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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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this group of mostly americancan benedict t teens brought it back to life in 2000. beer for them is not just about the bottom line, though, it's a' bridge to the community. am people are afraid of the th church, frayed of arrearage on,r afraid of a monk, but more than happy to talk about beerment the monetary was filled in the place where saint benedict lived. they will produce as much as as they can between their eight daily beers without having to higher. we waste test it to make sure. in term of what the monks have brewing in term of their next te business venture they're not sure. they say maybe s in the meantime they're just working hard to perfect theirth craft. in roam, amy kellog, fox newses. > this is fox5 local news at 11. >> and it's time for the # 1. thanks for staying up withus
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i'm matt ackland and i'm teisha lou is in tonight for lauren. tomorrow is the day am of us of have been waiting for, the firsh day of spring, but winter isn't going away quietly. boy, it sure isn't. there is a life look outside. we have been getting some rain outside. don't say the word. is snow still a possibility? po let's ask the lady who might know, gwen. >> why am i left with this. > this is the last time. >> i hope so. everybody just wants spring. let's take a look at our mapsat because some of you did see a little bit of snow this evening. we had a little bit of snow inno some of our neighborhoods. n also a little bit of mix with mx some snow and rain and some rain, but things are improving. look at this satellite radar rad composite and you can see most of the precipitation is now starting to moveow out. but notu before it did leave its mark. and i can't rule it 100 percent, but it is improving. winter weather advisory has jusa updated on me and
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it's been canceled and that's good for the higher elevations.e ourhcurrent temperaturesnt 38-degrees in the the nation's capital, 34 in gaithersburg, the same as frederick. 35 at culpeper and 36-degrees at baltimore. your overnight forecast tonightn is 35 degrees. we're going to see the rain, the a little bit of mix gradually tapering off pretty much everyu where. we're going to have some pretty good dry periods. a north easterly flow, five to v ten miles an hour. tomorrow a different story. we've got another round to dealo with as the system pulse its way up from the carolinas and we'll see a little bit more happeningm starting in the early morning e hours and i'll have the details four coming up in just a about it. > see new a little l while. you can track the weather 24/7 a with your mobile device. all you need to do is search the fox5 newses, search d.c. news and d.c. weather and remember re the
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virginia crews are prepping forr a long night ahead because theye say it's hard to say how much ho ice or snow will stick to the te roads. fox5's alexandra limon is life tonight in l alexandria with more. hey, alex. >>reporter: this is the place where some of of those preparations are happening.g. trucks coming by loading up witp salt and sand and then spreading out throughout the northernhe virginia area to look forook trouble spots just in case. now, the virginia department ofi transportation tells me they have just under 500 plows and trucks spread out throughout thh area.area but what they are not doing is pretreating because all of thete rain. a spokesperson telling me it's pointless. it would have been all washed away. instead what they're doing isoin driving looking for any icy spots, things like bridges or ramps. if there are slick spots or
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the areas to help fix the problems. what we're really focusing on i the pavement areas. whatever has fallen so far. if we start seeing very low pavement temperatures then we'r' going to start t getting icy spots which is why aringing to be our main concern. > just under 500 crews are oute on the street, so the virginia defendant transportation askingn drivers if you see those crews, you know, just give them space.a also allow yourself some extra time and be a little careful c because you never know from raio that we got and now et cetera '' so cold there could be a little bit of ice on the roads so keep all of that in mind. min reporting life in alexandria, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > and these wild fluctuations in temperature this month hash made it tough to predict when the cherry blossoms will bloom. officials with the national park service have changed their mind a couple of times already and ad now they
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should appear sometime next week. once we get through this wintry weather we are expected to am what up next week and that should help the blossoms reach their peak bloom and we can't wait.wa the eagle watch is continuing at the national it looks like mom or dad is out for the night, doesn't it. >> knocked out. kno > cracks were spotted in the egg earlier today. the hope is that the bird will begin to peck its way out of the shell. the other ewing let was bornr yesterday morning. the hatching of these eggs has s really grabbed national attention. the national arboretum eagle cam, it has attracted mills of viewers. coming up tonight, a site that has become all too farm. protestors making their voices heard as presidential donald trump rolls rallies. we're back in a
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> protestors are once againor voicing their opposition toei donald trump. this wasr the scene in arizona earlier today. tod trump appeared at a rally this afternoon, but before trump supporters arrived, protestors blocked the middle of a major highway and stopped traffic. vehicles were backed up for hours. police were called in andnd eventually cleared the road. another anti trump protease in new york city.w some of the posters chanted donald trump gpoo away, racist,i sexist anti gay. the group marched to the trumpru tower. police moved in to control thehe crowds. some of the protestors sayes policeto used pepper spray on them. by the way, donald trump will be here in the d.c. area on monday. he is checking out the progress of his latest project, thehe version of the
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pavillion into a new trump hotel that's along pennsylvania avenue. president obama is preparing for a historic three-day trip toto cuba tomorrow. the commander in chief is the first sitting president in nearly 90 years to visit thehe island nation.nati the trip comes 15 months after he announced the restoration off diplomatic ties between the two cunt rays. they are hopeful both sides will agree to more trade and tourismu meanwhile star wood hotels says it has signed a deal to renovate three cuban hotel.hote the prime suspects in the paris attacks has been charged withith participation in a terrorist murder.. saw lab del almost has moved to a high security prison in belgium. he and a second man wereere arrested after a police raid yesterday. belgium prosecutors say and delta lamb admitted he wanted to commit a suicide bombing at the paris
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decided against it.t. 130 people were killed in the deadly attacks last year.ea coming up tonight on the # 1, the night sky is in texas is lis up in an amazing way. we'll show you the incredible pictures after the break. stay with us.
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we'll show you some incredible pictures. take a look at this of incredible video of lightning over houston, texas last night. a local news camera
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light show as storms rolled through the region.regi now forecasters are predicting more isolated thunderstorms through the weekend and wow, beautiful, but it looks dangerous. it sure does.oes > great. amazing what mother natureatur creates, isn't it? not much lightning instead. maybe a little white stuff. >> we've already seen some inn some of our neighborhoods. but on grassy surfaces as wes said and that's where wee anticipated it and that'sthat because surface temperatures are too warm for it to stick in terms of the streets and sidewalks and that kind off thing. that's good news. they do have accumulations in ac the higher elevations, over the mountains, alleghany front where i'm actually happy to say the weather advisory has been canceled.ed. outside it's pretty much chilly. we're seeing the precipitationri starting to move out.ut. in the overnight hours i can't rule out maybe a little bit off this
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least some rain or drizzle lingering through, but we arere going to see a difference by thy time we get into tomorrow because we've got another roundt that we're going to have to deao with. in the meantime this isis gradually getting its way out of here. once again you're going to see a few p flakes here and there. the main slow snow mix movingov out tapering off in the early morning hours. we may see some drizzle, primarily areas to the areas south. sunday by the time we get into the afternoon hours we're going to start to see a lot ofof widespread rainfall. so tomorrow is the day where you might want to just, you know, kind of stay in and watch a good movie, stay kind ever cud led ul in front of the television with a good remote control. this system is going to-its wayy up, pick up some energy and ene that's what's going to bring us the precipitation that we're going
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sunday is going to be pretty much a smoker. the cooler air moving in onn monies going to be a little bit of concern in the early hours or monday morning with that precipitation because it's expected to be at freezing orrez just blow.low. so that's what we're going tooin watch a little closer. tonight those temperatures wille be above freezing. warmer air is going to be moving in once we get into mid to late week. we have a ridge of high pressure, nice bermuda high pressure building in and that's going to set us up forp f temperatures to be in the 70s. by the time we get to thursday, friday we're going to be made 70s a far cry from where we are talking about winter weather. spring does officially arrive the rain, the mix all taperingen off. it's going to be chill whichhi some pretty light winds. tomorrow our high is only in the 40s.40 we're still well blow cease l until. we'r
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drizzlea or maybe a light mix n then early morning hours. by the time we get to theet t afternoon we are going to see a fair amount of widespreadides rainfall. here's a look at your fox5 seven day forecast and spring arrivini tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s. by the time we hit wednesday ann take a look at those 74-degree days. actually i wouldn't be surprised if we hit 75. and you will forget all aboutbot this a little bit of winterwint activity that we're talking about tonight because you'll be masking in that sunshine. on wednesday this will be a figure meant of our imaginationm and then the cherry blossomse will come out. everybody will be in a great mood and we don't have to worry about it.ab spring will be here.e > it's time. >> i think everybody is ready. > there are all kinds of proofp sports teams that help military veterans, but this week the redskins did think a little bit differently. giving back with the competition over a video game.
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at story coming up.. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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how is your bracket looking? it's probably busted. just tear it
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before yesterday there was just one perfect bracket out of the 70 million brackets on various march madness pool sites. then that one bracket by coolol parish was busted. if you picked virginia to beat it all you still might be okay. uva beat malcolm today. they hoofs move on to the sweat 16 where they will face iowawa state. it has been an up bet.t. there have been 13 withins by lower ceded teams. lucky for maryland it wasn't 14t terps fans saw their team escape the upset. up next, another cinderella ther terps will face a 13 seed hawaii tomorrow.rrow we can't let them play ladderrer than us. we need to let them delay theiry game and play our tempo. it's a tough matchup for us because of guard play and
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they'll able to stretch thee floor with their big guys. as the years have gone on we'vee gotten better guarding these teams rarely do vet get to spend time with the pros. this week the redskins let the vets visit thanks to their video game skills. it would seem disabled veterans and nfl stars would have little common ground to get to know one another. that's cam newton.wton and at times their interactions can be awkward. you have a lot of guys, theys, don't know what to say. you have a military guy. you respect him, you respectpect what he does, how are you going to have that 20 and 30 minute conversation. > you have that conversation thanks to the great equalizer, matt. do you know what
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check it out.. today the redskins squared offad with veterans and active duty military in the pros versus gi joes matt tournament.tour it's awesome for us to come and spend time with our veterans. it means just as much to us as the veterans. they're still competitive. i wanted stay -- in this competition what some see as a disability can be an advantage. after my injury i also sufferedf a brachial plexus in my rightt side. so i don't really have a rightgt arm. mostly what i do is left handed. in some ways i do have an a little bit of an advantage. i drive with a joy stick. another toggle stick. it does make a it a little interesting. i didn't do too bad i don't d think. vets from
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the chance to play against their sports here owes.or you never had to spend any time in colorado. >> to those that have sacrificed so much memories are worth way more than memorabilia. we get an autograph. you're going to talk about thisu for the rest of your life because you hung out with the guys on tv just talking, justst shooting the stuff. it means so much to them. > that's great.s that veteran that i talked to, not only does he play madden. he competes in billiards, discuss and shot put. he has use of one arm. pretty amazing. > after the break we'll get a final check of your wakeup forecast. stay with us. .
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait.
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> as we told earlier in the the show, pope francis has joined instagram.ram. the wholly father'sç new accout has broken the record for the fast test person to get to 1 million followers. good for
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previous mark was held by socces star david beck ham who accomplished it in 24 hours. take that. pope francis first photo showedd him with his head bowed. you can see it right there kneeling in prayer with the caption pray for me in nine ni different languages. if you want to follow him, pope francis' instagram account is fran cyst cuss. he's on twitter, also. that was i remember when they did that. well, you know what. everybody has to be on social s media these days. > a lot of people will be checking social media for the weather. especially tomorrow, right? >> right. at again what fox fox5 d.c.c. tomorrow morning is going to be a little bit tricky. right now it's moving
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the afternoon, though, we are ar talking about a lieutenant oft o heavy rainfall that is going to head in. we're going to watch tomorrow carefully with that rain tomorrow, by tomorrow night that's my concern when the temperatures are expected to drop right near the freezing point and then by monday intonto the early morning hours we might see of that actually become a about it of a problem. p we're going to nail it for you once we get p into the morning hours. we have to really watch that wa because that's my reel concern. today wasn't so bad, temperatures at the surface were above freezing so nothing tog deal with there at all in termsn of any icy spots or anything ofn that sort, but tomorrow night is going to be the concern. and wednesday is looking like l the good day.od > wednesday is going to be a good day. >> i'm serving up 70s, yes. it could be near 75-degrees by the time we get to thursday and friday. > tomorrow on fox we have nascar. >> good night, everybody one, take
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