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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> fire rips through a maryland home. >> and details about the man shot inside the u.s. capitol visitor center. and sending people running for their lives and his previous run ins with the law. >> live look outside tuesday morning. we're at 49 degrees this morning. little chilly out there. grab a jacket. shaping up to be a nice day i think. we'll confirm that with michael thomas he's in to do the
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erin cuomo will update you on morning commute. when we say good morning we're glad you're starting your day with us. . >> following breaking news in montgomery county, fire fight rz on the scene of down house fire in bethesda. >> that's where we found jennifer davis liver with the latest. what you can tell us? >> hi, there guys, they're wrapping things up here. they have the fire out and all the occupant out. that's good news. but we're bringing keith ba barring ger back in you have discovered things. tell me what you know about this fire. >> we'll have 7 people displaced from two apartments. fire investigators believe the fire was accidentsal electrical in nature. startd in the ceiling of second floor attic area. fortunately one of the occupants heard the fire popping noise before the smoke alarms activated. and the fire and smoke were visible from the outside and above where the people were actually sleeping. so damage surprise pretty significant. 250,000 dollars
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again this is duplex type of apartment. so two families will be displaced as i said 7 people. good thing nobody got hurt. fire rescue personal assisted and some cook pants out not necessarily rescue per se but assisted. no injuries to firefighters. we had 45 or 50 firefighters on the scene. >> that's a beg response. but you said it's tricky in mid of the night. it's amazing this person heard the fire. you worry about whether they're aware of what is going on when deeply sleeping right? >> that's a fairly typical response for us for this type of structure. but, yes, very fortunate for whatever are on the occupant heard the fire popping noise, crackling, whatever the smoke alarm did not activate or necessarily alert them. they had smoke alarms but as i said the fire was above where they were sleeping and smoke really had not built up that much in the area where they were living yet. so the smoke alarm actually did not activate any t
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for fatally they were aware of the fire. called the fire department and neighbors actually saw the fire break out and we received multiple 911 calls about this fire. >> thank you, pete. yes when they got there the fire was shooting through the roof. right now sangmore road is closed and will be closed here for a while long erin they don't have exact timetable on when it will be fixed. stay tuned us with and we'll let you know when you'll be able to get through for the morning commute later this morning. back to you guys. >> 5:03 is the time. hijackers have taken over egypt airplane in cypress hijacked while flying egypt to cairo and forced to land at airport in cypress. according to tweets from egypt air 56 passengers released and 8 americans on board and we understand the crew and four foreigners are on the plane. >> u.s. capitol visitor center will welcome people back one day after police say
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security check point. the visitor sent ser says it will on 8:15 this morning larry dawson was shot by police and remains in the hospital this morning. the incident caused capitol hill and white house to go on lockdown for a while monday afternoon. today we're learning this is not dawson's first brush with the law in d.c.. dawson a minister from tennessee was issued stay away order by d.c. superior dmort october requiring him toe keep away from capital ground after he disrupted house chamber last fall by shout heing ways prophet of god. this morning people described what happened when he came to capitol hill again. >> saw people scattering on the inside like running to the corners. >> one guy started getting antsy about you me to do we get a guard in here i have family members outside what are you doing to protect us. >> dpaw son face as salt with
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deadly weapon and assault police officer charges. >> today marks one week since deadly terror attack at the brussels airport n belgium people of all faiths coming together to pray for victims and families. meantime, there is confusion over the man seen in a video. he is there on the right dressed in light clothing wearing that white hat. belgium media dubbed him the so-called third bomber but yesterday police repleased moving video of him asking police help help in establis establishing his identity and a man thought to be the man in the video was ordered released by judge for lack of evidence. >> med star hospital chain in d.c. area is under attack by hackers ran some wear crippled computer system forcing patients off-line for doctors and patients. fbi is investigating seeing if hackers demand a ran some. it's the same chain dealt with last week. tips on what you can do from
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. >> 5:05 is the time now enjoying twus michael thomas. >> good to be here. >> always good to you have in. >> i love waking up 2:30 in the morning. >> i'm happy to see him but he's throwing out having to get up early. >> there was no sarcasm. >> it was dripping. >> we'll all be dripping in sunshine all be it be chilly. >> chilly this morning. grab the jacket. here are temperatures at this hour. we are at 46 martinsburg and cumberland as well as winchester still hanging out at 49 in washington. 48 annapolis and 4 6 for baltimore and 49 quanitco. you factor in the winds. it's breezy and will remain breezy post of the day. feels like 39. feels 10 cold fer wash tone and 34 gaithersburg and 35 frederick and 34 baltimore. heavier coats as you head out the door and go to work. sat line and radar few c
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out there. remaining quiet. lots of sunshine as holly mentioned coming your way later this afternoon. 59 degrees for a high. cooler day today. sunny and cool. breezy at times. warm-up on the way throw. more details coming ur your way in ten minutes. that's a look at weather. time for a check of on time traffic. >> on time traffic brought to you by take oat a. >> 5:07 not on time on the outer loop. we're dealing with a crash taking out a few of the lanes. right lane getting by after the overpass coalsdale road heavier traffic than you usually see this morning because of that. aside from that inner loop moving fine without any problems. we'll check in with maps now a side from that crash causing slow downs outer loop construction after river road should be cleared soon this morning. 270 look going all the way to the spur and secondarys in bethesda are queue they mornin morning. inbound traffic as you make your way to prince george county looking good. speeds upper moreboro and five moving well
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so no issues there. upper loop moving fine acros the wilson bridge and 95 north seeing little volume pickup as we get to the stafford moving well sol far to garrisonville no issues metro on time. got you covered this tuesday morning orp monday part 2ment back to you guys. >> erin thank you. free ride on metro. this is in honor of 40th anniversary. metro teaming up with mcdonald's to giveaway $10,000 in fares in the form of smart trip cars loaded with $5 each. the giveaway lasts 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at five metro station as cross the d.c. area. silver spring is one of the locations and others are surprise. >> also, today, president obama will be in atlanta. the president is there to atnd a conference where he will introduce his proposal to increase medication based treatment for people addicted to opiates, opiates. opiates. opiates, sorry. it's early. on thursday
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japan and there he'll meet with japanese and south korean leaders dealing with a threat posed by south korea. >> maryland state senate passed bill known as noah's law. it is named after montgomery county police officer noah liota. he was hit at a check point. he died at a short time later. new law requires convicted drunk drives to have ignition inner lock on their vehicle. it forces them to take a breathalyzer before the vehicle stars. there's differences between the house and senate versions of bill. law makers in hoping to work that out in a committee. still ahead a major hospital chain hacked. how patients could be affected and what you need to do to protect your own computer. >> but, first volcanoes to tornadoes mother nature wrea wreaking havoc across country and look at the damage next. time 5:09 we're back in less than a minut
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>> those offices house trump
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this marks the campaign first major headquarters expansion outside of new york. >> democrat hillary clinton is talking tough about donald trump. monday clin taken to warned voteers in wisdom martin that fruit fewer of the supreme court happenings in the balance of the election. if elected he would bring division to the court. she insited he would roll back the rights of individuals and further empower corporations. >> also in wisdom martin an announcement expected from the state governor today. governor scott walker plans to endorse a republican presidential candidate. he previously signaled that he would back texas senator ted cruz and last week walker said cruz is only can dwhit could beat donald trump. >> fbi says it cracked into the iphone linked to begun than calipari mass shooting and this means cart battle between apple and fbi endedp apple was ordered by federal sdwroj hack into the phone and apple fought back against.
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farook and he killed 14 people in san bernardino last decembe december. >> mother nature causing headaches coasting to coast alaska massive ash cloud stretching more than 400 miles force add lass ka air tlinz cancel more than 40 flights. volcano started spewing ash with little warning sunday and cleanup underway ten kentucky after a tornado ripped through the area sunday damaging several homes. nevada residents are dealing with a half foot of snow. >> still ahead a major hospital chain hacked. how patients may be affected. >> and we continue to follow breaking news overseas where egyptian smraen hijacked. americans reportedly on board. we'll have the latest next put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> traffic 150e78z to be moving smoothly. erin will be long to show you where it's not moving smoothly in a couple minutes here. nice start to the day but chill hi start to the day. in for a beautiful sunrise. thank you so much for chris accepteding this in. 6:56 sunrises later and temperatures 45 degrees and chillier than nat suburbs. heavier jacket weather this morning. satellite and radar across the reeming don't. clouds to start the day especially west virginia and northern virginia dealing with cloud cover this morning. quick to break once we get
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look how quiet it s back to the planes.t that comes late thursday and friday. 49 current temperature in washington. 47 you see winds coming out north and west pulling down cooler air from canada. 38 in pittsburgh this morning and 31 binghamton, new york. let's see what's next. today's planner, 50 by 11 a.m. cool and breezy 55 by 2:00 and by 5:00 this afternoon lots of sunshine and generally cool da day. 57. high today will be about 59 degrees. again just kind of setup for the day. high pressure building in across the midwest. that filters in northwest breeze and brings in cooler air. tomorrow, warmer, mid 6 0s. we get into thursday afternoon and things get unsettled and warm front moving through and that brings in warmer air and i think most of the day on thursday is dry. especially morning hours. however as we head
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hours this cold front creeps towards us a little bit. enough energy in atmosphere to give us thunderstorms by afternoon and evening hours. keep your eye on that. friday starts mild. low of 60 degrees. we get up to 70 early afternoon and rain moves through. that could be mid 70s around the region as we head to friday afternoon. and here's outlook at friday afternoon forecast. 73 mannasas. 75 culpeper and 75 frederick fredericksburg as well. weekend looks quiet. we get into sunday time frame we start see a little pattern change and jet stream takes a dip south. chillier fair here and we'll be starting off morning below freezing in suburbs. if you wait to plant i would not plant those plants just yet if are you not ready for potential for another frost freeze. we could be looking at that say monday morning or tuesday morning of next week with a little chillier air coming down from the north. all right. that's a look at weather. erin has traffic. hey, erin. >> 5:17 now earlier cras
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were dealing with after coalsdale road cleared to shoulder all lanes on and heavier traffic we were seeing earlier dissipated. rite now normal flow inner loop looking nice as well. let's go ahead and switch it over and take a look at maps now. if you in fact are waking newspaper bethesda and montgomery county steve barring ger tweeting to let everyone know sagmore road closed between sentinel drive and that's because of fire activity scene. use caution in that neighborhood in bethesda. no word what that active scene will clear but we'll keep you updated. jennifer davis is there as well. looking in frederick aside from that 270 south wide on not seeing issues 70 to 85 usually areas truck scales tend to back up 1st and let you foe when that changes. if you have early morning flight traffic on way to bwi and reagan national and no problems to garrison investment
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more updates to come. back to you. >> med star hospital chain in d.c. area under attack by hac hackers and fbi is investigating to see if rearsr remanded ran some to restore the system. it forced record systems off line for thousands of patients and doctors. we talk with the ce over the of invincia a company that protects. they're using malware launched through sphere fishing. >> sphere phishing is when emails are sent to individuals and they double click on attachment and on it or click on link fraen there the ransomware runs. >> he says anti-virus sophomore most companies use is not good at stopping these types of attacks. >> new this morning campbell's soup making change it's will remove bpa chem
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by next year. the company want to rae sure consumers worry the substance may harm health. food and drug administration maintains bpa is safe at current level used in food. >> food recall this morning. trader joes recalls two candy products due to a possible unlisted ingredient. company says the trader joes chocolate orange sticks and trader joe chocolate raspberry sticks may continue mailing not listed in the ingredient list. people who have allergy or strong sensitivity to milk should avoid those treats. trader joes says two reactions were reported and anyone that purchased candy can return them for full refund. >> and forget i'm loving it. mcdonald's could soon from a new slogan. they have filed a trademark for phrase, the simpler the better. the new slogan is not a done deal yet. it's
5:21 am
trademarks on names or phrase it's may ar may not use. >> just in case. >> look a miss torque win for capitols team celebrating something it has only done one time before. details next in sports. >> and promising news in treating concussions new blood test to help catch them earlie earlier. narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews
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model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> for second time in team history clenched president's trophy for best team record. they did it in 2010 and montreal bet theme endplayoffs and they sealed the deal over columbus and locked up home ice advantage throughout the
5:24 am
this is moment they capture for all posterity. picture day at the ice plex. they won the division to clench eastern conference title. sitting there happy now. got to carry into the playoffs though. >> rainout marked end of nationals ten year space stayed glum floor davrment they called vixt era the spring training home for twelve years the team moves next spring to west palm beach and will swhair houston astros. space co stadium will now host youth baseball and softball tournaments. >> let's talk about baltimore other yolz and celebrating 5-3 win over boston red sox and david murphy was released. here's the coindense. orioles are reportedly interested in picking him up and with opening day on horizon o's manage buck showwalter named chris tilghman as opening starter. they
5:25 am
. >> baseball season already picking up steam. >> when do nats start next wee week? >> i believe so yeah. >> opened first week of april right? >> yeah might be a little chilly. >> week from thursday sglaib may be chilly for opening days. >> chilly right now. >> chilly now. as the week goes on colder air holds on. >> as long as wind doesn't come along sgleer that was ridiculous. >> i thought it would blow down the house it was crazy. >> wind gusts near 50 miles an hour at all the airports. today the breeze sticks around not nearly as strong as yesterday. 49 the current number in d.c.. 45 gaithersburg and 46 baltimore and 48 annapolis. satellite and radar queue eight cross the eastern half of country and we do have clouds out there to start the day today. but we will see clearer skies rolling nonas we head into the morning hours.
5:26 am
46 degrees at 8 a.m. little breezy out there. 52 by noon. breezy skies. 58 by 4:00 this afternoon. lots of sunshine coming your way this afternoon. just not very warm with northwest winds. tox lighter winds. they change directions and come out of the south and we get temperatures back into the 60s. it will be fantastic into the 70s by thursday. lot to look forward to on that 7 day forecast. >> we're looking forward to it. >> take it. take it. >> house traffic on a tuesday. >> 5:26 activity people hitting the flowed virginia. 95 northbound. some volume picking up prince william parkway to 123. usual area where the cars backup speeds reduced there. no crashes to report just a lot of congestion this morning. we'll keep you posted that one. 66 eastbound still looking good as you make way to mannasas and centerville towards beltway. 395 inbound. problem free springfield
5:27 am
street bridge. key bridge still quiet look going on 11 street bridge no problems douglass bridge you land parkway no typical cop juston yet. there's fire activity closeing a portion of sang more road. we'll let you know when that opens. back to you on the desk >> coming up 5:30 capitol building prepares to go back to normal today and the man shot inside the visitor's center what we now know about previous run ins with the law. >> and we're following breaking news in montgomery country. overnight house fire forcing several people from homes jenny dave sis live with the latest. time now is 5:27 and we'll be back in a moment
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are.
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n vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> chaos at the capitol. >> i was pan sglikd what we're learning about the man shot inside the visitors center and why he's no exchange to low law enforcement. >> and major hospital chain hacked what that means for patients. metro riders listen up how you could score a free trip today and later, name the necessaryl necessaryling. d.c. newest eagles still need a name. how you can get in on all the naming fun. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> they need a name and
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it's a chill chilly out there this morning. a live look outside this tuesday morning at least we made it to tuesday. not halfway think we're getting there slowly but surely. . >> good morning to you welcome back at 5:30 we're glad you're with us. >> right to breaking news "fox5" is first on scene of early morning nair bethesda. >> rude wake-up duel state least for several people that now need a new fleiss live. "fox5" jennifer davis live with the latest. . >> what you can tell us, jechbility good news firefighters were there to help everybody out two apartment or townhouse can does on either side firefighters going in the door now and working up there on the second story which is where the problem was.
5:32 am
they believe it was accidental and will be expensive one though 50,000 worth of damage they're stijt. 7 people and two families displaced. 45 to 50 showed up to battle this they did get under control quickly and for commuters what you need know the roads in this area do remain shut down.
5:33 am
officials say he has a dual u.s. he jiption citizenship and he's also a vet from alexandri alexandria, egypt m the flight was hijacked while flying from alexandria to cairo and forced to land in cypress. the air manager says three marriages and four crew members remain on board and dozens of others were released earlier. eight americans were on board. it's unclear if they're among those being held. . >> u.s. capital visitor center will welcome people back one day after police say a man pulled a gun at centers security check point.
5:34 am
saw people scattering on the inside. >> one guy got antscy do we get a ghard here i have family members outside what are you doing protect us. >> nobody was hurt during this incident and due sop face as salt with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer while armed. >> today marks one week cents deadly terror attacks at the brussels airport in belgium people of all faiths have been coming together to fray for victims and families and mane time there's confusion over the man sneen video you're about to see. he's going to be on the right dressed in light clothing wearing a hat
5:35 am
third bomber but police released more video of him asking the public's help in establishing identity and a main previously detained and thought to be in the video was released about a jng for lack of evidence. feels like 30s out. there again heavier jacket this morning. satellite and radar. clouds out there. skies will clear up adds we head through the course of the morning. lots of sunshine coming your way this afternoon. 47 the current number at dulles airport. 46 mannasas and 49 in the disstrict and 46 in baltimore. w
5:36 am
gorgeous picture here sent in yesterday by shawn simmonds. probably a good day too see him. won't have many good days left. 57 by 5:00 this evening. here's two day forecast. 59 later on today. breezy. tomorrow, lighter winds and we should may make it to mid 6 0s. warmth comes back wednesday and thursday. . >> all right that's a check of the forecast. erin cuomo has traffic. >> 5:36270 southbound typical delays. give yourself extra time frederick. if you head to cherry blossoms they're still in peak bloom. metro the way to go get off smithsonian. headed to bethesda this morning traffic advisory for you. sagmore road shut
5:37 am
macarthur you're blvrd and se setnal drive. use caution and choose alternates a side from inbound traffic in prince george look going right now. problem free on five. no issues on 4, 301 quiet as well. and looking at the cameras next that's traffic. >> thanks, erin, still ahead promising news in treating concussions and details of new blood test that could detect them sooner that's up next in the health watch. >> and need more sleep. yeah. just check what's on flight how diet could affect your shut i. >> and a look at asian stocks. european stocks higher following iringt monday and u.s. futures are up back after put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan,
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♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. maxx life in store and online. >> doctors say a simple blood test can find a concussion 7 days after injury. it was performed 600 patients three years comparing ct scans weapon blood test and the test was 97% accurate. what you eat may influence how you sleep. perdue university researchers discover changing up diet may
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but improve sleep quality as well. those that eat higher amounts of protein sleep better and lose weight. >> and we want to remind you that april is autism awareness month. our own shawn yancy shared her story regarding her son. if you have not seen it, i suggest you do. all this week "fox5" is partnering to raise awareness of autism in our community and we'll share stories of local families living with autism. and you can find a tloyvrping donate on the home page our web site or you can do this text the word autism to number 25383, 25383 is the number simply text the word autism and
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autism and that donates ten dollars good if you have not seen shawn yancy's piece it is moving. >> you see shawn as a mom. >> absolutely. >> she's amazing professional news anchor but in that piece you see her as a mom and you see the strain and hope she ha has. that's what we're hoping for this whole week for everybody to learn about autism and what it is and what it means and. >> how you can. >> how you can help and where we're going with. it. >> he was so moved by this and wanted to comfort her because he never had seen her cry. don't cry it would be okay i love our viewers. >> we hope you join us in the journey this week. it is important. >> telethon friday. >> more news now college students s
5:43 am
couple months and looking to find a place to settle down. don't go back to mom and dad's they're begging you. >> some of the best for college grads. >> d.c.'s eaglets need names. how you can get on that fun coming up next.
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glenn:threateningicans: gofederal workers;ns over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us. >> breaking over seetz err satisfies we're learning more
5:46 am
dual he jiption citizen he's a vet from alexandria egypt. the plane was flying to cairo and was forced to land in sign res. three passenger and four crew members remain on board. dozens were released earlier. eight americans were on board but tunz clear if they're among those being held. >> breaking developments now the capitol. police reopened some roads lea leading to visitor's center and will reon on time this morning following yesterday's shooting incident there. a man that police say displayed a gun at security check point was shot by officers and remains in the hospital that hour. all right. live look outside. looks like traffic getting buzzier. more people hitting the roads as they head back to work this tuesday morning. news a lot of schools around the districts on spring break. hopefully traffic not
5:47 am
more good news. if you like sunshine you came to right place. today and tomorrow, sun-filled. difference is temperatures. today on the cool side. breeze around and working our way to tomorrow. 60s back and thursday 70s back and things look going outside. here is capitol frl tower cam looking beautiful this morning. 49 degrees. just a few clouds out there feels like 44 at this hour with winds gusting out of the north and west. where will we go every over the next several hours diping a bi bit. 8:00 in the morning start rising through the 50s. 54 by the time we get to the noon hour. here's a look at wind gusts around the region they remain rather gusty, 21 mile an hour gusts winchester avenue washington gusted up to 25. now they dropped gusts of 18 reported last hour. 23 mile an hour gluingts for gaithersburg at times this afternoon. not as bad as yet but at times winds gust 30 miles an hour. 43 washington
5:48 am
43 washington and 38 game urzberg and 38 frederick as well and feels like 38 in martinsburg this morning. again just kind of morning you wants heavier jacket as you head out the door and winds will be persistent once again today as we head through the course of afternoon. quiet though. lots of clear skies out west here. so several days here of sunshine and calm weather. and on the way for us. look at future cast real quick. here we are this afternoon not much in the way of anything going on. working our way to tomorrow high pressure signature on to have of us lots of sunshine not until thursday night do we see the front creep our way and that brings us chance of thunderstorms as we head into thursday evening. 59 degrees daytime high today. here's a quick look at "fox5" "fox5" "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. more details on the weather. >> erin cuomo has traffic. looks like it was getting buzzier. >> definitely, 5:48 we'll see more volume. looking in
5:49 am
northbound side prince will dwroum 123 just steady flow of congestion right now. south this point stafford you back up a bit headed to aquaquan. give yourself extra time to get to bottom of beltway. aside from live cameras looking at maps we have a crash in frederick reported on the southbound side of 270 out by 80 and new dmrash fairfax outbound side of georgetown pike tow truck involved after old dominion drive caution in that area. if you make your way bethesda active accident screen and fire now sagmore road closed between macarthur you're and setnal drive and use caution and 2 70 southbound crash near 80. back to you. >> happening today, you could win a free ride on metro. it's in honor of 40th anniversary. metro is teaming up with misdemeanor to giveaway 10,000 in fares. it's all in the form of smart
5:50 am
and give aways last from 7 to 8:30 five different stations ais cot area silver springs is one of the locations the others are a surprise. >> heads up metro riders. starting tomorrow mount vernon square station will be closed two days for nuclear summit it's necessary because it falls within secure per imto summit. it's expected to bring together several world leaders. mount vernon closes 8 p.m. wednesday and won't on until late friday evening and gallery place or howard shaw stations can be used. >> d.c. fire and ems started using a contractor to help transport patients yesterday. the service will operate 18 hours a day. it will only tie patients with injuries or illnesses not life-threatening. d.c. fire and ems will stale riff on the scene at all calls to evaluate patients. they'll determine what care they need
5:51 am
transported. >> the par mar state senate judiciary committee is moving towards creating a state task force to study taser use by police. it comes days after montgomery country executive ordered his police department to review all taser use following death of gaithersburg man in 2013. out of 11 people dying in tears incidents in maryland four involved montgomery county officers. that is highest number of any police department in the state. >> we found that it looks like about over 60% are not compliant with best practices and standards all over the state this is something that needs to be addressed. it has resulted in death and in montgomery country i believe there are four deaths and we have to take that seriously. >> and montgomery count question police say they support the review of taser practices and say they committed to making county a safe place to live and work. >> now let's talk about those adorable
5:52 am
the pair resting at national arboretum and they need names and you can have a say in the matter as well. >> get in on the name game. >> they're dubbed d.c. 2 and 3 and american eagle foundation launched social media campaign with hash tag nam the necessar necessaryling. here are ideas trending now. bo, mo, like it don't know who bo is but we know who mo is. >> cute one there. >> stars and stripes, liberty and justice, frany and delano for franklin roosevelt, of course, and freedom and honor. those are also predictable the last ones. you have until april 26 to submit suggestions. >> okay. >> how about like something like new wave like randy and alexis you know? >> well i mean modern day names why not. >> or maybe not. >> okay let's move on [ laughter ]
5:53 am
>> more positive rescrews for our area according to new survey arlington and district rank in top three cities for recent graduates. arlington number one and d.c. 3. arlington suburb to live in if you want to live near educated people and the district made the list because of job opportunities. >> all right. how about owning a car? because we know that cab expensive and cost of driving in making or cities can put a dment wallet. according to new study washington d.c. ranged 6th as most expensive city to drive in costing 98 cents a mile and cost of fuel and fire replacement and maintenance eps for the study. new york area was ranged number one followed by boston and philadelphia. >> well, after a soggy start the annual easter egg roll at the white house finished strong. more than 30,000 people packed the south lawn for annual event than was obama's last easter egg roll they called it fun but bittersweet. president and fi
5:54 am
greeted crowds and participated in games and read stories to the children. the theme this year, let's celebrate. >> and hundreds also turned out for this year's easter monday celebration at the national zo zoo. this year the zoo stepped up security following out breaks of violence in past years. events included traditional easter egg hunt. field games and special animal demonstrations. instead of easter bunny easter panda made appreance. i wanted to seat easter panda. >> di too. >> right. >> anyway. >> cool >> i came to say hello. >> time for facebook fan of the day. today it is beautiful pauline. very special day for her. she turns 95 years young today. >> wow. >> happy birthday. her family calls her t and says she's native ar ling toneian who loves crossword puzzles and cooking and a girl after my own heart she
5:55 am
>> we hope she has a wonderful birth day. happy birthday for you again. left a comment below her lovely picture on her facebook sglaij she has her pose on check me out. >> under noonl the beautiful cherry blossoms which still in peak bloom. >> although the winds probably did a number on the blossoms. >> did a number on everything else. >> yeah, couple trees down in my neighborhood back in the wood there. >> okay. >> gusty winds yesterday remain breezy this afternoon. georgous sunrise. first why not? thank you so much for sending this picture in. 45 degrees by sunrise. about 6:56 a.m. sun now rising before 7:00 in the morning. that's not bad. satellite and radar few clouds around the yeejon. clear it out. lots of sunshine coming your way. 59 for daytime high. less windy tomorrow 64. 70s come back thursday and friday and decent chance of rain thursday nigh
5:56 am
morning. then we clear out for weekend. temperatures get rather chilly as we head to early next week. >> i saw that. i got happy and then all of a sudden it's like this emotional roller coaster you're taking me on. >> spring is a roller coaster, warm days, cold days, summer not for away. >> it will end sooner or later that's the good news. >> good news ort road? >> we do, okay. >> i'm not sure with he do i'm saying that with a question mark. do we have traffic on the road? >> crash inging in fairfax. outbound georgetown pike getting back to normal and tow truck was involved in a crash. should be cleared short limit montgomery county out in bethesda we were dealing with earlier house fire. fire activity still blocking sagmore road between macarthur you're and sent yn nal drive and 270 south crash by 80 cleared but delayed 70 to truck scales. we you have updated this tuesday morning back to you on
5:57 am
the desk. >> ahead at 6 something for wine lovers a product called smart wine bottle promises to keep on bottle fresh for 30 days. >> how is that possible. >> bottle one bottle 30 days. >> who are you? >> you have to stay tuned. >> how you can get one. >> plus capitol home advantage in the playoffs. >> sports junkyes will join us live and tuck about that and everything involved in the historic run this season
5:58 am
won't keep you up at night.n know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted.
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>> ahead at 6 a lot of breaking news to get to. first a plane full of passengers hijacked in egypt mid flight. there were americans on board. and that situation still unfolding that hour. >> locally, "fox5" first on the scene as several people rescued from overnight town home nair montgomery and we will tell you what we know about a cause and road closures in the area. >> looking outsidethon tuesday march 29. 49 degrees. chilly out there. you may want to grab a sweater or jacket before you head out. what's on tap the rest of the day tucker will tell bus it with weather and erin will talk traffic coming up at 5, 6:05. >> i'm holly morris for allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey welcome to mosh morning. off the top at 6 a


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