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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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department in mourning.ou after ary after prince george's ambush. >> to know that one of your defenders has been lost.nos this truly a dark day in prince george's county. count >> this morning two people are in police custody with one ofone them still believed to be intoen the hospital after he was hit wh why an exchange and gunfirendun with police. p this as the community expresses outrage over thiss ou senseless act of good monday morning, i'mday allison seymour.ym >> and i'm holly morris in forsn steve chenevey today. we w wolf welcome you to fox5 n morning.g. there have been severale stories breaking overnightha sot let's begin in montgomery in mot county where eighthereig firefighters are right now inowi the
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battling a three-alarm fire indt all eight who were hurt arere dpected to besaced. >> now to northern virginia viri where a road in fairfax countyau is back opened after a deadly dl accident overnight.vernht two men believed to be ine their 20's were killed in a one-car crash along burke a bure commons road. this happened around 12:30d this morning. morng a third passenger in the backerc seat did survive. police say that alcohol, highlc speed and the wet roads all rds contributed to this deadly dea wreck. >> and in the midwest there ismi breaking news from kansas.ansa an amtrak train derailed there overnight. five cars flipped onto their t sides when the train left theraf tracks
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dodge city kansas an this dave a huge impact on your commute tomt fox5's bob ba in southwest with the details.with. bob. >> reporter: yeah, guys, itr: was a cable fire at y mcphersons square which put smoke in themoe tunnel which for a time had had them closed. c the orange, blue and silveril lines from foggy bottom herere to federal center southwest and so they've provided somede s buses here and you can see a caa lot of angry faces. f we're going to see if we can iwe chat with some of theseh some oe people. they've told us they're angry because their rides in from in r the outer limits like newew carrolton on the orange lineein were delayed this morning.s mor how you doing? you don't lookno happy. >> i'm not happy at all.ot i'm irritated.rrat this doesn't make any sense. ane the metro employees don't knowyt what's going on. on. it's a mess. >> reporter: people have
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what's going on.wh they are now single tra you herh max, people have just beenave ldpervisors hereso her some e ak into the tunnel but it's i causing major delays this morning on the orange and blue e and silver lines. they are providing these bus bridges for folks here. >> going to federal triangle only. >> reporter: people rep trying -- how you doing ma'am.o. >> all right. >> reporter: not good. >> no. >> reporter: people are confused. they are providing busterovidius bridges. now they're telling peopleeo they are single tracking.rack not a lot of information evennfi though there are somegh there as supervisors and metro transitmei police who have come out tout tell folks what's going on going butter it's going to be a longso morning for people coming infor from virginia, maryland into downtown.wnwn. again, trouble on the orange,ler blue and silver line because of a cable fire put smoke into s the tunnel and people areeoe having to try to get to work ger by other means at least right now, guys. guys. >> all right, boardwalk thankhto you very much.uch. >> frustrate weighing to startis
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the work s >> be flown atflag half-staff to honor an officeric gunned down rider in front of police headquarters. >> that officer just 28 years old. fox5's melanie alnwick is live now with the r latesant on this investigation.tigaon. uncrediblely sad, mel. smel. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,ood allison and holly.son anlly the ambush happened right inappt front of the district iiiii station office which is attached to police headquarters. chief hank stawinski said lastwi night there was no motive fors o this, that this was a completely unprovoked attack un and that officer jacai colsonaio was actually able to returnetur fire before he died. d police officers from around aro the county gathered outsideut prince george's hospitalce g center last night toer officer -- to honor officerer they joined hands and prayednd as the night darkened. 28-year-old jacai colson had c been on the force for fourthe years. he was an undercover narcoticsai detective and was not inctiv uniform sunday we're told.d.
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in the afternoon and it was aal. aow inpect wounded but will executing defenders of thishis community. imrtant to his h family. he's important to this entire community.un we have another mother tonight t who is without her son and for f that we are deeply sorry. sor we are deeply sorry.or this crime is not just a crime against it should be known that murdertr is a crime against our entirent community and not only that onlt but murder is the highestig crime against humanity andumy that's how we will treat it. trt >> reporter: now, a sec
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suspect did flee the scene conference last night princeighp stawinski left foror philadelphia to be with the family of jacai colson. c melanie alnwick fox5 news.ox5 nw >> we can get a sense of howf the community is angered ang they're outraged. you know when someone is angrysa it's the result of intensent fear and i think everyone is ars little bit afraid right now.ighw >> we'll have much more on theet coverage of officer colson'sern' death all morning.death all mor. coming up at 7:30 we will haveav more on what holly just mentioned, the community cmu outrage and remember, you cand e also get the late of the updates on myfoxphilly -- excuse me, on andom by followin
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facebook.ce sound off. we want to >> like misty funky kind ofst day. >> going to be th darees. north and west mountains inounti the mid 40's.s. hagerstown 46 degrees. 45 out in winchester. in nch yeah, so cool, clouds, perhapsea some drizzle throughout the day.e but not a whole lot ofe lot measurable rain.le we had a good batch of rai rnba move through overnight andgh o we're sort of between systems ss today and that will keep thee low clouds and the drizzle in dz the forecast particularly with that northeast flow off theoff ocean.oc it's just not going to get at in chance to warm up a whole lothol so, yes, i know we had a lot of springtime temperatures last week. won't be the case today or todr tomorrow but we do have
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in the forecast by the middle of the week. we'll look at that r something to look forward to.wa >> thanks very much.nks ry m >> uh-huh. a>>nd theth roads right loudoun county leesburg pike. p good news here so we'll starte's you off with this.hi westbound side reopened at reone augusta drive. earlier crash scene cleared.scer anne arrundel though breaking b news for you crane highway hhway right now three south is shut down after 32. the the crash is involving anvvi tanker and there's an oiln spill so please use caution u around that area.arou big cleanup under way. uer w also a bus fire reported rep richie highway sou a college park way so problems prm in anne arrundel this morning. o barnard has been reporting andog showed you all those frustrated commuters this morning. blue and orange update trainse n to virginia will skip wil mcpherson square and farragut fr west to reduce delays.elay use eastbound trains or busou
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keep in mind those shuttle stt buses wepartment d activity nearnua also single tracking so thatingt isaue delays across theoss the orange, blue and silver lines. silver wiehle-reston toreon ballston that is the onlyon t location getting service so a ss lot of changes for metro this morning. morning. everything is detailed on mydetn twitter at erin fox5 d.c. d.c back to you holly and allison. n >> erin thank you very much.erym appreciate it. >> still ahead this morning, mog two separate terror attacks reported overseas in less thanss 24 hours. we'll have the latest developments coming up. >> and also after a wildwild weekend on the campaign trail,at the candidates are turningurning their focus to tomorrow's bigro who's ahead in the latestat polls next. 7:09 now.
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her car in the northboundorth lane.
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the deadly they say the suicide bombers ara beach in the ivory coast.oa no indication any americansan were injured or killed buted this is the third attack on a tourist hot spot in west africa since november.embe still ahead, thehead, presidential candidates making a final push today beforee tomorrow's big primaries.ig what could the next do for the frontrunners coming up. cing up. >> we'll tell you how severel yr weather in at least two stateswo has left
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damaged. plus of course we'll have aur check of our local forec
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rain showers overnight and nowra we'r
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and some chill the measurablesua rain is out of here for theerfor it. today, tonight t a little warmer tomorrow andmorw then we'll pop out some sun upun ahead of a cold front on front o wednesday with mid 70's. 7 saint patrick's day i thiic
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there might be a shower butttbe most of the day should be dryhod minute.mite much more erin i heard the horn. the horn. aun crain highway crash involvingnv a tanker.a tke three south is closed afterft 32. and there's an oil spi huge problems there. the because of that 97 south theoutt ramp and 32 east and west ramps to three are closed solo several ramps closed in the t area because of that problem pro and the oil spill.pi a bus fire reported richied riie highway south at college parkegk way so a lot going on in anne arrundel. ar you'll need to plan yourto p commute this morning.ut inbound delays 295 south from 202 to pennsylvania.nsva 11 miles per hour average.r a 50 west to kenilwortiles13 per hour. as you make your way out inn prince william we're dealing wea with a crash 95 south
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lane left lane is blocked by prince wilame por y right now. right they are single tracking butckin they're sayingaiellable.uend ore tracking between smithsonian smo and foggy bottom because of the earlier cable fire at mcpherson square so big problems for you and deliver div line wiehle-reston east to et ballston only area gettingon service right just give yourself a lot ofa extra time this morning.orning be patient.ient. those subtle buses are getting i crowded to help ease some of the congestion from the singlens tracking so metro dealing with issues. fire activity middlebrook roadyi east in montgomery county wearing station road. detour around that as welntl.g w lots more traffic in just a in few. back to you allison and holly.ol >> thanks erin.>>hank republicans may ha
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shot at taking down donalddold trump critics. crics studio with the lat is back if donald trump is ahead inrump john kasich up in ohio. i and if this becomes a splites al decision it's not going to bet'o settled any time soon.oo republicans and democrats areoc going after donald trump withrut the next big rounds of rnd primaries tomorrow. torro for what is being called superle tuesday two. senator ted cruz attacked theedt donald for his wealth butealt b still plans to support him ifupo he is the nominee. nomin >> donald trump is the system,ys donald trump is washington.asngo donald trump is big business. and in instead the answer is to support a candidate whodite w will stand with the hardd working taxpayers. >> a candidate for
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of the united states himself hse for canceling his rally in chicago due to a protest prote solutions in this country. count we can't be running aroundning . >> reporter: and on ther: on t democratic side hillary clinton is leading senatoren bernie sanders in all five of af the states who will votee tomorrow the closest battle isai in illinois
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leads sanders by just sisouth. so we're going take a look at allt of the damage.of tam 7:21 is our ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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>> president obama is expected to announce his nomination toe lie supreme court this week to st idges two from the andaul watford.watf senate republican leaders l still vowing not to hold not tod hearings on any nominee.. >> major highway in northigay i carolina opening this morninghir after more than 100 cars wereer involved in the series ofies of accidents yesterday.te police say the west roads mayt a have been a factor in many ofano these crashes and rubberr necking could have causedd ha several others. in all 20 people were hurt but t there were no fatalities. falit. holly. >> evacuations are under waycuao in louisiana and mississippiisip as heavy downpours haveave created widespread floodingd fod there. more than 5,000 homes have hav been damaged and at least fourtt deaths have been reported in louisiana. flood warnings are in effect across the region as many rivershe are still dangerouslyas high. so far the national guard has n rescued
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exactly what we're looking atng outside but we do haveo hds sets continue here for the day today as -- when things aregs wrapped up i don't think we'redh going to get a whole lot of rain in the bucket but we'll keep the low clouds and the low fog and the drizzle around ford much of your day today. tod let's do temperature.s 49 now in washington, 47to dulles, bwi marshallshall 48 degrees. there's your satellite and radar. pretty good band of showers overnight. got to look carefully but we w got a lot of clouds out here ouh early and we're just going to gt kind of keep things stagnant sta for the day today.for we're not going to be able togo move things througinh. i don't think we'll get anythin sunshinely we'll keep highp temperatures only in thees oy in mid-50's with that drizzle inzz the forecast today, tonightay t and into your day tomorrow.
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ainne aun it's on three south.e s it's still shut down after2.newe area as well. w 97 south that ramp as well as t 32 east and west ramp to threere south shut down so you need toon definitely plan ahead andhe finds an alternate to get alt around in a anne arrundel this morning. bw parkway southbound crash onun the ramp to the beltway. beltw
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southbound side of bw parkwayw . >> so important.>> and the community outragera following the death7:27 now. >> ♪
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major delays this morning afterr an earlyt ne could have aone uld t.eporter: hey, allison,,ll we've actually moved over to to mcpherson square because the bec metro general manager paul wiedefeld is due here in 15e in minutes to speak to us this morning. you can see they have the busth bridges here,ey metro transitit police, down below because of au cable fire that put smoke intont the tunnel causing all kinds ofo problems on the orange, blue and silver lines. lines want to show you video fromeo f little bit earlier.itlier this was over at federal center southwest metro station when oni of the bus bridges showed up anp there was a maddish get on that bus.
7:31 am
a lot of people upset there. the metro says anestbound wesou trains or the buses from foggygy >> i'm not happy. happy metro got a serious they canre y get on the bus, and just organizing us some kind of way.y >> we come to this kind of mess and we upset. but they wanting to up on fairs. really?
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>> reporter: so, again,ve the said some people are concerned c about the communicationss lacking. they say coming from metroet telling them what to do. d single trac tracking now paulau wiedefeld the general manager is due here at mcpherson squareon u where the fire started this thi morning, guys. they've got the fire cleared, cd the smoke cleared. ced single tracking now but residual delays to last most of the morning.mornin >> that is a major inconvenience but safety first i suppose. supe i don't know.i don't know. >> you can sense the frustratiot though. >> for sure.>> f >> and understand it muchndstan 7:00 loom let's get to our topt story this morning in princeng george's's cy f an officer who was was gunned down right in front ofono police headquarters.. >> truly unimaginable police say officer jacai colson was killedl yesterday evening in an ambushmb style attack. a he was a four-year veteran and undercover agent in the agentn t narcotics division. he would have celebrated hisratd 29th birth
7:33 am
is growi has lot of people outraged.of po ithe t second time in lessnes than a month in our ut thisut this incident on our facebook page.a. michelle friedman writingn wti incredibly sad and heartbreaki heartbreaking. unnecessary violence once againl against our policene officers. get it together, people.eo these police officers put theirr lives on the line for us. u their lives matter. mte respect them. the. >> judy march tone said when is this ever going to stop? myingo thoughts and prayers are withyew this young officer's family. f rest in peace officer colson.ol thank you for your devotion and service.service and sharon schubert wrote w praying for officer colson'sn's family the pg police departmentr and all of our men and women inn blue. this is such a tragic loss and d it's happening way too often.en that is a snippet what i've i reaming a loft you
7:34 am
this is happening and allison al and just notusut honestlytl frustration.ustratio how and why this has the story we were talking about i'm just wouldn'ting how -- wasw he targeted? excuse me.e. was he targeted as therehere something else at play here. h those will come out pretty soon. excuse allison. allon she has tickle in her throat. monitoring the sights onig on facebook.faok. people continuing to sound up od this. we encourage to you continue toi do so. i think for some people it'ss actually cathartic. maybe a way to vent theirt ei frustrations. let us know what you're thinkint and this officer will be buriedr in philly where he's from and ia understand that there's going ts be oh contingency going up therr to be with his family but againn another sad loss of an officerer in >> live too soon loft. lt. and i said this earlier a lot of times fear is precipitated or or anger is precipitated from fear rather, and so people are angryg and we're afraid like the womane
7:35 am
often.of when is is it going tom rightigt we'll swing on over to the othe. >> not spring like today. tay temperatures in the mid 50's.ths chilly with lows be mid t m 40s north and west. w , and yeah, i mean just bete prepared for overcast day with temps in the mid 50's. 5s 49 in washington.hingto annapolis 49.s9. leonardtown 50 degrees.0 degree. north and west it's mid 40s inn frederick, 45 martinsburg,bu, 45 degrees.egrs 47 down in cole culpeper. temperatures don't budge a lot e today.toy. what we call wedged with windsih out of the north and east hereoe coming off the ocean today.od we're just not going to get at a chance to warm um. u ing see the big batch ofatch moisture had work throughorth overnight. all of that is north and east oo us but we're left with low wh clouds and drizzle for your your in fact, we'll kind of repeat r this pattern tonight and tomorrow before we get some
7:36 am
changes on wednesday as we'lls w seeen back in the 70s on wednsday. ri's day i think will d been giving usiving great team coverage all morningg service restoration between smithsonian and foggy bottom. earlier cable fire had thingsadg shut down at mcpherson squareonu because of that orange and blueb lines still single tracking andd silver line service only between wheelly res sin east and bostons as you make your way out anticipate delays about 30 to 60 minutes.minute. blue and orange train will skipp mcpherson square and keep insqud mine there's update single tra
7:37 am
got tom and huge delays. 32ke anoispill. fiu can see some significant our maps. map other ramps in the area aroundd that overturned tanker, are shuu down as well. as wl. so please use caution us a makem your way out in anne arundel. crash 355 frederick road northor closed at watkins mill road mil coming in from the city of rock rockville, there's a downed tree blocking all lanes on eastwesttw highway between connecticut andc jones mill road. they're saying expectxpt significant delays.ay that is usually the bestthes alternate to get you around thee beltway congestion.geion. beltway is couldn't jeffed andea we're dealing with big closure on the portion of eastwestwe highway. huge issue
7:38 am
let's take live look outside ana show you what the congestion isn th loop 95 to georgia is just parked.ard no crashes bu of congestion.estion wet roads closing us down on the inner loop as well. wel find me on twitter at erin fox5f d.c. i have all the informationa on metro and slow wet ride thise morning for you.g fo you back to you. >> erin, thank you for that. coming up why nissan issan i recalling thousands of cars thii morning.rn and later, it is time foror march madness. mne so who are the number one seedse and the local teams heading toet the big dance.e bi we'll break it all down next.n . i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better.
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been called for the third crewhe member who wen of bridge of the tugboat ran into i construction are constructionona large and immediately started to sing. divers believe the body of ave third crew member may be hiddend in a second of the boat that wah severely damaged.amaged general motors is back inl court today over its faulty ignition switch controversy. just weeks after the first trial ended prematurely.matuly this trial is happening in new york city. york c federal judge will attempt toptt define legal boundaries that could aid the settlement ofetem hundreds of lawsuits filedits le against gm.ainsgm. gm revealed that it had contin continued to sell flawed cars after discovering the ignitiongo switch defect in some of its
7:42 am
cars. ca heads up nissan owners.wner controls the c electron lickctrk eaprogram of the software freeae of charge. charg all righty.ty. 7:42. 7:42 all good things must come to ana end, right? including low gas prices. after enjoying prices we haven't seen in years, it looks likeoo l they're back on the rise.e ris gas reporting the average price is up 24 cents 24t from last month to a buck 94. 9. but there's still down 50 centst from this time last year. year. aaa reports the average price oo regular gas in virginiaa increased by 15 cents to $1.75 last week. week. keep it in perspective.ective >> still cheaper. still good.d. >> protect your teenager from yu abusive relationship.ions what all parents need to know n coming up.ming up.
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monday morning. little rnyff it will get will ge we
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>> 7:45 is our time.>> 7 live look outside our tower camw on this monday morning. it is wet out there.he what does the rest of the day hold? i think i know the guywhe with the answer. a i'm just focusing on your tie,i, tucker n me is the sunshine of the day
7:46 am
>> oh, thank you.nkou it's a special ie0t cool and soggyan early this weke you're lookinge day aswe today. i don't think we'll get a whole lot of measurable rain butle rnb locked in a cool and wet patterp for a couple of days. of 49 now in washington. 48 up in baltimore.tire 50 in quantico. mid 40s here in frederick. 45 degrees.45 degrees 45 martinsburg.tiburg 46 in winchester knowledge chance to really warm up todaylp as our flow will be off the ocean here and again that willtl lock in the cool pattern for a t couple of days.upf days. rain overnight.rain oveig you can see it pushing away towt the north and east. we're left with cloud cover anda the set up here is just not terribly favorable for either, e a, warm conditions, or, w, sunshine any time soon.ime soo area of low pressure here.pressh another little one here and a ha front trying to move through, but as it's trying to move nortn and east i
7:47 am
down by an area of high pressure off tobetweenetwe systems here for couple of daysr and aga warr the region gives us the clouds d and the drizzle for therhe afternoon.teoon i guess you can bring anng a umbrella.brella. i don't think we'll get a lot ol measurable rain today.ble in toy better chance tonight and and tomorrow we'll get measurableeau rain. you can take one just in today, tomorrow we talked abouta sunshine and mid 70s returnet wednesday ahead of a cold frontf right now, it looks like cloudss for our st. patrick's day in general by st. patrick's day day standard should cooperate withd temperatures in the mid 60s aes mild one this year.ea you all ready, erin? e >> i can't wait.>> i >> is that a big one for you.igr >> my name is erin. >> okay.>> okay. >> it means ireland, tucker.elac >> you'll be ready to celebrate. yeah. >> i'm a little bit irish. >> you going to wear green on ge thursday. i can't because of the mapsa but in my heart i'lusl have gren on. >> i've got green jacket.t gr i'll wear it any way. >> maybe
7:48 am
for your morning commute no the inner loop backedowp down at wilson bridge.lson b llenne arundel aru this is breaking news we've beee tracking all morning. morni three south closed after 32. af3 the crash is involving an oiln spill an tanker. tke let's take a life -- a look at a picture of that.. you can see it went over theovet guardrail completely flipped on its side. they have a huge cleanup can underway at that location. lat because of that as well severalr ramps in the area leading towards that 32 closure are shus down as well. wel let's switch it back to look ata our maps. our maps from that picture as you cane ay see, lots of slow downs in the area. area metro update for you. y single tracking and huge delaysy blew orange update trains tos t virginia will skip mcphersonhern square that's a location of an n earlier cab
7:49 am
and farragut west to reduceatboe they are shuttle busing to helps ease that congestion and then a delays with the single trackingn blue, orange update single tra tracking between smithsonian ann foggy bottom due to the earlier fire department activity as as well. the silver line is also dealinga with some a just manies only o offering service right now between we'llly reston andto boston this morning.or nothing definitely keep in mindm as you head out.ut. you'll see huge metro delaysel between the orange, blue and ble silver lines. les aside from that crash activity 355 north still shut down atnt watkins mill. mil even want to give big heads upip for my drivers in rockville.kvi. there's a tree down blocking ala lanes on eastwest highway. that's 410 between connecticutot avenue and jones mill r because of that, significantnt delays as folks try to detour. best the nat is the beltway andy it is jammed this time of te of morning especially the outerialo loop as you pass 95 to georgia.a we'll keep you posted bought lol of slow downs with this rain ono this monday morning. mmo back tyo
7:50 am
nevi in 10 chancur teenager hast slapped or otherg our teens fros behavior and teaching them thou avoid abusive relationship is the goal elf an event nextnt weekend in montgomery county anc joining us this morning isng states attorney for montgomery m county john mccarthy. mccth good morning, john. >> how are you. nice to be back. >> and nan read. a nan rea hannah high school student doind internship at the states to t attorney special victims division. good morning. >> good morning.>> g >> do you have an excuse to miss school today? >> i do.>> i >> we're good.e're we can proceed. pce john, tell me about this met upcoming conference or this t choose respect campaign.ampan >> well, this is our fifthur f annual conference, and what wetw try to do is reach out to youngu people at the beginning of thein dating relationships to try toot help them learn what the propero boundaries for those datingg relationships. y
7:51 am
fact that national statistics tell usa 'veakers.peaker we alsoaveay -- a partic iipatt with grandt prize of a thousand dollars.olrs if you are victim of dough mess tech violence young teen datingn relationship come out there.outt we can help you.p tell you about the communityhe i resources and help educateca parents about how they'lly'll prepare their sons or daughterse for those dating relationships.s >> because it is boys and girlss and we're not excluding anyone y here. . violence is violence.s vience. bullying is bullying. >> absolutely.bsol look, this is part of our long-term plan to reducee domestic violence. fundamental concept if we teache people how to treat each other h with respect and dem
7:52 am
forhennah, way whatever you'rer comfortable with talking aboutym you get out of relationshipio before you're actually done andn it's very important that peoplel know, it can happen to you. you never think, i was alwayslw social during my experience.xpie no one ever would believe i i actually went through it but iub did and it's very important forf people to know they're not alo alone. they're so scared to talk too someone about being blamed. i was even blame.i people told me it wawas my faulf people who do people had could do want to helh you. >> what was the differencee die maker? what made you say, youyo know what, i'm done? >> bye-bye.yeye >> so, it was
7:53 am
for mean the personough for someone becausaveuelf before you're good enough for anyoneoua alaonent, yout,ou know, we can talk to our kids ok until we're blue in the face. >> it's interesting. i think that young people aree a beginning dating relationships sometimes for see obsessivebsesi controlling behavior as loving behavior. the boyfriend who leaves his girlfriend five seconds goes ids miss you.mi 10 seconds text, where are you now? 15 seconds later, who areo you talk to go to now. n. >> demands you always tell theml where they are.they a. we'll talk to them about some oo the danger signs about controlling, isolation, the same kinds of things that people dopo in adult abusive relationships that make people vulnerable.nebl keep them away from their famill and friends, isolate them and t
7:54 am
victims. tching, because just mentioned with john it's like we havth intentions for our kids? whatuw can we really tell you guys? >> i would definitely -- myy --m parents never knew the entirer e time. they had no idea.ey h no idea. i'll just say that, if you see your child being more aggressive, more defensive abouo certain things, i would iou definitely keep an eye out. there were probably no warningor signs for me showing.wing because the main goal whenoa you're in that is to cover it ut and hide it as much as you can.c because you don't want people to know. what you're afraid of. so just say, make sure your child is comfortable knowing kni that you're there to talk. t knowing that what you go througu isn't necessarily your fault. >> that's good advice.dvic john, before we let you go, weo, want to let everybody know the w specifics of the conference. >> it's free. >> it's absolutely free. you can register online atnl a facebook it will take you 30 seconds but walk in if you want. it's for students, this sunday, march the 20th.heh
7:55 am
we start our program at 1:00 at risk or not, go. loing day.g dak you. our flow i the companieshe cniry we're not going to get a chancec to warm only mid 50s for daytime highsth with a passing shower or two.r t a lot of d
7:56 am
i'll be back with the seven dayr esmmute.aes one crashes rch [@lab and resealsoo makingu across the wil springfield enter change througo annandale. tons of heavy traffic.f wet roads this morning.s thorni fire activity has middle brookdo road eastbound shut down att wearing station road andd and unfortunately if you're waking a up in rockville a downed tree ii is blocking all lanes on les eastwest highway betweenen connecticut and jones mill road. watch for big delays as youayas detour around that. aun the beltway top side outer loop completely parked as you make ym your way from 95 to georgia. geg we'll check in with metroet because delays across thehe orange, blue and silver line sie from earlier fire at mcpher
7:57 am
square they are still singlein tracking mth dan to protectorot. and who needs emop? s men or sleep and the sexes coming upgp next. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
back now 8:00 a.m. this now8 passengers downtown. drives in maryland are dealinglf officer whoas gunned down inow an ambush.. good monday morning to you.u it is march 14th, 2016.01 i'm allison seymour. smo >> i'm wisdom martin in forn steve chenevey.heve welcome do fox5 news morning.. we'll begin with in breaking news involving metro. metro early morning fire underground r happened around 5:30 causing0 ci major delays at this hour. hou >> few lines in the downtown dow core impacted here. fox5's bob barnard is life and the -- at the mcpherson square r station with the the t is that where you are now, bob?b good morning.orni >> reporter: yeah, allison, all, wisdom we are at mcpherson mhe square there was a cable firee h
8:01 am
track this m centerr southwest orange and blue line.e now they are single tracking tra through this area. tare however, metro says and we've we seen one down blow eastbound trains are skipping here atppg e mcpherson square farragut westes to reduce delays and asking ask people to use westbound trains or buses from foggy bottom toto get to work. work. crazy scene here. he people complaining about lack of information but it was a fire,tw smoke in a tunnel, damaged railr and now single tracking causing all kinds of trouble this morning. mornin >> i'm not happy.>> iot hap metro got a serious curse on on them.em. may name is a apostle think i t tempted like it is.e it i metro needs to
8:02 am
>> there actually should be a a metro spokesperson out h ocanhec get the on the bus and just organizing us sothe fairs.. really? >> reporter: metro's new general manager paul wiedefeld e has been doing his survey of th metro sy he says there's a lot of work tw be done. he's her the complaints.omplnts he's due here at mcphersonhe square this morning. morning we're told he'd be here about 15 minutes ago to brief us aboutsbt what's going on this morning. mi and what they're doing about iti when we hear from him, when we speak to him we'll share thatlla with you later on, guys. right now single tracking metrom says expect up to hour longg delays along the orange, bluerab and silver lines this guys?? >> bob, thank you.k y also brea breaking rice rign an accident that's impacting thg commute in maryland.mmut a tanker truck is off
8:03 am
and in a ditch along route of 2o nne arundelelr minute. m county schools which says theay road closures will lead to significant delays for school buses.bus. ♪ jacai had an infectiousinct smile. sm he lit up a room. r he was a tremendous personalityo that made everybody smile andryi wanted to be everything to everybody.od >> that's police in prince george's county rememberingnty b officer jacai colson. c he was shot and killed yesterday in what authorities are callingi an unprovoked attack. att now the senseless shooting an
8:04 am
many in the community.ommuty in l mel g morning.orng >> reporter: good morning.orilyw officers of jacai colson said s last night after learning about this attack and his death.ea the district three policeol station which is attached to police headquarters just down barlow road here is still anti a active crime seen this morning.. and we learned that officer off colson was actually able to return fire before he died.ied last night at prince george'srgs hospital center officers fromr r around the county gathered to honor colson they joined hands and prayed as the night a t darkened. dark 28-year-old jacai colson had been on the force four years.oua he was an undercover narcoticsti detective and was not in uniform sunday.
8:05 am
the ambush began around 4:30 inn the a. >> one of the officers who was jacai had an infectious smile.. he lit up a room.oo he was a tremendous personalityr that made everybody smile andev wanted toer be everything to everybody.erybody he was a police officer who wass real's cop cop. c he didn't shy away from anyny calls.s he never shirked hishirked h responsibility. >> reporter: now the suspect spe was also wounded also taken to o the same hospital to princenc george's hospital center.enr we are told that suspect will there was a second suspect who
8:06 am
police say fled the scene whendn the gunfire began. beganst qighs an was ohutere spoke with ske maing some of our colleaguesolle at fox5 and she said that the brothers are malik and michaelha ford from temple, maryland andan we're hearing from policemol sources this morning that theyh are confirming those though officially nothing hasian been announced and no charges c yet have been filed. f live in palmer park, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. n >> melanie, thank you.k y. meantime, eight firefightert are in the hospital this morning after battling a townhouse firee in montgomery county overnight.g and this was in germantown. that fire so intense that thehe entire home collapsed.olps the firefighters are expected t be okay much that's got news.t'w the the extent of damage at that seep has dislaed 18 people
8:07 am
tucker barnes back now with an h itdate on ht if it's been raining fo that's a suation. auati >> all >> the temperatures haveratu hav dropped. cool and soggy.og that's the word of the day gay g soggy. not steamy, soggy.. >> yeah. >> when you put those two tse together it sounds like aunds la situation.siation. >> steamy and soggy.d soy the low clouds and the drizzle z will continue here for our day today. to cool temperatures, 50 inn washington.wash 45 in frederick. 47 this morning in baltimore.ale there's your rain showers yoain activity.tivity moving through overnight.hroughn we're left with cloud cover andd drizzle and cool conditions fori the day today.the y. you may notice the winds out ofo the east to north off the ocean so it will feel kind of that tha maritime feel we get, you know.o when you step outside you'lldeou notice that.t. daytime highs in the mid 50s. bring a jacket. as far as measurable rain notn lot
8:08 am
light shower here andtave it >> looking forward to whatever e that 70 day is.s >> that will be a differentif situation.tuation. (laughter). >> erin como, good morning togod you.yo >> good morning.>> gd morn wisdom with his blue you and tucker in bright yelloww you notice the blue pop for >> he's got it.>> he'got >> see. i love everything about it. >> um-hmm.>>m-hmm >> okay. look at that.ok atha tucker is backing out of thef t way.wa it's a fashion show.ashi s right now huge problems continuu for metro despite the fact the f service has been restored resto between smithsonian and foggy fg orange and blue lines stillesti single tracking metro saying too anticipate delays of 30 to an hour. ho so big delays there.. silver line service only onl available we'llly reston east tt boston i just got a picture pic tweet to do me from the bostones metro stop.p extremely crowded so if you cann find alternate form of fm transportation this morning youi may want to do so.want t big problems there for your for mornin
8:09 am
well. 295 north malcolmnth side of the naval research lab k bcking allg lanes eastwest highway out byhwy connecticut.nnecticu you into towed detour there.owe. that's your traffic.atour back to you. still ahead this mornings mi multiple injuries following aolg train derailment overnight.rnht the latest developments coming p up.up >> also severe weather bringingh deadly flooding to parts of thet country.uny we'll take look at the damage dg and where this is next.
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> the suicide bombers a man ane woman were inside of a bmwmw packed with explosives. al-qaida has claimed-qaida responsibility for a terror ter attack on a beach resort in thet ivory coast.oa popular with both locals andlocd tourists. at least 14 people in twotw security forces killed.s k no indication of
8:12 am
killed or injured. injur this is the third attack.s., u in the south evacuatiovacuat underway in louisiana andna missrad flooding. >> more than 5,000 homes have h been damaged and at least four f deaths have been reported intedi louisiana.uisiana now flood warnings are in effece across the region as many riverr are still dangerously high. h so far the national guard hasnad rescued nearly 3300 residents.t. coming it's time to get your brackets ready.ts we're talking about march mar madness.dns. >> and later -- what did youdiou say? >> of course we're talking about march madness. of course we are.>>of who needs more schlep, men orp,n women? the new study on sleepep and the >> we already know the answer. e >> i knew it before -- i knew iw the first time.t t (laughter). ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios
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time for my fox5 first five. f we've got super cuteness. >> aww.>> aww. >> beautiful smile.ut. >> hi, beautiful.. >> i get it. >> on to have of a teddy bear.da >> that's a huge ted bee bear.e. >> huge.>> he. hello kitty right there.rit the. >> i was going to say. >> polar bear. >> big old polar
8:16 am
>> gotcha.ot okay. tell us more, tuck.. it. youisse >> do it >> hello, london., lonn. >> that's london. ldo jolly old london.ondo >> i thought mine was bad.was b >> she's so cute. >> she's adorable. able. london, we love your picture. pu we love it. >> happy as can be.. >> fourth birthday over thethe weekend?ekd? >> um-hmm. >> sweet. >> hope it was a good one. w you know it was. >> happy birthday to you londono >> to child -- we'll wrap this up before wisdom chases away our
8:17 am
last english viewer. good oh to our >> 1550 in 50 in.. days. day yesterday wasn't 't today, tonight, tomorrow more of the same we should kick it outut of here by wednesday as we get t big change in air mass. air another look at it.look a it. maybe few showers along withit drizzle, low clouds and tempsndm only in the mid 50s thishis afternoon.rnoo seven day gets better by wednesday.esda. peak out in sunshine mid 70s ans right now mild for st. patrick's day.da
8:18 am
k atok us his best irish cab ish empty tow.empty to single tracking betweenso foggyw 295 north at malcolm x a reported hit-and-run.nd-r use caution through that area.nh at least the left lane is is blocked wolf 95 northash atsh research lab.arch l let's take live look outside.ute we're seeing significant delayss on the outer loop between 95 and georgia. you can see basically parked oud there. traffic is crawling.c is the inner loop not lookingop n terrible at that point.oi no crashes just a lot oft t o congestion.cong and rain.anrain let's swim it over to another tr look and show what else you'reer dealing with this morning. morni inner loop there's a crashre's blocking the shoulder at 644 spring
8:19 am
traffic in that area bat backo yo highway is completely t >> thank you very much, erin you como. como. it's that time of year again. a yes, we're talking about march madness. >> all ncaa tournament field is set. it holly joins us now with little l bracket ology. >> here you go.>> he yo >> that's a pass.. >> she shoots she scores. sco who won last year? >> i don't know m team from -- >> the reigning national champsa duke university will not be repeating this year. y theris
8:20 am
after cbsgke the one but they failed to win the bigee they will jack j raina state s and travel 2400 miles to spokank washington for the first round. >> sometimes it's good to get i'
8:21 am
i feel bad for our fans. f because i'm sure a l times down there. they have a terrificfi well seeds news for maryland but its tourne it was unveiled during thehe selection show.ctho the leak happened about halfwayl through the network' twos hour special.special. probably like me they were likee this is going on wayre too longl >> let's get it over.. >> two hours. i remember when the selectionn t show was 30 min
8:22 am
that was duke is a four seed in the westh by the way in case ouw. >> first lady latest research on
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> why can't the story just be t you need nor sleep.. you're more complex. comex >> why would they do a study anu not tell was they found? our f brains are more complex and we d perform more complicated tasksed on a daily basis.asis but exactly how much more sleepr do we need, just about 20 minutes.nus for our brains to recover.. because even in recovering we'rw doing it like this and multiulti tasking. >> that's true. i have that happen to me some>> three nights a week where i juss have so much stuff going on it'i just it's a lot.. >> this isn't about you wisdom o it's about women. wen >> i just decide to throw no ouo there just in case.. >> you actual dollar lot of
8:26 am
same things that the study talkl about. liftingvy lif at my house, too. >> here.. and cloud cover and drizzlerizz hopefully he's not watchingot rit we keep the showers and drizzlee around today torque night, tomorrow and then sunshine.. 70s by wednesday. wednesd >> bring back the sunshine.e su. thank you. y >> um-hmm. >> all right.ight so erin como is busy today.od but she is on her way into theno studio talking
8:27 am
craziness on the roads. psin this morning. you can tell when i busy inning to get updated i.. 97 southbound ramp and the 32 3 east and westbound ramps toamps three south are shut down soshuw there's a lot of folks that neee to detour around that area in anne arundel. and huge delays there.elayshe if you are taking metro, updatet for you right now. new carrollton bound orange linn passengers at boston your next x train is approaching the statios at 8:03. silver line delays blue ands be orange delays all thes a information has been retweetedwd at erin fox5 d.c..c any questions happy to help youy that's your traffic. tff >> still ahead this morning, the disruptive demonstrations donalo trump
8:28 am
creating tension on the campaigm
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> time now is 8:30. t as we take live look outside ont this monday morning. rain is in our presence righte now at least some rain has beeni in our oursence. we'll check in with tuckerke barnes to get an update and see how things stand in the weathere department but first we have tow get to this.get tohi after a wild wee
8:31 am
campaign trail, tomorrow'sorw' hand.nd. >> yeah, definitely.>> y there are a number of proteststs some of the things he said abouo i wish i could bunch them in the face.face. i'll pay your legal fees if youy you know, get in trouble forub punch somebody in the face has s somehow spurred this on. on i think there's definitely a det side to that that some people il the gop or making that point.t i the other side to the coin, t c though,
8:32 am
reese protests are organized ant oi the coin here and h how it plays out in the electiot tomorrow will really be theill interesting factor. >> yes. that definitely will beefin interesting. let's talk about rubio and kasich because this could becoue make or break for them we'rehe talking about rubio and his homm state of florida.lorida kasich and his home state of sto ohio. they got to get these. these they got to get these two statee to maintain relevance in thisnhi whole thing or it could be over. >> well, that's exactly if donald trump wins both, hishs path to the nomination in othero words to get to 1237 delegates t the number needed to clinch thee nomination is a lot smoother. st it's still -- he has still totil perform in those other states os after e gets two gtw tomorrow, it's a lot -- it's a's
8:33 am
two, for example, if he gets cleveland.. >> were you surprised to seeri . >> yeah, i mean romney is the leader now of the never trump tp movement he's trying to do everything he can to, for any candidate to block the path for trump to get to the nomination number of 1237. so he's campaigning saying he'sh not officially endorsing but tht fact that he's campaigning witht john kasich sends that messageea even though he's not making theg official statement.teme >> all right. that's the top card here. card h we're talking about thelkint republican side and the battlehb that's going on there. the under card the two democrats hillary and bernie sanders, they still -- they're still trying ti
8:34 am
democratic side as well. w lead secretary clinton has the leadne in dates. she has the lead if you l headid but there have been surprises.i. i mean bernie sanders wonanrs w michigan. he was 20 points down heading ha into election day in michigan. michigan lines up demographically a lot like ohio. so you know there could be could surprises tomorrow on the bernie sanders front but he has a longg way to go to be able to clinch l the democratic nomination. >> all right. bret baier, thank you very much for the insight.k r in we appreciate it.ciat it. bret baier talking to us liveos this morning. morni >> all right, wisdom have a goog one. >> all righty.>> a tucker barnes is standing by. b tuck, you want 30 extra secondsn you got 30 extra seconds.a secon >> you're so good to me allisons >> you're welcome.e welce >> i wasn't planning for that 3 seconds. what am i going to do. >> all right. i can make it weather related. we got easterly flow f northeasterly flow that willly f lock in that cool for the day.lo 50 out there this morning inng washington. 50 in richmond and just notust n going to budge a
8:35 am
more of the same. of th that push on the north and easth left with low clouds and drizzla oueeth few heack aga that easterly flow.erf what we call the wedge.heed so when we get our flow out of the north and east this time ofe year that will kind of lock in the cool for the afternoon.orhea there's a bigger look. lk high pressure here off to theeft north and east will flow down d and keep temperatures quite cooo for this time of year. actually to be honest with you not cool for this time of year.r quite cool compared to whatd to we've been dealing with.been the last week with the week th t springtime temperatures.rares mid 50s this afternoon. keep an umbrella handy here.andr there might be a passing showeri or two.or generally light drizzle thisi afternoon.afrnoo i'll be backfill the seven dayay that features 70s and sunshinesh and spring like conditions inoni just a a minute. five days counting now.ow five days till spring erin let
8:36 am
the countdown begin. b >> yes, i cannot wait. weee thed tsaw tho g road reopen georgi. avee. that runs parallel north tollelh eastwest highway. let's go ahead and take a lookk back at our maps. ms. aside from that mess we're we' dealing with crane highway out g in a run den three south shutouh down after 32. the crash is involving an oil spill an tanker overturn.vert several ramps in the area closed as well 97 south as well as 32 2 east and west ramps two, threewe south are closed and annend ann arundel school district some ofe their school buses are seeingin delays getting caught up in thee major backups lea
8:37 am
that closure. for the rest of your morningr mo commu, x avenue has cleared. isable cae been on d side of south westouth w freeway prior to exit five.xit but the middle lane once againea has reopened. reopene still dealing with residual delays. and speaking of headaches thiss morning, service less tourur station between smithsonian andd foggy bottom on metro.. the orange and blue lines stills single tracking.g. silver line operating between we'llly reon they are shuttle busing buus b crowded conditions. as you make your way on transits several other things to be awa aware. aw nta, marc train operating 15ra 1 minutes late, blue orange westbound trains will skipilsk mcpherson square and farragut west to reduce lanes.. eastbound trains and wussnd w service from will he wil busy day on the roads wi
8:38 am
the rain coming in.the get an early start for making big spl aathe today it movie knock zootopiat s at the box office.ff >> where is richard simmons? why some fans worried about the fitness guru. 8:38. stay with us.
8:41 am
♪ 8:40 is the time. te. d the jungle boo it doesn't hit theaters untilatr mid april. america fathers whoatrs w became george washington's righg hand man during theinghe revolutionary war.y w the musical blends hiphop, jazzj blues and r and b with the grane defendant of broadway.. hot, hot, hot >> okay
8:42 am
that took social media by storm. in interviews he says his low lw more oncin
8:45 am
from the national arboretum come in and tell us what we'rete actually looking at instead ofao being actual spectator. >> we'll get a little eaglett soon, right. rig >> like tomorrow maybe. maybe >> is it coming any day. >> yeah. >> can we figure out how to felf difference between the first bet lady and the president.resident >> steve says the first lady isi bigger and the president is prei smaller. >> steve is all things >> i'm glad he can figure thathf out.
8:46 am
>> we discovered in his free hie time he likes to hangso.>> >> um-hmm. >> all right, okay.ll >> i mean whoever i rsk st isrn. >> that's ocouple days. days starting with yesterday reallyee when the rain moved in.n mod i and then early this morning our temperatures on the cool side. d honestly, this is where weshe should be for this stage ofge march but we got spoiled lastilt week with that early springly sn preview. 50 in washingtois. mid 40s north and these numbers haven't budged alt mornin 45 in frederick. in fr 45 this moedrning in winchestere we'll keep the clouds and the
8:47 am
ase have high pressure off to our north and our flow off the approach as that frontch a wil ackback into sunshine and at least for the day on wednesdayey we'll kick the temperatures upte into the mid 70s.0s so again cool today.ay couple showers around thisrod t afternoon bring a jacket it will feel damp and cold out there. te at least
8:48 am
little warmer tomorrowyoheur wet st. eather update.ate wisdom and allison, back to youy dels. >> another tragic loss for local police officer killed in an i a ambush style attack.k. melanie as new detailsai about the officer and the suspects arrested.rrested. >> also at 9a, we are talking politics again. donald trump he is speaking out after drama surrounding hisdings so what's ahead for super sup tuesday, too? that's what a lol of people are calling it super tuesday two. we have a preview. cool new travel gather jetsher e aimed at make your trip easier.r we'll show
8:49 am
9a.9a. we'll bring to to you live.ive. >> i didn't know we were goingee to wedding on ml al? thank you so much, ladies. well, slipping in the tub t isn't the potential danger ingei your bathroom.hroo some of the items that we all wa use every day can actually be making us sick.. holding on to a nasty cold. like me. m unless you have one of thesefse futuristic self-cleaningea bathrooms, you'll need to hear h what our neck guest has to say t about making the bath safer forr the whole family. dr. shilpi agalwar a physicianca board certified in family medici
8:50 am
and i only i thinklo ath to tosr two or three or if the bristles are startit o tooth brushes are nearby therbye toilet, they retreat fecal matter on tooth >> you enjoy saying that. (laughter).(lau >>
8:51 am
that's why. >> gro
8:52 am
hot water and keep up right anda and they can actually hold on to >> okay.kay. >> th l
8:53 am
one it's a thi we we're beingre very clean after a mom. these were hold on to tos , wh might that do? break outsret or is that a bigger issue. >> it can clog your skin withlor break outs but it create fungal. create so if you are finding that your skin is not as cleinar as it use to be getting redness or patches of dry or irritated skin it mayt be simple as changing your bathu stuff and the last thing thi remember if you have a shower se curtain, the bottom area of thet sh
8:54 am
that's the theme here everyve . >> the effect of mold, too, i t tays in those moistse moistelse environments and can be verynd c dangerous particularly kidslarls touch it and it gets on togets o >> okay. i'll have to find -- sign up for some place that has cheaper cap razors.zo >> i'll help you out with that. >> i want -- how much does the little case run, do you know?doo >> it's about 20 or $30. >> okay.kay. >> so it's worth it. sit >> not to bad. toss it in boiling water like wg said or solution o wf hydrogen peroxide for 60 seconds. secon >> i was joking at the beginninn with the cold but some of the material does say with all thatt on the toothbrush keep brushingn your teeth after you're well and you introduce the same -- s >> it'sr to reinfect yourself.. if have you bee
8:55 am
to start fresh and get something dangerous. (laughter)ce daytime highs keep the clouds around andund ad drizzle in the forecast today. and not much change here for the next couple of days. days. pattern will be stuck with thei clouds and the cool temperaturea for our monday and tuesday.uesd by wednesday things will get a t little better.le b there's another look at yourr satellite/radar and bigger looko we can get a few showers towers develop today.develo mostly it will be just cloudst s and drizzle this afternoon.erno. there's your seven day.your sun is back by wednesday withneh mid 70's to look forward to.
8:56 am
ieek, saturday night and sundayf activity still has problems onn. so big delays for metro and silver linece between we'llly reston east in boston again big delays please planleep ahead.ah more transit information for yoy blue, orange, westbound trainsos skip mcpherson square and and farra
8:57 am
use eastbound t.brate. >> real pie, not the math typear stay with us.h >> is it a babysitter? >> exactly. ♪
9:00 am
straight ahead a prince p george'sown. this is trial al dark day iy prince george's county i. >> flags across the state aretaa flying at half staff in honor of officer jacai colson.ol while a community is left outraged over another act of senseless violence. breaking overnight, major metro delays after ann underground cable fire fills a metro tunnel with smoke and skea damages part of a track. tck we'll have live report.. >> candidate for president off the united state


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