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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 25, 2016 5:00am-5:59am EDT

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>> a community comes togetherniy to say their final farewell aewl fallen prince george's countye detective killed in the linell of duty. we've got the e la >> plus, the iconic cherryc ch blossoms have bloomed.e med. we're live from the tidalrom thd basin as we gear up for a busyus weekend of sight seeing. seein >> a balmy start to this b friday morning but it'sal beautiful and it's going to be o a pretty nice weekend as well. . we've got your full forecastl fc with gary. fox5 news morning at 5:00:0 starts right now. now
5:01 am thanks for joining us, i'm us, holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. uh. wisdom has the day off.ff >> it's cherry blossom seasonrym in millions of people are flocking to the city. c >> annie yu live with detailset about this weekend's closure festivities.stiv good morning, annie. morning, >> reporter: good morning, mor maureen. >> reporter: the best time t to seat closures right now.os there's nobody here.e' it's beautiful out here. the national park service sayscy last year 1.5 million peoplen pl came out to the nation's tthe capitol to look at theset the blossoms and they're expecting g just about the same this year t and if you lookhe around, you know, some have already burst open while others are just barely peeking through thosehrgo buds. there are about 3,000 trees that surround the tidal basinids once it's peak bloom this area looks like a sea of pink and pk white.ite. it's a support ler z. the cooler forecast temperatures this week moved the start of the peak bloom period to rightht about
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park service considers peakonsie bloom when the blossoms are at a about 70's percent and i'd say we are there. yesterday looked a little iffy but i think a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures helped burst openee those blossoms but true alossoms sight to see for yourself inrsf person. you can walk around, sit, have a picnic and as you enjoy themot it's really important to know ko a little history behind these te trees.trees. the famous trees were gifted gif to us from japan in 1912 and and so they're decades old and innd both countries they symbolizelie birth and renewal but it's but s also a symbol of friendship.p. if you're itching to get downo here to see it, the festival fti is going on now until april 17th. the big parade mark your cal lars is the is check our web site for full ful details. most of these events are freee so it's wonderful to bring then tear family down here. the best way to get around isars public if you take metro smithsonianthi station is your best bet and b you can just walk down to thisnt area to the tidal basin and a one important note that i that always want to remind
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tree or have your children fuss with the trees becauseth thee mps they take great forgr these trees.. that's why they've lasted this long and they look like this le so just a reminder not tor touch the trees. live from the tidal basin.. back to you in the >> don't touch.>> don good advice. advic thanks annie. also in the news happeningae today, friends family andil and fellow officers will gather tolr say their final farewells to a prince george's county policerg' officer killed in the line of duty.. >> funeral will be held laterilt this morning for jacai colsonaio in upper marlboro. marlbor melanie alnwick joins us lives with the very latest. mel. >> reporter: good morning.te and initially this funeral was going to be private but prince i george's county police saye they had so much support fromupt the public that the family andiy the police department decidedt d that it would be appropriatepppr to have it opened to the community and to the public in general.genel. now, there was a large turnoutuo yesterday at the funeral homealm when the first viewing began. contingents
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to honor the fallen detectiveetc and comfort his colleagues and family. 28-year-old jacai colson col jumped into action almost two weeks ago when a man started randomly shooting at cars,ars, people and district three officers. out of uniform and not wearing body armor tragically colsonllyl was killed by a fellowlo officer's bullet. bulle colson's father spoke about spoo his son yesterday outside the te funeral home. h >> this is a hero inside here. r ever since he was born, neverer any trouble to us.uble t u he was the kind of kid and young man that any parentny parn would be proud of, any brotherfa would be proud of and any -- any you know, he was just thatju t type of young man.oungan not one of these stories we're out here talking aboutki a somebody who had a bad reputation or anything like anyk that. that's a hero inside there and e that's what we're proud of. law an outstanding young man man and an excellent role modelole m for a lot of youths coming up. >> now we
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about some road closures thisoss morning beginning at 7:30 this morning, powder mill road, bw parkway southbound 495,und 4 central avenue and largo road lr will be briefly closed tod t traffic. they say it's going to be about a five minute closure as presumably they bring thely t casket from the funeral home here to the glenarden baptist church and then those samehose s roads again will be closed around 12:30 this afternoon. so, this morning there is are is second viewing.iewing it goes from 9:00 until 11:00 1: and then the funeral begins at 11 o'clock. should wrap up probably byup p about 12:30. 1 detective colson will bectiv buried monday in his home state of pennsylvania.nsva live in upper marlboro, i'mlbori melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ gary last flight we grilledwe gl out, ate outside. out it was awesome. aweso when i walked back out this morning it was the sameg it w temperature as it was when ie as went to bed. we i
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say it felt warmer. war >> it might have.t h i was so struck by how mild it was. >> it's a little more humid, h too. >> i did feel that. t >> it may feel milder thisildeth morning and that came iname in overnight.. showers possible. i don't think everybody is going to get wet this morning. showers back off to the westff e of us. gusts, just looking at theng at peak gusts here, twenty eight eg miles per hour peak wind gusthor for d.c. many i was encouragedi there in annie's live shot to see the cherry blossom treesssom weren't blowing all over theblov place so that's good because bee obviously they're a little a l fragile at this state.agil we he don't want to blow all the blooms off. culpeper 18 miles per hour 1 wind gusts and8 frederick fredi 17 miles per hour wind gusts. hi okay, here's the deal this death morning. showers around, yes.nd yes not everybody is going to get t wet. it will otherwise be mild and windy. windy. the front will come throught wi later today and that should sul allow us to have a little bit ab of afternoon sunshine. sunine. that will keep temperatures in the upper 60's to the lower to r mid 70's today.oday and it will stay the front comes throughnd
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that opens the door for the cooler air to come in from in there north and west.ernort we're in the 70's again today 7g but this weekend we're going weg to be in the 60's. 60' tomorrow some folks will only o be in the 50's. the 5 here's a look at your fridayday morning commute. commute >> on-time traffic brought tora you by toyota.ffu by toy visit buy a for special offers.ers. >> 5:07 right now. now looks like gary is still onll on his first cup of coffee is coffe that right. th up yup, one and only. y >> i'm proud frankford you.ud fd i'm gearing up for my good friday morning to you ifo o you're just getting ready to head out the door right laneghtl blocked veirs mill road at a twin parkway. outer loop top of the beltwayop by new hampshire cruising. o cis no incidents reported on five, f branch avenue. 301 to the beltway lookingoo good. suitland parkway into thatnt south capitol still dealingtol with nice quiet conditions.ions. 95 northbound all lanes openedle as you wake up in stafford.n str let's take a live look outsideut show you some of those smoothse roads. you can see the beltway out in i prince george's county inner cou loop and outer loop volume is definitely increasing but
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notate risk right now.isw 50 on the inbound side lookingng good. this is the beltway at 50 soltw no issues there, either. eit got you covered if and when whe anything else pops up. your commute to the airport isti looking good and metro is on time. maureen.maur >> thanks, erin.>> ts, e rolling stones are goinging to make history later today.ory they've touched down in cuba on the eve of their historicof h free concert. >> plus, health enthusiastshusi making changes to their diet tht in order to get nutrients.en find out where they're gettingrg p them if now. now that story all new this n thi morning coming up next. 5:08 is our time.
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>> developing overseas>> d secretary of state john kerryof arriving in brussels this morning. the terror threa st i level in belgian has been lowered as the country tries to get backy to normal. the hunt is on as europeans eur officials try to get back to normal. >> and the hunt is on as wehe said as euro hpean authoritiesns search for the survivingur terrorists behind tuesday's behs attacks. ta at least one suspect remains rei at large and police say hee sayh could be getting help from an unknown number of accomplices. police in brussels haveelhave detained six people so far andsr yesterday a man in paris wasas also detained under suspicion si of plotting an >> a man accused of rushingus the stage a donald trump flail dayton ohio has been chargedn ca with disorderly conduct anduct d inducing panic.ic
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allegedly moved towards theowds stage sending secret service agents scrambling to surround so the gop presidentialth candidate. trump canceled the chicago ccago rally hours before that citingrb safety concerns after hundreds of vocal protestors filled thelt crowd.owd. >> residents of a town inenf a northwestern minnesota willso return to their homes after a at freight train collided with acow tanker truck.tank this happened yesterdayyeday afternoon.afte about 230 residents werests evacuated as a precaution.ution. two crew members were hurt. residents will not be allowede l to return to their homes, though, until noon today. >> ♪ >> still ahead, an end of an era in maryland. maryl we're saying goodbye to theohe famous barnum and bailey circus elephants and they gotndg quite a sendoff. details ahead. >>♪♪ >> hey, here you go.he you we have fair skies this morning, a lot of cloudsg, a l around, too, and showers back so to the west. t some afternoon sunshine butunsht ahead of that breezy, a fewrey, showers coming on across.os that's your friday forecast.ay s we'll look at the weekend,ee important weekend forecast coming up. stay with us. government shutdowns
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>> ♪ >> happening now, it's the moment we've all been waiting al for, the cherry blossoms popping as they are reaching reh peak bloom. many people are flocking to fckn the tidal basin.. this weekend is the kickoff offf the national cherry blossom festival. there will be traditional and contemporary performances heldan at the warner the cherry blossom festival parade is on saturday april 16th.apri >> we are checking in with thecg eaglets now t
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arboretum here in d.c. in d i know.w. it's an instantaneously awe factor is it not.factorit n i just heard gary declare it. we happened to catch theto catch eagles at dinnertime.inrt seems like the eaglets areagle strong and they're doing very dg well in their nest.he n all good news. >> the district is gettingt is i ready to welcome yet anotheret o set of baby eaglets. eagle did you know that? two eagleste named freedom and justice arece perched outside of the mpd m southeast the birds have been there for 11 years and produced two eggso in mid february. the eaglets are expected to eec hatch within the next week.k. >> ♪ >> it just seems like eaglese should be born in the d.c. area, you know what i mean? i mean, come on. >> yeah. well, you know, i'm so glad -- - and not that they care i don't think but at least from myrom point of view the fact thatt tha it's nice and warm, i mean f-you're an eaglet that's gotn to be a good yo bu don't want to be cold.t tl here's what's going on outt's go there this morning.ere look how mild it is.lookow m
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66 degrees. some humidity came in overnight from the south and a so you feel it a little bit more out there.more o t and the winds are gusty. dulles 65, gaithersburg 64.ur here in town we're 66. so, the last little area of aa warm air coming right up the east coast. if you jump to way back out tokt the west, that's west of the front -- the front is kind ofhe right in here. beckley 54 but clearly backac behind the front columbus col colder at 42, detroit is 31 and louisville right now is rigw 41. so, there's cooler air lurking. that cooler air will startill sr spilling in later i mean its not going to be aliog rush of cold air or anythingrnyh like that but tomorrow we'rere definitely going to be cooler g for highs.oi we're going to go 63 here in north and west probably justt getting up to the upper 50's, 60 degrees, something like that. the wind does not look like lk it's going to be a problem. pro. tomorrow afternoon is going to g be gorgeous. 68 degrees on easter sunday, a a few clouds late in the day but
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we will stay dry and i do i believe if we get to 68 hereere in d.c., there's going to be some 70-degree readings outs there south and southwest.outh showers back to the west ofes us. they're getting closer to 81 to and i find just a little weaktl shower up here in northern n sections of frederick countyricu and then back over along 68 and 70 out towards hagerstown so these are coming on acrossina now and we'll continue to seeeos more and more popping up. more of that shower activityshow back out to the west and unfortunately looks like it's going to come across just inus i time for the morning commute.ome so, some of these commuters are going to have to deal withol it. look at the seven-day forecast s real quick.ui still nothing that we can'th deal with on the seven-day forecast.cast. erin, i hope the rain comesain c across but it's not going to n be a problem but i don't know. doesn't take much. m >> i know, do you think this tht morning at all?ing >> yeah, i do, i do believeo b we'll have some showers oute there in places. place >> so, grab your umbrella this morning and have some patience e but the good news is roads areoa quiet and dry. this is a look as you head hd down past hyattstow
5:18 am
things are looking very quiet on 270 south as you head to h the spur, no problems 109 to9 121. north of that point as you head out by the truck scalesca we don't have that usuale that a congestion just you can see things lookingsee good but gary, i'm worried w that once just a little bit ofet water hits the roads it might i be a different story so we'll keep you updated.ou we'll look at our maps.l lookt u aside from a quiet look at 270 in montgomery county right lane still blocked with some som construction. veirs mill road eastbound at ead twinbrook parkway. paray in prince george's countync branch avenue no incidents reported, 301 is quiet, 50301 is inbound out by 202 lookingki good. no problems in bowie this bie t morning. things in new carroltonw carolt looking good.g good. got you covered if and when a any of that things in stafford all lanes opened. no congestion just yet as youio make your way throughn our waro woodbridge. i'll let you know when thatno changes. maureen. >> a billboard malfunction hason drivers doing a double take onba a texas freeway. check out this is ad for chick-fil-a. notice anything change? oh, wow.
5:19 am
the edge of the sign used tose be upright.. they somehow came loose ande lo were left dangling in midair. m the company that manages theman billboard is working onis worngo getting someone out there tout e try to fix that. >> can you imagine driving -- [laughter] >> oh, man. oh, >> that could cause somehauld ca accidents. ac >> yeah. >> 5:19 right now.:19 ri a 33 year tradition comes toon c an end in maryland.d. >> elephants from ringlinganrom brothers and barnum and bailey b chow down on their final tir brunch in baltimore'sn baore' lexington market. the majestic asian elephants stopped for a standup vegetarian buffet ontari wednesday. they had everything fromad e apples to oranges and water melons, carrots, lettuce and even fresh italian bred. that was a w a f baltimore is the only city in ti the country to host an elephant brunch of this sizef ti every year. ev t this will be the finalhe f meal for everyone involved.ryonl the elephants will retire froml the circus in may. m they'll be moving to ao permanent home in florida at fla the ringling brothers centererse
5:20 am
>> the rolling stones havehe r arrived in havana cuba. c they'll be performing tonight. the event will mark the firstrk time a rock and roll band ever e played before a live audienceive in cuba and thousands areands expected to be there. at one at point their music was banned wab from the island.from the i band members say they're happyhe to be able to perform before a a cuban audience for the very the first time.rst all right.all rig you who knew the rolling t rollg stones would be the first rockl group to play there.p tolay >> now it's like every person p that goes to to cuba wetocu >> exactly. new this morning a new health h craze. >> people are turning to soupni instead of juice to get theircet a lot of people do these t through smooth these but not everyone likes the smooth these. that's how this new crazesew c caught on.n. nicole chazav behind thehind trend.tren three years ago she started splendid spoon selling soup subscriptions.bsti now nicole supplies soups to t thousands of customers across a the country every week.ry week. >> we're not talking aboutot t that
5:21 am
based soup.base we're talking about stealing and poaching and then blending where foods are flavorfulvo colorful very easy on the digestive system, easy to add herbs and spices, fresh gin freg jersey, natural digestl diges activities. >> there's a lot of reallyre a t important nutrient absorptionut that happens when you cook something that you don't getth out of juices or smoothies. smoi >> nutrients say one benefitrien of eating soup is that it's tt good for sensitive symptom max. >> i can see he that. i she's talking about cooking cg o enhances the health benefits.en >> i thought the raw was -- [laughter][lau >> okay. coming up a lot happening hpe overnight in he was once the beloved b quarterback in d.c.quar now he's moving to the m t midwest. we're going to tell you who rg iii signed up with. >> plus, a hard hit for f maryland fans after laster l night's big loss. b l the terps have been eliminated e from the sweet 16.weet 1 but they put up a good fightp ag against top seeded kansas. we'll have the details ahead.
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>> in sports news this in morning, former burgundy andmery gold quarterback rg iii hasii signed contractor with the cleveland the former heisman winner evanda offensive rookie of theooki year -- gary is slaking hisking head. i guess you're not happy about p that. he was released by they t washington team earlier this ts month. rg iii was inactive for the entire 2015 season.ean. this development comes freshop off the news that running back c alfred morris will wear a a dallas cowboys jersey this fall.ll >> maryland's seasoneaso unfortunately has come to an
5:25 am
end. they lost 79-63 last night to kansas in the sweet 16. now the jayhawks terry ellis unstoppable put up a seasonup aa best 27 points and the terps thr coach mark turgeon had noado defensive answer for ellis.llis. the win put kansas in the elite eight for the first timetr since 2012. they now advance to play number two seed villanova who is no joke and hammered miami m last night 92-69. so, in that bracket, the committee got it right.ig one seed going play the two seed. >> isn't kansas number e >> they're the. overall onevera seed yes in general. gener >> this is when i startthis i getting a little mildlyildl interested in basketball.ed i >> well, i thought you were -- r >> i actually thought lastght weekend was more fun because bec it was great games, upsets andup all that.l th now it's kind of -- none of--onf the games were good lastlast night. night. >> to each his own.. >> yup. >> did you stay and watch it.ta >> oh, no, no, no.y no, >> it was a flynn:45 game.:4 >> no, no, no.>> th
5:26 am
highlights the next morning. [laughter] >> all right, gary. >> here's temperatures nowpe this morning.this. the beauty of the mildd temperatures. you step out, it's 66 degrees.6r i had my jacket on.acket o i was like i don't need this't d thing.g. >> no.>> no. >> 66 65 for fredericksburg.ur the winds are a little gusty, too. we're gusting up to 20, to 30 miles per hour. mil per okay, the rain, the rain isains still mostly back out to theut t west of us.stf has not come across theoss t mountains yet. we do see a few showers upp through central and northern nor frederick county.cou parts of washington county.ou there's the forecast for showers this morning. sunshine this afternoon. aft high temperatures middle 70's.l. >> what?>> >> love it, lover it, love it.t. >> my job is done. >> all right. rig we shall move on.we s >> exactly. let's give erin some face timee here. traffic hopefully not too bad today. to >> actual its really quiet y want to jinx things but i think some people might beme p taking off work today.kod >> it's good friday.>>s go >> if you're enjoying good friday from your viewing areanga maybe your
5:27 am
bedroom watching it and youtnd don't have to leave the house,o, the good news i if you do all lanes opened on 50 and 301.. really quiet interstates asnter you head into town right now.ow traffic is flowing without anyot problems. we'll look at our. o i'm wordiness were the drizzlere hits the area even if it's a quieter morning commute. commute it could cause some problems. pm branch avenue clear.bran back to you good guys. g >> erin thanks for that. appreciate it. can coming up conflictingcoc reports on when the zika virus arrived in america. ame what scientists believe.s belie >> in this morning's health watch. they're sometimes hard tomerd t watch. former smokers talking aboutng a their battle with tobacco. do those antismoking ads really work? that's ahead.
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>> good morning. coming back with this live thisv picture from the tidal basin, bs cherry blossoms in bloom.inlo get out there see it if you haven't. of course i'm saying this butsat i haven't gone down there yet. i will today, though, i promise.ise. it's gorgeous down there. good morning, 5:30 is your time.time. i'm maureen umeh. uh. >> i'm holly morris.or our top story is that friends ta and family and fellow officers r will gather in just a fewat j hours to say their final farewells to a prince george's s county police officer killedice in the line of duty. >> the funeral for detective jacai colson will be held in upper marlboro. mlb melanie alnwick joining usning u live there with the latest.ates mel. >> reporter: good morning.r: well, initially this funeraly if was going to
5:31 am
prince george's county police say there's been so muchuc support from the community and the family agreed it should be opened to the public.ed t yesterday there was a large turnout at the funeral homeunerh where the first funeral beganerg and contingent of policef po officers across the region rio area tried honor the fallen detective and comfort his colleagues and 28-year-old jacai colson col jumped into action almost twoos weeks ago when a man startedta randomly shooting at carsg at c people and police officers outside the district threetricte station. out of uniform and not wearing a body armor tragically colsoncaln was killed by a fellow officer's bullet. bul colson's father spoke aboutpokeo his son outside the funeral home yesterday.rd >> this is a hero inside here. ever since he was born, never any trouble to us.o he was the kind of kid and young man that any parent any pt would be proud of, any brotherrd would be proud of and any -- an- you know, he he was just that j type of young ma
5:32 am
it's not one of these stories si we're out here talking aboutkint somebody who had a bad reputation or anything likeanytk that. that's a hero inside there and d that's what we're proud of. he was an outstanding youngng y man and an excellent roleole model for a lot of youths y coming up. >> reporter: so, there will be road closures today thatos people should be aware of. 7:30 this morning is when thehe first one begins. it's at powder mill road. also baltimore-washington parkway southbound 495 centralhu avenue and largo roads.go roads they'll be closed to traffico tf for about five minutes andutes then also those same roadsame ra will be closed as well at 12:30 this afternoon. afterno so, all of this, of course, cous happening as the -- there iss another viewing this morninghi that is from 9:00 to 11:00 1 here at the first baptistap church of glenarden and thenhe again the funeral begins at 11 o'clock. then on monday, officer colsonil will be buried in his homeome state of philadelphia.delphi live in upper marlboro, i'moro, melanie alnwick, fox5 local l
5:33 am
>> thanks, mel. it is the moment we've alleo been waiting for, the cherry ce blossoms finally popping andng millions of people aree flocking to the tidal basin to s take in the views. v >> this weekend is the kickoffen of the national cherry blossom festival. annie yu clad in her beautiful f pink joins us live from the t tidal basin.asin hey, annie. annie. good morning holly andol and in just a few hours this ts entire tidal basin area will ari be flooded with many, many people are from all around,allro hundreds of thousands ofan o people from all over the world t gather here just to see theseju cherry it is a spectacular sight and ad already this morning since my se last hit at 5:00 we've runun into some people they are out here.ut here. this place never closes by the e way, you can come here at anyer time of day. we saw a couple here that wereet dropping off their parents at the airport and thought, hey, h let's swing by and enjoy they ay cherry blossoms and then thereh was a young lady over to my t right who was actually doing a a photography session. session so, that was very interesting.n. but if you take a look around, o it is so pretty, even though tug we don't have a lot of daylight out here. some
5:34 am
you can kind of see a lot of a trees that you're looking atking now have already burst opened.d. look at this tree right here h where you can kind of see that k the buds are there and are tre a blossoms are barely peeking through those buds but i'd say d we are at about 70 percent0 perc here down at the tidal basinal b which i know the national park service considers full blooms fo or peak bloom i should say.m i now, depending on the weather the blossoms will stick around a for about four to 10 days. d there are about 3,000 cherry00he trees around the tidal basin bas area that are over a hundredverh years old and it is just aust sight, truly something youething need to see for yourself in person. you can walk around, you can y c ride your bike, sit and read. ar i've seen families haveamil picnics out here.pi also keep in mind that thed at t festival as you mentioned istioi under way some important dates is the popular kite festival is fti april 2nd. that's always a big, big deal. d the big parade which you needic tickets for is the 16th.s for is you can actually log onto ourntr web site where we have a linke l for you there. most of these events are freee so it's family friendly. frien as you
5:35 am
that these trees are a hundred r years old, they're veryre v delicate. deli you don't want to touch themohe and really it's a symbol of sym friendship between the u.s. t us and japan which is the country t that gifted these trees to us u many years ago. ago best way to get here is public transportation and if you do anu take metro, smithsonian issonian going to be your best bet. b. there's also parking. parki if you must park, i don't think you should drive downshd r here, but if you have to drive, there is parking at parka haines point and there's a pnt a shuttle that runs from 10:00 1 to 7:00 p.m. and for just aust dollar it will shuttle youhule down to the tidal back to you in the studio. the s >> it is beautiful weather ifutf you are heading down there. tre i mean, you couldn't ask for better. it might sprinkle a little bit but --t -- >> today. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah, yeah, thisea t morning i think we'll have aink few showers coming across.cros this afternoon looks good.fter tomorrow is good. is g sunday is good. g >> in other words we're all good. >> yeah, i really think so. >> i like that.ea
5:36 am
you can see the showers backrs out to the west of us, still s way out into western maryland, l west virginia. v it will eventually come across 81. there is a light shower still lo coming out of washingtonngton county.county. northern sections of frederick i county. this is up around thurmontt emmitsburg places like thats going to get some showers andwes then eventually on across acr through gaithersburg -- not gaithersburg, gettysburg which y is up into southern sections sti of pennsylvania obviously.bvio here's the forecast for today.fd we'll have some showers in.n. not everybody gets wet. w these will be scattered astters they move across the later today, noontime, somee,e clouds with some sunshine,shin high temperature today will make it up into the lower to ler mid 70's and it looks like l we're in for some sunshine sun this afternoon as theseon as t showers move on off to the t t east of o so, there's your fridayr friy forecast.forecast now we're in with a look atat your friday morning commute. c erin como is in the house.ou >> right now since the rain is e holding off it's still quiet.ui we're seeing really clearll c conditions.coio 95 all lanes opened inne stafford. let's see if we can forw
5:37 am
our maps to fairfax.aiax. no problems there either.ither. the inner loop looking good springfield to gallows.gas. problem from from manassas onana 66 eastbound through centreville. let's take a live look outsidee and show you how your commuteout is shaping up. as you can see traffic is justt cruising. we are problem free whetherree you're making your way out on o 95 towards the bottom of thetom beltway or if you're makingf yon your way out on the beltwayhe bl itself across the wilson bridge. lighter traffic for this goodfi friday commute but once the once rain does hit the area light art showers as gary mentioned,entied this commute could start picking up. a got you covered if that happens but as for right now enjoy what's going on out onng o the roads.s. back to you maureen and holly. y >> what is that?ha >> heads up f you're lookingng for something to do with thedo w kids over spring break, all aboard. check out the mini trains in wheaton regional park. train rides will be availablee starting today throughti april 1st. it's special for spring break. montgomery county is on springyp break.ea tickets for one ride are twowo bucks. buck children under two ride free re
5:38 am
with a paying adult of course.ou it's super fun.un we've done it multiple times. t they don't really open like seven days a week until june je but they're opening today weather dependent, it can'tdepe rain, and they're running allthy next week. >> you know what i think whenhie i see that? all aboard theboart choo choo train. >> exactly, choo choo, soul. chs we're on the same page. >> four-year-olds, what are you going to do.yo >> exactly. >> still ahead, a lot oft o people take naps.ak i need one right now. but coming up in this morning's health watch why youhy might want to do something else other than catch somether z's. >> plus, we've been hearing soeg much about zika now evidence that it may havehah been in the united states sta years ago.s ago details ahead.he stick around. don't want to miss it.
5:39 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us.
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she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> 5:41 is your time this:41 morning. new developments dealing with the zika virus. it appears the venirus came to m the u.s. almost three yearsree s ago. this is earlier than whatha scientists previously thought. scientists believe one airve one traveler may have brought the b virus back to america in 200013 its arrival coincidesal c with a 50 percent rise in passengers from zika affected areas. >> long daytime naps may not do your heart any good. researchers say long naps ands excessive daytime sleepinessep may increase their risk for rk health issues. they found people who nappedeo longer than 40 minutes were in
5:42 am
blood pressure, highblood cholesterol and high blood blood sugar. we're in trouble.e in t however, people who nap 30 who n minutes or less saw a slight decrease in risk of developingep these issues. good news is theth study only found an association not a direct link. >> i'm going to need a seconds c opinion thon. >> i know. >> the centers for disease control and prevention's tipss from a former smoker campaignern continues to help people kick p habits. tips from the former smoker campaign is the firstirst federally funded paid media campaign.mpgn. it features former se researchers analyzed thezed the impact of the campaign fromcampi 2012 to 2014 finding itinding inspired nearly 2 million onto smokers to quit. in addition the team measuring the tobacco educationcaon campaign's impact says itss results were as strong inong 2012, the first year of the yeaf campaign as it was in 2014. which means the ads continuesds to have a significant impact. i
5:43 am
still ahead actress betty white is being sued by a former employee.mplo >> what? find out about theut e unfair business practices that t the 94-year-old is accused of doing.doing. >> but first, hey, gary. firsty, >> listen guys, showers to the west of us. clouds now super mild thiser md morning. we're going to warm up again aga today. all that plus your weekend you w forecast is coming up. stay with us.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> welcome back on this friday c morning. temperatures out there very mild mainly in the 60's acrutoss the region okay. o we're tracking some showers. swe most of this is way back out b to the t wes it's kind of moving to theinto t northeast and the line ofin showers here, it's slowly s moving eastward, okay.ard, o so, it's going to take a te couple hours before we startrs s to get this over the mountains and into the western sections wc ofti the metro. there's still a couple showersho out in advance of that.f that. you can see here northerne nth frederick county, emmitsburgmmsr is right in here, there's the gettysburg up into southern i sections of pennsylvania sonsva again just a very, very lighty i shower. we'll wait awhile for the line l to come across but we may have v a couple more popping oute ppint ahead of the line.ead very, very scattered thiser not everybody gets wet. reagan national 66, dulles 65, bwi marshall is coming in at 66 degrees. degrees. and across the nation there'sio a little bit of warm airf holding on for the east coast ca but cooler air has been h b trickling in from the centralhen plains and the rockies all thell way into the midwest. chicago right now is 30.s saint louis is
5:47 am
down into parts of texas in texi the 40's and the 50's there. just a great weekend for us. f it's going to be cooler.oo 63 tomorrow but lots off sunshine so it looks good. sunday, easter sunday, 68 degrees. it does look like we'll have a k couple of temperatures onmperat sunday actually getting to 70. maybe 71 or 72. i see trends here thatha indicate we could warm up warm niles on sunday in advance ofy v another system that will bring b us some showers on monday. mond. here's where we are this notice very scattered showersero here coming on across. by 4, 5, 6 o'clock, all this, is off to the east of us.s. we should get into some afternoon tomorrow's gorgeous.geou winds coming in from the northwest.rt here we are on sunday and ondayd sunday we're watching to seech how much in the way of cloudwayu cover will come i think we get good amounts of sunshine certainly for thene morning hours and then we're c going to end up getting mores pe clouds coming in in then in t afternoon but it does lookt doe like it's going to stay dry on sunday. sunday and temperatures up into theatus mid to upper 60's.
5:48 am
74 today. 63 tomorrow.row. 68 degrees on sunday. sda some showers coming back in by monday.monday here's erin como with a lookcoml at your cooommute.ommute >> well, 5:48 right now, gary, and we are off to a quiet start.t. we have some activity,av however, right now on 395 on 5 southbound in alexandria pastris king street the right lane isigl blocked with that accident. accn use caution. it's going against the typicalyp morning rush. little bit of volume b increasing on the northbounde no side but still great drivereatri times from the beltway to theayo 14th street bridge. bdg same story as you head out inut stafford right now, aquiauia harbor to dumfries none of that usual congestion between fredericksburg and staffordbu this morning. let's take a live look outside o and show you the rest of your y morning commute. com you can see the rest of 95e o looking really quiet as youui head towards the beltway fromtwo the weigh station to daletdale city. city i never usually get to see it s this quiet this time ofime morning. you can see just a little bitju of volume picking up closer toso the beltway.y. a look back at our maps. map metro is on time this morning.ti the inner loop has no reported r incidents and top of thend top beltway the outer loop isoutelop looking great.ok if you have an early morninginai flight to catch trfi
5:49 am
way to bwi reagan national and dulles is looking good and you're moving very nicely. i don't even have to tell youavy it's congested by the truck t scales on 270 so, so far so good. that's your traffic. maureen. >> georgia plan is walkingal across america to raise a wearness of drug overdoses.rdos >> brent bramble and his dog his domino started his walk across s america on march 13th in delaware.wa his sister, brittany, died inied march of 2014 of a drug overdose and left behind threee children.chil brent is hoping to save livesg by sharing his sister's story. today he walked through partswa of berryvillelk virginia anda tomorrow he'll be walkingll w through frederick county inick c the city of winchester.ineste bramble will end his journeyrney in san francisco.. >> it looks like easter'ske eas' about break the bank.ank. experts expect record spendingdg on the holiday this year. year. we're talking $17 billion.17il that breaks down to about $140b4 per person. perso how does it cost so much?
5:50 am
well, add up expenses like easter outfits, easterea baskets, pictures with thewi easter bunny and of course all that easter candy.aser >> more candies that areor assoe ciated with easter thaneat any of the other holidays, chocolate bunnies, eggs, jelly j beans and iconic march mallow ml peeps. >> first reference to theo t easter bunny dates back tok t 17th century german foal lock.. cherry is the most popular jelly bean flavor. one peep will only cost you 28 calories. whew.ew >> you're well up.'re ll u >> gary shandling. (applause).(app >> thank you, thank you.ou wow, that's very nice.eryic i'm so excited to be here. i had a great day. d >> piece of tv history here.torr this is a clip from gary shandling's very firstg'ery appearance on network television in 1981. 1 this morning, though, we're saying goodbye to the comedian a whose work spans nearly fourrk decades. sdeca the 66-year-old died suddenly
5:51 am
yesterday. shandling was in seemingly good health.good we're still waiting to hear h what ended his life.if and the creator of one of television's most beloved b family shows the walton's has died. earl hamner jr. died in los angeles yesterday hadn't recently been battling pneumonia. although he's best remembered for the walton's he was a best selling author and was the author of eight episodes of edef the twilight zone.e tw he died at the age of 92. >> actress betty white ishite being sued by former live in caretaker.ker. anita maynard filed thehe lawsuit.laws she alleges white denied her overtime wages despite the w fact that she often workedage more than 14 hours a day. a d the caretaker says she partedare ways with white on march 11thar1 of this year and that she has s yet to receiver her wages orge o vacation pay. p white's camp told peoplecampold magazine that she has worked with thousands of people overdso the years and that no one haseas
5:52 am
to say about white. they did not flat out disputeuts the allegations, though. >> it's sad.t' >> singer rihanna's lawyers'saw battling with two marylandmary entrepreneurs over a characterer in an animated cartoon. cartoon >> now that business duo isuo i explaining why rihanna's camp's is completely wrong.y wrong the animated character rihzanna is part of a cast ofasf animated action heroes who use their nutrition and healthh super powers to fight a group of villian diseases.isea the makers are trying to tin trademark the name rihzanns. >> rihanna legal team sentegal s them a letter saying it's too close toloseo rihanna. the creators say their character rihzanna is for toddlers is that pronouncednoun differently than the singer'sr's name. >> i was shocked.>> i started i laughing.aughing. i just couldn't believe thatould we were on their radar like t that, ha
5:53 am
would try to -- or that theyt would draw a correlationre between the two because our character is pronounced rihzanna andnd rihanna there's a different pronunciation of the word sohe s we were quite surprised being that we have been at this for over 24 years. years. >> i'm sure that rihannaihanna herself would be in support ofup this because we're focused on o young we're focused on positivity,osiv we're focused on health and wellness and nutrition and i think -- i think maybe signals s might have gotten crossed butedb i'm sure that if she was, you know, aware of what we'reoft w doing and what we're about, a she would definitely be in defie full support. s >> and also -- a >> she probably thought it was rihzanna, too. t they have responded toave re rihanna's attorney butter theytn
5:54 am
yet. >> just change the are they still beholden to rihzanna. >> they've been doing it foringt 24 years they say.yay >> i missed that part. the allergies. >> rihzanna. for this week's fox beateeka free friday you could win four tickets to jersey boys.s. >> jersey. [laughter] [laughte >> ton knee and grammy awardan winning musical smash hit atshit the national theater is theat i april 6th through the 24th. 24t just go to the contest page on betweencom/ now and 11:59 p.m. and enterandn for a chance to >> the tickets are for the areor night of april 6th and have an n approximate retail value of $372 provided by the nationalata theater. one winner is going to beoi to e selected by random drawing onrao march 28th and for complete rules and online entry led to >> it's an awesome show so i sh would say enter and try to win w those. >> uh-huh. >> let's go ahead and do our facebook fan of the day.
5:55 am
>> where is your instrument? inn >> what are we hearing.hat are >> i know. >> today we say. >> only play rock music here.ic >> i don't know what's going g on i'm going to be honest with you. we'll say hello to markk olbermann.rm after nearly 15 years this isea mark's last weekend in d.c. d he's packing his bags and moving to brooklyn. >> before he goes he wanted to give -- we wanted to give himhim a special shout-out. for your chance to beyo cha tomorrow's facebook fan of theef day. can which one is mark, though? g >> the one in the red. tne i >> the one in the red. r >> do you know him?u knowim >> yes. y yes. >> fill in the blank. what's his deal? what's his wh story? he's just moving too brooklyn. >> new job in brooklyn. j in >> got a new job in brooklyn. bk >> congrats mark olbermann.lbma the stash is all you. y if you want to be tomorrow's too facebook fan of the day headf t to our fox5 facebook page andaga post a selfie and commentomme below mark's fabulous photo.sho >> and erin says she'll comee' c visit in brooklyn. >> ♪ >> somehow there's more toow this story.
5:56 am
>> uh-huh.h-huh. >> see, it all come out gary.utr >> here's the >> come on in. on in. >> showers back to the south. sh >> people who need people.eople. >> they're west of us, too. u there you go.e yo seven-day forecast coming up cig if we can get it to sometimes it's difficult.ifficu. >> you don't have to stand so hv close to me. >> 74 degrees today.grs today. >> i like the bunny hopping. >> good for easter. >> we need it. well, it's a nice easterice ea forecast. that sounds s >> yup.ou >> thanks, gary. >> let's see if we can do d traffic.c. >> gary, you're like the maytag repairman this morning like nothing to do. >> it's spring break its goodtso friday and i just have at ha feeling a lot of people arepl enjoying the day maybe some som cherry blossoms instead ofos making their way to the right now we do have somee slowdowns though as you make your way out in the beltway.ay 95 northbound just a littlebount bit of congestion picking up.n g we'll take a quick look at our o so far enjoy the quietqui commute. little bit of inbound new york avenue congestion as usual. back to you maureen.o yo
5:57 am
recalling some of its organicrg baby food >> plus a new app that lets you rent your pooch.your pooch. that's right. connect dog owners with dogwith lovers and guess what? it'shats free. >> also a sad day in college park. the terps on their way back to maryland after losing thein sweet 16 to kansas. kansa the sports junkies joining usoig live at 6:30.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> straight ahead at 6:00 a5 final goodbye for aahea fallenal prince george's county policee'o detective. details of today's services in upper marlboro maryland. plus, several roadal roa closures in that area thisn th morning that you need to know about. n >> also ahead this morning,d th new developments out ofout brussels. more arrests overnight as a a top u.s. official arrives in that city.atity. >> a live look outside, it's, friday morning everyone.on it's friday march 25th. 2 weather and traffic on theffic 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison i'm seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news m sorning.. we're going to start overseasve this morning, though. mning secretary of state john kerry ky arrived in brussels this morning and during his five hour visit he will meet with wit counter terrorism officialsrror from the eu and belgium then lay a wreath at a memorialath site at the airport for theai victims of tuesday's terrorrp attack.tack his visit comes as word a w overnight of six new arrestsrres following raids in central brussels. no word on why that were taken into it will be decided today ifodayf any of them will face charges. s meantime in a paris suburb a sur man in the


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