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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. m. >> he was a police officer who was a real cop's cop. c we would ask that god would godu bless prince george's countyince so we never see a day liker this again. >> ahead at 5:00 officerer ambushed. a prince george's county g police officer gunned down atunw a police station just days shy
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>> this morning his brother's bh and sisters in blue are blue grieving the tragic loss as aloa motive in the unprovokednproke attack remains unclear. ule we're live with the veryh theer latest. >> but before we get to that at live look outside on this ts monday, it is march 14th, 1 2016. gary mcgrady and erin como they're going to have a check c of weather and traffic in just i a few minutes.w thank you for waking up withpit us, thank you for joining us. u i'm wisdom martin alongside aloi holly morris and maureen umeh. u we begin with a story a sto that's gained national national attention. >> we're talking about theki ambush-style attack in princeac george's county that leftthateft officer jacai colson dead.ea >> fox5's melanie alnwick is live at police headquarters inen palmer park with the veryark wi latest on this senseless actsess to say the least. l mel. >> reporter: that's right, guys, yes, so you can see heree that barlowe road is still is s shut down here in palmer so we're several blocks away awa from the police station, thehe district three stationtaon attached to police headquarters. t they're literally just stepslly apart.apart. now last night
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sorry hank stawinski said that this was an attack without any known motive and that officer jacai colson was able to ae return fire before he died. d police officers from aroundfromo the county gathered outsidedut prince george's hospitalce g center last night to honortoonor officer colson as the news the w broke that he did not survive. e they joined hands and prayed p as the night darkened. 28-year-old jacai colson hadn been on the force for four years. he was an undercover narcotics o detective and was not inwas no i uniform sunday. s the ambush began around 4:30d 4 in the afternoon and it was it chaotic scene.c scene police say one suspect opened oe fire outside the station andon a several officers including ilu colson rushed out to the gunun fight. >> at about 4:30 this afternoon an individual launched an unprovoked attack a on the district three policeth station and brought several ofb our officers under
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those officers did not shrink. r they bravely advanced and engaged this individual. iivid >> reporter: now, officer oic colson was taken to theo hospital in a police fellow officers wanting to getet him there as soon as possible. l the suspect was also hit by b gunfire but we're told he will survive. there is a second suspect whopew police say actually fled onced o the shooting began and was arrested at a nearby shopping center. he is being questioned byinques police. poli it is believed the twohe suspects are brothers. a fellow... fellow policelow officers said jacai had a had smile that could light up a cldl room and said that he was ahe w good friend and a good police officer. chief hank stawinski said thatkt the community has lost one oflof its defenders. def live in palmer park, i'm par i melanie alnwick, fox5 localocal news. >> as you can imagine reactionac is pouring in about thisou incident on our faceboorik pagep donny wrote just awful. se
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thank you officer colson for for making pg county safer. saf i'll be praying for yourng f family, your brothers andth sisters in blue and everyone evn else that will miss you. denise wilkins said he wasa cleaning up the streetsng up putting his life on the linelinh to make pg a safer place, a true warrior we salute you. >> latest tragedy comes twoomest weeks since another shootinger t in our area targeted law enforcement. last month ashley guindon wasgun shot and killed on her very v first day on the job. j she was laid to rest in herid hometown in massachusetts last week. crystal hamilton the wife of wif the suspected shooter was alsoew killed. two other officers werer officee injured in the shooting,hootin jessie hempen and david mccune. both are still recovering.ecovin officer hempen was releasedse from the hospital last week. ♪ ♪ >> checking our other stopthertp stories this morning, eightng, firefighters were taken to therw hospital after responding to a s three-alarm fire in germantown.rm a townhouse went up in flameswe onnt the 1900 block. b
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this morning.this the entire home collapsed.laed firefighters are expected toxp be okay.y. >> in virginia fairfax county c police are investigating atitina deadly overnight crash.ight cra police say two people wereeoplew killed when their car crashed in the 6,000 block of burke of b commons road in burke. b this happened just beforetef 12:30 this morning. right now burke road is stillros closed. so far no word on a cause. cau there is breaking newsing from the midwest. mwe an amtrak train derailed in kansas overnight just about a four hours ago.fourrs a the train was traveling fromvelf los angeles to chick when atickh least five cars derailed aboutdt 20 miles from dodge city, kansas.nsas there were 128 passengers and 14 crew members on board. b there are reports of numerous nr injuries and patients taken toeo several nearby hospitals.spital we'll of course bring yououbrin updates as we get them. >> ♪ >> we want to get an update ong the weather right now. n i don't need to say it's i don't know to say it rained ii yesterday because we alreadyy be know that.
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so, let's just keep it moving. v >> i believe in our businessur s that's called a recap. recap >> is that what it is? is >> i think. i don't wanthi to gutcher act aa if i know something i don't know. >> so what do we have coming cin up next. n >> there we are. this is the bus stop forecast.o. i like to deal in the future, okay, not so much as the >> 'cause you can can't change't the past. you got to get ready for thehe future. >> unless it's how the pastit's relates to the future.tes to tht we do thatur a little bit init n meteorology. 44 to 50 degrees this morningths for pickup for the kiddos. kid we're not talking aboutki a anything that's even moderateode there may be a shower here or there mainly it's going to bengo cloudy drizzly. dzz there will be fog out, too. t i don't think the fog is goingfg to create too much of a problem.ob doesn't seem to be right now. later after school chilly and dreary, 53 to 57, clouds andlos drizzle pretty much the dealpret there. temperatures out this morning,ei you kind of get a sense of of tf where we are. it's not too cold. t but then again it's not -- n - it's not too mild, either. ehe 49 in town. tn. fredericksburg is 48.
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generally stuck in the 40' ' here's erin como this morningco with a look at your mondayonday morning commute.mute >> on-time traffic brought torot you by toyota.oyota. visit buy a fora.m special offers. >> we're dealing with problemslg around the area. a montgomery county policeme activity middlebrook road m eastbound is shut down atidist o wearing station road.d. germantown road is the best thes bet to access 270 south thisou t morning. then as you head out in fairfax burke center burketer be common road remains shut downd e both directions for accident aid investigation north of burkeatib center you'll need to detour aroundd that one. loudoun county in leesburg,eesb leesburg pike right now seven ns west shut down.ow crash investigation at augusta drive. detour at lakeland drive. we'll take a live look next.lo n that's your traffic. >> ♪>> >> coming up a deadly d explosion in turkey's ury' capitol. the strong message the mesge t nation's president has foror those responsible.. >> but first the clock is firstc ticking ahead of this week's big primary vote. how candidates are rallying rlyn last minute support. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> republicans may have one last shot at taking downcat donald trump during tomorrowat's primaries. >> but the donald is fighting ft back at his critics. kelly write has the latest one a the race for the white house.teu >> reporter: republicans and rls democrats are going after donald trump with the next big g round of primaries tomorrowom for what is being called
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tuesday two.y wo senator ted cruz attacked thekee donald for his wealth butut still plans to support him ifup he is the nominee. nom >> donald trump is the system. s donald trump is donald trump is big and instead the answer is to t support a candidate who willl stand with the hard working taxpayers. >> reporter: senator bernier: s sanders condemning trump for encouraging violence at his rallies. >> a candidate who for president of the united states should condemn violence. [cheers and applause] not encourage violence. vioe >> reporter: but donald trump gave credit to himself hse for canceling his rally inisally chicago. due to a protest outside the venue. >> we had to make this we want peace. wan we want happiness.appi we want everybody to go home really happy, really peaceful. u so we said you know what we'll
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was a very wise decision. dec >> reporter: ohio governoro oveo john kasich has also a criticized trump for theiciz violence at his rallies and rals says he plans to win his home hh state with a positive campaign message.messag >> we've got have positive solutions in this country.on we can't bes running aroundnina yelling at one another. another. >> reporter: five states are up for big grabs tomorrow andomo with more than 350 delegateselet at stake, this could be theth cu last chance for republicans too try and stop trump. tmp in new york, kelly wright foxrit news. ne >> breaking news out of the midwest where an amtrak trainmta derailed overnight. plus, we're continuing to'ri follow the tragedy right hereigh at home as the prince george'ses county police department pol mourns the loss of one of its own shot and killed ons the job. job. gary. >> thanks a lot.>> thank listen, there's a little bit of fog out this morning. mni in some cases visibility hasibil been reduced but it doesn't appear to be too big a deal. dea the lowest here we're seeingreee is right around 2 miles but milb just keep in mind
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spots out there could be areoule little bit thicker with theithhe a lot of drizzle, too.rizz little dreary today.little dre we'll talk about it.ut full forecast is coming up. do stay with us.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> back now at 5:14. we have pictures in from theur breaking news in kansas. ksa an amtrak train that derailed overnight.ov five cars flipped on theirhe sides when the train left the te tracks. this is about 20 miles west of dodge city, hospitals are treating sever
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of the 128 passengers and 14 a crew members.ew members it is unclear right now how severe those injuries are andiee just how many people are hurt. >> developing closer to home a prince george's county policerg officer gunned down right outside of police headquarters. police say officer jacai colson was shot yesterday y afternoon around 4:30.:3 he was an undercover agent inr t the narcotics division.ion. now, the two suspects are in ari police custody. officer colson would have celebrated his 29th birthdayday this week. >> ♪ >> well, you know, you can just see the pictures of the traffic out there this t morning. right now it's moving prettyinpt good thank goodness.dn erin is going to be in with an h update on that but with the drizzle this morning and the fog out there, no doubt onceo do we get more volume going,oi temperatures staying in theuresa 40's and the 50's today. tay it's just going to look and be dreary on and off your entirean morning commute and yourg commun evening commute as well.ut w reagan national's 49 degreesgres dulles 47. bwi
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48 degrees. deges most places this morning areorna mid to upper 40's, okay. look, here's the deal byy midweek. until we get to midweek, we're,e going to have drizzle, cloudy conditions but this represents wednesday here.we we will be mild, even possibly warm. we're flirting with are wefl going to go the upper 70's ons o wednesday or will we stay w s lower to mid 70's on wednesday? right now we're rie going to keep it lower to midowm 70's. there could be a little aittl thundershower here,, too onwe wednesday ahead of the nextex front.fron as this front comes throughomes cooler conditions will bes wi coming on in late week and through the weekend as well. wl. not cold but definitely cooler. now, there's going to be some chilly mornings in the wake w that of next couple of days drizzlezzle today, 55 degrees for a high. hg the best we're going to be to able to do. optimistically maybe we get a little sunshine tomorrow afternoon late before the sunfos sets.sets. otherwise, it will be cloudy c and drizzly.andri temperature will be a littlewili warmer than where we are today d
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colder air will start to break down tomorrow and that should allow us to get into the 60's. ' showers moving on.g on. we're left with drizzle in places. the bigger picture here showse h most of that rain is moving up to the north and to the northeast. again, we still have a chanceil for showers around here, here, thunderstorms deeper end ofr the deep south andnd southeastern states so drizzle today, occasional shower movesio through. winds will be northeast at b about 10 miles per hour. that kind of reinforces the clouds and the drizzle sorizz temperatures today onlyeratur getting up to about 55 degrees obviously cool.oo 63 tomorrow. 63 tomor we're lower to mid 70's on wednesday.wednday. and we could have some showersse and some thunderstorms.eror little jumping leprechaun onauno thursday temperature of 65.perao we cool off a little bit going g into the weekend.into here's erin. >> 5:17. let's take a look at what thatkt drizzle is doing to the roads.ea right now moving my hand out hau of the way sorry about that.ha 66 eastbound volume isumes definitely increasing at sudly
5:18 am it's rainy commute. cmu still moving along without any bigger delays that should tha shape up in a little whiletl w this morning.. 95 northbound is starting tota back up through dale city. nothing atypical there.he we'll take a look right now atow our maps.r we're dealing with a fewdealin issues that could slow yould down this morning.dohi in fairfax burke commons road closed north of burke centerr parkway for an accidentn aid investigation. in loudoun out in leesburg,g, leesburg pike seven westve w closed way crash investigationes at augusta they're detouring you aturin you lakeland drive. watch for extra traffic there. e police activity right nowct montgomery county.ntgo this could cause some problemsse this morning. middlebrook road eastboundtb closed at wearing stationweng si road. if you're trying to get to to 270 south use 118 germantownernw that will save you some timee this morning. 270 looking good on thed southbound grab your umbrella and packac your patience this it could turn into a roughgh ride. back to you. >> thanks erin. appreciate it. tprec right now it is 5:18 and8 ad we want to go ahead and check ce on some of the other tp
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stories that we're followingatrf so for that we'll head to hd maureen in our news room. news r >> all right holly we begin in i louisiana and mississippiss where evacuations are undernder way. heavy downpours createded widespread flooding and at least four deaths have been dea reported in louisiana. in 10 nd heavy rains breached a levy and flood warnings are in effect across then tire tn region. out west, residents are looking forward to drierg rw weather today after a stormaf s brought strong winds heavyt st n rain and even snow to california. officials warn beachgoersrn b about high surf along thegh sntral and southern coast. over the last sothree daysre northern california has seena hs more than 7-inches of rain.ain. now over to new york where e the search has been called off o for the third crew member whoebe went missing after a tugboatug crashed into a barge on the a hudson river.dson r. happened saturday morning near the tappan zee bridge.ri the tugboat ran into aannt construction barge andtr immediatelucy started to sync.yn nearly two dozen workers werersr on that barge when it was hitrga but no one was hurt. divers believe the body of aelie third crew member may be hidden in a section of thef boat that was severelyy damaged.damage the death toll is climbinghg from that deadly car bomb b
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weekend.week 34 people are now reported repte dead and 125 others wounded. wou the blast rocked the capitolthe of ankara. ankar a car load with explosives expls blew up in a bus stop in thep ie city's main square an area are close to government offices. official believe kurdishal militants carried out thatca suicide attack.ide attac they say one of the bombers what i was woman. and more bloodsheded overseas. al-qaeda has claimed-qae responsibility for the death of at least 16 people gunnedpl down at a beach resource in the ivory coast. 14 civilians and two security sr forces were killed along withngw six attackers. attackers. there are no indications ofndics any americans were among themont victims. this is the third attack on a tourist center in west africaic since november. that is a look at some ofa the otherlo stories we're following this morning. mor let's sends it back to youit bau hole and wisdom.ho >> thank you. have you filled out your out brackets yet? coming up the march madness teams are set. we'll take a look at some oft so the matchups straight >> still doing my rpsesearch.esc >> okay. >> later though allergy aer sufferers you may be in for abea long haul.l. why t
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news for f stay with us. we're back after this.
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>> 5:23 is our time. the ncaa tournament field isfi seven. let's take a look at our a brackets. virginia lost the acc championship but it doesn'tship matter because they're theec the number one seed and they getne n to take on in state foe theoe t allison seymours from hampton university. maryland terps they
5:24 am
jackrabbits of south dakota dota state and travel 2400 miles to4i spokane for the first roundst r of that round. r the ncaa is looking into how its tournament bracket wasent leaked online before it was unveiled during cbs's selection sunday show. the leak happened about halfway through the network's two-hour special. special let's talk a little baseballeebl now. after nine inning the natsghe nt ended up in a four-four tiefour with the cardinals. cardinals. max scherzer had a solid outing aloud one run two hits th over four innings.nn he struck out five batters inats his third spring start.hithir now the nats started off with ow four straight hits including ili bryce harper's rbi ryan zimmerman hit a rbi rbi single in his spring debut. d joe roth will make his third h t spring start when the nats host the astros this afternoo afternoon. >> ♪ >> it looks so nice and warmar down there yesterday during that game. listen, here's where we ares whe this morning for the kiddos atnk the bus stop. you
5:25 am
jacket or an umbrella wouldwo not be bad this morning. morni i think woar mainly drizzlewo during the morning we'll have a shower from timer e to time moving through latemo this afternoon i think itvi i tt really is just clouds andloudsn some drizzle. temperatures later today stillur on the chillesy side. 53 to 57 degrees. 57 degree look where we're starting offtao this morning? temperaturesempeu generally speaking are in the 40's.40 there is a couple of 50's on0' the map here. quantico 50. cross over onto the easterner shore cambridge lowe or 50's, stevensville 50 degrees butut again most of us are just inst n the mid to upper 40's. 40' rain has moved on. drizzle in place now. and it will continue with uswitu through the morning hours intori the afternoon and the eveninghei commute so we have drizzle forhe the morning commute, drizzleeri or even some showers possible p by later on this afternoon ander this evening. so, we're just going stay this way until this cool air wedgeir starts to break down whichtsk will probably be not untilil late tomorrow into wednesday. wy we'll talk more about that.boutt full forecast is coming up in cp just a few
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let's talk now. we'll toss it over to erin como, see what she has for us fr on this monday morning. mning >> i have rainy roads right roar now taking a look 270 volumeolum definitely get an early start fromtartro frederick as you make your way down towards the spur you'llpurl hit some stop-and-go trafficto especially around father hadr your leap northbound side quiet.e you can see that shine from fro the rain at good month, to, take it slow. it s top of the beltway normalof t volume building out between 95uw and georgia avenue on thee on t outer loop. we'll go ahead and take a looke at our maps right now. n police activity as well ince a montgomery county middlebrook c road eastbound closeoud at wearing station road.wear you want to take germantown road to access 270 south. s i know that's a busy routey this time of morning so factorni in extra time. extra tim leesburg pike seven weste ven w remains closed with a crash investigation at augustastigat drive. they're detouring traffic attogr lakeland drive so give yourself a fendw extra minutes. mi burke centers burke commonsommo road closed both directionssed north of burke center parkway pw for an accident investigation.n. as you make your way into thee o district for your morningou m commute right now things onhings our secondaries starting to
5:27 am
increase traffic on thosen usual spots northwest sectionsti of the district wisconsin w massachusetts connecticut butone we're not seeing any major major your traffic on the way to theno airport bwi reagan national and dulles looking good. g moving nfl stafford but you dotu hit volume once you hit dale city 95 northbound.orthbo back to you holly maureen and wisdom. ♪ ♪ >> ahead at 5:30, heartbreak and outrage plague the princera george's county policegenty po department as it mourns lossment of an officer shot and killed kd in what's being described ased an ambush attack. a the very latest next in a livee report. >> ♪ >> plus gary is back with agaryw check of your rainy mondaynyon morning forecast and erin of course will talk about how itt looks like on the roads on this monday. stay with us. 5:27 is our time right now.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> the community needs to knowni that one ofty your defenders has been lost: this is truly a dark day in prince george's county. >> for the second time in less than a month our region is mourning the loss of a police ac officer shot and killed in thein line of duty. d good morning at 5:30 on this thi monday march 14. 1 we'll bring you more on theg yo death ofu that officer ambushed in prince george's county inge just a few >> but f airst there are severae breaking stories that we wantwew to tell you about. happened while you slept.le you. >> we're going to begin in goine montgomery county where eighthee firefighters have gone to the hospital after responding to aes three-alarm fire inire i germantown. take a look at this a townhouse in
5:31 am
was destroyed by the fire. f it was first reported aroundd 1:00 this morning.s morning the entire home collapsed.ed. we're told one of thed firefighter has a seriouss a er injury but that all arell a expected to be okay. to >> and in the midwest there ist breaking news from kansas. ksa an amtrak train derailed there overnight.overnigh five cars flipped onto their t sides when the train left the ta tracks. this happened about 20 milesles west of dodge city, kansas.ty,an that was just after midnight central time there are reports r of numerous injuries andnjan patients taken to several nearby hospitals. h we'll of course bring you updates as we get them.m. >> want to take you back nowe yo to the tragedy closer to home. h the prince george's countyin police officer -- cedepartmentpt rather mourning the loss of ang officer short and killed ond ki the job. >> 28-year-old jacai colson was gunned down outside ofown oo police headquarters.ce he would have turned 29 thisrned week.week >> fox5's melanie alnwick ismeli livee outside of policede of po headquarters with more.or mel. >> reporter:. >> reporter: good morning,r: guys. yeah, so we weren't able to actually get to police headquarters. we
5:32 am
police headquarters just aea little ways down thedq road. r all blocked off. still an active crime scene even at this hour. and the ambush happened outside the front doors of thee district iii station which isfr attached to police headquarters. chief hank stawinski said last night that it was ann unprovoked attack and thatk d officer colson was actually actl able to return fire before he died. di police officers last nighticer from around the county gathered outside prince george's hospital center tocento honor officer colson.ol they joined hands and prayednd p as they learned that he did not survive and as the night darkened, 28-year-old jacaild j colson had been on the force t f for four years.for four y he was an undercover narcotics detective.tect we were told yesterday that hees was not in uniform. ufo the ambush began around 4:30 4 in the afternoon. afterno it was a chaotic scene.cene. police say one suspect walked up to the front of the district iii station and started firing his gun.un several officers including iludi colson then rushed out to the
5:33 am
gun fight. >> one of the officers who was engaged took jacai and brought o him to this facility where hecie was pronounced dead. >> jacai will an infectious smile. he lit up a room.he he was a tremendouss personality that made everybody smile and wanted tosml be everything to everybody. that was a police officer. he was a real cop's cop cop. he didn't shy weigh from any calls, never shirked hisis responsibility. >> reporter: now the suspect n as we told you was also a wounded in this also taken to tn prince george's hospitalce center and is expected g to survive a second suspectondct police say fled the scene whencw the shooting began.. that second suspect located atea a shopping center and arrestedrr not too far away and isr awayndi currently being questioned by police. it is believed that these twohe suspects are
5:34 am
we heard last night chief hang stawinski saying the community i has lost one of its also at that press conference county executive rushern baker and brooks pledging everygi e resource to bring this case to e closure and to give the princeei george's county policeornt department whatever it needshatt to allow it to heal. to h live in palmer park, i'm pk, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news.. >> maryland governor larryver hogan also expressing hiso exesi condolences saying in part theya first lady and i send our o sincere prayers to the family te and loved ones of officerf colson who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to his t fellow citizens and community.ty it is my hope that his proud legacy of commitment and passion for law enforcementw ene and serving others will provide some comfort in thert i difficult days that lie ahead. >> ♪ >> checking our other topg ou stories now, a man accused of of killing a woodbridge highridghih school student is expected toedo appear in court for sentencing today.da smalls i
5:35 am
16-year-old brendan wilson. police say smalls' sister s lured wilson by saying shewi wanted tols buy some pot but itt was all part of a plot to rob him l wilson reached in his his pockets smalls shot hims smalho multiple >> four other people including i smalls' sister and brother are also charged in wilson's death. >> a suspicious man has beenn approaching children in chevy i chase questioning them abouthemo nearby schools. montgomery county police say cou at least three incidents werencr reported this past friday. fda the man is described as being sb in his 50's or 60's with darkar skin, gray hair, wearing a baseball cap and speaking with an he was seen driving a bluishlu green hatchback similar to aar mazda five. you're asked to contact police l if you have any information. >> ♪>> >> 5:35 is our time right now rt and i feel like we should beou b playing rainy days and mondays always get me down. d >> karen carpenter.. >> yes, nailed it. >> got you. had to go back
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>> we don't prep for this't people. it just couples out.uples o >> it just shows our age, that a that's what that just did.ust >> no, it shows our range.ur ran >> very good. i like how you think.hink >> shows our range. ran >> there you go.o. >> 49 degrees here in thehe city. gaithersburg is going to be -- n well, it's 46 right now. now mostly speaking temperaturespers are in the 50's today.od i'm sorry, 40's. 4 we're in the 50's when we warm r up just a little bit todaye bitd with all the clouds and clos showers around. aund. listen, rain is lifting o that doesn't mean there's not nt a little light shower aroundgh but main. it's just drizzle left overve this morning it probably will i be for the next severat l hours. we could have a passing showerng otherwise clouds, drizzle andrie it's just going to stay cooltayo out there and rather raw, too. 53 baltimore, 55 here in townert a couple of spots down to then t south getting close to 60 degrees but i really r beliefy he just aboutbo everybody stays in the 50's. here's erin como on this thi monday morning. >> 5:36 right now. n we are tracking breaking if you're taking metro this morning, fire
5:37 am
activity has the orange and and blueline closed at mcphersonon also because of that firehae activity and closure at mcpherson square the silverhe se line is only operating betweenwe wiehle-reston east andas ballston. plan ahead if metro is your is u form of transportation. metrobus right now service requested.te let's take a look right now rigt police activity has middlebrook road eastboundook rd closed at wearing stationweing a road. you want to take germantowntakew road to access 270 south andso keep in mind 270 south sth starting to see those typical slowdowns.downs. leesburg pike west closed with e a crash investigation attigatioa augusta drive.gudr take lakeland drive to detour around that. now this crash is under under investigation. it was app double fatal x burke center burke commons road closed right now for that t investigation north of burke o center parkway so please be p aware of that as you head out this morning. more traffic in just at few. >> ♪ >> straight ahead new concernscs over the zika virus this v t morning as experts fear how how quickly it's
5:38 am
winter is bad news for all you allergy sufferers out there.s o. we'll have the details next int today's health watch. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> in today's health watch a new warning about zika virus.ab exziperts say it is adapting to new environments.enviro they say it is jumping across continents.
5:41 am
zika can breed in car tires c t tin cans dog bowls andd cemetery flower vases. v one research says the best way t to combat the virus is through genetic methods within themeth months key quito but so far no n break through has happened.ned. while most of us enjoyed a mild winter except for thatceptr two plus feet of snow we had allergy sufferers are payingsuff the price. warmer weather means hay fever is already flaring up because plants and trees are starting s to pollinate. experts say it is still tooill soon to tell just how bad thishs allergy season will be.lle. but with the first signs of allergies they recommendies th starting your antihistamineih regimen now.gime and new studies show there is a link between lack of sleep and cancer. researchers say the body b produces a hormone calledne c melatonin to promote continued u sleep. when levels of melatonin decrease the body produces t more estrogen which is known ashe a risk factor for breastors cancer. researchers say lack of sleepsak also increases the risk of prostate cancerly they say men
5:42 am
with severe sleep problems are a three times as likely too develop cancer as men who getho sufficient sleep. >> all right, 5:41 is thes the time.time 5:42 is the time right now. now. metro making changes when itng w can comes to your smart trip sri card. details just ahead.tails >> plus if you're feeling a bit tired this morning. no need to why you shou nldn't feel guiltyu about a midafternoon nap today. today. gary. >> that's every day, right. >> yup. today won'tod won be budging much from where frome they are now.ow we're talking lower toero mid-50's.mid-50's. that's because we have cloudsse and drizzle.d dr winds from the northeast andeasa this time of clear to alwayse keeps us a little on theof a chilly side. sid we'll have your complete forecast seven day and all that good stuff. it's coming up after the break. stay with us.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> we're back now at 5:45 onre o this monday morning and developing in prince george's i county, police say officer jacai colson was gunned downd dw right outside policerie headquarters. happened yesterday afternoonte around 4:30. 4:3 two suspects are in police custody. officer colson was ancuoffice undercover agent in the narcotics division.ivis he would have celebrated his 29th birthday just this week. >> ♪> >> monday morning, welcomeda back. it's a little bit foggy o it's not too bad, though.ho we have drizzle in place now. nw the roadways are slipperypp with, you know, all that lighthl drizzle going on.going road spray, too. t so, just keep that in mindhat this morning as you're goingoueo into work or school, whereverl,w
5:46 am
you're commuting to.u're listen, here's visibility. visil keeping an eye on the en visibilities this morning.bili not too terribly bad. bad. leonardtown has come down ton below 2 miles. miles. we're not bad here in thenot ba city.d that's not a problem. gaithersburg 4 miles -- 4-mile visibility. that's not a problem. winchester you'rote down to two. martinsburg two and a half.two . i think there will be a littletr bit of fog out more than anything the ceilings are fairly low, you've got theow clouds and the drizzle so justlo watch out for that. visibility may be compromisedomm in places. places. temperatures are holding nearly steady this 49 for reagan national.nal. dulles 47.dues 4 bwi marshall is 48. 4 these have not changed this cha morning. the deal on today, 55 drizzly dy with some clouds.lo there could be a passingercoul shower, we're a little warmer tomorrow. the wedge is going to breake is down a little bit more. littl that basically means the northeasterly winds coming in,n, the cooler air wedges up aired against the mountains kind ofund gets stuck with the milder airde running over top of that, creates the perfect situation for drizzle and some showers.hoe we've had that. rain is moving through theving h larger p
5:47 am
the rain is well up to the north and northeast of o we will have some showerse s continue to come across from aom time to time today.oday. mainly passing otherwise, we're talking aboutng just clouds and drizzle in place. futurecast i think nails thatlsa nicely. we're again not -- it doesn't de show much but keeps us firmly f in the clouds and the drizzle.ri later this evening and intothis tomorrow morning perhaps a fewni more showers coming on across.s. it does look like tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening this wedge breaks down just ageb little bit, the winds begin toth shift and lighten up from theom northeast.nortt. so, we he could get a littlehe g bit of sunshine and drier der conditions by tomorrowomor afternoon and tomorrow tomorro evening. it's not a sometimes when you get these -- this wedge situation in place, it's really hard to hr break down.eak d it will break down by tomorrow w night going into wednesday,, though. drizzle conditions at 8:008:00 a.m. a. a few showers around passing by. when there's not showers,howe there will just be -- it will wl just be
5:48 am
okay. temperatures will be lower to lo mid-50's throughout the day.outh little warmer tomorrow. tor the drizzle and showers will continue, 63 degrees. 6 hopefully a little sunshine bylh late in the once the wedge breaks down we'll bring in some milderin air, almost warm on wednesday,nd 74. 74 we could have a thunderstorm,e s too. back to clouds and showers on mostly sunny on friday.friy. cooler this weekend,ke temperatures will be in the 50's. 50 erin como, your turn.ou turn. >> we have breaking news garyins at if you are taking metro you'llou want to pay attention. earlier cable fire resulted in d smoke in the tunnel so right now fire department activityartc mcpherson square is io that is affecting the orangerang and blue lines so watch outat o for that this morning.or more information on that for tha you. we do have some great tweetseat from metro. orange blue silver linelver l service suspended between betwen foggy bottom and federal f center southwest due to fire du activity near mcpherson customers traveling from from fo virginia to d.c. should sho consider the yellow line. lin transfer to the red line ate at
5:49 am
again they're letting you know o that the blue and orange and ora trains are turning back at federal center southwest and foggy bottom. no service through downtown.ough silver is turn around atund ballston. again the fire at mcpherson mcp square is affecting the bluee orange and silver lines this morning. we will continue to keep you updated on that one here at h fox5 but it could be a verye a r messy morning for metro riders r on those lines. lin police activity right nowly inti montgomery county moving over c to a look at our roads.ouook urr middlebrook road eastbound eas closed at wearing stationng s road. you can take germantown roadnt to access 270. 270 south dealing with a lota lo of congestion this morning. mor leesburg pike out in loudoun county right now westbound wes side of seven closed withit crash investigation at augustaou drive. they're detouring you at you lakeland drive. in burke center in fairfax f this was the scene of an of a earlier double fatal crash. it's under investigation.nvesti. burke commons road remainse comn shut down north of burke obu center parkway. par we'll let you know, we'll keep e you updated on all thatha breaking news.
5:50 am
>> a heads up for commuters in prince george's county.ce get ready for major g delays. d mdot has temporarily closed lanes on the outer loop bridge over ritchie marlboro road. roa the closures will allow crewsowc to repair the bridge's bdg concrete deck. weather permitting travel lanes should reopen by 5:00eon y a.m. on friday. f >> metro set to unveil its new select pass this week.theek. riders can pay a flat fee for unlimited travel a month in monh advance but the select passect p has some limitations.itio it's geared towards riders whor have short commute on the srt c train. now, if you spend 81 bucks the s select pass will cover tripsllor that cost up to $2.25 a ride. $135 a month will cover tripscoe up to $3.75 each way. way and speaking of changes for f metro its transit police officers are getting acers are g complete makeover. make check it out.eck itut starting this summer they'llthel be wearing brighter more visible uniforms.niforms. the neon color with reflective v trim will make officers easier
5:51 am
right now they wear navy blue.l. >> several police officersal recovering this morning afterhi a chain reaction crash thissh t weekends in alexandria.en it happened saturday nightay n along 39 virginia state police say a sta woman had stopped her car in hec the northbound lane around the t same time several metroime transit police cars weret ce c responding to an emergency eme call.ll the police car swerved to s avoid hitting that woman's car but two vehicles did collide. ci a third police vehicle ran offce the road and hit a jersey jersey wall.wall the officers are expected to be okay. o >> a new report is offering insight into a doomed germaninme flight. now you may recall this. t. last year 27-year-old pilot andreas lubitz deliberatelyy new germanwings flight 9525 fli5 into the french alps killing all 150 people on board.rd now two weeks before that crash a doctor recommend theycom had lubitz be committed to amita psychiatric hospital.psyc but the doctor did not warn didt the the report wants new rulesew rus requiring doctors to warnrs to r authorities about a pilot's mental health. health. [speaking foreign language]re >> this is why i thinkig
5:52 am
more specific clear regulations are necessary to are explain when doctors could bersd required to break secretbr medical records to preserve public security particularly when pilots or people areots eo carrying passengers. >> the report also recommendso n more regular evaluations oful ea pilots with a history off mental illness. illne >> the alaska man accused of intentionally ramming his snow s mobile into two iditarod teamsms appeared in court yesterday. he faces charges for driving d 100 miles an hour into two dogtg sled teams. now the incident happenedd saturday.ay. an alaska news station said he admitted hey blacked out blacket drunk. witnesses say he tried to plowrw into the teams several times. ta one of the dogs died at thehe scenat d theand at least two ote injured are. >> a bald eagle getting aetti second chance at life theree tongs sheriff's deputies. terif dedeputies arrived in a wooded w area and found the eagle t e entangled in a workers with the department oftd natural resouce
5:53 am
private wildlife rescue groupes left hand out the deputies.d ou the deputies caught the eaglehee while the others freed it from the cord. before releasing it back intoac the wild. >> thanks to daylight savings time many of you are waking up a little tired after losing anfr hour of sleep. >> all right. and now some states actually want to put an tend to daylight savings time.da we're talking about 13yl statess that are considering billsills wanting to change daylight saving time but there's no consensus as to how they're hhe going to do this.s. want to establish permanenterma standard time.rd time. the other half wants to create permanent daylight saving daylit glime which would you p psychiatric do you want eastern standard time or eastern daylight savings time?da >> we should do a questionshouls about that.t >> you should.ou >> that was the real question. . >> it's a bill -- if that bill l does pass the state could joinn hawaii and most of arizona inri choosing not to observe daylight saving time at v >> indiana also doesn't als observe it. >> parts of it.>> >> yeah, that's right, partsh, i of it. >> not the whole state.ta >> i like t
5:54 am
the summer you know what i kw wh mean. >> that's true. that' >> but when you lose that hour of sleep. >> it's okay.>>s we're always tired so does it really matter? >> welcome to our worldco to people. if you're a bit more tired mored this morning we have good newsng to share because today isecauses national napping today. we're not kidding here.e no studies have actually shown s the napping type but studies have shown -- i don't knowwn what that was supposed to say. studies have shown that short tt 10 to 20 minute naps can can improve your mood and make you e feel more productive. enjoy that nap today.toda we enjoy it every day. we're big believers of naps. >> during your weather forecast that was remarkable.wam >> time for your facebook faneb of the day. and today it is melly. mly she calls herself a fox55 forever fan and says she'she been tuning in since she was aie kid. >> i've been working heree beori since i was a kid. k she adds she lover
5:55 am
in on us via facebook facoo especially when we post our pos live videos. vid we love to hear that.e for your chance to be chae to b tomorrow's fan leave a comment below melly's photo on our o facebook page. >> cool. >> all right.ll r gary mcgrady, you're up to'r bat. >> well, the bus stop this morning kind of weird for theor kids because how do you dress? e do you dress for a warmup? war no, don't do that becausehaec temperatures aren't going toat warm uurp much and if you take t the umbrella, you know, the t fancy rain boots, that's g we're staying drizzly today with some passing showers. doesn't mean that we're goinge to be wet all day long buton it's just -- it's just not going to be too flies out nice o there. won't be as wet as yesterday afternoon and laston d night just so you know. so yo couple of days here where we hew stay in the clouds, the t drizzle, a few showers fromhowem time to time. we're milder on we jump right back up into thebn lower to mid 70's, perhaps aerha few places upper 70's withs wh
5:56 am
saint patrick's day issain thursday, temperaturesuray, t 65 degrees there.65 d then it does look like we'll cool off a little bit going into the weekend, back down, into the 50's. >> all right.>> all rig can i do this real quick? qck patricia hagans watches us faithfully.hf she's a cancer survivor might be going through some tough t times again. wahrnt to shout out to let her know she's a huge good d day d.c. fan, fox5 d.c. fan. patricia keep on fightinghtin lady.dy >> in our hearts you are.n >> all o right. r erin como what's traffic looking like on this monday lont >> 5:56 we'll start you off srt with metro. earlier cable fire underie control. they're working tor clear smoke from the tunnel. the no if you're taking the orange t oa blue or silver line this line morning mcpherson square isare closed so you're going to beng t dealing with some delays some trying to get to work this metro giving out really goodgood information. service suspended betweend et foggy bottom and federal circle -- excuse me, federalse m center southwest due to thatt earlier fire so customersustors traveling from virginia toni d.c. here's what you want t
5:57 am
do this morning. mor consider the yellow line toder l avoid delays. day they're transferring to rede tr line at gallery place. place blue and orange trains are are turning back at federal centerae and then foggy bottom nom no service through downtown. downt silver turning at ballston.lsto we'll keep you updated on thatnt and take a closer look as you continue. 6 o'clock hour coming right up. >> ♪
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a young police officer isficer s gunned down in an ambush-style attack outside of a prince ari george's county policege station.'s this morning how that officer is being remembered and what's next for the two suspects in custody. t >> plus, we have some breaking s news overnight. overnight. a townhouse up in flames inup is germantown.germanto several firefighters injuredight and more than a dozen people p left homeless.el the very latest on that situation coming u >> first though a live look outside on this monday. m it's march 14th, 2016. 201 we'll have weather and traffic a on the 5s at 6:05.:05. good monday to you, i'm i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm wisdom martin inisdo for steve chenevey.evchen welcome to fox5 news morning. m. we're going to start withg to breaking news overnight: veht eight firefighters were takenghe to the hospital after battlingaf a three-alarm fire in a townhouse went up in flames on the 1900 block of o churubusco lane. it was reported around 1:00und 0 this morning.thisning. the home claps the firefighters are expected ee to be okay but due to the t t damage three families, a total of 18 people have been displaced. >> northern virginia nown police in fairfax county areouy


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