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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ 5 news morning.ning. >> ahead at 5:00 a d.c..c firefighter injured while rescuing a woman from aomanrom burning apartment building.uiin details of heroic sacrifice heee made to save her life.e. >> plus, show down in miami.ia. the democratic candidates candis facing off less than a week before the crucial march 15thci1 primary. prim >> live look outside righte ok o now. it is thursday march tenth t 2016.20 brilliant, that's the word i'mha
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because it's already i thinkdy in the 60's in some parts of o this area already in the morning so we're going to talkro to gary and get an update on o how things are going to go for the rest of the day.thre good thursday morning, i'ming, wisdom martin. >> i like that word brilliant.ra i'm maureen holly has the day off. o police investigating angatingn overnight double shooting inin i southeast.utast. >> fox5's melanie alnwick iss ml live on the scene with thethe very latest in this story. melanie, what can you tell me?l >> reporter: good morning. goo i can tell you that those two victims were rushed to thehe hospital.spital initially thought that they were going to be in critical condition. they were conscious and e breathing. good news is that it turns out t that they were just minorust mio bullet injuries.bu they're going to be to sounds like it was quite a was e scene out here last night. nig. not only around the apartmentmet building here, also apparently y there are some cars in the carst back as well that -- that also were hit by gunfire. so, somewhat of a gun battle here. we're still trying to pieceyingc togeer
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as to what happened. hpe this was at just a little littl after almost 1 o'clock this thi morning so it was 12:53 thishi morning. also want to let you know that w it is just across the street from kip public charter schoolte as well. not sure how long the scene ishi going to be here.e h a lot of times as we've told you in the past when thingshi happen in the evening, a lotnint of times they will hold thedhe scene until morning so thatornia they can go back and comb foromf any more evidence if and this isn't the only thing ot that happened.ped. we also had a shooting last night on atlantic avenue zc that was just an hour later, 1:57 in the morning in the 40000 block there. and that one an adult male shot as well.ell. that adult male also said to sa be conscious and breathing. bre. as far as the scene here onre benning road still trying to s y get some information but itonuti sounds like the shootingot suspects are still at largearge but some guns may have beenn recovered. live in southeast, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. > ♪
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>> new this morning, six thi people are in the hospitaln th after a serious accident in i prince georges county.orgecount. maryland state police say it stp happened just before 1 o'clocke this they say two vehicles were wer involved and both overturned ovr in that now, thankfully we are toldre tl that the six victims suffered se nonlife-threatening injuries.inj no word on what caused this t accident. maryland state police are sta still investigating. >> ♪ >> now to a developing story any d.c. firefighter in thehtn hospital after helping rescuengs a barometer a burningbaromete apartment. the fire broke out yesterdayut y afternoon at an apartmentment building in the 1700 block of minnesota avenue.esota the firefighter removed his oxygen mask and gave it to theke woman he was rescuing from that building. b a lot of people were displaced and they're getting help fromge the american red cross but as ba you might imagine they say the s they're grateful they made iteyd out alive. a >> i was in the bathroom ande b he was beating on the door and d he said you have to -- you got t to let me in -- no, he -- i opened the door and said yes, s sir and he say you got to come c out of there he said becausese there's a fire in the buildingt and i said well i got to get my keys then,
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>> the cause of that fire ise still being investigated.estigae >> a bill named after aft montgomery county officer noahoo leotta killed by a suspected sut drunk driver will be heardiv today by maryland lawmakers. now the biller urges for tougher penalties when it comes to ces t drunk driving. advocates for the bill arer calling on the general gener assembly to enact an all dui offender ignition interlock.erck that's a law without weakening amendments adopt by the house judiciary committee last week. >> ♪ in the race for the white whi house a high stakes miami high debate for hillary clinton and y bernie sanders last night. nig sanders is flying high after a pulling off an upset overver clinton in michigan ongan o tuesday.tu both candidates took shots attes each other withho clinton clint batting away questions about her e-mail scandal. snd the debate comes less than a week before delegates heavyegat primaries in states includingin floridina and ohio. now to the top the candidates there facing tough questions at ow
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forums on fox news last night. g donald trump says he'sse' prepping to take on hillaryn clinton in the general election while ted cruz still sl believes he can beat trump and t many are calling for florida fla senator marco rubio to dropo top out but rubio says he'sse' holding on to win his homeis hoe state of florida.ofri the florida and ohio gop ohio gp primaries are coming up thishis tuesday.tuesday. both are winner take all. >> ♪ >> we're trying to think ofing i different ways we can say it wes was so nice outside yesterday.ey this is how you know it's really nice because maureen maue umeh grilled yesterday.este slaw on the grille and yethe there's no food in herein h anywhere which means it must imu have been good if she ate it a all. >> i wasn't the one technically on the you. >> but it was at your house.was >> see, that's why i was a little stumped. i was like she grilled? thellet grille was somewhere in theheren vicinity and someone else wasom doing it. >> there was a fire coming out o of the bottom. bot >> that's good.t' >> but that's just anut tt's jut indication of how good it wasits outside.ouide.
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yesterday, did a littleittl baseball practice. pra >> is that right.>> >> i'm telling you we practiced until sundown. >> right. >> it was glorious.>> i that's another adjective for you.yo >> glorious i like that. t my basketball team practicedtbap >> indoors or did you just you s before this them over into thero drive way. >> no, we did indoors. >> pickup time 50 to 60 for t60f the kiddos.e ks. just after school just 76 to 80. listen, here's the deal. dl. today we'll have more cloudslous than yesterday but still, i sll mean you're talking 70's and 70' low 80's in march, it's all bonus. bo it's going to stay dry today.ryd temperatures out there this o morning are coming in in the t 60's. we have dropped into the 50'sopo here in town. it's 57 degrees in the city. annapolis what is going on? it's 65 there. learned town is s 63.. fredericksburg is 64 and up tonu the north frederick has comeck c up. frederick was in the upperwas iu 40's now you're 50 ande a hagerstown is sitting att 59 degrees.59 erin como's coming in.omin in.
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thursday morning traffic. traffc your thursday morning commute.m your friday evening commute. coe friday eve c whatever you want to call it. i. she's here. >> on-time traffic brought torao you by oy visit buy a for special offers. >> i like your tie, gary.ur t g >> thank you very much.nkou v my wife bought this for me. me. >> good taste. taste very nice.e. very good colors for thed colore spring. road work right now 270 south 2u it's before 121.efore 12 two left lanes are blocked.lo but i want to show you a live look outside at 270.70 despite the constructionst traffic is really quiet. qet southbound side a little bitit more volume picking up than up t what you are seeing on theino northbound side. we had an earlier crash reported on the shoulder afterdr shady grove. however, all lanes are opened ae so traffic is still flowing f without any major delays at day this time of morning.f mor we'll go ahead and switch backth the our maps. m also a side from that crashe and the construction, taking auc wide view of the area, you can see 66 inbound through centreville and fairfax stillan looking good.g g no problems in alexandria asxari you head out on 95 northbound things through stafford and dale city still moving withouti any oft
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metro is on time.metris o back to you. t y >> thank you very much erin you como. coming up, some muchngp, s needed relief for residents inei flint, michigan amid the ongoing water crisis. crisis. why the city says it will stop sending them >> but first shutting downg down d.c.'s so-called tent cities. the latest area to be targetedte and how a recent audit playeddiy a role in the decision to do t so. time now is eight past the hour. stay with us. back after this. >> ♪
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>> in a couple hours they'llco upremove tents. this comes after an audit an a yesterday highlightingin problems with d.c.'s homeless hl services. >> fox5's annie yu is liveive in northeast with the latesthe t on this story. annie, what can you tell us.t >> reporter: good morning, wisdom and maureenca.en this recent audit played a major role in the city to steptp in and close what's known as a tent city behind me here along a first street in northeast.n later this morning d.c. morning. officials plan to shut down this area, again near unionr uon station along first street.irstr officials will clean up theleant encampment starting at srt 10 o'clock today and they telln us that they have offered assistance to the homeless homel here to find suitable housingou alternatives as well aseswell services for their mental andnd or physical issues.hycal now, this all comes after a new audit that was released rea just yesterday at the request r of councilwoma
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it takes a closer look at how a the department of human services was overseeig homelessness in the districtness including where money for thewhr city's homeless services waservi going back in 2014. it also looked at how the h t city's contract with the d.c. based nonprofit was managing about 58 subcontracts thatub were worth more than t $66 million and it also lays alo out a series of other issuess including widespread widespr mismanagement and lack of oversight that auditors sayay will require 35 reforms torerm fix. the bottom line here is thatt dhs was not doing what it
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>> they're certainly nothey' spending any money on us. and i feel that the money the m should be used wisely. >> reporter: now theor director of dhs says that they have already started implementing some of the certified recommended -- 35- 35 recommended reforms and the city will rebid the contract ctr for homeless services latersater this year opening it up to new t companies and new ideas.newde again in just a few hoursrs starting at 10 o'clock 1 officials will be out heres wi clearing out this area behindeah me. back to you in the studio. >> also today canadian primeian minister justin trudeau is in ii town to attend a state dinner dn tonight.tonight. he'll meet with presidentme obama at the white he and his the family arrivediv yesterday and on the menu, colorado lamb, pastries and and desert cake with toasted tst pecans and new england maple syrup. 200 guests are it is the first u.s. state dinner for a canadian leader in 20 years. yea >> all right. looks like fun.lo the face of a pop
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brand getting set to say adios. sad about >> you shouldn't be. be. this could be your opportunity. >> that's trial.>> one door closes another opens. we'll tell you who it is justus ahead. >> as the city prepares too roll out private ambulancete ame services we're learninges details as to w what their roler will be in helping those in need. hey, gary, top the weather weeaw had yesterday. yesrd >> it will be hard to do.ll bhad >> i know.>> i kw. >> i mean yesterday with theterd sunshine it was just flat outat gorgeous.gorgeous. we're going to be warm again ben today. we're starting off warm this of morning. morning. 60's, some 50's out there and let's see, we have one 40, 40, upper 40's out in here's the's t it's going to warm up again up today. record setting highng h temperatures again.uresgain we'll talk about this weekendhi forecast all coming up. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> thursday morning, beautifulmb outside. outside. temperatures are mild. traffic hasn't picked up alld up that much yet but erin will berb in with a report on traffic. trf enjoy this because we're in the 50's and we're in the 60. t. it's a very, very mild start md and again today, we're goingre to be warm. to be wa we'll have record setting higheg temperatures again.temp yesterday there was a recordthw at dulles and bwi.wi their temperatures jumped uptu to 82 8 we're dry today. more clouds, though, than whatn we had yesterday.whwe had that's the big difference. d there's some rain back out tosoi the west. we won't getth the rain today rn but we'll get the clouds inlos i ahead of that and overnightand o tonight as this frontal systemos kind of gets closer to usr to there will be a few showersll be that come it's not a big deal at all, all okay and it's not going to bengt a lot of
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the front will pass through t kind of weaken and go to the t south of us and tomorrow it'sro going to get progressivelysively nicer. nicer. we'll start off with a fewt wita clouds but we'll end up withndpw lots of sunshine.tssu again, real nice.ic cooler tomorrow. temperatures will be in theures upper 60's and the lower 70's 7 out there, so it will be alle a little cooler and then onhenon sunday -- saturday and sundayndn there will be some changes,wi bc too. saturday the big changes weng yank the rain out, so, youo, know, sun and clouds on saturday, 65 degrees.ees. sunday still looks looks like we'll have a couple can ofhave clouds around, some showers, too, but again, it doesn'tt look like an all day washout. wo we're 57 now here in town. t that temperature continues to cn drop off just a little bit. b colder as you get over intove the central plains.s. not super cold. fargo at 29, minneapolis 34.ol chicago 45 and then down into io texas, it's in the 60's. here's all this rain, this ishii just getting pulled right outd r of the gulf of mexico. mexic it's staying to the west of us s 'cause we have enough highe we pressure in place to keep itace away but the clouds are
5:18 am
streaming across this morningg c we'lthis times it wiy cloudy but we'll have somedy b sunshine, too.oo. 59 or so degrees at 8:00 a.m. a 76 by lunchtime.ti that's warm.'sar 80 degrees at 4 o'clock andlo we're going to top out in theut lower 80's today. t upper 70's low 80's. tomorrow is cooler, 70 degrees. clocks move forward saturdayovrw night. and then it's a 50-50 weekend. looks great on saturday. clouds and showers on sunday. erin, you're up. >> 5:18 gary and we're stille'rs dealing with a crash blockinglo the shoulder. 270 southbound by shady grove.y all lanes are opened sos ar s traffic is moving towards the spur just fine.t fine. from frederick we're startingrt to see a touch of congestion. ce that's popping up by the truck t scales but it's not terribleribl just yet. we'll switch our cameras andames show you a look at the you a loe beltway. outer loop by new hampshire a little bit ofy volumeum increasing from this point tohi give yourself a few extraoursa e minutes as you can see trafficra is just flowing a little bitt better once you hitfl georgia.eo watch for pockets of slowerf slr
5:19 am
we'll check in with our mapsin now. aside from some volume volume increasing a few late clearingee construction zones still in place like 395 south afterthft seminary road.oa if you have an early morninge ar flight to catch traffic on thetc way to reagan national, dulles e and bwi looking good.d. overall we're still seeing all s lot of green on our maps and mad that's what we like to see s before our 6 o'clock hour. back to you. you >> ♪ >> developing overnight a masseh shooting in a pittsburghitts suburb leaves five people deaded and at least three others threeh hurt. police say at least two gunmen g barged into a backyard partyd and opened fire in an ambush a style attack.stylttac three people were taken to the hospital. two are in critical condition. i one is stable.on police say the two suspectedcted gunmen fled the no word yet on a motive. m >> today the senate ishe s expected to pass a bill to bil help communities prevent p prescription drug and heroin abuse which is now causingau more deaths in virginia thanaha car accidents. virginia senator tim kaine isorm a cosponsor of that bill andhatl he says drug abuse is an epidemic in virginia. i later this morning senatorng kane is gointo
5:20 am
7:30 to tgoalk inabout the billb and the 2016 campaign trail. now to the latest on theeson flint water crisis.t water criss the city says it plans to stop sending water women' bills to bl residents until april. a bills have caused frustration and confusion. lawmakers is paying p $30 million to flint to payil for 65 percent of the watelirnth bills. residents are using bottled water. >> yesterday american flags lined the winding drive waye wi that leads to reagan's finalreag resting place alongside herdeer husband. hu an honor guard welcomed herme casket into the library'se ibras courtyard and then library where she'll lie in reposen repe today. her funeral is tomorrow.orro president obama is zeroenobm rogue in on potential supreme court nominees including ano judge from right here in the district.ct sources say catanji brownan bro jackson is on the short listhorl of candidates.
5:21 am
commission as a u.s. districts c judge in march of!l 2013. >> ♪ >> now let's talk about a fox5a follow-up on a story we've storw been keeping a close eye on eye for several months. fox5 has learned that private te ambulances will soon bebula rolling into washington, d.c. the third party services startva march 28th and will operate 18 hours a day. each private ambulance will have two trained emt os on emt o board. they're going to handle basic emergencies like cuts andut sprains and d.c. fire and emsd.n personnel will continue to ctinu care for patients with severe conditions like chest pains, p overdoses and severe allergic reactions.reac >> a lot of our members aref our still apprehensive as we go we into this because they feelse tf like are we giving abandoningban the patient when we give them gv to amr and the same thing fore f the citizens and the reality is we have an opportunity topportui treat the patient, make sure, mr the patient is stable, turn t that patient over to somebodyr t who has the same training asin them to transport the patie
5:22 am
so they can get back in in service and to respond to other alarms within theirn t district. >> firefighters have been told to be friendly but firm withh patients when explaining new protocol. protocol. >> an unfortunate update tofort what many were calling a medical just weeks after the first f live uterus transplants in thess u.s. doctors have been forcedrse to remove in what went wrong just ahead. but first a d.c.first firefighter being hailed ang hero this morning. what he did to save a womanav from a burning apartmentpartnt >> ♪ put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> man, i am so sad by this. the most interesting man inntern the world is being replaced. mexican beer brand dos equis e is letting him go. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> as their spokesperson.sper 77-year-old jonathan goldsmithgd has played the role for nineor n years. in his final ad he is shipped ii off in a rocket on a one way trip to mars. >> why did they do limb like that. >> dos equis says they'vehe chosen a new what, nobody called me?body cal >> you know what, you have kno,e been gone a bit. gona is that where you were, youer y were interviewing for that.r th. >> that new person is going toot debut later this year. y >> remember when he was whe w wearing those three piecehr piee suits? i said -- sd >> or was the three piece suitce wearing me. >> the most interesting man in the world.
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you're going to -- you'reng to - really going to like thisoinglit because most of us won't have os to start out with a sweater orwo a light jacket.ght jacket. just go to work.ork. >> yeah. >> i came to work in shorts sho this morning should i tellorni everybody that.evybody >> you always do there.lways dot >> i don't always.>> ion't if it's mild. m >> i know. >> 60 in dulles and then 50 degrees for frederick.rerick little cooler there but just jus about everybody else coming in m the 50's and low 60's. how great is that? by the b water the temperature intempere annapolis is 65.5. expect more clouds today.ore cl. that's one reason theat temperatures are so mild this'si morning because we do havecauseo more clouds overhead.s ove 59 at 8:00 a.m., 76 at noontime.noonti 80 to 82 degrees for a highig temperature the record high is 78 so i s think we'll get the recordec here in d.c. >> lovely.>> l >> sounds good. okay, erin como -- como >> i'm walking into the studiok right now. you can hear my aggressivelyy large heals clicking. >> tell us what's going on. w >> just making sure that therehe was nothing going on. earlier crash by shady grovedy good news here has c. it was blocking the as you can see right now all noa
5:27 am
things going on. gng o didn't mean to scare you.eato s usually i'm running into thennit studio late when there's a big's accident popping u we'll switch it over from ait i live look to a look at ourt maps. maps aside from that earlier crashha that we were dealing with, the morning commute is shaping ups really nicely.really nicely. makes me a little nervous bute u we'll keep you posted.l ep y 95 northbound a touch ofou o volume in dale city and thenit as you make your way in on 50 o inbound you're until good you'ri shape but we got you coveredouov this mning back to you. >> ♪ >> just ahead of 5:30 d.c. d.c targets another so-called tentr city. how a recent audit played a role in that decision next in a live for plus a violentio night in the district.ght in th. police on the scene of an double shooting in southeast.inu we're live with the very latest. >> ♪
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>> first at 5:30 breaking news out of the district.t police investigating an investi overnight double shooting inou southeast. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is5's live on the scene with thee sc very latest in this story. melanie, what can you tell us?nl >> reporter: hey, good>> r morning, yeah, so still anstill active scene here and wee a we expect this may be held foreel quite some time. t it happened at 12:52 this52hi morning. mo want to let you know where we we e.e. we're in the 4700 block of o benning road right across from the kip public charter schoolsc and apparently this shooting sho happened here outside the hampton east apartments on benning road at f street strt it sounds like there may have te been some kind of a runningf uni gun battle here that ended with two adult males sufferingui gunho
5:31 am
initially those wounds werelly called critical injuries.calnj both men were taken to theken hospital conscious andspal c breathing. later we learned that theirthe injuries are now can considered to be minor.inor they will survive. surve it sound like a veryound la frightening situation here atti this apartment complex and inpld just an hour later there was lae another shooting over on atlantic avenue southeast. anue one adult male shot in that instance.stce. also, expected to survive. svi but a man that came by heree said he heard the shootinghe s here on benning road, told meol that really he is just fed up with crime in the city. c >> i was leaving my daughter'sr' house and shots just rang i was like -- it's crazy. mayor, do something. benning road, something's happening. this is crazy. like we need to like protect p our city. cy. like crime and stuff,
5:32 am
shooting, uh-uh, washington, d.c. isn't the place. i mean i-live here, born and he raised here.ed h this can't happen around here. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: so i justo i j checked d.c. police, you know,o, they keep pretty good crimeme stats and according to what iac lookedco up it says that violeno crime is actually up in the city from this time in 2016 over the same time period in 2015, certainly the oppositeinle of what the mayor and the t police department have been trying to do in terms of theirf crime initiative. iti by the way, we understand -- unn we're hearing that they may m have recovered some guns heree h from the scene as well. thecene live in southeast, i'm melanie,m alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> 5:32 is the advertisement happening today, a bill named bm after montgomery county officer noah leotta who wasa who killed by a suspected drunkpectk driver will be heard today byl maryland lawmakers. nobewry the bill urges for tougt penalties when it comes towhentm drunk driving. advocates for the bill arethe bl calling on the generaleral as
5:33 am
offender ignition interlockin law without weakening amendments adopted by the t house judiciary committee lasttl week. >> and happening today, a homeless camp in northeastss d.c. will be shut down by city y >> now this comes after analcome audit was just released on homelessness services in days.nd now, this audit is not i complimentary and the city has y some things to improve. fox5's annie yu is live with lii the very latest on this story.. annie, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, goodep morning, wisdom and maureen.doma yeah, you know, this audit isaui definitely not making the dhs d look very good. goo it has many problems androblem issues highlighted in thisn t audit here but i can tell youl that in just a few hoursou around 10 o'clock this tentk city along first street inlo northeast near union stationne is going to be shut down. officials will be out hereut cleaning up the encampment up en starting at 10 o'clock this0 o' morning and they tell us thatth they have offered assistanceta to help the homeless here find suitable housing now, the move comes after a new audit that was released yesterday a
5:34 am
councilwoman mar mary cheh. it takes a look at how theow department human services was handling homelessness in d.c. ic including where money wasoney w going back in 2014, how they handled contracts with theco d.c. based nonprofit that was managing 58 subcontracts that 5 was worth about $66 million $il and it also highlights widespread mismanagement andad lack o mf oversight that t auditors say require 35 r reforms to fix. so, this audit revealing manyeam issues and problems with the prh department of human services svi and that they were not doingoing what it needed to do to t oversee management of services s for the homeless here.s take a listen to kathy patterson, one of the the auditors. >> there are examples ofre things where we seem to be paying for services thathat haven't been documented. again, they might be provided but we can't document that't doc they were provided and theree pr are a few examples of that. >> reporter: in terms oferms beds and things like that. thine what else?
5:35 am
meals, providing the servicesvi to people to try todi help themt find jobs.find things like that where itha could be that those services were provided but the but t documentation wasn't there inio the files. that's a performance thundershower we raised.ders >> reporter: so, just a wide range of issues and theue and t director of dhs says they havee started implementing some ofsomf the 35 recommended reforms and s the city will rebid thebi contract for homeless servicesei later this year opening it up oi to new companies and newnd n ideas. so, moving forward, they have implemented those 35 reforms 35r to fix some of these issues.e o. in just a few hours, again, ain, starting at 10 o'clock,0 o'cl officials will be out herell ber from dhs cleaning up this encampment along first street f in ntheast. that's the very latest, annielaa yu, fox5 local news. >> a d.c. firefighter is inhteri the hospital this morning after helping rescue a womaninra from a burning apartment.partmet that fire broke out yesterdayte afternoon at an apartment in the 1700 block of minnesotane avenue.av the firefighter removed his oxygen mask and gave it to theda woman he was rescuing fromin that building.that build the cause of the fire is stillh being investig
5:36 am
>> ♪ >> all right, weather-wiseig it's excellent so gary and i and over here going over ourur strategy for our athletic teams, basketball to baseball b and that was kind of stuff. w >> that's right. >> 'cause it's so nice out. >> done with basketbalitl.tb >> i'mal getting trod move onto baseball. >> wisdom is going to be aisdo baseball coach.seball i'm already a baseball coach. [laughter] >> you want to talk aboutal a loose terms. [laughter] >> whoo. >> oh, boy, it's baseball weather, man.oy not just down in vieira but it's 57 degrees here in townn now. dulles is 60. manassas 55. if you have any baseballave y ba coaching tips, please tweete twe them to wisdom and myself. m we could use them i'm sure.i'm actually we have a great a g coach, though.h, we're good there. the it's 59 degrees hagerstown.ager i basically get in the way. 61 degrees for martinsburg and 63 for winchester, how about hoa that? clouds in place this morning and that has helped toed keep these temperatures upse t just a little bit..
5:37 am
we're warm today.we we will be a little breezy. b winds will be south-southwest-sh at about 10 to 15 buto b occasionally higher gusts thann that. temperature jumps up to about a 82 degrees today. degrees t that will be a record. record high temperature forratu d.c. is 78 degrees so we s should get there.should but again, sun and clouds. c definitely a spring feel.e and let's see, i've run out ofeo words so it's erin's turn tour take care of some traffic this morning. >> always niles when the forecast is so nice that you run out of things you have to say about ihit, right. it, r >> that happens quite often.t ha >> right now train update forowo you breaking news if you're taking marc train 407 it is canceled because of mechanicalhi problem and train 409 the next0e one is not going to be for a b r little while this we'll keep you posted on that mtv maryland keeping us updated. something to keep in mind if k you're taking marc trains thisrn morning. mechanical issues setting us iss back. right now metro and metro buset on time. as you head out in stafford in d this morning 95 northbound mor typical congestion starting to build.ild. but so far so good as you makeas your way into garrisonville.ntgr north
5:38 am
william, just a little bit of ab volume and we also have aha a crash right now. n it's corner -- excuse me cover stone drive and mirmar drive. 95 lyte light volumelight volume approaching woodbridge.inwoodbri more traffic in just a few. back to you.back to >> when it can comes tohen getting ahead in life it turns t out your height and your your weight may stack against you. we've got the details justdejust ahead. >> and an unexpected setback s following a historicg a histo transplant. why doctors had to remove theto transplanted organ just weeksanw after the procedure.r the proc >> but first we got a quickirst check on the stock marketck before we head to break. b asian stocks are higher afterksa an overnight bounce in oil markets. market u.s. futures are up thisthis morning. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> ♪ >> the woman who received theanw nation's first uteruson transplant will to have itto removed. remo in a statement cleveland cle clinic says the 26-year-old6-aro patient named lindsey experienced a suddenend a complication that led to thetion removal of her transplantedns uterus. the hospital says there is as ta known risk in solid organ transplantstation that thesp transplanted organ play havelaeg to bean removed if complications arise. arise. the cleveland clinicand clic spokesperson says lindsey isdsey doing well and recovering. short man and curvy womenury may be getting shortchanged asce they try to get ahead in life il a new study analyzed the genest of adults between their 40'sn and
5:42 am
they found shorter height leads to lower levels of level education job status and and income particularly in men. m greater weight leads to lowero e income and greater hard ship in women. experts say this is s t observational, the study thatdyt is so no definitive link canli be established. >> the national building n museum is back with a cool newae display. disp we've got the details on thate um canning up next and for thenf first tim -- coming upnext.xt google is taking blame for an a accident involving one ofne of theirself damaging cars.aming nothing damaging about thebt weather gary mcgrady.cgrady. >> i don't think so.>> i've yet to get a complaintpl through social media aboutug this.h some people saying maybe the allergies will kick up a it.le bt b reagan national 57.nal i don't take that as an' complaint, i take that as a a reality.alit we're all sneezing around dulles 60 degrees. wbi marshall about 59. a you'll want to see thisee forecast. stick around. erin is back, too. more news coming after this short commercial brek.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ♪ >> we're in the 50's and 60's0's morning. >> how cool is that? that isish great. sun is coming up early.arly someone take a picture of thatfa quick.qu that's a great one. gre here's what's going on outt's gn there the next couple of days. 82 today.y. it's 70 tomorrow.w. so obviously there's going to be a weak front come tonight there could be a fewereo showers, all right. rht they should be out of the dmv
5:46 am
by tomorrow morning early.arly i suspect tomorrow looksrow l great. a little cooler, moreooler,or sunshine. we have mostly cloudy to kindlyc of sun and cloud mix through the day today.e datoda we will be dry. dry here's the front, okay.nt, o so, we're going to watch thisatt it comes downton night.on n it's not a -- it's not a big a g deal but along that front that there will be a few showers.ho the front tries to get throughes us tomorrow and that willatill bring in some slightly cooleroo air but it does look like it's ' going to be gorgeous tomorrow. . temperature in the 60's ande in temperatures in the 70's.the 7 what about the weekend? 65 onn right now it looks dry.ks d we've taken the rain out oft of the forecast on saturday. surda. we have consensussensus across-the-board with most of m our modeling that shows that,wst that's good news.that's good ne sunday the clouds come backudcoe with some showers, too. now, get this. on sunday it doesn't look like e an all day rain and right now nw it looks like it's probably pbal afternoon, evening on sunday.nis so, a nice saturday.atury. sun to clouds but a lot of l sunshine on saturday as well.sel and then the front comes back to the north on sunday so that t puts us back on the warm sidears of the front so instead ofead o 60's that we're going have on
5:47 am
saturday we'll be in the upperir 60's to low 70's even withit clouds and showers on sunday s and again, sunday is not ann all-day washout. was look at all the rain back out bk to the west. t we're still protected.rote area of high pressure in pree i place. that's why we've been so warm sw all week. w today we're going to hit 82 even with mostly cloudy skies. and it will be a little bit breezy. winds coming out of thet of t south-southwest at 10 to 15. t15 there's your seven-dayyo se even after the -- today is thehe last 80-degree day for a long al time but keep in mind thatin t we're still way above normal. na every temperature on this t seven-day forecast is above normal. normal clocks spring forward saturdaygo night. here's erin como.. >> news and weather i juster can't get enough of it.t. >> we're going to get not get longer days but more sunshine sh later into the day when we w spring forward and it's going to be nice. temperatures are going to be enjoyable.yabl >> yesterday i was walking i waw home from the gym and i had ae t-shirt on.irt o i remember just the weekber juse before i had a huge winterugwi jacket on and i was freezingd i so it's been a quick change. cha >> yup.
5:48 am
>> last friday we were talking l about potential snow. s >> can i count on this weatherot to stay or do i need to keepee out some of the winter clothes. >> no, no, it's going to geting colder again. again. >> just making sure.maki sur >> keep your sweaters and swe stuff out. stuff out. >> didn't want to get too excited. train update marc update train t 407 canceled. train 409 is dealing withs in delays. metro is honoring tickets.icke they're dealing with somehom mechanical issue. i all metro trains on or close cse to schedule. sed and metrobus no alertsrts reported.ed we'll let you know if thatw if t changes. 66 east plenty green on thenhe map. little bit of volumele increasing as you make youru may way from centreville tole to fairfax.fair nothing terrible now.teible we'll take a live looke lk outside. this is a look at 95 north n from dale city to woodbridge. wi as you make your way out inut i prince william you hit a touchat of congestion but no crashesno h to report so i like that. i l t. that's your look at traffic. back to >> thank you erin.hank check this out and this is the city of cocoa, florida. floi it is giving preferred parkingrp privileges to accommodateccomda veterans amount active duty d members swells poli
5:49 am
and the city says the so-callanedd superhero parking spaces are age simple gesture of appreciation. the idea is gaining attention ai because another florida --loda another county in florida is following suit reserving 15vi parking spots outside of city hall. . so that's pretty cool. >> yeah. >> nice. >> just a little repayment forey some of the things that theygs t do. >> i know.>> i >> self driving cars are titre as the safest thing on theng o t road but that's not the casehe c here. one of google's self drivingring cars just got into an accidentic but for the first time google ft isim taking the blame.e blam both police and the tech giant t say the car crashed into ae ca public bus in silicon google says the crash happened h back on valentine's day and no one was hurt.ur they say the car was goingasoi make a turn, detected sandecte bags around a storm drain and dd tried to avoid them. google's test driver thought the bus would yield to theldo car. and clearly that didn'ty did happen. >> no, it did not.>> n an attorney for music producer dr. luke has issued au statement refuting reports that sony fired the producer. pe dr. luke is in the midst of allegations that he sexua
5:50 am
assaulted and drugged singer ke$ha. ke$ha took her case to courter o saying she didn't want to worki with him anymore although sheh h is still under contract. a new york judge ruled to t uphold her contract with dr. luke's label and alsoabnd a a lawyer for thewy for government is calling for a review of rapper 50-cent's 50-cs finances. this after the rapper posted photos of himself surroundedurrd by piles of cash. yesterday 50-cent appeared before a judge in connecticutont to explain why he posted those w photos.hy a bankruptc y court got wind ofot w the posts after the rap are filed for bankruptcy last yearnt and according to court filings f 50-cent claimed the money wasmo fake andne he's in hide -- he h- isn't hiding his assets. >> checking our other top stories this morning.s th a plan who told police he ambushed aol philadelphia police officer in the name of islamhe m is expected back in courtbackn c today.da edward archer is accused ofrches firing into a marked cruiserrkeu and shooting officer jesse hartnett more than a dozenore aa times.time the 33-year-old officer 3year survived the january attacktt after spending two weeks ino w the hospital. hospi
5:51 am
incidents as a terrorist new conspiracy chargespir have been filed against melodyy gliniewicz.iniewi that's the widow of chicagohi police officer josephh gliniewicz.glinie she's now charged withcharged wh conspiracy for helping hercy f husband with a charity ripoffip chheme. now in january gliniewicz was charged with money launderingit and the misuse of charitablee funds. funds. her husband died back ind died k september and authorities sayay he staged his suicide to looke o like a murder because heause feared someone would expose him for embezzling money from a youth program. program in loudoun county the sheriff's department doing itspi part to honor fallen prince pnc william county officer ashley guindon. guin yesterday they hosted a community blood drive at inova loudoun hospital. hospita officer guindon and two other o officers were shot respondingesn to a domestic violence mall ronald hamilton allegedly shotet and killed his wife and then hin opened fire on the officers.ffe. >> we now know what happened to a virginia teen whoen who disappeared and was later found dead lined a p
5:52 am
in adams morgan.or an autopsy for paul mcginnis revealed he had alcohol alc poisoning. his death has been ruled anha accident.s the 19-year-old dared died back in december his body his by found at the bottom of a of staircase behind a popular popul adams morgan lounge.ou also in the district d.c.icd police need your helprelp identifying two people who w broke into and then burglarized a charter schoolze in southeast.d take a look at the video.k the happened back on march 2nd atard the excel academy public pub charter school on martiner s luther king jr. avenue. k police say thein men tried to td steal electronic equipment andon may have taken other property ic oell. if you recognize them callm c d.c. police. polic the late d.c. mayor marion r barry passed away 16 monthsth ago but his grave still has no barry'sst body was laid to toaio rest at congressional cemeteryet but the plot is only marked byyb a place card. card. his estate pledged to get his gt tombstone in place by barry'sy ' birthday on march six they missed that deadline. deain barry woul
5:53 am
old. a spokesperson says a dveesign s firm has made plans for an eventual headstone.dsto >> d.c.'s population is on the rise. in the next 30 years the cityrst estimates there will be nearly n 1 million residents living inin the nation's capitol. by 200045 officials projectro 978,000 residents will calll cl d.c. home.e. d.c. mayor muriel bowser hasowrh committed to investing iesti $100 million a year in a trust u fund. fund the money would be used on affordable housing. housing meanwhile the cost ofost living in the district istrict s going up.going a new report finds that d.c.t d was the least affordable place p for renters in 2014 compared to 11 other large cities. cie the study says the average ave rent interd.c. could onlynl afford 12 percent of all rental units. uts behind d.c. was san francisco and new york.or renters who paid more thand half of their income on rentincn rose from 21 percent to 23 percent.23 p >> uh-huh. >> the national buildingio museum is back with anotherer summer exhibit that will definitely drum up some interest. >> yes. museum guards will get to experience the world
5:54 am
underneath the water.. the great haul will be transformed into a glacial icedn feel. the exhibit is called iceberg and it's going to be opened toe the public froom july 2ndd through september 5th. tickets cost you $10. $ for adults. adu five bucks for kids.ids. >> that sounds like fun. sounds. that would be >> did you ever go to the oneve where they had allr the balls in there. >> no, i never one. >> that seemed fun. >> cool. >> how about facebook fan of the day. gibson scott and her mom celeste. they are both celebrating celr their birthdays today.eibi happy birthday. >> kim says she enjoysim watching fox5 in the morning5 while getting ready for her day. to be our next facebook fan ofak the day please post your picsost right underneath this one of tho gorgeous mom and daughter. gibson scott. and mom celeste.eleste i like it. like it a lot. okay. are we going to do thehe warmup okay.ka lang on gary. with the weather warming upeath many of you are probably pba spending a lot more time me outside.
5:55 am
send us pictures like this one from terry rector using #fiveecn signs of spring. sin we're going share these t pictures throughout the >> that's gorgeous.hat' gorgeou. >> that's what i was tryingwhat get out. >> anybody know what kind ofhati flowers those are?flers those a? >> i do not know.. >> 'cause it makes me thinkhink about my crepe myrtles. myrtl >> do you have a green thumb? no.o. n no? >> i just like crepe myrtles. ml >> he likes the say it. >> he likes to say crepe sre myrtle. all right. allergies are kicking upcking because of warm weather. of war. that's the only thing if there was a complaint but i'm notot complaining. >> i understand.>> i don't take that as a complaint. it's real. we've all been sneezing. sneez warm water out there in the i t ocean is all kind of comingofom around and this is a bermuda b high here.highere. the center of the high is out io towards bermuda and that rotation around that high ad th brings up the warmer airwarmer a around the warmer ocean water so that's why we're warm.e're wr and temperatures have been in the 60's, 70's and even theven t 80's were and it looks likeoks l we're going to continue thatnu t way, okay, for the next the
5:56 am
even -- today's the last dayas of actual 80-degree temperatures. but then we're going to go and stay in the 70's and the 60's0' and definitely, definitely we'll be above normal at least t for next week. w i see colder air coming nextt weekend. >> what? >> i see that right now. that doesn't mean it's goingt' to happen. that's what i'm seeing outinou there long range right now.. >> colder air. a >> other than then joy recordoyc warmth 70'sy 70's and 80's. 70'd it's 10 days away. a don't get all -- [laughter] >> don't get all -- hey, erin como. mo. >> good morning.>> good >> i agree though.>> i 10 days of sunshine, then you t take it all away. a >> i mean, seriously who doeshoe that.that >> i'm with you on that one.yo train update for you. y marc delays 407 is canceled. 409 is delayed.s delayed definitely keep up with me onupn twitter at erin fox5 d.c. and. a here on fox5 for the latest. aside from that usual t congestion 95 north volumeon5 n building and slowing you down. w 630 to 610 south of that pointpn in stafford some moree mor congestion does star
5:57 am
up as well. in prince william county another crash on covered stoneer drively we'll take a closer'll c look alot that as we continue. . keep it to fox5 news morning. lots more to come in the 6 o'clock hour.
5:58 am
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00 a violent night in the district. two shooting scenes and a a a stabbing. police still collectingllolle evidence at the scene on benning road near a we'll have a live report from southeast.
6:00 am
>> also more controversyo involving d.c.'s homeless.d.c. in just a couple of hours aou camp where they had been where a staying near union stationd is set to be torn >> first throw a live looklook outside. it's 6 o''s 6 o'clo it's thursday morning, march m tenth. h. weather and traffic on thean 5s at 6:05. 6:0 good morning to you, i'm y allison seymour.allison sey >> and i'm steve chenevey. stene we will can um to fox5 newscan morning. first up, a violent night inht the district.ic three people shot inpeoplet southeast, weren't personer stabbed in northeast.orea two of those incidents on benning road. >> that's where we find fox5's melanie alnwick this morning at the scene of aat double t shooting. mel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodor morning, steve and a so, drivers ought to know that at least one lane here on lanren benning road is going to bein shut down for a little whilele w while they continue thehe investigation here.igation h this particular shooting scenetg right across the street from f kip public charter school herear in the district. distric it happened right about 12:52 this morning. morning. this is the hampton eastampton t apartments here on benning benng road.road there's quite a scene back back behind the apartments


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