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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 4, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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now, more big changes are on thu mean for a possible criminal investigation. and later, home sweet home?h
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plans slip.ann e d.c. area talki about where would -- would >> where would you livven. >> yup. >> for awhile. >> maybe they'll have one in that are >> i'll see if he knows in thehe circle.. it's exciting. i think it's kind of cool.. >> love the neighborhood. >> president obama used to livel on capitol hill. knows that neighborhood well. w >> good for the kids.for he doesn't have to deal with tht drama of the daughter trying toe move. new system. system imagine what >> i'm sure they'll be great'lle neighbors.. >> yes. >> good day d.c. g it is 9:01 on this
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march 4th.marc i'm holly morris alongside of>>o that this is -- for people thatt don't like snowhere in the dissa roads are just wet.. southern maryland in saintand mary's county half a foot of snow. snow good news is, i think we're donn with it. >> all righty. all for details snow totals and thet big changes on the way tucker ii with us in the loft for first fr check of the forecast.. >>ry ve qui the president iss looking -- i'm looking forookinr people to pay rent at my house.. >> okay.kay. your house in annapolis to the president. >> i've got an extra e >> i got an extra room.oom. >> okay. if they're interested. >> he'll need more space than that. there will be three pele
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>> really far from sid well. we. >> real have really good time.a, 2-inches of snow four or 5 i southern maryland. got news, though, with theit the recent warm weather it justat hasn't had a chance to stick oni the roadways. so most of your roadways in pretty good shape. shape last of the snow fading off to the south and east.d e got a couple leftover flakes and snow showers out there at the ae moment.. and we will see return ofn o sunshine this afternoon notno perfectly sunny day but a partll sunny afternoon a cool day.ay. temperatures only about 40 or so. so. and the breezes will pick up out of the north and a wes as far as accumulating snoyhe at the i think we're done.atth there's a bigger look and, yeaha this might be winter's, i'm notn sure it's winter's hoorah might be the last round of snow we geg we look much warmer over the next seven to friend days.d d
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temps right now it's chilly outi there. right around freezing r weekend forecast we'll look at l that and talk about beautifulifl ing fox5's hel countyount ee how it's looking now. mel, you look a little cold. >> reporter: it is cold outut don't be fooled.t be i'm telling you. you. i've got no hat new york gloves. did not come prepared this and it is still snowing here ine saint mary's county. we're at chancellor run park wer had to come back here really best way to show you how muchowc
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roads forget it they're morning. they were ready to go, and theye got sent home early becatsoy go. i made fo the grill t gri cnr you.picnic tables.
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have our last little snow part >> he hit my hands. hands nobody ever hit my hands.prob i guand notd not you can do it.>> youan do it. you can breathe.reathe i know it's hard.t'sard >> don't worry about it little marco. >> let's hear big donald.onal >> don't worry about it littlete marco.. >> i have never tried to go and get into these kin
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we're seeing here on the stage a and people say everywh annuaion conference cpac takingn place at national harbor whereaa conservative political action conference we'll see all of the candidates attend and speak ovee the next two days. d the events started yesterdayrd none of them were here becauserb they were at that debate whereee you heard a little bit of soundu from and certainly we expect the tone to be different justrent js because they won't be all on stage together.ethe we've seen it past events like k town halls when they speak byhea themselves the tone does changeg when they're in those debates ie aggressive. now to tell you little bit abouo c pack one of the things tey
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most famous more it's their straw poll.stranot expect, thert are a ton of young people here.a go
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it's today they're all speaking topeto supporterseally struggling to ground. state thayoant inevant in this race. race. so he'll be speaking on saturday.saturd he'll be in the afternoon.afton. donald trump is speakingmps tomorrow in the morning. morng you might argue that maybe a m saturday placement is better bet more people could be here toereo listen.sten and then today we'll hear fromr john kasich, we're going to heaa from ted cruz and we'll hear her from ben carson who i think ishi still technically in the raceace though he didn't participate in the debate last night. lnig >> ronica cleary, thank.y, thank >> this is what i don't get. w last night they're acting like k kids, fighting,
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personal singers and but whoever wins we'll all bis is allabout e marco and all this sillinesers.t guy in the office because it'sts perm and you've just insulted me personally. >> right. >> maybe it's not real. it's not personal and like you said it's just al politicas ll theater. >> it's political th >> crazy.razy. >> good theater if it's not real real. hated to go to , i to bed last night. night. at a certain point i have toave turn this television off.ion o but it was interesting to watcht >> must see tv.t e >> must see tv. tv. >> if you can get must have of o must see tv and this electionio season fox5 teaming up with thee for in depth look att the race this sunday on the
9:11 am's editor-in-chief bob s
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>> schools closed i wasn't prince william county for
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you're going to have have phono >> i know becauk i people were. >> so every visitor that comeses has to buy a plastic smart trip o yeah.d more paper. >> part of the system now. sysmo >> right.
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speaking of metro the transit ts agency recentl she's life atifat the
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>> thank you holly. hly making headlines today, newody, details emerging about bobbi k
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her autopsy report came out this morninda
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st. pauln, dp in i
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pick out a 91-year-ld lives.s how you can help fight cancer and order pancakes from ihop. e question today is in prince p william county.wim coun
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join us live next.
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♪ well some area schools soo canceled classes.canceled class other that is delays.s dela. some are surprised though
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because when you look outside li the roads really are clear andon if you're i y waking up right t first of all lucky wait, it snowed. believe looking atieve lng the roads now tnowe and certainly it was wet andly e snowy earlier this morning, butb all we've seen is about half ann inch or so maybe an inch inh i certain areas throughout the morning, and little snow
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did get pretty much melted awaya ls s
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of the region especially where s shower but really the scene for
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the next hourngun joke all morning.orning national airport. airport suspect amounts there.ect here's your satellite/radar.satr we are watchinad.t still snowing down to theg down beaches. beac we've got clouds a couple leftover snow flurries and snowo showers but no mor accumulatinge snow locally.ow locly. clearing off to the north andfft west. we late thishi morning and during the afternoon hours. it will be a cool day. highs will only be in the low l 40s.40 you mix in the breezes out of the north and west about 15 anda it will feel more like 30s out o there. be ready for cool afternoon.. cool and quite tonight. tonht we do have a few more showers or perhaps a snow shower in thewere forecast this is tomorrow set up
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up. with yet another clipper systeme divilg on sunday once that gets east oo us setting up e how dohie how pancakes sound, tuck. sound t
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>> they smell incredible rightel in fact they are on th battlingg keep y you are the luc
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have beall017. >> she was just t read and all a eh survive abilith really important to us. to >> a lot of folks help out. out. girard your company is one of if them who's out there and this ii another fundraiser going to hell these folks as well.lks asel >> yes, sir. we've been doing this for abouta 11 years now.. we raised over $20 million foror leukemia lymphoma.ymom >> that's amazing. azi >> and other various cha
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also. al this is a national campaign. giving out free short stacks ofa pancakes which you might want tn >> many do. essure.
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what's it look for you to know y there's other folks out there who are trying twaface faces this diagnosis in the future, you know, the neck wordc they hear but we have a cure. and through things like this, we know that that's a real possibility. >> how do we know when these are done. >> when they're done they'll bee row real dry on the edges what w you want to do -- you don't have on a glove when you flip pancakn flip it into your hand first. >> really. rea >> yes. you can look at the bottom.ok a >> so you know if it's done ortn not.not. >> stack it on the plate. the p >> did i do okay with these. wi. >> they're great.>> i need to know about is this what you useow in then official stores.official sto >> yes, sir. >> this is all batter in here.rh
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>> how do i make a pancake. pca
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>> you starting to intrude onton everybody else now.evybod >> no n
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any more. mor but that is officially the most american white lady story i'veri ever heard. (laughter).. >> all right.. that's whiskey
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tina feyie
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they took the r out only becenke
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saying, no you missed thatut how we were al the way. there are pancakes in our studii and i cannot on concentrate. >> smells so delicious. d >> thanks so much, kev.s souch, >> thank you so much.ou so much. >> american idol is now down too the top eight. last night two singers got sentn home fox's michelle polino has h the idol recap from hollywood. >> congratulations to these twoo and good luck.uc >> reporter: top 10 has been narrowed down to eight afterft thursday night's result show put an toned gianna isabella and olivia rocks
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the next american idol. voted >> song choices werri
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olivia is probably dream come t. she's
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so it was ticke lders holde might hate ong up.
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way of moving fast.
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oin nefarious?
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zen of
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great great grandfather
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b>> excellent. >> i love all the gi le thanks to everybody whos evo you bea istldn'
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>> you might have a future a an.
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>> thank you very much for theef flap jax. jax
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hsran aneurysms
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lowin f ad to make sure i s llththe be literalng. c
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the only thing the candidatess?y small marco.. >> i have never tried to go andt teenagers see themselves on tvst and then one stuck her tongue out for the camera first andirst then let's take another lookth k make sure we're on tv give a little wave and then a few a f seconds later out comes the smart phone and the dab. d why not. n >> of course it became social medi
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herute of the hash tag
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that's what is eight stake.htsta >> acting like a bunch occ r he
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say but
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people who in entire story t
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controversy outside of thers story.or >> right. >> i wts
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it in two minutes and have thent same thing.the picture if only y nature could find a way to havev these peeled something to thatso effect. the story went sorry. >> we got it.>>e go >> still ahead at 10:00 idol00 down to the top eight now.ig n this morning we're actuallyctual sitting down with the first twot cast offs from the final seasona first though we got new detailst about the death of bobbibbi kristina.kris tmz reportin reporting an oj boo the story that will make theakee back street boys fans feel old.o time now is 10:13.0:13 good day celebrity dish coming m up next.up next.
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>> dn
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crazy story. cute.ut one more story i
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boy.boy. bail l
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lands a spot on the diversitiesisnsin h
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look they have a post officeostf right here in the neighbor. slle
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had fun up there round thursdas >> all right.>> still ahead at 10:
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later ♪
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so, you know f theob a a person before you just use j your talent to put you on an
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fox5.. i don't know. i'm looking forward t >> my pleasure g best
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>> continued success. nu thank you, sir.
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that sequenc
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wardrobe. >> yeah. allison says i've been mann man spreading lately.sp >> man spreading right now.prea >> 42 today.. >> tucker, assume your positions as you're eating.g. >> 42 today. today the weekend we'll have a showero tomorrow but it will be cool, generally dry this week and and sunday looks like the better oft the two days as mentioned hollyl your big warmup, tuesday are wednesday, thursday 70 orday 70 better. we can open the windows, you'lll hear the peepers outside. >> peepers. >> the peepers.he >> i try to avoid peepers. peepe this is real casual. by the end of the week. (laughter). >> i like it. >> you're not leaning. you got to lean, steve. >> lean back.>> >> this looks like a postcard. >> looks like a postcard. >> for rei sore, it does. >> thank you fat so. >> lean back. we can lean back when it's reall warm.wa >> guys, i've had such a good go time being with. >> you'll be here next week? new
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>> live from new york the wendy williams show. >> how you doing. >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> all due respect have severall seats. th >> my girls are always turn out >> i give you to you straight nt chaser. >> ♪ >> now here's went dough! (applause). >> what can i say? but hey,. (cheers and applause). >> it's friday.hatan thank you so much for watchinga our


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