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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this fugitive suspect. plus, details of the other two men in the picture, suicide boppers at the brussels airport. >> death toll up to 54 now. several remain hospitalized. security remains high across europe and here at home. >> look outside, it is wednesday, already, march 23rd. the month just rolling by. weather and traffic coming up on the five's at 6:05. >> 55 degrees, at this hour. good morning to you, i'm allison. >> i'm steve welcome to fox5 news morning. terror in brussels, impact being felt locally with increased security on metro, amtrak, us airport including dullos international. show of solidarity with brussels, images pouring in from across the world and here at the belgium embassy in the district. >> we begin with breaking details released hours ago, about the suspected attackers, maureen starts us off. good morning. >> good morning, breaking news, moments ago, we have the name of the thirds suspect
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identified him as najim laachraoui. again, najim laachraoui. he's 25 years old. a massive manhunt for him is now underway. yesterday afternoon, this picture of three airport bombing suspect was released, the two men on the left are believed to be the suicide bombers. the man on the right with the hat on is the suspect believed to be najim laachraoui who is still at large, belgium police say two of the attackers identified as brother khalid and brahim el-bakraoui. again, those are brothers, khalid and brahim el-bakraoui. known for past crimes although nothing related to terrorism. so far police uncovered explosive device, chemical products, and isis flag inside one brussels home that they raided. we know at least nine americans are among the injured in that attack yesterday, including, 1us service member, and five members of his family. we will of course continue to follow this story and bring you the latest information. in the news room, ma
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fox5 local news. >> outpouring for brussels including support pouring in from locally for the victims from here in our area. fox5's melanie joining us live from the belgium embasy northwest. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the embassy has been and continues to be under extra security this morning, the one difference today the flags have been lowered. and there is a small but very heartfelt memorial, that is growing under the flag polls. throughout the day, people who watched the terror on tv were moved to make the journey here to northwest dc. it is a small gesture. bouquet of flowers, candle, prayer for peace, in each country, and in each of us. among those coming to pay their respects, us homeland security secretary, jay johnson. >> expressing my condolances to the belgium people, and their ambassador here. >> it is the scene repeated in cities around the world, and
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capitol. outside the brussels stock exchange, chalk messages in many languages, remembered the victims and expressed solidarity. candles traced hearts and peace signs as young belgiums came together to mourn and believe in a better world. belgium ambassador said his country is a peaceful nation and didn't deserve to have this terror perpetrated upon it. he says his people will not give into fear and will face the situation with strength and resilience. live in northwest, fox5 local news. >> the president moving onto his next stop on his historic trip arriving? argentina last night, first family will spends the day in buenos aires, plans to hold with young argentinians, then tomorrow first family will travel before returning to the white house, first visit by us president since 1997. >> also, tracking results from last night's presidentia
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frontrunner donald trump and hillary clinton add today their delegate counts, both winning in arizona clinton's democratic challenger bernie sanders did not ends the night empty-handed won utah, idaho, while on republican side ted cruz pick up victory in utah. >> all right. let's get an early look at our first wet they are hour, with one mr. tucker barnes. >> good morning. i was pleasantly surprised when i walked out this morning, it wasn't terribly cold. not nearly as cold as 24 hours ago. >> i would agree. >> like the blue today. >> we are twins, have on the weather lady dress. >> oh, spreading like wild fire. >> kind of old but we figure we should wear it before it gets too warm. >> i like it. >> thank you. >> we will take pictures later. >> okay, all right. obviously i don't have clothe to talk becomes about to move onto steve's fashions. fifty-four in washington, 55 in annapolis,
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doing freezing temperatures even 20's across a good majority of the area. so you can see those numbers much milder, and it will be even warmer day than yesterday. how about low 70s this afternoon? saw a lot of people yesterday, been very excited about the warmer temperatures on the way. >> i know i am. >> and i promise should be very nice afternoon, few clouds out there early. we will try to clear it out, just like yesterday. jeply sunny afternoon, again, warm temperatures, good 15 degrees, or so, above normal, later today with mid 70s across the area, 73 quantico, 72 up in frederick. >> and dry. >> thank you. >> good morning to erin cuomo, looking at the roads out there. >> good morning, 6:05, we start off with a look at metro first. normal service did resume, single tracking on the blue, orange, silver line between even market and stadium armory, watch out for residual delays, things getting back to normal there. al
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train unit at boston, work unit, so that's causing some problems for your orange and silver line. i'll let you below that clears up, as well. little slower start than we would like to see for metro. crash activity, 210 northbound between hunger ford road and livingston road, a sign down in the median. some caution there, in charles county then prince george's county activity bw northbound after 4:50, you can see the yellow zone leading up to the accident. toward new carlton making your way to top side of the belt way. use caution, watch for delays. we take live look outside right now, show you how things are shaping up really slow roll picking up through virginia right now, on 66 eastbound. we had earlier crash, still blocking the left shoulder. this is out by 234. because of that delays extend few miles, 29 your best alternate. is also seeing the usual morning congestion, leave early, to get toward fairfax this morning, 270, no shot there. southbound side backing up by the truck scale, we got you
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traffic back to you guys. >> still ahead this morning, look at how security is being beefed up here at home after the attacks in brussels, we'll have a live report. >> as we take you to the break, live look now at what's going on in brussels. the capitol of belgium tribute pouring in this morning, we've also learned the state department has issued a travel alert to americans in europe. specially, during this easter weekend. we'll be right back.
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>> authorities say there is no known threat of any terror attack in the u.s., but transportation officials are taking no chance. >> annie ooh life at metro center, good morning. >> hey, good morning, that's right, metro officials jumped on this right away. they increased security as soon as the attacks happened overseas, and they want the riders to know that they're monitoring the events unfolding, and that they're staying on top of everything. they're working with their federal partners overseas. they're working with local and state law enforcement here. but here live at metro center this morning, i mean, things are running best as usual. we don't see much activity as far as security goes this morning, and we know some of this increased security may not be visible to the public. it is intended to be that way. but, the transit system again added extra manpower soon after those attacks, and they say hundreds of officers are
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cents, putting in extra hours, working over time, and they're reminding their officers of what to do in case of an attack. and it is important to point out here, that there is no known credible threat to metro at this time. so for those of you riding the rales, you'll notice, more officers riding along with you on trains, buses, more officers patrolling those platforms. you'll also see extra k9 sweeps, and the explosive sniffing dogs will be at work at all of the metro stations, amtrak also adding officers at union station, we understand police are doing random luggage security checks and also doing security seems. both agencies tell us you can expect to see the increased security for quite some time. no word exactly when it will end. certainly, though reassuring its riders that they are doing everything they can to make sure they have a safe commute and ride. that's the latest on northwest, annie, fox5 local
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can also expect to see increased security, coming up we check in with bob barnard at dullos international airport with what you can expect the changes. you should expect to see. still ahead, adele honors the brussels victims at her concert last night. >> live look outside now as we head to break on this wednesday morning, we'll have weather and traffic for you on the five's coming up next.
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>> live look at the brussels belgium where people have gathered of course to remember the victims of yesterday's multiple bombings at the airport, and at metro station there. they're just as we've seen before, steve, people just sort of flocking to a place where they can feel together and where other people are together with the same minds to remember and mourn and also to gain strength, i would imagine, after something so horrific, as we saw yesterday morning unfold. >> one of the belgium newspapers is reporting the suspect they've been looking for has been taken into custody. still trying to confirm that information. but that's the news the bbc is reporting this morning, and that's on the front page, front web page, of one of the belgium newspapers. so we're going to sort through those details, try to get everything confirm, bring you the details as we get them. there you can see the live pictures right there in belgium. >> there is a moment of silence at belgium, our time would be p and steve i'm not sure of the map right now, but
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show you the scene at the moment. silence, but that country rocked yesterday by another terror attack in our world. >> let's check in with tucker barnes a look at what's happening outside our forecast in the washington area. good morning. >> good morning, l an ex. allison, school today, i can't remember, last day. >> today is the last day before spring break-in montgomery county at least. >> we think most of virginia on spring break? >> i think most of virginia is on spring break. >> if you happen to be going to school today, much warmer than yesterday, up her's, low 50's, after school today how about 70 or better for just about everybody. should be very, very nice afternoon, very spring like day across the area. fifty-four washington. remember yesterday? we had lot of upper 20's, low 30's, not the case this morning. we are basking in mild temperatures, leonard town 54, 55 up in baltimore, 54 fredericks berg, 50 cull pup err, very comfortable conditions. we do have little way in the way of cloudiness early, just like yesterday, we will burn it off. should be in for nice afternoon, again very comfortable temperatures, maybe 15 degrees
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comfortable. cross country, mentioned it yesterday, seeing spring time winter storm take shape across the rocky mountain states. that's going to bring heavy snow to parts of minute society, a wisconsin over the next couple of days, otherwise, fairly quiet if you travel in today, most of the country in pretty good shape. high pressure off to the south and east, bermuda hi, southerly pump. so today, 70, 75, tomorrow, i think we will be mid 70s, then we get cold front in here, as we get into thursday night, friday. will bring period of rain showers, slightly cooler air for your holiday weekends. however, we are still featuring sunshine. really nice stretch of weather. seventy-three today. seventy-six tomorrow. your weekends looks good after early showers friday. that's an update on weather. also, traffic with err snip. >> slow. we have problems. we'll get right to t right now you can see delayed in virginia a look at 66 eastbound, crash walking the shoulder out by 234.
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delays back to the prince william parkway. tow truck out there, watch out for the left lane. you want to keep it to the right and anticipate those slow downs from manassas this morning, 29 your alternate, also backing up with the usual stop and go traffic this morning. a look at the maps as you make your way out in prince georges county five on the southbound side, report of debris in the road as you make your way out. so be cautious around that area, as you make your way out. nine the a north light volume, 6:30 to 6:10, dealing with that, typical congestion in stafford, same story, delays, 123, as you get closer to woodbridge in morning, then in charles county, more crash activity, sign reportedly down in the median, 210 northbound between hunger ford road and livingston road. then as you make your way out on bridges george's, bw northbound after 4:50, dealing with a crash, some bigger delays as you head toward new carlton this morning. keep in mind 95 on the southbound side looking good toward the belt way, outer loop of the belt way top side by new hampshire, some zero congestion starting to pop. taking
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resumed. we had earlier single tracking issue between eastern market and stadium armory. blue, orange, silver line looking better, how much, there is a disable work unit at boston, that's causing some slow downs in addition to that for the orange and silver lines. we'll keep you updated. check on twitter at erin fox5. >> looks like students in prince george's countly have to wait little longer before summer break as the district has decided to extends the school year to make up for snow days, so now the last day of school will go all the way until monday june 20th. schools will dismiss two hours early. howard university student lined the streets in northwest to protest what they consider the university slow response to alleged rape on campus. now this alleged incident took place in february inside a residence hall. the university said the administration took immediate action, as soon as they heard what happened. >> education, public safety and minimum wage. just few topics dc mayor mural bowser spoke about during her state of the district address last night. >> we had challenges --
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for schools by $75 million. over last year. also want town crease the city minimum wage to $15 an hour, by the year 2012. >> 6:19 now. coming up, how the markets are responding day after the attacks in belgium. we'll be right back.
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>> lauren, as soon as the markets owned yesterday, they did nosedive. but apparently during the day came back around? >> reporter: it is unbelievable. european stocks for the most part ended higher yesterday. our markets, mixed, the nasdaq up for the fifth day in a row yesterday. so unbelievable how numb, how resilient, how used to we are for terrorists, who hate the way we live here in the west, hate us, and our markets finished the day unscathed. today flat mark. we have to continue to watch the travel stocks, right, airlines, hunkering down now, travel alert for americans in europe, expect the travel stocks yesterday got hit in a big way, steve. you had two plus percent declines for price line, for americans, for trip advisor, for marriott, for hyatt, the list goes on. >> let's talk about what else is happening right now in the world. anything else we're keeping an eye on today? right now the market seem to be opening pretty flat? >> we are watching the fall outs continuously from what went on yesterday, in belg
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brothers, and the third man, in that picture, you see in the airport, with the two guys in black and the one guy in white. we're following that. we're going to see what this tragedy means for the security outlook of our nation, and, the world, also, a report on new home sales, two days ago, report of previously owned homes, big disappoint: investors looking for that, and any word from any fed official speaking as to how many times we're going to hike interest rates here in the u.s. l it be two times by 2017? we'll see. >> okay, let's talk about something that can maple impact on the athletic field. so many attention goes to head injuries. we think about football. really could be in any support. >> yes. and this device we'll tell but big deal watch it does it uses technology virtual reality to help athletes in less than 06 seconds, helping to detect if they have a concussion, you can do it right there on the field. the name of the device is i think. the neuro technology mp
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clearance for this device. it is basically a head mounted eye tracking device. you put it on, it analyzes the i movement. it can't say if you have had a concussion, but can detect any abnormalities in the way your eyes are functioning. and in less than a minute can tell if that player indeed might have a concussion. >> which can obviously, minutes count, can make big impact. >> yes. >> thanks, lauren, we leave it therefore now. see you bright and early tomorrow morning. >> thank you, see you then. >> 6:24 right now. >> i need a device for that for hank overs. >> you can't detect that just by the headache and the fact it is a weekend morning? >> worse feeling in the world. >> worse feeling. >> agree. >> worse about it do you it to yourself. >> and you know it is coming. >> if you do. >> many time you don't know it is coming, that's the point. >> oh, okay. >> here we go. that's different
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>> they go out. >> but they know it is coming. >> fifty-four in washington. fifty-one out in dullos. hey, notice the milder temperatures, maybe 20 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. so very, very comfortable. marshall, 55 degrees, we are looking at very spring like, very comfortable, very beautiful afternoon with daytime highs reaching low to mid 70s, much like yesterday, i think we have tendency to get more sunshine by late morning, early afternoon. and we are set up for great conditions around here. look at your seven day. today, tomorrow, fantastic. cold front late thursday, early friday, bridges us round every rain showers, then, for your holiday weekend plans, easter weekend plans, all systems go here for nice weather. both saturday and sunday look great, 64 sunday afternoon, after you have maybe you want the family meal outdoors. >> nice. >> on the back porch or
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something. >> might be checks in the basket for sunday. >> i think they're peeps. >> they are. >> they're peeping right now. >> but they're moving. >> well, ya. >> okay? >> let's say good morning to erin como. >> i ate my first peep yesterday. >> did you enjoy? >> i loved it, remember the cupcakes with the peeps? >> yes. >> you never had a peep before? >> no, i did, but i haven't had one this year yet. >> oh, ya. okay? >> i was exciting. >> so good. >> anyway, i digress in thinking about chocolate, right now, metro update. disable work unit at boston has cleared between virginia square and east falls church. no longer single tracking on the orange and silver line, good news therefore metro riders, aside from that in prince george's county, tree down on the inbound side. let me get out of the way of four after wood yard road caution and then five branch avenue south at allentown road, a crash, that is causing some delays as you head away from the belt way. also in prince george's county crash activity bw parkway headed up toward bwi this morning o
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belt way, crash after 450. you can see some delays picking up typical delays on the southbound side as well. let's take live look at 66. we've been tracking a crash, out by 234, because that far delays back to prince william parkway. you can see some just heavy heavy traffic picking up, it is blocking the left shoulder. >> thank you very much, erin. do appreciate it. coming up: air travelers can expect to see increased security, we'll check in with bob barnard, bob is at dullos international airport with the changes you can expect. >> another live look right now at brussels belgium we head to break. moment of silence will be held coming up at the top of the hour. that will be noontime in brussels. also, learning, new details about one of the alleged attackers, those details coming up next.
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>> live look at brussels, belgium. our time it will be 7:00 a.m., moment of silence to remember the now 34 victims who lost their lives in yesterday's terror attacks, and many more that are still in the hospital, hoping to get home. welcome back to fox5 news morning. let's get the very latest details, though, from maureen, maureen downstairs in our news room, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison, hearing reports from bbc and other media the other
6:31 am
gentlemen has been arrested, bbc reporting third suspect has been arrested. yesterday afternoon, this picture of three airport bombing suspects, was released, two men on left believed to be the suicide bombers, man the the right najim laachraoui, police caught, they believe, belgium police say two of the attackers identified as brothers, khalid and brahim el-bakraoui. they say the two were known to police for past crimes, although nothing that was related to terrorism, so far, police have uncovered an explosive device, chemical products, and isis flag, inside one brussels home that was raided. we know at least nine americans are among the injured, in the attack, including 1us service member and five members of his family. of course we will continue to follow this story bring you the very latest information, on this latest arrest, and what ties officials believe he had to not only this bombing, but also, the bombing in paris, back
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in the news room, maureen fox5 local news. tens moaned on florida runway yesterday, video of the first plane, to land in america, from brussels. the flight took off from brussels just moments before the string of deadly terror attacks, hours later landed sanford florida at the orlando sanford international airport. landed far from the terminal as police and security official searched carefully, led to bus and taken to customs, eventually cleared to leave the airport. >> closer to home, dullos international airport remains on eat ends alert following the attack. >> bob barnard live this morning, bob, what's it like there this morning? >> it is fairly quiet, allison, steve, so far. hasn't really geared up yet this morning. although, united airlines has already made the decision, its direct flight that leaves dullos and flies directly to brussels every night around 7:00. it was cancelled last night. flight 950 is again canceled today. mainly because the airport over there remains closed on this wednesday. in terms of police
6:33 am
we've seen the k9's, haven't yet this morning seen the heavily armed officers as we did yesterday. but, they are on heightened alert, there is still dark out, and there is a police cruiser with its lights on, at the entrance to the terminal. so anybody coming to the arrival area, the departure area, will pass this, police crews war flashing light on, and i asked the officer sitting in there, she said, yes, she's there as a deterrent. basically, there is no threat, no known threat against the airport. but, they have stepped up security. passengers say, though, that they're not too alarmed by all of this. >> any concerns about flying because of what happened in brussels? >> you know, no, i don't have any concern, just praying everything was okay, and we're very secure in us. >> do you see a difference in the level of security overseas as opposed to here at the airport? >> i see difference in the threat. not necessarily the security. overseas see a loft guys caring machine guns, so for the, looks
6:34 am
there may be greater threat i suspect there as well in terms of numbers. >> reporter: now the state department has issued a travel alert for anyone flying to europe anywhere in europe saying that sports venues, and tourist locations over there could be potential targets, so that a warning from the state department to anyone flying to europe, tsa here at dullos and other us airports, stepping up security, saying you may not know what you're seeing, or may not know why the lines might be longer in the coming days, but that they are doing more security enhancements at the checkpoints here, but again, no known threat, no imminent threat, anything like, that but the experts say, guys, that dc, our airports, any kind of transportation hub in the united states, is always a potential target of these same casino of terrorists, guys. >> all right, bob, thank you very much. appreciate it. time to check in with tucker barnes, coming up on 6:35 now. >> we're in for really nice day. >> gorgeous day, yes. >> spring
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>> well, today, tomorrow, well into the 70s. >> very nice. >> we'll take little break, thursday night, friday, moving in showers, then right back to the next spring weather for the weekends. little cool they are weekend, but really nice stretch here for the next five days. >> excellent. >> let's start with right now, and check out your mild temperatures, much, i mean, noticeably miler than 24 hours ago. as we're waking up to numbers in the upper 20s, low 30's, 54 in washington, gaithersburg, good morning, 54 degrees, 48 manassas, 53 quantico, leonard town, 54 degrees. so temps good 20, 25 degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday morning. all right, a little cloud offer out there. do not despair. winds out of the south and that will break things up. and we will be in for dry afternoon and pleasantly sunny afternoon and temps in the low to mid 70s. this i can deal with. >> something that you said tickled erin, i don't know what was funny. >> he rhymed. >> oh, did he a rhyme. >> he did a rhyme by accident. y
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even know t it made me giggle. i liked it. you know, allison, it is wednesday i'm looking for all of the smiles i can get for my less than four hours of sleep. got to go with kevin on his birthday. >> oh,. >> it was an exciting way to spend the night. >> awesome. >> ya. >> can't tell anyone anything about the movie, but i really like it. >> exciting way to spend the smile. >> like watching the movie. >> oh, i see. >> tucker. right now, 66 east past 234. delays back to prince william. there is some slow moving trafficker yep, crashes blocking the left shoulder, cleared just watch for those residual delays mixed in with congestion, aside from that switch it over and show you a look at the maps, other problems around the area, good news for metro, however. residual delays lingers, but the issue we were dealing with virginia square, cleared, no longer single tracking on orange or silver, go ahead, see if we can forward our maps, see what else is going on around town, prince george's county, few problem
6:37 am
areas, tree down, after wood yard road, five branch avenue south at allentown road a crash. slow downs there. also prince george's headed bw northbound a crash after 450, causing slow downs, from the top side of the belt way on down typical congestion, i will try to keep it tonight i i get the giggles when i get sleepy. back to you guys. >> quick check of the morning line this morning in canada last night, huge win for the cats, got do you have great start, ends up clinching the eastern division and lock up the top seed for the post-season, highlight now, first period, market johanson, his 43rd goal of the season. short time later still in the first. caps not done. passing in front to nick back strum, scores his 19th matching uniform number 19. sweater number if you want to be technical. caps hold on. they win four-two, top seed home ice advantage, great thing. opening day for the nationals first year, not yet named starting pitcher. however, it would be huge news if it was
6:38 am
max. he had two no hitters last yearment baker to however say he will move go gonzalez for the second spot in a rotation, that would move straws berg to three. but that would allow him to start the home opener april 7th against the miami marlins, great news for folks who want to get out and get the nationals park on opening day. pretty smart move on bakers park, try to keep him happy as he enters find year of his contract. >> coming up next: talking politics, results are in from tuesday's primary, and caucuses, plus, how the candidates are reacting to the terror attacks in belgium. >> first, adele with a touching tribute to the victims in brussels. and a concert last night in london. take a look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> adele said she was
6:39 am
applause after the song she admitted, quote, i don't think i have ever been so moved before in my life at one of my shows. i think they heard it.
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> election season still, another tuesday, more result now on this wednesday morning. here's a look at the result from
6:42 am
presidential primary caucus, frontrunners donald trump and hillary clinton added to the del gant count. but bernie sand kearse not end the night empty-handed winning both in utah and idaho. on the republican side, senator ted cruz pick up victory in utah, and also apparently an end doserment from jeb bush. today on the campaign trail, the candidates now arguing who can better protect america. this after the attack in brussels. >> we need a commander in chief who can provide leadership that is strong, smart, and above all steady. >> we will stand as a nation with our allies and our friends and people all over this world. we will stand with them, and we will together crush and destroy isis. >> i would close up our boarders to people until we figure out what's going on. look at brussels. look at paris. look at s
6:43 am
were great sit ills. paris is almost, almost as bad, if you look at par noise longer the beautiful city of lights. >> that we had a president who will acknowledge this evil, will call it by it name and utilize the full force and fury of the united states to defeat radical -- >> if i were in cuba right now the last thing i would be doing is going to a baseball game. i would be going back to washington and assembling all of my advisors, and all of the leaders of the world, the civilized world, to say, okay, folks, we can't, we can't delay any longer. >> terrorism not the only hot topic on the campaign trail though. there is also a war of wards between trump and cruz, showing his wife showing nude, produced
6:44 am
cruz supporters, trump tweeted the picture was from agq shoot said the texas senator said be careful or he would spill the beans from cruz's wife. and if trump went after his wife he is a coward, that's what it has come tonight the latest from the white house, back to you. >> steve, still ahead, people around the worlds have taken to social media to express a force following the brussels terror attack. we'll have more on that next. and reminder before we take you to the break, if you have a news tip, share it with us call (202)895-3000 or e-mail your tips fox5 tips. it is 6:44, 54 degrees on a wednesday morning, and we're back in a moment.
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>> welcome back. allison, yesterday, 70s on the way. i realize i was sitting in traffic on the bell way, something in my lap was missing. >> what, happen possible trophy. >> oh, fun. >> i thank you. >> you just stole tucker's thunder. >> no, i didn't. >> captain and tan eel that's what's missing. >> tucker, remember, the awesome christmas pretty gave you? >> i heard muskrat love. haven't heard that in like 30 years. >> that's not muskrat love, is it? >> no, one more time. >> oh. >> ♪ >> fifty-four in washington, 54 annapolis, hey, notice how much warmer the temperatures are than yesterday. good 20 degrees or so warmer than yesterday. and we are looking at beautiful day.
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some clouds out there early, we won't get any rain, nice and dry, nice southerly breeze will set up today high pressure off to the east and south. hey, i tell you where it is not string, looking out toward denver, blizzard warnings, eastern colorado pushing up through nebraska, minute society, a wisconsin, greenbay, looking at the potential for foot of snow, by early friday morning, so, crazy weather off to the north and west. we are looking at sunshine again, temperatures good 20 degrees above normal later today, dry afternoon, great shape. there is your winter storm tanking shape. next cold front in here overnight thursday into early friday. that will cool us down little bit for our weekend. but, all-in-all, really looking at nice stretch of weather here, and we will keep the sunshine for the weekend. holiday plans. seventy-three today. seventy-six tomorrow. early morning shower on friday, then that sets us up for great late friday afternoon, saturday sunday all look fantastic. that's weather. erin back to the roads. >> 6:48. a lot of delays around the area gh
6:49 am
you cross 14th street bridge, real slow conditions, because of congestion. we switch it over for look at the maps, inbound south capitol street delays as well. inbound douglas bridge, potomac area southeast, stall, because of the slow traffic there. also, then in fairfax, see if we can forward our maps, show you a little crash activity, seven east royal estates drive. delays back to coal bin run road. not great situation out in fairfax, then prince george's, few incident you need to be aware of, branch avenue south, a crash, then downed tree, inbound, four after wood yard road. also in addition to that, prince george's, bw parkway a crash walking the shoulder by 450. bw parkway dealing with slow conditions toward new carlton because of that, 270 south, stop and go traffic by the truck scales, then again through gaithersburg, rockville this morning, metro getting back to normal after some single tracking. we will keep you posted there. that's a look at traffic. >> erin, thank you so much. in the wake ofes
6:50 am
devastating attack in brussels people all over the world have taken to social media expressing support and expressing solidarity. >> i think i spent, you know, good chunk of time just looking at it made me feel better, made me feel better about this outpouring of support. holly joins us glue closer look at that support for brussels. >> it is interesting, because it is a coping mechanism that people use in the in this day and age many ways, whether you are just looking at what others are saying or saying something yourself. social media has responded to the attacks in belgium with a outpouring of love and sympathy. we have interesting inter-active map to show this morning r because this map is all about our area. it is the most common hashtag, being used, in the greater dc area, right now, all regarding the attacks. you can see them on the screen there. messages of solidarity, pretty much rain supreme. we have i am brussels in french. you see, prays for brussels. another one people are using a the l both have been trending since yesterday. solidarity, pray fo
6:51 am
and pray for brussels, also, trending, as we said before. and then you see broader terms, you see brussels itself. or you see terms like attacks, or social media, just in general, and/or just the country itself. belgium. so, pretty much it runs the gamut. social media has played as you can imagine important role in these attacks. but even beyond, just supportive hashtags, like we're showing here. facebook, we talk about this several times. help survivors of the attacks, let their families and friend know that they were safe. they activated the safety check feature. it is a status update of sorts. it allows use tears check a box, marking themselves as safe. the feature was widely used during the paris terror attacks last november. the phone network down. safety check allows family members to get in touch with their loved ones of course and make sure that they're okay. and we even saw yesterday, in maureen talking with her friend over, there the only way that she could connect with
6:52 am
media. so, it really did provide an important outlet, and sense of calm for many people that were worried about their friends and loved ones. >> yes, thank you very much, holly. >> 6:52 right now. >> today waiting for the cherries blossoms to bloom. the blossoms expected to remain in bloom for four to ten days, could be a shorter peak bloom this year, we're hearing, national cherry blossom festival and other organizations have events planned that run through april 17th. still couple of weeks away. one and a half million people expected to take it all in. some tourists already in d.c. today. >> all right, and speaking of trees, pepco is giving away more than 1300 trees, to residents, in maryland and the district, all part of the company's energy saving trees program. the goal is to help pepco customers reduce their electric bills, and improve the environment. expert say the energy savings will add to up nearly $300,000 over the next 20
6:53 am
>> thursday night, maybe again monday, yes, i can say it, i like the movie. >> my full review available on my facebook page, facebook. com/kevin mccarthy fox. i'll have the actual fox5 review on friday morning, right here, at 6:45. >> so did you like it? >> awesome. but i have problems with it, i do have issues of it, and but i think the overall experience, it is worth seeing it in a theater. make sure to see it in i max. action is insane. >> did you like it better the second time. >> did i a, a lot better. they say they do like it more the second time. obviously we've had a tragic day yesterday. i want to schenn sean this, affect the dawn justice premiere in london. but hours after the terrorist attacin
6:54 am
heighten security concerns, one of those ended up cancelling the red carpet press line, in a statement that the studio said, quote, rather than yield to terror we've decided to join the film. fans and move forward with the london premiere. stars in the film ben after lack and henry and the director zach snide their for the screening, still unclear how warner brothers will handle the european debut of the movie which is this weekend. so far, it has not announced plans to change the fillments role in anyway. cancelling the press line just respectful thing to do in regard to what happened yesterday. so, now speaking of this movie i'll be sitting down with mr. henry, himself, superman at 8: 45 this morning, we will talk about the move at this self. i do want to mention sad news, passed away, confirmed last night, he was only 45 years old. one of the great, in my opinion, one the best rap groups of all time, i'm going to listen to the scenario today one of my favorite songs ever written, cause of death not yet known. but
6:55 am
been tweet being it specially chuck d from public enemy. if you have a chance listen to some tribe club questions one of the greatest rap groups of all time. award tour, so many great songs. >> sad news. >> very sad news, his music will live on forever as i say. looking forwards to it today. >> have you a good birthday. >> did i. thank you for the message. >> cool dude. nice to see somebody living their dreams, kevin lives his dreams out loud. >> love you guys. thank you. >> let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, dana and dawn, cousins, they say they tune in every morning to catch up on what happened while they slept. >> oh, hey, pretty ladies. thanks for watching. i know. thanks for joining thus morning. rning. >> cousins the are the best. do you have a close cousin? >> i don't. no, very small family. i always wished i did, though. they were all out of state, you know, didn't get a chance to hang with them growing up. >> sweet, family. you degrees a good day. tucker barnes, let's give these
6:56 am
>> if you would like me to pretends i could be your cuss principal now on. >> what are the options? >> tucker plays many roles in my life. >> much milder than yesterday, as we are looking at temperatures, 20 degrees, warmer, yesterday morning we were in the upper 20's, low 30's, few clouds, still on track for gorgeous wednesday afternoon. low to mid 70s, around here, and a dry afternoon for you. we will keep the streak going tomorrow. looks like few showers early friday. and a little cool they are weekend, low saturday, sunday, nice early spring time weather we all love, 06 to 65, by easter sunday. okay, erin back. >> sixty-six, looking at the commute in bridges georges, 995 south, icc to the belt way down to 16 miles per hour because of congestion, top side of the belt way, see if we can look at skyfox, all jammed up between 95 as you head through georgia avenue. you can see, just a lot
6:57 am
yes, sir ton across all lanes, don't have any accidents to report, just morning flow as you try to head toward the 270, so be prepared for that one, inner loop behind me moving along little nicer. we go ahead, head back to the maps. aside from that delay we do have incidents in prince georges county. we'll in there next. keep it fox5 news morning.
6:58 am
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a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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right now at 7:00, terror in brussels. an urgent manhunt underway to find those responsible for yesterday's attacks. and there is morning, reports of a possible arrest. this as the city remains on high alert. investigators try to piece together what happened. and here at home, questions about our own security, authorities not taking any chances stepping up patrols at airports and subway stations. we have team coverage for you. good morning to you. today is wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. i'm allison see more. >> i'm steve, welcome to fox5 news morning, start with the latest from brussels one day after the deadly terror attacks, crime scene still very active. here's what the metro station looks like, this morning. security forces have the area corded off. now, let's go from there to the brussels airport, and take a look where the heavy security presence is there. the airport still closed this morning. in the meantime, belgium authorities conducting intense search for the people believed to be behind the


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