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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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millions were watching and waiting for. the news at six starts right now. >> thanks for joining us i'm sarah simmons for tony.on >> stunning allegations at exclusive prep a studentep at sidwell friend ss another student raped her on the school's campus.ol fo'sx 5's alexandria limon is li with us. >> reporter: these are very concerning allegations. a president obama's daughters attend school here at sidwell friends. that's part of the reason why security is so tight on thisn campus still though a femalea student reported to police that she was raped on campus during school hours and it just leaves people wondering how this could happen.ha now a spokesperson for the dc police department told me this is an active and ongoing investigation. no one has been arrested so farf but i'm told the victim and
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suspects were both questioned. e they are high school studentscho here at sidwell friend. we also know the incident was reported late wednesday night a few hours after it allegedlylleg happened. and the police mobile crime united came here to the schoolhe campus to photograph the scene.o ato source tells fox 5 the alled rape happened in bathroom in the athletic building and according to the police report the male and female students had a previous sexual relationship, but, on this occasion, which was wednesday around two touch 30 iu the afternoon the victim sayss the male student forced her to t have sexual intercourse withoutr her consent. >> in the school? >> in the bathroom? >> that's just unbelievable to me. i find -- and i can't figure out why, how there weren't be some w kind of monitors in the hall. l maybe to see who is in and out of bathrooms. if that's happening, that's what they need to
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>> reporter: spokesperson for the school said in a statementdn it is a longstanding policy of sidwell friends school to sch cooperate fully with any law enforcement investigation. it is also our policy not to comment on such investigations. now today the school is closed staff and students are not here on the campus because of spring break. reporting live in northwest dc d alexandria limon fox 5 local 5 news. >> thank you.nk you. moments at l'enfant plaza a train reportedly dragged a man. passengers on the platform says the man's bag got caught in the doors the train dragged him a short distance before he brokere free. the man is connected to be okay. the incident is now under investigation. okay. now the weather and if youf thought arrival of spring this weekend the end of winter whether thing again there is snow in the forecast. more on that. i thought we were done with this
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gwen. i heard shawn say she pulled raining on me she said i'm outhe of here you tell them s about tb snow that's what i'm doing. i get to wear that hat. you know what it's going to bebe brief and short-lived. s we got to get spring in here, right. let's take la look at the through the system well to the south actually couple of systemo and those two are going to be what's going to bring up this th winter weather this weekends ite will be a very brief 50 that's the good news. here's a look at what we're supposed still looking at folks. dusting talking about on grassy surfaces, other than that not on the roads, nothing is going too hamper travel at all in terms ot our area. dusting to two inches a little i more to the norththnc west. higher elevations two to four if we are talking about it all beginning once we get into later part of saturday. temperature wise 65 degrees in n the district.t. 61 gaithersburg. baltimore 63. 64 degrees at culpeper. double sixs to south fredericksburg. and d
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pretty gusty winds. they'll start start to die down later in the overnight hours.. talking mostly clear, chilly. 39 degrees for overnight low. and yes, spring starts with snow. so i'm going to have that full 7-day forecast for you an nice n surprise on it as well. i'll be back a little later. back to you. >> thanks, gwen. a crime suspect in paris terrorists attack has been caben chorda salah abdeslam wasor shot in the leg during the operation. authorities closed in or him after finding fingerprints at f the soon of a separate raidaid earlier this week. police believe he played a corolline planning the attack and escorted three suicide bombers who blew themselves up.l police say they caught two other people who are being called his accomplice.. alexandria man who joinedho isis said he was not thinking straight. he handed himself over to forces
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in iraq earlier this week. he said, he left the us in december. and met iraqi girl in turkey. he followed the woman to joinoin the terror group. he said he decided to do escape because he didn't agree with isiss it is unclear when he will return to the us. department of justice is already planning to file charges against him. still developing tonight who killed the fairfax county man inside his million dollar mansion. police are stumped. its been one week since his bed was found in lour t fox 5 paul wagner thrones joins us e jin implete shank the murder is ath crime that is truly frightened the residence living in the mason neck section of fairfaxf r county. there appears to be no and r he was sitting in a chair looking l out towards the river when a gunman opened fire from the outside. but investigators said so far little to go on. last friday morning just after one neigor
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peaceful and quiet seek of the potomac river heard 22 burst of gunfire a short burst and then a longer one. the gunfire aimed at this man. who was sitting in a room off a porch facing the river. >> this is very unusual for fairfax county. majority f o our murders are acquaintance murders whether its domestic, or friends where they've had an argument.rgt. here we have no leads. no information to tie any suspects or any motives to it.o so it is very unusual. >> reporter: no enemies that yo are aware of that he had.a >> we have no credibleredi information that would take us on a journey to track down a lead to the develop any information on a suspect.spec and that's the true miss tear row of this. >> reporter: he was originally from the feather lands andth worked for the world bank. neighbors say he was often seen on the river sailing with grandchildren or on a ky ac
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answering add indicating for a bike path along begun stonn early ingu the investigation neighbors wondered if the killer may have arrived by boat. >> we can't confirm how the person got there. i can tell that you crime scene detectives have truly done an a out standing job. spent many days at the house. on the grounds. in the neighborhoods. and at the river processingss everything they can to develop clues. >> reporter: chief would not disclose what kind of ballistict evidence has been recovered soes far. and urged anyone with sur syster in the mason neck area to scam what may have been captured onae it early last friday. frida >> just this past tuesday nightn we held a community meeting at e done stonn hall we had well ovee 200 people in attendance.tten clearly this fear in the the community that this may be a random act of violence. we don't november that yet. but i want to assure the community the police departmentn is doing everything it can. >> reporter: the chi
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eye on the area in order toder close this case, his detective need more help. >> in my conversation with the chief today he basically was asking anyone in the area that has a sur system to look back on it last friday and through thosh hours after midnight to see ifee they see anything unusual at all. and if they can think off anything unusual that went from friday or thursday night into friday morning to give them a call. we want to give numbers to calls police if you do have information. on your screen there. paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> trouble blink news coming from the defense department of fishes say air force is vest gaining a dozen airmen in a nuclear missile base for allegel use of illegal drug which mayhih include cocaine. service members
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nations nuclear arsenal. they have been under scrutinyiny for string of lapse in training and personal conduct. north korea has conducted another test of ballistic miffsb two were launched crashing into the sea. the test in violation of several un security counsel revolution. this follows north korea launch of short range missiles last week. leader detectting nuclear war head and missiles capable bellii ofle carrying one. >> we think that the sentence that this young man has receiveh based on the crime he leppedlyee committed is lawsuitly unduly hash. >>crease inactive have the causing tension. north korea condemning annual war games by us and south korea. for very first time a woman has been named head of
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command. barack obama selected air force general lurie robinson iff confirmed she would be in charge of us northern command. general robinson has been leading u.s. air forces in the passing. fighting for his life. that is how one baltimore ray van is being described after a dirt bike accident.t. >> also coming up donald trump isn't the only trump that protester are investigating.gati involving one of his children. i we all love cherry blossomsc dealing with parking downtown, that's another issue. we'll be right back.
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>> player store baltimore raven is in critical condition after being involved in. trey what about considert
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he was driving without a helmetl and didn't have lights on. its a bad situation and he is fighting for his life.ife. the coach says this is devastating news. our prayers and hopes are with trey and his family tonight. well fbi is investigating a threatening letter center to donald trams son.on. the nfl contained white powder i and a threatening let.eate no one was hurt. the whitehite substance was not eric trump is the young son. he has been compaigning for his father. reportedly in gave condition has he battle cancer his familye is by his side in the hop hospital.ho in october doctors discovered two growths on his bladder. he's been in the hospital sinceo late in 2013 when he acknowledged he smoked crack cocaine and admitted topu
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and dlirinking and driving. us health officials say this is the mildest flu season. flu seasons a good match. about 59% effective. despite that the center for disease control say the flul sa season not over yet. since the season hasn't peaked. dc officials still advicing people to get a flu shot. jeep gee finding parking did the cherry blossom festival may not be as mad bad. >>case you've been sleep it sl happened this morning you can see right now is this live look or i had video. the baby bald eagle hatched. it is up moving around. we're going to take to you the national arboretum for all excitement. the new
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>> okay its a moments millionss have been watching and waiting w for. one of the baby bald eagle's finally received. we're still watching.e st >> we actually have a different angle to show i was wider look the eagle home. >> it's very cool. >> all right so the eaglets came out from the shell this morning. fox 5 matt ackland has all the excitement from the national arbor 81. >> reporter: they are so cute. they are really getting the attention not only of the metro dc area but also it is making national n one thing that national news iss doing its bringing attention ton the national arbor row tom. r this is right here in the district of columbia in northeast. its 400 acres a beautiful trail
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trees. and as we found out today a lot of people don't know about enter. its the talk of the town. of th for once it's not a baby panda everyone is freaking out over. e its a baby eagle getting so much attention. move over national zoo. today, its the national arbor ar row tom, are you saying where's that? >> well you are not alone. so you guys have her of the capital building right. rig >> yes. >> reporter: the white house. >> yu question for you have you ever heard of the national arbor row tom? >> no: you ever heard of the national arbor row tom. >> sound familiar. fam >> reporter: never been there nv though >> never been there e i meanre even some of the locals aren'te sure where to find it. >> i've heard of it of the i'vet never been there. >> reporter: its 400 acres justs off new york avenue in northeast. miles of paths lined with gardens and beautiful trees. >> we cameif here to the check k nest.
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see its eagles her: hopes the th camera that so many people arela watching will a track many more to the arbor row tom. >> no one knows people live in the area i don't know where it is. we know the big stuff go to air and space, put please grab a lunch or grab a loved one and just come here and just explore. >> reporter: keep in mind if to you do come here to the arbor ar row tomato take a look at the te nest you are not going to be able to get too close officials want you to stay back. you'll be able to see it in a distance if you up come here for a glimpse there's so much else to do. in northeast matt ackland fox 5 local news. >> i mean all right so we're still eyes peeled. i've never been to the nationalt arbor row n>> itrs beautiful.s >> maybe we need to do a fox 5 field trip.p. >> have to do a visit. >> there might be people whoht b want to head out there this weekend. today is
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today is great things are ti going to deteriorate. we got the first day of spring coming. but its a little taste of winter is what we're going to get so. sorry. you know i'm just the messenger. which i had the power wish i had power to change things. unfortunately its a little sneas peek before we get really into t spring a hundred percent. beautiful sky out there right now. today was answering absolutely s gorgeous day. temperatures into the 60.the things are going to changes into the weekends. we got dry by cloudy sky once we get into saturday morning. we're not going to see much happening until we get to theet late part of saturday to about midday with rain and snow. rain and snow by saturday afternoon. this is what we're watching verw very closely for you. we do have a system. and we're going to see quite a difference with it right here th the south is where thingser things are starting to form. we got a couple systems. one is going to transfer energy to the other as it moves off too the north in the meantime h
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cooler air. little chilly to l temperatures into the 30s. 3 but that low pressure system tom the south will start to move ofe to the northeast. we're going to have another system. we're going to see a transferrea energy here. we are looking at everything starting off as rain for us. once we get into saturday afternoon and then by evening we're going to start to see a little bit bit of amok. majority of the snow that we're, whatever we are going to get to looks like more of arraign evenn than a snow evented it's going to happen in overnight hours of saturday into sunday. and even in terms of accumulation, we're really not talking anything here folks. just a dusting on grassy if you are sauces. dusting to two inches more to the morning and west.e higher elevations two o four tw inches. nothing is going to stick around much.. here's oo timeline midday oo tomorrow start to see a little bit edging into the west. i one of our models. here's 2:00 hour we start to get rain. here's line. an
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evening start to see it fillings in a little more. overnight you can see how it iss lingering more to the west before we start to see it head to north, northeast. we are getting more rain here than anything. so just be aware it's not going to affect the roads or anything of that s temperatures right noe into the 60 that's what our higg was for today overnight lows will be he into the 30s. we have a couple of 40 on our map. it will be on the chilly side. tomorrow night we'll be in the 30s as well. things are going to change. warmer airflow we're back to the 60 and the 70s. i'm happy to say and by hump day that rise is going to continue right into friday. and at that point we're going tn be into the mid fence.he 39 degrees for tonight.ight mostly clear. chilly. breezy at time. winds will start to die down.ow. 46 degrees for saturday. clouds build in. before we see change over andnd you know what how much rain aren we talking gee well take a lookl we are talking a little
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rain just an inch less than an inch less than half an inch in some of o our locations overrull not too bad. here's a look at 7-day forecast. wednesday 70 degrees but look at the end f weeks were at 75t degrees by the time we hit into friday. and absolutely going to be typical spring weather because w we've got aea chance to see ao thunderstorms or two.un in the meantimdee be aware 20r b this weekends not the greatest to be outside unfortunately.ortu >> okay. that's an excuse ostein side then. absolutely. there you go. >> next week is looking pretty nice though. t as we are talking about you head to go outside cherry blossom festival, you are going to find parking. they will allow to you reserveou urge prepay for parking garagee access on weekends prices various garages neares n title basin will cost 16 dollars and 78
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>> okay. so you have the happing ring orp looking for a bite of beef at midnight, hoping to indicate toe meet lovers the first met vendi ding machine hasrs been installa the idea of butcher shop ownersr who developed a specialized meat machine. customers can get vacuumed packaged meet at all hours of the day. all right. [ lauger
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>> might be, like spam. >> i know right. and cans of it. it. you know dog food opening up a can of dogs or cat food you know. yeah, no i'll pass you can keepu it all. >> all right. make spa sandwich. >> all right then. we'll see you guys back here tonight at ten. >> by by.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: julianne hough, she has an explanation for asses on parade in cabo. >> definitely too much, definitely too much waves. >> she's not like too much drinking and go under the cabin. harvey: it's not outlandish. >> up-landish. harvey: you don't have to be literal with what i say. [laughter] >> madonna, she picked a girl out of the crowd and she brought her up on stage. >> she's the kind of girl you just want to slap on the ass. >> madonna grabs her shirt and the girl's boob pops out completely. she's a 17-year-old aspiring model. >> everyone is an aspiring model at 17, aren't they? >> ray j and princess love went to club jagger in detroit. they had a security guard with an ar-15. >> t looks like they're going to war. >> i actually feel safer. ha


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