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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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news conference will begin 5:15 and we'll carry that live. this say story that has taken bizarre, strange and sad twists this afternoon. and as you just mentioned, we now know and according to police sources, that three brother as apparently entered into a conspiracy to attack the district three station yesterday. sources say michael ford opened fire on the front door of the district three station while his two brothers malik and elijah sat in cars nearby and videotape today on their cellphone cameras. in a little while we expect chief of police to come out here and tell us very tragi tragically that the officer killed jakai coleson was killed by friendly fire. >> this is the front of the district three station bar low road where police say a man with a gun opened fire sunday navrn unprovoked attack shooting into the door in hopes officers would come out and return fire. investigators believe the man may have been
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suicide by cop while his brothers watched and recorded it all. this is a map showing the front of the station which is adjacent to prince george coun county police headquarters and the stations sit in a neighborhood of homes in palmer park next to a community center about a quarter mile have route 202. late this afternoon police were still holding the crime screen with one wrecked police cruiser in the par imter along with what may have been the fallen officer's car by mid afternoon dozen enlz of officers both in and out of uniform gathered at headquarters where they stood together at the crime screen. at the hospital the chief of police had the sorrowful task of announcing his death. >> it is my sad duty to come to the community this evening and to tell you one of your defenders, coleson a four year veteran, 29-year-old man. lost his life in defense of
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this county today. >> the exact circumstances of coleson's death are still under investigation. and the police say he was killed in a gun battle. >> during the exchange of gun fire, the suspect was wounded jakai was also shot. one of the officers who was engaged took jakai and put him in the back of a cruiser and brought him to this facility where he was pronounced dead. >> law enforcement sources identified the shooter as michael ford. and his two brothers as malik and eli jaxt maing malik was arrested after the shooting a mile away at this pop eye's on landover road. >> and what we understand is that jakai cole sop was off duty and may have been coming here to see a friend. he was in plain clothe when's he pulled up as this gun battle was erupting. michael ford again surprise alleged shooter in this case.
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alex limone fox reporter went into the neighborhood his family lives and found a person speaking for the family today. alex what did you learn? >> reporter: well, paul, we're live in front of a taken to house that police spend all night and into the morning searching it third from end and we understand the mother and grand mother of the three suspects live here. at this point it's unclear ft. suggestion suspect also lived here themselves but we know investigators seized evidence from the home and took a care from the area. >> we are playing for the police officer and his family and we feel sorry for him and praying for the family too. >> two families in pain dealing with the aftermath of a senseless shootout outside of a prince george county police station the family of officer jaca
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>> what caused this. we don't know. >> police spent all night and into the morning hours searching this townhouse in high atville where the gunman's mother and grandmother lives. >> last night there was a bunch of police cars and so forth and they were looking at a red another that was parked over in the parking lot. >> and they towed the car you said. >> they towed the car. >> family members and sources say michael ford was the gunma gunman. we're learning michael had a troubled past and court records show he was facing domesti domestic-related charges sources say those troubles may have been the reason he launched what police call unprovoked attack on the police station and his two brothers were also part of the plot and have been arrested. police say the gunman was also hit by bullets from the officer's returning fire but he's expected to survive
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>> they won't let hershey them yet. it's the grandmother and mother is at the hospital she's not feeling well they think she had a heart attack. >> that was the pastor of the family speaking on their behalf. you heard him say the suspect's mother actually suffer aid heart attack after all of this stress from learning that her three sons are accused of launching this attack on the police station and that one of those sons, the alleged gunman in all of this, was also injured. so, as you can imagine, this family not doing well. reporting live in high atville, alexander limone, "fox5 local news". >> it's another metro mess out there for passengers. troubled transit agency is once again struggling to make repairs from a incident over twelve hours ago. >> this time it was tunnel fire at 4:30 this morning that turned rush hour into a disaster for thousands of commuters but it turns out things
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tom fitzgerald is live with important information moving along head tonight. hey, fitz. >> good evening. we'll be blunt about it. this is not close to be over any time soon. we got important information for you that metro has just updated. you need to know this moving forward through tonight. we'll throw it up on the screen for you. we'll start with the blue and orange lines. they'll be single tracking for the rest of the evening between foggy bottom and federal triangle for the rest of this evening. and the silver line, those trains are only going to be running between west and east and boston. for tonight's rush hour, the blue and orange inbound trains they are skipping fargat west and mcpherson square and this is the big one folks. at 9 p.m. tonight all rail service would be suspended in both directions between foggy bottom afternoon federal
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triangle station and tunnel fire right now as to exactly what caused all of this and it's still under investigation and after talking to these passengers throughout the day, there was no mystery about the frustration and level of concern many of these passengers feel about this metro system. >> i'm telling it like it is. metro has a serious curse on them. simple as that. metro needs to be saved. >> this is a hot mess. >> this morning i started to stay home and i deposit. i wish i had. it is really a hassle for me to get around. >> we pay our fare like everybody else. we are trying to get to work. we cannot get to work. . >> metro got a reported 4:30 a.m. of tunnel fire outside of mcpherson square sfaition and shuttle buses were called in and d.c. fire department cleared that scene 6 a.m. this morning and but
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at that point to avoid the mess and they were able to run limited train service by single practice tracking between foggy bottom and federal triangle by then the damage to rush hour was already done. delays ran 30 minutes to an hour on the mrooi blue and orange line and silver trains they were turned back at boston to reduce congestion downtown and shom to bypass all stations altogether. now the general manager of paul wheatfeld the damage at the rail bed was so severe it will take hours into tonight to fix all this as for the confusion of those shuttle buses he says the timing was a key factor in all of this because many buses were out on the regular routes when this tunnel fire broke out. . >> so that's what we're wrestling with this morning and the timing could not be worse and from that perspective we have to keep hammering away at the core issues and fix those to prevent incidents from happening. . >> and now to be clear, metro says it is
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national transportation safety board and the federal transit administration. you'll remember metro was placed under stricter safety oversight after that january 2015 tunnel smoke incident at la front plaza which killed alexandria residents carol glover. we're live at mcpherson square tonight. tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". >> in the meantime metro is trying to make it easier for people to use bus service. the transit agency ististing an app called bus eta which replaces current app known as next bus. the new app, which uses arrival prediction algorithm would provide realtime bus arrival information every 30 seconds. metro is now asking riders to test out the new app ahead of its formal launch in april. >> all right. time now to check in and get a look at weather out there and here's a live look at the white house. you can see the wind blowing the flag around up there. and on top of the white house.
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and 52 degrees out there. it's not bad. but compared to what we have been7 having it is not as grea. >> quite a departure from last week. drizzly day out there. sue palka what's going on. >> a little fog, too, laura, sarah a, sarah, welcome back. >> thank you. >> happy to have you back. >> even though i'm under the weather --. >> could be allergies too. >> it might be, this is not a man sitting next to laura, it is sarah. >> that deep voice. >> i am another deep voice person and i don't have a cold. hey i wanted to tell you guys yeah it's a little off putting especially when you nad daylight saving time love that extra hour but are you disoriented with it? i think a lot of people are getting kind of used to that added hour. and the reduction in sleep. that's for sure. and i had a greet time today. i wanted to give a shout-out to rachel carson elementary school. i was there to speak to them about weather, fourth grade aernz boy do they know their stuff. great job teachers at rachel carsonle
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the fourth grade knows what they're doing before they got there they had a tornado drill today i was pleased to see they take weather seriously and everybody in indoor hallway and had lot of questions about thunderstorms and right now we don't have thunderstorms in the forecast. and but i do have a cooler day and that's because we've had sort of a wedge of cool air that has been trapped over our area. it's only 52 now and we are going to continue to see clouds and drizzle this evening. but a little heavier activity closer to morning a wave of low pressure is going to come through and if i give us measurable rain for the first part of tuesday we should dry up tuesday afternoon. much more on warmer days ahead this week and yes, even sunnier days. i'll have that with a full forecast later. laura, sarah, back to you. . >> coming up we're continuing to follow breaking news in the death of a prince george county police officer. >> laura, sarah, we expect the police chief hank stew
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come out 5:15 and give us new details and tragic information we expect from the chief that officer yacai cole son was killed by friendly gentleman okay cole son
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>> we're following a defing story in the district tonight. police need your help to find this missing teenager. 14-year-old jamella crutchfield last seen friday coral street northeast. she was
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shirt and pants anyone with information on her whereabouts is urnled to call police. >> in montgomery country eight firefighters were hurt in a townhouse collapse. the fire broke out early this morning at this home on chrabuskill lane in germantown. you can see the smoke in flames on your screen. crews were battling that fire when the front wall and second wall came crashing down and one firefighter suffered serious injuries and all eight are expected to survive. and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation. >> in washington state a hatchet wielding man was shot and killed at a convenience storech the man tried to attack a store clerk at 7-eleven near seattle he came in wearing a mask and swipinging hatchet at a clerk and customer. the clerk was injured antecustomer pulled out a gun and shot the suspect. that suspect died at the scene. >> it was a nice die.
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he looked -- he is lucky. . >> police say the customer has a permit to your carry a concealed handgun. no word if charges will be filed. >> now for much lighter news about a little boy who is proving some people still believe in shivalary. >> take a look at how he came to defense of a girl. >>. >> take that you big bully. >> it was all part of instruction about the the boy thought the instructor was picking on the girl despite over matched he shrugged the inif you have tore and it was a misunderstanding. he sees what's happening. it looks real and he's been taughting to do that. this instructor merely training girl but i'm sure
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impressed by the little boy's bravery. are we going to break? i know we're waiting for a press conference out of prince george county and chief will be speaking of the situation of jacai coloson killed over the weekend. we believe by friendly fire. that's what the report has bee been. prince george county police has been coming out with new information today. you heard paul wagner talking about the latest information. we've been standing by for a press conference about to begin. they said 5:15 so we'll wait for that to happen. and they're standing by and we're standing by too and we'll bring that to you as soon as it happens. coming up male birth control pill closer to becoming a reality tonight. >> when scientists
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be able to take a pill to prevent pregnancy. >> and you can slap on the patch after patch and chew all the nicotine gum in the world you want at the end of the day nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man and now a new vaccine could help smokers kick their has been sglit and plus a smithsonian scientist discovered a new species of of dinosaur how it's shedding light on possible evolution coming up. ♪ >> before we head to break we believe chief has stepped up to speak. there there they are getting
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officer shooting from over the weekend ever many olsen jacai olsen the victim of michael ford. powell wagner has been telling us about the new developments that appears that there they will beki talng about here in moments from now. >> you heard, jedd, that chief stewwinski talking about jacai being one of the defenders who lost his life yesterday and we believe by friendly fire, which is what we believe they will be talking about. but what they reported yesterday was that he was shot in an exchange of gunfire. they sort of left that door on we'll learn more today about what happened. you're seeing members different members of the prince george country police department assembling there we saw julie, prince george county public affairs officer
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as well and introducing the chief of police haenk stewwi stewwinski. >> any time you have one of your own lost no matter what the circumstances are you know it's dive kurlt time for everybody. let's listen in. >> i'm julie parker direct tore of media relations for the prince george county departmen department. our department would like to express its extreme gratitude for the show of support we very received from around this nation. we heard from the white house, from the fbi director and atf and governor hogan and senator card inand mc kol so i can and congress west ambler johnston hall edwards and multiple other people and from our law enforcement family around the country and in fact around the world. and we cannot forget the citizens of prince george county that reached out to so many of us. we thank you very much for your support during this tragic tim time. we're going to begin this
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of our police officer. he will then introduce fop lodge 9 president john telecia and we'll take the questions afterwards. chief stewwinski. >> thank you miss parker and good afternoon. a little less than 24 hours ago it was my sad duty to come before our community and talk about the fact that one of the defenders had fallen and now i come before a much larger community as julie has alludinged to and i want to send my personal gratitude to all the people mentioned and unmentioned who have wrapped their arms around this department and indeed this county this the hours passed. as always my commitment is to ascertain facts and then bring them to this community so that you can understand what
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happened. and what i can tell you now is that last evening mr. michael ford and the three ford brothers who you see on the touch screen my right, had a number of conversations which investigators have concluded that michael ford, the shooter in this instance, did not expect to survive the engagement that he and his brothers precipitated at the district three station. at about 4:17 those conversations are happening and just after 4:30, the incident that are you all familiar with now, began. and during the engagement with our officers, several opportunities for the shooter and our officers to exchange
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gunfire manifested themselves. i want to point out clearly, based on our review of the video evidence that the prince george county police officers involved in this used incredible restraint. because they were cognizant of the fact there were homes behind michael as he was firing at them. and because they could not be clear in every instance who else might have been down range as this gunfire erupted. and michael begins the confrontation unprovoked with a series of several shots. he reloads the weapon and then continues the engagement. and i need the community to know, even i'll step here for a second, that the ford brothers who were involved fired at this citizen's car, fired at this citizen'
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ambulance, fired randomly. heroically, detective colson reacted to a set of circumstances that frankly i don't think he was entirely prepared for. seeing the danger presented by michael the shooter, he took action. and in doing so, demonstrated extreme heroism because it was his actions that allowed officers to take a position where they could intervene and neutralize the threat. detective coloson drew fire to himself and in doing so was mortally wounded. now, my principle concern in this, is the next photo i'll share with you.
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ford brothers standing by taking no action, on a video recording device, taping this, his brother, shooting at prince george county officers they knew in advance, they had every opportunity to call 11, they had every opportunity to seek medical help. they did nothing. and they witnessed him shoot at those citizens cars and shoot as police officers and shoot at an ambulance and the restraint of the prince george county police officers in not firing at them, as they were doing something very odd, sitting in middle of a fire fight, they were engaged. they were concerned for their own safety. but not for the safety of the citizens antepublic. now, it's my sad duty to have to share with you that circumstantially, we
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detective colson's death was fired by one of his fellow police officers reacted to this something that could have been prevented and stopped. you see, james and sheila and not with him today, their son, drew ray colson are standing in unity with this family today. something the ford brother koz have stopped. know that i spent the day talking to our county executiv executive, he's wrapped his arms around this family and fully supports this community and this police family the same with our state's attorney miss angela brooks know 21 charges are being placed against these individuals as we speak. everything from conspiracy to commit murder to second degree
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murder. know that this was preventable. now, i spoke about the fact that circumstantially we believe the round that killed detective colson was fired by a prince george county police officer but this county knows we do not operate on circumstantial evident. while we identify the six officers who will be named as victims made available to the state attorney office already, i'm not prepared to say which of those officers might have fired that round. results of the autopsy are pen pending. this is circumstantial and results of the examination by our forensic technicians and firearms examination unit are pending. but my concern grave concern this community need to know that this was callously recorded, and could have been prevented. so with that, i'm going to invite the president of our fraternal
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has been with me all day, as we've tried to up in the membe membership of this department sworn civilian manage through this i'll invite zeek to step up and talk to you. >> jacai coloson, son, brother, friend, police officer, and a hero, not only to the prince george county police department but to every citizen in prince george county, he was presented with a situation, he did not ask for it. and he reacted. he reacted to protect his fellow police officers and the community. and while doing so, we have individuals videotaping it as if it's a game. as if it's something we're going put on
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glorify. i know this community better than a lot of people and i have worked here for many years. 16 1/2 years in palmer park and this is not acceptable and tolerated than is a very small segment of our population who would believe that something like that is acceptable. and i know that the citizens of prince george county will stand in unity with the men and women of the prince george county police department to condemn these actions and to assist us in better policing our streets and keeping us safe. yes, the police officers take risks. they put their lives on the line. but they do so knowing that the community has their back. and we police together, because we live in the community. we are part of the
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and as i said before, gentleman okay could light up a room. he lit up everybody's life he touched. he made a decision, several years ago, to make a difference in the world when he joined the prince george county police department. he made a difference every day he was here. and he made the difference and saved lives yesterday. and we thank god that he was allowed in our lives and that he became part of our community and we're ever so grateful that his family has shared him with us. thank you. . >> chief. >> i -- i love this police department. i love this
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and i love this county. it's my home. gentleman okay was senselessly taken from us. and i know there are other questions. the community, the nation, has my solemn vow that as information verified information, arrived at through proper technique is available, i will answer further questions. this department does got operate off of circumstantial evident. it does not operate off of circumstantial evident. i want to be clear about that. but i am also asking for your love and support as you demonstrated it, and i'm asking to you allow the men and women this department to come together and grieve because they are devastated. i want to personally thank james and sheila. it's
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to come before you now 24 hours after the loss of their son. and i want to thank you for the respectful manner which you dealt with this, the media, up to this point. so with that, i will answer any questions within the constraints that i laid out. >> [ question off microphone ]. >> this is about nothing. it is unprovoked. it is more troubling to me because it's been reported, michael had a history of mental illness. it's more troubling to me that anyone could standby so callou callously and watch this unfolded. again, whatever your beliefs about policing may be, to observe someone shooting at citizens passing
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someone shooting at ambulance and do nothing, and that brings up a broader issue, anyone who may have been traveling through that area yesterday in a number of other cars that i will be providing additional information on who saw this please, i'm asking you, to reach out to us and provide information about these circumstances so we can have a more complete understanding of the circumstances. again, that's my obligation to this community to bring you a -- the best and most complete understanding possible and in these two particular instances, i'm asking people who believe that may be their car, go look at your car and see if there's any damage there. because you may not have noticed. it's entirely conceivable and we would like to have a conversation with you if that is the case. >> the officers that came out to engage, were they aware of what they were running into and did they all come out of the
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did they just hear the gunfire and talk a bit about those officers who actually engaged? >> well, police officers run to disorder and sound of shots. and the officers who engaged him the majority of them were in the district three station at the time and they were being fired at directly. it was not shots being firtd at a building. it was individuals being fired upon. and then detective coloson was arriving in unmarked vehicle and found himself in the middle of a gun fight. but again i want to emphasize. it was his actions heroic i stepping out of that vehicle and engaging with the shooter drawing him and his attention away that allowed these other officers to move forward from a position of advantage and neutralize the threat that the shooter posed and then immediately set about providing medical aid, getting him
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hospital where he remains in stable condition expected to survive this confrontation. >> you mentioned circumstantial evident and we understand that and i'm sure a lot of people watching this are struggling to understand some of the circumstances that may have led to this tragedy. , for instance, you could characterize a little better how officer colson came to the scene and how he was dressed and how he perhaps may have been identified in the chaos. could you help us with that, please? . >> i've seen this scenario played out on a couple of different recordings and as detective colson is arivering he's arriving -- as we know he was detective in narcotics enforcement division and he does not want to look look eye police officer. he arrives in a vehicle that we use for those purposes. and he immediately engages with the shooter as he exits that vehicle.
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colleges. not wearing body armour or prepared for a fire fight he just arrived at. but he heroic i takes action drawing that fire and in moving down barlow road in the direction of 202 allowing our officers to see that motion and move up, they now are in a position of advantage but they don't know because of where they were when they began, exactly what they're facing. and it is in this confusion we believe that the erant round struck detective colson. circumstantially that's our belief. but until i have forensic evidence to offer i will not draw any conclusions about which officer may have fired the round. >> the video does appear to show assailant had a handgun than were no long guns involved. >> michael had a handgun. >> did he --. >> pardon? >> question off microphone. >> the shooting had gun and then after the first
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reload, he arrived shortly after continued and now it's engagement with officers behind cover and they're trying to get to a position where they can return fire but again, i want to talk about the restraint of the prince george county police officers in this. they are not panicking. they're collected in their thinking and they're moving from cover to cover and they're looking for a clear threat. they are not shooting randomly and they're cognizant of the fact there's residences behind them and traffic on the 'roid way as they are engaging the shooter. >> you can explain some of the mechanisms the department has in place so other cops can officer undercover officers i know some departments use hats or arm bands what types of things do you do to make sure officers know they're around other officers if they're --. >> well there's a number of ways we do that both through visible identification and through subtle signals we don't reveal because we don't want people in the community we're dealing with other police officers. but under these circumstances the reali
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colson arrives in middle of fire fight and that lasts a matter of a few minutes and we believe in the motion of the interaction is where misperceptions manifests themselves and that erant round strikes detective colson. >> when you say erant do you mean was not intentionally fired out or was intentionally fired at. >> at this moment i'm characterizing it as erant bought it was not at a threat. but i'm nothing going to say it was a misfire. that's what the investigation, the forensic evidence will tell us at the result of -- as a result of the investigation. >> can you say if --. >> go ahead. >> you can say if you think the officer was shot -- who shot the round misstook over colson for a suspect or we just don't know that you know something
5:39 pm
was struck. >> i can't affirmatively answer that. that's with what i want the investigates to looetd lead me so i'm not offering you circumstantial explanation. we have not interviewed all involved officers. obviously we're a little more than 24 hours into this. but we will know that. and when we do we will be prepared to answer those questions. i'm sorry, sir? chief, you can give us more information about michael ford. did he have an outstanding warrant or give us more about him and if you can talk a bit about just the pain of the department in terms of loss of this fine officer and the possibility this was a tragic accident. >> right now, mr. ford did not have any outstanding warrants. there were some issues in the days prior to this shooting that i think have been reported. i won't speak to those. but there were no on warrants. i want to thank the spaeshl agent involved in the field office
5:40 pm
of atf office bill mc mullen through their resources we verified there does not to be any next us with a large organization or movement behind this and this appears to be act of the brothers for their own motives and we have reason to believe the ford brothers did not expect the shooter in this to survive his engagement with the police officers. >> [ question off microphone ]. >> all three have been nine custody at this point and in terms of mr. ford, michael, the shooter was taken from the scene to the hospital and the other two i'm going to step aside from that right now as we continue to knit together their actions immediately after this confrontation. >> a quick follow up. a lot of people at home wonde wondering where would two brothers want to record the death of their own brother? that doesn't make he any sense? >> that's the point. it doesn't
5:41 pm
and take the police officers who heroically respond to these incidents around the nation. prince william recently and loss of noah under different circumstance stans in montgomery country recently. people shooting at fellow citizens randomly and people shooting at ambulances, i know that i find that odd. and i find that frightening. but i can not offer you any rational for that. i'm not certain that at the end of this investigation we'll be able to explain to you why people would do something like this. but, the community should know that we are working diligently to try to answer those questions as we prepare to properly honor our fallen comerade in the days to come. >> final question please. >> you can talk about the shooting [ off microphone ]. >>
5:42 pm
believe he was trying to elicit a response from the police officers and was using any target of opportunity to try to elicit that response again unprovoked confrontation with police officers and anybody that happened to be passing through at the meement peers to have been equally viable target for him as he tried to elicit that response. >> before you go could you tell us how the other officers at the fight particularly the ones that may have fired the bullet that may have taken the office officer's life? >> those six officers and the other almost 1700 men and women in the prince george county police who are sworn and almost 300 civilian members are all grieving. certainly, and know this, no police officer wants to get involved if an armed confrontation. no police officers wants to take a live. the reason we run to these
5:43 pm
prevent that. but then to learn that in your attempt to preserve life and protect people, you've struck another defender down, that is particularly devr stating. but, also know, that this department has coped with this kind of tragedy before and the most encouraging part is that officers retired from this department who were involved in those circumstances were with me today and with these officers today and talking about his experience under similar circumstance stans and rapping his arms around them trying to help them manage an incredibly difficult set of circumstances. . >> you've been watching a news conference here from the prince george county employment. that was chief hank stewwinski, visually angry and holding bang the emotion during the news afternoon afternoon as he talking about the deadly shoong
5:44 pm
the weekend an mentioning now they're looking at 21 charges against these three suspects and he was just so you could teller dated by the fact that they are two brothers and had video and were standing by as alleged shoolter michael ford randomly hoot shooting at cars and ambulance and then the officers trying to intervene and stop it and neutralize the situation and officers as well and this is unfortunately wapd. >> three brothers working togethering in what appears to be suicide by cop plot and to completely speaking passion alley about this and speaking with conviction and you -- it was palpable really palpable. but they called jacai cole sop, a son, a brother, you saw his parents at the press conference today a hero and they said that jacai coloson just showed up while this was happening and while these gun shot were in
5:45 pm
fired back and forming an volley was going on and he got out of the car and reacted in a situation that meant to protect the community there. so, they said he could lightp a room. and what a wonderful man he wa was. >> we'll learn a lot more about this in the coming days. >> right and a lot more coming up here. we'll check in with the siste sisterer station in philadelphia coming in a minute where officer jacai colton is from and you can get insight into the officer when we come back. >> we'll be right back.
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>> the community need to know that one of your defenders has been lost. this is truly a dark day in prince george county back to our top story tragedy striking store a officer in our area and tonight with are learning
5:49 pm
about the life of jacai coloson. >> he was just 28 years old and supposed to be celebrating his birthday this week. and his loss is not only being felt in our community but also in the philadelphia area where he was from. >> bill anderson is from our sister station in philadelphia. bill is joining us with more on the story. >> good evening, sarah, laura, you foynlt pointed out such a tragic situation and we were watching the press conference as well and we hear the police chief talk about a bright light officer coloson was and that's what we experienced here. he grew up outside philadelphia played sports here and has a god son here and daeply connected to and i went over to the school where he grew up where he played sports and spoke to them and they're shocked someone so positive would lose life in a tragic way. sgle and 28-year-old maryland police officer jacai coloson was shot and killed outside
5:50 pm
a land-over police station sunday afternoon as three men ambushed officers. since that time, those who knew him have been sharing the high quality individual that he was. >> high quality kid and kid you like to coach and raised by great people. we locked a great kid. >> and he sgru newspaper booth win and played basketball and football at chew chester and maintained several close friendships. the community lost a great young man. >> 20 plus years you go through a lot of kids and when you hear something like this it just you know punches you in the stomach and he was a great kid and he can't say enough about him and his family. >> officer sole con fp son's commitment to officers orig nated in the boothwyn area. his grand fa
5:51 pm
of the police department and officer coloson was inspired by his grand father. >> he i'd liesed his grandfather. that could have been a big push for him to be a police officer. >> jacai coloson was described as a leader, role model and good friend. those that new limb at a loss over why somebody would take a life and why he's giving it to so many. >> no one can say they didn't like him. he was just you liked him. >> so that's the difficult part that we continue to hear from people as we spoke to them. everybody likes him. there were no negative words his closest friend were saying he was actively involved in their life. he was a positive figure. this is really hard for them to accept this is not the way they expected someone who was so positively impacting other others to actually have their life end. >> bill anderson, in philadelphia, for us thank you so much from our affiliate there and just it makes you angry and it's de
5:52 pm
to see the chief angry as well when you hear about what a wonderful person he was. doesn't matter no matter what this person should not have died in this instance and it's so frustrating to see this happen to one of our people pro testing our community. >> that's why you saw the frustration was coming out of that department today. all right we'll be back with more after
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> well, quite a departure where you were last week. >> i know, close to 80 for several days and now this is march. we go back and forth as we transition months. so kind of dreary out there today, cloud, drizzle, and tonight kind of chilly, too. >> temperatures. >> transition month as you said. >> it is actually still winter technically. >> so things are still topcy turfy. this say look at the capitol building with gray skies behind it. ma
5:56 pm
are showers. back to norm and west. it has been very light driz thl evening. but there is more rain that's moving in later tonight. all these showers over the ohio valley and probably in time for the driver team morning. best chance to see rain is heavier than encountered this afternoon. temperatures outside, 40s and 50s and 52 washington and 1 dulles. let's get straight to the 7 day forecast four and we'll show you. temperatures are at least hea headed in the upward direction real quick and it will be pretty cool tomorrow. temperatures only into the 60s. but following that temperatures into the 70s. laura, sarah. >> thanks, caityln. >>
5:57 pm
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>> good evening we're following breaking news in the death of a prince george county police officer tonight. thank four joining us i'm tony perk
6:00 pm
>> investigators believe jacai colson was killed by friendly fire off duty and in plain college when's he arrived on the scene when the ambush was underway. while michael ford was shooting his two brother where recording the video shootout. >> we have live team coverage tonight with paul wagner following the investigation. and alexander limone digging into the become ground of the us is spelingts and veronica cleary law enforcement office officer's memorial. you want to start with paul and latest from police. police let us know a whole lot of information just a short time ago. >> tony, what we know now and what we had reported at 5 was that officer colson died from friendly fire unfortunately and very, very tragic loss and his parents were here at the news conference and his mother was very emotional and even the chief was 'motional as he was announcing this and they believe six prince george county mrivrz engaged in gunfire at this point they don't know which b


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