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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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right now at 7:00, terror in brussels. an urgent manhunt underway to find those responsible for yesterday's attacks. and there is morning, reports of a possible arrest. this as the city remains on high alert. investigators try to piece together what happened. and here at home, questions about our own security, authorities not taking any chances stepping up patrols at airports and subway stations. we have team coverage for you. good morning to you. today is wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. i'm allison see more. >> i'm steve, welcome to fox5 news morning, start with the latest from brussels one day after the deadly terror attacks, crime scene still very active. here's what the metro station looks like, this morning. security forces have the area corded off. now, let's go from there to the brussels airport, and take a look where the heavy security presence is there. the airport still closed this morning. in the meantime, belgium authorities conducting intense search for the people believed to be behind the
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>> the man wearing a light jacket with a hat pulled over his face, you see him right there, in this airport surveillance picture to the right. he is is thought to have survived the explosions and on the run. other two are believed to be the suicide bombers. >> this morning, hearing reports police may have arrested that man, in the light jacket, let's turn to more and right now live in the news room with more. maureen? >> allison, hearing reports, from bbc, and other media, that the suspect at large, identified as 25 year old, najim laachraoui has been arrest the, we're still working to confirm that information. it is being reported though that ladies and gentlemen is type isis bomb made he can, believe believe he made the ooh side vest, now, this is according to french police official who said that najim laachraoui dna was found and you will after the vests and in brussels apartment where they were made. isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks. yesterday afternoon, this picture of three airport bombing suspect, was released. the two men on the left are believed to be the suicide bombers, and the man on the rig
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to be najim laachraoui. belgium police say two of the attackers have been identified as brothers, khalid and raheem el-bakraoui. they say the two were known to police for past crimes, although nothing relate to terrorism. so far police have uncovered explosive device, chemical products, and an isis flag inside one brussels home. thirty-four people were killed in yesterday's attack, and at least 180 others wounded. we know at least nine americans are among the injured, including 1us service member, and five members of his direct family. we will continue to follow the story and bring you the latest information, for now, liver in the news room, maureen, fox5 local news. >> maureen, thank you very much. meantime outpouring of support for the people of brussels here locally. >> melanie joins us now, mel at the belgium embasy northwest with more. good morning, melanie. >> reporter: good morning, and in brussels this morning, they've just completed observing a moment of silence. it is midday therein
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and around the city, and inside the eu headquarters we just watched as everyone stood still and were with their own thoughts, as well as the thoughts of the worlds at this minute. we are going to show you that the flags here outside the brussels embassy still lowered this morning as their country is in mourning. and there is a small but growing memorial below the flag polls as well. now throughout the day yesterday people who watched the terror on tv were moved to make the journey here to northwest dc. it is a small gesture. bouquet of flowers, candle, small prayer for peace, in each country, and in each of us. among those coming to pay their respects, us homeland security secretary, jay johnson. >> the violence is not the answer. it is horrifying. it is overwhelming. but i have strong
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who is the god of us all, the same god. so i'm hoping that we can work together to be compassionate toward one another. >> i had to come. i really did. to show solidarity. >> and jay johnson said that he had a quick meeting with the embassador here, as well. now, this is a scene repeat in the cities around the world and the belgium capitol. outside brussels, chalk messages in many languages, remembered the victims and expressed solidarity. candles traced hearts and peace signs, as young belgiums came together and believed in a better world. ambassador yo hand has said that he is very grateful for the condolances being offered by members of the washington dc community here at the belgium embassy. he says if people are strong and they will continue to face this problem with strength and resilience. live in
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local news. mel, thanks very much. mel at the embassy of belgium rather. our coverage of the terror attacks in brussels continue all morning. coming up we'll have the latest on airport and metro secure eye here in washington, d.c., of course you can always find updates on line at of course, on our social media, as well. 7:05. 54 degrees. going to warm up nicely like 20 degrees tonight, right. >> yes. in the 70s, already starting our morning, 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. so here we go. it is a big day in the world of nature. >> okay? could you tell us more? >> sure. i would be glad to share. thanks for asking, allison. >> is that a live picture? >> pick tike taken yesterday from our very own max. >> max! >> yes, isn't that nice? there is your sunrise forecast, 54 degrees right now out at reagan national. and again, looking at a very balmy afternoon. that's going to encourage the cherry blossoms of course today is -- >> there go. >> the start
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>> way. >> here is your forecast if you want to track on down there. we are looking at temperatures about 70 plus by 3:00 p.m. >> don't think i am not in the g the pink in the numbers there, tuck. >> pick up on that. >> appreciate that. and dry, so just beautiful afternoon. >> what do you think? the next couple every days beautiful, but this weekend maybe not so much. so do you think the peak bloom might be a few days? >> i'm not an expert in cherry blossom. but i can tell you this. the winds seems to be the big cuprite taking them out. we won't have a lot of winds the next new days, so i think pretty good shape through the end of the weekends. >> still chance. >> i like that, good opinion to have. >> just get some light rain showers here thursday night into friday. but again today mid 70s, sunshine, beautiful afternoon. >> erin have you seen the cherry blossoms at all, their peak pretty necessary? >> no and i'm so excited i want to get down there so bad and check it out. i love the photo. i feel like in person you need to see it at least once. right now looking, slow morning ride, make your way from the capitol toward douglas bridge, typical brake lights there. headed o
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on 50 inbound out by 197. watch for slow downs, there as well. to the parkway inbound also slows to south capitol. let's go ahead, look at the maps right now. aside from that big slow down, there is a stalled vehicle adding to the mix of traffic. inbound douglas bridge at potomac avenue, see the long line of yellow representing those back up cars we just showed you. also southeast, crash activity, 295 south, to pennsylvania avenue. several miles of very slow moving traffic, and that's also just because of the usual morning congestion. but this crash scene is not helping anything. inner loop, through lanes, right now, 414, head out in prince george's county toward the wilson bridge. 13 miles per hour, just a back up mainly in those local lanes. but, keep in mind, through lanes also back up to 13 miles per hour. incident right now branch avenue south at allentown road, then tree down inbound for wood yard. so lots going on this morning, we will keep you updated. that's your traffic. >> erin, thank you. still to come this morning, chief coverage of the terror attacks
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continues. >> we will take a look at some of the security concerns right here at home including what metro is doing to keep riders safe. 7:08. stay with us.
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>> similar to the monuments around the world, showing solidarity after belgium terror attacks. rival tower lit up last night. nice to see folks here at home doing the same thing. >> as we hit the roads or hit the rapes this morning, you might notice little more security than usual. >> the brussels terror attack has a lot of people concernedment and authorities, are taking precautions. fox5 annie is live at metro center this morning with more. good
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>> reporter: good morning, transit agencies affected by what's going on overseas. if you are taking amtrak, you should know that there will be extra officers on hand, at union station, we know that officers will be doing random security checks for your luggage. bomb sniffing dogs, know, they're on top of it, keeping in touch with federal agencies overseas, and doing what they can, to make sure riders have a safe commute. here at metro center, things are pretty slow. it business as usual here. we don't really see huge visible presence, of security measures taking place here but it could be it is intended to be this way. at least for now. metro wants to -- its riders to know, that they've added manpower, and they're monitoring those event. they've added 91 or excuse me added officers at all 91 metro stations. they're putting in extra hours, working over time, and for those every you riding the rales this morning, you will notice some of those officers riding along with you, t
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patrol work. they'll be on the trains and buses, and they're also doing k9 sweeps, as well, on metro stations. so, it is important it point out though that there is no known credible threat to metro. how much, transit agencies are not taking any chances. and once metro got word of these attacks they jumped into action right away. many of its officers have been working over time as i mentioned since the news broke. yesterday we caught up with the chief, police chief, cathy lanier, as well's mayor mural bowser. here's what they had to say. >> we stay focused obviously transit system, has been attack, so we look at all of the, you know, top, what we think, could be target areas and make sure that they have the resources and visibility that they need. >> i think for the general public, you will see an increase visibility, both uniform officers and cars and other equipment out. but there is a lot of things that we do that are not visible to the pun. and are intended not to be
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and i think goes for all forms of security. >> now, no word yet on how how long this police presence will last. the mayor and chief are reminding the public that they need your help, the public's help. so if you see something, be sure let a police station know, or the manager at the station know, or you can also text that information to my mtpd. the latest in northwest, back to you in the studio. >> much more coverage of the deadly terror attacks in brussels. >> we'll take a look at airport security here and a broad all coming up next. next. it's about taking a stand.
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had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> it is prep. >> i i'm so inspired i'm going down there today or tomorrow. >> without us? no, sir. no way, jose, i'm going too. >> remember that time we took that awkward family photo sitting around the basin together? >> and steve tried to push you in the water. yes, i post that not long ago. >> action shot. super cute. >> cue the music. >> well, the reason we've got the live shot on there, is the peak bloom starts today. >> okay? >> goes tog what the
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>> we did ask you. >> of four -- 64 in washington. nothing to knock the pedals off any time soon. that's good news, look what's going on in denver, 33, how would you like blizzard conditions? >> absolutely not. >> part of the country will get it over the next 48 hours see the snowstorm starting to get going there in wyoming. parts of the dakotas up toward minneapolis looking at greenbay earlier, specking to up foot of snow over the next 36 hours. >> okay? >> temps low to mid 70s, winds out of the south, should be beautiful afternoon. your planner for today, again, if you are lucky enough to get down and check out, yes? >> peak bloom today and tomorrow. >> start of the peak bloom period today and tomorrow
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>> either way the pedals, green leaves, grow in pretty quick. so you have to get down there sooner rather than later. >> i wish we could switch out for the one time and have e-a-g-l-e-s lets in the basket. wouldn't that be cute? e-a-g-l-e-s lets instead of the checks? >> maybe i can put a little, yes, dress them up little bit. >> that would be great. thanks, tuck. he won't do it. >> he won't do it. >> erin, over to you. good morning. >> can we have a picnic at the cherry blossoms tomorrow? >> i don't think there will be room for that. >> my dream. tongue err toll me much busier. >> erin if you want to sit on my shoulders. >> don't fall for it, erin. >> thank you for that one. >> we still want those e-a-g-l-e-s lets. right now taking a look, slow moving traffic from south capitol to the douglas bridge, go ahead, take a look at the maps, just typical congestion, also, dealing with the stall, again, we move over for our maps, poe pam team i can avenue. we go ahead, forward the maps to another
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crash activity now blocking the shoulder. 295 south at pennsylvania avenue. look at the long line of red. traffic moving real slow making your way un bound. inner loop through lanes 414 to the wilson bridge. 13 miles per hour just ton of traffic as you cross into alex andre a then once you pass the springfield interchange slow again in through tyson typical congestion on seven. branch after south at allentown road a crash. tree down. inbound after wood yard road. watch out. prince george's county as well, 59 southbound, icc to the belt way 16 miles per hour. the belt way itself 95 toward the spur. really slow moving traffic because of congestion, same story 270 make your way out by the truck sales, dip down then again, a lot of stop and go traffic at the spur. tons of traffic there. city grove metro earlier bus accident did clear out of the way. we got you covered this morning, back to you, allison, steve. >> thank you so much, erin, appreciate t here in d.c. extra security appears to be on patrol at dullos international
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>> bob barnard out there today. was out there yesterday. bob, you saw the added security yesterday. what's the atmosphere like today? >> atmosphere is fine, people coming and going, not too many, too worried, but what we are seeing is more police. there are armed patrol officers inside the terminal. some with their k9's. this morning, we got here little after 4:00 this morning, and there was a police cruiser in the dark with its lights flashing at the entrance to the main terminal, i asked the officer sitting in the cure err -- cruiser, she said yes, there as a deterrent. anyone approaching the airport would see the flashing lights. there is no known threat against any target in the district. not here at dullos nor anywhere else, but police have stepped up their security presence, it. sa says if you are traveling, you're going to see some enhanced security at the security checkpoints, not saying what that is, because that there is enhanced security, and the stage department is warning anyone who is traveling anywhereo
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to, you know, be vigilant, there is this travel warning because of what happened in brussels yesterday for all of the major airports and cities in europe. speaking to terrorism expert about our potential target, being a target, and passengers about their concerns flying, here is a sampling of what we found. >> i think they have things lined up pretty well. i'm not terribly concerned one way or the other in the state here. >> any time you have to fly, you know, it is scary. you know, you don't know what's going to -- anything can happen. any time. so, ya, so you have to watch out and see if something is same, you know, talk to who ever i need to talk to. >> no, i don't have any concern. i am just praying everything will go okay, and very secure in the u.s. >> the united states is a enormous target for isis. it is the country it would like to attack more than any other. fortunately so far it is not showing the capacity to do
7:21 am
but there is absolutely no doubtt all, there is one target above others that isis would like to with the united states washington dc clearly a target in that. >> and, therefore, the extra police presence here at the airport and airports across the country, i will tell you, now for the second day, united airlines has canceled its direct evening flight to brussels, because the airport in brussels in the belgium capitol remains closed. so united flight 950, which was canceled yesterday, is canceled again today, that is the flight that yesterday morning arrived in our before -- hour before the blast. everyone including airline employees and passengers apparently accounted for and okay, guys, but travel impacts as well as police presence here, because of those attacks yesterday in brussels. >> all right, bob, thank you very much. >> coming up: we will take a look at our other top stories including the latest for the race for the white house. >> primary results coming up plus new
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cruz all coming up 7:22.
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>> the idaho utah caucus, senator bernie sanders won two states, he won idaho and he won utah. hillary clinton gained victory in arizona meantime took trump for republicans, ted cruz, beat him in utah. now, also, this morning, speaking of ted cruz, jeb bush has announced he'll endorse at the time cruz for president saying cruz
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principal conservative who can unite the party. so there is your political update at 7:25. >> all right. you know what else happens on the five's? >> music is back. >> music's back. >> yes. allison? >> so pretty. yes, tuck. >> i have big news. >> okay? >> if you come down to the cherry blossoms between 9:30 and 11:00 you may see me sitting there, quietly. >> really? >> reflecting. >> today? >> while playing that beautiful instrument that you hear. >> head down now to save awe spot? >> no, but i'm headed down. i just got inspired. >> very nice. >> will you take younger inch with you? >> not today. i'm going to scout it out. i'll bring her tomorrow. >> oh,. >> flute. >> listen, like got little baseline. >> so beautiful. not much put you in a better mood than a flute jam. >> flewed jam. >> sucker for it every time,
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>> because it goes back to my college days. reagan national 54 degrees, 51 dullos, bwi marshall, those are mild temperatures, show you cherry blossoms, prime time, starting today, going to be beautiful afternoon. low to mid 70s, yes, little cloudiness out there early. much like yesterday. i think we will break out mostly sunny conditions this afternoon. have very strong southerly flow here the next couple of days, pump the temperatures well to the 70s both today and tomorrow. looks like some shower activity thursday night into early friday. and then we will clear it out. little cool they are weaken, but if you want to get down and see the cherry blossoms, working the rest of the week, should be good shape. saturday and sunday look nice. cooler this weekend. that's the weather update. finding perfect spot for tomorrow. >> i need pretty spring dress for tomorrow. big ordeal for me. i'm excited. >> something pink. >> something pink, okay. we want to match. maybe not flowers, maybe a solid color and some pearls? >> tomorrow? >> tomorrow. >> she is going tomorrow. >> you're going today? >> i'm going today and tomorrow. allison, i would like to you come with me as well to
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>> he's going to be the tour guide. >> all right. >> let's make this a party. right now taking a look, at the inner loop, if you can see trucker prancing around the studio, prance is good word. 414 to the wilson bridge down to 13 miles per hour delays then aside from that crash activity right now in prince george's county, branch avenue south at allentown road moved to the shoulder but still delay belt way on through. prince george's county 50 west. are you guys strolling through the park right now? keep it here to fox5 news morning. we have you covered. enjoy this beautiful music. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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♪ welcome back.lcome back looking at life pictures now as that crowd grows. gro there was a moment of silence sn this morning earlier for thehe victims and the survivors andnd the country of belgium as theyse now look to move on, but that'sa very heart warming picture. picu you see people just gatheredatr there and leaving remembrances to support after that terrorer attack yesterday in the capitol of belgium, brussels. bruel >> belgium was supposed to playp the national soccer team was t supposed to play a friendly whaa they call it exhibition gameiong against portu
7:31 am
that's been canceled now.d n so they're not going to do thato still some changes in the wake w of what happened yesterday. understandly.> rsta understandable. we turn now to a terrorism terri expert for more insight into yesterday' deadly bombing.y b >> we had the chance to talk with jack tomarchio. jack is back with us again this as you expected jack thatt information came out from some o of the residue they were able t find at the airport.po that led them to severalal suspects and identities. any of that surprise you as farr as the links they have been beeb able to put together so far.ger. >> not really.>>ot rea we're beginning to see the t forensic evidence start to hit home here with the dna evidencei that is now linking especially the one guy they caught in a i scream laachraoui. he seems to be the different whw might have been a bomb maker anr may have had some link catch to the bombs that were used
7:32 am
paris tacks because his dna appears to have been used by thn terrorist attackers andrs and explosive material.ateria we're beginning to see the mosaic being built the tip that came from the taxi driver who picked up the three individuals and took them to the airport. >> jack, if in fact that is thet man they have in according to to european media they have inediav custody right now. if in fact he is the one who mao have been the bomb maker fortakr paris attacks how big of an of a arrest would that be and howow damaging might that be too whatever that particular terrorr cell is?s? >> steve, it's huge.s h and again, any time that you can capture one of these individuals alive certainly the intelligence value of the life suspect is massive.. just as we saw with salah abdeslam he apparently was talkl this is the gentleman who wastlw captured last week. last
7:33 am
now that mr. laachraoui has been captured he gave investigator ar trophy of information and ofon course the biggest thing is whog else is out there, who are your co conspirators, and what are your plans, what are the plans s of your cell to do any furtherur action? if there's any othernyh operators out there this is thes time they want to try and findnf out who those guys are and sweee them up.themp. it's huge. >> jack, did we ever get anyny real intelligence i guess out of a person who is willing to dieo for their cause? can we trustet that the information they give v would be credible and helpful?? >> that's great question. certainly once interrogation starts, interrogations just dops go for on a couple of hours.ou they go on for a couple of daysd and the interrogators go to go special schools to learn theseet skill sets, and everything thatt an interview ooh is --
7:34 am
be conflicted they go over itt again, over it again, over it again they want to come out weoo believe it's the product thecthe true interrogation product. so one thing mr. laachraoui canc count on he'll be getting a lotg of attention the next few days, probably the next few months. mn they'll squeeze every bit ofit information they can get out off him and usually they're pretty successful to wear these guyss down. >> to circle back to thatrcac apparent arrest, jack, not to bo naive and think there's only one bomb maker per cell or group orr country or region, ifness factfs one of the people who was peoplo actually making these bombs how significant is that to have himv off the street?tree >> again, having him off theng f street is again huge. h the fact that he may be a bombem maker or the bomb maker is certainly -- it certainly deely grades their operationaltion capability to make bombs. but at the same time, a lot of t these bombs are not that stiffsf indicator. you can make these bombs in your
7:35 am
bathtub with materials you canic buy in a hardware store and youu pack them with nails and spikes and bolts and things like thatet to add the shrapnel effect,ffec, bursting effect. e so, you know, if this guy is caught, obviously, f he was thew bomb maker, great. g unfortunate film may be others h out there that can also apply a his craft. craft. >> very disturbing. ver all right, jack tomarchio, thant you very much for joining usjoiu once again today and yesterday.. we appreciate it and i'm sure se that we will call you -- on you in the future. f great insight from the study off terrorism foreign policy rheeolh institute. thank you. >> thank you. >> 7:35. let's get a look at our foreca forecast. tuck is bringing not just todayd the next couple of days look great.grea >> 70 or better today andor bte tomorrow afternoon.ow aftnoon 73 for daytime high. h noticeably warmer than where wew were yesterday at this hour.thi. let's do numbers, and 54 now in washington. there's your regional numbers.n. still some chilly air off to tho north and west.h and west. chica
7:36 am
48 that 50 in new york city.or southerly flow for us, cloudy fl cover out there early, we shoull burn it off in general. ger it won't be perfectly sunnyly s afternoon generally sunnyal conditions expected around herer with high pressure off to our ot south and east and again the the southerly air, southerly winds, the next couple of days allow temperatures to soar into the te 70s. 72 degrees by 5:00 p.m. and. again very warm conditions outut there. i'll have the seven day.e the s. i think for the most part you'lu give it a thumbs up of approvalo in just a let's do traffic now with erin. >> 7:36. a lot of congestion around the e area this wednesday morning. good news if you're taking met metro. no alerts to report there.t t. we'll move it over and show ihoi was crash cleared seven east oft royal estates drive but stillti dealing with leftover delaysel little bit back to corbin run r in prince george's county innere loop through lanes 414 in bridges prince george's into alexandria 395 inbound really jams upy js u towards the 14th street bridge and we also have crash activ
7:37 am
prince george's branch of a south at allentown road still blocking the shoulder. northbound five dealing withnd f typical stop and go traffic. trc suitland parkway inbound jams ts south capitol and also new yorky avenue inbound jams at jams bladensburg and through the street tunnel. a lot of cop jets inside the district.ct. watch out for delays at 197 on 50 west as you head inboundd i because of a crash. cra things on bw parkway southboundd jammed by powder mill road andnd then 95 southbound jams towardsd the beltway.the ltw in montgomery county, down to to 16 miles per hour 95 to georgiao let's go ahead and take live tei lock outside seeing a lot ofa o stop and go traffic on 270 south as well this is a look at the beltway by new hampshire you cam see all lanes very crowded andwa also the inner loop is crowdedro through annandale.anle we got you covered any questiony at erin fox5 d.c..c back to you >> coming up a look at someome other stories making headlines including the school districttrt extending the school year tochly make up for snow days.. >> d.c. muriel bowser gives thee state of the distric
7:38 am
what earned her a standingg ovation from the crowd last crot night. time right now is 7:38.
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7:41 am
happened. lawyers for the man chargedh with shooting and killing a prince william countg y police c officer say their client islit mentally impaired as a result ot two tours in iraq. 32-year-old ronald hamilton isi charged with shooting death of h officer ashley guindon.ndon. yesterday during a hearingeari hamilton's lawyer said he said expects hamilton's state of minm to be a major issue going d.c. mayor muriel bowserr addressed dover education to d e fighting crime during the staten of the district address lastss l night. dozens of dc residents came touo arena stage to hear the speech.c some of the highlights includedd public safety and minimum wage.g the crowd gave the mayor aheay standing ovation, however h sher talked about her plans to closee d.c. general family center. in maryland, students intudn prince george's county public schools got some news yesterdaye some are going to think it's unpleasant.pleasant. others i suspect might like it.k >> they'll go to school later.ll school year extended untilnt june 20 tom accommodate for the seven days student has off due to
7:42 am
winter. an important note about thent change for high school seniors.s high schoo.l graduation datesato will not be impacted by the change. change some good news though in the dc area many cherry blossoms expe expected to reach peak bloom b later today.later today. >> blossoms are expected tos remain in bloomar for four to 10 days.ys i think we had a question abouto that. there's your answer.e'your tidal basin will be packed youac know that.. the national cherry blossomal c festival and other organizationg have events planned that runun through april 17th. 1.5 million people are expectedd to come in and take the beautyet of our cherry blossoms in.y blos >> still to come this morning wn return to our top story the stot terror tax in brussels.. >> psychiatrist dr. jay singhtrs joins us live with more on how h to deal with the emotional impact next.ex ♪
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♪ welcome back. bac live pictures there again we continue to cover what's going g on today.on t a day after the terror attacks t in brussels, belgium. and trying to work on exactly what building this is.g th it looks like the governmentovnm building or even perhaps a cathedral or cup of some sort.t people have been gathering there. we saw a moment of silence at the top oft the hour. h people just coming to share inha their emotions the grief and possibly gaining strength from each other as we've seen in a other terror attack after a something so horrific.c like we saw yesterday bombings i in the airport there in brussels and also at a metro
7:46 am
so just giving you a snapshot oo what is going on around the the world right now in this again in live in brussels this morning. . >> all right. rig 7:46 right we want to check with tucker tke barnes getting a good looking forecast for this wednesday. wed >> it looks so good i'm headingh down to see the cherry blossoms in about an hour prime time it. 70s on the way. way of course, monday we were in thn 50s and 60s yesterday and 70 or better today and tomorrow. should be a beautiful afternoon. there's your current numbers. 54 in washington.. 55 in annapolis.nnolis 52 in leonardtown. 53 this morning fredericksburg.g remember yesterday everybody wae waking up to numbers in theto ni upper 20s and low 30s noticeably warmer.. hagerstown 47 this morning nottr bad for you guys to the north tr and west.dest. 46 in culpeper.culpepr little cloudiness to start your day. we'll see clearing here in ae er little bit. li just kind of hang in there much like yesterday i think thees i e clouds will linger for another r hour or two they should start tt burn off. bu flow is out of the south heret for the next couple of days.f d and that means a big warmup as u far as temperatures are
7:47 am
good 15, 20 degrees above normar as we're expecting 70s around here. high pressure off to the southef and east today, very mildery m conditions tonight we look look great, dry if you got afternoono evening plans go out and checkhe out the cherry blossoms we're i' great shape for sh mid 70s around here tomorrow ouo next chance for rain will arrivv thursday night with that coldh c front period of rain overnight thursday into early friday. the good news it will get coolee this weekend. wke we'll clear that cold out in time to salvage a good weekend.d 73 today.73 t 76 tomorrow. tor behind the rain showers thingshi look great, saturday, sundayy items 60s or better. b that's a weather update. u erin is back with another checkr of the roads.. >> that little basket of chicksk looks better on the band. right now inbound 270 south 370h to the beltway you are down to just -- i stepped on theteed o prompter, sorry about that,, so guys. if you heard a crash.. 36 miles per hour. hou 66 nutley street to capitolitol beltway 27 miles per hour. a
7:48 am
110 to the 14th street bridge bi 13 miles per hour.13 h i hope you're driving a little t better than i'm walking rightm now. we'll go ahead and switch it s over shown was else you're upyou against this morning.this mor outer loop is really jammed byd new hampshire arc lot off slow-moving traffic there.c give yourself extra time inner r loop not nearly looking ass terrible.ibl typical congestion as you headtu to reagan national and dulles dl this morning same story on your way to bwi. bwi. bw parkway southbound keep ineei mind jams up by powder mill. take another look at our maps. aside from those delays we were telling you crash cleared on 70 east at royal estates and we'llw move things over and show i wasi look in prince george's countyst this morning. morng inner loop delays 414 to the wilson bridge and then again agn from the springfield interchange through annandale inner loop isp just very heavy with congestion. 295 inbound by eastern jams up s and you're slow on your bridgesg from rosland into georgetowneorw the. key bridge jams up.y br jam give yourself extra time to gett around this crash. csh five south at allentown road out there for little while.hile that is your look at traffic.rac back to you.
7:49 am
well, we saw the terror attacks unfold yesterday and yesterday morning and there areg a lot of feelings out thereut after the fact that we still wei have to deal with.o wit >> no doubt about i some peoplee are scared. ar others are angry. arery what should you be feeling? ? dr. jay singh forensic founderod of global institute of forensicn research in virginia friend of n the show joins us now how we how cope with this.h this. we talk little bit yesterday. ye you were saying everybody needsb to kind of cope with this in our own way. way what if there were otherss involved? what if you have youh kids. >> other people you're trying te talk to help through this t process.process. >> absolutely, one of things i've beenoli'v b receiving a lot of phone callsts recently how do i talk to myo m kids about this? how do i i explain what happened?pened? >> how do i even begin thatinha conversation?conver >> maybe kids have heardbe k something about it at school.oua maybe it's something they sawhie something on television.elevis how do you begin to brooch that conversation? what i always sa when it comes to beginning these conversations with our childrenh is to be able to o take a look t they're not being any necessarily wrong way to be abl to sta
7:50 am
the worst thing we can do is do just kind of never mentionen anything and let that confusionn ensue. ensu the most important thing is tont make sure that you listen to your child's feelings and asksnd them what do you think aboutt this? how are you feeling? eel what have you heard to be ableol to correct any miss informationn and also any miss perceptions pt they may have.ay have. >> scary thing that say can youy promise to keep me safe. me >> of course, of something that's important foras all of us particularly childrenc of course, is thahit sense ofseo security and making sure that w can really instill that in ourt children the sense of confidencc that this is something theyis sg don't have to be going to schoo every day and worrying that wort something is going to happen.ap it's something that's very ver difficult for parents. p what i find being very useful is for adults at least to be ablesb to simply take a look at the lot numbers in terms of how rarear events like this at the same time, of course, for children, seeing something likeg this on television kind ofnd of honestly feel like this isth happening right down the streett makes it much more difficult. du >> what about for ourselves, because everybody handles things differently.ertly. some people may say, look, i'lll be mor
7:51 am
i might not travel as much.uc other people take to the extremt say i don't want to leave the le house right now.ho let a lone go to europe or go to train station here in d.c. >> sure. s sure. this is something actually a friend of mine was just tackingc to me literal al couple of hours ago. talking to me she doesn't wantt to ride the metro any moreny m inform case like this it'ss completely unable. this is a very understandableda reaction to this kind of ano kn event.even usually what happens is that is imagine i just got speedingpeed ticket.. usually what ends up happeningpp then i'm checking my speedometer maybe every 30 seconds. i'm making sure i'm never goingg more than maybe four, 5 miles aa hour over. o but as time kind of passes, ita, becomes something where we become more gloucesterable in our surroundings and perhaps ina my speeding example, of course,u shouldn't be speeding but in aut case like this, of course, in in this context we have this return to normalcy after having enoughg of these experiences and enough time pass. >> what if that's a loved one i your life who says i'm not going to go to work with you any morer
7:52 am
you. >> sure. >> it may be temporary but a tem live change for somebody.e fob >> sure. >> is there a certain time thatt we can say, okay, if that's thet way you are, that's fine. >> sure. >> but at some point now we neee to come back around to where wew were. re. >> absolutely the most importanh thing to realize that whenthe tragedy like this happens, h people are going to respond very differently.ffer however, we need to keep in minn i would say two weeks is roughly a good time period for this kin of behavior, and to be thinkingn about it very strategically inly terms is this behavior that'sior significantly impacting theirher ability to go to school, to golo to work, or to be able to t socialize successfully f1 off those three areas are impactedtd significantly that's reallytly t going to impact their quality oy life and a case like we mightht want to reach out and seek somem help. >> talk to somebody. >> absolute. >> i think i asked you this yesterday but i got to ask ay bo again. it's totally foreign to me thatt someone could go about life ande in this case, you know, sayay hello to somebody in an airportr and then blow themselves up andp take innocent people with them.. >> sure. >> can you talk about the
7:53 am
process of brain washing or what goes on for someone to actuallyy carry out a heinous crime likee >> sure. i think human beings all of us end up putting on masks in different situations.ti for example, in private i'mva i actually very very quiet personn versus where i'm out in public b i'm usually very boisterous very gray delaware yous smiling comes across like i'm outgoing andog d certainly in case like this whee we're talking about individualsd who commit these kinds what wee would consider heinous crimes we have to remember oftentimes duei to these processes of brain washing and such that what endse up happening people really rll perceive the other individual as an object as opposed to an to a actual human being with a life,l et cetera. ceter we think about when someone in a kidnapping situation, one of thi things that we really recommendc more than anything else is to bt able to talk about yourself,elf, right? oftentimes we treat anan individual who's a kidnapperna treats the kidnap owe as if if they're an object usingct usi
7:54 am
to he or she or you, et cetera,t and so being able to talk abouta my name is jay singh, i have two parents, they're names are nes ginger and paul.nger a i have a sister actually givingn these explicit details humanizes me. in many cases in situations likk this, we're very effectivelyffty able to block out the idea of ia the people who are going to harr actually being human beings.ei >> very interesting.esng >> you'll stick around this aun morning, right.g, rig. >> absolutely. we'll talk with jay later on.h in the meantime it isja 7:54 rih now coming up on 7:55. 7 good news today if you're y'r heading out maybe down to then o tidal basin somewhere where you're being the peak bloom peab season. tucker not expecting peak blooml to be actually today but at soms point in the next few days,he na correct? >> well, my understanding iting kind of starts today.rtay per happen this afternoon withaw temperatures in the 70s we'lle l start to see a lot of those blossoms during their thing.irhi i'm going to down there. tre. i'll give you a full report howr long we w >> thanks tuck.tuc >> of course i'm not an expert.m i don't play one n on tv
7:55 am
observation. 54 now in washington.ow i can tell you this. it will be a i mild afternoon an warm afternoon. afton. low to mid 70s.. and we're already off to nice tn mild start.. dulles 51. bwi marshall 54.l little cloud cover out there. te we'll just like yesterday losetd it by by afrn kind of a partly oh toly sunny afternoon.afternoo very pleasant i ruined here.der mild gorgeous tomorrow and get rain t showers with a cold front late early early friday which willhiw cool us down for the weekend of the weekend looks early spring temperatures butpe lots of sunshine saturday andnd plenty of sunshine on sunday ana dry. dry. most importantly dry for thehe easter bonnet on sunday. speaking of easter bonnets ionts wonder were erin will be wearina one she looks like an easter bonnet kind of woman, right, allison. n >> i did judge a kentucky derbyr once and i wore a big hat and id still have it. have it. you want me to wear it to worktr on friday, tucker.uc >> i think that's a great idea.i >> i can accommodate.ccda if you're just getting up this wednesday morning you'll and joy the forecast and metro is onn time.
7:56 am
no alerts to cross any of thes f rails all the early singlein tracking has cleared. clear we'll switch it over and show aw you prince george's county righg now. as you make your way on the wayt inner loop still dealing withit typical delay into alexandria ad and then again through annandale slow traffic on secondaries anda tysons near the mall. mall. crash activity branch avenueav south at allentown road. earlier crash 50 in bowie hasieh cleared out of the way as yous make your way past 197. 1 montgomery county outer loop lop delays 95 to georgia dips downip to 16 miles per hour. if you're wakin waking up in frk this morning 270 south delays i the usual spots congestion bystb father hurley. hle inbound douglas bridge potomac m avenue there's a stalled car std blocking the shoulder.houlde and just typical slow-moving slo traffic south capitol across tht douglas bridge.uglas speaking of bridges you're alsoe slow across the 14th street stre bridge from 395. 3 the freeway dealing with a lotna of stop and go traffic.. third street tunnel jams.eet key bridge is very stacked intoi georgetown. we got you cover this morning on fox5. we'll keep you in the know withh all the traffic.all we'll be back in just a few.ew ♪
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ right now at 8:00, one day afte, the terror attacks in brussels, we are learning new informationn about the people responsible.nsb authorities say the men in
8:00 am
surveillance picture are behindd the deadly all this as security remains ons high alert across europe ande a right here at home.. good morning to you, today , is wednesday morning, it is, its march 23, 2016.01 i'm allison seymour. seyur. >> i'm steve welcome to fox5 news morning. mg glad you're with us this morni morning. we're also hearing conflicting c reports. police may or may not arrested a third suspect at maureen is live in the newsroom with more.or what's the latest here on this t arrest or not? >> allison and steve, reportsor from fox news and other mediar d outlets say the suspect at large najim laachraoui has been arre arrested but some conflictingg reports coming in sayingming otherwise. we are still working to confirm that information for you andtiou we'll stay on top of this.f t it is being reported laachraouia is a top isis bomb maker policel believe he made the suicide vests used in the november nem attacks in par you'll recall that. t this is according to frenchfr police official who saidd laachraoui's dna was found onn all of those vests and in a a brussels apartment where theypae were actually made. isis has claim
8:01 am
for the attacks.cks. officials releasing this picture of the three airport bombing suspects. the two men on the left areheefa believed to be the suicidehe sue bombers the man on the right ise the suspect who is believed tod be najim laachraoui.. belgium police say two of theces attackers have been identifiednt as brothers khalid and brahim hi will back back. b they say the two were known tono police for past crimes althoughg nothing that was related toele terrorism.terr so far police have uncovered an explosive device chemicall products and isis flag insidee one of the brussels homes theyhe 34 people were killed in kil yesterday's attack and at leasta 180 others wounded. wound we know at least nine americanse are among the injured.. earlier this morning popeor p francis led thousands of people in silent prayer fort victims ov the attacks.thattack the belgium football federationt has also called off anled f international soccer matchcer m against portugal next weekext w because of the attacks.k we will of course continuerse c following this story and bring d you the very latest informationa but for now i'm live in theivin maureen umeh fox5 local news. >> maureen, we'll continue to'l follow that of course.ow that os >> in the meantime there's anane
8:02 am
people of brussels here locally. >> fox5 melanie alnwick joins us live from the belgium embassy ii northwest d.c. good morning to you, melanie.ngn >> reporter:ie good morning,ni steve and allison.ev security here at the belgiumum embassy has been tight and remains under high security atet this hour.ou you can see secret service watching over the embassy exterior here and in front as we see the flags have been lowered and very small but heartfeltfe memorial has blossomed under the flagpoles.pole throughout the day, people whoae watched the terror on tv werev w moved to make the journey herery to northwest d.c.. a small gesture bouquet a bouet flowers, a candle, a prayer for peace in each country and in ani each of of u among those coming to payg toay respects u.s. homeland security secretary jay johnson. >> expressing my condolences tos the belgium people and they'rere ambassador here. >> reporter: well it is al it scene repeated in capital citiet and around the
8:03 am
also, in the belgium capitol as well.well. at brussels messages in manyy languages remembered the victims and expressed solidarity.idarit candles traced hearts and peacea signs as young bell jumps camejs together to mourn and believe in a better world.or an hour ago the you're recentect community stood together in solidarity and in silence force one minute at noon to mark the solemn occasion which willchil probably be remembered yearear after year after year there in brussels.usls now, the am boss tour here sayse his country is strong, they area peaceful people and they willply get through this.. certainly by using theirng t strength and by using theirir resilience.resili live in northwest, i'm melanieie alnwick, fox5 local news. n our coverage of the terror attacks in brussels continuesonu all morning. coming up we'll take a look at t the tributes across the globe tg for the people of brussels andnd remember you can always findlway updates online at foxdc.c
8:04 am
all right. rht it is little bit early to get tt weather we'll do it any way because looks what's happening h down if the tidal basin.dal b starting to see that pink colorn an lot of friends down there ase well.we. >> yes. >> seeing those pink colorsose really start to come out now, ot and we expect as thes the temperatures warm up today andnd tomorrow that we are in factn fc going to get that peak bloomeakl this wee >> gorgeous.>> g >> i got so inspired about anbo hour ago seeing what's going ono down there i got to go down down there. >> i think i saw that moment. s >> you saw that >> iaw feel like we all witnessed -- >> we all saw that moment.t. >> tucker you're going to the tidal base glenn what? today.od i'd rather go tomorrow.omro >> you'll go today.. >> okay, sounds great.s gat >> inspired.pire >> now you're going today ande tomorrow. >> that's right. let's go to the forecast.go to c i can't wait. it should be a loft fun. fun come say hi to meme 54 in washington.shin 52 in leonardtown. mid 40s off to the north and a west. west. hey, here's the great news. n low to mid 70s today. tay perfect day to get down to theoo tidal basin. and we're
8:05 am
very nice days around here. here is your forecast headedt he down today. tay peak bloom starts today and will continue through the weekend ana the good news is we don't have h lot of wind in the forecast the next couple of days, and wee ofe don't have any big storms orr horizon hopefully they'll holdhh tight here for couple days givee everybody a chance to see theman do their thing.hi >> all right.. >> 68 degrees at 6:00 p.m.0 but again high temperature in the low 70s lots of sunshine ssn later this afternoon and a dry day. little cloudiness to start youru morning. we'll clear it out or clear parp of it out kind of a partly toyo mostly sunny afternoon and again temperatures well above normal a low to mid 70s enjoy. >> should be beautiful afterno afternoon. >> not too windy.>> that's nice. >> we look forward to your report. >> i can't wait. >> all right. >> erin you'll have to wait onen t to w more day you'll get down there. >> i was a little skid i'd stamp my feet. >> i know.>> iw >> i trust tucker to fine the fe best locations for us tomorrow. >> don't worry, i'll take carelt of. >> wonderful. >> can't thank you enough fornky that. >> allison seems minor thein t concerned.
8:06 am
>> call me if you need me. (laughter). >> i got it.>> right now crash in fairfax. georgetown pike after leesburgg pike. please use caution and be use prepared to detour around that a accident. we'll let you know if it startsw to cause any major backups inku fairfax this morning. m aside from that inner loop inoon fairfax as well jammed 267 to 27 the american legion. 10 to 14 miles per hour.ou outer loop delays heavy by newa hampshire as we take closer looe at that you're still down to to about 13 miles per hour. h bw parkway, bw southbound by powder mill jams by 27070 southbound.hb ton of south and go traffic in the usual spots by the truck scales urbana and past father hurley. inner loop across the bridge alexandria 395 jams across thect 14th street bridge.tri and then we also have other o delays here's a closer look atro the beltway slow down top side s on the outer loop. theuter georgia of a things do start toa break up after that point and pn then crash activity as well asea you make your way out on 295 south. that cleared at pennsylvaniansyl
8:07 am
red traffic is l very slow as yu head inbound new york avenuek ae inbound jams as you make yourmay way to the third street tunnelt and then suitland parkwayarkway inbound jams at naylor as youors make your way in towards the tds district. be prepared for that.repa we got you covered. cer that's your traffic.. >> thanks err ren. thas err ren. we appreciate it.we >> still to come this morningmet we'll take a look how the presidential candidates reactioned to the terror attackt in brussels. bruel >> first air travelers can alsoa expect to see increased securitr as you might imagine we'll checc in with bob barnard.. bob is at dulles internationalnn airport witness changes you canc expect.expe ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction
8:08 am
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♪ support all around the worll pouring in for the people ofl brussels. empire state building lit up last night in the colors of the belgiumore flag. i think we're about oh to seeo s also, the wheel here the capitop meal wheel that the nationalel harbor and of course the iconic eiffel tower all in the colors of belgium in honor of the victims, the survivors and the resilience of that nation.ation. i'm sure we'll show that youe'ly image later. >> all right. allht. airports across the country onnt alert still this morning. extra security on hasn't atn hat dulles international airport just like yesterday.ike ye they're patrolling thetrolng terminals, the pick up and dropo off areas.s. >> and that is where once againe we find our bob barnard. bob, you've been there for twoor mornings in a row. does it feel any different toret you today i guess?u today i gue >> reporter: not necessarilysari although before dawn there was s marked police cruiser at the cir entrance to the main t
8:10 am
parked out front with its lightt on. i asked the officer sittingic there and she said, yeah, we'rew here as a deterrent. deterre so that anybody approaching thet airport in the dark this morninr saw those flashing lights.g take a look behind me this is mh one of the airport police pic officers there with his machinec gun at the ready.. so we are seeing, again, armed heavily armed police officersol and k9 teams here just in case.s there is no known threat againsa this airport or any other target potential target in the unitedn states. but police are on high 10 states of alert. alert. we can show you the video tapeet from yesterday and this mornings where you see police with their teams, you know, two officers oc together.toge the officer and the dog justandj kind of patrolling the area. the i will tell you passengersnger seemed to be taking it all in stride speaking to people whoki arnge flying dough mess klee and internationallily they all sayly they're not really worried evene though tsa is enhancing its security, and you have the extra police here and the state s
8:11 am
anyone going to europe.op the people here even though they've seen in their livinghe l rooms what happened in brusselss don't seem too fazed by the attacks overseas. >> you know, there's always'slw concern in the back of your mind if something, you know, just bes cautious basically just be awara of your surroundings. >> i feel perfectly comfortablee i have faith in our country. >> reporter: no hesitation.esat. >> none whatsoever.on >> reporter: you have to flye av or you want to fly. >> i have a choice.ho >> we can't live like that.livek we got to go to utah so we're we going to go.g too. >> i'm still nervous.ti ner but you got to keep going.oi got to live. >> reporter: you see there s the people are going about theirir although there is this stateis department warning that anyone n traveling to any destination in europe be on guard for sportspo venues and tourist attractionsrs over in europe.e. throug
8:12 am
europe. here domestic klee no flightsli have been affected except, eep again, united airlines has daily non-stop flight to brussels thaa leaves around 7:00 p.m. flight 950. 950 it was canceled yesterday.terd it's canceled today. and what the airport in brussels being closed tomorrow the mainan airport just outside the capitol city being closed tomorrow thata flight will likely -- thatt flight 950 from united airliness direct the only direct flight f from washington to brussels will likely be canceled again tomorrow. but again no known threathrea although security is here andere making a show of it again today, guys. >> all right, bob, thank youht,o very much. coming up the results are ia after another round of primaryry voting. >> the candidates reacting tote the attacks in belgium what the are saying about the fight f against terrorism. ♪
8:13 am
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live picture from belgiumtue where that country prosecutorrou giving an update on the o t investigation into the attacks.. now he confirms that the prime e airport suspect has not been arrested.. earlier reports were that he hae been arrested.. but apparently he is still a a fugitive and we're getting an update right now. n of course, we will bring you alu of the developing points fromm this story. sto still still evolving.lving. >> well they know who they'reno looking for.lo >> right. >> the question just is now now where do they fi
8:16 am
>> all right. >> fair we doing cuteness or going righg to weather?ea >> great question, tuck.. >> wee leave these important decisions up to >> i guess we'll have to waite for cuteness.en >> that's too bad. >> we need it today. wneed >> yeah, we do.. >> steve put your best smile ono you're it today.. >> i have cuteness on my sevenye day. get ready. 54 in washington.54 iin >> another one of your open babe pictures you tried to pull thatt one before recently.on >> one time i bring my own babyb picture in. i one time. >> you were a cutie pie.e a tie >> thank you allison forllon for appreciating that.ap >> steve, i know what you'reknoo getting for christmas a framed a baby picture of me.tuf me. >> great.>> great. >> north and west check out and denver 32 degrees.ees. springtime but not going to feel like it across the northern tea of the country as they're expecting upwards of six tosix t 12-inches of snow across partsop of minnesota, wisconsin, greenrn bay, several inches in easternrn colorado, yeah, crazy weatherrah out there.t there. for us high pressure off to ouro south and east and we're set up for summertime pattern tore ater few days.. time time highs
8:17 am
mid 70s today and tomorrow, anda we'll get some rain showers witt a cold front late early andnd early friday the weekend lookskl great. it's holiday weekend.eeke friday, saturday, sunday andy ad temperatures will be in the loww to mid 60s little cooler butut pleasant if you're doing cherrye blossoms or easter egg huntter g outside that kind of thing.hi might be some showers monday iss the easter egg roll.r egg rol might be some showers mondayy morning for the easter egg rolll our cuteness is the littleeit chicks on our sunday morningday forecast.forest. >> we'll call them eagles. eagl. >> little eaglets.tle e >> yes. >> i'm checking there's anheck adorable picture right now on on the live camera.amer >> look at that. t >> one every the little eagletsg head sticking out. >> okay. >> if you can tune in today, gee some happiness that way. >> we haven't seen the eagle cam in couple of days.ay we need to bring that back, er erin. guaranteed cuteness.ed cuts. >> i have nothing talk aboutnoth right now.right n we have breaking news.s this is mount olive at ninthh we're seeing this crashseeing involving an overturned vehicleh from new york avenue camera.. pretty close by. c a lot of fire departmentaren activity.
8:18 am
getting by. b so please use a lot of caution.n the exact location is mountount olivet at ninth street just offf inbound new york avenue.kvenu so again a big mess of trafficra and activity i'm going to getngt out of the way there.t of t you can see at least the right r lane is blocked. is bk we'll try to get i was better be visual of that situation. let's go ahead and take look att our happens.appe a crash and closure 236 littleit river turnpike on the westboundb side watch out for that.or you cannot get through to olliee lane detour around that. dour also n fairfax this morning, ca, and closures georgetown pikeow k after leesburg pike.urgike. can get busy this time ofime o morning. morn use caution and give yourselfel extra time there. gw parkway jams as you headouea towards the key bridge. brie key bridge slow into georgetown. inner loop 267 to the american i legion bridge down to 14 miles per hour. r and in montgomery county, those delays on the outer looput l couldn't as well knife tol knif georgia. bw southbound jams towards thejr bell way same story 95 south
8:19 am
you'll hit some stop and go a we got you cover right now metro is on time if you want to takeoe that. back to you. >> ♪ results are in from last night'g presidential primary and prima caucuses. front runners donald trump and hillary clinton added to their delegate count both winning thet arizona primary. mrs. clinton's democratic demra challenger senator bernie sanders won two states both utah and idaho.d id on the republican side, senatorn ted cruz picked up a victory iny utah. also an endorse many a big onene from jeb bush. >> the candidates back on thecke campaign trail today debating dt who can better protect americame following the attack in brussell yesterday. wisdom martin joining us back ic studio with more on that. we heard lot from themrom t yesterday.yest >> absolutely. didn't take long for this to turn into political issue. iue soon after the news of thes of e attacks broke reaction starteded pouring in from presidential candidates. many of them offering up they're opinions on what they would do d as president to prevent a pnt similar attack
8:20 am
the united states.tate now one candidate even blastedla president obama for how hee responded to the brussels atta attack. >> we need a commander in chiefi who can provide leadership that is strong, smart and above all steady and taking on these the threats.. >> we will stand as nation witht our allies and our friends and people all over this world. wor. we will stand with them and we will together crush and destroyy >> i would close up our borders to people until we figure out fg what is going on. is goon. look at brussels. bruels. look at paris.look ari look at so many cities that werr great cities, paris is almost -- almost as bad if you look at paris is no longer the beautifut city of lights. >> it's long pastime we had ae a president who will acknowledge this evil, will call it by
8:21 am
name and utilize the full forcef and fury of united states to defeat radical islamic terroriso to defeat isis.. >> if i were in cuba right now,t the last thing i would would be doing go to go a baseball game.g i would be going back toac washington and assembling all of my advisers and all of the the leaders of the world, the civilized world to say okay saya folks, we can't -- we can'te cat delay any longer.. >> now overall bernie sanders se has struggled to convey his h foreign policy jenn today but ii now taking a stronger stance sta against terrorism in the wake of the attack.e tac meantime on the rem can siden ee voters are turning to donaldld trump in greater number numbersm feel he's the strongestongest candidate to beat isis and it'si not an easy task any way youay look at it.t it's easy to be on the outside looking saying here's what i would do if i were in charge.n g when you get in charge it's a whole different ballgame f it fi were that easy there would be nd terrorism.terrism.
8:22 am
>> we'll see what happens.ens >> hope everybody hears thank you wisdom. tyou sdom >> people around the worldhe w taking to social media m expressing support after the sut attack. more on that coming up.omin >> live look on this wednesdayay morning.. let's go outside. outde looking sunny out l another loor at weather and traffic, youraico know, with all the numbers andus science and stuff coming up at 8:25. ♪ ♪ he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
♪ all right. mild temperatures overnight. ovg in fact, about 20 degrees warmee than where we were yesterday ate this hour. 54 already at reagan national. a 51 dulles. bwi marshall 54. looking at our satellite/radar d little cloudiness to start thett day. in fact a lot of cloudiness in some spots. spots. hang in there by afternoon we should be back in some sunshinen and very very pleasant around here and again our daytime highs expected to be maybe 15 degrees above normal.ormal. allison this is my go to move lately. >> let me see. >> that move right there. righte >> that shows you're open ande d vulnerable. not closed off to the >> thank you. tha okay. all right. maybe it worked. i'm not sure -- >> i told you just what it mea meant. >> i ooh appreciate that.pp 73 today. re76 tomorrow.omorrow. hey, some showers thursday night and friday.. and that will cool us down a uoa little bit for the weekend buthb holiday weekend looks greatooks saturday and sunday you willyol look great in your easter bonnee erin by sunday morning with little chickadees in the basket.
8:26 am
>> temperatures in the mid 60shd i'm had heed down to the cherryt blossoms. i can't wait.i i'll give you a life report fror the basin in about an hour. h >> i have a fascinator with a big bow and sparkles on it.t. it's pink for cherry blossoms. s >> s have great idea. s h >> i have a white dress.e i have an entire idea of whathat we're doing. >> yay! okay right now ninth nnh street northeast not yay bigay crash involving an overturnedvee car inbound.r i it's closed right now looks likl they just stopped all traffic bf mount olivet before you get tobt new york and a lot of slow-moving traffic.ov avoid the area in northeast ifrt you can. can big scene picking up there.p the you can tell from the camera.. aside from that, going on inn i northeast let's take look at our maps. ma we're dealing with other slow os downs and delays around theund t area.ea georgetown pike eastbound aftert leesburg pike this earlier earli closure cleared.e watch out for activity slowing you down. you can see that red line l leading towards that earliert e crash. hey, metro is in great shapereas right now if you want to taketo the rail some metro bus delays just in j the district because ofause
8:27 am
and then as you make your in thn outer loop forestville to the bw parkway 13 miles per hour. h ton of congestion on suitland inbound, fief too inbound past 202.2. we'll keep up updated anyat a questions at erin fox5 dc. we'll be back in just a few. a w >> coming up in news socialews l media playing a big role in the wake of the terror attacks.e tet >> we'll share some of thell she images you may or may not havee been seen being shared allbeingd around the world. that's coming up much it's 8:27 now. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network.
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8:30 am
we've been dipping into whan is a press conference in belgiul in brussels this morning.his moi just talking about where the t investigation is and who is in custody, who is not in custody.o we had earlier reported that the third suspect living suspect int that picture that by now you've seen that still photograph froml the airport, we had first had thought he was arree that was the news. was n turns out he is still all fugitive. and now this is basically an update from that country informing i was all the peoplepe about where officials are inia i this investigation. of course, we will bring you ala the information that comes out t of it. we'll pass it along to you as we continue to follow the terrorr attacks yesterday from brusselsl belgium. all right we'll keep an eara and an eye on what's happeningap overseas. now that is the same thing that police are doing here. are doinh making sure that everybody isryy safe and security is tight around brussels but also on then home front. front. authorities say there's no knowh threat of a terror tack in t
8:31 am
united states but transportatioo officials are taking no chancesa here locally.he >> annie yu is live at metro center with more now.or now annie, good morning. what are you hearing?re yea >> reporter: hey, good morningdr allison and steve. you're right. they're not taking any chances.c we were told they moved intoheyt action pretty quickly followingi yesterday' as tacks. they put hundreds of officersic out at all of the 91 metro stations as well as over at a amtrak.amtrak but you know it's kind oft's kid strange because this morninge we've been out here all morning, and you wouldn't know that kno t there's an increased presence oc an increased police presence, pe rather, around the dmv. we haven't seen a whole lot outt here on metro center, of coursec this is a busy one here.on it's been pretty quiet.tty q we haven't seen any police p officers or k9 units during the morning rush. r we do know that some of thishi increased security may not be nt visible to the public and they are intended to be that way so s perhaps that's what we're seeinn out here but it's important tosr point out as you mentioned that there are no known crediblewn ce threats to metro or to thes toeo nation's capitol.itol but transit agencies are notiesn taking a
8:32 am
metro has added extra manpower.o they say they have hundreds of o officers at all 91 metrotr they're putting in overtime,putn extra hours, so riders areiders really going to notice moreice officers riderring along withngg them on those trains and buseses and more officers patrollingrolg platform. they also have extra k9 sweeps at random stations doing some, , you know, sniffing of the trackf and that sort of thing, and s suspicious packages much as foru amtrak, they, too, have deployed additional officers at unions a station we're told that police t will actually be doing randomm luggage security checks and thee they also have bomb-sniffingif dogs as well on those tracksrack doing security sweeps.ys. but they are really relying rel heavily on the public for you ty be the eyes and ears and if you see something, say something. sg we say that all the time butim they really really need youreed help. so if you see something you need to report something be sure to t text metro transit police youolo can text it to my mtpd
8:33 am
station manager or policece officer you might see around.oud amtrak also has a text number we posted at that's the very latest fromrom metro center northwest.orth annie yu fox5 local news.s. >> annie, thank you.nk y lot of regular folks so ks called regular folks showing fol solidarity with belgium as welll lot of people doing it through social media images of supportss flooding facebook, twitter,tt, instagram other sources. sou >> holly morris joins us back ik studio now with recap of some oo those really powerful images.. holly g morning.g mor >> it just struck me when steves said regular folks because i think when something like thiss happens, obviously it just i jus happens to regular folks, and we can all see either ourselvesur being there or someone we love l being there. so images as you can imagine ofe hope have been flooding social a media since yesterday offering n support and love to brussels in this very much time of need. n let's go ahead and take look ak few of the images that aremas trending right now.ight and i remember we showed thisd one it was one of my favorites omy f actually posted this on
8:34 am
work facebook hands collapsesols anded painted over by the colore of the belgium flag.gium fla it says a lot without, you know, being too much in your face. this one here is painted over o this is colors of the belgium flag doodle heart marks with the hash tag jesuis brussels. i am brussels in french.h. we've seen this retweeted a lota we talk about this one yesterdae as well. beautiful image here.. shows france there with the datt of the paris attacks, novembe november 13th and their flag3thn with an arm around a belgium bei flag and the date of yesterday obviously no one understands more what the people of brussell are going through than theug people of paris, france.ra that happened just not six months ago.hs let's go ahead and take a look o at this a dove symbol of peace,, of course, with the belgium nag colored of color in the whippin very beautiful.ryiful and this simple image of a person clutching the belgium bgi
8:35 am
i think we all feel like wel lik could just use a hug right nowin and/or could give one to to these are some of the beautifule pictures we're seeing in thees e wake of such violence and nonc d doubt we'll continue to see more as the days progress as it taket some time to heal. >> holly, thank you very much.,h >> um-hmm. >> we'll send things over to sdh tucker barnes 8:35. good news today. tod peak blossoms starting. start tuck, are you about ready to ret take a little road trip? t >> right after this i'm headed e down to the cherry blossoms. i'll give you a full accounting for us, steve. s get out there and count each anc every blossom.ery blm >> give us the weather in your r instead. >> gary will step up and be stee ready for you.rey for >> okay.>>kay >> i can do this.o t >> can you handle that.dlehat. >> yeah.>> y >> there's live look.>> t cherry blossoms, yeah. >> ♪ >> what do i hear off in that vally? is that the sweet sound of our cherry blossom musicsom c >> it is. >> yes. i feel suddenly feel peaceful.c. >> sounds so good.d >> i foal peaceful all of a sudden. 54 in
8:36 am
it's going to be beautiful day.d mid 70s for daytime highs.meig lots of sunshine expected acrosr the region, and we're looking at generally sunny conditions this we got clouds out there earlyour but look at the mildth m temperatures. 48 in frederick. in fderi 54 in leonardtown.. 53 in there's your cloud cover. c southerly breeze today, highezig pressure south and east and andd we'll pump those temperatures a good 10 plus degrees from wheree they were yesterday andterd 20 degrees from where they weret on monday. so beautiful afternoon and again cherry blossom peak blossom time starts today and run through thh weekend.we get out end join. j 72 at 5:00 p.m. dry afternoon if you have if yoh outdoor plans much come down ana say hi to me i'll be at the be e tidal base the next couple oft e hours and i'll bring youd i'll tomorrow. >> i can't wait. we're having a picnic, right? >> we'll see if there's any roor to sit down. sit dn. >> okay. well, either way i'm excited.erd not so excited about northeast r traffic. new york avenue inbound reallyer jams up by florida. frida. we have an overturned vehiclele closing ninth street northeastor section of town.ow this is on ninth street on thent inbound side out by mount oliv
8:37 am
olivet. big scene there you need toe th detour around to give yourselfef plenty of time northeast of thee distract right now.dira okay. take a look at that.ook at you are extremely jammed newamme york avenue inbound because ofnu that. you can see traffic is all stacked up.d let's switch it over and show ii was look at our maps.look ar aside from those delays innerin loop is slow springfield too gallows road.ow you can see that long line oflif yellow 395 jams up once you getg closer to the 14th street4th s bridge. 295 inbound still slows by eastern avenue and then as youuu make your way out on bw parkwayr southbound towards the top ofndr the beltway sl tow traffic andrc then the inner loop 267 to the t american legion 14 miles pers hour. ho things improving 270 southboundh but you still hit some stop andp go traffic towards the spur. thu we'll be back in just a few.t keep it to fox5. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ >> welcome back everybody. >> you know what that music is.e >> fox beat time. >> you better believe it. you know who that means is here >> kevin mccarthy right there. e >> hey, kev.. >> good morning to you thanks for having me on this hmo batman versus super man week continuing.. henry kaval sad news thishi morning. i want to quickly pay tribute to incredible musician who passedne away and incredibly young age co founding member five dog arguably the greatest hiphop hip group of all time. tim passed away at the age of 45, five dog and this is a tweet here from
8:41 am
according to rolling stone thels cause of death has not n officially been announced yet.n. i love this song.his so scenario one of the greatest one liners of all time. t five dog had been battling with type one diabetes he had a diat kidney transplant in 2008 and 2a touched on in the 201101 documentary beats rhyme directee by amazing michael rappaport.po. great documentary if you haven' seen it. on personal note tribe callede d request one of the greateste ofe group of all time i've licensevc listening to low end theory alll morning long. l that album came out in 1991.99 it still feels so relevant anded the beats are amazing and i love him in q-tip going back and bac forth. forth. the article mentioned him and ad q-tip met at the age of two of w which is incredible age to meet. favorite song can i kick it, award tour, electric relaxationo scenario the one you were justej hearing one of the best one liners in hiphop.ipho so tweet us your favorite songsn rest in peace to mr. five dog incredible music. his mew slick live on forever..
8:42 am five rest in piece love yourov y brother you left the world withw jewels man my childhood and oneo more tweet from asap rock whop k phenomenal rapper as well. w rip to the one and only fife dog very very sad. sad love that picture of him ass well. very sad 45 years old.ld very very young.ou but, again, his music will livev on forever. forer definitely listen to tribe callc request this morning.orning also just music in general. genl moving on to batman versus supes man week. wk. i've seen the film twice now and i have my review on but i sat down with super man himself mr. henry caval to talkl about the role and geek out andt about some of the -- listen totl this much this is awesome. >> you will.l. >> i love this line. >> i was m here's henry caval cv and i geeking >> when do you the super hereupr roane landing when you come doww and land really hard, what do wo
8:43 am
make it look like it's reallyokl you landing like that? how do d they film that.m t >> search physical i can just get 30 or 40 feet in the air ana just jump off a cherry picker or something and just, you know, see how much my knees can take they film that and if i knees k don't explode then they move on. >> seriously -- >> how do you do that, though. >> essentially you just start on your tip toes and then you dropo as quickly as you can into whatw you would imagine a like l pressure staking landing would be. you get used to it and start ans playing around witness and stara twisting and stuff depending ono you're landing or where you'rehu landing it all changes. changes. >> when you leave a project likk this what's something youomethiy learned about yourself as person and as an actor? >> okay. one thing i've learned aboutearn this about me in particular isci how much i genuinely love superp man and the character i'veer i'v become quite protective of him.. sometimes quite aggressive waysw and i want to make sure this
8:44 am
is represented properly, and i didn't realize that was in me. m i knew i had it for my family and my friends but not my dogy d when it comes down to characterr or roll i always had a sense ofo a relationship like with charles brown and i had a closeness toss the character but never quietevi like this. t like this -- this i protect like a mother hen pro text her chic chicks. it's kind of crazy sometimes. cs >> is there something you builtn into super man that was nevert written in the comics that did t you for yourself so you can getn into the character more? >> that's a very good question. there are -- they're littlere l things here and there which i i add in the moment, but i'm very particular about being loyal toy comic books. once we've finished developingop this character as we have overve the -- this movie and the a previous movie we still finish s product super man. super man when we get there, then i canhen started aing my own littleit
8:45 am
this version of the charactert mine in particular.ticu while still remaining absolutelt true to the source material.ia >> all right.>> we'll have more from the super man batman -- batman versuss super man lex luther jesseuther eisenberg and wonder woman.r back to you guys at the desk.the real quick mention about fiveive one of the greatest rap groups o of all time and listen to lown t end theory.d theo it's still holds up. u the beats are amazing him and q-tip muhammed all amazing. a i love that 45 years old.ld way way way too young. his mew slack live on forever. v >> thanks, kev. >> we return to our top story,oo the terror attacks in belgium.. >> fox news chief intelligencelc catherine herridge join us onces again with an update.nate. that's coming up next. it's 8:45.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> welcome back. sunshine is going to come in.go temperatures are in the 50s now. a couple of spots hanging in thi 40s until we get the sunshine sn these start breaking on through so you can see where the cloudse are now, but again it looks like 12, 1:00 clock or so we'll begib to get into more sun and thatnd will elevate the temperatures quite nicely. rain has stayed well to theell o north of us again give this a couple three more hours beforeem we start to see some sunshine. n how about warmer tomorrow? omor today we're in the 70s.. tomorrow with high pressureigh p shifting off to the east of usaf we're actually going to elevatee the temperatures tomorrow intoru the mid 70s. 7 that's down right warm and thent a couple of places will be upper 70s to close to 80.
8:49 am
primarily south of the city. so we got morning clouds outlous there obviously they're there. e nice warm up this afternoon aern temperatures making it newspaper the lower 70s or so. s down right warm tomorrow.w 76. we do have showers for goodor friday. 64. beautiful saturday.ury. beautiful for easter sunday. showers come back in monday.on here's erin como with a look ata your traffic.ffic >> beep beep. >> thank you, gary.>>hank 8:49 taking a look at things atg inner loop is still slow 267 to7 the american legion down ton 14 miles per hour.s pe want to show you live lookouive outside. it's been a mess northeastn section of the district.ic we're dealing with an overturner car closing a portion of ninthfn street at mount olivet. olive new york avenue you saw some extra additional congestionongeo lingering later this morning bii scene at the intersection.seio be prepared to detour around aro that new york avenue inbound isu jamming up very close to ninth h street because of give yourselfl a lot of extra time.xtt you can see inbound southnd capitol street some brake lightk picking up towards the douglas improving just a bit still slow. same story over the key bridge i as you make your way
8:50 am
rosland into georgetown thishis 14th street bridge from 395 at 5 a crawl. crawl. also, in arlington from stop ana go traffic. tic keep that in mind.ephat in we're seeing slow conditions asn you make your way 295 inbound at eastern. any question at erin fox5 d.c. steve? we want to fine out what'st' coming up on good day d.c. eight minutes from now to do so to tht magic of going through the wal walls. >> over to the lot of next doort >> um-hmm. >> it's wisdom and maureen.aure >> wisdom you don't lookon thrilled with that.thri >> it was nice try, steve. steve >> it's an under stateder sta enthusiasm. >> we appreciate it.>> >> start low, wis.>> s >> we appreciate the effort,prec steve.e >> low expectations. e >> we continue to foully thecont developments out of brussels anl terrorist tack and the impact i that's being felt right here int the d.c. region. rio >> our team reporters have alle the angles coveredre from theroe septa secure -- stemmed securitt to outpouring of support at thea belgium embassy we're live. we'v >> also at 9a a new twist in thn race for the white house.te hou we'll break it all down for youf at 9:15. 9:1 >> tucker couldn't wait. t he's taking a tripuc down to tho cherry bloom
8:51 am
lean into me so i can talk in tn your mike.yo mike. >> your mike is not working.tori >> i turn it on.n >> keep talk. don't miss tuck live from theom tidal basin. >> i feel like i'm enter viewinv you. we're live with tmz what theyve found out about the new show showing czar pa palin.a p should judge judy worry.. >> i have a feeling she'll behel just fine.. >> the d.c. student who entered the doodle for google conteste e and she won. and she she's joining us live. >> don't miss the good day at dt the an a.e an. puppies.puppies. >> ya'll see that how i passed o the ball there like magicag johnson.hnson. >> i feel like you started rougt with us, wis, came back and bitk i was little bit. (laughter).aughte >> thank you so much, guys.nk yu >> see in you few minutes.nute we'll get back to our top story this morning. a lot of big developmentsevel happening this morning withis mw brussels terror tax. fox's catherine herridge joinsee us now with an update. with e. good morning.good morning the main question here, wee, thought we had this fugitive.sit >> that's right.t >>n
8:52 am
good morning.good mng >> that's right. good morning to both of you. we just had a news conferencenes out of the brussels, belgium byi the federal prosecutors there, t and they've confirmed that thatt third suspect this is the guys e dressed in white that we've sees in the surveillance camera rah video this guy was not capturedu as initially reported thishi he is still on the run and he is believed to be the principal pnp bomb maker in this operation ana likely the paris operation as well. well. we can take look at some closedc circuit tv from the airportport attack yesterday.rday we have some new information here at fox news about how thatw whole thing went down. dow an intelligence source who has first hand knowledge of the the investigation at the airport has told fox news that after the mee entered the airport the two brothers there you see them inee the black and the tan they split up, one went to aisle three.le t the other went to aisle 11 and 1 that is where they detonatedet their devices.eve we believe now that the bombsb were inn sigh those suitcases si that you see in the luggageugge cart. ca what we were told is that the
8:53 am
two men went for the highest concentration of passengers whor were checking in because thehe maximum number of casualties ase opposed to targeting a specifici airline. we were told that aisle three ie where they were doing the checke in for brussels airlines and aisle 11 was where they werere t doing the check in for delta airlines.airlines neither of these aisles had american airlines which was initially reported to be theiroe likely target.arget. guys.ys. >> here's my question, catherine when it comes trying to find the suspect this link between terror cells if in fact this person is apprehended and he had he said e to be a bomb maker how significant of a capture would that be? >> the bomb maker would real bee in emery inspects the motherpech load in this whole thing becausc you'd be able to understandan whether he had training overseaa in syria per se by isis and whether he brought back thatt capability to western europe eup with the goal of training others to do these devices. dic i want to point out
8:54 am
in this video from the airportpt which is significant and tells l you that these guys had somead kind of training. o you see the guys there on theheo left in the black and the tan.dt they've got those black gloveslg that are circled there. t we were told that this particular item was brief to do congress late last night.. the black gloves were indicativc of one of two scenarios.ena they can be the triggers for the devices when they call a dead man switch so when you break the contact of the glove on theloveo handle of the cart that is whatt sets off the explosion so youyou can take down the bomber but the explosion still goes forward. fr the other is until al-qaida manuals it tells suicide bomberm to wear leather gloves becauseeu that's a way of reducing the static charge so they don't havv premature debt tow nation of the device.device the bottom line is all of this information shows that they hadh a fair amount of what they woull call tackify tull and operational security prep.ecurit they knew what they were doinged and they understood th
8:55 am
devices this tatp which is i highly unstable had to really bl handled with care as well, guysg >> i know that you're followingf the press conference that we'vet been dipping in and out of. o anything coming out of that of o interest i don't know the fact n that this one person is still ol the run? >> the other thing that is tha certainly of note to me is theyy believe the two suicide bombers the two men in the black and the tan were brothers, and this fits a very standard pattern you sees with terrorism g they try and keep the cell veryy small and very tight and often rely on familial relationshipsel in order to do that. t so we've got these two guys twoy believed to be brothers and thee if you remember, the suspectct captured last week salah abdeslam in brussels, belgium bl tied to the paris attack his h brother was also one of -- partp of the one of cells and one of e the suicide bombers at thethe stadium there in paris so you so can see how they try and keep the cells small and tight so so there's no leakage off information which may tip offh the authorities.auth
8:56 am
appreciate your insight. your intel and you helping usoul out with the coverage thisere morning. >> happy to help.>> >> thanks catherine. you can fine out more from catherine on fox news.ew >> still to come on good day d d.c. after the break.ter the more on the dead al tax ine deln brussels also the presidentresi saying goodbye to cuba. cub but he's not coming home justomj yet. where is he headed now? and noa out of the world of controversyv on this next leg of the trip thi another. we'll tell you why.'l >> all righty. later, sarahl palin's latest l court date will be a must see scary moment for justin beiberni drag meet and greet gone wrongrg and he's saying he's not goingst to do any more of those. o those we'll let you in on that when tw good day rolls on next. ♪ ♪
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♪ straight ahead, breakingin news from belgium. the hunt is on for the survivini suspect in yesterday's deadlydly terror attack. officials call him the bomb maker.r this just hours afterrsft authorities identified twoifd t brothers accused of carrying ouu the suicide attacks. ♪ >> meanwhile, 24 hours later aat moment of silence.. te
9:00 am
mourning, and on high alert. we'll have live team coveragem g with the latest from the investigation, and how the h t attack is affecting securityur here at home. >> we will stand as a nation nao with our allies and our friendss we will stand with them and we will together crush and destroys isis. >> plus, the attack in brusselsl taking center stage on primary tuesday.da how the candidates reactioned tt the latest security threat, and where they stand after anotherno round of early voting. vot good day at 9a starts now. ♪ as we start this 9:00 o'clocko'c hour we sure are glad you're gd tuning in to i we say good day d.c. it is wednesday march i'm holly morris alongside ofdeo maureen, steve and wisdom. wdo >> 24 hours after that attack in brussels a global outpouring of grief and s


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