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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 2, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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♪ ahead on good day dc the the results are in.n. >> we're going to make greatat again folks.ks >> america never stopped being great. >> and what a super tuesday itpd was for donald trump and hillary clinton.inton. so what's next for the fronthe runners and their rivals?ival plus, a virginia city onity edge after a man is shot andhot killed during a police pursuit.. the question this morning, whono pulled the trigger?? and final farewells a sea of blue to honor a fallen comrade.a while another family says its s final farewell to a young moth mother. plus, ca-ching kirk cousinsu ceiling the deal witnessthdeal w redskins at least for one year.y what the franchise means for the quarterback's future with the burgundy and gold. later, back on land astronaut scott kelly spending
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full day on earth in nearly a ir full year. full year. good day at 9a starts right now. ♪ no hat, on the phone. pne. i'm trying to get stuff donee here. here. hello houston.o ho let's lose the hat. h >> thanks for joining us forfo good day today.go day >> all right. a r we appreciate you being with ush this morning because we're all a here. here >> yes. >> holly morris, steve cheneveye and allison seymour.mour. >> maureen, we miss you.ou she has the day off. o >> she's not watching.g. >> never >> we miss you any way. >> look. another thing that everybody ish talking about, spring.att, spr >> um-hmm.>> um-hmm. >> or something like that.meth look outside. we got the cherry blossomsloss waiting on the cherry blossoms.o you see the water right there.he last night it look like the ^rd -- it felt like the worlde t was coming to an end last nights we know the cherry blows samblos festival kicks off soon annie yy getting all the details on that she'll talk about what we cane c expect this time around.. but first we are talking aboutno spring. >> what can we expect this time around? are they going tore th bl
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>> when they do blossom.. >> when what can we expect thist time when the cherry blossoms bs bloom. bloom. >> are they going to be pinkishn quite white.quitite. >> you're not amused by our -- - >> i can tell you the best timing to anywhere between 3:303 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. through the week. >> when they do bloom. b >> you're right.>> >> one of my insider secrets.. >> that's a good one. o >> you'll be leading guided gui tours in those hours.urs in thou >> i can only tell you becauserc i've been downau there that's ts only time you can have it to yourself.yo it's a trillion people.eople. let's do it. there are your temperatures.pere yes, as mentioned doesn't feelst like spring at the 40 in washington.hi it won't later tod these temperatures have beenresb tumbling the last couple of thes hours and we really setting up i for a chilly day look at your temperatures now in theures mountains just 32 degrees.2 dege 36 in frederick. 42 quantico and a lot of wind. w the wind is real problem.blem been gusting at times to aboutbt 40. 40. colonelly wind gusting 32 hereti in washington.ashingto 29 in gaithersburg.rg. look at haag
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37 miles per hour wind gusts sos our wind chills will be in thesb 20s and low 30s throughout theot day. big change in air mass.n r mas last couple of days we were in the mid 60s for daytime highs.ig not going to happen today.nod in fact we'll be lucky to get to back into the mid fours thisrshi afternoon. generally we're trying to cleare up here our rain is done. d cold front well to the east ands kind of partly to mostly sunny this afternoon looks like you'lk hold on to the clouds longer ine the mountains.. you'll have little thicker clouo we shall be crime this air masss will romaine in place tonight, t tomorrow and into friday.o fri so get ready for a couple ofpl o cool march days before warmupefu this weekend. 46 today.od sunny and breezy conditionsonti again a cool afternoon.fternoon winds north and west at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. hour. stay tuned. st you want to watch forecast atect 9:30 we'll talk about the t possibility of some wintryein weather around here, yes, indeed winter weather around here as we get into thursday night 49 day. maybe enough to cause some causm school delays friday >> wow.ow >> it won't go away. >> maybe. sd
9:04 am (laughter).ter) >> we need our school time. tim we need our school time.ime. man. >> thanks, tuck. >> appreciate it.>> >> in the news this morningws t happening today, jesse matthew h back in court due to take a plep deal that would likely spare hii his life. matthew expected to plead guilty to the murders of hannah grahama and morgan harrington.rito now graham was university ofrsiy virginia student who disappearer in 2014. 201 harrington was virginia tech t student who vanished in 2009. 2 last year matthew wasmatthew sentenced to life in prison for sexually assaulting a woman inoi northern virginia in 2005. 2 we'll have more on this tonightt on fox5 local news at 5:00. 5 right now, though, the man who confessed to killing his two yearly daughter and her motheree is expected to be in a courtroom for preliminary hearing. baaing in december you'll in remember darrin johnson was order boyd a court to pay $600 a month in child support butuppo t police say when he went to confront davis the mother ofot their child at her home, he thet shot and killed
9:05 am he faces two counts of both bot first and second degree murder.e also this morning, the t community winchester, virginia gap and link with protests andsa conflict accounts after a man being pursued by police diedolic from gunshot wound this happenee late sunday afternoon.. >> city police shut down a fewtw streets on monday and tuesdayon but they're not expecting anytia protest today's. fox5's melanie alnwick has been on this story for us thiss this she joins us with more on thishh case. good morning, mel.od >> reporter: they expectr: t things in win theft to be back to normal n the winchester police departmenn says 20-year-old dee landry mini field killed himself after hself running from off friends and supporters have harh time believing virginia state police areta polc investigating the case at the t request of the city.est of the he has ties to richmond andhmd a winchester according to state police. a city press release says he way want the by petersburg policeol for armed robbery and assaultss from last september.sepmb friends and supporters haveers h gathered twice now in the i streets of winchester to demand more information
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incident.cint. winchester police say officersir were responding to a fightight possibly involving a gun around 4:00 o'clock sunday and that onn of the two men they approachedpc ran from them.he their reports say when officersr caught up with him, he shot andt killed himself.imlf friends say he was shot in thetn head while jumping a fence. city counselor john hill calledl for calm write on this facebookb page he's seeking support andupa cooperation as the city goesityg through a proper investigationei requesting that people stay calc and don't overreact saying thata all involved seek to reach a conclusion as soon as possibles and that he has confidence inson the virginceia state police that they will do a thoroughroh investigation. now, fox5 did request the t autopsy report from the medical examiner's office in manassas. s we were told that it is still in progress. another interesting pointer,res though, this case has alsoas ao renewed calls for a statewidewi mandate on the use of body wornn cameras and also some some standardized policies there,olie too, turns out that winchesterin is one of the police departmentm in v
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have those body worn cameras.. >> okay, mel.kay, thank you very much. >> you're welcome.>> you more to come indeed, thank you. school officials inicls baltimore are investigate a police officer who allegedly alg beat a student. stude it was all caught on video.ideo it's hard to watch. w we want to worn you about that,t too. you can see the officer strikinr the student outside of the dooro of reach partnership school. soo there's no word op what may have led to this altercation. baltimore city public schoolscco have released a statement and ia reads in part "what the video v shows is absolutely we are vigorously investigating and it is a top priority for us ". amazing to me there's me the another officer standing there watching it.wa >> right. >> right. there's a whole -- >> as if it's not a shockinga sn development. >> right. as if that's not the first timee you know what i mean? i don't know. that whole thing is hard tong id watch on many different levels. >> >> thousands turned out to pay respects to a fallen police officer in prince william countc over the weekend officer ashleyi guindon was shot and killed a k
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violence it was her first day on the job. friends and colleagues packed cl woodbridge chapel for her her funeral today.ay her casket will be taken too massachusetts a funeral servicee held on sunday for her family. hundreds also lined the streets to honor a woodbridgedge woman gunned down before i her husband over the weekend.ov laster night, friends, family aa members of the community held ad candlelight vigil for crystal cl hamilton.mi police say she was shot and shod killed by her husband ronaldon after a domestic dispute. dpu several people who attended the vigil offered up support for srt those who may be dealing withliw domestic violence. >> someone here tonight that maa be going through it and they may not want to speak on it today,od but i'm sure they'll leave hereh and think about what theha experience here and the wordsans they've heard. >> people around the country ant around the world to face this problem and realize that thisthi has to come to an end. e >> we didn't know much of whatha crystal was going through butouh people are aware there's helpheh out there
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>> so far no funeral plans havev been set but she will be laid tl rest in south carolina.. both victims of that tragedy over the weekend remembered andd honored yesterday.. campaign trail now donald trump and hillary clinton bothlb scored big victories on supern r tuesday. they're not the only candidatesy celebrating this morning thought we have a much clearer pictureeu now of where the presidentialsi race is headed. is heade however, joining us to sort thii all on out in the lot of theotft latest election contests reasono we go from here fox5 politicalil reporter ronica cleary.le >> last night we heard from ad a dozen states.ta now the message was clear with t donald trump and hillary clintoi each taking victories in seven states.ates. but how about for the rest of them. >> let's take a look at the gop now donald trump he won seven sv states inn clouding virginia,a, alabama and vermont. vernt ted cruz he took home -- he tooo his home state of texas with -- won't his home state of texas t along with oklahoma and alabama and marco rubio can finally says he won a primary. primary he got a late night call onln victory in minnesota.inneso let's take a look at thek at t democrats.crats. now we said that hillary cl
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had seven victories.ic six of them were by at least 300 points.ts. sanders did he win four statesra including his home state of of vermont. vermont. let's look ahead.let's lo okay. so the next big races will takee place on march 15th. 15t two of the states that we'll we' hear from on that day are d florida and ohio.and oo. now, ohio is important because that's a major reason why john n kasich the governor of the state he's still in the race. in e he thinks he can win ohio and in a recent poll, trump is winningi but it's only by five points ana we do have about two weeks untiu then so anything can happen. now florida is important inornti large part because marco rubioar he's got to win his home state to stay viable in this race.hisc last night the first night evene winning a primary.ry. but in a recent poll trump isp winning in florida by 20 pointss much bigger gap for rubio too fill.ll both florida and ohio they'rehe also important because they aret winner take all states in termss of delegates.eges now one of the things we want tt look at, though, just sort off reaction funny reaction i
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it depend how you look at it. it this morning's new york daily news cover they've got a g a reaction to donald trump winninw so many races and sort of saying, now he's going to win ti this whole thing.hi he says make america migrate ene of days to fleeing the country.t remember when you said you'd y leave the us if trump was elected we don't blame you andma it's time to start planning mucm this is a theme with the dailytd news a lot of covers attacking donald trump.d tmp they make him look like a clownc shows you at least how some ofom the people are reactioning toeao the victories he had which we ww expected. >> yet he keeps on winning by huge margins. mgi >> right. >> and keeps on keeping on. o you know what's amazing to me tm how many times we sat up herewe and said, okay, now after this one, is the field going to narrow?? >> yet, the field just keepseps staying.ayin >> i don't think it will.on't t >> even ben carson, though. >> ben carson and especiallylly john kasich getting a lot ofingt support from a lot of old timerm in the gop party we should
9:12 am
i think that they're reallyeall holding on just waiting forti f trump to say that one thing that might finally alie alienate himm people but it hasn't happenedap yet. >> what in the world could thatw be. go going to be that be tha would put him across the line. n >> you get the feeling others fg are staying in the race just in case something happens where heh is his own worst enemy. ene >> late last night, it did comec out carson is staying in theng h race and it was reported he'sted just staying until he runs outst of money.of money. i don't know what the realthe rl strategy is behind it.ehind but i do think kasich for sure s his strategy is wait for ohio. i i mean he thinks he can win that it's a winner take allstate. ast we've got to see. but -- it would be very v interesting to know what is ingn their minds want they reallyndnt believe could happen.ap does carson really believe he be can win this thing.n this thing >> no. i don't think so. >> what is in their mind. t >> i'm wondering here's gearing up out here. i think that now it look likek k it's going to be clinton andnt a trump and so i think there's tre some independent candidate outdo here that's all of a sudden going to hop in. >> maybe bloomberg.omrg
9:13 am
money, too, trump has not gone n in a big fundraising evident evt right now but if he within the t primary and has to go against hillary he's going he had to need a lot of money to do so ana not spending his own money forwy that. at some point he'll have to t change gears and be more traditional and find thatnd f funding. >> christie said he would look other donors to suppooort him ih he wins the primary.ry. you're right, that's the kind oo money, you know, i don't know'to that drum wop want to put into o his own campaign but it's funny his whole message i'm fundingun this campaign myself. myself. i don't have to answer to anybody. the message may havean to changa i don't know how the voters will respond to i'm not sure if they'll be... if they won't like.on like. >> i did hear somethingear so interesting some of therest republican establishment pushine back against donald trump abouta this david duke connect. cne i did think that was they still don't like thee t current president. preside some of them were saying, hooking or being endorsed byordb david duke is not a good thinghg and not what wore all about either.either. >> david duke comeou
9:14 am
do what you got to do, donald. >> do what you got to do, io i understand. >> calling for the unity of thet party kind of tells you the fac he does not have the support off the party.thrty. >> exact.>> exa. >> the party establish.ty the republican party is not really divide because theecauset republican voters supporting s him. it's the republicann establishment who is noteno is supporting him. him >> how about chris christie hass vice-president pick if he getsnc all the way?k the >> originally i said no way. but then last night,ing. night,. >> standing there.>> >> a lot of people were sayingoe look at them together.t them to. look at christie standing behinh m.m. maybe he is the vp candidate. i really thought that could nott happen.ppen. but now i think -- tnk >> that's pretty much what we'va been saying this whole electiono cycle.. >> more from you on sunday onun morning. >> yes you will.>> sunday morning back with ang b special with bob cusack from the hill and fox -- tom fitzgeraldir from fox5 a lot of fun.un >> looking forward to that. >> 8:30 sunday morning. don't miss it.n't miss it >> an army veteran out of a jobb after he says he was just tryint to protect his co-workers
9:15 am
employer says they had to cutayd ties. >> first, though, touchdown for cousins scoring a franchise deal with the skins.wi what it means for the promisingg quarterback next.k nex ♪ ♪
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♪ >> really likes it today or som point after he science that deal he'll like it. >> big decision made on kirkitni cousins future with the burgundu and did the team make the right the decision a story that has a lot of fans talking across the dmv.. >> so bottom line quarterback kirk cousins stick around dcund longer at least for this >> team put that franchise taght on him on cousins in hopes he'ls play for the burgundy and gold g but more importantly giving himm a giant raise. rse >> it's a non-exclusive franchise tag on cousins and csd what that means is, he gets a a one-year deal worth just shy of $20 million. he can still negotiate withll ng other teams but washington willo would have the right to match th any offer from another team or get 21st first round draftou d picks from that team if theym ie decide to take cousins await a from the odds are it's not going tootng t happen.pp they have until july toly negotiate a long-testimony orsto leave the franchise tag on him. get 2
9:19 am
and you worry about if you'll du the same game next year not.ot. if cousins accepts this offer his earnings will jump up real high. his weekly salary goes from over $600,000 a week to over t o 1 million week. w that's nice work if you can gete it, right? big question, whatn, teams out there need aeed a quarterback and would be willinw to negotiate with cousins. coun. how about the 49ers kaepernick asked to be traded, the browns,s we know about the johnny manziel drama. dr that experiment is over. texans have us four out there oe playing quarterback they madey m the playoffs last season andeasa they used four quarterbacks.s >> i would take the browns drafo picks in a heartbeat. heartbe they'll be pretty good oness usually.ll. >> you'd give it up -- you giv >> no, i'm saying if the brownsf are willing to deal ailed thickt fir first round picks they'llron probably be topics.. >> okay. >> because they're so horrible.o >> they've been horrible forbler decades. >> let's hear it for the underdog doing, you know, he hah a good season. seaso >> great season.>> great seaso >> i'm happy for him. >> almost $20 million.illion >> okay. >>'m
9:20 am
heard about the big easte b e tournament give away where youhu could win a trip to new york tot catch the big east tournament in person. you can see the semi finals anda championship game at madison square garden march 11th and 1h 12th. round trip train fair to new york city, two nights in a hoteh for two. fo end for your chance to win. w you can enter at clickc on the contest page give away ay ends tomorrow at 11:59 p.m.59 p i feel like we should be teasint this m that's amazing prize.rize >> march madness right aroundadn the corner. the >> coming up a touching tribute pour robin williams.obin willi one california town is nown is honoring h >> plus new details in theails sexual assault case againstgain comedian bill bilcos why his trial is now delayed. dd time now is 9:20.s:2 stay with us.h we're back in a moment.
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♪ army veteran is out of a job this morning after doing what hh said was just he says he was fired from hisedm role as manager of a cvs storeto in beltsville after he tried to stop two thieves from runningni out of the store. f5's matt act lapped reports. >> reporter: this all happened e last friday we're told two men came here tor the cvs ran inside, headed straight for the pharmacy.rmacy they jumped the counter and thee apparently told the pharmacist,c open the save.av >> my main concern was just everyone's safety in the building. i reactioned op instinct. iti
9:24 am
watch as two men invaded hisnv store looking for drugs.rugs >> i immediately ran downstairsr went to our cashiers told them t to call 911 that the store was e being robbed. robbed. >> joe says he confronted the two men who were trying to leava after stealing prescription drugs. drugs he says one of them had this screwdriver.ver >> as we were passing through the aisle, um, the one tried tod hit me with a screwdriver and ia blocked met him at the front door. because it didn't open and kindk of where the main struggletr happened. ended up disarming the one guy of his screwdriver.ewiv >> two suspects ended up gettini away and not long after joe's boss arrived with bad news. >> due to the action that i didd um, they have to terminate my employment effective 5:00 p.m. . that day. th >> we asked cvs about it and and their policy following incidents like this.hi in a statement it said in part t "the safety of our customers ana employees is always our highest we do not comment on specificc security policies as we do
9:25 am
want to undermine them ". >> do you think he should havetn been fired for this? >> i wouldn't have. wouldt have. i wouldn't have fired him if i were management. >> joe doesn't think he should'i have been fired he moved to this area to managee the store and isn't sure whatt he'll do now.he'll >> it's not a good feeling. feei i've never been let go from a go position especially forlly for something like that.meth >> joe says he really feels dowd about losing his job. j. but he is already on the jobob hunt in fact when police officers came to investigate tht scene, he asked them if theyey were hiring and they said theyty were. so joe applied for a job at thet prince george's county police department. in beltsville, matt ackland fox5 local news.s >> it's a tough position to beot in. because you want to applaud thed guy for in doing his best tot stop criminals.riminals >> he did it. >> he said it was instincts.nsts >> policies are policies.are pos you don't want to put people in harms way. >> policies for a reason.s fo >> right. >> you hate to see anybody losey a job. >> oh yeah.>>h ye >> hopefully he'll get another r one. on >> hopefully if you're trying t help.
9:26 am
job and this will work out.k o >> something better.omng bet 9:25 our time. tim let's check some of the otheromo stories making headlines on thii wednesday morning.mng the battle between apple and fbi has now shifted to capitolil hill. yesterday fbi director jamesr js comey appeared before the houseu judiciary committee.. apple top lawyer also testifiedd the issue at stake is whethers r national security should taked t precedence over person's rights' to privacy. fbi wants app toll to up lock aa iphone used by the san thean bernardino shooter.dino sho the dispute may be decided byecd the supreme court.court speaking of big day of protestse outside the us supreme court. ct this is a live look right now aw what's going on.oing the justices this morning mni hearing arguments on case thatea could impact a woman's right to access save legal abortion. women's health advocates, planned parenthood and membersnt of congress are rallyingho righg now on the steps of the high court.ur now, to the latest on the on bill cosby sexual assault case.
9:27 am
the criminal case is nowow indefinitely postponed. this comes as a pennsylvaniavana appeals court can considersi whether to dismiss the case. c cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a temple university us employee in his suburban sba philadelphia home back in 2004.0 the 78-year-old's preliminaryrea hearing is set for next week. tunnel with rainbow archesna in california dedicated to robin williams. it's now official. now oial. official signs were put up on monday. each sign costs $3,000 and paid for using private donations.. the tunnel connects the goldenn gate bridge to marion county.. prely only unofficially known aa the waldo tunnel.unne williams grew up in the bay ar area. guys, do you share the load very -- very nice gesture. gtur. that is the message behind a new tv ad going viral this morning.i we'll show it to you.t to you >> get the tissues.hesu >> oh really?eally? >> tear >> plus a stopping that gray. gy how science may play a role inen saying so long to those unwant
9:28 am
hairs but first back on earth,nr after nearly a year in space,, astronaut scott kelly back on solid ground this morning. morng we'll show you his incredible return to mother earth coming up ♪
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♪ >> i like that cold play.y >> that's all i got. g >> a little treat for youe eat viewers.ewers >> you're wel welcome.
9:31 am
>> speaking of zero gravity.. mission complete. complete. first in nearly a young scott kelly back on planet earth. e >> after safely landing inlandi kazakhstan he's on his way to houston. >> what's that to him? he h? doesn't care.. >> fox's jackie ibanez with mo more. beautiful light. lig landing just a few hours after sunrise in kazakhstan. kazak >> reporter: even if it'ss kazakhstan not kansas there's nn place like home. home >> the crew members back. b any idea who it is yet? yet >> i'm trying to get into into position to see. >> astronaut scott kelly and two russian space travelers haversav landed safely in the formeror soviet nation of kazakhstanazaka after spending nearly one yearer in space. >> scott kelly, scott kelly bacc on mother earth after 340 days in space. spa thumbs up. we got a great view of him now.n the folks here in mission m control houston letting out a very big chee
9:32 am
scott kelly as you just saidusti returned after 340 days in spa space. >> this mission may be one smals step for scott kelly, but one o giant leap for the plannedhe p mission to mars.ars. one of the reasons kelly spent 340 days in space was to scientist can study how weight h less net affects the human bodyy vision, cognitive function, bonb density and effects of microicro gravity on the heart are beingng tested. he has a twin brother who is whs former astronaut mark kelly.. you may recall mark kellyl markk married to former congressmangrn gabrielle giffords.rds kelly traveled 144 million milem through space circle the earthhe more than 5,000 times and experienced more than 10,000000 orbital sun rises and sun sets.. the experiments which will wil compare scott and mark kelly ara supposed to last for about a a year. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox
9:33 am
you deal with year in space andd then you have to have a year of medical examinations afterward.a >> that's true.>> ts true >> he hasn't walk normal until o year. >> i don't know how the legsw h respond to to >> that's fascinating to me.citg >> take a look at this fed he te can driver narrowly escaped a tornado that ripped throughpe louisiana last week.sianlast this video shows the driverrir running up to hardware store toe get away from that storm.rm. the doors were lock. he hid behind a drink machinenk before the tornado destroyed the store. the wind knock the machine downd and she held on to the doortohed until the tornado passed.. >> after video? the whole thint was wiped out?d t? >> wow. >> that's crazy. >> you got to do what you got tt do, right. rig >> right. >> i cannot believe this door is lock.lock >> maybe it's good thing sheoodt didn't go inside.. the building got destroyed.ed >> that's true.>> >> tucker barnes, nothing nearha tornado like winds today but itt is breezy out l. o >> lots of tweets from people te that are saying it is reallyingy blowing out there. 40, 45 miles an hour gettingn ut trees reported down inrted downi hagerstown and places like that. yeah winter making a come backec
9:34 am
not only cooler air but veryy very blustery conditions settind up here for your daytime hours.u we've had winds gusting againnga over 40, 45 miles an hour in hou some spots earlier this morningr all right.t. there's your current set up. s p our temperatures plumetted asmet well we were in the 50s at0s a 3:00 o'clock in the morning noww we're 40 degrees.. and i think we'll be lucky toe y get back into the mid fours thit afternoon.afrnoon so unlike the last couple ofcole days when daytime highs got inhn the mid 60s not today. tay return to winter here.turn to look at all the cold air lurking to our north and our west. pittsburgh 26 at this hour.ou teens in chicago and detroit and by tonight, all of us i thinkhi will plummet below the freezingg mark. something we haven't done in ae couple day's time.upleay's t there's your satellite/ we are looking at quietert qute conditions. we had rain showers get out of the way you can seehe those pushing off the coast verv quickly and in its wake big wakg change in air mass we'll buildlb in the cooler and drier air mass here for the time being as highh pressure builds in there's yours lake effect snows off to the north and to the west. the wes so chilly conditions.ti high pressure and cold tonight. chi
9:35 am
set stage for possible winter we event it's looking more likelyel the question is how much are wee going to receive here? this isi thursday night into friday.o fra high pressure set up appropriately here to keep thee cold air in place. area of low pressure tracks off to our south and east and once c to throw moisture back towardsrd the mid atlantic and it look lk like by late thursday nightur n early friday we could have aoula period of winter weather aroundr here.. there rain/snow line exactly how will it get, how much moisture t we have available? we're note'e quite sure on those details yett the possibility that we couldtho have some trouble delays and perhaps a few school delays by y early friday morning.orning. there's your seven day.. 40 today's and we'll reboundound still spring like by the end ofe the weekend, and i think it wilw feel great by the middle of nexx week. probably 70 degrees.0 degr guys, that's a look at weather.a stay tuned.. coming in the 10:00 o'clock houk we have mike thomas and his -- >> very special >> owed to dr. dr. seu. >> looking forward to that. for >> pleasure reading weather rise inform thanks tuck. >> d.c. city council pass
9:36 am
bill recently -- where are we? w pass add bill recent toll pay people as part of a larger crimi bill to may people who may be at risk of committing a violentingt crime. city officials will identify 20y people a year who may fall inton category and could be paidpaid stipends if they participate ini behavioral therapy and stay outy of trouble. troub here's what the mayor had to say bow this particular crime bill.i >> well, i'm looking to see whae the council is going to do in t terms of putting some work requirements and requirements around how those funds are used and evaluation for how their t used just like some of thee so o requirements that have been put on other work programs like thee summer youth program. >> council men mcduffie responso toward that bill and says thes crime bill puts the district onc the map as a national leader in crime prevention policy. interesting.>> i posed that question on twitter for the second time aboutime abt whether people like this or noto >> didn't go over well the first time. ti >> didn't go over well the firse time or the second people -- a lot of people areeoe saying on this is twitter thistt is a bad idea.
9:37 am
if he explains the whole billle part of it is to also give youty a chance. chae. >> right. >> because they don't want a loo of youth to fall in the cracks,k and become not a productive parv of society. sty they're trig to target someart people who would otherwise be in his words left behind to give them a chance to not do that ant actually be productive but ieut think it gets lost --os >> in the headline.>>he >> i do, too.>>o, >> all right. also this morning, it turns outt that graying hair isn't hair i necessarily due to stress. sess. scientists have now discover a gene linked to turning gray. it's called irf4. >> the old gene.ld gene. >> the old gene.he o (laughter). >> it's called age.callge >> i'm not hearing any accountsu of age in this study but okay. the gene is believed to controlr the graying process by regulat regulating melanin which whi determines the chore of yourrefo hair, eyes and skin. ski the study surveyed more thanvedo 6,000 people.000 peo experts say the discovery couldu lead to the developmentally anny anti graying pill.
9:38 am
hairdresser. (laughter).auter) >> i think it's called hairled h color. >> the pill is cheaper than thea dye. >> coming up next study how not getting enough sleep prevents p wrinkles.wr >> it's aging. it'agi it's what we do. >> it's the character. >> laundry detergent this iss amazing has a powerful new n commercial out. it encourages men to share the e load. i believe this is an indian ad a went viral around the globe andd shared by facebook's chief c cheryl sandberg urging husbands and dads and men in women' livel to help with the child care, the chores and the work.or a lot of its in subtitles but take look. l it's a powerful commercial. i'm so
9:39 am
>> this dad is sitting there atr the table.e tabl he's visiting and the mom comess in and the dad just looks at heh and she is just running around like high papa she goes and a starts dinner the hub sittingitg she has to wash the son's the s clothes because it has a stain.n she's talking to the office onfe her phone.ho she's doing all these things at once. once she's taking the shirt off.nghei she's going to do a load.. she says daddy i'll take to you the airport in a minute. mine. so he just stops end look he l writes her a letter and it's to her -- dear daughter, i see you. i see that you come you're managing this house. hou. you're managing your family,ing you're doing all the chores, but i'm sorry for teaching you thata while you were playing house i was sitting there drinking there thai it started this life long g thing for to you basically, youo know, feel like that's your job. >> right. >> and so there you see thater moment. mo he goes away.away. she opens the better. bet there it is it's basically likey i'm sorry. i'm going to dm o more to help.o i would hope that your husbandus would do more to help.ore h he goes home.he.
9:40 am
with the laundry and this is, f you're reiding it there's the tt wife. she automatically comes to himoh and starts -- like he'se h unpacking he would never do do that. she's like i'll do he's like no, let me do it. do i so it's just beautiful.utiful. she's reading it, and it's just -- it's well done.lon it's not too much in your face.f but i would also say it speakspe to different cultures, becausese here in america i think, younk know, we perhaps -- it's -- i customary to per happen share the load a little bit more butoe you're speaking more traditionai cultures like the indian culture or different cultures orres religion where truly the woman w is the -- rolls are defined and so for me coming from this parta of the world, it speaks evenev louder, and, you know, i grew up in home i don't remember my dad doing any laundry as wouldn'ts n full as he is. >> i didn't grow up with that wt either. >> right. it's not too far apart. but i f just think it's reallyea special that the grandfather ana not the father in that is thehe one who >> who realizes it.ea >> very bout full.>> >> when it was hi
9:41 am
>> when he saw his daughter. dgh >> exactly. he wanted someone to help hero p share the load.thed >> really good.. >> huge responsibility for menno to pass that along to their the children as well.children to their young men.heng m >> do you a good bit of sharingg the glowed when we're doing thed work at the house we're alle e doing it my son i make he knows we got tg do this together. this is a house where it's ause bunch of us. everybody got to do a part.o do it's not just women and it's nos just men we're all team.. >> wonderful message. >> you pass that along hopefully they'll take that on in the rest of their life as well. >> the laundry is ready.ea >> i'll go get them. >> let's talk more >> there you go.>> t >> a legal showdown for some of hollywood's finest this morningg madonna heading back to court and a kardashian focus of aoc o we've got the details next from tmz's dax holt.axol ♪ ♪
9:42 am
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♪ in the fox beat, actress selma hey 86 mourning the tragic death of her beloved dog shot s and killed by her her neighbor h and kim kardashian being sued.ns for details we'll turn to tmz's dax holt live in los angeles ael this morning. morni good morning, good to see you yu dac. dac. what happened with selma hayek's pet? >> yes. so like you said, her neighbor h actually ended up shooting thiss dog. nine-year-old mozart and this it up in wa
9:45 am
but the neighbor had claimedad a that the dog had come multiple i times on to his property. attacking his dogs. d he initially said that he wast s just trying to scare the dogo s with a pellet gun, and shot thet dog and did not realize that iti would turn fatal.. cops came out investigated, anda they're actually siding with the neighbor. they are saying, you know,g, kno listen, the dog was coming on tn this property attacking his do dogs. he had all right to shoot thet e dog. selma is very upset about this i whole thing. she cannot believe that the cope would side with she said this dog never trespasses does that attacks thc other dogs. ds. problem is, her caretaker that walks the dogs actually coughedd up to the fact that yes the doge does occasionally trespass and does attack the other dogs. so basically agreed withd everything the neighbor said anh cops said okay. okay. case closed. sorry. that's what happens when yourt p dog trespasses and they movedhe along.along. >> dax, we all love dogs and wee hate to see any dog lose
9:46 am
life. was selma there at the time or e was she like in la and her caretaker was dealing with allwa ofs this? >> yeah, the caretaker has bun b the one out walking the dogs t g taking care of them.f the watching after them and soo clearly the caretaker knowsernos what's going on, and if the carc tick care yes, it trespassed,sps yes they attack the dogs being g dog owner and you have your dogd being attacked you're probablybl going to do something to takengt care of the situation.tuatio >> it's a ha call but at thethe end of the day, yeah, just soo okay. also talking about madonna andoa we've talk about this here holle i think you said it a hundred times hate this is playing out in the public.ubli what's going on now, dax?ax >> yes. so today is the big day that gug ritchie and madonna's lawyers lw are meeting in court.ourt this is over rocco and thendhe custody battle that they've beee going through. you know, rocco moved into withw his dad in london back in december. he kind of peaced out on madonna's tour.
9:47 am
any ooh i want to live with dad. dad a took that very veryer march. she started kind of attacking guy ritchie's parenting skills.i he's like a father doesn't watch over necessary what the kids arh doing and kind of careless anded that was her first instinct wasw to go after the i think she's kind of changed uu her tactic and she's now tryingn to win rocco back. w rocco she's been posting a lot of kino of love notes to him onim o instagram, saying, you know, her undying love for him. to try to see if maybe she can c get him to move back to la or l move back to new york to live l with her and not have it to be a judge's order. we'll see how this plays out.yso we did see some photos of guy.fg he's still in london thison morning. so it sounds like he is lettingt the lawyers handle it while he hangs back in -- at his house. u nothing says love like onlinee postings after online postingsti after online postings. >> after sending your attorneyoe to represent you.ou. >> kim kardashian getting sued.s when you hear this story you sty just hear the headlines, okay,
9:48 am
i can understand why they werede file a lawsuit.file a law then i went to and iom d look at the picture of the damage to the vehicle. vehicle. which i'm pretty sure if we i w bummed into that vehicle whilele we were crossing the streethe se there would be more damage thant if it hit another vehicle.. yes. there's a guy suing kim kardashian, and he is sayings sn that he had all this pain and pn suffering from an accident that they had in beverly hills backlc in 2014. 2014. he is claimin claiming all these surgeries that he had to payat h physicians, he had all these, you know, payments that he had to pay and so he wants the monen back. well the problem is, cops camesc out to the scene of this accident.accident they did not ticket anyone. kim and this guy exchanged their information. hug it out and left and now thet guy is coming aft her saying alg this pain and suffering.ufferin. well, we got a photo like youike said of her car and it's likes l this tiny little scratch on her car on the front bumper, mayberm some paint on it. i thatas
9:49 am
like it wasn't demolished. it wasn't a sign of a very v trauma crash. so it seem leak this guy mightut be just looking for some moneye right now.rit n >> two years later surpriseerur surprise.surp >> exactly. >> i would have selled for aavel retweet from kim kardashian. >> picture.ictu >> a selfie with her. her >> hug was good enough for him h hug is pretty good. goo take a picture of the hug andhed have her post it.have h pos we're good to (laughter).ghte >> thanks dax.. thank you, guys. we'll see you. >> tmz runs twice day right herh on fox5.5 >> all spring has sprung. okay. meteorological spring has spruns not real one just yet butcherycy blossom festival is a few weekss away. we'll check in with annie yu next on when peak bloom may bemb this yea stay with us.stayith ♪ ♪
9:50 am
9:51 am
(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
9:52 am
♪ my blood pressure goes downs witness music.wi >> mine, too.>> me, t >> well, it may not feel like ik outside today but spring reallyy is just around the therefore, so is the cherryhe blossom festival.estiva today we'll find out when peak bloom is expected.ecd >> let's check in with
9:53 am
she's in northwest d.c. now. were you able to head inside gea away from the cold and the wind, annie?ni >> reporter: yes. it feels so wonderful to shedd the layers and not be in that wind.wind it was fierce out there.rce especially along the tidal basin there was extra cooler andr and gustier it felt like. i found mike again here at the e newseum and mike is going to t talk about what people canple ca expect because in just a fewjusw weeks we're talking over a million people here in the the nation's capitol.apitol >> last year's he have meat wasw a million and a half people over the course of the festival andfv don't have any reason to believe it's going to be any differentnt this year.ea the same events, new events, the kite festival, 50th anniversary outcity kiteit festival long standing d.c.. tradition that brings people o out. new anacostia river festival is serve as the official closing oo the festival only in its secondd year. old traditions, new traditionsri and of course the show piece ofo it all the fabulous blossoming of the cherry trees.y trees we'll fine out in just a few f minutes when
9:54 am can you give us any hints, mikek we've been good to you. >> just between you and me.. >> no, we're looking forward.or we've taken a look at the historical data.. look at the trees seeing whatt they're telling us all right.usa taking a look at the climate. ce it was weird winter. really warm december them thathh cold snap, the blizzard, warm, w last weekend, cold again this weekend, all that goes into thee mix.x. we'll have the dates here in hn just a few minutes for everybo everybody. >> there's always so much going on every year. fest mival gets bigger and bette we have a long list of newne activities. and how -- how can people p navigate it all in addition to,n you know, keeping up with allh a the festivities but enjoying tht tidal basin and the trees?rees? >> you can check our website would be main place to go. history of trees, maps of wherew you can fine the trees.rees and that all important bloomnt m watch with projected dates andat it tracks the various periods oo the
9:55 am
emerge. >> and you've done a great job.b we've been saying this allinthis morning the national parke service has done remarkable jobj preserving those trees and innd order to keep had going, we havv some friendly reminders foreminf people that come enjoy thosese trees.s. >> right. it's a community effort. effor national park service has a team of professional arborists tos to take care of the 3800 trees. but when people visit, they can help us by not picking the t blossoms or climbing on the trees. million and a half people peopl imagine the sort of damage theym could do. could we're so lucky that people comee and they respect the history ana the age of the we still got almost 100 of the original trees from 1912 and a again just follow those few simple rules help us keep thosee trees going.ees >> mike, thank you very much fou your time.your and we'll be certainly stickingn around to fine out the date.he . you lost your pink box.. >> there's the box. b >> that's the big reveal. rev thank you very much, mike.very k >> sure. >> be sure to check our website for all of the events, details, we ha
9:56 am
lined up there for you.or y the festival kicks officksff march 20th. move of the events are free.e ee so it's a great thing for the fe family. great time for the entire family to get on out there. thank you. back to you. >> all right, annie.. >> always a an exciting time. tm i think we're like over selling it then whenever i see the iee t cherry blossoms you can overoms sell it. it's so amazing.mazing so overwhelming.helm >> it's great to see thegrea tourists in d.c.tourists in >> yeah. >> it's a pain to get down there great to see everybody want tovy be here.ere. >> absolutely.>> abs >> everybody wants to be where w we are, steve, what are youan talking about.e, wing >> we've got lots moabre ahead o good day at 10a. popular fast food chain cha challenging you to put down thet cell phones.cellhones. the prize it's giving away to do so and are you an instagram pro if so, netflix wants you.. >> first though it's coffee timf on good day dc. eyeing the new cool good dayd mugs. listen the new good day dunkin'' donuts mug is for you if you win the perfect cup for great g dunkin' donuts coffee. cof head to fox fox5 c. dc/contests our facebook page to enter the mug c
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are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> trending at 10a winter's last gas. tucker says snow could be in ouw near future. what you need to know ahead.head also at 10a movie and tv star morris chestnut don't miss mys m one-on-one interview with thevi star of fox's newest hit show rosewood. >> live in the lot of thein t founder of the single girls t si club. why she says women should date multiple men.en also we're cooking treats te with girl scout cookies.ies. chris rock would be proud.ud. i'm selling them, too, by theo,t way. >> avaab
10:01 am
>> and don't miss the end of thf 10a today for a very memorablele tribute to dr. seuss on this day dedicate dodd him. dodd >> let's do this.>> l the 10a starts now. >> absolutely. >> you want to buy box. >> $18. ♪ >> silly me, i thought he was offering a he me a >> he wanted me to buy one. o >> i was going to give you a tou discount of 17.99. 17. >> how many boxes have i bought from you.ha >> she got a whole caseho yesterday. >> it's been a competition. i would like to thank both of a you. uncle steve and aunt holly for through the years spend like $400 on girl scout cookies. coos >> at least. least. >> hayden is getting ready to start selling them.. >> you're not familiar with thet martin mark yup by now holdly.ol >> you're right. >> i'm a big school fundraiserue supporter. i like to do >> $18 it is. >> rem rephrase that. >> eiffel give you four. you >> that will work.>> tt wi >> thanks for staying with us
10:02 am
for the 10a.r the a. maureen is off for next couplee of days. days. allison seymour is joining usoi today.y >> good to see you. goo >> nice to see you. nto see >> tuck kearse barn with us as well.well. you've got heavy lifting to dodo tucker not only is it breezy ana cold today we're hearing ae'reea little birdie little weathere wh birdie telling us we might needd to, upping, keep our outer wearr ready for another round of colde weather coming soon.. >> i wanted to shoot that bird r out of the sky but steve ste wouldn't let me. >> my apologies. i don't even know how to answere that guys. we do have colder weather moving in overnight and early this morning.morning our daytime highs i think we probably hit those we're in thee 50s at 3:00 a.m. look at that 40 degrees inn washington.washin all right. very very chilly temperatures. they set in and here to stay. 34 in gaithersburg.. 36 dulles. the real story i'm hearing about trees down off to our north andd west up towards frederick andrik hagerstown.ha our winds have been very very vy persistent early this morning mi and still blowing out of thelo north and west at about 30 to to 35 miles an hour.r. look at those wip gusts
10:03 am
38. 36 in hagerstown.erstow 35 in frederick.frerick 39 at last look in baltimore.alo very windy conditions.dion wind chills hanging out in the e 20s to about 30. and we continue to feature veryv chilly conditions. conditi don't forget last couple of days our daytime highs have been inav the mid 60s.. so be prepared here for big f b change in air mass when you step out this morning make sure you put on that jacket. tha jac you'll want it later today. and that's with sunshineshe expecting at least partly sunnys skies this afternoon.fter here's a look at yourk at satellite/radar.satee/radar. still doing clouds north andds d west they'll break up, and we a should be in for a quietuiet afternoon an quiet evening eni although very cold tonight. everybody back blowing freezingi overnight tonight.t toni tomorrow looks chilly. friday looks chilly and we'rey w still talking about the possibility of some wintryintry weather around here thursdayhurs night into early friday.. just heads up friday morningorni commute could be a challenge for parts of the area with perhaps a few travel delays or schoolchool delays. we're continue to go watch thatt here. we'll give you the vero y latest as it develops later thisveps l afternoon at
10:04 am
of course at 10 and tomorrownd o morning. chilly this afternoon daytime highs only in the 40s way lot oo win. wi i'll toss it back out to you. ou >> by tomorrow morning, tuck,rrg will we have a pretty good ideae what's going to happen on fridai by the >> the tricky part is the triy a temperatures. we just haven't been very cold v we got to see exactly how coldlc we'll be the next couple of days and how much moisture we haveoi available but the potential is there for sort of our last wintry hoorah thursday night and friday.frid >> we'll pay close attention int the morning.i thanks tuck.. >> let's check what's 10ing thih morning al.morning al >> first story has a lot ofas ao folks talking.g. maybe not talking depending onng where you here's the challenge.'s t try to eat youher dinner without picking up your cell georgia chick-fil-a restauranten giving out free food toree foo customers who can put theiruthe phones away for an entire meal.m you just stick your phone in pne what they're calling a chicken coop box.ox i'm toll it's right there ons rh your table. you eat your meal, you get a gea free sunday.. according to a 2015 informationn mobile intelligence study peoplo spend average of -- or set
10:05 am
something. people spend average much 4.7uch hours a day on their phone muchc that's not hard to believe. georgia chick-fil-a had familiel fail the challenge and come bacc and try it again.itgain some people ask to take the cell phone coop boxes home. chicken coomb boxes. >> they should sell you're right.ouyo u'>> and then i don't know whato you'd offer the kids. >> i mean it could become cust custom. culture at the table. >> we have a lot in common.atot. we can talk or not talk all all night long. you know the movie?? >> best in show. >> just say best in show. sho of line is best in show. show >> that's going to be my go toey movie. >> all right. i'm going to this right now. british company introducing ain now policy in the office. o they are letting women take timm off during their menstrual cyc cycle. the ceo of company exist says hh seen women doubled over at workw from being in >> good.> >> he says the company ishe comi understanding. no matter how much pain someones is in, they are encouraged to go
10:06 am the company is employed byploy mostly women and the ceo says he thinks there's a misconceptionip that taking time off makes a business unproductive when he feels -- >> who is this amazing amazing o there. >> this is not real. he feels it actually make hisak employees more productive.duct the thing that kind of tickleddf me when he said most of the of women are employees.mploye they always say like women stara to have their, f they'rehey're together have their mental cycles t the whole company would be off.. >> right. >> at the same time.t >> i like it because there havee been times when you feelouee embarrassed to say -- i'm sick.c but, you know what i'm saying? so -- hey, it's good. good >> i think it's fairly if somebody really does not feef you're not going to beoing productive because your mind will be elsewhere you probably l don't want to be there.want to e you want to be somewhere whereee you can rest up or feel better. >> right.ig >> it kind of does make sense s when you feel good you want toou be proive. attack the day and gettack tay a everything done.ythi >> why we're embarrassed to says it's your cycle. >> i don't know. >> every person that has itthats
10:07 am
>> it's one of those thingsse tg holly i think unless you're dadd or husband or boyfriend thatiena you're writ there you can'trier really see how real it is.eal it's kind of like come on itd oo happens every month.. but sometimes cramps are hash as tag no joke. >> good for you whatever companc that is. that is. >> we feel your pain.oupain >> okay.>>kay. >> right. >> we do. >> that's all i got to say.ay >> you want to keep talk goingtg right ahead.t ah >> absolutely not.>>olut >> i'm done. don >> all right.>> talk about facebook steve.te. >> coming to company near you ca facebook wants to be the only website you will ever need to visit while you're at w they want to essentially takelyt over the virtual universe. facebook at work is beingei piloted at 400 fief 33 companies it's a place where users only interact with their co-workers.k it's meant to help employeesyees connect and collaborate.borate. >> what? >> >> kind of like, you know, lik e the google hang out type kind of thing, like a workplace thing. t schedule all your meeting onmeen facebook.. >> just like an interofficeteroc network.neork. >> yes. >> okay. >> you would use throughould
10:08 am
>> what's wrong with doing it the old-fashioned way. wi.this is with facebook >> okay.>>kay >> then you have to have yourvet york facebook account.ook accou your personal facebook account.t >> facebook page account.ccount >> exactly. it's a lot. >> that's a lot. that's a lot. you have to take your phone witt you to fix chick-fil-a and do-fa all your schedule link. >> you can check it at chick phil filet if you want a sundaya >> it's a whole bunch of stuffhf going on with that whole conce concept. >> i wonder if facebook is goinb to get like too big so theyey can't handle they're really good obviouslydus what they do now. but there's this pressure for p them i guess to keep doing moree and new,.ew >> staying relevant.>> s >> what does that mean.t >> isn't it funny how much wedoe talk about facebook. >> it is. its. >> almost as much as thelmos kardashians.ka >> almost. >> almost.. >> mark zuckerberg on theg on te billionaire list.ire lis >> he moved up.p. >> an extra 11 billion this year. >> he needs to work w >> there's a new job where allra you have to do is nab a pick, post it and double tap.. netflix searching for someone tt hang out on european movie
10:09 am
and tv shows to stop instagramgm can we say kevin mccarthy at tht same time.same time >> the job pays $4,000 for just two weeks of work. >> can we say wisdom martin? >> okay. oy >> where do we apply. d >> to apply for the job go to gram master. >> the gram master. >> and cough at the same >> it's 2mm's. gram master job. all you have to do is follow flo netflix on inn at a gram and a n hash tag your top three images e on the picture site. that's how you apply with hash tag gram masters three by thisys sunday. >> all right. they want -- everybody get thaty how you do it?t? >> okay. all these -- no. n austin you don't get >> because i don't know if i wao w confusing but this is a realll good opportunity for somebody.. >> go back and explain it again. >> all you have to do is followw netflix on okay.ok. that part to apply for this jobb you follow them and then you hash tag your top three imagesea on the picture sharing sitengit instagram
10:10 am
grammasters three you spell out three. by this sunday. does that make sense. s >> i think it was in there ias double on the screen.e sc >> that's cool.>> >> all these new jobs beingng created daughters listen up. >> all right. >> look forbes released its list -- - >> what does that mean. >> i don't know. don't >> i don't know what that mean.. (laughter). >> look.ook. here's what it means.eans >> let's rewind back through this one again. >> i think it was left over in e the script. >> everybody listen up.n u i think that was for me actualla my daughters.. >> they're not going. >> gotcha. >> any who. >> all right. how about we talk about forbes.e >> my brain hurts. >> mine does, too., to. >> i need an advil. >> forbes released its list ofof the top billionaires from around the world.orld they are combined net worthorth totals nearly $6.5 trillion.trli that's actually down from just over 7 trillion last year. y here's a look at the top six six billionaires microsoft c
10:11 am
gates.s. $75 billion.5 he's been number one for 17 of the last 22 years.. warren buffet came in third with nearly 61 billion and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg took the sixth spot for raking in $44 billion. >> lice list. >> starbucks ceo howard schultzs graces the cover of forbes of fo billionaire issue.ire issue. his net worth -- he's a pooroo man. $2.9 billion. >> i made this comparisone th cm earlier when it comes to bill gates a lot of people grow upw and dream of being a millionai millionaire. some day i'm going to have'm g $1 million. >> right.ight >> bill gates has $1,000,000.75000 times. >> if you had a stack that was a million dollars you would have v to line that up 75,000 times. >> you can't wrap your moundoumo around how much money he'smone h worth. >> i can't imagine what that bank account would look like. lk i wouldn't know where to begin.n >> it's offshore. >> yes.. >> my own personal bank.k. >> as i said earlier like howe and and his wife linda g
10:12 am
so much.h >> they're very veryre verver philanthropic for sure.for >> that's good.good >> okay.kay look, he's been in tons ofons movies boys in the hood, theoodt best man, and now morris chestnut heating up the small screen, ladies, 10:40am.. one-on-one with that rosewoodosd store. morris chestnut.stt >> how did he get thate g tha assignment. >> why didn't we get get thateta interview.. >> morris chestnut ---- >> serving up celebrity dish.. britney does it again.. how meek mill spent his lastis l night of freedom and bradleyndra cooper dating an empire star? we're back after this short break. again!
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♪ it's time for our good day celebrity dish. d we'll start off with rapper meem mill because he decided to live it one last time before spending his evenings on lock down due te house arrest. aes he partied with full house at aa strip club in philly on sunday the convicted drug dealer'ss girlfriend nicky minaj nowhere w in sight as he danced andd through money in the air withh his side kick chino mmg. live it up before you have v to stay home. h >> the only guy in the world who doesn't get strip clubs. >> you're not the only >> i don't get throwing my monem away. >> i was just
10:16 am
>> there's a handful.andful. (laughter). is bradley cooper single and ready to mingle? it certainly c seems that th actor was spotte spotted on a bt date in west hollywood with naomi campbell over the weekend. naomi and the joy actor were also seen leaving breakfast inn the same car together.r. the breakfast fueled those breae up rumors that bradley and arena shake ended their relationshipii especially since he and the a 30-year-old have not been seen e together in over a month.on >> why can't they just be havinn breakfast together? maybe theym were talkiayn talking business. >> right. men and women can be friends, fn right, wisdom.t, wism >> all men and women with the same interests can be >> oh, my god, give me a break. >> because the first time you do a date you definitely want to do it at breakfast.. >> yeah, well, yeah.ea i happen to be in the neighbor.h we can meet for breakfast.akst i'll meet you at ihop.t iho what's the big deal. deal. >> maybe it started the nightarg before and wound up as breakfa breakfast. >> do you have a car here, i'll ride with you. c >> there you go..
10:17 am
i think we're blowing it out off proportion.ortion. >> with 6-foot long legs, yes.. >> exactly. ectly. >> and his dreamy blue eyes. up next j.lo she let the l world know what she thinks about her ex ben affleck's massiveve back tattoo while on watch whatt happens life on monday night.mog the show's host andy cohen c cracks me up. m u he asked the 46-year-oldyearld entertainer what she thought off the new addition during hisg h plead the fifth segment and shea did not hold back.d not hold b she said, it's awful. aul his tattoos always have too many colors, they should be cooler. >> what? >> she's not the only jenn who j isn't a fan of ben foss' new n ink. in recent interview with vanityan fair jennifer gardner commented on the new tat saying in herer southern way, bless his heart. (laughter). >> little rainbow like.ow like. >> it look like the whole cray c yoel ya 64 pack was used in wase that. >> i don't know why did he thatw to himself w personally.nally. >> maybe he's going throughe's soth
10:18 am
>> an eagle. eag >> did they say eagle or bird.y >> you can tell it's not a gooda investment.instme >> right. >> maybe he's just teasings because he only had it fore he a little bit.leit >> maybe it's not real.not real >> maybe it's for batman --atma batman is already shot. i don't know.i do >> but batman -- why would wou batman walk around with tattoos. >> maybe it's for publicity. >> maybe. mbe. >> maybe it's to get some lady's attention so they can havee breakfast.kft >> okay. >> all right. this is one of my favorite my little stories. stoes chef kerry with -- i messed its up already. already let me try it again. >> don't do it. i >> you couldn't do >> here's the thing my kids say this. this steph curry with the shot boy.. that's what my kids say.say >> that's not what it is. >> it's steph curry with the pot boy. >> sorry folks.orry f >> no crickets, no nothing.ts, t >> good job, wiz. w. >> good job, wisdom. >> rapper drake took toapr dr instagram to congratulate nba -a >> really you going to do that now.w >> drake went to instagram toens
10:19 am
curry over the weekend on breake agnew record. record. he wrote congrats to my brothero for breaking another record most threes in single season. sso curry broke his own record thist year by reaching 288, three88 pointers in one season. sso he still he still got lots of season too go. go. >> that boy is on fire. >> yeah.>> y >> okay. steph curry with the shot, boy. >> can we get get a tight shotit of that, please? crickets whenn we need them.we n >> now do it.>> n >> chef curry with the shot, b boy. >> there we go. >> we'll get it to work.k. >> exactly. all right. there we go. britney spears sizzles on so three different covers for hertf shoot for the 100th issue of v magazine.azine. she additional on her upcomingao album. lack of interest in technologyog and her haters.ers the toxic singer said her nextt album is quote the best thingesg i've done in long time but sheue in rushing anything.ny she wants the album to be
10:20 am
perfect whether it take anotherh year or two months.on on technology the mother of twoo said it's not for her.not fo her but her sons love it and on her haters, spear says it's just tht way the world works.or i've been doing it for 20 yearsa don't pay attention to it. i i don't care what most people think. >> there you go. >> good for her. >> good for her.orer >> problem s i'm the same way ii takes 20 years to get to that point in realize it.ea you know what i mean.know wha >> that comes with maturity tome be abls e to say go ahead and hate. it doesn't bother't b >> haters going to hate.ate >> steph curry --- >> sex in the city fans ifan i you're hoping for another movie, you aren't alone speaking to eto news actress cynthia nixon saidi she totally would be on board ob for a third movie. nixon played miranda hobbs in h the popular hbo she says i would love to do itot if michael patrick king thoughtg there was a story there that hee wanted to write and tell. t now, obviously that doesn't d guarantee the movie is going too get made. but it's one less hurdl
10:21 am
overcome if it gets the greenen light.t. right? would you want to see ws that. >> i would want to see the butt of course cynthia dixon, whatixh else is she doing?oi >> she got lot of free time onee her hands. >> i just saw her on one of my f guilty pleasures that i like tok binge the affair. aai >> is she on there. there >> very small role.ole. >> okay. oka >> very small role. r >> she has time.>> s >> let's face it after all those years on sex and the city youndy probably don't have to work anya more.more >> that's right.>> >> you can pick and choose. t >> yeah.ea >> no, no. it's okay.ka >> queue the crickets. crick >> okay. let's get right to this. >> steph curry with the spot, boy.y. >> ♪ >> are we going to leave this oi me the whole t >> you asked for it.ed for >> get the tight shot. >> how much time we got in this show? oh, my gosh. m >> all the time in the world.or. three minutes light, wis. w >> keep >> oh, >> okay.>> o thank you guys.ank youys. ladies when it comes to dating n do you like variety do you stick to one guy at
10:22 am
founder of the single girls club joins us just ahead for her take on why women should dated dat multiple men. m >> we'll fine out the good, the bad, what you think about itut also tucker has pretty much thee same thing, good and the bad and --an-- >> multiple men. >> the facts of weather, al. >> old man winter just oneust on getting ready to make grand return.return. got one more in you? in yo (laughter). >> gosh. >> okay. what's the knee, wis. ♪
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
♪ all right. welcome back. live look outside right now. getting ready for the cherryweey blossom festival that means thea seasons are getting readytting r hopefully to change. >> in what that means. means >> that's wait means to us locals. locals. >> first sign of s >> i said this earlier lastthise night it sounded like the worlde was coming to an epp.o anpp i wasn't ready for that.ha >> have the winds died down,d d, tuck. >> no.>>o gusting to 40 to 45. >> one of my favorite thingsitet about this area all so fourfour seasons are very diss ding. d tidal basin will look completell different in a month than ithant does right now. n >> just a month.>> jus >> incredible.dibl let's give you weather update.. still very blustery out thereutt and cold. let me mention the cold. col i think a lot of us got used toe the spring like temperaturesre last couple days and 40 degreese with a wind chill in the 20s is abrupt reminder it's still sll wintertime.nttime. dulles arthritic.du bwi marshall 38.bwmars we do have cold air that's movem in overnight.vernht. look at your winds allison muchh here the answer to yourhe ansr o question. ques still blowing 35 miles an h
10:26 am
in washington.ashington. 38 in quantico. 35 up in -- arthritic init i 35 in frederick very veryer blustery conditions and that'sha giving us wind chills honestlyy in the 20s and low 30s. 3 please make sure you're dressede appropriate physical you'll beie out later today these winds will start to lighten up a little bie still plenty blustery later this afternoon. all right. we're trying to clear thing out. our front is out of the here and we're looking at generally sunnn either way dry conditions.on we'll be kind of parly sunnyinop this afternoon with some fare sa weather clouds moving through, u and very cold tonight. overnight tonight at or belowbeo freezing for everybody locally.. want to get into the system forf thursday night and friday.nd here are the parts.he p high pressure to our north.or area of low pressure will trackr off the thcoa and it looks like this one, twot combo could give us a period ofd winter weather thursday nightnit probably nine, 10:00 o'clock ata night through the morning rush m hour friday morning and this isi sort of our best estimate estat although this line is likely toe get tweaked a little bit likee l our latest guidance sugge
10:27 am
that main snow line further totr the seoul south and east and eas maybe the system a little morroo bust than we thought 12 hours ago. but either way, keep a close eye on the forecast here. h thursday night into friday. as we have the potential for maybe our last real hoorah of winter with in some cases i c think some accumulating snow agw possibility. there's your seven day.yoeven 40 today's. tay's. it's.'s remember it's cold out there oue today and tonight and tomorrow.r there's that winter event iintee mentioned thursday night into nt friday.friday we'll gradually warm it up thist weekend and right back intoack o springtime, guys by the middleid of next week.ofwe 65 on tuesday.ay wednesday and thursday next weet easily see 70 degrees for partss of area. so we'll be right back intok ino hang in there one more round ofr winter and we should be smoothmo sailing for at least a couple of days.days. >> so confused by what season io is by which week it is. wee >> all over the place.llr th roller coaster. march is always roller coaster.a >> thanks tuck. >> we'll look forward to nexto n week. >> we have talked about this inu our morning meetings.tis. what can you make with girlith scout cookies if you can bypass
10:28 am
just end hailing them directly out of the box f you're f you're successful in doing so we'll find a few ways. bring on the thin mints. we'll see what we can do withata them coming up.omg >> i'll sell you some if yousely need them. t >> but first she founded the single girls club and wrote boob that says women should date dat multiple men at the same time. >> what?>>hat? >> that piqued our interest ofqd course and that's why we areha live with stacey j. johnson.ohon you can see see there she is already in thelreah loft. lo we're chatting on the other sidt of the break.of t ♪ ♪
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
♪ all right.l ladies, when it comes to makingk a decision, we typically like tl have options.ptns. right? >> yes.>>es. >> i mean shoes, clothes, wine,w we like >> the list goes go o so why should it be any b different when it comes to itoms >> that's the idea behind a newn book called date girl i want ton say it like date girl. g that's how maybe it was supposep to be.e. 143 reasons why i believe womenn should date multiple men. the concept is simple how womenw is respect and honor ourselvesue while searching for mr. right.. >> absolutely. >> joining us now the mastermin behind it all stacey j johnson j she's the founder of the singles girls club as well a radio and television host and the star ofr new reality show called from tht bottom up on centric. centr welcome to d >> thank you. y. omg. i'm so excited to be here.o h first of
10:32 am
yes.yes >> good sign of it.f we've been talking about howalng cold and windy it is.nd win it >> we need you.>>e ne >> oh, my god.h, m i brought the sun.. >> exact. all right. let me tell you something. we're married ladies. >> okay. >> but i totally believe in this and i wish i had dint even say it all the time. we don't -- >> you didn't date. >> no. >> you never dated more than one guy at one time. >> no. >> i didn't either >> most women didn't. >> i wish i had, though.,ho i always say it.t >> the premise of the bookthe bk single women give most preciousi gift mop nothing gam me to menom who yet to be self deserving ths story of my life.story of my i would meet a guy body go outod on sick dates.k d and i promise you after those five officer sick dates you werr my boyfriend. guess what? i would not pick up the phone for anyone else. now has this man shown himself deserving of me? absolutelybsol not.t. but i would be with him for aor year do the next thing with the next guy. xt go o times then i'm yourou girl friend.ri i would be -- well i would beiou with you for two
10:33 am
what i've learned is, ladies, mm mother always told me that you only date one.e she said smart girls date one. no, smart girls date multipleul because since i've been doing this for the last three years, a i'm happier, i'm more self discover.over. i am more empowered and mon knek i have stopped settling.ed set >> i love this.>> i love th >> that's what i always say don't >> you fine yourself in these it relationships i would be withd w guy for two years on the phone e with my girl friend complainingd much guess what she would say,os girl, you know in atlantaatlaa there's 15 to one. to one he's not that bad. then i would say, absolutelybsot maybe he's not.s then i'd be with him another a year. and then by then you go, shucksu i put in too much work. >> right. >> i can't leave now.'t leave n >> the thing is if you reallyngl think about it.k about. first of it's been okay for guyg to date multiple girls at oneon time. i don't know why we think iti different when it's women.wht's >> i'm going to say it when g you're done.oiu' >> okay. oka >> but -- i'm going to be hone honest.
10:34 am
about it. if i'm trying a newyi shampoo or i'm -- whatever i will try ailly couple at one time and then and decide which one i like.ik >> right.>> >> smart girl. >> i mean it just makes sense ww do it in terms of products.s. why don't we do it in terms ofrs mail products.. >> you said it holly. >> i'm going to say it women who dates multiple men will be labeb a ho. h >> you know what in my booky you're exactly right.. >> that's not fair. >> the guy is a >> right.>>ight >> the girl would be a ho. >> let me tell in you my book mk there's no intimacy while you'rr dating these multiple guys.e g >> that's important.>> that's io >> no, no, no.>> n we're grown women. >> there's not. n >> holly you're funny.>> hol yo. >> we are grown women. we are gw you can make your own choices ic say you only are dating one guyg if there's any choice ofhoic one of things i heard also is ao they think that we, h a woman dates mull pell men she's less -- she's commitment phobico which is not the truth. because -- >> you hold commitment at at
10:35 am
>> right. back in the day when i was justh give myself to this one guy, duh, who to say this guy is gs deserving of me? commit manyco wasn't held in high regard. reg i honest woman just, okay, youy, can have me.n ha m >> right.>> >> here's the thing though.s you said that but thenth what iv learned from a lot of my singlee friends, too, certain point thet want to say, where is thiss relationship going? always sais to them, that is the kiss ofs o >> killer. but if we are empowered by we'r out having a good timeime ourselves, okay,. o >> you're not really worriedalor about it. >> until a certain point i i suppose if you get serious withs one guy. >> i can tell you eventuallynt what will happen is, one guy will start to -- you'll startrt organic klee wanting to spendnge more time with >> sure.>> that doesn't mean you just star dating him because guess what,us he still has to show you thatout he's dependable, that he's inspiring, he's complimentary,im and he enhances your life. >> if he he's got a little litte competition just might make himh step up to the plate a littletea more. mo >> is this like the worse rumore more when you hear men don't men want competition.petiti rl
10:36 am
>> they love winning. wni >> real quickly i want to get wt this your show from the bottomto up not only inspiring in termsns of being a single woman making k the old her own but you're alsoa in the show the reality showing people you can fall but this isi how you get back up. back >> fall and get back up. bac >> the show is on centric.n ctr it's been amazing experience.xpr queen latifah is our executive producer along with nicky gilbert from know ego.w this show is about women winning. wi it shows you how you can falll down but guess what, gettingt, t back up is up to you.. and charting your life and beinb successful is up to you. y it all starts here in your mind. then you take the actions to dos that. it's been the most a mayingg experience ever.ence eve i never thought i would dor th reality tv.y tv >> are you enjoying it.g >> no, no, it is different. i'm enjoying it. >> because you're politicale p you're out in front and center e in at land tam and this is aamn little bit bit >> it's a lot different. is a >> i can tell was i like aboutet it. it's not how can i put thisut ti because i dot
10:37 am
badly about any reality shows. >> we're not throwing glasses, cups, kicking people, doing this craziness, i mean, we just don'n engage in that. if we do have some conflict, we engage absolutely because womenw are supposed to have pins and a yours may be different thanfere mine. but that's where it ito we're not doing all of that that craziness that sometimes you seu on these other shows. sho >> i love it. >> i'm in d.c.'m in i'm going to be hosting an event oti.ot i'm so excited it's it' conversations and cocktails witt me, stacey jae tomorrow noteomo from seven until 10:00 and it's in let me get it right largo. >> largo.go >> we'll put it on our site. >> we can get your book.t b >> thank you holly oh and my hon website which is stacey jae you can it's get it on barnes && and amazon. >> great. >> look at you.. >> all day girl. girl >> we're everywhere.verywh >> date girl. >> i think i want to starto s saying it like you, date girl. >> date girl.>> date girl. >> it's been p
10:38 am
>> thank you so much.>> >> r teally has and watch the ss and read the book if you'reif single. >> exactly.ctly. >> probable guilty advice forbl people who are married, too. >> no. >> oh, well.>> oel (laughter). >> and moving on. >> i don't know about thaton't allison. >> over to the boys. ove over to the boys on the couch. >> she knows her >> i don't want no part of whatw allison just said. jus >> speaking of knowing theirakio material, he is back right nowin with special guest appearance. you think our weather guy whoou brought you the taylorr swift themed forecast. f taylor suited like 100 million0m people out there.ut t then he did it for madonna. he has new inspiration this morning owe the places mike wili go.. don't miss that coming up on ouo final segment.ment >> that dude will do anything.ln but first ladies love him andeid guys want to be him we're be hiw talking about morris chestnut. got a one-on-one with the star of rosewood coming up next.
10:39 am
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>> what grown men invites peopl to call him >> a secure man. >> there's serial killer on the loose. >> we'll catch him.>> >> ♪ w >> come at me again the lawinhel won't be able to keep me off yo you. >> ♪ >>♪ thanks for keeping me in th keloop.loop >> i'm looping you in right nowi >> okay. i forgot to put you in the loop. rosewood fans, the wait isat almost the show returns tonight rightor here on fox fox5 and recent i'll a chance to talk to the morrisri chestnut to get some insight i into what we can expect thist season and here
10:42 am
we want to know what we cann expect in the next season ofeaso give us a sneak peek at what we can expect look forward to.. >> the second half of thishalffs season you'll expect a lot off intrigue. you can expect a lot of mysterya a lot of comedy arc lot of arc l drama.dra. the thing about back nine ofni these episodes is that we really hit a stride. s we started off learning eachg e other.othe getting to know each other, anda learning to -- building up thatp chemistry. >> tell us about some of the new characters that you may bey be rolling into the season. >> we have taye diggs obviouslyo will be on the second halfond h premier which is coming out this wednesday at 8:00 o'clock. 8:0cl we also have joy bryant she'lla' be on the othe we also have a new character cht played by sam huntington character named mitt chi whot i starts off as a rifle of mine comes in to miami from anothermo part of florida and trying toryn impress us and take my jobs. so we have a lot of great funret story
10:43 am
>> we know the ladies love you,, right? so i'm asking going ask you a question.u quest okay. >> could you we are you or youru character cool, funny, sexy orey all of the above? this is forss the ladies. (laughter).ter) >> let's talk about rosewood. >> okay.> >> he's definitely -- i think hh can definitely be funny, and i d think he can definitely be coole because those are the types ofto things that, you know, that'st' one of the reasons i like thehe show one minute he'll be cool bo and one dramatic and the neck nk minute he'll be funny. being sexy that's up to otherth people to decide that. >> movies or tv which one do yod like better or is it something t you like better from each one.ah >> same thing that i enjoy aboua doing television i don't enjoy j about it makes it challenginghan the the one thing i love about a television is, we work. if your call time is 8:00 o'clock as soon as you getu 8:00 o'clock you're workinglockg because our schedule is so i impacted.impa we do 44 minutes in eight days.. movie you can do in an h
10:44 am
a half in two months. mon out of all the characters thatcs you played, movies or televisi television, which one do youwhic like the best? >> right now i like dr. beaumont rosewood, jr. on rosewood the he's really is a fun characterha to >> what else is morris chef nutf all about?all about morris chestnut has veryt boring life. l let me just say that. basically, i do. i i do. i get up, go to the gym in theyn morning. i'll be at the gym sometimes sot four hours.ur hou >> really. >> i get my work out on yeah.ea get my work out on, play ball p with the fellas.ella >> is your came like instead of occur fee's game since he's hot right now or my more like my m game where i can barely get upyt and down the court. >> right now like your game. g >> make a pitch for people topl turn on rosewood and lock it int and never turn away.n a leave your problem at theure door and turn on the tv and tv a you'll have a fun filledd entertainment. we can mack you laugh. we can make you cry.ake we'll make you feel.eel. enjoy rosewood. >> mr
10:45 am
basketball star, actor and goodg looking man for the ladies, so s ladies, you're welcome for this segment.gment >> rosewood returns tonight atha 8:00 right here on fox5. >> i know what you else you lool in that picture that car they're posing in front of you. >> that's very nice.>> t >> there's a car in the picture? >> any way, the last 10 minutess of good day epic don't miss ourr memorable tribute to dr. seuss. plus we fine out when the cherry blossoms will bloom and the and dessert that is you can maketha with all those girl scoutsc cookies that you bought. bout. hmm, the number one good day at 10a let's hear it for us. got to take a short break. bak we'll be right back. and thank you for that. we'll be right back.
10:46 am
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hey d.c., after good day at 10, let's keep it going at 11k. joan me wendy for all the latest dish and your the juicy hot hot topics.. >> we're doing pretty pw we moved over to britain this dreary wednesday with sweetnesse we're sure many of you have
10:49 am
you're worried about eating theg whole box cook with them instead. instead. here to give us some recipes is julie she's from alexandrialexad suites and company. andompa >> yup.yup >> you are using ingredients and making them even better.etter. making girl scout cookies iss better is even possible.e. >> exactly. >> what's up first? wt's >> what's up first?? >> everybody knows about thews e thin mints.thin >> um-hmm. >> and so what we've done todayy we've made a parfait from it as you can see here. and we're just going to quickly -- we would mix a littll bit of the cream cheese intoheen whipped cream.wh >> okay. >> you can make it from hasn'te or you can buy it from the store it doesn't and then once you put this mix those two things together, theng you want to put little confessionaries sugar. put maybe teaspoon of vanilla extract. extr and then you want to put in soms chopped mi inform t. i prefer chopped mint over thevt extract it keeps that minute tee l
10:50 am
you don't want your stuff tasting like tooth p it gives eight lighter flavor f and mick that together.oget you shall come out with a consistency similar to thumbs it's real creamy. you put this into your parfaitrp and layer it and then over that you put some of the the cookies. >> that you crumble up.e u >> that you've already crumbledm up. >> then you put in the whippeded topping on top and garnish it with a fresh cookie. cooe >> my job is to taste the thin min parfait and you to move on v down the line with >> i see a yellow box. >> it is lemon powdered cookieoe here all wove done is we've madd lemon bars with them.hem. >> okay.. >> so we've actually taken the cookies and put the crust at tht bottom and then we've mixedv together some lemon, eggs, sugar, some other ingredientsren and they come out nice bars. >> okay. oka. >> do you have to mash them uphm or anything. anythin >> you have to put the bottom it first and then you mix in then lemon and put that on top andopa you bake it at about 3
10:51 am
about half hour. h >> okay. >> this is fabulous.abulou i wish this spoon was a little l bigger.gger (laughter).ter) >> then plating as you can see,c you can just kind of maybe layel the with some whipped cream, cam fresh fruit, and the cookie isoe on top and there you have it.t. >> okay. >> you have the lemon bars.e >> move on down theth line.e. >> come on down here.. purpose pep box one of myp box favorites. sama mow yas. y >> we make monday cake.e mo what i would like to adviseld before you do t lhese use a foif lined tin because if you use the regular paper then it will -- i will get really messy.yes and so you want to put theut t cookie in.n. coconut side down. d >> the whole cookie goes in. >> whole cookie goad in at the would tom.. we used vanilla batter and thene we poured it in.. we baked them at 325 for about a 13 minute.13in >> okay. isn't well drizzle them with a h little something. >> then we have a little caramem here. here when it's all done, you can jusj put a little butter cream on top. and you do that. t then you can just ----
10:52 am
>> drizzle it with caramel andam little cookie. coo >> this is messy but i will be b sampling this >> tag alongs keep them in myn fridge. >> try one of these.ry what are doing chocolate and peanut butter in the >> we're mixing peanut butterutt into the batter into a brownieoo batter mix and then we're w crushing the cookies up and thet we're actually putting them inn the batter as well. w >> crush cookie in with theookiw batter. >> exactly.xact bake it altogether unget a nice peanut butter flavor along withn chocolate. >> are you using the whole boxnb of cookies or a couple of coupl cookies.okies >> a couple of cookies. >> i can eat the rest. >> exactly. >> eat cookies while we make wee dessert. dessert. >> exactly. we have the bigger pieces here. you want to cut them up in p sms pieces if you want to have aav dessert buffet or something you can do that as well.n tha >> okay.>> oy >> thank you very much.hank youv these are awesome.. >> great ideas.deas >> my parfait is really good.ll. i'm going to make sure this iset good, too.goodtoo >> do you have a website ifebsii folks want more information. >> www.alexandria suites.c
10:53 am
very coo >> good stuff. thank you very much.h. >> thank you. y >> you read, i'm eating. eatg. >> it may not feel like it spring just around the corner.n. cherry blossom festival fewl weeks away the peak bloomblm forecast is march 31st throughtg april 3rd.l d >> we need a drum roll. r that's a big deal. >> um-hmm.m. >> drum roll. speaking of forecast we have ar very special one for you today.d we brought in our extraordinaryi mike thomas.. now mike thomas has a famous taylor swift marks donna -- you know his story. sto so let's get over to mike thomaa before we run out of time andim see what he's working on today.d >> thank you wisdom.nk wisdo dr. seuss day as you mentioned n and we have actually dug outut archives a very special dr.cial seuss forecast he never released this books b officiallofficially fizzes the we're reading it and gathered gt children from fox5 elementaryler here made it into the studioo today. here's the very first reading
10:54 am
dr. seuss' unknown book. b all right, children. march is here, no need to fear, the ends of winter is su surely near, and soon outside steak at grill we'll but wait, what's that you say? y winter is not ready to go away. we can yet go for a swim in then bay but i want to go out and play. pl no, not now, not yet it's true,t for tucker's temperature map shows snow, too? i had no clue. c thursday night into friday, well, i can't be shy to thehyo e grocery store i must fly to grab milk, eggs and bread so i don't die.di oh, wait, only around an inchdni and here i thought i'd be in a a pinch.pinch. shoveling this snow will be a search.sear but, yes, the weekend does look cool too cool for the pool, stay inside and sit on your stool and study all your subjects for school for right now
10:55 am
rule because i've got good newsn and i'm no fool, the extended forecast will make you a major warmup is on the way, 60s, 70s hip hip hooray.oora because it's under the sun thata i want to lay.ay. yes, it's true, spring hasas almost arrived, i can't believet i made it through winter alive.. soon vitamin d throughout my body will so be happy d.c. winter is att end until next year when we doe it all again. (applause). >> is this like dr. seuss thehe pimp? i mean that hat -- >> it's a modified cat in the t hat. hat. >> where did you get these kids? >> yes. >> watch these two.chse two. >> believe it or not -- not >> you got one drinking and kevin federline i don't know don what's happening on this side oh the room. roo k fed. >> i don't know where you got ah k fed reference. reference. >> just look at him.m. >> hat to the side. >> mike, good job. job
10:56 am
>> you are incredibly talented. >> dr. seuss for inspiration.. >> yes. y >> thank you mike. >> actually it is national read across america day and that ishi every march 2nd every year itrya is dr. seuss' birthday and it's celebrated across schools acrosa the nation and the whole point p today obviously is to read a r book with a child.ld whether it's dr. seuss back orec not it's just promoting readinga and the value in it and even you too tucker could pick up a bookk today. >> since we have their seconds left --le >> three weather people here.. >> anybody want to off up aff ua >> mike you want to take a tryne at the seven day. d >> i thought caitlin would takek a shot the this one.he ts >> seven day forecast. sen day chilly this afternoon. definitely book reading indoorsi not outdoor play ground. g as we'll be very this afternoonn ton night.ton nit. still looking mike will have wlh more the 5:00.:0 still looks like we can getwe ct winter weather around here latea thursday and friday and then as mentioned in his story, back to springtime warm many next week. >> will you still be wearingu that outfitst at 5:00.t 5 >> tune in to
10:57 am
>> next year mike i do actually have a dr. seuss hat. h >> we were looking for one. >> i actually have a couple at home.
10:58 am
10:59 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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