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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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snv happening now metro shut down us is spending service for 24 hours leaving thousands of commuters scrambling. this morning the emergency repair work, rider reaction and how you can get around town. >> "fox 5 news" mornings starts right now. >> good wednesday morning to you it's march 16.
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wisdom martin, holly morris, maureen umeh. >> gary is here too. he'll have a check on the forecast. first we want to bring you up to speed on the metro show down -- shut down it will be a show down on the roads parpsz f participates. all metro suspended until tomorrow morning 5 a.m. . >> it's a rut of systemwide emergency inspections following the cable fire near mcpherson metro station. >> federal government is on today and employees have option for unscheduled leave or telework. d.c. schools are on and tardys and absent tees will be excused metro parking lots will be on and free and paerm can catch buses or car pool. >> we have team coverage with melanie alnwick, annie yu and bob barnard tracking the lates latest. let's check in with erin who keeps it on the roads which will be busy today to say the least. erin. >> that's rite, just dmekd with the roads and good news we're crash free around maryland, virginia and district t
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traffic is light. congestion not slowing us down. if you're driving early start if is a good idea if you take public transportation avoyingd metro shut down. extra metro bus service is in place and metro buses on schedule and parking is free if you want to park there. as far as virginia is concerned, vre regular service and fairfax county connector i'm sorry fairfax connector regular service operating to the pentagon can get to you metro bus to district and arlington metro as scheduled and braddock to the people gone. if you want to take uber keep in mind capping surge pricing at 3.9 times so just be prepared it will cost you more unless do you uber pool. lift or taxi and taxi right now has lifted the pool sharing so you can share taxi with other riders a
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running for first time riders check in with me on twitte twitter@erin fox d.c. for that information and if you need a car today there's rent acar and zipcar and there's lots of options. we want to help you make the best possible decision to avoid traffic nightmares today. back to you guys. >> our live team coverage continues now. "fox5" annie yu live in virginia with reaction on how the metro shut down will affect commuters there and we're at that hour now any normally metro would be opening. it's not. still quiet right now? . >> not a soul in sight but my photographer and i here. we saw one bus come and she has long gone. she just drove right by because there is no one out here. no doubt this emergency 24 hour shut down will be felt across the dmv today at least until thursday, 5 a.m. and obviously it will dump more
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more people piling on to buses but as of now there is no one out here. metro buses will be operating normally. more than 400,000 people take metro bus every day. we know that's not an option tore riders out there. many of you have to catch a cab and uber and drive to work erin cuomo has been on top of that and this unpress departmented move to shut down today is prompting strong reaction from local leaders and congressman jerry conley saying this is a gut pun to much many riders that depend on the system and this drat dramatic action highlight the need forelong term safety improvements thought the system and reaction has been pow ur in from the riders. take a listen. . >> i'm really surprised to hear about the shut down. especially that they've decided to do it on a wednesday when thousands of people will be commuting to and from work. but, also, you know, after everything that's has happened on metro over the last year and a half glad see they're prioritiestizing safety of
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lines, 91 stations will be closed until 5 a.m. thursday. that's the latest here at the west false church metro statio station. annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> annie we noticed behind you the actual gates opened to the metro station that you're at. you would not happen to know why? >> i have not had a chance to go over. this is the first time i'm seeing this myself. i'll go over and chat with him. but i'm assuming perhaps for inspection that will be taking place today. i will go over and chat with him shortly. >> thanks, annie. also maybe just to maybe inform people as they walk up if people don't realize the metro is closed. >> let's get in the know in terms of weather. >> that's right. at least we don't have to contend with weather issues today. >> there's a little fog.
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height deal. >> all in all nicest day of the week so far. >> we're going 74 today. >> that's a bright spot. >> how can that be bad if that's wrong i don't want to see right. >> i don't want to be right either. >> 7-mile visibility here in town now. but notice west and especially along i 81 that's where visibility is really dropping out there martinsburg down to 0 and hagerstown down to half a mile and dulles coming down below 2 miles an culpeper quarter mile. we'll continue to watch the businesses visibility. most problems subwest and northwest. officially dense fog advisory until 7:00 this morning for carol county and frederick county and right along i 81 and reduced down to in some spots as well low as zero. we've seen that in martinsburg generally speaking 8th to quarter mile visibility in
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look at temperatures. 53 in town. frederick 39. 45 for annapolis and across the bay generally lower to mid 40s in baltimore now 43. did i mention 74 degrees today. a few showers possible late this afternoon. maybe even a thunderstorm. >> and the national park service announced today that peak bloom is pushed back to next week. beginning march 23 or 24. last week the ncs projected between 1 and 23 due to unseasonably warm temperatures we were having and now because of this week's cooler temperatures it doesn't look like they will bloom by friday. >> all right. team coverage ever metro shut down continues next and we'll check in with melanie alnwick next. she is keeping an eye on rails and commute in maryland this morning. stay with us we're back in a
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>> 5:09 right now. pack your patience. to melanie alnwick. >> it's strange the gates are on you can't get around down here
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normally we would see people lining up to get on trains and as we know they're not coming this morning. we want to show you video we shot a short time ago at the inspectors looking at those s so-called jumper cables or ntsb called them pig tail cables the assembly for the third rail. that's what they're concerned about after monday track fire and smoke incidenta at mcpherson square. we have video for you there. it was early sim mr. speaker to what happened on the la fonte plaza station that caused death of carol glover and it alarmed everybody. ntsb after the accident at la fonte plaza said metro had a system wide problem with some cable connectors and assemblies leading to electrical arching and smoke incidents an
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why they took unprecedented move to shut down the entire system so that this the would not happen again. yesterday metro gm wall wheatfeld announced this and said he was making safety his utmost concern and had full support of metro board. >> safety is our highest priority i mean it. and that's sometimes meaning making tough unpopular decisions and this is one of those for sure. i fully recognize the hardship this causes to the region and community. i believe the most prudent thing is to close down the system and find out what we're dealing with and fix it and that safe sti paramount and lives of people who ride the system are paramount. and i am not nor is paul nor board members willing to take the chance. >> so again unpopular move with riders and also some local officials but in the eyes of people who are in charm ever the system and in charm of rider safety, absolutely
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necessary. you saw there pictures of more up inspections going on and that is what will be taking place throughout the next 24 hours. and hoping they can get the system back on by 5 a.m. thursday. >> back to you guys. >> let's certainly hope that happens. of course the closure rally causing confusion and a lot of you having to alter plans. how do you get to the game tonight verizon center the game is scheduled to go on. wizards host the bulls 7 p.m. at the verizon center and that game still on but metro not an option. game starts at 7. >> the big story this morning super tuesday two they narrowed field down for democrat and republicans after big wins for ill hill and donald trump. >> governor john kasich pulled off a win in home state of ohio. ted cruz is locked in extremely tight race with doneald trump in missouri. >> meanw
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looking more and more like hillary clinton will be party's nominee. clinton won florida, north carolina, illinois and ohio and just like in gop race the state missouri too close to call. and marco rubio suspending his campaign after loves home state of florida. he thanked suppor supporters and congratulated donald trump he told rubio it's clear we're on the right side we will not be on the winning side. >> let's check other top stories including local college student sentenced to a dozen years in a north korean prison. >> and we'll check in with erin and see how roads are shaping up. 5:13 is the time now.
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>> rails are shut down for the next 24 hours and buses are running. this is one of the earlier buses going from nailler road station to foggy bottom. that's quite a bit of bus strip right there. our own bob barnard is on that bus. we'll check in with him. make he can talk to the paerm and see what they are thinking this morning about what is transpire ooing and right now what we do is check in with erin cuomo. looks like now if you can get on a bus early you're doing okay.
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northbound side light volume building lorton ewington and things definitely waking up. this is much more crowded look 95 coming from virginia to bottom of beltway and my best advice to you get on the bus early and hit the road er8ly if are you driving and be mindful you saw the bus and again hitting road early best bet. normal schedule. metro parking lots are free if you want to park and here is a ride together. camden and mark train lines will be servicing metro statio station. and fairfax county corrector you can hookup with metro bus there and dash is offering special off peak service from braddock as you head to pentagon as well. uber is capping surge pricing and also lift or taxy. if you want to take lift check with
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if you're first time rider they're offering $20 proposal owe to your ride today. if you stop at one of the 57 taxi stops you can share a taxy with someone else and get off at different locations. zipcar if you weren't too rent a car. streetcar and capital bike share all free. we're keeping commute up to date for you. gary i know you said weather should not be a factor if you want to walk or bike today. >> we're looking at wisdom martin now one lonely car out there but that will change no doubt about it. so today we're dry. this morning dealing with fog in places and especially northwestern and western neighborhoods okay. some has been reduced to 8th of mile and quarter mile and couple very isolated spots down to zero visibility. and reagan 50. dulles 3. bwi marshall 436789 here's the deal later this afternoon.
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temperatures today will make it to lower to midp 0 sz. this morning a few clouds and fog will burn off. we're ending up this afternoon listen this is new stuff from future cast. it really looks like a slight chance of thundershower. maybe a thunderstorm late in the day. and then we'll clear out. as we get into tomorrow looks good too clouds in the afternoon and i'm not worried about any of this. they're super spotty vivrpingl sprichingle north and west won't surprised me and anything substantial in terms of rain tomorrow i don't think that will happen. 7 gay forecast we'll show you here. 74 for a high today. again, a shower or thunderstorm possible later on today. and tomorrow, st. patrick's da day. looks nice, 67 degrees. good amounts of sunshine. that leprechaun never stops dancing. mostly sunny friday and mostly sunny saturday and notice as we get into the weekend we do cool down. and spring arrives on sunday and it's not really going to feel like spring. temperature on sunday, 46 degree
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it will be a little breezy, showers, too, and we still interest to v to watch sunday there's potential for coastal storm becoming quite substantial so. we want to keep up we don't know all the answers to the questions yet. just so you know what's happening. it looks like definitely spring arrives much, much koulder. that's the forecast. we'll get back to you guys with all the news today. >> thanks, gary, 5:20 is the time and other news of interest this morning an american student held in north korea sentenced by the country's highest court. 21-year-old otto warmbeer faces 15 years of hard labor in prison after allegedly trying to stall a ban frer a hotel. university of virginia student was convicted and sentenced after a one hour trial wednesday morning. and he was arrested back in january as he tried to leave the can'ty. he was visiting as a tourest over new years. >> and also developing overnight at least 15 people dead following a bus bomb in pakist
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bus was taking government employees to work in military part of city. 40 were injured in the blast and officials say the bomb was planned under a seat. owe so far no one claimed responsibility for the explosion. >> and we're learning more about the northern virginia mana rested in iraq. and accused of becoming a member of isis. 27-year-old mohamad jamaal amin was fighting for isis until he surrendered non kurdish troops in northern iraq and kurdish general says amin entered turkey and syria before traveling to iraq and united states is investigating amin right now he's been held and ter gated in iraq. >> we're on babele eagle watch this morning an a check of how soon to be attached eaglets are doing that's coming up next. >> and our coverage of the metro shut down continuing all morning long. stay with us we're back after this
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. a pair of mate, balanced eagles known as first lady antepresident the pair could hatch any day now. it's a big deal around here because this is the first balanced eagle pair to nest this this location since 19 40 40s. eagles raised a healthy eaglet last year. >> we heard there was a crack in one of these eggs. we wonder if it expanded or if there's another crack
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another sgleing soon hopefully. >> we'll be on it. >> dense fog if in place this morning. there's a dense fog advisory issued out of the national weather service. your counties for that frederick county you're included and up and down i 81 there winchester and martin martinsburg and hagerstown all included in that visibility reduced down and below quarter of mile spot. 50 in town and 43 mannasas and 45 gaithersburg and baltimore right now is 43. bus stop forecast watch for fog in some case this morning. but once the sun comes up it should lift and burn off quickly. after school temperatures, 68 to 72 degrees. listen there's a slight chance of shower or maybe a thunderstorm but i think that holds off until most all the kid owes are dropped safely at home otherwise it's kind of sunny. >> i like that. >> sorry about that. >> no apology needed. >> let's me go back to figure that out. >> we like that.
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today. >> for sure airport erin har hardest working woman in tv today what's it looking like on the roads. >> it's a team effort. i'll start you with good news are you ready for it even though metro shut down look at green on the happen behind me no major delays yet. if you want to hit the road and you will be driving you're in great shape right now. i'm worried this will start to change quickly as more folks wake up in the next half hour i would take advantage of the roads now. we have a little congestion outer loop and aside from that let's take a look. metro rail shut down and reopening tomorrow morning. extra metro bus service in lace and metro access normal servic service. and you can park for free at metro parking lots if you want to try to war pool together. here are options for you if you head out in maryland. ride on bus they're tweeting to let you know they're running regular weekday service today and providing additional buses where possible and if you take mta keep in mind they wanted to offer clarification all trains will serve green lt
5:27 am
operate as usual to and from union station and want to keep you in the know. any questions@airport fox5dc and everything is listed for you vre is offering regular schedule service and fairfax connector as well and arlington transit is operating and dash off peak service, pentagon, there's a lot of openings for you get an early start and pack that patience. become to you. >> thanks,erin, our metro shut down service continues next at 5:30 if you look to get around town today the bus or a car are your best bet. we have three live picture there. there's bob barnard on a bus. there's the bus depot and there's metro station. and our team coverage everywhere. what you need to know to pest avoid this rail shut down next. kling kling
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>> back now safety first after word from head of transit agency. >> already this morning we've seen inspectors on rails looking for trouble signs. metro stations have on gates but again no trains will move until 5 a.m. tomorrow than of course is having a huge impact on travel. a lot of you will be back on buses today and car pools or inging in on your own. federal government offices in district are on today and employees can take unscheduled leave or tell rework. >> perhaps
5:31 am
of this it will be a nice morning if your plan is to walk or bike to work. capital bike share program is offering a free one-day membe membership at all stations. this as we look live outside on this wednesday, march 16. >> let's start with bob barnard he is on the move right now on metro bus commuting with riders this morning and bob the last time we checked you had the bus nay lor road to foggy bottom is that the route you're on. >> yes, it's 36th bus maureen we're headed down pennsylvania avenue. fairly full bus. it was maybe 10 or 15 people when we got on sitting next to brenda here heading to end of line foggy bottom. brenda you are telling me you don't. normally don't take the bus. >> no, i usually catch the train. >> no trains today is this okay alternative for you. >> pretty much okay. i can deal with it. >> how long will it take you from the time we got on nay lor road to end of the line at fo foggy bottom. >> i would say
5:32 am
minute. >> 45 minutes we have a lot of stops to go how is everyone doing all right? good? yeah we're live on tv. everybody okay? i know it's 5:30 quiet town mr. . but, everybody okay alternative to what you are facing? >> yeah. >> taking the bus? >> how many here would normally take a train to work. show of hands. kay. several here. and what do you make of metro's decision to shut down the rails for 4 hours what do you think? >> i think it was a good thing. yes, indeed. >> one day of pain to maybe save a life or so. >> safety first. >> how about yourself ma'am what do you think of the decision to shut down metro for a day. >> well it's a good call. save a whole lot of lives. >> that's the potential. all right. guys. that's it. so that's the deal, guys, you know the buses are running so far and there's not a lot of traffic but a lot
5:33 am
get where we're going as brenda and other people said they would normally take the train it's not an option today. buses will be full and the roads will be crazy jam packed and it's now what just little after 5:30 as you can see this bus is getting full here, guys, 36 bus headed to foggy botd only from nayler road and we'll be riding with folks and sharing the 34euz misery. all in the name of safety. i want to go to melanie alnwick bethesda groversner metro station at the red line. good morning. >> good morning, bob, yes, so i would say he venture to say there's fewer people here now at the grovener station than on that one metro bus you were on. i guess people did get the message about this unpress departmented shut down. this is the kind of action if you remember, metro gm paul wheatfeld wrote eyeleter to metro riders talking about hard truths and in that he kind of signaled that he would not hesitate to take really tough, hard
5:34 am
based on what inspectors learned after monday's track fire he felt this was necessar necessary. earlier this morning we saw inspectors at the grovener station tag a look at those power cables. this is issue that the ntsb identified last year after it completed its investigation into the la afonte plaza deadly smoke incident there that killed carol glover and sent dozens to the hospital they said there was system wide program with power connectors there was inspection after that and then after monday's incidents on mcpherson square where they said is was pretty much the same issue in both of those general manager paul wheatfeld didn't have confidence in the safety inspections that were done after the ntsb report and that is why he talked to metro board and decided they would take this complete systemwide shut down to get it taken care of once and for all and wheatfeld has
5:35 am
>> safety is our highest priority i mean it. that's sometimes means making tough, up popular decisions and this is one of those for sure. i fully recognize the hardship this causes to the region and community. but i believe the most prudent thing is to close down the system and find out what we're deal with and fix it and that safety is paramount and lives of people who ride this system are paramount. and i am not, nor is paul more my board members willing to take the chance. >> and so the up inspection process as we know will continue throughout the day and night on wednesday -- the system is supposed to be back on for full service on thursday and if there are particular problems found on particular cable assemblies and certain lines it's possible there could be some areas of rail line that are still shut down so they can be fixed and that rider safety
5:36 am
live at the grovener station aim melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> i think that's one of the big questions now if it's serious enough to shut the whole system down 24 hours is it something that can be fixed in 4 hours. >> and i think holly that depends on supply and certainly we know ntsb stled was a problem in the past with maintenance and supply lines and from what i'm gathering it doesn't seem that some of these would be held oaf for too throng was a question is this something we should drag out and continue to do this over a long period. ive time with individual shut downs and with single tracking and slow service or should we just rip the band-aid off and get it taken care of and move on. >> thanks now appreciate it. >> let's go to erin cuomo and get an update on what is happening with traffic. >> 5:36 for
5:37 am
traffic beltway picking up inner loop and outer loop more increased volume and still moving along long without any problems new hampshire avenue. as bob showed you the bus he was on was not crowded but 66 in virginia starting to see eastbound companies really stacking up and keep in mind hov restrictions are in place on 95, 495, 66, 70 in virginia and mar ar let's take a look at maps. aside from several slow doupz you're starting to see develop in the district right now our secondarys queue et cetera and green on the beltway and soon turning yellow and red. like i've been saying earlier you hit the roads the better with the metro red shut down. extra bus service is penitentiary gop and franklin square. that helps folks that normally take metro rail and metro access on normal schedule and metro parking lots are free if you plan to head there or hop on a different bus route. we want to hear from you. we're asking you to tweet us.
5:38 am
taylor says you should have a busy traffic day. i think a lot of xhulters will have busy traffic day. in montgomery county maryland they want ud you to know they quickly reversed hov restrictions and keep in mind they're in place now. hov restrictions are in place. so we'll keep you updated on that. it's been a little back and forth an what their overall final decision has been. metro ride on bus we'll check with them next and head back to the desk now. >> still ahead a lot of other news to get to virginia college student held in north korea sentenced just hours ago more on that. >> human us in in the district today and has to do with new areap afootball team. sometime the campaign seems like there's tackling going on. nonetheless talk about mel hillary clinton and donald trump waking up big winners and fallout already being felt we'll be back
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21-year-old o. it to was con vehicleed of trying to steal a prop gand aban frer a restricted area of his hotel. he was arrested in january after visiting with a knew ear year's tour group. we wanted the banner as a trophy for theot
5:42 am
friend. >> locally due in prince scorming county courtroom today two of the three brothers accused in shootout at police station that left an officer dpraed friendly fire. elijah and malik ford have a bond review hears. they videotaped their brother as he ambushed off nair on officers. yesterday they dropped murder and gun charges against those two brothers. still ahead team coverage of metro shut down continues and annie yu will join us live from metro station along i 66 and false church an a check of the impact there. >> and other transportation service what's they're doing to make it easier to get around today. that's next. >> first check in with gary. >> issue this morning the visibility due to fog reduced in some areas primarily west northwest and that's where the visibilities have come down the most. mar tipsburg at zero visibility and up and down i 1 that seems to be the more dense of fog out there okay. dense fog advisory
5:43 am
a.m. and full forecast including weekend, spring starts sunday. coming up
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>> well to take you back to top story this morning a metro shut down. you're looking live at the bus headed from nayler roaded to foggy bottom. bob barnard is on this bus. he is giving us an update on what commuters can expect when they hit the roads today
5:46 am
expecting to see a busy traffic day with metro rail system shut down. erin why don't you tell us what we can expect on the roads. >> this bus more crowded than 20 minute ago and extra metro bus snvs place between penitentiary going f gop and franklin square. keep in mind metro access and parking lots are free if you want to park your car one of those locations we'll get crowded quickly during the metro shut down. and from maryland openings for public transportation aside from metro ride on bus running on regular weekday schedule today and they'll be providing additional buses where possible once we get more information from them we'll share. it mta marked camden clarification all trains will serve green belt and operate as usual to and from union station. if you head out in virginia today. vre has regular service available and you can also take
5:47 am
fairfax county corrector they're offering additional service pentagon to that location and then from there hook ton metro bus. arlington transit and dash has off peak service and if you want to take other things around town uber is capping surge pricing and offering a proposal owe code money off for uber first time riders. and you can hair sean reduce charge. and car to go or zipcar if you need to run a car. a lot of people in the district don't have a car. there's options for renting them. lift is offering promo 20 off first ride when metro is shut down. you can use metro help if down loading lift app today. we want to keep you in the know. any questions @erinfox5dc and help you plan the best form of transportation if you rely like 7,000 people do on metro rail. d.c. streetcar free service and capital bike share 24 hour free service and typical use annual fees apply. if
5:48 am
walking is not a bad idea today and weather is shaping up nicely for a morning walk. i would say just make sure you plan ahead and grab a light jacket and if driving hitting road gary pack patience and leave early. >> my car is in parking lot the next six hours or so it's got gas in it. >> are you offering the viewer viewerss your vehicle. >> i'll charge double this morning that's all. that's cheaper than uber. nothing is free. reagan national 50. dulles 43. bwi marshall 436789 few clouds this morning and fog out there and a lot of times the fog will lift. and become some cloud and places that should burn off quickly though. late this afternoon, this is not a great big chance of showers or thunderstorms but by 3:00 or so we'll see a few back west of us long i 1 and further further west of that comma is co. future cast does not see this was a big deal at all. i have to believe er
5:49 am
not necessarily all thunderstorms when it's scattered to isolated situation. later on today we think a few storms could come across with showers. and now where there will be a marginal risk for some severe weather maybe one or two storms that could be strong or severe. that's down south. doesn't look like anything like that for us. that changes during the day. we'll let you know. 52 on saturday. looks pretty good. that does look cooler this weekend. and spring arrives on sunday. 46 degrees. i think we'll have a few showers around. and of course we do have to watch a coastal system that may or may not direct lay infect mid atlantic. i don't think at this point there's anything to worry about and again i don't think the modeling has done a great job yet on trying to figure out exactly what will happen. initial wave of showers here more develop to the wet and that's what we watch. forecast for today with planner sunshine this morning 8 a.m. few clouds too. warm at noontime.
5:50 am
late in afternoon. a few showers maybe a thunderstorm comes across. and we'll dry out this evening and tonight. tomorrow a little cooler for st. patrick's day 67. and chilly for the weekend for saturday and sunday. so spring arrives a little cooler around here. that's forecast. back over to you guys. >> gary, thank you. back to top story this morning more than 700,000 people relying on metro to get around the d.c. region every day and many of you sounding off for the system wide shut down. west falls church metro station virginia and reaction on how the shut down will affect people. there annie. . >> and hey good morning mauree maureen, still not a lot going on out here at the west false church metro station just a handful of people out here less than that maybe. bus service is running and the first bus came around 5 a.m. and since then coming and going every 15 to 20 minutes here i spoke to one gentleman headed to work and
5:51 am
understands why this is happening and doesn't really think it's a major disruption to his commute. yes he's taking the bus today and says it makes a difference. it's nice to swaich it up. he has a good attitude about it. if you come out here this morning this is what you will be greeted with gates on here at the west false church metro station and because bus service is running and you'll be greet the with a big sign that says closed and take the walkway to the other side where they have commuter buses and also paerm can reload cards because machines are inside there as well. obviously a shut down impack the commute this morning and dumps more cars on to roadways and more people ton buses. so, please pack your patience more than 400,000 people take metro bus every day and they're expected to have more. we don't we know you know that buses are not app option for everybody. you'll just have to catch another route which i know erin has been covering and certain think disvuption causing
5:52 am
reaction. some saying that they're frustrated and others are more understanding. take a listen. . >> i'm sure everything that happened on metro the last year and a half i'm glad to see they're prioritizing safetive customers and riders. >> and so all six lines 91 stations expected to remain closed until at least a5 a.m. thursday and look i think it's one of those days we have to work together and get through it together. back to you in the studio. . >> thanks, to help metro riders get around today d.c. taxis are allowing commute others to share cabs and be dropped at different locations, riders will pay their fare once they arrive at destination. passengers staying on. we'll have fare calculations then. once they begin the trip to their destination. un uber and lift are offering deals today and new uber riders can enter proposal owe code metro d.c. to get up to $25 for the ride and
5:53 am
get 25 off the ride with metro help. both services recommend riders share rides to cut down on cos cost. uber is capping 3.9 for fare and free commute capital bike share free 24 hour membership and coral service all trips under 30 minute or free. use am fees apply longer trips. there's 372 bike share station snrz with metro close today may be challenging night for wizard fans. the game will go on as edge asked. tip-off set for 7 p.m. against chicago bulls. washington is 2 1/2 games behind pistons for eighth and final playoff snot east and meanwhile capitals won in dramatic fashion. alexander ovechkin that had not made a ghol five games scored the game winner in over time.
5:54 am
with that win they are first clinch playoff spot and there's still over a month nrevt regular season. this is pl time in the past in my opinion years washington reached playoffs. >> also happening today some other big sports news in washington d.c.. washington will be them to arena football treatmentment the team currently does not have a name and will play at the verizon center in 2017 and will join eight other teams in the league. some other afl owners will be on hand including rocker gene simmonds who owns la kiss and afl has been around 0 years. 30 years with 20 mill condition fans nationwide. who knew they were around that long. >> nfl word late last night redskins resigned linebacker junior gilette and deal one year contract borj over $4 million
5:55 am
one year deal last season and he suffered torn left achilless in august and was out for the season. this means the team has two good pass rushers. time now for facebook faj fan i of the day and today it's dana smith she's a loyal "fox5" fan. >> happy anniversary lady. she says she started watching "fox5" which she met her husband. see we're the station that brings people together. congratulations to both of you. we'll get a check of traffic with erp airport erin this morning. >> maybe they can celebrate their anniversary with a long car ride today. >> yes. >> that's not each few any. traffic is really picking up as we approach the 6:00 hour and 50 on inbound side heavy delays as you make your way 410 ton to 202 and you can see a steady stream of traffic there and
5:56 am
over up to we take a different camera view now. 70 southbound hov restrictions in place and southbound side seeing heavier traffic northbound side on ram top pid middle brook road there's a crash reported caution there and keep in mind norm of that point frederick jammed by the truck scales as well. we'll look at maps now with metro shut down we want to help you get around town the best you can and keep in mind a lot of inbound routes are getting rally couted and we'll look at bus options and uber lift and other ways to get around as soon as we take the next look at traffic. we'll head to gary with the morning for aingt cast. >> thank a lot. >> do it. >> it will be nice, 74 today. it will be nice and a couple sowers in the afternoon. this morning, we con tend with a little fog. watch out for that ground fog in places and visibility dramatically reduce the and northwest and west i wlong 81 seems to be a problem area this morning okay cooler tomorrow, st. patrick a day should be g 67. there could be a slight
5:57 am
of shower tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening won't be a problem for the festivities though and much cooler as we arrive at spring. >> we'll take it. >> thank u. gary. >> thank you for being us with. lots more continuing coverage on the metro shut down coming up at the top of the hour. allison, steve and tucker will be hear and erin will continue to work the routes for you
5:59 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> coming up 6:00. anything but ordinary on the metro today. it will be closed all day toda today. though we seen gate at metro station on. don't be fooled that's for worker. . don't try to go inside because trains will not run until 5 a.m. tomorrow. not going to happen today. >> and this morning we have seen evidence of why this is happening. cameras capturing metro instrekttors out on the rail looking at jumper cables make sure sure they're not in danger of catching fire. >> how do you plan to get around today. metro buses will be extra crowded and we'll ride along to help on this unpress departmentsed action day. >> first a live look outside wednesday morning march 16 weather and traffic on the fiv fives at 6:05. >> good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". for


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