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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 10, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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♪ straight ahead temperaturese rise and so do tempers overnighg dc police respond to multiple ml acts of violence.le we'll have a live report. >> if you get indicted. >> that's not going to happen.ap hillary clinton fed up duringpg another democratic debate.. the first since her shocking sck loss in michigan.n. meanwhile the gop contenders get ready for another face off one o moderators hope will be a littll more g we'll have a preview. pvi stealing the show. canada's prime minister arrivesv in d.c. for white house dinner it didn't take long for hisis two-year-old son to steal the spotlight. we'll show you at adorable thint that happened and take a sneakak peek at what's ton note's menu. but first, records drop as the temperatures rise. ris today we could see the mercury top 80 degrees.. spring still week away.. and the spring break isn't goini anywhere fast.reas good day at 9a starts now. ♪
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you know it. it's mack lamar. lam >> is that right.>>s >> yes it is. >> what would you all do withouo me. >> that's a very good question.. >> my goodness.. >> okay. good day d.c. day d. welcome everybody. evebo it is 9:01 on thursday, marc march 10th i'm allison seymouroy with the pop culture referencese also here with me maureen, steve and wisdom. wism. holly has the morning o we'll see you next week >> all righty.. i guess we're going to showo you some must see puppy video.. >> okay. >> the one we look at earlier.lo >> i hope it is. i very adorable.. >> reunion, chris? y yeah. >> really sweet.>> really sweet. >> we'll see. w we'll save it.we'l >> okay. >> trust me --e -- >> i wanted to know wisdom hasas finally cal calmed down from our kitchen conversation about rg3 r and chris cooley. until 9:30. 9:3 >> snap it's on agan
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>> i want to get chris cooley ty come in here. in h >> video we'll show you a of mom being reunited with her puppiesi after they were taken away. >> really? >> we'll get to that. let's headll outside. osi it is 80 degrees. it is not yet spring but we'll w take it. i >> we just jumped right into summer at left for this couplehp of day period only. >> so big question what happensh next? let's check in withn wit tucker barnes and fine out f what's happening with the'sap forecast. >> i think for community servicm day we need to agree we'll go uo and paint the top of the tower.. >> i'd gladly climb on the roof. >> no new york city new yorkyo city new york city.ty that's a park service. >> we're trying to help n out. >> start at my house on the trih on my house >> okay. urork yoyour way up. >> community service. commu >> undercarriage on my car needc some pai >> enough from you guys. guy you might want to do that todayy absolutely beautiful.solutely b you got anything you neaeed to o outside. outs nine days until spring althought it feel like summer. sme never mine spring got right intg summer, didn't we.summ >> sure did.ure >> with over overnight lows bacb in the low 50s and 60s. 6 65 now in washington.ton. 5-degree jump in the past h
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almost 70 in annapolis. 68 degrees. 66 in leonardtown. ionar hey, our friends out along 81 a8 you guys are doing great asngrea well. 66 the winning number hagerstown, martinsburg and a winchester. big jump that seems to be the winningmsoe number all over the place.ela dulles, manassas, culpeper aspea well. all right.l ight little cloud cover to start your day. da it won't ab bad day.on'tbad actually a very warm day.. once again temperatures about ao 25, 30 degrees above normal. n we will have more clouds thans t yesterday but should remain dry. if you have outdoor plans, orns evening plans you're in goodd shape. couple showers tonight. this frontalho system will sag down no our area overnightrnight tonight and early tomorrowom morning. that will give us a few showerso i think for the early part of pf the rush hour tomorrow and thent the front will clear far enoughe south and east right back in thc sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. and we're setting up for a u for pretty good weekend stay tunedt for the weekend forecast. fec 82 will be the a winds south and west five to 10t mostly sunny. yesterday dulles and bwi marshall set records i think we'll do it all three arearea airports later today.
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and play. >> oh, no, again with the t shorts.shor >> i won't put the shorts on sht today.da >> all right. >> give you a day off.u y of >> thanks tuck.nks t >> thank you.>> well the big story at 9:00 the violent night in the ng district.stri three people shot in southeasttt d.c.d. one person stabbed in northeasta all within just hours of eachh other. ot two of those incidents happenedp on benning one of them a double shooting in southeast. >> that's where we find fox5's melanie alnwick live with thee t very latest thon story. mel?me >> reporter: good morning,orng guys. i want to show you this sidewals right here just across thecros street from the elementary school is where there's still'sl bloodstains on the sidewalk.he s they came and tried to wash mosm of it away that is where the two victims apparently ran down fron the parking lot behind the hampton east apartments and were discovered here on the sidewalkk now, source tells me that mha they -- the dc spot -- shot s spotter detected at least 19t lt shots and it looks like we can n see one that
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the technology on top of the elementary told that technology detected a least 19 gunshots about 12:52 this morning. morning when police officers arrived,rrd they found the two victims here on the then we were told that the the shooting happened actually backb in the parking lot behind the building. so we've got video for you ofou what we saw when we went back there. multiple evidence markers on the ground. it looks to be like some kind of running gun battle early this morning between two suspects and at least two victims as we saids and people told me they heardy r all kinds of gunfire thiss morning.moin now the men suffering serious injuries it appeared at they are expected however to hot survive.. we talked to one gentleman who heard the gunshots and said he h and many neighbors areeighrs frustrated with the continuede d violence. >> i was leaving my daughter'sgs house, and shots
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i was like, crazy. mayor, do something. somet something needs to ham. ham this is crazy. like we need like protect our city.. like crime and stuff, shooting,n um-um. d.c. isn't the place. place i live born and raised this can't happen around here. r it's ridiculous. >> reporter: we believe thathat guns were recovered from therom scene here again they are stille looking for at least two suspe suspects in by the way we did check dccheckd crimes statistics and based on statistics current as of o yesterday, violent crime in thec city is up 24% over this timee last year.ea live in southeast, i'm melanieee alnwick fox5 local news. >> melanie, thank you.ankou we're also followingwe f breaking news from pennsylvania this morning. five people were shot to death t and at least three others a
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stable or critical condition cdi after at least two gunmen openee fire during a barbecue. bbe now this happened in a suburb of pittsburgh. police say the gunmen opened tn fire in an ambush style attackk targeting people as they fled the backyard party.ty still no word on a suspects or mow i the gunmen still on the loose.. republicans debate in theice all important state of floridada tonight and party leaders areeaa hoping this one is more in theie words g rated than the last one. it comes after feisty democratic debate on the heels of bernieelr sanders shocking win in michig michigan. fox's garrett tenney has the t details. >> reporter: bernie sanders san came into last night's debate dt with a bit more swagger after at his huge come back win inn michigan and it showed as did he not hold back in going after hillary clinton. >> after -- >> i have introduced.ave inuc >> excuse mimi.imi >> squaring off for the eighthh time last night hillary clintont and bernie sanders clashed overs the key issue of immigrationon which weighs heai
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minds of florida voters.s. >> i said, welcome thoseho children into this country. secretary clinton said, send them back.. >> he voted in the house with w hard line republicans for indefinite detention for undo fr you meaned immigrants. >> both candidates vowed they will not deport children andldrn illegal immigrants who do notwhn have criminal records.or. clinton was also asked about the dbi's investigation into her ino private e-mail server.err >> if you get indicted will you -- >> for good negligence it's notl going to happen.go i'm not even answering that qu aestion. >> on the republican side, aftea a string of tough losses senator marco rubio says he's not goingg anywhere.. is still in this race for theort long hall. h >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday.tu i will campaign as long as andng hard as it takes.t tak we are going to to the whitehi we are going to win thiso win is nomination. >> reporter: the polls are not e in rubio's favor right now,, though.thgh. latest fox news poll showedho donald trump lea
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than 20 points in the sunshine state.stat >> if i don't beat marco in mari florida because florida is myusr place, i love florida, i employo thousands of people in florida.. >> reporter: latest fox newsox n polls are looking much better for john kasich currentlynt beating trump in his home statea by five points. the polls not smiling on texas senator ted cruz.ted cru he's stuck in third place inlaci both ohio and florida. floda in washington, i'm garrett gartt tenney, fox news. >> it is now 9:09. no:0 time for a check of what else ie making headlines this morning. steve? >> first up several parts ofp va texas still under a flood watcho this mning. right now residents are gettingg pummeled with another round ofh rain. so far three people have diede d drowned in texas, oklahoma and louisiana. forecasts expect tarts of texasx to see 5-inches of rain todayn t alone this wet weather note expected to let up untilnt sometime tomorrow afternoon.erno so tough times down south. sth today is the last day forayr the general public visit nancy yesterday 3100 p
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respects to the former firstst lady. la she lies if repose at a timeat t ronald reagan presidentialidenta library in california.a. many visitors left behind cards, former first lady's funeral isul set for tomorrow.. self driving cars touted ass the safest on the road.he r not always the case though.e tho last month, a google self s driving car hit a public bus while drying to dodge sand bagsb on road in silicone moment.ent. cameras caught the moment theent lexus suv hit the bus. the car was drying to get around sand bags when the left frontt o struck the left side of the bust the safety driver thought the bus would yield.ou yie the car apparently programmed td obey the rules of the road but not necessarily react to other drivers.ivs. disappointing news from thes omt cleveland clinic.nic. first uterus transplant failed.f doctors were forced to remove fm the organ after suddenudde complications.lition 26-year-old woman identified asd lindsay received the new organ n back on february 24th but24 b suffered from sudden complication this week and thata required emergency surgery to gt back and in and remove theove uterus. she thanked her doctors for doco acting quick toll ensure heruion safety
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and finally, the momma dag d making headlines for her for reaction when she was reunitedeu with her puppies much it's who are warming.are ing. watch this. check it o there's the momma dog back in b the corner looking scared.cared >> in a shelter. slt >> shelter. she's very timid. but they're going to one at a oa time reunite her with herer witr puppies. first she's going to walk over and she's going to sniff one ofo the puppies. >> aww.>>ww >> come on over cora.r c now at this point she's not surs if that's her puppy or not.. she takes a sniff. takes a sniff of the secondec almost instantly her entire mood changes the tail starts wagonon she climbs into the crate with them. wait there's t i had more than two. where are the rest? guess what three more were then pulled out. and they were all reunited. still too young to be separatedr from the mom all back togetherkr again.agn. i hope somebody adopts the wholo familiarly.mi >> i hope they get cora was surrendered then realized shezed was pregnant and s
9:12 am
>> now she's all happy.. four pups total. >> my goodness.odss >> you know what -- >> whole mood changed. >> look at her eyes.oo >> look at her tail. >> my gosh.os >> i tell was if i were to hitr the lottery whoever is listening i'd bike big old oprah style sty ranch an just adopt -- breaks-ak your heart to think about the homeless animals out >> that is sweet.we shows you moms are moms nores n matter the species. t >> you got that right. >> yes, i know the homelesss people -- i know all of that. just seeing that >> still ahead, why dc officialf are about to shut down a speaking of homeless northeastea camp for the hem less and ls scathing new audit taking aim am the nation's capitol. cit >> later we'll talk about bad at blood between two formereetwo f redskins why chris cooley is calling out rgiii -- r good r g three the third. you know what i mean much who ic longer he. why some other players currentrc and former are now gettingting involved in this feud.his we'll talk about it at someut is po
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>> bill named after montgomerydf county police officer leotta killed by a suspected drunk driver will be heard. they're calling all dsu wui offr interlock law. l without weein weeing amendmentse also today homeless camp in c northeast d.c. will be shutehu down. the camp is on first street see northeast near union station. si >> city officials will remove rv the tents and all belongings.s this comes after audit releasedd yesterday highlighting theig problems with d.c.'s homeless services.serv >> annie yu is live in northeasa with the latest on this i was ta did it. annie, good morning. gd mo >> reporter: hey, good morning i allison and all of you.. yeah, the dozen or so tents so behind me here were all be gonee by 10:00 o'clock that is what we are told by the department of human services.ce this is on first streettr northeast near union station. si you can see some of the homeless out here packing up their thingt most of them without a toll a t solid place to go. i spoke to two of the homelessol folks out here and they both b have no clue where they will be going. once they are asked to move. mov and they tell us they've beenhee through this before.efor you have to go
9:17 am
know, be placed in a shelter orr group home or other housingoung they just don't have that solids place yet. y now city officials are tellingfs us that they are going to offer assistance to these folks in fol order to find suitable housingei once they leave here as well asl wrap around services for theirir mental and/or physical issues. meantime, this audit it wasas released wednesday and it may ay have played a big role in the city's decision to step in and n close this area, because it really revealed the department r of human services was not doingi what it needed to do and there e were major issues with how the e department handled money to hell the homeless. some inconsistent cease with its contractors the site visits ands reviews for services weree so it highlights just ajust widespread of mismanagement ande also the lack of oversight that auditors say requires 35 reformf to fix. to fix. now the director of dha says s they are working to improve thaa and they've already startedta implementing some of the 35 35 recommended reforms.. councilwoman mary cheh the one o
9:18 am
done, and she says that she iss disappointed but not surprised s by the results, and that the ttt audit really shows a need for f more oversight and perhaps a broader look at whether servicer would be better managed in housh by the district. dtr but, again, guys, in just a feww here we're expected to see somem officials out here as they clear out this area, but as we werewer talking with the homeless peopll out here, they just -- they like being here because they feltel safe. this is a place where they felt like they weren't going to be te attacked right in front of these professional buildings here, her but, again, in just a few, theyh will have no idea where they'lle be back to you in the studio. >> very sad situation.ti. annie, thank you. >> time now 9:18. d.c. police wright a lot of o parking tickets. but drivers don't always payn't them. wait until you hear how much weh owe the city. c >> tucker is known for his walk. today he'll talk a legitimateitt walk not in the studio we unleash him on to t
9:19 am
d.c. you may see him out l he'se' taking a historic walking tour. >> cool. >> he'll join us later on. joi we'll let you know where he is,h too. maybe you can go say hi. probably strut the entire time.e >> probably. ♪
9:21 am
♪ all right. welcome back at 9:21. a scathing new report about the number of dead beat d.c.e epeat motorists who haven't paid their parking tickets. t >> i take offense to the wordto dead beat.dead bea >> are you in
9:22 am
>> because d.c., you know you'ro confusing with the parkingg witp tickets. tickets. >> that is true. >> so you know i'm going to try to contest p iarking >> really?>> >> i know by the end of the day -- go ahead. >> okay. oy i just paid mine right away. pag >> even if it's not fair? f >> you have to pay it or contesn it win 30 days. 3 >> i don't want the drama't wth allison. >> it will double.>> it >> okay. i missed deadline once. oe >> go ahead and talk i need to o make a phone call. pho >> according to aaa mid atlantil ignoring those tickets iskets costing the city a whole lot off fox5's babb barnard is not is ignoring the tickets or us. thes he joins us live with more on mn this story because he has a clean driving record with noordh tickets unlike my colleague tocu my right. >> let me do the toss to you.. bob, look, i'm parked in georgetown, there are honestlyos two signs battling each otherer yet i was where i should have been and i get a 50-dollar0-dolr ticket. i'm not going to pay it.not gotp i'm not going to do it. >> reporter: well, but i'm but'm wisdom. i just assume get it off the ledger. le not have to worry bit or stressr about it.
9:23 am
people say the signage isges it's really a pain in the neck.e sometimes you get a ticket forui car you no longer own. aaa mid atlantic calls the c t number of tickets issued ofued f issue in the district of columbia aston initiating.tiat even worse are the number that t go unpaid. unp we're not talking just parkingtr tickets, guys.tickuy we're talking speed cameras, res light cameras, all kinds of moving violations, and of thoset that go unpaid, one in fourou tickets issued go unpaid.. and non dc residents at least a here in the district of columbim account for seven of the 100 unpaid tickets that the city is recording. here some staggering numbersbers from triple mid atlantic.anti in fiscal year 2014, roughly 506,000 tickets went up paidt up here in the district. costing the city $61 million.on fiscal year 2015, roughly 627,000 unpaid citations costini the city nearly $85 million.85
9:24 am
337,000 tickets have gone unpa unpaid. $46 million in lost revenue here in the district of columbia. now, if you're a city resident, you can find that what you owehu is withheld from your tax return and we've done stories here guys on fox5.on f if you live in virginia orirni maryland and you don't pay your ticket you go to row knew your w license or your carsr car registration, you can find yourself facing a red lightedig camera there because you haven'v paid your tickets it can hold up your registration or youratio yu license. it's a pain in the neck as youas mentioned allison the signageheg can be confusing. confu we've heard from people who say, look, i walk up as they weres ew getting ready to write my tickem and said i'm here now.ow they continue to write the wri t ticket. whether it's a parkingethe enforcement person or the policl so it's a frustrating thing butb equally frustrating for the city which is owed tense millions of dollars in the past few years, , guys. guys. >> look. we've all been caught up by it.i you think y
9:25 am
is legal you get the ticket it's frustrating but if you let it gt they'll catch you eventually. >> right. i won't shed a tear because ir a probably will now have to pay double.uble >> bob, by the way you're a newr yorker. this happened to me in new york one i' m off subject.ct they towed my car.y c it can actual be worse. w i was on a job interview. i'm just saying. say pay the ticket. tic >> reporter: even if you gotnyou that job you didn't take it te because you didn't want to livel there. ere. (laughter). >> good point.>> g >> thanks, bob.. >> they'll boot your car here io the district if you have a lot i of unpaid tickets they can boott your car. >> i know. >> i'll pay it. it >> it is maddening. maddeni i said jokingly go ahead and pay it. i contest these tickets. tic i take pictures like asik detective. i go to court.go t >> exactly.>>ctly >> you can contest it throughro e-mail.e- i had to go down to indianapol indianapolis. >> adjudication place.djud >> sit there all day. >> you can t contest threw e-mam >> oh, yes. >> it's on.n >> that's a game changer righten there.
9:26 am
the show. th >> we'll work on it together.k g >> thank you. still ahead on good day the most polarizing issue in last in it's debate the color of bernie sans suit. su somebody on twitter said allisoa please don't do this. dono t i'm sorry.ry i'm going to do it.i'ing we'll tell you all about itut coming up. >> first former redskin undersku fire from his own teammates after parting shots at robertobt griffin the third.he t what did chris cooley really sal and how did the burgundy and gold faithful respond. >> dell connect key looking for a new most interesting man ines the world after our former mostm interesting man in the world ise on his way to mars. t mar he's done.e why he's out and could he already be sitting right in the loft? i think this looks loo excellent.llen >> i do, too. that looks good. >> stay thirsty, my friends.ds (laughter).ghter).
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♪ sing it. sing it.. >> my youth right there.righthe. my youth right there. you >> is that what it is?s? >> um-hmm.. >> okay. neighbors of reagan national rea airport are hash tag sick of it. they're sick of all the noise. that's one of my favorite thingh to say at home.tom any way at least one person iser sick of it any way.. maureen have you heard thisouead story. >> there were 8,670 noise complaints aft last year. one person filed 6500 of them.
9:30 am
>> what? >> i promise just one person. >> okay. oy >> okay. 6500 complaints coming from the same one person. perso the washington post is reportini that airport officials told them that a washington resident wasre responsible for about three abot quarters of last year's noiseoi complaints. now that would be the equivalenn of one perp making 18 calls every day for a year.r. she was also heard telling herlh neighbors get off my lawn! >> exactly. e in another report.or >> really? >> and scene. thank you very much.u ry m >> wow!ow! >> that's kind of, you know,nd o that person i bet has -- h >> that's lot. tt's >> enjoying retirement.. >> a lot to do.oo. >> airplanes do make noise, right. >> 18 calls every friday. fda >> when you move next to an ton airport.airp >> nobody probably told her thab or him. speaking of airports, fist, f flying on board a spiritpirit airlines flight from baltimore b to la. i cannot wait to hear what youhu guys would have done.ysld h this happened yesterday.esrd now mind you, from the easthe e coast to the west coast.oast >> that's a long flight.hat's a
9:31 am
>> the fight started over musicc two passengers were playingla their music loudly on a boom b box. >> let me just who got a boom box? >> how do you get a boom bock oc the airplane.irple. >> a lot of questions here.f quh >> let me just finish with thist story. >> another flyer asked, hey, hey could you turn your boom box yob down? guess what they did? tyd they turn it u >> turn it up.p. what? >> they didn't fly withidn' several -- that didn't fly witht several other passengers, and the plane they all just started fighting.fighting. five women were involved. iol police met them not in like i lk atlanta or they met them at lax.x. they flew across -- i don't knon when the music started.. >> they land in like kansas city.ty make everybody get off thery plane. you could have five women fighting on plane and they blasa their music from the boom boxoox and let them fly all the way too la. >> how miserable. how >> what were they playing ihey n wonder.wond. >> old school like cool mow deed or something. sethi >> how do you like me now? >> whose got a boom box. >> couldn't they whip out
9:32 am
disc man. >> that is the strangest storytr i've heard. >> we need more details. >> gary, what would you haveyou done many you're on the flightro with your kids.wi y this is going on.this is going . would you have jumped in? >> no. i would ask... >> inaudible.ud >> there you go.>> tre y >> i know you gary. no, you would not. >> what there was no song to sot choose from, gary.ary. >> what's that.s >> gary is not telling the tru truth. >> he's in the telling thehe truth. >> no. >> i would not have gotten in the middle of that. therave's no way that's add wing situation to get in. >> you'd have been the guy giving evil eye.vil real stern looking at.tern l >> see, kids, don't behave likek those people. p >> i'm trying to listen to myins forecast on tape. left me alone.lee alon >> oh, boy. >> all right. >> blog, steve, i'm working onoo my blog. you know that. come on. temperatures out here,erates o 65 degrees here in the city. gaithersburg 66.. manassas 66 degrees andees and fredericksburg right now it'st' 69. 69.
9:33 am
even though we have a muteduted sunshine out there, we'll be web able to get into the upper 70s,s low 80s, 77, 78 or so for gaithersburg.ithers and then upper 70s to low 80s0s across the listen here's the weekend wkend forecast. 65 on saturday.satury. it's gotten better for saturdayy new study stuff coming inffomin continues to reinforce the ideai that we're going to have no rain on saturday.atury. more sunshine. sshine. temperatures will be a little wl cooler. 65 sunday we're still talking aboul the possibility of some cloudsus and some showers. shors however, it does not look likeoe an all day rain out.n o nothing like that. saturday is nice. n sun giving way to some cloudsom late in the day. in thy. temperatures again will be in aw the 60s.e as we get to sunday the rainai chances go up along thiss basically stalled out frontal ot boundary but with the fronthe moving to the north just athe h little bit, we'll be on the south -- south side of the--outh front. the warm side of the front. so tempere atures on saturday ia the 60s.the 60s. but on sunday we'll be allowedea to get up into the upper 60s ans the low 70s for some. okay. okay rain stays to the west of
9:34 am
to but we're getting the clouds cld kind of blowing off a little bil of that rain shower activity so we'll calling it muted sunshinen certainly more clouds today that what we had yesterday.ay winds out of the south southwesh at 10 to 15. if the winds go to the southwese at reagan national temperaturepa will be in the low 80s.. if the winds stay out of theutf south blowing over the potomacom it will keep the temperaturestue down to 78 or 79.9. but we feel pretty confident cfe today we'll get a littleittl southwesterly component with thw winds and that will allow thellt temperatures to come up into tho low 80s. 8 enjoy this. we cool off a little bit for the neck several days but we stayta way above normal for this entire seven day period.. and remember saturday night whaw do we do saturday night, guys? h what are we going to do saturdar night.ght. >> springford. >> turn the clocks forward.ks f. >> springford. >> is this why they call you the professor? >> i don't exactly know why thet call meet professor.t pr >> i think i just found out. >> allison, five reasons we call him the professor. >> oh. >> we
9:35 am
to class. to class that's a whole different thing.. >> yeah. >> thanks gary.>> >> he thinks he's a pa. >> we will springford.. >> that sounds uncomfortable.fob >> sure does. let's talk politics right now.ow go ahead wisdom is blurbing brb right now. n bernie sanders hillary clinton faced off last night. redeem bait happened online had nothing to do wawa they were saying. what people were seeing on thewe screen that is the color of the senator's suit.sui apparently not even his staffn a knew for sure what color it wasw we found that out ourselves this judy kurtz the in the t know columnist joins us. >> hello. >> what's going online about tht debate and that was the color of bernie sanders suit. s >> what was it judy.udy. >> what was it? what do you guys thing think. >> brown. >> it looks brown. >> it was definitely brown, >> i'll go with black. i'll go c >> come on.e on >> that picture it's clearly car brown. >> clearly brown.>> i tweeted that it was brown. long before this debate poppedd up.. >> debate debate.>>ate >> according to bernie sanders n sources it is not brown.
9:36 am
>> they are saying it is black.k >> yeah okay. o >> but they were confused aboute it.t >> didn't somebody else say itso was blue. was >> rapid response team first ree tweeted out that the senator's t suit was blue.lue. and then he corrected it saying actually it is black. black i think we're gettin getting a e of political spin here. i think the suit is brown. >> people have spoken. >> hillary's people came back and said even bernie's people b don't know what they're talkinga about. >> that would have been good. >> all things to debtha reprim d reprimanded senator sandersd se campaign team, you know, gettini the suit color wrong would beoub real bummer.. >> the way this mitt cal cycletc has gone it would be just parjur for the course. >> exactly. >> why does it matter what color the suit. s >> it's like dress it's a fun debate to have.ate v when they're talking very serious issues. >> for the record white andorit goal. >> don't you find that it is ati little more interesting thisin time around because we have alle the social media commentary tooe go along with debates and a lotd of people are
9:37 am
they're watch to go findtch something to poke fun at bute fn people seem to be engaged atenga least with the debates. >> absolutely. these debates used to be purelyy for political junkies. jnki >> hard core junkies.unes >> hard core junkies and nowcous everyone seems to be engaged. ed even if it's a little bit sillier with the debate about the suit.. but it certainly is engagingag people this leck cycle has been crazy.cry >> all right. crazy enough for reality tv.v. >> crazy enough for reality tv1 production company in la is la i hoping. they want to make 2016 race a reality show american idol style to find a write in candidate for the presidential election. eleco >> oh wow. okay. >> the thinking here is the shos would be call the wright in anda just being pitched right now. it is not, new york city networn picked up on it yet they want tt have a voting system week too week folks will competel comte contestants will compete to bepb the write in candidate at thete end of the summer. >> let's be honest.ones i mean what do you think aboutta it
9:38 am
extreme popularity if you took o kim kardashian or a kanye west s type person or taylor swift typt person. >> or donald trump. or >> with the following they havel who is not already running,.ng,. >> okay. >> you put them up as legit l third party person, do you thin people in this country wouldount cast votes for them? >> absolutely. aol >> absolutely. a >> certainly if they have thatbh kind of platform.. >> no experience whatsoever.r >> you can get the kelly clarkson of politics but you you could also get san gia peopleeoe just vote for someone just also this 2016 race is a reality show.ow. >> right. >> any other election year thise would be, you know, a homerunun idea i think. thi >> but the fact that race hase s been so wild on its own i don'td know if we necessarily need aeed reality show.w >> i would watch a role will thl show of what's happening in thei campaign rooms what they're r really doing.really d >> behind the scenes.ind e sc >> that i would watch will to bo fly on the >> i wonder if you can do it. do donald trump certainly hasertain reality show experiencenc apprentice and am ma rosa showw even.even
9:39 am
what this last stretch i'm going to have cameras follow me, findf a network to put it on. on i wonder --onr >> we have seen reality showseey based on campaigns. clay aiken had reality showw after his failed. it's been done before particul particular. drum many is probably busy thesl days. i don't know if he necessarily wants a camera.. >> he wants to be himself andlf let the cameras behind closedse doors.s >> he's starring in a realityar show. he gives interviews all dayviewd long. he's on tv all day long.ll d l >> reality show is called punkae and we're all part of it.f i >> all right. a rig >> we'll talk about -- safe talu dating for next time.t t >> okay. all >> too much fun stuff today.uch >> i know. >> thanks judy. thanks judy >> still ahead at 9:00 she's as' local theater legend.end who can claim everyone from felicia rashad to tara gee henson as students.tunt chad bowman. we just saw him as james brown.o she's amazing coming up nextp she'll join us live to celebratb her major milestone and folks as are coming back to say thank tnk you. it is now 9:39. 9 back in a mome
9:40 am
9:41 am
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>> dream. you want fame well fame costs.l right here where you start sta paying in i i want to see sweat. sat the better you are, the more the sweat i'm going to demand.i'm i if you never have to fight for t anything in your life, put your gloves on... >> hello everybody.verybody great debbie allen in fame.en if i just wanted her to be like ale with that stick.ti
9:43 am
any way debbie allen one of her most fame russ rolls from fame. how did she become so great herself our neck guest hasue little something to do with tht that. she has taught some of famous fs actors like debbie allen alsols empire' pass raji p. henson, blackish star anthony anderson, if he leshia rashad of cosby cos show and more.. vera katz was hired at howard hw university in 1969 and she still volunteers there.eere >> still volunteers.ll volteer she also still works part timeam at the duke ellington school ofn the arts this year miss katz is turning 80. young. yo 80 years you she's going to be honoredgoing o tomorrow night at howard's product of sarah feign in a.n a first she's life here in the lir loft with us. and we'll talk about why it's ss important to pass on her knowledge to actors in thes in t african-american community. >> good morning to you.d >> good morning. >> thank you for coming in.moori >> thank you for having me.g >> and happy birthday.. >> yes.. >> 80 is quite an
9:44 am
and and in your resume so amazing at howard.ow >> thank you.nk y >> yes. tell me what it was like for you at this historically blacklylack college all these years. >> well, i was the firstst caucasian in the theater arts department, and i went there the year after dr. king had got assassinated. so people coming to the katz t k stone howard is known as wereser not happy to so me.. but i understood that.ood tha i understoodwhy. and in my heritage teaches toac you repair the world, so that's' what i was about. aut i was going to let them run me out.. over time people goon see that i was sincere. they were learning.rnin i was learning.eain i was learning. lin which is really wanting that tot a job where you learn,
9:45 am
grew and over the years thesehee wonderful people have kept upepu with me, and i've kept up withh them. whether they're famous as thes t ones you just mentioned or whether they're living their the lives and in jobs, i hope when i taught them are skills that thet can use.use. i teach a technique, and there'e so much about a technique thatia can be applied to any job aty jt all. >> when you say you teach an technique what do you mean bywh that?that? >> well, how to analyze a a script.ri how to figure out what peopleeo want underneath.. what is their motivation? how w to work with language. how to present yourself. all of that can be applied toppi life. think of the more and more as ia get older as life skills. >> when you look at -- when we w look at some of the people thata have gone on reach levels ofeves fame that you've ought over theo years and you meni
9:46 am
the names felicia rashad. rasha debbie allen to chadwick bowesds man in the present day taraji p. henson. >> chad. >> when you were first i guessrf meeting with these people, whenw they first came to you, did they already have it? did you seed s something special in them? orhe did they all have something that you had to find and bring out ii them to make them better?r? >> um-hmm. well, someone like isaia washington, there was thosen, ts language skills and that deep voice and that terrific stare or his. debbie with with an energy.rg now, debbie needed discipline,, because she was young, excitedit to be in the midst of her people hbcu campus. felicia was leaving, debbie wass coming in. felicia said look out for littlt sister. we got to get her under control. so i would go out in the campusm and say miss allen, where are you? into class. (laughter). >> i'll bet that was fun
9:47 am
>> by her senior year she was directing all right.g all right she was core row graphing.ra so fine tuning. sometimes there are students who are quiet chadwick a head person, and very deep and i i thought he ended -- won't up being a direct.g ir and i think he will direct filmf some day but i yet i thoughtht maybe he's not extrovertedrt enough. >> yet he goes on to play jamesj brown. >> i know. kw. >> right. and jackie robinson. >> in the time we have left wit you, miss katz i want to talk t about you're doing now you'reou still teaching at duke at du ellington.ellingto >> yes. if you're still doing privatel o lessons. you've written a book. b >> yes. and you're promoting scholarship to keep this talent going for generations. >> yes. the scholarship if anybody would like to contribute will helplel senior student at
9:48 am
his education, and that studente will be picked by the faculty. it's called the vera j. katz theater arts scholarship at howard university.rsity. the book is called "telling truths" a tool box of techniqueq for actors. it starts out with stories, my m back story, where i came from, f how i ende ended up at a major a university, what i learned, what they learned up and back, and -- and the techniques are dividediv into different chapters. >> i can't wait. is it available now?ailae no >> no. we're looking for -- well i have an agent and she's in la.a. she's coming tomorrow night. and we are trying to get a publisher.publ we've just put it out there. the just finish it.h it. >> get it out there and spreaden the word. w
9:49 am
>> i'd love to read for sure.too >> i hope we can get a publisher soon isn't i'm sure you will.uil >> what i do in the book whichoc is not been done anywhere elseee aside from quotes from peopleple like anthony anderson who talkst about listening skills he skill learned from me and of coursefou since you may have watched blaca issue you see his listening skills.skls felicia road the forward,rd, felicia rashad. r a quote from taraji in theren t about how she builds character.. but what i've done which nobodyy else has done in a book is used a lot of african-american plays and quoted from them and thenn tried to apply the techniques to the plays so the student can see that. it's amazing that there hasn'tas been a book up till this point.p >> you have a lot of contacts ct out there.he we have no doubt you'll beoubtol successful. >> the pub click come and see it is all the information isma there on your screen.on y tonight at 7:30 friday also ma
9:50 am
march 12th. 1 is that tonight, right?ig >> any way, there you go.ere yog tickets are still available.le >> it's directed by my directi g student eric russ man.. >> vera katz, an honor and a pleasure. >> it's been wonderful to been w here. thank you very >> thank time now nine confidential 50 it take walk andalk this morning tucker is going too show off his signature at least one of them hem he perfected and getting a historyy lesson to boot, too, right in rt our own backyard much it's a m walking tour of dc and it'sndt' coming your way next. ♪
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
♪ >> with the perfect springpr almost summer weather that hashs rolled into the area now is theh time to get outside and enjoy it. we sent tucker barn out to do ot just that. ju he's in northwest d.c. with thet author of walking washington,to, d.c. so i'm supposed to ask howk is it outside.. tucker. come on. come we know it's gorgeous. right?righ >> it's absolutely beautiful out here. absolutely gorgeous.lutelyorge allison, if you are watching, i, hope.hope >> yes.>>es >> i got a we were talking about it earliee
9:54 am
>> let's see it.>>et's >> i want to see this >> signs of spring. sin >> it's a little baby thing. >> so cute. >> thank you wis, i mean tuckere >> absolutely gorgeous. g >> i'm sorry. >> absolutely gorgeous i'mgeou joined by the author of brand new book barbara satisfyatis forward.foard. i love the last name.astam barbara dell me about your book walking washington, d.c. d i love this. >> a great first of its guide guide and. and it's got little something ofhi o everything that most guide bookt don't have.don've >> you got walking tours notours just of northwest d.c. but all.t over the city?y? >> every part of the city.. their walks.alks 15 cool unique back stories.. >> you're quite the you've lived here for a longor a period of time you've had chancd to walk, run this city, see thee inside and out all four seasonss you really know your stuff. put it all in here. in h >> right.>> i've even paddled throughout th city. i used to write about the cityhc for the move, too..
9:55 am
all right. tell me where we are. we're in northweste d.c. but it don't really know where.he some street corner tell me whata neighborhood i'm in and was thii walk is.walk this is forest hills. h this is great walk and it'slk a' actually called take me hireee e because a lot of the places here have to do with getting high h like embassy is known for itsts hike and it's got the highest ht point in the city and some other points like that.poike >> okay. i see where you're going with that. th getting high.gett that can be interpreted manyeday different ways. depending where you are ining wh washington. all right. all so i'm looking at the peruviania embassy.emba i had no idea it was back then.t >> this is the ambassador'sassao house. >> see. shows what little i know. kno give me a sense of how long mosg of the walks are in the book? t? are they a couple hours? all l >> the fantastic thing about the book the 30 walks they rangeheyr from 1 mile for people who den want to walk a lot to 5 miles. s >> all right.>> all right. >> you can link them togetherthr and they're all rated easy, moderate or strenuous.truo >> okay.ka are few of these are
9:56 am
i guess we have elevation herea in the city. >> well, there's very little that's actually strenuous hereuh but like, for instance, the walk at the zoo if you actually tackt on the part of the hilly part tr the zoo. z >> then it gets more difficult.u >> yeah.>> y >> all right. tell me about your favorite walk in here. h you just mentioned it to memetin sort of hidden spot for me. me i've never actually been on the walk.walk some of our former presidentsret useed to this work.k >> kenilworth park an cat ticktc gardens considered far fieldfa f these days because it's int' i southeast washington. but it is more spectacular than the cherry blossom. bss it has acres of these giant pink lotuses and president cal rinal coolidge used to go there. president woodrow >> on this walk behind ourehd photographer jason here that's whoever' >> john as i call him.. >> all sorts of the great the g information in this book andin k insider information. real quick. qui we'll wrap it in just a
9:57 am
where is the best play to go tot see cherry blossoms if not tidal basin. ba >> on my tidal basin walk i take people into haines point ies pnt highly recommend going around hips point the whole peninsula that's ringed with cherry blossoms or along the potomac river actually can see cherry s blossoms. >> i love it. >> the book again is walkingal washington, d.c. great idea i'li read it cover to cover.over if they want more information on hype. hype. >> wilderness press. >> guys, we'll toss it back inni saad to you. get outside and go for real quick when i toss it back b inside to you, those of us in ou the weather community know the saffir name her father was. >> inventeinvented the saffir sn hurricane >> oh wow.ow >> isn't that awesome.wesome >> weather royalty. just like you. >> this is royalty right here.or guys, thank you so much.ouc >> you guys have a lot to talko and walk about.d walkbo >> thanks guys. tha >> we'll be right back.
9:58 am
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>> good day at 10a the place to be on this thursday morning.atrn >> boy, we bringing the star str power. wer. lisa ray mccoy, garrett head son.n. gentleman car ya henson live inn the loft. >> 10ing now pink takes on kim n in that controversy.ov cuba caught at the club.lub. and cuteness alert beyonce'ey shares a pick of blue ivy that t has the web a buzzing. buzzing >> and it's good day at 10a exclusive.excl we're live with the founder of r dry bar.dry how to get that perfect hair. h she gives us the tips. >> the guys of good day have a fist for you and we need your help. >> okay, wis, roll it.ka wis 10a starts now.ow ♪ >> hey. >> i can't wait to show was't we're looking at right now w. >> we're not going to see
10:02 am
yet.yet. another few seconds. >> my goodness.>> my odne what we're staring at directly r right now behind the camera is quite honestly the work of a -- >> editing.. >> artistic to the t1.1. better ones we've >> i agree. we won't leave you hanging toogi long. thanks for staying with us forhs the 10a today.the 10ay we'll get to it.l get to it. i do believe we have celebritiei in the house with us today. >> about one or two or >> or four. or >> celebrity. you got to do celebrity. >> perhaps one allison and allis wisdom are fighting over thisg t morning.morning. >> indeed they are.>> >> there's no fight. fight >> right. >> but she's quite the lookte to kerr.kerr lisa ray is coming in lisa rayay mccoy and she's with the staffhe married but single. and she has just always been mym woman crush. csh >> is that right. >> she's gorgeous. >> single >> right that show she's been on so many. m >> let's not fo
10:03 am
henson in stomp the yard, soul l food. food >> all that coming up in littlen bit.t. but first he is the mostost interesting man in the world. w but this morning he is out of a dos equiss getting rid of its iconic pitch man played by b 77-year-old jonathan goldsmith. >> 77. >> this commercial right here il going away the actor first appeared in ads for the beer back in 2007. >> this is genius.. >> campaign almost.paign apparently the company nowrent looking for new face of the the d.and. again this is the final f commercial where they send himd off into the universe. to tract younger drinks dos equis needs another mostnother m interesting man in the world. >> drinkers. dnkers. right? gh >> went don't always drink beer. but when we do sometimes it's delling is keys.ey why not one of us. u >> look at that. tha >> wisdom martin.>> w >> why not. n >> we'll do our own audition for the role coming up later. l >> he doesn't drink at all. w
10:04 am wisdom, i think you got the jobb you have no competition whatsoever. >> oh! >> where did that come from for real?al >> look at you. >> calvin klein ad right there.t >> look at this. >> throw down wisdom martin.arti >> toss up right now. toss up rg >> i'm a little a afraid.d. >> okay. >> you brought it. >> i think there needs to beeeds olympic style competition. >> i'm with you on that one. o >> in the meantime let us know #gooddaydc. >> i love it. >> can you vote for both? >> i know it's a draw for me. ad >> you guys look good.lo good. >> all righty.. >> you guys looking good. >> all right. r time now is 10:0 foe. f that means it's time to checkohe and see what's trending first us how about a little rgiii news.s how about some drama. >> the rgiii era in washington,n d.c.
10:05 am
>> still a hot topic on sports o talk radio. rad former redskins tight end chrisc cooley ignite add twitter warddt and some other things yesterdayy when he went on espn saying say things rgiii and cousins weresir not friends and families don'tsd eat together, they don't hangan out. out. he also said they didn'tid theyd actually tell him that.ell hiha. he just perceived it.. >> he heard. >> he had heard what they hadher sd aid -- all right.l r then he said the offensive line didn't like robert. didn't like him as person.ik nobody told him that ee ither. r that was just his perception.ert he perceived that as well.erce he also said rgiii had a littlee bit of a b word in him. >> ooh, now that is across theoe line. line that is over the ier th. >> when you say that.>> whe >> here's the thing.>> here' this is from a press, n responss to a press conference he had had when he was enacted.nacted rgiii didn't even play this yer year. but this is all kind of thingsli coming out n response some ofnsf the current players listening tl the radio show they took issue with this.wi they called him out.d m o they called out chris cooley.
10:06 am
ricky jawn fran choice tweetedie hold up what did chris keeleyise just say on the radio also itls tweeted have no words for this.f this was the i can't hold my words somebody get me on a radio station or a tv. tv so ricky got in his car, drove out to the, w they were doingy the broadcast at the park. park. and got on esp inform 980 and a call out chris cooley for theset comments basically saying it wat a whole bunch of stuff he saidd you perceived this.ived t no lineman, trent as in trent it williams or corey walked up todp you and said i don't like rgiiie they didn't do it. d you can't go on what people peol think and body he also said they didn't showidt disrespect to each other.. who knew they didn't like eacheh other. there was no evidence of this.hi that's what ricky was saying.g. former redskin brad who played a with cooley also listening andnd tweeted this. get this bum chris cooley off cl the radio and tv, please. don't worry still got propertype in va when i see him, i'm goingg to smack -- well you
10:07 am
blanks. out of him.. >> yeah. why would chris cooley take itrt upon himself to come out -- out >> the line calling him the bin word. you can criticize someone but s when you cross that line frome f one man to another i'm sorry. s >> ricky was saying you knowg yo what you don't call another man that. >> we're talking about footballl here. all this stuff about they're not ricky said that doesn't matter e it's about playing football whee you're on the field you don'tth have to be friends.have >> it's their job.>> it's theiro >> when you call him the b wordh he said you should, f you'red, f going to do that do it to hisito face. don't go on the radio and do it. >> right.>>ight. >> chris cooley gave -- should youd ricky for coming on to theo show and stuck by his words. h w it was so inappropriate. because again we'll say rg3 did not play last year.t y he dressed out for one game. g and another thing that ricky thr mentioned he said back in 2012ki when robert was in his primeri doing his thing chris cooley wae all in his face talking aboutkig how great he was. and now swung back the otherswu way. it was totally inappropriate.iae >>ea
10:08 am
>> for chris cooley to do thisoo on the radio especially now thaw robert is gone.rort is gone. >> we were talking tl i think it was you mentioned hee may be doing this also to getet attention. nobody talked about chris cooleo in quite awhile.inuite now we're talking about it.bout i fine it really dishearteningie that, you know, these two the haven't had any contact in awhile.awhile. why pick on robert much his timm is done here. he's out the door.he's the let the man be.n b let him be.t hi >> the timing you don't expect p 53 people on team to get along a in any way shape or form.or you don't expect 10 peoplexp in a room to get along. alo >> if you're going to stayota something why wait until afterai he leaves.t he lea he had five years to sayive yets something. >> say it after the press i conference maybe.t nfer may >> right. ryan clark was on espn he was ws dogging cooley for saying alling this stuff. stu he had unflattering things tongs say about coolly.utll >> once you open the floodod gates.s. >> everybody is on him now. man. ma cross the line.s e line >> yeah, he did. he d >> let robert be robert. let r let him do his thing. thi he didn't play last year.ea move on. o just like chris is telling usist what to do right now. >> like i was saying when he's quarterback super bowl world bow champion
10:09 am
year -- -- >> or play off attending 49ers. denver and san francisco. fnc i'm with you steve. ste >> i want him to go to houston.t we wish you well. >> denver then whatever steve says coming up next d.c. alreadr pretty packed but it looks likeo more people coming to thecomig o nation's capitol.apol in the next 30 years, nearlyea 1 million people are expected to call our home their home. by 2045 officials predict 978,000 residents will live inn d.c. which is not that big of a place. d.c. mayor muriel bowser hasse committed to investing $100 million year in a trust tru fund.nd now that money would be used on affidavit forwardable house.orwu just imagine what traffic might be like. >> when are you going to house 300,000 more people.eopl >> high rises.>> h >> a bunch of buildings. bun >> you'll have to change theha height limitations. >> that's true, too. t >> you want to put more people.o you think about 50% increase ini the population of the city, iti, is already super crowded becausc you're right, physicall
10:10 am
not a very very large city atita all.. >> no. n t that's the plan.>> it's growth on one hand wean should be excited about that. >> it's great.s re >> but not over populating.ulin >> at what cost.t wh cos >> they still got plenty of room in the suburbs. the suburbs. >> people want to live in that's what we're talking aboutt >> some people don't want ton'tn live in the city. in the ci >> get to work in 10 minutes.rk. >> all these people do want tosw live in the >> okay. check this out.ut >> canadian prime ministerte justin true dough is in town ton tend a state dinner tonight. t he and his family arrived ativ a joint andrews base in marylandad yesterday.yeday. immediately after they landed,eh the family headed to paterson po elementary school in southwest e d.c.d. now there they spent timeim greeting young children atn school. prime minister justin true dougd is the guest of honor for tonight's state dinner. dinne this is his first u.s. state dinner for canadian leader in nearly 20 years. >> chris take the banner down sw we can see this little boy steas the show. >> we missed i. >> 200 guests are expected hellh in the east room of the whitero house. menu include
10:11 am
drizzled in canadian whiskey with cake covered in texas pecans and new england maple syrup for desserts.essert >> when they came down the little,, what do you call -- tht steps.eps. (laughter).aughter). >> trying to be too fans see. s went on the red carpet there the little boy i guess he's two.e's >> he's two.>> he' >> e starts walking a round. rou it was so cute.ut. >> i love his casual outfit o little sneakers on.s okay.ok see. we got kids.we gids. they put it all in perspective.c >> all right.>> a finally, his mug shot had allll the ladies even some guys swooning.. so many women want add peace of jeremy meeks. he was sentenced to 27 months in prison for gun possession butn now to the delight of his online admirers he is out of jail.l. girls, he's free! f >> and married. >> right. >> well yeah -- >> sentence continues. >> freer than he thought hehougt would be. >> he was known as the hotwas convict taking a new path onlino down the runway.he
10:12 am
he announced on instagram ita yesterday that he is embarkingmg on a modeling career. car he did it with his agent right r by him whose saying he expects him to be bigger than marcus m sean ken berg the last mailast l super model. mod >> that's what you >> good looking man.king m >> he is good good lo >> i hope he can leave thathat criminal past >> what the kind of money heeye stands to make he'd be an idiotn not >> leave the streets >> perhaps he can be the new dow equis guy.. >> no, we've got -- g - >> still ahead at 10 we're at w bringing the star power thistarr live in the host lost 30 minuten wisdom i feel like that scene i color purple they're both bot waiting on shug to come remembem that yes. >> oh, my gosh.osh (laughter). >> oh, my gosh. >> they're all in town for a nea play they're here to tell us als about it at 10:30.0: remember >> you remember that they're ree waiting at the -- >> k kim news. n has yet another celebrity takiny her on.
10:13 am
wait until you see what happens when blew ivy gets into beyonce''s makeup.p cuteness overload.verl it really is.s. more on this celebrity dish. ♪ after trying brookside chocolate, ♪ people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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♪ guess what time it is? >> oh, yes
10:16 am
>> celebrity dish.ebri dish >> that's right steve.>> t we have update for you on the kesha dr. luke controversy.trovy the is reporting that at sony insider has confirmed to them exclusive until zone 93 isi expected to end its working worg relationship with theh t controversial producer a yearcea ahead of his contract's expiresp laying. website reporting sony mew zig m spokesperson declined comment od the future of dr. luke with sony late yesterday a rep for dr. luke issued a statement iue denying the report. rep >> want to take you back to kimo k and her naked selfie.e. on tuesday she tweet add naked n picture of herself again.self a. if you're counseling that is tht third naked picture she'sd nakec tweeted of herself since monday. singer pink also took to twittei on tuesday international woman'w day it was to give a shout outho to all the women across thecrost world using their brains ands strengths to find success. fin s she told her 27.8 millionll twitter followers that she knowk when you're a woman using yourou brain and not your body may noty bring as much attention but youu don't need quote that kind ofnd attention.
10:17 am
pink said you will feel will f something deeper than somethingg excitement i think. think that's a quote.te. okay. you will never have to makeer hm silly excuses for yourself. actors khloe grace says the saye singer's message was a dig to kim k and retweeted and pink myk sentiments exactly. are you kk or team khloe. khl at this point enough. enoug enough. enou >> you know what, though, did i read that kim sort of, you knowk wrote back.ot bac >> a long letter basicallyas saying let me do me. you do you.o you >> i'm talking about pink --bo n pink has a beautiful body. she performs with --it >> sometimes nude almost.etimud >> right. i think there was somethingth about does iter make a differenc whether i'm performing? whatori about you when you perform? som it's just hard to throw any stones there.. just let everybody do what theyh want to do. >> do you think kim'syothin performance selfies.ornce se >> her performance is heran popularity much it's her it's h business. >> we're all done with this.ll
10:18 am
but you know they'll be kw more. >> i know. >> it's never ending. >> okay. a lot of peos ple asking what ta check is going on cuba gooding, jr. put on show oo sunday night and we're not a wet talking about his role on oj simpson on fx the people versusr oj simpson he was spotted out in miami nightclub dancing onn tables, stripping off hisppin clothes in front of hundreds ofd club goers. g >> maybe he got hot?t? >> what?>> wt? >> seriously. you're 48 years old.8 ye >> he's sweating.we he's sweating.'s s >> it's very amusing i guess but really you got to say slightly l bizarre. this video was caught by club cb goers via their cell phones andd snap chat app.hat you can see he does a strip a tease of sorts and practically swallows someone's cell phone. >> what?ha >> it's off putting.s of >> there's more. because there's a woman who comes up to dance wither him anm he basically almost like dropse her.her. >> really?>> r >> there it is.t is >> watch this here we go. go >> where is this going.s th >> i can't really lift you up sp i'm just going to -- here you uo go. >> wow! >> oop
10:19 am
i feel like something is going i wrong with cuba gooding, jr. jr. a couple of incidents like thist i hope somebody is checking in e on him. >> well, you let's hope -- h >> did chris just say he was where, chris? in d.c. right now at the w hotel. h >> he's in d.c. right now. if you're watching i love yourov work.rk >> your energy is awesome.s we >> that oscar that you wouldn't amazing.aming >> we love that you have so much -- show me the money. >> creativity that comes out. (laughter).. >> let's move on.'sov all right a lawyer for thet a lf government is calling for reviev of rapper 50-cent's finances.inn this comes after the rapperhe rp posted photos of himselfself surround beside piles of cash. yesterday 50-cent appearedpp before a judge in connecticut tt explain why he posted those photos of bankrupt so court gotu wind of the post after the of pr rapper filed for bankruptcy last year and according to court filings he claim the money is tn fake and he isn't hiding his h assets
10:20 am
>> i'm done with him, too. t. >> like i said before, i do this once a woke with my $20. $ all in singles and ones. i spread them out over my bedy b and i lie there um i'm like make it rain on myself. actually --tual >> make it rain on yourself. >> $20 it's not even rainingn r it's sprinkling.kling >> nobody come in this roomome s until i get all this money back. i want my money back.y b >> we talked about this guys g yesterday. we'll do it again today.. zach efron let's see he and the rock battling it out in chin ups. >> wait. say the rock you got to say theg >> the rock.he r >> they battled it out in chinn up competition while filming bag watch on tuesday. tuesday. i don't think there's much moren to say here excepk t you'ret welcome, ladies. lie look, okay, i give it to thet t rock. >> me too. >> in this picture they postedy this picture to make it look l like zach is winning the
10:21 am
competition. >> evident less he's hanging onn that bar and the rock is roc i struggling.strugg rock had 20 minute head start. s >> zach efron is standing oh anh box. he's standing on box and that'sd a t-shirt.a t-sh that's not his real body.l >> is this promotion they'rethhe doing for bay watch.doin d good job. >> you got to do the rock righte if you're going to do the rock.. >> i'm sorry.>> >> the rock. >> do it. d >> little bit louder. le bi >> the rock. rk. >> you got to do it -- i think t swallowed something.hi >> i have loss search.. >> thank you mike mother liker daughter beyonce' share this shi beautiful and cute picture of o her daughter blue ivy playingvy with her mom's makeup. >> aww. >> very cute. 484 old was putting lip gloss os photo was one of many beyonce' e shared from behind the scenes oe cold play music video for the song him for the weekend.. >> that's queue. >> very >> that's one of the joyce ofe e being a mom when they want to wt play in your makeup. mak they get it everywhere. evewher but it's kind of adorable to see them pre tendonning to be you. o >> in your heels.>> it that's it. >> thanks guys. >> thanks guys.ys >> it is 10:
10:22 am
coming up throw back thursday. . which we love so very much anduh this throw back thursday we'redw shopping vintage this morning ag the throw back a difference dife between vintage and thrift andht we will learn about that aut tht little later.le l >> first we are checking in with our team of reporters around the dmv for a look what they'rehe working on right now including the dismantling of a tent city in northeast d.c. life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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let's check the headlinesec out there today.t ere homeless cam in that northeasttt d.c. being shut down right now.. this camly on first street nearn union station. s city officials are removing thet tents and belongings this jusths day after audit was releasedse highlighting problems with dch d homeless services. s annie has been out there allhe she joins us once again now.rne. it looks like they're in the process of taking people'seoe' stuff.uf annie? >> reporter: yeah that's tt' exactly what they're doing heree we are in the thick of it rightg now. they've got a truck out clearinr the street here first and eightg street northeast right nearighta union basically you have a number ofbe agencies out department of human services. o department of behavioral healthh and department of public works.s they are right now helping to ng clear out the area. are dhs is the main agency to get help for those willing to leavel and receive housing options.ions so far four are willing to chece in. they can either take theirake belongsings with them or dhshs will safely store them for 30or3 days and they'll document andum catalog everything that they tha makeur
10:26 am
back.back. but not all as you can imagineaa want to receive the help. h so they'll probably just find f some place else to camp out. dhs officials will continue toln work with them and do regulareg sight visits but what you're y'r looking at now are officialsffia cleaning up the streets here the goal is to clear everything upp along first and eighth an area that's known as tent city and ac you mentioned that audit had some pretty intent things inhinn there. there. about how the money was being bg used.used inconsistent see with the contractors sit visits and so n on. district officials the mayor'shy office stepping in to do what they can to help. toel so moving forward, the directorc of dhs says they going to helpep improve thing. tng they've already startedy staed implementing some of the 35 the recommended reforms to fix the t problem.m but we'll have to see how this i plays out here. be careful, let's check in with our with colleague bob barnard now. >> reporter: annie, we're at at med star washington hospital w center where a d.c. firasefightr and the woman he rescued yest
10:27 am
from smoke inhale laying.g we have photos from the scene te yesterday afternoon this was ons minnesota avenue an apartmentnt fire. firefighter danny lovato went un on ladder to rescue this woman. phyllis terrell. she was living in the apartmentt above the one that caught fire but hers filled with smoke her granddaughter told us she wass w prepared to jump out of thef the window but that firefighteright lovato had his ladder there.adde he even shared his oxygen mask m with her which helped her but bt exposed him to the smoke.moke that's where he suffer the smoko inhale laying.inhale laying. she did from inside her she was eventually taken down td both of them brought h we have a photo to show you oftw the two people here firefighterr lovato we're told should be outt in the next few days, and her granddaughter says miss terrell is a she's talking, has somee respiratory issues but summer br better off soon her in the nextt couple of days as well. wel so happy ending to a frightenine story, guys, yesterday in in southeast washington.
10:28 am
>> beautiful story. s thanks so much. so much. >> time now 10:27.0: we've been teasing them allng t morning long. live in the loft coming up nextt we've got lisa ray mccoy, darrin henson did he carious johnsonon they're telling us about theirue play married but single. sgl we'll hear all about it comin cm up next. next. ♪
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
all right. right. welcome back.welc there's a new stage play comingg to the warner theater thisr th weekend and je'caryous johnsonoh married but single the audiencea will come face to face withac w married people who wish theyhoih were single and single peopleeo who wish they were married.. (laughter).ghter) >> the play kicks off limited engage many tore right here in wads tomorrow night writer director and producer of marriei but single je'caryous johnson js joins us now along with some ofe the members of the star-studdedd cast. we're talking about darrin hin son remember him from soul foodf and stomp the yard and lisarayey mccoy from players club vh1h1 single lady, good morning and welcome.lcome thank you for come. com >> thank you. you >> good morning. if great to be here. gre >> spending time with us thisme morning. tell us about the play. >> this is a wonderful romantic comedy about the relationshipsns and marriage. >> eighths comedy.ighs c >> you're going to laugh. l there's a lot to laugh about in marriage in the middle of all mf the other staff.othe we deal with the ups and downs d of relationships and
10:32 am
difficult it is to just date int this millennium. as a recently married person, it was kind of a situation where ie don't know that i could be married if social media was bacc then where it is today. tay >> really. >> it's very difficult for a guf because i mean basically thealle world is your playground andd ad it's not the neighbor, not the t city, it's not state any more. now it's an open book. b >> as far as access.ascc >> absolutely. >> i thought he was talkinght about like the world of h sociac mode ya now you can get caught. >> that, too. t that, too.. (laughter). >> that's an issue. >> that wasn't me.ast m i wasn't on my way to vegas.. >> commitment would be a probleo because it's so easy get caughtc and fine someone much that's muc what's happening inwhat relationships. we kind of go back and say, hey, marriage is a good thing.d thi he is special physical it's with the right >> all right. so tell me about your roles in i this play characters that youert play and how ya'll get all intot this and is there any screaming, yelling?g? >> you know, there's definitelyy drama
10:33 am
within the discovery of myiscovf character we were talking abouti this i feel likeng i'm a presene day cupid to be honest.ones so it's going to be really r interesting how it unfolds but i would absolutely say mybsol character is a present day d cupid. pid. >> cupid, okay.upid >> my character is a young lady that has been supporting hermanr with a dream. >> okay.y. >> and we've been at this foreet three or four years. yea three years much it's like okaya when are you going to make an mk honest woman out of me? when ie the commit many going to come? m how many years do i have to putt in before you realize that i'm t the one for you or not? so let me help you. >> okay. >> let me help you. >> the drama starts going what is it about this play thata you think i'm going to ask you u why you think it resonates -- resonate with an audience and a why two decide this is somethint i want to be involved in? >> start with you first.hibeit >> first, i think there are a lot of single people out there o particularly a lot of single women and there is a question as to how much time do you invest s in someone else before youefore wasting time and realize the relationship isn't go
10:34 am
issues but then there's thosereo who are married and are feelingg single in this relationshipat because of loneliness, notelinet getting attention from the onone the life is not what you thoughtou g because we go into marriage with this idealized view as to whatow marriage really is.arri you get there and it's a whole different different of setet circumstances because you're twr differ individually trying toidl come together collectively.her o honestly we didn't done enough e due diligence on each other to know what those changes areosane going to have to be much it's aa bumpy road.. >> what is it about the playt that aing traed two to getet involved in it? >> ladies first. first. >> we sat down a couple months m ago and i had heard about the play newell rum place he hadce d done before successfully for mef stepping out of tv i'm used to the camera following me, takee,k one, take two, take this is not the case. i this is somethins g different. this is take one and action alla the way through.. so you have to find your funny n and find your way through the
10:35 am
to perform whether they laugh or and finding it to be differentfe every time per audience. audienc it's different for me and entertaining. it's fun. and i have to say that i callede him and said i don't know.n'tno he said nope, trust me you goteu to read.d >> he said you're good.e g >> i've been having a ball evenb in rehearsal.eaal >> all right.>> a for me it was oh sort to read aa script that i enjoy. tt i enjo it's so well written, well directed. directed i can keep pointing the fingernn at this man.m and the character people know ii love drama and the show has that as well.. so, you know, it was just i feef like it was designed for me.or and i said yes to it.t it was a wonderful project to bo a part of.rt of. >> okay. what else you working on?rkg o >> we'll start in the middle in this time. e. what else you working john give a plug of whatever you'rever working on.rk o >> i just had my directorialtori debut on tv1 movie my first time directing call skinned. skinned i have a book that's coming out soon i'll be doing one womanneom show with, and
10:36 am
lisaraye that's coming onin centric saturday.atury >> all right. >> wait. this book --ook -- >> um-hmm.. >> you said one woman play? p >> one woman show. s >> show. >> um-hmm. >> that will be interesting.e >> you know how have the rules.l i wanted to dispel the rumorshe myself. when you hear stories you havert to hear the story from the horse's mouth i'm that horse.. gotchcha. okay. >> all right. >> i've actually been touringali the country with my book calledc ain't that the truth tag line is acknowledge, admit and invitenv truth in your life. your l i've been all over the countryny with and that i'm currently shooting a television showelisio called black magic on the lifetime network.etrk >> okay. >> yes. what's that about?out >> ya'll working. >> books, one woman shows. s shows on tv.ows t what about you? >> well, um,.l, um, >> you working oh thins rightin now. i know about >> i have a new play coming in the new year called made to lovv you. u i can't say who is in it. is a march moore. >> oh, boy. >> oh, boy.. >> but also have new movieie called deal the dance the dancee definitely coming out as well.iw it wi b
10:37 am
>> all anything else you want to saye out there to make peopleyo comec and see -- invite people to comc scene this fabulous performancee >> lawsuitly whether youawsu married, single, searching,earg looking for somebody, just gotus rid of somebody, come out to this you'll have the time of your life. >> we have to have michelle inha here. she sings like a song bare.g bar we have lot of components. >> carl pain. p la maya good. gd. >> it's an all star cast. >> tv, movies or plays which onh is more challenging? >> i think theater.heat >> theater? >> i think theater is.heaters >> there's no second takes innds theater.eate yeah. >> all right. >> everything is in the moment. >> i like to be more now b iehin the scenes. s like the hair and makeup is oveo rated for me now. get up, these fellas, had to beb downstairs and i was thinking, k yes, my hair is not right i can't go. hold on. >> i can't imagine you look likk a 10 to me. >> all day long. >> she woke up like tt
10:38 am
(laughter).au >> thank you very much for you coming in. >> we appreciate your time thisi morning.rnin. >> maureen --- >> i think i'm seeing you blurbu >> what. >> i'm seeing you blush.eein >> he almost didn't know what ha was going to say. >> are you kidding me? >> i'm a little loft.tle i need a deep breath.p breat >> have some water. have so we'll talk aboutme this. still ahead on this throw backob thursday, how do rock vintageina clothing our live fashion showho is neck you know the differencec between vintage and thrift? e af we'll talk about it coming up next. i like this number right here. it's hot. ♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
♪ >> chris help me out. okay. many people confuse thriftingus and vintagtie shopping. sho both are great. thrifting is focused on findingg gently used items for a steal.. vintage is based on textiles. >> veronica owner of mint chici welcome to the show. >> that's an important distincts a lot of people think they'renke one in the t absolutely not. >> it's defendant different. one of the biggest differencesge when you're thrifting findoue things that are more so great price.pric great names but for less. more frugal type things vintages shopping you want to do thingss more aero base one of a kind a k type items. ite >> that's not to say you can't c find vintage clothing in thrifth stores.stor
10:42 am
it takes a lot of patience.atie. >> this reminds me of something i had the early '90's throw bacb from my mom's closet.lose this is what vintage would be. a good example g this a truea ue '80's look. this sells really well on ourn sight any time we put anything hand beaded vintage says reallyl good.od this would definitely be one ofo a kind '80's peace definitelycey can't find this anywhere if thef store. >> how would you wear thisould without looking like a fashion s throw back reject? >> i would say i might take thee shoulder pads out just in case. >> if you're feeling confidenteo but the shoulder shoulder padsde in. if you feel confident wear itear host you want.osu w >> you wear that's correct don'h let it wear you.let >> yes. we've got models. go through this first or start with our models. models. >> give us some looks.ive usomeo let's bring out the first modelt she's rocking something you y would call classical vintage? >> ebony has on mix of vintageia and thrift.if >> okay. oka >> so this skirt is a vintage find if.find if.
10:43 am
nice suede like i said you want to focus on textiles, quality, a this is something you wouldou splurge on. but this shirt was actual thrift find.nd this is a j joel shirt i found u really inexpensive in localn thrift story tails about 50 to t 60 bucks.. but it paired perfectly. per >> that's beautiful.s auti >> okay. we have the neck model zaraa bennett.nn she is rocking again a '80's style sequin dresses beautiful.f >> it translates really well. one of the thing you want to t keep in mine when vintage v shopping like as you can see c e she's tiny. she's tiny but this is like a size 66e 66 dress. dr size does not matter were you'rr vintage shopping.g. >> why is that?? >> put it on.t rock it how you want.. >> okay.>> you got to fry it on. i >> own it.wn i >> own it.>> >> let's talk again about i abo think still a lot of people wilo be hung up between vintage and e living, you know, and really knowing that distinct.isti is there anyone thing you can dn to definitely give it thatitelv vintage feel as opposed this isi thrift store look
10:44 am
>> i would say -- i would go - u with a more aero base thing. t don't get something that you ca find in the mall.eall. >> okay. >> if you can fine it in theca mall don't do it.ll don do pay attention to the textiles. t what it's made of, those type of things really distinguish it.h >> ladies step over here i wantw to look what you have here onave the rack. th you pick out couple pieces that you class call vintage. >> let's go through themh tm quickly. quickly. this is going to be a pretty good thrift peace. it's princess vera wang dresswa not old but i found it still at the thrift store. >> more frugal.e f >> they're actually boot cutoot leaves got them five buck at tht thrift store.ft sto again more frugal style. sty >> when you're thrift stope vintage is more expensive.ore en >> it can be. it definitely can be but thoseee are the things you do want tot splurge on like this 20s flappea dress this is never going to got out to style.le. black dress never going to go gt
10:45 am
>> dynasty. dyn >> this is actualed the dynastys dress on my site.e. >> i love that.>> i love th >> let's talk about your sightly the jacket people are interestee in pieces like this where can wn they find them.they >> you can go on my site it's se shop mi inform t chi we do all the shopping for you.y he so you don't have to locke tl through the racks.thugh you don't have to do all it i comes dry cleaned courtesy forey you. yo there's thrifting sights toong g check out the style pretty good blogger. i love her. she has good thrifting thrifti inspiration and do it yourself.l >> parting words for ourds f audience trying to look chic and vintage inspired without goingug broke. >> chic mint.. >> thank you so much. veronica barnes well and modelsd thank you for your looks.r l you look amazing. we all know how to do it thursday back thursday.y vintage versus thrift. t hope you learn something. >> 10:45 right now. still to come she changed the cd way many ladies do their do. talking about dry
10:46 am
a lot of people know what we'ret talking about and we are going to check in with the woman the behind it all.behind it new salon coming to the area. we have a challenge for her, though.thou okay. erin will be out the all right. right. hair steps for you at home, too. 10:46. 10:46. ♪ as a small business owne here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows.
10:47 am
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♪ wendy is coming up in couple ofo minutes.s. first though, a lot of us havefv heard of it.he many of us have love it.ove i don't know if you tried it oro not. >> i want to.o >> dry bar opening their 57th locate right here in our areaura and we sent erin como to toy sons corner with an exclusive ei interview with the chain's founder. some girls have all the luck.e hey, erin. >> reporter: hey, guys. gs. i'm here with ali web thehe founder of dry bar and this is your fifth locate in the dc ar ar
10:50 am
>> we love this area.s a we're so excited to be here. beh so many of our clients aroundts here. couldn't be more excited we'reiw book all weekend our fifth in i this area but our 57th aroundro the country. cou so it's a very exciting day. >> first one in northernirst o virginia. virgin >> yes. first one out here, yeah gout r that's really convenient forllye women who may commute into theoo city from virginia so they can n stop p here get a quick style feel confident on their way tohw work, home from work and as you know, a blow out can last you yu three, four, five days you makek that one stop and then you'ree good for couple of days.ay >> and for people that mitt nota be familiar with the dry bar, ir love the concept.once no cut, no color, just blow outo you focus on doing one thing and doing it amazingly well. w how did you come up with this?ht >> being a naturally curly c haired girl myself i was my wasm whole live on the hunt for greag blow out which is probably why w went to beauty school 20 years y ago and learn how to do itowo do myself. i fell like there was a really big hole in the marketplace anda there wasn't a place for womenln to go for great blow out in great environment, great,
10:51 am
quick point.oi >> right. like you said we do one thing t and do it really well. well. we put a lot of time, money and energy into making sure stylisti are trained so you get a great blow out every single time.ime. before dry bar nothing like thi existed so i feel like we'rekee' doing a giving women this great servicer and it's really confidence -- confidence from getting a blowr out. out when your hair looks good you feel mazing. mg. >> the days i work up late foror work and my hair is stringer you don't feel the same confidence.c when you come up for the grand a opening weekend you're running n promotion.promotion. >> extend your blow out. goodies for coming in thisn thi weekend our product has been h really big neck step in the business and women love theire t blow outs and they want the same products that we're using in the shop to use at home or if they e don't have a dry bar near them.e it would be fun for opening weekend to give away goodies.oo >> i've love that.'vve tha i have the dry shampoo it is is such an egg tender for your blo out once you're done.'re d you still get the same volumeum and ba
10:52 am
>> you have to have it now wee w came out with dry conditioneronn which detox counterpart which makes your hair gets dry on thet end.en. >> nobody wants supply splity wa ends. >> yes. here's the thing i love aboutngi the dry bar. the bar is really kind off concept. tell me about the different styles that you oer they're really cool. cool. >> they're all named afteredft cocktails.cocktails. we have the cosmo which is lotst of loop curls, my ties messy beach chi look and the manhattat straight up, that was somethingt we did from the very beginning because we just felt like youe said it's a bar, it's a funun environment to be in. ben. >> music. my sister-in-law is actually aua really amazing dj and she's djing today which gives a great kind of vibe, fun vibe it's a fn bar. a fun place to be and hairstyley emulate that fun. fun so it's a really fun place tolat be. women come in and they'll say tt their friends i'm going to haveo a my tie or a cosmo.os it creates a lot of fun. o that's really what we want. we want women to feel good haveg a good time walk out feelingng like mi
10:53 am
>> because you have the standarn different styles you know whatey you're getting every time.ry you can request it get the loose curls.rls you don't have to toe >> and go from red whether dc or new york or atlanta or la youa know you have that consistencyoy and get the same style.. >> even if you have a differente stylist in in a different city.. >> every stylist has their own o flare which we want them to havo but they're all kind of trained the same way the foundation isns always the same. se. you'll get different take on itn with stylist which women love. >> exactly. exa >> want little >> i love because i have longv full hair regardless of the the texture or length of your hair,h it's all the same set price. >> same flat pricing as aat pnga stylist an klein myself it bugf me when variable pricing and soa we always made it one flat pricp no matter what we do to your tou hair if we curl it, flat iron it, if it's to your butt or totr your shoulder all $45. all $ i think women like they understand what they'restan getting and there's no -- >> you're in and out in a outn reasonable amount of time isn'tn about forty five minutes in andt out.
10:54 am
to l. they're watching a chick flickhf and so much fun. much un >> you have phone chargers andod perfect environment for women oo the go.theo >> yes. ali, thank you for having us hgu out. tysons corner, stop by the new location. fifth one to open in the dc ope area. i'm going to get some styling tips so i can make sure my hairm is on point for the show the s tomorrow morning. m >> you have great hair.. >> back to you maureen andtoou m allison.alli any questions? no.? n you look always on point to me.m i don't think they have a lot o work to do there.o do there >> i love dry hair.dryai >> erin como thank you very mu c much.h guys, we need your help withureh this one. we told you at the top of the show dos equis looking for a nen pitch man aft replacing the moss interesting man in the world.n d he's off to mars or somethingo a like that. >> yeah. >> why in the one of our guys. serious.ri. wisdom and then second steve. they'll deliver the line.l de >> they are. >> right. i don't always drink beer but when -- what is the line. lin >> when ooh i do i prefer dosdo equis.s thirsty my friends wisdom martii who you can see perched op his h would be thrown here.n h as he, yes, you've taken the
10:55 am
in the world so wisdom look into that camera. and deliver this line becauseth you want this job. >> go! >> i don't always drink beer bub when i do, i choose dos equiss. stay thirsty my friends. >> you made it sound like the l last part.t >> come one more mo we're out of time.we'rim one more. >> put my picture back on thereo i'm doing an extra.m do trying to get more fans. here we go. when i hold the camera the selfies take me. (laughter). >> thank you.ou >> oh, my gosh. gos >> okay.>> o good job, wisdom martin. (applause).(a >> all right. our next contestant, okay, steve chenevey. >> my partner in crime. crime >> steve chenevey.. you've got this come on steve.te >> come on steve. >> i one time worked all four f quadrants of dc in one day. d i once made it threw an entirent good day d.c. without going to i the bathroom.m. (laughter). >> or taking my tie off but that will not be
10:56 am
most importantly, i one time convinced tucker successfully tt keep his shirt on. (laughter). stay thirsty my friends. (applause).pp >> steve chenevey.. >> look at this garbage. >> surprise entry,. >> look at this garbage. >> oh, my gosh.. >> we got 45 seconds. son tucker barnes. bar >> give us your best dos equis line. >> i don't always drink beers b when i do i'll promise you'llmiy have a good time. te >> i'm a little scared. >> help us vote. who is the most interesting mans in the world. >> use the #gooddaydc. is it team steve, team tucker,, team wisdom.. either way ladies i think wire w all winners here today.ay >> that's right. tha the most interesting channel in the world. >> thank you. >> thank you, thank you.ou. last last weather word in 100 seconds.nd >> no.
10:57 am
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>> the kids would come play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell pup. >> all due respect, have a seat. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: tada, here we go again! thank you for watching today.


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