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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> straight at 5:00 wednesday march second. good wednesday morning to you cooler today and next week we're talking cold, snow and then spring like weather in a week's time. gary mcgrady has the details on the forecasts coming up in five minute and we check the morning commute with caityln roth. good morning i'm holly morris and maureen umeh has the day off today. and here the story we're following this morning jessie matthew will be in a virginia courtroom this afternoon. >> he's expects todd plead guilty in mur everybody's of gram and harrington. gram disappeared in 2014 and harrington des appeared in 2009. without the plea deal matthew face the death penalty. he was sentence todd life
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prison for stex sli assaulting a whammy in 2005. >> the community of winchester, virginia. grappling with protests and conflicting accounts after a man being per sued by police died from a gun shot wound. it happened late sunday afternoon. "fox5" melanie alnwick is here with the latest on the case. mel what can you tell us. >> holly, virginia state police are now investigating the case at the request of the city of winchester. the police department says 2 20-year-old delaundry tie rel killed himself after running from officers. friends and supporters don't believe it. . >> they've gathered twice now to demand more information on the incident. winchester police say officers were were responding to reports of a fight possibly with a begun and one of two pen me approached ran for them. when they caught one him he shot and i killed himself. his friends tell a different story. . >> i wa
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happened. he was at my apartment and was supposed to stay there and not leave. and one of his friends came back and a fight was over and they were walk together fight. and a police officer stopped them or told them to stp and he ran being scared of the police obviously because all of us out there are. >> virginia state police say d deplan dray has ties to richmond and winchester and we have requested autopsy report. as of last night we were told in was in progress. wisdom. >> thank you very much. also in the news the countdown begins for national cherry blossom festival a few weeks away. in couple hours there's a kickoff press conference and we should learn more about the cherry blossoms including predicted peak bloom. annie yu is live with the latest in this story, good morning, annie. >> hey, wisdom, good morning to you, it's hard to believe it's already that time of year especially with the weather we've been having. but the
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course first sign of spring in our area. one of the first signs spring is here and you know we had challenging weather. we had those mild, super mild temperatures one day and then few days later we dipped into those cold snaps. it will be interesting for sur sure. but everybody wants to know when will we see the peak blooms here at the title basin. later today as you mentioned national cherry blossom folks will be releasing information about peak bloom for the cherry blossom trees and predicted peak bloom dates. now exactly when the pudz will on is not easy to predict as we know. and it is extremely difficult. but according to web site so far early indications based on weather we had throughout the winter and weather we're expected to have look ago head to march peak bloom could be earlier quite a bit earlier in years past they're predicting april 4 when hort consult riingts predict they'll be on and so you can come on down here.
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it will be a spectacular sight. you'll be surround bid hughes of pink. keep in mind these days. officials dates for this year's blossom festival are march 20 to april 17 and spvkly mark your calendars for march 26 opening day and april 2 the popular kite festival and of course the parade on april 16. just a very, very special time in our nation's capitol not only hear but in japan as well they do it big over there as well when their cherry blossoms are in peak bloom. they'll light up the tower in pink. it's a beautiful sight. in a few weeks we'll see this tidal basin here in hughes of pink behind me. back to you in the studio. >> cherry blossom trees got a good watering last night. >> little bit. >> it stormed like you said it was going to. >> did you hear ud thunder. >> i did. >> that came across
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. >> yes wind -- literally i was like should my family be taking cover. it was a good storm that came through. >> it's east of us now. >> which is good. super mild this morning. >> chasing temperatures today almost impossible. i'll tell you why in a second. big story this morning, wind, how about that? gusting over 40 for the city and over 40 for gamersburg and this will continue today as well. very gusty, windy conditions. colder air coming in. there's this mild air ahead of it. so pretty good contrast this morning and that's really kicking wind up. 53 for quantico and same for fredericksburg. highs today for the most part will be temperatures we have this morning. so temperatures will cool off a little bit. i think warm up just a little bit before we cool back off again in the afternoon quite quickly. here's my thinking, okay? all day long really once the sun comes up we should number the 40s. i think temperatures continue to drop to
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breezy and windy. temperature holds nearly steady okay and then drops off in the average such by 4, 5, 6:00 down to lower 40s coldest of the air comes across the mountains. there's a look at forecast and more what's coming our way later. right now let's get to the morning commute. caityln roth is in for erin. that's a lot of words. >> you say a lot of words in one morning all together. that was one -- >> i need a period. every now and then. >> it becomes one long runon sentence it's like we're going for speed here which we normally are. let's start with a view of cameras, 5 northbound virginia prince william to the weigh station here and no problems volume picking up early this morning. rain moved out. roads might be a little wet. probably more secondarys than any majors. and otherwise, 95 looks g let's go back to maps and we'll start off again 95 north showing
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one long green line moving from lorton beltway. once you get inside the beltway it looks fine too. green around the area despite wind and rain and what moves through overnight it came through at the right time. just as the morning commute began we see a lot move out. again those gusty winds could impact lower impact vehicles. outer loop moves well have new hampshire avenue to 270. looking good maryland on topside of beltway. let's get back to inner loop here in prince george county. traffic is at speed as awe approach the wilson bridge and we're not seeing any issues on any area bridges that's good there. and morning commute looks fine all across the district. we're not seeing any reported closures accidents or delays. we'll have another update for you after 5:15. holly and wisdom. >> caityln. thank you very much this morning. school officials until baltimore are investigating a police officer who allegedly beat a student and it was all caught on video. you can see the officers strike the student outside the doors of reach partnership school. no word what led to the at case tw
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baltimore city public schools reads a statement what the video shows is absolutely apaling and we're vigorously investigating and it's a top priority for us. >> the presidential front runners won't get much rest before they're back trying to win more voters. what's next on the campaign trail and what voters are looking for in a candidate. 5:09 is the time right now. we'll be right back. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> was a big night for trump and clinton. trump now sets his sights on the winner take all states florida and ohio coming up on march 15. but first, let's go ahead and look at gop results from last night. donald trump took georgia, alabama, massachusetts, tennessee, virginia, arkansas and vermont, and ted cruz won texas, oklahoma and an hour and a half ago alaska was called for cruz, marco rubio spent his first primary victory by whi whipping minnesota. hillary clinton moving closer to nomination. she swept through the souxingt bernie sanders took vermont, colorado, minnesota and oklahoma. and following her super tuesday victory clinton appeared to focus lesson sanders and more on gop rival done oold trump. >> it's clear tonight
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stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong and we're not going to let it happen. >> we have expanded the republican party. when you look at what's happened in south carolina and you see the kind of numbers that we got in terms of extra people coming in they came from the democratic party, the democrat party and they're democrats and long term democrats and they'll never switch and they all switched and they're independent enters and we've scanneded the party. >> polls show donald trump has strong support among voters that want a tell it like it is candidate. nine in ten of trump vote rerz looking for an outsider and six of
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their mind more than a month ago. meanwhile 90% of clinton voters want a candidate with political experience. and two third want to continue president obama's policies. >> now, next up, five more states vote on saturday and in two weeks on the gop side, some cop tests go to winner take al all. gop candidates will debate on "fox" news this coming thursda thursday. >> coming up a community comes together to honor officer killed in the line of duty. and to remember the woman she was trying to save. >> first let's get a check on traffic and weather when gary mcgrady. >> gentlemen, just a quick look at temperatures. what you need to see here cold tort northwest. it's milder to the southeast. colder air is coming in. so our temperatures are dropping and we'll drop through the 40s today. very, very windy. and let's see weekend forecast, what's going on weapon friday, snow forecast, coming up in just a couple minutes. stay with us. you'll want to see that. and caityln is back with traffic
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>> we're backthon wednesday morning. it was 65 yesterday for a high. no hold on a minute it was 66 for a high yesterday. lovely. we will not be there this afternoon. i wanted to start with we've been talking a lot about this potential for some snow coming up late week and into friday. here's the deal. high pressure north of us. storm system by all accounts
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i have a question here with this. how much of the precip associated with this storm system as it slides south of us will be able to come up and overcome dry air with high pressure north. that's question number one. and question number two, is how much cold air are we going to have in place to make this snow and then rain snow mix. it looks like again don't you know it d.c. would be right on dividing line where north and west, this is montgomery count county, loudoun county, parts of fairfax country, and then all you northern tier giza long the northern sections of maryland there it's mostly snow. that doesn't mean it won't be a little mix from time to time. this is where we would be most likely to see a little bit of accumulating snow. rain snow mix right here from just south of baltimore. northern prince george county and northern calvert county and down through the district and further south and west. most of this pink area looking at rain, snow mix and very little if any accumulation on the northern extent this line maybe a little grassy accumulation
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something like that. and then down towards southern maryland all rain. okay? how much rain and accumulation too soon to tell. 45 on saturday. with some clouds. 51 on sunday with clouds. so we're not talking a ton of sunshine this weekend. but the trend is for warmer conditions next week it will be very spring like around here. we're talking 60s. maybe even 70s for several days and looking long range i don't see any cold stuff for quite a while. it would probably be later march or something like that. first couple weeks of march it's trending warm to mild. 33 mile an hour wind gusts in gaithersburg. you get the idea here. winds are real strong as the front comes through. once the front comes comes through winds kick up and temperatures start coming down and reagan national is droping a little bit. we're down to 52. it was 56 when i came in this morning. dulles 45 now. bwi marshall is 49. dulles last hour wa
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you see the trend and colder temperatures coming in. wind gusts these are rpm model data. future cast 8 a.m. wind gusts around 34 miles an hour. lower to mid 30s. by lunchtime maybe a little less than the 30 mile an hour gusts. but gusting in mid 20s and still gusting through the afternoon and into the evening. otherwise it's just going to be breezy with sustained winds, 10, 20, 25 miles an hour, something like that. rain moved on and skies clear. sunshine today. and all the snow will stay further back out to the north and to the west. and here's your 7 day forecast. going to say 40s today. temperatures will drop down as the colder air comes in. late rain, snow tomorrow night and through the day on friday. then we dry out, warm up. look at next week temperatures respond and we're close to 60 on monday. 65 by tuesday. let's just focus on the positive. here's caityln roth. >> thanks gary what do you think? last chance for snow this week of the winter? .
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>> he said. it i mean 70s next week will be hard to rebound from that. looks g let's start off this morning on the wilson bridge. traffic moving well in all directions and we'll start on maryland side and you're looking good. span itself we have volume picking up seeing headlights and taillights you guys look going too and on virginia side crossing to wilson bridge traffic moving well. no problems on this segment of the area and we actually have not seen many problems across the area so far this morning. we'll go bad to maps. overnight rain was briefly heavy. seeing wet roads in your neighborhood. 66 east no ips dents reported 24 to 28. as you cross through centerville not a problem this morning. moving swelling lorton beltway and once you get inside the beltway 395 looks good. let's check maryland side of beltway. moving well from new hampshire avenue to 270. no problems or delays reported there and district no issues at least not right now. like we showed you on cameras in prince george county traffic at speed approaching wilson
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both directions. that's a look at traffic. holly, back to you. >> thanks, caityln. hundreds lined the streets to honor a woodbridge woman gunned down by her husband over the weekend. >> last night friends, family and members of the community held a candlelight vigil for a woman killed after a domest i ixic dispute with her husband. no funeral plans yet have been made. >> thousands packed a khap toll sea say goodbye to ashley guindon who was shot while responding to a domestic violence call. she was killed on her first day on the job and her casket will head to massachusetts where there will be a funeral service held sunday for her family. >> ahead, paying people to keep them from commiting a crime. >> plus apple and fbi take their fight to court. is there an end to this in sight we'll find out after the break.
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>> d.c. city counsel ill pass aid bill to pay people that may be at risk of committing a violent crime. city officials will identify up to 200 p.m. a year who fall in that category they could be paid type ends if they participate in behavioral therapy and stay out of troubl trouble. mc duffy spons order the bill and it puts the district on the map national leader in crime prevention policy. >> battle between apple and f.b.i. shift todd capital hill.
5:25 am
the house judiciary committee and apple top lawyer testified. the issue at stake is whether national security should take precedent over a person's right to privacy. fbi wants app toll unlock an iphone used by san bernadine owe shooter and this dispute may ultimately be decided by supreme court. >> 5:25 time right now. go ahead and talk weather. then we can talk about what, two or three snnz 7 days. >> in one day. >> in one say. this morning obviously we had thunderstorms come across. >> right. >> temperatures in the 50s almost 60s this morning. >> yes. >> when we came to work. >> yes. >> they already dropped. >> yes, and winds blowing now. these are sustained winds. it's blowing sustained at 31 national. not quite as strong north and west and winds have not swept across the entire area yet. but they will. it will come through. wind gusts up to 35, 40, 41 miles an hour and there's a
5:26 am
not in the city yet holding at 52. but it feels winter like up to the north and to west. and as it feels like it's what, what's that, 20s and 30s. >> that's winter all right. >> up north and west. just in a span of 6 hours here we've pretty much run the gamut and you don't have to go too far back out to the west. there's going to be some snow. i noticed on my graphic i but breezy and breezy. it's been that kind of morning. >> it's really breezy. >> it's breezy times two. >> yes. >> that's right. >> is breezy times two equal windy. >> later today don't point out my flaws. breezy and chilly all day and colder this afternoon and winds -- northwest 10 to 20 plus. save me caityln, save me. save me. >> i want to know breezy plus breezy equals windy and when does breezy become windy. >> it has to do with the due for the scale. >> never mind, beaufort
5:27 am
>> once you taught about scales you lose myself and everyone else included. >> as you head from clarksville to germantown here 270 doesn't look like much volume yet. here's another view and yes there's all the cars picking up. so, we are seeing the commute begin in ernest. no real problem on 270 south volume at this point. let's go back to maps and we'll show you other spots. 6 6 eastbound. no incident reported 230 to 28 crossing through centerville and no issues evenlyer. i'm looking at green on this map. so far so good as you come in from virginia. also 95 north you have light volume building dale city to 1 123. all right as a look at traffic. holly and wisdom. >> thanks, caityln. next at a5:30 caught an ka ram a police officer beating a students and school officials respond when we come back
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> we are fairly mild, 52. it was warmer not that long ago. temperatures going down very windy outside. gary will talk more about what we can and over the next 24 hours. but some good news lies ahead in the long range forecast. we'll talk about that in five minutes. in the news the community of winchester virginia grappling with protests and conflicting accounts after a man per sued by police died from a gun shot wound. >> it happened late
5:31 am
is here with the latest in this case. mel, what happened here? . >> virginia state police are investigating the case at the request of city of winchester. and the police department says 20-year-old de plan dray tyrone minfield killed himself after running from officers. friend and supporters don't believe it. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, the trum is what we want to know. >> winchester place say officers are responding to reports of a fight possibly involveing a gun and that one of the two men they approached ran from them. and their reports say when officers caught up with deplan dray he shot and hild kimself. his friends tell a different story. >> they got out of the car with guns out and tasers and he fled on foot. the second he tried to jump he got hid on the back of his head h he was dying on the fence and they drug him to the middle of the yard and they left him from
5:32 am
4:30 i believe until 11:00 no sheet over him or call to mother, no emergency contacts no anything. >> now, virginia state police say delandre has ties with winchester and his remains are in mannasas. their press release says no police officers weapons were discharged in the incident. now, we did call the medical examiners office yesterday and requested autopsy report. as of last night we were told it was still in progress. holly, wisdom. >> thanks, mel, appreciate. it let's check other top stories now this morning jessie matthew is to plead guilty today in murders of hannah gram and morgan harrington. gram was university of virginia student that disappeared in 2 2014. harrington was a virginia tech student who vanished in 2009. >> caught on camera. school officials in baltimore city investigating a police officer after seeing this video. you can see it looks like he's beating
5:33 am
school officials called the video apaling. >> and donald trump and hillary clinton riding high this morning both won in several states last night. ted cruz took three states. next up the gop candidates will take part in the debate on fox tomorrow night. >> the countdown begins for national cherry blossom festival just a few weeks away and couple hours to kickoff a press conference. we should learn more about the cherry blossoms including predicted peak bloom. "fox5" annie yu joins us live with the latest. annie, good morning. >> good morning, wisdom. despite challenging winter we had hort consult riingts are predicting peak bloom to be earlier this year than last year. what the buds are looking at now pat i don't know if you can get a good shot but this is the pudz and it's in this green stage. exactly when they will sop not easy to predict. based on weather
5:34 am
throughout the winter and weather we're predict todd have looking being to march national park services saying it could be around april 4 when 70% of blossoms that surround the tidal basin will be on and hundreds of thousands gathered to see the trees you know that and so later today, ovrlz with the national tree festival will release information about the big festival and talk more about the peak bloom date and we know right now the official dates for this year's festival will be from surprised, march 20 to sunday april 17 and important dates you want to keep in mind is march 26 which is opening day and then the popular kite festival will take place april 2 and parade april 16. most of these events are free. you want to be sure to check their web site. we have lawn chairs to get from the japan over 100 years ago. it's a special time for both countries and the history behind it. japan gifted the u.s. about 3,000 cherry trees and when i spoke with ambassador last year
5:35 am
i remember him telling me most of the 3,000 original trees remain right here around the tidal basin and so the national park service has done a remarkable job of making sure that these trees are taken care of. so, be sure to come down and enjoy it this year. we'll have more information for you later today once we hear from festival folks about this year's big event. back to you in the studio. >> and annie, thank you very much. gary. let's talk about the weather right now because it seems to be all over the place. this is typical this time of year i take it we get cold, we get warm, we get whipped. we get rain. and now even snow maybe. >> it's all over the place. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> 60s yesterday. we're dropping into the 40s today. snow on friday. 660s and 70s next week. >> only until march. >> 40 degree wind gusts. check this out the wind kicked up as the frontal system is moving through. it will be gusty all
5:36 am
out there. and it's just no way to avoid it. big area of low pressure northeast. high pressure coming in from the west and southwest. and so we have a meterological squeeze play going on as one storm gets kind of pushed off to the norm and north east. and what we're left with wind gusts today, 30, 35, even some cases gustier than that. it's gusts -- it will be most gusty. winds strongest this morning okay. we'll be gusty this afternoon. but it looks like strongest of the winds will be happening over the next six hours or so. definitely windy day out. there breezy this morning. breezy and wind gusts picking up time to time. 45 degrees. no set temperatures trending down and we stabilize this afternoon temperatures drop off into the low 40s. couple of spots north and west could be in the upper 30s by 4, 5:00. here caityln roth she's in this morning for attorney keep us up to -- on track with traffic. >> you got it. all right. thanks, gary. keeping
5:37 am
traffic. that's tough. all right. so far, it has been not so bad of a morning. we saw rain move out. it's windy and wet roads. otherwise normal congestion started to build after 5:30 this morning and 270 south, 70 to truck scales frederick to montgomery county and seeing normal southbound delays. 66 east no incidents reported from 234 to 28 as you go through centerville. green out there and i think a few delays just congestion we're not seeing accidents and actually knock on wood no accidents anywhere around the area at this point. 9 anorth prince william county light volume dale city to 1236789 let's check cameras you can see congestion 95. here it is behind me. you see a ton of lights. this is volume building dale city to 123 again in virginia here's another look at it kind of hazy and you get the idea. more cars out. there but, again, no accident or delays reported on 95 or any of the other major at this point. . >> that's a look at traffic. and holly, back to you. . >>
5:38 am
channeling our best dr. suess here we go grap grab coffee and good read we plead that's all you need to exceed today's good deed. >> and 340 days in one place and astronauts journey not erased don't miss from outer space. >> i think we did did okay the dr. would be proud.
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>> was super tuesday for stocks and some momentum continues today. asian stocks jumped after encouraging signs of strength in the u.s. economy. u.s. futures are mixed this morning. >> well, happening it's. advocates from the lgbt community will join forces with abortion rights advocates and the two group will rally to protect abortion rights access. today the high court is hearing all aringthss in a case involving reproductive health. rally take place from 8:00 this morning until noon. >> and houston, we don't have a problem. american astronaut scott kelly is back on earth this morning after spending nearly a year in space. >> he landed safely earlier today. two other russian space travelers also landed safely in former soviet nation. this mission may be one small step for scott kelly but giant leap for planned mission to mars. one of reason he spent 340 days in space was so scientists
5:42 am
for extended period of time affect the human body. >> and what better way to spend a cold day, dreary day, you say, how about a good book, maybe even coffee at a cafe. it's read across america day. also a famous author's birth day. we're talking about dr. suess silly goose find a good book we won't let you off the literary hook and share the title with us on facebook. >> nicely done. >> that theodore gisle could write he was a word smith. >> check your bank statements thieves were using skimmers at several maryland stoz. finding out where ahead. >> imagine waking up to bullets coming through your home in the middle of the night. it happened to a couple in fairfax kouxty. dent miss their story after traffic and weather, cigary. >> wind is blowing hard out there. we have wind gusts 40 miles an hour here in town. colder air coming in too. we start in 50s and end in 40s and full forecast cong
5:43 am
stay with
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> oh, they're not blooming yet, obviously, obviously, annie yu season down at the tidal basin this morning talking about when the blossoms will come out. they're saying it's a little hint, a little tease, this year, maybe blooming a little earlier that last year. and look, next week, we'll be 60s, maybe 70s and it looks like mild air sticks around for quite a while. maybe they
5:46 am
earlier. we're dealing with colder temperatures now and of course we've been talking for several days now about this chance of some snow in the forecast. and it's obviously not today or tomorrow it's friday. really coming in tomorrow night into friday. high pressure north. storm system sneaking by to the south of us. here's the setup here. and i'm wondering how much of the snow and precipitation are we going to be able to get up into this drier air up into the high pressure. here's the situation, what we're thinking, line of snow to little bit of snow/rain mix along i 5 in d.c. too. it looks like mostly rain, snow mix south of the district. there could be along the northern end of this pink area the rain snow mix line there could be slushy grassy area accumulation and maybe a little on the rooftops and cars, too. don't and too much of a problem with the roadways. and we'll probably be right at freezing for a brief time, if that. so in terms of roads around the
5:47 am
the biggest problem will be further north and west, that's where it will be mostly snow. there could be a little more accumulation here along the northern maryland counties there. too soon right there to tell about specifics with accumulation. we have to see how much precip we get and how much cold air is in place at the surface. no snow for the weekend -- i say no snow for the weekend there could be snow playing late saturday night to early, early sunday morning in some spots. it's early wind snow blow ago cross and no big deal for us. 45 asaturday. warmer sunday, 51. we'll have clouds for weekend and sunshine, too. reagan national holding 52. temperatures dulles dropping to 45 now. bwi marshall is 4. very windy today. here we are wind gusts over 30 this morning by lunch 250eu78 or so we're gusting over 20 miles an hour and late they afternoon this evening winds are still gusting over 20 miles an hour. high pressure building in and it's kind of squeezing atmosphere if you will.
5:48 am
this morning and then through the day. rain is moved to the east. look at the snow coming off the lakes flying down to western sections of pennsylvania. central sections of that state as well. we have snow way back out west for the alleghanys and none for us not until friday morning. breezy this morning. 45 degrees. temperatures drop off at 8:00. 47 lunch time. we'll be breezy basically and windy all day long. and there's the forecast for tomorrow. late rain snow possible. high tomorrow cooler 43. today we're generally going to be in the 40s. we'll drop off in the afternoo afternoon. and weekend clouds around, temperatures 40s and 50s. again, rain, snow in the area friday. too soon to talk about accumulation and where we'll get you know how much we'll get in certain places and i still think it's really a rain, snow mix for d.c. and more snow original and west. caityln is in with traffic this morning. >> too soon to tell. >> i mean i can throw something up there but i don't think it would be fair to do that.
5:49 am
breezy and windy today that's what i took away. 95 north behind me in virginia volume dale city to 123 as we go through the morning commute. no accidents on 5 or any delays this is normal commuter volume minor congestion anywhere from dale city to 123 in virginia. and also in virginia as we go to maps we have an accident we want to report to you. crash activity telegraph road. right at prince william parkwa parkway. if you are in this spot, watch for delays because of the cras crash. volume again around that building on 95. dale city to 123. back up to maryland 270 southbound now normal congestion building out of frederick county to montgomery county and 70 to truck scales and slow moving there and seeing yellow indicating moderate delays. outer loop itself as we go further south down to 270 moving well new hampshire avenue to 270 and that's -- not seeing any problems. as far as the morning commute in the district no reported accident or delays. it looks like noro
5:50 am
this hour getting in and out of d.c.. that's a look at traffic. we'll have another update at 5:55 holly. >> thanks, caityln. strange and scary ordeal for a fair fax county couple on monday morning about half a dozen bullets came flying through the walls of their hom home. and first they deposit realize what was happening. and now you can see the bullet holes there left behind and the homeowner began patching walls because daylight was showing through. mr. fips was walking a round the house 4 aex when he heard a loud noise. he thought it was tree branch hitting the house and then he heard the noise again and came close to getting shot. . >> i deposit see anything so i went into the bathroom. i heard another loud noise and the bullet came through and then just dropped to the floor. right next to me. >> officers arrested 3 35-year-old michael stride inside the home right next door. now that house is supposed to be vacant and it's actually scheduled for dem lition. according to neighbors investigator also found a six foot python in the
5:51 am
stride is charged with shooting into occupied dwelling. it's unclear why the shots were fired. police were investigating. >> police are warping people that may have used tavrment m in buoy recently that's because officers recovered cameras and skimmers from several 7-eleven stores located on crane highwa highway, mount oak road and racetrack road police say the skim rerz capable of reading your card's information while the camera can capture your pin number. detectives say if you recently used an atm at any of these places, you should contact your bank and change your pin numbe number. >> and let's talk a little sports now. redskins quarterback kirk cousins willing staying in d.c.. >> he'll have a lot of money to spend s burgandy and gold indicated to the end to slap a franchise tag on kirk cousins. that means captain kirk will get a good raise. he'll earn arm of quarterbacks which is $19.95 million for one season and that's assuming that he will do it in the burgandy and cold. cousins
5:52 am
negotiate with other teams however, the redskins can match any offer, and if they don't. the team that signs kirk cousins must give up two first round draft picks and that seems unlikely. they have until july 15 to hammer out a long term deal. if cousins signs the one year contract over with the redskins his weekly salary per season per week rather will skyrocket. last year 2015 cousins earned $38,000 a week. next year he'll earn if he signs this deal, just over $1 million every week. is it worth it? we asked fans in -- c. what they thought about it? >> i guess so why not when you look at salaries these guys are making i think $1 million a game for $16 million a year for a franchise type quarterback is probably right in there. i guess. >> is he worth it? . >> did he do the difference between
5:53 am
no. >> um, no. not at all. >> i'm worth that, though. >> it will be interesting to see what happens between now and deadline for the negotiating the long term deal. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm are way cousins is whipping. >> yeah and i'm pulling for him he deserves it, it is what the market will bare. >> it's not our money. >> pay the dude. >> pay him. >> time 5:53 couple hours military members can register for the marine corps marathon. >> spots are limited starting today service members can register for the marine corps marathon for reduced rate. it's held annually. more than 9,000 members participate in the marathon from other branches and thousands of other runners run as well to honor, celebrate or support a military member. lottery registration will be on to the public march 24 and runs through the 30th. though it literally fills up in minutes.
5:54 am
on october 30. >> all right. i'm sure you already heard about the big east tournament giveaway where you can win a trip to new york city to catch the big east tournament in person. you can see thesome eye finals and championship game at madison square garden march 11 and 12. >> and price includes round trip traen fare to new york and two night hotel for two. enter now for a chance to win at and contact page and giveaway ends tomorrow at 11:59 p.m.. >> about four years ago i had to chance to gop to the big east tournament it was amazing being at madison square garden. >> we'll talk about it in a second first we want to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. she's been watching fox5 every morning forever. >> while watching us she says she go caps. >> and if you want to be the next facebook fan of the day post
5:55 am
linda's. steve, what player is she with, do you know? t. j. ochy, he was good looking. i was looking at him. >> easy opt eyes. >> easy on the eyes,. >> smooth on the ice. >> i remember i had not he shown the bus stop forecast for the kids this morning. it's a dysfunctional day. because we're starting mild. and we're ending cool and winds are blowing. >> what should the kids wear. >> my little guy asked if he could wear shorts today go for it i don't care but it is colder than yesterday. >> i'm calling child services your child cannot wear shorts this morning. >> why not? he gets in the car pool they take him to school. he comes home. 38 to 48 this morning i know that's a big change. colder north and west. colder air is sweeping on through. it will be windy this morning when the sun comes up we'll se see. it after school temperatures from upper 30s to low to mid 40s and it will
5:56 am
breezy. still gusty with winds well over 20 miles an hour even in the afternoon. and we're going to have a chance for snow around here on friday. i'll do a little facebook update on that coming up in a bit. >> i'm not going to like that update. >> never good. >> i'll share it but won't like it caityln. >> no there's other people doing facebook updates not good news and we're never like it's sunny and beautiful for the next few days. >> i know sadly. >> let's check the major now. 95 north we're seeing volume building just congestion this hour dale city to 123. crash activity on telegraph road prince william parkway. if you use that way use caution could be delays. 270 south got normal congestion building from 70 to truck scales out of frederick county and checking inner loop you guys look fine. traffic at speed approaching wilson bridge as well. and real quick checking capital street bridge noyns dents to report and nice view of nats park now. not too long. less than
5:57 am
until opening day and we're not seeing issues in and out of district at this point. let's look at traffic. more coming up 6 a.m. holly. . >> and thanks, caityln. ahead at 6 put down that cellphone. chick-fil-a restaurants in the south is putting tuingt kerz merz to the test with a kheevrping called cellphone coop we'll explain. >> plus we'll check in with annie yu because she's live at the tidal basin waiting on big news about this year's cherry blossom festival. >>
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> >> straight ahead at 6, outrage growing in whip chester over a man's apparent sued side. conflicting reports this morning and why protesters believe there is more tore this story. >> super tuesday blowout big whipped for donald trump and hillary clinton and the race closer than people predicted. we'll break it all down and take a look ahead. >> first, though at 6:00 a live look outside. it's wednesday morning. march 2. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> happy hump day to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox5 news morning" the big story today in virginia where jessie matthew is expected to plead guilty in murders of gram and harrington. gram a university of virginia student that disappeared 2014 and harrington virginia tech student that disappeared in 2009 while visiting uva. without the plea agreement matthew could have faced death


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