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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 22, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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terror it attack in brussels several deadly explosions rocking the parent in brussels and and the subway system the entire city locked down and raised to the highest possible terror alert. and other cities around the worl. live with the latest on this still developing situation and what u.s. officials are doing few in wake attacks overseas and how it's affecting travel at home as well. >> good morning to you. today it's tuesday, march 22, 2016 i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox5 news morning" we continue to follow deadly attacks in belgium. now this happened at the main international airport in brussels and several metro station as cross the city just a few hours ago. >> two explosions were reported in the departure area of the airport. one near the american airlines check in. maureen umeh joins us from the newsroom with the latest. mo. >> still gathering information here from the news rooming and several reports saying death toll climbed to 23 peo
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hearing 13 people dead at the airport and another ten subway station. and we're also hearing another 35 were injured. all of this is according to belgium broadcaster vrt. vrt reporting there are numerous injuries there and deaths. belgium officials calling this a suicide attack. it happened in brussels suburb close to european quarter which much of european union is base based. all flights out of brussels have been cancelled at this hour and flights coming in are diverted. thousands of passengers have been moved to tarmac area for their safe six blast happening around 8 a.m. brussels time that is peak travel time. we have also learned that all metro stations in brussels are closed after reports of additional explosions at several subway stops in city and authorities are referring to these sxwlotions as terror owe attacks. we were reporting earlier they were not sure but now they're saying it is a terror
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and terror level there has been raised to the maximum level and blast comes days after the only surviving member of paris attacks is arrested in brussels and authorities feareder his arrest could trigger more attacks and perhaps this is result of it. right now the president of france is holding emergency meeting and security is also stepped up at london main airport. britain paris official terror alert there and attack highly likely and new information coming in with death toll rising as we had feared would happen and a lot of people wondering again if more attacks are imminent and officials are asking people to stay indoors and not develop tour out if they don't have to because again there is concern that more explosions could rock belgium. back to you >> all right maureen thank. we have more from her in a bit. she's monitoring what is online as well. airports across europe are feeling the upgraded security and wake of attacks inru
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and wake of attacks in brussels. it's no doubt on the pind of travelers across the world and right here at home bob barnard joining us live now from dulles with more. bob, good morning. >> hey allison and steve good morning to you. already one flight cancellation for sure united airlines flight direct here from dulles to brussels. it is scheduled to leave at 6:50 at night and arrive on wednesday morning in brussels. that's been cancelled. behind me is brussels airlines which actually we're told is seasonal airline which only has several flight during course of week which was to resume service this weekend and it will likely do that. for today united airlines and luftansa which have flights to and from brussels to united states are canceling flights. there will be impacts and people may decide on connecting flights to get to europe and make way to brussels later on. it is having impact obviously on travel not just here to washington but other u.s. cities and in terms of security
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outside curb side and at the arrives area and also here at the ticket counter dulles airport no sign of beefed up secure six the real concern for that and perhaps more terrorism is over in europe in brussels and here in the u.s. it's just travel impact which ripple effects will likely continue and we'll be here all morning to report on more cancellations and other problems caused by these attacks in brussel this morning, guys. >> bob, thank you very much. >> our coverage continues all morning long an you can find the latest information on our web site at "fox5" d.c. and we continue up to date and follow the individual accounts as well as we post online that we can't get to on the air. >> we don't want to ignore the big part of the day locally for the weather. not bad today, tuck. >> not bad at all. chilly this morning. lows in the 20s for good mat
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looking mid 30s in the city. so you know take a jacket early. later this afternoon rewarded with springtime afternoon. daytime highs in the low 60s. sunrise forecast sun getting up in about two minutes time. 7:07 sunrise and temp throughout in mid 30s again in city and lots of 20s. so if your kids are walking to school that kind of thing a chill hi start to the day. >> satellite and radar cloud out there. don't be concerned. sun building in this afternoon. partly to mostly sunny late erin dry winds southwest and pump temperatures 10 warmer than yesterday into the low 60s i don't know what happened with the voice here. >> you became a jazz iping i iser. >> apparently so. >> and and traffic. >> 7:05 tucker things backing up as usual. look how slow traffic is on beltway now outer loop jammed as you make your way past 95
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heavy traffic even though all lanes on and we'll switch things over now and show what you you're up against for the morning commute. oversized truck stuck on the overpass and it's block blocking lane. watch for additional delays in addition to stop and go traffic and the likes there 95 northbound fairfax and slow same story. 66 eastbound delays building after the connector road and down to 13 miles an hour on eastbound side also keep in mind from you taking metro rail no alert to report across all lines metro look going typical congestion sut plan parkway jammed by naylor and heavy traffic new york avenue inbound to third street tunnel and slow across the douglass bridge from south capital just a lot of slow moving congestion inside the district. earlier crash outer loop thi this-year-old a little bit. perhaps 450. you're still slow richie
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270 south usual slow roll from frederick down to gaithersburg. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> our coverage of terror attacks in brussels continues and we'll have more on latest situation there and death toll unfortunately appears to be rising and there's a look at airport right there and we'll talk more it coming up.
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>> you're looking at live pictures from brussels belgium they're five hours ahead of us now. just afternoon brussels right now. there you can see look at gentleman there in middle of the street in the full police gear. that country on high alert this morning after series of deadly explosions
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terminals. >> i see activity of emergency personnel and erie sort of calmness at noon. i can not ma'am inthat that street would be that quiet but given the circumstances and people there are told to stay where they are. hopefully there will be no additional attacks. but just to shelter in place essentially. >> every times this happens overseas whether in paris or brussels the question is how will this affect us and will it affect us locally and how are are we preparing for something like this. >> live from fairfax mel is there at metro stop because several bombings happen at metro stops over seas in brussels today. you have to wonder is it affecting us here, good morning, mel. >> good morning, steve, alliso allison. so far we have not seen any sign of increased security presence here at the metro station. and most people are going about their business this morning. and in brussels, however, certainly it was eve c
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certainly it was every commuter's worse nightmare to say the least and 9:45 in the morning brussels time as we know that is a very, very busy time for anyone commuting in and around major metropolitan city and from what we can tell so far a spokesperson for brussels metro told us the local tv station there is, there appeared to be one explosion in a car that was stopped at the one station and i've seen people tweeting out online a picture of a subway car that is the completely mappingled. and a lot of people also saying please don't retweet that picture because it does show human remains inside. it's absolutely devastating explosion. there are other people tweeting out pictures of evacuations from the subway. it's dark. there are people crying. they're getting out of very crowded subway trains. and they are being escorted in darkened, smoke filled tunnels out and there's a triage
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set up at local pub nearby. bringing up injured people from the malvik station they're rushing them down the street to the transport area this is city sent he of brussels near eu headquarters and also the united nations regional office there as well and it appears again it was a subway car that was stopped at one of the platforms when that explosion went off. here in d.c., of course, we need to be very, very clear once again we don't know of any threats outside of brussels and outside of belgium itself. we head to to let people know that. nonetheless metro was letting people know that their police department is monitoring this and staying on top of it and they tweeted out a while ago metropolitan transit police department is monitoring events in brussels with federal partners reminding everyone once again so important n
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see something say something. live in fairfax i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> and overseas we're just getting news now our producers letting us know where metro attacks there this is different than parentp with metro attacks 15 are dead, 5 5 injured at this time. we'll of course keep you up to date on those horrible numbers coming in from overseas. >> as mel mentioned some pictures online are just suitly horrific to look at this morning. still no definitive link between paris bomb erin fwhapd brussels today. we know that man was arrested in belgium. belgium police saying and authorities saying they were expecting or at least aware that something like this could happen for several weeks now latest coverage coming up still ahead much more coverage for terror attacks in brussels. >> we'll be right back.
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>> breaking news all morning out of brussels belgium where coordinate add tacks have killed tens of people and sadly it's ever evolving and many people hurt this happened at the airport in brussels and several metro stops. >> mets row pushing 30 in connection with at tacks. both metro station and airport. white house replaceding eye statement saying the president
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with european countsen parts to gape the most information that we can on this. >> no official adjustment to terror levels in the united states and we'll keep you post mosted on that. >> and let's get you up to date on weather. >> better from here. cold this morning. as we get into the afternoon low 60s and we're featuring 70 70s. maybe 75 by thursday afternoon. warmer temperatures on the way feels like spring. cherry blossoms do their thing in the next 24 hours or so. 27 washington and 26 buffalo and cold out there. don't be fooled. much of our region in the upper 20s and low 30s to start the day and chilly temperatures and you can see temperatures across the country generally cool there as we get to south east. still in the 40s there in the northern gulf. cool temperatures to start rt day satellite and radar is quiet. so rain expected
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afternoon winds south and west and pump temperatures warmer than yesterday. should feel better than yesterday we'll still on track here it will cool is down for the weekend and easter weekend looking great rights now. saturday, surprised, low 60s and with plenty of sunshine expected this week. again, 62 with sunshine. erin is back with the roads. how is it looking out there. >> 7:17 now tucker new crashe crashener loop blocking shoulder and stafford. center port parkway 610 down to 17 miles an hour a son of cop jeingtson aerialier crashes and please give yourself extra tim time. let's forward maps and how is you alexandria and arlington this morning. 35 north down to 13 miles an hour belt way to etsell and over
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picking up to 17 miles an hour. 295 inbound jammed eastern avenue as usual and you can see bottom of beltway from prince georgia cross alexandria you slow down to 27 miles an hour and 4:14 to wilson bridge and fairfax 66 eastbound side and delays building about 13 miles an hour to the dulles connector road. we'll take a live look outside and show you delays you're up against. outer loop is very jammed by 450. we had earlier crash blocking shoulder. i'll get out of the way. there cash activity delays back to four and heavy traffic there and inner loop through annandale slow as well and outer loop out by new hampshire no shock there low traffic and 270 headed to gaithersburg and hit a top of stop and go traffic. metro right now is on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> erin thanks we have team coverage right now. the local impact of that terror attack in brussel. >> wisdom martin
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from belgium embassy in northwest d.c.,. >> good morning not a lot of activity belgium embassy this is something that concerns not just the people in belgium but concerns people all over the world in fapingt in london they're amping up security there and a lot of places because the fact of the matter is they don't know what could happen next. so background on this. we've been talking about it all morning. this explosion happened 3:00 eastern time it was around "the buzz" est time in bruzlees belgium. they're saying right now this was work of a suicide bomber. that's what we've been hearing. at the brussels airport and at the subway. initial reports there were 13 people killed and now we're also hearing from officials there that somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 28 people were killed between airport and subway station metro shut down and airport shut down and they're telling me
7:20 am
security is at highest level this all comes a few days after terror suspects salah abdelsam was arrested. he was involved they say one of the main players involved in november 13 terrorist attack in paris that killed 130 people and he was arrested and the prime minister there foreign minister rather said that because of that arrest they were already on heightened alert and they were anticipating that something could happen. he calls this in fact a black day in their history. meanwhile, they're still trying to figure out how many victims are -- were in this explosion at the entrance of that subway station a number people went there and rescue workers gone there and sets up triage area to deal with some of this. but again this is something far reaching because a lot of people around the world seeing what happened. they're pledging support and also on heighten add lert. we're sure there's probably situations here where they're on heightened alerpt in d.c. at
7:21 am
this is pretty big and serious situation going on in belgium. that is the latest from here. back to you in the studio. >> wisdom thank you very much. bringing up the latest from the embassy here. certainly we as nation stand with belgium as we saw sadly with france back in november as well. >> all right embassy in bell yum u.s. embassy telling americans to smellner place. that's their advice at this moment. still to come coverage will continue of deadly explosions in belgium overnight and those blasts went off a few minutes ago. 7:21 right now.
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>>. >> 7:24 teaming up with european partners to bring you live pictures from brussels, belgium. inside the airport in the metro station this is brussels metro right now. two metro stations affected by explosion this morning and death count at 15 at the metro stations however more than a dozen more believed to have been killed at the airport blasts coming within an hour of each other. >> 55 said to be injured under those metro sxlongs as well and you can get a sense of chaos there after ward with dark tunnels people trying to figure out where they are going. terrible scene unfolding in brussels, belgium this morning. >> it's rem
7:25 am
something like this happen i was watching european coverage and they were talking about some of the people that were in the airport and you can imagine how crowded ifou went to dulles or reagan at rush hour how many may be trying to catch a flight and talked to many people outside of the airport when gentleman was i have family members in there and i'm sure they'll be out soon. that picture haunting and a yeah holding flowers out there. this is top story. this is what we're covering for you this morning. this affect the entire world we're on it. >> it really does. in the meantime let's check out what is happening at the nation's capital. a lot of folks need to know what it is like outside. >> overnight lows in the 20s. 37 in city and but hang in. there yesterday we didn't warm up a lot today and back to the low 60s. 37
7:26 am
dulles 27, bwi marshall 30. both dulles and bwi below freezing and most of the area here weighing up to upper 20s and low 30s. and leonardtown below freezing this morning. satellite and radar cloud cover early and much of the day will be partly to mostly sunny. it should be dry. outdoor plans later this afternoon or this evening you're fine and again it will be nice spring like afternoon with temps topping out in low 60s. 62. warmer average than yesterday and dry afternoon. i'll be back in a minute with the 7 day. let's do traffic with erin. . >> i was waiting for the beep. >> there it is. metro no alerts to you. parkway 610 to 17 miles an hour and route 1 northbound is dealing with issue close to 95 and over size truck getting
7:27 am
through overpass. 395 northbound down to 13 and 17 miles apz hour as you cruise through the bridge. and bottom of the beltway and topside of beltway both inbound routes on 295 very slow and up leerp jammed and make your way to alexandria. we'll have more traffic in a few. . >> several explosions rocking belgium and capital city of brussel this morning. >> you can see from middle monitor live picture inside the metro station now headline 26 people dead in two separate attacks. we'll have details and weather and traffic here in d.c. next.
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♪ we are staying on.ying on. to breaking news coming out ofoo belgium this morning.. at least 26 some say 28 people8l killed at a series of whatha appear to be carefullyarefly orchestrated terror attacks atta the belgium internationalon airport and at two metro stations a short time later.rt m one of the attack at the airporo outside of an american airlinese check in counter. cnt >> giving you just perspectiveve belgium is nation of about 11 million people neighboring ni countries that we know well
7:31 am
so you see just how important ir and impactful this attack wouldc be to the entire european nation, european union i shouldl say and then of course clearlyle our friends here in the united i states. the president has come out withh a statement though he ish i traveling now and the world is waiting and saying prayers forrf belgium just like we saw inaw in paris back in november. novem >> let's get to maureen umehreeu right now with more on this on i coverage right now.geht n i guess one of the big questiono maureen obviously we heard a loa about belgium when we had thehe paris attacks and the suspectsut were arrested in belgium and now we are hearing word perhaps thes are shutting down the borderordr between france and belgium righg now in attempt to possiblyy apprehend some of the people ppl involved in this incident. in >> we are getting newe are in information here into thee intot newsroom.newsroom. my executive producer justt handing me this information.nfoi i can tell you that the border e between france and belgium hasus been shut down that is accordini to the latest reports i'm hearing.hearing. at least the borders have been shut down between france andnce belgium in an effort to increas
7:32 am
safety and perhaps apprehend are some people who might beige responsible for the heinous a ho task this attack now killing 288 people. people. we're hearing that is the latesh number.numb 13 people at the airport, 15 15 people in the subway stationon that number 15 being reported by the stib. they're telling belgium broadcasters 15 people werete 1 killed. at least 55 injured so again tht death toll sadly rising as we feared from this very heinoushen attack that happened thishi morning. we are again getting reportsng p that the borders have been shutu down a lot of people weighing in on this world leaders condemninn at that has now left multiple people dead. dea this all happened this morninghr at the airport there in belgiumi in brussels. bruel two blasts there at the airport killing 13 people. other blasts at a metro stationi people reporting victimstims running, screaming withmi bloodstreaming down their faces. children carrying their luggagee just pulling them tugging themg trying to get out of harm's way.
7:33 am
the area now in what in fact isc a lock down people being told to indoors because of fear of more explosions. all of this coming on the heelse of the arrest just on friday of the man believed to be behind be the attack of the paris attacks back in november that is be a a dell slam he is believed to bevb the mastermind of that attack but again these explosions elo rocking belgium this morningor during the peak rush hour. 28 people as forint numberumr confirmed dead from these attacks.tas. 28 people. 28 people. 13 at the airport. 15 at the subway stations.tins. more info as we continue to go guys, let me read through this there's an update i'll get thatt to you right away again the border shut down between francef and belgium as officials try tot get a handle on who is behind these attacks and try to keep people safe. s just briefly, homeland securityr jay johnson also reacting to this. he's talking about their monit monitoring things.ring thi ev
7:34 am
but again let me read throughgh this document and if there's ne information i will come back ank let you know. >> maureen, we will count onenww that. we'll see you shortly.. and want totter just let you jul know, again, that the white house, of course is aware thewa president is traveling.raveng. we have yet to hear from him personally.personal but of course he is aware of the breaking news that is happeningi in b let's head out to dulles airpo airport. we'll check in with bob barnard. earlier, bob, not much affectede yet locally. lly what are you seeing now? >> reporter: nothing in terms it of increased security here.y the airport just outsidet osi brussels has been evacuated.. there's no access to that t t airport right now.htow but here at dulles i mean you m see some airport police but nothing out of the ordinaryouhe frankly. so operations are on-going hereg with without a hitch at dulles e this morning.. however, united airlines here has canceled its outgoing outin flight. they have a direct flight thatgt leaves just before 7:00 p.m.. every day. d at
7:35 am
has been canceled today.. we understand incoming flightinh that was due in this afternooner has also been canceled.. laugh tan is a airline flies tot and from brussels here to washington and those flights wes don't believe are direct flighti so people on those first leg ofg the flight cos get to frankfordo and work on trying to get to get other airports in belgium ifgiui they choose.e. but united airlines directneirec flights to and from bus brussels today have been cancel.eeance we've spoken to passengers traveling domestic klee to getl wheir reaction to what happened there. one man said he's concerned anda another said not so much. >> i feel like our government g has a pretty good handle on the threats that we have going on,, and we haven't been attacked aac here at home in a long time. so, you know, hopefully they'lle keep up that, n good workd w they're doing there. >> really the time our lives lis right now, you know, we're not safe anywhere, and peo
7:36 am
attack us anywhere no matter how much -- how much we can try too protect ourselves we'll always y have to be watch out for it. i don't think anybody can stop c things like that if people wantw to kill themselves in the t process of killing others.ers >> reporter: and belgiumelum prosecutor is saying that att least the attacks at the airporr in brussels appear to be suicide attacks.s. so, guys, flights are affected c but in terms of security theit e coming and going here at leastet at dulles airport this morningor not impacted by the terrorerro attacks in brussels today.. >> bob, aside from the two folks passengers we just heard fromeao general feeling of uneasiness as far as passengers getting onngeg planes right now or just ther se general go with the flow anotheh day of flying here in the u.s.?? >> reporter: yeah, i think thehe ladder, steve. ste the general flow -- gentlemanan mr. ghandi was flying to austins today. he's actually a volunteer herelr and he said where you might seee people who are nervous are down at international riva
7:37 am
afternoon when the flights fromo europe and other parts of the world start then you might see people whoeho are little jittery but thehe people outbound today even e flying internationally at leastt we've seen so far seem to bem tb taking it all right. r >> all right. rig. bob barnard live for us atst dulles. dulles. thank you very we appreciate it.we >> let's check in with tuck kearse barnegat a look at your forecast now. ack 7:37. 7:37. tuck. some changes in the weatherth today. to this seems to be the changing cg point of the week.. >> yeah. i mean cold this morning andornd then later this afternoon we'lln warm it up into the low 60s, and get ready 70s around here by hee wednesday and thursday.huda cherry blossoms on track forck their big blossoms starting stan tomorrow. i think with temps in the 70spsi we'll see that. t 37 now in washington. 35 up in new york city.or cit 34 in boston where they got couple of inches of fresh snow s yesterday. 43 out in chicago.n chic we are generally waking up thata 37 at reagan national one of the warm spots so much of our areacu in the upperr 20s, low 30s to 3s start your morning.ur few clouds out
7:38 am
we'll gradually turn mostlyurn l sunny. we'll also be noticeably warmerr this afternoon.ernoon daytime highs in the low 60s ans it should be a dry tuesday foror you. so we're in good shape weatherea wise this afternoon. afternoon there you go.u g looks nice by 5:00 p.m. temps about 60 degrees or so. s. i'll be back in just a minute with the seven day we'll look ak some warmer temperatures and off course we'll focus on thee'll f holiday weekend coming up inomup just a few minutes.ut let's do more traffic now withfw erin. >> 7:38 right now tucker.ker. typical congestion on thege beltway really slow on the outen loop by new hampshire from 95 to the spur.pur. you'll hit some stop and go andg conditions right now you're morm parked by new hampshire so watch for that o. give yourself extra time to get towards bwi this morning traffia slow on 95 northbound as well aa bw we'll switch it over for look al our maps. maps. inner loop for the local lanes l 414 to the wilson bridge dip br down to about 27 miles per hour from prince george's into georgo alexandria and then taking aia a closer look at your alexandriali and arlington commute you'reou slow on 395 inbound gw parkwayar southbound jams as well.s w keep it to fo
7:39 am
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♪ >> 7:41 right now. we're following the situation in europe right now getting more information on this still developing story. the airport attack and subway attack in brussels. >> holly morris joins us live from the newsroom with thatown a stcks orsry just givinwigth us i what we're talking about holly l good morning.orni >> talking about why the airporo makes for such a target.t it is really is veryal is v important not where it'sere is located, of course, but all thaa goes on
7:42 am
we are taking a look at the the airport's website itself. iel basically has three runways, tws that are parallel and one that t crosses it. so it makes like a z formation. but the terminal itself if youf saw a picture of the terminal, a it would familiar to you.. it's reminiscent of reagan national almost. it only -- it's just like a u su you have, you know, the two terminals where you go out to the gates and then like a main area that crosses so if you endu thirty six your mind a u barr mr reagan national as one more.on r but when we were talking aboutko it earlier we referred to it ast being a relatively small airpo airport. but in terms of europe it'sms actu oally one of the largest airports in europe and this gives us a better understanding why it was such a good target. 23.5 million passengers wentsens through that airport in 2015.01 again, according to theirngo website it is one of the largest airports in europe. they go to 226 destinations worldwide and there are 77re7 airlines that actually service i that
7:43 am
the airport itself is consideree an economic powerhouse.ow in fact the national bank ofba belgium says that the industryns there, their airport industry is alone, is key to the economy off the country. also, it's important to note there that the air cargo that goes through there within oneone year 100 million pounds and the international logistics of thatt a lone key to several differentf industries and then when you'ret just talking about brussels itself, whether it's commerciall flights, it's air cargo, it's is jobs at the airport, 60,000 60, people on employed there.e so if you just looonk at thek at numbers again, 23 and a half haf million passengers, 100 million pounds of cargo and 60,000 jobs. job you can see why disruption there and attack like we've seen thiss morning could cause such a large problem.obm. back up to you all in the stud studio. >> thank you very much, holly. appreciate that. >> no doubt about it.. had frequent flyer traveler on
7:44 am
twitter says about the size of las vegas international airportt little bit bigger than reagan ra national airport. smaller than dulles. d much more coverage coming up ofu these attacks in brussels rightt after the break. break. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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♪ 7:46 right now.>> there is a live look right now> at thee
7:47 am
this is in washington, d.c. and. you can see in the upper righteg side of your screen right nowcrt that is the belgium flag. fla it has just been lowered to halo staff right now, and this is ofo course because of what'sf happening overseas in belgiumasl this morning.isning terror attacks that claimed morr than two dozen lives. lives we are expecting that death tola to grow throughout the day as police continue to try to findon out what happened there.d t apparently a series of attacks there but here you see in oursei nation's capitol right out site side the belgium embassies though flags lowered to half staff. >> spectacular laying this aftea the paris terror suspect was imprisoned in brussels. this is what we're covering forr you this morning.u this all morning in the meantime we don't neglecg weather and talker barnes isarni standing by so patiently withieh another look at what's going oni here locally. locly hey, tuck.uck >> all right. thank you very much, allison.rym live shot there. we got high cloudiness across the are
7:48 am
but headline is that springprg warmth will be back later this afternoon low 60s and then 70 or better both wednesday and wnesd thursday. 37 now in washington.n ing look at your 20s off to the t north and west. wt very chilly temperatures thiss i morning.morng. dulles 27. 28 in frederick.reri 28 in gaithersburg.ersbg 32 in leonardtown. fredericksburg 28.8. culpeper most of the area wakink up to temperatures at or blow al freezing to start your tuesday.y cloudiness mostly high thinhi clouds will pass through quick.k we should back in the sunshine h by late morning or at least part toll mostly sunny conditions.dii either way we remain dry this afternoon as we've got highot h pressure just off to our south u keeping things nice and dry forf the time being. there's going to be a prettyg good winter storm.good i know we're now into spring but winter storm taking place across the rocky mountain states state pushing up towards wisconsin ann michigan over the next couple oe days. that will be a big story as we a get into the middle of thes wee for us check out future cast. c notice this afternoon very quitu cond
7:49 am
we will have clouds around but r it should be again a pleasantine day an warmer day thann yesterday. low 60s. w we warm it up.arm it we get that southerly pump going tomorrow with high pressure offp to our south and east.nd e we'll be in the 70s tomorrow. tr well into the 70s by thursday ts and then we'll watch our cold o front look at the snow up to thu north there bite middle of the week. watch our cold front approach by late in the day thursday.y we'llly thursday night intour ng friday.friday and this will likely kick off aa period of showers around here bb overnight thursday into friday.. and cool us down a little bittlt for holiday weekend. weekend all in although not a bad b lookinlooking seven day period i mean very very comfortable com conditions around here for muchm of the week. with daytime highs expected toxe be well above normal. n look at that forecast ont o thursday.ursd. temps in the mid 70s we'll takek it. all right. that's weather update.pde. again, 62 this afternoon withon breezy conditions but a pleasann ervin back with roads. >> 7:49, tucker.ucke it's been a slow roll into thewi district right now 270 if you're heading out in frederick betweee 109 and the truck scales dealine
7:50 am
because of that we're seeingt we some delays. other than that, typicalypical congestion down through d gaithersburg and we also have crash activity aiv right now that really might sloo things down in fairfax. 123 south after georgetown pikep and then also keep in mind gw parkway southbound jams.bounjam heavy traffic across the keyey bridge into georgetown thishi inner loop local lanes slow, 41, to the wilson bridge. bri 27 miles per hour as you headouh from prince george's county intt and then as you head throughthrg arlington on 395 northboundortho heavier traffic there as well. w edsall to king street drops down and then over the 14th street sr bridge you jam as well. new york avenue inbound slows as you head to the third streethirt tunnel the freeway slow as well. 295 inbound jams by eastern of nothing atypical there. 95 northbound center fortthbo parkway in staff forwardf forwad 17 miles per hour.17 m very heavy traffic there andic e then as you head up no to theo prince william area same storyat stop and go traffic.ra no alerts for metro right now.hw we'll keep you posted. pte any questions for your morning r question at e
7:51 am
steve? all right. thanks so much. here's the big question.he b que when things happen like this overseas, we wonder what willil change locally if anything?g? >> fox5's melanie alnwick joinsj us live from fairfax, virginia. mel is a metro station here in r our area.r good morning. >> reporter: good morning.mni yes, here in fairfax countyy vienna metro station and thingsa are going on this morning prettt much as they would any other morning. looks like most people not -- n not too bothered by what by happened in brussels but certainly it is always on thes t minds of commuters especially in the washington, d.c. area. a it was 9:45 in the morningorni brussels time when thatn t explosion from what we can tell hit one subway car in the city center in brussels. the train of course packed likel it normally is.ormay i at this point, we are saying 15 dead at that subway explosion. 50 others plus injured. injur some of them severely
7:52 am
you can see emergency responderd dragging people out of thate out metro station rushing them downw to nearby pub where emergency eg triage had been set up.. other videos showing subway passengers in the dark having tv be off loaded through the smokes and what making their way gingerly through the darkened de tunnels and even yet another a social media sites tweeting anda retweeting some pretty horrible pictures of an explosion thereoe in the subway system.yste but we can tell you that metro here is saying metro here ise saying they are keeping an eyepn on everything, monitoring events closely, and telling folks onces again to remember if they see something, say back to you.ou >> want to get to the belgium bi embassy right now.ri n wisdom martin is there right not we are finally hearing from officials at the embassy. embas let's listen in. >> berbake the belgium ambassador to the united states. >> what can you tell us
7:53 am
>> yeah, well, this is ann extremely troubling day for us in belgium. we have been confronted with mull pell attacks spread over the city. the main one was in the the international airport of brussels where an tack occurrede attacks, multiple attackstt occurred around 8:00 o'clock ini the morning. morng we are speaking at least of two explosions perhaps a third one, also. explosions which most probablyra have been caused on the one hand by suicide bombers. on the other hand suspectth packages which indeed exploded. the situation is very very serious as we are at this stage and of course do understand uer these are
7:54 am
these are provisional figures aa far as the international airporr is concerned, we are speaking about around 13 people dead and 35 gravely wounded, gravely gve wounded i'm not mentioning those who are not gravely wounded. that is a dramatic situation. si on the other hand we had anther attack in a metro station in thn center of the city close to alll the official buildings, both thh belgium government and of the european -- belgium is the bgium capitol of europe. that was in a metro station and there we are faced with at least 15 people dead and over 10 ove people seriously wounded.. so these are provisional facts.s people of course at this stage a are in
7:55 am
the victims making sure that t they get the first aid that they need and therefore there's stile some confusion as you mayfo understand in such situations.. these are basically the facts. >> you said at the airport 13 dead and 35 did you say gravelye injured?jure >> yes. good gravely injured.rave >> yeah. >> meaning very >> no, gravely injured. injur i'm not going to qualify it. >> okay.. >> can you talk little bit -- >> maybe what caused these tax. >> we don't have clear c conditions at this stage as youy understand people will have tolo investigate it.stig i what we know is that in the airport statements, crys have c been pronounced in arabic sobic that is a first indication of what the sources may b
7:56 am
don't want to elaborate on that because that is definitelydeni something that has to be further investigated. >> can you go again over the ov numbers at the metro station? sa >> in the metro station the numbers of dead are 15 and gravely injured 10.0. again, these are provisional numbers. >> now when you say they wereer pronouncing arabic at thebic airport any indication of whatnw they said in arabic.. >> no, not at you w >> there was suicide bomber atr the airport as well as packagesc explosions. >> apparently we are talkingtlwe about both an explosion ofxpon o suspect package and -- suspect package, a package that after the fact -- >> the ambassador from brusselss to the united states and just j giving reporters there an updatt on what we've been talking aboua all morning as steve mentioned the flags lowered in respect fof those who have died. right now the total death countu i hate to put it eve
7:57 am
these are lives that were lostt at least 28 dead and multiple mi explosions from this morning. >> actually we want to rejoin te the ambassador now. n don't want to miss a thing in tn this breaking s let's go back to the belgiumgium embassy. >> -- washington, the situatioi here clearly is quite differentt this being said, as far as our capitol of brussels is b concerned, a lot of measuresmeur have been taken among others ofs course obvious things like lik traffic, the metro station areti all are closed. c the international airport hasas been closed to all incoming traffic has been deviated toevi other airports.s. museums are closed.ums schools are closed. close the threat level has been augusn menned from three to four. tour. four is the highest threat level that we have in our system whici means eminent and serious threats.threats >> will you be adding toddin security to this embassy? >> we are in the process ofss o doing that. we are just communicating withnt our op
7:58 am
what we have to do, whether wehr have to do something and we are clearly in connection andio interaction with the authoritiei here in the united states. >> ambassador, can you talk a t little bit about the culture in belgium.lgm one of the paris attackers hiding out in the country. >> as you know -- as you know, just last thursday one -- thehe person whom we thought was them architect ofwe the 13 november m attacks in paris had been arre arrested in brussels.sted that clearly was an important break through. as far as the investigation, th, possibilities of the investigation are concerned. however, what happened is thatst in the context of that arrest, s often in the context of prior house sevens different places ii brussels, there were
7:59 am
that something was in the offi offing. that means -- that also explainp why our security people havee hv been working non-stop as of lass tuesday in the couldn't tech of which prime terrorist attackerkr abdeslam had been arrested. there was a lot of work going on. what was particularly working or two elements.elts. first one is that in those housu searches a lot of heavy weaponss had been found which is an indication that something was perhaps being planned for the ft next few days and our people inn brussels knew about that. they were fully aware they had h to act and act swiftly. the second point which arose is that apparently new names have arisen.isen new names, new people who may be part of a
8:00 am
to the surface. these indications we got out last week.last week. that is why i say that they havv been working like all over the weekend day and night.ig but as you see, still a dramatii situation took place today. >> all right.ig we want to well um to our 8:00 o'clock hour.ou we're in continuing coverage cor what happened overseas with ars number of terror tax in brussels, belgium right now thet death toll stands at more thanon 30 and we are listening in righg now to what is happening here ir washington, d.c.washington, d.c. >> at the embassy of belgiumssyi let's go back now. >> -- to the washington washing yesterday a lot of militaryitar people around us and notwithstanding these the precautionary measures somethint dramatic took place.dramatic tol >> when you said they were iny r camp, how were they in camp? ? airport security has been... >> particularly with theti presence of security peoplee generally
8:01 am
>> additional protection. >> also military people who were visibly there and not justus walking around actively watching the situation. sit >> this was prior to the attackc you're saying?you' >> excuse me. >> prior to the tack airport ait security had been at the airpo airport. >> already days ago.lrea the airport is a nationalis a n airport.ort we knew that the internationalnt airport was a potentially prominent spot so security hasit been enhanced for months now.thn the last few days additionaliona security people have come and you can just see everybody who walks through the international airport can see that and that notwithstanding these attackstt occurred this morning. >> any idea, obviously there ara concerns that an attack would happen. happ >> as i told you, people were aw the highest level of awarenessns in terms of being aware thatha something might have been in the offing.
8:02 am
security people for the last few days and withstanding that mindset taking all the a preventive actions that had beeb taken this occurred. ourred. that makes me say that nobody is immune of this kind of threat.ha >> are there any questions havev discussions about whether this s is -- president obama's trip to cuba.cuba. >> not at all. >> are you heart broken for you city?ci? >> well, this is -- this is very very deep, because it is not just the people who are thehe victims of these attacks and the deaths and the wounded, thehe severely wounded, less severely wounded.un of course our thoughts are in first place to them, their families, their friends but irit can tell you that this morningsr already i spoke with my son whoo called me, of course, to tell tl what the mood wa
8:03 am
he has a business meeting right close to metro station where the explosion took place and a everybody basically staying homm now and just reflecting aboutg o how this affects the city, the capitol of europe head quarterqr it's of nato were in brussels. we were always proud we that t that kind of international dyead mention. the capital that has now beenee target of those attacks. aac >> your son is okay? >> yeah, absolutely. >> what has he said about thehe way it looks, the way i st feelf on the ground there?re >> well, the mood is that t everybody stays home. home reflects on the situation and hopes that we can overcome this in regards to difficult attacks. >> in regards to you being awaro of the potential of thishis happening and what has happenede now, is there a message say toay the people of belgium? i don'tn know if you can say it or if yo can in contact with
8:04 am
say it's going to be okay ory something like that? what kind of message do you have to theo e people of belgium?um >> the message we have not just to the people of belgium but too the people of france, to thenc t people of europe, to the peopleo of the world in general is thatt this is a real threat and therefore all of us all thehe governments and the citizens as well have to cooperate with thee security services, exchange information, make sure thathat these cannot happen.not it's a collective responsibilitl of all of us. >> what do the belgium countryot men expect in the next coupleexp days as investigation moves forward. >> we are resilient people.nteo we are resilient capitol.ol we will have to overcome it, but it will take some days of reflection and indeed sad feelings for d
8:05 am
come. >> all right.ig >> have you spoken to the primei minister?st >> no, i have not. >> i think we can close here ana i thank you very much. >> thank you very much.much >> belgium ambassador wisdomdors martin you heard wisdom askingmg some of the questions of thequ belgium ambassador speaking forr belgium embassy here inere washington, d.c. this morningn,d the last thing he said of coursc saying we are resilient people we will bounce back but this isb not the time for that right now. this is obviously a time of great sadness for the people off belgium an reminder not just for the people of belgium for francc all of europe all of the world.r >> the world. the >> we need to focus on securityy right now we need to make surees we stay vigilant and cooperate e with security personnel to makek sure thing like this do nothis d continue to happen.cont to happ we're watching off screen rightt now. now. horrific video coming in of somo of the victims of this attacktt right now from
8:06 am
the metro station and also the airport and it's unthat was fathomable right now sadly thisi has become the reality of this northerly recent years. rect ye. >> it has become the norm sadlyd much as i said earlier on ili o think my facebook page or whatever, i really am hopefulm h for the day we don't have toe to talk about this, but in the i t meantime, it is important thattt we talk about it.alk abit. we keep our eyes open, sayn, s something if we see something. and believe that's what the ts t ambassador was echoing as well.. just horrifying news coming outc of belgium this several deadly explosionssion rocking brussels early thisly ts morning rocking the airport alss the metro stations we want to gg back downstairs get the latest s from our maureen umeh who's looking at all the news outletse from around the world now. good morning.od mor >> good morning, steve andmoings allison.lin giving you the nuts and bolts os this terror attack in belgiu bes morning.rn right now we're hearing 28 people are dead. are dd. belgium ambassador confirm wagow we know so far fr
8:07 am
coming out of belgium. 13 people dead at the airport.. 15 people at the subway stationa where multiple attacks explosions rocked the city thisi morning. these are being called cal coordinated attacks. attks. suicide attacks by unknown terrorists.terr the terrorist level in belgiumni raised to the highest level.t l you're watching pictures now ofw people at the airport as they as streamed out of the airport when these two explosions rock the terminals this morning.s again killing 13 people. peo to recap what happened, again, a this is the international mainam airport in brussels also als happening at the metro stations those two explosions injuringnjg people, one near the american ai airlines check in.heck in. that is at the airport. iat t we're also hearing another 55 ar people were injured in the the subway explosions. there are reports also that mano were injured at the airport.e a. this is all according to belgium broadcaster vrt. obviously this is still antill a evolving picture as newres information is constantly comino in. belgium officials are callingiai this a suicide attack it hammede in the brussels suburb close to
8:08 am
the european corridor where much of the european union is based.s authorities have now locked dowd the capitol and the airport hash been evacuat evacuated.vaated all flights out of brussels sell at this hour. flights coming in have been diverted much thousands of thoun passengers have moved to the t tarmac.ta. bot between belgium and francene has been closed as official ryee to get a handle exactly whatactt they are facing here all of fac europe coming together.g t all of the world coming together to condemn this attack world leaders issuing declarations off condemnation and also support for the people of belgium inum fact we're hearing that thehat eiffel tower will be lit uper w tonight in belgium flag colorsor of yellow -- black, yellow andew red tonight in solidarity likee we saw after paris attacks when the eiffel tower was lit up inel the french colors. cors. security sweeps happeningty s throughout the again still evolving situation.n i'll keep monitoring it and bringing the you the latestes steve and allison.ioe and allis. >> we appreciate it. w maureen. thank you very much.k we'll take a short break. we'll be right back with the akh breaking news today from bombings multiple
8:09 am
brussels, belgium. belum >> get to your forecast as welle too. it's cold out there. cer keep that if mine as you dress d for work today.od 37 degrees right now at reaganta national airport. ♪ patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
8:10 am
it is 8:10 right now.s 8: there's live look at belgium, brussels. the scene of three attacksof tha earlier this m attacka happening in the overnig hours here in the united statese early morning in brussels.ruel the first at the airport
8:11 am
8:00 o'clock hour this morning.. the second a short time later at two metro stations.ti belgium is five hours ahead ofhd us right now.. 10 minutes past 1:00 o'clock0 o' right now. we have our reporters everywherh today and of course this is thee story we're covering and we alsa have as you know our early morning team out covering justgt trying to get all the angles here and bob barnard is at one of our local airports at dullese just talking about the impactt here and so far, bob, it hasn'tt really been that am i hearing you correctly? ata least here locally. >> reporter: yeah, but i'll b i tell was. as since we were last on around 7:30 this morning, allison,on, we've seen heavily armed airporo police and i asked one of them,e are you on high at the time state of alert and he said yes.. and as a matter of fact, i don' want to turn the camera yetof te becaus ce quiet ways down you'ln see them in minute here. h what i will tell you is, flighth that united airlines flies tolis and from brussels have been bee canceled. there's a ig
8:12 am
supposed to leave at 6:50 p.m.:5 every day, and arrive at 7:15 i1 the morning tonight's flight hah been cancel.l. incoming flight as well has beeb cancel. the flight that left last nightt was supposed to leave at 6:00 60 50. it actually took off little bit after 7:00 it arrived in i brussels a little bit before 7:00 central european time andim that is about an hour before the attacks. so clearly there were people who flew from dulles to brussels who were at least at customs at the time and here i want to show you guys right over here.rer these are the two heavily armed police officers. off we saw the gentleman on the left earlier.r. they're making their way aroundn the airport here, and did he d confirm that, yes, they are onte heightened state of alert even e though there have been noee threats made to any of our locac airports we're at dulles with the only direct flights fromm this area to belgium which agaia have been canceled to and fromm today.y. but they are heighten state oft alert as you see here because of what's happening in brusselsrusl
8:13 am
flew from washington to brussels arriving there about an hour hou before the terrorist attacks. as so perhaps they were at the a airport. ai i would imagine an hour afterftr landing they were probably stily in customs and so there may beay some local stories that we canhn share later on about the impactp of these terrorist attacks in as brussels today, guys. >> hopefully they are alle stories of survival. surva thank you very much.very we're looking at the local angle mayor muriel bowser just makingk a brief statement on social sia media saying we're allg we' devastated by the attacks inthei brussels and that our thoughtsho and prayers are with the victimt and the people of belgium. bgi still to come our coverageur of the attack in brusselss continues. we'll get i was check of thewa forecast. we'll be right back. rig ♪
8:14 am
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8:16 am
>> welcome we are in wall to wall coveragel devastating news this morningg i from overseas in brussels,s, belgium.lg we are talking about the coordinated what appears to beps coordinated bombs across the t city as far as the airport goess and metro stations go. there are 10 people that havet h lost their lives in this attacka we don't know.'t we haven't heard who is claiminn responsibility right now. if we can link news events thens we can tell you that one of the paris bombers paris shootersots back in november was arrested in
8:17 am
we have -- had hadn't anadn' official connecting of the dots here but we can tell was has w h been going on in the world andnd these attacks happening onngn tuesday, the tuesday of the nexn week after this arrest. so we have yet to hear from the president i don't think thatn'ta we've heard a full statement, of course, he's traveling. trave we have heard from the prime minister in belgium justgium j condemning these attacks.acks we have as maureen said earlier later we'll see the eiffel tower and the president of france hase come out in solidarity with thee country of belgium after these horrific even here locally our mayorur my muriel bowser standing in solidarity with the people and mourning the loss that we'vehate seen this morning.. >> word from the white house the president will make a statemente later this morning.ning bob barnard has been at dulles d airport and the first to tell ut about the changes with unitedte flights in and out of dulles d today those direct flights fromh dulles to brussels and vise a vs versa have been cancel.a now, united just come out a
8:18 am
they said they did have two two earlier flights from the us u including a flight that left dulles last that plane was able to land inan brussels safely before thelsafel attacks occur.tacks oc united had second flight that f was diverted to another airporto but obviously the airlines arela saying our prayers and thoughts are with all the people who aree traveling today. t but just wanted to let you knowu if you knew anybody who was on or board that left last night to dulles toes brussels that planee did land safely before thesey be attacks occurred. >> good to know. we don't want to forget aboutbo weather today. t it's an important news day.ay folks need to do locally arounda town weather wise. >> you got it. at least i get to have good newn we'll be spring like thisprin afternoon it is chilly out thiss morning overnight lows back ine the 20s and low 30s. so maybe you didn't put away thy winter coat yet. might be a good thing.ghbe a but we'll warm it up again inga the low 60s nice dry afternoon.. 38 now in washington. wng but you can see you got a 30 up3 in gaithersburg and frederick fe and still 20s out to the west. dulles 29 and manassas 27 this morning.morng. satellite/radar is quite localle we do have clo
8:19 am
with early. but high pressure will continuei to keep thing nice and dryeethin around here and nice warm wind out of the south and westsw later today. pump the temperatures 10 degree from yesterday. yeste and believe it or not byr not b wednesday and thursday, well into the 70s, yes, well into tho 70s there's your seven day.evend if you're focused on the easter weekend, both saturday andhnd season day look dry. with temperatures in the low 60l if's you're traveling on friday there temperatures will be inl the 60s. e it look like maybe morning raing showers friday.ers frida that's the next chance for rainr >> all right. >> thank you tucker.>>hank >> all right. let's check in with erin get a look at the roads.the roa how we looking, erin.n. >> typical congestion on the outer loop top side of the tide beltway by new you are jammed from 95 through9t the spur. let's take a look at the inner r loop out by braddock. braddoc heavy traffic there as well. a w you can see some slow-movinglowo traffic that is around thed t wilson bridge as well and also through annandale a crash 270 20 south you can see as you make ym your way down towards montgomerm avenue you're going to hit thatt backed up traffic because of aso crash. you can
8:20 am
lane but over pass is kind ofs d blocking the view.ocking the v you can see just behind that tt overpass there some of the firef activity again that left lane ie blocked so keep it to right. r quick look at our maps asidede from those delays and that crasa 95 south from the icc to the beltway very slow-moving traffic there 95 northbound jams asunjas well. bw parkway southbound jams byams powder mill as usual. inner loop is slow again threwot the wilson bridge. b that delay holding strong. 395 inbound jams in arlingtongt and alexandria basically froma b the beltway to the 14th streettt bridge. brid gw parkway is slow as you headou towards the key bridge. bridge. key bridge into georgetown backb up and we're slow through the third street tunnel.d that's your traffic.that back to you allison and >> all right. still ahead, more coverage frost brussels terror tack. it is 8:20 right now. n ♪ ♪
8:21 am
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♪ 8:23 right now. live pictures from brussels,ruel belgium right now. n you can see some of the folkshes who are still out on theilout streets. we're actually waiting for newow video to come down from our european friends and colleaguesg shortly.tly. but you can see there folksks emergency personnel tend to goe some people on the streets stili this hours after these attacks the attacks at the airport first and then at two metro stations
8:24 am
>> what we know right now, 34,4 people confirmed dead. dozens more injured, of course,s those numbers will likely go up and we'll be here to reportoepot that. you can just imagine if you wilu if that were here, downtown washington and imagine and chaoa and the scene someone beingomei helped right down the middle ofo what surely is a busy streettr little bit what is about is abo 1:00 o'clock there now brusselss time.. this is -- this is where we are right now as a world. but still i'm always shocked to see and really saddened to seeo when an tack like this just putt a city, a country and then the n world eventually just on noticec on a sad notice and the messagea coming down from the ambassadorr earlier quite poignant, we must remain diligent. dig we must open up our eyes and esd mack sure this is just the world that we're living in and it wilw take some time to
8:25 am
one as we saw with paris and all those years ago right here in h the united states of america. aa so of course this is what we'rea covering for you today. for >> in the meantime the city ofme brussels shut down right now.ow. the transit systems are closed.c the schools are closed. cse the city of washington, d.c. d still very much alive and well w and business as usual thiss but perhaps with a hint of caution for some folks who are o out there traveling thisveli morning. let's check in with mel melanien alnwick she's covering the locae impact of the story this morni morning. >> she's in fairfax for us. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning atr: o the vienna metro station sti speaking to what you were justot talking about, unfortunately,te you don't think about it every single day when you get on metrm but it is one of those realitiei and some people do think about t it every single day. day what would i do if an attacktt happened while i was on one of f those metro trains? it is evere present and certainly everertain present in the minds of metro transit police. pol they did want to let riders knok that they are aware of the situation and their dep
8:26 am
is on top of things.n top thi so they've been tweeting out aet couple of updates for folks.orol first of all, most importantlyot needing to let riders know there is no known specific or crediblr threat to metro at thieds time.e however there will be additional k9 sweeps and patrols metro transit police saying starting as a precaution.. also, saying that the departmenp is closely monitoring events inn brussels with federal partners. always out there, alwaysay reminding people if you see something, say something. and that is really what theyy want people to know today, again, letting folks know they t don't want to scare anybodynyboy without cause, but certainly cta whenever there is an event likel this across the world as we knoo we always worry about what may happen here in washington, d.c.. metro transit police also sayiny they're partners at alexandriari police department we know for kw sure are going to be out patrolling metro lots as well. we have not seen any sign here h at the vienn
8:27 am
far of the kind of added security like bob barnard isarrd seeing out at dulles airport. but, again, we know police will be out here, the k9 will be outt if you are riding metro todayg d and you see that, now you knoww why they are doing that. increased presence whether it is simply to make people feeleee better or whether there is causc for that.hat live at the vienna metro melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> melanie, thank you. melanie,. >> much more on the local angle. we'll get a look at theooat international web of terrorro right now.ri is there a direct connectioncneo between what happened ineen wha brussels and what happened innd paris a few months ago? we'll?w check in with fox's catherine herridge after the break.ft we'll get details from thetail t pentagon and the world every a w intelligence neck.ceeck. it's 8:27. 87. ♪ ♪
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ welcome back.ome our breaking news, terror atta attacks bombings what we dohat know. let me take that tak what we do know, there have beee bombings. we haven't gotten any exact worw yet on who is responsible for this or what to really label iti but we'll get that informationna right now as we check in with wh fox's chief intelligenceelnc correspondent catherinehe herridge.rrid catherine, good morning. good mg you know, i just am so hesitanta to throw that word terror around, but this definitely hass all the markings of a terrorr attack.tck. what can you tell us?an yell >> earlier today u.s. governmenv officials said there was reallyr no reason to doubt what we sawte
8:31 am
act of terrorism.errosm and that was based on the initial reporting from the media there of at least one suicide bomber likely more as well as explosive devices there were also plant the in a second wave of attacks on those metro stations.ion we were able to confirm thisrmhs morning that the secretary ofatt homeland security jay johnson has been briefed by hisdy operations center here in then washington, d.c. area and what'n going on right now is basicallyl a scrub of the intelligence over the last 96 hours to see if any warnings were missed and whethee there may be something specifici incredible that's directed attea the united states.iteds. one of the particular focuseslar this morning will be on whatt they call the soft targets or the public areas that airports,t this would be the check in halll the ticketing hall where we saww this explosion in brussels this we've also been told that there's particular focus atrtus least a working theory that the pick up of that terrorist inri belgium on friday acted as n
8:32 am
accelerant it basically moved up the timeline for an existingn ei plot that was already in thehe works so in other words onceorso they picked up salah abdeslam his co horse if you will movedim up the execution date of this ti plot because on his face allisol when you look at the data this took level of sophisticationstit also a level of planning andinga certainly more than just amore u hasn't full of individuals who detonated those ne catherine, let me ask ari little bit more about that righr now because we heard just within the hour the belgium ambassador here in washington, d.c. said, i recently he confirmed recently c new names surfaced in connectioi with that paris attack and thatt there had been some type ofe o existing threat that had caused them to worry. wor what do we know about that andht how much that may have lead toao as you're saying this acceleranr with the actual arrest recentlyn >> belgium authorities have beei on really their highest state of alert. alert. it's type of alert calledd eminent threat of terrorist attack for the bette
8:33 am
week if not longer. lon certainly it coincides with thet arrest last friday. fda to make it real simple forimpl people, when you pick up a high-value terrorist target like salah abdeslam on friday it's i like taking a stick and poking it in the hornet's nest becausec you zig nat to everyoneryon associated to him that they are now vulnerable and existing plot lines may also be compromised.e. remember he is talking to authorities.thor the thing that has my attention this morning and it was backed b up by count terrorism source iss that the focus right now is onn identifying the suicide bombers. once their identities are knownn they can run through existingstn databases back here in then united states to try andnd understand who they are andy a d their network of contacts.ct the other thing i was told to td pay attention to were the typehp of explosives that are found att the airport and also at the subway stations.taon a french police report recentlyn concluded w
8:34 am
by the new york times and tes subsequently confirmed by fox fx news that there were severale sl similarities between the suicidi belts found in paris last november and they bore the be hallmarks or the signature of the same bomb maker. mak they used an explosive called tatp. tatp. this is the type of explosive ei that can be made by buying sortn of ingredients for the recipe over the counter. cnt downside it's highly unstableta and it takes an experienced bomm maker to handle it effectivelyty without having any accidents.t all of the suicide bomb belts is paris used tatp. t they also used a 9-volt batteryt to accelerate the debt tow d nation and they also used a sams kind of adhesive tape in thee making of the device. dic so this speaks to either ao eita single bomb maker or a group ofp bomb makers who have been trained and counseled by master bomb maker full. f if we fine the devices in brussels have those sameame hall
8:35 am
signatures, this again speaks ts a wider network and it also i speaks to the fact that the threat or the eminent threat mam not be over at this point asinta well.well. >> catherine, would that be ane surprise to you? can you tellcu us about brussels as far asfar being a hot bed of terrorr activity or cells?ells >> what we learned through the paris attacks is that brussels l was really like a staging grouno for the plot especially salah abdeslam the young man who washo picked up friday in a region a district of brussels, belgium which has -- significant lengthl back to previous terror attacksc i think that's the best way to t put it. put it so it's like a staging ground. n they're able to gather theirhe operatives together, make theirr devices and then to also execute -- execute the plot. but the focus has to be on thehe broader network and just this morning one of our counterur c terrorism c
8:36 am
that a credible isis account hat now released what was describedb to us as like a statement in arabic and it translates as a mosul revenge for the capitol of. it's term used among isis to refer to the non-believers it's' not a claim of but it's a credible accounte acc that's already getting wide pick up among other isis affiliated individuals.duals >> catherine, before we let you go, a couple of quick questions. first of all, you know, we'venow talk so much about the suicideui belts and suicide bombings tod today. do we know if any suspectsuspect escaped? are they actively actl looking for anyone? or do wer believe that everyone perish ine the attacks.e atck >> that's great question.t's it's unknown at this point.oi one of the details certainly has my attention is that it does appear at the airport that thert was more than one suicide bombee and that there were also secondary device that is were w placed in luggage and packagesge at the airport for almost what i would describe as a terrorist
8:37 am
one-two punch.un you have the actual suicide explosion and then as people ape flee that scene, they,he unfortunately don't realize that as they're trying to flee thee safety they're fleeing into thei path of another explosion.xpsion so, again, what has my attentiot this morning is that it doest d appear there were at least two o different types of devices ateva the airport, again, that speaks to premeditation.ta it speaks to planning and itndt also speaks to other individuala who are not necessarily killed in that tat >> that's great point.t poi real quick, catherine, have i, not yet seen anything as far asf any type alert level raised herd in the united states.nited tate. >> any other countries have donn so at this point? p >> well the french and the t british have increased their t police presence either ate eitrt airports or borders or train stations. so effectively all of the gateways into brussels have beev shut off at this point.oi this would be what i wouldiou describe assort of the beginnint of the police and investigative dragnet what you want to keep k people isolated in an area not allo
8:38 am
order to understand who washo involved and then hopefully tryf and track back to individual inl who's supported the operationra before their able to flee. to fe >> catherine as always weays w appreciate you spending timeou d with us putting this all intonto perspective from a national intelligence standpoint. that's fox's intelligenceelligec correspondent catherine herridge with us this morning on fox5ninx news m >> all right. still ahead we'll have much morm coverage of this terror attackak overseas in brussels. bruss we have a local terrorism experr here in washington, d.c.ington d we'll be talking to coming up cn next. also we will get update on your forecast. it's cold out there.d out e. 38 degrees right now.ow dress in layers today, though,ho it is going to warm up quitee nicely later today. tay ♪
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♪ it is now 8:41 this morningm let's get more insight into what may have happened in we know the facts. fts we know that at this point thesn death toll is at about 30 peop people. we know there are more than 100r who are injured becausee of aso series of bombings overnight in brussels.. the question is, why did thishi happen and what threat remains?i joining us on the phone jack, jc from the center for the study oo terrorism at the foreign policyc research institute. instute jack, i was mistaken i said yous were here in d.c. here d.c in you philly but you work here in d.c. for quite good to talk to you this morni morning. >> that is correct, steve, good morning. >> what can we gain now? we? have talk about potential linksn now between isis and what a
8:42 am
what happened in paris inned pr november and what happened inped brussels this morning. what can you before break downob as far as potential linkss between these terrorpo groups? >> well, again, right now,ow, things are very diffused we dop have a lot of facts a couple things seem to be streams to bee out there.outhere. as you know abdeslam wasm was captured last week.t w that was a big coo for counter terrorism authorities in europee he was considered to be theto bt mastermind of the paris attackst back in november of last year.ea what we do know is that he wash probably the head of the paris cell that did those attacks bacc in november.em that was one of three isis celll which contained about 30 individuals.viduals. the first cell was probably pbal killed in rocket syria by u.s. . air third cell is still as far as w know at large somewhere in somew europe. and there is some belief now bee among count terrorism officialss that this third cell may hav
8:43 am
been responsible for the attacks we saw in brussels, and this may have happened because these individuals and there are therea suspects now that they may be connected to this a syrian, is one fellow, and another guy is moroccan.ccan. they may have felt they wereavft going to be -- they were suspe suspects. they were wanted but theye thought they may have bwaeen swt up very soon as a result of the interrogation that mr. abdeslams is now under going in brussels.s so this may be an attack thatk t was accelerated because of his capture. >> so what do we do now? what?w does belgium do now, thehe neighboring countries there in i europe do now? what's the next move? >> well, allison, right now, all these countries, all thellhe airports are under lock down and increased police presence pse certainly throughout europe.hou. that can't go on forever. but, you know, of course thersee airport and there are no flights coming in and ou o
8:44 am
right now what's going to happep is all of the counter terrorism officials and the lawnd t enforcement officials throughoui europe are comparing they're looking at -- sharing information. they're trying to get thetryingt forensic information that theytt can. there was a suicide bomber herer in brussels. bssel we don't know the identity of o that individual, though you know forensic specialists and experts are now harvesting evidence fror the crime scene.the crime sce these are crime scenes.ce both the two hits at the airporr and of course the third attackrt site on the metro.siten th so right now, it's really rll gathering evidence and findingng out who these individuals wereuw and looking for link catches between some of the attackerskes from paris and other folks and d then trying to predict whatrediw might happen next.t >> you know -- >> i just want to know quicklyok how deep might this network go, you know, you arrest, you just credited with being the being t mastermind that's what we know now in paris and then you see these other people sort of as sf you said accelerate their plans.
8:45 am
and how can belgium fight thisit now at this point? >> well, again, the investigation is going to be asb deep as possible and they'rey' going to be looking for every e possible lead. lead. they'll look at -- there'sre software out that that linkst ls people to other they'll be harvest evidence froe cell phones if they find any ify these individuals may have had a phone and perhaps it survivedurd the explosion.lo they'll look for every piece ofe evidence that they can find.d. they'll be out combing combi neighborhoods where thesehere te individuals if they identify who they were were known to frequenr and the idea there is there ishe anyone else out there? are there other operatives? and if these isis cells had 30 or 40 or 20 people and maybe two or thret are now captured and two or three or seven or dead there mae be six or seven or 12 out theree so those are the people thateha they're very concerned with right now.ri
8:46 am
just wanted to ask because one b of the details that came out recently even before this attact this morning was that belgiumgi authorities had recently cometly across new names they believe may have been connected to the paris attack, that they wereeyer investigating.. so when it comes to paris now, n you know, paris' president're saying this is an act of war o w against europe not just againstn belgium, not just againstst france.ance are these european experts whene it comes to investigating terror from different nations are theye all working together? do your?y have faith that as they workor together they will continue toti snub this somehow a lot ofsomeho people were saying, look, theyhe shut down belgium aft at paris s attacks looking for theseorhe suspects the first time.ts t they found out more informationa just came out bore suspects and yet this still occurred.ccurre >> yes. steve, to answer your question, information sharing between thee countries and european union isn at high speed right now. n the europeans realize that thiss is not an
8:47 am
belgium.belgm this is an tack against thest western way of life. of lif this is an attack against ast european way of life.if this is the attack against thegt way the eu works, the openn borders that exist in europe. er you don't need your passport to go from belgium to france to holland.holld. and so all of the countries that are affected by this throughouth the european continent arent a sharing information. if they don't, they run the risk of letting gaps occur between be the investigation so this is aos very coordinated effort rightig now. certainly the uk and the unitede states are involved in this, also. >> jack, we appreciate youre prc insight and talk ugh with usithu this morning.orni jack at a marco with the centerc for the study of terrorism.errom a terrorism expert. hopefully we'll catch up with uw you real s that might be sooner than latert the way today is going.y y is g >> okay, steve, thank you very,h much. >> we'll take a short break. we'll be back on the other sideo get you updated on your weathera and traffic this morning. mning ♪ ♪
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♪ breaking news continues now 8:50 several hours removed fromo series of terror attacks inac belgium right being viewed not just an attackc on belgium but as an attack onn europe. more than 30 dead at lastt l count. of course keep up to date onkeeo that information.or though, we want to get to tucket barnes and weather right
8:51 am
see what kind of jacket we'llt need when we step outside here h in our area. our >>llll right. thank you very much, we are lookingry at very cool co conditions. you know what, cold conditions c overnight upper 20s and low 30s. but we can look forward to highh temps in the low 60s later thiss afternoon, and we only getnl get warmer from here. 70's by tomorrow.y to 38 now in 34 up in gaithersburg.erur 41 in leonardtown.wn both fredericksburg andrick leonardtown below freezing thisi morning now 38 for you there in fredericksburg.erks 32 in culpeper. 30 out in martinsburg.ns a few spots still below freezi freezing. sun has been up for an hour and a half now and allows a nightfo warmup. we got cloud cover, high thin hh clouds out there at the moment.m we'll get a little more sunshins this afternoon kind of a partlyf to mostly sunny day and a quietq day not expecting any rainecng a today. nice quiet afternoon.ce afterno. no rain probably until lateat thursday.ur early friday with our neck coldc front a big winter storm that st takes shape across the rockyky mountain states and pushes ups d into the great lakes there region including wisconsin andna detroit looking up to a foot off snow. a lot of snow up there forup springtime. he
8:52 am
want to share quickly greatcklyt shape this afternoon. temps about 10 degrees warmerme than yesterday a breeze out of the south and west today.uth little breezy this afternoanon.. we'll watch this winter stormers take shape we'll get a cold c front associated with that thatt moves through late thursday anda early that's our next chance for somef rain that will cool us a littlel bit -- cool us down a little bit here for the -- for our easter r holiday weekend. weekend but it look like rain showers thursday night into early frid friday. and cooler temperatures.emperate 62 today. t 70 or better wednesday andedne thursday. mid 70s thursday.s thursday. that should be the pick of thede week and a little cooler as weoa get into the weekend but dry but saturday and sunday that's aday' weather update.we aterr are inn is back with youru >> that's right, tucker.righ tuc 8:52.52 slow-moving traffic into thetraf district. heads up for commuters fromommuf frederick. you'll hit a crash scene by sce westmont avenue blocking thenuee left lane.left lan still a slow roll there.slow r t let's go ahead and switch it ant over and take a look at ourlo a maps. also in you're headerredded outd 66 on the westbound side crashe by 28 slowing you heading out oo district. dist right now there are delays on on metro to shady grove on the red
8:53 am
give yourself extra time there. the rest of the rails on time oo close to schedule. sched earlier crash cleared 123 southu after georgetown pike still pike seeing slow-moving traffic on gw parkway southbound intobo georgetown from rosland andosla you're slow on secondaries givee yourself extra time once you geu into downtown much that's yourh' traffic.. early this morning wisdom mr had a chance to speak with the belgium ambassador to the uniteu states. >> he joins us now live from the belgium embassy.mbassy what did you learn, wisdom? >> reporter: steve andve a allison, i've learn thee lea ambassador had just had a conversation with the officialsf over in belgium trying to get the exact facts as to whatt happened over there when thisn all took place.all p now these numbers are changing.g so here's the information thator he has. he said this was -- he's beene'b told this was simultaneousimulte attack at the airport and the metro. metr at the airport this was 8:00as 8 a.m. their time when this attaca hammed. there was a suicide bomber asids well as a package that explodedp at the airport. again, these numbers couldbe change any moment. mom at
8:54 am
were 13 dead, 35 gravely wounded and several others who were also injured. at the metro station which is ii the center of the city where all the government buildings are, 15 dead, more than 10 seriouslyeriy injured. inju again, i'll say that these tha t numbers could change at any at moment. mo as far as security is concern,sr he says here at the embassye ems they've stepped up security.. they've had conversations aboutt stepping up security here at the embassy.y. clearly the main issue is overseas at brussels the entire city shut we're talking about airport, ait we're talking about metro, we're talking schools, museums, thehe entire city is shut down. no one can go anywhere.o any they're telling of one to stay in place while they try to figure out what is going on. goi they raised the threat level tot level four which is the highest level on their threat levelea l meaning that a threat is emine eminent. he also says they knew somethint like this could possibly happenh last week after they arrested the mas
8:55 am
attacks from back in november.ov they found weapons during theire investigation. they also found a terroristerroi network that was in place soce they were very aware thatt something could happen.ouldap so in addition to raising that threat level, what they did wasd they brought in more security.or they brought in more police. more military, more visible vis police and in fact, he says he just camee e from the airport yesterday in brussels. he had just drum there and heus could see clearly police and military were everywhere in the airport but it still wasn't was' enough to stop what happened.. here's what else he had to say. >> just to the people of belgiui but to the people of france, to, the people of europe, to theop t people of the world in general is that this is a real threatt and therefore all of us, all the governments and the citizens as well have to cooperate with thee security services exchange
8:56 am
information, make sure thate these things cannot happen. h it's a collective responsibilitl of all of us. >> reporter: he also says that his john was in the center of ce the season this morning when mog this all happened.this he did get a chance to speakpeak with him by phone.y p he is okay. said this is clearly very disturbing for brussels to havel to go through this and this is s also a warning to the rest of r the world and again as you justs heard him say in that sound bite everybody has to be vigilantil even though they had raised they terror level, they'll amp security something like thiset t still happen. we'll have much more on thish mi developing story as the detailsd keep coming out.. again those numbers that i toldi you about earlier, they're still developing. this is a still developing sto story. so those numbers could change aa any moment. steve and allison, back to you.. >> wisdom, thank you very much.r >> wisdom live at the belgiumhel embassy in northwest d.c. d >> you're talking about attackbc on europe and you hear about abo european nations coming togethec now but also search forh we heard earl yes they shu
8:57 am
the border betweent brussels ad now apparently they have stoppev a train that was headed fromd f brussels to the netherlands right now they want to mack surk they search that train to make m sure everything is okay there. e at this point we don't know if o there are actively searching for suspects or these were all inn l died suicide attack. a we'll continue to stay on this for you coming up at 9:00 ourou coverage of the terror attack ik brussels does continue.o we'll be right back. 8:57 now. now.
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>> straight ahead breaking newsh brussels under attack. >> dozens dead. dozens d many more hurt in the belgiumel capitol after what appears to bt series of coordinated terror tro attacks at airport and severalel subway stations. station this comes days after police int belgium arrest add terror ter suspect with ties to the the november attack in paris. now this morning the europeanur union is on high alert and security here at home also being stepped up.d we have live team coverage asov good day at 9a starts now. ♪ thanks for staying with us f for good day d.c.od day d it is 9:00 o'clock now on thisnt tuesday morning, march 22nd i'm steve chenevey alongsideside allison seymour. s >> wisdom, holly and maureen ono assignment this morning part oft our live team coverage m


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