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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> right now at 5:00, d.c.0, d. police are investigating an alleged case of sexual abuse abu at a prestigious d.c. private school. scho we've got details >> plus we've got our eyesur e fluid to a pair of bald eaglesea at the national arboretumrb where the first signs of hatch having begun. it could happen any minute maybe. maybe. we're there live.e ere li >> here's a live look outside oi because spring starts this weekend but it's not going tooit feel like it.ele get ready for a big drop in i temperatures and a chance ofe snow. >> what? >> don't say that.on >> got to keep it real.t rl. got to give them whether t
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straight with no chaser.hase 5 o'clock is the time. friday march 1 i'm wisdom martin alongsidelong holly morris and maureen umeh. e d.c. place say they're they' investigating a case of o alleged rape at sidwellatid friends school in northwestho i d.c. >> that's where we find fox5's melanie alnwick thisie a morning. what's the latest mel.atme >> reporter: good morning.ter: yeah, so looks like we're probably not going to get a g lot of information from the school parents. d.c. police did tell us that they are investigatingtigag this alleged rape and theyand ty told us that it did happen on o the sidwell friends campusmpus involving two students said to i be in their upper teens, aeens male and a female.emal they say that the boy and girl here had a prior sexualexual relationship but the report but does not say where on campus cam this is alleged to have happened. this is wednesday on the 16th 1 of march and it was reportedepte close to 11:00 p.m. in the evening but
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says that they say thehat th say incident began so we don'te dont know how long this assault alleged to -- had gone on foror but it looks like the beginning of this event was w right around 2:30 in the afternoon and i just looked upku on the school web site. generally on wednesdays schoolco dismisses at 3:1 so, if, indeed, school weree still in session, it would, it o have happened while a lot ofne people were around.d but we need leto be w very, verr clear here.e. this did not have anything toing do with the schooldoith administration itself, any itsey teachers, faculty or staff.ta this was involving twoving students and we really don't't know because of the spring sprin break schedule this week, we really -- until we talk to thett school have no way to tell ifl i perhaps wednesday's bell bel dismissal schedule was alteredlt at although i can terell you ini general on wednesdays school s gets out about 3:15. certainly notable here becausebl we know that tuition ae tuion a sidwell friends, this is afrnds, very exclusive school runs r more than $
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well know here in d.c. this isti where the obama daughters gotero to school, several -- vicevice president biden's grandchildren go to schoolld here as well sore definitely ael prestigious campus here in northwest d.c. and certainly cer we will be looking for more information on what exactlyly happened here.ened here. live in northwest, i'm melaniem alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 5:03 is our time right now rg and we are closer than ever tone the arrival of two little eaglets. those eggs are pipping,gsre pip they're cracking and the t cracks just keep gettingust keeg larger. >> all right.>> annie yu is on eagle watch for r us right now.usight now she joins us now live frome om outside the national ash wrotelo tum. annie, good morning to you.or >> reporter: hey, good morning. yeah, i mean, this is sump anuma exciting time not only for usf u here in the district but alsoo for eagle lovers everywhere eveh and as you mentioned, we could be welcoming a new baby eaglety any moment now. now the folks here at the national arboretum are certainly expecting a lot of actionctio
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let's begin with that live look at the eagle cam thise morning and you're probablyeau'l looking at mom there.he. we're told that mom spends and little extra time -- they do do take turns but mom tends toendso take over overnight to keep kep those eggs extra warm and w a again they do take turns butut the females are generallyly larger so i guess they canhey cn cover the eggs even bettereven r than dad does.than doe but there are two in the nest. n there are two eggs which sits wt high up on the tulip popular we're told the nest is 5 feet ft in diameter.ter. we talked about this yesterdayey that one of the eggs have of started what experts callxpertsl pipping which means the eagletht is breaking through theou t membrane and the hole is t hol getting bigger so the baby bird could hatch any moment haty now. let's get to that video. it's a better closeup of the ofh egg that's actually cracked.. the eaglet trying the make itses way out and experts tell us tels that this process takes about ao 12 to 48 hours so again any a moment now this could the eaglet's parents nicknamedni mr. president and the firstand i lady built this nest a year y ago when they had an eaglet an t he
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american eagle foundation came f out here and installedou those cameras so that we could be ad e part of the process and sure sur enough those birds came back and laid those eggs. now, one of the eggs was laid wl on february 10th and the second one was laid on o valentine's day.. and experts tell us that itus t generally takes about five weeks or so for these eggs toggt hatch.ha so, we will continue to keep a p close eye and the eggs and hopefully we'll actually bectua able to get inside the national arboretum once thee gates open and get a betterter look at the nest there up inst e the tree.e tree we're also told that that t second egg is due to hatch tatch this weekend.this wnd. so, the excitement willexci continue. back to you guys in the studi studio. >> ♪ >> okay, so is it today, holly, is today the day? >> i -- i don't know. >> we got brackets and we got w eaglets and we got snow and we got spring and we got.weot >> i'm just trying to not listen to you when you bringwhey up that s word but i guess gss it's really coming, hmly? hml >> it is coming. it >> how much are we talking about.abou >> more here in the metrit
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there could be a little grassyey area accumulation and thenulat farther north and west andand then up 95, i mean, it couldt cl be, you know, 2, 3 inches in places.places >> hm. >> okay. >> don't go up 95, note to note self. >> it's hard to say at thiso sa point if it's going to become b a raging nor'easter. the model from europe was more r bullish on the kind of raging rg nor'easter. it's backing off on thatt scenario a little bit right rig now. 49 degrees. stay tuned for that.un 41 degrees for gaithersburg. dulles temperature has come up u just a bit there. winchester you're 41. hagerstown 47 and i haven'ti han mentioned martinsburg thisbuhis morning either so there youth go,er you're 47 degrees and 50sd down in fredericksburg.sbur temperature kind of all overe the i think a light jacket would be appropriate for the kiddos, sweatshirt hoodies, something like that. 35 to 47 degrees out there for pickup time. tim lots of sunshine when it comeswc up a little bit after 7:15. after school, 60 to 65.0 to 6 it will feel a little cooler coe because the winds will bebe kicking up just a bit, 10 to t 20, some gusts up
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30 certainly possible outsiout there later on this afternoon.e. that's what i have for you.haveu now let's get over to erino erin como on this friday morning. moi >> on-time traffic brought toict you by toyota. visit buy a formor special offers.ers. >> 5:07 right now and we have wh a new crash to tell you about. t barren camera avenue inn fairfax closed near georgetowneo pike for that accident investigation so you'll needso y to detour around that one.e. earlier crash on 95 southboundud just south of fairfax countynty parkway did clear so traffic tra south and northbound right atd t the moment is flowing freely.y. we'll let you know if thatnow outer loop in montgomeryge county we are problem f ireeemre through silver spring and bethesda. inner loop and outer loop andutr traffic light and at speedape right now.righ that's exactly what we want to n see. if you have an early morning flight to catch you're inou're n great shape on your way to bwi, reagan national andationa dulles right now.lles we don't have any congestiongest to report.eport. bottom side of the beltway noayn incident from five to the wilson bridge.on five inbound looking good. gd. suitland parkway inbound quiet i and we
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report on 50 inbound as innnd an new carrolton.rrolto downtown in d.c. you're cruising along on our our secondaries.nd no morning congestion yet. yet metro is on time. 5:08. we'll keep you updated withed wt your friday morning ride. fingers crossed it stays thisd a quiet for the rest of thethe morning. holly. >> thanks erin.>>hanks erin. still ahead we have newaveew details on the missouriur primary. bernie sanders and hillary a hia clinton were neck and neck but this morning sanders makes his decision on whether to seek a recount.cot. plus, president obama'spres supreme court nominee meetingmii with senators but is merrick mer garland any closer toloser weakening the gop barricade? hm. stay with us.
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>> bernie sanders is lettingnie go of the missouri primary.e he smiays he'll not seek a recounter of the results after losing to hillary clinton by a margin of less than one half hal percent. under missouri law sandersrs could have asked for a recount c but he says it's unlikely the results will affect the the rewarding of delegates and he a would prefer to save theefer tse taxpayers of missouri some money. merrick garland had hisic first meeting with thek with t senators since his nomination to the he met with patrick leahy of leo vermont the top democrat onemoc the judiciary committee. com he met with harry reid. even before garland visited
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made it clear they would notear budge from their refusal to refs consider a replacement forcent antonin scalia until the next president takes office infi january.january. major development this morningir in the wrongful death suit filed by sandra bland'sa family. a judge ordered the fbi tohe f allow her family to review a a report of the texas rangers'ge investigation into her death. d bland died in jail last summer e just three days after being arrested. her death was ruled a suicide.w the former trooper who arrested her was charged withrgw perjury after dashcam video vid showed him drawing his gun and being aggressive towards bland b after she refused to get outfust of her car. this morning what appears wa to be a stunning confessionincof from the man suspected of susped killing an american teenager tee in aruba more than a decade dad ago. 18-year-old natalee holloway was in aruba on a graduationraat trip when she disappeared n a a video uncovered by radary online and the inquirer, your ring van der sloot admits toan d killing he can heard
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saying he lied about herr death. he says he's guilty and accepted everything he's done. d van der sloot was the lastt the person seen with holloway. hol he's in prison in peru forn pe killing another woman. wom back upstairs.pstairs. >> still ahead he was known as canada's boisterous and loud mayor. ma rob ford involved in that crack cocaine >> now the exmayor of toronto is in the hospital. h an update on his battle with cancer. gary.gary. >> yeah, you know what, it i does look like we're going too end up this weekend with a weekh little bit of snow and it doessd happen in march, you know.yo k back in 2014, do you remember this? 7.2-inches. what? and then the high that ht day was 32.y was the day before this snow, it was 70 degrees. 70 it can we'll talk about it. full forecast coming up.t co stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> 5:15 right now.:1 new this morning it is a sign of the changing i times. tim one of the first pieces of ps mail from the u.s. to havana, hn cuba has arrived. arrived it was received by a 76-year-old cuban woman.banoman the sender, you might know him, president barack obama.nt >> that guy. >> the woman will written to the president and b invited himm to have a cup of coffee t theof president will arrive in the country on sunday. >> that's all you got to do is o just send him a letter. >> it doesn't say he's goinge's for a cup of coffee.offe it just says the letter arrives.arrives. >> william shatner wilho
5:16 am
big fest. >> town next month.own the smithsonian magazine isagin showing its fourth annual theuae future is here festival. fva it's happening april 22ndpr 2 through the 24th at the shakespeare theater downtown.nt shatner won't be the only bignlb name at the event. eve exfiles creator chris carter and cast members from thefrom sci-fi series 12 monkeys they're all going to be therego so it's going to be ain big futuristic party. >> yay! >> that's the only name i actually knew. [laughter]gh >> what's up gary. wha >> dry this morning.orng good this morning.good a little cool out there inl spots all right and then wet an deal with what the weekend has h to bring and it definitely iss going to bring changinghag conditions. enjoy today. lots of sunshine out there.ut t. it will be a little gusty, a g little bit cool for the first tf half of the day with the windsis can kicking up a bit. we're 49 now. now gaithersburg is 39 degrees.9 dee there's no super cold air tod t the north of us.ofs. there will be a little bit ofa e a challenge getting cold air air into this storm to create mucheh of a problem for us thishi weekend, but we will bring
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colder air in especially oncey e this storm system begins toysbei develop.lo look, here's the deal.ea things are apparentlytly beginning to come together aog little bit. bit couple models, european was really blowing this storm uprm u making it a huge nor'easter uper the east coast yesterday.terday american model was kind of a of little bit not quite as strong r as that.hat. last night the european backede off on intensity and timing tim just a little bit. bit so, we're beginning to see the agreement of the models try tohe come together, okay.ka so, here's what we'rewhate're thinking.thinki low comes up the coast, not too terribly close to theseo coast now and not quite aste a strong as perhaps it wasps looking yesterday.rd but here's the deal. still enough cold air in placen to get some rain to go over to snow. we're going get a littleget litt accumulation out here north nor and west right along the city c here it will be kind of a rainy-snowy mix probably going o to snow for a period of time t which may give us a little bitib of accumulation here in thee in
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and here'swhat where we'rewhat w think thee' likelihood is thatit there could be a little bit of accumulating snow. sno grassy areas snow here for the o metro. maybe some substantial accumulation one, 2, 3 inches2,s back up to the north and toth at the northwest and a little a lil snow possible mixed in withn wit mostly rain down to the south.hs okay.ay so, there's still a lot mores s to talk about with thishhi particular storm.rm here's specifics on thepecifi weekend. chilly tomorrow.chilly t rain arrives in the afternoon ao and then tomorrow nightorw night transitions into a little bitina of it's cold on sunday, the first f day of spring, only upper 30'sr' to low 40's.0's. we will have we will have snow. but, you know its a short short lived storm.lived it's going to run the coast.eoa it's going to get out of here.e. so, next week we'll start to improve rapidly. rly a few early flakes on mondayondy possible and then by middle toe latter part of next week, w we're right back up into theba upper 60's andck even the mid 70's possible late next here's erin. >> 5:18.>> 5 it's friday. >> that's all you need to tellut m
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>> waiting for a little atl dramatic pause for the friday. wanted to pulley put the emphasis on it. outer loop nice and no problems 270.s 27 quiet by the truck scales ins i frederick and throughhrou gaithersburg not seeing any of that usual volume yet.ume disabled vehicle in fairfax springvale road northbound after georgetown pike ate dogwood farm lane you can see lo some red leading towards that location so caution there if you're traveling in prince george's county right cot now inner loop looking great five to the wilson bridge.lson b we're not seeing any problems pl on the outer loop as you makeake your way past ritchie marlboro either. we'll see how things are a shaping up.shing up. 95 north volume picking upume p through dale city but it's not terrible just yet towards thear springfield interchange. springfield interchange on the inner loop through annandaleougn looking good. goo nosh congestion picking up byiny 123. more traffic in just a few. maureen.maurn. >> emmy award winning actor larry drake died yesterday
5:20 am
after suffering health drake would you found in his la home by his friend.riend. he won emmys in 1998 and 99 9 for his role in l.a. law. law ford underwent surgery to sy remove a tumor in his abdomen am last may. may in october doctors found two fod tumors on his os bla. over the past few months he's hs been undergoing chemotherapy. he's been in the hospitalta since february.eb >> brand new photos of the shot gun kurt cobain used tosedt commit suicide have been sui released by seattle police.ol in the pictures an officer iss shown holding cobain's gun at different they were taken june of lastenju year and are now in the investigative files accordingfie to police. it is unclear why they tooky the photos or why they are releasing them to the public. p. cobain's body was found in see e 80 on april 8th, more than 20 years ago.s he was ju
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>> 5:20 is your time. can coming up this may sound a a little gross but a brewery outwy west is turning wastewater wastr into alcohol so drink up and enjoy your liquor. liq >> "eeeewwww." >> we have that story justhat ahead.ahd. >> here's a live look at the lot eagle cam at the national arboretum today well, we could u be seeing one of two eagletso el being born.bein we're waiting, we're watching.ah we're back after this.
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mmmm, yoplait.
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>> we've got our eyes glued to o the pair of eagles at the o nationalf arboretum where there first signs of hatch havingch hv started. st this is a live look right now.on it could lap any minute. mut we've been saying this for awhile.awhi >> a lot of minutes. a lot of mu >> stick with us. sti eventually we're going to gete'g this right. rig annie yu is there live and live she'll have the very latest on s the process and we're going to t see if this happens whilehi we're on air again for the the next 25 hours we're on tv. >> we're exciteed. we're excit >> yes. 5:24 is the time and this t morning one california breweryne is making the best of the drought that's plaguing the west >> half moon bay brewingre company lab making small s batches of its maverick's maverc tunnel vision ipa.unl vision >> here's a twist.s a twst. the beer is made from recycled c wastewater that comes fromm sinks, showers, dishwashers and washing machines.s. >> yummy. tasty. >> right, bottoms up.ight, the water does not come iff toilets, though. >> that's a relief. >> in a blind tastees
5:25 am
difference between half moon ha bay's regular beer and the beer made from recycled water.fc here's the thing.'she thing when 93 found out it wasutt w recycled water. >> exactly.>> e >> all mayhem broke loose.he >> there was no mind overas n matter.matter. >> no. >> who thinks of that. >> giving birth isn't easy. it's an understatement. >> did you. >> the one new mom found a creative way to cope. to cope. >> photos of the woman putting t on an impressive amount of o makeup while she was in labor have gone viral. gon 27-year-old makeup artist alanna karimi says she googledhd ways to overcome the pain the because it was unbearable and one of the suggestions was to w put on music and do something sg you love. that's exacting what she did. d the new mom says she can't below the amount of reactionn she's gotten after posting thete photos she gave birth, thoughrto to a beautiful daughter on february >> i should have tried that. >> a cute face. >> i know, i'm>> like -- like >> was it painful for youou wisdom. >> are you kid milligram he? id you never heard my stories about me being i mn the corner.r >> he was hiding in theid
5:26 am
>> all three times.ll t >> all three times.>> all >> rocking himself mumbling. min >> we've heard this story. ts s >> yes, they've heard this story a couple times and the tie story about the doctor askinge r me did i want to cut the cordute and lift a leg and all that a stuff and i was like, hey, i'm,m going to be over here and then t my wife cursed me out. she doesn't even curse. cur there's a lot of thing that happened. i don't feel your pain but iel y do feel your pain. >> all right, gary, what kind of -- of -- >> 49 here in town. tow i didn't want to cut can thean cords either.cord eit i was like, i'm good there. 46 degrees for quantico. qnt out along i-81 temperaturesperae lower to mid -- a couple spotspo upper 40's there. annapolis isai coming in in the 50's this 50'th morning at 51 degrees.1 gr bus stop forecast kiddos out kiu there, maybe a hoodie, maybe abe sweater, jacket, you know,ke kno something to stay warm earlyto e and then this afternoon sun's out, 60 to 65 degrees. 65 it will be a little breezy,reez too. it will feel perhaps a little ll cooler than the number evenbe though officially the windyhe w chill factor is not going tonoin kick in or anything like >> thanks gary.nk >> i'm nots going to mention mi snow for the weekend.
5:27 am
>> i still like you gary but i b lick erin [laughter]ter] >> my heart just grew three sizes. size day. >> never knew there was a k debate there. >> i'm stillne thinking abouthib there pregnancy glamour shot.r h i can't even put mascara on for the gym i need to get itoet glowing you said for the gym. >> for the gym.>> you know how some people do thei sr makeup for the gym.the >> i thought you said you do makeup to go to the gym. the g >> no, i said i can't even e manage mascara at the gym.ym as you head out in alexandria aa 395 northbound and southboundou nice and quiet. no problems on the 14th street bridge. things are quiet across theos key bridge. bridge. keep it to fox5 news morning.ox we're back in just a few for your 5:30 half hour. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. it is 5:30 this friday5: morning. >> our top story, the weather wa temperatures will be taking a big dip and, are you ready fordu this?th? >> uh-huh. >> we are tracking its chance of snow. >> no. >> say it ain't snow.ay i >> what a way to start the first weekend of spring. we'll have all the details ahead. >> in the meantime developingtig news this morning, d.c. policeg, say they're investigating a're e case of alleged rape atap sidwell friends school inelfrie northwest d.c. no >> that's where we findhat' fox5's melanie alnwick this alni morning with the very latestwith in this story. melanie. me >> reporter: good morning.oong this incident was reportedep wednesday around 11 o'clocko'clc just before 11:00 p.m. and it. is alleged to have happened at 2:34 in the afternoon. after d.c. police say it was between b two teenagers
5:31 am
them as being in their upper thu teens, we're talking aboutking o like 16, 17 years old betweenet a male an female student.tu the male student allegedlyedly attacked the female student. ste we're told by d.c. police that they used to have a sexual sual relationship but did no longergr and so what happened here ond h the campus was not consentual cl as far as d.c. police and its ad investigation is concerned.onrn not sure where on campus thiss i was alleged to have it's a pretty large campuss involving indoor areas,re outdoor areas, a large as we know a gymnasium and several ser athletic facilities as well so it could have been anywhere onav the is campus. cam the police report really kind of vague on that.of of course, this is a very welll known school, $38,000 a year tuition almost and of course known for its prestigious preio students right now including riw the obama daughters and a several of vice presidentl biden's granddaughters asas well. the school its
5:32 am
commenting except it did tellngd the washington post that ittha cooperates with any d.c.. police investigation and does not comment on these such matters.tters. so, again, not even really r specifically saying that they s were confirming the incident inc at all. a spring break began today so weo don't expect we're going to gng see a lot of members of theemrso student body out here. h we're still working on trying ot to contact the school and trycho to get a little moree information ourselves fromselv their school spokes people.sp live in northwest, i'm melanie m alnwick, fox5 local news. ns. >> thanks mel.nk 5:32 right now.5: rig guess what? we are still ontill eagle watch this morning.e watc many of us thought yesterdaytesy was actually going to be the g b big day but that little eaglete apparently had other ideas. i >> and all we can do is waits wi and >> yes, fox5's annie yu is yu is helping us do that this morning. she is live outside thee the national arboretum. arbor good morning, annie >> reporter: hey, good h, morning. it's so funny people on sociale mediare
5:33 am
eagle have the babies already b or can they hatch already and aa go on with our lives? we'vees w been watching this thing fors tf days now and really as youy guys have been saying for daysia now, it could happen any the pipping process has begunssb so the eaglet has sort of cracked through its egg there tu and it's up to nature now tonowt take over. let's take a live look at the eagle cam right now thisgl morning.e i'm sure everyone is just fast asleep.le we have been keeping a closelose eye on these eggs and you canse see one of the parents keepingti the eggs warm and the couple,thu they do take turns sitting oniti those eggs. there are two in the nest,e tw which sit high up on the tulipot popular tree and we're tolde'ret that the nest is 5 feet inee diameter and one of those eggs e has started what experts callxpl pipping which basically means that the eaglet has broken through the membrane and that m hole is getting bigger so theg s baby bird really could hatchoult any moment today. here's some'some it's a better closeup of theseu egg that's actually crackedlly r and experts tell us that thiss i process could take about 12 tob2 48 hours.ou now, we spoke to the director dr yesterday last night and hey told us thatla
5:34 am
confident it could happen sometime today and i think theay folks here at the arboretumarb were actually hoping that the eaglet would have been hatchedod by now. the parents are flick named mr. president andar the first lady. they built this nest a yearhista ago when they had an eagletn eag here. soon after that happened the national eagle foundation came u out and installed theseedhese cameras so that we could be a part of the process and watch w this hap sure enough those birds came cam back and laid those two eggs. the first egg was laid onai february 10th and we're toldh wr the second one was laid on the 14th which is valentine's daye' and so any moment guys thisuy t could happen and you too can join in on all the fun and anticipation by logging onto our web site fox5dc we have a direct link to thein e eagle cam. that's the late of the outsideoe the national arboretum.oretum. back to you in the studio. >> ♪>> >> two people are dead and twodd others wounded after police aftr fired on a group of suspected robbers outside houston. the suspects stormed asto suburban furniture st
5:35 am
wearing masks and attempted tomk take money from a safe wheneym they realized the employee onye duty didn't have a key to then'e safe they tried to run away.un a officials say it is unclear unc whether the suspects fired onpet officers but that no police pol were injured in the incident. i the group of robbers was was suspected in multiple multi additional robberies in the area. area >> california lawmakers areifor holding a hearing on how first f responders reacted to the sanan bernadino terror attack.rrac the goal is to learn whatt worked in the moments after a syed farook and tashfeen malik opened fire killing 14 people.l1 it was the deadliest u.s.. attack since september 1 local sheriff's and an a emergency room doctor areto expected to testify at today's y hearings. officials say it took nearly tke an hour for the first patients e to arrive at the hospital.tal. >> ♪ >> 5:35 on this friday thi fri gary mcgrady, we're talking snow. >> yeah, we're on snow watch. wt >> i can't believe i said thatat and it's, what, late march.e >> go back to 2014 which wasn't obviously all that longit
5:36 am
of >> we did. we did. >> the middle part of march.rt r i just showed that.just sho and so it's not unprecedented.dd >> i'm trying not to think'm tro about it. >> it almost has to be kind of d a perfect storm to be substantially disruptive. i think this one could be in places farther up i-95 if everything comes torque okay. 49 degrees in town. t manassas has dropped to thirty seven 37 so it's kind of cold s in spots this morning.po culpeper 37, too. fredericksburg is in theed middle 40's this coming i 4n0' at 46 degrees andd annapolis lower 50's.we clouds are pushing to theng to t south of us. us. listen, it looks like we'll bee in for a lot of sunshine today. it looks really nice.ll n temperatures will be generally r speaking mid 60's. 6 the winds will be a little bit gusty, okay.sty, breezy and then gusty in the afternoon.afternoon. good amounts of sunshine.moun winds west at 15 to 20. t a lot of -- i said that. a lot of sunshine. sunshin temperatures mid to upper 60's. 60's. and then we change for the t weekend.we colder and obviously wintry. wt. here's erin como on this c
5:37 am
your commute. c >> 5:36 right now and taking aak look around, 95 northboundorbo backing up a bit from 123 from towards the bottom of thehe b beltway. so be prepared for that usual tl volume coming in from virginiagi right now.t n southbound side of 95 very quiet. we'll switch it over and showchi you a look at our maps. aside from that growing delay a disabled vehicle lingering springvale road northbound.orth it just cleared.. real good news out of fairfax.ff in frederick 270 southboundth light volume out of urbana. that is building. the good news is once you get ou south of that point you'retou still opened by father hurleyhel boulevard as you head down to the spur top of the beltway on l the outer loop looking good. metro buses on time. and we'll move you over for a look in stafford right now.stafr 95 northbound looking good too garrisonville much that's your that's your look at traffic.ff >> health watch. you better be nice during your next trip to the doctor.
5:38 am
how being branded a difficult af patient could impact yourpact health. >> 7-eleven celebrating aebting major milestone then wantn want their customers to join in on jn the fun. we'll find out what they're offering their loyal customers when we come back. stay with us.
5:39 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> welcome back.>> 5:40 is the time. researchers are on their wayar to developing ae refreshing ren beer that could serve up majoruv health
5:41 am
scientists at the university unt of idaho say they are close to synthesizing helpful hopsul h compounds in a lab. l opt have previously been linked to stopping bacterial growth and the data was a parend at 251st1s national meeting and exposition of the american othe chemical society. you better be on your bestrs behavior during your next triptt to the doctor. a new study finds when patients are disruptivee doctors tends to make more makre mistakes and and you can be branded by being disruptive byib being disrespectful overlyve demanding or distrustful.trul the study noted that dealing with pain or discomfort isort i tough so doctors should beuld trained to deal with patientsh s disruptive behaviors.av we needed a study for that. constantly reaching for rea your smartphone could be aco sign that you're at higher highe risk of anxiety and and depression. researchers in a new studyin looked at more than 300han college students and they they found the connection was true tu especially if people use their t devices to avoid dealing
5:42 am
unpleasant experiences oriencesr feelings. the risk did not go -- rates rat did not go up for people whopleo use smartphones as a way toaay pass time or for f entertainment.ainm that's a look at some of yourfou top health stories. ladies back over to t hurry up because i'm missing m my phone.hone. >> thanks wisdom. thank >> okay, coming up, 7-eleven 7ve is celebrating 50 years in i business. >> and a big celebrationig cel happening at 7-eleven today. to. what customers can do to getet in on the you won't be disappointed.d. hey, gary. gar >> hope they're giving away something free. >> coffee maybe. maybe >> wasn't too long we hadn' 7.2-inches of snow in middleowmd march. will we do that again? a there's snow and a chance fore r it this we're not going to do this i don't want to tease you this full forecast is coming up into spring. spring forecast. stay with us.
5:43 am
5:44 am
with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella. spread the happy!
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>> ♪ >> here we go on this friday g morning. you realize it's friday so that will give you a little lit pep in your step and a lot of sunshine today, too.nshi it's going to be a little bitbet on the breeztly side. s i'll show you that and whyyou we'll be breezy to gusty laterty this afternoon and then we'renod talking about the possibilityt of a little bit of snowfalle bi around here. her 49 degrees for reagan nationalna right now.righ dulles sitting at 45 --5 holding at 45. bwi marshall is 48 degrees8 gr right now.ght a lot of temperatures outofra there in the upper 30's, too.oo one area of low pressure to the northeast of us really rea high pressure is kind ofressurek trying to build inin from theom north and northwest so we get
5:46 am
and that's going to increasesq the winds so when it'soi not windy and gusty, it's going to g be breezy. we'll have gusts 25, 35 miles5,i per hour out there this afternoon. temperatures will warm upur nicely.esnicely. now, there is a system comingomn in this weekend and there is a possibilities of accumulating snow. now, here in the metro surrounding areas we'reroundi talking maybe a little bit on bt the grassy areas, rooftops, rft cars something like that.ethingk where there's a snow burstnobu there may be a brief slippery roadway. temperatures are going to bees a right at freezing north and west.west looks like above freezing here in the south of this blue here,ere, there's snow possible butsi really just mixing with rainit i and the way it's looking, mostly rain.n. accumulating snow one, 2, 3 inches farther to the north and west. we aren't being specific withc the accumulations graphic g right now for a reason.a rea things are changing with the t storm. and it looks like perhaps theaps storm is moving a little a lit faster or going to move a little faster and bring usas less in the way ofte
5:47 am
not sold on all the detailsetai yet, though. thoh. 48 degrees tomorrow. tomor rain comes in in the afternoon. it transitions tomorrow night,ig sunday morning into a little rain and snow. on sunday for some of us itf u will be kind of a rain/snowaiow mix. some of us to the south itth i will be mostly rain and then ant north and west it could bett co just about all snow and that's a where the accumulation couldatio be more substantial. okay, see this right here? ere? snow coming out of colorado cord into kansa this is the energy that's tt' going to drop down, becomee stronger and that looks likes l it will force the storm alongtom the coast to form and run up ruu the coast. th how close it is to thetohe coastline, how far away, how fast does it move or slow,it mo, that's going to dictate soicta s much with this storm system.m ss mostly sunny today.lyny t afternoon gusty winds will be out of the west-southwest 10 to 20 milesst per hour. 66 for a high with lots of sun. it will be nice. clouds to rain, tomorrow rainroi and snow around here onn sunday. sunday again some places will accumulate.ulate. early flakes monday.rl next week we warm back up intoma the upper 60's and the middleide
5:48 am
i'll have more detailse moreet throughout the morning on my social media page facebook twitter all that stuff.all stu here's erin. e >> look at you, gary. >> what. >> keeping us in the know. u >> i have to.>> i have hopefully this will be thee last snowstorm to deal withto this year. >> it better be.better right now 95 southboundthbo centreport parkway to 17, 1 42 miles per hou we're dealing with some road soa work right now in stafford.n s it's going against the normal n morning congestion.gest but just the left lane rightt lt now is getting by. so that is causing some northbound side typicalou ndcongestion picking up. nothing out of the ordinaryof ty there. once you get closer to dale city you start c to see more congestion. some minuteville right now a crash at hedge wood drive ined prince william county and in fairfax county things arex cotye looking really nice on 66.e on 6 let's go ahead and take a live a look outside and show you how things are shaping up right up now. as you head 66 inbound you'reouu problem free and 95 northboundbn closer to the springfield interchange usual morning congestion. we'll take a look back at our maps. metro is onk time right now and things on the inner loop on th looking good through thee goodoh
5:49 am
annandale light volume 270um southbound coming out of urban b n we got you covered as thiss t morning rush starts to pick up.k back to you, holly.ol >> thanks erin. well, a well descend surprise yesterday for somees hard working students in d.c.tec george washington universityn made the college dreams of 10 high schoolers come true by handing out full ride fl ri scholarships. we caught up with two of theo oe stunned recipients.. >> this will help me because ieu don't have to worry abouto rry having to -- oh, i can't afford this and i can't go to this class because i don't have the money for it.t but instead my attitude would be i have a full tuition, ii can go to school and not have to think about that and justnd worry about >> gw close students are academic standouts. stand the scholarships mean fourarsh years worth of tuition, room, board, books and fees. >> amazing.>>
5:50 am
>> that's an expensive school. >> yeah, that's great.ha new this morning, many of m us are guilty ofor texting while walking but imagine this. getting a $50 ticket for doing this. this that's what a new jerseya jer lawmaker wants to do and the t law treats texting and walking l the same way as jaywalking andlg it points to a study by a a health professor, dr. corey bosh. >> kids around 20,000round 20 pedestrians. we found about a third of a thif pedestrians were distractedistre when crossing on the walkalk signal and if that wasn't bad w' enough we found that nearlyea 40 percent were distracted ontr a don't walk signal so thatso would be darting out in the >> now n-addition to that $50 fine, violators of the texting x and walking law could also getot up to 15 days in jail. >> imagine being home alone walking into your living room yu and can coming face to face with a bear. a b yup, that's what happened tope man in colorado. colad he says law in his upstairs
5:51 am
noises on his first floor ofhis his house. first he thought it was his was sister or cats playing. plang after going to investigate he found himself 5 feet away fromwo a large black bear.ea he says he scared the bear by b yelling and throwing his handsnh in the air. air didn't know that could work. c w the animal ended up leavingeavig the same way he came in, through an open doorway. dooay >> in bed watching tv.v. then i heard noise and then ihe heard more and more and i thought that's an awful lot of o ice for 10 o'clock at nightt and then i heard the noise theoi above me in the loft above me ao and and i said that's way too w big to be the catsly the bearhea was standing right here. >> whoa. hess says the animal didn'ts th break into his home, the doorism wasn't locked.'t locke the bar opened the door andr walked right in.alked t in. he believers the bear was just looking for food and is happy h no one was hurt. >> was his name yogi? y >> looking for a picnic picni check thissk out. meet toby a pooch born with two snouts.t i know, wait, i got t
5:52 am
this. this oh, wow. the dog was found wandering wde the streets of fresno and was impounded. thanks to posts from them t animal shelter the dog was adopted.op he'll live with his new owners and two other dogs that were adopted in similar situations.i. >> weird. okay. >> that's the news of the weirned. >> that is. talking, though.hough. let's talk some marchtalk sm madness.dnes that has people talking. virginia cavaliers beating the hampton pirates by 36 points.by3 that's the school's largest lare margin of victory in the ncaa next up for virginia, butlerle on saturday. meantime, the terps maryland tips things off today at 4:30 against south dakota in spokane. here's what mark turgeon wantsow to see from his tea >> it's so important that thempt guys are enjoying the moment mom because it's a lot of pressure e on these guys and a lot of a o people watching. the more fun we can have when h we're in between the lines, lin we're doing everything that we t need to be doing and don't dooia it long and get everybody onryby
5:53 am
recipe for success.uccess >> that's the same thing i tng towed my third graderssaid to ms let's talk about thele wizards looking for a thirdt' straight win and aokin season s sweep of those sixers. ser wizards built a 24-point leadt l but the sixers came back andac tighter at 84.tigh it was a close one but the t wizards eventually pulled offllo the victory 99-94 was the they are now 33 and 35 and trail the bulls by a game anda a half for the final playoff spot.. >> ♪>> >> time now for our facebookou b fan of the day. d what is that on your chest?he >> oh. >> it is mike howell.ow >> that's fighting wear >> he says he's a loyal fox5 f fan and clearly he's a fan ofan another team as well.sel he watches our morning team m all the time.ime. he says he's foun tried a buncho
5:54 am
persistence pays off. o we welcome everybody here ondy the show. show. >> mike if you kept wearingng that sweatshirt every time youim tried to be fan of the day of td that might be the reason. >> mike howell.howe >> for your chance to bee tomorrow's fan wear a ea sweatshirt of a local team andem leave a comment -- no, i'm kidding mike. leigh a comment below mike'sen photo on our facebook page. fac. happy friday, mike. listen the 7-elevenn slurpee turns 50 this year and 5 to celebrate the convenience store is launching bring your oncopoda. byoc. byoc. that's happening today and hap tomorrow.. that means flower pots teaotsea kettles trophies.le >> my goodness. >> you choose the way you wantto to slurp your slurpee. all for just a buck 50. buck 5 the only restriction is that your cup or whatever container a you have has to fit the t 10-inch cutout in stores. >> okay.>> >> all right. >> hey, get ready to go on ann extreme adventure with this this week's fox beat free friday. fri you could win four tickets to
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barnum and bailey presentsents circus extreme at the verizon tz center 7:30 p.m. april 2nd.pril2 >> this prize pack includes a $100 american express gift card a gift bag that includesg i a coloring book ring mastering a hat stuffed tiger stuffed elephant, deluxe program andnd miniature circus cannon can replica. >> go to our contest page one winner will be shreked byl k random drawing on march 201st.c2 that prize by the way approximate retail value of reta $400 and also provided by feld entertainment.ait. >> ♪ >> holly you have been to you every circus. what's an extreme circumstancetr emcan can you say. >> they do amazing stuff.ngtu it's like extreme sports. it's kind of like -- it's like the x games of circus. >> okay.>>y. >> the tigers eat them. t >> that's >> no, the tigers on theers on t halfpipe. >> thought that was th
5:56 am
>> no, i'm kidding. kid >> 35 to 47 degrees for pickup. you guys talk lungsuygs yourselves, it's okay.selv after school temperatures 60tus to 65 degrees. 65 a little breezy late this le afternoon and if the seven-dayen forecast will come can up forl c me -- it's been a littletl delayed. dela let's see if it will come up. u come on seven day. d this weekend of course springfe starts on sunday and we're on ny talking about a chance foror some snow. s rain tomorrow afternoon,ftno transitioning over to a littleoa bit of snow on sunday.un some places will get someill accumulation and then nextlatiot week we're talking 60's andnd 70's back in the forecast.orec >> hey, erin. >> good morning. >> all right, 5:56 right now.ow inbound traffic 295 southbound getting some volume in the t usual spots. spo burroughs avenue toburr pennsylvania avenue, 22 miles au per hour. ur in fairfax county right now rigt inner loop looking good, springfield through through fairfax 66 eastboundasou still quiet and 95 northbound no even though volume isen thoh vo increasing you're not lookingoug terrible out there.te 6rr o'clock hour of fox5 newsews coming
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> disturbing allegations at aia prestigious school in thegiou district.s police investigating reports of a rape. a rape. we'll have the latest detailsati in a live report.ep >> also we just can not look away al. al. we're keeping an eye on the eyee eagle cam this we're waiting on those baldhosel eagle eggs to
6:00 am
national arboretum.etum >> are they sleeping. t >> it is early.>> i barely 6 o'clock.lo >> live look outside on thislo t friday morning. mni folks we made it. me it it's march 18th. 1 weather and traffic coming up c on the 5s at 6:05.:05. >> good friday everybody, i'mrym allison >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm s welcome to fox5 news morning. hopefully you celebratedebrate safely yesterday.fely yesterd it is friday morning.fray m welcome. we begin in northwest d.c.est.c though. th police there investigating anti al researched rape at sidwell friends >> melanie alnwick joins us joi now with the latest. >> reportermel.apologize clearle technical issues with thesu sound there. wese will get wil melanie alnwick's report shortly. >> we'll get back to mel as bac soon as we can get that issue i figured ut


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