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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> live look outside right nowin on monday march 14th. rainy start to your day.our day continued we're going check in with garyi mcgrady in a few minutes andew m get an update and see when seehe it's going to dry up. dry u all details straight ahead. stra first at 4:30. >> ♪ we continue to follow anutof developing a tragic story out of prince of george's county this morningoung where a community is mourning the loss of a police officerce c shot and killed in the line duty.ty. >> 28-year-old jacai colson was gunned down yesterday d afternoon outside of the third district police station. p it's being called an ambush officer jacai colson was a four year veterans of theeter department and was assigned tod the narcotics did you have 50's. he would have turned 29 this
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are in custody. one of them is being e treated at prince george's hospital center after being shot whener b officers returned fire. police are calling the attac rk unprovoked saying the suspecthet opened fire outside the frontrot doors of the police station sunday we're going to checknd in with our melanie alnwick for the for very late nest a few minutes. >> maryland governor larryylange hogan expressing hishoga condolences saying in part theae first lady and i send our sincere prayers to the familyily and loved ones of officer colson he made the ultimate ultm sack advertisements it is my hope that that his proudhaat h legacy of commitment andmmit passion for law enforcement enfe and serving others will provide some comfort in the difficult days that lie ahead. t >> this latest tragedy comes just over two weeks since wee s another shooting in our arear ae targeted law enforcement.nt on february 27 prince william w county police officer ashleyoloi guindon was shot and killed onld her first day on the one she was laid to rest in her hometown in massachusetts lastes week.. crystal hamilton the wife ofhe w the suspected shooter
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killed. kill two other officers wereicerser injured in the shooting,g, jessie hempen and david m mccaln first are still recovering. >> eight firefighters wereir taken to the hospital afterft responding to a three-alarmeela fire in germantown. gernt a townhouse went up in flames. it was reported around 1:00 1:0 this morning.orng the home collapsed.olps the firefighter are expected exp to be okay. in virginia, a man accusedaa of can killing a woodbridge woog sgh school student isgh expected to appear in court for sentencing today. t he's accused of killing killi brendan wilson. small's sister lord wilson byr saying she wanted to buy some sm pot but it was part of a potot to rob him. h when wilson reached in his pocket smalls shot himsh multiple four other people are also are s charged in wilson's death.s deah in montgomery countyin police are investigating the m death of a man anvs homicide. hd on friday a
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sheldon williams of southeasteat of castle boulevard in thelevard briggs cheney of silverve spring.sp he had visible injuries to hisi body.body investigators are tying to find the person responsibleesns for williams' death.ea a suspicious man has been approaching children in chevy chase.chas at least three incidents wereene reported this past friday.rida the ma is that described ass th being in his 50's or 60's with w dark skin gray hair wearing a baseball cap and speaking with an he was seen applying a bluish bs green hatch mac. mac if you know him you're askednow to contact police with any information. >> now to the latest on theth campaigne trail. attempts to stop donalddona trump's momentum has reached a fevered marco rubio warned voters ino florida not to let trump t highjack the conservativeat movement. meanwhile mitt romney campaigned with john kasich injn
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endorsed him.endorsed hillary clinton also continuesns weighing in on trump saying the gop frontrunner isp fr encouraging violence and chaos s to win over voters. >> ♪ >> time now to check in with gary mcgrady and get an get a update on the weather. wth gary, it started raining and seems like it rained all weekend. then it got a little cold, c too. to >> yeah, you know what, whenn you get these clouds, any ofudso here and winds coming from thed northeast we get chilly. getll i mean, this time of year remember there's a big coldol ocean off to the east of us.t ou you get a little wind coming cin off that and with the cloudshelo it just gets kind of cold. col dank feeling, just nasty.. 46 degrees gaithersburg,ter 47 degrees dulles.47 deges dulle no concern here whatsoever for r anything to be frozen, okayn, o and we're going to stay in theie 40's this morning we will warm r up into the lower to mid-50's m' for high temperatures today. tod rain shower activity has kindera of moved on through to then north and to the northeast. nora that's the heaviest of i
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what we're left in its wake --ak from the wake of this is thes drizzle this morning and we're going to see drizzle off and on. there could be showers too. shoo temperatures later today. we don't warm up much, notm up n with the clouds and drizzle an e few showers temperatures today only in thean mid to upper 50' upp here's erin como on this t monday morning which is sureng s to be a challenging mondayngon morning commute. >> that's right.>> t 4:35 and i'm a littletle concerned when that when moren e folks hit the roads we'lloads wl start to see additional crashes, a typical slowdowns swd from the slick spots. sli. we got you covered here on burke commons road closed botho direction north of burken center parkway way crash.ra that scene still active. a in prince george's countynce earlier overnight incidentht int cleared. things back to normal on theto outer loop by pennsylvaniasy avenue you can see all that cant green right there.the morning commute downtown dnt problem free and as you make your way out in prince in pr george's county right now -- now excuse me prince williamam county 95 northbound quiet between dale city ndity n none that of typical new yor
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we'll let you know as soon as s anything else pops up. 66 inbound 270 still quiet.uiet metro gearing up for service oon time. that's your traffic. tff >> mandatory evacuations under r way following storms. >> a prince george's countye gey police officer ambushed on theea job. what we know about the alleged gunman next. 4:36 is our time right now. >> ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> developing this morning the prince george's county policecon department is mourning the loss of one of its own. shot and killed in what'sofd in' being called an ambush attack. >> fox5's melanie alnwick isni k live outside of police opoli headquarters with the veryrs wt latest. good morning, mel.ning, >> reporter: good morning,ter: guys. yeah, and barlowe road here shut down still quite ate distance away from policefrom pe icadquarters and that districtnr three station where we're toldrl the ambush happened rightht outside the front that district three station istn kind of attached to policeo poli headquarters divided really ry only by what we call sort of a a sal port area where normally noa they bring suspects in foror questioning chief hank stawinski said thisdi was an unprovoked attack andttkd that officer colson was able to
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police officers from thefrhe county gathered outside princede george's hospital center topita honor officer they joined hands and said sai prayers as the night darkened.n. 28-year-old jacai colson hadolso been on the force for four fr years.year he was an undercover narcotics i detective and we're told wase ls not in uniform sunday.uny. the ambush began around 4:30 4 in the afternoon and it was a chaotic police say one suspect opened oe fire outside the station and a then several officers including colson rushed out to t the gun fight. fig colson was actually taken toy ta the hospital in a police car.icr colleagues not waiting for an wf ambulance wanting to get him h there right away. the suspect was also wounded wod but we're told will survive.urve there's a second suspect whose police sayco fled the scene whew the shooting began. beg he was located at a nearbyearby shopping center and is being questioned by police. pol it is believed at this timeat te that the two suspects arere now, last night at that veryery emotional press conferencerence fellow police officers saidoffid jacai
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could light up a room and theyne said that he was a good friendri and a very good police officer. he is from the philadelphia area. area chief hank stawinski says the ss community has lost one of itsts defenders.fender live in palmer park, i'mlmer melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> also developing thisvelo morning evacuations are underonu way in louisiana andna and mississippi as heavy downpoursou have created widespreadd flooding. at least four deaths have beenre reported in louisiana. in tennessee heavy rains breached the levy and flood warnings are in effect across i thn e region as many rivers ares still dangerously high.ig out west residents are looking forward to drierfo weather today after a stormrwto brought strong winds heavyds hea rain and even snow to california. officials warned beach goersd about high surf along theurf central and southern coast.n coa over the last three dayseay northern california saw more sam than 7-inches of rain.nches ofa. >> still ahead this morning thii metro making changes when it wht comes to your smart tripr smar cards. the details next. >> plus, the
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teams are set. a look at some of the matchupsfh coming up next. nt. gary. >> holly, kind of dank andki dreary andnd drizzly.rizzly name your d word because because that's what it is.that wha it's going stay that way, too.,o we'll have more details coming up. come on back.
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>> we're back now 4:44 with4: w more on the death of prince opr george's county police officerou shot and killentd this weekendee sparking rage throughout theag regie on. reaction month energy abouton the incident on our facebookn ou page. michelle friedman wroteriedman w incredibly sad and heartbreaking. unnecessary violence oncear again against our police officers. get it together people.y ogethee these police officers putop their lives on the line forlepoi us. their lives matter. respect them. >> judy ma are. tone says when this this everwhn going to stop? my thoughts tug and prayers are with this withi young officer's family.
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rest in peace officer colson c and thank you for youru for you devotion and service.. >> 4:44 is the time right now. . rain, rain, rain. rai >> ggo away.way. >> yes. >> you make it sound like weoune got to build an arc or aar something around here.g arnd he. >> it kind of felt like it. gary, we are two days into 40 i days and 40 nights. 40 gh >> two by two, okay, people, ppl you don't have long. >> for sure. for se. yeah, but not a very prettyy weekend. >> no, you know, saturdayou kw,s wasn't sunday of course first half ofrs the day and then look, you know, this stinks because weti get stuck in this pattern in i march. it hns. and even into april, too andnd it just doesn't want to go away so it's yucky today and tay yucky tomorrow. >> people we need the rain forn the plows to grow. g >> exactly right.ight it's doing what it's supposeds to besu doing. doing kind of drizzly today, drizzly tomorrow. tomorrow. intermittent showers from time o to time. we're stuck in the 50's today. we're in the 40's now. now w
4:46 am tomorrow maybe a little bitbe a warmer but still not that great. optimistically -- as oft -- as mystic as i can be about as i c tomorrow's forecast maybe a's fr little bit of sunshine before the sun sets late tomorrowte tow evening. of course an hour later nowow because all of this daylightig saving time nonsense that weno have to go through. through 55 today 63 for tomorrow. torro 49 outside now. now we're not going to warm upm much.much we're not going to come off these morning lows very far. f baltimore right now is 47. as you can see frederick is 45, dulles is 47 and fredericksburg is 49.s across the region here, it'st' much warmer back out into the midwest and ohio river valley.d it's 57 right now foroh columbus, 57 degrees for7 degrer louisville and beckley is 55.ndi the deal is the winds haveinds been coming in from the there's high pressure to thegh north of us.north we've got this kind of wedge of cold air in place.r la you got warm air running overnie the top of it. i and that creates showers andrsnd that c
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so, that's exactly what is i happening and this cold air is just kind of wedged in againstwe the mountains and it's going' stay there. there certainly we have cloud coverav this morning and we'lle ng a continue to have that today. thy the showers have moved on offn to the north and to the east mainly up into northeasternthear maryland, delaware, too,awar t ettting wet. w and then we come down here andee it looks like oh it's dry, dry okay. no, it's drizzle.ri it will be drizzle, too, theoo t way we're setting up all day d long.lo a few showers coming acrossin ar from time to and that's about here's futurecast for the nextt couple of days. d you can see here where we're we' just create something showersngo and drizzle all day long as the wedge of cold air is insn place.ple. tomorrow morning some moreoworni showers come maybe by tomorrow afternoon,ano tomorrow evening it's not aveni promise if you want to be as optimistic as possible there could be a little bit of sunshine poking through late in the day. otherwise, we'll probably stayys mostly cloudy tomorrow and thert drizzle will continue. con not a hard forecast today. showers, drizzle, temperatures t starting out in the upperpper 40's.
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only getting up into the midto e 50's for highs.ig that's the best we'll be ableweb to do. a little bit warmer perhapser tomorrow but not much.ot m still lower 60's, some placesome in the upper 50' 5 we will warm up into the lowerhw to mid 70's on wednesday.edne there's a chance of somefom showers and someome thunderstorms, too, late in le n the and that will leprechaun stillui dancing. in he doesn't care what theare what weather is, erin como he just hj dances. we pay him to dance. temperature on saint patrick's day 65 degrees.. >> a request gary on saint on sa patrick's day can you imitateyo that dance.u >> yeah, 'cause i can do a badc dance. [laughter] >> is that what you think itha is.. >> absolutely. >> okay. well, at least he's trying. 270 south clarksburg to father hurley boulevard moving along mn okay. okay. volume is increasing but theut good news is none of those t usual slowdowns with this many folks on theolkso road already heading towards the spur we may start to see them earlier than later thisat morning. we'll keep you posted on thatost one. by the tck
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little bit more congestionore co picking up.piing up. once you pass that point yout yu open up a little bit and youttlu can see some space betweenceet those vehicles. vic northbound traffic movingrafficg along just fine as you headas y into frederick this morning. mog outer loop top of the beltway montgomery county same storyou there. drizzle but as you make yourakou way up from 95 to georgia grg we're still seeing okaytilleein conditions as far as time is tim concerned this morning. let's go ahead and switch it swi over for a look at our map. map we have an incident right nowci burke center in fairfax a crash burke commons roadbu closed both directions justrensj north of burke center parkway.ay caution there.cautn th you'll need to detour.u'll nee as gard y mentioned drizzleed d coming down that could make for a dicey monday morningcey mg commute a new crash leesburg ler pike in loudoun county, seven s west closed with crash activity at augusta drive. dve caution there. detouring traffic at lakelandt a drive so definitely something to keep in give yourself a few extrara minutes if that is your normalh commute. overnight incident stalledidentt tractor-trailer cleared out ofl the way which is good news.h is all lanes shoulder o gpened.erp. outer loop before pennsylvania f avenue and then the inner loopne as you cross the wilson bridgeri problem
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reagan national and dulless clear.ea that's your traffic.'s yr tr back to >> thanks erin.>> t we have a headhas up forp commuters in prince george'sin county. get ready for majo pr delays. day mdot has temporarily closedly ce lanes on the outer loop bridge over ritchie marlboro road.lbr now the closures will allowll crews to repair the bridge'srids concrete deck. weather permitting travel lanes should reopen by 5:00 reo0 a.m. on friday. friy. >> metro is set to unveil its i new select pass this week. pas riders can can pay a flat fee f for unlimited travel a month a h in advance much the selecthe sec pass has some limitations.itio it's geared towards rideea here's have short commutes one h trains. if you spend 81 bucks thend 81 s select pass will cover tripser that cost up to $2.25 a ride. $135 a month will cover trips ti up to $3.75 each way. w and speaking of changes for metro its transit policeitol officers getting a makeover.akve starting this summer they'll be wearing brighter moreore visible uniforms.rms.
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reflective trim will makem officers easier to see.r s right now they wear navy blue which can be hard to see in metro's low light conditions.oni >> several police officersal recovering p after a chain reaction crash in alexandria.lei happened along 395 saturday saty night v have a state policehave say a woman had stopped hern car in the northbound lhaanes around the same time several metro transit police officersce were responding to anin emergency call. the police cars swerved toce avoid hittin cg daniel's carl'sc that's her name but two b t vehicles collided.lided. a third police vehicle ran off f the road and hit a jerseyerse wall. wall. the officers are expected to be okay.kay. >> a new report is offering insight into a doomed germanmedn flight. you may remember this last year 27-year-old pilot andreas lube bits deliberately flew the flight into the french int alps killing all 150 people one board. boar two weeks before that crash a doctor recommended that lube thl bits be committed to atted to a psychiatric hospital but thec ho doctor
4:52 am
airline. the report wants new rules n rus requiring doctors to warn to authorities about a pilot's mental health. >> this is why i think that t more specific clearr regulations are necessary toessa explain when doctors could be cd required to break secreted tbrea medical records to preserve public security in particularr when pilots or people are carrying passengers. >> the report also recommendsres more regular evaluations ofar ea pilots with a history ofa ory mental illness. iness >> the alaskan man accused of intentionally ramming his snow h mobile into two iditarod teams appeared in court yesterday.teay he faces charges for drivingri 100 miles an hour into two dogo sled teams. the incident happened saturday.saturday alaska newspapers say he admitted he was blacked out blao drunk. witnesses say he tried to plowet into the team several times.m one of the dogs died at thes dit scene and at least two otherss were injured. inj >> a charles county bald eagleec is getting a second chance at s life th
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action by sheriff's deputies. dt on friday deputies arrived inn a wooded area in charlotte crl hall and found the eaglehe eagle entangled in a cord. workers with the department natural resources and al private wildlifere rescue groupo helped the deputies. dut the deputies caught the eagle tg while the others freed it frome the cords before releasing iteag back into the wild. >> topping our sports breakfast the ncaa tournament tn field is set.field is set. here's a look at the brackets and how things fare for ouror local squads. squads. virginia lost the accia lost championship. doesn't they're stilt number one seed s in the midwest favoring in state foe and allisone seymour's beloved hamptonampt mighty pirates. pirates. terps draw the jackrabbits of south today the cota state andea travel 2400 miles to spokaneto o for the first rounds and talk about a spoiler, the ncaa is looking into how its tournament brackets wereckets we leaked online before it o unveiled nlduring cbs's c selection sunday show.ho >> two hour show. >> is that what it is? >> two hour show. >> yeah. also you're saying it was asangi long s
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>> a long show. s >> leak happened about halfwaypp through theen network's two hour show. sh >> two hour special.>> t i'm just saying that ist remember a day when the selection sunday show was likess a half hour. >> yeah.>> >> they put the brackets up.s >> now it's everybody's ery talking.talking. >> and then they put a bracket up, then they talk about it. i >> for those of us who don't w care i'll be right here. h >> a lot of people do care. >> a lot of folks who don'tfolkd care at all. a let's move on. >> plenty of time talk about it. >> just like on the show. s >> listens it is monday and monday's usually leavingly lving people feeling bit cranky,it cn, maureen. >> i am not cranky, holly. hol. don't start nothing won't be nothing. >> even more so this mondayis ma thanks to of course daylighte dt savings this weekend.ngis weeke. >> the good news is today is national napping day.alappi yes. studies has shown that shorten to 20 monday midafternoon napsaf can improve your mood make you y feel more productive. i won't be napping todayppin
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mood and very professional as long as you're not talkingu' about the ncaa tournament.ent. >> look, there are a a lot ofree people who don't care, right. >> when i watched it just went n on and on and on. a >> kind of like this. >> the show is too long. too lo. >> they should just look itshouj online and move on.ov o >> i agree. >> national napping day, iay like that. here's -- let's do a live shot on that later this afternoonaf you just come see me in my in m office for awhile.wh that's what i'll be do.ll b here's your showers moving outrn now. all the rain. we're left with clouds and cuds drizzle in place.lace. we will have clouds and and drizzle the rest of the day. there could be an occasional shower here or h but you kind of get the idea ide and with the clouds and the a t drizzle and the winds coming in from the northeast at aboutso 10, maybe up to 12 miles per mes hour in some cases, big deal, right, it will keepp temperature on the cool side. sd gaithersburg right around 52.un5 here in town we'll make it up into th
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fredericksburg perhaps getsrg pa close to 60 degrees but still chilly, raw, drizzly, dank, d ornament.ornament here's erin como on this monday morning with a look at your monday morning commute.omme hey, erin.y, erin. >> i'd never say this is aer perfect monday morning forecast but for national napio day. da >> absolutely. >> i'll take it. i >> why get out of bed today? >> why bother. >> i celebrate national natio napping day every day of theay week after the morning s ehift n montgomery county with allouy wi this drizzle coming down get don an early start and use and caution. i'm seeing some wet conditionsoi on interstates and secondariesds around the dmv. d right now wearing station roadta has police activity atli activit middlebrook road.midd 95 on the northbound side in stafford you're moving nicemovig from federal among into garrisonville.e. can congestion is picking upp through dale steam i'll let s you know when those usual tho u normal questions start to take t over. burke center right now burke n b commons road closed bothon directions north of burketh of e center park wage we'll let youkl know when anything else popsg e up that could slow us d
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this morning.this in loudoun county leesburg pike an incident seven westci closed with crash investigation at augusta drive. drive. detouring traffic at lakeland drive. if you're heading for an earlyar ghrning flight traffic on theli way to reagan national dullesata and bwi is flowing freely. bw parkway northbound dealingor with nice quiet conditionscond despite the drizzle.. back to you. >> ♪ >> coming up at 5:00 the prince george's county policee'e department grieving the lossri of one of its own shot and killed on the job. >> the tragedy sparkingpark heartache and outrage. outge. we're live with the latest including how communityinho leaders are reacting. reain >> first a quick check on theck stock market. asian stocks rose as u.s. stocks celebrated their firstirf four week winning streak since november.vemb u.s. futures rupp thi are up ths morning. we're back right after this.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. m. >> he was a police officer who was a real cop's cop. c we would ask that god would godu bless prince george's countyince so we never see a day liker this again. >> ahead at 5:00 officerer ambushed. a prince george's county g police officer gunned down atunw a police station just days shy


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