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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> also more controversyo involving d.c.'s homeless.d.c. in just a couple of hours aou camp where they had been where a staying near union stationd is set to be torn >> first throw a live looklook outside. it's 6 o''s 6 o'clo it's thursday morning, march m tenth. h. weather and traffic on thean 5s at 6:05. 6:0 good morning to you, i'm y allison seymour.allison sey >> and i'm steve chenevey. stene we will can um to fox5 newscan morning. first up, a violent night inht the district.ic three people shot inpeoplet southeast, weren't personer stabbed in northeast.orea two of those incidents on benning road. >> that's where we find fox5's melanie alnwick this morning at the scene of aat double t shooting. mel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodor morning, steve and a so, drivers ought to know that at least one lane here on lanren benning road is going to bein shut down for a little whilele w while they continue thehe investigation here.igation h this particular shooting scenetg right across the street from f kip public charter school herear in the district. distric it happened right about 12:52 this morning. morning. this is the hampton eastampton t apartments here on benning benng road.road there's quite a scene back back behind the apartments
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parking lot where there are multiple evidence markers andar shell casings and police still continuing cleaning up andg processing the crime scene sne there. here you can see they alsoo still have the tape out this o i morning, probably waiting wti until daylight as well toight release this scene, make sureaku that they haven't left anything behind in thisehin t the two men shot initially, weae were given information thatonha their injuries may have been mae critical.critical. then once those men weree transported to the hospital, hpi their conditions were upgradedud saying there they would onlyhere have minor injuries.ornjur but again, this is just one ofo the incidents last night.ight an hour after this shootingho here own benning road, there t was a shooting on atlantic atlac avenue in southeast as well. wel also one male shot there. tre that man is expected to survive his injuries as well. aw and then as you mentioned, mentd there was a stabbing also just j a couple blocks down from here h on benning road, too. t not a lot of information frommao d.c. police in that
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but it's one of those of instances again, a very busyerys night here in the city. in c we know that d.c. has been.cs trying to do what it can to reduce those crime numbers. i just checked this morning.heck d.c. crime statistics show stai that violent crime in the cityy is up 24 percent this time in 2016 from the same time lastme year. live in southeast, i'm melaniei' alnwick, fox5 local news.ews. >> also new this morning, sixnii people in the hospital after a serious accident in princeac georges county. there it is. maryland state police say thisth was just before 1:00 a.m..m two vehicles involved. both overturned. overturned. we are told that the sixix victims sufferedufre nonlife-threatening injuries.enn no word yet on what causedause that accident. accid police still investigating.esti. in the district atric firefighter is recovering this r morning in the hospital afterer helping a womanly from amanlom burning apartment.nt that fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the 1700 block of minnesota avenue. the firefighter removed his oxygen mask and gave it to a woman he was rescuing from the building.bu many were displaced. wered they're receiving hel
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they say they're grateful theytt made it out alive. that firefighter then breathedad in some bad fumes and went to f the hospital.the >> happening today, d.c.ay d officials will shut down aals wl homeless camp in northeastst d.c. near union station in atatn couple of hours they'll remove m the tents, they'll removes, ty'm their belongings.onngs. this comes after an add did it was released yesterday yterd highlighting the problems withet d.c.'s homeless services. fox5's annie yu is live ine in northeast now with the very good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodte morning, allison and steve. you're right, you know, thions recent audit really highlighting a lot of problemsfl and issues in dealing with the homelessness here in thess district. it was released just yesterday d and behind me you can see the ct row of folks here lined upere ne against first street.ainst firs this is again near union union station in northeast d.c.ea d and in just a few hours around 10 o'clock, officials areck, ofi going to be out here cleaningcla up this area and i know somear d of you are wondering what ishat going to happen with the homeless here. officials tell us that they are going to help them findd suitable housing
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as well as services for their mental and/or physical issues.ii now, this all comes after this new audit that was releaseds ree yesterday. it was at the request ofthe councilwoman mary cheh and itanh really takes a closer look atr o how the department of humanfum services was handling handlin homelessness here in thesn district including how the hhe city's contract with the d.c..c based nonprofit was managing 58 subcontracts worth more than $66 million. $ it also highlights where there money for the city's homelesss services was going in 2014. 201 the bottom line here, based on this audit is that dhs was notwt doing what it needed to do. >> where we seemed to bese paying for service that is thati haven't been documented. they might be provided but we can't document that they arement provided and there are a fewha t examples of that. >> reporter: in terms of terms o beds. >> right. >> reporter: what else. e >> meals, providing the services to people to try to t help them find jobs things j t like that where it could bee cd that those services wereervi wer provided but the documentationum wasn't there in the
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that's a performance >> they're certainly nothe spending any money oy'n us. and i feel that the money m should be used >> reporter: now the audit also lays out a series off other issues like lack of oversight that auditors sayits s requires 35 reforms to fix. 3reo now, the director of dhs says s that they have actually a started implementing some of the 35 recommended reforms so s they are starting me santime, the city will rebide the contract for homelessomes services later this year which opens up the companies --ompani- opens it up to new companies coi and new ideas moving forward.wa again, at 10 o'clock today, tod officials from dhs will be out here closing or cleaning up this encampment area along --log at first street in northeast.tht back to you in the studio. s >> annie yu, live. annie, thanks. t >> hi tucker barnes.>> good morning. h >> good morning. beautiful day yesterday. d yes >> yeah. >> you delivered it.ou >> yeah.>> yea >> that's great.t's grt. >> okay. >> i did.
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>> did you just do a regularegur five? the lost art of the a ofe regular five. >> i did not want to cover up cr your face with my hand. my >> thank you. >> we're old school.e' >> i love it. >> all right. rig let's get to it. yeah, and you know what, it'su really mild ouknt there this tht morning. i ran into allison in then parking lot as we were walkingte in. we were like wow. w >> i want to -- can i just one time just tell the people whatpe you're doing out there before ob you come me i >> sometime but not now.ometim >> all right.>> >> okay. looking at the 58 in washington this morning, r 64 in annapolis, 63 in leonardtown.dtow we are looking at another incredibly warm mild potentially record breaking day with daytime highs in the i low 80's. a few clouds -- i can't c believe i said low 80's.e i a few clouds to start your staru day. won't get any rain today.rainay might get some showers late we're going to have someaveom cooler temperatures for fridaype and into the weekend but notra w much cooler.muchooler. just a little cooler. coo we'll talk about that cominghatm up but enjoy one moreore extraordinary day. day 82 your forecast high.h. if we hit 82, that will set a new record.
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record. >> we didn't get it? i >> not national but we did at d dulles and bwi marshall weshallw did. di >> okay. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> say good morning to erin como see how the roads ymo are this morning.. >> hi. can you hear me. >> yeah there, we are. yea >> it's a pretty purplh e party. >> yes. >> okay. i can't get it together today. 70 to the truck scales 28 slow28 miles per hour withper ur w congestion. give yourself some extra timeelt there. you'll need it.yo youu' start to jam a little bit through gaithersburg as well.he 95rs north in stafford volumeoru building as usual. as u 630 to 610. 6 so you'll need extra time in tim stafford. also once you get up into fairfax, 66 east before the6 fairfax county parkway rightht shoulder is blocked. blo you have a disabled vehicle.le starting to see some typical typ congestion kicking in inng in prince william as well.s w we're dealing with a crash on covered stone drive at myanmar a drive it's in the intersectionnt so you'll need to detour around that. notice the red zone right now, w 15 miles per hour 95 north.or delays are picking up prettypre
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quick look at our cameras. camer let's show you how 95 iss looking.look you can see just some of that t congestion starting to pop upinu on our screen.een. so a little bit dark but a lot l of brake lights starting tortin pop towards the bottom of the bf beltway.y. beltway in montgomery county outer loop jamming by newamng b hampshire. metro is on time.tro n back to you, steve andtevend allison. >> it is 6:08 right now. n thanks erin.ks en still ahead this morning. mni >> vandals targeting a local aol woman's house. why the victim believes thisliei was a crime that was politically >> great debate.ate. forget politics. pitic it was senator bernie sanders'r' suit that stole the snow show s at last night's democratic debate. is it blue, black or brown. b >> we're not doing it steve.te >> what do you think. >> i think it's brown. >> twitter went crazy trying to decide. what do you think? we'll talk about it next. it's 6:08.
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>> ♪ >> 6:10. developing overnight violenceve at a backyard party nearrnard pittsburgh has left fiveef people dead, three more hurt moe amount manhunt under way fornder the it started last night in nht wilkins burg easter of the city after gunmen barged into the gathering and opened fire. police calling it an ambush amb style attack.e a four victims were found deadound on the back deck that ofk k th house. >> 6:10 now. 6:10 now. thousands of people areere expected to pay their finalhe respects today to former firstri lady nancy reagan. rea her casket was moved to the to ronald reagan presidentialresinl library where it will lie in
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her body will today ahead of aad tomorrow's funeral. fun about a thousand privateand priv guests will attend thatts will service including past and present first ladies michelle obama, laura bush, hillary clinton, roslyn carter. car nancy reagan died on sunday at y her home at the age of 94. >> canada's newest politicalesol star and his family arrived ind the district for a three day a y visit today.t today president obama will well canill um canadian prime ministerst justin trudeau to the white house. the two will first meet in thewl oval office and attend a statete dinner, the first for ahest f canadian leader in nearly 20ear years. the menu will include a baked hal but casserole baby lamb lb chops. guests will be treated to a performancel by sara. >> video is adorable. adora the little boy was sort off walking around on that red carpet. on the campaign trail in the the states the republicanat presidential candidates facees off tonight in ati debate in miami. mi before they take the stagere the senator ted cruz is hoping forg an endorsement from a former f opponent jeb bush. the former florida governor govo has plans to pleat with all ofh e
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except for donald trump. tru yesterday cruz picked updacruz support from carly fiorina. meanwhile polls continue toptine show that trump has a double d digit lead in the sunshine ssh state florida.lori however in ohio the governoroveo of that state john kasich k appears to be in the lead. lea >> a local trump supportermp sup believes she was targeted byes s vandals because she has his campaign signs in her yard.. judy beatty woke up to words wds spray painted on her house in gainsville.gainsv someone stole two trump campaign signs from her lawn.nso she plans to put up am n even bigger trump campaign sign. she's also installing astli security camera.securi >> after his surprise win in win the michigan primary berniemarye sanders and hillary clintons went head to heaand in a debated in florida. flo it was not all about politic.olt sander's suit stole the show.t e people watching immediately took to social media tocial m t discuss the color and someor s folks had a hard time agreeingte is it blue, is it black, is it brown? here's one of just o many tweets. photoshop says sander's suitderu is
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sander's campaign howeverer's cleared things up with a memoin sayingsg the suit is actually black. >> we know it's the cameras. thm >> the lighting.>> tig >> yeah, it's all that. yea we're so in the know. kno >> good to see that was the tha important issue at the debate last night. >> exactly. what are we talking about.e ta still ahead a popular summer brew is on the recall bre list. we're going to tell you whichouw one and and why. >> live look outside as welook t head to break on this thursday morning. keeping an eye on those bugs the down there on the tidal basin.hl it's 6:13. track and weather next.
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>> ♪ >> what is that beautifulis t sound, allison? >> i actually needso to in all seriousness figure out thatha instrument. >> i was asking you in all seriousness what is thats t beautiful sound. >> let me look it up. >> yes, okay. o >> i don't know -- yes, actually it's a live look ativ the cherry blossoms and a -- - well, we learned yesterday orese the day before they're going g to bloom earlier than we thought there. t when is the peek cherryrr blossoms? i'm asking a lot of questions march 18? 18 through the 23rd r i think. >> uh-huh. >> let me stick to what i>> know. me kn spring nine days away.e daway. yes, nine days until spring.dail i can promise you this. we've got more mild air out a o there this morning and veryd vey warm afternoon. after in fact, we're anticipating aata record setting afternooneron temperature-wise.eratwise 58 now in washington.n. 64, 64 degrees in annapolis, an, 63 in i guess we could call eight
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littlit a littlecooler.ol just a little bit ofe b cloudiness to start your day.ou it won't be a perfectly sunnycty thursday for us.thursday we'll have what we call our our dirty high at this point. t we got a front out to the westut and we're goine g to get some s clouds in here so kind of a so o mix of sun and clouds todayloud yet very warm. tyet ry warm. winds will be out of the south b ane d west up ahead of a frontat system that's going try tory drop down later tonight. t so, overnight tonight intoight o early friday morning, i think we're going to have a few a showers around as this one thi tries to drop down and that's going to cool us down just aool little bit for the day on there's your setup and again s high pressure generally keepsals things dry.things dry a few showers later tonighteron into early friday.y. friday afternoon, a littletl cooler but perfect for happy f h hour if you want to goo outside, it will be about 70 degrees and we're stillre setting up for a nesice start tt the yes, 60's and 70's around here. here's a quick look atckoo futurecast.futu watching those showers breakwe b down just a little bit here. h know issues today. this will be overnightil tonight. a few showers towards day tow break tomorrow and then we'll t
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of us and i think we'll breake'b back out into sunshine byunin tomorrow afternoonly we'llno keep it going. igoi record heat today, 82.2. tomorrow ah after a morning mori shower it looks nice about 70. 7 right now saturday looks dry. dy we took rain showers out ofut the saturday forecast which is great for the rock and rollth marathon runnerse , right, erine >> for sure.>>or i can't wait.i ca h- uh-huh. then we fast forward ourorwa our clocks saturday night and sat sunday, a few showers sundayw but all those temperaturese te well above normal.wellbo all right.all right. more weather in just a minute. n more traffic with erin.h e >> i ran a half marathon inarat the pouring rain before and itga was the best time i ever had ti because i just wanted to getantt the race over with. >> last year it poured rainingdi and it was about 45 degrees.deee miserable. >> it was cold. c i had one though foil red foil e cross blankets on afterwards.kew right now if you're headingif'r out in the district breaking bag news out of the northeast.orheat c street shut down with policeie activity between third andnd fourth.urth. 270 south just your typicalour c slowdowns right now 85 to the truck scales dips down tops d about 28 miles per hour. m as you pass byil that pointhat o
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rockville you also just hit lots of stop-and-go traffic. tff same scenario in stafford right now.t 95 northbound volume 630 to0 t 610. and as you make your way out way in prince william, we are, seeing delays on 95 northbound n as well. moving over for a look 66r for 6 eastbound in fairfax, just, jus before the fairfax countyy parkway right shoulder isde blocked. we'll go ahead and take a live a look outside.ut a lot of increased volume topto of the beltway. the this is the outer loop by new be hampshire avenue.ham as you make your way from 95 fro to georgia, typical slow zone sz at that location.tocat inner loop is increasing with traffic but not as congestedge as the outer right now.ig n 95 southbound picking up asin u you head from the icc down. and bw parkway looking goodki g northbound if you're headed to bwi. bw bw parkway southbound frombound powder mill road down we're starting to see that usualhat ua congestion as well.ngeson a metro is on time and we gotand you covered. that's your traffic. tff >> still ahead cracking downck on all those airline fees. next, details about a bill a b that lawmakers in congress aregr taking a closer look at.k at. >> first t
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to feel like spring with theg wh warmer temperatures out there. >> hey, lady bug. >> we want you to send usnt pictures using #five signs off spring with the number five. f you might see your photoour ot throughout the show like thishee great picture and there'she another one. an oh, look at that. >> ♪ >> ♪
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> a recall to tell you about involving a popular summerg a beer. sorry about that.rry ab first though a check of thef marke
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joining us from the foxm theox business network studio laurenun simonetti. how we looking lauren? goodaure morning. >> reporter: hey there, good h morning. looking totally flat this morning. we had an up day yesterday.rd. the dow closes at 17,000 even. e and we had the european central bank making a decision on their stimulus programir s about an hour from now.o n that will move the market the we'll have an update at thatat t point. right now futures are flat are f lining here in the u.s. >> okay. let's talk about something that in my opinion should have been talked about severalked ab years ago.year a that is lawmakers now tryingow t to look at these skoshse sko fantastic fees when we fly. fly >> reporter: yup. and you're right allison, theyin should have looked at this h several years ago butav severalr years ago the airlines werees w not profitable and now theynd are. not only are we traveling morenr traffic is up at the airlines but jet fuel is way down.uel so why are they charging us u $200 to change a ticket that we paid $150 for in the firsther place? >> exactly.>> e >> reporter: that that'sorte ridiculous. that's a quote according to two senators introducing aintrod bill in congress that wouldongrt ban the airlines from charginghg exorbitant fees.exor what they'
6:24 am
thing is if any fee is considered unreasonable fored u the flier, don't charge it. cha. prevent the airlines fromlis charging that.chging the second one is look ifs l someone wants to check a second bag why are you y charging them so much for thatht second bag as opposed to the first bag. is it really a space issue on aa the plane? can you work withkit this passenger right now.sengern so what they're saying is looks into how disproportionate itonai would be for the airline to accommodate that customer's cto request and assess theest d asss situation that way.ion th way >> okay. hope it doesn't take years andta years for action you know what i mean? let's leave that to us here in washington iton suppose. let's talk about the summer sum beer. we all love it that coronaove it with a little lime in it cooln c sitting on the beach. the b but now a little problem withemw the glass inside of the bottle. >> reporter: yes, shards of, shs glass being found in clearn c glass bottles of the 12 and 18 d packs of corona extra.xt they're being pulled off store o shelves. nobody has been injured butn int the corona owner consl
6:25 am
brands they did find onds routine testing t at two at tw breweries they did find some shards of glass in the glass bottles. >> okay. o let's let them get that little i problem fixed.ed nkuren thank you so much. tha it's friday eve. >> reporter: thank you.or >> party like a rock star.tee ao >> reporter: whoo-hoo!orter: who >> see you tomorrow. you >> reporter: tgin24 hours.n24ou >> there you go.he you i like that. that. see you later.see you later. >> i like that. i l >> feels like friday thoughyho got to be honest. hon >> nice weather. >> when it's warm --ar >> have you dined outdoors inu i the last few days.e >> if you're talking aboutyou'rt taking your food running tounng the car while taking childreninn places, then yes, i have. yesi h >> all right. >> okay. >> roll the windows down whenowe you're eating in the car then ce that's dining outdoors.g odo >> then i have.v >> we have some cloudness tolouo start your here is your sunrise sunrise in exactly 21 seconds. >> really?>> r >> at 6:26. 6:2 >> all right.>> all right. temperature out there righte now upperou 50's here in thee in city.ty. mostest he area very mild to m start your morning and again we're still featuring daytime de highs about 80 degrees or so o and that would be a ne
6:26 am
record, yes, a new record thatod would go back to 2006. 2 all right, there are some rain n showers on the horizon. horiz looks like we'll get a few g showers later tonight and somene cooler weather for friday and fi into the by cootoler i mean around 70 not unpleasantly cold, just, youou know, not record setting.etti we can't do records every day.ry >> but we didn't do itdn't dit >> not at national but wetial b did -- we did at bwi marshallall and out at dulles. ds. so, two out of three. tee. >> okay. >> okay. the river -- this time ofme of year, you've got cold water colr temperature on the river and t v the winds and they'll kind ofino play havoc with some of our o thermometers. >> we won't be greedy.e wot be >> we won't get technical.ecical but 82 today.82 tay clouds around this morning butog that will be a new record if a c we hit that number. >> didn't lose the thermometerhr in the snow.inhe s >> no, but remember we had h some snow accumulationumulio problems out there.he >> there's still snow on theon ground. >> i saw a huge pile of it of i yesterday, yeah. >> it's bizarre. bar >> weird. >> thank you very much.ery much. >> let's check in with erin. >> sitting on my balconyal yesterday listening to music, fres
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table. >> nice. >> glorious.>> gs. >> wow. >> glorious. >> nice. >> right now problems if you're headed to bwi. big crash beaw parkwayay northbound between goddard andoa powder mill road.wder several cars involved in thathat crash and you can see we'reyo seeiu ng a huge line of backed d up traffic as you head towardset greenbelt this morning.nb left lanes are all blockedel.lod keep it to 95 northbound butundb just anticipate that normalt volume there as well. 270 south out by 85 and the t truck scales still seeing a see lot of heavy volume thisumth morning. in and then 95 northbound volumee is building from 630 to 610. to0 you can see that yellow linelo n and then it gets a lot heavier i once you hit prince william wil county. getting to dale city disabled vehicle.e. right shoulder blocked.ould we'll take a live look outsidelo and show you how slow somew me things are shaping up. sha top of the beltway newof hampshire to georgia jams.rgia . bottom of the beltway innerf th loop across the wilson bridge b a lot of heavy volume thereume r too. we got you covered thisered thi morning.rnin >> 6:27 right now.ight now. still ahead this morning any surprises on the first day of nfl freehe agency? we'll fillwl
6:28 am
>> all righty. plus an update on that double shooting in southeast near a ner school.ho still a very active scene. we'll have the latest for you next. 
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>> ♪ >> back now with skyfox givingkg us this view. not that it's that pretty. it's 270 south of the beltway bw over the spur. thepu what we're giving you is a lotul of traffic but it's 6:30 and0nd the dmv is on the move. mov good thursday morning to welcome back to fox5 newsckx5 n morning. weather and traffic coming up on t
6:31 am
first at 6:30, though, unfortunately to report aep violent night in the district.i. d.c. police investigating twogat shootings and one stabbing.tain the double shooting happenedgpe just before 1:00 this morningisr in the 4500 block of benningenni road in southeast.outheast police say two men were shot.ere they were taken to the hospital. they are suffering from justfe minor injuries.njur a d.c. firefighter is inefii the hospital though after helping rescue a woman from a burning apartment.rt this fire broke out yesterday afternoon at an apartment aparte building in the 1700 block of minnesota avenue. a residents say they're justty're lucky they made it out alive. a >> i was in the bathroom and he was beating on the door and r he said you have to -- you gotou to let me in -- no, he -- i opened the door and i said and i yes, sir and he said you got anh to come out of there he saided because there's a fire in thee t building. and i said well i got to get g my keys then, sir.n,ir >> in addition to the firefighter, one woman remainsnm in the hospital.he hostal. the cause of the fire stillirll being investigated.esga a bill n
6:32 am
montgomery county officer noahh leotta who was killed by a suspected drunk driver will beu heard today by maryland lawmakers.lawmakers. advocates for the bill are calling on the general ger assembly to enact an all dui offender ignition interlockteoc law without weakening amendments adopted by the house judiciary committee lastts week. a homeless encamp. enc near union station will beon shut down today.shut dow this comes after an audit highlighting issues withngues wh homeless services in the the report says that the that department of human services ss needs to address a series oferso issues including widespread wida mismanagement and lack of oversight that auditors say requires 35 reforms to fix.5 f steve, over to you. >> ♪ >> time for the morning line.r day one of of nfl freeth agencya in the books now. now redskins went from needing a ndg backup quarterback to quickly filling that void resigningig colt mccoy to a three yearhreeea no word on the money involved.o. mccoy saw action only in thenlhe last game
6:33 am
the cowboys last year.e co he knows the system here.e. unlike last year will he notwi h have rg iii looming over hisris shoulderly he'll be the number e two guy at least for now in now today. ly plar the only player the skins resigned. rigne they also broader back linebacker mason foster. kendrick golson becomes the longest tenured redskin and ihenacho. everybody thought he allth but locked up the starting jobrb with the broncos after he played -- when peyton wentn pe down. denver now looking for aoo for quarterback. robert griffin, iii.rt kirk cousins who got a pay pay raise tweet towed oft whiler ofe you like that? happy for you. college hoops now big easts nog tournament senior bradleyra hayes in the starting lineup l against georgetown.eoown. big flight for smith heavymith h vare ya' 20 points 15 in theoi first half and tnthey did it. georgetown cruised 70 to 53. 5 they face number one seedber e e villan
6:34 am
yes, i said this morning. mornig that game in new york at 11:30 a.m.:3 five hours from now. y > a10 tourney this season isne over for george place son. s they lost to saint louis at barclay center last night 83 to 78. saint louis will now faceow george washington today.oday so, another local team stillti to knock out saint louis.ouis. acc tournament here in town verizon center buzz williamsilli and virginia tech facingech fa florida state. remember former marylandyland interpret seth allen comingt off the bench for these hokies drivers in for an easy lay in. . he had 20 points.oi virginia tech wins this one, 96-85. they face miami tonight. tonigh. you know who coaches miami, the former coach --oach- >> yes, i did know that.w that. >> big day verizon center. veree acc tournament, duke and northu carolina will both be playing today.da >> that will be fun.ll be fun >> at the verizon center.ente >> at the verizon center.r. >> okay.>> okay. supposed to go down there forgoh something today. i don't know if it's going to be -- be --
6:35 am
>> okay. >> a lot of people there. of pep >> give yourself some time. t >> did you say bill ken. bl >> what's a bill ken.ill ken. >> i don't know.>> i don >> i'll look it up. i'l >> let's -- you know what, w let's do it all over again. agan let's do nice weather.iceea maybe low 80's this afternoon. o we got a few clouds -- >> a biliken is a charm dollch created by an american artcan at teacher and illustrator oftrat o kansas city missouri. missouri. >> i feel a little better forlie not knowing what that is.wing wi >> kind of looks like s.a l lik gargoyle type of looking thingng but cute.t c >> all right.ll right >> you're welcome.ou. >> can't wait to see aee picture.ure. >> bwi marshall 61. there's your satellite andte your radar. we have a frontal system offystf to the north and we are going to see a few to e a showers late tonight and early r tomorrow morning and that'sor going to cool us down a little bit as we get into friday andri into the weekend. wke can't do record setting heat every day but looks like we'll do another day this afternoon.. 82 degrees shattering a record a that goes back to their early
6:36 am
2000's, 2006.'s, 2006. >> can i add a little bit morebt allison. >> go ahead.>> go ah he's so cute.ute. >> back in 1911, somebody said that the saint louis footballal coach looked like that. >> well, that's --hat's -- >> and so. >> it wasn't a very flatteringyn reference.reference. >> they've been the bilikens bik for the last hundred years. y >> for the last hundred yearsree it's lasted. >> hilarious.. >> hey, erin. >> my mic is not on.c isot >> there you are. a >> lefhello.he right now we have a closure insi northeast due to some police activity. the road is closed c streettreet between third and fourth. fou keep to it d street to geto it around that one. tt o also in the district 295 southth typical very slow movingovin traffic eastern to pennsylvania, 15 miles perlv hour there.anho t no crashes.raes. just a whole lot of traffic asff usual. as we take a look at bw parkway skyfox on their way tor this location. we'll bring you a live look asvl soon as that becomeses available.avlabl northbound between goddard andod powder mill road there's a th crash
6:37 am
blocking the left lane. lef you can see that big red zoneed as you head towards greenbelt. making your way towards bwi,s 95 northbound definitely theounf way to go.o. back onto bw parkway afteray a that crash scene. s we'll let you know as soon asnos lanes start to reopen.n. 270 south right now dips underis 30 miles per hour 85 to the peru truck scales, typical volumeal e as you make your way out 95 north through stafford as and an project 610 and then againin through dale city heavy cit h traffic in the woodbridge the area. bottom of the beltway acrossthe the wilson bridge that volume is increasing as well and ifelan you're taking metro that's ono time right now. back to you.oou. >> erin thank you.ri >> still ahead beer maker dosak equis retiring its mostg its m interesting man in the worldg t but not without one finalal sendoff.nd >> do they need a new mostd a ns interesting man in the world? wr >> they may. m i wonder if they're takingeak applications. >> hope they are. plus a celebrity proposal. that's coming up in today's fox beat. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan,
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> it is sentencing day for a formerente reality star or guy o appeared on mtv's catfishsh maybe who pled guilty tod gu making threats against his name is jerez made hundreds of calls to on911 over a six-month period pr warning of threats involving explosive materials on thete transit agency.trsit serious stuff. stu but all of this proved to be avb hoax. he does face up to 10 years y behind bars. coleman appeared on that popular show on mtv called cal catfish two years ago.h two s >> on capitol hill today thepito
6:41 am
to help communities preventie prescription drug and heroins abus de. the epidemic causing moreic caue deaths in virginia than car accidents.dents. senator tim kaine a cosponsor ar of the legislation will join us at 7:30 to talk more aboutabu he'll also chat about thechat state of the presidential racesc referring to what he calls theas racially charged rhetoric onheti the gop side. he's calling on the americanng o people to embrace our country's differs have the rather than fear >> as part of national school breakfast week, this morningsori thousands of students in maryland will bite into apples e at the same time. this is happening at 9:15.:1 the idea is to raise awareness e of the importance of schooltae breakfast in the fight against childhood hunger. at william packer elementarylenr in prince georges county giantge food donated 700 appleors foror today's hear the maryland maryl crunch. how awesome is that.esom >> cool. >> i love that. >> still i ahead a celebrity proposal live on the air anir priceless reaction.ic >> a reminder before we takee to the break if you have a news tip share it with us.s. e-mail you
6:42 am
at we're back in a moment.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> ♪ >> somebody just tweeted meeb this song is offod of. >> reporter: did you see that? i tend to te think that is not accurate. if you know what song that isw tweet me. we're trying to figure it out.ii >> we can enjoy getting downting
6:45 am
>> actually another beautiful afternoon. we'll have more cloudinessloudis than yesterday. you can see the sunrise behind us.. we got clouds out there. but th. the temperatures will be inmper the bonus plus department nplusn fact, potential for recordor rec setting doing the count down. count nine days now until spring andlg all systems go next week or so very springlike and almost likeost le early summer yesterday andrday a again today. t all right. very mile out there early. ear we get some clouds after a school, we'll be nice and dryicd temperatures upper 70's andes u' low 80's expected, very warm w conditions but pleasant. ple i mean no humidity so pleasant conditions to expect later l mild numbers.mild 64 in annapolis, 58 this58 morning here in washington. 64 -- excuse me. can't read the numbers this thes morning. 61 in manassas. inas 59 out at dulles. d let's say good morning to our mt friends off to the north andhe r west, winchester 63 degrees. 67 this morning in cloudiness, yes, we've gotss, w that across the region. our high pressure system, this is what we call
6:46 am
starting to allow some clouds s in and we've got a frontalot system off to our north andorth west. there you go. and we've been talking about tal the heavy, heavy rains. rai unfortunately flooding rainsloor across the eastern texas andrn s louisiana and arkansas.anrkan we're not going to be dealing td with that but i think we willthe get a few showers in heree overnight tonight into theight i first part of tomorrow.rt of om it's going to do a few things. t it will bring us a few showers o and slightly cooler air will be able to slip in here. daytime highs tomorrow probably more like 70 degrees. still nowhere close to normal. there's futurecast. fur no issues tonight.on if you got plans outdoor this ot evening go for it. should be great. gre few showers overnight andight a we'll quickly clear out tomorrow. tomorrow. this front will get down into wl lie carolinas by tomorrow afternoon and we should getd wes some sunshine around here foraru the day on friday.the there's your seven day.ere' 82 today, little cooler c tomorrow with a few showersho early tomorrow morning.tomorr don't forget to kick thoseic clocks forward early saturday. running the rock and roll marathon perfect runningct weather in the
6:47 am
time. and nice conditions across thecs city. notice the mild temperaturesre right into next week.ght more weather in a minute. more track with erin.ith >> we'll have fun tucktory. tktr i know you're gearing up for this run.this run >> i'm gearing up for something. i don't know if it's the run. >> good news in the northeast nr section. c street has reopened.eopene police activity had it closed cd between fourth and third. once again c street moving m along just fine. fine. 295 southeastern too pennsylvania 15 sad slow mileswm per hour because of congestion there. 50 inbound as you make youre yor way inside the beltway veryer slow as well.slow bw parkway big crash here. two left lanes blocked northbound side betweennd se bet goddard and powder mill you can see that red line has increased.incr as you make your way through thr greenbelt you're at a crawl.ou'c north of that point thehapoin southbound side very slow asoun well because of a ruvebber necke delay. delay. 95 north or southbound betterune bet this th 270 south typical delays aselay you make your way 85 to the 8to truck scales.
6:48 am
we've gotten even slower now the average speed is checking c in about 16 miles per hour.ler h aside from that as you gethaas y down through gaithersburg and rockville, more stop-and-go traffic. and the beltway across the wilson bridge throughou annandale slow.nae s let's take a live look outside. ou slow new hampshire to opshire to georgia as well. very crowded conditions this con morning. metro is on time and skyfox s leaded to bw parkway. par we'll have more updates in aatei few. back to you, allison and steve. st >> one of the run ways at oneth of the busieste airports in th country reopened after a pothole delayed a flight foror hours. hours. delayed lots of flights.yed a pilot getting ready to land reported seeing damaged pavement essentially a bigment e pothole at la guardia airportir new york. the runway was shut down until t repair crews were able to get there and patch that pothole. tp not just on our roads apparently. according to the federalrdin government there was a big increase in roadway deathsay dea last year. la to get to the bottom of why itfw was such an increase stop safety officials will meetty with o dot today. t that meeting is happening in the district. the group will examine humanmine behavioral issuest
6:49 am
contribute to 94 percent of crashes.hes. almost all. all officials will also announcence its vision for improvingmproving traffic safety over the nextvern 25 years. yea >> new setback just days afterea the cleveland clinic announcednu medical history this weektory t doctors said yesterday the first uterus transplant hadan failed.iled. the 26-year-old woman only-yearo identified as lindsey receivedei a new organ back on february 24th but she suffered from a sudden complication this week requiring emergency surgery to remove that uterus. e she thanked her doctors fordocts acting quickly to ensure her ene safety and health. doctors say the 10 patientient transplant trial will w continue. it is national women andonan girls hiv/aids awareness dayrend and here locally a walk willll be held to encourage women to practice safe sex. sex it's sponsored by the department of health and human services office of women's health. health walk kicks offer at 11:45 this s morning at the national sylvanny theater in southwest. >> mexican beer brand dos
6:50 am
equis saying adios to its famous pitchman but not before b a sand jeff.nd >> a last look at this pioneers who will not be returning.. >> 77-year-old jonathan jonat goldsmith has played the rolehat of most interesting man of the o world for nine years ending every commercial with that phrase, stay thirsty mysestay friends. in his familiar final ad he's shipped off in a rocket on a one way trip mars. dos equis says they're making the change to attract new kevin mccarthy will debutill later this year.ter >> it's tucker barnes inn his -- in his shorts. h s >> that's very clever the wayeve they did that. >> nice way to do that.y >> not those jorts. j >> they were quite interesting. >> i actually had nightmares nit last night about his jorts. j >> you have to wash your eye out. there's i'll give it to you.e to >> it's national pack your packr lunch day. what did you -- what did youou pack your kids in their lunch te
6:51 am
>> oh, my goodness.h, you know what, i m think they've always had lunch at school, scho like the -- 'cause they went ty to co-ops. co- >> never did the brown bag. bag. >> no,, as a stable they n always usually got the lunch thl that was there. >> i was a lunchable guy. >> i was a trader. t i would do the trades. >> i do remember that. d >> all right. big news on nere the ke$ha and dr. luke story.ry this is an upday. the rap yesterday released a support saying sony was w expected to end its workings ing relationship withlaonsh controversial producer proce dr. luke a year ahead of his contract that was a quote from the raptee article. now an attorney for the music producer for dr. luke issued aes statement refuting reportsting that sony has fired theed producer. the lawyer says that "luke has h an excellent relationship with sony" quote.. dr. luke is in the midst of midf allegations that he sexually assaulted and drugs singer ke$ha.$h ke$ha took her case to court h saying she didn't wants to
6:52 am
although she's still underghhe's contract. contra a new york judge ruled to uphold her contract with dr. luke's label and sony. so, continuing there.g t i know people are protestingst sony trying to get her out of hr that contract as well and apparently the reports of himh being fired are not truered areo according to his lawyers.tois lw so we'll see how that goesha g down. more of a happy o i love this video. v i don't know if you've seen this. i lift the tone howard stone. so we know maria men tune in notice from the e network. net yesterday she was on howardn how stern promoting her new cookbook when she got a new surprise from her boyfriend of d 20 years they've been dating.eet take a look.take a lk. >> your boyfriend of 19 yearsd y wants to talk to you maria. m go ahead. >> although i said that this ts isn't a proposal, i want toan ask you something maria. you so. would you make me the happiest p man on earth and would you marry
6:53 am
i have to go down on one knee.e. >> are you (bleep) kidding me? k this is a joke.s j >> it's not a joke.oke. >> it's a big ring. >> what did you say.>> >> it's not a jok we.s not a this i wouldn't joke about.t jo i love you so much and this show's meant so much to bothnt s of us. the first thing we listened to o together 19 years in inther basement on a twin mattress onas said one day you will be on o that show and you will be aw an star. and here you are and here weere are and it's like why not make m it official now? will you, honey? will you accept? wille? you marry me. >> yes, yes. >> a couple minutes beforee mi this he took the mic andok t mid started talking to maria and a she said are you about to about propose to me? i'm going to goi die. my god i felt like you were y about to propose right now. she thought he was going to to propose.op he was like no, i'm not goingno to d, o that. t he goes on a spiel about how abh they have been together. t she wasog generally freaked out. >> hold it. >> they've been boyfriend and bo girlfriend for 20 years.rliend >> 19 years.
6:54 am
married a long time ago.d a lonm >> she went through a bunch of o tough times which is what sheme was talking about on the show.ab i think that's why he waswhhe there. as he said they've been listening to the show since they were youngehor and nowungea they're officially engaged. engd i love that video so much.uch. and by the way this is even he had a prenup agreement in i hand for more ya' to sign so sig he gets absolutely nothingot except for his 1994 dodge van.. maria made her debut on thehe howard stern show. s she's successful has a lot of money. i think it's cool. >> i like the prenup part. >> i love. that he gets to keep his dodgee van though. that's the most important partta about it. >> okay. >> very cool. >> go for them.for >> you're questioning y somethingou here. >> weird. >> 19 years. >> maybe they have -- youhave- o know -- who knows. but i mean for her to be that ba happy to now get the ring i guess it meant something versus just sort of like beinglg together. together. >> took me four years.oo >> four years is okay.y. >> took me four years.ou y >> 19 years i don't know.
6:55 am
she seemed really happy.eally h all right.l right now for our facebook fans of the day. meet kim gibson scott and her h mom celes they are both celebrating cebra their deart birthday today.yoda. thats so kim says she enjoys watchings sh fox5 in the morning while getting ready for her happy birthday to both of you lovely ladies. to be our next facebook fan ofxf the day post your picture right beneath this one.hi one >> very cool.>> very all right.all right come on tucker >> i'm coming to join you.n y >> all right. >> tucker is next.ucke n >> tucker is the guest ofst honor today because he's been bringing us just amazing daysziy last couple days.ay >> maybe 80's today. >> love it. >> does this cut down on yourowy ability to go to the movies them when it's beautiful. >> i need some psychiatricd som help about getting those jorts j out of my mind from i can't get over it is generally freaking me m out. >> give you a fresh picture oftf it. >> let's go to the forecast.o hf yes, we are 57 now at reaganag what a mild start to the day.ohd
6:56 am
morning you're going to say it really does feel like spring out there as we just haven't h cooled off a lot overnight.rn dulles bwi marshall maral 60 degrees. 61 up there in baltimore.there l all right, so some rain s showers are approaching thei the region. region won't get the rain showersgeth today. we'll get them overnightge tonight into early friday buttoi we will get some cloudiness clod today. kind of in and out of thef in clouds. some of that high thinat cloudiness we get. 82 your daytime high.imeigh. that will be a new record. willr there's your weekendsere' forecast. don't forget to move those move those clocks forward late saturday early sunday.yda >> thank you. >> thank you.>> t >> i'm listening to everything you say. s you said something. something. >> i was just talking.>> i was n >> were you talking tucker?lkink >> okay. >> if you want to get in imagen out of your head look at thisat picture he tweeted yesterday.esy >> erin you're a massive maria menudos isn't she one of your >> i love. l >> did you see the video on stern. >> for me i think that's so cool they did there.i thed th >> why 19 years together with9 r no proposal beforehand.lef >> i have no idea. i you know, w
6:57 am
happy.happy. >> it's their bees wax butth w it's's i it doesn't always work outlwaysr there way after 19 years. y >> , school exactly: keep it to 95 typical southbound delays. day metro is on time.metris on t we'll have more traffic in just a few.just a f keep it to fox5 news morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> right now at 7:00 a.m. it was a violent night in thet district. police investigating two separate shootings and a stabbing. one of those shootings happening right by a schseool. s we are lie at the scene.e scene we'll have an update in a few >> happening today, another so-called tent city in thed district set to be shut down.ow. what may have played a role ino this city's decision to stepp in. in >> and plenty of fireworks inewn last night's democratic debate d this as republicans get readys t to face off in the all thell important state of floridaate oi tonight. who is leading in the sunshine state? polls show coming up. >> first though a live looke lok outside. pretty, pretty sky.ty, it is thursday morning march tenth, 2016. 2 weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 7:05.:0 good thursday morning to you,niy i'm allison seymour.allisoseymo. >> and i'm steve chenevey. s welcome to fox5 news we'll start this morning with the late of on the violentiolent night in the district.t d three people shot, oneshot,ne stabbed, all within hours of hof each other. o >> first shooting happening on atlantic street southeast just s before 2


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