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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ahead at 5 a fire overnight ripped through a maryland town home. we're live with the latest. >> and search is on for a group of teens accused of attacking a man on i a popular d.c. nrail broad daylight. >> live look outside now. cold start to the morning. weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes with gary and erin. thank you for waking up with us i'm wisdom martin
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alongside holly morris and. >> a person has died in early morning fire near american university saidwick street northwest. and annie yu arrived on the the scene give us the latest own that story, annie what can you tell us. >> good morning wisdom and all of you. this fire happened before 3:00 this morning. this is 4400 block of saidwick street in northwest d.c. as you mentioned by american university we're arriving on the scene and what we're told now is that it's up clear right now where this fire began and what caused. it but looking at the home you really don't see much of the exterior of this home damaged or burned. there's a couple of windows busted here and there. we also see a ladder reaching up to the upper level there where perhaps victim was aslee asleep. we know from police that the victim was adult male and pulled from the fire and transported to the hospital but sadly did not make. it investigators will be out here
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determine a cause. the battalion chief is out here and mayor of d.c. player and hopefully we can chat with them soon. back to you in the studio. >> fire fighters in montgomery county made a deadly discovery. flames broke ought last night at town mouse gaithersburg. jennifer dave sis live there with the story, jen. >> hi there, guys. this fire broke out at 10:00 and it was a really bad one. very intense flames and heat ripped through the town home. some residents were able to get out from the upstairs floor although was difficult. they had an attendant unbeinged for in the basement and they found that man after midnight sadly. take a look at sky fox video you can see what a big intention fire it was. they had to call for reinforcements and end pd up with 100 firefighters battling this plays and it took them a while to knock it down. the fire was so intense it
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actually cause aitd partial collapse. there's no floor now in there on the first floor. and they did have to evacuate residents in some of neighboring town homes as well no. word at this point on the cause or origin although they certainly have preliminary theories they tell us we doe expect crews to be here for quite a while. there's several trucks here that hour indicating for more crews to show up and they have work to do to shore up the structure so investigators can go in and finish their work. back to you all. >> happening right now in downtown d.c.. lots of activity in the area around the washington convention center. this have a live look at 9th and l streets northwest just one of the places crews are putting up big barriers ahead of nuclear security summit that begins tomorrow. leaders from more than 50 countries will attend the summit. road closures go into effect tonight as well as closures in the
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staixingts erin will have more throughout the morning. >> a teenager charged with murder of 15-year-old de'vante washington. he is held without bond this morning. bell my shot and killed de'vante washington as he took on the platform at dean wood metro station northeast and entire incidents was caught on camera. police were able to identify the shooter's face. de'vante washington was a fres freshman largo high school and junior in rotc. >> so this morning gary i was going to wear a pink blouse and then i rethought and changed to pink sweater. >> did you go outside and come back in. >> yeah. >> when you realized -- had you to run back in. >> yeah i go out to warm up my car. i'm like it's wipt are out her here. >> it's cold. >> yeah. >> not as cold for you. >> right. >> as what it will be for somebody that lives outside the city or beltway. >> chilly
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tonight in less. >> yes. >> warmer today though. >> listen i know not all the kid owes are in school this morning. some are. let's start with bus stop forecast. pickup time temperatures will be in the upper 20s of course in the suburbs lower 40s in town. once the sun comes up gorgeous. chilly start. 58 to 62. little breezy, too, with sunshine. but we'll be mostly sunny all day long. speaking of those chilly temperatures out there this morning let me show you. here in town we're down -- we were down to 43 we're back up to 4 4 28 mannasas. colder and call pepper now. culpeper 30 now back down to 28 or 29 pardon me. frederick 28. what's a degree amongst friend friends. the warmest spot this morning over by the water in annapolis at 45. here's erin cuomo on this wednesday morning
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>> well, 5:05 now crash activity in prince bill yum slowing us up a bit. it's blocking right shoulder and caution there. south of that point we have some volume picking newspaper stove ford as well. bw park way in prince george country nobody before the beltway there's an accident you need to watch for also blocking shoulder traffic getting by in lanes. 50 inbound to prince george county moving without plays 410 to kenilworth. overturned tractor trailner howard. 100 east remains closed. detour around that. you need to get that cleaned up and investigated. as far as restrictions are concerned they're in place already around the white house and convention center. they'll be parking restrictions around m, l, k and pedestrian restrictions when the summit kicks in tomorrow and friday. plan ahead. check in with me on twitter at erin fox d.c.. it's already
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additional closures will kick in this evening. let take a live look outside now and show you how things are shaping up. you see a mess of traffic picking up as you make your way to 95. prince william parkway some delays. i don't know if you ever thought about drive around the area or put much thought into your vehicles but mess see. if you head out the door this morning no doubt you will have headlights on as you navigate the roads right, guys. that's the best idea since it's so dark out. your car's headlights may need serious improvements if they ever looked dim to you. for the first time ever insurance institute for highway safety evaluated headlight performance in mid size cars of the cars only toyota prius earned a good rating. 11 cars earned acceptable including two lexus and two volkswagen and nine marginal. ten including two mayor saidyes benz and
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poor marks. all of the cars tested, bmw three series earned the lowest possible score. does that surprise you? >> it surprises me you would think a more expensive car would have the really nice headlights. >> for sure. >> i think it's a new car thin thing. >> my 1998 car. >> right. >> has stellar headlights. >> right. >> you can see them from my house to the station. >> i have gotten in my car and 2012 before are my headlights even on and you double check because it feels dim while you're driving. >> that's interesting. >> have you seen the commercial they have headlight cleaning solutions. sometimes it's the glass quality. >> it affects visibility. >> ours is different kind of light we made the transition. >> right. >> to green friendly lighting and all that. >> i don't like that. >> remember when it first happened blue lights it weirded me out. i wte
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>> for sure. >> it's warmer it is. >> well food for thought as we head out the door. >> what kind of lights do you have. in your crazy car --. >> i wonder if his car is on the list. >> my car is on the list. >> lighting from outer space he has wisdom is some proud of them. >> i'll leave it as dim. >> thanks. >> thanks, erin. >> no decision yet on whether the washington monument will reon today. it was closed yesterday afternoon after an elevator stopped working. people got stuck at the top. >> that's no fun had to walk down hundreds of stairs to reach the bottom. no one was hurt. workers are make reg pairs on elevator and this is not the first time elevator problems caused the monument to close. just last month problem with the elevator control lock closed the monument several days. >> less than a week until opening day we're getting a sneak peek at the national stadium. details of the new things you can expect to see this season. >> but first investigation
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tramingic scene at a virginia food warehouse. time now 9 past the hour we're back in less than a minute. over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us. glv it seeing grates us and turns back the block puts us back i
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>> loudoun county address aa contentious issue at a school board meeting and how to rezone the school district. initial plan on the table would have rezoned thousands of students to schools closer to homes. some parents ob jeked to that saying it would have led to segregation in the county and instead a compromised plan emerged to impact a few hundred students and that avoids having too many low and minority students attend title one schools. >> and also in vr vir police need your help to identify a woman they say stole a rolex watch. now take a good look. the rolex was valued at more than 13,000. this happened earlier this month at the crown jewelers in fredericksburg. in the video you can see a woman trying on the watch. and once she had the watch on she took off running. police are asking anyone with information to give them a cal call. >> five people recovering this morning after a deadly collapse at a food ware mouse mannasas. w
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happened yesterday afternoon at the reinhart food services baltimore road and police say a storage system inside a walk in freezer collapsed killing one person and trapping several others. no word from authorities on the identity of the victim or what caused the collapse. >> and some exciting news for some local students. students in maryland international day school will be the very first elementary students in the u.s. to attend school in cuba. they will number cuba april 1 through 8 and maryland ipt nagal dual language spanish emersion school in for the washington. >> still ahead a week from next presidential primary and all candidates making snopz wisdom martin. latest from the campaign trail next. >> if you plan on driving in downtown d.c. the next few days get ready for delays. what you need to know about the road and metro closures ahead of the nuclear summit and gary will be back with a look at wednesday forecast as well. 5:121 the time now
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> "fox5" on the scream of two tragedies developing overnight a town fire in gamersburg that started 10:00 last night. a man that died in the fire was not discovered until midnight and and another fire 3 a.m. in is the 4300 blork saidwick street norm west. that fire left one dad as well. >> well, we played it to middle of the week. it's cold out, too. it may be shockingly cold when you walk out this morning. temperatures in the suburbs are well below freezing this morning. and it's not below feesing here in town. he don't and it will get down to freeze egg here in town. look at the spots well below freezing down in around dulles. mannasas 28, call pepper 29 and frederick 28 along i 81 win chest to martinsburg temperatures there chilly. detroit
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pittsburgh 34. binghamton 26. cold, high pressure on top ever us how now. clear skies, light winds allo allowing all the heat from yesterday to evaporate and radiate to be the act word in the atmosphere. it's a cold start. here's the deal. later today looks nice. high pressure just to the east of us. we get on back i'd avenue that. that will do a couple things. make it breezy this afternoon. but more importantly, at least if you ask me. temperatures make it up to the 70s for tomorrow and going into friday as well. now, no 70s today. looks like we'll number a for a lot of sunshine. tomorrow, 70s will come in. warm front lifts norm of us. the warm air comes around on backside of the high pressure. but not only will it be warm we're talking about possibility of showers, too, maybe a thunderstorm. that will be isolated. better risk of a couple thunderstorms the way it's looking around here friday as we get to the weekend though
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all signs point to sunny, school weekend, drew, saturday 62. sunday 55 a little cooler on sunday. you see the clear skies this morning noonkz high pressure and we'll end up with sunshine all day long. little breeze today. winds south 10 to 15 occasional gusts of 20 maybe one or two gets up to 25 late this afternoon. 7-day forecast looks like this. there's 7 0s. thursday, friday, erin cuomo is already excited about that. 62 saturday. 55 sunday we stail stay cool into next week. here's traffic. >> you know what i plan for the weekend gary. >> i don't know. >> nothing. >> nothing. >> and that's the best feeling. >> that's the best weekend. >> little relaxation. right now as you wake up wednesday morning 5:17 getting out the door volume increasing approaching 123. this is look out by prince prince william parkway. earlier crash blocking shoulder by dale city. you know the drill waking up in virginia get an earlier start.
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maps. aside from volume 95 northbound, 66 eastbound through mannasas and centerville and virginia looking good and here's a look at a map where the crash is blocking a shoulder. let's see if we can forward the maps. bw parkway northbound side just before the beltway caution there. if you head for early morning flight once you pass the beltway bw parkway quiet on way to bwi. that's traffic back to you. >> the suspect accused of hijacking he jiption airplane will appear in court today. 58-year-old mufstsa claimed to be wearing explosive belt. he asked they made emergency landingcy press. he made several demand including ask to speak to ex-wife. this was not an act of terrorism. the mana period. to be menta mentally unstable. but the incident does raise concern about he jiption
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>> last night, brussels called for political unity said the country need to come together and not fight one another. as belgium taisz criticism investigators should have been aware of' able tack. 35 people were killed and hundreds more hurt. >> presidential campaign reaches fever pitch in wisdom martin days before voters there head to the polls. >> all five candidates making appreance around the state yesterday. fox news correspond ept jackie ibanez has floor new york. >> presidential hopefuls out on the campaign trail crisscrossing badger state. increasingly bitter republican rivals taking stage during town hall in milwaukee. >> i thought it was a nice picture of heidi. she's a pretty sglom that's the problem. exactly that thinking is the problem this country has. i did not start this. >> this as a new fight brewing after trump's campa
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was charged with simple battery of a reporter. >> the culture of the campaign has been a campaign built on attacks and on insults and i think there's no place in politics for insults. >> she should not have been touching me okay you saw she did that. but my arm has never been the same, folks. >> ohio governor john kasich refusing to take a the low roa road" i have not had the nasty sound bites just laying out my record. >> democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders keeping rhetoric focused on gop. >> they're asking americans to give them another chance. you know, fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me, right? for life of me i don't understand what they're trying to accomplish. >> i say the governor walker and other cowardly republican
5:21 am
governors [ cheers ] you are afraid of a free and fair election. get out politics. get another job. >> the next primary for both parties will be april 5 in wisdom martin and in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. >> coming up a former redskins player face aggravated assault charges and what he's accused of doing next. >> and days away from opening day a sneak peek at the changes coming to nats park this seaso have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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>> former reds skins player george stark place faces assault charges. he was staying at the w. hotel and a argument got physical. he played from 1972 to 1984 and part of the great offensive line calling the hog that helped washington win the super bowl. >> another former redskins also making h
5:24 am
we're talking about rg3. yesterday, he took to instagram and posted image of himself wearing cleveland browns jersey with number ten. he thanked teammate darious jennings for giving up the number. he wore the number his rookie season he played in four games. rg3 has worn number ten since college. >> george washington university advanced to nit championship 65-46 win over san diego state. san diego state fell behind double digits in first half and shot dismal 28 frrs field. tyler cavanaugh had a big night. 20 points and 11 rebounds for colonial. he'll play in nit championship tomorrow night. >> soccer now, team usa knocked off guatemala 4-0 in must-win world cup qualifying game after they suffered embarassing to also that team last friday. clint dempsey scored the first point in twelfth minute and jeff cameron leader in
5:25 am
advantage at the half. brad guzman made two saves in the shutout. it puts team usa in good po stoytion advance. my husband watched that game. he was all about. it go us sglaxt all about team usa. >> i know you're not big in socker. >> we're bawl team usa whatever sglort believe it or not next thursday is the home-opener for nats. >> yes and now we're getting our first look at changes at the ballpark. the team is working to give fans more of an experience. some of the changes include tailgating games and two story club to accommodate guests. that looks pretty good opening day the first 25,000 fans will get a special pair of sun glasses and special treat for kids. nats park is offering hospitality packages to kids have have birthday party in the park opt seasons throughout the weekends. >> very awesome. >> all righty. >> what's happening gary. >> it's cold. >> yeah it is.
5:26 am
>> i'm not till anything you don't already know. >> right okay. >> let's prove it to you with clear skies out this morning. we have light winds and cold temperatures. temperatures out there in suburbs easily down below freezing and a lot of locations frederick has been one of the coldest spots this morning down to 28 degrees. still is. martinsburg 30. winchester 30. back here inside the beltway holding at 44 degrees right now. it's a little warmer this morning in annapolis where they've been generally mid 40s. there's clear skies. high fresh newer control and a lot of sunshine. little bit breezy late this afternoon. temperatures warmer today than yesterday. yesterday we made to 59. today we'll making it to 64. 70s around the corner folks just around the corner i'm telling you. >> i want to be at the corner. >> we were at the corner now. >> you can see it. >> you can seat 70s out there. >> tha
5:27 am
>> beyond there you can see the 70s. >> erin i know we have road closures starting today and problems on the roads elsewher elsewhere. >> that's right oui get to closures for the nuclear security sim mit. howard country overturned tractor-trailer 100 east shut down longgate parkway give yourself time to detour around that. annapolis typical volume 50 inbound as you head towards the beltway. right now crash cleared 95 nobody wood brim and again look at all those parking restrictions and closures kic kicking in next. that's traffic. >> thanks erin coming up at 5:30 we want to you continue to follow two fatal fires in the district. one in the district and one in montgomery country. >> annie yu is at the scene with the fire and we'll check in for the latest. time 5:27
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>> back on "fox5"news morning or crews on the scream on two deadly fires one this early morning near american university and the other in montgomery county happened last night. but a tragic discovery was not made until after midnight. we begin now with "fox5" annie yu who is live along northwest with the details there. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning to you maureen. d.c. fire tells us they go
5:31 am
call before 3:00 this morning for a fire at this home behind me along 4400 block saidwick street northwest behind american university report for a fire with victim inside the home on second floor. when firefighters got here they found the fire on both levels of this home and it appears to have started ground up. firefighters were able to quickly knock this fire down and they located the victim on the second floor presumably in the bedroom. we're told the victim is adult male. he was not conscious and rescuers had to actually perform cpr in the front yard here before electricity transporting him to the hospital where he was pronounced david. there were no other victims mean injuries to firefighters and no victims inside the home and at this point d.c. police and fire investigators are on the scream and going inside trying toe determine a cause of what led to this fire. that's the latest here in northwest back to you in the studio. >> thanks, annie. we wanted to get to montgomery country where two people were rescued from a
5:32 am
gaithersburg. firefighters later made a dea deadly discovery. >> jennifer davis live at the scene with the latest. >> think, it's really something when you look that house and what remains. the fire here started about 1 10:00 last night and it was sometime after midnight when they made the sad discovery in the basement finding the body of adult male. they have not identified that person. we do know a tenant was missing and un accounted for. this was intense fire for firefighters to balt. when they arrived as you can see from sky fox the smoke the fire the flames reallyen tense. they called for a second alarm. that brought in 100 firefighters here to battle this blaze. the residents in upper floor were able to get out with pets. firefighters helped neighbors leave these home all those evacuated now. the fire was so intense it caused a partial collapse the first floor the floor there just buckled
5:33 am
any jp more. crews are still on the scene even though the fire is out. we're expecting them to go in later this morning. they need to work to shore up the structure so investigators can get in and do their work. at this point they say they have a preliminary theory on the origin antecausal though not something they shared with us just yet. back to you. >> in other news this morning a teenager is charged with murder of 15-year-old de'vante washington that teen is held without bond this morning. power ees was arrested monday night and bell my shot and killed washington as he toad stood on the platform dean wood metro station north east and heading to get easter haircut with mother and sisters. and that entire incident was caught on camera and police were able to identify the shooter and de'vante washington was a freshman largo high school and in junior rotc. >> if your commute takes you downtown near the convention center take a look. this is what you see today. big barriers
5:34 am
street. this is actual will a live look 9 and l streets north west and screws out overnight getting security measures in place ahead of nuclear security summit that begins tomorrow. we'll check in with erin now for more on that and the rest of the commute. so, erin what can you tell us. >> right now 5:34 i tried cheat us an hour and tell you was four. 5:34 restrictions in place along the white house and convention center limiting pedestrian traffic and park restrictions in place along l, m and n streets including a few of those and s street closed now between 14 and 15 northwest and that closure will number place through noon saturday and additional closures do kick in this evening. be prepared for that. also keep in mind green and yellow rinz on metro bypassing mcpherson square at the convention center starting this evening at 7. metro bus will not be stopping 7
5:35 am
well. plan ahead as you make your way out around the area. they'll be divert add rountd the convention center buses and metro stops. we'll keep you updated on all the closures as they kick in tomorrow and friday will be busy days as you head out in downtown d.c. around the convention center. we'll go ahead and toss it over to gary. we'll take a current look at commute as we continue. gary you can tell us if there's nice temperatures. >> look how cold it is popping up. >> check it out. >> he said it's around the corp are the sunshine. >> as soon as the sun comes up we'll see it this morning. >> i meant warmth from the sun. >> warmth yeah the warmth tomorrow. today is not bad. today is really nice. 64 degrees or so for a high temperature. starting off cold. washington 44. look at all the clear skies here. clouds way out west and off east too. we're under center of high pressure here we'll start off chilly snide town 43 and 30s in suburbs at 8 a.m. dress
5:36 am
accordingly. breezy late morning into the afternoon. temperatures noontime 58 degrees. later on we'll go for high temperature of 64. some places may be a little warmer. other places north and west a little cooler: and obviously with wind coming in 10 to 15 and occasional gusts 20 will feel cooler than that. 70s coming. 70s coming. guys back to you. >> all right. >> thank you, gary. >> still ahead a former prison break star sending online message of bullying. and what caused him to speak up. >> if you're lukeing for "the one" watch your posture. how you sit could boost your love life. >> first a check on the stock marks. asian stocks higher and wall street stocks closed highest level of the year tuesday. this morning u.s. futures are also up. we're back after this.
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great tron eat mediterranean diet. a new study finds it could be key to waem voiding painful hip fractures. they examined relationship between diet and bone health women that ate mediterranean diet were slightly less likely to suffer from hip fractures. nut, beans, olive oil and fish. >> if you look to score a second day you may want to make sure you're sitting up straight. new study suggestions new posture and welcoming body language may boost odds of romantic spark. researchers viewed more than 125 speed dates who spent four minutes talking to each other. the teammateed participants posture and checked speed dating results and finding a person that appeared on was more likely to get a yes response from their speed dating partner. >> so, yeah, maybe we should talk about the fact that you're
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>> right. >> sit up straight while speed dating. >> more so it's first impression. so you know if in the first four minutes you talk to someone on a speed date, you know if you stand up and probably exude more confidence. >> in general you do you don't want to be a slump dump. >> thanks researchers. >> got it. >> here's a question for what you would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer? yeah. strange question, right? >> very strange question. >> turns out some employees are asking potential employees in an interview. other odd ball interview questions coming up next. >> gary and erin are back with weather and traffic on the fives. back after this. peping win in a freezer? pass
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pass >> a live look at breaking news "fox5" on the scene. up to house fire in gaithersburg that start around 10 last night and a man died in that fire. he was not discovered until after midnight and another fire that started 3 a.m. this time in 3400 block of said wick street in northwest d.c. that fire left one person dead. . >> wednesday morning look at lincoln out in the background. fair skies, clear conditions, cold temperatures. drop down to suburbs in t
5:45 am
this morning here in town we're well above that. he effects of the city keeping us in middle 40s. frederick 28, dulles 29. mannasas down to low point this morning 27 degrees. and annapolis still holding up at 45 degrees. again get outside the beltway not all kids in school but there's some in school this morning. pickup time with sunshine 28 suburbs and 43 in town. and after school drop-off. it will be sunny. little breezy late this afternoon. and look here's what's going on high pressure is firmly in control today. warm companies off the east coast and a lot of thunderstorm activity and thunderstorm severe weather outbreak there over the next couple afternoon and evenings and we'll have a chance of thunderstorms very, very spotty tomorrow afternoon and better chance of that
5:46 am
does not look like we're talking about severe weather at this point. today we're 64. tomorrow, into friday we jump into the 7 0s. how nice will that be. i'm going to say it right now. some of the modeling is hinting at temperatures even into upper 7 0s on friday. wii we cool down saturday 62. colder for sunday. surprised looks like we'll only be in the 50s. here's weekend forecast. it looks dry both days and a lot of sunshine trying to make it feel as warm as possible. again much skeerl sunday temperature 55. how about today's forecast. starting off chilly, 438 a.m. here in town. out in the suburbs it will still be in the 30s. nice warm-up by lunchtime. breezy, 58. and we'll top out today 63 to 64 degrees and warmer south, cooler north and west. which is typical. and 72 with afternoon and evening showers tomorrow. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. a better chance of thunderstorms friday
5:47 am
to friday evening. temperatures mid 7 0s. we cool off with frontal system coming through and a lot cooler on sunday, 55. 55 monday and back into next week we'll be down into low 50s tuesday. here's erin cuomo with a look at -- is it already wednesday? >> wednesday morning traffic. >> how about that? >> it's flying by. >> fortunately -- unfortunately problems. if you wake up howard country overturned tractor-trailer 100 east closed caution there. long gate parkway. >> 270 southbound now 58 to truck scales down 36 miles an hour. let's look live 270 out by falls road. increased volume as you make your way out towards the spur. get earlier start. you'll hit stp and go conditions. no crashes to report right now. it's justin call morning rush. we'll take a look at different camera right now on the outer loop this is topside of beltway near new hampshire. look going right now. we're seeing a little more
5:48 am
morning flight to catch traffic on way to bw. , reagan national and dulles look going and annapolis 50 starting to gather congestion from 410 to kenilworth avenue. we'll move back to a look at maps from cameras and show what you you're facing this morning for morning rush. 295 inbound typical volume burrows avenue to pennsylvania avenue and same story sutland parkway inbound as you make your way to douglass bridge more volume building. good news we're crash free inside the district. we'll certainly let you know if any of that changes. we'll have you covered this morning. 66 eastbound through fairfax. still in decent shape. that's traffic back to you. . >> new report shows that the health of potomac river is improving according to nation's river report from the potomac conserve answery potomac health guess b minus first time the river's health has seen grade above c. group bases ranking on numerous factors like growth of underwater cas glasses
5:49 am
populations. >> happening today 75 first responders will be honored this morning 38 annual valor award and recipients include those from fair favrm county urban search and rescue team following napal following deadly earthquakes next year. they pulled to safety a 1 15-year-old boy burried in rubble. >> things expected to go on as scheduled today at dulles international following tense moments out there yesterday. main terminal was shut down due to suspicious package and unattended bag was found after 5. the area was cleared as a precaution before let back in a short time later. >> things are expected to go on as scheduled today dulles international airport. this comes after tense moments there yesterday. we'll show you video. shortly. all right. let's toss it over to holly. >> new morning, have you seen
5:50 am
police are searching for 5 52-year-old steven todd cats seen last at a restaurant or norm avenue. his vehicle was located in front of his home and he was nor to be found. family and authorities are concerned for his rel fair. if you have seen this man please give police a call. >> president obama laid out a plan to fight the country heroin epidemic speaking out of a meeting of law enforcement and, doctors in atlanta. president says he want to increase funding for a drug which can reverse the effects of heroin overdose. obama also says more first responders need to be trained how to use it. >> following the death of oscar award winning actress patti duke her son is honoring her memory by raise ago wareness of mental health the 69-year-old pass add away yesterday she was diagnosed pie bow lar disorder 1982 and devoted
5:51 am
her life to champion mental health programs. her son is soliciting fund through crowd rise to establish mental healthish any in his mother's memory. he wants top assist with public awareness campaigns, lobby efforts and supporting multitude of other mental health programs. >> no seblty safer when it comes to interest neat means. wentworth was shown here with a caption when you break out of prison and find out about mcdonald's monopoly. after seeing the mean miller reposted on facebook with back story of why he looks different in the second picture. he said back in 2010 he was semi-ry frird acting and suicidal and turned to food for comfort >> interests interesting we talked about this earlier about people feeling the need go on twitter and shame other people. good for him the
5:52 am
responded. he's also acting again. he's in this show called d.c. legends as a superhero comic show. >> i've seep that. >> he's pretty good in that glad see he responded and people should not go on and hate on other people. >> that's the down side of a lot of social immediate was. it makes it easy for people to be not nice. >> kicking off autism awareness month and part of "fox5" d.c. compares campaigns and partnering with autism speaks. organization is dedicated to research and giving grants to local organizations that work with autism xhup xhoo community and we hope you sgloyn as well. if you want to donate go to and that home page you find a link or you can just text the word autism to the number on your screen 25383, 2 2533. make a $10 donation that way. >> she's mayor of washington d.c. and now officially mas
5:53 am
marketing firm development counselors international released a report on use of twitter by mayors from the 250 largest u.s. cities and moyer bowser scored the number two spot on that list. d.c.i. evaluated twitter usage based on audience, frequent sigh of tweets. responsive n, engagement and influence. >> any question does she do her own tweets. >> exactly. >> or do she have a twitter staff. >> i think staff. >> i think there's a couple people that tweet for her. >> i would imagine so. >> maybe a combination twovrt which makes it great. >> you think. >> could be. >> i'm sure she has some control. >> mayor bowser tweets us and let us know. is it really you tweeting or someone tweeting for you. >> use #good day d.c. we'll have that on later. >> put all our twitter handles in there. >> see how good you are. >> another fun topic job interview coming up? be ready to answer anything. a new report reveals that odd ball
5:54 am
the rise in 2016. here's wackest he's request. take this one. what would you do if you fond a penguin in the freezer. >> okay e. >> think about it. >> and then there's this one when a hot dog expands, in which direction does it split and why? >> or, for the spacially aware, or unaware whatever the case mae be how many basket balls would fit in this room? now here's my thing. >> i like the last one. >> you think they're actually looking for an answer or are they just looking for how you respond. >> reaction. >> to awkward questions. >> your reaction is what they're looking for. how frazzled you would get. >> unless you're going to be a nuclear physicist or something and have to deal with a lot of math i don't understand those questions. >> with you rather fight one horse sized duck or 1,000 duck sized horses. >>
5:55 am
question interviewing at the news station you would say i don't get it. >> for your job you instantly need to respond with the questions you need ask to get more information about that question. see. you have to be intellectually curious. >> it's do you have a sense of humor. these are funny questions. do you have creativity could you come one something silly to make interviewer lawvr. >> is that what the it is. >> what would name of debut album be. >> self tight. >> gary mcgrady. >> yes. >> mine would be unconventional wisdom. >> you thought this before haven't you. >> oh, yeah. >> mine with, umazing i'm here all week. >> can we talk about the weather? >> umazing here we go. >> 28 degrees. >> you thought about that. >> i've had that for a while it's one of my twitter handles umazing. >> after school.
5:56 am
school rate today. >> not many. >> there's some,. >> d.c. and maryland are out. >> right. >> my kids are going in maryland. >> montgomery country out. >> 58 degrees to 6 degrees later this afternoon. and breezy this afternoon. it's still even though it's bus stop forecast it's still a forecast. you can take away from this even if -- if your kids are not in school you're probably asleep now. high pressure in control. good for us. shifts east tomorrow. that brings temperatures warming up. so temperatures tomorrow 70s. 70s friday. and i have to say it. it sounds like amazing forecas forecast. and right now taking a look at commute.
5:57 am
and inbound 50 major problems 410 to 202 and closer to the beltway be prepared for that. go ahead and switch it over and show you what else you're up against for the morning commut commute. let's take a look at maps now. volume 295 inbound to pennsylvania. we have a lot of closures popping up tonight for the security summit and deep to "fox5 news morning" 6:00 hour coming unwe you have covered.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> there's a lot of klorp you're. >> a live look outsidethon wednesday, march 30. it's a cold start to the morning. you need your jacket. probably heavier one. details in the warm and road closures you need to know abou about. those details on the fives at 6:05. good morning every i'm maureen umeh in for steve chenevey. >> and let's get to the the fires overnight. we'll start with along cedric street northwest. >> we're along the 4400 block of said wick street right


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