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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> there's a lot of klorp you're. >> a live look outsidethon wednesday, march 30. it's a cold start to the morning. you need your jacket. probably heavier one. details in the warm and road closures you need to know abou about. those details on the fives at 6:05. good morning every i'm maureen umeh in for steve chenevey. >> and let's get to the the fires overnight. we'll start with along cedric street northwest. >> we're along the 4400 block of said wick street right
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and d.c. fire tells us they got the report around 3:00 this morning for fire that home with a victim on the second floor. when they got here, they did find heavy fire conditions on the 1st and second floor. and it appears to have started in the ground up. we have fire investigators inside looking for the cause. rights now info is limited. looking at the home from the exterior you don't see a ton of damage. if you look inside again upstairs is worse. they have one -- they removed one male vick frim second floor and he was not conscious. they had to do cpr on front yard and transport him to the hospital why he was pronounced dead. sad news there. firefighters no injuries to firefighters mean other injuries or victims inside the home but again very sad news this early morning and at this point d.c. fire and fire investigators are inside the home looking for a cause this early morning. that's the latest on north
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>> annie developing overnight fire crews on the scene of deadly townhouse fire in gaithersburg and that fire broke out 10:00. it was not until hours later however that a man's body was decision covered in the basement. >> jennifer dave sis live outside that home on wind jamer way with details. good morning, jen. >> good morning to you guys. real tragedy here. fire investigators discovered the body of that man just after midnight as for the folks who lived on upper floor it's does not look like much of anything will be able to be salvaged here. now this blaze started 10:00 last night. it was very intense as you can tell from sky fox video. big flames lots of heat and people on upper floor were able to get out with pets although they encountered heavy fair as they tried exit. their tenants in the basement was unaccounted for and after midnight the body of a map was discovered. he was not identified yet. they had to call second ha
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that brought 100 firefighters out there it was tough to knock down. they had partial structure collapse there and the floor is gone on first floor. but they were able to get the blaze out and were able to get neighbors out and there are several families displaced it morning. fire crews are on the scene. because they need to go in and shore up that structure since the first floor has fallen through. investigators still need get in there to finish work. at this point they have not announced any origin or cause. back to you. . >> all right. jennifer thanks in virginia now authorities are investigating a deadly workplace accident. now worker was killed and several others hurt when a large rack collapsed at food warehouse in mannasas. this happened yesterday at the reinhart food services warehouse else about ford road and workers say a large rack holding boxes of frozen food crashed down and occupational food and helm safety will be looking. >> rememberin
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>> remembering a teenager gunned down over the weekend ditch an take washington was standing with family at the note row station when shot and killed. he was on way toy get easter care cut with mothers and sitters freshman at largo high school. 17-year-old suspect held without bound. police arrested maurice fel fellmean monday night: they identified him from frovrz of known juvenile offenders. >> terror on legal trail where police say 15 kids attacked a man on metropolitan branch trail yesterday afternoon before 5bg northeast d.c. and attacks on that eight mile stretch of trail happened before. last july a woman was attacked while riding back and after attack last summer the neighborhood installed lights and mile markers on that trail. police are investigating this latest incident. >> coming up on 6:05 wednesday morning almost said tuesday. let me move this week along. wednesday. . >> not
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>> right there the apex. >> moving right along. >> little cold? >> very cold. >> very cold. >> maybe grab winter coat actually. >> yes, north and west near freezing or even upper 20s. chilly start. mild afternoon expected back to 60s. we got a lot to look forward to. 4 wash top and 44 annapolis and those are water spots. look how cold it is. dulles now. frederick now. 37 mannasas. culpeper 38. martinsburg 27. hard to believe baseball season starting in a couple days. >> uh-huh. >> nice quiet weather pattern. we have sunshine to look forward to and nice warm-up winds out of south today low to mid 60s. low to mid 60s. can i get a --. >> no, not that. >> really? >> no you need more. little more. >> can't get anything for that. >> no nope. >> 64. 70s tomorrow. >> maybe i'll get a woowoo. >> there you go. >> nice day. >> it is a nice day. >> maybe not nice today for those of you lookg
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around near convention center today. nuclear summit causing closure closures. >> that street is already closed. wet we'll get to that in a second. howard country breaking news overturned tractor-trailer ram ramps 29 to 100 blocked also earlier tractor-trailer fire and crash thanks to craig with dispatch for the information 1 100 east remains closed. big mess many howard country we're dealing with. 295 inbound as you make your way out. 11 slow miles an hour and cras crashes just a lot of people trying to get out and about. 270 southbound. 85 to struck scales down 36 miles an hour and across inner loop still in great shape raeingt nows awe make your way out from 5 across the wilson bridge to alexandria right now in prince william county crash did clear out by woodbridge it was approaching dale city typical cop juston as you make your way to stafford and heads up as maureen mentioned nuclear security summit tomorrow and
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there's limited pedestrian traffic around the white house and convention center. parking restrictions in place around l, m, n. f street shut down 14 and 15 that closure willing in place saturday and several other road closures kick in this evening. check in we money on twitter for the latest. >> around the washington convention ept center as we mentioned many roads are closed as crews get security mesh urdz in place ahead of the nuclear summit. world leaders will arrive toda today. barriers are waste high on most industries and as you get closer barriers are as tall as your head. >> and still ahead a former redskins lineman and super bowl champion arrested in d.c. this week. >> and doneal trump's campaign manager in trouble. while trump says he's standing by staffer. back in in 30 second
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>> a plane took off from alexandria yesterday and was forced to land in cypress after a man claimed to have a bomb. no one on the flight was harld and after hours of negotiations the suspect surrendered and was type into custody. had he aperiod. in court an hour ago and has yet to be formally charged
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authorities describe minimum as psychologically unstable. >> an armed fugitive wanted in maryland captured after a shoo shootout in ohio. police there said they received several cars from a man armed with a knife on the side of the highway. it was halfier pabloalman on the run for homicide. he pulled a large knife out from a bag when responding officer asked if he feed aid ride. that officer shot him in the abdomen and he'll be held on warrant pending extradition hearing. >> former redskins player skarnl charged with assault. stark was staying at the w. hotel when he got into an argument with a woman that turned physical. the woman told police he hit her in the face. he played 72 to 84 part of hogs offensive line to help washington win the super bowl. >> to the campaign trail. republican front runner trump defending campaign mana
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charmed with burglary. corinne lieuen due ski grabbed a reporter. >> i'm glad we ar able to produce the tape. i don't see anything. i see virtually nothing. and we'll destroy a man's life over this? >> how do you know those bruises were not there before. i'm not a lawyer. but she said she had a bruce on her arm. to me if you're go to get squeeze the wouldn't you have yelled out a scream or something? >> meanwhile during a forum last night trump dropped pledge to support someone fels he does not get the nomination. >> closer to home trump campaign wanting to on new office in the district as early as next week. it will be the campaign first major expansion of senior staff outside of new york. the purpose of d.c. off is to reach out members of congress. >> hillary clinton and bernie saer
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debate about having more debates. both candidates agreed to face offer two more times once in april and once may. we may see the two face-off in new york before april 19 primary election. >> still ahead have trouble seeing driving at night. it may not be your eyes at all. there's a new problem with headlights apparently. >> as we head to break this wednesday morning it's cold out there. like temperatures around freezing in many places. s next. and traffic on the
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice
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education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. there a lock on northwest d.c.. two fatal fires overnight this is one of them. right near american university of the. >>. >> washington monument had to close after an elevator stopped working. 40 people got stuck at top and had to walk down hundred of stairs t
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expecting the monument again making mess teary repairs. no word when it will open. >> mid star health lowly getting back online. >> and returning the system to normal. >> 6:14 now let's check in with tucker barnes. >> and supposed to take a "fox5" field trip to the washington monument with allison. >> it will happen soon. still coming. >> yeah you picked up the forecast here. if you head to the bus stop this morning cold temperatures. lots of 20s early this morning. nice afternoon. expecting temps mid 60s. later preezy conditions will set up today and won't be winds we had yesterday and the day before. that's good news. here's cold numbers. 4 washington and 44 annapolis and those are milder temperatures rt
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we're at or below freezing. good freeze here in fretd rick 28. 27 this morning martinsburg. mannasas 27. 28 culpeper and 30 dulles very, very chilly temperatures to start the day. couldn't be quieter. we have lots of sunshine to look forward to. clear skies early. waning moon. yes, waning moon. looks beautiful and hi to figure out whether waning or waxing and just nice looking day today. lots of sunshine this afternoo afternoon. 6 later tonight home warm front moving through. maybe thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon. warmer air tomorrow with temps in the 7 0s. it will be nice today timps in the 6 0s. tomorrow afternoon temps will be in the 7 0s. breezy conditions winds out of the south. here comes the presental sim to bring us thunderstorm activity. second half of tomorrow and that threat will linger into the day on
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next chance of rain around here will be second half of tomorrow into friday. notice warmer temperatures. 64 today. 70 or better thursday or friday and then cool weekend. nice weekend. saturday and surprised look nice. early springtime temperatures. that's weather update. let's get to roadways and metro with erin. >> thank you tucker. metro service on time. showing you sky fox if you head out in tyson's right now 267 westbound leesburg pike dealing with crash just right lane getting by. watch for big scene slowing things down. we'll switch tore a look at cameras. heads up. topside beltway outer loop. i'll get out of the way you can see the mess of parked tr outer loop new hampshire as you approach there's a crash scene blocking at least the right shoulder causing atypical delays. switching for maps now. howard country big heads up for you. ramps 29 to 100 blocked. we've about tracking this crash scene since i got
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100 east shut down long gate parkway. factoring in plenty of extra time in howard county. 234-dz the district 295 backs up as usual and volume to pennsylvania avenue. if you head out in stafford virginia 95 northbound dealing with disabled car blocking shoulder by 610 and lot of days as you move towards ak quan this morning. 270 south. 5 to truck scales. typical congestion there. things starting to slow down in virginia as you make your way toy fairfax. inner loop and prince george looking quiet. 95 touch of volume bottom side of beltway and keep in mind for nuclear security summit a lot of parking restrictions. additional closures kick in this evening. take a look that tonight at 7. this is what you deal with thursday and friday. check in with me on twitter
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check in with me on twitter@erin "fox5" d droxt plan thursday and friday commute in the district. that's traffic. back to you. >> for the first time ever insurance institute for highway safety evaluated headlight performance in 31 mid sized cars of cars only toyota prius earned a good meeting. lexus and yolk wagon had acceptable and in my opinion cars marginal ten including two mayor saidyes benz and cheverolets earned poor. bmw 3 series learned lowest possible score when it comes to headlights. >> all right the world's large elingt plane rvrerror is slashing thousands of jobs. what's behind that move? >> how would you luke to sit court side in comfort of own home. >
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sharks. one night stay for two at the unusual snot aquarium de paris free enter to win the competition contestants must submit essay april 3 and why they deserve to sleep with the raise or sharp animal. >> that's cool though i would do it. >> sick hamster named robin williams may not have long to live but they're creating a fun and exciting bucket list for that guy. they took him out and about chicago and held him walk red carpet and junk food at the junk store and across the chicago river at sunset. >> "business beat" time bowing announced job cuts and a check markets. we're doing well lauren simonetti. it must be the green you're wearing. >> futures are soaring. we have the dow up four days in a row.
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highest close of the year yesterday. ditto for s&p 500. this fed head said central blank will go slow when it comes to increasing rates you pay on credit card and car loan. looking at the futures we'll take it. >> we'll take that. listen let's talk about bowing. job cuts coming maybe than first expected. >> bowing is a plane maker and seems like their customers want less expensive jets. therefore, bowing needs to save non not bringing in as much money. they're cutting 4,000 positions by june. we may see 8,000 job cuts by end of year. >> is airline industry as a whole suffering now. it seems like all we talk is less bell on the jeep and less leg warm and now people buying jets want cheaper jets. >> it's not
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in fact because of the low price of fuel and big demand it's very profitable. profitable for first time in quite sometime. but yes people want more fuel efficient jets and even though jet fuel is cheap they want cheaper jets. i what not say industry is suffering as for bowing that makes ples i could not say they're suffering either. >> this is cool we talked about virtual reality a couple times. i only tried it a few times with goggles. >> what do you think? >> it's pretty saw some to be honest i have not tried it for live television i have done it like for games i guess or whatever you know people bring in things for us to try. >> i appreciate that because i think virtual reality and i automatically think that's for people who like to game right what do you need wear goggles for. then there was story about using virility you'llryalty to help detect concussions for football players. i thought real health medical
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then there's this. kids always want to go to games like final four in houston no watch for free pending samsung vr headset samsung gear ncaa march madness app make down loads you need you can watch these games this weekend in virtual reality it's a live stream and will feel like you have pricey court side seats even though you don't. you have pricey headset but you can use this over and over. you cannot watch the same game over and over. >> fascinating to do it. secretly i would leak a camera on the people watching it to watch them looking all over the place. >> looks silly to watch you know what i mean. >> yeah, i'm not going to lie to you i'm not really --. >> my husband has the goggles i told you this they got them for christmas wore them twom yeekz coolest thing ever and he
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they were shelved. >> it's like most gifts for children. . >> 6:25 now. . >> i can think of lots of application force that virtual thing. >> like presidential debate. >> that may be good. >> all right. cold temperatures out there. . >> so obviously one of the dress add appropriately. but we'll be rewarded with nice
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temperatures in the low to mid 60s. yes, low to mid 60s and dry afternoon. satellite and radar very quiet. lots of sunshine expected. beautiful day. quick look at 7 day. we have temperatures here 70 az and showers friday. the rain holds off until late thursday. tomorrow we'll get clouds tomorrow. we'll have temperatures in low 70s. weekend looks good too although cool if you go to exhibition games alternates park. >> friday night and saturday during the day. couple this year. >> all right erin cuomo with a check of traffic. problems on the roads already unfortunately. >> 6:26 slow downs and delays in prince george county five looking good from clinton and to the beltway congestion on 301 and sutland park we inbound jamming up. let's look at sky fox now over across tyson's corner and dulles toll road left lane blocked on westbound side. only two right lanes getting by
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give yourself plenty of extra time as you head out on dulles toll road tyson. we'll keep you posted on that one. let's switch it over for a look at maps. aside from that big crash you see right here it's at leesburg pike. you know that exact intersection chopper was and howard country overturned tractor-trailer it's aspecting ramps 29 and 100 east remain shut down watch for that at long gate. back to you. >> coming up update on two deadly house fires from overnight and we'll head back to both scenes. >> lot of people talking about a visit with i redskins is that a possibility. we'll find out and talk with the sports junkyes coming up next
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glenn:threateningicans: gofederal workers;ns over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy,
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, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us.
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>> 6:30, wednesday morning a live look at the washington monument. it looks pretty out there but it's cold. grab your jacket you'll need it. tucker will have update on weather. erin will update us on the roads at 5. 6:35. weather and traffic. first at 6:30 this morning a man is dead in early morning fire near american university. happened around 2:45 this morning at a home on the 4400 block of saidwick street. they found the vick testimony on second floor of the home. no word what may have caused fire. in montgomery county tw people rescued from a house fire in gauge rzburg and later made a deadly discovery the man was found dea
6:31 am
wrind jamer way. montgomeryville ladies and gentlemen. they're trying to figure out what caused the fire. >> there's a new plan to resolve the redistricting fight in loudoun count question. last night the school board compromised on what will ill pack a few in the leesburg area instead of thousands. it will spread out those going to title one schools. >> 'decisive win against san diego. gw faces elpreso at madison square garden. they tied a school record for wins in the season with 27. >> moving along long now. time for morning line. wizards kept it close. could not get past the warrior warriors. let's check in with sports jun junkyes 106.7 fm the fan. >> having fun on the air we cannot talk about with you. >> okay. >> we're happy we
6:32 am
compartmentalizeing talking about the wizards -- >> we would be fired so quick in tv. >> probably all of sglus we would bring you down with us too. >> i know you would. >> don't think it would not happen. >> wow have much more fun. >> well for a few minutes sure would. >> we'll leave that to you guys even though we miss out on good stuff. let's talk about the wizards now. last night competitive at first and chalked it up to a loss any way now down to last week of the season. >> we looked at schedule. there's almost no chance wizards make tlaioffs and if you look at season overall it's a disaster season. they made it to second round of playoffs last year and playoffs two years in a row and essentially brought same guys back and lost paul fierce miss playoffs it's another disappointment. >> last night you won't beat that team in their barn they have not lost all season why and when wall and beihl shoot 20 if the fiel
6:33 am
offensive weapons have dud nights. we're in this game but not if you cannot get to 100. >> they let steph considery dunk when does that happen. >> five times a year. >> it's been a dispointment. two games under 500 have to go 8-0 rest of way and hope pacers completely tank. it will be difficult. >> not controlling destiny any way. let's talk about the skins right now. talk yesterday was antoine bal ballton making a visit. a buddy of min coached him. they loved him as a player, leader, tough guy on the team. he was not 36 at the time i'm sdmrer he's newspaper years and definitely tough player. that's what you think of with antoine bolden. i don't have problems with them bringing him in. it's the same was what pierre garcon gives you. but here's the difference cap number 2016 is north of 10 million. if
6:34 am
not command anything near that sort of salary and i think give you close to sort of production you will get from pierre cigar son. so it could be i money saving type of deal. i'm not saying garcon is overrulely out but maybe it's a hey let's redo the deal type of visit putting pressure on garcon to take a smaller cap number next year. >> like you said he's 36 not the player he was 7, 8 years ago. he had decent years in 30s it's not move to put you over the top. >> not a move to put you offer top but it gives us a little more in the red zone. he's not towering like calvin johnson. he's not 6' 5". he's big, sturdy and that go will go up to fight you. >> and inspire teammates too good. 36. part by through the surprise. real quick terrence night a slimmed down version bring him back or not. >> who is picking video over there i saw the pot roost video it looks leak
6:35 am
crack there do we need to see that. >> there's a huge mystery to us we don't know that. i wish we did. that's more work to us. we'll let you guys talk. >> here's the question how much slimmer is pot roost. that's what i need to know. i mean is he ten pound slimmer because on a guy pot roost size that's not --. >> it's smaller percentage yes we agree. >> if he lost 35 or 40 pound maybe we'll talk we saw how gas head would get during the past season. >> was he that impact full. >> i never noticed him. >> yeah. . >> okay. >> well, we'll leave it there i guess and work on video crew. this is not nfl films here. >> you have limited access we get it. >> all right. >> see you guys later. >> thanks. >> we have the tv up in the background. >> still going strong. >> love it. >> not sure you love the early morning temperatures. we're at or below freezing much of the area. reagan national 4 2. dulles 30.
6:36 am
bwi marshall 32. lots of 20s as well. good hard freeze to the north and west. actually today will be notably warmer than yesterday and will be in the mid 60s daytime highs and little less wind. it should feel g satellite and radar that's about as quiet as you will see. it there's a few clouds out west. generally sunny conditions are expected today and definitely dry conditions this afternoon. not expecting rain to perhaps thursday night into friday. little breezy out there. again daytime highs peak in the mid 60s and get ready for 70s. >> all ready for that. >> me too. >> breezy, not like yesterday, it was windy. >> day before was windy. >> yesterday was summer breeze. >> oh, no. >> i'm not going to argue with that. >> let's leave it alone. >> it was windy. >> yes. >> slight breeze. >> yeah. >> i was thinking is it just m me. >> no it was windy yesterda
6:37 am
50 mile app hour wind. >> steve warnld me. >> with the new forecast i want to go online and shop for the perfect national's tee shirt. i need my first one i'm excited are you going to opening day. >> not opening day i think but i'll go out saturday fight for afternoon game and i'm excited. right now crash activity maybe tucker can take me along with him. i'm pitching myself. don't give maureen that look i would like to join us. bw parkway powder mill delays to 197. watch for that as you head to bement way in prince george county. fairfax, dulles tow road 7 there's a crash blocking level lanes. overturned trok tar trailer howard country. 29 ramp from 100 blocked and eastbound closed long gate parkway. live look outside. lot of things to be mindful this morning. upper loop look going and outer loop is completely parked between
6:38 am
because of crash. that that's topside of belt a was awe head to the spur. give yourself time as you jump on the beltway. i would suggest alternate secondarys to get around that. we'll looked in the district next. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thanks, erin, dozens of first responders in northern virginia set to be honored today. >> william shatner sued by a man claiming to be his son. details of that lawsuit and 170 million lawsuit. 6:38 test
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> back now police trying identify a body found in a late in mannasas a hotel worker called yesterday afternoon after noticing something suspicious in the watter. >> virginia hunt on for a woman police say stole a rolex valued at 3,000 crown jewelers in fredericksburg earlier this mom the woman is seen trying on the watch and then once she has it on he takes off running. >> special honor today for dozens of first responders in fairfax country. annual valor awards. they're given out every year to honor public safety heros among 75 honorees the urban search and rescue team that went to napal last year that team helped save a 15-year-old boy pulled from rubble. >> remember
6:42 am
>> if you have a news tip share with us or call us or email us "fox5" back in a
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, annual valor awards. they're given out every year to honor public safety heros among 75 honorees the urban search and rescue team that went to napal last year that team helped save a 15-year-old boy pulled from rubble. >> remembering batty duke. >> if you have a news tip share with us or call us or email us "fox5" back
6:44 am
>> we're back, 6:44 wednesday morning looking down by the convention center northwest. we have closures because of the nuclear summit taking place tomorrow. you see the barriers up. there will be
6:45 am
up. be aware of that if you travel in that area. erin will have details as far as work arounds go for you when we do traffic in a minute. >> we can hand it will. >> yeah we can. >> we can handle the pope we can handle this. >> it's inconvenience bought we'll get through. it good news it starts tomorrow and it's close to the weekend. >> absolutely. weekend look going right now. but at the moment it's cold. >> cold overnight. and there is headlines. warmer afternoon expected and yeah it will be breezy. we're trending warmer and warmer the next couple days. well into the 630s today should be 70 or better around here both thursday and friday. kherlly this morning. 42 washington and reagan national and annapolis 34 and 39 leonardtown and look what's happening in the woingt. freezing temperatures. frederick 32 and mannasas 37 and 30 dulles and 27 tread rick and good, hard freeze out there early and growing season doesn't officially begin until april 1 however ino
6:46 am
card there's things growing. probably thing that shouldn't yet. >> satellite and radar quiteet conditions and clear skies. sun getting up here in a couple minutes and should be beautiful to start the day. it will be a nice looking day. lots of sunshine throughout the day and dry afternoon. next chance for rain does not arrive until tomorrow and today on friday as we get first warm front and then cold front coming through. you see rain showers and all rain up there minnesota and wisdom martin earlier this morning. high pressure? overhead at the moment we'll get east of us later this morning that allows southerly breeze. breezes returning this afternoon out of the south that warms things up. clouds and a warm front through late tonight early tomorrow and cold front brings us rain showers overnight thursday into friday and future cast here you can see. it high pressure you can see it blocking everything for the time being. rain showers in here late thursday.
6:47 am
that's thursday 10:00. maybe rain hold off until overnight and during the day friday, friday morning commute has rain showers around 6 a.m. friday and we'll have rain on and off. and we'll clear in time for the weekend. there's 7 day. 62 today. 72 tomorrow. 74 friday and cooler warm for weekend. but, lots of sunshine to look forward to saturday and sunday. turning calendar to april this weekend. are you ready? >> you know april 1 sergeant what it is april fool's day. >> we have to do something to kevin. >> something good. >> we'll come one something and he'll forget about it by friday. >> looks like we're talking about disabled vehicle center left lane and outer loop between 95 and new hampshire. and try to use caution that area. folks weaving in and out of lane writing to get around it. causing significant delays from 95 dordz this
6:48 am
it's area of beltway we want to go to outer loop near new hampshire. look at maps. nat issue slowing us down incidents and delays. 95 southbound from icc to beltway jammed up. huge red zone there. not looking better on bw parkway because southbound powder mill road there's a crash. as you head baltimore to beltway give yourself extra time. alternates are backed up this morning. aside from that over turned tractor-trailer howard county we've been talk tracking all morning ramps 29 to 100 block and remains closed. fairfax right now crash activity. dulles toll road westbound lee leesburg pike crash blocking few lanes. you're also jammed up by nutly street closer into fairfax through annandale and inner loop jammed and heavy traffic all over the area. sutland park way to douglass
6:49 am
miles an hour getting word too blue line delays near metro. that's the next look at traffi traffic. back to you. >> some exciting news for local students. students maryland international day school will be very first elementary students from tous attend school in cuba and they will number cuba april 1 to 8 maryland international dual language spanish immersion school located in the for the washington. >> robert griffin iii took to instagram to post number 10 cleveland browns. he thanked former uva guy for the number. jennings wore it rookie season and raid in four games for browns last year and robert griffin iii has worn number ten since college. not sure how much money he to give up to get the number he wanted and that's the most important thing. >> we'll see. >>
6:50 am
steve. >> sad us in, pawty duke passed away amazing actress. she died yesterday due to complication from ruptured intestine. she won oscar as a teen in miracle worker for the role of hel ep keller and she would oscar at the age of 16. at the time he was youngest to win academy award in competitive category. cool for her. 60s she played identical cousins in her own show patti duke and suck's as sing he. later in life she was add indicate for mentalelth issues after diagnosed with bipolar disorder 1982. duke was president of scene actors guild 85-88. this is amazing one of her son's mr. shawn aston lord of rings and rudy star tweeted overnight sayi
6:51 am
voice for the voiceless pleads help establish patti duke mental health initiative thank you, with love and he provided a link to crowd funding final get that project started. so sad passing and says every time go home and watch her wor work. amizeing 16 when you have academy award for that role. >> that's young. >> i know. >> i would not be surprised she's only 69. >> and moving on this is fretty wild. william shatner is focus of $1 $170 million law a florida rayo host believes the star track legend is father and filed legal paperwork demanding shatner take dna test. it was filed by peter slope was given up for adoption age five but claims his mother a canadian ofce
6:52 am
affair with shatner. he admit head was his father in '84 or calipari set service t. j. hook area cording to people and then denied it. sloane later registered a web domain peter and began a radio show under the name peter shatner. he says he got a letter from the shatner's lawyer calling actions i'llly illogical. you think this is a cash grab. seems detailed. >> even if he is the dad $170 million how does he equate that. >> easternings of all star check money through his career sdm he thinks he's due $170 million. that's the part that makes it seem like money grab. >> he visited his dad onset in 80s on t. j. hooker. >> great
6:53 am
show. he apparently admitted it that point allegedly and now denying it. >> one visit before mauri po vich comes through. >> or jerry springer. >> this is cool this is audition tape that landed daisy ridley role of ray in "star wars" force awake eps. he she was not well nope actress 'tim but masters one of the most difficult scenes in intense read through the action with the interrogation film. they released this feature ahead of the film, it comes out next tuesday. i can't wait to watch the special features. i'm looking forward to the behind the sceepz. apparently major table read first picture released plaque and white photo
6:54 am
>> >> this is her first major role. >> speaking of actors. . >>. >> tune in all day long. first of all ""breaking bad"" aaron paul will be live very satellite 9:50 new movie called eye in the sky. he's amazing actor -- if it was not satellite i may have tackled him. i look forward to having him o on. more important than that tom hidleeston you know him as lokay from at convenient gers everybody in the newsroom was flipping out he is coming. he plays hank williams. >> there's been james bond chatter. >> he has a major online following after
6:55 am
the light at 10:30 thank you guys appreciate it. >> time for facebook faj fan of the day kimberly and jeremy two for they gotten gauged this weekend. >> congratulations. >> they were high school sweet hearts 18 years ago. they lost touch and reunited a few years back and rest they say is history. we say, it was meant to be. >> it was. well, easter engagement going on. kimberly satisfies they is nate of wash toneians and fox fans and love kevin's movie reviews. they love this segment probably -- kimberly and jeremy looking awesome happy married life to you. >> watch friday. >> i will review "i saw the light" and "eye in the sky" kimberly and jeremy let me know what you think about batman versus superman. >> i'm a fan of
6:56 am
love you guys. >> five out of five for the picture. >> and you should have seen steve behind the scene when's he was trying out for his job. >> didn't we just talk about that. >> do we have "fox5" auditions. >> i don't have time for you guys i have weather. >> forecast, temps in the low 40s. 42. temp is expected to be in the mid 60s later today. surprise 6:55 this morning. satellite and radar quiet skies and beautiful conditions and breezes pick up. 6 today. 70s around here. thursday and friday. rain friday morning. all right. weather update. let's update you with traffic with erin. >> outer loop 95 and new hampshire we lock at sky fox first emergency trucks made it to that location and disabled vehicle blocking center left lane and outer loop as you approach new hampshire from earlier crash and get it towed and traffic is backed up leading to that point. i would
6:57 am
between 9 5 and new hampshire. another crash blocking the left shoulder. more delays to get to. keep it to "fox5" we'll keep you updated for wednesday morning you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws,
6:58 am
she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> braeinging news over nights two deadly fires in our eitheron one near american university and other in montgomery count
7:00 am
last night. tragic discovery not made until after midnight. we are live at both of these still active scenes. >> happening now in downtown d.c. massive security barriers going up near the convention center and major action in place for nuclear security summit. we look at impact on your commute. >> why will your kids go to school in the fall. northern ver vir school district comes up with compromise after facing compliance it was not going down the road of segregation. >> plus. >> shouldn't have been touching me you saw she did that. but my arm has never been the same folks. >> culture of the campaign has been a campaign built on attacks and on insults. >> talk about getting down in the muddy have not name called or nasty sound bytes. >> tough talk on the presidential campaign trail as it turns to one manager donald trump defending top man facing criminal charges for roughing up a reporter. >> and live look outside on this wednesday march 30, 20


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