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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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news for you. it's coming down right now butow parts of the dmv. t dmv >> snow is starting to leave l the ae g actually jumpe of ofjuf the outer loop of the beltwaylop to check out braddock road andd it looks pretty good.d. we're about to head back downow to -- we're going to jump ono jm 95 south here shortly and head h to prince william county asiam u you mentioned but, you know, i feel like by the time theim majority of people get up and gu going this morning they mning t probably won't even notice eve n that we got some snow becausewau it is very light snow comingwom down right now and the snowhe that is falling is not sticking to the roads. r but it is making them wet andhet when you have these types of wet roads, you just have to jt e worry about traction and you and
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conditions, you want to watchns that speed. to ext clear off your vehicles.of but again, there's just are's j light dusting ofthr morning but the real good newsth is that there's an army of -- small army of snowplows out and about. we've seen them positioned in ve we know those tend to get ten slick pretty quickly when youkln have these types ofhave these ts conditions. so, the local transportation agencies are certainly ready.iny they, of course, are advisingrev drivers to use caution todayto and so yeah, i mean, the roads r are just primarily wet so keep your distance and plan for alan slightly longer commute. commute hopefully as we head furtherdur south and we might find somein snow accumulation but that'sutha about it. ab we're going to check out howhect things are going with melanieit who is on the roads as well as h
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hey bit to show you a little bit you can kind ofn but in some places it's mostly wety and it looks almost like it's just raining.justaini and then it gets back a little fluffier.uf right here in this area roadss r are perfect so no problem butrom then again, further down oncence we get into saint mary'sy' county, county government govnm there is telling residents to expect three to 6 inches of6 ihs snow as they are still under ald winter storm warning until 10 o'clock this morning.s morni so, i guess other kids areth kid going to get one more snow dayay maybe. we'll have to check and see. usually it's about the 6 o'clock hour when schoolhen sl systems decide what they'rehe going to do.go i know in montgomery countygomey there's a lot of d
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kids. i heard a lot of peopleeardot o talking about perhaps wee ts >> obviously we're having ae' hv little problem there with melanie's stfhe're on their wayw there and they expect to seepeco quite a bit of snow when theyhe get there. prince williamince w schools are closed today.sed t >> we have a list of closings. o that's the only one we want toat tell you about because of thesee weather. we'll keep you updated with w delays and closings as they come. in a lot of people sendingoo us good pictures of the snowfall. here's a shot from waldorf.m w good thing they have a long a erash here because here's a h shot of his dog out in thehe snow. there is a dog somewhere in there, reit 80.e, >> yes. >> oh, wait, maybe there is nore dog. >> i see a chair. cha >> there he is.e i >> there's the dog.>> >> the dog was around the t corner from the chair.m ha >> our next >> also in maryland frankd fr tweeted us a
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fresh coating of snow isn't sno alksk when the temperatures aree in the 70's. >> good reco >> uh-huh. uh- on our toes. t >> we'll be getting our tan on next week. ne >> exactly. >> absolutely. >> all right, before we get to, more weather talk, thiseath tal morning manassas city policeice are on the hunt for suspects they say were involved in a police say two men were seen shooting at a passing vehiclet a in a manassas neighborhoodgh yesterday. the two suspects took off s weren't seen runing into ag i townhouse on aspen place. pla. this throwed an hours long standoff with police. pol police arrested one man theytedn believe was involved in thatve shooting. the driver inside the car atth the time of the shooting is okay. >> ♪ you know what, i actually think this is the perfect snowfall. snowfall. >> except for southern exc maryland it's a lot like a
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>> and it's beautiful.ul >> uh-huh.>> uh- moving on. well, let's dwell in the, the temperatures at freezing f and a little bit below downit b there, that's where the snowhat has really piled up.pile three, four, 5-inches. 5-inc i'm waiting on another update ud to come in to upstate some of so those snow totals. california maryland was right m up around 5-inches of snow and o that was before midnight lastt t 34 for manassas now and culpeper 30 degrees. 30 de it's a winter weather advisory r here along i-95 but down whereo the snow has been heavier it'svi a winter storm warning so those counties down there and te you can still see where theeehet snow is falling the hardestar from the east of
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through southern charlesharl across the bay eastern shore.ho in terms operatures will actualh afternoon. >> wow. >> that sounds good, right?ds gg >> uh-huh. >> with some and then again, we turn thewe corner and next week we're inee the 60's and 70's and stop mee when i've said too >> oh, no, keep that coming. c >> i don't see 80's. i don't see 80's yet. >> eventually we'll get it's always interesting whentine you say 40's and we're happye'r about it. abou it's all about perspective.tive. >> right, yeah., >> erin como how you doing. >> listen, i patiented my toes e pink yesterday in anticipationnc of the spring weather.g weat they're wearing pingearing advertisement we're all readyemn for it holly don't you agree. ae >> absolutely, here, here iferer we all just want that
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temperature right now.mper right now taking a look at theae belo a road. give yourself a little bit ofitl extra time.tra thre morning.or so far i don't have anyave reports of any closures delaysse or anything to that nature n with public transportationnsrtat around the district. dis we will keep you posted on pted that one.that one looks like everyone is justone heading out but a little bit earlier than usual to give themselves extra e tim aside from that live look at loo the beltway let's move it overtt for a look at our maps.s. we're seeing a lot of green onto our map on 395. 3 no problems south or sou o northbound as you make your you way up from the bottom of theto beltway in alexandria.ltwa 295 looking guilty secondaries in the district are moving mov along. but as more folks hit the road t we could start to see some se crashes because of those slickof conditions. we got you covered. cover any questions for your commuteom at erin fox5 d.c. let's just get this fridayday get the weekend started. back to you guys. g >> couldn't have head itldn't better.
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>>fo tmp that saint mar supported mitt romney for president.esid why mitt rays he won't return the fav. >> size does manner. man the odd comments from anco fro amusing some might say sad debate just right after the break.
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s down and dirty. dir >> donald trump opened the candidates candidates agreed that they would all t support the republican nomineere even if it's donald trump. however, trump says that he'smpt the only one who could defeat hillary in november.r. >> i beat hillary clinton inon many polls, the pew poll justewu came out.came i beat hillary clinton in a recent fox poll. i beat hillary clinton inil u.s.a. today. tod i beat her today in a poll inoln ohio. i beat -- i'm the only one onl th b
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and i haven't -- i have not started ontial nominee mitt romney held a press conference tdi o the presn trump fired back. >> his bankruptcies havetcs have crushed small businesses andma the men and women who work forlr them. he inherited his bun he didn't create and whatever happened to trump y? and then there't trumpt trump magazine and trump vodka and trump stakes and trumptr mortgage.mort a business genius he is not. no. >> well, look, he was a failed he should have beaten sho president obama very he failed miserably. misably and it was an embarrassment toso everybody including the
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>> romney called on trump toru s sunday to talk to t about the candidates theiran campaigns and the latests and la cdelhat shows a copws aop beating a student in because. >> plus, taking rollercoastersoa to a whole new level. the virtual reality systemty sys that's in the works coming upp after traffic and weather.nd wea gary mcgrady.cgrady >> there's a live picture. snow is still falling out there. give it another hour,er h hour and a half and it will andw move east of i-95.ast of i full forecast through the throu weekend and in through nextou n week is coming up. stay with us.
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driving around seeing what the conditions are like on the road we've got melanie alnwick who is down south. sou >> she's in saint mary'sint county and annie is headed todeo prince william county, two areas both of whom theirf whom h public school are on two hour delays.lays >> we have delays trickling inay now. i haven't been able to payay attention. >> trickle is a good word. i >> that's about right. >> in terms of where we ares this morning, most of the snow is moving out ooff d.c.t of.c now, we're kind of right onht the extreme western edge of edgo that. there's radar to show youradatos where and we're still gettingeti the heavier snow, if you will,il and this is pretty good moderate snow still falling fli down through saint mary's s mar county, so melan will get down here before it's all moved out. o so, you can see it's breaking bk up out to the
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winter weather advisories haveer been dropped back out to the ak west. there's calvert right there, are little bit of that.t. and extreme charles county cou comes way down here so it's it' still southern sections thattish of county getting a little bitae of snow at a moderate clip ass well. and then we change it over tor o the heavy snow tracker.ra i don't think this is realnk tha heavy snow but it's certainly ca heavier than the surrounding sro snow, more like some moderate mr here. you just are going the seeoi the these trailers and theyhe continue to happen southeastst and then on off towards thehe eastern shore. the storm system is stem is transferring all its eneast andt a little bit stronger.ger. so, on the northwestern edgestee of the storm, that's where thehe higher snow amounts are right now.w. 45 degrees tomorrow.45 deg now, we've added a little lit change here. he. some late showers. lat. it will be a little mixy but i i think the mixy element willemen come in north of days. i think it's probably justust going to be some light rain
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day saturday into the eveninge g hours. les 32. bwi marshall 31 and that's tha pretty much where the temperatures are area wide. wid and most cases at freezing orino just a little bit below. so, 33 near town. gaithersburg 30.burg 30. baltimore 31.baltimore 3 and then manassas has come up to 34 degrees.4 deee so has quantico. leonardtown company you're 32.'2 jumping over to the eastern shore all temperatures therehe pretty much right around freezing. nothing too terribly cold. binghamton is 18. is 18 we have been drawing some of dri that colder temperature intoe the storm so that's one reasonos why we he did end up having mostly snow instead of endedw if up having kind of a snow/rainno mix with this and it pulled pu that cold air all the wayhe w down. storm system's right down herese so it's just kind of suckinguc in the bring all directionsring and it's bringing in the the co
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snow back way out to theway outt northwest.est. seeust bre up before it even has a chance c it will depart by eight or 9 o'clock, it's a distant memory for us, maybe a few a snow showers still hanging onann down into southern maryland. myl 7:00 a.m. forecast shows youhowy see how all of this, this ishi the big coastal that's takings t over and then it's moving off there was some talk yesterday,ey day before that maybe the coastal would be close enough to the coast that it wouldhat w bring some good snow from snow atlantic city back up to newy ne york and even parts of newf ne england. right now it looks like the le storm is moving so quickly offly to the east that's not goingnot to be the case. c a lot of sunshine for us late ut this afternoon for the firsternr part of tomorrow and here's hers the showers tomorrow evening eni coming across through so, we'll just keep an eye onp e that. th again, it could be a little l light mix north of town. t flurries this morning at 8:00hi a.m., 34 degrees, littleittl sunshine pokes through by noonok
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by 4 o'clock, a good amount ofoa sunshine it looks like,ne it 42 degre c gary. i'm a little concerned withne the snow coming down that wewn could see so spur. spur. top of the beltway looking the good. no problems on the outer loop through silver spring andheer bethesda this morning.thesdas mn 95 looking good. if you happen to have an early r morning flight to catch traffic on the way to bwi isbwis looking good, bw northbound asbo well as 95 northbound.orth no slowdowns on the way to w dulles or reagan national but n my best advice to you with theit slicker conditions around thisrh friday leave a touch early and y just reduce your speeds, cautious this morning.utio inner loop looking really niceki across the wilson bridge.ridg e'
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look in prince george's countyry whereh sexual abuse of a minor. tal aso they say they first becameam aware of what mcclam said they would payai her to have sex with mend and provided her with a phone.ho court documents also revealed rd one of the suspects drove as ov school bus for prince georges unty.ty >> are you reaching out to thech folks who may have ridden hisrin bus maybe some of the young people. >> certainly that's part ofly t the investigation but at this time there is noio connection,c, no known connection betweenctiob the victim
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suspects'rund city schools and two other ne ersdeo quickly went viral. there's no word on what mayt y have led to this altercationlter but school officials arere calling this video appalling. ag >> i will tell you through my perspect see what occurred. >> officials say the youe alters not a student at the school.l. baltimore city schools is i promising a thorough investigation. >> 4:52 is the time. t six
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creatin virtualtu reality coaster. once riders take their seatstake and fasten w superman'ser arch enemies lex luther.ut after that people can expect e one wild ride.e ide. >> and i still won't get on g o it. i don't do rollercoasters.rcoast >> i love rollercoasters but i b think that would make me sick. d >> time to say good morning to y our facebook fan of the day. clinton and kathy cattrall.attr today is kathy's birth day. birh happy birthday, kathy and a thank you for being our fan ofuf the day.the >> yeah, and i actually thinkll that it is clinton's birthday ba next week and they'rend ty' celebrating their upcoming
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anniversary. >> sweet. lot ine f t family t i just say celebrate cb the whole entire month.tireon happy anniversary.iversary live large, people.eo you desend a a c picture under their picture on our facebook page for your for u chance to be the fan of the day. da >> ♪ e havey, we have some really exciting news to share.ews toha our fox5 family just got a g little bit bigger. anchor and reporter lauren demarco and her husband brian welcomed this gorgeous babyges b girl into the world wednesday wd night. >> her name is brice and she weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces when she was born.she waborn lauren tells that you say everyone is doing great ands do that she couldn't be happier. >> i love that so. my gosh, so cute. gosh, so cut look at her.ok at
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beautiful. she's lucky to have you asrs trt unless you're in southerne in s maryland.ryland. there's a couple pl a slick oo like most of the roadways areoay just kind of wet out there. w ot they've been treated and treat d they've been fairly warm. let me show you right nowht now we're still under a winter wte storm warning. saint mary's this is for youis y and then back -- not calvert county but just saint mary'st m' county and those countiesho across the river and acrossndcr the bay, basically to theically south and to the east of you. y temperatures right now areow are still right around freezing frez for most.for most. a couple of spots are belowbelow freezing.freezing. let me just tell you, though,te dulles, there's no more snowor s for y no more snow for frederick or gaithersburg. it's beginning to move offii to the east now and it'st really already moved quicklydy y off to the east of i-9
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now. n the exception of acepto more compar slick spot especially bridgesris overpasses on and off ramps. i would say it's a friday fri morning where you want tong leave early. w this is south captor byto suitland parkway.itla you can see the snow on thee snn center median really prettytt but a little bit of a shine onhe that stretch of road. rd. really light traffic. we'll take a look at our maps op right now. n i don't have any crashes tocrash report around the district orico in maryland or virginia. 395 northbound heading in from o alexandria moving alongiaing al
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bottom of the beltway acrossthe the wsoas early asarly as today. to we've got the latest on her death inve 6 percent this week. u.s. futures are lower thisow ts morning ahead of the releaseel of the u.s. jobs report.eport. we're back right after this.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> hey, it's still snowing inll spots. now, lightly snowing here inwi h the city but most of this isth starting to move on off to the east. heavier snow.heav i should say moderate snow. sno snow falling in southern sth maryland. full forecast coming up incominn just a few minutes. minutes. >> all right, thank you, gary, mcgrady.y. good morning to you.od m thank you for waking up withngpw us. i'm wisdom martin.m wi >> i'm holly morris.>> i'm maureen is enjoyingt day off today. we're glad that you're with ust on this friday and we're of we'f course staying on top of theng school closings and delays n n virginia prince william countylu schools are now closed. clo they are closed today. manassas city schools staffordlr county schools king georgesools co


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