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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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told to remain where they are. >> this could have repercussions here at home. metro making a statement here in d.c.. we'll have the latest on this breaking situation for you. >> a live look outside tuesday morning, march 22. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to morning morning. >> in bell yum this morning main international airport in brussels and several metrotations in city affected by bombing this morning. hours ago two explosions reported in departure area of airport. one was at american airlines check n several reports now say death toll dlimd 13 people at the airport and several others injured. all flights out of brussels are cancelled that hour. flights coming in are being divert todd other parents and thousands of passengers moved to tarmac area. these blasts happened around 8 a.m. brussels time
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that's peak travel time. we have also learned all metro stations in brussels are closed today after reports of additional explosions in several subway stops in the city. authorities referring to these explosions as terror attacks. terror level there of course raised to the highest level and blast just days after only surviving member of par ace tacks was arrested in brussels. authorities feared that his arrest could triingle more attacks. right now president of france is holding emergency meeting and security is stepped up in london main airport. britain terror threat level stan at severe second high easton five point scale mean ago tack is likely. >> here locally we heard from metro transit police in district tweeted this out saying mtpd is closely monitoring events in brussels with fed partners. if you see something, say something with the phone number 202-962-2121 or text
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mtpd coming out of brussels this morning. >> to fairfax county investigators are looking into who may have known about a dangerous discovery in a dorm room. three george mason students behind bars a cording to documents they raided jefferson hall after someone reported flames shooting out of window. investigators found a leafy green substance and lighter fluid and pvc pipe. they say materials are being used to make fire bombs or explosive materials. >> it's surprising me for mostly the fact that like no one else on the floor knew about it if they did they did not say anything about it because explosives are harmful. at league the police caught it before something bad could have potentially happened. >> one of the students is charged with possession of bomb making material and two others face drug and alcohol charges. >> we now know a house fire in montgomery county caused 60 600,000 in
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it displaced a family of five. flames broke out on rose view court in damascus maryland. the fire was pacificed by a cigarette tossed in a pile of mulch. >> metro transit police looking are for two teenagers on an orange train potomac avenue metro station south east. they're expected to be okay and rail service was not affected while police investigated. >> well it turns out fbi may not need apple help to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters.r they cancelled the court hearing over the issue. justice department has in april 5 to file report on progress and if they're not able to gain access to encrypted phone a court hearing will be rescheduled with apple. >> in cuba the president still there planning to meet with political disdents in the area.
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tampa bay raise play cuba exhibition game. last night president attempted state dinner his honor and before that held a press conference with raul castro and met with business leaders as well. >> all righty. well my sick right there usually. >> pretty. >> for a sfwhich what we're covering now. it's protestty. weather time. tucker barnes cooley making his way to the desk. isn't that a pretty shot. >> gorgeous. chilly out there this morning. if you run out and see the cherry blossoms early. >> grab a jacket. >> maybe a big jacket. >> warm-up starts today. yesterday only about 50 today willing to 60s and then up, up and away we go to the 70s tomorrow. spring warmth starts to return today. should feel like a very, very pleasant afternoon and although heads up it is cold out there this morning for most of the area and 37 washington that's warm spot. look at 20s. 25 mannasas and 20 culpeper and frederick good morning 28. 28
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leonardtown and so just about everybody here with exception inside beltway is right around the freezing mark or below. even 20s. one of coldest mornings we've had in a couple weeks as we're starting out the door. all right. yep. few clouds out there. we will generally see sunny skies and winds shift south and southwest and nice warm-up and please and the round here. breezy. not as wendy as yesterday and daytime eyes, 52 this afternoon nice dry afternoon. weather will cooperate and gets bet frer here, wednesday, thursday looking great and we'll look at that. >> can't wait for 74 or whatever you. >> mean tomorrow? >> okay. >> nice. >> checking in with erin on the roads. >> 6:05 now slow 50 westbound inbound columbia kenilworth avenue extra time there once get inside the beltway. keep in mind 295 southbound jammed as usual and prince george county earlier crash outer loop
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look at red zone from south of 50 all the way to bw parkway you'll hit a lot of volume slowing you down this morning for ride. be prepared for that one. west fall road and loudoun county parkway and then over in fairfax 95 northbound side stalled and it's just behind fairfax county parkway and you can see the long line of red. be prepared coming from stafford this morning you hit a lot of stop and go traffic over ak ajuan and earlier crash and as you head closer to springfield interchange you need a lot of time coming in from virginia this morning. taking a closer look at stafford 630 to 610 as well and that long line of yellow should turn red. good news metro is on time and got you covered when anything else pops volume increasing 66 eastbound towards certainty villas well. allison and steve. >> right now brussels on the highest level of alert. >> u.s. embassy telling them to shelter in place. two at the
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others metro stations more on this coming up after the break kathleen mthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage
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in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. in a race for the whitehouse it's primary day. all five remaining presidential hopefuls talking to reporters last night hoping to sway voteers in those western
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voteers in those western states. fox's kelly wright has the latest from the campaign trail. >> with the next round nominating contest on tuesday, front runners hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing their attacks on each other. clinton condemning donald's violent rhetoric at his rallies and if you see violence condemn if you see 'bully, stand up to him. >> trupp affected hard to hillary clinton during a town hall mong night defending supporters he says are passionate and angry with the way the country is going. >> she should not be running or awe loved to run based on emails totally honest she's being protected. >> he attacked the stance on israel and doneal says he will be pro israel. >> my leading reno bone enter promised he as president would be neutral between israel and palestinians. let me be very, very cl
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president i will not be neutra neutral. >> governor john kasich is now saying he will fight trump at the con veption gene to the coming vengs. look if i had not won ohio or dropped out and trump won ohio he would be the nominee. he did not. >> senator bernie sanders is fighting his own bat toll stay relevant within the democratic race. >> i'm not a quitter. we'll fight this to the last vote and we'll give every american the chance to decide which candidate they want to be the democratic nominee. >> voters will head to the polls tuesday in arizona while idaho and utah hold caucuses, in new york, kelly wright, fox news. >> back now with that breaking news overseas out of belgium. several explosions reported overnight. two at the brussels international airport and several more metro station across the city right now. 13 deaths reported. terror alert there was race todd maximum level. >> u.s. intelligence actions no doubt an alert this
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checking in with fox. >> doug: and the latest on what is happening overseas, doug. >> good morning, well you just mentioned these terror attacks and series would appear to be terror attacks in brussels not just at the airport but metro station there as well. we're still kind of waiting to get more information on this. we don't at this point as far as we know have a claim of responsibility here but the timing is certainly interesting given the fact it's a few days after arrest of one of the prime suspects in last year's paris terror attacks in a neighborhoods just outside of brussels, timing here would certainly lead one to believe that this could be a resfons that arrest. but we just don't know at this point and we're just in the process of trying to ascertain the full scope of the attacks and again the number of fatalities keeps creeping up and the ap reporting now that at least 13 but that number may go up significantly as the day progressing here. >>
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where they are now. that terror threat at highest level and what are you hearing as far as people listening to that and just sort of staying put. >> well, sorry i missed beginning of that but the embassy in belgium is uming americans to what they refer to shelter in place kind of stay put while all this plays out. it will be interesting to see the response here in the united states. we have not heard much at this point as to whether airports will be on heightened levels of alert here at home and it is certainly a possibility given the nrakt are other airports now that we're hearing about in both the uk and in france, for instance, that are mightening their levels of security in response to what happened in brussels we have not heard anything from tsa as i heard at this point and certainly possible we'll hear something from them very, very shortly we may hear something from white house
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>> thanks a lot, appreciate the insight. >> doug: with the fox. what is happening now a number of eye witnesses stay brussels devastated at this point. surprisingly a lot of people online talking with folks and showing video and european media and people saying it's like a war scene there stepping over people who lost lives in this tragedy and expect death toll may continue to rise throughout the day. big question is will there be any more attacks. that's what everybody has on their mind now. >> we're covering the story all morning long. stavrping thank you steve still ahead what would do you if you could avoid paying taxes for the rest of your life. the results of a survey might surprise and make you laugh a bit. >> and looking outside tuesday morning. pretty look at the cherry blossoms. with that light on them they're blue this morning.
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very nice. we'll update breaking news situation in europe and your "weather and traffic on the 5s" here in d.c. next.
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>> good morning. welcome back. beautiful vuvr the jefferson memorial and khr ci blossoms at the tidal basin underway. if you can sneak down there you'll see they're starting to show
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continue to do so over of next couple days. let's get to the forecast. bus stop forecast is cold out this morning. no doubt about it. temperatures in 20s and here got news. breezes will be back and so will warmer temperatures. high temperature 62 degrees. we'll be notably warmer and today than where we were yesterday. not the case earlier this morning. clear skies overnight. we've really had a chance to about the only out. look at the 20s. game rzburg 20 and dull is 27 and mannasas 27 and friday ricks bur 31. 33 down in leonardtown and much of the area at or below freez freezing to start the morning. make sure you get your jacket here early. sun up in an hour and few clouds out there early. don't be terribly concerned. most of the day sunny and breezy. wind out of the south and south and west today and locally doing fine. we'll have high pressure continuing to build overhead
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dry for the time being. chance of rain gets in here second half of thursday. there's high pressure and 60s today. 70s tomorrow. allison mentioned she's looking for ward to 7 0s. well into the 7 0s tomorrow with warm conditions and plenty of sunshine and again looks like next chance for a little rain preferably thursday into friday and cooler for easter weekend and however easter bup any will deliver toingz one and all and easter baskets temps in the mid 60s here for sunday. 62 e. breezy conditions today. looking lovely in red and when i was five i was concerned about the easter bunny making away in the home i used to have her keep the keys in the mailbox. >> very concerned about the basket. >> i wanted to try to find the bunny, too. okay. metro update for you. malfunction king street delay largo town center on the blue line andel
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line and if you travel lorton this is route 1 northbound deal with breaking news over size truck problems getting on under pass north of 95. watch for delays starting to develop. there as you make your way inbound side of five prince george country northbound 301 road dealing with congestion and earlier crash on outer loop cleared past 450 look at the red zone. slow on ut ut other loop typical inner loop slow down as well. loud koup county crash westbound loudoun county parkway and northbound stalled left behind the fairfax county parkway on shoulder. congestion across all lanes there. we'll keep youp dated on the morning commute. 2 70 southbound the truck scales and allison looking beautiful today and i wish the people could see how cute scalloping on the dress was. >> i feel better now. >> thanks. >> still ahead more on breaking news out
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>> following this u.s. embassy there telling people to shelter in place in belgium after multiple explosions two at the airport in brussels and three others metro station in brussels more on breaking news coming up don't go anywhere. 6:20. developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see troublem and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message. >> chipolte trying to win back cust% with free food but there's a catch. lauren demarco
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morning to you. >> good morning how are you. >> i'm doing well but we have horrible news overseas and i have a feel it will affect the markets here. >> every couple of months a terrorist attack. this time coordinated one. it happened 8:00 belgium time the brussels airport that's been described as just like reagan national right a major hub in brussels this is like the political hub of europe right you have european union here and nato head quarter there it's a big deal. coordinated attack on that airport and at the train station around that airport. when something like this happens you do see wall street respond. european stocks trading to the down side. travel companies obviously makes people desired travel airlines travel agencies and down four and 5%ness some cases i'm looking at stocks trading in london now. here in the u.s. after 7 straight days of gains for the dow. futures lower. and down 37 points rights now
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watching these events we're seeing nervous investors buy gold. >> chipolte trying to get the loyal customer back and hi to laugh when i read your note lauren i tried to play this game twice yesterday nothing is better than free guacamole. >> so it was not just me. i found it really difficult. >> okay. so basically what chipolte is doing here's the web site quac hunter it shows two pictures you have to tap the differences between the pictures. fine first round no problem second round little more difficult and third round hard. if you can get all three sets of pictures accurate in tapping differences you get free chips and quac at the chain. really? we're talking about it. because i wanted to beat the
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>> they're making us work to get our trust back after their food was not right. come on chipolte i'm biggest fan but i feel like this is a fail. >> okay. well, but i think they're trying to drum up something that people will talk about because we're getting frustrated by this and we want to win and so therefore we can get our free quac. it's completely random. i liked free burrito coupons either i don't have to do anything. >> before we let you go i definitely would get a big tattoo across the whole back that said taxes if it meant i didn't have to pay another dime i'm not he can joking. >> me too. >> out with a study. 27% of people would rather get an irs tattoo than pay taxes. 6% would rather sell their kidney than pay taxes and 8% would name their first born taxes just so they would never have to pay uncle sam. >> that's few any
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>> all right, lauren, thanks have a super day hope for better news tomorrow. >> and i would garage rather get the tattoo than name child. >> i wouldn't name a chd. >> i don't get a tattoo. >> you get it on your wrist. why not. >> 37 this morning in washington. bring a jacket. doesn't feel like spring early but will later today. 27 dulles, bwi marshall 31 at or below freezing and much of the can'ty quiet if traveling. we will have a big storm across the midwest. we'll talk more about that. locally warm-up today into low 60s. sunshine generally the rule. few clouds around and winds out of the south and west. this is a quick look at planner. looks nition and dry this afternoon. if you got sports you're getting a tattoo and there's 7
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day. 73 tomorrow and 75 and rain showers thursday and friday and cooler this weekend and and perfect weather for me and allison to eat guacamole. >> right now 95 north things down by the head and i say it nah so funny. >> fairfax county delays through dale city to 123. heavy traffic there give yourself extra time as you head to bottom of beltway across the wilson bridge upper loop jammed up and see if you forward maps fairfax now 66 east light volume after the corrector road and give yourself time there and 395 inbounds still nice and volume increasing and not terrible as you make your way to 14 street bridge. this say look by the american legion bridge inner and outer loop beltway traffic nothing to
6:28 am
no crashes to. >> reporter:. earlier crash at the beltway 450 cleared and see heavy on that upper loop across the wilson bridge. we'll take a look at the rest of your commute in a few. allison, steve. >> erin thank you very much appreciate it greatly. coming up next. back to that breaking news out of brussels. several explosions shutting down the city. >> here locally metro transit police issueing a response this morning well get that from melanie alnwick a live report up at 6:30.
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up at 6:30. >> and dominating the headlines this morning locally and overseas. this scene attacks in brussels belgium there was an attack at the airport also coordinate add tacks at three metro stops coordinate add tacks around 8:00 their time in morning and hite of rush hour and what we know now, 13 people are dead and at least 35 injured. of course, this is just happening now. sadly those numbers we do expect to rise. that is what we know right now. welcome back to "fox5 news morning" let's head toe melanie alnwick. mel is in fairfax with more details. melanie, good morning. >> good morning, yes, so we came here to the mets row station because we talked a lot on the news this morning about the attacks at the airport and we should say at this point explosions at brussels
6:32 am
but again there was also the explosion opt belgium metro and it happened 9:45 in the morning. brussels time a very busy time as anyone who commutes by subway knows and belgium reporting ten people dead on board those subway trains and looking at social media i'm seeing tweets of mangled subway car and also tweets showing smoke coming out of the metro stationary and also video that people have tweeted out on social media of several subway cars being he vacit yad in the dark in tunnels underground and smoke. that's for any metro commuter just a nightmare scenario for them. want todd let you know that there is no information at this point that there's any kind of threat against any of the transit systems in and around washington d.c.. we want to be very, very clear on that. ho
6:33 am
did want to let metro riders know they are monitoring this and on top of it. metro transit police department saiding out a tweet saying ntpd is monitoring events in prusles with federal partners reminding people as always if you see something, say something. also sending out their text number 202-962-2121 you can also text to my mtpd. again just terrible situation there. everyone is fear when they ride subway systems hoping to get a little more about exactly what happened there with the subway and also of course the impact it may have on airlines. back to you guys. >> all right. melanie, thank you very much. appreciate it back here locally d.c. mayor bowser will deliver state of district address and plans to use the opportunity to address the past year and her vision for the future state of district address will be held at arena stage 5:30 this evening.
6:34 am
. >> let get in the morning line quick. five in a row wizard getting ready for the playoffs team back to 500 and knocking on the door step of the postseason last night hawks in atlanta. visualize it folks here it will be well maybe not. hawks play tomorrow night at home. lady terp surprise did not end the way they hoped. heartbreak at college park. they will not make return trip to sweet 16. washington came to college park last night and stunned brenda freeze and second seed terps. maryland down if fourth quarter battling back and huskies pulled away nation's fourth leading scorer kelce plu
6:35 am
points. maryland upset 72-65 they finish 31-4 washington moves on for the first time in 16 years. >> maryland men on campus before he head to louisville. you can see the cheering fans greating them. it's quick turn around practice today and then they leave for kentucky to get ready for the show down with number one seed kansas. >> i want to thank everybody i've only been here aier and you have been tremendous all year. we do it for you guys. we're not done yet. we'll need your support rest of the year and hopefully we can continue to make you proud. thank you for the support. >> suliman there with a good attitude. and nit colonials made nine three pointers and they win. 87-71. gw advances to wednesday's quarters and they will host the florida gators. there's sports
6:36 am
guys, 6:35 now. >> thanks, steevr. >> got it. >> how about weather? >> yeah it's chilly. >> yeah. >> warming up to 60s this afternoon. and then 70s around hereby wednesday and thursday. >> 70s are better. >> right? >> yes. >> thursday will be a perfect day. nice weather. basketball late in the day. what more do i need. >> you've been into it and watching every day. >> not so much. >> 57 washington -- 35 annapolis and. >> i watched maryland play. >> my schools don't have a great history of winning we don't watch a lot of sports at the college level. satellite radar we have cloud out there early but we'll clear it out and we'll warm it up today and as the warmer air moves 234 from the south and west we'll keep it dry. sunny, breezy, dry this afternoon. high temperature 6 2. ten warmer than yesterday. enjoy the nice afternoon. even warmer than this tomorrow. everod
6:37 am
we'll look at easter. and whatever else we want to talk about coming up. y. >>. >> alley heard is 74 i'm franz fixed about that. >> i'll takety could use a run outside. taking a look at key bridge nice and quiet rosalyn to georgetown. i lunch what i'm seeing. i think normal congestion should start to build up soon and let you know different story and things are definitely picking up inbound side 395 northbound starting to deal with congestion and as well taking a look right now as you make your way out over south capitol cameron needs to reposition but we're dealing with slow traffic to the douglass bridge. we'll look at maps now. aside from that crash activity in stafford. 95 northbound between 630 and 610 not looking hot there now. you have delays heavy to center port parkway. i'm hoping things dissipate soon
6:38 am
make our way to prince william county. delays to 123 and again to fairfax. if you take the springfield ipt change over to inner loop you're slow through annandale and through prince george coun county inner loop slow across the wilson bridge delays connector road 66 eastbound fairfax. metro right now earlier malfunction king street because of that blue line delay largo town center and yellow line delay to mount vernon square. no metro alert yet. allison and steve? >> coming up next very latest on the breaking news from overseas brussels. >> still very fluid developing stwlaition. lot of new information come nxingt we'll get you the latest bombing -- several bombings in brussels including main airpor airport. 6:38 more details next.
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>> we'll keep app eye on what is happening over seas in brussels. two blasts at app airport at brussels international airportch the main airport there. the death toll right now stands at 13 coming from various reports. there were also three other blasts at subway stations somewhere in near the airport. we're still trying to put all the pieces together as far as information to what happened with these attacks. what we know right now is that one of the bombs apparently
6:42 am
went off near the departures terminal apparently american airlines departure terminal cording to witnesses the second bomb went off at the other end of the terminal going off both ends at the same time. travelers had to literally step over people caught up in the attacks to exit the airport and the airport is quite full at the time it was about 8:00 in the morning and brussels time peak travel time at least that's what belgium officials are telling us and tlep there you see the people in the streets because they have essentially shut city down. they don't have the public transportation running and airport has been evacuated. security restrictions also going up in other european cities including london's main airport now where the terror threat is raised and brussels and belgium across the country the terror level threat left now at highest possible point. >> of course this coming after the news earlier that a suspect in the paris attacks had been captured and speculat
6:43 am
we don't know who is behind these attacks and speculation that these two event are related. of course, we don't have word on that what is happening now as you can see is just the scene with people metro system has been shut down there. people are told essentially shelter in place. people have been told no flights are going out or what have you of course the terminal in shambles saw pictures of it earlier steve and it did look like a train had gone through that terminal there. so clearly know flights happening out of abundance of reasons and maichly safety of course. the safety level highest in the country now of belgium this is the scene now really extraordinary pictures of people on foot transit system shut down and what we know now 13 people dead and 35 injured and of course as we find more information sadly those numbers are expected to r
6:44 am
>> and working with european partners to bring you video and also online posting things there. follow us online for latest information and keep it mere "fox5" and locally just so you know we have not heard from d.c. police we heard from d.c. metro police we'll let you know what they say coming up along with details from belgium. >> all right i think we're going to take the short break and we'll return and the news continues.
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>> just getting word now belgium prime minister of belgium saying "what we feared happened, we were hit by blind attacks" that's the news we're covering this morning. >> all right. we'll have to get more coming up this on the heels of the arrest of the what was considered to be the main suspect still at large from the paris bombings, and also word from belgium officials they were preparing for' able tacks for several weeks now and it already ramped up their efforts to prevent it. two bombs go off at the belgium airport in brussel this morning and three more at met restations and death toll right now expected to be around 1 coming from various media reports. more for you coming up and we'll be covering this all morning long. we'll get to the forecast toda today. folks getting ready to head to work even bundle up, tuck. >> cold this morning and spring warmth is on the way. later this afternoon near 60 and 70s wednesday
6:48 am
thursday. much of this week we we joyce and nice springtime temperatures. there's headlines. spring warmth is back and as steve mentioned not early this morning. check out numbers. we have cold overnight. gaithersburg, 37 in washington and reagan national and 33 quantico and 32 fred wicksburg and 30 leonardtown and 31 up in baltimore and then upper 20s in frederick. plenty of cold air across the region. cloud covering got a little bit of that to start the day and most of your day will be cloud free and sunny and dry. most importantly dry this afternoon. we'll get winds out of the south and southwest 10 to 15. breeze this afternoon. all in all pleasant day. most of the country fairly quiet. this will be a big storm taking shape towards rocky mountain states. denver and track across mid sections and bring heavy snow to portions of wisdom martin and minnesota and eventually michigan over the next couple days and that's part of our next weathe
6:49 am
be rain maker for us kind of late thursday early friday. but until then it's all about springtime temperatures and warmth around here. 3:00 this afternoon you see we're in great shape and fast forward. there's springtime winter storm as i mentioned. look at snow on the backside of it. that starts to approach as we get to thursday. that's next chance for rain it looks like late thursday night early friday morning rain and slightly cooler air behind the front for easter weekend. so again looks like overnight thursday to friday we get rain showers around here. 62 today. beautiful afternoon. 73 tomorrow, 75 thursday. rain shower activity thursday night to friday and right now weekend looks cooler and beautiful saturday and easter sunday. that's a weather update. airport is back with roads. >> slow roads too. right now we start off good news normal service resumed against blue and yellow line and earlier malfunction king street and getting back to normal. and crash activity in stafford 95 northbound is mess
6:50 am
95 northbound is mess right now. delays all the way back to center port parkway. leave early and sit in 25 minutes of extra traffic just through 6:30 and 6:10 jam again into prince william and oversized truck northbound north through 95 can't get through overpass there and blocking a lane. use caution if fairfax. more traffic 66 eastbound in fairfax and inside beltway delays building after connector road and long line vd red down to 13 miles an hour and aside from that 395 north yellow zona cross the 14 street bridge and live look at that to show what you you're up against this morning and just a lot of congestion you're dealing with and same story sutland parkway northbound slow across douglass bridge and inbound to third street tunnel packed up as wel well. there's a look at camera across the 14 street exactly what i'm talking about. that's traffic, allison and steve. >> belgium prime minister saying thiscy dark moment for our nation. we're continuing tool
6:51 am
we're continuing to follow deadly attacks that happened in morning in bell yum min international airport in brussels and several metro stations in city a short time ago. >> two explosions reported in departure 'of airport. one american airlines check n maureen joins us now from the newsroom with latest on what we know. mel, good morning. >> good morning, allison, stev steve, several reports say the death toll climbed to at least 23. we're hearing 11 or 13 dead at the airport and 10 subway station. several other injured according to belgium broadcaster vrt. again they're reporting at least 23 people are dead in explosions that rocked both airport and also subway stations and belgium officials are calling this suicide attac attack. authorities now locked down capitol and airport was evacuated. passengers on the tarmac a ver very, very stunning sight to see. all flights out of brussels cancelled at this hour and flights coming in in
6:52 am
diverted thousands were moved to the tarmac. the blast happening 8 a.m. brussel town peak travel time. we also learned all metro stations in brussels are closed after reports of additional explosions at several subway stops in that city. a lot of them near the european union stations which is very important hub for diplomats and others who go to work in that area every single day. authorities are referring to these explosions as terror attacks. the terror level has been raised to the maximum level and blast coming days after the only surviving member of the paris attacks is arrested right there in brussels. authorities had feared his arrest could trigger more attacks and right now the president of france is holding emergency meeting and security has been stepped up at london main airport. but british officials are not raising their terror levels to highest level yet. rite now stand at severe second highest level on five point scale mean ago tack is likely. highly likely. bell yum federal prosecutors say one of
6:53 am
blasts was probably caused by suicide borm and steve and allison giving you context about the airport in bell yum june. it's not a big airport say about the sides of airport in philadelphia not bibig at all but a main hub. a lot of connecting flight and used by millions of people and a lot of diplomats go through this airport i know from personal experience a lot of diplomats coming through. many dignitaries hopefully none included in this blast and we're hearing at least 23 people dead and 13 at the airport and ten at the subway stations and number is feared to possibly increase as we hear what happened here. you're looking aat live picture. let me give awe little glimpse of what people saw there. one man saying blood every why and people injured and ceiling collapsed and bags every why and one man went to buy a magazine had he not he would is been involved directly where one of the explosions went off in airport. this live scene again of the tarmac and thousands of pa
6:54 am
tarmac for fear of more explosions and authorities trying to get a handle on what is happening an you can see the confusion and people dazed. witnesses report having folks running out with blood streaming down their faces and children with back packs trying to run away from the terminals there where this explosion happened. again, two blasts, two at the airport and several at the metro station. steve, a allison i'll throw to you but we're gathering information. terror levels throughout europe being heightened in wake of terror attacks coming on heels after rest of one of suspects in the paris attacks. i'll be monitoring the situation and will have updates throughout the morning. but again, steve, allison. throwing it back up to you and likely to grow. . >> i have not glon out of philadelphia in a long timement airport comparative size between reagan national and dulles in
6:55 am
that's accurate. >> smaller kind of airport shaped in z. >> smaller than reagan national. >> smaller. >> i'm sorry dull nose about the size of reagan national am not a big airport but again so foreign because that's a major connectsing airport where you have flights from all over. you know from paris, lon done, africa, asia, all of these flights coming through there as a hub. and so again not take big airport but certainly very important so no surprise someone would tarring they place if you try to make a great impact and perhaps hit some big taeringts. that is not a s surprise someone would target there. again we're just getting information and hopefully names will be coming out soon. again numbers likely to go up in terms of death toll in this case. >> all right. >> thanks maureen. >> no fwhord american casualt casualties at this point keep in mind american airlines counter it was where one of the bombs was set off. we'll get that information as well. >> and airports in london, praug
6:56 am
throughout europe at this time. let's head to dulles international airport. >> that's where bob is this morning for details of what is happening bob. >> good morning no sign of increased security here. dulles either outside or inside that we've seen and there are not a lot of direct flights washington to brussels. behind me is brussels air. we're told this is a more of seasonal airline supposed to start up operations again this weekend. it's really united airlines and luftanza with direct flights to brussels. flights have been cancelled out of bell yum to washington this afternoon and flight supposed to leave this evening direct on united to brussels as well. an you can get to other locations and you can fly luftanza to germany and head to brussel he aren'tly. not all of the flights that take to you belgium are cancelled. just direct flight so far today guys and so y
6:57 am
ongoing story and we'll be here dulles all morning and with the impacts locally as well as numbers that are coming out of belgium ass wel
6:58 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> right now at 7:00 breaking news
7:00 am
terror it attack in brussels several deadly explosions rocking the parent in brussels and and the subway system the entire city locked down and raised to the highest possible terror alert. and other cities around the worl. live with the latest on this still developing situation and what u.s. officials are doing few in wake attacks overseas and how it's affecting travel at home as well. >> good morning to you. today it's tuesday, march 22, 2016 i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox5 news morning" we continue to follow deadly attacks in belgium. now this happened at the main international airport in brussels and several metro station as cross the city just a few hours ago. >> two explosions were reported in the departure area of the airport. one near the american airlines check in. maureen umeh joins us from the newsroom with the latest. mo. >> still gathering information here from the news rooming and several reports saying death toll climbed to 23 peo


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