85 to truck scales and 16 miles an hour moving over to montgomery fire earlier vehicle
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28 west montgomery avenue eastbound side has reopened after 270 and however the ramp from 270 north to 28 east is still shut down. so be prepared for that as you head to rockville this morning. traffic on west montgomery moving but the ramp from 270 northbound to 28 is still closed and in fairfax right now 29 5 north typical delays and then he extend to king street or heavy over the 14 street, 11th street, key bridge deal with traffic now. you can see earlier delays have eased in prince william. 5 cop juston dale city to inner loop. that's traffic back to you allison and steve. >> still to come latest on president fight to name supreme court nominee and supreme court justice breaking decade long on the
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. >> what he's saying about record setting year in space
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it is 7:10 no word whoon caused a deadly house fire if southeast washington. called for help came in 8:00 last night and fire officials say one person died in that fire in the 4300 block massachusetts avenue so far the victim's name was not released in vir vr the man accused it disapierce and murders of two college students is expected to mrooet plead guilty.tomorro >> matthew was arrested following murder of uva student hannah gram in 2014. he was later charged with morgan harrington's 2009 murder e. he is serving life
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for sexual assault in fairfax country. >> and former secretary of state hillary clinton's emails more than 52,000 email released yesterday and of those more than 2,000 were sensored and final email release comes on heels of super tuesday. >> today president reps believed the next president should still the fake answer i have. senator and mitch mcconnell plan to sit down with the president at the white house. >> clarence thomas broke silence and thomas posed questions during a supreme court oral argument and actually provoked gasps from the argumentment it was only the second week the court heard arguments sense the death of justice school he a. . >> still ahead a new ruling giving apple a boost in fight
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>> and later emotional testimony from erin andrews sportscaster as he takes a stand in a stalking case. what she told the court coming up. 7:1 2.
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>> springtime music i'm sorry. it's the first day of meterological spring. >> we will soon. >> it's a nice day. 40 degrees is not bad. >> chilly now and back in the low 60s. beautiful looking day. lots of sunshine. >> okay.
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>> and big changes. >> hm. >> worse and better right. >> roller coaster things. >> let's go to numbers. let's see, traveling today, we're good to go. >> let's look at options shall we. >> oakland, california. >> you know also thought it was a cool city. 41 washington. norm and west toronto. how about new or each liens. 52. . >> most got you pretty quiteet weak front out to mid sections of country and that get in here later tonight. quick round of rain that's a cold front that cools us down a little tomorrow. sunshine today and breeze out of the front and rain showers early tomorrow morning. that morning commute will have a few leftover showers and quickly get out of here and back to the sunshine.
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thursday night friday. we'll have a quick moving area of low pressure and tracks just right with just enough cold air around we'll probably get a period of winter weather here. and certainly a possibility we can get a couple inches of snow. not a blizzard but a couple inches. >> it could be it might not be. >> okay. >> we'll keep an eye on it. and keep an eye on roads. that's erin's job. >> it's busy been back and forth. 295 southbound eastern avenue to pennsylvania avenue long line of slow moving traffic knee crashes to report justin call congestion if you take sut plan parkway into districts there's a crash you feed to watch for and montgomery county right now, earlier vehicle fire is under control 28 west montgomery avenue eastbound side opened after 270 and ramp 270 north to 28 east is closed
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you need to find a detour around that one. frederick road, 0 shut down in both directions earlier deadly tractor-trailer crash and fire has a big cleanup underway and investigation. please find alternate there. it's a big scene shut down for sometime. 270 southbound down to 16 miles an hour. 5 for truck scales. you jam again gaithersburg to the spur. typical delays topside of beltway out by new hampshire avenue and inner loop down in alexandria by telegraph road there's a crash blocking shoulder. 395 delays beltway to duke street and delays continue to king street uslow southeast freeway westbound side. that's traffic. steve, allison. >> we appreciate. >> already head of fbi and apple top lawyer face off on capital hill as battle continues privacy versus public safety. . >> and in a dispute with the
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>> wisdom martin joins us liver in the studio with more. he's an expert on federal law. >> privacy and security. >> what i'm all about. . >> this is the big question what is big debate and battle is about. house judiciary committee is holding hearing cold inscription tight rope balanc balancing americans, security and privycy. heavy hitter slate todd testify. and this comes one day after new york judge sided with apple ruling justice department cannot force done up lock an iphone to investigate a drug dealer. apple is pressure todd allow a break in of the phone. apple ceo sees request as slippery slope and a nation's top cop appeared last night depending tech. >> in every single one of cases we've gone to court with narrowly crafted request and said
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something we can obtain under the law. how would ruling in new york affect the san bern don't owe terism investigation. only time will tell. a hearing is scheduled for that case later this month and again this goes back it a lot of people saying, well, we want our privacy and then you have other people saying, we're talking about terrorism here. but the 13 cases that's you know a lot of people have not heard about the other cases involved in this they just talk about this big case involving cases and for some people that sways them when you say terrorism they say unlock the phone what about the other 13 cases that's the question they'll look into as they try to resolve this matter. >> implications understanding the implications thank you. coming up big change in space
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international space station as astronaut scott kelly returns to earth today. >> who will take the next amazing pictures. >> breaking down on the stand. airport andrews stalking case.
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>> a 14-year-old who opened fire at a school in ohio yesterday will be in court
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the lady say that teenager pulled a gun in the school's cafeteria injuring two students and the suspect ran and was later taught and there was a motive. they have not yet said what it was. >> in tearfull testimony sports kalingter erin andrews took stand in national courtroom she's suing hotel and she says he you this have done more to protect her from a stalker. michael david barrett secretly videotaped her naked in her room and shared that video on the internet and andrew described what happened when she first found out about the video. >> i called my parents. i was screaming. i was naked all over the internet. and i didn't know what it was. my dad was like he thought i was in a car accident. he's like why are you screamin screaming. i'm like, dad, i'm naked all over the internet. this happens every day of my leafy get a tweet, or somebody ma
7:24 am
somebody sends me a still of the video to my twitter or someone those to me and i'm right back to this. >> andrews is suing national mariott or barrett for 75 million. meantime a na s.e.a.l. was add given the medal of honor edward byers junior. he parpted in nighttime raid in 2012 to rescue american citizen from taliban. he is sixth navy s.e.a.l. to receive a medal of honor and first living navy seal to receive an honor sent the vietnam war. >> astronaut scott kelly after a year in place he's set to return to earth. he spent a record 340 days in space and that makes him first american to live in orbit for a long period.. he hands over expand of iss to fellow american astronaut tim copra and two of
7:25 am
russian crew makes return to earth with him today. >> 7:25 now let's check in with tucker barnes and find out as we look outside looks nice and clear. lots of sunshine. >> yeah. if he were handing anywhere near here would be in for a beautiful spring day. reagan national 41. dulles is 32, 24, bwi marshall. and lots of shun shine and nice southerly breeze. you will feel breezes out of south today. we'll kick temperatures back to low 60s. it's nice looking satellite picture and no radar to speak of. and here's a quick look at the 7 day we'll talk about what's happening here over the next couple days. 62 today and rain showers tonight early into tomorrow morning and cooler tomorrow and we seat the stage thursday into friday for a winter weather event. i think most of bulk of it is thursday night into friday and certainly possible friday morning we can have it's possible couple inches of
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on the ground by friday morning officially weather service put us under slight risk thursday night and friday for winter storm. we'll watch that carefully. right back into the sunshine and warm-up by the end of weekend. all right. plenty more weather in a minute. let's do traffic with erin. >> 7:26 right now taking a look rights now at our cameras. look how jammed we are. inner loop five to wilson bridge heavy traffic knee crashes to. >> reporter: a lot of cop juston. sun glare, grab shades. you'll need them this morning. outer loop heavy. nothing like this parking lot on upper loop and prince george. we'll look at maps aside from that big delay other problems, 295 southbound, 19 miles an hour eastern avenue to pennsylvania avenue and if you take amtrak this morning, we're getting reports there's a lot of delays upwards of an hour as you head to new york. we will work on gathering more details there. we'll check in on twitter @erinfox5dc and in frederick this closure has been ipl
7:27 am
deadly crash involveing a tractor-trailer and 80 park mills road. crash klup is still underway. 270 south delays continuing to grow 121 to spur huge red zone there and leaving an hour early frederick to the beltway. that's traffic. steve and allison. >> today is super tuesday and it could make or break both republican and presidential can sglaits we'll look at how the race will shape up next with a couple of old and dear friends 7:27.
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♪ >> virginia's voice being heard right now when it comes to super tuesday and the elections rightr the polls opened now they are open until 7:00 o'clock tonightg in virginia.irgi rah have a is one of 12 statesta and territories holding primarya or a caucus today. t you can see why this is the second most important tuesday in the election cycle behind thed t general take a look. for republicans almost half of the delegates needed to secure r the nomination up for grabsor today. >> for democrats the 86565 delegates represent more than ta one third of the total number tt that are needed to become the nominee. so how is it going to shake uha let's ask a couple of insidersfs some of our good friends jim a
7:31 am
peter are here with us onces o again this morning as we kindlyy welcome republican strategistatg jim innocenzi and peter fenner n into the t welcome, fellas.lcome, fella >> good to see you. good to s >> great to see you.see >> good to see you. y >> hugs all around.>> hs al >> i missed you guys.ou g >> the reason we wanted to youse guys to come back od n and visiv with us aside from the fact we t missed you you can give thate t voice into a campaign as opposep to talk about what's happeningag like a lot of on the analysts aa are doing. the question i have first off all, not just how things are thr going to shake out, but what'sha happening right now? one of tho things we noticed over theor weekend obviously donald trump n stealing the headlines with hish style but now it seems likeeems other candidates are trying torn tap into that and we saw marco o rubio taking personal shots over the weekend.the e we've seen other candidates do this. th jim, since this is happening ono the gop side, let me ask if any of these guys were your u candidate right now, what woulda you tell them as far as that as type of behavior? would you say make a name for yourself, orelfo would you say you're kind ofsayu acting like a child here arehile let's step back --stepk -- >> peter stop >> and be more professional.resa >> i mean you have to chill athl some point.
7:32 am
>> how much is too much?uc >> well, if you watched the if debate last week it look likeekl the three stooges out i mean between trump and cruz ac and marco and i think at some sm point everybody is going to gett tired of it. i really do. d that's me personally.soll >> does that hurt the whole t party at that point? pnt >> , it remains to be seen. sn. people have such quick memoriesm any more we don't remember whatm you said an hour ago. so it's going happen veryy quickly. i think if it continues throughr november it might but i think it will settle down eventually. >> super tuesday i mean besides super, why is it so important? a let me ask you that. >> there are a couple thing.e first of all, the number ofumr delegates as you pointed out ino the next two weeks they're going to be 60% of the delegates foras the republicans that have been e chosen and about the samehe sam amount, about half of them just in two week period a lot of at stake there. the other part of this is momentum.nt what jim is saying is right.s r. you have to be very careful asal to how you engage.e. now, i would
7:33 am
of those republicans theyca t probably said to themselves, oh, my god, i should have engaged a little earlier with donald w trump. we didn't realize he was going g to be quite the super star thata he's become. bec on the democratic side, you kn know, i think that hillary waiti a minute i'm take boys guyak seriously and we're fighting fht back but it is going to be quite a night tonight and it couldt cd lock it up.t it could lock it up for both bot it may not but it could.ot b it >> it certainly will withill w hillary's case. on the republican side i don't necessarily seeing as being bng lock. lock. >> let me ask you on thee republican side. when you look at the head tohe a head polling now who would bengw the president whether if youf pitt somebody from the gopy against the democrats, much closer on the gop side right nog because you have some polls that say donald trump beat certain candidates.. let's take donald trump out of f the equation.the e let's look at rubio and cruz.ndu they're taking votes from eacheo other it appears.r ppea what do you tell one of thosel o guys is your can't date,'t d obviously you don't want to droo out of the race.out of the r but how do you get one to stand above the other?
7:34 am
>> well, none of them areof thee because no one wants to be the t maybe sort of like okay it'sy i between you and allison here. h one of you has to leave.eave you pick neither one of you are going to make the move. i don't think anybody is goingi to make the move and with the super packs out there with monem especially when you're talkingni about cruz and rubio and youub u have kasich coming down the linn in ohio and michigan, you know,o nobody wants to jump first theyt feel like they should be le thee president. it's going to last for awhile.e. >> other thing with the republicans they have winner win take all primaries comin comingu up. up that's huge. the other thing people are ignoring which are important for your listeners to look at in the next two weeks there are fleshrf holds if you don't hit 20% in 2% the number of these states youte don't get any delegates.eleges so if you have a lot of o candidates in many race, trumpeu stays on top and these guyshe g don't reach 20, they get zippo. >> that's right.hat's r winner take all.winner t >> i want to get to thet to g to democratic side before we letefl you go.yo this is just what it is, thoughi much smaller feel on the the democratic side. s >> right.ig
7:35 am
to what does hillary clintonhiy need to do. t >> it's almost over for bernie. if you look at these numbers now, 22 states in the next two weeks, 17 of those states havets more than a quarter of the vote being minority voters that'st's huge. five of them have 50% or more. . hillary showed in south carolina that she's going to do t extraordinarily well there. bernie's only chances out of these 11 states are vermont heeo better take that.akeha massachusetts, minnesota andta colorado and maybe oklahoma. okm he'll have to do all those and e even if he does, he still hasllh trouble in the delegates.eges >> the math is not really set u for bernie right n bernie has a problem he doesn'tn have an organization.aniz if you look at the vote turn out in everyone of these primariesss so far the republican turn out o mass total is much higher thanht the democrat turn out and bernir was hoping those numbers would m be about the same and they theah haven't happened.haven't happen. >> real quick before we let youe go. if you look at the head to headh if you take bernie out of the equation and just gop versust gu hillary right now, you haveou everybody essentially beatng
7:36 am
now.. if you are marco rubio or tedd cruz, what do you tell your guyu right now as far as how to stans out or even drum top stay on tot at this point? at this point,oi how do you make sure you're the one? one? >> you know i think you have ton be able to articulate a message everybulody wants to hear.toear. >> you keep up the attacks ataca this point or do you -- y - >> somebody punches in the facef you don't sit there and stickndi your nose out one more time to get it broken.roke i think -- attacks have to noto be personal. perso i think that's what offending ag awful lot of people. trump has not gotten 50% in thee primaries.prim be interesting to see tonightsen whether he gets the 50%0% threshold f he's at 30 or 32r he'll get attacked in arkansas n and oklahoma f he gets 32, 33,3, that means, you know, you're'r looking at 70 -- 69, 70% of the republicans still vote fog somebody else. else >> at what point and we got too let you go what point do the republicans get donald trump asp the clear front runner?un >> i don't think ever.r >> they're not all going to be g
7:37 am
>> to me that seems like ae a problem.prob >> eventually not every democrac will be behind hillary. h >> i'm talking about as the onee who is far and away the one electrified the base. >> it would have to be prettyre obvious at this point.oi it isn't pretty obvious rightust now. now. >> he's going to be the win aree interestingly jim and i talk for years here about how angryry people were against washington.o how this is really not not understood by the class of folkf here politicians and we'rend we' seeing it in this election cyc cycle. we're seeing it democratic sidee and republican side.publican sid >> that could change future fut races. >> and parties.nd p >> people are tired of the whol thing. >> all right. guys, it's been way too long.on >> pleasure. >> good to see you.ood >> all right. >> glad to chat with >> get the results tomorrowes morning we'll be talking about t what happened tonight on superts tuesday.esday. >> yes. >> and talking about the past os a great day by this time t tomorrow, tuck.toow, hopefully all the great things t we took advantage of today.ay >> you got it, steve. got i daytime highs in the low 60s this afternoon.noon. chilly this r
7:38 am
meteorological day of spring. d. i just tweeted it out and it'sn' going to be great d 41 now in washington.hito 36 annapolis.apis 37 gaithersburg freezing temperatures manassas culpepper dulles, too., too. bring a jack here.jackere. look how quiet it is. its sunshine plenty of it. pretty good breezes developing out of the east and then eas eventuallily south here as ourso next front approaches we'll getg showers tonight. tonht late tonight and early tomorrowr morning but let's worry aboutwoo our tuesday terrific tuesday. high temps in the low 60s with breezy conditions. all right. you want to see the seven >> we got winter on it, and morr spring as well. w we got all kinds of things erine on our seven day. seven day what do you have on your sevenrn day? day? >> roller coaster of emotions,ti >> yes, >> right now, we have metroow, update for you. train ma malfunction at newt carrollton because of that becaf orange line dealing with delayst to v if you're planning on taking tak amtrak this morning we haveor delays up to an hour betweenwe philadelphia and new york.ewor police activity near newne brunswick station. s so if you're heading from d.c.rd towards new york, just beus b prepared.ep yo
7:39 am
unanticipated delays. 295 southbound eastern avenue to pennsylvania 11 slow miles per1o hour because of heavy volume.ol let's take a quick look at our o camera. 95 northbound from princeri william basically a parking lott very heavy traffic betweenet prince william parkway and 123.1 plan ahead and give yourself ael lot of extra time there.he keep it to fox5 news morning. mr we are back in just a few few minutes on this tuesday. ♪
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♪ couple wild police chases wl making headlines across the cune treatment this one in michigan.n to men who they say stole a u-haul riding on rims you'll se the sparks occasionally there. didn't is that them from tryingf to get away. get deputy intentionally hit that ta u-haul causing the driver tosi e finally lose control.lose c both suspects were arrested andd they face several charges. police in los angeles wereew also on a high speed chase theyy were on the hunt for possiblebl kidnapping suspects. suspe police follow add hummer driving through the city streets beforer the car hopped on the freeway fw where it started to driveorive erratically.y reports indicate a woman and two young children may have beenen e inside but it's still unclearl e what sparked the police pursuit. new information this morning about the zika virus. scientists may have the firsther evidence that the mosquito bornn condition can cause temporaryra paralysis.raly the study was carried out usingg blood samples from 42 patients who became ill in an outbreak or two years ago. researchers say they developed l neurological problems about sixb days after they were infectedere with zika
7:43 am
researchers predict there coulde be one case of temporary tpo paralysis for every 4,000 peoplo who become infected.te >> still to come this morningmei one mom wants to know if askingg a child if they have achild the girlfriend or boyfriend is harmless or inappropriate that't coming up in our tuesday talke talkers. >> live look outside on this out tuesday morning. tucker will be back with today's forecast next. ♪ ♪ put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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morning but we're in for aor terrific tuesday.rr t our daytime highs bell above normal. in the low 60s later this0s lert afternoon, and that's after at'e chilly start. start here your cool temperatures thih morning. 41 in washington.hing you can see the freezing temperatures, frederick dullesle both 32 degrees. 32 degr 28 in manassas.massa 31 culpeper.per. fredericksburg this morning 34 degrees. drees let's see.t'e let's say hi to annapolis andisa leonardtown in the 30s as well.w jacket for the next hour or twow but we'll get nice and mild bydy late morning and it should be ab beautiful looking day.. look -- look how quite thatteha satellite/radar is.sate we got nothing but clear skies s out there at the breezes we'll feel the breezesel again yesterday of course they kickedc up dan they'll kick up out of the east eventually out of theot south and south and west upest u ahead of our cold front which will be moving in tonight.ving i so sunshine today.od we'll get clouds moving inov pretty quick tonight and scattet the rain showers overnight orn tonight into your early morningr commute tomorrow.omro so just plain old rain showers o warm enough to support rain asor that moves on through. tou we'll kind of time it out for ot you. again no
7:47 am
weather like what we last week.w light rain shower activity thert we are at 6:00 o'clock.oc 3:00 o'clock in the morning.the so probably walk out early tomorrow morning to wet roadwa roadways. >> try to say that fast threeat times.tis. then we'll get it east of us ana right back in sunshine coolerr wednesday. wednesda hey, just want to gives of givev you heads up. thursday night into earlyht inta friday, it looks like we'ree setting the stage for a winterin event around here this will nots be a major storm but it looks il enough cold air in place and pce area of low pressure trackingra just right could give us ann accumulating snow at least for a parts of the area. maybe there will be a rain/snown line. we'll fine tune it.'ll fi potential thursday night nearlyn friday we can have snow aroundhd here and warm it up again very y quickly by the weekend.nd 62 today enjoy. cooler tomorrow behind ourw beno front. fr there's that potential wintryin event there thursday night intot friday.. >> whew ! did i mention it willl be 70 a couple days next what do you think. >> flirting with sounds really nice.eay nic i could go for spring weather. r right now huge problem inblem i
7:48 am
we have a crash involving an overturned car. this is 66 on the eastbound side after 234 prince william parkw parkway. three lanes blocked.e la one right lane getting by as yoo can see the overturned vehiclede across all those lanes of traffic. huge cleanup underway, and looko at that delay. you can see you're basicallye bc parked for several miles leading towards that location. avoid 66 eastbound if you canyoc leading up to 234. 2 we'll switch it over from thatma delay and crash for look at ourt maps. some other things going ons go n around the district you need ton be aware if you're heading outei in frederick in maryland, 80 8 remains shut down at park millss road earlier deadly tractor trar trailer crash and fire. fe the cleanup is still underway.wa be prepared to detour aroundd that 270 south typical delays dl use stack up from 121 to the 270 spur. outer loop top of the beltwayf w jams new hampshire all the way t over to the spur as a vehicle fire that is under und control and cleared. 28 which is montgomery avenue eastbound has reopened.
7:49 am
28 have reopened as well.s w everything is clear. c so good news there for you inoui rockville. viewing and funeral today for officer ashley give don at 10:00 a.m. this morning. m. expect a lot of increaseded vehicle traffic as well as w people walking around trying too get to that memorial so pleasele have patience. p leave early to get there.. they anticipate getting in -- gidian drive and potomac mills m road to be extra crowded. crowdd we have you covered..e that's your look the a traffic.t back to you guys. >> 7:50.>> 7:5 it's tuesday it's time to chat bout big headlines this morning. >> one mom wants to know ifno i asking a child if they have aeyv girlfriend or boyfriend is harmless or inappropriate. sarah fraser host of the hay fras pod cast joins us now withw more. i don't even understand thisnda question.questi >> do your kids not get this? ? because i have nine-year-olde-yd niece who's a little boy shy s
7:50 am
do you have a little boyfriend?d >> okay.kay. >> this -- i think this articlei is really interesting in the new york times.york tes. this mom and writer is saying,g, stop asking children -- >> okay. >> -- do you have a boy forty b seven or girlfriend.oyn or >> what does she say.does she s. >> of course she says yes.. >> she feels like she's guilt the into dog yes. yes >> normally women and men askd a little boys, hey, how manyan girlfriends do you have? i got five girlfriends. that's like a little spinningtl that's what they do.e you know what i mean? but i'vei never thought about it. it should you even ask this becausc it is inappropriate. >> she says it's totally inappropriate. >> i agree. >> continuing this perpetuation of you need a partner in she says, too, for her her little boy gets, do you have aoo girl friend but people aren'tple really sensitive.ensiti what if he wants to haveoav boyfriend.boyfrien >> that's true, too.. >> there's so many layers of ity being wrong and it cn
7:51 am
i just thought that washt tha interesting because i neverg be really thought about tht a you think -- think -- >> it's one of those things a tough situation because i don'tt think people are, you know,u intentionally trying to cause c harm or malice. mic just being polite or looking fof with a child. a c >> give me five. m f give me five, seriously. >> it's just like a conversatios starter and it's a thing thathig you know that kids are going toi say something about, you knowut what i mean? mean? >> right. >> but when you put it like thae and when the mom brings it up, i agree. agree. we should stop asking about it.b >> there's one to thing about. are wee we being over sensitivei again. >> i'm going to retweet it ifo e you tweeted it or posted it. i think that's really good question.esti. >> other ways we expresswex ourselves through emojis.themo >> obviously the 12-year-oldusye girl who in virginia who is -- i that will be a case and is going to court about what was her up tent in putting up emojis with the gun symbol and the 95he symbol? we're getting to aetng point of really questioning our emojis going to have trueav tru meaning right now the
7:52 am
of sarcastic.arst things are implied. impli does anyone know what those twot dancing girls really glean no. celebrating.atg. >> celebrating.ebra are they dancing?are they danci >> you know what --ng>> y >> do you think emojis can actually ever have, you know, bad intention.en >> yes. most definitely.most >> you think they can. >> most definitely. mt de yeah. in this case, i hadn't heardhear about this. had you steve 12-year-old girlir facing criminal charges. crg >> i just heard about itt hear o yesterday. it's a problem like everything e else with online resources oress texting resources much that'ses' going to live forever. i think -- look it's kind of of like you --ou- >> it's a hard one. o >> you text people you don'ton't talk to face to face it's as secondary level of communicatiom maybe it's not as strong a a threat to text somebody that t than to say i'm going to hurt to you.yo >> please. >> but the message is there. t the intent is there, and the,ndt thing with the digital it's nots going to go away.way. so if i tell you sarah i'm goini to hurt it comes down to your y word versus mine if i text thatt to you it's there and that'
7:53 am
danger if people are puttingreut that out there.he that will come back to hauntk tu them and then you've got to tryt to explain did you really meanlm it or not? n >> i think if somebody sent me s text and they said i didn't likl what you said about so and soo s and put a little gun emoji,mo that's a threat.'s threa >> i agree. >> i'm taking that as a threat.. perhaps at this young age she a didn't realize how much weightet that would carry.ld c >> right. >> i don't know about criminaln charges in that case. that . >> as an adult i definitely feel it's a threat.'s a threa >> there was a gun in schoolunnc yesterday hurting people. at that age, yeah, you could sad what do they really mean but mn also the age we start to seert s problems in schools, too. t >> i think you're going to see s lot of that. t of putting meaning behind thoseo emojis. >> so -- >> why would there be a gunouldb emoji any way. any. >> why is there a gun emoji. emi >> why is there a knife emoji. i >> that's a great point. poi a bomb emoji.. >> there's a bomb >> you can say your dress is ths bomb. that's different. >> how do we interpret that.tha. >> sarah --ah - >> real quick before we let you go.
7:54 am
s youtube is out there for i expression but do we believe ite or not? are we misled if we are misled? >> oh, my god we're totallytota misled.mied here's my prediction overall. o i think that really the new wavw of personalities are going to bg people that are actually truly real and build credibility with their audience much this guy sa pepper is a youtube star he'stah got over 2 million subscribers, and this whole thing was based on pranks.nk for years he led people to believe these were real pranks.a he came out and said everythingn i've done is fake. f most of the pranks on thef th internet are fake.internre hello.hell now no one wants to follow him.h >> why would you?>> w wou >> how was the prank fake, though? >> it was set up.>> >> the other person new i?son n >> all actors.ors. >> the other person new.son n yup.yu unfollow.unfo >> exactly.>> e >> unfollow. yeah. i think you'll see a lot more of this a loft youtube stars arerse fake. >> why did he come clean like this. th >> so much pressure.>> so re a loft things going on with sam sexual assault allegations he'sh dealing with aside from the fake youtube videos and then there'se just been a lot of backlash
7:55 am
because it looks like he'sksike hurting people in the videos ans he goes no, it's all fake.. >> so i just think -- yeah. y be careful what you put out there. ther >> it's lesson, too, faking itai only gets you so far.ou sar >> you're trying to emulate bute you got a 12-year-old personld o trying emulate and really hurtlr somebody. it's dangerous.angero. >> very. >> fraser, those were so good.eo thank you. >> i love seeing you guys.seei y >> good to see you. you too.uoo >> always good to see tuckeruc barnes.barnes we see him way too often. t o when you have good news you'read more than welcome. nre than >> quick question, stevewe.ueio, >> how many girlfriends do you r have?have (laughter). >> i have four girlfriends. >> right.>> they're like little man. lite m what a good job. >> it happens, fras. f >> let's go to the forecast.. >> oh, my god, okay. >> let's go to the forecast. 44 -- i'm going to say somethins inappropriate very quickly. bwi marshall 34.l 34. we'll warm it up into the lowo l 60s. low 60s later today with plentyt of sunshine, nice breeze. bez well it will
7:56 am
here with winds out of the easta and the south but all in all all great looking tuesday for you. first meteorological day ofal spring, yes, indeed. march 1st. there you go. quiet satellite/radar sunshineun for your day today. tonight a few showers overnightg to into early wednesday. wedne we will cool it down wednesdayay and then thursday, friday weriy could have kind of a last hoorao of winter as we may get a area of low pressure enough cold aird to give us a period of snow of o around who are thursday nighthus into friday.y may mix or maybe a rain/snow rn/ line we'll have to look veryery carefully at that as we gets we closer to the event.o the t. okay.ok that's weather update.. erin is back with roads. >> 7:56 right now. we're just dealing with a lot of problems big beltway delays oldo george road down to connecticute down to 13 miles per hour. outer loop we are dealing withew delay as well by new hampshire s looks like we're taking a lookoo outside.ou i just wanted to tell you t traffic is really picking upicku around town. we'll see if we can get our mapm back seeing again those delayssd 95 to georgia down to 14 miles m per hour. if you're takin
7:57 am
let's take live look outside. overturned vehicle right now iss causing huge delays.el just one lane of traffic is trac crawling by the right lane. l this is at prince williamil parkway on 66 eastbound and ifnd we can take look at the delay, l you are jammed up for several sr miles leadin leading towards thw location.lotion. avoid 66 eastbound towards theae beltway.beltway. keep it to fox5 news morning. m. we're going to help you getg yo around that mess.ha we got you covered. ♪ i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. live look at the polls loo across the country on this tuesday. it's march 1st, 2016. today is superar tuesday. t voters in about a dozen states s including virginia all headed t the polls.e pol. this could be make or break time for some of the candidates.didas we'll have much more on today's primaries and contests coming uu in just a few minutes. good tuesday morning to youu good super tuesday morning to mi you. i'm allison seymour.eymour >> i'm steve chenevey. sve c welcome to f5 news morning. mor before we get to pot ticks let's begin with the death of princeri william county ashley guindon.nn >> a funeral will be held todayd for the 28-year-old who was shot and killed in the line of duty. fox5's bob barnard joins us nows live with more on today's services.. bob, good morning. >> reporter: allison and steve s g morning to you.g morn we are at the hilton memorial chapel. people are already arrivingrrin this is just off i-95
8:01 am
mills for the viewing andng funeral this morning. i want to show you out here h what's happening at the entrance here two latter trucks haves created an arch way withh american flag at the chapel'sl's entrance hundreds of police o officers, troopers and deputesop from across the country are expected here today. tod here to honor officer ashley guindon the viewing is at 10:00 o'clock this morning herer at the chapel.he the funeral is at noon. n we will have a live stream on our website fox5 d.c. and our fox5 smart phone app.pp i want tolls show you video from last it was 6 miles long. hundreds of police officersers escorting the hearse from a woodbridge funeral home to theo chapel here also in woodbridge.. hundreds of people lining the lt streets of woodbridge hands oveo their hearts tears in their eyee as the procession passes by. got to tell you that the viewinv and the funeral will both be bh open to the public. pub i want to take back live
8:02 am
patrol caravan that just arrived here. he the viewing and the funeral opeo to the public officer guindonndn will be buried guys in her homeh state of massachusetts and again officers from around the east coast already arriving here fore this morning's event. guys.guys. >> bob, thank you very much.thyo tonight friends and familytr of crystal hamilton will gathere to honor her during ag a candlelight vigil. police say crystal was gunned g down by her husband ronald aftea the pair got into an argument am over the weekend.eeke joining us now from woodbridgeoo is crystal's sister wendy how war. good morning.od morning we are so very sorry for your loss. >> good morning allison. ais from my family, thank you.. >> before we talk about what wha happened here, what went wt terribly wrong, can you tell usu a little bit more about crystall who she was? >> crystal was definitely our -- our sunshine, our advocate
8:03 am
friend, mother, wife, she was ws everything that anyone could cld ever want in a human being, and she will definitely be greatl gy missed from friends, family, co-workers and even people thatt didn't know her. h she was definitely a ray of of sunshine.. >> much has been made as well about your nephew being at homem at the time, though, i have rear reports that he did not see horrific event. eve how is he doing? >> at the moment, he understands what has happened but as an 11-year-old, he's still tryingig to process everything but with w the support of his family and friends, we believe that he's h definitely going to make a slows but steady recovery.y >> can we talk about your --ou your sister's marriage right here? i read reports that yourr mother wasn't allowed to come t the home for about a year. yea tell us what was going on he i
8:04 am
somebody else out there as well. >> okay. oy. basically, at the time the relationship between ronald and my mother was strained, and calc it mother's intuition but she s felt like there had been issues within the relationship. i assume because of calls thatlt she and my sister had with each other along with just along with her basic observation of their marriage and their interaction r with each other was cause for concern. and so around i believe summer of last year she actuallylly decided to take a trip up here because of just i guess justus that feeling that she had thatha something wasn't right, and rigd during that time, there was a verbal altercation between beten herself and ronald which she was told don't -- never to return to their home again. >> but still, wendy torque geto to this point, what do you think about
8:05 am
mother's intuition as you callsc it to this? >> um-hmm. to be honest, allison, somethini that we -- we never imagined ige that would have gotten to this point, and i think we're allll surprised. surp it's still a surprisrie and we'' still in disbelief that thist ts would have happened to crystalrt because we never -- we never sav it coming. cin but, again, we don't live in in so it's one of those things thaa you would have had to have, you know, direct observation of whaa was going on in order to reallyy assess the situation.ituation so by us not being located here, it was har it was hard for us to actually a see what was going on.n. so at that point, it's just --us we're still in shock. shock the family, her friends, her co-workers are still in shock is this came to this tragic end. >> and we have heard you saydous there were high schoolh ho sweethearts.swee so, you know, sometimes you looo back but the clues aren't alwayy
8:06 am
look, we really appreciate youre spending some time with us. us. it must be an extremelyremely difficult time and again ourgaio condolences -- >> yes it is. yes it i >> to your family.>> to yo this is wendy howard, sister ofr crystal hamilton. hamil thank you so much. >> thank you allison. hard to imagine the thoughts going through everybody involved in that story right now. tragedy on all ends. >> terrible.ribl >> you know something, saysomets something. if you see a pattern of abuse or something, do what you can to get out.t out heavy topic but i got to sas over to you, nice day today.ayod >> beautiful morning.iful morni. little cool out there early.l t we'll warm it up back in the low 60s. we'll take it. first meteorological day ofor spring. 44 now in washington.hi everybody is bounced abovenced o freezing.eezi frederick 37 and 40 at dulles.ue sun up for over an hour andou a things are looking good. g there's your satellite/radar.ted and things are looking great onn our satellite/radar./r quiet conditions.iet coio sunshine.suns beautiful day for errly spring n even though it's still it's sti officially winter. wter and we're looking at a bit of ao b
8:07 am
fine looking forecast.ecast breezy conditions by earlyby ely afternoon.rnoon. 62 your daytime high. h and a dry afternoon.. few showers tonight. yes, we have winter on the sevev day. da i'll have that coming up in jusc a minute. >> okay. also have spring on the sevenri >> more like on the 14 day. serious spring. spring. >> serious spring.>> serious >> maybe 70. >> what?>> w >> um-hmm. >> that would be nice.wo >> bring it on. >> does that mean you get t bo bring me and allison flowers att some point next week.exee >> i can't wait.>>an't >> what do you like?ik >> everything. just pick a beautiful spring bouquet. bouquet. >> just don't pick them from thi front of the studios.t of we've seen what those >> yes. yes >> oh, >> moving on to over turn vehicle 66 on the eastbound side. you can see there's a huge seens they just turned it up right u trying to get it towed out ofouf the way after 234 prince willial parkway just the right lane is getting by and delays are realll heavy for several miles. mil so give yourself extra time or avoid 66 eastbound because lookl at that, it's basically parkedle out there right now. leading towards that scene where
8:08 am we'll take look at our maps now. also still dealing with ang wit closure in frederick fingerinr board road 80 in both directionn it was an earlier deadly tractot trailer crash and fire. investigation clean sun still ss not yet so avoid that area as you makeoe your way out passed park mills road.road. 270 delays typical slow down 21 -- 121 to the 270 spur. s and we'll see if we can forwardr our maps now and show you awou different look in montgomery in county.unty typical beltway delays right now inner loop out by connecticutnec and outer loop as you make your way past 95 towards 270 spur.r specifically georgia avenue you're down to about 14 milesuti per hour. 95 right now on the southboundou side really heavy traffic from icc on down. d we'll keep updated that's yourh' traffic. we'll take look at those 395 395 delays next. guys?ys >> still to come this morningnig erin andrews breaks down in court. the sportscaster' he's motion al testimony as she stakes take th stand in her stalking case. c >> a
8:09 am
beth control.onol the warning from the federal fer health officials coming up next. ♪
8:10 am
♪ ♪ development in the fightvelo between apple and the feds overr unlocking iphone data. dat yesterday a judge said the us justice department cannot force apple to provide the fbi accesss to locked iphone data. this ruling of course involvingl a routine drug case in brooklynk new york. ne california judge though recentld ordered apple to unlock the unlk
8:11 am
bernardino shooters. in a tearful testimony tes sportscaster erin andrews tookno the stand in nashville courtro courtroom. she's suing hotel there.suin she says should have done mored to protect her from a stalker. that stalker michael davidav barrett secretly video taped hed naked in her room and thenmnd shared that video on the t internet.te in a taped deposition he explained how he figured oute fi which room andrews was in at tha nashville marriott.ri she's suing the marriott for $75 million.n. health news now federalth n health regulators are warning aw women about a form of birth control called assure.calledss this comes after thousands ofds complaints about the implantable device breaking or moving and causing the fda says it will add a boxeb warning to alert doctors and patients and they want thewant e devices manufacturer to conductt studies to further assess itsts manufacturer being bare there. actor best known for his roles s in naked gun and won academy award for cool hand luke as
8:12 am
died. >> george kennedy passed away oo natural causes at assisted living fall facility in idaho. o career includ included classic f bike sparta cuss and dirty dozen kennedy was 91 years old. coming up, week one for the district's new mode ofew m how commuters are liking theik long awaited d.c. street cars. s >> first though super tuesdayupt has arrived. s arrived. we're live in virginia thislive morning. voters are at the polls all dayay today. toda started out a little over twolew hours ago. ho it's now 8:12. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
8:15 am
♪ welcome back everybody. it isck 8:15.:15. that means it is time for even e more cuteness.enes >> a little cuteness.utes a lot of cuteness. >> more cuteness.e cuness >> we've earn it. e it. >> >> yeah we have.. >> super cuteness on super tuesday. >> time for my first five photoo of the day.ay. >> what's going on?n? >> we got tre everybody. evebody >> hey tre.>> heyre. >> he's got a big smile on hisms face much he's 13 months old. >> okay. >> he's been busy just learnedjd to walk. >> brand knew world.orld. >> uh-huh, and now that he'st walking he is always on the mo move. >> looking sharp. looki look at his hair brushed allrusl dapper like. >> big old smile. smi >> new level of exploration when you finally have your two legs y under you that you can head outo and see things from whole new angle.angle. >> he is so cute. >> adorable smile.e ile >> have a good day tre. tre >> so tendon us your child's pid cher go to
8:16 am
in and we can't wait to see your smile on there as ael. this forecast will have you have everybody smiling today.. >> cute. >> lots of sunshine get out to t the play ground. you know, take care of serious s business. >> that's right.>> t >> um-hmm. um-hm the swings.wi >> remember those horrible gym g equipment we had as kids.sid >> things have changed a littlel bit. >> that terrible spinning thingg that was a metal bar and you had to hold on for your life. lif >> absolutely i remember that.m. >> i loved that thing. rusty jungle gym. >> we shall visit a playgroundd sometime. they're actually safe now.ow >> nice soft padding now.ft padw >> they weren't so safe in ourtf day. 44 in washington.hingn. 35 up in boston. most of the country fairly faiy quiet.quie it is cold up in canada, andnd we're going to tap into some oft that cooler air later tomorrowro and as we get into the end of the week. we'll talk about what that mighm set us up for here actuallyctua we'll talk about it right now. sunshine low 60 today's.'s. breezes, yes out of the east ana south so breezy day.y day then that cold front the greente you see out towards st. louisdss will get in here
8:17 am
few showers overnight.owers over it will quickly get out of herer wednesday morning. then we'll be cooler. i just want to give you headsds up. thursday night into friday most of the weather computer guidancc is suggesting we're going to get not a terribly strong storm butb area of low pressure just souths of us with enough cold air in ai place that we may have a period of, yeah, maybe winter's last gasp. gasp period of snow around hereow are thursday night into friday.hto >> all right. >> could it accumulate, could we ever see spring, steve? >> absolutely.oly. >> we'll take it.>>e >> it will be a quick mover.ick. notice we're in the 50s by thebe weekend.weeken get out of here quick, and we could do 70 next week. >> >> snow and 70s. >> thanks, tuck.. >> interesting mix there.ti right now as we take a look atoo traffic if you're waking up inii virginia heading out in manassaa making your way to the beltway right now they've stopped allll traffic.. 66 eastbound after 234 princenc william parkway we had earlier i overturned vehicle. vehic it look like just one vehicleehc squeezing by they're trying to
8:18 am
open lanes right now two laneswn getting by.gettin they had temporarily stopped all traffic to get that crash scenee so again two lanes getting byy however you can see the delays lingering for several mileserall towards that location.atatio give yourself a lot of extraxt time as you head from manassasaa through cinderville thisvie thi okay. now we'll check in with ourec maps. aside from that bigk j amup thatup tha you're dealing with, inner loopl five to the wilson bridge downow to 14 miles per hour. hou no crashes to report. ro it's just a whole lot ofot of congestion in prince george'sce county.. westbound side of the --- southeast southwest freewaywerey dealing with a crash by southou capital street and because of bu that you're jammed from the jmer 11th street bridge in frederick finger board road 80 shut down earlier deadly tractor trailer crash as well as fire. r the cleanup is still underway.ey so please detour around that. 270 jammed 121 to the spur andnd typical top of the beltway belty delays as well.. allison? >> ♪ erin, thank you.k y amateur video capturing thisng t moment it's a scuffle that broke out during donald trump's roll
8:19 am
rally in roanoke virginiake viri yesterday it happened between a media photographer and a secrett service agent. age. the photographer was coveringin protester who's had been kick bk out of trauma pops even secret service says it is investigati investigating. >> this is super tuesday.uper it is finally here and voters in about a dozen states head to tho polls today and that of courseof includes virginia. today is the single biggest delegate grab of all the days in the nominating process and thisi could be make or break from som of the candidates.s. fox5's melanie alnwick live at a polling place in fairfax now now with more. mor good morning. >> reporter: good morning,ni steve and allison.llison you know, the virginia board ofo elections expects pretty decentn turn out here for primary day. that's why schools here inn fairfax county i'm here at okaying ton high school many of the other counties in theunties northern virginia region decided to go ahead and close for superr tuesday. take look at the video from inside the pollinghe this mornir at oaktown virginia is an open primaries voter which is choose a bowl will from the either ehe party. look to be equal distribution
8:20 am
people depositing their ballotss into either the democrat or the republican bin there. most voters walked and appeared knowing exact who'll they were going to mark their ballot for. still every delegate on super sr tuesday is a prized possession.. >> wow! wow >> reporter: donald trump at aor rally in roanoke v have a on hih way to what could be a largely victorious super tuesday.. even as he was interrupted byy black lives matter protesters. >> you can hear it once. all lives matter! (applause). >> reporter: trump keepsr: tmp k rising in a new one from cn inform shows 49% of republicans support him.m now despite repeated controversies includingding ambiguous statements followingog his dis diss a vow of former cln leader david duke who publiclycl backed trump's candidacy.dida and then there are repeatedead attacks from rifles. rifle marco rubio in oklahoma --a >> there's no room in the's nrom conservative movement for the k kkk or
8:21 am
will not condemn them. >> this field needs to get totot two man race. race >> senator ted cruz is favoredso to win his state of texas. but trump leads in just about every other gop state in playn a today which could put him well w on the path to the nominationinn unless his competitors pull offf big wins later in march. >> they're going to have to dono it starting march 15th whenhen you can really within some big delegate packets with winnerkett take allh a >> you can make that change evee more significant. >> reporter: among democrats,oc, this could be a rough day for bernie sanders with a map that favors hillary clinton who is cn campaigning last night instight virginia where polls show shehe has about a 20-point lead. l >> so let's go out and make that come thank you all so very very much! >> reporter: well the gop raceor is still very much a battle herr in virginia according toorng t political analyst noting
8:22 am
course all the delegates are rewarderewarded proportionatelyn means a strong showing forg swig candidate in second or third thi place could mean they grab somee every those very importantmpnt delegates and we know it is all about delegate math.t de we will know by the end of today which campaigns survive super tuesday. live in oaktown, virginia,ginia, melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> thanks very much. mel if you often stay awake all night it might be the reason rso you're gaining weight. >> a new study reveals aboutbout insomnia and your eating habitst thank you for the sound effects, tucker. (laughter). ♪
8:23 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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light & fit, 15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories. try to beat that! ♪ welcome back. cool overnight.>>cool but we're warming it up very u v quickly.ick we'll be in for a beautiful day. 44 now at reagan national. nna 40 dulles. bwi marshall 41 degrees.1 degree overnight lows at or below obe freezing for much of the area te the west.the w but look how quiet the midhe atlantic is.ntic i nice looking conditions. sunshine. it is going to be breezy day.toe winds will be out of the easte t with high pressure pushing pusng offshore and then eventually oul of the south and south and westw up ahead of our front which will get in here sunshine da-da.. clouds moving in quick toll qckt night a few showers overnight og tonight.. this doesn't look particularlycu impressive for ours.ors. few showers overnight intoers o tomorrow morning's morningor commute and then we'll kick thaw out of here but it will bee cooler tomor
8:26 am
and only 50s tomorrow.row and i just want to give you ge heads up.sp. thursday into friday believe iti or not looks like we can have ch enough cold air around stormtorm track very favorable to give usg the possibility of a bit of aito winter storm around here thursday night into doesn't like like a major stormo but there could be enough to geo some accumulation for parts ofar the area.thea so we'll continue to watch thatt and get closer.. that's weather.eather. erin has got your roads.oa >> i do. do. 8:26 tucker. tke and we have sunshine which isinh good news today. but we have delays.s. prince county inner loop from lm five to the wilson bridge down to about 14 miles per hour andru then as you pass by the by t springfield still really crowded throughhrou annandale on the inner loop.eroo take live look outside right n now. 66 earlier overturned car has cs cleared out of the way. w several lanes have reopened aspd you can see just blocking the t left shoulder left lane rightig now. no but you're still backed up forlp several miles leading towards prince william parkway heavy traffic not yet dissipat dissipe have your patience. pie
8:27 am
from manassas throughhrough centreville.ll other delays aside from this frs huge one on 66, as you pass byab prince william parkway, fairfax springfield to gallows down to n 16 miles per hour. 395 inbound really slow as welll we'll have more traffic in affic few. allison and steve? coming up, self driving dvi fender bender.nder how google's driver less cars cr ended up in a big old accident.. >> oops. sorry. first getting to work on the d.c. streetcar. stree have you tried it yet? are you curious? we'll see what thehe reaction is after one full day officially on the commute.omte it's 8:27. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ back now looking at princeoi william county and given that gt live look at hilton memorialial chapel in woodbridge, virginia. just hours it will be packedeac with friends and family of younu officer ashley guindon. viewing starts at 10:00 a.m. thm funeral service starts at noon.o it's open to the public. pub make sure to keep it locked toot fox5. we'll have live coverage of the service throughout the day. and if you haven't had haved chance to vote in virginia yet,t polls are open until 7:00 this evening. it's a big day for the the presidential hopefuls. some of their campaigns are onre the line here.e h later tonight, we should know who survived super tuesday.. today is the second full daf to commuters in the district cas use the district's new option of transportation.transp it is the streetcar.trtcar the d.c. streetcar officially launched on saturday after aurdr decade of planning.g. the 2.4-mile line runs
8:31 am
union station to benning road. r it is the first part of ann 8-mile line and right now forowr the time being at leasteast passengers ride for free. f how did the first day go. >> threats check with the terryr owens who joins us from hro h street. hi, terry.. >> good morning, how we doing.w >> good, good, good.>>d, the question how are you doing this morning and how are theng d street cars doing? >> we're doing great, man.. we're still basking in the glowg of saturday's big launch downaun here seems hard to believe it was a couple of days ago.le odas we had thousands of people hereh on this corner right at 13thth and h lined up after waiting fog so long for this thing tohing happen. and then to see it take off, an, we now have the numbers in fromo that first day of we had over 8100 people ride the streetcar on saturday.atur of course that will normal out o as we get into regular servicear but it was a huge kic sk off fok this even.this even. we're really excited about howih it's >> terry part of your job torob celebrate the good and also tolt learn from the not so good.o god did you have any bumps in the ie road so far that you can
8:32 am
on? >> steve, our goal is continuouu improvement, and as with any whn launch of a new system, you'llou have your hiccups. hcu nothing out of the ordinary, though. we see the routine stuff carsar parked along the track where wek have to encourage motorists too move over. or but beyond that, not a lot of major hiccups. hic we worked long and hard to maket sure we got this thing right thr before we launched it. i. our top priority has and will wl continue to be safety and so tho rest now is just an education process.oc we tell people if you're going'r to be down here parking to makem sure you're inside the white lines.lis. we're urging bikers to be be careful on the tracks to ride across the tracks as opposed tot particle let me to them.icle l little stuff like that,et and we think as this goes on people gee more accustomed to being outng here with the street cars, thatt this system will operate justra fine. >> now that you're starting toua get some ridership figures in,er as least for the first day orsty so, i'm sure you'll continue gen that through the week, do youeeo have a ta
8:33 am
riders you want or you need toed consider this a success? >> we are anticipating averagere daily ridership of between 15000 and 2,000 people.eo of course, that opening day d number was just that.t t i don't know if you had a chance to see any of the video fromm saturday.rday we quite the celebration down here, and so that 8100 numberum was obviously because it was a a celebration.ation but on average day again we'rein looking to see about 1500 to t 2,000 riders and as we expandxp the system, both east and west,w those numbers will go up.erwill >> one of the things that we've been monitoring via social media in addition to the celebrationen having the new mode of new transportation people obviouslyu point out some of the challengeo that is they have faced andtheyh we've seen some of the things tg speed is one of the questions is guess how long it takes to get o from end to end and i know partt of that is dictated by other factors such as cars being parkr across the line or two too closo to the thed. how do you handle that in movinv forward in trying to get a speedier ride
8:34 am
speed not a concern at this point? well, steve, right nowiw our head ways are about 155 minutes. minu that's where we wanted to startt the launch to system.oys our goal to improve those headhh ways down to about 10 minutes.. and as we learn the corridor better, as we learn to negotiatt in traffic as traffic learns tot operate around this big reds bir vehicle that we've got in thevet mill of the road, we think thenk speed will those vehicles will likely go g 50 miles an hour. you'll never see them doing thaa but our average operating speeds is going to be about 10 to 12 miles an hour and, you know,u the system is what it is in is terms of the speed of the systee we're operating in regularn rul traffic. but it's another transit optiont that folks didn't have.t h people are really excited abouto it and we think that it's goingg to be a tremendous addition toio our transportation network.etwo >> real quick before we let youl go, terry.tey as far as the free rides how rih long do we expect that tot tha continue or still looking atl lt about a six month window or hasr t
8:35 am
>> no, we're still anticipatinge six months to a year for the free rides and then after that, we'll arrive at a fare number. e we're anticipating it will bel e something sim floor what we seee on the circular maybe a dollar l but we'll take that out to theut public get some input before wee arrive at a fare decision.n >> still looking to expand theoo project or not?? >> oh, most definitely. defitel planning is underway to take the project east over to the benninn road metro station and west from union station over to the or to georgetown waterfront.. so we are off and running withnw this thing really excited abouto how it's going. the first couple of days scene c smooth operations we anticipatet that to continue.ue >> terry, always good to talk t you. appreciate you joining us this morning. >> okay. thank you, steve.k te >> you got it. terry owens with d.c. departmenm of transportation.ns i can't wait to poride. to d >> yeah. price is right.pric >> you got that right. >> you can't beat free.'t beae >> you can't beat free.ou't b >> see like a party trolleyro situation setting up.sett >> i don't tnk
8:36 am
>> just riding all day? >> no. not like that allison. allon >> come on!>> co >> no. n >> but like -- but >> okay.>> >> i can see tucker follow me. >> happy hour one hr ons you catch it down to the otherho side happy hour. hour. >> it's a mode of transportati transportation.tran not like a destination. >> let's go to the forecast.. i feel like -- a place to goceo now. now. >> i guess it's what you want th do. >> 34 in washington.4 i promise i'll get off. getff 40 in annapolis.olis 30s north and west. w 37 in frederick. martinsburg 37. i'll tweet a picture from it. i'll go find it.nd >> you are? >> yeah. >> i can tell where you it is.wr >> i'm going to go actually ride it. 52 -- is it really 52 leonardtown. we'll be low 60s later today.. beautiful tuesday. sunshine, quiet conditions.ti we are looking at breezy conditions and rain showersain overnight tonight with our nextx cold front you can see that nowt stretched out out towards louis see the rain showers a few of those overnight tonight intoo the morning commute tomorrow bur
8:37 am
first meteorological day ofteorl spring.. 62 degrees. stay tuned.uned seven day features snowflakesnof and warm temperatures.ratus it's got it all. all. >> sure does.oes >> spring is coming.omin >> all right.ight erin como it is the first day of meteorological spring. sin >> spring has sprung.un. >> basicallbasically it's sprina i'm excited about that.. >> tucker promised flowers lasts week. week steve is smiling it's a goodmili day. there's sunshine.hin >> awesome day.weso there we have it.ere unfortunately on the roads noty the case.on >> not really. >> sad sad transition intoio i traffic. 66 on the eastbound side earlier overturned cars still blockinglk the left shoulder left lane. 66 after prince william parkwayw give yourself plenty of extray f time. bigger delays are starting toarn dissipate.dissate but still heavier trafficvier slowing us down.n. sun glare grab your shades youye might need them today and todaya unfortunately gets really slowey and painful leading really closl that let's switch it over now forch look at our maps. i we have several other areas youu need to be aware of this morni morning. there's very heavy with congestion but first a look ink frederick 80 remains shut down d
8:38 am
long. earlier deadly tractor trailer crash and fire clean up underw underway. detour around 80 at park mills 270 south delays 109 we havee crash activity and that isha i putting us back to reallylly slow-moving traffic all the way before 85. so not looking so good on 270 southbound.utou beltway delays as usual innersun loop old georgetown to georgia. outer 95 to georgia. 95 south to the inner loop jams far fact delays gw parkway down to 11 miles per hour.s pe h same story as you make your way 395 from the beltway all the way to 14th street bridge.. springfield average speed sed 16 miles per hour. 295 new york avenue inboundenb slow. back to you guys. >> it is 8:38 right thanks very much, erin. e still to come this morning m mobile devices the new time outt why certain parents are turningg to technology to try to cam kids down. >> first high school basketballb team learns a hard lesson.earns how they blew their chance at aa state title neck. ♪
8:39 am
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say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast ♪ we will learn later today what the skins decided to withnd kirk cousins. >> deadline at 4:00 o'clock today if they want to put franchise tag on him or transition tag or work out aath long-term deal. that however seems unlikely atmy this point close to the deadli deadline. a transition tag would mean w cousins would get $17.7 millionl for next year. y that would also allow other o teams to make him a betterter offer.offe the franchise tag is just under
8:42 am
$20 million for next year but yr that would keep him in in washington for sure and se guarantee no other team canthert negotiate with h at least for the next season. so high school basketball gamesastl highlight video going viral thit morning but for the wrongro reasons.s. >> check it out with just fourt seconds left in the game.. the barrelville high school boyy team at rhode island intercept r add throw in for what theyhat thought was ceiling the victoryy tough lesson the team reactioned too soon when the player through the ball up in celebration. another player caught and called a time out. that gave them a chance for lasl second buzz we are beater boomee and they won the game.eyhe g >> game over! g ove >> how many have you seen it int pro sports you don't celebrate a too soon. sn. play tilt buzzer.ilt buzz >> lesson in life right >> boy that does sting.ha sti >> hard lesson.. >> we wouldn't, we wouldn't, no, we didn't. time out. o let's get it together.get itet let's regroup.s reg let's sing this two and withinsw this. >> look how much they'rek how celebrating thinking they wong n the game. >> state >> after more than a millionthan miles google self driving cars
8:43 am
is involved in crash. c. okay.ay that's good perspective though.o first million went okay. o was it the car's fault? was the driver less car's fault. fau >> it wasn't on a test track.tra >> more reason to get enough eug rest at link at night. nig new link between sleep and hunger. coming up much it's 8:43. with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:46 am
nest all day you want the view w from all angles.from a ang >> i'll bet that's the firstthae lady. lady. i don't think that'si do mr. president. >> i am not able to tell. t >> i'll find some markings and see what -- this -- >> okay.kay. >> beautiful bird has something on the side of herha eye.. >> i wish we could see them sidc by side.ou in the meant ime we'll enjoye' e their beauty as they enjoy a a cloud free view of the d.c. region. they can get a birds eye view ov the entire area. >> gorgeous.>> g look at the symmetry of thef t do you know how much detailsw mu goes into building that nest. ta >> nature is amazing.ate >> isn't it? >> we can learn a lot from thist of course.ou i'm going to build a nest justt like that. that >> steve, did the two of themo f ever sit together? toghe >> there have been -- have i non seen them together but i've i heard people tell me they'vehe seen them both in the nest tame. >> wow. >> we'll have to keep watching.c >> roomy.>> r >> we have evidence there's twoe of not just one. >> right. >> that's what i'm i >> yes. >> there was a video the other r day of one feeding the >> oh really?
8:47 am
>> bringing back food to theto e nest.nest >> in other words, steve, in your spare time you'd like toim watch a lot of the -- t >> i'm not going to rule it out. >> i used to watch mutual of omaha with my grandfather.nder >> i used to watch that, too.ato let me do weather very quickly.k terrific tuesday. tuesday. absolutely beautiful out l warm warming it up very quickly. qck overnight lows didn't make it ti freezing here in the city but tb did out to the west.ou the look at our big jump.. 50 in gaithersburg.ur 52 40 in annapolis.anpol north and west 30s in frederick and in martinsburg 37 degrees.dr everybody right around 60 todayt and lots of sunshine.une just beautiful looking today foy us although a breezy day.ezy d we are going to be breezy thiset afternoon winds out of the eastt eventually the south and southts and west up ahead of our next front.fron it will cool us down tomorrow. r cloud up very quick toll nightct and a few showers around aro overnight tonight into the firsf part of the commute tomorrow. t i think if yomou're on that firs part of the commute earlyf the t tomorrow morning you might get g few sho ywers and then we'll geg breezy and cooler behind the front.t let me show i was future c
8:48 am
here there's some cloud cover byoverb 7:00 o'clock tonight.lockight and a few showers there we arehe at 4:00 a.m. it's very veryy quick mover.ic so we'll get it out of hk ereofr early tomorrow right back in th sunshine although tomorrow'sorr' daytime highs only about 50 or o so. here's our set up for the end of the week. w this system looking more likelyl rather than less likely althougg not major storm. storm but there is the threat herehrtr with enough cold air in place by thursday night and friday we caw is a period of snow around heree overnight thursday into fridayd morning and there are somed indications it could be enoughod to at least give somee accumulation out there.. so still some question marksionk about the storm system and howmw much moisture might be availab available. but just keep that on your radao thursday night into friday. we could have a last gasp of gpo winter as we get into friday morning.rn there's your seven day we warm it up this weekend and, yes, next week i'll be honest withest you looks like we could do cld 70 degrees a couple days maybesm by wednesday, thursday, next week right around 70 degrees. 7e all right, guys.ght, guys. that's a look at the forecast.h. i'll get back on eagle cam.le c >>
8:49 am
what happens. in the meantime let's check inih withly hold and wisdom find outf what we have to look forward to on good day >> good morning to you.ning to of course, we are all over o several still developing storiep this morning.orning thousands are gathering to pay their respects to the fallel prince william county policeount officer killed in the line of duty.duty how she's being remembered thise >> also, life a politicalolitic showdown in several states. ste. it's super tuesday.ue the moment of truth for severall candidates. we have what you need to know. o >> there is a new twist in thest battle between the fbi and apple plus erin andrews emotionalonal testimony in her peeping trial.i >> we're live with dr. oz in his interview with yolanda foster f talking about her battle withtlt lyme disease.lyme dise >> ahead at 10a don't miss maureen's one-on-one interviewer with the fabulous taraji p. hen sop they're talking everythingta from dating to fashion.lkinto fs >> two showers of good day d.c.d starts in just minutes. m see you then.yo >> thank you very much, guys. vr thank you.thk yo one of google's self drivini cars has been involved in an fender bender for the first time and it was
8:50 am
was not self the car hit a bus in silicon valley trying get around sand s bags near a storm drain.rm dra the company says it wass it partially responsible for the fr the car's test driver thought the bus would yield and did notn have control before the crash sh there's actually somebody in the driver less car. less c i didn't even know that.ha i thought it was actually -- >> silly me.. >> apparently those cars are programmed to follow rules of the road.throad >> okay. oka. >> apparently human nature andrd other drivers don't necessarilyy always follow the rules of there they have to have some way toayo adjust it. that part is not full work out.o >> three out of four drivers ey are afraid to ride in self sel driving cars. c >> some fear the survey found fu that consumer demand for semi autonomous cars car technology is high. h drivers who have semi autonomous features are in their car 75% more likely to trust technology
8:51 am
than those that don't have it. v you have to be in one tone t understand what we're talking wa about.abou >> today's health knew a point i of contention for many parents giving a tablet or phone to a child who's throwing a tantruman can be attempting way to calm them down.em d >> this morning there's a new study that examines why certaina parents may be more inclined toc do so. fox medical team dr. joe joins us now to talk about this. now, maybe i'm old school butlut that seems like a reward to give some, you know a child something they might enjoy when they'rehe' acting up.ngp. what do you say and good morni morning. >> it looks like she's busy on's her device right n >> is she. >> dr. joe. >> dr. joe, can you hears?u hear >> where are you? y >> we don't have any --e a >> i say -->>ay >> proof she through a tantrumtr but she did have a device. >> somebody gave it to her. t >> she's working on right now.ow >> for me --or me >> i would think that this likel you know, i'm -- i was going compare to an experiment my dogg with kids if they know a
8:52 am
they get the pad -- -- >> almost like a reward for bad behavior. >> as opposed to the time out ii the corner technique or, you ory know, with no device. d but i guess they're talking tali about little bitty kids becausee as we've seen like kids early ay one they know how to swipeo spe and --an >> right. >> do all of that. do >> you're right. you don't want to give them anya reason to believe that it's okay to behave badly if it seems it's some type row war at the end off that.. >> right. here's the new i phone 6s to 6 play >> temporarily fix but maybe noy the best in the long run.g r i don't know.>> i'm sorry, we just don't have dr. joe today. t i'll try to figure out, um, youu know, who these parents are whow do that and fill in you on that. >> okay. okay >> historic feat comes to an ena for astronaut scott kelly.elly >> bring us all those greathoseg pictures from the international space station. he tweeted the last one lastt night. after nearly a year in space hes is set to return to he spent a record 340 days inayn space that make him the firstirt american to live in orbit
8:53 am
that long. l yesterday he handed over commanm of the international space s station to fellow americanmericn astronauts tim kopra.opra we hopes he's an avid twitterer as. two of kelly's russian crewsian mates will return to earth witht him today.od all righty. rig it is 8:53. 8:5 time for our fan of day. today it is keith mayo whatayo w great name.t n keith tunes in every morningryni before he sets off on his two hour commute from districtisic heights in maryland toan chantilly, virginia. keith adds that we keep himpim smiling every day.ery d it's our pleasure to do that.e . for your chance to be tomorrow'' fan leave a comment blow keith'i photo on our fox5 facebook page. >> we need a xm channel we can c broadcast the show on so he cann listen. listen. >> it was published in jama and said that kids that haveave difficult child behavior, thoseo parents do so more. me >> are they recommending it ornr not? >> they dot
8:54 am
they're telling you who does it. >> good deal.. we can recommend that you ty enjoy today because as we know w in these parts tucker we could get literally a winter and arnd summer forecast in the same t se week. it looks like that's what'sha happening.happening. >> absolutely. in fact, we'll take a look at that. ke tith what he doesn't tell yot that the two hour commute he only goes about 3 miles. >> exactly. e >> right. except we actually said where he was going to and from. >> he could go to philadelphia and back. >> that's not very far apart. >> going to prince george's grg county to sean tilly. >> trying to work the joke in wr here. >> we have bad traffic.. >> crickets. >> i'll get the hook. go ahead,l tucker.uc >> thanks allison for helping mm out.t reagan national 44.nal dulles, whoa, huge jump. national national jumped tope t 51 degrees.rees bwi marshall 41 our temperatures will soar intoi the low 60s. 60s. beautiful day for us.. with bright skies and clear ande conditions here for much of them day. it will get breezy today.zyod so winds out of the south ---
8:55 am
eventually out of the south ando south and west up ahead of our next front much there's our nexx front. a cold front cools us down us dn tomorrow and brings us a fews uw showers. plane old rain showers tonighton into the first part of the parte commute tomorrow morning.e tomo it will quickly get out of herer back in the sunshine tomorrow.eo heads up here.heads thursday night into friday, itda looks like we can get a bit of a winter storm doesn't look majorr but it does look cold enough eno just marginally cold enough it t could be snow across the areasse and then there may be someom accumulations. yes. some accumulations.s. then we'll right back into back springtime warmth by next week.e in fact most of the weekende looks nice and quiet. quiet that's good news. gd new >> i have updated weather let'sl get a last look of traffic witht >> i'm hoping that snow holds off because i would much rathert see some sunshine and and temperatures in the 70s. the 7 i can't talk right i've lost it.i've lost it. right now metro updatemetro date malfunction at rhode island of delays on the red line to shadya to alerts from metro bus or all other rails. let's forward our
8:56 am
train update for you, if you ar taking amtrak, customers canrs expect residual delays up to 303 minutes because of policeolice activity between new york and philadelphia. they apologize for thepologize r inconvenience so if you havencu anyone heading from new york tok d.c. or d.c. to new york make yk sure you check your amtrak a schedule ahead of time. t viewing and funeral today in tay prince william for ashleyy guindon at 10:00 o'clock.'cck expect increased traffic and pedestrian traffic near gidiania drive and potomac mills road the service is the hilton memorial chapel.apel so please have patience inatnc prince william and try to leavea early there's going to be lot oo traffic heading to that memoriaa viewing and funeral service. svi if you're traveling in frederick this morning 80 remains shutainu down at park mills road. roa earlier deadly tractor trailer crash and fire.nd f clean up underway 270 south att 109 a crash because of thatse t delays back to 85. let's take a live look outside.. 66 eastbound earlier overturnede car has cleared out of the way. delays aren't improving butn'imt little heavier traffic as yous head towards prince williamil parkway than
8:57 am
aside from that bright sunny dad grab your shades could be somede glare around the area as you ary head up closer to prince willial parkway you hit that big wall oo traffic.c. allison and steve.te >> all right.>>ll rig thanks err rip. still to come on good day a lota for you including dr. oz will join us live once again.e a he'll talk about an invisiblenvb disease that left a real r housewife with a serious with r illness. il talking about one of the real tl house office beverly hills he'sh been doing a lot of work with. w he'll share that and viewer benefit for glenn looking forward to that.ard kevin sits down with zootopia star jeffer four goodwin how he managed to turn the conversation into the movie about a tovie conversation into breaking bad. >> is that a surprise to you? >> no. but stay tuned.but st ♪ ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> straight ahead a final farewell to a sister in blue. b today officer ashley guindon gun shot and killed on her first day oon the job will be laid to rest how you can pay your respects.. plus, super tuesday.y. >> wow!! votervoters in 12 states ani territories including virginia i hit the polls today. today >> it could be a make oar break day for several candidates. we're live at one pollingllin location for a look at what iss expected to be a massive turno turnout.


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