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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the story. >>reporter: this is a very, very quiet fab hood here in the mason neck succession of fairfae county. we're right along the potomacot river. you can imagine at 1:00 in the morning there's not much noiseoe here, so rapid fire, gunfireunfi really stood out.od i talked to a couple of neighbors who lived just about a hundred yards away. they were up at that time. they said they heard two bursts of gunfire. at this hour, it is still closed. fairfax county police detectivec are still on the scene. at this point weon have no suspects, no motives and the neighborhood is horrified. two neighbors living within a few hundred yards of the waterfront home said they heard a burst of gunfire just afterftr 1:00 a.m. and then anotherothe burst, both rapid fire shots. both neighbors declined to speao on camera, but added that police told them, ohio anda leet ' was shot inside his home as thes gunfire came from the outside. did he
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backyard suffering from traumam the to upper wife. a 9 # # 1 call from his wife ane then a second call from a neighbor. we saturated the area to see iff we can local anyone that wasas possibly involved. police spent the next severalevr hours scouring the crime sceneee paying close attention to the backyard, a patio and a dock.oc. initially we asked residents to remain in obviously the investigation isth stile l ongoing. they purchased the home in the early '90s and its value is listed at just over a milliona i dollars. yohan was from the netherlands and retired from the world bank. i think it's fair to sayay everyone is shocked much there's nothing like this happened in h this neighborhood. it's very quiet. most everybody knows everybody and we're policefully free ofol crime and this is a shock. tom york has lived in the neighborhood his entire life and
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how would you describe him. hi >> a man who generally is quiet, lived him a long time. he loved to sale. has a couple of sailboats, always had his grandkids here to go sailing on his sale boats in the summertime. just no explanation. > at this hour, if police had one, they're not saying.ayi back out here life on river drive, this is a shot of a car that just drove into thehe driveway here in front of the delete ''s home. this was not a please car. it looked like there was an elderly person sitting in the passenger seat. it pay have been his wife. we just don't know that for a fact. they brought a number ofof officers down to speak withspea whoever was in that car. at this point, again, the police are not saying that they have a suspect or a motive at this point and at this point, just a big mystery here in
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life in fairfax county, paul wagner, fox5 local > a mystery indeed, paw, thankh you. tonight police are investigatina a deadly shooting in the district. officers were called to 44th street around 5:00 a.m. after -- two hours later they found the victim about a block away. he was renounced dead at the scene. there is no word yet tonight ong a suspect, nora motive much theh man behind a robbery spree across two counties in maryland is behind bars tonight thanks to an alert to prince george's to county police officer. leroy earl morris daily wasly taken into custody after the officers spotted a vehicle matching the description of the suspect's car. daily is accused of robbing four locations yesterday afternoon, including three montgomeryin county banks in ag span of 15 minutes. he's also believed to be linkede tod at least nine other robberib since last year. > this next story may be hard r for you to watch, but just imagine having to be life there. d.c. officials had no other
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of the northwest apartmentrtme building today and then orderhen that building to be sealed. as fox5's matt ackland shows us, many of residents are now living in hotels and are looking forook other permanent places to call home. matt. >>reporter: hi, laura. let ' go to that story right now all right, laura, i think there's been confusion. we're here talking about a heroo firefighter today at hospital washington extenter. the story that we're going to be bringing you has to do with deplorable conditions at thes at home. that's coming up in just a few minutes. i want to take you to some video. this is probably the story ofryo the day, probably the story of the week. danny look vat owe, you remember him. he walked out of the hospital today with his
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firefighters, his dr. and members of his motorcycle club.. this is the story of theof firefighter who went up to the third floor of a house onn minnesota avenue and residued a woman. today he approached the mikeike phones to talk about this rescuc that so am people have been not cheering him, but the entire d.c. fire department. what i did wasn't extraordinaryo it's what we've been trained to do. you may hear that it was extraordinary, but it's not. my instinct was to help phyllis. i knew i wasn't going to be pull over her the railing because wea were so high. i knew that it would risk bothik of our lives, so i just gave her my air. > the story has to make you really danny today said he talked with phyllis tore legal who is still inside the hospital. she's recovering from
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the conditions not only that she had because of the smoke inhalation, but also previouslyu they talked about that momentomn before this all happened. he said he looked into her eye. he noticed that she was just about to jump.ump and he said that he told herold don't jump. he was coming to rescue her. coming up tonight at 6, we're going to have more from danny's wife. she was there.ther also, the doctor, he's going too talk a little bit about danny'sy condition. once again, a wonderful story and also, laura once again we're going to go to that other storyr from northwest. sorry about the confusion. i'm on two stories today. things got a little l con fused. that's what happens when you're a busy reporter. thanks very much. > two montgomery county policec officers meantime received the department's highest honor today the medal of valor for their latest who are oak action. it happened last september whent they pulled a man to safety
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the outer loop of the beltway. you can see this, the dash cam video of that dramatic rescue as officers brian necessary bet and code i fields approached that vehicle. they had to think very quickly. the car doors t and windows were locked, the flames were quicklyl engulfing that car. >> you do exactly what's -- whaa we're paid to do. to the fact that we're there for the community, we're there tohee try and help and safe pep. that's the entire mindset that we have.ave. we're dealing with a situation that we got, we have somebody ib there and we see the windshield melting and the dash melting, it's a matter of we have to get the individual out no matter if it's melting or not. it was quick. they responded so fast. five, ten minutes, seconds know where i'd be'd right now. > the victim rashan israel suffered only minor burns in the accident. he says he is extremely greatful to those officers for saving his life and he's greatf
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anonymous person who drove byroe the accident scene and called 911. funeral services today in california for former first lady nancy reagan with her passing aa are remembering stories of herf life and her legacy. le including a d.c. mother who is remembering a very personal experience she had with thehe former first lady. fox5 a political reporter ronica clear i is here with her story. >>reporter: this is one of those stories that gets to did you and it doesn't matter how much time passes it still touches. katie guillim was at the white i house visitor center to sign a condolence book in honor of former first lady nancy reagan. her story is a painful one, but, a moving one. it takes us back to 1983 when her son was hit and killed in 1983. he eventually passed, but not before mrs. reagan honored one of his final
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>> he was very intelligent,ntel loved animals. that his katie guillim describing her son.ri he was a third grader and afterd leaving school one day he was hit by a driver who fled the scene. after the accident he was in a coma and when he emerged he had a request. after he came out of the coma he had asked to see nancy reagan. and i said, the president's wife? i said the first lady? he said, i said why do you want to see her? >> he said i just want to see her in that pretty red suit thas she wears all the time. nancy reagan honored or kneel array's wish on christmas eaveav 1983. she spent about four hours att the hospital with him and along with other children in the intensive care unit. she gave him a christmas gifthrs and took pictures with him. it was amazing
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i don't think any other first lady would have done what she did. guillim explained that his life expired on christmas and he was pronounced deceased on december 27. for guillim words can't fully express how she felt about mrs. reagan taking time to spend with her i would just like to say thank a you for the graciousness of what she done for my family. if you really think about it, the first lady at the time of the united states, such a busyby schedule and for her to take out her time to come and visit him i am very greatful to this day and always will be greatful. gr > in january of 1984, mrs. reagan sent her condolences to the family and said that she remembered or nelly ray well.el. there is no doubt that katie will always remember mrs. reagan well, too. back to you
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> such a touching story.ry. >> coming up doing whisper sayay czar milan facing a probe overer animal cruelty investigation. we'll tell you more about the incident that sparked thishat investigation ahead tonight. the d.c. government took nearly $7 million out of hundreds off taxpayer bank accounts, but heat why they say it was all a bigig accident. also coming up tonight at 5, metro is rolling out a great way to pay that may safe youay frequent commuters a little cash. another beautiful day day.e >> i'm telling you, giving it a thumb's up from the weatherther department. glad that we are pleasing everybody. we have some cooler days for thr weekend, but it's not all bad. i'm going to have the details and your full forecast. we'll be back after the break. re
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> just days before the nextys b round of big primaries, gop gop front runner donald trump pickep up another endorsement today. and it's from one of his former rifles, dr. benicar son says he's sporting trump for partnership.hip. carson failure to rally behind trump would fracture the party p in an irreparable way. vincent gray's campaign to to reclaim his old ward seven seat is now in its fifth seat and the campaign has raised more than $77,000. he filed the first finance fir report today. it shows more than 300 donors have contributed to the campaign so far. a poll
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shows that he ace ahead by 16 b points. the primary is scheduled for june 14. maryland voters mean time head to the polls next month for thee state's primary election.y and because of the change in the law, 44 recent release felonsel wieall be able to castellani felons. it restores rights to form erin mates. the general assembly over road his veto last month. mon maryland joins about 20 other states that have restored voting rights to the former prisoners. d.c. is still buzzing about last night's dinner to honor justin true today.oday it was a star studded affair with athletes and entertainers attending the event. it was the first state dinner to honor a canadian leader in in years. the great appliance again canada and the united states. we are so proud
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canadian right here at fox5. gwen tolbart is originally from montreal. am i pronouncing that correctly, gwen? >> yes, you are., yo > she had the honor of attending the welcoming ceremony and youç can see in this photoh gwen is proudly holding both the us and the canadian flags. did you bring back some of those cookies, too? to >> i guess you didn't travel ala the way. when gwen goes to canadian she brings the most delectable, delicious cookies.ooki >> i do. nobody asked me how my vacation was. they just say where are the cookies. how was the ceremony. >> it was just amazing. it was so nice. of course the weather was fantastic. but it was really, really nice. > what an honor to be there. >> it was really an honor than a i have this invitation and inv program booklet that i can hang onto. but i was very proud because i have dual
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so there was the leader of bothf my countries together and lots of harmony and lots of fun. love it. it. we had great weather for the big ceremony yesterday, which was ws outside on the south lawn of thn white house and we have ha wonderful weather again today. let's take a look at where we we hit with our temperatures. we were still well above seasonal by 20-degrees at somest of our locations. 73-degrees officially at reagan national airport. air 7 # at dulles and 73 at bwiwi thurgood marshal. unbelievable. take a look all up and down the mid atlantic and you can see temperatures very much on the upside. with these temperatures into the 70ss and that southerly flow really enjoyable. here's a look at where we are right now, this hour. 71-degrees in d.c. 61 at annapolis, 70 in baltimore. 66 in gaithersburg this hour. ho 69 at martinsburg. 70-degrees at dulles and 71 at culpeper. there's our next weather maker k way down to the south, folks. yes, we are looking at some in a. the weekend is not a washout, just s
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but i do anticipate seeing most of that rain heading in late ona sunday and we'll talk about thal a little bitk later. other than that for tonight we will be talking some partly cloudy skies to skies clearing so not bad at all. al a little cooler as we h head to 47 degrees for your overnight ov low. winds from the north at about 10 miles an hour of the here's what's ahead, the big count t town. 8 days and counting until spring. although it feels like we've already landed there with these temperatures,a reel treat from e mother nature. na but nonetheless, for the weekend we're talking a little cooler and some reign. i'll have the full forecast for you in just a about it.t. us and canadian style. sty > we love it. we are still on bald for example l watch tonight. we want to show you life extreming video of the bald eagle nest at the us national usherette yum in northeast d.c. weave eve been watching this a good portion of the day. one of two bald eagle eggs coulo hatch any
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these birds are namedamed mr. president and the first lady. the pair first built their nest in the usherette yep in 2014. in their due date is on tuesday, but it coul happen any day now as we said. you can watch the eagles from fr home. we have a link to this web cam to fox5 one egg is due then and the second egg a couple days later.e earlier this morning we were looking, whichever one this is, the president and the first lady, they moved and you could see both of the eggs. everybody was in the nest. itself' so fast nateing. na and they're such beautiful bea birds, too. it's a treat to be able to see this. it's like she's listening to us. hello, hi. > still ahead tonight, researchers say they came up to the key with online dating success. and ladies it starts with us. women
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are more likely to fall in love. some bitty kids are likely to bridge the communication gaphe c between adults and children with autism and their idea is already a winner.. >> and prove that kids arehat becoming obsessed with technology as if we need more prove. more about this viral video ahead.
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it must have been very conha fusing to my kids because they had rob around all the time ande then, you know, literally in a n day their dad wasn't here. they were always forefront in his mind because he wasn't going to miss out on being a dad and he wasn't going to miss, you know, the milestones, big and m small in theiril life. > that was keenan smith tellins the story of
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lost his fight with aml, acute my lloyd leukemia. this is a heart wrenching video than a it's going to be played tomorrow night at the leukemia ball, the biggest event of the year. the ball is also washington'swah largest non political event. nearly 2,000 people will be,000 filling the washington convention center to raise money to fight blood cancer and thoses funds are critically needed. every three minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer and leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children under the age of 20. the event is also extremely entertaining. comedian kathleen mag gone willl be performing tomorrow nightigh along with the bear nakedç ladies. i will be em seeing part of the night. m fox5 is a huge supporter toupp the fund. if
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attending the ball, ticketll, information is on our website, go to fox5 > we now have an update on an story that you've beenn following, laura. la teachers union in canada is calling for a ban on by phi in schools. ontario teacher's union says that by phi can pose health risks. the union is calling for a wii phi moratorium until law makerse six students across maryland who wants a national app designdesi contest met today with a developer from the massachusetts institute of technology to workk together to turn their concept into a real working application. the organizational app named ought buddy helps bridge theridg communication gap that currently exists between parents, teachers and students with autism. > a parent whose kid has autism, the child who has autism and the teacher of th
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has autism, it's really going to make their lives a lot easier. i think it's one of the firstirt times that we see an app that teaches students with special needs. their proposal is very thorough and well done and their video was outstanding. > the students also received a $20,000 grant from the verizon foundation who sponsored the th contest t. how fabulous. > look how yup they are.w yu they are look like they're in what, maybe seventh grade and they designed this app. > something that is probably very necessary, too. the oscars have come and gone, but now there's some new controversy that seems to be cooking up. it's over the girl scott cookie about it that chris rock says raised $75,000. the troop, the ones out there ie the audience, they say theyh haeyven't seen that cash. and johnny mencel may have plenty of free time to party now after the cleveland browns
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qb. i hope he lands in a sit stay that can best accentuate his talents. with johnny out in cleveland could that be a part for robert griffin. we have the latest ahead inn sports. first take a look at this viral video of a care free grand i. she's showing off her moves. she sparked a dancing riot there in the streets of brighton, new england. mr. at her go. i love it. we'll be right back. back.
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this is fox5 local news at 5.5. this next story pay be a little l hard for you to watch, but justma
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there. d.c. offerings say they didn't s have a a they had to move resident out of a northwest apartment building today and order the billing sealed. am of the folks who live there o are now living in hotel and looking for a permanent place to call home. matt ackland has the story. >> it's ridiculous.idi don't think anybody should haveh to live like this.his. when you walk around this apartment building near ninth and kennedy northwest, the stench overwhelming. district officials said everyone has to g there was human feces and doingn feces throughout the entirethe property. it was a very, very badad situation. just look around, it's hard to believe people lived in this. sha nook a robinson spoke for tr us for her sister told us that her sister and her children lived in an apartment with noapr who the water and no heat and
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this bathroom didn't work. we're told the former landlordad died last year. yea the estate was then passed onto 14 people who gerald belt on represents. tenants have responsibility to pay their rent. they're supposed to pay their utilities, to keep their individual areas i think that the family has more than one their part. par some families did tell us that h they did pay rent. district housing advocates will people into hotels for at least the next two weeks.eek we're told that will be extended if permanent housing isn't founi by then. in northwest, matt ackland, foxx local news. > did you notice any money missing from your bank account?c the d.c. government's tax office say they mistakenly withdrew $7 million from the accounts of hundreds of taxpayers because oc a computerrerror. they say thatterror
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when they processing income taxm returns from other years affecting more than 500 people who previously authorized electronic bang withdrawals.ithd officials contacted those whote were affected and the money was credited back into theirhei account. i was justç going to check andk see if i had 6 million missing. apparently they didn't contacthe me so i can't get away it with. some georgetown students are upset tonight that the presidenr of planned parenthood has been b invited to speak at their university. the student group in charge of f the university's lecture fund invited and plans to host cecil richards next month.ards the newman society, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting and defending catholic education also lunched an online petition demanding they cancel richard's invitation to campus. planned parenthood is responsible for 2 million deaths of preborn children. it's unconsciousable, th
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to have cecil richards come and speak. georgetown says student groups y are a allowed to invite outsidet speakers and guests. gue those guests aren't necessarilyy endorsed by the new tonight, a tv host known as the doing whisperer is under investigation for possible animal cruelty. police in last loss angels hostn a show in which he helps probler dogs to become more civil.ivil on a recent episode milan is working with a dog that is hostile toward pig. during an especially owed thepe doingci is bloodies. it initially was aid on youtubeu but since has been pulled. yes, 65,000, 243-dollars. you remember that, if you you watched the cross areas you may remember chris rock's appeal to members of of the
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buy girl scout cookie to benefit a group in california.ia. tmz reports the academy of motion picture arts and sciences has not turned over a cent and when it does it plans to give that money to the greater la council and not to the girl scout troop itself. it is not exactly how the cookie should crumble here.ere. it was sold a completely different way. >> the girls were up there. i think if that's what happened, maybe everybody who donated should be outraged and say no, give the money to this girl scout troop. absolutely. it seemed very clear it wasve going to brye the other way. wa >> that's terrible. tha > we have some breaking good news from the world ofen taintment. russell wilson and singer ciera are engaged. eng russell surprised ciera with a surprise holiday to the island s and then proposed in a very
5:36 pm
romantic ceremony at their romantic private honeymoon beach. they both took to social media to share the good news. i believe ciera said something like she feels so blessed and he said something like she said yes. so congratulations.ongr what a beautiful picture and how romantic. they were, you know, both saying they were abstaining throughout their relationship until theyipu got married. >> or was it engaged in. > i guess we will find out.ut. and maybe the seahawks had aad about it of an early fall from the playoffs, maybe now he'll be able to channel some of that frustration and play a little better. >> you said it, not me. > we'll see how it translates on the field. >> it will be an interestingrest case study. > what are you talking about. >> we're talking about the redskins. there's lieutenant of free agenf movement a lot of players rumored maybe to come to the redskins, maybe not. no and then finally someone som signing. this is the nf
5:37 pm
let's call it. reports about visits and emanate signing that never turn intoat anything. chris long visit, but didn't sign. the redskins might have interesn in safety regie nelson or not. today an actual legitimate free sing. they signed end al davis to a one year deal. he led all chargers delineman. he should replace jason much thatter on the line. that's not the only new thing in redskins land. hired what, ingle also group tot design a new stadium for the the team. here is a model of the proposed stadium. i think it looks like a jello mold. >> but what do you think it looks like? li >> it reminds me of a get i. i don't know if it's going to b translucent like that.tran there ill with be more in a story this sunday.
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you look off in the distance maybe some more water. maybe this is supposed to be be whererfk is. is. it's modern. i like it. are there people in boats? a a little boat dating. it's one of those happy river -- >> a lazy river. >> i don't think you want peopln that have been drinking at a a redskins game there.kins >> not at all. speaking of the silly season itt doesn't get any silly than the quarterback season. how the dominoes fall like one of those cop shows where theyher have all the suspects on a boree payton manning retires leaving the broncos job opens on whiler, but he signed a $7 million contract with the leaving the jets job open possibly for robert griffin. multiple reports have griffin meeting with the jets abouts their open
5:39 pm
but griffin might have anotherat suiter in the browns.wns. cleveland release johnny mencel today leaving their qb job open for a number of free agent age replacements. you got all that.hat >> yes. > nats opening day is less thah a month away and beyond opening day nats possible head giveawayd are a who the ticket. this year they opened up possible heads to the fans. oliver perez on abubble headsbub and the phillies fans filled the ballot box with former philadelphia jonathan pap ill upon.l > some golfers received a visi from a fox.. they wanted to get a great shot, but he ran off with their wallet. that is a sly fox. he doesn't go for the protein bar.
5:40 pm
next hole when they totally do o not expect. we're going to run this back again and check out. he knows exactly what to go for, the wallet. > sly like a fox. he said you take my skin, i take your wallet. and then he ends upcoming back for more. mor the guy is trying to get a shot for facebook or something and then it gets real, my wallet and then he drops the phone and comes after him. the fox doesn't seem to be too b scared of coming up around humans. >> we have a fox that lives in our backyard. > you named him. hi >> no, we need to give him a him name. he's in the afraid. > we do have a lot of golf of coverage coming up on fox5. maybe that could be the official fox5 golf fox.ox. >> maybe we should bring him in. he might be too expensive for us. he really likes money. l > thank you a, brody.rody >> coming up, drowsy driving da
5:41 pm
is warning you about the mondayo after daylight savings time. also ahead, how much americans e are actually paying for not getting enough sleep. we're going to count the costhe straight ahead tonight. and some metro transit policeeto officers are getting a makeover. we're going to tell you about their new look straight ahead.
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> heads up as you turn back the clocks or excuse me, turn the clocks forward this weekend, spring for. aaa is reminding drivers to get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel.heel they found more than 30 percente of drivers admitted to driving drowsy during the last 30 days.. some police departments have reported as much as a 10 percent increase in crashes during
5:45 pm
spring ahead time change. starting next week metro riders can opt for a different way toto pay their fair. riders can pay a flat fee for unlimited travel one month inin advance. it's geared to riders who have short commutes on trains. if you spend 8 #ed it will covel select trips that cost up to 2.25 a ride. does that make sense.nse. 135 a month will cover trips up to 375 each way.. > also metro transit policetro officers are getting a makeover thanks to the new general manager. starting this summer they will be wearing brighter, more mor visible this is asin example, the new nn yellow color makes the officers easier to see. right now they wear navy bluevyb which can be hard to see in metro's low light conditions. > great idea. you can see them right away and
5:46 pm
you need help. a beautiful streak of weather. it's been unbelievable. it has. >> the spring weather landed ana said i'm here. out of the blue. i think everybody did. spring is still as we said, not officially not quite here yet. we can warm up to being readyein for it.for i don't think anybody isis complaining because not only have we had great temperaturespa we've had the sunshine with itih and it's been dry as well.well beautiful shot outside. as you can see. our national cathedral lookingon absolutely fabulous mr. with thr sun and the sky and he wouldnd h have a lot of things to talko about for this weekend that are going to happening. starting with tonight we havehae just a few clouds. nothing too bad, but you'll seel a few clouds starting to roleole in. but other than that, for the weekend, not a wash out.ash that's at least some good knews. we do have some rain coming buti it definitely is not a washout for the weekend at all. i'll tell you a littl
5:47 pm
in detail on the timing of thatt we're talking cooler on saturday and sunday. we've been in the 70ss and flirting with the 80s.0s. we're getting down to the 60s once we get into the saturday/sunday period.rday but it's still going to be verye pleasant for you.or temperatures are going to rice again next week.xt so when you see my seven dayy forecast forecast oleaceae whatw i'm talking about. today's high look at the numbers, into low 70s at all three airports. these were at least up to someoe 20-degrees above the seasonal average. another day which we got to enjoy a nice treat from mother o nature. here's where we are right now with our temperature.mper 71 in the nations capital, aa little cooler by the water in yap last at 61-degrees. 70 at baltimore, 72 at quantico, dulles at 70, that's the same ae frederick and we've got 69-degrees to the martinsburg. winds have been fairly light and tonight we'll see a light wind as well. our overnight lowe's expected tc be in the upper whose. g
5:48 pm
pretty comfortable night ahead. satellite imagery showing you just a few of the clouds thathat we're talking about that willhat move into tonight. the big picture is what we're much whatting down to the south. we have a couple of low pressure systems that are going to moveo up from the mid atlantic from the mississippi valley and we're going to feel the affects of of that once we get into the saturday night/sunday period. rich of high pressure moving mov out. we're talking that we will see some late showers on saturday. frontal system is going to moven to the north and by sunday we're going to start to get into theno thick of that rainfall. sunday night, monday looks like the heaviest rainfall buts ' not going to be a washout for the entire weekend.en we see some of the rain to theo west of us.we by the time when get intointo sunday, i can't rule out some drizzle or so on saturday by the way. we got this little donut hole going on here north of d.c. here's 4 in the afternoon butafe look what happens when we get w into the night.
5:49 pm
we start seeing evening andveni night hours the rain moving in. spring forward, set your clock ahead before you go to bed onn saturday night. sunday, march 13 at 2:00 a.m. is the official time period thatpei we're speaking of. sun sets at 7:14 ran we don't fallback until november.embe highs tomorrow into the low 60s and a few low 70s. we're heading into 62 for a high tomorrow inhearse' a look at your fox5 seven day forecast. looking ped pretty good, warmint up by the time we get to the end of the week. st. patrick's day looking absolutely fabulous. we'll be right back after the break. don't go too far.
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having a tough time sleeping mal be hurting more than just yourur health.heal with an an estimated 270 millioi people sufferingma from in som yeah. researchers at the university of maryland took a look at this att the cost of treating the various conditions that come with it. they estimate
5:53 pm
from 28 to 216 billion-dollar ad year. and that number is attributed to various factors from hire risks of traffic accidents to people having to use more healthcare services, researchers also found even with several treatments available am people living with in som yeah go through lifeife untreated.un that's kind of scary. > it really is. it may be customary for a man to approach a woman when it comesnt to dating, but a new study has found it's different in the world of online according to the dating website okay cupid women who send thehe first message are more thann likely to get a response back. women who message first are alsa more likely to strike up a conversation with more attractive men. the study found women are more than three times less likely tol send the first message compared to you guys. if you see somebody on theresome cute and you're online
5:54 pm
for itself. see something, say something.ay that goes for online dating. > just in case you needed proof, more proof that kids are obsessed with tickle untile, listen to how the kids in thisis video react when their mom comes home from work. the ipad, that's all you care about? give me back the ipad. give me the ipad. mom. i have ipad. ipad, ipad. ' just walked through the door. no welcome home, how was yourr day, juicy pad, where's the ipad. > it's very cute. cute and sad. maybe back off the ipad a little bit. > they're so addicted. it becomes too easy these
5:55 pm
it's hard. coming up, the little girl who just might be the queen of queens bohemian rap situate did i. the adorable and hilarious video is next.
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it doesn't really matter, anyone can see. nothing reallyç matters. >> no, no.o. well, we may have just found queen's new lead singer.. yes, that was little milli belting out queen's
5:59 pm
rapid did i from her car seat. as you can see, as much as her parents want to join in, milli makes it very, very clear, she is a solo act. do not interrupt. > thank you so much for joining us tonight at 5. happy friday, everyone.ryon fox5 local news at 6 starts right now.. this is fox5 local news at 6. i couldn't believe nobody livede here. when you actually around you wouldn't think no one lived here. this was an abandoned building.d > this woman can't believe her eyes, her sister and her young children living in deplorable conditions inside a d.c. apartment building.ldin then a murder in northern virginia, the victim an elderly man found in his own backyard. what i did wasn't extraordinary. it's what we've been trained too do. plus after a brush with death, a d.c. firefighter in seriouserio condition after risking
6:00 pm
to rescue a grandmother. miraculously his conditionly h improved and he's out of the hospital. > the news starts right now. it is good to have you with uss tonight, i'm tony perkins andns i'm shawn yancy.i' it is a story you saw first on fox5. a d.c. firefighter risked his life to safe a woman from a raging apartment fire.part firefighter danny lady nancy van owe was hospitalized in seriousn condition after he took off his mask and gave it to a grandmother struggling to breathe and happening out of a window. today he walked out of the hospital. matt ackland is life outside off med star washington hospital tonight. matt, it is great to see him up and walking and >>reporter: it sure is. this is a definitely that makest you smile, shawn. so am people were worried abouti this firefighter and as you said, today, well, he walked right out of the doors here at the hospital. i want to take you to the videoo so you can see exactly for yourself. danny lady nancy voto walked out of the hospital with his wife at hi


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