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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a young police officer isficer s gunned down in an ambush-style attack outside of a prince ari george's county policege station.'s this morning how that officer is being remembered and what's next for the two suspects in custody. t >> plus, we have some breaking s news overnight. overnight. a townhouse up in flames inup is germantown.germanto several firefighters injuredight and more than a dozen people p left homeless.el the very latest on that situation coming u >> first though a live look outside on this monday. m it's march 14th, 2016. 201 we'll have weather and traffic a on the 5s at 6:05.:05. good monday to you, i'm i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm wisdom martin inisdo for steve chenevey.evchen welcome to fox5 news morning. m. we're going to start withg to breaking news overnight: veht eight firefighters were takenghe to the hospital after battlingaf a three-alarm fire in a townhouse went up in flames on the 1900 block of o churubusco lane. it was reported around 1:00und 0 this morning.thisning. the home claps the firefighters are expected ee to be okay but due to the t t damage three families, a total of 18 people have been displaced. >> northern virginia nown police in fairfax county areouy
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accident that claimed twoim two me in their mid mid to late 20's were killed.led. a third passenger in the backern seat survived.seatvive this happened on the 6,000 block of book commons road just before 12:30 thiss morning. police suspect that alcoholctha and wet roads contributed.ibed >> heading to the midwest nowo t 11 people are hospitalizedpitali after a train derailed just jus hours ago in kansas. ksas. amtrak officials say the trainrn was traveling from la t.o.a.o. chicago early this morningthisni when it went off the tracksra just after now it happened in southwestwest kansas 20 miles from dodgedge officials say five train carsinr flipped over.dve 128 passengers and 14 crew 14 cr members were on board at the time. >> and breaking news frominws f metro.o. it's impacting the orangehera silver and blue lines. lines service suspended between betwe foggy bottom and federaler center as crews try to clear cle smoke from the system in thatm n area. there was a cable fire.le fir it caused smoke in the nobody was hurt.dy hur no word right now on whennow onn service may be restored ind in that area. are >> now let's talk abut
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developing story in prince in george's an officer gunned down rightunne outside of policeid headquarters. >> just 28 years old.28 fox5's melanie alnwick is y live in palmer park with theark latest now. melanie, good morning.e, >> reporter: good morning, g allison, yes, still very muchuch an active crime scene here inner palmer can can't even get to theo t front of police headquartersol which is maybe a block or twoic down the road here. we're a bhe on barlowe road.owo. you can see it's still blockeded off. f. the ambush happened right outside the front doors of the e district iii station which is attached to policelice headquarters. last night chief hankig stawinski said it was an ambush ahtttack unprovoked andnd that officer jacai colson was able to return fire before hehe died.ed. now, last night officers from o around the county gathered outside prince george's hospital center to honoron officer colson.n. they joined hands and prayed as the night darkened. 28-year-old jacai colson a colna philadelphia native had beenia n on the force for four years. yes he was an undercover narcotics s detective and was not inivand uniform sunday. sun the ambush began aroundroun 4:
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it was a chaotic scene by all bl accounts. police say one suspect opened fire outside the station and a several officers including idi colson rushed to the gun fight. >> one of the officers who was engaged took jacai, put him in m the back of a cruiser and brought him to this facilitym where he wasto pronounced dead.d >> jacai will an infectiouss smile. he lit up a room. lit he was a tremendousous personality that madead everybody smile and wanted toe be everything to everybody.veryo he was a police officer whoho was a real cop's cop. cop. he didn't shy away from any calls.lls. he never shirked his responsibility. >> reporter: and again,te everyone has said tr:hat it wast a dark day and will continue coi to be some dark days ahead for f prince george's county and the members of its police forceor and police forces around thehe region knowing that we're only
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from mourning the death of of officer ashley guindon inn prince william county. the governor larry hogan has ordered flags in the state to fly at half-staff. live in palmer park, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local locl news. news. >> all right, melanie thanklanie you. well, the community is understandably shaken and outraged over this brazen attack. attack. >> this morning we're learningge a little more about the two suspects in custody.n custy. fox5's bob barnard is liverd in prince george's county withoe that part of the story. bob, good morning.rnin >> reporter: hey, allison, wisdom, good morning to you.o 13 and a half hours later, the e two suspects have still not been identified by princey ce george's county police. cy we believe one of them, thehe shooter, the killer, is stillti here being treated at prince atr george's hospital center. hos as you mentioned he wased he was wounded in the ambush attack.mbt the other was arrested a short time later at a popeyes not far from the police headquarters in the district in iii substation.s now, a woman who came here toero
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our crew here that it was her h two nephews, two brothers who are the suspects.uspes. the washington post is confirming that and naming namin them. we have not been able to confirm the identities so weden are not sharing those names with you, but this woman saidoms it was her two brothers, thatert they were innocent but thatutha they were the ones being bei charged or at least accused of f this attack. att last night here at the hospital center with the fatally wounded officer insidene and the suspect in custody,dy the prince george's county states attorney angelo also ao o so brooks also spoke to reporters.s. >> so, today we witnesseditneed again another horrific act of evil and this is an act of cowardice a new low in executing defenders of this o ti community. jacai was important to hisan family, he's important to thiso entire we have another
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who is without her son and fornd that we are deeply we are deeply sorry. sor this crime is not just a crime i against jacai. j it should be known that murdert is a crime against our entire er community and not only thatnlyha but murder is the highest highe crime against humanity and that's how we will treat it. tat >> reporter: again, thisgain, ts poignant image that melanie man mentioned earlier, officers, ofc here standing hand in hand inhai prayer for jacai colson andso a again, we hope to hear later on confirmation of the suspects.. we believe again one inin i custody talking to police, thei, other here still in the the hospital being treated for hisis gun shot wounds, guys.s. >> bob barnard, thank you veryhy much, bob. >> ♪ >> steve enjoying a monday offg today. >> uh-huh, yes.>> >> so, wisdom hello. hel >> subbing for him. good to be h >> hi, tuck. >> good morning. happy monday. >> yeah, daylight saving timelih a little rough.a >> i think so. >> yeah. >> i think i'm feeling theli effects this morning. morni
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or is it just the explainla maybe it's a combo. a cbo >> the temperatures took aoo slight drop. >> well, i mean, it is marchsch after we got a little slow last week. today is going to be a cool c one, damp, drizzle.e, d we'll keep the drizzle and the showers in the forecast allhe f day.da >> all day. >> yeah, all day. not going to be a heavyh, rain.. just kind of a overcast lightgh drizzle. >> when is it going to be over? getting right to it.t rt >> right. >> maybe w >> really? seriously.r >> oh, yeah, a couple days ofpla this. >> oh, okay. >> 49 in washington. >> all right.>> a >> 50 in annapolis. 50 in annapl i feel like i'm not deliveringir much good news this morning.s o. >> it's okay. oy. you're just the messenger.essen. >> you can see the coolan see cl temperature. mid-50's this afternoon.a clouds, yes, check that off onfn your list. l dampness, yes, and drizzle, yes, all three will beill delivered today with againh aga rainfall amounts expectedte pretty light today.od we had some rain showersinwe overnight that are pushing offui north and east up towardsp t philly this morning wheres morng they're going to get someom pretty good rain.d in. drizzly might be a couple a cou occasional showers.iona 55 your daytime high.ytime high. you know, do you need an
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along but it's not really r going to be terribly heavyy heay rain. ra it will be cool, c might want a jacket. jt. >> yeah, it was a littleh,was chilly. i wasn't ready for that. r f >> seven day we do haveav sunshine. we got 70's on the seven day. we've got saint patrick's dayin to talk about, so there's aere' lot going on.lot >> it gets better. bet >> it gets better. bet >> you know what i always say? >> what. >> you have to go through it to get to it. >> that's what i always say,, ia too just not so eloquent.o equen good morning erin.good morning i >> good morning. g lots of traffic to get otr through. i'm not going to blame youla you cantory's fork but the rain isrt not helping anything.thing. 270 a crash at 85. 8 montgomery county more crashh activity 355 frederick road north closed.losed. a crash at watkins mill road. please use caution as you headai out around that area as well wel as montgomery county. fairfax burke center the location of an earlier doubleoue fatal crash. crash. there was an investigation and v the road has traffic once again gettingetti through burke commons roadrk north of burke center parkway. as you makee your way out onn leesburg pike there's are's closure seven crash
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drive. detouring you at lake landsake s heads up for metro. if you're taking the orange, org blue or silver line because ofb an earlier cable fire, now no n injuries but they're still s clearing smoke there is no t is service at mcpherson squareon sr for the blue orange and silver lines. line what this means for yours me morning commute if you'rete iour taking metro from foggy bottom t they are shuttle busing. bin the buses are in place andlace they're out there if you needere to get through because right r now between mcpherson squareon u there is no train traffic because they need to get thattoa smoke cleared out of thed of t tunnel. tunnel so just keep in mind orange, ora blue and silver line service suspended between foggy foggy bottom, that's where you have to exit and federal center cente southwest.southw fire department is at thaten location. lo we'll let you know when thingskw are moving again but those shuttle buses could definitely add some extra time to yourtoou morning commute.morning we'll keep youco updated.ated back to you, allison andon a wisdom. wi >> still ahead new detailsew d about that deadly terroryer attack in turkey.ur >> plus a pedestrian -- excuse me the presidential candidates crisscrossing five statesssing i today ahead of what's bein
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>> al-qaeda claiming>> responsibility for a terrorbi attack on a beaclih resort on rs the ivory coast popular withulah both locals and tourists.ocalan at least 14 people and twoeopled security forces were killed. kle no indication any americansicato were killed or injured.led or i this is the third attack on a tourist hot spot in west africa since november. >> ♪ >> turning now to politics. polt the republican presidentialpubl candidates are pulling out allre the stops. mitt romney is joining ohio oo governor john kasich in the buckeye state today.e he's running neck and neckng with donald trump there. don trump says if he wins ohio wins he's going to run the table. and in florida senator marcoco rubio's home state has dropped d to third -- he's dropped to droo third in recent both ohio and florida arire winner take all. voters in illinois missourisisso and north carolina will also wl
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over the weekend rubio picked r up a win in and senator ted cruz the cz winner in wyoming. wyo on the democratic side hillary clinton is leadingis lea senator bernie sanders in all five of those states billed as super tuesday two.ue the closest battle is in illinois where clinton leadson s sanders by just six percentage points. points. last night both of that manyht took part in another town hall a and this time in columbuss ohio. oh the big topic who is more cape pal of defeating donald trump. t >> virtually not all but all virtually all of those polls, the margin -- my margin overve trump is wider than secretary clinton's. >> i believe there i will have an opportunity to really focus in on how dangerous a donald trump presidency would be for our standing, for our safety,aft fo
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i think we can be successful suu doing that. >> clinton also says she'ss s received private messages fromgf foreign leaders asking her tosk endorse her candidacy in hopes of beating donald t >> all right, let's talk hoopss let the madness begin because still ahead, we're going toea tell youd, where our local teaml app up in this year's ncaa n basketball matchup. mat >> the locals.als. >> the hampton pirates.on pirat. >> i was wondering if you werer talking about us, too. us, t weather and traffic on the 5s next. n we will talk about the pirates. >> oh, absolutely. >> oh, okay.
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>> we got some breakingt so bre news -- update rather, aathe breaking news update on thison situation at mcpherson squarersu it's worse than expected.han ee. we're expecting some bigome big delays. we'll have much more on thismor coming up. it's impacting the orange, the silver and blueline.ine. service suspended betweenen foggy bottom and federaler center as crews try to clearlear again worse than expected. big delays.big la we're going have more on this ts throughout the morning and a we'll bring you updates asat as soon as they become in the meantime we want toet talk now about weather. rain and slight chill in theligh air with tucker barnes. t >> you're right about that actually wisdom, yeah, youuc yhu want a jacket.want jac i think our word of the day, soggy. >> soggy.>> >> yeah. >> i'm feeling >> that's not a word that yout o ever, you know, associateocia with -- >> it's not good.s nogood >> no, it's not good. gd. bus stop forecast.orecas drizzle expected.drizzle expe you know what, honestly the heavy rain we're not going getet today.y. we're going get drizzle forzl much of the day.ay low clouds around keep those
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44 to 50 at pic highs only in the mid-50's so-5s we'll keep it chilly this afternoon.afternoon. cool out there this morning.rehi 49 in washington, 46 in gaithersburg, 50 in annapolis, , 48 in leonardtown, 49 this49 morning in frederick.derick cool temperatures to start your morning and with lowh l clouds and winds out of theds oo north and east we're just note't going to warm it up a whole a we lot today.ay big swath of moisture movingoi through in the last couplein the hours pushing off to the north t and east. e we'll be left with low clouds and fog today. couple areas of low pressure, o one here, onef here, bute, b they're real -- they're veryre y weak and so because of that,o be we're just kind of stuck in an n air pattern here for the day thy winds out of the northeastof rocking the cool.oo today, tonight, tomorrow wemo keep the clouds around.s aroun we'll get another batch of bat showers tomorrow and then t we'll start to get the sunshine back. b skipped a we'll get the sunshine back byi the middle of the week and a warmer temperature on the way. so just hang in there today, tod tonight, tomorrow, low cloudsros and going to feel like march m out there. a little warmer tomorrow. mid
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an e for saint patrick's day. you can see the leprechauneprech still quite excited about the ae big day on thursday.y. that is your weather update. again, showers and drizzlers a i today, mid-50's.id0's. let's find out about roads andua if the rain showers holdingoweri things how is it looking erin.lookg eri >> right now we have thatowe h breaking news with metro and mra we have some other problems. we'll start you off with metrowh and keep in mind tucker the t rain is not helping out theing road situation. sit we had an earlier fire at mcpherson square. squ cable fire in the tunnel and in because of that, luckily noly n injuries reported but it's b its causing big problems for metroeo across the orange blue and be ad silver line. right now no service betweenceet foggy bottom and federal fed center for those three lines. tn they are shuttle buffing andng d we do have some updates fromrom metro so keep in mind thatin they're saying the best casee scenario because there somehere damage to the track that theye will be single tracking atck some point this morning but thi right now you need to consider e alternate. i have everything tweeted outin for you at erin fox5 d.c.g and keep in mind from foggy bottom t to federal center you can takeea a shuttle bus.. they do have that as much as available.av
6:20 am
a crash at 85.a cr we have police activityav middlebrook road east closedse at wearing staour bestate theree as you make your way out 355 o55 in montgomery county you'rey shut down there.ut you can see all that red on on the map. the map. there is a crash on the t northbound side at watkins w mill road. you'll need to detour around aro 355 and that's a popular routeau
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on eagle watch waiting little be born.. waiting on the two eagle eggs eg to hatch at the nationalch arboretum in a northeast.ortheat giving i was live look at the nest. mom and dad whose real namesl nm are mr. president and the t first lady wisdom are takingin turns incubating the eggs.s. sounds so clinical.o c they're waiting for their the little eggs to be born.e egg number one is expected toxpc hatch as early as tomorrow. tom they should do it on fox5onox5 news. ne >> they should do it live,e, really breaking news 'cause if the egg breaks -- >> i get it. that's funny.
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>> back now with a check off the markets on this mondayon t morning. fox business network studioworku lauren simonetti. simet good monday. on hello. >> reporter: hey, allison,r: good monday.da how are you. how are yo >> i'm doing well. how are we looking on the the markets 'cause it's gloomyit's g here in d.c. hopefully it's sunny on the markets. >> reporter: not a terrible ter one. is that knee in asia.hat stocks almost up 2 percent. 2 pe european stocks up a big way.ay. friday look at the dow up 218 u points and real quickly it'st' only down about 1.2 percent.2 pr this year.thisea we could certainly have ald ce positive year if we getve yea another or a fifth winning wning week this week.his ek. futures are flat this morningt i however here in the u >> okay. you know, and a lot of us lauren have been shoppingav online for awhile now and a perhaps it's catching up withg t some of those brick and mortarr establishments.establishmen >> reporter: you know, youte have a lot of reasons many ofanf the brick and mortars are mortas closing up shop shutting down some sto
6:25 am
busters.bust they're just trying to buyher cp they need to others are merging. merging. some people shopping onlineshngl and some stores just plane justl olds unpopular.olds uopular. here's a list of some of theme f stores that are closing downlosn and closing locations. locio office depot merging with mergiw office max closing 400 stores.t. children's place closing 200. 2 walgreens trying to get with g w rite-aid, they're closing 200'rn stores.stes wal-mart look at that 154. and american eagle 150. 1 >> wow.>> wow okay. lauren thank you very much. we'll seeou you tomorrow. tor >> reporter: okay, have aorte good one. >> okay, you, too. that's -- i'm encouragedncra by the ones that are r still though people are going p to lose their jobs. lostheir jo. >> yeah, that's true. t maybe there's opportunitiesere' for online.for on you know as online grows andnd more people shopping onlinein maybe there's opportunities's for people who were working inen brick and mortars to dod mo something on on lin >> reach back and bacd >> yes. >> good morning.>> >> contrary to what it looks like we didn't call eacheach other.ot >> no, but i never r
6:26 am
could actually matchatch perfectly. >> i like we should walk on camera. >> you should family speciald every day. >> well, i don't, wisdom. >> reagan national d 49 degreese dulles 47. 47. bwi marshall 48.shal hey, it's cool out there.t. bring a jacket today. t we're only going to be in the mid-50's. mid-50's. that's where we should be thise time of year but it's going tong feel cool after the recenter tht round of 70's and 80's we had h late last week. w showers overnight.ow most of the measurable raine has pushed off to the northo thh and east but we'll be leftll be with drizzle today as we'veve got some very cold wedge ine place here so mid-50's fors f daytime highs, mid-50's with0'st cloudy skies and drizzle outki d there. winds north and east five tod ee 10. again, clouds aren't goingre lift today.lift we'll keep it cloudy today,oday, tonight, tomorrow and then ihe think we'll get some sunshine sn wednesday and we're still setwei up for fairly nice conditionsdii for saint patrick's day.sain i know that's a big holidayolid for both of you. of y >> oh, yeah.>> o y >> figure out where we'll goe oh this year. >> okay. >> still fun i if you don't drink.
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>> okay. >> there's good food. >> erin como good morning. yre i >> good morning beautiful sun flowers.ti >> we're going have to take a walk around town. t >> i think so much you need tooo hand out flowers.lowe >> what an idea. >> what do you say.hat do s >> we gave flowers awaygawers before. . we need a new idea. i >> i know.>>now. wow, tough crowd. c right now 6:27.:27. metro problems continuetinu between foggy bottom and and federal center.ral center service is suspended from an earlier cable fire atr cae fi mcpherson square. because of that the smoke hasmoh not yet cleared, they areey single tracking later thishi morning.rn they're expecting that to take place. fire department is at thata t location. keep in mind they're shuttle sht busing between foggy bottomot and federal center. that could cause big delays for the orange, blue andnd silver line so keep that int mind this morning as you headd out.out. we'll certainly keep youl ce updated and let you know whenno that single tracking does kick in. that's going cause delays. leesburg pike shut down. crash investigation at augustaaa drive. a lot of congestion with thisget rain.
6:28 am
of those routes next. n that's yanks erin.hank coming up at 6:30 remembering a prince george'se s county police officer gunned down on the job and then th outrage it's creating ong o social media. >> plus, did you fill out your u bracket yet allison seymour? all >> i did not yet. i think i'll doing thereere again. >> we're breaking down the ncaa matchups and taking as look at how things look for the local squads
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>> 6:30 and we're back now with breaking news from metreded center as crews try to clearryo smoke from the system in thatomt area.t cew, the best case scenario here to get those trainss single tracking at some point.oo there was a cable fire.le f it caused smoke in the tunnel. good news, nobody was hurt.ur our bob barnard is headed toeade that scene. s we'll check in with bob ash bob soon as he gets there. tre. erin will have another update in just a couple of o minutes. welcome back to fox5 news morning. in first though in this news hour, a community mourning thecm loss of an officer gunned downd right in front of policeof polie headquarters. 28-year-old jacai colson shot co and killed in what's beingha b called an ambush attack. a he was a four year veteran of vr the department and assigned to the narcotics unit. u he would have turned 29 thisned week. police say they have two suspects in custody. now that officer's death's a sparking outrage throughout the nation and reaction ison pouring in on our facebook
6:32 am ssseennie wrote so sad.hanie killings of officers who swearso in to protect us. u these murders are uncalledal for. two in a week in this area is ridiculous. this is getting way out ofway of hand.ha. may god comfort his fellow coworkers friends and family. fm we will have more on thise n story at the top of the hour. breaking overnight firefighters -- eight firefighters in fact taken tors the hospital after battl iing a three alarm blaze in germantown.rm e townhouse went up in thatus flames in there 19,000 block of churubusco lane, excuse this happened around 1:00 a.m. . the entire home collapsed. colls the firefighters are expected e to be okay. president obama expectedes to announce hiids nomination too the supreme court this week tot replace the late justice antonin scalia. s a short list is said to include three federal appeals aa judges 32 from the district 32 also a california based u.s.aseu court of appeals
6:33 am
what senate republican leaders lears vowing not to hold hearings on any >> ♪>> >> time now for the mornin gfoem line and, you know, it's justt'j that time of year. timof y we're talking college everybody has their own way too fill out that bracket.t brack some people go for veteran f v squads with senior leadership. s other people just go off the best mascots and then someasnd just pick the hometown team.ea now if that's the case people in the dmv are going have aoinge couple local teams to root for r in the next three weeks. nex virginia actually lost the acc c championship but that didn't t d matter because they're a number one seed in the midwestne facing s in state foe andtate fe allison seymour's beloved b hampton pirates. now, hampton they're 21 andy're 10. so they got a they got a shot. a local snub, georgeb, georg washington was left out of theoe field.el they play in the nit on wedne
6:34 am
else is in, local team, the tert they draw south dakota state. anybody want to take a guess a were south dakota's mascot is. >> snowflake. >> gold mine. >> no. >> a diamond. >> yes, that's right, jack rabbits allison.llis south dakota state jackteack rabbits. they've going all the way, 2400 miles to spokane,s washington to play this gamehisg for the first round. rou here's coach mark urgin on urg o that matchup.atch >> sometimes it's good to geteso away. away. feel bad for those fans i'mse fn sure a lot were hoping wee hopiw would be in providence or newn v york. that's the way it goes. g south dakota state we got todako see them a lot.see th they were in the cancunhe can challenge with us. we got to see them play a pla couple times down there. they are a terrific well wel coached team, really balancedla team. >> all right. so good luck to the terps. now, we've done someeome background research on the hampton university mighty allison seymours flub one inne the myac playing number one
6:35 am
chiha >> ha has won an upset. >> what did you say actuallyt d for because they're a smallere school. usually -- your punishment for r being a smaller school is tos play a number one >> last year you played you pye kentucky. >> that's right. >> you brought a lot ofro confidence into that game.idenct >> yeah, you did.>> >> what else are you going >> i have a problem myself. second round maryland terps versus california golden c bears. >> you go the to get to the second round first.thsecond rou >> but he went to both.nd >> i went to both.ut h went >> i know,to i know. i k but if they play each other, oth if they play each other. o >> you got to go for the go fore undergrad. >> they're going to play eachoig other. >> undergrad do you think? cal? >> are you wearing cal colors. >> i'm not confident either ofd these teams are going get toooit far. >> you know what stinking k thinkingno does. d >> quote of the day.>> quote of >> you know what stinkingin thinking does.
6:36 am
>> you've already lost.t. >> you've been bringing that for hampton every year.ryea >> what's going on? i blame b it on daylight saving time. >> it's making us all a little t out there.t tre hey, rain showers moved through overnight.rn overcast, drizzle, low clouds co and cool temperatures here totu stay today, mid-50's for daytime highs, so, you know, k not really quite umbrellamb weather for most of the dayr mo but it's going to be damp and overcast and not feel great a out there. seven day shows improvement inme the way of sunshine and warmernr temperatures. i'll be right back with it. >> excellent. >> let's check in with --'s c she's been pretty busy thistt morning. she is some breaking news toe bg talk about. >> that's right. tha 6:36 wisdom. wis dealing with problems on theblsn roads and big delays for metroro so let's get right to it. this is a live look outer loopto by bradley. bradley. you can see how slow trafficwff is moving between the spur andns river road.river road. we're dealing with a h it's blocking the shoulder buthe because of that significant sigi outer loop delays picking upelag at that location. aside from that 95 north as we a switch cameras you can see is all backed up on the northbound side delays dalend city s to 12
6:37 am
south of that point in stafford wefi're c as well asl s you try to make your way your towards the bottom of the b beltway. let's take a look at our mapsk right now.righ aside from light rain causingli issues oghn our roads, huge roa heads up for my metro riders. r service suspended on the orange, blue and silver lines l between foggy bottom and federal center. there was an earlier cable earee fire that had the mcfear mcphere square station closed. c they'll start single trackingra at some point this morning butpn the good news is to try too t keep up with all of those stranded riders between foggyer bottom and federal center federl there's approximately 18mate 1 shuttle buses currently inurreli operation between those lines. n they're saying that damage onamg one or two of the tracks the requiring repairs so againir best case scenarioin they'llo te start single tracking. tra if you have a different formeret of transportation this morningns i'd consider it.d conser i otherwise factor in a lot oflot extra time because you'll haveuy to get off of the metro and meto get onto a shuttle bus to get to around that area. are leesburg pike right
6:38 am
invest drive. they're detouring you aturin lakeland drive. that is causing issues ins caus loudoun county. c fire activity right now middlebrook road eastbound attb wearing station you cainn see that that is causing big delays in montgomery county and then a cn crash, this is a huge heads up p for montgomery countynty commuters, 355 frederick roadrir northbound closed with a crassh crash. watkins mill road you need tou detour around that.deto a lot of red on our map. m burke center has reopened reo burke commons road traffic is getting through. an earlier double fatal crash fa had that section of youron you commute shut down foror aside from that we're just that seeing a lot of slow moving slov traffic. here's a look on our map where w you can see that volume wecan showed you from the cameraou earlier as you approach appac woodbridge we're also seeingo some heavy traffic across the as bottom of the beltway inner of loop as you pass the wilsonthe i that's your look at traffic.ff allison. >> coming up nexalt the first lady welcomes a broadway castroa to the white house today. whi details next. >> plus, the social medias, m search for richard simmons and the explanation from the
6:39 am
fitness guru. that's straight ahead in the
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪ >> back now with an alert forwi parents in chevy chase. a suspicious man has beenthin approaching children in oneil i case offering a seven-year-oldea a ride to montgomery county police say coo at least three incidents weretsr reported this past friday.tri the plan is described as beingcs in his 50's or 60's with darkh d skin, gray hair, weang
6:42 am
baseball cap and speaking with u green hatchback similar to a mazda five.zda >> today maryland'ss comptroller will testify on allt bill that would make all twoul public schools open the dayn thd after labor day.r lar day. now, more than 13,000n residents signed a petition insi favor of that move.gnvor of an td recent public opinionc opo polls show 72 percent supportrcp that initiative.nitiativ this year all but one schoolchoo system in maryland startedtarted before labor day.fore l one started as early as august 19th. 19t >> well, today the cast of the s hit broadway can get into the te musical hamilton will visitll the white house. first lady michelle obama willml host performance at a student se workshop this morning.op ts morn hamilton is the story alexander hamilton who becamehoc george washington's right handhn man during the revolutionaryolua war. the musical blends hip hop jazz blue and r and b with the e grandness of broadway. bro can't even get in.
6:43 am
people going to the ao seeus the cae st.the >> maybe they'll put outbe t something on the internet. i >> wait a minute.>> w that's sold out too. >> can't even -- okay, alln oka right.ri time now 6:42.:4 guess who needs more sleep,e slp men or women?omen? >> women. w >> okay. it turns out that it is and we're going tell you why y coming up next. >> i'm hoping nobody spent anyon money doing a study on thisn one and a reminder before we ber take you to the break if youo er have a news tip share it, call l 202-895-3000 or e-mail your-ml r tip to fox5 tips at back in a moment.
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>> ♪ >> 6:45. welcome metro situation that haltedtal service on several l this is all after a cable firelf caused smoke in the tunnel atth mcpherson square.son there's limited service on their blue and orange lines restored e with single tracking betweenet foggy bottom and federal center southwest. however, still expect delayselay of up to an hour on thisr thi monday. >> not a fun way to start thehe week. week. >> and it's raining.>>nd i >> absolutely not.el n >> it's drizzling yeah. >> funky.>> funky. >> here's the bright spot in a i gloomy and overcast forecast.or cue the music. oh, they didn't know it was kit coming. >> i guess you better keep ittee moving then.vinghen. >> yeah. >> put the maps on. maps >> is it the cherry blossom b >> no, it's only five days d until spring.l spr >> nice. >> very nice.>> v >> now cue the music.
6:47 am
okay. okay. [laughter] >> there's too much power for t here we go. here's what to expect. cool and soggy conditioningditin just not a lot of sunshine insh the forecast today or tomorrow r as we're going to keep the low clouds.clou. we were being wedged -- i'llgedi show you what that means hereha in just a just a all right, temperature 49 nowrae in washi 50 in 48 in leonardtown.rdto cool temperatures forco tempera everybody. 40's, mid 40's here off to theo north and west as we'res looking at 46 degrees in hagerstown, 45 in winchestern wn and martinsburg. martins i'm suffering from a jobsuing related problem right now, rig wisdom.wi maybe you can relate.maybe >> what's that.>> what' >> i have makeup in my eye andne it's making me tear.e >> oh, yeah, i hate t >> i can't relate to that, >> it's extremely awkward. awkwa i don't recommend anybody atec home has this this pl all right, satellite and radarad rain showers moving through.thro we're left with a drizzle andit the low clouds today and we've got -- what's going on is we on have high pressure off to ourprs north pushing that cool dampt c air down into our region and it kind of pushes up againstd of
6:48 am
and that's why we're stuck inroo going to be able to liftle t through but it's going to takeo another 24 hours or so.24 hou so we'll keep the clouds cud around today and tonight and a d few showers around and we'll do the same thing againdo tomorrow but by wednesday wednes should be back in someda be ba i sunshine and some warmer se temperatures at leastaturest le temporarily. mid-50's today. drizzle and showers.iz same thing tomorrow. there's your forecast for f wednesday.we mid 70's. and saint patrick's day we'll look really decent i think with temperature in the midem 60's should be just fpeine.ust f that's's weath erin take over. i need to go clean up. >> i mean, i've gotten fake f eyelash glue in my eye before.ef that is equally terrible a feeling.g. we'll fix you up.. >> i haven't had that experience yet. >> well, that's a good thing. i'm going to gos ahead and sayd that's a good thing.oo t right now 6:48. we have updates as allison and wisdom has been telling you. service restoration betweene foggy bottom and federaled metro anticipating delays ofingl 30 minutes to an hour.utes tan h they're single tracking rightck now across the orange and blueline. silver line servi
6:49 am
wiehle-reston e ast the tweets from metro to geto more specific about all thepeci different lines and what'snes going on blue and orangend ora westbound trains will skip wl smithsonian and federal fed triangle reduce delays. re dela. use eastbound trains or bus b service from l'enfant. l'e blue and orange eastboundastb trains will skip farragut westts and mcpherson square to reduce delays. de use westbound trains or busbod r service from foggy bottom andnd they're saying there wasg therwa approximately 18 shuttleely she buses. they may reduce the amount nowow that some of the service has been restored and they aretod an single tracking so bottom linem orange blue and silver liner lie expect delays from 30 to 60 t minutes this morning and plan ahead. if you can, take a differentan,d form of transportation, thationt may save you some time this morning. anne arrundel big crashig cra involving a tanker.anke three south is closed after 32. you needy tour around that one. montgomery county crashounty ash activity 355 frederick isderick closed on the northbound sided s with that crash at watkins at mill road.mi roa 270 south really heavy trafficra all through the truck scales
6:50 am
123. 123. the beltway's definitelywa d getting crowded. jurs producer r breaking news from bob bob he's out at the location atocn federal center with moreer w mor updates on metro.. bob, what can you tell usll us about there? a lot of people po stranded? stra >> reporter: yeah, indeedorte yd and they're waiting for thewag r buses. there have been some already. b they've got about 18 metro 18 m says you can see some of theseot folks here just came out of camu the metro system here and it was this cable fire at mcpherson square which isn squa causing all of this troubleall f and so these are people who who have gotten off the metro andeto they're here in southwest southt washington waiting for a bus waf to carry on. so, basically between foggy
6:51 am
bottom and here, there's no's rkour w throh way through the system aro this area. a orange and bottom and the federr center southwest metroetro stations there is no service isi and again, there have beenve some buses. some buses we got here about five minutes n ago. there were two or three busesuss and they've taken everybody eveo they can and here's -- here's hs another bus here and the latest we hear and it was the a best case scenario for metroor that orange and blue will belueb single tracking through thishi area now but look at the look at the rush to the bus here. because they've been few andnew far between so far thisbe morning. so, there is some singles som tracking going on here but causing major delays still and l they are still providing bus b service because it's going tous be a big problem here this
6:52 am
morning,, guy >> quite a headache on a quite a monday the eisenhauer of a metro stationnd ria a yesterday nothing to be worried about.worr it was a drill. was a drill metro workers and firstnd f responders testing theirting the coordination and communication in the event of a train derailment here. metro conducts these drills about once every three months.on an official says yesterday'ses exercise was challenginghaen because it involved a metro m station with an elevatedd >> metro will inveil its select pass this week.le the more you ride the more youco riders can pay a fat flee for unlimited travel a month in a m advance but the select passselet has some limits. lim it's geared towards ride gea here's have short commute on hav the but trips outside of your outsi price range you only pay the pat difference.di you can get your select pass starting this wednesday.. wisdom. wi >> okay, all right allison.y, riders c aan pay a flat fee foro unlimited travel a month in
6:53 am
advance but select pass has some's. gean t if you spend that 81 bucks iuc think you've gone over all ofono this. is >> yeah, not the specifics.peci. >> not the specifics, okay. t >> sounds better when you say it.say >> okay, all right. the select pass wil ol cover wil trips that cost up to $2.25 a ride.ri. $135 a month will cover trips ct up to $3.75 each way. w there you have it.e ve all right, let's go to north tnt carolina now where at least 20e people were hurt after moreer than 100 cars were involved in a huge wreck on interstate 40. police say blinding sun, rain rn and rubber necking were toer blame for the chain ofblam accidents. it happened around 6:00 lastd night along a 6-mile stretche sr of the freeway.ew now, parts of i40 was shut shu down for nearly five hours as crews worked to clear away the mess. let's go to new york nowt'st where drivers are no longer lonr searching for a third man thi still missing after a tugboat crashed into a barge on the hudson river killing two other o crew members. members. now, severe damage to the boat a is making it impossible fore them to access a section wheretn
6:54 am
a w est after uarod race a.m. snow a he told police hend was blackoua drunk when he hit two teams of s sled dogs killing one of the dogs. both teams had been leadingea hd the race at the time. t the mushers decided to decided continue on to finish the rac race. >> ♪ >> on the medical front newthe research reveals that women need more sleep than men the reason, their brains areins more complex. >> what? >> let that sink in, boys. yes. and they perform more -- we, excuse me, perform more complicated tasks on a dailyteai basis. a professor in england addednd a that women also tend to multitask more often putting more stress on their brains. and that's why we need more time to recover. t so, how much more sleep do women require? scientists sayic it takes about 20 minutes more for
6:55 am
recover. >> why don't tany s of studies.u >> what's wrong with the wh >> admit it. a >> feeling a little bit tirede i today from daylight savingy fr time? thinking about taking aok nap today at some point? p you're not alone.yore not 'cause today is national nional napping day and to catch up onao that hour of sleep you lostleepl the day before, so now is the ni time to do that. that. >> i did promise myself a nap before. it was created in 19999. i9999 studies show short 10 to 20 minute afternoon naps canon n improve your mood and make you e feel more productive. p they make me mad. i need an hour.i seems like the mystery thatystet took social media by storm soc this weekend is over now. richard simmons no longeronge missing. the sweating to the oldiesto the star tweeted overnight "i can't believe you a trend on a facebook."bo people online began searchinggac for him after a recent articletc said his friends hadn't seen f hi
6:56 am
a former assistants was quotedsq as sayingight, guys, real quickly, shower activitywer moving through norand we'll havw clouds for the day.or t day cool one. only mid-50's for daytime highs.hi reagan national 49, dulles 47,7, bwi marshall 48. quickly this is satellite andthi radar.radar. there's your shower activitys yo pushing offer to the north andoh east but again the cool wedgeooe stays in place today so wes in keep the low clouds and the the drizzle around through the afternoon with temperatures in the mid-50's so kids want tos wn make sure they got on their o jackets as well as they go outho to school. plenty of weather coming let's do traffic with erin. >> 6:56. drizzle causing a lot of delays on our roads and we're also dealing with this breaking news from metro. keep inr n mind service restoration between foggyetwe f bottom and federal center. c single tracking on the orange oa and blueline after an
6:57 am
cable fire atciatdelays of aboua to 60 minutes this morning.. trainsitn for all the specific at erinc ae fox5 d.c. we'll be back in just a few minutes with more. >> ♪
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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department in mourning.ou after ary after prince george's ambush. >> to know that one of your defenders has been lost.nos this truly a dark day in prince george's county. count >> this morning two people are in police custody with one ofone them still believed to be intoen the hospital after he was hit wh why an exchange and gunfirendun with police. p this as the community expresses outrage over thiss ou senseless act of good monday morning, i'mday allison seymour.ym >> and i'm holly morris in forsn steve chenevey today. we w wolf welcome you to fox5 n morning.g. there have been severale stories breaking overnightha sot let's begin in montgomery in mot county where eighthereig firefighters are right now inowi the


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