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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> twin explosions rock a busy airport in belgium and one person is dead and several others injured. the latest ahead. >> and three virginia college students in big double this morning following a dangerous discossey inside a dorm room. details in a live report. >> and a live look outside at 5:00, tuesday, march 22. cold start to the morning. gary has the latest coming newspaper a few minutes. >> and first, thank you four waking up us with good morning toy i'm wisdom martin with holly morris and maureen umeh. >> we'll begin with breaking news from overseas, twin explosions rocking the brussels international airport. that happened just a short time ago
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killed and several others injured. and airport authorities say the blast happened during the morning rush hour and as hundreds were checking in. and an ap reporter says they saw several people with facial injuries. a witness on the scene says there was blood everywhere. and injured people and bags everywhere an airport spokesperson says all flights out cancelled and incoming are being diverted and brussels entire metro system is also shut down as there is reports of another explosion in or near the metro. belgium terror level is now at highest point. this incident comes days after the prime suspect in the paris attack salah abdelsam was arrested in brussels. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest information. . >> close to home three george mason university students are behind bars this morning after authorities made a dangerous discovery in a dorm room. >> melanie alnwick is live in fairfax with the details.
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>> good morning, guys, university officials tell us there's no immediate threat to the community and all bomb-making materials were collected as evidence. still students told fox5 they're concerned the university didn't let anybody know and we learned about the bomb kit from a tip. it was 8:45 in the evening on march 16 officers from george mason university police department got a call and flames were shooting out of the first floor window of jefferson hall dorm. whp police confronted residence of room 105 they found leafy green substance and next day they returned with search warrant and discovered a tool box with mavrp books, shaved match heads. morter and pest ill and also a pvc pipe. fairfax country bomb squad advised campus police the materials were being used to manufacturer fire bombs or make explosive materials
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>> it's surprising me for mostly the fact no one else on the floor knew about it. if they did they didn't say anything about it explosives are very, very harmful. at least the police caught it before something bad could have potentially happened. >> and so three students in all arrested and two of those charged with drug and alcoho alcohol-related offenses and a third charmed with possession of bomb making materials and so far guys police have not released the names of those students. live in fairfax i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> developing overnight a family of three is out of their montgomery country home after a fire nearly destroyed it. it happened on primrose view court in de mask us maryland everybody made it safely out of the house but the damage is extensive and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> and happening today, it's another prime areay and caucus tuesday voters head to the polls in arizona areas and utah and iowa hold caucuses, front runners
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hillary clinton fok us tacks on each other and trump is figh fighting offer kasich and cruz. okay circumstance vowing to fight trump at the kong vengs and cruz questioned trump stance on israel. >> israel is focus of the apac conference here in the distric district. presidential candidates address the nation's top pro israel group and trump vow todd protect israel interests with the community and hillary clinton attacked him with changing his mind on issues. >> vernon odom senator bernie sanders was only presidential candidate that did not speak to apac citing a scheduling conflict with foreign policy address he's giving in utah. >> and today a d.c. mayor muirial bowser will deliver state of the stated dress in the district today and she plans to use the opportunity to address the past year and vision for the future. the state of district rather address will be held at the arena stage 5:30 tonight. >> time to get an update on the weather with gary
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>> hey, guys, what's going on. not everybody is in school not all the kid owes in school this week. some still are. at the bus stop this morning i think it will be pretty chilly out there. and some cases just down right cold. especially out in the suburbs. some of you going to school from the suburbs and surrounding area. pickup time, 26 to 28 degrees and once the shun shine comes up we should get good amounts of sun to start. more clouds north and west and after school sun, clouds, it will be a little breezy. not windy. temperatures later on will be 55 to 60. today we're headed up into the lower 60s for high temperature temperatures. so, it will definitely be warmer than what it was yesterday. here are current temperatures. notice out there in the suburb suburbs, temperatures dropped off. call pepper you keep dropping a little too. you're down to 27 now and mannasas 25 degrees and out nut dulles, 27 and it's really cold up there in hagerstown where temperatures are 33 degrees too and everybody else, is generally 30s and 20s.
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through go. it looks like we'll continue this warming trend i see 70s in our future. you can just hear the cherry blossoms blooming as we speak. your tie looks like you're ready for portraits by the cherry blossom this morning gary. >> we'll get down there late erin see if we can get the lighting right. >> dmram or shots. >> taking a look at morning commute, things looking nice on 95. we don't have any problems as yet from stafford to bottom of beltway. beltway itself across the wilson bridge problem free and congestion kicking n we'll switch it over for a look at maps. 66 eastbound quiet as you make your way in as well. and as you can see again 95 cruising. 66 through mannasas and cente centerville no issues. moving well from waldorf to camp springs on 5 northbound and 50 inbound looking good and
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district cruising. r50 now keep in mind kenilworth and left lanes still blocked for roadwork and that should be out of the way soon. metro service right now is on time. i'll let you know if and when that changes and so far so good metro buses is not slowed down yet by any congestion. i'll tell you when it kicks n that's traffic. back to you. all right coming up we have new developments over those couldn't vaers yl remarks made by top tennis official. we're back in a moment
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>> 5:09 this morning. the tournament director making comments about female tennis players has resigned. his resignation comes one day after he slammed pro tennis players for riding on the coat tails of men. his remarks drew widespread out raiming. serena williams called his comments very inaccurate. >> apple hearing set for today has been postponed. apparently authorities have found a way to unlock the san bernardino terrorist iphone without apple help. the feds say they need to timing to figure out if the method will work without compromising data on the phone. apple had a court order and fought it climbing its assistance would
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iphone vulnerable. >> there's been an outpouring of support from around the can'ty for jacai cole sochbility his funeral will be on to the public. thursday's viewing will be held 2 to 9 powder road on bell bellsville and it will be at first baptist upper mowboro viewing 9 a.m. funeral 11. colson died earlier this month when hit by friendly fire during an ambush by shooting suspect. >> police are looking for whoever stabbed two women inside a northwest night club at the bravo bravo night club connecticut avenue. some kind of altercation took place beforehand. victims are expected to be oka okay. and all is expected to be back to normal today at howard university hospital following yesterday's water main break. the pipe fwhuvrt basement of main building and eight patients from critical care unit had to be moved to another facility. emergency services for walk in patients as closed for a short time and break was since fixed and hospital
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offer full services today. >> 5:10 is the time a local lift driver facing backlash after a customer claims he refused to pick her up. >> if you workout you know about the fitness trackers right are they all they're cracked up to be. while they're actually lying to you. dpary is back with another check of the tuesday forecast >> erin has traffic, too, stick us with we're back in a moment.
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>> back now with the latest on breaking news out of brussels, belgium where twin sxrotions rocked the international airport. we're hearing 13 people are dead and several others injure injured. airport authorities say the blast happened during the morning rush hour and hundreds were checking n residents are told stay indoors. a reporter on the scene says they saw several people with facial injuries and a witness on the scene says there's blood everywhere. injured people and bags everywhere. a spokesperson says all flights out cancelled and all incoming diverted and brussels entire metro system is shut down. dell june terror level is now at highest level. security was also tightened at all paris airports. this comes days after the prime suspect in the terror attack salah abdelsam was arrested in brussels. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest
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it's kind of cold out this morning. beautiful picture from the monument this morning. we wake up to sunshine. we'll have clouds from time to time coming up. there's some back out to the west of us and still pretty strong wind over the top and that will help to create clouds today as well. don't expect complete sunshine. we'll get good sunshine it won't be so windy today. temperatures out there now. 37 in the city and gaithersburg 28. baltimore 30 and down in fredericksburg 31. back here in frederick today, temperatures will warm up i think and will be pretty nice where temperatures get up to the lower 50s by noontime or so. and then right up into the 60s before it's all said and done. so across the region we go. i'll show you where temperatures out into the west of us will get warmer temperatures now coming out to texas. it's 53 amarilla and 57 lincol lincoln. it is all pulled up from south. warmer temperatures ahead of developing storm system that will come into the central planes and reon
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snow in the colder air to north. high pressure settling in, too, tomorrow, later today, will be good. temperatures in 6 0s. as the high scoots off east to us that's going to allow 70s to come back in. we'll be warmer tomorrow. we're good today, 62. not so windy. that i will be pleasant this afternoon. warm tomorrow, 73. and by the time we get to thursday we're talking about 7 a5 degrees. here's your forecast specifically for today. sunny start out there. temperatures will be in the upper 30s. middle 50s by lunchtime. breezy conditions. dry this afternoon. temperatures will be in the lower 60s again winds will be 10 to 15 maybe a little higher than that. not tear bally bad at all. 0s forecast reveals 70 coming our way. spring like thursday and enough afternoon sunshine some places get close to 80. i don't think we'll have 80 but we'll get into upper 70s for
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looks like most of those showers friday will be during the first part of the day. mostly sunny on saturday. sunday easter sunday mostly cloudy. maybe a shower. temperatures lower to mid 60s. and still showers remain in the forecast for next monday. that's a long way away. it could change. it could get better. here's erin. >> well, 5:17 gary and taking a look at morning commute. you can see 66. things definitely starting to slow down and pick up from 234 to 28. we have a late clearing roadwork zone out by 29 so give yourself extra time to get through that area for the mort part you see drivg mrury because the camera zoomed in and give yourself extra minute past 29. we'll look at maps. volume picking up 66 eastbound and looking nice stafford. 95 route 1 problem free garrisonville and same story 95 to dale cityoo
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inner loop across wilson bridge crews in there and 39 r5 northbound beltway to 14 street bridge. quiet key bridge looking nice along 11 street bridge problem free. none of the usual morning congestion just yet and then as you make your way out on five no problems in prince george county this morning. moving really nicely between waldorf into camp springs same story prince george country east and westbound keep it to the right and traffic quiet this morning. i like what i see metro on time and no delays i'll let you know if and when that changes, back to you. . >> all right in the news this morning a virginia tow truck driver behind bars this morning aus coulded of stealing items from the very vehicles he was supposed to be towing. arlington county police a officer improperly towed a vehicle early sunday morning and pierce dropped that vehicle off in front of loading dock and fled the area. he was pulled over short time later and they found numerous stolen items inside his vehicl
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pierce was also charged with drivering under the influence. he's held without bond. >> a lift driver is us is spended after refusing to pick up a customer in in ouj so east d.c. this is conference between hern and driver. driver said hey cancel ride i don't pick up from southeast sorry she replied i'll be sure to leave the review and driver said go ahead. hern, white, said multiple drivers accepted and cancelled pickups but this recent experience was the first time someone actually gave a reason. >> we want to know if you of had a similar experience. if so how did you handle it. do you think ride hailing apps like lift are helping to cut down on such instances. tweet us. "fox5" d.c.. >> huge hon honor a teen won the google contest. google asked stujts from kindergarten to twelfth grade to doodle what makes me, me her doodle was ti
5:20 am
centric life to honor her african-american heritage. >> i love this it remember when he heard she was in the contes contest. i thought wow that would be huge if she made it to final round. and now she's the winner. >> hopefully this is spring board for bigger and better things. >> and great things for you to ask your own child to draw something what makes you you to see what they think it makes themselves. >> i have to scribble on a paper hi momly i love you. >> i love that too. >> 5:20 is the time. tough one for lady terps coming off a shocking loss. we have game highlights and low lights. . >> as we head to break let's take another live look from brussels, belgium, multiple explosions rongd that saidy overnight. the story still very much developing two blasts targeted the city airport. at least 13 dead and dozens more injured d
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reports of sxloss out of metro station there. we'll have the latest on the other side of the break. stay with us. bay bridge bay bridge bab pass burlington bristol kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done.
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and i approve this message.
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>> welcome back to "fox5 news morning" we're talking about this here several injured after a explosions at a brussels international airport
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and several other injured and residents told to stay indoors now and an airport spokesperson says all flight out of airport is cancelled and incoming flights diverted. brussels entire metro system also shut down as reports of explosion of metro station there as well. and mel june terror level is at its highest point. this incident comes days after the prime suspect of the terror attack was arrested in brussel brussels. what we should point out at this point we're not told this is terrorist attack but again from all indications it would appear that is the case. again 13 people dead and several injured after twin explosions at brussels international airport. metro also reported explosions. >> lady terps out of the ncaa tournament after upset by washington. they struggle todd find consistency on offense and commitsed 15 turnovers and huskies dominated terps in the second half. washington guard kelce plum took over
5:25 am
points to steal a win. >> 5:25 coming up let's check with gary mcgrady on the forecast. gary, man, not a nice start to the day. >> well, it will be when the sun comes up it will be nice. >> i hope so. >> as i said earlier it was a rude awakening i walked out and i was hit by a blast of cold. man december come back all of a sudden. >> it's a one morning wonder if you want to put it that way. tomorrow morning will not be nearly as cold all right? here's numbers out there. it's cold. especially in suburbs where temperatures are in the couple spots in mid 20s and most of the upper 20s and here in town it's upper 30s or so. later on this afternoon, frederick, you can see where the trend is here. 29 at 6 a.m. and 348 a.m. and 34 by 10 a.m. and by lunchtime up there not just really frederick northwestern areas will be in the lower 50s by lunchtime or so. we'll warm up with not complete sunshine. we'll have sunshine today. but we'll also have clouds, too.
5:26 am
coming up and we're basically breezy. little bit, 10 to 15 mile an hour winds and maybe occasional gust higher than that. dry this afternoon. looks nice too later today. sunshine u. 61 to 62 for a high temperature. all things considered once we get through the cold morning not going to be too bad. can't mention it enough. 70s on the way. here's erin. >> 5:26 now and traffic starting to pick up. 270 south by truck scales light volume building 70 to 85. give yourself extra minutes there. let's look live outside and show what you else you're up against this morning. outer loop at 450 you can see volume increasing and not terrible this time but definitely picking up and steady flow of headlights coming towards us. same story across the wilson bridge inner loop volume as you move from prince george county to alexandria. we'll go ahead and switch things over. 95 northbound by fairfax county parkway dealing with stalled vehicle moved over to the right shoulder and you can see traffic really
5:27 am
down past fairfax county parkway. give yourself extra time as you make your way out in virginia this morning. and back to a look at maps. aside from those areas of concern this morning we're seeing a lot of green on the topside of the beltway out in bethesda and we'll let you know if anything else pops up metro right now is on time. back to you. . >> ahead at 5:30 dangerous discovery inside a virginia dorm room. what authorities found that landed several students in handcuffs. >> and we continue to follow breaking news out of belgium where multiple explosions rocked that city overnight. two blasts targeted the airport and 13 dead and dozens more injured. nor after the break
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>> and welcome to "fox 5 news morning"thon tuesday. taking a live look outside and shaping up to be a cold start to the day. we'll have weather and traffic ob fives as we continue with the newscast. >> we say good morning to you 1st and for most. i'm holly morris alongside will wisdom martin and maureen umeh. >> we'll start this morning from breaking news overseas. twin explosions that rocked the brussels international airport just a short time ago at least 13 people we're hearing now killed and several other injuries and those numbers could go up. airport authorities
5:31 am
blast happened during the morning rush hour hundreds were checking in and airport spokesperson says all flights out of the airport were cancelled and incoming flights are being diverted and brussels entire metro system is also shut down as there are reports of another explosion at a metro station there. belgium terror level is now at highest point. belgium crisis swenter tweeted out this message all public transportation in brussels is closed again from brussels transit center and metro and train stations closed today. stay where you are. that is the message. this incident comes days after the prime suspect in terror attacks salah abdelsam was arrested in brussels. we will, of course, continue to to follow the latest information as it becomes available. >> now to concerning story on campus of georgetown university in fairfax coupley. >> three students under arrest after officials found drugs and explosives in a dorm room. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live in fairfax with details. mel. >> good morning. ye
5:32 am
university police say there is no immediate threat to the community and that all the bom bomb-making materials were collected as evidence. still students told us they are concerned they deposit learn about this potential hazardous situation from the campus itself. they learned about it from the news. and "fox5" learned about it from a tip. it was 8:45 in the evening march 16 officers from the george mason university department got calls flames were shooting out of flames of a window jefferson hall dorm. when police confronted residents of room 105 they found leafy green substance and next day police returned with with search warrant and discovered a tool box with match books. shaved match heads, morter and possess till and hiteer fluid and hand sanitizer and candles and pvc pipe. the bomb squad was called in to offer advice as well. they later advised campus police materls
5:33 am
opinion were being used to manufacturer fire bombs or make explosive materials. >> i have not seen much of cops like catching students for doing anything dangerous like that or anything and i mean i have not heard of anything like that. so it is pretty out of character. >> at a place like this yes because i really don't -- i really don't hear a lot about people making fire bombs and stuff on campus and do stuff that big on the college campus. three sturpts were arrested and two charged with drug and alcohol related offenses and third charged with bomb making materials. names were not released. based on social media from campus people want to know who the students are. live george mason university, melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> and 5:33 the time happening today caucus tuesday heads tots polls in arizona while utah and
5:34 am
focusing attacks on each other and pending off attacks from john kasich and ted cruz and with kasich vowing to fight trump at the trump's stance on israel. >> turning to president obama trip to cuba today the president is scheduled to address the cuban people he plans top meet with cuban disdents as he goes to the eye land. cuba will face tampa rays. the national team has not won a international tournament in nearly ten years. >> also today the d.c. mayor muirial bowser will deliver her state of district address. she plans to use the opportunity to address the past year and vision for the future. state of the district address will be held arena stage 5:30 tonight. >> and coming up on 5:35 gary we're talking about this weather. it makes me tir
5:35 am
>> why? this is when you're supposed to be you up and out and the cold weather makes you wants to go to bed. >> it was cold. notably cold out this morning. >> i came close to turning the heat back on many hi house and i said not going to do it. >> what did i say about the cold last time we talked about this. >> i don't remember. >> it's one morning wonder. >> you said that. >> one morning wonder. >> okay. >> cold at the bus stop not everybody has school tid know that. some of you do. montgomery county. 26 to 38 obviously colder out in the suburbs. warmer in the cindy. after school 55 to 60. it will be a little breezy okay we're not talking whipped like what we had yesterday all righ right. 10 to 15 occasionally higher gusts than that and that won't be too bad. look where we are this is what maureen was talking about. martinsburg 26. in and around dulles, 27, mannasas, 25. fredericksburg 31. here in town inside the beltw
5:36 am
national airport is 37 degrees and annapolis is the same. i just pushed the button and didn't mean to. we're going to look at temperatures again. how about that? yeah you know it was so good we wanted to see them twice? culpeper 27. erin cuomo is in way look at tuesday morning traffic. hey, erin. . >> 5:36 gary we have problems to get to. fairfax county parkway disabled vehicle blocking right shoulder even though all lanes on we're slow here. south of that points over aquaquan there's a second crash flocking shoulder to stafford and creating slow moving ravk to dale city. this is look at beltway outer loop as you make your way between 450 and bw parkway there's a crash blocking left shoulder. outer loop traffic is really heavy as you make your way from richie marboro passing 450 to bw parkway extra time needed there. bw park we northbound looking good on the way to bwi no pr
5:37 am
national or dulles. we'll switch from cameras aside from those issues 270 looking slower than we like to see right now. light volume 70 to 85 quickly increasing and watch for that one we'll keep you covered this morning it's tuesday. back to you guys. >> well, tomorrow we can expect spring to overrulely welcome the cherry blossoms. national park service says peak bloom is tomorrow and blossoms were not affected by this weekend's cold weather because temperatures stayed well above freezing a round the tidal basin. peak bloom period. should happen as scheduled. peak bloom means 70% of trees around tidele basin are months onlying. >> that makes my heart smile to see those blossoms. >> still sa head. dozens of local airport workers set to go on strike today why threatening to walk off the job and actually how it could impact flights today. >> first they're popular with those that work out. but are those so-called fitness trackers all they're cracked up to be. why they
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>> in today's health watch cbc says 116 people tested positive in zika for first two months of the year. all cases with are linked to travel to zika related regions but for one. the zika spread to 34
5:41 am
and territorys in latin america and caribbean. there could be up to 4 million cases of zika in the americas in the next year. >> and now if you own a fitness tracker, listen up. that's me. your favorite gadget may be telling you lies. >> what? >> a new study shows fitness track rerz not the greatest of keeping tabs on energy we burn. in one experiment measurements under stimentd the amount of energy used by as much as 278 calories or overestimated by up to 204 calories. researchers say this is bad news for people who need more exercise because it could increase the risk for obesity. >> i'm so excited when i get that 10,000 steps. we want to you join in on the conversation. do you own a fitness tracker and if you do, do you trust it? tweet us at "fox5" d.c.. or well di trust it until now. >> here's how i see it anything
5:42 am
better than nothing at all. >> when you get close to that 10,000 steps i'm walking a round my living room. >> you can double check it with another app. >> so you buy another app. >> there's free apz on your phone you can double check what's going won fit bit as well. >> you kind of know when you're getting it in right. >> you kind of know. >> i know you. >> know you're not doing anything. >> yeah. . >> with that, thank i holly. >> you're welcome. >> still ahead a special flight for special group of passengers said to land in our area. >> app a local teenager crowned google champion. information for a masterpiece straight ahead. >> first a check of weather and traffic with gary and erin. boy chilly start this morning and spring i promise you it's making a come back. well at least gary promises. we'll hold you to it after the break
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>> back now at the latest for breaking news out of brussels, belgium. rocking the city overnight. two explosions targeted the city airport. 13:00 p.m. dead and several others injured and residents are being told to stay indoors. >> airport spokesperson says all flights out of the airport were cancelled and incoming flights were de f diverted. security was tightened
5:46 am
metro is also shut down there's reports of explosion at metro station as well. bell yum terror threat is at the highest level this comes aa day after terror suspect salah abdelsam was arrested in brussels. >> beautiful picture washington monument this morning. sun coming up. cloud of shoes too. and clouds passing by. there's a little ribbon across the top of us today and that helps to not only bring clouds but cause cloud cover too and bits puring 31, columbus 36. detroit 32. could be snow headed to michigan northern sections of michigan as a big storm comes out midwest. it won't affect us much what is does it bring warmer temperatures up help bring them up the next couple days. i'll show that to you in a second. columbus,
5:47 am
43. beckly, west virginia is 34. here's the deal. this is thursday evening okay thursday is really a carpal da day. how about thursday evening it will be mild around here. thursday will be warm. all this wind comes up south and southwest. rain showers will hold west of us for the day. it looks like thursday night some this will come across the area and as it does it will have showers thursday night aunt way it's looking now, first part of friday, we have a chance of a shower. this front will come through and it will take us out of the 70s and back into the 60s for friday and into saturday, surprised too entire weekend. 70 degrees. it is in the offing though as early as tomorrow. we'll go 73 on the trend. thursday, 75. again that's the real warm day. couple places will be upper 7 0s on thursday. friday with front coming through and clouds and early showers. temperatures back down to 46
5:48 am
the next several days everything is above normal and we should be right around 57 for a high. not too windy today. temperatures up to 6 2. we'll have clouds as well. temperatures lower 70s tomorrow, mid 7 0s thursday and easter weekend not bad. few showers on good friday and maybe few showers around east are day as well. here's erin. >> 5:48 gary and bunch of problems we need to get throug through. loudoun county westville road crash westbound loudoun county parkway slowing things down and frederick delays getting worse. 270 south no crashes and a lot of congestion this morning volume building 70 to truck scales give yourself 15 to 20 extra minute top get through that area and towards gaithersburg stop and go traffic as well and prince george county 50 westbound inbound volume pretty heavy right now. columbia park to kenilworth avenue. few extra minutes from as usua usual. outer loop crash activity after 450 you see the yellow zone an
5:49 am
506789 let's look live and show you how heavy that traffic is. you can seat crash activity blocking shoulder there. part of the left lane blocked as well outer loop traffic slowly moving towards bw park way this morning. and we'll take a look at 95 and virginia next. back to you. . >> well you'll need to budget extra time if you take metro starting next week. transit agency will make several closures due to the nuclear summit. mount vernon square station closed through april 30 and just steps away from station. commuters can use shaw or howard stations as alternate. >> the popemobile making its way around d. c. one of the fiats pope fwran sis used will now be on display cathedral st. matthew the apostle.
5:50 am
. >> we'll take to you maryland now where the maryland house of delegates passed a bill to limit school standardized tes testing and legislation was passed testing two% of classroom up instruction time per year. translates to more than 20 hours a year. the govern nor board made a unanimous decision to name the board and named it after fallen firefighter kyle wilson. april 6 the board will meet to revisit that decision think did not consider they would be stripping community of own nam name. >> and montgomery county know a's law is one step closer to reality. the bill named for police officer noah lee oat
5:51 am
requires convicted drunk drivers to have ignition inner look on vehicle. . >> happening today in virginia tornado prepareness day. virginia governor terri mccall off ordered move less than 8 months after virginia killed five people and danaged hundreds of buildings. and tornado drill will start 9:45 a.m. and residents will be top alert and emergency broadcast message on tv and radio stations. . >> the worker joining strike along with employees along with employees at busiest airport ovlingz say they don't expect strike have any scant affect on travelers or delay airport operations. and 7
5:52 am
they are being honored with a flight to washington d.c.. plane carrying up to 30 rosy s will leave detroit metropolitan airport for the nation's capital. they will check out the world war 2 memorial and arlington national cemetery. >> huge honor for a local girl. makayla johnson google asked students from kindergarten to twelfth grade toe doodle "what makes me, me" akilah's doodle was called my afro centric lif life. >> one little league in calipari is reminding over bearing parents to relax and take it easy. look at this sign. reminders from child i'm just a kid. it's just a game. my coach is say volunteer and the officials are humans and no college scholar
5:53 am
handed out today. very good reminders how you should behave. >> i understand getting excited for your kid and you're all in it but how do parents get so -- is it like they're living vicariously through their sglild there's a lot of that and i'll get my child to the next level right now starting right now. >> how do you hand it will as a coach. >> i have not had problems with parents everybody is on the same page so far we had a conversation with the kids and parents this is a game. >> you can tell which parents is trending that way. >> i've been fortunate. >> you mean i shouldn't paint my face and bring the cow bell. >> don't throw the coulibaly bell. >> okay. >> don't curse out the refs. >> it's hard not to be excited for your kid and want them to be the best. >> i find it interesting when the kids have to reprimand the parents you know what i mean? >> yes. >> not how it should be parents. >> they're having fun at that sglevl when you get to high school it's a whole
5:54 am
thing. >> maybe and then some. >> you can ask gary about that. >> take away that baper. >> that is one of my favorite pictures of all time we have shown. >> joseph says they both tune in every morning while he gets ready for work. >> okay. >> this is just --. >> that is not a real picture. . >> and this is not your christmas card net. make it your valentine's day card and st. patrick card. >> this is just georgous. for your chance to be a fan leave a comment on the facebook page. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is beyond cute. >> that is cutest thing ever. >> doesn't it make you wish you had your baby back. >> yes. >> it's hard to miss. >> you miss that little baby stage. >> love the pictures don't want to go back, though. >> been there, done that. >> all right. >> so gary what's
5:55 am
>> you're removed. >> yeah. >> moving on. >> all right, gary, what's up? >> bus stop forecast. speaking of kids. >> okay. >> it's cold out in the suburb suburbs. it's not so cold but still kind of cold here in town. temperatures ranging from about 26 to 38 degrees and after school 55 to 60. we will have a few clouds you could out there today. it won't be perfectly sunny. perfectly blue skies but we'll have good amount of sunshine. temperatures up to 62. tomorrow, that's what i'm talking about. 73 degrees. >> yes. >> 75 on thursday. >> yes, sir. >> and then we get into showers and it looks like showers on good friday probably first part of friday okay? >> okay. >> that's the way it's trending now. >> great on saturday mostly sunny, 60. 64 for easter and i'll leave showers in there. i just don't feel confident yet pulling showers out even though i'm trying to pull the showers out for easter but i'm not confident to be able to do that
5:56 am
yet. >> and you never expect good weather on good friday. >> or easter. >> hopefully friday afternoon will be okay. i think it's morning hours we may have showers. >> okay. bit were the sweet. erin cuomo traffic time. hopefully not bad on the roads yet. >> it's picking up but i'll say if it's raping sunday i can justify eating all the chocolate bunnies. >> there you go. >> right now taking a look at commute. 95 northbound slow 630 to 610 stafford and earlier crash over aquaquan we're dealing with brocking a lane to shoulder now. delays dale city to 123. you see more yellow zone through woodbridge this morning in prince william typical slow commute there and 95 northbound side this stall just north of lorton is behind fairfax country parkway blocking shoulder cowing a few miles of extra slow traffic. 95 coming from virginia leave early is motto there. and westbound at loudoun county parkway and 2
5:57 am
frederick slow traffic as you make your way 70 to truck scales. 6:00 hour. let get that right. coming right up. we have you covered.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> breaking news. brussels under attack. several explosions rocking that city overnight and at an airport and metro station ther there. right
6:00 am
told to remain where they are. >> this could have repercussions here at home. metro making a statement here in d.c.. we'll have the latest on this breaking situation for you. >> a live look outside tuesday morning, march 22. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to morning morning. >> in bell yum this morning main international airport in brussels and several metrotations in city affected by bombing this morning. hours ago two explosions reported in departure area of airport. one was at american airlines check n several reports now say death toll dlimd 13 people at the airport and several others injured. all flights out of brussels are cancelled that hour. flights coming in are being divert todd other parents and thousands of passengers moved to tarmac area. these blasts happened around 8 a.m. brussels time


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