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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> investigators believe jacai colson was killed by friendly fire off duty and in plain college when's he arrived on the scene when the ambush was underway. while michael ford was shooting his two brother where recording the video shootout. >> we have live team coverage tonight with paul wagner following the investigation. and alexander limone digging into the become ground of the us is spelingts and veronica cleary law enforcement office officer's memorial. you want to start with paul and latest from police. police let us know a whole lot of information just a short time ago. >> tony, what we know now and what we had reported at 5 was that officer colson died from friendly fire unfortunately and very, very tragic loss and his parents were here at the news conference and his mother was very emotional and even the chief was 'motional as he was announcing this and they believe six prince george county mrivrz engaged in gunfire at this point they don't know which b
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which gun game from one of the officers and killed officer colson. what we want to tell you now ape show you picture and these are the ford brothers who are facing more than 21 charge force son soncy and second degree murder this is michael ford. he is the one that opened fire in front. district three station and in fact, they said he fired at two cars passing by as well as ambulance and then sitting in vehicles nearby, elijah ford and malik ford were recording it all on their cellphone cameras. let me show you another photo. this is michael ford firing at this car passing by and this picture was frain one of his brother's cellphone cameras and there he is there firing toward the car and it's unclear
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was before he fired into the front doors of district tree station or if he was moving down the block and firing elsewhere. here's another photo we want to show you. this also came from one of the brothers' cell phones. this was a car fired ought. police want to hear from the people who may have been hit by this gunfire. athis point they have not come forward. and this other picture we want to show you this is michael ford firing towards the police station and this is his brother videotaping it all. these are the pictures police released here a little while ago. so, the chief of police here hank stewwinski said officer colson acted with extreme heroism and he drew fire towards himself and unfortunately was hit by friendly fire. we know now that he was off duty and coming tth
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three station to see a friend. he was not wearing body armour. and at this point, that is what the chief was willing to release at this point. what we want to do now is to go to alex limone she has more on the ford brothers, alex. >> reporter: in the last hour we learned that one of the suspects did live here in this townhouse where his mother and grandmother. it's the third one from the end. we also know that investigators spent all night and into the morning serving this home they seized evidence and towed a car from this neighborhood. >> we're praying for the police officer and family and we're praying for michael too and the family. >> two families now in pain dealing with the aftermath of a senseless shootout outside of a prince george county police station. and the family of officer jacai colson and family of the three suspects who have been arrested
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suspects who have been arrested. >> we want to know why it happened. who caused this? we don't know. >> police spent all night and into the morning hours searc searching this townhouse in high atville where the gunman's mother and grandmother lives. they were looking at a red auto parked over in the parking lot. >> and they towed the car you said. >> they towed the car. >> family members and sources say michael ford was a gunman and we're learning michael had a troubled past and court records show he was facing domestic-related charges. sources say those troubles may have been the reason he launched what police call an unprovoked attack on the police station his two brothers war part of the plot and were arrested. the gunman was also hit by
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bullets from officer's return fire but he is expected to survive. not seen him yet. the grand mother and mother is at the hospital she's not feeling well they think she had a heart attack. >> in that press conference from a few minutes ago they said the man believed to be the gunman michael ford had a history of mental illness. the family pastor we spoke to today says that the suspects pose mother suffer aid heart attack from the stress of this entire situation so you can imagine this family not doing well tonight reporting live in hyattsville, alexander limb mope. "fox5 local news". >> certainly our thoughts go out to the entire department and family. >> officer colson's death comes two weeks after another attack. casually guindon was shot to death in february on her first day on the jork. guin
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week and her alma mater in daytona beach is planing a special memorial later this month. two other prince william officers david mc you could when and jessie hemton were wounded in that shooting. >> there have already been five ambush style killings of police officers in the united states so far this year. one of the questions being raised is are we becoming de sense tiesed when we hear the news of another officer down. "fox5" veronica cleary is live with that story. veronica. >> reporter: thank you, tone yes, i yes, i'm here at the national law enforcement officer's memorial and on the walls here over 20,000 names. officers jacai colson's name will be added here as well. i spoke with the chairman and ceo of the memorial fund about the state of law enforcement in america
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lovr the last two years 20 officers were shot in ab ambush attacks. there are a fixed period of time people died and they don't have to add new names. we do unfortunately some day i'm afraid these walls may be filled. i ailz say who is the most visible and vul underable symbol of government? it's the police officer in uniform. this year we've oyvrd five law enforcement fate tallties officers killed by gunfire and ambush style attacks and if those numbers hold up at that rate for the rest of this year, it's most officers killed in ambush style attacks that weaver sneen decades. so sometimes yes, police officers do become target and it's sad it's shocking and i think it should alarm all of u us. the names on these walls these men and women died for you and me
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>> officer colson's name will be added here in may. >> we'll bring you all the late et cetera updates here on air and online at as well as facebook and twitter. >> still to come the wall of a house collapsed on top of firefighters. >> unbelievable video of the tough work to put out the flames at a germantown home and that wall collapsing. virtually everyone will be oka okay. >> wow. >> and also were new this today in the big mess on metro. a cable fire created big delays on the orange, blue and silver lines forcing riders to ride buses instead. we'll tell what you met row gm had to say to customers about their chaotic commute. hey, sue. >> hey, shawn, it didn't then was drizzly and gray and on the cool side especially after spring if not early summer preview last week. i have a nice day on the 7 day
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i don't have a lot of them but one nice one we want to talk about and we'll let you know when you should expect showers to roll out of town. "fox5" local news at 6 will be right back. . >>
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>> >> heads up now if you live in chef ci chase, maryland. police are warping parents of a suspicious man that approached children in the community. officers are now stepping up patrols around 2600 block of coleton drive. they were playing in a front yard anteman had short gray hair an a beard and he tried toe lure the boys in into his gray or smaller sized sedan. police are reminding their children to be careful among strangers. >> i did have a conversation with them about what to do in that situation because they also liked to go out and play in the front yard as they're getting ready for school and getting ready to leave the house.
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so i talked to them again about strangers and not getting in anybody's car and coming to tell me. >> important conversations to have with your kids. by the way anyone out there with information about the incident is asked to call montgomery county police. >> eight firefighters were injured in montgomery county when the wall of a townhouse came crashing down. take a look at this video from montgomery county fire and rescue capturing the collapse. that's it there. fire fight evidence were rus rushing to put the blames out at a home along the lane in germantown and ooet fire fighters are expected to be okay and three families are now without homes due to that fire. . >> an overturned tanker truck shut down part of route 3 anne arrundel county for hours today and the driver was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries and is expected to survive. there were 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel that leaked and the good news is the road since reopened. .
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with problems caused by early morning fire. metro got a report of fire in the tunnel outside mcpherson square station and there were delays throughout the system today and as portions of the blue and orange lines are single tracking. at 9 p.m. tonight all rail service will be suspended between foggy bought am and federal triangle the latest issue to try metro riders patience. >> this is a hot mess. >> but it's a hassle for me to get around. >> we pay our fare like everybody else. we are trying to get to work. metro general manager paul wheat ynfeld issued an apologize for the crowding riders experienced. metro will continue to work to improve safety andry liability. speaking of that meanwhile in effort to win back customers mit row is rolling out work this week on metro wednesday le
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and regular xhup esz save 20% per month. if you commute monday through friday that works out to three round trips for free. april is the first month that you'll be able to use those select passes. >> all right. if you are itching to visit cuba soon you will be able to set sale for the caribbean island. president obama as you know loosened restrictions on travel to cuba last year and now carnival cruise lines offers up trips to cuba and begins service to the high looped this may. two smaller cruise lines go to cuba and it's expected to significantly increase tourism. >> researchers say women need it more than men. >> we're talking about sleep here. >> we'll explain why ladies should get a little more shut eye. >> and spring may are around the corn airport flu season is not going away yet. why the flu virus is
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late this year.
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. >> women need more rest then men. it's because our brains are more complex and perform more complicated tasks on a daily bases and experts say a lack of sleep can have greater physiological auto affect on women leading to issues like hostility, depression, anger and researchers found women require 20 more minute of sleep compared to men you know why? our brains work much harder that the male brain when we're at work. look that research. >> who did this research? >> the female brain is more complex? >> men, you think about one thing -- i didn't mean it like that but we're multi-taskers are brains are always going think about
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>> we're multi-taskers we think about food, sports. >> at one at a time. we're think about food, sports, what we need to feed the kids, what's happening next week the fact we have to get our hair down. >> and interrupting us while we watch sports. >> all right, mr. perfect. >> your younger sibling may have annoyed you but good for your waistline. children who become older brother or sister before first grade have significantly lower risk of becoming overweight. only children, if you're no siblings were fearly three time more likely to become obese. researchers say children with younger sibling are more likely to be physically active because they have someone to play with. >> makes sense to me. >> i get it. >> i don't think it's that way for everybody but in general. >> winter may be on the way ou out. gut but the flu is stick ago around. this year the virus got a later start tha
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some of you may still get sick. general it peaks and the vaccine is doing a good job protecting people. the vax each was well matched and it's proved to be nearly 1 15% effective of all flu strains circulating this season. >> severe weather. impacting states south and west. take a look at high water in missouri. firefighters had to rescue a driver from the flash flooding and the car got stuck in a convenience store parking lot look at the water coming there. wow. >> it looks like they got the driver out. and families in maraga were forced to move from hillside homes.
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. >> it was dinosaur that caused this mess. the slide created the huge gap between foundation and frame there and they say it is unstable and they're waiting for it to dry out before they shore up the hillside. >> or it was the dinosaur. >> little rain in our area today. nothing significant. nothing like what we did out there. we had a drizzly day and with showers last night and it's quarter inch reagan national and closer to half inch bwi. >> little bit more tomorrow morning and second half of the day will dry out. and then you slide back a little bit. oh, so resentful. so resentful. we don't like it. great day. definitely needing vitamin d pick
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little fog happening around and cooler than temperatures were last week although not far from average. we reverse tomorrow showers start in the morning around sunrise. may have measurable rain again and showily but surely should see things clearing out tuesday and sometimes it takes a while when we're in this type of setup. i want to show you good news though. wednesday, looks outstanding. a nice warm-up and it looks like it will be our warmest day of the week. 7 4 degrees. 76 leonardtown and cooler near annapolis 58 as you can see there and 75 mannasas and 79 fredericksburg. hang in there wednesday it will be most of the rest of this week will be comer. matter of fact late in the workweek we think we'll get a cool shot coming in with the frontal boundary. not terrible but 50s and 60s after we get to wednesday and weekend also looking unsettled. we want to talk about that a bit because as we're five days awy
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still get situations like this where you have a rain system that end as a little bit of wet snow and that might happen for us this surprised. we'll keep close tabs on that. that's not anything you want to see either. meanwhile today with average high around 55 we were not far from it today we're not breaking any records and then again it's winter five more days until spring and temperatures tonight devr until until thely feel like time of year it s low 50s around the region and again with clouds fog. it does keep us a little bit stable in the temperature department. also, we got a gorgeous sunset tonight and we want to say thank you so much lloyd furgeson i heard shawn and tony saying you can't get used to that lack of one hour of sleep but you can get used to sunset at 7:14 right? >> temperature of 50 at our sunset time. thank you lloyd we like that picture. keep sending them in, everyone, twit erin facebook, sue palka, "fox5" d.c.. >> we have clouds out there and
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closer to morning we will watch this weak wave of low pressure passing through the air and that likely brings in a few more showers closer to sunrise as mentioned. we're in this pattern stuck with the northeast breeze and it gives us shower activity and drizzle wips 74 and if we see a shower late in the day wednesday. could be a few showers for st. st. patrick's day as well. low 60s friday. sun to clouds on saturday, 56. spring officially begins surprised. looks like rain around again could end as little wet snow here and there. monday 55 degrees. march is definitely month of transition and this will slow down cherry blossom as i bit. wednesday will bring them on in a big way.
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don't go anywhere. more "fox5 local news" at 6 when we come right back
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sglv today they announced a discovery of i new design saue sauerch the fossil helps explain how tie ran sauer evolved to massive t rext. >> sht shows at this point these animals evolved very sophisticated with sophisticated sense of healing and keen eyesight and presumably good sense of smell and so basically they were set up to become the top and competing disappeared. >> so.
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>> that will on in 20 19. >> fascinating. >> it never gets old. wonderful. always something new. >> so luck dwroy have the smithsonian here. >> and it's free. >> st. patrick's day is thursday. you may need to grap grab your umbrella if you head out to find a lucky leprechaun. wednesday looks fantastic. >> sounds good. >> see you at 10.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: we now have video, rob kardashian is not only losing weight, he's now officially light on his feet. >> blac chyna's working, putting on a show for us. the thing with rob, he's smiling. harvey: he just needed -- i hate to say it -- available ass. >> what man doesn't need available ass? [laughter] >> donnell rawlings was involved in a crazy bawl over an unpaid bill. >> hey! >> the kitchen guy comes running out and he just swings at donnell. this is probably one of the best fight videos that we've gotten in a long time. harvey: best fight video. it's like ooh, this is a good one. >> it is really good. >> we got a video of aaron carter trying to fight a dude because he honked at him. aaron flips out, gets out of his


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