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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.wsr >> straight ahead at 6:00, breaking news overnight. overni. a man found dead in northern virginia in a neighborhood inrh northern virginia.rn virgi for the first time police are ae asking folks to stay we're live on the scene. sne >> and a little more civil debate as republicanepublica candidates met again fresh offio of that a former presidentialdet hopeful will make a big endorsement this morning.emt th >> first, though, a live looke o straight up 6 o'clock on thishi friday morning. m let me say that again, it'sinits friday. weather and traffic on thed 5s at 6:05. 6 and good morning to you, i'm allison seymour.seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning.wsi first up at 6:00 we're:00 following breaking news inbreann fairfax county where a death a d investigation is under way.atio >> this happened around 1:00d 1 this morning in the 6,000ngn block of river drive in in lorton, virginia. va. and that's where we find fox5's melanie alnwick with the latest now. melanie, good morning. mor >> reporter: good morning,ood steve and allison.evd al yeah, quite a mystery here in he what is technically the place p son nec
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it's south of fort belvoir a very small enclave of very unusual that something seti like this would happen here.n h you see where the brighthe brigh lights are.ligh there's a home on the lefts home side of the road here, this isei river drive, and it borders the potomac itself and that is i where police say they received a 911 call from someone insidem a residence there about thehe man who was found deceased inead the backyard. bacar now, police used thehe terminology trauma to theolog upper body but we also know k that they heard gun shots and ad people in the area reported ror gun shots and so we can only o draw conclusions that perhaps that trauma to the upper bodytop was indeed a gunshot wound.ou the man was taken out of here in an ambulance. he was pronounced dead at the hospital.spal neighbors tells they believes that he is elderly probably intn his 80's and certainly nothingoi that they can imagine and nobody thinks at this pointhis o that it was some kind of a of a random crime c
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like this is an area that iss really distant.allyistant. it's not the kind of place o p that you would just come uponn without knowing that this neighborhood is down here. other than that really not a noa lot of information fromoforma police.poli other people did tell us theyely heard a series of like four to five gun slots and a pause andnu then another round of gun of shots again.shagain. now, initially police wereeer telling residents to stayts to indoors but we want to clarifyri that for they were asking people justeo in this area to stay indoorsnd because they want to continue c the investigation, not becauseob they believe there's any imminent threat to the public. b live in fairfax county, i'mount, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel, thanks.>> now a fox5 exclusive. another delayed ambulance d response to an emergency ino the district. the victim, a man shot several timeans on chesapeake streete re southeast. this happened about 5:30 5:3 wednesday evening. >> cell phone video showinge de the man laying there foring thfr nearly 30 minutes with no ambulance in sight. sig finally, there was a call to medevac this patient and that victim was hoisted into the helicopter. as that
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ambulance pulled up.ed u >> if that was the case we casew could have put him in the carimi and took him.d took h that's how long it took them toe to come. to c this street is a death trap.eatt he died, came back, died again. the ambulance ain't come untila' about a hour.abt a head to fly him in the helicopter that's how bad it b i was. >> the victim remains inreins critical condition.dion the suspect is 29-year-old9-ye anthony wade. he's been arrested and chargeded with assault with intent to kill. >> ♪ >> on the political scene nowli big endorsement ntiews forew donald trump to come from one fn of his former rivals.iv this morning dr. ben carson iss expected to throw his support behind the republicancan frontrunner.frontrunner. trump first shared this newst sd at last night's gop debate. deb it was the final debate before r tuesday's primaries. and it was much more civile c compared to last week.eek. >> this time the candidates cana focused more on issues like issi social security. more than 350 delegates up for grabs on march 15th including winner take owl contests in c florida and in ohio.
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convention will be held at the lowes madison hotel. hot there voters will have thehave opportunity to see bothtoee b delegates and presidential and i candidates since they will notyt appear on the primary ballot blo in june. jun anybody can participate asartics long as they are registered asie a republican voter. voter our political reporter ronica cleary be there to talk to thehe director of the d.c.or o republican party.repu that's coming up on good dayd dy today. hillary clinton and berniein sanders will hold campaignd cama events today in illinois. iin bernie sanders campaign still riding the momentum boosttum bo thanks to a win in michigan mici this week.thiseek. while in florida yesterday yte both candidates reached out tout latino voters which make up a large portion of florida'srtof f vote. hillary clinton said her sights are set on the general election and it doesn't matter r can which gop candidate she faces. >> to california now today former first lady nancy reaganna will be laid to rest in aes private funeral. about 1,000 private guests00 will attend that service0 including past and presentre first ladies, michelle obama, laura bush, hillary cl
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and roslyn carter. carr. yesterday thousands passed byuss her casket as it was at the ronald reagan presidentialdent library. libr she will be buried there nextrex to her husband. husband nancy reagan died on sunday.un she was 94 years old.ld. we will live stream thee stam te service on our web site, beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern time.ime. >> flooding continues to be aueb major problem in louisiana louia where residents have been he forced to evacuate in some areas. days of rain have caused waters to rise dramatically in the region.egio crews keeping 24 hour 2 hou surveillance on a levy they're. they're using yes tomorrow tryty to alleviate the pressure soiate the situation doesn't become'tec any worse. >> ♪ >> 68 degrees at 6:05. >> don't even need the jacket. c >> sure don't. >> not going to bump up toop much-wise today. >> yeah, little cooler today.ay. about 70 for daytime high.meig >> did we hit a record yesterday. yest >> my gosh, thanks for yes, we did. we did not hit 80 we hit 79.
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>> that's all right.s al >> still a record. sti >> still a record but not a --ta >> not in the 80's here inn d.c. >> a dirty high is like a dirty win. >> i like that.>> >> you remember the dirty high. >> i do. i remember thinking he likes staying. >> a dirty high.>> i think we'll get one next week.we reagan national 67 degrees.7 it's trying to cool off.ff but these temperatures aretempru still 10 to 15 degrees aboves ao our daily average highrage temperature this time of year so we're still in the spoiled department. cool are day than yesterday. ye. featuring daytime highs about 70 degrees and some rainin showers. do you guys remember a weeks ree agmbo today we were dealing with snow on the ground?roun >> what do you mean? m >> it was snowing out. >> nno-no, i did not rememberbe that. that >> let me give you a quickou a k reminder.mi 70 today. afternoon sunshine perfect for -- perfect for happy hourpyr later today.ay >> there you go.
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good start to the weekend. >> later today, though, right.i. >> yeah, later today. clouds and a few showers earlywe this morning. >> thanks, tuck. t >> erin como good morning.. >> get an early start. sta >> i was wondering if he -- if yeah. ye >> grab your umbrella thisb ur morning you might need it, right. righ >> just for an hour or two.ou t just a few scattered showers s here or won't be a big deal. big d >> mr. plaintiff: right now even though rain is nothoug impacting our commute we'rer mmt dealing with big problems onroe the inner loop by the eisenhower connector.nh crash blocking the left lanes. s two right lanes getting byght right now but very slowly.t vell heavy delays are basically basic parked all the way back to wayac route one. you may want to consideron exiting there to avoid gettingei stuck in that mess in that messn alexandria this morning.dr let's take a look at our maps.ap also a side from that we havet h a crash branch avenueh ave northbound a pole down at dow accokeek road. big delays there so plan aheadhe in prince georges county and then 270 south rider now inth r frederick typical delays right now down to 30 miles per hourerh 85 to the truck scales and in montgomery county the outery the loop after 270 remaining remaini activity from an earlier crash on t shoulder. sul metro is on time
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if you're heading out in in stafford 95 northbound a crash at 610.at10 still blocking the shoulderhe sl and bigger delays starting toin pick up there because ofe becse congestion. ngestion. allison and >> still to come this morning the death of a former aide toort russian president vladimiresidem putin here in the district.e di. turns into a death investigation.vest a new report that goes against a what russia says happened toappe him. him. >> plus, a party at the white house.. the bromance shared betweenred n president barack obama and canada's prime minister. and the a-listers that were in town for it.
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>> ♪ >> nearly a year after theye death of freddie gray, police in baltimore are trying out body gre cameras.amer by may first about 500ut 5 officers will start wearingri the cameras.ameras they will be deployed in five ii phases through january 2018.8. the baltimore sun obtainedbt this video through a publicub information request. now, it is some of the firsthe footage actually ever capturedtu from a police body camera inama the city of baltimore.tire. new details about thedeta death a former aide to russianos president vladimir putin.imirutn the body of mikhail lesin seenn here with putin was found at the doyle dupont circle hotel in november. autopsy results released thisd i week revealed that he died die from blunt force trauma to theot head and upper body.od foll
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media reported he died from a fa heart attack.heart at right now d.c. police have h classified the case as a death investigation. >> this morning concerns areg growing over north korea's aggressive new behavior. a photo surfaces showing kimwi jong un watching a rocket roc launch drill.nch dri south korea suspects it happened on thursday whenn th north korea fired two short t st range ballistic missiles intoleo the sea inches glitz andinches glamour at the white house forhe the first time in nearly two w decades the white house hosted e a state dinner for canada's cad' prime more than 170 guest at lastt night's dinner in the east room, al. a >> struck by the beautiful bif designs that the first ladies te were wearing. in a toast to the president pret prime minister justin trudeau says he hopes the relationships between the two countries will grow political leaders such as a nancy pelosi and senator patrick leahy flagged a ticket to th
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dinner. >> police in pennsylvania onani the hunt for that deadly dea cookout shooting.t shooting. >> a live look as we take youe y to the break on this friday morning. weather and traffic on the 5s next.
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>> ♪ >> 6:14 right now.>> we're following breaking newsg r coming out of fairfax county. a death investigation under way in lirorton,ig virginia. vii police say they found a man m laying in the backyard of a bkyr home in the 6,000 block oflo river drive. dve
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trauma to his upper body. we're also told there were td th reports of gun shots in the area.. neighbors tell us he is a man u likely in his 80's. melanie alnwick is there on i the scene.cene that's where these livehe pictures are coming from. f she'll have more for us comingsm up a little bit. let's get a check of thehe o fork. nice start to the day tuck. t it's warm out there. t >> it's very mild.very cloud cover and a coupleand aoul showers developing. those will be with us for your morning commute and then we'llde get sunshine this afternoonshins and yet another abeautiful dayd not the record setting heat we a had the past couple days. d little cooler today is your is big headline.bigdl not sure it qualifies aslifi jacket weather as we're stillre in the low 60's. the low 60' we're in the upper 60's heres in the city. the nice mild conditions. cdi again could be a shower or twor if you're headed out to theut to bus stop here in the next houreo or so. or s after school we get breezy and comfortable upper 60's to about 70 this afternoon so70 t should be a beautifulld be auti afternoon and a lot to look forward to this weekend. wke there's our shower activity. a most of this is light. ight. all of
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the ground. if you're getting showersgein tweet me tucker fox5 let mee this will quickly moveill quy mo through. this is part of our frontal fro system that will bring us us slightly cooler and drier air which honestly is a lot closesc to where we should be for thislo time of year with daytime dayti highs upper 60's to about 70.bo7 there's a bigger look.k. the bulk of the showerf the activity unfortunatelytuna continues to be in the same be place down there in louisiana,la parts of alabama, all right, nice afternoon.fteron if you're running the rock and k roll marathon tomorrow wewe should be in good shape asapes this frontal system will be at least temporarily in the the carolinas it will move back onk top of us for the day onheay sunday and that means we'll m w' get showers back if the forecast by sunday.fost b sunshine and breezy thisrey afternoon. 70 your daytime high.e h there are your winds 10 to 20.0. there's your weekend forecast.or again looking pretty good g tomorrow showers sunday. don't forget to fast forward foa the clocks there overnightrn saturday into early sunday.un and is that a dancing dan leprechaun i see on the horizon? >> whew. >> could temperatures be in the midpe 70's? >> erin b
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>> mid 70's this year for y saint patrick's day? steve,tri we're going have to get our g o all day festivities going thisvi year. >> sounds good to me. sou >> allison is coming too andoond erin.erin erin, oh, yeah, d.c. saint d.c.a patrick's day. >> i can't wait. >> all right. >> how's traffic looking.ic loog >> and also tucker good alsck forecast for the weekendst because in addition to the fdd marathon there's the acccc tournament tonight so a lot of people are going to be downtown by the verizonon center. sunday then the saint patrick's day parade. >> awesomeness.wesomeness. >> tons of road closures.of we'll get to them in a few. f first you're battling problems l in alexandria.ria. the inner loop left laner loeftl blocked right now. n looks to be about two lanes getting by but delays are very r heavy stacked all the way backdh to route one.te i'd exit at route one. o outer loop is a little bitit heavier by the eisenhowerisho connect so be mindful of that. t let's check in with our maps. some other slowdowns.loow crashed branch avenued branch au northbound a pole down at d
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several miles of backed ups of b traffic leading to that location. rigs road between metser is mete rat road and university unirs boulevard construction slowingcs us down.usn. stafford 95 northbound by 610 b crash blocking the shoulder adding to the congestion. c that's your's back to you allison and steve.. >> authorities in pennsylvaniats looking for the peopleoking responsible for a deadly shooting rampage at a backyardd cookout. six people are dead including a pregnant woman and unbornnd u baby. prosecutors say the gunman apptu feared have targeted one ord one two of those victims. vtims nolice say drugs have not been v ruled out as a motive. motiv ly. ly >> still developing this morning, scandal involving oneai of the largest charity charityse nation for military. this comes after an aft investigation into accusationsuo of over the top spending on travel and lavish retreats.h rer according to the charity's taxty forms spending on conferencesre
6:19 am
$2 million in 2010 to t $26 million in 2014. >> today marks five yearsay m since a massive.e a massi quake and tsunami that rocked japan and so today so t people gathered in tokyo for atr moment of silence.ce that disaster killed nearly nea 16,000 people.16,000 more than 2,000 people areeople still missing from that 2011 disaster. disaster. >> private space company saysoma it expects to launch its first r human test flights into space s next year. yea blue origin has set up a research and development site outside of seattle.eattle company founder jeff bezos jef says thousands of people have h expressed interin paying for ain tripte on a sub orbital craft. now, blue origin hasn't takenn' deposits from interested spaceda travelers just yet but the t chief says he believes thee bie company will eventually be still not signing up for that. th got too much to do here oner earth. glass possibly found ifpo food. 'l
6:20 am
the items that are being recalled that might be in your r freezer or refrigerator.efrator. >> first though happy birthday h to today. the bus people has beeneen getting people who live in who e alexandria around for 32 yearsoy now. as a token of appreciation,tion riders who board dash today boad will getas a special gift andnd the fun doesn't stop there.p th the company has a celebration ca bus that will be riding aroundro alexandria today and if you and see that bus, dash says upload a photo onto facebook oraceb twitter and one lucky person peo gets a free dash pass and pas that's good for unlimited uim rides. >> that's cool. >> use #dash b day.
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>> time for the business beat.rh several more food items being recalled. f jessica alba's honest laundry lu contains an ingredient itngdi pledged to avoid. avo where is the honesty in that. ta lauren simonetti joins us. let's get right to it.o i'm seeing a lot of green on of the board today. that looks good. >> reporter: i know. yes, because it's a down week dw and i have a feeling it's going to turn into an up weekupe after this rally we're seeingly right now. so futures up 160 points foroin the dow. the couple reasons.sons oil prices now at the highest h level all year, about $39 a barrel. barr okay, that's good news.aythat also we're still reacting toingt that major stimulus unveileds uv by the european central bank ban yesterday ahead of our federal reserve, our central banktral b meeting next week so marketsk s are feeling good. your 401k looking better. bet >> let's talk about these let'sl recalls. yesterday we talked about one tl producket being recalled for for possible glass looks likele we're not stopping at oneno here. >> reporter:t
6:24 am
recalls continue. first it was core rowanro florida. corona. now it's nes nestle. n big long list but they'reuthey'e being called back forincall potentially containing small pieces of glass. gla this is voluntary recall from nestle and we have good newse he in that no injuries just like the incident yesterday with corona no injuries reported.s re >> there is good news i okay.e. also let's get to jessica alba. when you name your company honest everything you better eth have like extra -- be extra ext careful that everything ishat ev what it appears to be.rse. >> reporter: right.ig. and when you pledge, when your honest company pledges to notoma use harsh ingredients and chemicals and then tests show ts that you did use thosese chemicals, you're in trouble.n b okay, so, the honest company is valued at about $2 billion.2o the wall street journaleet commissioned a couple of tests, lab tests and they testsy found that the honest
6:25 am
detergent liquid detergentet that it contains a "significant amount of a chemical, a cleaning agentical called sos and that stands for sodium laurel ll sul. honest denies theseieshe allegations. they say their tests show that it does not. either way several tests byes the paper show that it does. i after the sunscreen issue whenn children got burned from theen g honest sunscreen and now thiss the honest company is in a is little bit of hot water if youai ask me. ask me. >> okay. hopeful its pure hot water. hott still too early to tell ify to t there's been any impact on themn company though right financially? >> reporter: well, it's a pterivate company so we don'to d have access to their stock s price for instance and itemsfo like that.r but when you hear headline hdlin after headline like this you do have investors pulling back b and that valuation goes downoesd and customers shunning thennin product so sales go down, too.dn >> got you.>> got y all right lauren.all ri lauren we buried the lead and la it's friday.'s frida have yourself a fantastic aan weekend. >> reporter: ttif, you, too.. 62 today after a couple of
6:26 am
like 80-degree day >> how nice were those days. thanks lauren.aure hope you enjoy it. you eoy >> reporter: bye. >> see you monday. enjoy. >> about 70 later thiser t afternoon. >> there were so many people outside having dinner.ide like a new life that comes around. >> that is very true. >> shedding old skin like an l snake. >> let's go to the forecast.ect. >> now i have that vision. >> sorry. >> that's all right.>> hey, here's your sunrise.ere's n we are looking at cloudy cud conditions out there andre a temperatures right now in theigi upper 60's. thanks for sending this in.n. send us your photo on your sunrise.nris >> we're missing something onis the we need photos.s. >> a few showers. most of that is not touching t the ground.the groun you might get a sprinkle orine shower early frontal system coming through cr bringing cooler temperatures t that steve alluded to. steve ald we'll be about 70 today. t yesterday we hit a record 79 ror at reagan national. nna in fact all three areall tee airports
6:27 am
yesterday. 70's today. getting breezy this afternoon. t there's your weekend forecast. r it's dry saturday. fast forward the clockrd t clo saturday night and then a fewige showers sunday but in the a next week right back into theri 70'sgh.'s. >> yay! it's not over. o >> u.>>. >> erin, it doesn't end witht d' this week. this >> erin your goal by thursday is to have tucker dancing like that leprechaun. l can you do it? do you accept. >> i have every [inaudible] >> can you leery me.eery >> she says she has green leggings for tucker to wearar when he does his jig.ig >> [inaudible] >> there's a look at traffic out there this morning.ere th as you can see iist's slightlyli blurry.blur. but there's a lot of it. >> traffic is certainly weird and what else about thehe traffic. >> what else about it.ha >> it's a lot of cars outof car there. >> all right, we'll be rightht back. we'll get it together and beogea right back. it's friday, everybody. stay with us. we'll get be
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> first at 6:30 we havest breaking news out of fairfax fai county. a death investigation underth i way in lorton, police say they found a man in the 6,000 block of riverer drive. drive. they say he was suffering from trauma to his upper body. b we're told there are alsols reports of gun slots in that slh neighbors tell us he is an elderly man likely in his 80'0's 80's. melanie alnwick
6:31 am
we're going to have more updates throughoutnw the morning. morn now a fox5 clue fox5 exclus. another delayed ambulance response to an emergency in the district. a man shot several times on chesapeake street z the manz the was waiting for nearly 30 minutes. he was medevac to theas m hospital. the victim remains in critical condition.ition. now to montgomery county where two brave police officers are being honoredei hor today for rescuing anday for rea unconscious man from a burningng vehicle.vehi really if you if can stop and look at this video, i would ask you to do that. officer codey field and officer brian nesbitt respond to a fiery crash on the outerrah loop of the when the officers arrived theyet say that the driver wasveras unconscious stuck inside thatnsa burning car.. both officers risked their owner lives to pull thes driver to de safety. he walked away with only minorln the officers will be honoredll n at the annual chamber of commerce public safety awards. a and today in california former first lady nancy reaganse will be laid to rest in a i private funeral. funer
6:32 am
attend that service includinging past and present first ladiesirl michelle obama laura bushus roslyn carter. we'll stream the service live te on our web site foxc beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. >> ♪ >> time for the morning line. l bryce harper in the spotlight ih for telling espn he thinkss baseball is a tired let's check if with the sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan. the what's up guys.'sy it's friday. it's fri how you doing. >> happy friday. >> thank god, brother. >> exactly. we are edging oh so closer tolor opening day right now. n bryce never shies away from making statements. what do you think about this whole baseball is a tired game thing? should changes be made? should we go as far as allowing the equivalent ofal touchdown celebrations inebratin baseball or keep the way it is. >> i like -- pretty muchrett muc everything that bryce said.e i love it when a guy flips his s bat when he hits a home i look a good home run trot. who doesn't like that? i likehi a little show manship. man i like
6:33 am
>> isn't baseball a little bit l stodgy and stuffy for your tastes, steve? s >> i think you mix it up. i don't have any problems orhave issues with what bryce said. now, bryce is a lightning rod. unless you're a nats fan orou you live i'rn d.c. you basically hate bryce harper just because h he'sar got a polarizing type off personality but what he's he' saying is true. baseball needs a little bit ofet a shakeup and he's one ofe's one these guys that wants toan deliver that jolt. >> look, i don't know if brycenb can go on youtube and watch andw clips of like sami sosa and reggie jackson back in the day d and jack clark.ack cla reggie jackson would flip his bat. is sammy so is a would do thatld skip after he hit his bomb. bb. not like these guys are the guye first having baseball.havi basel i disagree with bryce i don't think the game is tired. it's a different generation. >> you're getting defensive. de. >> as long as bryce is willing a to take as baseball to the hip. >> that's the key. >> that's what he's saying, say though, city. that's what he's saying isaying that why do you have to take
6:34 am
bean ball because you want to t have fun.un >> because not everybodyve agrees with >> you can change the culture c of the game forha yourself butrf you can't convince the other o 600 players in baseball to goebt along and agree with you. if you get a pitcher like sergio romero who said he who si should just shut up he's going i to try to shut him up with a fast ball if that's whatt's happens.happ >> that's fine i agree with agre bryce if you're having ayce little fun it doesn't mean you have to take bean ball to the te head.head >> it's ridiculous.t'ridi >> he has no control overr that. that. some pitchers will not like it l if he acts that way and as w long as he's willing to takeingo that ball, the in extime he h takes the batter's box then he's fine.'s >> what he's saying is this isas not the 1800s, it's 2016. we live in a culture where we we celebrate thing. we're frying to have >> he's trying toyi get past pas that old school mental that ifti you hit a home run off thehe pitcher you better duck the next time you' a
6:35 am
>> o i don't like the retaliatory pitch. p i think it cheap pens the gameap itself because you're -- lookoo if the guy has the ability tobit hit a home run let him celebrate. celebrate. at the same time lurch i'm one board with you. i don't want this to becometintt crazy and become a carnivalval scene. e. the younger generation is not in embracing baseball the way alhew lot of people our age did. did. >> who doesn't like bench clearing brawls. i love those. >> they're annoying. ain >> part of the >> at that point it's itd i know we're running out ofre rg time but rg iii l.a. who wouldn't want to live in l.a. l of course he wants to say hersee wants to be there.want it's a team where he could essentially manage the gamell but you know even the l.a.. press out there is saying okayin i goals it could be good but, c youou know, let's tender our's e expectations >> i think if you're the ramsree and you're looking at yourking y roster and you see case keen numb and nick foles there, there what downside is there to ate io least bringing robert in.g be >> i agree with that. also if you're like a new franchise or in a new cityise n
6:36 am
big splash like you don't want to come in and be an averagerage team. >> for a lot of people around the can country they still remember robert from 200012. that is a big splash.a bi that is a shiny new toy they toe feel like they can just kindust of dust off now that he's hell h theme i think for somethem organizations he would be ati good fit foron them. i don't know that it wouldhaou work but i think the fan base f would buy in and be excited.xc the rams are terrible. terribl i mean, if he goes out theres e he's just going to a graveyard.grey >> jeff fisher is the coach.f fi he's never won anything.ny been to the playoffs like fivesl times. times. >> have to battle through theatg cardinals and seahawks in that division. divisi if he can get a starting job there or compete for it more c power to him but that team is not going to makome the b playoa in the near future.ut >> but he gets to live in los angeles. not bad for him.h. guys have a fantastic weekend.te we'll talk to you on mondayyo my you. >> do the same. >> you too, steve. >> junks 106.7 f.m. the. f.m. >> and i'm sorry, is he going
6:37 am
to l.a. >> he said he really wants toe w go there and they're one of the teams that could use him. hm >> okay. we really hadn't heard fromrd him. >> other teams are signingng people.pele >> uh-huh. >> right. >> okay. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> steve you ever been beaned ba by a baseball. >> i have. i did not enjoy it. enjoy it. >> when i was 10 i got beaned b by a 26 miles per hour fastmile ballpe. >> and it still hurt didn'tilhud it. >> had a huge bruise right off for like six months. >> i'm sorry that that happened to you. >> the man code if baseball you get hit by aan ball you'reao not allowed to touch you can can't rub it. can't make it look like you'reie in any pain. >> was a rule breaker early. ely >> these man rul i think i cried steve actually l if you want me to bemeb technical. 64 in washington this morning.ii hey, cooler air off to theffo north and 43 up in pittsburgh. pittsbu 45 in columbus. colum that cooler air is going tosng o get in here tonight and we are inn going to be in for a be in coastal lower day today.ay. only 70 degrees.degr still 15 degrees above normal.s it will be a nice comfortablele ft
6:38 am
a shower or two to start yourrt day. it won't amount to much.uc we'll get some afternoonfter sunshine. it should be a perfectho afternoon for hours outdoor.utdo a little breezy butter 70'szy degrees. enjoy a beautiful afternoon. afr >> just about what's going on erin. how are the roads.ho >> big problems. b pro earlier crash inner loop by by the eisenhower connectorwer cleared but delays are stilld bu back to 210 and also in the backup by telegraph road we have a second crash right nowgh blocking the left shoulder and again all lanes very crowdederyo so be prepared for delays. d you may want to exit at route ru one to avoid that inner loopne slow down in alexandria. aside from that we are dealingli with big problems on five ofi inbound branch avenue out by accokeek road. we're dealing with a crash andgi an earlier -- it was ann earlier crash an downed pole p that is still out there.ut ther. because of that we have theof t arrow truck and traffick and tr getting by to the left. it's causing delays back to mattawoman-beantown road sontow please be prepared for that asr you wake up in prince georgesino county this morning.county thi more traffic in few. back to you. >> thanks erin.hanks in. metro's purple line needs le more mo
6:39 am
maryland transportationransport officials are asking for and and why. 6:38.
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> maryland governor larryar hogan has thrown his supports th behind a bill to crack down onn drunk drivers.drun it's named in honor of officer r noah leotta who died in i december after he was hit by a suspected drunk driver duringin a kui check point. poi th
6:42 am
convicted drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of .08 orr higher to have an ignition ignit interlock device installed ontad their vehicle. vehicle. noah's law is up for a finals r vote in the maryland >> the cost of building metro's purple line getting pricier. maryland transportationpo officials now asking montgomery county to clip inry c an extra $14 million needed to n build the line. the cost of connecting the new n line with the bethesda metroetro has doubled under a new state sa contract for the team ofea private companies.ompa big traffic alert thisbitra weekend in d.c.. saturday morning 24,000 runners will compete in cpete saturday's rock and roll marathon and 5k and half marathon.mara and that means getting aroundtig the city is going to be ang t b little tough. litt a lot of road closures will go g into place before dawn befe tomorrow. so, plan ahead. a constitution avenue, memorial mr bridge, rock creek parkway allar will be closed for the firsthe leg of the race. several other roads will bel b closed in northeast andorea southeast. so just a heads up there it'sads going to be a little tough to
6:43 am
get around also some closures inome arlington for a race there on wilson boulevard.oule big race day >> i'm remembering last yeart y with the >> last year was not fun. fun >> good luck to tucker andr erin. >> coming up a teacher gives acr life changing gift to one ofin her students.r students. we're going have their storyhaho coming up next. >> a reminder before we take you to the break if you have a e news tip share it to us. e-mail your tip to fox5 tips5 tp at >> ♪
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> come on tucker sit down.e on >> you're on tv. >> sit down, tuck. >> come over. o come on. >> got broken equipment.quipme >> what did you do. >> my equipment is broken.equi >> must be friday.da it is? sit. s >> please, tell us.le tel >> i don't want to get too technical but things aren't working >> is your microphone on rightic now. >> i think so. am i presentable. presentab >> yeah. >> okay, good.kay, g let's get to it. got a shower or a sprinkle sin early this morning.thisorni the theme today will beeay w afternoon sunshine and aternoonu little cooler.nslittleoole >> okay. >> you don't want to get too hot. >> the windows are down at mynt house right now or up i should say. sa >> yes. i was extremely hot lastex night. the air temperature in my my house reached 78 degrees.8 degr >> oh, yeah. >> that air conditioner isr going on. i'm not doing that again. aga >> i can turn it on yet. >> after last night'sast experience it will go on. [laughter] >> it will go on. >> it will definitely go>> on.yo i tried to hold it off.. 64 now in washington. wasto we're cooling it down a littlee
6:47 am
62 annapolis, 62 good morningng learned torn. 50's north and west. andes 55 in winchester and 59 out in it's a cold front comingold through. you'll see it here on your whoa you're going to see moregon than that on your satellite.atel >> what timing. tin >> bonus satellite and radarus s this yes, a few showers workingrs wor it's a cold front and as it a i gets off to the south and east e here we'll quickly clear out.leo we'll see the breezes pick up out of the north and west. it will be a cooler afternoonftr with daytime highs about 70 degrees. that cold front although not ath lot of shower activity willy w bring us air just about 10 tout0 15 degrees cooler thanoor yesterday 678 there's anothery 7 look at it. high pressure, a little cold a o front. that cold front slips south tomorrow and then rolls back on top of us on sunday. sunda and it looks like our beste our chance for some showers thishowi weekend will be on sunday. sund. sunday's the timing on thaton so, you know -- kno >> okay. >> i know you and the girlshe want to get out and play a to round of golf. >> oh, yeah. >> tomorrow is the day to dow it that. >> okay. >> after you're done your rocke and roll marathon run. m
6:48 am
then. >> then you have plenty of plenf time to golf. golf. >> can't do it all.>> c early shower afternoon sunaf there winds north and west atesa 10 the 20. 2 don't forget to move thosee clocks forward early sundaylyun morning.rn sun will set after 7 o'clock 7'c sunday night and look at sainto patrick's day. 74 right now with partialaral sunshine.hi could be an epic saint epic sa patrick's day. >> start of race tomorrow o about 50 degrees, somf ewhereom around there. >> yeah, probably low 50's. i think it will be verylle comfortable for running tomorrow and not raining afterar laughter year's debacle. debac >> good luck.>> goo can't wait for the pictures.or u one of the best things on this morning show is erin como'som laugh. >> thank you erinly ihank appreciate that. i didn't realize tucker's tcke camera was hot and i was goingng get centered up for traffic. tr. i was excited and then it was like -- >> you're just being prepared.ea >> i didn't mean to do there.t i'm sorry, tucker. >> that's it.>> >> i wish you could wear green pants on saint patrick's day.n a crash activity five branchti avenue north pole down atn
6:49 am
big delays off. that it's been out there allhe morning long. give yourself a lot of extraa le time in prince georges county. rigs road between mess rates road and university boulevardou traffic alternating in theati northbound lanes.nortound aside from that and the downed w pole we're seeing othergth delays. inner loop there's a crash out by telegraph roadblocking theck shoulder. let's see if we can take ae ifn live look at that. t because of that crash it wascra in the backup to another crashtc that we were dealing you can see it blocking thelog left shoulder.left sul the other crash is out by the eisenhower of a connector.f a that cleared. now that all lanes are opened,pe delays are starting to ease but they go al all the way backk past 210.10 so be prepared for that for tt o the inner metro is on more traffic in a tra back to you, allison and >> all right erin, thank youht e very much. >> ♪ in our health watch at 6:49 women around the world appear to be leaving theng t hospital too soon after havingrn babies. the world health organizationorn suggested women should stay inwe the hospital at least 24 hours after giving birth. bir british researchers found thatoa more than 8
6:50 am
before that though.t t they believe he short hospital stays can carry risks. risks >> in minnesota the university i of minnesota collaborating to develop a standard approach to concussion diagnosis. it's the largest study itstu kind in the nation currently.e r doctors believe eye trackingve t could be the key to help detect brain injury by mappingbi the condition of the pupils. t p researchers plan to screen nearly 9,000 patients and p choose 1,000 of them for the 10o study. st >> teachers give back to theirsi students every day in theryay i classroom, we know that. but one teacher in wisconsin wis is giving one student a lifeentl changing gift. >> teacher jodi schmidt willill be donating a kid flee to ale first grader at her school. s her student natasha fuller hasrh to receive dialysis threes th times a natasha says she's so grateful a four her teacher every day she gives her a hug. >> that's a really special on. >> amazing. >> great teacher.>> >> hi, kevin. >> steve and allison.vend all >> hello. >> i saw a
6:51 am
that i think may have the most disgusting moment i've everent ' seen in a >> "eeeewwww." >> we'll get to there. >> pretty bad moment. >> yeah, this is beyond words. >> is this the one that you invite med to go to. med >> i did n >> is this the borat movie. borm >> this is the borat movie. m >> i'm not surprised.urprised >> it surpasses anything yousurp could ever think of.ul we'll get to that shortly. the two movies opened one called 10 clover field e this film by a first time t featured debut director namedeca dan tractenberg, it is not a sequel to the 2008 changeover8 field movie. if you saw that movie it was 2008 matt reefs directed it j.j. abrams found footageundoo monster film attacking newttac n york city. that film is a masterpiece mtere love that tt fi this film is connected to that movie but not a sequel.eq plot line to this movieie basically is john goodman and john gallagher jr. are down in a bunker below basically a farm area house and something st is happening above them which t we don't
6:52 am
it could be monsters.onster we're not sure.e. everybody's intentions in thes films are different than youe can expect. that's all i'm going say. i the beauty o'mf this movie is ii brings it back to the old old hitchcock days in the sense ofdh like you don't know what's kno a going on. o everybody's intentions aree different. you're not sure what's going not to happen next and i miss thatst old school horror film. f and the beginning is a totalot throw back to psycho which iswh very, very cool. and j.j. abrams produced it.ced it's very secretive but it is connected to the 2008 the 2008 changeover field movie but not a direct sequel.t s i absolutely loved everyov eve aspect about this movie. a little too long at oneong point. i gave 84 out of five.f the score is amazing. ama if you want an old school s thriller there, what it is. t it's a nice little throw back. >> my favorite kind of >> i gave 84 out of five. highly recommend it. i best john goodman performance since the big lebowski he. >> what's the rating.
6:53 am
night. she was thrilled.. >> i would rather see a wse thriller than a slasher.ll than >> there's some minor violence' but it's more about the building.buil it earns its scares. it's not a haunted house >> awesome. >> you would love it.>> y >> i love it. my favorite kind of movie.ov >> the brothers grimsby.ri i got carded. c rightfully so.ghtf this film basically deals withew two brother who's have not hav been with each other in 28 years. one brother mark strong'strong' character is now a mi6 secret sc agent the.. other brother is basicallyasic just a huge soccer fan who hasen 11 kids, two completely different lifestyles and theyt i meet up to try and take down ary bad guy and clear their nameses and the movie itself has some hs decent action but it contains ca the most disgusting horrifying g vile moment i have ever seen s in a movie in my entire lifere l and in a bad way. w to the point where i almostlm vomited in the movie theater.
6:54 am
>> my goodness. gdnes >> the sequence -- i'm not going to give anything away. all i'll say is it deals with an elephant and it's beyond gross. i'm all for raunch cly humor. but if you're going push it it that far past the r rating r material you usually do. ual i love borat. bruno was okay but borat was hilarious.ou this film pushes that vile disgusting moment where it no longer becomes entertainment.tae i wish i could erase this from s my memory. mem >> i think you've driven everybody to see that movie. see >> i gave it a one and halfne ad out of five.ouof i would say skip the action is decent but this scene -- i couldn't deal with it. it. >> when i saw the trailer forsa it i couldn't even get throughet the trailer.e tiler >> i like borat.ike borat >> is it a comedy. com >> it's a comedy/action movie. m have you seen bruno. >> yes. >> in that same vain of comedyy very crude but this is yonders r
6:55 am
>> i still say you've sent at've least 40 people to the movie. mv >> everybody down there wasowthr like what's this scene aboutt'sh and they all startedis going ong their computers trying tote watch it and they releasedheelea part of it online but nowhere nw near the extent of it. >> kevin thank you so much. >> enjoy yourselves if you want to see it.wa >> well, this week's fox beatea free friday is your chance to ce win four tickets to see the peking they defy gravity and push the e limits of human flexibility. >> go to the contest page on betweenc. now andco 11:59 p.m. end for your chance to win. yout the prize has an approximaten ap retail value of $176. provided by strathmore. one winner sled selected bylectd random drawing on march 14th.4t complete rules on our web site. >> are you familiar with my my mccarthy rule. >> if i hate a movie he goes. >> if it's five star
6:56 am
star i i g >> one and a half. h >> that's good enough for a one for me. m >> that's funny. f >> i'm in. let's go to the forecast. to e o >> enjoy.>> >> steve we got to go, come onom for the elephant scene. s >> no, you don't want to see you the elephant scene.t >> reagan national.>> rea >> especially on this.>> eecia >> reagan national 62 degrees.2r 58 dulles. bwi marshall school. all right, we'll do about 70 ab7 today. to cooler than yesterday but still a very pleasant day. a sprinkle out there early. ely these are moving through veryghr quickly and we'll turn partlyurt sunny this afternoon. aft breezy and a little cooler but r much more pleasant. p i'm not going to say it was warm and humid yesterday butterd we were burning the limits the s with record highs here's are weekends forecast.rew remember to move those clocksses forward saturday night.tuay nig weather in a minute.n m more erin right now.ow how are the roads.s. >> the roads are business z a bs lot of traffic and it's goingic to be a busy a weekend as well tucker. we have the acc tournament tonight and tomorrow night. you'll see a lot of traffic by l the
6:57 am
tomorrow morning for the rockor and rolnil marathon tons of ts closures especially in northwest. saint patrick's day parade onic' sunday. all the closures listed atrest erin fox5 days. more traffic in a few. keep it to fox5.
6:58 am
gger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock 7'c following breaking news fromewso northern virginia.rtrn v while you slept an elderlyept d man's body was found in his
7:00 am
police are now looking for a killer.. we're live at the scene.he sce >> so far i cannot believe howlw civil it's been up here. (applause). >> different tone from the republican presidential can pre candidates at last night'st last debate. de donald trump and his rivalsival setting aside the personal attacks and instead focusingnste on the issues. issue how did this sit with voters.ot >> a fox5 exclusive. another delayed ambulance response to an emergency ino an the district.istric how long a shooting victim waited for first responders to >> first, though, a lehigh a l valley look outside.vall the sun is up, it's fridays fda morning, everybody. march 11th, 2016.1th, 2 to start off our morningor 67 degrees at 7 o'clock. 7 o'clk weather and traffic coming upfii on the 5s at 7:05. 7 good morning, i'm allisonis seymour.ymou >> and i'm steve chenevey. s we will can um to fox5 newsumo o morning. we're going to start withtartit breaking news from fairfaxm f county a frightening storyngtory there. >> a plan's body is found overnight in thes backyard ofky his home in mason neck area. a do


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