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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> right now at 5:00 students remember at teenager whor overdosed on heroin this week. e a growing problem in the areablh and we'll tell you what you yout need to know straight ahead. ahe >> it is thursday, marchday, m third. there's a live look outsidesi right now.right now cold day ahead and yes, we andes have some snow on the way.. but let's not focus on thatha because it's 70's next week. weather and traffic, we'llff, w talk about it all coming up in just about five minutes. min good morning, i'm holly morris. rr >> i'm wisdom martin.'m w thanks for waking up with us wis on this thursday morning.thursdi in the news this morning, it'sng looking more and more lik
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that ben carson will drop out d of the presidential race. yesterday carson said he seesd s no path forward in his white house bid. this is not ben that was the baltimore case there but sticking witht ng politics he says he'll nots hlln attend tonight's gop debate inen michigan and he will no longer actively seeks votes. v carson says he believes ted cruz and marco rubio shouldhod drop out of the race. now let's talk about what's happening in the newspeni thisn morning. a preliminary hearing in upper marlboro for the man at thet center of that child porn scandal.dal. deonte carraway faces morefacemo than a dozen charges of videotaping young childreng engaged in sex acts.ex a fox5 has confirmed anotherno lawsuit filed against princefile georges county schoolss relating to this case. to this . it claims a nine and a half a year old victim told his teacher about the abuse and abua she allegedly responded "i don't believe you.n't
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board of educationf ecation superintendent the principalende and teachers are named in thatha >> today the maryland statehe senate is expected to approveppo a bill named after two teens t who were killed in a car crashac in montgomery county. alex murk and calvin lee wereeer killed in the crash last junet n after attending a party wherearw alcohol was served the new bill would stiffen penaltiesales on adults who provide alcohol to underage drinkers.erag dri offenders would go to prisond go up to one year and face fines f of up to $5,000. $5,00 the bill is expected toxpecd receive final approval by the by house next week. w >> let's go to fair fox now. fairfax county community isnity mourning the loss of a high losa school student found dead in her home. he. >> police believe the teen'se bi death may be drug related.. fox5's annie yu is live in le clifton virginia with thea witht latest on such a tragic story. annie. >> reporter: absolutelyolely heartbreaking holly and wisdom. this is 17-year-old alexia springer, and so many family, fl friends and the fac
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at centreville high schoolchoo have mourning the loss of arnin young life.yo again, she was just 17 yearst y old a-junior here att centreville high school.high sl. on tuesday morning fairfaxai county police say they got theyg report of a woman found dead inside a police say alexia springer'spge' body was discovered by avereby friend who had actually spentlle the night and we're told thatd t she died from complications from drug use and right nowrighw investigators believe she overdosed on heroin.ner those who knew her say she was w beautiful inside and out, kind hearted with an outgoingutin personality and many are just as stunned by her death and her ded death is reportedly the secondhn death caused by a heroin a her overdose this week alone in thie the county.ou and in fairfax county alonene according to government gover sources, deaths from heroin fm overdose have reportedly reporty doubled in recent years and soe the school district says it isat now going to be reviewing its drug prevention program and education. meantime grief counselors will be back at the school today on campus to provide help to any a students and faculty. f
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that's the very latest here in cliff ton.c back to you in the studio. >> ♪ >> 5:throw is your time. police in bladensburg needbladsr your help finding this missingng teen. she was last seen arounds laste midnight.dn they believe she ran away from home on tilden road and was roaw seen getting into a i police say the driver took her somewhere to calvert countyrt but it is unclear where they wrt took her. now, if you see her you're being asked to call the bladensburg police department. today in annapolis the t freddie gray case moves too maryland's highest the court of appeals will hear arguments over whether officerff william porter one of the sixrtr baltimore police officerse charged in the case can bepocan forced to testify against hisst fellow officers. offic officer porter's trial ended in a mistrial in december.ecem the trial of five other officers has been haltedased pending a ruling from theg a ru maryland court of appeals. >> fairfax county police were called to the same home twice t yesterday and one of thoseho times they were shot at. the first cal
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morning for a domestic disputec between a father and his sonndis at their home on larksburg lks drive in alexandria. axa police say a 58-year-old was arrested for assault of a family member. several hours later they werehew called back to the same home. h when they arrived they were wer shot at. a fortunate no one was injured. wj police arrested a the incident is under investigation.stigatio the body of ashley guindonui the prince william county police officer killed in theicer line of duty last weekendke arrived in her home state of massachusetts yesterday.esrd ronald hamilton is accused ofedo killing his wife and then a opening fire on guindon and a two other officers saturday in woodbridge.woodbridge. hamilton is being held withoutut bail on capitol murder charges. family funeral for officer begin done set for sunday. >> ♪ >> all right, one of myightone favorite phrases, you got to got go through it to get to it. i right now we got to go throughhr it because tomorrow is going g to be some snow and then it's going to be smoot
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a couple days because -- go to-o it to get -- wisdom i'll give you some attribution on that.ha >> can we trademark that. t >> copyright. there you go. wisdom. >> lack of wisdom. >> going through to it get toou it.o to going through the snow to get to the 70 degrees.0 gree >> i understand. >> you got it. >> life lessons from wisdom early, 5:00 a.m. 30 degrees.30 we're dropping state.drop 21 in manassas. culpeper is 21 degrees. 21 deee hey, manassas, you've warmed've up just a little bit. ja little. actually i like that, wisdom, wo i think that's pretty cool. 27 degrees dulles, ands, 28 degrees for win chesterin chr this morning. we're cold this morning. we're going to be chilly today. temperatures will be warming up. upper 30's and lower 40's. generally clear skies thiski morning. we do have a couple of high a cf clouds out there.he moon is beautiful, too., too. clouds will be on the i think we see some good sunshine to start the day.staray then the clouds will start too thicken up.thicken u we'll be mostly cloudy late l this afternoon. aftnoon temperatures again upper 30'sin3 to low 40's across the
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not -- i mean, there aba tre little breeze, maybe five,ive, six, 7 miles per hour most of p the day. nothing like what we hadlike wte yesterday with those windit gusts up around 40 at times soes that's better and then the snow comes in overnight orn tonight into the first part oft the day tomorrow.y i'll show that you coming upto n but right now let's gett's g straight to your thursday morning erin como is back and she's inn with that. that. >> on-time traffic brought toicb you by toyota.yoby t visit buy a for special offers.ial offers. >> usually i greatly>> usu i anticipate fridays gary butar with the weather moving ining tomorrow, i'm a little littl nervous. >> i feel the same >> so we'll keep you updatedl ,d let you know. could be a dicey start to your o friday morning.friday mor right now if you're waking upinp in anne arrundel bw parkway southbound a crash involving aog tractor-trailer blocking itsr og right shoulder right this is out byou maryland 175.a1 traffic getting by to the left. causing a bit of a backup so aau if you want to get around that keep to it 95 southbound this morning. a move over to our maps rights t now.w. aside from that crash that ist causing a backup, we he dowe h o have some other road work
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zones that you need to beat y aware of. typical ongoing construction on the beltway. beltway both loops traffic getting by to the right near newhe r hampshire. in addition to that in prince ir georges county this morning c inner loop at ritchioue marlborb three left lanes are blocked. ln all of that should be clearedshu shortly is.shor we'll keep you posted but the te good news is volume really rea light around the district right now so it's not causingotg any major slowdowns thissow morning.moing. 395 southbound right near seminary road right lane isoarih blocked. keep it to the left. it the good news as wellel northbound side look at allk atl that green on the map, noap problems as you head from fm alexandria and arlington thisons morning towards the district.wah our bridges, the can key bridge, 14 street, 11th street s looking nice. n no problems as you cross over o south capitol into thein district. suitland parkway right i'll you know when anywn congestion or more crashes pop up. that's your back to you holly and wisdom. >> coming up gop candidates get ready to take the stageto t tonight. we're going to find out whoinduo will be missing from the debate after the break. >> ♪
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go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> as we told you earlier the atp candidates will debated again tonight but ben carson cao will be missing. carson says he sees "no path forward in his white housete hse bid."bi if addition to dropping out ofg tonight's debate he says hee s will no longer actively seekse votes. carson believes ted cruz and marco rubio should drop out drop and clear the way for donald trump.trum meanwhile mitt romney plans to weigh in on the presidential he'll hold a press confer
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today discussing the state of the 2016 election campaign.n. fox news channel will host tonight's gop debate. starts at 9 p.m. brett bearre ba megan kelly chris wallace theyce will all moderate the debate deb from detroit. we he will of course have hav highlights for you tomorrowou to morning starting at 4:25. >> delegation of congressionalon lawmakers including d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes hol norton will travel to flint,to i michigan today to assess thehe water crisis.r c the governor of michigan is expected to appear here inn d.c. later this month.. >> the governor will beovernor e testifying before another ofe tr my committees in the middle ofi march. >> okay. >> first he refused to comerefu down, now he's going come and ce tell us all about it. >> can i ask you will you press him? what sort of questions will you ask him.k him >> we want to know when did he i know about this crisis and didsa he take immediate actione mediat because the buck has beens been passed.passed. >> sure. >> so that i don't even know don where it stops. >> the district experiencedxpie the its own water o
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early 2000's.00 >> no surprise that germs arege everywhere of course and thatf includes metro.udes don't miss, though, what youh, t could be picking up on your next ride ahead. ahead. >> all right, plus the secret to a taller younger body. well, it may be zero gravity. gi incredible effects from a yearer in space after traffic andffic weather with gary mcfred. mcf e' today we're going to warm w up. temperatures will be lowerures 40's. a couple of you mid 40's and and some may even stay in thetain upper 30's but not so windy. increasing clouds. snow he is on the on way we'll tell you all about that coming up in just a bit but b b don't forget, spring comes c next week not officially butiay the forecast is going to have some spring weather. w stastay with us. traffic, too, coming up.
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>> ♪ >> developing overnight two schools in prince william county are getting newg p namem the school board decidedhool boc unanimously to name a neidw elementary school after fallenn firefighter kyle wilson.ter w his death was the only line of duty death in the county's history. history. godwin middle school will bee renamed after educator dr. george hampton.orge for weeks the communityom debated on who to name the new elementary school after. >> ♪ >> hey, we're back over hereba h this morning. mning weather beautiful woodrowul woo wilson bridge in the distancence there.e. fair skies this morning. this mi cold temperatures.petu but the storm is not too farotof away. it's just back out to the westck of us. there is a winter weatherwehe advisory.
5:16 am
entire area. are it starts tonight atght a 10 o'clock.10 it goes through untilnt 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. here are the main points on the this storm i want to you z the t biggest impact with this stormss comes from timing simply simpl because i think that the wayinke it's looking most of this this storm holds off until after this evening's commute, okay, o unless something changes andhans we'll try and let you knowou k with that.ha sometimes these clippers canperc be a little bit faster comingbir in but it does look like it's i' overnight and will impactght tomorrow morning's commute for snow will be falling duringlingn tomorrow morning's rush. mning'. we just talked about that. t heaviest of the snow does looks like it's going to be souths gon and southeast of the city now.y and major highways obviously oio are going to be in pretty good o shape because of the fact that the roads have been so warmo but we're cold this morningor and i actually saw someawom pretreating going on out there t in places where it looked liket we were getting pretreating.ti cold high pressure to the north of us is going to pushoi in all the cold air. storm system is going to slip tp to the south of t one of the changes we've seene' wit
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the last 24 hours is that it does look like it's going toke find its cold air and bring itri down so most of the area isis going to be in snow. s you really have to go off to oft the eastern shore and overver towards the shore to findo f where it mixes out a little aitl bit or becomes just rain right r along the coastline there.he but most of this will be snow.e now, look, we could start with a little bit of mixing coming in late this evening but forut the most part it looks likeks lk it's going to be snow. snow totals, one to two foror just about everybody and then there's going to be spots here where we're going to have two h to 3 inches in places off tosff the south and to the southeast h of us and then it will rapidly r go to a mix and off to some s rain showers.ho. weekend forecast, though, ithou, will be 51 degrees by sunday. sn should be lots of now, look, there could be aou b snow shower or two lateoat saturday into early sundayly sun morning but it's not going to'st be a big deal at all. at all here's the clipper moving ininn our direction.. it does look like it's goingike to get a little bit stronger s and then it becomes a coastal aa storm and really does g d
5:18 am
to the east of us.t of u tonight a little bit of snowtt t and then look tomorrowomor morning, this gets out of hereer but what i want you to see is si down through southern marylandnl here, right before the transition becomes snow,omes that's where the heaviest of hea the snow is going to be, so you kind of put that two to 3-inch bull's-eye down there.s- there could be a little bit --bl a few spots in places where ithe gloves up to maybe 4-inches. 4-c it gets out of here byf re b tomorrow and tomorrow eveningve so we should start the drying dn process and of course lots ofse sunshine and drier air as weer s head into the weekend.eeke in terms of the forecast for o today.f chilly start should see goodd sg amounts of sunshine. cool conditions by lunchtime. l. clouds coming in. looks like during the daylight e hours we stay dry.. rain/snow mix comes in later on this evening during thedung overnight and at leasteast tomorrow morning so 43 for a high dark that's cool.s c get into the weekend middlekendd 40's saturday, 51 on sundayun and not to be forgotten, nextgo week not officially spring,
5:19 am
like it. li by wednesday up to 75 >> yes. >> 75. and once we get there, it lookrl liklooks like we'll stay thereye for a good few days. d i was going to make a joke but i won't do that to you. y >> what was it?t? >> i was going say seven hours s or so. but it does look like -- four,e- five days day >> i'll take it. i >> with temperatures in the 70's. >> i'm bracing myself for thengl snow/rain mix./rai do you think it's going to bnego more snow or rain coming in.n. >> it will be all snow.ll sno mostly snow. we may start off with a little bit of a mix but it will go it g all snow. >> we got you covered for yourdy evening ride tonight. tonig fingers crossed it holds offcros until later and then tomorrowann morning which is as garys gar mentioned not going to be funt b much right now if you're heading out from baltimorealmo towards the district bw b parkway southbound at 175bound a there is a crash blocking theint right shoulder.ho right now some lanes of o traffic getting by but it's but causing a delay so giveo give yourself some extra time orime o take 95 southbound.5 we'll take a look at our mapsatp and help you get around someom other
5:20 am
both loops inner and outer a o traffic getting by to they he right near new hampshirenear avenue. i'll let you know as soon asas s that clears out of the way.s ou if you're taking metro todayetrt there's some track work for woro the blue orange and silveril lines. you may see delays pop up.s p we'll keep a close eye on thatna and keep you posted. another work zone in prince i georges county. inner logeop at ritchie marlborb three left lanes are blocked. ln suitland parkway inbound parkwab looking really good.g realoo not seeing any majoraj congestion on our secondarieseca inside the district just yet. 395 southbound by seminary sin road right lane is blocked bylod road work.roador northbound side looking good and you're clear across theos wilson bridge.lson got you covered if anythingf ang else pops up. that's your traffic. holly and wisdom.lly d w >> all right, well, listen toto this. this this next story is not goingstor to be a big surprise to youise y but there are thousands of germs all over the metrol ov system. >> recent study looked at public transportation in newn n york, the district, chicago,higo boston and san scientists found grabbing arabba handrail on the new yorkra on subway system transfers as a much bacteria as shaking hands with 10,000 people. ppl
5:21 am
>> researchers also find theredr are about 2 million colony forming units per square inch si in the big apple. now compare that to d.c..c. there's only 30 colony formingng units.s. >> that's better.setter. >> but metro is the only train a system to test positive for for the germ that causes strep and p staph infections.. >> ooh. wash your hands.r hand don't touch anything. athing. even if you just walk through,ah wash your >> just wrap yourself in plastic before you get on.c be all right. how would you like to be a little taller? well, all youl,u have to do is take a trip to space.sp >> after nearly a year in space in the sky astronaut astrt scott kelly actually 2-inches taller, 2-inches. 2-inch kelly returned to earthto earth yesterday and in space sincey as there's no gravity your spinaloa disks are not compressed not c giving you the boost in boost i height. nasa is now setting how thatt time in space
5:22 am
body. >> talking about mull strength coordination and blood, urineod analysis, e can kg, heart and lung performance, pulmonary capacity.capa everything that you can thinkth of. ep,n is an early foot step, anat early milestone on our way toay mars. >> scientists will also looks wi for balance issues as well asise trouble readjusting to a 24 2 hour a day cycle. however, medical testing onn scott won't begin for monthsoron so he can reacclimate to life l with gravity. >> is that a permanent change?mg >> that's a big question.uestio that's the long time. >> or do you shrink again when n you come back to earth. ear >> when your desks compress d back to >> things to think tnka ahead a local bridge in i desperate need of repairs orairs it could close in five >> it is 5:22. we're back with that and an a update on kirk cousins and all a that money he's got to -- he'soh going get in his pocket withoc the burgundy and gold. stay with us.
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>> well, there's no post franchise tag drama for the redskins. today quarterback kirk cousinsrb is is expected to sign his oneoi year deal with the team.wi the news came yesterday from hismis agent via twitter.witt the move keeps cousins off the unrestricted free agentstcted f market. since the red skins placed pla franchise tag on cousins thatns means reality make the averageke of the top fiv te quarterbacksrk next year making nearly nea $20 million. cousins will start takingins lls parter in off season workouts ws with the team next would. teanet most int
5:26 am
about that story to me as muchec as we talked about it is i i didn't realize how they came r up with the 20 million, thatn, it was average of the top five quarterbacks which actually is a a pretty good way to do that. t. >> yeah. >> makes sense to me sse t >> uh-huh. uh- >> you know what's funny, too,wf is that they're going to pay toy him almost 20 million and it'sos a good deal for the owners. o they think that's a great deal. >> what does that say about --da right.ght. >> yeah. >> that was a win-win-win for-ww all involved. i >> everybody gets paid. gs p everybody walks away happy.y >> oh, boy, temperatures thisras morning kind of back torning ki reality. of course yesterday with thester wind it felt miserable for a f time. >> uh-huh.>> >> even though we had good u sunshine but todayth no wind oro not much wind. w we always have a little bit ofie wind. wi 30 degrees here in the city. c that's dropped off a little droo bit. i think we could still getould g down 28 or so before it's all a said and done. culpeper you're 20 now,20 manassas has come up from 19 to 23. to 2 and we'll see these little minor fluctuations over theve te next couple hours.ou bus stop forecast for the kiddos out there, it's cold tosd start, okay, but sunny to star
5:27 am
today as that clipper startslipp to approach. rain/snow moves in hopefullyop after evening commute, okay. i'll show snow totals.. >> keep your fingers crossed.yor >> we'll call it the snow castl in just a bit. >> thanks gary.s g >> let's check in with erinit como see what she has going onag this morning.this mni >> 5:27. at least weather isth i cooperating for our thursday thy morning commute but we have ammt big crash involving a tractor-trailer bw parkwayw p southbound at 175.t 1 keep it to the watch for delays. d we'll move it to our maps right now. n other road work areas andreas ad congestion building around theae district. distri work zone inner loop atrk zone t ritchie marlboro road. road. three left lanes blocked.e le ln earlier construction inction i montgomery county.mont all lanes opened by new hampshire avenue on the inner ti loop and outer loop and let's l see if we can forward our maps m to alexandria and show you a syo look right there. t things across the wilsonings a bridge looking good.bridgeking 395 southbound at seminaryin road work cleared. clear we'll let you know if anythingfy else pops up. metro dealing with delays.o deah we'll see a closer look at dosea that next. keep it to fox5 news
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> 5:30 is your time.:30 live look outside right now ase we have a chilly start to thethe morning. gary mcgrady has got an update with weather.ea erin como taking a look atoo a traffic in a few first we have news to get to. g. today the freddie gray caseray e moves to the highest court.rt. >> the court of appeals willls l hear arguments over whether officer william porter one o
5:31 am
charged in the case can beli forced to testify against hissti fellow officers.ffic officer porter's trial ended end in a mistrial in december.ecembe the trials of the five otherther officers has been halted has pending a ruling from theling ft maryland court of now, also happening today, a preliminary hearing in upper marlboro for the man at the center of that child pornil scandal.scanl. deonte carraway faces morey than a dozen federal chargesrg of videotaping young childrenldn engaged in sex acts and fox5d f has confirmed yet another ano lawsuit filed against princeled george's county schools c relating to the casoue. c it claims a nine and aa half-year-old victim told his hs teacher about the she allegedly responded "i don't believe you.ou go sit down ." board of educationduca superintendent principal andncil teacher named in the suit.inhe >> fairfax county police werece called to the same home twiceomi yesterday. one of those times they wereimes shot at. the furs call came wednesdayall morning for a domestic disputete between a father and his sonnd n at their home on larkspur drive in along. a
5:32 am
arrested for assaulting ain a family member. mr. several hours later they wereyer called back to the same homee hm and when they arrived thishi time they were shot at. st a no one was injured but police arrested a 19-year-old.ld the incident is under investigation.igatn. >> ♪ >> new this morning, the search is under way ins un maryland for this missing teenager.enager. police in bladensburg say 14-year-old lysia perry was perw last seen around midnight.idght. they believe she ran away from her home along tilden road andra was last seen getting into a taxicab. police say the driver took her r to somewhere in calvert countyrt but they're unclear where. whe if you zero you're being askedsk to call the bladensburgladensbu police. a fairfax county communityty is mourning the loss of a high school student found dead in d her >> police believe the teen'slieh death may be drug related. fox5's annie yu is live in i clifton, virginia with thenia wi latest on this story.ry annie. >> reporter: hey, goodr: h morning, holly and wisdom youis know, if you look on socialn sol media it's clear that tha 17-year-old
5:33 am
was loved by so many people.ple. according to one student here h at centreville high school,schoo according to his twitter page tomorrow's ice hockey gamekey gm will be dedicated in honor of alexia who was again just 17 ju7 a-student here, a junior att centreville high on tuesday morning fairfax fairx county police were called oute to her home for a report of a of dead body there. tre. her friend who had spent thepe night with her actually discovered her body. investigators believe at thisel time that she overdosed oned o heroin which has been a bn a concern here in fairfax county. deaths from heroin overdose have actually doubled in recent now, her death is reportedly the second death caused by a heroin overdose this weekrd alone in the county and her andh passing has prompted thed school district to re-evaluateea its drug education.. meantime, back here in centreville, grief counselorsri will be provided again today and the bell kicks off -- -- school kicks offer at 8:10er at today. we spoke to many students studet yesterday who knew alexia and they desc
5:34 am
beautiful person inside and out, kind hearted way generousos heart who is very outgoing soing she'll be missed by so many.any. back to you in the studio. so. >> annie thank you very much.ou checking our other topther t stories this morning, first up reports that north korea hast ne fired six short rangege projectiles off its east coast.coas officials in south korea say sok it happened just hours boeforerf the un security councilouil approved its toughest toughes sanctions in two years for recent nuclear tests. now, as we wait a decision s from the supreme court in aremec highly contested abortion casene justice anthony kennedy couldyou hold the key vote in the justice's final decision following the death of justice j scalia. however a final vote may notay n come until june. maryland governor larry g hogan taking some time away s from officome to tend to a family member in hospice care.ce it is unclear how long lg governor hogan will be away away but his office says he'll'll remain in constant contact conta with his staff and speaking of o governor hogan, he along with virginia governor terry gerno mcauliffe and d.c. mayor.c
5:35 am
muriel bowser have agreed toaveo work together to ensure the creation of a metro safety commission. now, it would consist of and co independent oversight agencyt ov to take control of metro's safety and security. meanwhile, an iconic d.c.nic bridge is on its last leg. leg the arlington memorial bridgeial only has about another fivetherv years left before it's goingt' i to need some serious repairs.ais the arlington memorial bridgel g is 84 years old and it needs nee to be completely reconstructedst or it will close by 200021.0002 now, the repairs would costos $250 million but if theon if national park service doesn'tsee come up with the money, theoney bridge could close impactingti residents commuters andmuters tourists as well.l. the park service plans tola to apply for federal grant money. . if they get approved theyroved would have enough funding to enn fix the bridge. >> ♪ >> we can't lose that bridge.t g >> don't you think they shouldhe have started on that likehat lie yesterday. >> yeah, we can't lose that bridge.bridge. what we can do is people, we
5:36 am
can get through this last bit t of snow.of sno we can do it.we c >> i hope it's the last bit ofto snow. >> no, it is the last bit of lti snow. that's what i'm believing.ha i'm telling myself.t >> well, it'stell going to be in the 70's next week so just so j keep that in keep thinking aboutep that. 43 degrees for a temperaturere high today in the city. c generally speaking, everybody ey will be in the 40's, okay. oka the winds aren't going to be ono blowing. but we're going to lose thehe sunshine by late morning and moi it's going to go away and a become cloudiness and then theae clipper is going to get hereet later this evening, overnight tonight nd it will put down pow some snow for us. u i think the evening commute isen going to be it looks like tomorrow morning's commute is going tout be slippery and snowy and temperatures are going to be to at freezing and below.ow. hopefully the roads are warm arw enough that it's not going to gg be a huge problem out there but definitely the commutehe com tomorrow morning will be impacted.pacted. okay, here's snow cast whatcasta we're thinking.we're th a general one to 2 inches.hes. now, down south and east oft th
5:37 am
county, southern princeth georges county, anneer arrundel, calvert county, northern saintna mary's county, this is wheres we think the bull's-eye isl's- going to be, two to 3 inchesnc maybe a place that's four orfouo so before it's all said andaind done as this clipper comes on so, i hate to be the bearer of bad news.ews. i'm about to put this on my facebook page, too, so you'll be able to see that and youhandu can check it out.check ut here's erin with a look at look your morning commute.te. enjoy this today, erin,ri because obviously tomorrow isomw going to be a mess. mes >> bracing ourselves forcing tomorrow. right now we have good news oneo bw parkway.ay. earlier crash involving ang a tractor-trailer cleared out ofl the way. traffic getting by much betterr out by 175. and your commute to the beltway looking really nice as s well. well. we'll switch it over for ach look at our maps right now and w show you what else you're upse p against for your morningyour m commute.cout this work zone in prince iin georges county at rich can chief meteorologist should beog cleared shortly.ea notice the green. it's not causing any mceajoraj slowdowns.dos. 395 on the northbound sidedid wide opened from the beltway all the way through the 14t
5:38 am
street things on your secondaries in i alexandria and arlington moving along without any whout problems.prob watch for residual delayss orange blue and silver line there's earlier track work w that could slow you down. we'll let you know when that knt clears as far as metrobus noas alerts reported. rep we got you covered foredor tomorrow morning as this snows s moves in on any delays or any oa changes to the metrobuses androd rails. so, again, tomorrow as thehe snow moves in we're going to g o help you get to work.ork. that's your look at traffic. tic back to you guys.s. >> 5:38 is your time. time. america's hardest working we're going tell you how d.c.owc ranks coming up next. >> pretty high.>> >> yeah, we can hope so. we work hard. >> yeah.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> ♪ >> happening today, a push to provide better care for our ttt naertion's wounded veterans and their the wounded warrior project isar set to testify on capitol hillll asking lawmakers provide morevim aid to injured veteransd toureds looking to start a family.ily. currently the department veteran affairs does not cover c in vitro fertilization forza wounded veterans.unde the group is also asking foro ag can congress to close a healthcare loophole in whichoopn wounded retirees who qualifyli for medicare lose access toss other health benefits and as a a result end up paying higherhe premiums. also today, it is nationall anthem day at the u.s. anthem. a was written in 1814 by francisrc scott key. k after he witnessed the british attack at fort mchenry in
5:42 am
1,000 american soldiers defended the fort for more the f than a day. song was originally called defense of fort mchenry. president herbert hoover laterrb made it the nation'ser anthem on march third, 1931. 1 >> well, when it comes to hard working americans d.c. has.c. hs some of the best.some the nation's capitol is thes t ninth hardest working city init the u.s. now, that's according to a new is your i have by wallet hub.alt they compared average hours h worked per week commute timeer and average retirement w age. ae virginia beach comes in second.. while baltimore comes in number 60 on the list. list. slackers. the hardest working city is anchorage, alaska and the least hardest burlington,urng vermont. >> that picture right therect doesn't make uurs look good, though. thou that guy is knocked out.nocked . >> it's kind of -- i don't i don know, it's great to be theto bee hardest working city becausey you might have the least funt hl >> that's true. or you could be work hard,ar
5:43 am
>> that is true.hat let's hope we're that. we're th. >> all right. if you're an expert on codeert and you dream of lacking lki computers without getting in gen trouble, we may have the we mave perfect job listing for young straight ahead. ahe >> first, though, snow in a very cold forecast.orec gary.. >> yeah, we're cold this morning and unfortunatelyd unfot we're cold enough tonight andiga tomorrow morning for temperatures out there rightre r now 20's and 30's. we're sitting at, let's see, 30 degrees here in town now. a few spots could drop into d the teens before it's all saidls and done.e. complete forecast.or how much snow, when is itis it coming? how long is it goingont to last? and more importantly, when the heck do t the 70's get here? we'll have'h it all. it all. seven-day forecast and more m traffic with erin coming up.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> ♪ >> weather and traffic on the 5s. a this is thursday morning. sd 5:45. 5:4y 5:46, notnd fair skies this morning. s t temperatures are cold, cold,esrc cold. we're in the 20's, right 20's,it around 30 degrees out theregreee and i think a couple of spotsa p could be back in the teenshe t before it's all said and done. listen, as we progress throughsh the day, clouds will thicken,ck, okay, and in advance of this oft storm system coming in and the weather service earlier thisarlt morning posted the winterd the e weather this iss for everybody evebo basically and it's going to go't from 10 o'clock tonight until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.orni after 10:00 a.m. tomorrow10:0 morning, we think all thise thii snow is out of is it's rapidsly going to move oniv off to the main impacts with this storm s will be from timing and traffic. traffi morning rush obviously isg ru going to be affected by this.afh the heaviest of the snow looks
5:47 am
the south and to the southeast t of the city.he so, this is the darker color da here. generally across the metro, okay, unless you're southern soh prince georges county, downy, d towards southern maryland, charles county, you're firmly f in this, over to stafford county, spotsylvania county,vanu fredericksburg and on down towno richmond, that's where he were e think the heaviest bull's-eye of snow is going to be.w is g we're going to go one to twoonet here in town, okay, and roadways -- how much will -- hoh roadways be affected? they're e fairly warm. warm. they're being pretreated.retreae if we don't get any rain to rn wash that pretreatment awaymenty the salt is going to workto wor fine, it's not going to be too o terribly cold for that.forha hopefully the roads not a big ab issue tomorrow but everybodyve of course keep it slowe keep tomorrow morning, be careful,, stay home if you can.ome two to 3 inches, maybe more to t that in spots could fluff upff u to 4-inches before it's allt' said and done.sand the clip are comes inomes tomorrow. well, really tonight intoonighti tomorrow and then it jumps, jum the energy jumps to the coaste c and it becomes a very significant sto s
5:48 am
shore tomorrow but it's goingowg to move so quick off to the east that we'll be on the bon backside of this storm by 10 by or 11 o'clock tomorrow morning.mornin here's futurecast today.od notice by noontime the clouds co are beginning to pick up a --p thicken up a little bit. b i think we're completelyetely cloudy by late this this is 5 o'clock.s 5 o'c still keeping the snow, maybew,y a little bit of a mix to the t t south and southwest.outhst sometimes these clippers are a little bit faster. clipper being the name, thisthne storm system moves pretty pre quick so, therefore, we'll'l keep an eye on this when this comes in, hopefully it will will stay weigh for this evening'sort commute and then come in thise t evening. this is 10 o'clock. 1o' snow is flying around theun t area. this does not look like a solid area of snow overnight tonight. there will be breaks in it breat some places will be gettings wi the snow, other places won'tces be but by overnight tonight, tig 3 a.m. you can see we'rere beginning to get energyet ergy transferring off to the coastngo here so we're beginning to'rnn form some heavier snow right rig along i-95. i i think most of this snow is from 1:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. and then it will rapidly startwi to move on off to thlle e
5:49 am
see by 7 o'clock how the stormho is starting to pull off to theft east and hopefully by 6, 7 by 7 o'clock in the morning wehe m begin to dry out here and then t as we progress through theou morning hours by nine, 10, ore,, 11:00 a.m. all this is moving off on the east as that stormhas system is rapidly departing. dei it becomes a big storm out into the ocean but it will bewil out into the ocean and won't really affect us any more after tomorrow morning owner o with a little bit of wind.bit chilly this morning, 29, some9,s sunshine.sune. 39 at lunch advertisement itnch will bat will be cs afternoon.rn temperatures in the lower 40's0' today once sunshine goes aways it will feel colder than that. t morning snow tomorrow. tomor high temperature will get uppere to about 4 w1 degrees tomorrowem because we'll have someuse l ha sunshine in the afternoon. some clouds on saturday. potentially a snow shower sno saturday nothing more than that. 45 degrees.45 51 on sund day.51 on sunda and i promise some springri weather. there you go. tuesday 68.tu why not? we'll go 75 on wednesday. we just jumped didn't we. we.
5:50 am
>> boom. that's good stuff right there.uf here's erin como way look at l your morning traffic. traff boom. i like that. t >> couldn't make up your you want to bring the snow in, then you want to bring in thet warm weather.wa wea >> nope.>> >> i'm okay with that gary.with crash and closure, this is in spotsylvania south of south o fredericksburg so pretty farrg away right now but stillti breaking news you need to bes un aware of if you're heading outeo in this area. a 17 mills drive east shut downvee because of that accident. after 95 near the can churchan c road area so please uselease u caution as you head out in o i that direction. moving up to a look in prince william, 95 northbound typicalyc volume dale city to 123 as you u head towards the beltway. beltwy we're going start to see thatt t map turn yellow and red pretty shortly.shortl in alexandria 395 until goodunto shape from the beltway to theelo 14th street bridge. bridg east-west highway lookinghigh good. we're seeing no problems on on 295. residual delays because of anofn earlier track work issue we iss were dealing with on metro and that is between eastern marketre as well as
5:51 am
the orange blue and silver line. line. also keep in mind typical typ volume building on 270 on southbound by the truck this work zone cleared on the cn inner loop at ritchier loop at i marlboro.. more traffic in just a few in sa minutes. back to you, holly. h >> thanks erin. e a montgomery county judgegoe called a convicted drunk dru driver a liar, an alcoholical and a threat to kill somebody sd else.. kelly lowe is back ins backn handcuffs after she admitteddmie she violated her probation by drinking and driving again.ringa she spent four years behindearsh bars for killing two men in alig drunk driving crash ink ing bethesda back in 2009.9. low had her bond revokedd rok yesterday. she'll be sentenced in juneun and faces 20 years in one of the owners of the nba's oklahoma city thunderity h died in a car crash yesterdayted hours after being indicted onn criminal charges.rg police say aubrey mcclendon mle drove his suv straight into aran wall in oklahoma city. mcclendon's death comes one ces day after he was indicted of
5:52 am
conspiring to rig bigs to buy t oil and gas leases in oklahoma city. city he was the former ceo of an a energy company. c no one else was in the car.he c police say it is too early to ey say if the crash was intentional.ion. >> a howard county man wasar rushed to the hospitald yesterday after he was burned ta when his vaping device exploded in his pocket. his p there were reports that some r devices similar to the ones theo seen here, they can explodean ep when the champing port comesrt c into contact with a metalontact object.. now, fire officials areirficial encouraging people who usese electronic cigarettes oret similar devices to be extremely careful.areful so, are you good with computers? then the pentagon is looking for you. >> pentagon is looking for a few good computer hackers.pur hs the program called hackettt pentagon will have screened high tech specialists tryingstrn to breach the defenseace de department's public internet i pages. this is led by the digital dit services team.serv the program is aimed atim a finding and fixing cyber cyber security and check out this house for sale in bethesda that'ss creating a lot
5:53 am
>> the 315 square foot singlefol family home features just oneus room. ro it kitchen has stove, refrigerator sink and aator sina stacked washer and drier.d sher the main room combines aombine living area with an office anff space and a full bath.bath. now, the home also featuresea steps that lead up to a lost bedroom an closet. it's located on the corner of willow avenue and river road for $475,000. it can be yours. yrs >> it's a gorgeous littletle house.ho it's a tiny that's what we've named it. >> sure.>> s >> and it's also known in its day as the doll house but wese b call it the love shack justk because it's a little tiny house, it's cute. >> the home started as a pepco p substation before beingti befor converted into a private residence.resince. >> the love shack.ack. >> uh-huh. >> have you seen this before?se >> i've seen it but i don't think that i realizeden i exacta what it was. maybe it has a huge >> okay, maybe so.o.
5:54 am
that spot of land i'md i'm i'm going have to drive by tiv there. >> i know, i'm intrigued. intri i want to see it as well. wel >> time now for our facebookur k fan of the day. this is its klutz family. famil they say they watch fox5 every5e day for political updays andan their baby boy watches out forut the weather forecast. forec >> loving that bow tie.oving if you want to be our next our x facebook fan of the day post pos your picture on our facebook feb page right underneath this t darling family picture.amily pic that is so cute.ut >> happy because of the snow.w. >> look at his little twoit teeth on the bottom.te so listen the national parkatnal p service is predicting that the peak bloom for the washington wg cherry blossom trees, drumum roll, please, organizers ofer the national cherry blossomy blo festival and park service say peak bloom will be between march 31st and april 3rd. now, peak bloom is wheneak bloon 70 percent of the trees aroundf the tidal basin are in bloom.lo th y
5:55 am
festival runs from march 20th 2t through april 17th. >> ♪ >> they're going hide from theoi snow but then they're goinghe want to start popping nextn t pt week when it's 75 degrees.5 dege >> if it's 75 that might movee that peak bloom up a little bit.bit. >> i think they've anticipatednp that. i hope they've anticipated.ated they can't just --us >> they are professionals.ofona >> they do a great job, too.oboo that's really the beginning ofng spring around here.nground here. >> the other 30 percent they t just lang around and wait.ndai >> it's not the beginning ofthen spring just around here. it's really a signal of spring s for the nation.n >> that's something to c>>elebrate.elebra here we wgo. 43 degrees for a high today.ighd i wanted to get over to thehe snow cast one more time and show you you heaviest snowfall totals, thisat is by tomorrow morning will benb south and east of the city. c we'll call for a general oneal e to two here in the metro. met i just put this on my facebookok page. you can click on my facebookyacb page and you can like it and you can check this out all you want. you can share it comment and coa all that sff >> gary, i will like and iill li share. >> and i will
5:56 am
>> you comment all the time. >> now you see who is the real r friend up here.p h go ahead and check in withck erin now erin, how's traffic.. >> 5:56 holly not looking so s great in some areas.reas crash and closure, this isre, ts south of fredericksburg in 17 mill drive east shut down at 95. we have typical congestion 95ge volume dale city to 123.. same story 270 as you make you m your way out on the southbound o side past the truck once you hit the gaithersburger area things open up.ngs opp. 395 still in great shape.ha no issues across the wilsonson bridge in alexandria. a as you make your way out on metro residual delays.ay earlier track work betweenork be eastern market and stadium-armory. orange blue and silver line l could be affected.ffecd. got you covered for the restve of your friday eve creommute. holly. >> erin, imagine showing up tohu work and not having your own yro desk. de apparently it's a new trend.a ne ahead at 6:00 why more
5:57 am
space for the day.the d first come first serve that s t is. >> that's interesting.hat's intg plus scott kelly back on u.s.k soil arriving in houston texas t just hours ago. ago. we'll hear from the nasa nas astronaut coming up after the break.
5:58 am
it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place.
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brings us so much closer. spring into fun and save $50 with an all-inclusive ticket. busch gardens williamsburg. a whole other world awaits. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> straight ahead at 6:00, it:0i is a growing epidemic.demi drug use. this morning the deadly dea consequence a fairfax
6:00 am
community is mourning the lossou of a 17-year-old girl policernio believe was killed by an overdose and she's not thend only dru sg victim this week. w. >> and welcome home. just hours ago nasa astronauttru scott kelly touched down in houston, texas. tex coming up what he had to say toy about his full year in space. sa >> live look though on thisugh s thursday morning.ur mor it's march third. thi already into march.toarch it's kind of weather and traffic coming upafu on the 5s at 6:05. and good thursday to you. you i'm allison seymour.n s >> and i'm steve chenevey. ste welcome to fox5 news morning.neg first up at 6:00 today the todat freddie gray case heads toeads t maryland's highest court. cou at issue, whether officer william porter can be forceder r to testify in the trials ofof his colleagues. the maryland court of appeals will hear arguments from bothmet sides. a circuit court judge earlier rejected prosecutors' requestue to force porter to testify.estiy prosecutors want that decision reversed. porter's trial ended in a hungnn jury back in december.ecembe >> now to fairfax county, virginia where two people have l died of heroin overdoses in the last three day


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