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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ahead at 6 a lot of breaking news to get to. first a plane full of passengers hijacked in egypt mid flight. there were americans on board. and that situation still unfolding that hour. >> locally, "fox5" first on the scene as several people rescued from overnight town home nair montgomery and we will tell you what we know about a cause and road closures in the area. >> looking outsidethon tuesday march 29. 49 degrees. chilly out there. you may want to grab a sweater or jacket before you head out. what's on tap the rest of the day tucker will tell bus it with weather and erin will talk traffic coming up at 5, 6:05. >> i'm holly morris for allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey welcome to mosh morning. off the top at 6 a
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trauma unfolding overseas now 6th hour. egypt air flight hijacked flying from alexandria to cairo with hijacker forcing to nrand cypress. it's egyptian citizen hey jac jacker from alexandria egypt seeking political asylum. right now the civil air minister said four passengers and several crew members are on board. it's unclear if americans are held or released. egypt president said this is not terror related incident. >> overnight townhouse fire in montgomery county force twod families to look for new place to live. >> jennifer davis joins us live with details on the story, good morning, jen. >> good morning, guys, okay. let's start with good news which is everybody got out safely with the help of firefighters. that's the big deal. because this happened in middle of the night when people were sound a sleep and smoke detectors did not go off. it started with
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those smoke detectors in the attic. luckily somebody in this house heard what was happening and neighborhoods called 911 as well. you can see they're wrapping up and getting ready to pull out the last of the two fire trucks at this hour. and they have figured out quite a bit at this point. they say this appears to be a fire electrical in nature taken started on the second floor under attic and estimate it caused 250,000 worm of damage and as you mentioned 7 people and two families are displaced. the good news is no injuries either to residents or firefighters and the more good news if you travel in this are area, sangmore road is now reopened and although please go slowly for a little longer because the crews are still wrapping up and in the area but the road is now on just in time for the morning commute. back to you guys
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>>. >> the u.s. capitol center welcoming back visitors after police say a man pulled a gun out of the security certainty check point that s visitor center web site says it will on 8:15 this morning and suspect larry dawson was shot by police and remains in the hospital this morning. dawson who is a minister from tennessee is issued stay away order. >> one guy was antscy, what are you doing to protect us? >> dawson face as salt with a deadly weapon and assault o
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police officer while armed. >> there was another security breach that same time during white house easter egg roll. seek rest service arrested a woman after she texted to move a temporary barrier. we're told that woman had a valid ticket for event and had been screened before entering grounds. >> it looks like court battle between fbi and apple is over now as justice department said it no longer needs apple help to unlock an iphone linked to the san bernardino gunman. earlier this month fed said they asked for the phone to be unlocked and fbi areviewing contents of the phone now. >> secret service said no way will they allow guns at the republican convention. republican convention will be held in ohio, that's on carry state. however the secret service is authorizeded to ban gun from ebtserring sites visited by protect hes
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banned 'gop convention in 2012 in tampa. >> winds were a whipping last night. >> yeah it's been blowing. >> woo keeping it extra cold i think even though weather is relatively nice. >> yeah i mean certainly cool out there right? agreed? >> i walked dinner a tee shirt and was all right and walked home and was freezing. >> the kite festival is this sgln yesterday or today would be great day for it. >> march is historically windy month. delivered yesterday with gusts over 40. cool temps 49 washington and 48 annapolis and 48 leonardtown and yes 2 is made cooler by winds which continue to blow out of north and northwest. and breezes will be back with us today. i'm not sure we're seeing 40 miles an hour winds more like 20, 25 current look at wind gusts. 18 in westminster and 18 leonardtown. winds again today 15,
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times 25 miles an hour and it will be cool day. upper 50s to 60ss lots of sunshine and quiet afternoon if you travel on the roads. weather will not be a factor unless you have a big rig and cross the bridge. >> pie profile vehicle. >> satellite and radar. clear skies, quiet conditions. 60 this afternoon and should be dry for you. if you know you have a field hockey game later today. >> there you go. >> good to know. >> thank you. >> very specific too. >> you play field hockey this spring. >> you know i never played i'm not sure. >> we deposit have field hockey at my high school i'm not sure of exact season of that. tweet us let us know about field hockey. >> baseball this afternoon. >> i feel it was fall sport i could be wrong. >> not positive i'mer. >> if are you indulging in field hockey it's nice. >> or baseball practice after school. >> like that baseball, softbal softball. >> traditional sport. >> crash clearing outbound
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crash cleared should be out of the way soon. we'll let you know if that's affecting traffic. sagmore road reopened was shut down macarthur you're. traffic moving through that neighborhood in bethesda. as you head inside the district 295 typical delay eastern pennsylvania 17 miles an hour 95 north from bottle of beltway slowed to navy she rear search lab. lands-over 50 inbound slow 202 seeing a lot of stop and go traffic there. 210 also backs up as you head to the beltway. 2 70 southbound to truck scales and 31 miles an hour average. earlier crash clearedly 80. a live look outside and shows you the rest of the ride is shaping up 95 northbound side heavy volume prince william to 123. very slow across the kak ajuan and also stafford dealing with heavy traffic as well as you head to dale city making your way to woodbridge. beltway dealing with usual morning commute and right now metro is on time. keep in mind 66 eastbound in arlington is also backing up. that's traffic.
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>> thanks, erin, still ahead the president weighs in on tone of presidential candidates on the campaign trail. >> hackers forced to shut down the computer system at a major hospital chain in the d.c. region. med star. what you need to know about this we're back in 30 seconds >> it has been one week since terror ain that case brussels,
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beling june. easter monday a service was held to remember the victim aft tacks in the city. first responders and several survivors walked through the cathedral with candles this comes hours after police in belgium release the third bomber the media dubbed. a judge found there was no evidence to hold the man. police released new surveillance of suspected terrorist at large. brussels airport still closed. drills to test a new security check in sake tested today. >> back in washington president briefed in security efforts in the united states after the attack in brussels. he directed the counter security team to keep up the fight with isis. >> and this week the president tackled ongoing threat posed by north korea. thursday set toe meet with leaders of japan and south korea in town for nuclear security summit.
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leader of north korea ordered military on standby for nuclear strikes. the north fired a short range missile. >> new this morning a first of its kind abortion bill signed into law in utah. it requires all women getting abortion at 20 weeks or later to be given heavy anesthesia so it said dates the fetus as well. supporters say the bill protect the fetus if there's each a chance it can feel pain. some doctors are concerned the anesthesia could actually harm the woman. >> a volcanic ash cloud in alaska stretching 400 miles is causing major problems for air travelers. alaska airlines cancelled dozens of flights yesterday keen do so today. they'll look at air quality after daylight to see when flights might resume. aviation ovrlz place aid ban on all pets traveling as cargo. in news erupting volcano seems to be calming down. >>
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remaining wisdom martin candidates governor of wisdom martin scott walker will announce his endorsement in the republican race today. it's expected he will back senator ted cruz. meanwhile president obama condemning deviceive tone surrounding election this year. >> our elected officials and political campaigns become entirely untethered to reason and facts and analysis when it doesn't matter what's true and what's not. that makes it all but impossible for us to make good decisions on behalf of future generations. >> the president delivered keynote speech at last night's topper prize ceremony award for excellence political reporting. >> in sports kob question bryant last visiting to utah the worse loss of
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jazz flat out dominated lakers and final score 123-75. 48 point difference. largest de neat franchise history two years ago when clippers kobe was out with injury during that game though. >> ouch. >> ouch. >> light at the end of tun sell right in front of him. >> 6:12 still ahead something for wine lovers out there a new product that promises to keep opened bottle fresh for 30 day days. >> okay when is the last time your bottle lasted 30 days? >> 30 minutes is my goal. >> a live look at break. "weather and traffic on the 5s" coming up next. narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post:
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matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> 6:14 now back with the latest on the he jiption air flight forced to nrand cypress. three passengers and four crew
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everyone else was let off. there are reports that eight americans were on board. though it is unclear whether they are among those still being held. we're hearing the hijacker is egyptian citizen and although his motive is unclear, they say this is not terror related. >> also ahead breaking developments now down near the capitol police last hour reopened some roads that were closed leading to visitor's center and visitor's center will on on thyme morning and this all after yesterday's shooting incident there and man who police say displayed a gun at security checkpoints was shot by officers and he's still in the hospital this morning. >> all right it's all good news forecast. lots and lots of sunshine expected today and tomorrow we're having a quiet weather pattern for the time being. although rather cool spring pattern sits up here later this afternoon with pretty good breezes and daytime highs in the upper 50s to 60. cool this morning. 49 washington
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45 became gaithersburg and 48 annapolis and leonardtown 46. you see in the mountains flirting low 40s in frederick. 43 at had our even 42 hagerstown. winds, arrows showing you wind out of north west and blow 10 to 15 with occasional gusts over 20. breezes will be back. not the gusty whipped of yesterday but still breezes at times gusting to 25. that combination of daytime highs in upper 50s and winds north and west will give it early spring feel to the day. it should be a very, very pleasant day. satellite and radar clear skies overnight and quiet conditions and sunny day. high pressure off west. and again that northwest flow keeps it quiet for the time being. you can see regionally not a lot going on. if you get on the roads later today that kind of thing i think you're in good shape to the carolinas and as you head up north to new england looking quiet here. high pressure, northwest flow today.
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starts to scott offshore by tomorrow. and we get return flow. temperatures get pumped back up to low 6 0s and we should do 70 az round hereby thursday. looks like maybe thursday will get thunderstorms. thursday and friday temps low 7 0s. those are warm days this week. enjoy beautiful afternoon cool out there this morning. 64 wednesday. 72 on thursday. >> nice. >> love this time of year. >> let's see, i've done my party. let's see if erin is doing here's. >> 6:17 now. looking at sky fox 270 heavy traffic now as you head to the spur. .ou can see traffic is just average speeds under 20 miles an hour no crashes and as you read in fredericks you will hit stop and gop by the truck scales and again as you get closer to beltway. give yourself extra time there. northbound 270 flowing freely wide on. we'll check in with maps. other areas of congestion this morning earlier fire activity has cheered. ago
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reopened at macarthur you're and outer loop slow usual spot new hampshire to georgia. keep in mind bw parkway southbound getting congestion powder mill road as usual. as you make your way 295 inbound seeing slow downs and 25 southbound jammed average speeds 17 miles an hour and 295 north slow beltway to u.s. naval research lab across bottom of beltway as i make your way upper loop jammed prince george country to in arlington we're seeing heavy traffic, 66 out by sycamore on eastbound side inbound traffic prince george also slow on five as you make your way out north of 301. 301 itself backing up towards five. looking nice upper marboro. making your lay landover 50 inbound jammed 202. aside from earlier crash cleared out of the way and old dominion drive. 95 jammed dale city
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side. metro on time. back to you holly and steve. >> campbell soup making changes will remove vpa chemicals from cans by next year. the company wants to reassure consumers worried the substance may harm their helm. u.s. food and drug administration maintains bpa is safe at the current levels. >> ice cream skyrocketing because of shortage of vanilla. the price of vanilla has gone up nearly 150%. vanilla is already second most expensive spice in the world. did noe not know that. >> interesting. >> things we learn. >> largest healthcare providener d.c. hit with hyper attack. question is, is your medical information safe. >> and could this new product change $300 million wine industry it's called smart wine bottle how it works and how you can get one after the break
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pats pass. if you're going you might notice changes at the ballpark. nats will show off redesigned space force fans at the ballpark. when washington plays thursday against miami marlins. >> heads up for metro ride therz morning you could be in for a surprise. >> mcdonald's is helping transit agency share anniversary this week by giving free rides. this is underway 7 a.m. five different metro stations silver spring will be one of the locations and the others however still in the wraps. mcdonald's will giveaway smart trip cards loaded with $5 each. >> 6:22 now. let's talk business. fbi aunder investigation or fb. a doing investigating i should sayrd regarding computer virus med star ho
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area. first let's check markets. joining is now is lauren demarco. good to see you lauren. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about the ripple hijacking and ripple effects we're seeing from that. >> this is fluid situation and we're still trying to get to bottom of it. so far it's not an act of terrorism doesn't seem political but could be a young man wishing to seek asigh nrum cypress where his wife s so we'll keep you updated. when this news first happened of course you see traders on heightened alearned and so many incidences of terrorism. past couple years and for the most part, when violence like this happens mack et cetera go unscathed because it's script we're used to seeing. that's what we're seeing mark receipts unscathed. not disastrous. yesterday was update. look at that, dow
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closing 5:35 calm before the storm. storm happening today. this egypt news high yack jacking of mean in cypress and janet in the fed chair speaks in new york before lunch. >> two things that could make a difference there. >> obviously everyone in the z.c. area is talking about the med star situation antefact sxurz were hacked and it's unnerving to everybody and everybody is asking the same thing lauren is our medical information safe? >> well everything goes online these days probably not. you have safeguards in place. hackers can still get into systems. and they were able to get into med star's system yesterday as a result records for patients records for doctors were off-line for thousands and thousands of people for quite sometime and fbi ainvestigating this incident and one of the questions they want to know is, did the hackers want ran some money you know and twhaen do you do if god forbid information was stolen. at this point there's no immediate evidence
6:25 am
information was compromised that may not be the case. >> the question is always looming out there. and all the news stories are great. let's get to the things people are interested in. smart wine bottle that makes a bottle of wine last 30 days. >> as you can forget all the disaster in the world, yeah, you need wine, right. it's been a tough couple weeks. so the name this company is called kuvee, and they're out with wine bottle that makes wine last for a month and taste good at the same time. it takes oxygen out of the bottle. so they tested thi on some crowd funding sites and raised $6 million and sold out in a couple hours. but when this device does sthoyp stores it will cost just $350. and you can get it in time for the holidays. >> we're wondering who could make one bottle of line
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days. >> yeah, because you wants to drink it, i know. >> always good to see you lauren, thanks so much. >> i need a glass rights now. >> it's 5:00 somewhere, sister, i understand. >> 6:26 now. >> what's up, tub tuck? >> i'll tell what you is up the winds. >> it's breezy yesterday.. >> 45 mile an hour winds yesterday, 20, 25 today and sunshine and beautiful weather today. >> all right. let's do it. this is very cool. got to give a shout-out to colleague michael thomas who create today that's a live shot behind my current condition. 49 degrees out there. feels like 44. winds 1. gusting to 20, 25 later today. all right. satellite and radar quiet. should be beautiful day. get out and enjoy. cool day today with winds and daytime highs in upper 50s and feel nice and cool out there. kind of early spring which it
6:27 am
is and otherwise nice afternoon. 57. we'll be back with the 7 day in a minute. cool weekend. we have april fool's. we have it all. >> all right. sounds like typical spring. >> okay. let's check in with erin and see how the roads are. >> 6:27 looking outside we'll show you 66. before and after 50 down to 28 miles an hour and near connector road slow as well as you make your way out towards arlington this morning. let look live 50 unbound by 202 jammed to kenilworth avenue. kip call congestion. outbound is wide on. we'll check bottom of beltway inner loop as you make your way across the wilson bridge and congestion picks up as well. metro is on time. >> still ahead latest on overnight townhouse fire in bethesda. >> good nights for caps we'll check in with sports junkyes after the break.
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>> and welcome back to "fox5 news morning" live picture out there of the surprise. chilly out there. but a nice day. whole lot of sunshine headed our way. at least that's what error says. warm a.m. traffic 6:35 first at 6:30 egypt air flight was hijacked while flying from alexandria to okay wrote hijac hijacker forcing it to nrand cypress and the hijacker we understand is he j
6:31 am
citizen veterinarian from alexandria egypt. he's seeking political asylum. right now civil air minister in egypt says three faerp parjs and four crew members remain on board and dozens of others were released earlier. eight americans were on board and it's unclear whether they're among those still being held. egypt president says this is not a terror related incident. >> in a couple hours the u.s. capitol visitors center will be on one day after police say a man pulled out a gun at the center of security check point. the suspect larry due sop was shot by police and remains in the hospital this morning. >> and to montgomery county now where several people were rescued from a townhouse fire in bethesda it happened after 3:00 this morning. fire officials say the fire was electrical in nature and started in the attic and caused about 250,000 worm of damage. 7 people are now looking for a new place to liver. >> time for
6:32 am
let's get a quick check on sport. with a win the caps let's academic about the sports junkyes. >> if they come up short of stanley cup is it disappointment this year. >> yes it's a disappointment i think. you want to see them get to afternoon finals and stanley cup. winning will be tough. jason brought this up earlier in show as we started to get excited about washington capitols that 28 teams to win the president's prove tee and eight have gone on to win stanley cup. >> there's nobody close to them in the eastern conference if you look at standings. >> remember steve back in 2010 when caps had 121 points as franchise record, 18 points clear of next best team in eastern conference and dot bounced by montreal in the first round after 3-1 lead in that series. >> this is totally different team and coaching staff and sy
6:33 am
obviously some of the big super stars, and for the most part it's dpivrp vibe i feel good about that. >> part of the vibe is coach barry trots and players they totally bought into look at this point we accomplished nothing. president aesz trophy is nice. you get a bonus for that and few bucks thrown our way. it's a nice thing but means nothing in the grand scheme. get working and ready for the playoffs and it's not like this team is celebrating the president's win. they have bigger things in min mind. >> it's a good things for that. >> two guys scored last night justin williams and t. j. ochy. who has been biggest edition to this team to help them get past the hurdle of you know put them to a level they have not been since 2010. >> williams is one of the guys. williams is a little more because he has playoff savvy and experience and has multiple tam isly cups and won one with hurricanes an one with la kins and brings that kind of businesslike
6:34 am
team. i think wills yumz big addition to the team. >> those guys are great and emergency koozie is phenomenal they have a well arounded team. we were talking about this earlier in the net it is different than in the past they had question marks. he's one of the best in the league this year. >> we'll talk about baseball closer to opening day. but moves the nats made you know one sending tre turner down i don't think it's a huge surprise but with danny espinosa as short stop maybe that is not what some expected. what do you think of opening day lineup. >> i think it will be fine. owe fep servicely they'll be fine. you still probably have questions back end rotation and bunch of new guys in bullpen and who knows what papelbon as closer. espinosa is great glove and tre turner needs main or league at bats. he
6:35 am
i'm not sure he's ready de fep servicely either. if bryce has a similar career or close to what he did last year, offensively they'll be fine as long as they stay healthy. zimmerman is heating up in the spring. >> they brought new ialial murphy and revere. that's been a lot of problems. they should be better in that department this year. >> all right. fingers crossed hoping for bes best. opening day is now nine days away. good stuff. all right. thanks, guys, talk to you tomorrow. >> get it here. >> you got it man. >> 106.7 fm the fan. >> is that actually opening day for major league or home-opene home-opener. >> owning day is --. >> i think it's monday. >> this weekend? >> okay. >> sunday night opener i think. >> monday i think. >> wow really? >> nats have a couple games away before they come home. >> home-opener will be april 7. >> thursday. >> we'll have to work on the weather and make sure it's cooperating. >> c
6:36 am
>> let's get to weather today. not great for baseball with winds out there. 49 washington. fine afternoon though. 48 annapolis. 4 this morning haag rz town and 46 winchester avenue everybody off to cool start. not terribly cold but you may want a jacket. i'm not sure who is going to school this week. >> virginia may be back but montgomery documenty and d.c. are out on spring break. >> whose going school today. >> sunshine today. generally clear skies. beautiful, early spring feel. just dealing with winds again today out of norm west. down to 25. otherwise enjoy beautiful tuesday and wednesday looks good and 70s on the 7 day and we'll talk to erin about traffic. hm, yes to answer your question opening day is sunday and nats on non atlanta. >> in atlanta, right. >> we have the sunday night game and league all plays monday
6:37 am
>> cincinnati plays. >> yes. >> looking at traffic. >> coming up on 6:37 sky fox over upper loop by 66. you can see traffic not terrible now picking up and beltway 66 traffic moving nicely. we'll let you know if typical morning congestion starts to pick up at that location and heavy inner loop across the wilson bridge. we'll move over for a look at maps now. if you wake up virginia 95 northbound reported crash dale city and watch for that slowing you down. 66 eastbound is m squaing up a bit though as you head inside the beltway and before the beltway before and after 50. through annandale looking nice for morning commute now and outer loop slow new hampshire to georgia. usual congestion not tear thrill and as you make your way 95 southbound from itc to beltway congestion and no major slow doupz. traffic bwi good shape and bw southbound near powder mill road. 29
6:38 am
pennsylvania slows beltway to 25 north. 50 inbound 2302 prince george definitely picking newspaper volume and congestion. looking good in upper mar po row. 301 jamming up. we'll let you know if anything pops up or changes it's turning into normal tuesday morning commute with that typical congestion. back to you holly and steve. >> still ahead this morning we talked about this story as well. battle over backyard ice range in montgomery country and battle over. deal reached. we'll tell what you it is next. >> president on the road today tackling nation's addiction ep dpemic.
6:39 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> happening today. president obama will number atlanta georgia there to attend a conference when he will introduce proposal to increase medications base treatment for people addicted to opiates and mr. obama will address a conference for treatment providers, counselors, lawmakers and law enforcement officers dealing with exploding drug problem. he's seeking more than 1 billion dollars in new federal funds to confront the problem. >> in maryland a senate unanimously passed a tloyl strengthen drunk driving bills known as noah's law
6:42 am
the new law would require convicted drunk drivers to have breathalyzer installed in their vehicles. a different version of bill passed and both sides will come together to work out differences. >> owners of controversial backyard ice range reach a deal with montgomery country officials they agree build a synthetic range in coalsdale similar to the one mark crohn built in yard to honor late stepdaughter whos with a huge hockey fan. after he advertised range on facebook county officials slapped restrictions on it cit citing safety concerns and permit violation. >> still ahead two baby eagles at the national arboretum still looking for names and guess what you can help out with that. >> let's get creative and reminder before we head to break, share a news tip with us 202-895-3000. or email news stipulates accepted to "fox5" tips at back in a michbility
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>> there's a breeze out there this morning. it's not too bad. little chilly. >> we'll have sunshine today looks likes. >> pollen is getting high. trees are starting. >> starting to feel like something is bun burning in there. >> yesterday, me too. >> can't wait to start to sneezing. >> i never had itchy eye experience. >> really ne
6:46 am
>> yeah. >> lucky you. >> midweek sunshine. it's cool out there this morning. temps we'll look at home in the 40s and still pesty winds out of north and west. otherwise, nice weather patter pattern. not expecting rain out there. probably late thursday with thunderstorms. 49 washington, 48 good morning annapolis and virginia good shape. 47 this morning dulles and 46 in mannasas and 47 in culpeper and wind chills wind out of north and west about 15 and feels cooler than that. probably want to consider a jacket early. all right. wind gusts not looking terribly impressive but i can tell you they're right around 15 to 20 here. fredericksburg 18 frederick and you get the idea. won't be the gale force conditions here yesterday. but it will be very, very breezy later this afternoon. all right. sat lie and rar dar clear skies in general. nice day. high pressure
6:47 am
pretty perist enter flow today. bottom line good winds. lots of sunshine. high temperatures in upper 50s. you can see quiet weather pattern here. not a whole lot happening. we're not expecting storms until thursday with a cold front we might be able to pick up a thunderstorm. high pressure east of us today and this time of year now that we're into spring we can tap into the southerly breeze and pump temperatures to 60s. warmer tomorrow, less wind. up near 70 or better by thursday and friday. and just aheads up. weekend looks good. chilly around hereby sunday and monday and our daytime highs as jet stream gets south will only be in 50s. we may have overnight lows close to the freezing mark. there's the 7 day. erin back with a look at morning roads. >> they're slow 6:47. right now top of beltway looking pretty nice throw. sky fox over 270 spur as you head to outer and
6:48 am
and things moving nicer on to that point 270 we see congestion by truck scales and again through gainersburg. typical congestion as you make your way 95 to georgia. and further to headlights and look at maps. and aside from 95 to georgia slow down 95 southbound little crash itc and 28 north between comp ton road and new braddock caution there and fairfax 66 east slow as usual centerville headed to arlington this morning and before and after 50. 28 miles an hour near corrector road 29 miles an hour and upper loop annandale looking nice inbound 295 not the case and 2 202 to pennsylvania slow and as you make your way northbound side you are slow by u.s. naval research lab from bottle of beltway. four looking good upper moreboro
6:49 am
50 inbound landover 202 squamd as usual. no alerts from metro. if you want to check out cherry blossoms keep in mind avoiding traffic is great idea take metro to smithsonian and walk on over. >> speaking of metro a heads up for metro riders today starting tomorrow. mount vernon square station will be closed two days for nuclear summit the closure is necessary because it falls within secure perimeter for summit. it's expected to bring together several world leaders they will close 8:00 wednesday and not reon until late friday evening. gallery place or shaw howard stations can be used as alternative exits. >> maryland senate committee moving towards creating a task force to study tasers use by police coming days after montgomery county executive ike legit ordered all taser u
6:50 am
out of 11 people that died of police taser ins comments maryland four involved montgomery county officers that's highest number of any police department in the state. >> we found that it looks like it's about over 60 prosecution or not complaint with best practices and standards all over the state. so this is something that's got to be add drsed. it has resulted in death and in montgomery county i believe there were four deaths. we have to take that seriously. >> montgomery country police say they support the review of taser practices and say they're committed to making county a safe place to live and work. >> new option for gun carriers that don't want to draw attention to themselves. ideal conceal is two shot hand gun made to look like a smart phone. it is a 38 caliber gun to fit in a pocket made by minnesot minnesota-based company there you see it unfolding slated to go on sale for $400 later this year. >> today a judge will consider whether
6:51 am
lawsuit filed by model jane dickinson against cosby. she filed the suit after cosb cosby's lawyer denied allegations she drugged and raped her. cosby's lawyers want it dismissed. it came one day after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> you know baby eagles nesting at the national arboretum they need names. >> they are dubbed d.c. 2 and d.c. 3 we can't have that right so the american eagle foundation launched social media campaign using #nameth #namethenestlings. >> here are ideas now. bo, mo, stars and stripes. >> that sounds good. >> liberty and justice. >> um, okay isn't that similar to something we already have. >> i think we're getting predictable here. >> frany and delano for franklin roosevelt bit of a stretch. >> gotcha you. freedom and honor. >> okay. >> that's a
6:52 am
tovrment you have until april 25 to submit suggestions. >> you can see them right there live huddling with their mind. >> super cute. >> super cute. >> and then the other baby hatched weapon the last couple names. >> we didn't get to name it. >> three names. >> send them in. love it, love it, love it,. >> let us know what you think in the meantime. >> glen and don, glen fry, done henley, eagles, i thought you would get that right away, steve. remiptder, important one for you april is autism awareness month. it's a cause very close to us here at "fox5" yesterday our own shawn yancy shared her personal story with her son who has autism. theest rest of the week she will share stories of incredible local families livering with autism as "fox5" partners with autism speaks to raise awareness. we hope you will be inspired to donate to autism speaks find a lincoln
6:53 am
or text word autism to 25383 text word autism to 25383 and that will actually donate $10 right now. >> and stay tuned for this we hope you join us friday morning. we'll have a live telethon with autism speaks. . . >> after a soggy start of annual easter egg roll at the white house finished strong. more than 30,000 people packed south lawn for annual event. there's first couple with easter bunny and it was obama's last easter egg roll in the white house. it was fun but bittersweet. she greeted clouds and participated in games and read stories to children as well. this year's theme, let's celebrate. going the wrong way there, bu buddy. >> but having a good time. >> hundreds also turned out for this year's easter monday celebration at the national zo zoo. this year the zoo stepped up security following out breaks of vol
6:54 am
included traditional easter egg hunt, field games and animal celebrations. kind of a easter bunny, easter panda made appearance. >> easter panda i could see that stealing spotlight. >> adorable. >> no doubt about it. >> today it's pauline. here's what we love about this. we do a lot of birthday shout-outs. pauline while looks like she is a spray young 65 today is her 95th birthday. >> looking good. >> happy birthday to pauline and her family calls her d because she's native ar ling toneian that loves cross words, cooking, soap rop raves and kh khrry bros onlys as well. >> knew things can be prettier that cherry blossoms. pauline you nailed. it pink shirt and all. we hope you have a wonderful birthday. we're glad we're a chance to be part of it. if you want a chance or get a chance to be tomorrow's fan
6:55 am
lovely picture on our facebook page. >> fantastic have a great 95. it's 6:55 now. let's check in with tucker barnes and get the forecast. >> love the picture. cool to start the day. 49 in washington. it's going to be chilly compared to yesterday with winds which will continue north and west 15 to 25. 48. another degree updated. with wind chill feels like 4. pay want to consider jacket wind north and west at about 1 15. beautiful tuesday. lots of sunshine expected and nice sunrise here in the next couple minutes and we'll have a nice quiet afternoon. if you have outdoors plans later today want to get in the garden and spring plant good day for it it will be a little chilly this time of year. wind chill makes it feel cooler than that. 64 tomorrow and then we have a few 70s around by thursday and friday to look forward to. maybe a thunderstorm late thursday. that's a chance of rain. more weather in
6:56 am
more traffic with erin. >> 65 and now we're seeing delays. let's look at sky fox. we get to crash activity 28 in a moment. sky fox now over delays. this is look on outer loop. we have inner loop crash reported approaching wilson bridge. we'll show camera of that in a moment. first typical outer loop ja jam-up. inner loop looking good. moving to camera shot. i want to show you inner loop at the wilson bridge. bottom side of beltway. stand still traffic crash reported again approaching wilson bridge because of that delays are heavy back to five. we'll switch to a look at maps. other congestion and problems around town this morning crash ak tiv ty between come upon and brad nick fairfax in arlington typical congestion 66. 66 east jammed before and after 50. annandale moving fine. keep to "fox5 news morning" 7:00 hour coming right up
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> a hijacking drama unfoldedeled while you slept. a egypt plane forced to land in cypress. there were americans on board. what we know about the hijack erin passengers he is still holding. >> one day after a major
7:00 am
security scare a man opened fire sending dozens scrambling for safety and what we learned overnight about the gunman and latest on his condition. >> and major sign area tack at a local hospital. crippling virus affected med star health computer system and fbi is involved. what does it mean for patients. coming up in a live report. >> first looking outside tuesday, march, 29, 2016 little chilly start to the morning, 49. details from tucker barnes when you do weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. good morning everyone i'm mur maureen umeh in for allison. >> i'm steve chenevey. close to home early fire in montgomery country. we'll get to that in a minute. first hijacking drama overseas. egypt flight hijacked from alexandria coast of egypt to cairo. it forced the plane to land in cypress. 7 hours later the trauma still unholding.


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