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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> right now at 7:00 donald trump and hillary clinton the big winners on super tuesday. not the only candidates on super tuesday and we have a clearer picture of where the race is headed. >> providetist in winchester over the death of a man police were going after. his death ruled a suicide and demonstrators believe there's more to the story. we're hearing from both sides. >> plus in a few weeks hundreds of thousands of people visit d.c. to see the famous cherry blossoms and this morning we'll get an update on peak bloom. we're live with the big announcement this morning. . >> rights now a live look outside on this wednesday morning. >> good wednesday morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> no rest for presidential candidates
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into working wednesday as in working campaign trail. >> last of super tuesday races was called while you slept. but do victories and losses on both sides put the race for white house into clearer focus. veronica cleary is here to break it down. . >> good morning, steve, alliso allison. it was a super tuesday for donald trump and hillary clinton. they remain front runners for sure. they did not run the table as trump once said he could do if he won south caroline a let's take a look at results. we'll start with republicans trump trounced his rivals he won seven states including virginia and picked up a big share of delegates. ted cruz won home state of texas something very important to him. and he also won oklahoma and alaska. now marco rubio emerged with his first victory in minnesota. john kasich, ben carson didn't win any races. trump's delegate total is at least 274.
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hillary clinton, she's widened lead over bernie sanders winning 7 of 11 states and six of them by 30 points. sanders won 4 states including home state of vermont and clinton how has close to half of the delegates she needs to secure the nomination. let's take a listen to some of the candidates from last night. >> we know we've got work to d do. but, that work is not to make america great again and america never stopped being great. we have you make america whole. >> she wants to make america whole again i'm trying to figure out what's that about make america great better than making america whole
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>> this campaign as aall of you know it's not just about electing president it's been transforming america. >> i congratulate donald trump on victories tonight. but we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump once, twice three times no, i rubio can say he beat donald trump as well. candidates were clearly focused on next big race before last night even ended and trump rubio and clinton all spoke in florida. and that's the next big primary less than two weeks on march 15. ohio and north carolina host primaries as well. all five gop candidates are still in t
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton. "fox5 local news" i'm vermont. >> veronica thank you very much for the wrap up. we appreciate. it happeninged in virginia jessie matthew junior expected to plead guilty to murders of hannah ram and morgan. >> without the plea agreement matthew junior would have faced death penalty and is serving life in prison for sexual assault in fairfax county. . >> and thousands turned out to say their final good guys to fallen prince william officer over the weekend. >> and friend, colleagues, officers all over the country packed a woodbridge chapel for her if you know rl and her casket bill be taken to home state of massachusetts where funeral service will be held sunday for
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hundreds also lined streets to honored with woodbridge woman begun gunned down and friend and family members members of the community all held capped light vigil. she was shot and killed by husband ronald after domestic dispute. . >> it's 7:05 let get a check on forecast. tongueer barnes has bad news and good news.
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leftover cloud cover will break up and we should number mostly sunny conditions this afternoon and pleasant conditions and much cooler. philadelphia we don't get out of 40s for daytime highs and chilly conditions setting up here with winds north and west, 15 to 20. i'll be back with the 7 day in a minute and we'll talk about potential for winter weather around here. thursday night to friday and of course, we'll take a look at weekend and we'll find weekend plans from allison, steve, caityln everybody around. all right. caityln. >> we're sharing plans. >> yes. >> how is traffic. >> couple crashes came n we want to start off 50 westbound for you beautiful looking morning. lot of sun out. there here behind me this is heavy delays on 50
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this is right at 202 maryland and the camera you're looking at reports of multi-vehicle crash westbound at baltimore washington parkway. right where you think the on 50 westbound and you cannot see it on this camera but it's throughout and as a result you're seeing taillights and you're seeing delay on 50 50 westbound. heavy stretch baltimore washington parkway to 202. let's go to maps and show you rest of area. upper loop where we begin in prince george county and route 5 to wilson bridge. slow, heavy congestion. moving 15 miles an hour for that six mile stretch taking 30 minutes. it's heavy crossing maryland to vir and once in virginia here fairfax country 395 etsell road to king street. and further back southwest here in prince will yunl country and 95 north this is congestion and heavy dale city to 123. we had this all morning long
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and we're seeing speeds of 15 miles an hour. metro pal function eisenhower avenue affecting yellow line delays to huntington. other lines look fine. prince will couple yount coye 66 eastbound volume building 2 234 to 28 as it saturday all morning long speeds down to 34 there. no reports within the district. steve and allison back to you. >> protests in city of winchester after a man's apparent suicide. a live report with the latest on this case coming up. >> and later, astronaut scott kelly returns to earth following a year in space. what we hope to learn from his record setting missions. 7:08, stay with us
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school officials in baltimore who allegedly beat a student is caught on video. you see the officer tryinging that student out of the doors of reach partnership school. there is no word on what may have lead to this altercation. baltimore city public schools release aid statement. the video shows it's apaling and we're vigorously investigating and it is a top priority for us. >> community of winchester graph grappling with a man per sued by police died from a gun shot wound. >> happened melanie alnwick is liver in the news room with the latest on what's going on here, mel, good morning. >> steve and a allison the winchester point said delandre killed himself after running from officers and friend and supporters don't believe it was a suicide. virginia state police are investigating the case at the request of city. he has ties to richmond and winchester and
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site says he was wanted by petersburg police for armed robbery and assault from last september. >> friend and supporters gathered twice now in the streets of winchester to demand more information on the incident. and winchester police say officers were responding to a fight possibly involveing a gun and that one of the two men they approached ran from them and their reports say what officers caught one delandre he shot and killed himself and friend say he was shot in the head while jumping a fence. >> city council john hill called for calm writing he's seeking support and corporation as the situation goes through a proper investigation asking folks not to over react. all involved seek to reach a conclusion as soon as possible and also saying he has confidence in virginia state police to do a thorough investigation. . >> now we requested autopsy report from the medical examiners office in mannasas and we were told as of last night it is still in progress than case is also renewed calls
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for a statewide mandate and uniform standard for use of police body warn cameras and winchester police department does not have them. steve and allison. >> mel, thanks very much. it looks like kirk cousins will stay in d. cr for at least one more year. the move to keeper quarterback here and what it means for the team coming up. >> and let's head into the break with live look at tidal basin. looking righter out there isn't it pretty. it's the first time we're hearing the cherry blossom music. later this morning we learn when the blossoms will reach peak bloom our annie yu is there for us. we'll be back in a moment.
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>> tuck, look at that. first, sunshine. second, no traffic. >> where are they going. >> to the beach. >> if you're into wind gusts. >> this morning but this weekend will be nice. >> an early start on wednesday. never too early for the weeken weekend. >> water temperatures still sglool may be a tad chilly. >> hearing that song reminds me of when i was in "hair." >> were new "hair." >> to is remind me when i could have been in "hair." >> was it high school musical. >> no. >> what was yours. >> i don't remember. >> all i know when we graduated mighty barrens in
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was i sing body electric from fame. i love that song it reminds me of that. >> okay.. >> i don't think we had a song. >> i don't know if you had a song. >> you had a song you just don't remember. >> then i don't remember. >> do you wlob was your speake speaker. >> exactly. >> don't remember about last week. >> our speaker was one of our student's fathers. >> we had one of those situations too. >> our song was bon jovi or something cheesely like that. >> it's all coming back to you. today is something old day right isn't it national -- national something old --. >> oh, really? . >> uh-huh. >> we can reminisce. >> 38 mile an hour wind gusts very gusty behind the front and we'll deal with winds today and cooler temperatures. so daytime highs in the mid 40 40s. remember in the 630s the last couple days be prepared for a cool are day. showers out of here and sunshine today and xwiet conditions tonight. although cold conditions. here our setup tomorrow night thursday night to friday and area of low pressure
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by south and east and arctic high pressure off north will provide just enough cold air that we think we'll got a little bit of perhaps winter weather around here. rain, snow, rain, snow, mix and maybe all snow off north and west and doesn't look like a lot. but it will impact overnight thursday and i think friday morning commute there could be a few challenges particularly if you will north and west. we have to watch this carefull carefully. again worst case scenario only a couple inches of snow. not a major event by any way. nice warm-up by the weekend and big warm-up next week. not on the 7 day. but we're still on track for 70 by next wednesday and thursday. >> high school graduation speaker. >> yes. >> daniel sglern graduate. >> you went top esteemed eyes. >> we went on and became an actor. >> he went to cool there was he student body president. >> no he's older than i am thanks for asking. >> he came back to speak. >> i'm going
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caityln it's something like --. >> it was before home alone. >> you could give him diner treatments. >> that's true. >> good morning. >> something old day. >> i'll get the exact phrase. >> we need to celebrate something old anything okay. thanks, allison report back. >> i'll get it. >> okay. . >> behind me here this multi-vehicle crash we're following 50 westbound at bw parkway. you can't see it on the camera but can see the delays 50 westbound 202 maryland and you hit the bw parkway there. let's go back to maps. plenty of things to talk about as the morning commute picks u up. here we go 95 southbound still maryland. 200 to icc and prince george county or excuse me icc to beltway speeds 15 miles an hour there and heavy about 20 minutes go through that stretch. let's go and stay in prince george county and go on southern side of it here. inner loop route 5 to wilson bridge.
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heavy crossing from maryland to virginia on the bridge and also 25 getting into city we have normal southbound delays from burrows avenue to pennsylvania avenue and within there there is a crash approaching bening road. so, that crash along with normal delays making it very heavy, 25 getting into city. toward alexandria 395 northbound etsell to king street heavy here no accidents in this stretch or delays. you have delays but heavy congestion. speed under 60. >> it's old stuff day. send us your old stuff photos, high school, when your kid were little, old wedding photos. >> very fitting for old stuff today we couldn't remember the details. >> we're good to go. count down begins for something that has been around quite sometime. speaking of the national cherry blossom festival a few days away. kickoff press conference we learn pred
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look for. >> and is there. annie, pink coat. >> check. >> and okay any throughers on outfit it's cold you get your coat on i guess good morning. >> good morning. >> although this is not my official cherry months only coat i have other pink one with pins from years past. that's okay. all right. so, you know, we had a really challenging winter. but you may recall steve and alley so last year we had a rough winter and back-to-back snow storms in early march. and last year i believe peak bloom was april 11 and this year hort consult riingts say april 4. a lot sooner. this is what the trees look like now out here barely green buds. so it will be sometime. you can see the buds but they're not quite green and predicting exactly when these buds will actually on is really difficult to predict. basing on weather we had so far this winter and the forecast we're ex
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head to march national park services saying they believe it is april 4 this year and that's when they say 70% of blooms around tidal basin will be on. and we'll certainly learn more about the peak bloom in a couple hours and we speak with officials of the national cherry blossom festivals and we learn more about the months only festival that several look forward to and they ganler here in d.c. to see the cherry blossoms and it's a spectacular sight as you know. once they're in full bloom all you can see are hughes of pink lining tidal base ib. keep in mind you can see them around haines point and monument. there's a few trees there was well. if you want to mark your calendars official date is march 20 to april 17 key dates to keep in mind march 26 opening day and april 21 popular kite festival always fun time for kid and parade april 16 and most events are free. that's good news.
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gets bigger and better and you know what we're not the only ones here celebrating the cherry trees big time in japan what they do is they actually light up the tokyo tower which is one of most symbolic and iconic buildings in japan and they light up to bright pinks that lights up the sky. beautiful site. so japan gets 3,000 cherry trees decades ago that national park service has taken such good care of over the last few years we can enjoy. it's a great i. symbolic symbol between u.s. and jap and and great time to celebrate. back to you in the studio. >> sure s. annie, thank you. still ahead astronaut scott kelly back on earth after a year in space. more on his return coming up. >> we have to find out what he will do when you're back on solid ground severe weather overnight down to the south and again more tornadoes or threat of them. we will look at damage damage is there no doubt about it questionis
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>> three ought row nawts back on earth. astronaut kelly landed this morning. also returning to earth two russian cosmonauts. scientists are hoping to learn more from kelly about how weightlessness can impact his body especially since he's a twin.
7:26 am
earth and one that went to orbit. >> i'm sure lots of medical tests coming up. >> interesting science. >> what happens if you break your glasses in space. >> do you need them space. >> they had them on i don't know good question. >> alabama severe weather injured four people overnight, tornado touched down in birmingham damaging dozens of homes. >> weather service is headed to the scene. they'll survey the damage. >> you see video. there again down in alabama. couple storms headed through south recently tucker. >> yeah. more severe weather last night. it was weird how the ought row nawts russian astronauts land in dessert or something isn't that weird. >> close to the ocean like we do. >> we nrand ocean i don't know why the dierce. >> they don't have an ocean maybe in kasastan. >> big wide world. >> i'm sure they could borrow one. >> blustery and much cooler conditions out there this morning. in fact
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lowest they've been all morning long with windy conditions overnight. in fact winds have be blowing upwards 40 miles an hour. reagan national now is 4 3 degrees. bwi marshall 42. nice looking day and lots of sunshine and breezy and cooler day. our daytime eyes in the 40s. dry afternoon. you can see the rain showers pushed off east. now we can look at 7 day and again cold tonight below freezing. be ready for cold one tonight. chilly tomorrow. looks like overnight thursday night into friday rain and/or snow. keep that in mind. doesn't look like a big deal. we'll look friday morning for few problems with that morning commute. all right. more weather in a moment. let's do more traffic with caityln this morning how it it looking? . >> it will be a big deal. >> any time we have a snow flake. >> it will be a big deal. metro on the rails. yellow line malfunction eisenhower avenue. if y t
7:28 am
up going to take time for that. if we can advance maps there we go 95 southbound in prince jrj county 14 mile an hour speeds. heavy route 5 to wilson bridge. that's a look at traffic and we'll have more coming up 7:35 and "fox5" will be back after
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♪ >> hold on. i'm blowing away.m bl i'm blowing away. >> you will get dizzy looking ai that. that shows you how breezy it is out there this mor throughout the day tuck says ths winds will be with us.with u >> wow. >> sunshine today, too.toda t there could be gusts of 40 milem an hour. temperatures in the 40s.n the do you the math.heat it will be cold out there.old te feel cold.fe cold. >> all right.>> rig >> let's get i was gray that i'i getting dizzy. >> in the race for the white thw house if you've been trying to o follow politics as well. as of this morning aft super s tuesday donald trump the big winner walking away with sevenie victories include having a have a. that brings his delegate count to 285. ted cruz won his home state oftf texas as expected also wonn neighboring oklahoma and far far away alaska.a cruz now 161 delegates. and mowing finally on the board now got his first victory of thf campaign in the state ofst minnesota picking up 87 on the democratic side hillaryer clinton secured victories insecu virginia and six other states.t. bernie sanders picked up fourp r victories in his home state of
7:32 am
vermont as well as oklahoma,a, minnesota and colorado.or he now has 371 delegates.ates she has 1,001. 1,0 hillary clinton will follow upto her big wins with a rally and fundraiser in new york with star power. power. katie per recent elton john area set to ♪ 7:32 now. happening today, a big day of of protests planned outside the use supreme court as the justices hear arguments on case that t could impact a woman's right to access safe, legal abortions. women's health advocates plannea parenthood and members ofhoem congress will rally on the step of the high court beginning inii less than half an hour at 8:0000 a.m. >> several dc coup sill memberss and council candidates will cald on the mayor today to once and for all end the city's proposede push for the excelon -- to end-o once and for the city's proposed excelon pepco merger. mer the group want the city tonedyon the merger talk and stick withiw pepco.pc
7:33 am
was rejected by the publicub service commission last week. w. the second timer injury proposal was dee feeder. fr. public service commission didn d offer al interpret in a tiffsntr but the mayor and other city c officials opposed those t alternative >> new bill passed by the d.c. . city council would pay people to avoid committing crimes theinim headline there. >> that's the headline.t's part of the deal.rt bob barnard live in northeast tt try to explain more how this h t will work. bob? >> steve and allison, goodon, morning. part of much larger crime pre pe tension effort led by d.c. council member kenyan mcduffie creating several new new initiatives. one of them being this plan to pay young people to stay out of trouble. if they're at risk for committing crimes they can workr with a new team of city c officials to come up way live plan that steers them away from a life of crime and they'll get paid to do that.o do t up to 200 people a year. d.c. mayor mur eighty threeyhr bowser expressed some concernssd about the cost of the
7:34 am
which is based on a similar onee in richmond, california.. >> i'm looking to see what thett council is going to do in termsr of put something workor requirements and requirements around how those funds are used, and evaluation for hour they're' used just like some of the o requirements that have been put on other work programs like the summer youth program. >> reporter: now, the new lawaw is called the near act for act neighborhood engagement achieves results.resu which will also place a greatere emphasis on getting violent criminals mental health care.ear the d.c. council will now n require police to work withit mental health professionals and d.c. housing officials to try to help some offenders stopto committing crimes.ris. guys? >> all right, bob. b many layers to it.o thank you very much, weuch, w appreciate it.ecia >> you'll need many layers outnd there today. it is cold out l it is breezy. that was for kevin. kev >> it was good.oo >> hi, tuck.>> hi, tuck. >> real good.
7:35 am
rain showers now we're dealing i with wind and winds gusting 30,g 35 miles an hour.35 miles so make sure you got the jacketc ready today.. will not ab repeat last coupleap of days we hit 60s for daytime e highs. 43 now in washington.hi these numbers continue to cooloc even with the sun up.ith the 37 in gaithersburg. frederick 37. 3 34 just above freezing wind win chills in the 20s in thehe mountains hagerstown 34. wind every wip chester martinsburg front royal all inrr the mid 30s.. wind speeds now out of the norto and the north and west. these are sustained winds atin a about 20 to 25 and we are gusting over 30. o so you probably heard it in bob's mike there the winds areds really blowing out there.uthe be ready for windy day as thishi cooler air works in. in rain showers we're done with dot those. we'll get a nice clear out herer and we should be mostly sunny s this afternoon.fternoon keep things nice and dry. temperatures much -- about abo 20 degrees cooler than yesterdas with daytime highs in the mid tm 40s to about 50.ut 5 be ready for a much cooleroo afternoon.tern
7:36 am
i'll be back with the seven day. winter weather on there.eathn th we'll have your weekend forecasc and talk about warmup.. basically, your entire future it on that seven day forecast. all caitlyn. >> you do psychic readings, toot >> i can. >> on the side.e >> all right. he's got a side business peoplel hit him up. behind me right now route 50 5 west following this delay all da morning long. lon it slows from 202 to kenilwortht avenue. reports of a multi vehicle crasa at -- not what you're looking ag just seeing the delay there. again, 50 west this is also 295 south back ups from eastern eas avenue to pennsylvania avenue. that is really really heavy hvy right there.t you guys are barely moving onovg this stretch of 295 southboundtd getting into the city from cityf eastern again to pennsylvaniayli avenue.av as we go to the maps, though, i, will tell you there did look d l like there was a crash imbeddede within the delays on 295.he ds n so very heavy there.vy all right.l rht back to the inter states prince george's county 95 south fromro about the icc to the beltway btw very heavy here, 15 miles ans
7:37 am
it takes you 20 minutes to doutt that 5-mile stretch.trch also, signed the delay a stallea truck blocks the center lane ctl before you hit 212. 2 this is again on 95 southbound.h so a delay within a delay that'a twice now and it's going cause e lot of slow downs on thatns o t portion of the 95 south. s all right. outer loop in montgomery countyt new hampshire avenue to 29 veryr heavy there but just congestionn back to 395 northbound insidense the beltway edsall road to kingn street speeds less than 20 milel an hour. an h so going to take you about 10 a1 minutes on that one. t o and finally metro update.ate delays both ways on the yellowel line. this is due to malfunction at a eisenhower avenue. looks like all the rest of the t lines though are looking good. g that's a look at traffic. t steve and allison, back over too you.. >> thanks.>> thanks. still ahead forbes releases its annual list of the top theop billionaires in the world. yeah.yeah. insert your own line there tre because we know we're not on by any means.ea we'll tell hugh is number one. n >> the redskins making a big
7:38 am
cousins. not a billionaire.t a a millionaire 20 times over nown what it means for the team's future coming up.
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>> 40 right now the united nations security council will vote on slapping north korea when its toughest sanctions in 20 years.ri these sanctions were negotiatedg between the united states ande china.unch they include mandatoryanto inspections of cargo leaving ang entering north korea by sea or air.air
7:41 am
north korea's latest nuclear nuc test and rocket launch. here now thousands ofds o refugees and migrants remainain stranded on the border of macedonia and grease nearlyea 24,000 migrants in greece aren e need of housing and nearly 85,000 migrants stuck from bad d conditions at the macedoniaia border.bord. the borders were closedse yesterday but briefly openedbrie today to allow some refugees through. through. documents written by osama bin laden have been release node that that includes his personall letters, his will, letters and t warnings to countries includingg the united states.edtates. the documents show that he tha claimed to still be worth b w millions of dollars even as hena struggled to remain relevantelev inside his al-qaida the office of the director of do national intelligence releasedsd the newly declassified documents yesterday. bin laden was killed by a team a of u.s. navy seals back in 20112 a top facebook executivek ee under arrest in brazil. bra >> police say the vice-president of the social media company inpy latin america is being held for
7:42 am
questioning.ti his arrest has to do with the messaging service what's app wha which is owned by facebook. company refused to provide data from that application in efforts to help officials with secretive drug trafficking investigationna in brazil. investigators want access to what's app messages. m but they aren't budgeting bge concerning privacy concerns.riva we're hearing a lot about that.. >> different countries haventris different laws.t laws. >> details on kirk cousins future witness skins. wns >> new study gets to the root of gray hair. h get to the root of the hair, okay. ok why stress isn't the only thingi to ♪ it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy.
7:43 am
ke their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ well, in the air will be tht breeze out there today. outhere the reason we're down at the tidal basin it's cherry blossomm today. before we get to the weatherhe r forecast we have a school we hah closing to mention. menon william ramsay elementary schoos in alexandria had to close about of a power outage. oag students arriving at school wilo be returned home or held thered until a parent can come pick com them up. so the kiddos are already on tht way to school there, they'll be coming back home again. aga man, that's tough forha parents. >> yeah it is. >> get it. no power, no school.o sch okay. tucker barnes is standing by baa he's got a look at this breezyry day.y hey, our winds really problem today? in all seriousness.usnes >> they've been blowing 40, blog 45 miles an hour at times.
7:46 am
possibility. i'm not sure what theirt particular situation is.icul but, yeah, very blusterystery condition. condit >> winter trying to make a come back after deaf signs ofns springs. last couple of days we were inof the mid 60s.e mid not going to be there today in d fact these numbers continue tors fall even with the sun up over o the last couple of hours. oou very unusual.very unu 43 now in washington.washin. gaithersburg 36 degrees.6 dee 38 out at dulles.ulle 45 in leonardtown and in annapolis and we're hanging outg just above the freezing mark ina the mountains.unins hagues up to, martinsburg,tinsb, winchester 34 degrees.grees. wind chills honestly aboutnely 10 degrees colder than that sora it feels like 20s out. peak sure you're prepared for ar more wintry day today. t not feel like spring this spr afternoon with winds lookingdsoo like t currently blowing out of theutf north and west at 38 in then t city. ci 39 in manassas. in 26 in annapolis you get the id idea. blustery conditions, coolditiono conditions for daytime highs.meh cold one tonight. not that kind of cold one, steve. cold one tonight with overnight lo wws in the upper 20s and low 30's.30's there's your satellite/radar.eli we kick the front ouof
7:47 am
we did have showers overnight.. generally sunny conditions this afternoon and should be dryd sh today, tonight by tomorrow itrow looks like we'll be dealing witi our next storm system i'll showo you that in just a second.econ there's your satellite/radar. sr again, we're kick the front outt high pressure builds in and it is an orientation from the norte and west and that will keeptp things on the cool side for thet next couple of days.s so right through the beginning n of the weekend our temperaturesu will be trafficking a little a t below normal. all right. there's your seven day. 40 today's.40 tod 43 tomorrow. just want to give you heads upos here it look like thursday nighn into early friday combination of high pressure off to our north n and in little area of lowa of l pressure will give us a wintry w mix around here overnight ove thursday into friday and therey could be a few travel headachess by early friday morg we have to fine tune the fe tune forecast little bit.cast littl temperatures really marginal. ma may just stick kind of to grassy surfaces as it arrives overnighe thursday into friday. frida but we'll keep close eye on it.o all right.l rht. keeping a close eye on your traffic.traffic. caitlin how is it looking outw coupler a coung, tucker a of accidents really picking upig over the last hour.over start with metro, thoug
7:48 am
good news here.od news here. we had earlier delays in bothsn directions on the yellow lineelw due to a malfunction atnction eisenhower avenue. ave however, just got word thatd normal service has resumed soesd you're okay on metro this met t morning. yellow line and all other linesr for that matter.for let's get back to the roads.bact it was a slow start thisrt wednesday morning but now realla starting to pick up with thengou volume.lume. 395 northbound edsall road toalt king street very heavy there ana it's just congestion but speedss down to 18 miles an let's go to our latest crash crh that just came in on river roadr this is inbound at springfieldgf and we're seeing pretty longg hefty delay behind the site ofhe the crash on river road. r i believe -- i can't actuallyuay read that goldsboro road it loor like it goes all the way back to. to so caution in that spot. cau otherwise back to the majors. your outer loop new hampshire hm avenue to route 29 this is in i montgomery county. cou very slow.very speeds down to 13 miles an houru doesn't look like we have anyweh crashes at this point but yout u can see the red along the topngp side of the beltway there. so had he fifty five outer loop delays there. also, 95 southbound looks pretts heavy behind me there, too,
7:49 am
coming into the belt wage here's why. 95 southbound from ice icc toe i the beltway speeds just 15 milee an hour. an h and then once you're inside that delay, obviously this is addingn to the problems.herobl there's a stalled truck whichhih blocks the center lane right lae before you hit 212. hit12 so it's really really heavy inly prince george's county as you head down 95 south to the to the beltway and then you'll hitou'lh those delays on the outer loop once you get there.onhe that's a look at traffic. tff we'll have another update at 7:55. steve and allison. >> ♪ stinger was serious, wasn't, it? >> um-hmm. >> sorry, caitlin.aitlin >> new study finds if you live l in a well-lit neighborhood could affect your sleep. research hers studied more than 15,000 people over an eight-year period.peri. excessive light exposures at light were more likely they slept less and had more foo m teeing than though with low l light exposure.xpos people may want to considero con sleep masks. >> i've been there. i get it. >> the
7:50 am
years and all those pudeoy ple s to say if you have light. l >> right. >> it might be harder to go to r sleep. >> you know how i feel aboutnow studies. >> okay.>> okay >> blackout shades,. b >> get a mask. get aask. >> phenomenal. phemena >> okay. turns out graying hair notgrg ha necessarily due to stress ass many people claimed over thelaie years. years. scientists now have discovered d gene linked to graying hair. h it is are you ready, jal. j. >> okay.>> okay >> it is the irf4 gene.4 >> known as getting older. old >> yes.. the gene -- mel news is common sense sometimes al.e the gene is believed to controlr the graying process by regulat regulating melanin whichng melin determines the color of yourinel hair, your eyes and your skin. i the study surveyed more thand re 6,000 people over 300 year period that's a joke experts sas the discovery could lead to t development of an anti graying --ayg -- >> wait a minute. we showed our wonderful seniorss in that vi >> yes. >> all with gray hair as youh tend to gray as you age. >> correct.>> corre >> they're saying it's because s of melanin. >> yes.>>es >> not stress? but nothing about age? >> right. it's a gene. 's a gene. but the bottom
7:51 am
can narrow it down to this one gene -- there could be a pill. >> medical map place they couldp change or delay or change thedeg graying cycle. gray >> will you take the pill and p i'll stay beautiful bronze brunette.un >> the youth people are lookingk for. kirk cousins about to get bigut old pay day.d pa d >> yesterday the team put the franchise tag on cousins he it's good a lot more money and in theory in epp insures he'll plap for the burgundy and gold nexton year. wisdom is here to break it allki down for for us. >> any quarterback in the leagul that you would give up 21st1s round draft picks for plus a huge contract.t. >> 21st round draft picks an contract, maybe -- i got to g think about that steve. s that's a lot to give up for onee guy.. quarterbacks make or break teama in the nfl.he n >> there you go.>>here >> he's locked that in.ha i nobody will give up that to geto him. >> look at the guns on kirks onk cousins.s >> you like that, allison. >> yeah.>> yh >> like -- i know but i didn't realize, you know, that throwing
7:52 am
>> allison, i'll give you a'lve demonstration afterwards. >> too much for me. too mfo >> too much? that and the grayt hair -- >> too much. >> i understand. understand. >> let's focus on kirk the guyni with the big guns right here.. team used non exclusiveve franchise tag on cousins andsi here's what that means. m he gets a one-year deal worth wr listen to this, $19.9 million. i >> wow! wow >> he can still negotiate with w other teams but washington wouls have the right to match anych offer from another team or get 21st round draft picks forks cousins if he decides to go witi another team.. so now they have until july to y negotiate a long-term deal or dl they could just leave the leavee franchise tag on him and he gets that guaranteed 19 million forn one season. poor next year this issue could come up again. they can franchise him last yeay f he signs the offer, his weekly salary goes from just over 600,000 a week to over 1 millioi a week. here's what fans had to say
7:53 am
about cousins big pay day. >> i would guess so, yeah, whyew not? i mean, when you look atno the salaries of these guys are making, i think $1 million aio game with 16 million a year for a franchise type quarterback is probably right in there. inhe i guess.i gss >> is he worth it? it? >> did he do the difference dife between the two numbers? no. >> uh, no. not at all. all >> i'm worth that, though.houg (laughter). >> all right. so the question is didue i washington do the right thingng here? should they come up withp a long-term deal or just stickts with this? let us know wass kna think and use the #gooddaydc. in addition to the footballal expertise or lack thereof thatef i'm talking about today, comingm up on good day actor morrisri chestnut he's going to talkng tt about his new hit show rosewood. we'll talk about the him being g good looking man in hollywood,lo talk about his show and hisw basketball game as well. wel so you'll hear all of that.t. >> i can't
7:54 am
>> who he compares his basketball game >> i love that shoskw rosewood.. >> see he'd be franchise. >> gives up two first round firr draft picks.t pic >> would you give up 21st round draft picks for morris mor chestnut. >> that's a tough call.s a toh a >> two or idris alba thougha tho right.t. >> yes. >> steve, you saw that, right? >> steve for cary underwood. uno that's all right.that >> his number one.>> his n >> that's your number one.hat' >> okay. >> i got two people i can traden for you guys.u g >> love it.>> love it. thanks, wis. >> forbes back with their list r of the richest people in thishel world.rld >> so there are 540 billionairei in the united states. t united e are you surprised by that? t >> the number seems to get morer all the time, right., r >> my goodness.oo >> a lot of people.>> a >> out of that really r distinguished group bill gatesog still holds the number one spoto >> not surprised by that the founder of microsoft with a net worth -- these numbers of mind m boggling. a billion dollars is
7:55 am
>> bill gates is worth $75 billion.$7 so he has taken that $1,000,000.75000 times over. >> unbelievable.elie >> number one spot 17 times outm of the last 22 years. y the of also on the spanish fashion businessman ortega movev up to number two on the list. warren buffet number three.hree mark zuckerberg jumped from 16do up to number six by adding moree than $11 billion to his fortune this year alone.r alone i think that's probably from tht public sale of facebook, right?? at least facebook stock has done >> okay. >> 75,000 times a millionaire. um-um um. it is to dream but i will sayamw about bill gates, i love how philanthropic he is. i. that's what i hope i would do id i had little bit of that money.n tucker over to over to >> what's going to be highers go today, the temperature or thereo speed of the wind gusts? >> that's a good question, steve.stev temperature but just barely. yeah. i
7:56 am
kind of had me there, too,, t allison i see that face.ace >> 40 the reagan national.atio 37 dull las.. bwi marshall 42. 4 we are looking at certainly cera cooler conditions. con we're setting up for a cool cool pattern the next couple of daysf and very very windy overnight.. winds blowing 40, 45 miles per hour in a few spots. and even with sunshine oure daytime highs only in the mid 40s. cool air mass in place.n pla tonight will be chilly.niwi toll will be chilly and thenl bt thursday night into fridayhe hes up. we're trying to get a littleo gt winter storm going here, and iei was just talking with gary abouo the latest guidance getting ati little more aggressive thursdayh night into friday.night into fr. you'll want to watch that wan carefully.refully. temperatures will be kind ofur marginal. still got to wait for the trackt and intensity there's ahe's possibility of some travel tra headaches early friday morning m as that -- i think that will be the last gasp of winter honestly.hone we have a nice warm up by theuph weekend into next week.ex w still on track for believe it oo not 70-degree temperatures by tm the middle of next wee so we can do snow on friday andd 70 degrees by next wednesday. we got to love it around here. caitlin, see if we're lovinge're
7:57 am
how is it looking.w look >> no. i really don't think so. don thi if anyone could. c it's's you go back and forth. f i don't mine it actually. 95 south though this is wherethi we've had big problems so farg o this morning.this mng so very heavy if you're in youe maryland here from 200 the icccc all the way to the beltway.el speeds of just 15 miles an houru and then imbedded within thattht delay, we've got a stalled truct which blocks the center lanetern before 212 so you're very heavyh with congestion and then in there as you come up on 212n you're going to see that delay in there. t. that's all we have time for we right now but i'll have muchl h more update the traffic reportrr coming up at 8:05.5. fox5 news morning will be right back after this. ♪ put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. straight up 8:00 o'clocko' everybody. giving that you live look at th tidal basin on this wednesdays d morning much it's march 2nd, 2016.2016. little later this morning we'ree going to learn when the cherryy blossoms will reach peak bloom o but in the meantime the stretcht of warm weather won't last.t. tucker will have much more onorn today's forecast coming up at 8:05.8:05. including that four letter wordw will we or won't we see.e s >> i know.>> ino >> any more snow.>> any m good morning to you, i'm allison seymour.ym >> i'm steve chenevey welcome t fox5 news morning.s mor. a chance of snow on friday.da more coming up in a few minutest happening right now in virginiaa jesse matthew expected to pleade guilty in the murders of hannah graham of
8:01 am
ton. ton. without the plea agreementeeme matthew could have faced theuldf death penalty.deh pe he's already serving life behinn bars for a sexual assault inlt i fairfax county. new this hour, fox5 has confirmed yet another lawsuit lu filed against prince george's county schools relating to the t child porn scandal. deonte carraway face as dozenozn federal charges of video youngou children engaged in sex actsexcs many of those happening ating a sylvania woods elementaryntar school.hool. this latest lawsuit claims alais nine and a half-year-old victimi toll his fourth grade teacherrar about the abuse.about she allegedly responded quote, o don't believe you.e you go sit down. d the board of education the superintendent the principal anc teacher are all named in then suit. suit. in virginia the winchester community grappling with w protests and conflictingflicting accounts after a man beingng pursued by police died from am a gunshot wound. wound >> this happened late sundayppe afternoon.tern fox5' melanie alnwick is he
8:02 am
with us in the newsroom with tht latest on this case.test mel. >> reporter: steve and allison n virginia state police are nowole investigating the case at theast quest of the city of winchesterr the winchester police department says 20-year-old did he laundry mini field killed himself aftert running from officers. officers. friends and supporters have aava hard time believing that.lievin. virginia stat state police he hs ties to winchester.cheste he was wanted by petersburg police from an armed robbery ana assault from last september.epmr friends and supporters gatherede to demand more information ontio the incident.ncident. winchester police say officerss were responding sunday to a fight possibly involving a gun and that one of the two men they approached ran from them. the their reports say when officersr caught up with did he laundry he shot and killed himself.lf friends dispute that.. >> they got out of the car withw three guns two were tasers and he just flel on foot. f he jumped one fence and the second fence he tried to jump t epp got hit on the back of his
8:03 am
fence and they drug him to the t middle of the yard and they leff him from 4:30 i believe until 11:00 o'clock no sheet over himm no call to the mother. no emergency contacts.s no anything. >> john hill has confidence indc the investigation.gati virginia state police reportor that no employees officers offir weapons were discharged duringgi the incident.nciden fox5 did request the autopsy a report from the medicalm the dia examiner's office in manassas.a. we were told last night it is still in progress.rogress. steve and allison?e anallison? >> mel, thanks very. 8:03. for the presidential candidatesi super tuesday now in the bookshs and we turn things into workingi wednesday as in working theor t campaign trail. trail >> the candidates now looking to head into saturday and nexty anx tuesday's contests. conte our political reporter ronicaa cleary joins us in studio too help us understand just whatuswt happened and break it down.nd bk good morning.od morning. >> it was a very exciting nighti the super tuesday. not too big surprises. surpris we've got a few.'v donald trump once said he hopede
8:04 am
south carolina.h ca he did have a successful nightht winning seven states includinglg virginia.. but other gop hopefuls they have reason to celebrate this mornini as well.el ted cruz won three states, texas, oklahoma and alaska and marco rubio can claim his first victory after winning minnesotaa hillary clinton won sevenon w states, six of them by at least 30 points. sanders won four including hisud home state of vermont.. now last night clinton and trumu both spoke in florida and the t two exchanged jabs at each other as if they're already their aeay party's respective nominees.omie take a listen. >> we know we've got work to do. but that work, that work is not to make america great again.gain america never stopped being great.gre. (applause). >> we have to make americameri whole. whol >> she wants to
8:05 am
whole again and i'm trying tom t figure out what is that all about? make america great willw be than making america whole again. >> i congratulate donald trumpdp on his victories to night. >> no! >> the next big primary day it'i on march 15th.5th we'll get results from florida,, ohio and north carolina. back to you guys. >> ron any dark thank you verya much. appreciate it.> apiate it. >> check in with tucker get awih look what's happening outside. 8:05. tuck, what are you doing? a you >> i'm trying to adjust the mape i'm not going to show right noww you're not supposed to look atdo that. thank you. >> it's gone. >> a lit itle tease what we migt get. >> no. it's not a tease. tea >> it look kind of ominous tuck. >> working on the maps forng on friday morning.ay m that was not an official map. m i said don't bring the up. they bring it up.ringt u 40 in washington.ashi 36 in gaithersburg.. 36 in frederick.rederi yes, we are looking at theng at possibility of some winterte weather thursday night nephroihi day. let's concentrate on today. we've got very brisk northwestst winds at this hour out of the
8:06 am
north. look at that.that 37 miles per hour wind gustsr w here in washington.hingto 40 dulles.40ulle 31 manassas.anassa obviously want to hold on to o o your hat bring a jacket today iy feels like winter out thereinou early this morning.or not going to be repeat springprn performance the last couple cou afternoons with highs in the 60s today we'll be hanging out inbei the 40s. th rain showers out of here.f her we'll clear it out tonight agaia much cooler air pattern in placn here for the next couple ofext o days. so cold tonight overnight lowss by tomorrow morning will be will below freezing for just aboutt everybody.ybod and then we'll set the stageta here for what looks to be a bitt of a winter storm thursday nigha and friday. we'll talk about that but tt but there's your forecast for thisoo afternoon.aftern 46 and again very windy windy conditions.itions. get ready for blustery afterno afternoon. okay. yes, that's weather.weath. caitlin is back with your roads. >> one to two or 12, tucker.uc >> you're funny. funny. you're funny.u'reny. >> i'm not telling.elng. metro update, normal service ser resumed on the yellow line.ine. you're good to go and basicallyc on any railway you're fine.ou'rn so metro is all good at this hour. 95 southbound less problems onbl the roads.the road delays and delays within delays. so congestion from the icc tocct the beltway. 15 miles anou
8:07 am
then when you're inside thate t delay, we've got a stalleded truck. tr it blocks the center lane beforr 212. 212. so that whole center lane takenn out just as you're heading up to 212.212. obviously heavy delays aroundsro that. so going to take you awhile onwe that stretch of 95 south headini to the the b all right. on the beltway outer loop 95 to georgia avenue you're looking at speeds of just 15 miles an hour. so one long stretch of red right there. pretty heavy on the outer loop it has been all morning.. here's a crash we continue to t follow on river road this isis inbound at springfield drive ana very heavy delays behind this oo river road. so that's going to take quitee u awhile as you're trying to get through that portion of theat p montgomery county.gomeryount let's get back into thek in the district. 295 southbound delays from del o bureaus avenue to pennsylvaniael avenue. had that all morning.orning. crash approaching benning roadeg that is within the delay as well.. so 295 you've got congestion and you still got it for that crashc approaching benning road. roa i think that's all we got for g right now. another update after 8:15. 8:1 that's a look at traffic.. steve?ev >> coming up a second day of emotionalt
8:08 am
sportscaster erin difficult questions she faceded during cross examination.mi >> also, why actress lena dunhan is backtracking this mornings mr after accusing a magazine of o photo shopping her picture.tu stay with us. ♪
8:09 am
♪ another tough day in courtro for fox sports broadcaster erinb andrews. she isro suing a nashville hotel and the plan who recorded her rr naked in her hotel room andoom d posted it online. o
8:10 am
she describes how the viralbeho video has impacted her life anda says she believes she'll behel dealing with this for years to come. >> what happens when my kids come home from school and say kids are saying you're naked one the internet. is this going to be an issuen i when you're 60? who will who wl explain it to my grandkids? yes. >> andrews says she was rippedwe apart by speculation that theha video what some kind of s publicity stunt to boost herer her stalker michael davidav barrett admitted to shooting thg video and posting it online.ine he spent two and a half years ii prison. >> the latest on the bill cosbys sexual assault case now cosby c next court appearance in theean criminal case indefinitelyy postponed.poned. this comes through aes pennsylvania appeals court can t consider whether to dismiss the the 78-year-old's preliminaryrei hearing set for next week. cosby is a cues evidenceis a c drugging and molesting aue tempe university employee in suburbana philadelphia home back in 2004.. former talk show host
8:11 am
shepard will have to pay to p thousands of dollars a month in child support for a child shehie had with her ex-husband viad vi surrogate.ogate. pennsylvania court refused to c overturn a lowerou court's rulin saying that the former view v co-host was responsible for f paying child support for a child she had through a surrogate sura before her divorce.. actress pay pays $4,100 a monthn child support.ild >> rolling stones ready to rocke cube. what they will perform a free show next month in p havana.ava the concert is set foret march 25th.mah 25th three days after president obama visits had a van inform eighthsn milestone in country where the e government wants persecutedsete people for even listening toteng rock mus not the first band to play therr but definitely one of thefitely biggest. times are >> music is a huge part of thef cuban social scene it.ocia >> will be great.>> >> still ahead today the w supre court hears its first major maj portion case and almost a deca decade. how would affect millions oflios women across the country.ou >> the cherry blossom festival i
8:12 am
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> that looks like a littlelook action to me. >> little wind action. >> no, a little blooming.omin little buds. b >> you know we have thatou question. we'll have to check with tucker to find out the detailsec. detls remember when we had that warmht spell over the holidays and thed some of those buds came out and the word was if they bloomedheyd once they might not bloom again. >> o
8:15 am
we're getting an extreme closelo up some --om >> tuck considerate questionn is -- blooms to me or blossoms.. >> next week if we'll be b 70 degrees again will we see wee early blooming maybe? mybe >> steve, i know i look like ank expert in all things bloom agebm but i'm not. >> you know more flowers speciei than do. >> generally speaking they are dependent on the amount of lighl they receive and the amount of temperatures and moisture and, , yes, since things will be little warmer next week perhaps -- - >> before we get to next week we have two more seasons to endure. >> up and down.>>p an this morning -- >> no, no, no.o >> let's not do weather.. >> let's take a little pause.aue >> told you it was worth it.t. >> momentarily awesomeness.somes >> warm your heart. hea no matter what the temperature.e >> what a beautiful little smile. >> that's right. t >> time for fox5 first fiveive photo of the day. this is naomi, everybody. >> hey naomi. nmi she recently celebrated her
8:16 am
third birthday yesterday.esterd >> all right.ll r. happy birthday, sweetie.weie >> yeah, happy happy birthday. a >> looking adorable.. love the socks.oc >> great little outfit.e tfi >> whole little outfit.. >> the tulle.ul the tutu. t >> wait a minute and the bowes.w and the hair. that's like my favorite favor hairstyle.yl >> like the birthday outfit.biho >> lift. so cute. hope you had a good let it be all week long. l >> i'm sure -- maybe the whole e month. >> maybe the whole month. the wm why not?y no? >> starring off the whole month. naomi we love your picture. pice to send us your child's pig chee go to our facebook page, fox5ox d.c.c. all right. rht now we can talk weather,we steve. >> what was the question?s quesi >> question. >> now you're done. n >> how many seasons are we goinw to get through in one week.on >> let's see we'll do one, two -- >> i think three. >> three. >> got some winter and we hadwit spring like yesterday. >> um-hmm. >> kind of fall like conditionsi today with the strong breezes.rz >> we'll get winter on fridayr i and summer next >> all right.llig or 40 in washing
8:17 am
off to the north and we have.orh you can just see it.can see see it allison. allison >> i do.>> i >> yeah. just waiting to pounce on us. >> um-hmm.m. >> 26 in pittsburgh. 25 at >> that map, yeah. >> 19 -- 19 in detroit. >> okay. >> we get creative in then weather department. >> very nice. >> our cold front the winds are not through. thr they are really blowing outng o there 20, 30 even 40 miles perlr hour wind gusts at this hour.. lake effect snows kicking insnon north and west we'll be partl bp toll mostly sunny today. much much cooler than yesterdayy daytime highs 20 degrees coolero in some cases with mid 40s out 4 there this afternoon. we are still on track asra a mentioned thursday night intoig friday nor a period of winter wr weather. there may ab rain/snow mix line fairly close close but the potential is there for some travel delays and someandom school delays for parts of ours area by friday morning. mor so just keep a close eye on that forecast and we'll warm it up wu very quickly things will meltilm off here.f he. nation will do most of the workw for us melting things. tng >> thank you.hank you >> i sent that you picture yesterday.
8:18 am
>> i know. amazing. >> it's crazy there's still ay bunch of --buof - >> there's a pile snow by mye sy house that's like this big. it's still here six weeks latert >> you would think it would bekb all gone by now.neow caitlin roth is with us thisth u morning. erin is off today. is we welcome you back to the bac morning show. >> thank you.>> good morning to all three ofall you. happy to be here. be he traffic this morning has mng been quite a challenge if you'vv been on 95 southbound or outerbn loop of the beltway both issuese here this morning although weh are seeing some improvement.en this is 50 westbound whichnd wch earlier this morning was just jt completely stacked sta there was an earlier crash on 50 westbound in so right -- i believe it was right near the bw parkway. but that has since cleared so ii look better.r. that was 50 west.0 what are we looking at here? h? 295 south. okay.ok to 95 south also a big trouble o spot this morning. m normal delays from eastern avenue into pennsylvania avenuee but also extra slow becausewec there was a stalled truck withiw that let's go back to our maps.k ur m you can see how heavy it is on 295 southbound.boun
8:19 am
really heavy from 200 to the the beltway.. so speeds of just 15 miles ann hour -- forget what i said theae stalled truck was inside theid t delay on 95 south. south not 295. not 295. that didn't look fun on 295look2 either. 395 inside the beltway here youo are pretty heavy from edsalll road up getting into the t district there.. so expect long stretch in that portion of around alexandria.ri another crash that just came ine this is 270 southbound at 124.24 your normal congestion on 27070 plus that additional crash.iona. all right. that's a look at traffic.oo steve and allison,k back over e you.yo today a rally head in front of the supreme court as the ashe court hears oral arguments inrgi the case that impacted -- couldu impact a woman's right for legal abortions.abtion fox5's bob barnard is live ats i the supreme court now with morer and what's at stake here, bob. good morning.orni >> reporter: hey, allison and an steve, good morning to you. basically, at stake here is ae e woman's right to an abortion inn the state of here's th
8:20 am
several people -- severalev hundred people strong right herr on the steps of the supreme court where this case out ofaseo texas is going to be heard.. it's basically coming from the fifth circuit court of appealsca in new orleans that basically upheld the state of texas and a couple of requirements virtually shut down most of the state of texas' abortion clinics. cli and so these people are here to rally the court which is now only eight members strong to overturn the fifth circuitcu court's ruling and to overturnvt the state of texas which is whih again making it more difficult f for women to get a borings inors the state of texas. joining me now live one of theof people here who's attending this rally vallencia robinson drove d up last night from jackson, mississippi.miss thanks for being with us this b morning. >> you're welcome. >> why did you feel compelled to come here this morning?e th >> because in minnesota we onlyn have one abortion clinic openli and left in the whole state. s so this could impact
8:21 am
verdict could impact the decisions for that clinic in cn mississippi as well.s >> basically a lower court that suspended the state of texas' regulations but then the federal appeals court sided with theitht state of texas and now it's is coming to the supreme court.meou as you see it, this is like thet women of texas', their right fof an abortion at stake is it thatt serious. serious. >> not just about a boring.ust it's a choabice. ahoic taking away the choice avenue a woman to have and not to have aa abortion and the clinics are safe and accessible we don't wanting to back to the close hangers, wire hangers or the they are penn tine. we don't women to die. tie hopefully the federal -- supreme court will side with the women w in the united states period.tesr >> reporter: all right.ight thanks very much.ks vy m again, came up from jackson,, mississippi. people have come from all overme the country for this rallyally today. to again, the supreme court
8:22 am
arguments.argu there could be decision by june. nobody expects roe vs wade to be overturned. but there could be a four too four split and so that's whyhy they're here these folks areherl here to let the court and the attorneys who just went int i planned parenthood and one of a the organizations leading this rally hoping that the supremeupe court will overturn the ruling r of the fifth circuit court and maintain these clinics in the state of texas which are being b forced to close by some tougherg regulations.. guys down there in the lone star state. >> bob barnard for us live at fi the supreme court.e crt bob, thank you. >> a lot of people followingpeop that throughout the day today. as are we. w still ahead actress lena dunhamm apologizing this morning for f making a huge accusation againsa a magazine.azine >> do you post your children's e photos online.nle i'm guilty of doing that. tt. it could soon get you into y i trouble in one country. cour we'll tell you was this is about, this new law coming up. ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ my fun? all right that.? a tells you everything you need to know. know. >> tuck, you could go surfing iu the tidal basin today. tod >> steve, that's about the sidet of the waves i can handle right there.the. (laughter).(laugh >> 6-inch waves.h waves that's about all i can handle. h you get the idea.thide big changes.big chs. much cooler weather moved inoved overnight.ov you can see the number.e numr. reagan national 40 degrees.0 de we continue to watch thesetoch t numbers fall even with the sun t up early this morning. morning dulles now 37. 37. and 39 at bwi marshall. msh very windy
8:26 am
that's causing the big waves out there in the tidal basin.alas check out your winds.inds 37 now in washington. wasngton. 40 dulles. 39 quantico.o 28 in annapolis.nnol very blustery day expected anddd daytime highs only in the mid md 40s. so make sure you're ready foror early march weather. i know last couple of days itcoo felt like spring.felt l it won't today.od as much cooler air pattern setet in mace here for the next couple of days.. sunshine general rule.alul little bit of cloudiness.loudes we should be dry this afternoonn and then just plain old coldld c tonight.ght overnight lows back belowacbe so notice the temperaturesrare remain below normal the next couple of want to focus on friday quickly because we are looking at thenge possibility of a bit of a winten storm area of low pressure offrf to our south and east and wetnd could do a rain/snow mix around here thursday night into fridaya and certainly a possibility that there could be some travelvel problems friday morning.orng so we'll a keep close eye onye o that. that's the weather update. the caitlin is here this morning. yay. ya >> good morning.>> gd mornin >> how is traffic?s traffic >> it's terrible.
8:27 am
all right. behind me right now, route 50 this is westbound heavy delayss we've had all morning but looknb at the activity on the side of o your excuse me, outer loop at 50.p a5 this is the outer loop at 50 inn maryland and you can see there t are a couple vehicles pulled over with lights some sort ofe t emergency crews on the scene.ewe not sure if it's an accident oro a stall but there is an arrow aa guiding everyone over to the left.left so expect some heavy delays there on this scene as part ofs the outer loop at route 50. r let's go back to our maps or because that looks like aoo headache right there.adhe but we've got a couple others. r this is the actual incident iid scene.ene. two lanes are blocked.arocked so you saw that arrow pushingowi everyone over to the left on th outer loop. it looks like it's taking out o two lanes due to the accident on the scene so expect heavy delayl there in prince george's countyu real quick checking montgomery county, 95 to georgia avenuenue also very heavy on this side of the outer loop, too, going tooi take you over 10 minutes on that 5-mile stretch. str that's look at traffic.'s look t we'll have more coming up in u
8:28 am
steve and allison.llis >> coming up how postingos pictures of your kids on socialc media could land in you trouble. >> chick-fil-a putting customerc to the test with a challenget a called the cell phone coop. c we'll explain how that work andd what you get for it coming up. ♪ put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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8:31 am
8:30. live look at the --live >> you got to practice mindfulness.fu live in this moment right here.n >> when it's actually festivales time and it's 70 degrees andgres beautiful and bright --t -- >> okay. >> i'll be more relaxed.l be >> all cherry blossom time.cherry b right now we're in the kitchenwn for kitchen conversation wisdomo and holly join us.oin we'll start with something that could get some people in trouble. do you guys post pictures ofs po your kids online.on >> you know i do.>> y >> um-hmm.m-hm >> my kids have grown up onlineo >> do they get the opportunityho to -- >> yes. >> they say yes or no. t >> yes. before you post it. >> um-hmm. >> that's good. >> that's ke>>y. >> because this might seem aighe little crazy but parents on social media this does seem see crazy they lost posting pictureg of their kids. kid many times they even use eve children in profile picks. pic in france, children can now sue their parents for breach ofac o privacy if they up load u l photographs of them on facebookk they can even face jail time. t. >> what. >> if they're cop vicked. february french safety officiala posted please stop postingedase picture
8:32 am
it's important to protect thect privacy of minors and images ons social networking.etwo this isn't a little offense. they are saying that you could a face a year in prison and 35,00, euro fine which is like 38,000uu dollars.dollar >> wow. >> is that just if the kidsat j complain about it or if you poss any pictures? the governmentovn saying don't post pictures ofice your kids.ur kid >> if kids come back later and actually like sue their parentsp and say, i didn't want thoset t pictures.ctures it was at a time in my life ime didn't want pictures and i definitely didn't want them the posted on the public.c i think the over lying sent many here is not to kind of set up parents against kids.agains k they really are viewing it as a security thing.hing >> um-hmm. >> they're like, you know, herek the deal. they were sayinge, 74% of parentsfar actually have doubts about a whether it's safe to postafe pictures but they do it any wayy because everybody is doing it.ev >> rigerht.>> rig >> half of those pictures have some kind of information aboutbt the child.hi most importantly a lot of times it let's you know where they a are. >> right. their location. le talkople talkpeop
8:33 am
parenting advice.ntg all these kind of clues that kic they just say you shouldn't just give to the public. >> it makes sense.en when you say it like that it makes sense all i'm thinking thg picture i posted of, you know, the girls in the bathtub not showing but but the girls littll faces with the bubbles. is that embarrassing. thang >> they grow up you get in an argument we'll sue.e'll sue so i mean it's kind of -- o-- >> cute and embarrassing.arss >> almost like do the bandand completely post your own potty p its people over 18 or don't becauseb it's sort of subjective.ubjectiv >> i don't like this whole lthis notion of kids coming back andgk suing parent. paren i'm never in favor of that,t because parents going to sue the kids --ki - >> if they post something i don't like, please.t li >> they get mad.>> they ge i don't like the whole suingng >> you're setting up an oddd dynamic. >> you're doing the rye thinging you're getting permission firstf >> i do.>> i >> that's the best.the >> can i sue any pictures if i i see any pictures i don't like oo their instagram or snap chats.aa >> yes. >> i would not do that. wou >> let's talk about family timet how many time
8:34 am
and seen families together andil everybody got their cell phoneg out. >> it drives me crazy. >> it drives a lot of people o p crazy. azy. chick-fil-a calling a chicken ck >> okay. >> not what you may think whenya you walk into the restaurant at guy in georgia, n would be veryv disturbing in there was ann thes actual chicken coop there. >> here's your future sandwich. >> yes. >> which one do you like.hich >> this is a chick-fil-a in i georgia outside of atlanta closc to atlanta. the owner says when you come in, you drop your cell phone into -i at your table into what's callec a box a chicken coop.en c now the objective is to get families together to talk instead of being on the phone tp and being distracted during youg meal. have a peaceful enjoyable meal m and at the end of that if you'ru able to do this you get a free ice cream dessert.cream free ice cream dessert. i cre >> incentive. >> it's incentive.>> the bottom line they want thisat to be about quality time and this has spread to otherringng chick-fil-a the. 150 chick-fil-as across the
8:35 am
>> here's my thing.>> h don't tell me what to do and mites family and it's a fastt' f food restaurant. res if this were fine dining and i d were on the phone -- >> they're not telling you to dn it.otdo they're suggesting.esti >> here's my thing, too, whichth i -- first of all we don't do electronic at the table.le >> you're good.>> you >> that's fine. but what i hate even more than that i think is to see people se sitting down they're not talkint at all with no electronics. they're just sitting there. >> that's a whole other issue. >> they have the phone number po posted up for family therapy. >> i'm not on my phone any way.y >> you still get free ice creamc >> i think it's a pretty goody g idea one of those thingss unfortunately i think it's notas like you want to say there's loe of bad parents out there. pts ot sometimes you see other familiel doing it.doing maybe they just don't realize ri and if this is a little bit ofet wake up call an little somethin the kids get ice cream, hey, ity was a little piece of advice ane you took it.u ok it. >> the kids probably like, hey, but that down so we can get icee cream.crm >> exactly. >> there you go. >> the kids are going to dos ar thgoat. >> oh yeah. >> reward. >> they want the free ice creamc i'm not going to buy it.o i
8:36 am
hour meal. >> right. >> you can stan it for 15 for 1 minutes. >> all right. though.eresting too, chick-fil-a we've seen them be controversy shaat at times butra standing up for what they up foa believe in.. >> they've always been hugey've that's why they're not open onn sundays. sunday >> those are ares >> good topics today.. kitchen convo. cvo >> okay.>> okay >> so i guess we're heading ovee to tucker? tke >> shall we ask him what he what think. >> let's involve him in the i discussion. >> he has not listennv. >> let's have limb bring food tf the kitchen.. >> steve, you can butter myut toast lightly and bring it overr that would be great.. >> you'll get the same toast yos get every other day. d >> same toast we're eating by the way. >> 40 in washington.0 look at thatin cold air lurkingg off to the north and west. t nor that's headed in our direction c in fact right now with veryh v gusty winds but we will be beloo freezing to night with overnighg lows back in the 20s.he cool day today. t i know we've had a lot of sprinr last few days it won't feel likk it this afternoon with daytimehd highs in the mid 40s but veryut very blustery conditions arecono going to give us w
8:37 am
the 20s and 30s throughout theot afternoon.oo we're trying to clear out theart rain from last in it out of here and partly so mostly sunny thiss afternoon. should be dry. cold tonight and back in a coldl pattern here for the next coupl of days. in just a minute i'll be back'lb and we'll talk about thursday night and friday potential buttl potential for some winter w weather here overnight thursdays into early friday might beht travel problems by early fridaya and then here's a nice thinge bounce right back by the weeke weekend. steve got my toast?got myoa >> no.>> >> okay. thanks. >> sorry. >> all right.>> >> caitlin is back with trafficf >> love that bell. all right. thank you guys. here's video we have. danielle, where is that at? >> this is the outer loop rightp after route 50 a truck f there you can see it right therg in the middle of your screen. se so we are on the scene there ane that is a truck fire in which emergency vehicles have pulledae over on the right hand side of the outer loop right after rou route 50 that does look reallykl bad. it's still smoldering completelo not put out. and this truck fire has caused
8:38 am
delays on the outer loop ier loo believe it was taking out twouto lanes. i believe it still s here's a h still camera shot of the outeroe loop where you see the emergencg vehicles over on the sideesr ont including where the truck wouldu be and two right lanes takin tak out.ou there was an arrow guiding arr everyone over to the left laness let's go back to our maps ands show you the actual delays building due this.ue t outer loop right after route 50e and before 450 in marylandn mar prince george's county delaysy here all the way back to pennsylvania avenue. as a result of that truck firehr we'll keep bringing that to youo while we're still on the airn te that was 9am. outer loop delays continue.nue. this part in montgomery countynt 95 to georgia avenue speeds of just 14 miles an hour.. so 18 minutes on that 5-mile 5-m stretch very long there. lon finally a crash on 27070 southbound. this is at 124 and we're seeinge at least moderate delays ine del montgomery county along 270 with that. all right. that's a look at traffic. we'll keep you updooated with th truck fire at 8:55. 85. but for now steve. ste >> thanks very much. v still to come, kevin's interview
8:39 am
with zootopia star jason bateman and a fan sitting court sidee tries stopping a basketball with his beverage.beve what do you think won? yup.u i there you go.ere we'll show you the whole video coming up next. ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> actress lena dunham act apologizing for accusing ag spanish magazine of photo shopping her. >> 29-year-old actress shared her uncropped image on iganstagr yesterday take a look. a l there it is. >> she posted this photo with w lengthy apology
8:42 am
she said she was surprised whenr she saw the cover for the firstt time because she looked so slim in the photo that they postedosd apparently the magazine croppede the image at her knees and that made her look slimmer. smm apparently you see the croppedhc part highlighted >> okay.>> >> as opposed to the full the f version of the photo. >> okay. o yeah.. good seats at a basketballab game you get up close andlo personal. you get a great experience ifex you can sit on the wood so too speak for one fan at last nightt blazers knicks games at madisond square garden things got too perm. perm. >> loose ball comes flyingcomefy towards one fan's head out ofuto fear he throws his beer at it.. reflex. just what you would normally do >> block it with a his hand it happened to be to be the hando h with the beer.wi >> the guy next to him tries tos block the ball.ock thbal the one behind them got hit witw the goes on and on with -- there it is. bam.m. just held it up to protect his face. but i mean look it's ant's experience,
8:43 am
>> nobody was hurt.rt. >> he got to spend another 10nor bucks on another beer.r br >> nobody was hurt.obody s hu >> hopefully he's got virally h video he can share now with hiss >> yeah. >> coming up, jason bateman gets animated. kevin sits down with the star of the new disney comedy zootopia.. when will those cherry blossom s reach reach peak bloom.k b annie yu is down there in then miffled it all.ffled ll. we'll join her next. ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. ♪ cash money ♪ the biggest discount and understand... ♪ the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. ♪ savin' you five hundred ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah!
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♪ >> i see. something about the music --the >> do a fake sit down like inowl the tree.. squat a little bit. b. aww there you are. >> wait. >> >> grab on to a branch.ranc >> there it is. t it >> there it is. odod. >> good job, tuck.. >> don't do it.. >> steve, enough.>> let's move on now.. embarrass myself enough. enoug all right. winter makes a come back.ome ba. you are going to feel it outg e there this morning with temperatures that have beenee really fallen off here sharply a in the last couple of hours anpn lot of wind.lot we were at 57 degrees thank youk gary for this information.orti 57 degrees at 3am we're now now 40 degrees we've fallenle 17 degrees the last couple of lo hours.ho 42 in annapolis.n annalis. barely holding on to theng oto t freezing mark in hagerstown anda martinsburg. we hit freezing in winchesterese and you mix this in, it feels f like wintertime out there.rt look at your winds north andor west gusting to 40 at dulles.le 37 in washington. 38 in gaithersburg.sbg very very windy conditions andds wind chills all day long in then
8:47 am
not going to be a repeat of whaf we had the last couple of days d with daytime highs in the midhsm 60s.60 big change in air mass with our cold front.cold f front has come through.hrough brought rain showers overnight.. we're trying to kick in thek t i think it lab part toll mostlyl sunny day. either way a dry afternoon foreo us and then a very coldy c overnight. in air mass will change thingset up here for the next couple ofeo days.ys there's lake effect snows efft s kicking back in early march getting lake effect snows and ed we've got high pressure thatgh p will build in later thiser t afternoon ton night we'll keep' it nice and dry. tomorrow looks quite chilly andl dry and then by thursday night t and friday looks like a little a air of low pressure will sneak down to the south of us, and that has potential to bring us g winter weather overnight orn thursday into early friday. fri. there's the setup for thisp for afternoon only 40s for daytimeme highs. highs. pretty good wind chill will holh the real feel wind chillind c temperatures back into the 30s think afternoon.think ternoon cold tonight, everybody wakes us below freezing tomorrow morning. and daytime high for thursday, 43 degrees. we got to look out thu
8:48 am
night into friday for the the potential for a winter still some question marks aboutk how much snow we can potentialll get and where that rain/snowainn line will be but just heads up.s by friday morning there could be some travel difficulties for dit parts of the area and then a the nice rebound in temperatures.rau notice we're right back intore r spring by early neck week. w highs in the mid 60s by tuesdayy whatever we get on friday won'tw last. all right. guys, that's the i'll pack miss my tree climbingc i'll toss it back to you.itk >> i like how you took thattoha friday out of the map -- out oft the seven day.. >> interactive put it on the itt sigh. little snow map.litt getting fancier every day thesee winter >> love it. >> check in with holly and ith h wisdom fine out what's coming un on good day d.c. 10 minutes away, wis.. >> good morning to you.morn good day d.c. all over severaler developing stories this morningg >> protests in virginia town vit after a man is killed whiled w police chase his death ruled a suicide but demonstrators believe there'sbee more to this story.. >> big super tuesday wins forayw donald trump and hillary clint clinton. so what's next. that's the big question? f wox5
8:49 am
political reporter ronica cleary here to break it all down for.or >> an army vet says he was firef from his job in maryland after he tried to stop thieves runnini out of a store.. his story ahead.he >> we're also talking the redskins, of course., of cou what's going on and what's what' happening with kirk cousins andn his big deal.eal. what does all this mean? we'llw break that down as well. wel >> sometimes i get choke upimes about it. >> a lot of money.ey >> we're live with tmz. live wit they have news over the showdowd in court today between madonna and her ex guy ritchie overchier custody of their son.ody heir s >> coming up gone day at 10a,0a movie and tv star morris chestnut don't miss my onene one-on-one interview with himvit straight ahead at 10:30.. >> i'm looking forward to that.t or looking at that. >> jam packed good day dc just j minutes away. a >> we're looking forward to fwad joining you guys in just a few f minutes. that death in winchester to see whether or not he was killed orh took his own life.ok much more on that story on goodg day. >> all righty. all >> coming up later today, thehe national parks service expectede to announce the peak bloom dateb for the famous cherry blossom bm
8:50 am
>> our annie yu is live near thr tidal basin now checking thingig out. hey, annie. it's an exciting day. >> reporter: it really is an exciting day, you know, we haveh lived in the dmv for many, many years, and this time of year yer there's just extra special in si the air and you know who i founf walking around the tidal basinas mike with the national parkatiok service. he's carrying around a littlee pink box and is this the big reveal in just about an hour. h >> little over an hour from nown open the box and the peak bloomm days for the cherry blossoms ars inside the bock. the a celebration of spring.f it's a celebration of the gift g from japan. celebrating the national parkk service 100 anniversary this a year. a gift would be a good way togoo will he veal the date this yeary >> mike a lot of people areofeo making their own predictionsdics based on weather and historical dates. da but you know this winter washise very challenging for us. we had cold snaps and mild temps.mps. today we have these, you know,sk high winds and then, of course,s talk of snow on the way.ow oth how do all of these factors comc into play for you all
8:51 am
>> you're absolutely right it was really a bizarre winter as e far as weather goes.oes. remember in december it was so warm some of the autumn treesn t were coming out. then we had the blizzard. it was in the 60s over the0svert weekend blustery today.y snow on thursday and friday friy so what we do, we take look at t number of things. tng we look at the naturalal indicators war the buds on the trees telling us about how farbr along they are. we look at meteorologicalorol patterns and we look at historical record w have theyavt come out in years previous? hoo harsh were those winters allre t that goes into the mix.s into tm it is actually a science but b it's an inn exact science we'llw reveal that later this morning.. >> real quickly what are theickl buds telling you now? >> the buds if you take a look at some of the trees they'rees starting to form already. so tell us perhaps it was littlt more mild winter than we've hadh in previous years. >> maybe peaking a littleking a earlier than usual?su >> we'll leave it at that andt tease it at that and make theakt reveal in just about 90 minutest from now. >> thank you very much, mike. v >>er okay.>> o so in
8:52 am
have hundreds of thousands ofuss people from all over gathering e right here at the cherry blossom tidal basin area and as younds heard mike, i mean, this is as gift from japan that we got decades ago about 3,000 trees,re right, mike?t, mik >> and you all have done such s great job caring for the treesft and so a quickhe reminder beforf we let you go, if do you come yc down here in a couple of weeks,w make sure do you not touch or o pick at the trees.rees. they've done a great job preserving them went want toent maintain that look.maintain tha. back to you in the studio. >> annie, thank you very i'm working on gettingan in shaa already last year i walk 3 mile3 to get down down t >> did you? >> traffic was -- w -- >> a been continue car butee beautiful once i got there.ce ge as it always is.ways in today's fox beat we're we' talking about the new kids movie called zootopia.. >> kevin got the chance to siths down with actor jason bateman tn talk about what it was like to t voice an animated character.harr take look. >> when you're voicing thatciha moment, what are you hearing? is raymond's voice there? is kristin's voice there? jennifer's voice there.. what do you hear when do youar e
8:53 am
nothing is the >> flash flash hundred yarded y dash. buddy it's nice to see y. >> flash, oh, flash flash, hundred yard dash. >> nothing is there except thetx beautiful tones of my own voice. (laughter). >> hearing it back and back, new york. yo there's -- what you do, you read each scene through and they thra record you kind of do that, i don't, do know works or three times then you go back in and you read each line individually about six times.mes and you just listen to what the directors say. s be a little bit angrier here ara be a little more passive therere or faster, slower, you know, kno they like to have a bunch ofunch choices when they go in thehey n editing room because they don'tt know what the other act will beb giving. >> great scene you and jennifery fall andou you get caught by lik a tree. a tree. i'm wondering when you fall,ing when recording a scene like thaa do you have to fall away fromal the mike? do you make it soundu like -- how do you make it souni like you're actually falling? fg >> you do a little bit of that. i get the sense that you
8:54 am
i'm a novice with this stuff sos i was, you know, the mike wokik there and i ahhh go like thatha and kind of like see the mixer x guy on the other side of theidet glass kind of rolling his eyesie like, i got that on this dial ti here,, guy. i can kind of make you disappeae from the mike.he m so just relax kind of thing. >> there's obviously many, manyn moments when you just look likee a complete fool roaring thishi stuff because you're trying to inject some energy or some intent and some passion intosion certain things, and ultimately you're just staning in the s middle of a room with microphonh there and like a music thingy iy front of you and that's it. >> i want to see zootopia version of arrested development. i'm wonder hemoglobin animals do you think would play which parts if you guys could pull that off? >> boy, that is a great -- gat that's great question. quest i got to give it to you. y i'd need
8:55 am
that one out. o i probably would be pretty closo to my character since that's why they hired me but basically, yo know, i went in should i do like a cartoon voice for this guy like, no, just do what you do. >> be you.u. >> we got it. >> i was like, so just talk.. >> yeah. here we go. we g >> i said okay. so there's -- guess there'ssshe plenty of michael bluths perhapr in this character because i'mecm not -- i'm not pressing that much. >> it is pretty amazing how thee can pull that off and make itak happen i did love the arrested development line he drop at the end there.enthere. >> there's the movie. t it ishe called zootopia and itnt opens soon. it looks fun. loo >> it does look fun. fun >> very cool. >> take the girls. >> tucker was saying he wantedsa to go. might be a little weird by litee himself.elf because it's like considered aa kid movie whatever that is.that >> i like hanging with uncle tuck kerr. >> you can take baby with. takey >> if i go by myself whose thehe creepy guy in the back.n the >> take baby. she'll >> okay. >> okay. >> all right. i'll take her.
8:56 am
the movies we'll bgoe chilly thi afternoon.aftern plenty of sunshine but only in t the mid 40s.d 4 and we got serious winds out there. 40 right now in washington.n. 37 dulles. 39 at bwi all right.ig. satellite/radar is looking ieiet. rain is out of here but winds are not and it will be veryl bev blustery day.bluste make sure you bring a jacket.a e our daytime highs don't out ofuf the 40s. 4 cold tonight. everybody belowryl freezing chilly tomorrow only 43 and setting the stage for bit ob a winter event thursday nightrsa into friday stay tuned there tut could be some travel issuesomtrv early friday morning either wayy we bounce back this weekend and i still think we'll do 70 next week. we got all the seasons on thense map today.od got to love this time of year.fa >> yeah you do.>> y >> it's march.>> it's march the end is near.r. one season at a time. >> final end is near?ear? >> no, hopefully not. i got more stuff to do.ffo including saying good morning tt >> good morning.d >> yes the end of winter.r all right.lht big story of the morning so farf vehicle fire on the outer loop.o this is right after route 50 and before you hit 450 here inn
8:57 am
but we've got delays all the wae back to allentown i believe it's taking out the te right most lane on the outer tht loop. it's been out there and as we saw 20 minuteing a still flaming out of the car.ou so hopefully that's been put bn under control but the vehicle ve fire causing heavy delays on thn outer loop all it way back tok t allentown road. crash has been cleared on river road. ro that was issue at springfieldt f drive. you're still seeing heavy delayv behind it, though, and finally, wires down spots wood furnaceur road between blank road and river bend high school.r bend if you're in that area, you'll see the all right. that's your final look at's youa traffic. stay with us. good day d.c. coming up right next -- neck at 9:00 a.m. put more fun in your day
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♪ ahead on good day dc the the results are in.n. >> we're going to make greatat again folks.ks >> america never stopped being great. >> and what a super tuesday itpd was for donald trump and hillary clinton.inton. so what's next for the fronthe runners and their rivals?ival plus, a virginia city onity edge after a man is shot andhot killed during a police pursuit.. the question this morning, whono pulled the trigger?? and final farewells a sea of blue to honor a fallen comrade.a while another family says its s final farewell to a young moth mother. plus, ca-ching kirk cousinsu ceiling the deal witnessthdeal w redskins at least for one year.y what the franchise means for the quarterback's future with the burgundy and gold. later, back on land astronaut scott kelly spending


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