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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 22, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> straight ahead breaking newsh brussels under attack. >> dozens dead. dozens d many more hurt in the belgiumel capitol after what appears to bt series of coordinated terror tro attacks at airport and severalel subway stations. station this comes days after police int belgium arrest add terror ter suspect with ties to the the november attack in paris. now this morning the europeanur union is on high alert and security here at home also being stepped up.d we have live team coverage asov good day at 9a starts now. ♪ thanks for staying with us f for good day d.c.od day d it is 9:00 o'clock now on thisnt tuesday morning, march 22nd i'm steve chenevey alongsideside allison seymour. s >> wisdom, holly and maureen ono assignment this morning part oft our live team coverage m
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morning's terror attack in brussels belgium. we'll check in with them in ak n little bit. >> first at 9:00 o'clock thet 90 latest from brussels right now.w dozens of people dead after ad t series of coordinated terror tar at the city's airport and at tww metro stations. station now the death toll stilll climbing right now. we know more than 30 people diee in the bombings.ombis dozens more hurt. many gravely injured. injur the first blast went off duringg the rush hour at the airport near the american ain't lines as ticket counter many you can seem how powerful those blasts were. video from the scene showce sho windows blown out at theown outa terminal.term the ceiling collapsed. cps a little later, two moreo m explosions rocking the city's metro system killing more than a dozen people at the metro stations. right now, all air traffic inff and out of brussels is shut ishu down.wn so is the city's subway system. we have time three teamime a coverage of reporters as well aw and bob barnard is at the is airport with a look at howt flights have been impacted.mpd. melanie alnwick checking in onn metro, and our local response to the latest terror
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first maureen umeh in ourhn newsroom with brand new detailss now.w mo-g morning. good morning, steve and mor allison.alliso self reports coming in say the death toll climbed to at leastco more than 30 people.more than 30 we are hearing there could be ae many as 14 dead from the airport attack and possibly another 20 h at the metro station. s we're also hearing that at leasl 55 people were injured in the subway explosion and we spoke tt the belgium ambassador to the t united states just earlierjust e today, he actually said that 13a people were dead at the airport. 35 gravely wounded. wou at the metro station he said itt was 15 dead. dead. 10 gravely injured there.. again these numbers fluctuatinga as we hear more about what'shat' happened and get better accountc as to the death toll from thisri there are reports also that mana were injured at the airport as s just said this according toorngt belgium broadcaster vrt who's also been giving us informationr about what they are seeing and a hearing on the ground there. obviously, this is still an evolving picture as newre as information is constantly coming in.. belgium officials are callingal this sue aids we hear this was
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tack where suicide bombers firsf dote tow 98ed bombs and also alo packages involved in this.ol all of these attacks calledve aa coordinated attack.ttac it all happened in a brussels suburb close to the european eup quarter where much of europeanup union is a lot of diplomats in that areaa there is some concern thatcern t perhaps those diplomats arelots being targeted or perhapsr p someone else all that t information still to be sorediob out as we get the information ia about what really took place here. here. authorities have now locked dowe the capitol and the airport hash been evacuated. all flights out of brussels havh been canceled at this hour andod flights coming in are beingreeig diverted.verted thousands of passengers have h been moved to the tarmac area.ce that blast happened around 8:000 a.m. brussels time peak travelk time and i can tell you from some of the latest reports i'vev been seeing, the border between france and belgium has been shut down perhaps also netherlands n and belgium.lgi their border might also haveer t been shut down. i'm trying to confirm that ass well. as for the metro stations, those are all closed.lo people are being asked to askedt shelter in place because the t nc
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more explosions as officials trt to figure out who is behinds beh these attack.the attack. so far i haven't heard anythingg about who is claimingout is c responsibility but we aresi hearing that the islamic state might be behind this coming onom the heels of arrest of thehe 26-year-old salah abdeslam whola was behind the paris terrorror attacks back in november. nov again information coming in toii the fox5 newsroom on these attacks.attacks i can tell you will the death y toll rising it seems like the lk minute. right now we're hearing 34 hri people confirmed dead.ead. at least 136 wounded. again those numbers fluctuatingt one way or another.noth but we're trying to nail it dowd as to how many people areeoe injured but again the concernhen these numbers are bounding to hire. i can also tell you around tyo europe the different countries s have raised their terror levelsl in response to this attack. att world leaders coming out to condemnly attack calling itt heinous and also offering theirt support to the people of people belgium. i will continue to gathero g information but i want to gett t back to you upstairs.pstair so that we can get to my othery colleagues who might be able tob
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with these attacks in belgium. >> all maureen, thank you.nk y we do appreciate you keeping usi up to date what is going onoi overseas that belgium. >> talking about again thishis expanding beyond belgium thegiut attacks happening in belgium,gi but of course we're seeing w security stepped up all overver europe right now. now. we now know more about theae suspect arrested in connectionoe with the paris attacks. we reported earlier this week hk may have been planning anotherga belgium government says thatys t salah abdeslam has been cooperating with investigatorsta since his arrest on friday.. french prosecutors told reporters on saturday that theua day after his arrest that he planned to blow himself upimself during the november attacks atkt the stadium -- at a stadium butt he backed out. france is now asking belgium to extradite him to however his lawyer plans toawyen fight for him to stay intay i brussels, steve, in new yorkk kelly wright has been followingf this and of course we're giving you all the information as welll >> trying to find out more abour whenhe
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speaking. in the meantime let's take anti look how this is impacting usaci locally. bob barnard live at dullese at d airport with the latest. lates bob it seems like the, i guess,, the atmosphere seems to be seems changing a little bit as more a and more news seems to bes filtering out of europe thisop morning.morning >> reporter: indeed, and rightht on queue here take a look.ueere the airport police here have a k9, three heavily armed officerr here with their machine guns bys their sides clearly on an heightened state of alert.tatefa we happen to be at the unitedte airline ticket counter where a e flight that left here just aftet 7:00 p.m. last night flight 9500 a direct flight to brussels landed at 7:00 a.m. centraltral european time that was right w r about an hour before the attac attacks, and united airlines put out statement saying that all of their employees had beenloye had accounted for and were okay. o made no mention of any of the passengers.passengers any of united airlines customere who were on that flight 950 a direct flight from dulles last s night that again landed an hourh
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of those passengers could haves been -- could have still been in customs at the time and nohe ten official word on how any ofow ay those passengers who leftho lef washington last night and fluhtd direct toll brussels landings lg there this morning are doing. mr united airlines has canceledled flight 950 that was supposed tod dough part tonight around 7:00 p.m. their incoming flight that was s to leave brussels and arrive anr here this afternoon has beenon attacks in brussels clearly affecting travel plans and aslaa you see here the police are on a heightened state alert of dulled airport thirty nine out ourt th region. spoke a couple of passengerss earlier here at dulles aboutleut their concerns for traveling ina light of what happened in what p brussels.. >> i feel like our governmentnmn has a pretty good handle on then threat that is we have going on, and we haven't been attackedac here at home in long time, so, you know, hopefully they'll keek up that, n good work they'reorke doing there. >> that's really the time of our lives right n
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not safe anywhere, and people p can attack us anywhere no mattet how much -- how much we can tryc to protect ourselves.lves we'll always have to be watchavh out for it. i don't think anybody can stopds things like that if people wantw to kill themselves in theelve process of killing others. >> reporter: so suicide attack c being blame at least on one ofno the two bombing at the airport. you see the airport authorityuto police are heavily armed on heightened alert here at dulles airport because of what happenee in brussels although i will tell you, guys, no word that we knowk of of any potential or eminent attacks at any of our airportss or railways here in the d.c.he d area. but police are take nothingothig as you can see, they have theirt doing out.t they're guns at the ready and united airlines canceling aance flight tonight that landed there this morning just before theustr attacks and no word on whetherdw any of the passengers who left t wa
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the injured or dead but united d says none of their employeeses were hurt in brussels today, guys? >> that is good news. goo very good news.d n all right. bob, thank you.nk y >> we'll continue coverage ofon tiwhat's happening here.'s hapng what's happening much more on the terror attacks in brussel coming up including g live report from the embassy of belgium. belgiu we'll have metro's response to what's happening here and howngd the story continues to play outa on social media and on the campaign trail. >> first another sunny and cooll start to the day locally.ocal sure signs of spring on the waye i saw a whole patch of flowers f just in bloom made me verye me hopeful good morning. >> i think they're on the way.he with daytime highs in the 70sn s tomorrow i think the cherryhe cy blossoms as forecast willms as a probably doing their prime time thing here over the next couple of days. warmer today.waer tod although a cool overnight.ooover and check out your chilly your l temperatures here at 9:00 a.m.. still 30s north and west.nd w 35 at dulles. d 37 this morning at gaithersburgr 30 39 in quantico. we bounced to 41 ino fredericksburg and leonardtownro
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even fred burg and leonardtowned overnight were in freezing.g high thin clouds.n clo warmer air trying to move and in it will give us cloudinesses periodic cloudness from time tos time but generally speaking sakg we'll get plenty of sun she is i afternoon and we should remainn dry and again a nice warmup.p. yesterday about 50.ut 5 today we'll be back in the low 60s and we remain dry until unt probably late thursday early ear 62 today. 62 tod winds south and west 10 to 15 1 and that's warm us up nicely n compared to yesterday.ared to ye >> i'm not sure if i return orun not. if i do i'll have nice warmup ou that seven day and look at theel holiday weekend as well.el guys, back to you. >> good news there, tuck.d ne still ahead the president stills has not addressed today's terror attacks. he's expected to about an hour.o he's still in cuba.he's we'll bring that to you live when it happens.en it ppen >> about 10:00 o'clock.'c first we'll check in withn w melanie for a look how our metrt system is protecting riders and another light of, n light of another subway attack overseas. it's 9:10 right now.
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♪ want to get you latestou lat information on what's happeninga overseas in brussels and thels t response here at home. hom this is the response from mayora bowser here in washington, d.c.d we're all devastated by theted t attacks in our thou
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with the victims and the peopleo of belgium.el so that is the word from cityroi hall this morning.ll this morn still waiting to hear from the m president. we're expecting to hear thatpech around 10:00 o'clock this 10: morning. now we did hear from one of ourf fox producers on capitol hillitl apparently there was a contingent of senate staffers in belgium not far from where the activity happened. h apparently everyone has beenonen accounted for and they are all safe. so we'll continue to following the local angles in addition ton what's happening overseasng speaking of locally let's get aa check how the attack is affectsf us here in washington and in the suburbs when we talk aboutal riding the rails this morning.. melanie alnwick has been has covering that as spec of it. the melanie, we know the metroknow e system shut down in brussels and we've seen bob just showed us aa dulles end hasn'ted securityd st there. more police presence, somepreses bigger weaponry that was beingai used. any changes that you've noticedv so far on metro? >> reporter: yeah, a bigig noticeable change for s not something that you normally see that fairfax county policeyc officer stationed here in front of the entrance to the vienna metro station.on we know that there is going tor be a
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around metro lots and platformsf and the stations in general today.da metro transit police saying,e sn though, they want to be veryt tr very clear with folks that t there's no known specific or o credible threat to metro at this time. they will be using additional k9 sweeps, additional patrols starting as a precaution. saying they're closely close monitoring the events in i brussels along with federaleder partners and so they really wana to let people know again therehe is no reason that they shall bes afraid to ride metro today.. but they are being very watchfuu here just in case you can see cs that back live now police carolc parked also here in front of the metro station. staon so it look like metro transit ts police have been reaching out to law enforcement partners aroundd the region. regio we know that again fairfaxrfax county police here alexandrialei police have said yes, we'll helh and alexandria police will be patrolling metro lots we're this happened at 9:45 in thehe
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it's one of those times in the t day just like we know here on he our subway system where it is ii very very busy just crushed witt people and one of those things t that people who commute everyve single day they try not to thint about it every day, but it's is always in the back of your mindd as to what would happen and youd can see some of those picturesrs online absolutely devastating. i personally try not to retweett those or show them because thebe devastation is pretty graphic oo what a bomb can do on subwayy platform.rm it does appear based from wheree brussels transit is tellingel local tv there that this bombb was in one subway car that wasa at the as you mentioned a train station -- subway station very very close to headquarters and un regional offices center ofen the city very very busy similarl to say for us maybe l'efant plaza or big busy
9:17 am they immediate hal to turn local pub into a triage area. so it's really just something st that hits at heart of ordinary y people who have to commute andee are just trying to go aboutto g their business every day. d once again metro transit policec also reminding people, please,a, no matter whether you're ridingg the dc subway system or anywherh that you're taking transit if you see something, say somethi something. it's easy to report it.y to you can text metro transit police at my mtpd. mtp very simple.very s back to you guys. >> melanie, thank you very much. we appreciate that.reate earlier on fox news morningr we spoke to fox's chief intelligence correspondentde catherine herridge.ridge. she spoke in great did he tale about that first explosion atloa the airport in brussels.. >> one of the details certainly has my attention is that it doee appear at the airport that therh was more than one suicide bombee and that there were alsoer als secondary device that is were w placed in the luggage and
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almost what i would describe asa a terrorist one-two punch.two ph you have the actual suicide explosion and then as people ase flee that scene, they unfortunately don't realize that as they're trying to flee theflt safety they're fleeing into thee past path of another explosion.n so, again washington has myinonh attention this morning is thatn it does appear there were atr te least two different types off devices at the airport, again,, that speaks to premeditation, ii speaks to planning and it also speaks to other individuals whos are not necessarily killed in k that attack. we are also told that thed t french and the british have both increased their police presencec and all the gate ways intoays io brussels have been shut off. >> 9:19.>> more to come this morning at thi embassy of belgium here ine washington, d.c. the flagsgs lowered to half half staff. sff we'll revisit what's happeningt at the embassy we heard from thm ambassador a short time ago.ime we'll hear more from him comingn up after the break. b it's 9:18. 9:18.
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♪ 9:21 right now. we> continue to to cover theovt deadly attacks in belgium the time is 2:20 in belgium. bel the attacks started in the 8:00 o'clock hour this morning.r countries remain on high alert.e earlier this morning ouris o wisdom martin spoke with the wie ambassador of belgium and hende joins us now live from thee from belgium emb
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wisdom, good morning. >> reporter: allison andll steve, good morning.e, g i did talk to the ambassadormbso this morning a short time agoim and he's been in constant conan contact with officials over inn brussels about what took place,p and he was trying to get the g fact where is he came out andre spoke with us. he says the facts as he's been told at this point is this was a simultaneous attack, two two explosions at the airport, one suicide bomber around aro 8:00 o'clock this morning andlok then there was a package thatt exploded as well at the airporta 13 dead was the number he wasr w given. 35 seriously injured plus alu a number of other injuries as well at the airport.po meanwhile, over at the metro met station, at the subway station,a which is in a center of the city, he said 15 dead there.. at least 10 seriously wounded. security is obviously an issuen at this point even though theynd security they're talking about o security measures they cansures improve here at the embassy as s well as overseas.eas brussels completely shut down.o we're talking
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talking metro, schools,, businesses, the government,ernm everything is shut down as far s as that's concerned.cerned they had already raised thedy rt terror threat level to the highest level they can raisey cn which is the level four. f that means that a threat isea eminent.eminen he also said that they knew thaa there was a possibility that something like this could happee because they had captured ctu several days ago they hads ag captured the man they thoughthet was the mastermind behind the te november paris terror tax and hh had a network of terrorists that he was working with as well as l weapons they had found during the investigation.nvesti we also asked his reaction toion this devastating news thisng new morning and here's what he hadhe to say. >> the message we have not just to the people of belgium, but tb the people of france, to the t people of europe, to the peopleo of the world in general is thats this is a real threat and therefore all of us, all the t governments and the citizens ass well have to cooperate with the
9:24 am
information, make sure that tha these things cannot happen.tappe it's a collective responsibilitl of all of us. >> reporter: now he also said a he had just returned from brussels yesterday and he was there. there he saw when he was at the was at airport how visible security was because it had been ampe amped p based thon the police, the military veryyy visible at the airport and yet still happened he also says hiss son work at the center of thentt city for an office at the centen of city near that metro stop. s he is okay.hes okay. that was good news as far as his personal family is concerned.ed. meanwhile, crisis management hat been triggered. tgg the phone lines they're askinghk people not to make phone callshc on the phone lines becauseesec obviously the network is prettyt jammed so they are encouraging a people if they want to knowt about their family members overr in that area to use social medid to get that information.nfma steve, allison, back to you.. >> interesting. really good use of social media sometimes we see t
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but this time to be connected tt friends and family we see thed w best. >> still ahead on good daytill today, we are going to head baco to the newsroom. hhe maureen is there she has update for us on the unfortunately thet mounting death toll in belgium b also, the investigation intoti those terror attacks inks i brussels. >> we will also have update onhe some of the other headlines thit morning including the president's trip to cuba and the presidential race on another primary tuesday plus tucker wil be back with a check of thehe forecast on good day toda d.c. stay with us.
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♪ 9:28. welcome back. that's a look at the devastatioa from the bombings at the airporr in brussels this morning.sor the windows there blown out ando this gives you good perspective of just how forceful this blastt must have been there.he we now know that in total t they're saying some 34 peoplepl have lost their lives today. both at the airport and in the metro system there with theh t attack. that picture just tells thetls t entire story of how widespread w this devastation really was.y >> really does. we want to kell come you back to good day d.c. d.c if you were expecting to see holly, maureen and wisdomnd wism everybody is on assignment todan because of the massiveness ofase this story that is affecting nog just belgium but all of europefe and having effects here in theen united states.ited let's get the details right nown from maureen umeh. she has the latest for us fromtf the newsroom. mo. you guys talking about the e possiblede
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those numbers continue to chang right now i'm hearing 34 people confirm dead at least 136 wounded.wo these numbers again fluctuatingt as we get new information intott the fox5 newsroom. this is all according to belgiul media reports.ts those are the numbers we're hearing from them.hearg fr according also to the belgiumum ambassador to the united states who mentioned that 13 people peo were dead at the airport. 35 gravely wounded. 15 dead at the metro station, 1i gravely wounded there. obviously this is still an is sa evolving picture as newre a information is constantly coming in. in belgium officials are calling a least one of the blasts at thelt airport suicide attack. att we hear that one man had suicids vest on and then there mightre m have been another package which was responsible for the secondhc attack at that airport. air it happened in brussels suburbes close to the european corridor. the european union is s a lot of diplomats working in wr that area. that there's some question whetherueh one or more might have beenmighb targeted or per happen the hn t employees there.s there. either way this is all information that is yet to bethi sored out. out authorities have now locked dowa the capitol and the airport hast
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all flights out of the brusselst have been cancel at this hour. h flights coming in have been diverted.diverted. thousands every people have bee moved to the tarmac a that happened hours ago. a i'm sewelling by now they'reg bw trying to move people out ofe ot that area and into a safer s there is a lock down in effect f right there in brussels wheresss people are being asked to stayoa indoors because of concerns fors more explosions. elosi that blast happened around 8am brussels time the peak traveleaa time. ti we've also learned all metro stations in brussels are closede now and the borders betweenetwen belgium and france and alsols belgium and the netherlands are reportedly closed as well. i should tell you that belgiumel is now at the highest terrorst evel that they've ever been one which is a number four. when that is instituted whattitu that means is that the bordersrs the transport systems, schoolsos and all other public facilitiese have been shit down againin authorities trying to get a to handle as to what is behind thid attack. i've been trying to reach out to family members and friends who i know in belgium. i do have someone who work for the mayor's loves tweeted out ot accepme
9:31 am
they've been asked -- they havee instructions to stay at their office, turn off all the lightsg the grand palace is evacuated and he says kind of the grand palace is real theealt central area there where they wt have the municipal buildings anb it's a big tourist place. p again this is report fromt someone who works in that area saying that they are being toldd to basically shelter in turn off the lights and again fear the comment theme here. her via relative who lives there. t i have not been able to reacho her. i'm getting concerned at thiscet hopefully she's she doesn't workfu in those t affected areas.fect the entire region could be undee these numbers again coming as cg the reportedd eath toll 344 people right confirm dead d according to belgium officials.a 136 wounded much those numbersbs likely to rise. re. a lot of solidarity for belgium people expressing condolences co world leaders condemning thesemg attacks. we understand eiffel tower willt be lit up tonight in belgium's m
9:32 am
inn solidarity to show theo show people from belgium that they dy have support around the world. we are waiting to hear from president obama. oba his comments from this attack.. if has already spoken my mista mistake. errld leaders coming out toad condemn these attacks.ttacks more information as i gather itr i'm working my sources there inn belgium hopefully they can given me a better first hand accountdc what theur saying, what they'ree feeling after yet this latest lt round of terror attacks. att back to you guys. >> we are waiting maureen for mu the president. he's expected to make remarks at 10:00 a.m. or so in less a halfh an hour. hr. that's what we're hoping from fm cuba. >> all right. also getting more reports fromro overseas right now.ow. investigating possible reports p that we've been questioning in b there were any suspects still ai large because of this or if i everyone was killed in suicide e attacks. we do not note answer to that.t however, we are starting to hear reports of bomb teams going in to fin
9:33 am
belts left behind.beltft that would be key and critical into determine hook it may havem been who coordinated theseoordat attacks and then if there wasthr some type of relationshipations between what happened intw brussels this morning, whats happened in paris in november or any other attacks. aacks >> the suspect who's now inn prison there in brussels.sss >> paris attacks, yes.ttac, y >> exactly in response to thoseo deadly explosions in brussels facebook has activated safety s check the option allows users inn dangerous areas to mark themselves as safe. this feature was widely you'veil during the paris terror tuckuc last november with phone with networks down said to be verye jammed overseas.ves safety check allows familys members to get in touch withto loved ones and make sure theye r are okay.. so the good use of social mediam in a situation like this to makm sure your family and friends ari all right. >> as we know, when somethingomt happens around the world it ther usually picks up steam on social media. a lot of the information comes i in. the question then is,
9:34 am
accuracy what you're getting. we are flooded with informationr these days on social media. >> holly one of the things i'veh been struck with as you are herr with us now is the image behind you, france holding belgium bum there and also the image of lovv over hate and we've seen it before.before >> we have seen it before.e ha as you were talking about,taing steve, the different information coming in, what we also really see is this flood of feelingseei and this day and age when wen talk about social media itl med really is a platform for peopleo to vent their frustrations and also their sadness, and we seede the world come together and able to almost chat and hold eachdac other as people go ahead and pua their thoughts out there. outhee we thought we would take a looka at some of them. somof t here's one coming in we're comie seeing a lot of thighs here ate communications connections our hearts go out to the people of belgium.belgium it's very simple but true it's e what people are indeed feelingei here this morning.s mni hash tag brussels as you cans a imagine were one of the hashe oh tagsing that trending.thatrend courtney writes, so horrible hoi what's happened in brussels.d il my thoughts go out to those whoe
9:35 am
family. fa i think a lot of times peoplemil don't know exactly what to sayht but they just want to say something. and so we see a lot of that.t ot thoughts and prayers going outoi to the people of brussels. how much more must we endure before these heinous acts arere confronted head on? i think a a lot of people have that questi question. when people pose a question like that, a lot of times that's when you see the conversations goingg back and forthwith peopletheo happening. this is very simple it has the s picture there.ure here's many of the hash tags include peace and prayer. peace will win. pray for brussels.el pray fort world.ort world pray for peace. i think that pray for the worldw says a lot because really as we've heard this is not just ant attack on brussels.russ it's an attack on europe.e. it's an attack on the world anda many people are talking about. a here's that image you weret imaw talking about allison that is ss poignant. poig you see november 13th that wasta the date of the paris attacks. c and then you see today's dateods and the belgium flag. this was actual done by a cart
9:36 am
tags there. t so this can get out to as peoplo as i have a feeling a lot of peoplf will be retweeting this and area saving that image and posting it themselves. as we go ahead and move on here, belgium in brussels with the emoticons there and simple flage it says a lot. here's we're seeing lots ofeeg l people obviously use the flag in different artworks.rtworks. i can't believe it's happenedped where is humanity? again thishi hash tag says a lot all in capitals, we need love. this one i wanted to go ahead ge and post because as we are as we seeing a lot in terms of peopleo saying pray for brussels, prayep for peace, there's always thats other side that comes out whenue this happens as well. a this is by andrew side dell hee says don't pray for brussels.el actually do something moreething religion john is not the answer. and that's his feelings there.le he then on ton write a whole facebook post wrack he talkswrke about instead of just praying,tp go ahead and donate to a cause.
9:37 am
donate to the red cross that t comes in and helps during thesee situations.siatio donate to a cause that is abouta anti hate. h go ahead and do something tangible instead of just sayinge that you're going to pray. t p i always understand when peopleo say that side as well but againa you know, some people just don'd know what else to do, and i will say in the essence of fulll disclosure, i actually do pray and prayed immediately when thia happened this morning and i fino that helpful to me. that goes back to our originalra one so again we're seeing lot of emotion.emot a lot of frustration.. a lot of tweets frankly we can'e share with you people are so angry about what's happened yete again and again i always say, sy anger is a derivative of fear.ea people are afraid and then it tn makes them angry. ary not only at what happened but what can still happen.appe so we'll continue to monitor tht social media feed here all the different platforms be it porms instagram, twitter, facebook, fb people really are talking abou
9:38 am
what has happened in the worldld again today. back upstairs to you all. >> it is so very sick of it. si i'm with you holly. you hol very good. thank you so much. we'll see you shortly.u short >> want to let everybody knowdyo we're covering the story so muco obviously eighths global story. it affects the war on terror ter globally and also because therec are many people, these flights f were headed -- flights headed ha from brussels here tos washington, d.c. there were ther scheduled today.scheduled we know there are american who'r were in brussels.els we know there were couldn't tin' jess of senate staffers who wers in brussels. in b it affects a lot of people. ppl now with that said d.c. is a. is very busy story.y s a lot of other stories to get. t to we'll get to those and one oo the good stories today is changc of in the forecast.oras >> i will pick piggyback on youo and say we know how it feels ase well. sadly we know how it feels to be tacked. so we're bringing you what'sngin going on in the world and thend world is much smaller today.lley so bear with us.r with in the meantime you'reimeou're absolutely right. we need to know when we venturev out what to wear today andray a tucker has that for us ins i today's >> hey, tuck. tuc >> we don't mean to ignore yougr tucker. >> thank you allison.
9:39 am
weather not a big deal today.ald it is, you know, honestly pretty cold overnight. overnight lows back in the 20k 2 and low 30s.lo30s big headline spring warmth returns, low 60 today's. that's great news and then 70sds in the forecast by wednesday ana thursday in fact well into the 70s maybee 75 degrees by thursday t afternoon. here come the cherry blossoms.s. 42 now in washington.ashito still pretty cool out there at t 9:39 in the morning.or 42 in annapolis. 45 now in leonardtown. 37 up in baltimore. balti you can see the 30s north ande west.west. overnight, just about everybodyy hit the freezing mark we didn'td hear in washington.hito just about everybody else rightg around freezing even 20s outeves there early this morning. mor all right. al still battling the cloud cover d warmer air trying to work in.k i'm not sure we'll be cloud fref this afternoon kind of a partlyp sunny afternoon a lot of the cloudiness high thin variety.h . we're not going get any raint g today. nice dry afternoon for you. f y if you're traveling across the united states most of the o t country pretty quiet we'll watch a big storm start to take shapee across the rocky mountain stateu and track up into te
9:40 am
lakes area up towards wisconsin and michigan here over the nexth couple of days. of d they'll bet a big band of heavyh snow north of chicago by thursday and into friday.rida still some rain there along theo west coast they've been very wey the last couple of weeks for tht most part if you're travelingve fairly quiet weather much thisua afternoon for us, hopefully, hef we'll get clouds out of here ger afternoon sunshine.. temperatures little warmer thana yesterday. ye low 60s. breeze out of south and west.utt yesterday it was out of theday north and north and west. then we're kind of quiet for a k couple of days. beautiful tomorrow.inautil to get higher pressure anchored ofn to our south and east. eas nice pump many of watermany o w temperatures out of the south and southwest. there's that winter storm takine shape north and west omaha up towards minneapolis pretty goodo snows, and that will track off o well to our north and west.noh n it is springtime after all.fter that's unusual for that part ofr the world to get that kind ofeti snow, and there's our coldur front. that's our next rain maker. late thursday into friy.into fry i know we got a holiday weekendd coming up.coming late thursday into friday thatt friday morning commute couldom probably have showers around and then we
9:41 am
friday afternoon. and nice spring like weekend fod our easter weekend much there'se your seven day.ur sev day 62 today. 73 75 on thursday. thuda yes, if you wondering about thet cherry blossoms forecast to beat peak bloom starting tomorrow. t. i think with daytime highs inigs the mid 70s and lots of sunshi sunshine. we should be in pretty goodbe shape. got that backwards. all right. guys back to you ith.ou >> thank you very much for the u update, tucker we do need youd y today still. still ahead at 9:00 a check on what else is making headlinea on this tuesday mornings tueng including the president's trip to cube. c what latest presidential presidl primaries and why the fbi mighth not need apple to hack a terrorr suspect's phone after all. a time right now is 9:41.s stay with us.stay with us. ♪
9:42 am
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should have is you and he'll promise to work with anyone if it'll get things done. after all he's spent 30 years working both sides of the aisle. i'm david trone and i approve this message. ♪ 9:44 right now on early only this morning and we want to get kick check while we're following the breaking news out of belgi belgium. quick check on the other stories making had he lines. first up president baracksic obama wrapping up his historicti trip to cuba today. he's expected to speak to theak cuban people that will broadcasa live on cuban television expec expected to meet with politicalw diss cents then it's on ton ont something less baseball game between the tampam bay rays and the cuban nationalo team and of course we are w a waiting his comments regardingog the attack in brussels. meantime the fbi says it mat not need apple'sh
9:45 am
unlocking the iphone used by onn of the san bernardino shooters.. federal prosecutors say the fbi has been researching ways to get information on sacred farook's encrypted phone getting help hel from outside the announcement came last nighg on the eve of a federal hearing in -- a hearing in federal couru i should say. today's hearing has beenas b canceled. steve?steve? three students at georgee sd mason university under arrest a this morning after bomb-makingmi materials were found a dorm d room. according to court documentsen university police went to theol room after they received reportp of flames coming out of a wind window. during their searchhe sea investigators found a number ofe items including a leafy greenafg substance, match books, lighterl fluian pvc pipe.ipe. investigators say the itemste could be combined to make me explosives.plives in the race for the whitehei house it is primary day out wesw in arizona, caucuses will be wil held in utah for both parties pr and in idaho for democrats.or ds
9:46 am
hoping to take away some ofy soe donald trump's lead. lea meanwhile senator bernie sanderr is fighting his own battle toate stay hillary clinton still has a commanding lead in thedingead democratic race.ace. finally a sweet story to end on a text message sent in error resulted in a really nice nic gesture have you seen this?een i >> i did. i love it.>> >> isn't it beautiful photo that has gone viral online a woman in georgia named theresa lashlyas who's daughter had just given gn birth text the news to the wrong number. the man dennis williams as yousy see there got the text andnd pointed out but the error but he couldn't to do get messages getm about the birth.t th the woman invited thyme visitme the family.the the man showed up even brought a she says she thought she was texting a cousin while shockedho by the mick yup the family sayss they appreciated the gesture. ge >> nice of him to bring a gift f as well. >> i love that very much.ove >> they got a new baby and newbd friend as well the spirit ofri giving it is 9:46 right now. n we are still standing byndin we're waiting to hear from thert
9:47 am
today's terror tax in brussels.s he's said to deliver remarks rer from cuba in just about 25bout minutes. that expected to happen about a 10:10 this morning.orng of course we'll bring it to you live when it happens. w >> firhest though we will speakk with the counter terrorism expert he'll join us live fors more on the situation inti i brussels and what might have h lead to it now.tow back in a moment. moment. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics.
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♪ keeping you up to date on the breaking news out of brussels, bg yoelgium. several blasts this morning.s mr the latest number of casualties stands at 34 right now.ightow >> we want to get back to jack tomarshia the center for the f study of terrorism foreign policy research institute hetite work in home land security inec the bush administration. one of things since we talked tl you earlier this is not beenot e confirmed but coming out from the british media right now thet belgium media right now, that,ha they may have actually found at least pieces of either a suicidi vest or suicide belt at the airport.t. that's one of things you had o mentioned earlier they may bethy looking for. what may we learn from that ifmt
9:51 am
>> well, as you said, steve, wee don't know but if in fact forensic evidence is part -- in- fact it's going to be.oing t we'll learn a lot. we'll learn, for example, whosee dna was on that suicide belt.el that may help us actually identify who the individual wasw that blue himself up at the airport.rpor we're going to learn possible pi wrl that belt was made, how itow was manufactured, how did it geg to belgium.elgium we'll learn little bit about the transit of equipment. who is supplying the equipment.e all these things sound very verr hard to figure out from just amt piece of fabric but you'd be yod amazed what forensic expertsxp specialists can find out fromm evidence like this.iden this is very important. we expected this would happen. n as they begin to cordoned offd the crime scene and bring in forensic experts they wouldy wo begin to harvest this evidence.e that's where we'll start looking for clues. ces. >> jack, in the time that wee spoke i've lot of track now aton least an hour
9:52 am
heard anything new, been in beei touch with anyone, any olde, sources perhaps that can let yot know what is going on, any new information? >> i have been on the phone a te lot. >> i'm sure in the last hour.. >> pretty much the same s information seeing repeateded about every 30 minutes or 40inu minutes you're getting a new gea piece of evidence coming in, new piece of information coming in. this is, you kno, very fluidluid it's going to be this way for wf several days. so right now at the early timee that we've had since the attackc you're getting a lot of the sams rehash of information and evenae my sources are getting the samem stuff. stuff. >> jack, what about thisack, connection in general? ti onobviously we started hearing l more about belgium those of ussf who don't follow the intricatete details of these terror chains.n we got a lot of informationnfori about belgium after the paris pr attacks when it was learned thaa that's where some of those wher attackers may have been from or may have fled to and now oncee again we hear in belgium this terror cell whatever it may be m
9:53 am
there. why belgium? why is that a hota bed for terror activity now? >> well, it's not particularlycu belgium itself.lgiu it's the neighborhood, it's the mal beck area it's a part ofof brussels.. it's known to be an area thatrea has a very concentration of immigrants from the middle easte a lot of syrians.yr a lock of moroccans also a veryv opaque neighbor much it's verysy difficult for investigators anda law enforcement to understand what goes on in thatha neighborhood.hbhood. it's kind of the clan ish area a and things that go on there the necessarily aren't talked about outside in the rest of brusselss so it's a great place to hide ie you're an individual that has the malicious intent.nten it's not a bad place to bece to hanging around you often can ofc disappear into the area andnd people who may be, um, in i concert with you or maybe have h sympathies maybe jihad
9:54 am
sympathies there's an ability ty kind of hard in plain sight.ig. so that's what we see as thishi neighborhood in bowl jump in i brussels a tracking these kind of individuals. >> jack, there's some news outlets i won't name them rightr now that say that police haveicv found an attacker deceased anded rival next to that attacker.ttke have you hearing anything about suspects here?e? >> that right now is brand knewk to me what you just told me.d that's brand knew to me. m >> okay.>>y. >> looking at reuters but then t of course that is the onlyhe o source that i have on that now. so, okay. o we have just a minute or so left. can you just share with the t viewers perhaps what belgium and now i know that trance has comem out strongly standing by theinbt side of belgium, what might happen now moving forward, thehe crack down on any extremists perhaps still left there. >> well, the feeling in europeur right now and the belgium president echoed this is that
9:55 am
europe -- western europe a s ata war and in that type of an environment these countries ares on a war setting you can expectt that there will be increased security in an airports ands and public places. pce you can expect that even places like nuclear sights, nuclear refineries -- nuclear, um, um, energy sites will be protected with even greater diligence. dii the idea here is that there aree still individuals probably --bl safe assumption there are stills individuals out there that haveh a desire to create more havoc. so europe on a war footing.g. information is being shared, s countries are cooperating,oope intelligence services arevices e talking, law enforcement is talking. this is the full type of war footing that the continent isnes now on. >> jack tomarshia worked with w homeland security under the busb administration now with theraow center for the study ofhedy o terrorism.te thank you for joining us.u for n giving us inside into this cha
9:56 am
chaos. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> we are going to y have much h more coverage.more cag good day d.c. will continue atta 10:00 o'clock this right now it is 9:56 more on our breaking news and also headlinea around the d.c. area right nowin it is chilly still, 42 degrees2e in your nation's capitol headini up into the mid 60 today's. tod.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
airport. going off near the american airlines ticket counter and youy can see how powerful thesel t blasts were.asts were. video from the scene showingho eight windows blown out at the terminal.rmin a little later, two more explosions rock the city's metro system. killing more than a dozen peopl right now, all air traffic inrai and out of brussels is shut dowd so is that city's subway systems >> we are expected to hear fromo president obama momentarily. he's starting his day in cuba.a now that is expected to happendn within the next 10 minutes.10 mn of course we'll carry that livev so don't go anywhere. first, though, our live teame ta coverage continues this morning. we've been at it all morningor long since 6:00 o'clock this o' morning. bob barnard at the airport. melanie alnwick checking out tht metro system across the area. a how metro is sonning to thehe terror fears. frs. wisdom martin live at the mar embassy of belgium where weum we heard from the am boss tour ab short time ago. let's get up to speed fromed fro maureen umeh down in theown in newsroom. mo. >> good morning i want to start with just the jt human emotions.ti
10:01 am
friends who live in belgium whom are telling me they are just a j overwhelmed with fear right now. one who works for the mayor'sayr office is sheltering in place ie their office telling me thatficl they're being told to turn off r the lights.ig do not use the phone because b there is concern that they coulc interfere with security andit emergency personnel who arepers trying to reach sources there. e but again the overall mood there being intense fear as you canyoc imagine with simultaneous explosions there at the airporto two of them and one at the metro belgium media report death toll is at more than 30 people. peo we are hearing there could be ae many as 14 dead at the airport attack.. possibly another 20 at the metrm station.atn. we're hearing 170 more have beee wounded.. the severity levels all over tht place.ace. many of them gravely injured. ij that is all according to belgium brad caster vt.aster this is still evolving.lving. picture information coming in cn constantly those numbers readjusting going up unfortunately belgium officialss are calling at least one of thee blasts at the airport a suicides
10:02 am
we understand also there was a package that was detonated thatt wasn't responsible for thensiblt second attack.condttac this all happened in brusselsrus suburb close to the european eea quarter much of the european union is based as you know. belgium is the capitol of europe and so again this is happening e in the european quarter much off the european union is based. authorities they've locked down the capitol. the airport has been evacuated. flights out of brussels haves h been canceled at this hour.s flights coming in those are a being diverted.ivte the blast happening around 8am m brussels time which as you canun imagine peak travel time lot off people coming in airport incredibly busy a hub in that it area where billions of people come through yearly on thatrly a airport. rp so a very busy international airport shut down because ofauso these attacks. we've also learned all metroro stations in brussels are closedd authorities are referring to the explosions aster roar they're seeing these aree the coordinated attack.ted aac the terror level has been raisei to the maximum level
10:03 am
and because of that, that meansa that all borders transport systems, school and other public facilities can be shut down.ow as for the borders we hear the border between france and franca belgium has been shut down. beed the border between bill jump ana the netherlands we are hearingra that's been shut's bee i have not been able to conclusively make that determination.inatio the blasts come days after onlyy surviving member of the parismbi attacks back in november salah abdeslam was arrested intein brussels.sels. authorities had feared that hisa d arrest could trigger moree attacks. atta the president of france holdingg an emergency meeting and security being stepped up at london's main are a port. british officials ray raisingiai their terror level to severeel that is the second highest level on the five-point scale.le that means an attack is highly likely but again all of europefr on alert as we are -- as we are here on alert because of theseft terror tax.. a lot of people coming together to try to show their support ass i mentioned earlier eiffel toweo will be lit up tonight in the t colors of
10:04 am
talking about the colors of c of black, yellow and red.anded that is to show the solidarity r with the people in bell up? as i started off this report report talking about who are terrifiedi a lot of them sheltering ing place as they've been ordered to do because there is a concerns n there could be more suicideuici bombers out there who are wan wanting to detonate more devic devices. the terror level as you can as c imagine just very high amongsthn people. more information as it continueu to come inform again, death toll right now more than 30. the injuries well over 100. 1 back to you upstairs. maureen, have you been ablel to get in touch with yourhou friends or j.nds >> no. i have a cuz shine lives there.. no, i've not been able to reacho her.he i've been calling understand u because the phone lines areths jammed and they're asking peopla to stay off the phone perhaps pa that's why i haven't been able b to to reach her. her trying social sial she's relative until a safeil s i'm hoping that that continueson to be the case, but no, so ftiao no update from her. h just from my friend who works at the mayor's office saying thatag they are just terrified. >> thank you very much.yuc >> hope for the
10:05 am
mid afternoon right now inht now brussels. they are five hours ahead of uss so right now it is aboutut 3:00 o'clock.00 o'clock. little after three, 3:05.:0 the news of these deadly attacks prompting global reaction as r countries remain on high alert e in the wake of what has happen.p earlier this morning, our wisdos martin spoke with the ambassador of belgium and wisdom joins us s now. he's still there at the embassy. good morning to you, wisdom. >> reporter: good morning, morng allison and steve. we're hearing information now that raids are being conducteded throughout brussels in hopes of trying to get their hands on the person or people responsible fob this latest terrorist attack.. we've also been talking to thekt people here at the embassy and y they're saying that they are ine briefings, in meetings, having n conversations with the officialc over in brussels and in belgium. talking about what is taking is place over l getting informatior and getting facts and throughouu the day they will will be releasing information that theyn are getting directly from the ft officials that are overseas.rses now they're also saying that ina the best interest of because the networks are being jammed t
10:06 am
phones are being jammed, theme best thing to do if you want too try to get in touch with friendi or family members in that areahe is to go on to social media andd try that way because simply putm the lines are jammed from f everybody trying to get in touch with, trying to figure out whatt is going on. i did have a chance to talk witt the ambassador here at ther h embassy this morning, and heng,e says this was a simultaneous attack is the information he'sor been given at the airports, the attack happened aroundnedro 8:00 o'clock this morning.'clo there was suicide bomber as welb as a package that exploded.d. the numbers have changed sincens he came out and gave hisis information this morning. the numbers at the airport now 14 dead. d at the metro station where the t other explosion happened which is at the center of the city where the government buildings and a lot of businesses are, 20 dead there. 170 total injured. inj those numbers could change atnga any moment. as far as security is concern, they amped up security here aty the embassy and amped upp security in that area. ithat they had all right done thatonet because of what
10:07 am
that they had during previousres investigations and arrest theytt made from the -- the mastermindd behind the paris attacks back in november.vember. they had credible information that something like this could happen.ha so they took the level ofel security up. up. they raised the terror level upv to level four which is -- meansa the threat is eminent. southern fully awar i was that a something like this could we want to hear from the hfrom let's hear what he had to say. >> the message we have not just to the people of belgium but tot the people of france, to thenceo people of europe, to the peopleo of the world in general is thatt this is a real threat and thatnt therefore all of us, all thehe governments and the citizens as well have to cooperate with thee security services exchangee information, make sure that... it's the responsibility of allia of us. >> reporter: now keep in mine in the wake of all of this, t basic
10:08 am
we're talking companies, we'ree' talking government buildings,, airport, all the transportationt metro everything is shut downshu while they try to figure out who did this and just try to regrouu from what has happen.hape the ambassador said he just camc from back from brussels through the airport yesterday and he waa able to see all of the securityr measures that were place.werela the extra police, the extrahext military that were there andre e they were very visible. vib he said they were visible frombo what he was told on the phone. p they were visible when thiss happened. that's why he says it's sosays s important that everyone pay attention. this is a very serious situatios and it could happen to anybodyby at any time.ime. no one is immune to this type op a tack. a t back to you in the studio.u he s >> wis, right off the top justoj to back up what you were sayingy about the latest you said you heard now there are raids underway as they searchy a for someone in connection withot these attacks?ks >> reporter: yes.. yes. ye that's the information we'rehe a getting right now raids arerighd underway throughout t c
10:09 am
they search for the people who o are responsible for this. as we've been mentioning, initially last week when they captured abdeslam the mine hyped behind the paris attack. the they found weapons.ound wea he had a terrorist network in in place. place. that's why they were able towe raise these terrorist threathrea level as well put people inple i place security in place put all these different measures inre place and yet this still happene they're really concerned about this, and as well they should e be. >> thanks wisdom martin live atm the embassy of belgium in m d.c. now let's get more on that tha suspect he talk about thealabou suspect in these paris attackstt just taken into cut deem we dee reported earlier this week hek may have been planning anotherng attack.atck belgium government said he had d been cooperating withoorati investigators since his arrestes friday. french prosecutor france choie milan told reporters on saturday add did he say slam planned toal blow him up up duringan the attacks in november at a stadiua in paris but he back out. o. france now asking belgium to extradite him to paris
10:10 am
however hoyer plans to fight fol him to stay in brussels. we'll city that situation situa changes based on these latest lt developments and attacks thisaci morning.moing. 10:10. we are awaiting comments fromme the president.rede but we'll move along with our developing news before we hearoh from him.. earlier this morning on foxf news morning we spoke to foxes intelligence correspondentresp catherine herridge she spoke ins great detail about that firstha explosion that rock the airportc in brussels. >> one of the details thatetaiha certainly has my attention is that it does appear at theear airport that there was more than one suicide bomber and alsond a secondary device that were pla placed in the luggage and in thg packages at the airport for for almost what i would describe ase a terrorist one-two punch.two pn you have the actual suicide explosion and then as people ase flee that scene, they the unfortunately don't realize thaa as they're trying to flee the safety they're fleeing into thei path of a another explosion.xpln so, again, what has my attention this morning is that it doest id appear er
10:11 am
different types of devices att the airport, again, that speakse to premeditation.. it speaks to planning and itt also speaks to other individuali who are not necessarily killedlk in that attack. >> we're also told french andldc british have increased theiredhe police presence and all gateate ways into brussels have been hab shut off while they look for any suspects.ts. all right. we also found out that accordind to the associated press the bomb that went off at the airportir believed to be suicide bomb alss contained nails and some othertr substances as they are now sta starting to find more particlesd of that bomb put together.ogethe that all can help in thell can h we'll take a short break.veke ab the president expected to speako from havana any moment now. we'll keeping on eye on as soon as he does. s we'll bring it tooo you live.ou it's now 10:11.ow 10:11.
10:12 am
10:13 am
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10:14 am
men are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. ♪ tin 14:00 right now.14:0 this is what's happening in hapi cuba. the president just had briefingn just talked with raul castro cas we're expecting to hear from fm president obama momentarily. i will tell us. secretary of state john kerry ie also in cuba with the presidente he has already been in contact a of course with the belgiumel foreign minister.inr. now the state department isens looking into reports that threee u.s. citizens may have beene bee injured in these attacks.acks however, the state departmentar also says those are note are confirmed at this
10:15 am
they are looking into those tse reports.repo again, secretary of state johnth kerry in cuba with presidentrese obama but talking with the wh t foreign minister from belgium to coordinate between the twohe countries.untries. >> we are waiting for unitednite states president who of course s is visiting cuba right now to t take to the podium.odiu there you see the us flag and the cuban flag and earlier shot showed us raul castro in then t stand there is urging his country men and his people toe have a seat but they're stilly's standing there waiting i supposo for the -- our president to takk to the stand and we'll let you hear these remarks just as soonn as the speech starts. sta but i think right now we want to see the local we'll break in if the presidentt obama does take the stage but se right now let's get a look atk a how this is all impacting us u here locally.. >> let's get to bob barnard right now. we keep an close eye on what'sh' happening down in cuba. bob, might
10:16 am
from if the president starts talking but right now what's wh' happening at dulles report roara report united airline has cancel 6:50 p.m. non-stop flight tot t brussels. leaves here at dulles everys evy night at 6:00 50:00 p.m.00 that flight tonight has been hae cancel. last night's flight 9:50 arrived in brussels at 7:00 o'clockclock central european time an hourn h before the blast. blast so perhaps someone from thehe flight that went right from washington to brussels is one o the people who was injury. injur show you some video tape here of airport police here heavily armed airport police say they sy are on heightened state of ale alert. united airlines all of his employees were safe, saidaid nothing about any of of the customers. we talk to people flying todaygd and asked them their reaction to what's happened and theirned ane concerns about flying. >> it's fair.s fa. wondering when we're going to gt put an end to this. i understand ppl
10:17 am
but, you know, innocent peopleel doesn't make sense to me. me >> reporter: does it cause you any concern about flyingbout yourself? >> no. i fly all over the world and i a just get on there and go to sleep. so, no, not really. >> reporter: dr. toms this morning again heightened state e of alert at dulles guys, today.. united airlines flight cans sell. passengers who flew to brussels arrived there an hour before tht bomb blasts this morning not alt accounted we don't know but united says sy ally its employees are accounted for and okay. o >> bob we saw the security outut there earlier. the folks with the long we saw the doing out there. thee has anything changed in the lasl two hours? hrs >> reporter: no. they are still out here goinge i out curb side.e they're patrolling the tickethec area. they're also going downstairs tt baggage claim as well.s wel and we've seen some guys working on some of the security camerass here. laying out new cable.ew cable. i don't know if that's upgradepa or what have you, but the the security presence is the same
10:18 am
and it is heightened state ofigs alert even though there's nore known terror threat here in thet united states here at dulles d right now this thism >> all right, bob, thanks veorry much. much bob barnard live for us at dulles international airport. at melanie alnwick is also coverinn what's happening at the metroni stations out were want to head toio havana ca president barack obamaiden addressing the crisis thishe morning. the terror attacks in brussels, belgium.iu let's listen in.s lien i (applause) thank you. y thank you so much. please. thank you very much.yory m president castro, the people of cuba, thank you so much for the warm welcome that i havee received, that my family haveilh received and that our delegatiot has received. it is an extraordinary honor tot be here today. before i
10:19 am
me i want to comment on thenhe terrorist attack that is have he taken place in brussels. the thoughts and prayers of thet american people are with theit e people of belgium and we standnd in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageousra attacks against innocent peopleo we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and allyy belgium in bringing to justice j those who are responsible andibe this is yet another reminderde that the world must unite. we must be together regardless of nation national l or race or faith in fighting again thega scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat thoset who threaten the safety and security of people all aroundron the world. wor to the government and the peoplo of cuba, i want thank you for yf the kindness that you've shownhn to me and miche
10:20 am
sasha, my mother-in-law marian. (speaking spanish). (applause). >> his most famous poem jose marty made this offering ofingf friendship and piece to both his friend and his enemy. today as the president of thedef united states of america, i offer the cuban people saludo depas.s. (applause). >> havana is only 90 miles fromm florida but to get here we had to travel a great
10:21 am
barriers of history and ideology, barriers of pain and separation, the blue waters be e 19 air force one once carried american battleships to his island.isla to liberate --- >> president obama was on a schedule tour of cuba just j historic trip with the firstheit you heard him go into remarksrea speaking directly to the cubanee people thanking them for their hospitality but beginning and b starting of course with ourwi developmenting news today that is the attacks in brussels this >> all right.>> rig very brief statement from thetee president spoke for less thane minute really not even that.n t when he came to what happened ii brussels. now this was part of a previously scheduled address too the people of cuba about relationships between the united states and cuba.uba. but very brief statement aboutno what happened in brussels thisei saying the world must unite.te we must be together to fight these terror tax. tax. >> the remarks continue on our website
10:22 am
the fox5 website.ebsite please continue to follow themhe there if you want to hear ther entirety of president's remarks. in the meantime we'll be rightet back?ck? >> yup. more on what's happening hereapi locally melaninge alnwick covern met tomorrow holly is on socialc media this morning gettingetng reaction. both to what happened as far ass the facts and also how peopleeo are rhee responding the emotio emotioning that are flowing inaw regard to the attacks. to thatt. it's 10:22.'s 10:22. ♪ ♪
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon.
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♪ 10:25 this morning. morning let's continue to see what'se w happening here affecting thosett of you trying to get to work, w, trying to get around town.roun t trying get anywhere across theot dc metro area this morning.. >> fox5's melanie alnwick livecl in fairfax virginia with an wh a update from metro transit policl now. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning morni steve and allison.llon not as aggressive of security sr stance out here at metro as bobb is seeing at dulles airport.. but there is still increased ire security nonetheless. a little while ago, we had two fairfax county police cruiserses here stationed outside thehe vienna metro station and the officers standing out in front t of the entrance and then theyhey left.left we don't know whether they movem on to then perhaps patrol othero stations but we do know thatut fairfax countydo police one of t local police organizationsaniz pitching in to help metro transit police with its i increased security presence as is necessary right now. n first of all, important to letoa you know that metro transit
10:26 am
police are telling ridersider customers they want to be veryev clear that there is no known k credible, no specific threat att all against washington, d.c. or its metro and transit system but nonetheless, they're going to g have k9 officers and patrols increasing around metro stationa and in the stations and on the n platforms as well as havingsav increased surveillance throughno the assistance of other localth police depths.po that includes fairfax countynty police and we know of anotherer alexandria police department as well has said that it is goingig to be assisting metro transitra police by patrolling some of tht lots. i did have question on twitter.t people asking me, well, whatl,t about stations in montgomeryontr county or prescription princeonc george's county and d.c.? all l can tell you is we've not heardd about those local law l l enforcement agencies directly dc but i'm pretty sure that if thei are asked to help, they wouldheu certainly offer that assistance. dc police chief cathy lanier did issue a statement saying t
10:27 am
knowing that, um, they are the primary law enforcement agencyna in the district of columbia ino the nation's capitol that they are on heightened al lower at ar all times but along with metro o transit police, dc police alsoea saying they are coordinatinging with federal and local agenciese with department of homelandelan security monitoring events ins n brussels to just be sure if sure there is something they need to know about that they've got thee their finger on the pulse of it. also, wanting to let folks knowk it goes without saying but thist is the kind of time they have tt remind people if you see se something, say something. som do not be afraid that you're y'r going to sound silly or peoplee will think you're being crazyeic about it. it. no, they want to know if you see anything suspicious. it's really easy to do.o d for metro transit police justus text them to mymppd. that is the latest near the vienna metro station. stion. steve and allison.on >> melanie, thank you very much. >> 10:27:27 right now. right no.
10:28 am
at the time what's happening ine brussels.brsels. maureen umeh has been trackingrn all of these developments fromse down in the newsroom talking toi lot of folks trying to get theet latest information what'stion happening there as far as thee r investigation. >> plus holly is keeping tabs oe reaction to this story a lot of prayers arc lot of feaa and a whole lot of anger.f ang back in a moment. moment.
10:29 am
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♪ i have received and my familyy have received and that ourand tr delegation has received. it is an extraordinary honor too be here today.. before i begin, please indulge me i want to comment otter wrist attacks that have taken place in brussels.. the thoughts and the prayers ofe the american people are with thh people of belgium and we standtd in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageousrage attacks against innocent peopleo we will do whatever is
10:32 am
to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice s those who are responsible andibe this is yet another reminder rie that the world must unite, we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge ofo terrorism. we can and we will defeat thoset who threaten the safety and security of people all aroundund the world. >> strong remark. the government and the people oo cuba from the president of thent united states visiting cuba.ub it's important to notice that he is there basically on a diplomatic mission and asked tot if the crowd could indulge him h moment to address what iss happening in other parts of thee world because the statement wast very brief but i think that he t said a lot there that we stand s with our friends and our alliese that is belgium and that thishat will not be tolerated and then a message of hope what we needd
10:33 am
more -- not more hate.oreat >> bottom line the world has tos come together. you're absolutely pre scheduled not even pressven conference this was an addressdd his address to the people ofpleo cuba and he was there with the cuban president raul castro too deliver those remarks in havanan take the first 30 seconds to sos comment on what happened this wa morning in bel >> his final day in cube. what our live team coverage oftg this morning's terror tack in i brussels continues. we will want to go back to our maureen umeh.. maureen has been covering this t story all on the internet whichw becomes wonderful portal intol what's going on around the worlr when something like this somet s happens. she's got the latest now.late nw mo. mo. >> indeed it does, allison.. my friend who i've been talking to works at the mayor's office, via social media with the chat e feature on facebook so that'soha how we've been communicating.nii he tells me they've been askedye to stay off the phone so thatt security and emergency officialc can have the lines uninterferede as they continue with theirith t investigation and try to get ayt handle what exactly they'reac t' facingn
10:34 am
you tweeting and asking if i have heard my relative yet.e yet have i not but the -- we're -- hoping she's fine but i willbutl definitely update you and thankt you for your let's get to nuts and bolts ands about what we know about what'sn happening here. we hear the death toll stands aa 34. that is the last report we had. stands at 34. at least 136 people though of those 34 dead 14 are from tho airport attack. another 20 at the metro stations the number of people injured lel me revise that, 170 we're now wn hearing at least 170 injured. ij this is all according to thealld belgium media report. repor still evolving as information is constantly coming in belgiuminel officials are calling at leasttt one of the blasts at the airporr a suicide attack.. it happened in a brussels suburb close to the european quarterrt where much of the european usedu is based and authorities lockedc down that cop toll. tol airport has been evacuated allel flights out of brussels havessel been cancel.. flights coming in have been diverted.ed it happened aroun
10:35 am
brussels time which is peake whk travel time. a lot of people use that airpo airport. eighths main hub where you haveb flights from all over the worldd converging thon relatively small airport.rport but nonetheless very important a with diplomats from all over th world and other people usingplng that airport to traverse the continent.contt. all metro stations in brussels b closed. people are being asked to stayy in place because there is ahere concern that there could be more reports from people at the metro station as they were running ouo of there, they described seeingg people with blood running downnw their faces. people just scared, terrified ad you can see this man here describing you can almost makeom out what he's saying just thesa fear, the concern, am i okay? o was i hit? people not knowing where these blasts came just terror there is what againa my friend is describing thatibit there's just a sense of fearf gripping the region right now.ow authorities are referring to the explosions aster roar attacks.rc the terror level has been raisee the maximum levelly four and fod because of that that means
10:36 am
schools, other public facilitiee may be shut down as for thes fo borders we do know that the border between france andenrance belgium has been shut down.en sd the border between netherlandsds and belgium has also been shuteu down i have been able to confirn that through another source.. the blast comes days after thefe only surviving member of theembf paris attacks back in november m was arrested that is salah abdeslam.ab he was arrested in brussels in what's described as a bloody a o police raid.lice rai authorities had feared hisd freh arrest could trigger moregg m attacks and sadly that might beb what this is in relation. relat to it has not been confirmed oro anyone claiming responsibility.b although we're hearing that the islamic state has said that thee something to do with this.o wi i again that has not been confirmi other european countries on o heightened alert as a result oft this attack. attac. london raising their terrorerror level to the second highest level.le in other countries following suit as there is concern therect might be similar attacks wagedag on those independent nations.ato but again 34 dead after bombingg
10:37 am
more than 170 others injury.njur right now authorities do not asn far as we know have anyone undeu arrest but you can imagine a igi very chaotic scene with peoplehl asked to stay indoors because of the concern for safety. authorities again calling thesee attacks a cord nate add tack. at but that is the very latest that we have for you right now. as we get more information asors you know steve and allison iteva certainly will come back with that. >> look forward it to maureend t thank you very much. >> all rht. as we know i>>n these situations social media is two fold, one ie brings us the latest informatioi from various people coveringe this across the world and it's a way for people to reaction asio well to pour out their hearts, their feelings, their thoughts g whether they be good or >> sadly i have seen some peoplo who stand in support of whatevee group is behind this heinouss hu act. >> everything online.veryth >> that is very hard to read bub holly morris is here with the better side of social mediaocl right now. >> we heard barack obama say in that small part when he pt when adr
10:38 am
you know, this is a reminder that we need to unite as a world. i think in terms of venting andd letting our emotions get outet there social media louse that ta happen. people from around the world engage in these conversations about what they're feeling therf today, and a lot of people are a feeling very similar things.hi they're sad.ey'r sad. they're mad. they're angry.. and we are of course seeing alln of that. of t we've been going through.oing th they keep coming fast andast a furious.riou but we just want to share aoha couple of them with you. you this is sandy. she says waking up to the newshe from that another attack has h happened brussels so sad.rus so violence is becoming an ordinard thing. i think many of us have expressed that. t such sobering news to wake up tu and yet we use the word again.. we've already almost desensitized in some way as he he we expect things like this to happen. in a world so pretty it can be confusing why people can do such terrible things. t many of us asking today, how c
10:39 am
we understand all of this? is ? there a why? who knows?no as we move on, this is -- we i-- were just there. t i think these kind of pictures are always ones that really pull at people my gosh that's correce could have been us.ha and as we look at this picturete here it also reminds me of ads m discussion that was going on in the newsroom actually loyal la l maryland in baltimore put outba information they've checked innh with all of their studentseir se abroad with groups that wereh gt traveling over there anderre a everyone is okay. is oy so i have no doubt that all of l the universities in our area ara doing that.g th or anyone that has a group ofroo friends and family that might bb traveling over there. there. but this is one of thoseiss on pictures that just goes, wow, how come it was their day and ty not our day when we were there?e as we move on this is kerryry washington you know her y kno obviously celebrity they'rehey' weighing in too. hers was very simple but very v poignant.poigna she had the praying hands emoticon and hash tag brussels s that's what's on her heart as h she puts it out there on social
10:40 am
media.. this one i thought was very strong. it was a visual that struck meum immediately. it's the belgium flag it's we are bill jump hash tag stayag sy strong and you see the fists there kind of in the backgroundg of the flag and a lot of these t different hash tags we're seeine trend. pray for brussels.ssel pray for belgium.ay felgi you know, brussels, belgium,gium terrorism. people trying get in on as manym conversations as they can acros the social media platform.or. answer to violence is moreor democracy.mocrac and more equality. what is the answer? it's hard,h it's hard.'s that question is a hard one to t answer. of the but people putting their thoughts out thereeo on aboutn a ideals of where we need to go.o. this one we thought was good. gd pray for our world it has thehe belgium flag there.he and we've heard time and time at again this morning look this was an attack that literallyital happened in brussels but it'slss not just an attack on brussels.l it's an attack on europe, it'soi an attack on the world at large.
10:41 am
bulls sells again those hashn t tags that we're seeing over and over again. over again. this is interesting. is resting. we've seen this a lot f you're not familiar, this is actually y belgium this is the character is tin tin and so he's character that manym people over there know and lovel and relate to, and so he's gotso the belgium flag on his heartea and he's crying and the simpleil question of why.tion of w when i saw this, i was kind w kn of -- i learn the story of tin tin it would kind of bee analogous to mickey mouse here,h you know, if something happenedp here and someone showed mickey mouse being really sad.. and here he is again. ain see we've seen tin tin in a lott of different depictions here.tih if only i could shut my eyes and believe it didn't happen. hap how many times have we said we that, right? could we just makk it all go away. this is incredibly poignant. pgn i thought this was beautiful bel almost like a water color of the belgium flag and two hands two h holding each other. but i loved what the personhe pn wrote. it says when i was boy and i ani would see scary thing in thehe news my mother would say to me,, look for the helpers.
10:42 am
you will always find people whoo are helping.elpi and i tell myself that all the time. because when you work in news,ew we report a lot of really bad stories but you know what, thert are bad people in the world butw there are more good people ineo the world. th and so look for those good gd people. hold a hand.hold a hand. we all get through it together.e i found that to be verye encouraging and this is the lass one that we'll put up for rightt now. and it was just the picture thaa struck us. press to reset the world.. >> if only we can, right? iig? would love to punch that buttont as hard as i can. can reset make it all go away and ad let's have a do over not only ol today but a lot of things goingg on right now, and, you know,uno that's what we're seeing oning twitter, facebook, inn at a grag people are putting it out theree feeling the need to talk aboutoo it. feeling the need to connect with anyone and the world and that'sa what social media allows us toso do. >> sure does.>> sure does >> thank you holdly.hank >> thanks holly.>> t >> i like the one said prayerd y for our world.. the word world was created fromm
10:43 am
>> the images are stunning theie bad and the goods. g >> i'll look at the good and and retweet that.. still terror attack spreading sa fear across the globe.helo how do you overcome thate tha anxiety. we're talking with a forensic expert next. n it is now 10:43. 10:43.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:45 right now a lot of feelings this morning about theo terror attacks unfolding inrn brksussels u obviously people us some people may be scare. sca some people may be angry. ary some people quite honestly mayes be paranoid about the state ofto terror in the world these days.d >> the next guest will say allis of those are okay. >> dr. jay singh forensic foren psychiatrist and founder of the global institute of forensicsic research in virginia as he'snias done on numerous occasions he i talking with us now we're talking the doctor sink bysink b phone. thank you for joining us.. what is the proper emotion? isi there just one after something t like this? >> it's a pleasure to be here p with you everyonele.. really in terms of the properhee emotion, the most importantt i thing to understand is everyonen is going to respond to this kin of a tragic incident in a very v different way.. some people are going to be he can treatmently emotionally angry. other people are going to beoi o very sad.very s other people are going to be confused.nfus. the most important thing to knoo is that however it is that t you're feeling right
10:47 am
is no right or wrong way to be reactioning to things. thing there is no way to be able to explain such a tragic event likk that which we're experiencing today, and the vicarious traumam which many of us are experiencing seeing these veryy provocative images these very unsettling audio clips on thenhe news as well as just on our laptops or from friends who are overseas can really take a tollt on us emotionally. >> jay, let me ask you this.ouhi how do we then obviously we all react to things differly. dif how do we then talk with othersh about this? for example, e someone comes to me they're now -- not just maybe upsetps about this incident perhapsent s they're worried about something happening to them.haening to i try to reassure them but theyy may not respond the same way i i so do i try to do that? is? there something i can say tog iy them or do i let them reactioneo how they feel comfortablert reactioning? >> certainly, great question.ueo reall
10:48 am
is very natural is for people tt want to kind of get the emotion out.out often time it can feel like lik there's this ground swell ofund emotions inside of us.ions iide we need to get it out. o we can't keep it inside we go t the people that we care aboutare that we front of the people who are convenient in our workplacee they're in our homes to be ableb to talk about how we feel.eee and we as humans beings havegs natural wish to be able to make others feel good.loo if someone comes to me upset i'i not simply going to kind of sits there with totally static face i'm going to try to want to make the situation better it's bettei important to understand in the scenario like this where thereht can be quite a bit of emotionali will the, that our first goal ii someone who is being spoken with should be to listen. lis that really is the number oner e priority that we this could be able to allow thee other person who's talking aboua their emotioning how they'rehe feeling in such to really bee able to almost get it all think of it like a verbal juicej cleanse as it were.e as iwere you' t
10:49 am
you're feeling and yourngnd emotional will the.nal ll t >> let me ask you the questiona surely on lot of people's minds. who could do something this terrible? what is in the mind n of someone who would kill innocent people? p >> it's a great question.ueio just going online this morning,g calling up some of my colleaguea who work with cia, fbi, see secret service and such asking them the exact same questions.i. really the response that i'm thi getting more than anything else, guys, is that when it comes to t these different cells, the t structure of terrorist networksk that oftentimes we want to blame some central figure.e we are looking for someone to be able to place blame on for on f something like thi so that we can get those exact however, one of the strategiestr that these terrorist networksrks use is literal toll be as fragmented as possible so that o if you were to let's say shu
10:50 am
down one cell or to apprehend a single individual, even though g they may have some information,, they're not going to havee information or in many casesny s even know about the existence oe some of the other cells thathat exist. so in cases like this, it can bn very difficult to be able to to answer that question of why. some people of course are pointp to go retaliation for the recent capture i think about three or r four days of salah abdeslam.bdla really it's a question of was ow this something that had been hab coordinated beforehand and thist was simply kind of a triggeringg point to be able to engage andae to become as we say operationaln or was this something that had d been in the works for a long l time.time. it doesn't matter that there wah this apprehension three or four days ago.days a it's really something where timm is going to give us a lot more r information.n >> all right. rig dr. jay singh thank you ashaou always for joining us.wa we do appreciate it.o appriate >> it's a pleasure. >> 10:51 rightow
10:51 am
coming up next wisdom will joinj us once again wrap up ourr u coverage frost embassy of belgium where the ambassadormb spoke earlier this morning andni tucker says we still have a wayy to go when the comes to the to t warmup today. tay. we'll check in with another look at the forecast coming up next.x >> stay with us. stay th u ♪ ♪ ♪ as a small business owner, here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows. whether its new space, more employees, or better equipment, things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. and that's not good for business. thankfully, a switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios
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♪ back now with our continuinu team coverage of this morning'sr deadly bombings in brussels.ruel it is prompting worldwidewide reaction.acon many nations still on high alera because of what happened.ped >> wisdom has been at the bat t belgium embassy and joins us jou live with the latest wis? wi >> reporter: steve andorter:ve allison, good morning to you. you can see behind me that thing from has been lowered here atwe the embasshey in honor of the te victims of this terrorist atta attack. someone also brought someal flowers out as a tribute to the victims as t meanwhile, investigators are still trying to find the memberm of that terrorist network n because they fear that thereha t could be something else in thels works as well.el they've raised the alert levelel to four which means a threat iss eminent. so there's still looking for the person or persons responsible for this attack and they also a fear there could be another
10:55 am
raids are underway throughoutt the region in hopes of findingfi those suspects.s. short time ago, i had chance toc speak with the ambassador asassr well as some other officialsic here and he said the informatioa that he was given was this was a simultaneous attack. attk there was a attack at the airport 8:00 a.m. with sue i'd d bomber, also a package exploded. last numbers at the airport 14 4 dead, several injured.. metro at the metro stationon center of the city 20 dead stils trying to figure out exactly who did this and why they did this. security has been stepped up.ppu they actually stepped up ste u security before this evene happened because they knew k something could possibly happeny because they arrested a suspects who was the mastermind behindrmd what happened in paris back in november. they arrested him and they were able to find out about theseut t other networks these weapons ana this potential plan. p the ambassador said his son wasw over there when this he spoke with him by phone. pho he said he's okay.s o so we're going to stay on top oo this story and bring you latestt
10:56 am
available.availa steve and allison, back to you. >> the ambassador there of belgium to the united states. s thank you very much. >> let's check in with tuckerh c barnes and find out what'sou w happening outside.tsid we've been talking about warmueu headed this way.. seem like it's taking it's sweew old time getting here. h >> got clouds out there.s ou the temperatures in the upper 40s.p4 low 60s for daytime highs. highs noticeably warmer than yesterdae and less win.and the clouds out there the sign of the warmer air moving on in.g on there you go and it will breakil up somewhat this afternoon notnn by no means perfectly sunnyly s afternoon but pleasant afternoon and still on track for spring sn like temperatures the nextratuse couple of days. of da. again 62 today.ay warmer overnight.vernht and then 73 wednesday.sday. 75 thursday.. so obviously on day like todayid maybe not a day to think about o but the cherry blossoms shouldyl be doing their thing byng by wednesday and nurse full bloom.o all right. guys, back to you., backyo sunny and 60 this afternoon. >> nice to end oh an good note.. >> maureen joining us now.ning s i think you have to let us know later --r >> i will be tweeting.beweet no word from her yet praying she's okay.
10:57 am
thank you all who have beenave b concerned. >> complete coverage online fox5 we'll see you at 5:00 o'clock. life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us.
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