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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> hey, it's still snowing inll spots. now, lightly snowing here inwi h the city but most of this isth starting to move on off to the east. heavier snow.heav i should say moderate snow. sno snow falling in southern sth maryland. full forecast coming up incominn just a few minutes. minutes. >> all right, thank you, gary, mcgrady.y. good morning to you.od m thank you for waking up withngpw us. i'm wisdom martin.m wi >> i'm holly morris.>> i'm maureen is enjoyingt day off today. we're glad that you're with ust on this friday and we're of we'f course staying on top of theng school closings and delays n n virginia prince william countylu schools are now closed. clo they are closed today. manassas city schools staffordlr county schools king georgesools co
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schools are on a two-hour princl county with the latest. so where are you now and howou a wi we just passed occoquan i believe it was.ev and we took the beltway to 95o south to get here and along ando the way we even checked outchec braddock road and route seven rv for that you guys and all the t roads look pretty decent. decen faux for those of you waking wak up right now you're probablybabl looking outside and wondering we if it even snowed. i yes, it d-it just didn't stick with the theoads you're dealing mainly with wetih roads this morning so keeporee your distance and plan for afo a slightly longer
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off as gary mentioned. menittiyt now when it's really dark.k. so, just be careful and and kee gs without issue if issue you take it easy and knowno that there are slick spots.ckpo and oh, make sure you have plenty of windshield wiperiper fluid. flui i learned the hard way oncethha and had to use the matter my mae water bottle and it was not andt fun and it really brought on unnecessary stress along myary a commute so don't want to doo that. let's head over to my colleague, melanie alnwick whoel is headed to saint mary'sary's county.. hi, melanie. mel >> reporter: hey, annie,nn yeah, so we're in saint mary'stm county now.untyow. we're just about past p mechanicsville headed down to california where we had
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reports that they had 5-inchesns ofthe shoulders some buil snow sno and slush on the shoulders sul where perhaps things were not w as treated as the main road ways. so, definitely just now seeingg a little bit more impact here. i know we mentioned that sainthn mary's county schools on a two-hour delay this morningor and kind of thing where initially last night theight t government had tweeted out and notified residents to be ready for two to 3 inches of snow and then laid they revisedised that upward and said this would be a winter storm srm warning until 10 o'clock thisk morning and to be prepared fordr anywhere from three tom ree 6 inches of snow.ches of sno so, it does look like it is the southern most part of o saint my
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know that they've been out, any coverage. according torylanemdentwe temperatures are anywherb e from like 28 degrees to about 34 degrees, so it is going to be sort of spotty in someom places where the roads will be impacted and others where it'swr going to be just fine. back to you guys. >> thanks, mel. this morning manassas cityng police are on the hunt forhe hur suspects they say wereects involved in a shooting. in police say two men were seen shooting at a passing vehicle in a manassas neighborhoodrhood yesterday.yest the two suspects took off andk f were seen running into ao a townhouse on aspen place. pla. this throwed an hours longowed standoff with police.loando police arrested one man theyhe believe was involved in theolve shooting. the driver who was inside thenst car at the time of the shooting is okay.
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space museum police say pole someone tnfronted thefronted man who then got on a busus withooue be to police. >> ♪>> we actual value few more delays to pass along.lo they continue to trickle in.le i spotsylvania county schoolschoo and fredericksburg also on two-hour delay this >> concrete is pretty warm. pre. roads are pretty warm.y w therefore with the exception of where the snow was reallyy bursting and accumulating onatgn those areas, it's not all that bad. >> yeah, i agree.>>h, i i anticipated worse so i'm i delightfully surprised.prised >> good. glad you feel that way . >> [laughter] >> plus, it's friday so thato t helps everything goes down a little easier doesn't it. here'swh
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winter weather advisories indvie pl temr down there.grea in some cases two two, three, fr in a couple of spot much as f s that was an official report out of california, maryland, man where they got over 5-inches-inc of snow so we assume thatume t that's a good report.eport. 33 degrees now here in town. gaithersburg is 30. is 3 they picked up about a inch,nc inch and a half of snow up there.the. baltimore is 31 degrees.ore is 3 again the roads seem mostly mosy wet across the area but just j keep in mind there could behere still some slick spots as temperatures flirting with fli freezing. we're still get something light snow flurry activity fct across i-95 here.5here. here's the forecast for today. t flurries at 8:00 a.m., cool at noon, some sunshine breaking bak through and then some goo sdundn late this afternoon, highno temperatur
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lower to mid 40's across thecrs area >> 5:07 and things are still s quiet around the taking a look at the beltwayel you can see traffic movingo along just fine in bothot directions as you make your m way out in prince george's g county. we're not seeing any issues.ues. the inner loop and outer loop a touch of volume picking upng p but nothing significant as youcs head to and from the wilson bridge. let's take a look over at ourrto maps right now.ow we're still seeing a lot of green 95 on the northboundund side between dale city andita woodbridge things are looking really nice some of the schools on we'll keep you updatedho on that one all morning. morng i'm anticipating a little bit later morning rush especiallynge in our outer counties. out cou be prepared us a head out head later this morning. you may hit more traffic than t usual. 66 eastbound wide open rightidep now but watch for slick spots. bridges overpasses on- ands ovea off-ramps they tends to freezees first, they tend to deal witho e
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again slow it down across thecr wilson bridgd 'rthpr district. r i'll let you know if any any crashes pop up around town asd a we take a closer look 395 look 5 statement story from theemen beltway through arlington, notg, seeing any issues.ssues. metro is on time right now. n i would just suggest grabbingg a hood, grabbing a jacket asingc you head out for the metro the t this that's your look at istraffic.rf back to you, holly. >> ♪ >> loyalty and yoga. l the topics that had the gop candidates and the viewersnd talking during last night'sght's debate. debate that story just ahead. 5:08 is our time. it's time to get out and explore.
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d the expected. with an all-inclusive tiet a .
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rivals did their best to make it count.ou >> breathe.reat i know it's hard.i i know it'skn hard.ard. but just -- j >> when they're done with thee h yoga can i answer a question. q. >> you cannot. >> the final four taking the f stage, the stakes never higherk this primary season.this last night's debate in detroit t coming just two days after gop p frontrunner donald trumpmp dominated his opponentstehis op picking up seven of 11 states
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on super tuesday. tue >> i was a halfng
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>> i understand the folks who fl
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york many northwest yingty.tivie it could be a little bit of aor light 'tmi like it's going to be a bigs go deal at all. a all sunday all that is out of here. we're going to have a fewgoin clouds to start the day andst then we'll get into some sunshine on sunday and it willad allow tempetures to warm up.ratu we're going to go upper 40'spp and low 50's on sunday. now, check on this taste ofas spring next week because highecg pressure is going to scooter toe off to the east and thehe e southeast of us and it's going s to start to really bring the warmth up from the
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the way it's look not going to e beginning to show some coolerm o air coming down from the northon possibly even io 7s. that's erin como off to the side just clapping. claing. clap louder for something likefo that. my goodness,r a little whoopitp whoop would be fine, too.wo >> 5:17, gary.ul>> 5 >> baltimore is 31. 31. quantico is 35 and and fredericksburg is 32 degrees.2 . not too much colder back outk to the north and west. w we'll cold for binghamton at a 18 degrees this morning and new york city coming in at 31. stormily is slowly moving swly off. energy is being transferred tofd the coast and instead of thisads storm running the coast
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does look like it's going toke i continue to move off to theff tt away, we'll begin to get int some sunshine through the here. maybe a little bit still holding oninto southern higheron, tomorrow evening you see some of thisomef rain shower activity coming onr acacross. could be a little mix intle x places but again, it justus really looks like it's mostlys l rain d.c. down to the southhe s and to the southeast and as wens get into sunday, the skiesheki will clear and we'll begin to set the stage for the warmerar temperatures coming our way. w forecast for today, i'll leavela some flurries in at 8:00 a.m.,8m no more than that.ha 39 with some sunshine pokinginei through by lunchtime.unchme 42 degrees for a
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42, 43 with the sunshny 70.da 7 wednesday 75 and right now wendw have a few showers on thursday e >> carry he gary, i don't want t typically see on an avegeve a ca week day.week day. >> hopefully people staying inlp a little bit >> i think it's going to be a little bit of s a later morningr rush than usual because of the snow coming down from folksg don waiting out the weather conditions before they hit the road. this is 301 towards therds t beltway. belt we're problem free.oblem fre you can see the snow in thein center median but very light traffic, moving along just fine. my best advice let's keep thispi quiet morning commute trend comu going.
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take it slow this morning, useme utway out
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over the douglas bridge. dou lt5 the b be analysis. you'll no longer be penalizede l for guessing and the
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>> president obama is in no oban rush to leave washington, d.c.vw after e l tay in d.c. for a couple of years ys so his daughter sasha canshca finish high school.shigh >> the 14-year-old is a4-ye-old freshman. fres the president made the remarkstk during a visit to milwaukee mila when woman asked where he'llreh' live at the end of his term. ter >> will you go back to wil chicago. >> you know, we haven't k figured that out yet.nod ut yet. we're going have the stay ahea couple of years in d.c. probably so that sasha couldco >> oh,,. >> yeah, 'cause transferring is tough.. >> the president did not give g an exact timetable for howim long he plans to remain in the e nation's capitol but at
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for him since he's been awayee so long. >> you do acclimate to wherever you live. blood gets thinner or thicker. no? just crazy talk. >> crazy glaucoma it's not crazy talk. >> no, it's not. personally i do better whereterw it's warm. >> exactly.>> exactly. it would be tough for you totouo mover to chicago, too.hica, to >> it would be tough anyway touy because it's so unbelievablyelil cold. >> and it's cold for a long l time there. >> so cold it hurts they telld me in >> i love chicago, though.o,houg it's an awesome cit >> 33 here in town. tn. gaithersburg 30 degrees,0 gr annapolis 32.lis it's still right around aun freezing down to leonardtown.rd you can see the snow -- thehe accumulating snow is pullingw is off of i-95 now off to thehe east, still some pretty good moderate snow falling in
5:26 am
sections of, let's see, that'sea saint marysain mary's just to say that makes tm me warm so i like to say we'll get in some sunshine, we'll warm up into the 40'-e ss today. it will be a little breezy, 10 to 15, maybe 20 miles an hourleh gust occasionally late thisasio afternoon. >> very good. >> gary. >> warming up foot 40's. >> love it. >> see, it's all relative.ive. >> hello, erin como. c >> good morning, wisdomsd martin. looking dapper in your perfecter pink tie over there. there >> springtime, springtime. >> i like it. s >> thank you. >> gary is on board with that. t like i said holly and i are mourning that winter is over thv today. >> or having a funeral foror winter's passing.
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>> holly. >> that's all i got. i >> y'all are virginia and the 395 looking good but as you b a head towards the beltway touchey of congestion picking up. u you can see the snow in thesw in center median. let's take a look at our maps.a. it's confederate in green.n g is that better news wholy? iho think so.think so. 270 wide open from frederick. problem free. f let's slow you another area off town. things right now on the outerow loop looking o good betweendet silver spring and bethesda. betd i'll let you know if anythingf g else pops. we got you covered.ered. 5:30 half hour.f h look what's happening. it's coming back on fox5 thisoxh morning. we'll be back in just a few on this friday morning.
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there's snow falling from the fg sky. not a lot of snow in mostw m parts of the area.he some areas getting more than others.he gary mcgrady has got anra has update on thatution.itti a delays. delays let's go ahead and take a look a first in virginia.irgini prince william county schoolsnth are closed today and page and p county schools are closed as well.we manassas city and fredericksburg city schoolsity are on a two-hour delay.el unless virginia there's ahere two-hour delay for staffordor sd and spotsylvania county schools also a two-hou
5:31 am
for king george county schoolsco and colonial beach schools.lo >> ove >> fox5's melanie i got so excited that you wereyo in california maryland i mispronounced your name. >> how did i get there so fast. california maryland it's sort of like i went to paris,yl t virginia, right.ight. but you canno here h on the trees definitely a lotot that has come down and like we said on the grassy surfaces it does look, when i look around, n i didn't bring the measuring mei stick for the march snow, but, b you know, definitely severaly sr inches but then if you look at the pavement it is completelyoml just damp.ju
5:32 am
affecting the roads at allroadsa here in saint marasaid they're y send their guys homebseon aar few of those little areas itlre told you where we saw some of the -- some of the medians andea some of the side areas of the road where just a tiny bit was starting to build up.o ild but other than that there'sr th not anything for these guys tohe do so they're going to pack it i in. in. schools on a two-hour delay.el looks like there should be nobe problems with people gettingleet to work and school from downdo here this morning. m
5:33 am
so, it is just one ofan let's go to virginia now ton oaere annie yu is in princen p >> reporter: hey, good rorte technically we're in stafford if county right now because weight wanted to pull over andver a provide a live shot for youtor guys but as we pass thes t capitol company area which ispa in prince william county we noticed that theny snollw had h tapered off and there wasn't much going on. the roads seemed a littlemed a t drier than up where we wereer and when we got here, this is i it. this is what you see, barely ay dusting of snow on the groundono here in stafford county, whichn, is just south of prince william, not too far. but as you mentioned prince men william county is closedlo today.toda their school system closed for the day and so just thoughtust u that was a little interesting. . i'm sure that brings a smile smi to many students but, yeah, as a we got further south on 9 w
5:34 am
noticed less snowfall. snowfal thos s is definitely slick on thosen te roads and we were faced with but closer to d.c. for you early risers, we saw much more snow, coating of snow on those t cars so you want to plan extrale time to clear off your off your vehicles but barely a dustinga g of snow as you head further down south here.e. again, this started around the quantico area as we were iner prince william county, so iillii guess the can kids have a free e snow day. d. back to you in the studio. >> ♪ >> 5:34 right now.>> 5:3 happening overnight a houseerni fire in maryland has left l three people displaced. displac. montgomery county firentgo officials say it happened just j after midnight. mni they say it may have beenav caused by a propane tank in
5:35 am
attached shed. she happened federal court in greenbelt. gre 22-year-old deonte child pornography.d po earlier this week a third a t lawsuit related to the case was filed against princeag georges county schools oncounty behalf of one of the s victims.i this morning manassas cityor police are onni the hunt forhe r suspects they say wereec involved in a stshooting. shoot police say two men were seen shooting at a passing vehiclet s in a manassas neighborhoodd the two suspects took off andoof were seen runing into aing i townhouse on aspen a now, this led to an hours long standoff with police.olice. police arrested one man theyhe believe was involved in the shooting. >> ♪ >> so the snow is coming downin in some parts of the area.rea. eventually it's going to stopgo and it's going to start
5:36 am
getting better and be a b excellent for the weekend.nd jn. >> okay. >> we've got up in frederick up county, maryland, new marketewan received more than four and a half inches, 4.7-inches there. t and some places up into baltimore county bent totralo northern baltimore county bestbt of my recollection, about an a inch and a half up there.. so, we've kind of had varying amounts but the bull's-eye hasee definitely been down throughnhr
5:37 am
county, saint mary'sn sections of that county ashat cy well. so, all that is moving on off toto a 15, occasional gusts around aro 20 miles per hour oar so. p thrown i'll call for some'll car afternoon sunshine.unin the temperatures lower 40's, lor mid 40's down to the south but t generally speaking just aboutpeu everybody at least in theateast lower 40's.we 4 there's your forecast. how about a look at yourt you traffic? erin como is in withit that on this friday morning. >> 5:37. we have problems picking up ifkg you're taking metro today a a train malfunction at whitet whie flint. because of that red linehat rele delays to glenmont. glenm no other rails facing issues right now. metrobus on time. tim let's look outside in maryland, top of the beltway, as you head there fromto 95,erom this is 95 southbound lightund l volume approaching 198.hing 198. you can see a long steady
5:38 am
towards us.. northbound 95 looking , cauti be careful in this snow andnd rain. le your destination and checknd che road conditions.ondi so soming to keep in mind.d. check in with me on twitter at erin fox5 d.c.. definitely advice for thefor friday morning commute you c slow it down and take your take time of however taking a lookowk at our map, you can see veryee v light volume i think with ank w lot of school delays in theayint area hoax for exare getting a gt later start. 66 looking good.oong g 95 on the northbound sideorthund picking up some light volume v in dale nothing atypical same congestion in urbanin urb florida on 270 southboundlyouth we'll let you know when thingsos start to really slow down but db right now we are just seeingtee those typical slow zoneszo popping up around town.d tow that's your traffic. traff back to you wisdom.o u wisdom >> no holding back at last night's republican presidential once again, donald trump found himself the focus o
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desperate effort to block his bk possible nominatio find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love,
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of a ceasefire in thatn that coun right. right john kasich vowed to campaign until the gop coe surprisingly despitete idates pledged to support whoever wins the nomination.omit but it was clear marco rubioar o wasn't a big fan of trump as the nominee. >> twenty-third the people whoep would cast a vote in thehe republican primary or caucusaus has voted against y they do in the want you to beou our nominee and the reason whyew is because we are not going totg turn over the conservativeservae movement of the party of lincoln or reagan to someoneomeo whose positions are not conservative. >> ben carson did not attendn after following his super tuesdayg hi loses. now, on the democratic side, s fox news will
5:43 am
monday night but it will justven conflict but she'll be att sunday's debate in flint, michigan.. today sanders has plannedas plan stops in michigan which holds its primary next tuesday. tue still ahead a change to chag nats park ahead of the season opener. dhat was added on the field tonl make sure fans in the standshe s are safe? >> but first a live look outside.e. snow. the question is how long it's i going to stick around. gary mcgras dy has an answer ans coming up next.
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>> ♪ you can see momma or dad, wead w don't know which one but one b o of them is keeping those eggshog warm, snow covered nest indeed. indeed. hang in there. it's going to be warm soon . >> [laughter]ug you're thinking exactly whaty we're thinking.we're nk >> right. snow, snow, go away. >> yeah.eah. >> meanwhile we're gettinghile some pictures from our fox5 viewers of the snow they'vewhe gotten. this one is from emily chauncey.chaunc she says barely a dusting there this morning. >> at beth amy swiss biz swi b tweeted out a picture of her snow covered. cov this is in lexington maryland. l you'll be able t
5:47 am
the warmer temperatures ar a jus out of view the grille firede fi up and going.up a >>s exactly right.ight that was two or 3-inches down-i there. that was pretty pregood >> uh-huh.>> >> here in the city basicallyhe a coating north c and west in i some cases a little bit more lir than a coating.than a coa we had an inch and half a reported up around germantownert there northern montgomerymontgo county. places around frederickd fderick county, generally an inch of in snow, okay.snow, so, look, here's the deal for tomorrow. there's another clipper comingr down from the north and thehe what we think for this next n one tomorrow afternoon, aftno tomorrow evening just a littleit late mix and the models -- model notice looking at a couple newpe things coming in it's trending n to mostly rain butain temperatures late in thee in the evening will be marginal so mara we're going to go ahead andhe keep it with a late mix l possible as this area of lowa ow pressure kind of comes onred ofc through tomorrow afternoon,on, tomorrow evening. eni for sunday high pressure is building in. al
5:48 am
we'll be d and again, it does look like sunday's dry.ry. fu tomorrow afternoon we'll stayta dry until tomorrow evening, perhaps 4, 5, 6 o'clock before'f that next round begins to comedo on through. tough baltimore is 31. 31. gaithersburg is 30 degrees.degr. quantico such to 35. still right around freezing frez there for leonardtown.nato cold temperatures to theto t north. not so bad out into the midwest and we know lurkingkn down to the south and theowsoh d southwest warmer temperaturespes that will definitely startill coming in for next week. w we're going 60's and and 70'snd7 next week. week. won't that be nice. n storm system is moving on.n. it becomes a coastal and ital will not necessarily run theunhe coast, so we're not worried wor about snow up through jerseyughe or any more snow or up into new york as well. york it will all pull out of here h and this afternoon we'll all be drive little area of snow lea back to the north and the west. it is breaking it w
5:49 am
we're going get into theet into sunshine. so, this storm ishis is mainly t could be aitle mix in there mixh from time today looks likeik this. we start off just with lingering flurries at 8:00flurrs a.m., maybe still a few snow showers down through southernthr everybody's dry by lunchtime,me 39 degrees. deg sunshine out by 4 o'clock and4 o it will do a lot to starto srt melting a little bit of this snow that has fallen. fal if you got a little lighttl lig dusting it will mainly be gone n by this afternoon. tomorrow 45.tomo5. sunday 51. next week's snow is a distant aa memory as we're talking springlike warm
5:50 am
into the area, close to 60 on metrobus is facing no delayso d at this time. t let's take a south it's a father hurley boulevard.ur car reportedly into they to median. you can see the southboundsee side is picking up. delays in urban right now and a little bit of congestion by c the truck watch for slick spots.ick spts even though it's light snowighto kind of creating slick conditions on our interstatesstt and secondaries. give yourself extra time andf ee in the outer counties whereerer you're facing more snownow definitely snow it down watchn t for slick spots bridges bri overpasses on- and off-ramps. 95 northbound dale city to
5:51 am
woodbridge.brid typical slow conditionse way tol and things in bowie lookingie li good. go got you covered witthis key mix coming down. back to you guys. guy >> and fairfax county policeax u continues to investigate aues ta murder last week. w they need help identifyingdentyi these two men.o they want to talk to them inm i connection to a man who washo found shot to death inside of a falls church apartmenth building on seminary road. on se police say it appears thehe victim was targeted but theydhe have not released a motive.otiv if you have any information onma the men seen in this videoen inv please contact authorities.. and police in princen georges county want to knowty who ran over a capitol parkapitk police officer with an atv.icer that officer was seriously seris hurt and is recovering this morn
5:52 am
the incident happened sunday had as that offc atv' one decided that he wasn't wasn' going do thngine up and rannd towards the officer and at one point he struck the officer,ff knocked the officer down and and also struck his motor vehicle. v they are becoming problematicrom at times because we do knownow they impede the flow oflow o traffic especially in thec es numbers that we encounter onouno occasion.. >> police are hoping someonear will recognize this atv. investigators say when approached bite officer, the atv's driver jumped over tompede his friend's bike then both theh rode off after running over aftr the officer.ffic surveillance pictures show at least one person of interestpe police want to speak with. these atv riders now loorskingol at felony charges for runningni over the officer.. >> sports now let's go floridalo where the nats continue spring training today. team w
5:53 am
take on the marlins.s yesterday was year and ere'she this goat, murphy, we'll talk tl about that later or maybe not. t he was facing his old team.s ol top of the first bryce harper getting things done with the drive to deep right not a lower merion but easilyme brings in the game's firstthgame run. n. washington goes on to score s four in the first inning.nn max scherzer who had a no-hitter against the mets in his final start last season s went two scoreless innings. the nats win nine to four. f back at home the nats announced they're extending een the protective netting behindeh home plate down the baseline to the end of the dugout.eug last year the league leagu recommended that teams add safety measures for all fieldld level seats within 70 feet ofet home plate. you may recall that severalcall fans were injured by foul by f balls last season. a few other clubs will alsor add e
5:54 am
>> the february jobs reed to hot eight year low of just undee released at 8:30 this morning. >> and while you werend w sleeping, net flex dropped a new season of house of cards. season four is streaming nowtreg and oh, by the way, this isthis the last season screen writereer beau willamond will leave his lh stamp on the he will be leaving after fourftr season. the show was nominated for ann emmy for outstanding dramama series for a third season in a row. row. time to say good morning to to our facebook fans of theans e day. clinton and kathy cottrell. c today is kathy's birth d we want to wish her a happy birthday. >> they were nominated for fanom of the day by their fiveheiriv childr
5:55 am
clinton's birthday is one weekk ouf alaskala where the world'st famous fam edog race gets anchorage wherehorage the iditarod is set to it's been so warm racee organizers have been storing snow outside the city forsi weeks now and it'sde gettingset shipped in. look at that by train.rain >> who knew.w. >> there is so crazy. >> yeah. >> shipping snow in.hi >> to alaska. >> to alaska. >> wow. wow >> it's el niño, i'm telling tli you.yo >> is that what it is.thathat >> is it el niño or globalr g warming. >> it's el niño. it' >> now that we got that all figured out.figu >> next week
5:56 am
there's a you can can of the heavier snow bands down there. o 42 today. we'll get some sun it will be a little bit breezy e this afternoon.fteron late light mix rain showers toss late tomorrow afternoon intont tomorrow evening. e it will be a little bit wet. we. sunday we're all dry a-few clouds 51.ou 51. we turn the corner starting onn monday.mond upper 50's, low 60's. 6 70 on tuesday.ay. 75 on wednesday.ay a few showers possible latee next week but still looks likekl temperatures will stay in the 70's. i think i see two weeks
5:57 am
starting next week where wekherw could have some warmome temperaturpo apundar it's a lite bit rough on the starriow. virginia by dale city. city. and 95 south right now you can see 198 to 212 down to t 34 miles per hour.34 so as you head from thehe fro baltimore area making your way w to the top of the beltwayop you're going to hit thatoi delay. we got you covered. 6 o'clock hour coming up oton cm this friday morning. keep it to fox5. >> ♪
6:00 am
straight ahead at 6:00, waking w up to some snow. o oth friday morning.orning it's march 4th the snow beginning to tapero ter off now. n but not before leaving several inches in some parts of ourt o viewing area. one of the hardest hit areas h a saint mary's county inmary'snty maryland. we'll have a live report fromrom there coming up. t.g.i.f., i'm allisoni. seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mr first up we'll stay on top oftao the school closings and delaysel and let's start in virginia viri where prince william county wlim schools are closed today. tod page county schools are closedse today as well. manassas city andynd fredericksburg city schoolsbu are on a two-hour delay.el also in virginia a-two-hour delay for stafford andtad an spotsylvania county schoolsia and a two-hour delay for kingg george county schools and schls colonial beach beachh >> to maryland now, calvert, cal saint mary's


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