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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now the at 10, people outraged and angered, their, voices getting louder in support of two volunteer firefighters who were suspended after taking action that likely saved a a child's life. i turned around and looked at my driver and without any hesitation and said we're going to go to the hospital. plus, metro wants to win
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your trust. detailing what needs to be done for safety and reliability. rel and she was steadfast in support of her husband. tonight we remember the life and legacy of former first lady nancy reagan. fox5 news at 10 starts now. > thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm jim lokay and i'm marina maracco if for lauren. we start with the outrage over the suspension of two firefighters. they rushed a little girl to the hospital, and likely saved her life, but broke policy. fox5's alexandra limon talked tl theim emt who is calling attentn to the cause. i spoke to the emt that created that facebook page.k pa she tells me she doesn't even'te know either of the firefighters that were suspended. she just felt it was wrong and a wanted to help. i'm also told that because the fail mute fire station is down two men they're having a harder time keeping up wit
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respond to. so the fact that these guys are heros and they're suspended bothers me. this facebook page called reinstate our heros was startedd by a stafford county emt whoemt wants to remain anonymous fornyo fear of getting in trouble at work. my nephew went through the same thing when he was a year old. it took the nurses in northnort carolina 30 minutes to get to him. the page points to ways they can help. they says people should call the stafford fire chief directly and ask for the men to be reinstated other firefighters with stafford fire and rescue say they fully support the actions of the firee station. i feel it's wrong to punish for doing the right thing that t possibly saved this child's
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life. this nurse says time was of the essence. she didn't treat the fire, but both responding firefighters and the 18 month's old father said the girl had a seizure andeizu described her as blew and limp when the responders first waiting with have been a band item it could extend the injury to the brain for lack of oxygen. the longer your brain goes without oxygen, the more cells that die. they saved this child's life anc at the end of the day it doesn't matter if they were running on the road with them in their arm, i would have done the same thing. what a story. a you can join the conversationrs about the suspensions on our facebook page, weigh in at d.c. get ready for a warmup outside.e we're getting a little taste of spring this week. >> gwen is in the weather center with more on what to
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>> you're absolutely right.abso we had a little taste of winter in some of our suburbs. overnight last night into morning. not everybody saw some of it. we are now headed for a taste spring even before springn officially kicks we have a few clouds roling in tonight, not very many, but a few high clouds across the area. overall we're talking partly cloudy skies for tonight.. here's a look at the highs for today. we hit into the upper 40s and the low 50s at all three airports. and it was pretty much the same in all of our neighborhoods andi these temperatures are right exactly where they should be for the seasonal so we're finally catching up as opposed to being blow which wecw have been for the past couple of daze. our current temperatures rightet now, we've got 41-degrees at d.c., 35 at yap lirks it's 34-degrees at baltimore this hour. 33 at dulles, 32 degrees at frederick and 35-degrees at fredericksburg. so the winds are going to pick up a little bit into tomorrow, but tonight they're fairly light from the south.
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at 35 degrees for your overnight low and forth next couple of daze, look at the jump in the temperatures. we're going to jump 10 degrees0e and then another 10-degrees as we head into all that warmer air. it's going to be very embarrassed and trust me, it will be sticking around for a few days so we'll get to enjoy.. aisle have details a little later. to prince george's county where a search isge on right now for a missing mother and her 11 month old baby.. that near a month and herea daughter went missingr yesterdy afternoon. moss mother was driving withving them. they all stopped at a store in landover himself the grandmothef went inside the store, but when she came back her daughter and d her granddaughter were no longer in the car. police do not suspect foul play. they're asking with anyone withh information to give them a call. the me goal is growing outside of the ronald reagan memorial.
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her home of heart the woman was 94 years old. the body of former first lady nancy reagan drove away from hem home in bell air, the protector of the 40 president passed a way from congestive heart failure. the staff has been on a schedule to think about and decide how this week's events would go once she passed away. reaction began pouring in soon after the announcement. president obama releasing asing statement that read in part, wee remain greatful for nancy reagan's thankful for her guidance and prepareful that she and her beloved husband are together again. the one-time actress championedo the just say no app anti drugi campaign in the 1980s. she also promoted other causes while she was in the white
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house. mrs. reagan was a passionate advocate and promoting better treatment of american's veterans. at a campaign stop in ohio, former california govern arnold schwartz nationer remembered mrs. reagan. and i know she would join himhim now in heaven and the lovee affair between the two of them would start all over again. the people that were around him were people to what he believed in. and she was an incredible lady. she was very strong and a total class act.s > several days from now there will be a public viewing here at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. then after that, mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband on the in sympathomimetic i valley,ley, california, will car, fox news. > now to the raise forth white house, republican voters in puerto rico and d
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voters in maine castellani ballots here. bernie sanders winning the main caucus with 93 percent of the votes. sanderses is ahead of hillary clinton 64 to 35 percent. marco rubio coasted to victory winning 73, donald trump second, ted cruz with just 9 percent. 9 yesterday cruz had a big day winning in kansas and maine. trump won in. at the washington establishmento is in na panic, they're conus tood. they don't understand what's happening. and their favorite candidates, the ones that they want to win t are not getting the votes. but if bunch of washington deal makers try to deal step in and
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will have an up hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off in flint, michigan. voters in michigan go to the polls on tuesday. > bought wheat feld release aea letter today acknowledging the agency needs to make big changes to address safety and reliability. some of the stuff metro says ity is working on is finding a new chief safety officer installinga new radio systems and increasing the number of police officers on trains and on buses. looking forward whether it feld also wants to develop a get welw plan for railcars in need of repairs looking at opportunities to simplify fairs as well as developing a mobile app that gives riders easier schedules sh and rider information. the paper fare cards are now are thing of the past. today was the first day that metro riders has
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smart trip cards. a lot of commuters aresm used to the change because they've been around 1999. i like it because i have a senior card and i just use thee same card over and on. i don't get a lot of paper on my desk or where ever. i just use this card and it's easy, simple, just add money. > just add money.> j >> if you have a paper fare carp like him in a desk you can trade it on and transfer the value on the card but don't wait too t long. you have to make the transfer by june 30. >> i haven't seen a lieutenant of people with that paper card.. > still to come at 10 tonight, you may notice a change smelle coming from your tap. tap don't worry, there might be a slight change in the taste and smell of your water this week. d.c. riders already know commuting here can crush your soul. where do we stack up withp commuters in the country. the balled eagle rescued incu montgomery county on her way to recovery. we have an update on
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condition when we come back. k.
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> welcome back, a about it of c traffic alert for, you may run into some delays if you're're driving in frederick burg. two lanes of 95 are closed at this hour.r. they'll stay closed until tomorrow morning. tomorrow night one will close at 9:30, the second will close at 10. > and start, tomorrow, some folks in d.c. and parts ofts northern virginia may notice a slight change in the taste and smell of their water, but don't whether or yes, they say the water is safe.ter now here's what's going on, the washington aqueduct is flushing
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it does this every clear. workers will use chlorine to disinfect the water and that's a what you might smell. this is expected to last through the first week of may.ay. officials say if you run the tap for about two minutes and refrigerate the water you will reduce the chlorine taste and smell. we have an update on the condition of that american bald for example l rescued by a mount police officer last week. the eagle nicknamed trust. she district of columbia herrict shoulder. they think a car on river road likely struck the bird. the eagle also suffered damage to her respiratory system and is having trouble breathing. > it will be summer and timed for a trip to the beach. ocean city is making sure theu main road youre use to get aroud town is ready for the summer season. maryland state highway administration is starting resurfacing work on if nearly
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crews may work extended hours to make sure the project is completed before memorial daye e weekend and we can only hope and of course it is not summer just yet, but the temperatures are starting to work up, hopefully, next week. we're hoping for that warmup on the way. although we were talking about this last night, gwen and we and were looked at the forecastment. they're focus asking on the middle part of this week. no one looks forward to well,wa but this is one of the exceptions. > i hope we don't jump into summer. we need some in betweens. in the meantime let's take a look at what's going on rightn now because we have a few high loads that are rolling in. not too much to be concerned with. we had a little precipitation late last night. las right now, as far as temperatures go, well, it's as little cool out there, 41n in d.c. we
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well. 33-degrees for dulles this hour, 31 at culpeper and 41-degrees at winchester. winds are fairly light andht moving into n from the south. we're going to start to see the chill take a turn. we are headed to the 70s and yes shall it is march, believe it or no. but nonetheless, those tho temperatures will continue to rice. here's look at your lowe's for the overnight hours. they will be into the 30s for you and tomorrow -- there you go.go. 35-degrees for d.c., 38 grows for fredericksburg, 39-degrees at manassas and 38-degrees for dulles.du sunrising at 6:31:00 a.m. and:3: what do we have ahead for youor nice temperature rise as we head to spring-like conditions. your full forecast coming up with that all important seven day forecast back to t you. > drivers at the dmv are shelling out just a little bituj more at the pump. >> are you surprised? it feltt nice to
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there's not a lot to explain unless you live in d.c. aaa reports maryland are payingy nine cents less. the average price in maryland is 1.78. around the district currently costs 1.90 while gas in virginia 1.60. national average 1.81. a new stud did did i confirms c that many folks in the dmv already knows that drivers have one of the worst commutes in the country. they analyzed data from the us census burrow and d.c. was ranked third on the list behindt new york city and long island. the average commute for drivers here is nearly 33 minutes and id case you're wondering buffalo has the shortest commute of over 20 minutes each way.ay. the bathrooms on board airplanes aren't exactly the cleanest. bowing crews are ready to change
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they are using ultraviolet light to disinfect all surface he. they say they can do it in justn three seconds.econ it is different from the waves used in tanning beds.s. the company needs to stud did it self-cleaning service better before offering it to airlines. that bathroom is bigger than any i ever saw. > i hope there's no windows like that one has. you pay to pay for everything on airlines, probably a clean toilet, too.toil still ahead at 10, a cemeteryetr rejected her husband's ashes because of his ethnicity. the people at flint, michigan were unknowingly were drinking contaminated waters. now the health problemss experienced because of that water.
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thousands gathered in contacttat wall a lumpur for a day of remembrance. they're remembering the missing passengers and crew members of flight 370. it's been almost two years since the flight vanished. they believe the plane crashedsd and everyone aboard the plane is dead. > the cemetery refused to buryb her husband because of his raise. dorothy beer air a says the t owner of the cemetery has a a whites only policy. her husband is of hispanic desent. a 1940 case set the precedence. i'm going to sue him. and i'm still going to fight fot the rights of my husband and i'm going to for the fights of thef other people if they'll join me. > and barrier a says the texas
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an interest in her case. free lab screenings are underwar for the people of flint, michigan. many residents in the city are worried after future health problems after being exposed to contaminated water. corroded pipes leached lead into the drinking water and experts say the water isn't the only concern. because of the old housing that we have here in the flint area,a they have an increased probability of contacting led dust from their houses because of the paint.. flint's corroded water pipes are currently in the process ofss o being replaced. the city's water crisis has become a national issue and highlighted in tonight's democratic debate being held in flint. developing tonight isn't just the e-mails that hillary clinton wrote but also the ones she received that are gathering some attention.atte a washington post is now complicating her efforts to argue that she never put government secrets at risk. fox's mollie hennen ^berg hasbeg the story. >>reporter: the washington p
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analyzed thousands of e-mailil chains that went through hillary clinton. they have 140 e-mails that havee now been deemed classified. top obama administration officials and furriners that ars now classified and they were usually forwarded to clinton by an aid and went through hergh h private server. according to the post, the analysis raise difficult questions about how the government treats sensitiveve information. it suggests that either material is being over classified or that classified material is being handled improper or somero combination of the two. last week one of clinton's staffers at the state department was given immunity by the department of justice in the probe of clinton's e-mails.. practicing license owe said she set up the private
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clinton said it was good news. i do, absolutely. i think we're getting closer and closer to wrapping this up. i do t know there were reports today about the hundreds of officials and the thousandsusan e-mails that they were sending bang and forth that have been be looked at and classified this really raises serious questions about this whole process. > still republicans charged that clinton's private server might have allowed foreign governments to hack in and see us government information. and the inspector general of the intelligence community say thaty some of the material that went through clinton's private server was classified at the time, butu was not labeled at such. in washington, mollie hennebergg fox news. > still to come tonight at 10t0 they're sweating it out at for a good cause. how these spinners were trying to help find a cure for rare cancers. > to get kids to eat. anything for tho
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this is fox5 local news at 10. after years of drought, the the state of california is finallini getting some reign. it's apparently too much rain for one weekend. the wet weather is expecting to continue until tomorrow. unt people in the state are also bracing for heavy winds. there have been some power outrages in the loss angels and san francisco bay areas as well. hopefully we're not getting to any rain. we're actually headed for a little tease of spring. s i almost feel like you coordinated. > it's coming.t's it's a ladies we kind of knew. if i wore
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think i'd be worried. w >> you could do the tie. > look at what's happening outside right now which are just a few high clouds that ares th moving in. other than that, things are pretty calm compared to last l night when we were talking about some of that wintry mix that was expected and you know what, some of you didn't see anything at all while others saw a a little bit of that rain and snow and ad just a little bit of a dusting. we're going to talk about that in a second. in the meantime for tonight it is definitely partly cloudyy pa skies and very much on the chilly side overnight lowe's into the 30s only across theoss entire area. we're also talking about the t week starting very dry and veryy calm. get ready, though, for the spring temperatures. are they ever on their way. we're talk about the temperatures rising into the 70s, that yet extreme heading well to the north and the warm air settling right in place and it's going to be a wanted housed guest because we'ring go to
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to enjoy it under some fairly nice conditions as well. not all bad. b late week, a chance of some showers. we have a little bit of bit everything going on here on my weather buff all. in thell. meantime let's talk about theabu snow and the wintry mix. some of you didn't see anything. but here's a look at some of tht neighborhoods that did. not a whole look lot.le we did mention in the hire elevations an inch or two. a trace at dulles at dulles, nothing at the other airports at all. and at these numbers here you can see nothing that was all that significant and by the time everybody got going this morning things were much improved. not much else happening, here's a look at the current temperatures, p p3 at dulles, 33 at martinsburg, 35 for annapolis, baltimore at 34 and a we have a very light southerly wind flow. we're going to see a few of the clouds. other than that, not much happening. partly cloudy skies and then a ridge of high pressure is goingg to be our main
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once we get into tomorrow. these clouds are not too much tu be concerned with because we'll see some of them stick t arounds for your monday as well. take a highs for monday, some 60 degrees, some 10-degrees warmer than we were today. actually 20 degrees warmer than we were the day before. tomorrow a little bit a little more breeze year. the winds coming from theh southwest but it's going to help to boost the temperatures.pera ridge of high pressure, about p your mood a high is going to g stay around for the next three t or four days, the beginning of the week until maybe thursday, friday before we start to see a weak can disturbance that's going to come through. some sunrise, 60s and 70 for daytime highs.hs. i wouldn't be surprised if someo of our neighbors flirted with the 80-degree mark. here's a look at the temperaturu trend so you can see what a difference it's requesting to
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make, tomorrow, by made way 54-degrees. we're looking at the temperatures lingering into the 50s for your midday and then by the 5:00 hour we'll eastbound up to 58-degrees, mostly sunny skies putting it together for, 35-degrees for tonight, partlyog cloudy, little on the chilly side. and then tomorrow once we get g into the sunshine with just a few clouds we're going to warm up to 60-degrees and the winds are going to start toic p up.. the winds are going to be responsible for helping us hit, 71, 75, 76. 7 we have a three-day role forthth 70s. the end of the weeks is when we're going talk a piece of energy that could bring us some showers. over all i think it's a thumb's up forecast. >> i think so, too. > spinning your way to help find cancer breakthroughs. this weekend cycle for survival came to d.c. and bethesda. riders formed teams and raised
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among the cyclists being cleared on today was our very own laura evans. earlier this week laura spoke tt one of our fellow spinners who participated in honor of her list system. me lies a macaluso is gathering up for a big ride. cycle l for survival is a high energy indoor group spin raising money for rare cancer research. what led her to this ride was her twin sister meaghan and a something that happened when the two were 17.7. our previous softball season sho foul tipped a ball off of her ankle so she had this bump there, but you know, playing sports, bumps and bruises, they happen. the bump turned into excessive discomfort. it just so happened that meaghah had a rare cancer not related to the bump. grab dough mia sarcoma. it's a deep tissue. she finished just before her 19th birthday and everything
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later before she went off to college. she had a lump on her groin, the rhabdo was back. in curl is what doctors told her. she went off to school and scranton was amazing and let her go for the college experience. but meaghan returned home from school in march and she died d five months later. it's hard to explain, but having that soul mate there from the day of your birth. meaghan learned about cycle for survival just before her cancer came back the second time. 100 percent of the money raisedd goes to research led by memorial sloan kettering. she convinced her family to get involved. being in this room with tons of people who on some level get it. now in its tenth year held at equal knocks jims nationwide it is the fastest growingng fundraiser in the nation. it's taking this tragic situation and kind of being
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surrounded by positivity and support and feeling good about yourself while you're dog it and knowing that every second you y spend invested in this is actuallying whying to benefit someone in the future.utur she was the one who wanted us to be a part of this. > in washington, laura evans,, fox5 local news. > a good cause for something that touches so many:it hits home forelift people out therepp that's for sure. you can do your part and take oe the california evening of a heros workout in honor of a fallen officer. there's a raise for march 19. 1 guindon was killed in the shooting last week. the other two survived. the workout will raise money for the officers and their families. they will challenge at cross fit in woodbridge. you can learn more
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it's a for a very good cause. when there are people who have causes that are near and dear to them or if they know people thae are involved, it's a community. > still ahead at 10, beyonce headlining a school fundraising. how did a group of lucky groupsy and parents get a special performance from queen bee. > there's a new option if you don't want to drink your calories. your trip to the bar a littletle more diet friendly. graph on montgomery was back with his wood son high teammates as they won a d.c. association title.
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> we are back and this is aba story, we followed this over thi weekend. we talked about it quite a about
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a remarkable story of a about it of a come back. >> it is a about it of come back. talking to the coach of hd wood son, what happened to garrison is one story on their team. he and the players said they're from the inner city. now we get to see what they go through every day.ery >> our story, not just his.. >> exactly, it's the story ofry the team and what they accomplished today was a pretty historic feet. blessed, that's what the tattoo says on gavon montgomery's right arm. when he got the word incorporated on his forearmrm there's no way he could have known just how blessed he is. today he hell broughtedded a historic state championship with his teammates just days after suffering a gunshot wound. >> that's history. the hd wood son warriors made history beating collegiate 46 to 27 and finished the
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undefeated. the warriors of the first d.c.. team to go undefeated since 1985 and they knew their place in i their sports history. >> won the states. the greatest team i ever playedd on. the greatest team ever was w almost without one of their keyy players in today's championship game. >> my heart dropped. senior forward gavon montgomeryg was shot ina the back at his hoe in the northeast. fortunately the gunshot only graced his back. i don't know if he got shot anda it was critical or he got shot and he was going to be okay. we rallied the next day, talked about it and got it off our chest and we say we're going to do this. >> they did it for gavon and a they did it with him. he started the championship gamp just two days after the
10:44 pm his story is diplomatic of what these kids go through every day. not the best situation. their stories, what they fought through their through life. 16 minutes. m > what happened to gavon can make you think that sports is but this team has over come so s much now has memories that will last a lifetime. > where do they come from? there's in the a lot of stufftuf that they can hold onto and be really, really proud of going into their adulthood. this is something that they're going to remember forever. > congratulations again to hd wood son for their all-time great season. they're not as good as the five bets feets in sports. served up number five, major league sock or kicked off its
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it ricochets. and then a goal for nycfc. take another look at l it goes off one guy's head right there. off another guy's elbow. tony is like okay, i'll take it. it's fundamentals.dame >> it is. i think he needs acc i sacs playing in the background. maybe a better soccer play. the north london derby. >> do you know what they call it in north london no low. back heel flip.ip. aaron ramsey in the box. a beautiful goal, a little flick of the back heal and past the keeper for the goal. goa marina, you played soccer in high school. any back heel goals for you. you >> all the time. > only back heel goals. >> they call it no
10:46 pm
call limbo low. > let's go to some high school basketball. desmond bane of newark seton hall.hall everyone just stood there. i don't know if he ever got up. he's okay. i think his ego is dead actually. the best part is when you watch the video there's someone in the crowd that goes jump on him. h >> and they did. call mj. m > poor kid. he got find. number two, this is # 1 year old taylor correspond your from texas at the opening of tiger woods, a course made just fort o kids.ds. this is the first shot ever on the course. take a look, as it rolls, hole in one. 11 years old in front of tiger and a full gallery. tiger can't believe it. to put it in perspective tiger woods had three career holes in
10:47 pm
month of buzzer beaters, look aa this one from a high school game, 88 feet, ramsey, louville, kentucky. it's an unbelievable toss. that sent it to over time, they actually lost. > they're all -- it was amazing. he barely let his feet hit the ground and then he just launched it. watch again. that tied it up. 88 feet. > call steve curry. >> steve, just 37 feet. triple it. > we need to get him togetherhr and the kid that hit the hole i one in front of tiger. > i can barely hit a put when i was that kid's age. > hold the putter for that kid. > at 11 i could hold a putter. > we'll be right back. still ahead at kid, what's the key to creating
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lunches that kids will eat. some researches think the answer is in he moggies. to the entitle, school and factually get their own personal beyonce shake down. he mog i.
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so you don't have to shell outhl hundreds of bucks to see beyoncb perform in person. by the way the closest she's getting is baltimore. > are you going.. >> no, i'm not going. > no disrespect.spec >> well, jim, your other option to be a student or a parent at a ritz i elementary school in la. i don't think you're either of those. >> no. > take a look
10:52 pm
>> why are they talking while she's sinking? >> i don't know.>> people are excited. let them be excited. that's a piece of beyonce's rendition of i'll always love you. it's rumored to be the school of her four year old daughter. to have beyonce sync at any school.scho the best pta member ever. >> if are trying to cut down on calories there's a lot off nutritions will tell you look ao what you're dripping. all of what you're downing could be extra sugar in all of one drink. fox's jessica for moster had the
10:53 pm
a little l more punch.ore it's the new trend to dripping alcohol and feeling skinny. ski these two men in confining whong else and david shoals thoughtd they could could do more with sparkling water. more sugar into lighter and sort of better for you options we'll call them. it's 6 percent alcohol, all natural, low cash and gluten free. shields and homes describe it as very light and crisp. most everything else in the beer or malt beverage industry is loaded up with sugar. this hearts settler started to t become trendy this past year yea even though it's been sold for three years. it's sold at whole foods and trader joes. right now mostly women are drinking it. it's fruity and easy drinking. it's great now
10:54 pm
coming, over ice, call it a day. you can't taste the alcohol. it could probably get you in trouble because you're going to sit there and have three or four or five or six and then not taste the alcohol. it drinks just like it's a flavored settler and very easy. the alcohol is naturally fermented so it doesn't come from disspilled spirits at all. it's a natural fermentation jusf like beer. we did ask david and nick if they would expand and go internationally.inte they said it's in our plans butb they said first they want to do really well in places like this, new york city. > i'm going to be a little hater here. ever heard of avon contact tonic. >> or you can drink sparklinglig water. if you can't taste the presence of alcohol in it. i >> people don't like the taste of alcohol and they want the buzz, but to b
10:55 pm
it for -- i don't know how much there is. there's a sucker born every minute and found a couple there. researchers are turning to he t moggies to find out how kids feel about their school lumps.. they are measuring children's emotion response. kids in kansas began a were tested. they were asked to taste and rate foods using 24 he moggies.m they are hoping to cut down onn food waste. w there is one he moggy that you m could use to describe most food lunches that we can't talk about. a young boy who learns the power of a good kid. a five-year old donated all his birthday money to a police officer who is batting cancer. how that officer is now giving
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there's a five-year old boy inve south carolina who decided to t give up all of his birthday money and decided to donate it to a police officer who is batting cancer.. this little boy is finding out o that good deeds do get rewarded. up until last week five-year old cooper coke now had no idea how much a small donation he made last year really meant. >> he can do cool tricks. cooper is talking about the remote control truck that was w given to him last week by anthony white. he say it's a small token of appreciation for the donation that cooper made to his cancerr fund. they had a lot of gulf tournaments and different fundraisers that they did f
11:00 pm
and he heard about it as they a was going through the school. white's year long battle with pancreatic cancer has cap tiger woods investigated the entire community. he served on the police forceore for seven years but he left a lasting impression he came in contact with, even though as young as cooper which is whyer'r mom says it's. it helps him understand the truu value of life. we talked about ho lw expensivei is to get sick. sometimes you can't work. you have medical bills, things like that. and he kind of thought about it and he actually said i can'tan't believe he gave me a present with the money that i gave him he should have used that for his medical bills. now both keep and sergeant whitd are on the winning end. while cooper continues to


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