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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 1, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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>> straight ahead a final farewell to a sister in blue. b today officer ashley guindon gun shot and killed on her first day oon the job will be laid to rest how you can pay your respects.. plus, super tuesday.y. >> wow!! votervoters in 12 states ani territories including virginia i hit the polls today. today >> it could be a make oar break day for several candidates. we're live at one pollingllin location for a look at what iss expected to be a massive turno turnout.
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ashamed.arasha erin andrews tearfully takek the stand in her lawsuit againsa the hotel chain she says failede to protect her privacy. plus why the man who taped herer undressing says he did it. and later --at >> i counseled at least 15 blacb people on that montage.. chris rock delivered one of thee most anticipated oscar monologues ever but he couldn'tu deliver a tv audience. aienc we'll have the brand new numbers plus the new drama for winnerorw sam smith.mi. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> that sam smith drama iss legit. >> always the innocent lookingee ones. we'll talk about all about ill t good day dc.od day d just after 9:00 on this tuesday march 1st.. a new month.onth i'm holly morris alongside maureen, steve and wisdom.isdo >> all right. you kn
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>> what is it wisdom.t is it wi. >> it's big day for thes big y washington redskins.eds. deadline it is approaching tod today. >> in other words it's pay days for kirk. >> it's pay day for kirk cousins bats the bottom line the team has until 4:00 this afternoon tt decide what they'll do with kiri cousins and there's a lot atot stake here.ta a lot of zeros at stake. s >> i think between 17 andhink 20 million he'll be okay eithere way. >> either way.>> he should be good.uld >> should be good.>> >> good for him today. is also the first day of o meteorological s that is march 1st. 1st did mother nature get the message? we'll woke up toe t freezing temperatures look at it now. beautiful. no clouds in the sky.ud head to dos 60 degrees.. but as we know around thesed t parts, tucker, just because it'i 60 today, does not mean it willl be 60 tomorrow or we may not get snow by the end of the week. ofe >> not this time of year.his ti in fact, yeah, might have accumulated snow by early frid friday. what do you know by accumulat >> not a major storm
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to be more than more than ae th nuisance.isan >> if you step in it will be gog above your ankle.nk >> we'll talk about it what'shas going on with sam smith.onh sa >> it's a lot.>> >> you give us we'll give you sam. >> who is sam smith. s >> is he a singer. singe >> i'm sorry, wisdom.. i haven't bought an album sinces a cdc.dc. >> 49 in washington.asng 43 in baltimore. baltimore. 37 manassas.37 msas it is warming up very very very quickly. we got sunshine to look forwarda to and a beautiful day. low 60 today's. tay that front will bring us coolere weather tomorrow and a few rain showers overnight tonight, and d our daytime highs in the 60 today's will be about 50 tomorrow we set the stage fortaf the possibility avenue winterve event thursday night into frid friday. that would be thursday nighte th into friday and again not going to be major storaim but it coulu bring us some late winter snowto by early friday morning andorni we'll talk about that at 9:30 9 when i come back.. 62 day. winds south 10 to 15.0 to 15. beautiful afternoon for us.or all right, guys, back to you.k u
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appreciate it. in just one hour, thousandsn of people will gather to payr tp their respects to a fallen f prince william county policepole officer.cer >> last note procession lit up the night sky you can see hereyo just amazing pictures from skyfox.skyfox this a tribute to officer ashlee guindon who was gunned downd d while responding to a domesticc violence call over the weekend.. this morning bob barnard is livi in woodbridge where mourners m will soon gather and apparentlyd are now. bob, good morning. >> reporter: steve, goodte morning to they already have. alrdy h we are at hilton memorial chapea in woodbridge just off i-95 potomac mills.c m if you see behind me at the chapel's entrance here members of the public are arriving.ain there are police standing guarda as well here.. the viewing begins ategs 10:00 o'clock this it is open to the public.ub the funeral mass is at noon today. i don't know if you can hear,owo but the bells are ringing heregr at the chapel. i want to pan off to the rightht as you see some of the peopleofe gathering here an hour early for the viewing.iewing we'll see over here these are two local fire department laddea trucks that have
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way with a big american flagg here.he. the entrance to the chapelha grounds here and already we've seen police cruisers frome cr delaware, new york state, and ad other places as well in virginia and elsewhere, and it's all all about this young lady, lad 28-year-old ashley guindon who was killed on saturday her firsr shift that she was working hereh in prince william county, and her viewing and funeral today t will be open to the public and d we will live stream it on fox5 d.c. and our smart phone fox5 apps.s. i want to show you more of that video from last night. nig ashley's remains are here.. her flag draped casket was brought here from a woodbridgere funeral home to this chapel last night, and skyfox was above it.. a 6-mile long procession. proces we also had fox5 cameras on the ground documenting the hundredsr of people who came out. o many with tears in their eyes, e many with their hearts across
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procession of hundreds of police officers and cruisers motorcycles escorting the hearss the remains here to this chapela for today's somber ceremonies. guys, hundreds of law enforcement expected here and we are in prince william county any most of the prince william county police department will bp here and folks at the policeol department want you to know ifuf you live in this area and called 911 for an emergency please do.e virginia state police will be be answering calls for service here in the eastern part of thearof county.un. manassas city police and the a e prince william county sheriffs i office will be handling calls oo the west end of the county. and that's going to start at at 7:00 this morning go tillo 5:00 this afternoon, and ashleye will be buried in her home state of massachusetts, guys, so the o viewing and funeral here.uneralr the burial later in lat massachusetts. >> so nice those other officers and departments do that. t so all of her colleagues couldgu be there to say a final goodbyee appreciate it, bob. thank you.
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>> tonight friends and family os crystal hamilton will gather to honor her during a can vial canv light vigil. this she was known as chrissy. y make shift memorials of flowerse and cards form outside thetsid hamilton woodbridge home.dg hom the vigil will be held at 7:00 0 p.m. in front of the hamiltonn home.ho suspect tied to the woodbridge shooting 32-year-old staffld s sergeant ronald hamilton is being held without bond thisuto morning. he's facing multiple charges including capital murder. hamilton appeared court via video conference yesterday andee according to court records he cr admitted to shooting his wife and three officers.ffs. hamilton is expected back in i court april 18th. ♪ the other big story thisry morning the polls are open. super tuesday voting ising officially underway in virginia as well 10 other states acrossos the us. while hillary clinton and donall trump are leading inin most stas today, there is still a lot at stake. on the republican side in the 11 states with gop primaries or caucuses today there are 595
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delegates up for grabs. gbs that's almost half of the 1237 delegates that is needed to nee secure the republican nominati nomination. on the democratic side they hav primaries or caucuses in 11ause states and one territory.riry for a total of 865 delegates. they need 2383 delegates toates within the nomination.. and in preparation forpation today's votes donald trump heldl a rally in virginia which waschw trumpeted by black lives matters protesters. meanwhile party rival marco lukl yo campaigned in ohio andnd senator ted cruz stumped in hisn home state of texas. t. >> as for the democrats hillarya clinton also campaigning in virginia recent polls show she o has a 20-point lead over berniei sanders and melanie alnwicklnck tracking super tuesday voting. she's at oaktown high school inn vienna, virginia. virni mel g morning. >> reporter: good morning. no surprise and certainly no accident that every single sin candidate at some point has beee in virginia. virginia is a crucial swingci si state, very very closely watched sort of a bell weather to se
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how things might go national n until virginia the board of elections does expect a stronges turnout. e that's why we've seen schools ii fairfax, loudoun and many othero northern virginia counties closing today for super tuesdayy but i got to till the mood herer at oaktown high school it's been steady, but people have been b rather relaxed. rel the polls opened at 6:00 o'clock this morning. many voting booths empty and non waiting but, again, rather steady if somewhat slow streamwr of people coming in. virginia is an open primary pma votevoters can choose a ballot r either party. pty. it appears to be about evenboute based on people that were getting their ballots scanned in either the democrat or the republican scanning machines.s there are 49 delegates up for grabs for the gop here. 95 democrat delegates up for grabs in many people that we talked to t are casting ballots here thisehi morning say they're doing itre i more out of a civic duty rathera than a sense of excitement fort any particular candidate
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>> i think the political pit environment at this point inent time is a very crucial every vote needs to count andoua everybody needs to get out andeg vote. >> i'm not enthusiastic to be i don't think there's gooders go candidates in either party really. >> reporter: but you came out.o. >> i'm always a voter. i'm so i'll come and vote for somebody. i haven't decided yet.ven't >> reporter: really.ea >> make a last second choice. >> reporter: yeah, so marco saying really even between thewe parties he hasn't decided whichi way he's going to go. t i guess that's one of the good things for having that openat o primary here in virginia forgini voters that really do in so many ways swing either way.. now, analysts say the gop race r here very much a battle. b a strong showing in second or or third place definitely meansitea that those candidates would picc up valuable delegates as they ah can carry with them hoping to h try to build their numbers and perhaps stave off donald trumpdu run of the tables on supertabl s tuesday and keep their campaigns alive u
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winner take all primaries laters in the month.. live in oaktown, virginia,gi melanie alnwick fox5 local news. thanks mel.> thks m >> interesting to see how it alo shakes out.shakesut. >> yup. >> 9:11 is our time right now.ui still ahead are you a pair, an apple or an hour glass or maybem something else entirely? cominm up later dr. oz is going to join us live to explain why knowinghi what type of body you have coulu actually be the secret to losinl weight fast. f >> except accept it right and r make changes down the road firsi a legal victory for the real r company called apple in itsn fight against the fbi guiltyui plea and two high profile murders and out of this worldhiw homecoming for astronaut scottuo kelly.kelly. check on what else is makingt el headlines coming up next. next it's now 9:11.:1 ♪
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>> change that is might benefit apple. the head of fbi and apple's top layer facing off on the capitolp hill the battle over privacy pva versus public safety continuesns federal judge ruled again the government in the dispute withth the tech giant.. fox's robert gray has that story from los angeles. >> reporter: house judiciaryicia committee is holding a hearing today called the encryptionio ti
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balancing american security andd privacy.ivacy this comes just a day after a ar new york judge ruled justice jus department cannot force apple tp provide access to the information in an iphone in a routine drug if you think the law is not kept up with the times you might be b under stating matters. matte the law nbi is trying to use toe get apple to hack the phone phoe dates back to 1789. the issue privacy versus public safety came into sharp focus in december. that's when a terrorist couple c turned a san bernardino officefc party into a massacre.e. the feds have been asking thesk tech giant to pro void them with the way to unlock the county c supplied i phone of one of theoe killers. while apple's ceo sees the request as a slipsole pre slopes the top cop appeared on speciale report with bret baier defendini the >> every single one of thoseho cases, we have gone to court c with narrowly crafted request rq and said to the court, is thisii something that we can obtain obi
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have said yes and we've then wet gone to an pell and said, we sae need your assistance here. here. and where they've chosen not to, we would then go back to court and say could you please direct them as we do companies every single day to work with us.. we prefer to work with themork t directly and we still would. w >> reporter: number of techumbeh companies filed friend of courtf briefs taking apple's side in s the matter.atr. on capitol hill today a number of heavy hitters are slated tod testify including fbi director o james comey, apple general counsel bruce sue well andwel a manhattan da cyrus advance, jr. in los angeles, robert gray, fox 9:16 our time right now. that means allison is back with the other stories making makin headlines this morning. >> good morning holly and goodgl morning to all of you, and tou,d all of you. y we begin in virginia, whereh a plea deal is expected for thee man accused of in thein the disappearance and murders of two college students. stunts. jesse matthew, jr. expected toec plead guilty in the cases tomorrow. the deal would make him immuneam to the death penalty
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matthew was arrested following the murder of uva student hannaa graham in 2014. now, he was later charged withet the death of morgan harringtonag seen there in 2009.9. matthew is already serving live in prison for a sexual assaultsu in fairfax county.. hard to believe i know but it has been two years now since relisha rudd went missing. rudd was just eight-year-old when she was last scene with ah janitor at the homeless sheltert where she lived with her family. police have never given upiven u looking for her and in fact in recent months d.c. police d. announced new essential plans pa for young relisha rudd. today president barack obamd plans to meet with senatene republicans vowing to block hisk supreme court nominee.. republicans believe the next thx president should fill thet shoul vacancy which comes after theftt death of justin antonin scalia.a senator majority leader mitch mcconnell and committee chair c chuck grassily plan to sit downw it the president at the white w house. astronaut scott kelly issckl head
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his historic feat comes to anest end today after spending nearlyr a year in space. kelly sent a -- spent a record 340 days in space and that makes him the first american to liveie in orbit for such a long yesterday he handed over commanm of the international spaceonal a station to fellow american astronaut tim copra.a. two of his russian crew matesree will return to earth with him h today. day. >> finally they sure do think ok everything these days and we w mean everything included bracesa for your dog. >> what?>> >> okay. just wait, just wait. check it out.eck it here's wesley.ley. he's a golden retriever sporting his new braces. bce michigan hospital animaligan hal hospital posted the pictures to their facebook page saying vets needed to realign his teethren h because he cannot close hisannoe mouth properly. this is not a cosmetic thing.hi need it for his good health. hlt wesley will only have to wear tw the braces for a few weeks so he'll have perfect pearly whitet in no time. >> aww. >> aww >> there you go. make sure u
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wesley. >> what about the rubber bands? >> put your bands on and yourour head gear.ea >> here's my question. qst >> yes. >> scott kelly coming back todad he has to do a lot of official c stuff. what would you be the first y bt thing you would do or eat.d r e >> put both feet on the groundrn and walkd normally. nmall not upside down.ow >> i bet he's thinking aboutnkga what he's going to eat what i'mm thinking.king. >> the first thing you wouldir space food is the fall.fa >> is he married. marri >> gabbie giffords. >> ut-oh.. >> any way, back to you. >> wait isn't this brothers bth married to gabbie giffords. gfo >> mark s i'm sorry mark is. >> no.>> i don't know if he's married. >> we know what he won't bee won doing. >> it doesn't matter. single people havedo girlfriendr and boyfriends, too. >> is this world of social medim he did judge a great job tweeting out those beautifulea pictures from space. sce on re-entry left live mention mn trip back and the landing anddia everything else we'll get it ous there.e beautiful pictures.autict i hope astronaut copra will doil
9:20 am
the same thing. thi >> we welcome him home.ome. 9:19. coming up hot for teacher.. oman.oman. sarah fraser will be back withic another edition of love and order this morning we'reng we' offering advice to a mom whose w worried about her daughter's crush.crh. >> first, though, sportscastergt erin andrews take the stand tearfully testifying in her 75 million-dollar lawsuiton national we'll tell you why she says the shall have done more to protect her. as a small business owner, her. here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows.
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>> back at 9:22 the man who who stalk sportscaster erin andrewsa says did he it because he needee money. wanted to sell them.he >> that was just one of the refn layings from a nationalat courtroom erin andrews is nows n suing the national hotel whereee the videos were recorded sayingg it should have done a better joe of protecting her privacy and ad yesterday she took the stand to deliver an emotional testimony. >> i'm so embarrassed and i'm so ashamed.d >> sportscaster erin andrewsnd takes the stand in a nashville l courtroom on she is suing hotelhe says say should have done more to protece her from a stalker.lker that man secretly video tapeded andrews naked in her room. roo in a taped deposition michael david barrett explained how heew figured out which room andrews was in at the nashville marrio marriott. >> i pick up the house phone ane i call the operator and asked what room was erin andrews theyt connect me. house phones it shows the room o number on those so
9:24 am
room she was in.n. >> barrett alter the the peep p hole in the door to andrewsndre hotel room and video taped herer coming out of the shower. sho he was eventually convicted inei connection with the incident ana sent to prison for two and a and half years.. andrews described what happenede when she first found out about a the video. >> i called my parents. pen >> what happened after youha called your parents?pp >> i was just y screaming.eaming i was naked all over the allr th internet and i didn't know what it my dad was like, he thought ihot had been in car accident.iden why are you screaming? i'm juss like dad, i'm naked all over thr internet. >> andrews says she's constantll reminded of the naked video. >> this happens every day of my life. either i get a tweet or somebods makes a comment in the paper or somebody sends me a still of the video to my twitter or someone -- i'm right back tok t this. >> the jury in the case will cal have to dec
9:25 am
negligent. the company maintains that whata happened was terrible but blamet the man who record the videos for this whole incident. so -- >> i just still fine it as we a were saying earlier disturbing that she could even have accesss to her room number. numbe they should have measures ind ha place because i know me if you y call a hotel, you ask for aor a guest they go through i waso sorts of who are you, can youcan just give me their name. name i've never once been giveneen gn someone's room number it.umber >> depends on the hoe physical e as well because i know there'si some hotels you can go in and say hey i'm looking for my m friend wisdom.iend wm. he's in 412. 4 >> it depends. dds >> some obviously do a better b job of --job o >> i thought i her him explainxa that he used the house phone phe called and said can you connect me to erin andrews room and thet were like sure. sur they connected and then that t room number came up identifiedd on the house phone. >> he went upstairs.irs. >> with would the hotel responds in a way they're doing maybe a e legal thing.hing why not say we've taken tak precautions to make sure this ti doesn't happen in the future bue it w
9:26 am
own.ow exonerating themselves.hemselve. i don't get that stance. sta >> they're just saying he wentnt above and beyond contrived stags to work the system that was ints place.e. but you're right if it shows upt on the phone then that is a negligence there you can back door the system.door >> you shouldn't be able to get anyone's room. i don't care if you're famous oe not. if it's a notable person, you y definitely seems like you won just connect them. >> right.>> rig >> you know what i'm glaring ifm i'm looking for wisdom theyhe should say we'll contact wisdomw and let him know you're lookingi for him.r him. >> exactly. >> still ahead on good day let us know was think on anything a we've talking about today #gooddaydc we'll discuss ite'lls throughout the next hour and ar half basically. oscar apologies sam smith cominn clean about his acceptanceccep speech mistake. drama continues and slyes a sly stallone's brother goes off. he offers a mia cull pa. p. we'll explain why. why >> first dr. oz is going to joio us live this morning.orning we'll talk about body types,, artificial food colorings andina the invisible disease t
9:27 am
a real housewife with a seriouss illness.illness. >> also, a picture perfect day outsider today.tsider tod really beautiful.allyea big changes around the corner, though. thou there are those changes davidesv bowie is singing about. aut tucker barnes coming up next. it's 9:27.:27. ♪
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>> we're back now at 9:29 looking at life pictures fromif the funeral services for fallen officer guindon gunned downunnew
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again live pictures of theictur memorial service at the hiltonil memorial chapel in woodbridge,r, virginia.inia in less than one hour it will be packed with the friends andh th family of officer ashley guind guindon. she was gunned down on her veryr first day on the job as she wass responding to domestic violenceo call over the police say she was shot and killed by 32-year-old staff sta sergeant ronald hamilton heto h faces capital murder charges.s. the viewing for adversaryor aera guindon starts at 10:00 o'clockk and the funeral service startsca at noon it is open to the publ public. make sure to keep it right herer on fox5. f we'll have live coverage of thef service throughout the day andhy you can stream the funeralhe fun services on and on our fox5 news app. a in the meantime 9:30 let's -- it looks beautifulut outside. >> i was just thinking,. >> so nice when it's a beautiful day when someone is -- >> difficult. difficult. >> right, tuck.>> >> yeah. absolutely terrific sunshine and mild temperatures.e warm temperatures later today.ed yesterday we made it to the mide 60s and we'll be in the low 60
9:31 am
today's. a nice looking forecast acrosscr the area. are should be very very we're up to 49 now in washington. washington. feels great out there.s gr gaithersburg sore to go 55 degrees. 51 out at dulles. 40s in 48 quantico. 48 degrees. 55 in leonardtown everybody getting a nice bounce here witht the sunshine up now for a couplu of hours.ofrs bright beautiful day for us.or we are going to be breezy today. winds out of the east and east a eventual the south and east and eventually the south up ahead od our front. and the bottom line is we'lle i' keep temperatures abouts 10 degrees or so above normalson later this afternoon. this frontal system will be ailb player tonight it will bring us cloud cover ann few showers i think late tonighg into that morning commute tomorrow. most of the rain will be out of here by five, six, 7:00 o'clock' tomorrow a few showers around later l tonight. it will be all liquidbe liqui temperatures too warm to supporp anything other than rain. here's future cast and you'lloul see us get clouds late today. nice sunshine.. quickly cloud up an few showerss overnight.
9:32 am
5am future cast suggesting mostg of the rain shower activity wilt be east of us and most of itt of will be pretty light overnighttn it will bring in cooler air.. northwest winds tomorrow andorro daytime highs tomorrow will onll roach about 50 degrees.0 grees. all want to set you up for thursdayy night into friday. still question marks. m but it's looking more likely the track will be favorable for a f period of little bit of winterte weather around here thursday night into friday does not looko like a big a big d not a major storm but could be a nuisance here with thee wi possibility of temperatures tema getting right around freezingren late thursday night and earlyy n friday an period of snowfall or perhaps mix out there as we getg into friday morning. mni so kind of keep that on youron radar. of course keep close eye on thee forecast tweet it out for you at kerr fox5. fox caitlyn and sue and mike will bl in late this afternoon give youo the latest thon storm.thto there's your seven day. d 62 today. 52 tomorrow.orrow. there's that possibility of a wintry event thursday night and friday. and then we will warm it up back near 50 by sunday and just
9:33 am
heads u i think next week if i were we betting man, which i am when i n go to vegas, i only go likeik every 20 years. y >> or atlantic city.ic cit >> or atlantic city. >> you go there more regularly.e >> little more regularly.ular >> or online.nlin >> with tony. with tony. >> or online. or online (laughter).(la >> or in the newsroom.m. >> the truth is slowly coming out. >> or my next door neighbor'sgh garage. >> there you go.>> >> i think we'll hit 70 next week.. >> whoa! >> yes. bring it >> whoop whoop.op >> you sir are allowed to stay.t >> yes, you thank you.. what if you had a seriousero illness but couldn't get aldget proper diagnosis? and to makeio the situation even worse, whats, if some people accused of makink it all up. u that's what happened to castto member of one of the real housewives franchises now she'se opening up about the long and a troubling health journey withit dr. oz. for details and a look at whatt else is he's working on thisng i week dr. oz actually joins us js live now from new york.w york. good morning, dr. oz.,r. always good to see you.d see y. >> good to see you as well.ous e >> you know, i'm going to have g to admit here i have wa
9:34 am
real housewives of beverly hills franchise, and i've watcheded yolandass battle with lymeh disease and there have been times where i've thought, is is this real? >> well she's very hurt by thee belief -- her cast mates she'sth making up some of this stuff.s but the reason i wanted to havev yolanda on for the first time to talk honest and open bowel whato she's gone through there's sohru many other women across americaa who suddenly out of nowhere began to have issues.ess athletic woman arc model doing d great on real housewivesouwive franchise show and service she gets married to david foster ana she can get out of bed. she can't think aches and pains all over herer body.body her nerves are work to go heroer face and her life is a catastrophe. she's in bed 18 hours day.ay what caused she started on journey.ourn whether people believed or notrn didn't matter to her.atter her she went to dozen countries.ouri saw over a hundred doctors.oc she figure out some of thesefhe guys were quacks
9:35 am
were prettyac good. there were answer out there seaa getting with the first visit tos a c.a c. >> why is lyme disease so hard to diagnose? >> well, because it presents in several different ways a lost ls people never knew they got by a tick. the symptoms are like a camillec i don't know you'll get vague gv symptoms she s had she was diagnose with chronic fatigue syndrome very common ana doctors didn't admit it existedt we know it's a real condition. i and part of the problem when yon get bitten by a tick it's not the lyme disease d you get another bacteria injectj flood you as well maybe virusess we haven't identified yet.ntifd there's a series of mystery mys elements that can cause yourausu symptoms. on top of that there's the rolee of toxins in the environment and yolanda's case she had goneadon skiing and buffed up a breast implant she had silicone allll over her body she needed to havh surgery for and that actuallyct helped more than anything else.. more than likely the millions os women who are suffering fromferf conditions like yolanda need tot go l
9:36 am
and probably going to be facedo with a lot of confusion as theye tri to figure out their path toh cure. >> is there a cure? >> i do believe there's not onlo a cure already for some of these women but i talk to some veryery cutting edge doctors inocto i preparation for this show, and they are confident that there'sa other things for example, probably a virus exists that causes a lot of l these symptoms that we have never diagnosed before.efore if they can isolate that virus s they can make a diagnosis.os they believe a lot of these thee women have leaky gut syndrome. some toxin the viewer many m causing their intestines to leak inflammatory toxin that causeste this civil war inside your bodyy and explain the exhaustion these women complain of.women co >> let's talk about some of thet other shows you have coming upy this week i know it's busy weeky and of course people are alwayss interested in losing weight andd so there's new body types out ot there that might be the key? >> everyone heard about thee he old-fashioned apple and pair. p. i get that there's hormones hne cause your body
9:37 am
get more specific.get the big belly that's caused by stress by the way and classically what happensy wh thousand years ago chronichron stress which is a famine.aam eat things you didn't like andli lots of them. tm. problem with big belly honestt about it is coping with thes cow stress in your life but foodsuto like fish oils that can help c h your brain cope more readilye ad with stress. ses people have love handles we that's related to carbs and sugar.sur. women with big bottoms pair p shape often having a lot ofot o estrogen in their bodies foodode you can eat that modify thatyha perhaps and the classic bat bat wings fats hanging off your joint they have low testosterone levels.vels they're thing do you care thati help there as well.lp once you know your t true body b type we can begin to target thet therapists accordingly.ccordi >> on thursday you're talking yl about food coloring whichood basically is everywhere, andco r which is kind of the scary sca so what are the real risks?is >> a lot of other counsel treest they don't use food colorings cr they use natural produ
9:38 am
colors the reason i'm doing the show we've got more data kidsatk are exposed to a lot of artificial colorings tend to c have problem with focus and it mightol explain some of the of t tension deficit disorder we'rei seeing. my argument remove artificiall coloring, find those companiesni don't have, you know, yellow, y number x in it. because they're these numbersy'e around the colors.around they're not real. r cut those foods out of your diey and give yourself a chance.hanc why penalize your kid? a lot of this is about hierarchal willha the in health inform americaormc with of we have not of one gets access to thes same kind of health because welw don't have knowledge or accesslc to foods we think are healthy h this is a simple move without w costing yourself more money youo can make it eades your for youro kids to 35 and health. hlth. without health you're not goingy to win the battle in life. baten that's what -- he was martins mi luther king's big worse inequality of all unequalu access to health care. c >> absolutely. absolutely. so you're rounding out the weekw with a flat stomach challenge.he we can get a flat stomach byac friday or we'll learn how toow start getting
9:39 am
friday? >> i tell you what he'll learnel on friday it takes a week to doo here's the big event next weekend. wee you go to go the beach, you want to be bikini whatever it is,r ii wedding you need to look bettert in one week we can take care ofe some of that weight. here's how. here's you're not going to lose all fal that's impossible.ossibl you're going to lose water had weight. you're having cash poe hydratesd simple sugars you have a donut, you also cart along a quarter q cup of water with it that addss up.up. a week very specific plans lotls of protein in the morning,, moratorium on cash in the t afternoon and snacks that workna as well to help you lose notos n just the water wait but thet b t bloating and get your bellyr looking nice and skinny without spanks. >> my gosh, without >> i can't imagine. >> ahh! >> can't wear spanks.ear s >> thank you dr. oz. o always great advice. don't forget you can watch theot dr. oz show weekdays at 1:00s a p.m. right here on fox5.. thank you dr. oz. dr. 9:40 right now. we want to head back to back woodbridgeig
9:40 am
what's happening there. hap this is the funeral gettingal g ready for the funeral for adversary ashley guindon and yod can see there not just the flaga being flown from the latteromhet truck in the background buthed police officers now starting too line up outside of the chapelha where they will be holding thisi service coming up in just a jt a short time of time.time otim powerful moving pictures there images of different departmentse literally officers coming inin full from all across the count country. to pay honor to the fallenor tol officer in woodbridge, virginiav this morning. >> it's important to note if yoo would like to watch the service yourself so that you can paycany your respects in any way thatnyt you can, we are streaming it live on our website m we also will have it on our appr if you have it on the phone no p matter where you are you can yon listen into the service. >> funeral scheduled to start at 10:00 this morning or the o viewing for 10:00 this morning and funeral scheduled to startes at noon. >> time now is 9:40.s 9 coming up next it's time for little love and order.rder this morning advice for mom m worried about her daughter's d crush on a teacher
9:41 am
>> ♪
9:42 am
9:43 am
♪ okay. it's tuesday that means it'sha time for love and that's where sarah fraser joinsj to us discuss relationshipp issues sent to her by fans ands lighteners a question from a mom who is worried her daughter is s too close to a teacher. the mom says her daughter has ah crush
9:44 am
teacher. teac by all accounts he's a great guy but she recently found out hee and her daughter had textedex pictures back and forth andth a despite the fact nothing aboutet the pictures wer ne inn inn appropriate she is worried because the teacher is supposeds to take her daughter's class ono an overnight field trip laterpat this school year. >> how is any of this right.hi g >> here to comment the host of t hay fras pod cast. sarah fraser good morning.or do we immediate to talk about tk this. th >> obviously this mom wanted toi be anonymous. i can imagine why. we do you do go to the school. >> i would ring his neck.ld rin why are you talking to my daughter. why are you texting her.e you tn you're 20 something.0 she's what, 14, 15, whateverve they said she was. >> she's in high school.'s >> i don't even care.onven ca >> she's underage.ere >> i would go >> because that's how it starts. >> exactly. when you say but the texts sayut aren't -- they're not innotnn appropriate.riate. they never start out innnn appropriate.ate >> don't talk to my kid outsidet of school don't do it. >> you dode need to be texting g with your teacher. t. >> how did he get her phonee geh number.
9:45 am
number. >> that's part of the story wefh don't that's the question.'s t obviously there has been a lin line -- >> that's been crossed.t' >> that's been crossed.s been cd and i mean this one is really rl tough. i obviously don't have kids so don't kn >> from a legal stand point i don't know if the school has asa policy about teachers --chers >> they probable dollar. >> contacting students ontact personal time. >> i do have to say this becauss you guys have that interns here at over the years we've had high h school interns and depending ono the school --the school -- >> not high school here. hh sc >> we don't have high school >> they have to be at least sophomore or college years. >> well in radio a little stayee eighty three. they've loud high school kidsig and some of the schools in ourhl area whether the field school so have very open pop see with students tenches where do youen have their phone numbers.umbers >> you're right.>> >> e-mails addresses that's i ti think where this story is how dd you react because if she's going to a school that's very open -- >> close it. >> the guidelines are what thed rules are.rus are the mom obviously has an issue i with
9:46 am
uncomfortable about thebout the situation. >> your gut nose. >> overnight trip, are you kid k me.. >> check into this dude if yourr daughter is going to odds are mister let me be your friend mam be crossing the line elsewherels too. too >> this may be our first followo up e-mail. e-m i want to know what she's going to do and find out. do you're right. she's uncomfortable she needs to have that conversation.haon >> open up a can on him. h >> she needs to have aeeds to conversation with this guy andta informally school sch >> she needs to have a she conversation with her daughter. >> yes. because the daughter -- hedaer e shouldn't have the phone number. >> this is a school situation s where the school is ochpen and a allows teachers to have phone po and text conversations with thee kids. does that change your opinion an all?all? >> no. it. >> seems like they're taking baby steps to get closer andnd sorry -- >> the girl has crush on this guy. you were a teenager.ger. a crush on somebody. somebod >> she all right has a crush. if it's a text that says thisays assignment is due on thursdayrsa and it's sent to everybody, iryy have no problem that. >> you can be sending pictures.e no good ready for a teach
9:47 am
be sending pictures of himself e to any student. no good reason -- >> don't send her anything. ath not even hello kitty. kty mind your business.usiness. >> okay. >> we're not sure we feel abouto it, sarah. >> topic number two train wreckn sister. what is this i >> i want to know how you feel about this. this was a guy named terrence te who wrote to me his sister is a hot mess she lives on and off with their parents. she dates guys, they gout oh foo a couple of months and the guyse are sort of cast to the side.hes he ends up becoming friends witw a lot of these guys they hang ta out and they're gone. he's at the point of i've had id this is a repeat pattern i wantn to just tell the guy from therom start go luck.t luck. i'm not going to be friends witt you. his parents are telling him tote stay out of it. what should he do? he d >> stay out of it.>> stay out >> stay out of it, yeah. it, yea >> stay out of it.. >> his sister. sis >> yeah. >> well, it could be a ploy foro him to get guys to stay awayo a from his sister as wellte as depending on what kind oft nd relationship they have if i hada a sister -- >> just look warm mess. war m not a hot mess.t m >> probably a hot mess
9:48 am
>> she's charming. i don't think he minds herin having a relationship but he doesn't want fifty threed.yeed. >> he's saying he feels badsa h because he becomes friends withw the guys. >> right.ight >> so then she dumb then he has these friends. >> not about him. it's about her. nitbout find a relationship that's bestb for her. her. >> have you ever really close te someone dating your sister.r sis >> i think you can be. >> no. no. >> not anybody that's serious.. >> unless it's serious. i misspoke. >> unless it's serious. >> it sounds like this is too i much turnover you can't beu ca really connected to him. >> you're skeptical of the guy.. >> this guys role i'm dating i't your sister i'm kissing your y sister now i'm got -- come on.oe >> do you have a sister, wisdom? >> i got cousins i treat thematt the same way. no. no >> my answer to terrence ise is don't hang out. out obviously, you've allowedllow either, you know, she'll meet a a bar and you become friendly with these guys.with stop that. st that will tell you right there whether, you know, you are
9:49 am
>> don't text and send pictures. >> right. >> cut that out.ut. that's inn appropriate.. >> we've got hurt feelings. >> oh love love. so this one is about a work a w situation and i think we've alll work with an overly sensitive true or not true?e? >> no. >> true. true. >> i've been that overly that e sensitive person.sens >> we work with you. >> who were you thinking about?? >> no, no.o. (laughter).. >> oh, my god that was so good. >> hurry, hurry. hurry. >> this woman is really her bosb wrote to us and basically saysay look i have co-worker no mattere what we do she never feels she's ever really treated well. she never feels that she is tsh given the right, um, representation, given enoughen credit.edit is there ever any way to dealo d with an employee who is alwayss feeling hurt? is there any wayy to change that pattern.nge thatp >> doing the right thing f you're they're changing theirngr behavior to try to make her feef more comfortable.foab at some point she has to acceptp the fact she's going to changeha her behavior as well.l. enti g
9:50 am
behavior because of one person.. >> got it. g i right. because now you're not the teal people, yourself not what, yo brought you together in theu first place. >> i take that note.toakthat next time i'll try and see -- >> sarah -- >> stop sending yourself e-mai e-mails. >> we love you, though.lo >> so much fun. okayve.>> >> pod cast can we still listene >> y download i tunes it's hay fras. >> got it. >> lots of good stuff.of g >> stillest come this morningorg 9:50 pay day for captain kirk. . he'll get paid whether he staysh with the team or not.r i think we hope he does and i'm pretty sure he will.eil there's a big deadline coming uu in a few hours and we'll telle'l you how much money is on thech line for the redskins star quarterback. ♪ ♪
9:51 am
9:52 am
aha! oof!
9:53 am
slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! >> he didn't get paid just yet.t >> he will. >> he will. money money money money. >> all right. the clock is ticking for the f t redskins the team has until 4:04 p.m. today to use franchise tag or the transition tag on quarterback kirk cousins. cousis >> here the
9:54 am
franchise tag would cost theldte redskins almost $20 what do they get for that? onen year of kirk cousins service and exclusive seive rights to keep k them for that year and bargainna with him no other team couldm c scoop in and take him.. he's your quarterback for next year. slightly cheaper hospitall shouldn't at $17.7 million the transition tag but that alsohats leaves cousins open to otherther teams who might be or you can sign a long-term dead if you can get it done by de b 4:00 o'clock this >> do you really think there's s negotiates going on today.n >> absolutely. >> that's what they're doing right now. >> they don't have another quarterback under contract oner the roster.the ro rgiii he hasn't been release tha just yet that's coming. cin >> all likely. >> colt mccoy is a free so he's the only choice that you have at this point.soi >> while it seems like a hugee g amount of money, first of all, a don't know why you would pay the $2 million and know you havenowh why pay the 18 and risk losing n him. keep in mind they were preparedr to pay robert griffin over o 16 million for this season.easo >> right.
9:55 am
matter how you look at it, but they're in the ballpark. >> either way kirk cousins -- c- >> is going to be okay.s >> he'll be algol right.light >> what would you be doing righ now if you knew in a few hoursna you'd be getting a mega mega contract.contract. >> lying the beach drinking achk sprite.spri >> call me.. aisle i'd be in my pj's. p >> on the ice the caps will be p back on it tonight but they'll do without brooks for the firstt time in 12 years my favoriteavot member of the team favorite are number traded to toronto basedod the way for the caps to welcomeo a player by the name daniel winw nick. ck. like was the longest tenure capp player. he was put on waivers over the weekend. pros spec connor kerick wasas traded they got somebody in somd return.rn >> this is surprise?urise? >> well, it was it's the kind oo situation where it may have i been -- he hasn't been healthy.. has been playing up to what he'h ay. >> they got somebody back forebf him as opposed to losing them.ig >> no julianna huff sites in i d.c. >> not in d.c. d.c >> is the new pla
9:56 am
looking as brooks. >> priorities. >> they play toronto tomorrow tm night brooks will be back inro d.c. tomorrow as member of toronto.nto >> go there and come right back. >> okay. listen still ahead at 10:00 apologies a bound afteroge the oscars. we'll tell you why plus part tww of maureen's one-on-one with taraji p. henson. henso first you know what time it is.t ♪ >> coffee time. coffetim >> it's coffee time on good dayy d.c. if you've been eyeing our cool good day mugs listen up weu have a new good day d.c. dunkini donuts mug to give away.e a perfect cup for that great g dunkin' donuts coffee. towed fox5 d.c./contests or facebook page at d.c. to enter our mugox couldn't testify. tes one lucky winner will be selected from random drawing. di you better hurry you only fromyf now until 11am to enter. nine cocks 56 is our time. t good day at 10a rolling your way next.
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♪ >> the red hot good day at 10a sizzling this morning.or just the way cookie would lookdo it. it. >> that's right holly. tha my exclusive one-on-one withh fabulous taraji p. henson we hen talk everything from dating to >> okay, ladies. okay, l i would let these guys help me p with my house.use we catch up with the dreamy t d property brothers.. >> plus stacey dash reading mean tweets. twee oh boy. jennifer gardner's mostdner revealing interview and the beyonce' cover you just have to see. roll it. roll the 10a starts right now. n ♪ >> we got another packed showac today. lots of good stuff to talk budgg it is also national peanut pea butter lover's day. >> yes. >> here here. >> we want to hea
10:01 am
favorite peanut dish or snack or candy. ndy. >> irated the little break roome that we have and of course weou have -- >> look at you. >> my gosh. myh. >> we have peanut butterter crackers. >> we have these peanut butter -- >> these are delicious.he >> that's all i can affordse. >> help yourself.rself. something for everybody.thing f >> we can share. >> smorgasbord.>> s >> i really don't like peanutea butter. >> you don't? >> oh, my gosh. >> we'll fight over it later. >> tone like peanut but. te likp >> i like it straight out of thu jar. >> we a limited supply to choos from holly at the last >> no, no, steve you rock. >> no jars over there. t >> you rock. >> good job. gd j >> over we'll get our peanut pea butter on and hope do you ashopu well. hit us up good day d.c. and share throughout the show.w today rather somber day across y the dmv.the d we want to get our top stories o on the 10a.he0a >> first at 10:00, a final farewell for a fallen prince william county police offi
10:02 am
officer ashley guindon was guinn gunned down on her first day ony the job while responding to domestic violence call over thev weekend. let's get to fox5 bob barnard b live in woodbridge at thedbri chapel.chel bob?bob? >> reporter: yeah, hey holly h good morning.good morning this is the hilton memorialemora chapel in woodbridge just off jf i-95 and the potomac mills exite the viewing which is justs getting underway is open to theo public as is the funeral at nooo today. to we'll also be streaming it onst our website and on our smartma phone apps you can see the doore have just opened and some of tht hundreds of officers who ares we already here are starting to gog there's a hearse out front butrb the remains of ashley guindonndn are already inside. i they came from funeral home last night you see a long line of people.le we've seen police from as far af away as new york city, you can also see members of thebers o community are arriving here as well. we just members of the publiclic invited here those who knew ande loved ashley are being allowed l in ahead of some of the officers who will wait perhaps for thehar
10:03 am
and i want to bring in here h lieutenant yasmin brown much sh is with the maryland national nt capital park police one of thei many officers here.. lieutenant brown brown, thanks for peeking with us.r peek when you see this turn out, wee shouldn't be surprised but tellt us about it. abo why you're here and the feelingi that you have today. >> um as a law enforcementorceme officer, of course, it's extreme loss to the whole community, an, we all feel it when one of sussf injured or one of suss hur.. so, you know, i came to pay myy respects and represent my department and i have severale other family members lawaw enforcement as well it hits rear close to home.clos >> reporter: see the flageehe here. there are a couple of local fire department ladder trucks with ai arch way here at the entrance to the chapel grounds here. he when something like this happenp unbelievably so officer guindonn on her very first assignment,ssn her first day on the job, haveh you been able to make sense ofao
10:04 am
many people the horror of all or >> it being her first day on the job made it that much morech moe unbelievable for us especially for me. i can imagine the first day anda you're excited and you just graduated and everything is so knew to you and, you know, younu just want to serve theerve t community, and then something st this tragic curse. cur it's very hard to make sense off it. report roar thank you lieutenane brown for being here.own for bee guys as were speak to we havee skyfox up above the scene here e of the chapel as well as a livee picture.picte. thank you lieutenant. as well as live picture of officer guindon's cruiser whichh is covered with flowers and floa stuffed animals as memorial.emoa that's over at the prince t p william county policey polic department's garfield stationdta not far from here also in also woodbridge. so just some of the views ofth today and just one of the manyy people here spoken to somen to detectives from new york. new there are secret service, planen clhe
10:05 am
online witness to go in thenhe chapel the bells toll somethings music and the viewing justt getting underway.nd the funeral at noon.oon officer guindon will be buriedob in her home state of massachusetts and just a sombers day here as many, many peopleeo from all over the region mostlys law enforcement but also members of the public coming here to pay their last respects to thisso prince william county rookie police officer killed saturdayy evening basically ambush at a a home here in woodbridge. guys?ys? >> bob, i think lieutenant browl said it best. what hurts i think the most herh she is on her very first day.fis an exciting time for her. for i'm sure she was just filledle with all of the emotions youons have on any knew job and then to have this happen, you know, i'vi been thinking a lot about thisbt since saturday.nce i can't imagine what her familym is going through.hrou i know her police community, cmi colleagues are going through aeg lot but he tr family, i can't c imagine what they're goingat the through. my heart goes out to them at tm this tremendous loss. >> i'm not sure there is. s >> reporter: she had
10:06 am
mother lives in new hampshire hi and has come down here as you yu probably read in reports ashley's father is no longer lge living. she was the only daughter andaur she loved life.ed l she loved law enforcement.cement and loved to fly and obviously o touched a lot of hearts here.s h people who didn't even know herr but just the fact a 28-year-oldd rookie police officer is killede in the line of duty, you know, k it's just -- it struck a nerve here and she's from originally a from massachusetts.usetts. her mom now lives in newve in hampshire season here today.on t so, yeah, for family, friends,, and strangers among law amo enforcement it's just a darkt d day, guys. day, guys. even though it's a gorgeous dayu here it's a dark day.. >> bob barnard. bnard >> also important that remember these are -- these are familyam members. i know a lot of time s it gets it lost on us and people don't peo really think about. a these officers what they have to deal with on daily basis justoni how dangerous their jobs are. a lot of people just don't thinn about that.about that. >> you never know on any givener day what ty'
10:07 am
>> contentious time we are you have what seems to be a group oo the public against police officers and vise versa. this bring it home. h all of us go to work to do our jobs. and to think that you may notnkt make it home because you're simi doing your job is too who areooo breaking for words.. this boar girl standing outsideo of a door. of a shot through a door. there are no words. w there are no words. >> lieutenant says she can't s't make sense of it.makeense i don't think there's any makink sense of it.sense >> you can't.ou c >> never knowing to respect berry mine beside lamb all the b time there are no routine days.d no routine calls. >> right. >> these are family members mucb these are children, cousins, brothers, sisters, these aresere real people doing dangerous jobj and we need --eed >> to keep us it. >> to keep us safe.>> t they need to be recognized for that because they can be gone just like that. >> we'll cut away from this fors just a minute remain you we'reow streaming this life on my fox and also on our app iff you'd like to continue to watchw the funeral services for officer ashley guindon you can onlineano and in the meantime we want
10:08 am
bring some other news stories to you this morning. we're talking about super tuesday and as many of you knowu do or die for many that's because today is theodayt single biggest delegate grab ofa all the days and the nominatess process.process. voters in several states are in casting ballots and thats includes virginia. virgi for more melanie joins us livee from polling location in viennal with the latest there.esthe melanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot up for stake here inen virginia.virginia. the virginia department ofartmen elections does expect veryti strong turnouton today. tod in fact fairfax county is sayins that they saw a 74% increase in requests for mail in andnnd absentee ballots. bal that is an indication to them that interest here is very high. we've seen steady line of peoplo going in certainly no lines outn the door.e d but however this is a primary aa opposed to the general electiont many people we talk to this morning came
10:09 am
they said because they had aad civic duty to vote rather thanea really a sense of excitement fon anyone particular candidate.andi shots video inside early early this morning around theund 7:00 o'clock hour when thingsout were still kind of getting started.stard. voting began at 6:00 o'clock.k virginia isn't open -- is an-- s open primary voter which ishich choose a ballot from eitheritr party. it appeared to me just informalr observation that it seemed to be pretty even between thoseho scanning in their ballots forlof either the democrats or the republicans.ics there are 49 republican repub delegates and 95 democratra delegates up for grabs in i virginia.virginia. virginia has seen a pretty goodt indicator of how vote log go ini the rest of the nation.ation. really a prized swing state soto wins here are strategicallyicly important. political analysts say the gop t race in virginia is still a battle. >> marco rubio is hoping thatopt for virginia voters particularla the area around washington, d.c, where you have a lot of more m highly educated, mn
10:10 am
professionals that they will not feel comfortable voting for donald trump and that they mayym go to his candidacy or maybe toe john on the so-called establishmentah republican in the race right n now. >> reporter: so a stronga s second or third place showingceo here in virginia is valuable to those candidates, and definiteln means that they can pick up some of those delegates and sort of t stave off a run of the tables by donald trump though he ish i leading very strongly in the t polls here along with hillaryiti clinton who is over 50% in democratic support here in i virginia. but i've got to fine out later on today who's campaign is stili alive.e live in oaktown, melanieaktown l alnwick, fox5 local news.. >> a lot of experts say theot oe republican side is going to, n , train will keep rolling onolli o democrat side it looks like looe hillary clinton could sweep and if she does, that might be a signal of what may be to come in a very near future.uture >> right. staying on the campaign trailra
10:11 am
an incident at one of donaldf dd trump's campaign rallies.ales amateur video capturing aapturi scuffle between a newsbetwn a photographer and a secret service agent that broke out o yesterday in roanoke. the photographer from timefrom e magazine was covering protestere who's had been kick out of theic trump event.ump e he said when he tried leave thet media pe inform when the secret service agent choked him andke m slammed him to the ground. gro the secret service says they ar here's the thing when when anything happens around a bunchb of photographers somebody levele get it on camera. on ca >> somebody captures it.ebodytu >> it will be out there. >> major star power ahead on tht 10a. maureen -- >> that's right.>> t steve. my interview with taraji p. henson plus we have the property brothers.. >> but first, a apologies apoloi bound in celebrity dish. sam smith, cheryl tegs, both saying sorry. >> how about the does he say sorry. sorry >> lever too late to say sorry.. >> showdown over the name kileyl we're back after the short the o break.
10:12 am
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>> ♪ >> so beautiful. >> um-hmm. are you talking about the song or -- or -- >> the song of course.on cou because it's birthday time for -- >> he's just apologizing for alf
10:15 am
justin beiber without his shirts on. it's wisdom's favorite we wereiw just trying to do i was favor,a, wis. >> i'm sorry i had to see this.t >> wis, if this doesn't work ouo as well as far as a brent to yot on justin beiber's birthday thee we are sorry. >> he did take advantage of it holly said can you believeou b justin beiber is just 22 years.a he's been legal for one full ful year to drink alcohol. aoh he club it up over the weekendnd with his closest friends haleyey baldwin, little sol, puff daddyd >> who is that.>> is >> if you don't know you're nott invited to the >> big sol's kid keep goingng steve. >> the biebs putting on bad boyb entertainment jacket as a gift.a beiber celebrated by as wisdomm martin typically does taking ofn his share.s >> of course. o >> in celebration. in lebr >> 22. we've been talking about him fom 22 years. yea right? >> it seems like it.t. >> seriously.. >> it's insanity.t's >> there you gosh wis.>>here y >> happy birthday to you.irday >> thank you very much. it's time for good dayor celebrity dish.ity d real stuff.
10:16 am
(laughter).(lte >> up first on this tuesdayfion edition of celebrity dish let'sl talk oscar oscar sunday night's show saw 6% dip% from last year's show which iswi an eight year low in ratings ans of course many people skippedske out on the show due to the lackl of diversity when it comes toest diversity when it come to thee o oscars. could there be an overall lack of interest. of i'm going to go with b. >> i think it's a little bit oft there could have been someco people, you know, just don't dot think it was that >> just a boring t slow long drn out event that if you're not yot into that stuff --t ff >> it won't help next year. one was three and a half hours u long. long. >> that's what i'm saying.t's it's long and drawn out and moss of it's not interesting.esti >> it's not like the bigig blockbuster movies people go ano see. >> in other oscars news we toldt you now feud it started betweenn singer sam smith and film maker us today tin ambulance black.ule the feud started when smithn smi dedicated his oscar win to the lgbt community and said he was s the first openly gay winner.
10:17 am
smith was not and his speechpe annoyed dustin lance black whocb took to twitter should be sureur smith knew he was in the wrong. yesterday smith took to twitteri to apologize for the confusionon and told black he should be surs to check out his film and wishes him a congratulations on the the oscar. now black saw the tweet and responded saying, knowing you're lgbtq history is important wetat stan on the shoulders countlesst brave men and women who paved wp way for. >> we know there's a beefe knowf between these two.betw >> yeah. it really has to do with black's fiance'.fian >> all kinds of look he shades.s >> people were already not happy that sam won because she beat b lady gaga and she had just done to big moving performance theret and he wouldn't. w he made another comment aboutnta someone that's dead. >> this tea getting cold. c i thought it would be spicier today. like with the come back from mr. black.. blk >> what tea is getting >> my gosh. my >> it means you're three hoursee in t
10:18 am
>> right. >> go ahead.. >> he she throwing shade our sde way. >> i think so. >> sylvester stallone's brother' frank is apologizing this t morning after he caught heat for bashinbashing our celebrity -- - oscars on frank stallone slammed theone academy for snubbing his brotheo in the best supporting actorin r category for his role in creed.. now, mark rylance took home them on nor this year. this morning frank took to fra o twitter to apologize saying, i s want to apologize to michael rylance and i was caught up in the, n emotional stint.on i love my brother and wanted hih to win so bad i'm so sorry. s not enough words on twitter to apologize to michael i'm an artist as well as -- as well and we should cherish art not criticize it. how long is this tweet.we >> we get point. get p one apology tweet for every f tweet he put out bashing mark mk rylance.rylance. >> i didn't realize we weren't getting into the middle of thatl now we are four hours into it
10:19 am
now. sill stallone hopped on inter it it a gram and deedee fended hisd brother. here's some more tweets for youo my brother is so emotionalmotial because he is just very protective.prot life is good. >> frank stallone back in the te day had one charting song thathn was a hit.. >> what was that. w t >> it was called far from overae which sounds like what this ishi right now.. >> nice transition.ti >> i only remember him from iim think he was on the rocky threet sound track. >> i think that's where the sone was from. one of sylvester's movie.'s >> it actually was a hit.. >> here's the thing with theingt zig. this has been blown up so manypo different ways. i don't think anybody shouldd count their chickens before thee hatch. did he a great performance but p one in five chance of winning and for mark rylance let him him celebrate the fact -- fact -- >> his moment.>> h momen >> his peers voted for him to fm win that award.wiat a >> you got to lose graciouslye c which sylvester stallone did bud then his brother, it's justt's s another example of can we think before we tweet people.weet peo >> thank you for your tweets.r e
10:20 am
they were all excited for him. they thought he was going to heg within. type it in there.ty let it be therapeutic and thenit delete. >> there's always upset, right,y wisdom. wisd >> twitter having a delay where you can delete your tweet likewe they're considering that or dido someone -- i know what it washas kim kardashian had requestedreqt that in twitter said they mightm it will happen then.n >> she yesterday it for kanyete >> in a series of tweets michael rylance.lance. i don't know whether that's a typo or mark rylance.yl >> i didn't catch that.n't tc four hours in.urrs i that's why you didn't catch it.t >> we were asleep. (laughter). >> all right. >> here we go.we actress jennifer gardner openine up to vanity fair magazine and a her most revealing interviewervi just yet.. gardner and her husband benbandn affleck made headlines when thet announced they're split. si ben cheated with the couple's c' nanny gardner was tight lippedip until now.l she said "i didn't marry the bit fat movie star i married him. she
10:21 am
remake that decision. dis you can't have these three babies and so much of what we had. he's the love of my life. l what am i going to do aboutdo a that? he's the most brilliant person in any room when his sunshines on uh-uh feel it. ". ". >> wow! >> when the stun is shiningng elsewhere, it's cold. he can cast quite a shadow. >> wow!! >> that's therapy.hera >> jennifer -- >> we're now five hours into 3.5 hours.hos. >> model cheryl teigs is tei i apologizing this is the storyise tore for comments she made aboue sports illustrated model ashleye graham.graham. graham featured on the cover ofc the magazine swimsuit editiont i being the first plus size model to do so. do . '80's super model slammed heredh appearance i don't like we'reike talking about full figured women because it's glamorizing them.zi now the skate-year-old seems toe be backtracking a bit tweeting e out this message. my sincere apologies to everyony i ha
10:22 am
i truly just want everyone to bo healthy and happy. h so far graham has not responded to teigs remarks.em all right.>>l ri in our next version of twitter t wars,.,. >> goodness. >> there's more kiley versus mei kiley showdown.ow we're talking about singer kiley minnowing and reality star kiley jenner. jenner. the balance after jenner tried to trademark her first name but singer didn't take a liking toi that idea. in fact mi inform ogue filed f legal opposition and through t shade at 18-year-old tweeting an message saying, more tweets,ewe hello, my name is killly hashas tag light years. y and for all you fans out there,t you know that quote as lyric from her 2000 sand song lightgit years.year jennifer reportedly wants thehe trademark in order to protect ie and use it in advertising.dvertg she argues it is under served se because jenner is a secondary reality television who appeared as a secondary character o
10:23 am
keeping up with the carryings.rn >> there should be a law against trademarking a >> exactly. >> it's silly. >> kiley is saying loco motionot like everybody doing it the brand new dance now. n >> slow your role on thatr n trademark. wisdom will get trademark.tradek >> whatever.hateve. >> please. p >> beyonce' turned into a worklo art on a magazine cover. c she is on the cover of the the latest issue of garage. gar the magazine transformed her into a collage by artist irv i fisher.fisher inside the magazine there are ae different collages of beyonce'fn including exclusive words andors images from beyonce' herself. >> holly we were close on the frank stallone reference. it was actually that song wasonw movie called staying alive which sylvester starred in and wrote d think it was in the early '80sel or mid '80s.80 >> staying alive wasn't that the sequel to saturday night fever.. >> no. no >> was it? >> he directed it and he had a a cameo. he was walking down the streeths and he had a fur coat on and he turn.tu >> in the movie poster
10:24 am
bandana and he looks like ramboo >> amazing you know that.zing k amazing you know.amazing yo >> a dancing rambo movie. perhaps that will be the nexte t one. >> we were close much thanks clh guys.guys 10:00 we are coming up later onl many thought her role on the oscars little bit she did felll flat. fl stacey dash is having fun at her own expense now.pens we'll show you her readin readio mean tweets still ahead.head >> get ready for weather whiplash. whipla spring like today.spri but snow in the near future.r oh, yeah, i said it, snow. tucker back with that news next.
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:27. we're following breaking newsow coming in from montgomery county right now. word of a shooting skyin fox ove the scene right now at montgomery college in rockvillei a man was shot in the leg in his car drove there to get help. now, the actual shooting did non happen on the college it happened a short distanceshon away. this is about 30 minutes ago.uta it is unclear how badly injuredy the man may be.the man ma all we heard were you gunshot tt the leg. we'll get more information forre you and bring those updates to t you throughout the hour.he but again the shooting not on o the montgomery college campus c but did he drive there where hee was able to get help from authorities.thorit we'll let you know as we finds f out more.outore. >> the first day of march andstd the first day of the meteorological --ologic >> a lot of syllables.bles. >> >> spring. yeah. beautiful out there.tiful outhee changes on the way.ges on way. details tucker back with a first check of the forecast.orec >> science spring today.. >> meteorological first day ofls spring.
10:28 am
>> i can show i was lot of instead come in gary. g gary just came in from theom t outside. >> i wasn't outside. i i look outside. >> i thought you went outside.ui >> no. >> i was office upstairs with aa window. >> beautiful up there. >> in the principal's office,pr were you. >> no, no, no. in >> let's go to the forecast.ecat i thought gary --hty -- >> what are we doing tuck.oing t >> i thought gary was going toag tell us how weather the traffice is terrific tuesday looking at vert comfortable conditions outore there. we are now up to 55 degrees in washington. 57 in gaithersburg. dulles, fredericksburg 57. 59 in leonardtown. 10:30 in the morning off and mng running. we'll be back in the low 60sac this afternoon. after bright sunshine for your tuesd tuesday. just a fabulous afternoon hereer with daytime highs abouths 10 degrees above normal. we will get a cold fronta d fr tonight.ght. that will bring us coolerl br weather tomorrow an few showers overnight tonight into your early morning commute tomorrow r but the real theme will be the cool left temperatures arriving tomorrow. there's future cast.thertu we keep it dry showers overnighe into early tomorrow but it should be out of here by five,
10:29 am
6:00 o'clock in the morning and we'll be look at that cooler aia for the day on wednesday. wedned quick look at your seven day.n i want to point out a couple aou things. beautiful this a cooler wednesday. wedsd hey, we could do a period ofd winter weather late thursdayer into friday. still got to iron out theo details but there's at tre's possibility of some winteribil weather around here by earlyerer friday so stay tuned for that. we'll have the latest at lates 5:00 o'clock tonight.5:00 all right. enjoy beautiful afternoon.fterno i'm going to go outside and takd look and come back and give andv full roar. back to you. >> we'll look for it. thanks, tuck. fierce, fabulous and fashi fashionable you know i'm talkinn about the one, the only taraji t p. henson part two of myo o m interview with queen cookie juss ahead, and she answers a couple of those tweets you sent to me.. ♪
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
♪ >> if there's one word to to describe taraji p henson it heno would be real and the empire e star kept it 100 when shehe chatted last week with me notith only about the return of theetoe show at the end of the month but about dating and, yes, of course fashion. >> her flash she coats stake cos center stage on empire and it'se quickly made cookie lion aio fashion icon for many.. for star taraji p henson whoenn play the diva colorful role is s girls dress up wish come true.e. >> i get to live vicariously through cook without goingoing >> in every day she's low keyhel when it comes to dressing up.. >> the one thing i wear the mosa
10:33 am
i have a lot of rompers and onsies. >> is it the comfort of them?rte >> yeah, and if you don't have'h to think about it you jump in it and zip it up.d zip it u >> easy and unfussy much likehik her real life she certainly has reached a a levelly fame through actressthra which is claim, she says she'sae still enjoys the simple thingseg like family and friends. fends her approach ability make her h hit especially with fans hopingn to well get a little closer we asked people to tweet in their issues. would you ever date a fan? >> no.o >> they're fan.e. we're not on a date who pays? >> the man. man >> see, that's what i said.t people said no, if you ask the a man you should pay. shoulay i said no way. w >> i don't ask a men on out on t dates.dates. i'm an old school girl. even the man should court thecot women.wo that's just me. i'm not judging.i'm if you ask the man, go aheadhead rlrl. i like the old school way.l w i like to be core.e cor >> for hen
10:34 am
extend to her worth ethic. e she never quits and even though poll ho*lily wood can be a rougr place her drive has help her succeed.succeed. she touched on it when we talk e about the lack of diversity inti film that's been at the centerte of controversy this awardward season.seon >> i have to week speak on my personal... speak on my personar experience i can't sit here andd say whoa is me. i've been working.king have i always had the number one position on the call sheet, no., did i always get the job i wanted? no. n were there jobs available for mr that i felt like i should havede had all the time? no. but at the end of the day, i've, done pretty well. well. hollywood has been good to me.o and it's getting better.nget that's all we can do. can all you can do is just keep k fighting the good fight and hope that your loyal footprint that you leave behind on this earthse has somehow made a difference.rc can we change it today, tod tomorrow, no.rrow no. it's going to take work. and again i'm extreme optimist never walk around saying it's i hard for meme it's h
10:35 am
it's hard because if you say ify that then it will be. i never said that in my career r and that's why i have a resume s that's pretty full. fl. >> driven, down to earth and real. al. dc's own taraji p. henson hometown girl done very good on good day dc there's a spot for f you and our couch. cou >> when you're in dc please -- - >> i must. have i i to. >> you heard her say it. you h you heard her say it.heard r sa okay. okay invitation septembered.taon s >> yes.>>es >> you're beautiful. thank you very >> so are you. thank you so much. >> it's a pleasure and an honor. >> that's her taraji p henson.s. she didn't say when she'd ben ed coming to the loft but she did assure it will be soon. s empire returns on march 30th m right here on fox5 i cannoti cno wait. wait. she was like i'm coming in.likem i'm coming so holding you to it miss tarajr p. henson right here. here >> heck, you can have the wholew couch.uch >> she's delightful.>> >> she was. she was tire. she'd done interviews earlierer that day but as soon as weon as started talking she warmed she's so friendly so down ton earth and just really lovely. lv
10:36 am
and the difference on the show.t she reallyhe enjoy that t opportunity to play that role. r >> she loves it.>> she said she loves it she took that role based off her fatheref we share yesterday and she likel to be able to tell people very assertive way. w cook is he very biting and shegd likes to be able to do in her real life -- >> she's not like that.. >> good cop in real life. >> she's the home girl. she's t she likes to stay home in herer onsie and snuggie and relax. a l cook can he is her alter egolt come to life.o l very nice lady.very nice lady. very fun. >> what surprised you about heri >> how tiny she >> really. >> she's tiny. really tiny.iny >> i was like, oh. >> she's pretty very pretty. >> ate a peanut while you were a there.ere >> if that.ha >> okay. o if you were with us yesterday ys you know that we celebrated leap day birthdays. bdays in a pretty big way.ay. allison and tucker hit the roadd to deliver cakes and birthdayir wish. we loved it. guess what,
10:37 am
lot of company today washingtong hospital many babies were bornbn there yesterday including a set of twins. t and joining us on the phone is melissa of obgyn at med star med washington hospital center.on good morning.. >> good so what an exciting dayan excing yesterday. was there little extra energy ig the maternity ward? w >> i think so. so. it's always a busy place for uss but it was very exciting yesterday. it looked very early in the morning in one hour we had ite d looked like close to four babiee born.born. >> wow ! >> one hour. >> so forces were aligned at ald that t >> certainly was. w for people who it's win a day oy two of their expected due date, are they kind of hoping it will be on that day.hat day is it a special event if itnt actually happens on leap day fof them? >> it seem to be very mixed i md did have one patient who absolutely was opposed toed delivering on that date and didn't want to be induced or was --
10:38 am
active labor and was really rea really encouraging us to make me sure that she didn't deliver oni the 29th.. but i'm for most people you comc and in you have your baby andvey you're just so grateful to haveo your baby.ab >> what happened? did chef itdf on the 29 john.he 29 joh >> no, she had the baby on theae >> okay.>> okay >> did anybody ask like didike anyone schedule a c-section fori the 29th?h? >> it look like we did end up dd with a few c sections several ol them that were repeat c sectioni on that day.. and one of them was rescheduledd and then another one because tht patient came in in labor. but at least two of them weree scheduled on that date.. so people have been interested.. >> compared to other leap years, melissa was the most babies born? >> we went back and look at ourr numbers. we've had in 2008 it appears wew actually had 16 babies born onn leap year day. d. >> whoa! >> and in 2012 we had 1
10:39 am
>> do you guys do anythingonythn special when a baby is born onn leap year? >> um, rejoice.m, rejoi >> there you go.>> >> no.>> >> special enough.>> speal e >> it's funny i saw one hospitah i think i saw posted on faceboob they dressed all the little kidd in little frog outfits. ofi >> that's cute.s >> great idea.>> g ide >> i'm curious to know why -- wy >> maybe we'll have to see if wi can do something like that forha yxt year. >> you've got four years toe go plan. >> why these mothers are soheses against some of them a you justu didn't want to have the baby ony that day i would think everybody would bd ready to get that over with. >> the baby then you have too sort out we celebrate thera birthday on the 28th or on the n first. first. >> that's what you're thinkingwt about at that point?nt >> people are. a parties are a big deal around an >> okay. do you have children? you knowl how big -- >>dr i got three children and id wasn't watching no date and ie wasn't watching to clock i justj wanted it to be over >> wiz she came in the 28th. 28h >> they wanted to have the baby. >> that's what i'm saying.t's >> get the baby out. >> that's -- that was my point.t >> glad you're healthy, melissa, thank you so much for join
10:40 am
>> thanks dr. fries. t >> take care. you're very welcome. cool that many babies were born. >> and twins. i forgot about them. >> i wonder what they're named?? >> hmm. >> too bad. >> find out. so these guys certainly know how to transform the home from drabb to fab and they have fun doingyn it we're talking about thebout t property brothers that were in i town good day caught up withghtp them. our interview with these twosewo coming up next.ex ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ >> why are they not in the loft >> taking about -- talking aboua taking their clothes off. >> they're the heart throbs ofhs home makers.. proper brothers. bro twin brothers jonathan and drewn were in town for the capitalital remodel and show.ho we caught them up about theirutt new book, new song and theg possibility of the show coming n to d.c. >> dream home our first book boo it's taken about two years for s to us finish but our fans have been asking for they can't havee in our house what's the nexts t best thing. this is the best thing it helpsh for buying, selling renovating. >> drew he's only used to pop up books.. >> yes.>> yes >> to actually write a book,.. >> , it has words in it. i >> it has actual words.l wds >> it's an amazon pre sale andad comes out april 4th. four shows of, a book, why notht property brothers at home on thn ranch we wrote two
10:44 am
songs with legendary song writer vittoria shaw, chad craw stopra and reported nem in the music video gone to number one. country charts number 38.char this is the thing we're note' giving up our shows. s still doing our shows.g our shos we've been -- we grew on a rancn we've been in country since wery were kids. we used to sit around a camp fire with my dad and mom andnd playing guitar and sing song. sn this is tribute to them and grew up.up >> i heard musicians are popular with the ladies. lie this is should help my >> can i get a line or two.. >> ♪ hold on, hold on, i'm com coming home, i'm coming home. it's been too long, too long --- ♪ >> now you have to download thee songs. >> for all you husbands who geta the whole honey do lists you'ree welcome. (laughter).ghr) >> we'd never done an actualvena project in d.c. but we've beenee here a lot for differentifrent conferences and differentces d meetings. i would love to d
10:45 am
and all the people have to do ho they have to contact the networt because they decide where we go. so if they contact htv bring the brothers to d.c., it might mht happen. would you like to make over the lincoln hem ya.ema. >> i'd like to add color to the white house. hse >> then it won't be call the't e white house. c >> it's been the white house foe so long. why not make it, you know, sortt of the -- we'll change the t palate up a little bit and makem the pop of color house. >> we can do tha >> even it's got a ring to it. >> that is fun.. >> who knew they were so multiel talented. >> i know right. i know right. >> that's the book. tha i'm not sure which one isch o jonathan which one is drew. >> i'm not sure. >> the one who had facial hairia they played in the nba celebriti basketball game.ame. >> were they good. w >> all star weekend. star eken the one with the scruff was good and the other one not as good. g because the one played i guessde high school ball at >> i watch their show it took me forever --r - >> switch since they're twins they tried to pull the wholehe w jersey switch.ey s >> i didn't know they were twins for the
10:46 am
i thought they were brothers.. >> slightly resembled each oth other. >> oh, man. >> all right. >> they were good. >> up next, not many new quiteeq what to expect when stacey dashd made her appearance during theeu oscars broadcast, and in a new video she filmed just afterfter leaving the stage she said she i found a lack of applause anduse even the boos disappointing butt stands by her exit. et. dash said everything she doeshe she does because she believes in it and she's stands by they notion that she would be thet e best person for bringing bri diversity to the oscars. she then read a bunch of mean oa tweets that she received fromm folks who disagreed with thatita clue less actress and here theye ♪ >> ain't kids smash. said i was hoping there was a trap door on stage and staceytae dash would fall through. that's
10:47 am
no one likes you. you looked foolish and soundeded dumb. i didn't write it melinda. is real stacey dash actually stupid? >> that's so sad. >> i feel as inn ofs n uncomfortable right now when ite did when i saw her on theern >> me too.>> me too. >> let's look at the bright loo spot. she looks good. >> yes. >> no doubt about it.o >> she's she >> i think the golden rule ofn e come dee is tim being able to pull it off. i o that skit at that point of that show -- if the show aired ahow d couple of months ago it wouldo i have been much morrell >> you think so. so >> yeah. y >> i don't. i think she's so -- so >> she's pretty. >> irrelevant that i think thath it doesn't matter. d i think it would have bombedld d last month, last year wheneverae she would have done it it would have been bombed because she's s just that irrelevant and notreld funny and she's just not. >> wow! >> not even that cute. >> he's being har
10:48 am
>> exactly.xact >> man. >> put that down.. >> she's a pretty l >> she look great. great. >> no doubt about it.ubout >> i'm trying see the positiveos in all of this.. she's been call out enough, eug right. >> moving on. >> still ahead in the fox beat a we'll tell you how kevin mccarthy managed to turn sit tut down with a disney star about ao conversation about breaking bad. >> when doesn't that ever happ happen?ppen? >> his interview zootopia starsa jennifer goodwin coming up next. >> turning animated family movie into breaking bad.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
>> how do you inn good day at 10a. coming up wendy the star of rosemont morris cy hestnut is hh plus i've got you covered withit the latest juicy hot topic. >> ♪ >> our detectives are very busy. >> please, there's got to bere't somebody to find my i wasn't.n'. >> i will find him. >> thank you. y bless you, bless you littleouit bunny.
10:52 am
>> take this. find my emmitt. bring him home to me and my babies, please.. >> miss austin please wait oute here. >> of course. >> oh, thank you both so much. >> one >> you're fire!e fir >> what? >> why?? >> insubordination.di now, i'm going to open this door and you're going to tell that tt otter your former made with me dilusions of grand jury who wilo not be taking the case. >> i just her officer hop is taking case. c >> it's really starting to pay off. mayor lion hearted will be so -s >> don't tell the mayor just y yet. (laughter). >> that's a clip from zootopiaoo it tells the story of a bunny police officer who forms anffico unlikely partnership with a foxx see con artist. actress goodwithin the voice ofo offi
10:53 am
kevin mccarthy sat down with heh to talk about the message itessa brings to children and about a particular breaking bad b reference in the film. f >> check it out. >> great message in the film f this manage statue that keeps getting toll to your characterre nobody bunny can be a cop.. obviously what she does suings s seed that and a great message ms that jason talk about neverboutv letting people see that they gey to you. i'm wondering, you know, obviously you're about to have v child. are there moments are therehere messages in this movie thatovhat you've learned you want to pass on like obviously there's scenes you can't wait to show yourw y child.child. >> end less scenes that i can't wait. i feel like there's so many --rm so many messages. there's so many relatable layerr and some are more add dull thanl others i think the ones that yot mentioned are the ones that as t kid i would hope that he would w first pick up on. that -- there is this idea in the world of course and then entire world you are what you w are and i wouldn't be an actrese if i went by that. t i mean because i don't thinkau that i sortse of
10:54 am
think i sort of am the packageac of a typical actress.. so, you know, i definitely feel that i defied odds in become inc wagon i wanted to be and out oft plain determination and i havee much more supportive parents p than judy hop does and that'snda part of the winning -- there's a great montage you're doing theg police academy.poli when you voice that montage, hoe do you make it seem like you'reu falling and falling --alng >> love laugh.>> love >> do you do things to make ithm seem like you're doing in the booth. >> i do.>> i do. i don't really fall because i bi need to be certain distance frof the mike. but i definitely, you know, i've got, i guess tricks.ess t because also i work on thiss particular film for years so yrs there have been different versions of the film and so i'vi had practice and i haven't h perfected it.perfecd it i definitely have tricks of like this is what it sun like to get winded by something.ohi this would be a falling soundals and this is a more comedicedic
10:55 am
he did that spoiler bit like 400 times. >> they're wrapping me up.rein thank you for the breaking badab reference. i'm actually curious a breakingk bad >> i'm a die who are breaking bn bad fan. i freaked.aked >> zootopia hits theaters onn friday. >> i want to see it.. >> it looks really good. goo >> kids will probably enjoy th that. >> we're all enjoying the weatherll.. >> yes, we are.were enjoying national peanut butter day. i went outside. outside it is beautiful.utif. gorgeous. not a cloud in the sky. >> 62 degrees your daytime highg sunshine throughout the day.oute we'll get clouds tonight.ds ton. early morning showers tomorrow.m and then cooler and thenhen possible winter event not majorm storm but could be enough tono cause problems early friday morning.rn we'll clear it out.r it out we're still on track for f possible 70-degree temperatureee next week.. >> we're holding you to that.
10:56 am
>> okay. >> thank you tucker. >> we'll get back to woodbridgeg virginia right now funeral that is happening for police officero ashley guindon. gnd look at the memorial on theorl right side of the screen right that is pat troll car and we w have seen that memorial continue to grow over the last 48 hours.u the viewing started att 10:00 o'clock this morningk ni funeral actually will be at nooo and streaming the whole thing we online.on >> i'm sewelling that's the lint of people waiting to get in to pay respects for the viewingwi much it is open to the public.c. we've seen lots of law o enforcement from across thecrost nation really even come in to bo a part of this law enforcementne family and experiencing the loss together. the actual funeral serviceer starts at noon.noon. >> we understand officer guindoc is from massachusetts which is where her body will be taken ton for burial. bia but again the live pictures verr somber scene tout there a lot of people reacting in very visceral way to what's happened herepene today and i hope these imagesma you're seeing will touch you inn some ways that listen we alln wa need to love one another.e anoth that's the bottom line. l >> we'll live you on
10:57 am
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 for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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>> live from new york city it's the wendy william show. how you doin'?thkids >> you won't believe what i'mut about to tell you. all due respect have severalto . seats.ect, have my girlsse are always turn out. i give it to you straight no chaser. ♪ >> now here's wendy! (applause). >> welcome to the circus. i'm the rink master. thank you for watch


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