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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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one of the train's cars ended up submerged partially in a creek. all 214 passengers are evacuated. it's unclear what caused derailment but it was raining heavily at the time of the accident. >> now to a story that gained national attention. two volunteer fight fighters are back on the job after placed on leave after using a fire truck to take a little girl to the hospital instead of waiting on ambulance. they broke policy. but a public out cry followed and yesterday they were placed back on the job. >> we don't get compensated for what we do. a good outcome is what we like to hear. when a story like this happens and child comes out well, that's our fame. so we really -- -- that's our payment. it felt good to be back on the fire truck and i appreciate the support from the citizens and community. . >> stafford county fire chief says despite reinstatement they
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>> a suspect is charged in the death of a woman killed in double stabbing yesterday morning danielle westial west of oxen -- daniel west was charged with the murder of a woman from landover. she was found stabbed in her apartment and pronounced dead at the scene. another woman was taken to the hospital. they were involved in a romantic relationship. >> d.c. police are serving for answers in a drive by shooting that happened in a bus stop in broad daylight. someone sprayed gunfire from a mini van killing a woman and injuring a man after 1:00 sunday afternoon. residents say it left them shaken as the driver speed way. someone wrote down the license plate numberch the car was stolen from a kharch largo largo road prince george county found abandoned few blocks away from the incident after the shooting. >> it pains me. i live in this neighborhood and
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i'm tired of. it i'm seriously tired of it. it breaks my heart. because this could have been anyone. it could have been me standing out with my kids the case is still under investigation. >> checking your other top story this morning. tense moments outside the white house caught on amateur video you're seeing right here. secret service arresting a man that tried breach the white house fence 4:30 yesterday afternoon. a secret service officer saw the man cross a bike rack barrier on northeastern fence line the man was immediately arrested before he got on executive mansion's ground. the suspect was turned over to d.c. police. and the white house calling a decision by israeli prime minister netanyahu to cancel the trip surprising. he was supposed to meet with president obama this month. no word why he backed out but
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the white hoution is disputing reports that they couldn't find a time to accommodate the israeli leader. >> turning now to the presidential election. run voters in mississippi, idaho, michigan and hawaii head to the polls today and ted cruz is trying too woo those voters urging those not behind trump to back ted cruz campaign. he made a stop in grand rap i idz last night and donald trump campaigned in miss miss. on the democratic side they head to the polls in louisiana and miss michigan. sanders is lashinging out at clinton for mischaracterizeing what he said. clinton is on the defensive because of his criticism for her for supporting bad trade deals. >> many thought he may make a third party bid for the white house. michael bloomburg said he will not run for president. hillary clinton praised him for for that saying she has grea
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for that saying she has greatest respect for bloomburg and rival bernie sanders says oolt billionaire running for president is bad for democracy. >> burgandy and gold officially partied ways with griffin iii. it was a blessing. i wants to say thank you this ways four year relationship that began with promise and ended with griffin not taking a single snap this past season. it saves them from paying $16 million as they prepare for new nfl year. >> coming up on 4:35 tuesday morning let's get a check of today's forecast and gary mcgrady. gary, couple sprinkles coming down as i drove down this morning. nothing serious though. >> welcome back, maureen. >> thank you, good to be back. >> welcome back. you brought the good stuff, to too, some of you might be shocked what we'll show you coming up in the 7 day forecast. especially if you were not keeping up with the weather that closely.
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culpeper 44. fredericksburg 55. leonardtown the same and look at westminster up there at 57. one reason we're mild this morning we have mostly cloudy skies and again a couple light showers have been moving across the area. nothing too terribly heavy, all right? but just a couple. and it really is moving through and breaking up. i do not and that we're going to have much more of this if anymore this and as we progress through the morning hours skies clear off and it looks like we're in for good sunshine later on this afternoon. it certainly will be warm. look at this. 40 -- yeah, 40, 70. getting dyslexic with that number. i was trying to say 47 instead of 74. mannasas is 76. fredericksburg is 77. and culpeper is 77 degrees today. so, we've got a few places out there that are close to 80 degrees. and let me say this as i hand
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to erin cuomo, record heat this week. >> i broke out a summer dress because i listen to your forecast. yeah, for tuesday temperatures. and it's march, right? why, today i'm like what day of the week is it? who day of the month is it? if you're having that kind of day too take your time inking it coffee and getting out of bed. roadwork montgomery county. caution there. traffic upper loop is geeing by fine and montgomery county same story as you make your way to 270, 270 southbound no construction but you're wide on as you make your way frederick to the spur. none of that usual bottle neck you hit through rockville. 95 northbound roadwork right lane blocked before the icc. good news because there's no major slow downs if you head to bwi traffic 9 a5 bwi northbound lookg
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conditions reagan national and dulles. i'll let you know if slow downs pick up there. 395 roadwork to seminary two right lanes blocked and same zone yesterday morning not causing any major issues. northbound traffic cruising while keep you posted. that's traffic, wisdom and maureen. . >> former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest on friday her funeral held in california buried next to former president ronald reagan, her husband. she will lie in repose on wednesday and thursday. president obama ordered flags at the white house military posts and naval stations to be flown at half staff in her honor. >> another pop star speaking out at the music center of sexual assault allegations what kelly clarkson is accusing him of doing. >> rising teptions before norm and south korea. sanctions now imposed on neighbor's recent nuclear test. after this
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>> 4:40, developing. south korea plans to sanctions people to punish the country for recent nuclear tests and rocket launch. this announcement comes after north korea threatened nuclear strikes after response to sawm or key an nuclear drills. it's an invasion rehearsal. south korea is banning
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that also stopped at north korean port. it also says that its citizens will be barred from doing financial deals with those on the sanctions list. the white house says it will disclose a number of those killed by american drops drops and other counter terrorism strikes since 2009 and officials state report will be released in coming weeks and they say this is part of commitment to transparency for u.s. actions overseas and the information is scheduled to be disposed annually and white house says it will be up to the president's successor to decide whether to con thin practice. meanwhile prince will yunl county police officer ashley guindon will be laid for rest. a funeral held in springfield, massachusetts. people lined the streets as police procession escorted her body to the church. guindon was shot and killed last month while responding to a domestic dispute in woodbridge, virginia. her funeral included full police honor
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country they're offering its support to grieving prince william police department. yesterday they held a blood dmriv officer guindon's honor and as well as two officers hurt in the shooting. another blood sdriv set for tomorrow. >> startling statistics. when it comes to disvacs on the road it's a number of fatal pedestrian accidents on the rise. what is blamed. and following spotlight oscar success kevin mccarthy goes one-on-one with a man that lived it all in real life. >> hi, gary. >> mild this morning. >> couple of spotty showers. we're not late enough to warm-up anymore. it is here. maybe record-setting high temperatures. we'll talk about that. wisdom is back. maureen is back. erin cuomo is back and i'll be back, too, stay with us
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>> gary says hey don't worry about it this day will be awesome this week, even awesom awesomeer, that's a word i coined while i was away. >> you were aware. >> i have been away. >> you didn't have a chance to see the forecast yesterday. >> i didn't. >> this changed a little bit today. >> it's all good. >> depends what you think good is. >> this right here looks good to me. >> i see warm which i concur with wisdom the heat, bring it. >> nothing wrong with a taste of ving. >> that's right. >> high pressure is building later today. high pressure is building a loft as well as at the surface and that allows all this warm air to spill on in. and we're still talking in the realm here of 15 to 30 degrees above where we should be this and this will stay through thursday. we may cool off a little friday going into the weekend. we'll certainly cool off
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east in what we call a backdoor front. but, believe me when i say, temperatures will push record numbers and we'll -- actually there is 80 degree reading now officially on the forecast. we're going for it here okay. reagan national now. mild, 48. dulles the same, 48, bwi marshall 52. warmer air coming on in and clouds too that kept the temperatures milder this morning. perhaps than they would be if we had clear skies. buffalo is loving it 46. boston 38. detroit 51 and chicago what is this, erin cuomo, what time would that be for chick check out there, 3:45 in the morning darn near 60. >> what? that's amazing isn't it? >> st. louis 65. look at warm air coming up. it moves here. i needed you to confirm what i was seeing. that's the first time saw that. sometimes she wonders what the heck i'm doing. here's satellite come ago cross. a lot of clouds
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now. couple sprinkles, no more than that. it looks like that moved east. and we will get the clouds breaking up over the next couple of hours, too. so we should end up with good sunshine top start the day. maybe a few clouds. look how mild even at 8 a.m., 54. 70 by lunchtime. good to have alfresco for lunch and high temperature 74 later today. 73, 74, 75, something like that and then here's 7 day forecast for you. 74 today. 79 tomorrow. 80 on thursday. are you looking at that, erin, you're not even looking at that. >> i'm really cited. >> then we cool off for the weekend. not much. i don't see any cold air coming. i don't see. it no more snow, here's erin. >> i went for a jog on the georgetown water sglont how beautiful was that. >> there were so many people out and about sitting on benc benches, jog, out on the wate water. >> being outside. >> love t.
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it's a great week for lunch outside. i concur. quiet start to the morning commute. roadwork after seminary two lanes blocked. slow downs construction zone northbound side dream from the melt way to 14 street bridge. as you make your way 5 northbound prince george county right lane blocked before icc not covering any major slow downs. bwi quiet. and things look going on the beltway. des site in construction inner loop after coalsdale roadbloc roadblocking right lane and outer loop moving without any issues. let's look live outside at the beltway. show you how traffic is looking right now you can see not a whole lot going on i like. it how nice and calm this morning. fwary caught me daydreaming during the warm forecast and i had that feeling like i got caught with not paying attention in class. back to you guys. >> all right. developing overnight, at least 14
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after a commuter train derailed in california. police say the train wept off the tracks while traveling from central california to san francisco bay area last night and one of the train's cars ended up partially submerged in a creek. all 214 passengers on board were evacuated and it's unclear what caused derailment and officials say it as was raining heavily at the time of the accident. >> new it morning we're learning sobering news about pedestrian safety. according to governor highway safety association the number of pedestrian deaths jumped 10% last year. that follow as a 19% increase from 2009 to 2014 and final figures for traffic deaths being compiled and 10% increase bring deaths to highest total since 1996 where nearly 5500 pedestrians were killed by cars and verizon wireless is shutting off to settle
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federal investigation with the carrier's super cookies or pieces of software to track web usage. fcc says ser izod wireless did it from 2013 to 2014 they have agreed to notify customers about target advertising programs and customers will have a right to opt out of sharing information. >> a jury awarded sportscaster erin andrews 55 million in a civil sued. she sued national hotel and man that secretly record aid video of her in a hotel and post today online. the video was viewed by millionsch the hotel's attorney say her stalker was to blame and the jury said the man was responsible for 52% and the hotel is responsible for the rest. >> kelly clarkson said she was blackmailed in her record label to working with doctor luke and threatened not to release her
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concerna accused dr. luke of raping and abusing her. he denied those claims. an injunction was denied to sever ties. laid yeah gaga and clark son have spoken out in support. >> he was editor of boston nrob for a decade and at the forefront of investigation de incompetent withed in oscar winning film, "spotlight" he now works at the "washington post". kevin mccarthy sat down with him to discuss the film and his success. >> boston police molested kids in parishes over the last 30 years and the church found out and did nothing. this strikes me as essential story it a local paper. >> spotlight may have taken home best picture at the academy awards the real winner was investigative journalist. it looks he at "spotlight" division of the boston
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it exposed child molestation and govern-up within the boston archdioceses. >> don't hesitate to ask. >> they used this email to construct dialogue. >> martin bar ron executive editor of washington post sat down to talk about his role as editor of the boston globe when he uncovered this story in 2001. >> the work on investigating the charge was distinct and and had an immediate and important impact on the lives of every day people. it caused reforms in the church although i think there's washing to be done there and it probably influenced how other major institutions deal with the issue of credible allegations of sexual abuse. >> mr. barron, not from boston, remembers his first day at the boston globe. >> i was viewed as outsider. i was nervous going into an environment like that. >> i'm looking to make the paper essential to readers. >> we got on to a big story and on
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news meeting. and he we were off and running after that. >> barron is portrayed by acclaimed actor liam schreiber and we asked what it was like to see himself on the big screen. >> it's surreal the fact that millions of people around the world will be nruinged in for this was emotional moment. >> for a pain to perform its function it needs to stand alone. >> on the morning of september 11, 20001 bar ron and news team had to put the spotlight story to the side. for me there was no question and for people working on the team they knew they were on to a good story and they were kind of reluctant to be dragged off that story at that particular time. and but we needed our investigative team to work on the story. >> you want to sue the church technically we wouldn't sue the church but lift of the document to seal the documents. >> recently the "washington post" filed a position motion with the united states district court
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to unseal documents related to vincent gray. >> i when documents should be public we want to do everything possible to make them pub liping. there's no reason for them to be sealed there's no legal justification for doing so. >> in this intd nate age i asked mr. bar ron where he he's the "washington post" in ten years. >> there's no question it's fully dij it will and we hold on to the core mission. i think it's important we hold powerful interests accountable and this movie makes a point. press is a vital role in society. >> i i'm trying to make the paper essential to the readers. >> it's journalism we do not the platform they do. it it's not so important they read imprint but they own it at all. >> the owner of the post did email. amazon has am sdpon studios he was at the oscars and had a better seat than i did. >> washington d.c., i
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♪ . >> all right. bootyes, listen up chef bobby flay, yes, chef, bobby flay will stop by the studio and guess what will be cooking with us in the loft and we'll be serving his sweet potato hash. you won't want to miss. it topping in 8:30 this morning. wisdom you ready for that. >> yes. >> we'll do some of the cookin cooking. >> are we sne. >> iron chef are you kidding me. >> meem meanwhile, gary mcgrady, what's going on? why do you have that look on your face professor? >> it has hard for me to go 08 but di it. >> are you kidding me? >> today? >> not today on the 7 day forecast. >> okay. please. >> it is after all, march. >> i can't believe it. >> normal high temperature would be 52 this time of year. so, you do the math how much warmer -- you. >> know how happy this is making tons of folks across
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bmb bearer of good news. >> doesn to do anything with m me. 48 in town now. it's mild out there in most locations it's 54 in frederick fredericksburg. leonardtown 54 and winchester 54 as well. we have clouds in place this morning. that's one reason why the temperatures are still color i'd i i should say there's just cool but really relative to this time of year they would be much, much colder on a normal morning. here's where we are with rain showers moving across. i think this is. it maureen got rain on her car coming n i did. erin d probably a lot of folks. did you, too, wisdom? no. because how dare that rainy mean, 74 degrees. 74 for a high today. fred rikdzburg you're 77. that's close to 80. culpeper 77. that's close to 80 as well. tomorrow we'll be 79. i think it will be thursday here in twn
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here's airport erin i'm glad i finally got everybody's attention. >> and you're giving me a few days to come one the best plan ever for thursday afternoon. right now. >> you don't feel so well you look peakish i think thursday should be like down and under. >> i was like where are we goinging with this. all right. . >> you need --. >> one more cup of coffee. 5 north road lane blocking before icc north of beltway. let's see if we can forward maps in montgomery down they. roadwork will clear. up area and outer moving along lon fine. aseed from that one in alexandria 395 south still roadwork. back to you on the desk. . >> all right. coming up at 5 it's another big day on the campaign trail as movie voters head to polls in several states. >> two virginia firefighters back on the job after their suspension received widespread backlash
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we'll hear from them coming up next.
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>> 5:00 is the time. tuesday, march 8th. gary mcgrady has an undate on the forecast he says it's going


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