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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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last night. tragic discovery not made until after midnight. we are live at both of these still active scenes. >> happening now in downtown d.c. massive security barriers going up near the convention center and major action in place for nuclear security summit. we look at impact on your commute. >> why will your kids go to school in the fall. northern ver vir school district comes up with compromise after facing compliance it was not going down the road of segregation. >> plus. >> shouldn't have been touching me you saw she did that. but my arm has never been the same folks. >> culture of the campaign has been a campaign built on attacks and on insults. >> talk about getting down in the muddy have not name called or nasty sound bytes. >> tough talk on the presidential campaign trail as it turns to one manager donald trump defending top man facing criminal charges for roughing up a reporter. >> and live look outside on this wednesday march 30, 20
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here comes the sun. that's beautiful. what a great way to start the day right? it's cold out there though. 42 right now. we'll talk weather and also talk more traffic coming up on the fives at 7:0 5. first, though, we say glad you're starting your day with us i'm holly morris in noral mall. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning". let's get to the fires overnight. in the district, one man is dead after a house fire along cedric street northwest d.c.. >> it's a neighborhood not far from american university. "fox5" annie yu is live on the scene what can you tell us. >> good morning, holly, steve, sad news this early morning fire feasttors remain main on the scene hours after the fire. we're told by d.c. fire they got report around:00 this morning and if you look behind me some of the fire united states left and fire investigators again remain opt scene at this single home along 400 block of saidwick street in northwest and when they got here they found a fire on the 1st and
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and one victim inside on the second floor. and with we fist arrived we actually saw a ladder pointing to that bedroom window up there where you see the debris. firefighters were able to quickry knock down that fire and bring the male victim outside where they did perform cpr on him on the front yard here before transporting him to the hospital y where sadly he was pronounced dead. looking at the exterior of the home you don't see a top of dam but now with daylight we're seeing debris on the rooftop and busted windows on the side of the homes. good news aside from fate tallty there were no other victimsed in the home and no injuries to firefighters and again fire investigators remai remaining on the scene hours later to determine the cause of fire. that's the latest in north west back to you in the viewedo. >> to other deadly house fire now in montgomery county crews rescued two people. >> a traffic discovery made
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jennifer dave sis live outside the home in game rzburg good morning, jenny. . >> that was real challenge real intense fire tell us what happened. >> it was after 10:00 when first arriving firefighters encountered fire conditions and all floors back of them time house were on fire occupants said there might be somebodyed in still and they have not seen the person all day. they were assured of that. just because a heavy fire shortly after that a collapse. they were faced with a lot of challenges initially. and also fire was burning in manner like it was gas fed or come other
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that made it difficult and heavy smoke companies. again firefighters faced with a lot of obstacle and some neighbors need add signature answer as well. a lot of activities we had 100 firefighters on the scene last night. >> wow i know you were not able to get in there and find the victim after mid fight. still work to do each though the fire is outright? >> they worked throughout the morning and into the day and we're waiting for until nears to come back and it might be ush app search and rescue team may come in. and the fire is out and again the structure is pretty up stable at this point. for the narcoticly for the fire it was confined to the unit and we had a number of other families displaced. >> it's amaze when you look at the damage they were able to keep it contained at one unit
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no officials word on the cause of the fire. >> thanks, jeepy, downtown d.c. get used to it there's a live look at barricade 9th and 11 northwest one of the person crews were putting up barriers this ad of nuclear security summit. and it officials begins tomorrow and street closure in effect from today. leaders in more than 50 countries will attend the summit. they'll go tonight as do klosh lure and this is more of mount vernon square metro station that is closed a couple of day days. be aware of that it's inconvenience around the convention september are but one of those big events that makes washington what it is. >> who of the three people walking there have nit caps on. >> that shows you how cold it is. albeit beautiful. >> grorj us day. warmer than
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daytimes eyes in the 50s. 70s around tomorrow and friday. we have spring time temperatures to look forward to the last days in march. 42 washington. look how cold it is north and west. 20s dulles and 29 degrees and 27 mannasas. frederick 27. 32 winchester avenue 34 fredericksburg. obviously one of the coldest starts in several days. once we get the sun going here and chance to warm it up again it should be pleasant afternoo afternoon. yes will be preezy. but today winds will be out of south. warmer temperatures on the way. mid 60s average eyes. look how quiet satellite and radar s we could not ask for a better springtime average. looks good. tomorrow 7 0s. we look at weekend forecast. we can talk sports. whatever you want to do. >> we have all kind of time. >> yeah. >> all kind of things to talk about. >> that's coming up 7:15 here's erin in the
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>> got natalie i have a lot to the talk about 7:06. crash involving several cars 95 northbound prince william parkway and traffic getting by to wrist and this is causing additional delays and it's a crash already in the congestio congestion. look at delay. traffic is basically as a stand still leading towards that point. and you can see smiles of backed up traffic. hit delay in sfav ford and again prince william parkway several miles. north one root bound deal with typical suggestion. virginia toward the beltway give yourself a lot of extra time. i would say at least 45 minute minutes. we'll swiv it over for maps. crash low this morning and tracking this one on dulles toll road tie sops westbound leesburg pike few lanes there and gw parkway southbound approaching spout run parkway and you're backed up well norm of 23. as you head to de bridge give yourself plenty of extra time as well. key bridge backs up to georgetown. typical congestion
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typical congestion gorge street. douglass bridge backs up. 95 southbound delays to beltway and gw southbound crash powder mill more delays. more traffic in a few. back to you guys. >> occupational safety and health administration is investigating a deadly workplace incident that happened at a food warehouse in mannasas and authorities say one person died and several others required injured when an aisle of steel pallet racks holding boxes of frozen food came crashing down. no world from authorities on identity of the victim or what caused deadly collapse. >> police are investigating a violent attack on a popular trail. >> police say 15 kids attacked a man on metropolitan branch trail northeast d.c. yesterday. right now authorities are looking for those involved. police who -- people who use the trail rather say news of attack makes them more nervous now to walk or bike the trail alone. one person living in that area said the weather could play a big role in mor
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>> i'm sorry that happened. and sad thing about it this is just spring break as heat rises folks will do more crazier things. >> attacks on that stretch of 8 mile trail have happened before. last july a woman was attacked while riding bike and after that lights were installed along the trial as well as mile markers. >> school districting controversy in loudoun country. >> people passed the school board meeting last night despite changes they say would segregate some of county students. maureen joins us now with more on the solution that was reached. >> indeed, steve, holly, after heated debates loudoun county school board approved new redistricting plan compromise of sorts to put an end to controversy surrounding issue at the heart this debate was changing zone map. this would have returned thousands of students to schools closer to their homes. critics say that would have segregated many of loudoun low ntion students however the plan will affec
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students. decision came after hours of emotional testimony. we talked to parents on both side of the issue. >> i'm in full support of plan 12 because i believe there's no problem central loudoun needs to be exception of loudoun county and fairfax and prince william city schools do not take portions of population and bus them across lines to another school just to balance demographics. >> plan twelve reseeing gates us and turns back the block clock and puts us back to the 60s where we have segregated schools. >> all right again very contentious issue but changes will take effect next school year. back to you guys. >> mature each, thanks. 7:10 now med star orking on computer grich. problem disrupted service across the region. >> acres got into the hospital system monday. med star runs
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more than 250 outpatient facilitys in washington region. area hospitals had to cancel appointments and turn away many patients. fbi is trying to determine if this was a ransomware tack. >> still to come this morning a former super bowl champ and skins offensive lineman facing charges in the district this morning and we'll tell what you employed his arrest. >> and first though, when will it reon and that is the question surrounding washington monument this morning and that's after elevator failed again. we'll get answers coming up next
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>> things expected to go on the sportsfever television networ
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on as suspect expected after tense moments yesterday main terminal shut down no word when the washington monument will close to visitors. 40 people got stuck at the top and had to walk down hundreds of stairs. they're making necessary starery repairs and monument elevator broke down and was closed for a few days earlier this year. . >> and that's one of those places you need the elevator to work i think. >> i believe so. >> still not few. >> no. . >> true. . >> unnerving to be stuck. >> eave never gone i'mer. >> no. >> i thought it was just allison. >> we talked about it two
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>> one day. . >> you didn't take high school field troypz washington d.c.. >> i took every field trip to washington d.c., air and space museum. >> why would you not go to the top of the washington monday usglment we're planning it. >> all right. >> we'll go to the good stuff. i was work on tweeting that up. temps now in the 20s and low 30s. in fact 42 in town and there's a look at regional temperature temperatures. pittsburgh 31. binghamton 26. lots of 20s north and west. it's like fredericks and hagerstown out of dulles 29. chilly to start the day. nice warm-up. sunshine expected and daytime highs in the mid 60s. mid 6 0s and 70 or better thursday and friday. we have a couple nice days to end the month of march. as far as dry weather we have it. looks like rain late tomorrow and lingering into the day friday. and timing now gets it out of here in time for the weekend.
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days. cooler by end of weekend. daytime eyes sunday and non mid 50s as we get splash of cold air there. when is first day of baseball monday. for nats. >> sunday. >> sunday. >> everybody else monday. >> right. nats are away. >> atlanta. >> any other questions? >> no. >> home-opener thursday. >> okay. >> exhibition game friday. >> u.s. national at soccer team. >> 4-0 beat guatemala had it on at our house. >> anything else. >> we said we would talk about anything. >> let's go to erin and the roads. >> as much as i know about baseball i know zero for soccer thanks for the head up. looking at roads slow roll in virginia 95 northbound crash involving several cars prince william parkway blocking left shoulder because of that and already in the minimum of congestion. you're backed up several miles leading past that point
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there in stafford because of morning congestion and painful morning ride springfield ipt change and leave house 40 minute early. also dealing with morning congestion. continues around the area. toll road westbound leesburg in titans and a crash backpacking you up ross land to key bridge. 66 aeast new crash after 50. 395 inbound jammed entire stretch bottom of belt way to 14 street bridge and 25 bottom beltway jammed and upper loop as you make your way from basically route 5 across wilson bridge to alexandria slow conditions there. we'll move maps to prince george county we have more delays. 5 southbound icc to parkway jammed and earlier crash after powder mill road. that cleared off all lanes now and keep in mind because of earlier crash
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loop you're jammed frl before 95 through new hampshire and overturned tractor-trailer howard and ramps 29 to 100 blocked and east shut down several hours long gate parkwa parkway. so busy wednesday morning. any questions @erinfoxdc you can expect a list for the nuclear summit as well. back to you holly and steve. >> former redskins in trouble with the law this morning. >> wisdom martin joining us with the details. stark is one of the original hogs. he was arrested monday night on assault charges after he got into an argument with a woman at the w hotel and that altercation turned physical there was pushing and shoving and things escalated and stark hit the woman in the face before she was able to dial 91 and call for help. his background drafted by burgandy and cold 1971
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draft that helped aching or the offensive line. he was part of that offensive line as we mentioned part of the hogs that's what their nickname was helped washington win super bowl in 2002 stark was named one of 70 greatest redskins in franchise history. so, that's latest on the george stark situation. sad to see you know we got victims in this sad for victim and sad stark is involved in this. a great football player and his legacy when these things happen step tarnishes your legacy and what you did as a football player. the victim is in here as well. . >> all right. thanks, wis. >> doneald trump's campaign manager in trouble charges he's facing and how strum surprise standing by sglim man under arrests for making
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>> the suspect akoosed of hijacking he jiption airplane in court today says 58-year-old mustafa claimed to wear an explosive belt and landing in cypress and he made dae manned to the police including to talk to his ex-wife who was brought to the airport. it was not an act of terrorism and the mana period. to be psych
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unstyling. the incidents raised concerns about he jiption airport security. >> belgium authorities gave updates on terror attacks in brussels. 30 of the most seriously wouldn't ready being treated for burns. meanwhile investigators are looking for at least one suspect wanted for airport bombing. questions still remain this morning on how fbi was able to break into iphone left behind by one of san bernardino shooter and officials are refusing to say who helped them break into the phone and they'll not way say what method was used or whether relevant information was found. apple turned them down and now apple wants fbi help in reviewing how the phone's security system was bypassed. >> president obama continues to make round on hill meeting with democratic senators. joj garland met with illinois republican mark kirk he
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the credentials. >> the empty seat of supreme court resulted in big victory for labor unions. justices slit 4-4 on a case to consider union government employees can collect fees from those deciding not join. the tie vote stand lower court decision. >> three hospitalized after getting struck by lightning. firefighters were rollingp a fire hose when struck. witnesses say two of them fell to the ground and third one wept flying at the bush. and people were left without power. >> 7:25 now
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fives. mr. barnes. >> yes, much quieter overnight and cold overnight, overnight lows in 20s and low 30s. live shot. you can see beautiful start to the day we're having. lots of blue sky. sunrise aco the area current conditions 4 reagan national at the moment. cool. wind out of north east at 6. let me give you heads up. warm spot to the 20s to the north and west to start the day. it will be beautiful day. sunshine. nice springtime early springtime feel out there with daytime highs warmer than yesterday in mid 60s. breezes today out of south as area high pressure parks to the east here and we'll number good shape. tomorrow and friday temps in the 7 0s. warm air me here overnight and during the day foam. looks like rain returns late thursday night and early friday as well. 64 today. get ready for 7 0s thursday and friday weekend looks sunny and cool. if you go to nats game saturday afternoon right steve? >> 12 sdmrk 12:00
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looks good. >> that's weather. >> erin. >> i am. >> 7:25 we're not looking hot tucker. >> your forecast does and traffic doesn't. >> you look hot. >> you mean the traffic. >> yes. >> ramped 29 to 1000 blocked and this crash has been here hours. right now in prince george county heavy volume. inbound volume 50 west 410 to kenilworth and upper loop delays average speeds 13 miles an hour inside district new york avenue jammed bladeensburg on through and 295 by pennsylvania eastern really down to 11 miles an hour. so you know the drill this wednesday morning drive. give yourself extra time it get around the area. dulles toll road leesburg pike 66 inbound after 50 and heavy delays fairfax arlington as well
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a crash. after 123 give yourself plenty of extra time to get if that area to key bridge and as you make your way out parking restrictions and closures in place around the white house and convention center for nuclear security summit taking place tomorrow and friday parking restrictions l, m, s street and 15 street northwest and more closures kick in this evening at 7 and we'll keep you posted on that. there's lots of closures in place 270 right now jammed up 5 to truck scales. back to you holly. >> thanks, still ahead more fallout over controversial new law some say sgrim nature against lgbt community and donald trump campaign manager facing criminal charges will it have an affect on the campaign. we'll talk about it next
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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♪ live look at the whiteve l house.ho 7:30 is our time. iour pretty day out there.pret a little chilly though.hiy all eyes on the white house andu who will be in it in the nearr future. it always is a topic of discussion and today is no no exception. in fact things don't look loo particularly good right now forr trump campaign manager afterer denying any kind of altercationr he has now been charged withh battery for grabbing a reporter as she pursued trump at aru a campaign event in florida. flori last night donald trump who had earlier suggested that ther reporter made upsu her claim backed lou want do you ski. s >> by the way she was grabbingab me.. am i supposed to pres charges c against her? my arm is killings me. it's never been the same. >> the trump camp issued ad statement saying he's innocents of this charge and will enter al plea of not guilty and looksks forward to his day in court
7:31 am
joining me live with more oe this latest drama from the trump campaign is john want swanant national political reporter with the hill.the hil we say latest drama because bec there's one every day it seems e like. >> this is not a huge charge.e a i mean in terms of criminalnal ranking here.g >> it's not a felony charge.harg it's a misdemeanor charge. c simple battery charge if youe if look at the police report.epr though it still says trump'smp campaign says it's not anot an arrest. ar it is an arrest and he still hal to go to court.. so, you know, it's serious serio enough he has to turn up top court.court. >> criminally setting that asidt in terms of going to court and u all of that and whatever mayr m come of it does a bigger issue they lied? >> facts have a sort of unrealfr will the -- i mean i don't knoww how -- >> they don't matter that's whar you're saying to say. >> right, right., r corey lou want do you ski youkiy put the tweet up on screen.n. he said to the reporter michellc fields by the way fro
7:32 am
that is some people call it trump they're incredibly favorable to donald a number of reporters haveor resigned in the wake up this. you're totally i never touched you.ou y we have a video that shows on endless loop on tv he did touchh her and donald trump says now she touched me and i mean m there's no visual evidence thata happened and he even put outn tweet saying what she holding ig her hand? it was a pen. >> how do we know where the bruises came from.uises me f >> right. is it really going matter 80atte people that don't like trump ara going to take this and run witha it. the people that do like trumpiku are going to say, it's just the haters going after him, right? r is it trially going to sway to s anybody?anyb >> well, i think these questiont are getting more interesting asi you start looking at the polls.l yes, you're absolutely right.utg there is a lot of evidence nowde in polling that about 30 to 35% of the republican primary votee ar
7:33 am
love him no matter what we sayte in the if we say it in the media med they're more likely to supportio him. the bigger question for generaln election, donald trump has an mazing set of unfavorables.orab if you look at the general the l public, it's about more than 60n of people do not like donaldikea trump. tr if you go to women, it's 70%. african-americans. these are figures that are justt extraordinary and you hear y h analysts talk about it. no one ever won a general leck k with unfavorables like that.e ta so it becomes enormous problem p post the primary. >> let's talk about this, too,as because this was a big thing trump saying despite what hesaye said in september, he's not n going to support whoever the gop nominates if it's not him, right? and then cruz and kasich also kind of alluding that question saying or not answerine the question whether they wouldw support the gop nominee if itin was trump.was first of all, how important isns wisconsin in terms of usf actually getting to a contested convention?
7:34 am
>> so wisconsin now i mean, you, know, every time i talk to a republican operative donor, donr whatever, everyone putting their hopes and their eyes ond eir ey wisconsin on tuesday. this is where they're hoping teg cruz can knock off donald trump. if he can, it makes donaldald trump's task of get to go that magic number of 1237 delegates g which he needs to win the nomination even more difficult.. >> if trump wins is a lock. >> if he wins, a lot of people p will be packing up their bags. >> really? >> yeah. yeah. >> we only have about 30ave aut seconds. but in terms of thou contested convention begins to work ands how does it -- does it really mean hillary gets elected in thi end you know what i mean whenkn you have all ti hese people so divided, how does it all playlla out?? >> the contested convention isni going to be probably the the greatest side of mayhem you'vehy ever seen in your life. le whatever happens the republicani party will limp out of it, and it's going to be a really rll divided party no matter whoter w leads it out of the convention.n
7:35 am
order scene the greatest side of mayhem but alas we know that ita can always get worse, right? >> jonathan swan, thank you son much. >> thank you. >> always appreciate yourappreca perspective. tuck, let's talk weather., le >> you want my perspective itspe will be cold for another hour or two. nice warmup this afternoon. aftr mid 60s around here and 70s on s the horizon. horizon. thursday and friday.sday let's do numbers.umbers it's cold.ol there's live look at yourr camera. what a beautiful startca today.d lots of blue sky and it's going to be a great looking day.ay it is still chilly out there.llt 42 in washington.ngto 30 in gaithersburg.therg. look at your 20s, 20s early this frederick, manassas, dulles alla in the upper 20s. 28 in culpeper and martinsburgng as well. w let's say good morning tod mor cumberland, 30 degrees.degr plenty of cold temperaturesempea north and west.dt. lots of sunshine. nice quiet weather pattern foreh the timeer being.time b clouds out to the west.ds out t warm front overnight tonight ang during morning hours tomorrow, r then i think by late thursday aa a cold front approaches we'll
7:36 am
out. we'll have showers around kind of on again, off again for their day on friday.onrida that's our next chance of rain r later thursday into here's your day planner for your wednesday.wedny. mid 60s, breezes pick up again u out of the south this time but m nice dry afternoon should behoub beautiful spring day. more netter a minute. net look at the weekend.ok look at erin right now. >> 7:36, new crash right now it is over the objection quan 95 northbounn watch for additional delays add there. volume building in montgomeryn o county 270 southbound shady sha grove to the spur dip down to dw 35 miles per hour because of ann earlier question the outer loopo is almost parked from 95 pastro5 new hampshire and 95 southbound jams from the icc over turned ou tractor trailer still a bigtill scene shutting down 100 east att long gate parkway the ramp from 29 are still closed we have asee lot of inbound volume 50 westes from 410 to kenilworth, down to 14 miles per hour in the inner t loop from five to the wilsonhe w bridge really slows there. 295 volume eastern avenue to ave pennsylvania and also watch outo for congestion suitland parkwayw inbound as you head
7:37 am
capitol. ca we'll take a live look outside o at the outer loop right you can see just how jammed weme are top side earlier crashli crh cleared by new hampshire like ik said still very heavy traffic. same story bw parkway southbouno that is because of a crash thatt cleared by powder mill.wder m leftover delays leading to theno beltway and gw parkway issue, is let's take a look at our map, dealing with crash by 123. b 123 that has you backed up to thep t beltway. still toll road in tysonsn there's a crash at leesburg pike 66 east after 50 crash 395 inbound basically parked thelyt 14th street bridge. bri ton of congestion and crashesra daday. we got you cover.we got y. that's your traffic. steve and holly.olly >> coming up are your headlightg strong enough? there's new's warning out this >> you might not think about it. later a dozen principals in onen school district facing charges c this morni what landed them in troublenro coming up much it's 7:37. ♪
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they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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♪ new this morning, a surveyis by the alzheimer's association'a shows that lot of people are not financially prepared to takeo care of a person with dementia.n the alzheimer's association says relatives and friends whoand ied provide financial support for a loved one often dip into their t retirement funds to help pay the medical expenses.xp a lot of caregivers have to cut back on here's the tough part. par this all has big impact on thehe patient.tien about one in five with dementiam will go hungry because they doy not have enough money to pay for their meals..
7:41 am
this morning. they're being sued by federaluer consumer watch dog for making false claims in commercials.merc the federal trade commissionmiss volkswagen deceased customers d during that seven-year period bd selling the diesel cars based oo fraudulent claims. cla the german automaker pull the ads following last year's admission it installed illegal software to cheat >> for the first time ever the r insurance institute for highwayw safety has evaluated health performance in 31 midsized carsr of those cars only the toyota prius earned a good rating. rin the test evaluated vehiclesehice headlights based on five different approaches and of allf the cars tested, the bmw3 series earn the lowest possible score.s >> still to come this morning,ng remembering patti duke a lookdul back at her life an lot of lot tributes still coming in thisstl morning. >> later in today's fox beatea another faith based film is basf about to hit theat
7:42 am
kevin sits down with the starsoe of "god is not dead two". two".
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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licious. mmmm, yoplait. ♪ welcome back.omeack. live look at ray gap nationalapa airport the temperaturesthe era bottomed out in the low 40s but even with that sunshine it is a very chilly start to the day. dy with much of the area waking up to temperatures in the 20s going to be beautiful afternoon andnd there you there's your big headline warmee afternoon to look forward to. lw
7:45 am
around here later.ou here daytime highs in the mid 60s ans we're still setting up for 70s r by thursday and friday.da here are your chillyrhill temperatures. 42 at reagan national. natio look at your 20s, manassas,assa, dulles, frederick all in the 202 to start the day.. earlier this morning leonardtown and fredericksburg right arounda freezing there you go. thereou g 35 in fredericksburg at this hour. 37 leonardtown very chilly verhl temperatures to start the day st that sunshine will do the trickt and with winds out of the southo here we'll be in for again veryr nice warmup.mup. the next couple of days. saturday rad nice and quiet. ni sunshine expected for much oforf your day today. day tod either way it will remain dry.en i mean that's pretty quiet. q and we really locally don't hav much going on as far as weatherh features.ures. do have warm front and cold c front which will work through the area later tonight and tonig during the day tomorrow and that's going tdo give us next chance for rain perhaps by latey thursday night and friday.. breezy conditions. conditi high pressure off to the eastf s and that southerly breeze, today wind
7:46 am
warmer temperatures in here.tur overnight tonight we'll get aet warm front into tomorrow morni morning. that's go to help boost's g temperatures even further intour the 70s by tomorrow afteesrnoont and then a cold front which wilw bring us rain showers late thursday and during the day ongo friday. so our next chance for rain we need it for the gardens, erin -- >> i love gardening. gardening. >> late thursday early friday.ur >> do you?>> >> you can come out and work inr my gardens. >> i would love to.>> i can plant tomatoes a ind allsa sorts of stuff. stuff >> okay, all right. >> mostly just weeding at thisy point. there you go.. thursday 11, showers and then wn got the threat of additionalit rain showers.rain showe i think friday morning commuteom we'll have rain around as the as whole system is kind of moving v on through but the good news we'll get it out of here in timn for the weekend and i know weno got baseball games some of theot final exhibition games of theib season friday nightit andght a saturday.ay inthink the rain will be out ofa here by friday afternoon.ay aftn there's your seven day.ers yo 64 today. 72 tomorrow. tomor 74 with rain showers maybe evene a thunderstorm on friday andriy then clear it out. clear out nice looking weekend but coolere part
7:47 am
much that's let's hi see how tht roads and metro are doing withot erin. >> i want 47 flowers andwe vegetables much it's springbluc season. >> i can't do all of that.'t do >> i don't know.>> i don't know. we'll work on it.we 7:47. 7:47 working on the commute as well.l inbound volume 50 west very sloo for 10 to kenilworth down to 14 miles per hour.err. inner loop delays bottom of theo beltway as you make your wayou y from prince george's intonc five to to the wilson bridge b dips down to 13 miles an also, big heads up for mypor commuters in virginia and and we have a water main break righr w.w. because of that, duke street ata early street only one lane getsn by in each direct.irec watch out for some big delays dl duke street can be very busy vy this time of morning. morni more crash activity to t. to i'll get out of the way. they dulles toll road out in tysons westbound at leesburg pike 66 6 eastbound after 50 and then gw parkway past 123 you back up ono gw parkway all the way to theo beltway. 395 inbound despite the fact f there's no crashes really slow s conditions congestion has usgeso backed up from the springfield n end change through the 14thge te street bid
7:48 am
overturned tractor trailer scenl still out there in howard countt 100 east remains shut down atn a long gate an lot of volume causing delays 270 south shadyoh grove to the spur. down to about 35 miles per hourr let's go ahead and take live te look outside at one of oure of you can see here we're dealing g with another crash this is ins i virginia 95 northbound at princi william blocking the left the shoulder involving several cars. huge delays as you head fromd fm stafford on towards theds springfield interchange. interc. more traffic in tra back to you. y >> thanks erin.ri appreciate it.precia volcano in mexico is putting on quite a show. the volcano spewing large columl of ash and gas in the excite. ec it happened yesterday and y reached nearly 1 mile intoes the no homes or people are in dang danger. the volcano is known as the fire volcano.voo it is more than 400 miles west of mexico city.. more fallout north carolina after the passage of a bill b requiring people to use public restrooms based on the
7:49 am
listed on their birth certificates.ce >> gay and transgender rights ta supporters challenging the law'l legality in federal w north carolina's attorney attor general is not going to defenseo the law describing it as quote o national embarrassment. facebook, apple, google and gooe other tech ceo' are urging nortt carolina to repeal that law. ttw north carolina's governor isno standing by the legislation.. a dozen school officials inn detroit are facing charges thisi morning accused of taking bribei in an elaborate scheme. sch authorities announced theitan charges yesterday.s they say man who owns school soo supply company would give fraudulent invoices tos principles.prcipl the principal boss then approvet the invoices and in exchangenge would get financial kickbacks. b officials say the kickbackskbks totaled $900,000 and cost thet school district almost $3 million in losses. losse >> california judge givingalorni former super model -- a former r super model the green light onht her defamation lawsuit against a bill cos janice dickinson filed that t lawsuit.lauit. she claimed she was drug and raped by cosby in lake tahoe t back in
7:50 am
cosby denied the allegation allo shows dickinson sued for defamation kay saying cosby branded her a liar. a dozens of women have comen havem forward accusing cosby. sad news out of hollywood actress patti duke died.uke >> oscar winner and former chilr star passed away yesterday duead to complications from a ruptureu intestine.teste she wouldn't oscar as a teen foe the miracle worker for her roler as helen keller. kel then in the 60s played identicac cousins in her own sitcom durino that time she also had success c as a singer.. later in life duke became best b known as an advocate for hem foh health issues after beingfter diagnosed with bipolar in 1982. duke was also the president ofre the screen actors guild from 1985 to 1988. 1 >> all right.ll r speaking of actors and acting aa and hollywood and you will things f beat related, here's h' kevin mccarthy.arth >> good morning holly and stevee she was only 16 years old whenhn she won the academy
7:51 am
the mirror carell worker it was a broadway product she starredtd in. president of the screen actorsca guild. incredible life. i love what she did for mentalea health. incredible actress.ible aress >> younger than i thought.i oug >> i know.>> i know. she's only 69 years old veryld v very sad loss for her. for again her work had live on.adive i'm looking forward to watchingh the miracle worker this weekendw with my fiance'. f i have to mention faith based fh movies are becoming more andend more main stream successes incei hollywood.oo you can't deny this.n't de thi films like god is not dead, heaven is for real recently witw miracles from heaven and warvend room which cost $3 million made $67 million worldwide.wi they have proven to bring in bin box office bucks. b the first god is not dead filmm reported budget of 2 millionilon made 62 million.2 look at heaven is for real. 27 million-dollar over 100 million worldwide. wld the sequel for god not is not in debt comes out this friday. it stars melissa joan heart. schoolteacher fighting a legal
7:52 am
battle for talking about jesusus in her i had a chance to sit down we d with melissa joan heart and her co-star jesse metcalf. metlf she talks about the struggle of making faith based movie inov i hollywood.ywood check this out. >> for me personally taking on n this film i knew there would bed persecution.rsec it's not easy to make a christian film in hollywood inld town that doesn't really, um, i mean, these movies are doing d well now there's a lot of a l christian films coming out but,b you know, i did the screening si the on the night in arkansas and that was very friendlyerrien environment to be in talking tal about christ and then you comeh to la it's a little different. e i think there's going to be lot of persecution behind this but n matter of knowing we did thef right thing and knowing we're proud of our movie, and i couldn't be prouder to be a pare of this one.s o >> somebody who kind of grew upw on watching you in clarissa and sabrina i'm wondering when youhe were that actress, was -- and ia regards to your faith at that yt point in your career to now, has your faith changed at all has h you've grown older. g
7:53 am
>> not that you're old.ou're >> i've been acting for 36 yea years. so it's definitely has changee the and my faith has grown andwa my walk with god has grown and,d um, and this movie definitelyefn was a step closer in that as tt well. but i always found -- i always s was a very faithful christianisn girl, and always searching forah always looking in the bible. th. always asking people, askingplek questions starting debates and trying to figure out, upping,in what i believe and how i believe and why do i believe and thatved kind of thing. that's what a lot of that happeh in this film for me personally o and for the character.. >> does it make you think aboutt faith has gotten you through y t tough times in your life. can you speak on anything -- not specifically --ally >> no, i can speak on it.n i can speak on it specifically y definitely because i think thatk faith is a fundamental element e of having a well rounded live l and a positive human experiencer i think the lack of faith, you, know, takes people in lot of negative directions.ections. how can
7:54 am
day struggles without some s element of faith? you know iouo think i was first inn pro he toh dude to the idea of faith when e got sober, you know, five years ago through the 12 step programr of alcoholics anonymous wheremos you have to turn the will andhe the care of your live over to o god as you know younow find a higher power.. and it was search to me then ane it's search to me now. n >> i was really surprised thatet jesse metcalf opened up about a his alcoholism and b i was very shocked he went thata as you can tell in the questiont when i asked him, you don't havt to go into specifics.spe he wept there. i think he realized that faitht is a big part for him and got g him through that and melissaissa joan heart telling me she's been act fog thick years blew myick mind. >> it doesn't seem like it. when i was growing up there was tgif and nick it night she wasie on clarissa explains it all and sabrina the teenaged witch. w it was surreal to say that she's only 39 years old. old. acting since three years old.cee the movie opens up friday.riy again, great messages as wellss but these movies are dog
7:55 am
and making a ton of money and md cost basically nothing to make.. >> i was wondering what happenee to jesse metcalf after dallas?? >> i'm glad to see him. >> he was on desperate housewives before that.usewiv >> he went away, had a lot of o problems with alcoholism and used faith to get him throughgei it. good for him.good for him cool. >> movie opens on oped >> thanks guys. >> appreciate it. >> it >>is 7:55 right now. check in with tuck kearse barnar and get a look at what's at w happening outside. >> hi, guys. guy hi, kev. >> i like your tie today, sir.,r >> thank you. you. it's cold that's what's going og but nice warm up we're featuring mid 60s even warmer than yesterday. and we're still on track for 707 around here by thursday andby tu 43 now in washington. washing just want to give us heads upds lot ofs of 20's that continue te be in the area here with upper 20s in dulles and places likes e manassas and culpeper thisr morning.rnin there's live look ate's ve l satellite/ all about the sunshine today. should be a very pleasant high pressure gets offshore. southerly breeze today warm w thing up and we're featuringri nice conditions later today, 64
7:56 am
tomorrow light rain showers bute before that we get into the lowl 70s looks like showers around on friday. and cooler temperatures for ther weekend but both saturday andy sunday featuring a lot ofeang a sunshine.hi fall all nice looking seven daye forecast. let's city we got nice lookingee roadways with erin.roys w >> absolutely not. a lot of traffic everywhere,wher tucker. tucker. beautiful day but there's soy many cars on the road. t r as you head out a lot of areasof you need to be aware of in in alexandria, water main break, bk really causing slow downs arouna duke street. str duke street early street one see lane gets by in each as you make your way out in thet district right now heads up foru travels to northwet 14th street at madison drive the traffic lights there are oue you need to treat that information as tholed stop sign. 295 inbound 50 to pennsylvania s drops down to under 15 miles pe hour. really heavy traffic as you maku your way on new york avenue as well. we out by bladensburg and then andt suitland parkway through southth capitol 50 west slows 410 to kenilwortho if you're edding from annapolisn towards the district you'll hitt that delay and inner loop from p five to the wilson
7:57 am
george's into alexandria heavyne delays once you pass theas t springfield interchange you dead with typical morning congestionc through an man dale. de. dulles toll road this crashs should be cleared soon web at leesburg pike. 66 eastbound a crash after 50 at and gw parkway big delays fromsf an earlier crash by 123. 1 keep it to fox5. we got your 8:00 o'clock hour covered for you coming right up.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ >> life look downtown one of ouw developing stories today this is the dc convention center and the neighboring marriott marquis hotel large security banner -- e barriers are already up.p. more going up around both ofh of these buildings in thee bu neighboring streets on thisreett wednesday morning.ning it is march 30, 2016. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm wisdom martin. marn let's talk about that security.c it is for the two day nuclear ne summit which begins more than 50 major world leadera are going in attendance.nce. neighborhoods all around the art convention center will been impacted by street closures and rotating parking most of those go into effect eec tonight and on metro yellow and green line trains will not stopo at the washington conventionnven center beginning this evening ag 8:00 p.m.00 p some metro bus service in the area will be affected. wilbe afc full list of street closures caa be found on fox5 >> let's get to our big storiesi of the day. two tragedies impactingmp
8:01 am
montgomery counties dealing witw losses after overnight house fires. >> our coverage begins with w annie yu.e y >> reporter: good morning, mni wisdom and steve. just a really sad situation that occurred this morning.d this mo. it happened around 3:00 a.m. d.c. firefighters got the call c to this home along the 4400 block of sedgwick street here in northwest. you can kind of see they'veehe cleaned a lot of the debris outo of that upper level there on ton the ground. gro we saw mattress being tossed out and some other things.hi but you know a lot of the taj te seems to be inside this home.e. now, firefighters remain on thet scene investigators still determiningr a cause. cse but, again, they received thisdt call early this morning aroundro 3am when they got here theyey found heavy fire on the firstir and second floor of this home.hh one victim inside on the secondc floor and they were able to ae t quickly knock down the fire anda bring the male victim outsidede where they did do cpr on him. hm right outside on the front yardo before transporting him to
8:02 am
hospital where sadly he was pronounced dead.oued d now, looking at this home, a lot of the damage again seems to be inside rather than the out andud you see a lot of the windowsin being busted out on the front tf and side of the home here. her there were no other victims. no other injuries to injs t firefighters as well. they have cleared the scene but, again, fire investigatorsti remaining on the scene and justd a very very sad situation.ti. unfortunately, not the only thel fatal fire in our area.ur a let's head over to our colleague jennifer davis who is live in gaithersburg. hey, jenny.hey,ny >> reporter: hi, annie.hi,nn thank you.ou another sad scene here. we are in the 1800 block of winf jammer.ja take a look at what is left of o this house.thisse it is just in shambles. sadly, after midnight a body was discovered in the debris here. you can see the ladders up firefighters are actuallylly climbing the latter as we speak with a hose heading up to makeak sure there are no hot spots,ts, that nothing has reignited. they are also combing throughhrh debris in the back justac just beginning the inves
8:03 am
into the origin and cause off this fire. fir this one was a very difficult di one to put out.. they say it was intense and itsa was extreme and acted like itik was driven by some sort of gas fuel because it just didn't goit out the way fires normally. nma to it took 20 to 30 minutes andd 100 firefighters.s. here's what the chief told us. >> in that fire activities the floor in the first level settled or collapsed partially as well l as significant fire damage.eam that's what we're dealing withew now is the structure its that'sa a little unstable.e one victim inside that we needd to safely retrieve and then worw on determining the origin and cause. >> reporter: back here live,erev you can see firefighters still working two residents were able to get get o but they found the body of thatf man in the basement and as youds heard, the house is still toooo unstable to go in and remove the body but that's what they're working on today.rking oday
8:04 am
because that first level gavee way and it is completely open ao i look in the front door there.e so they need to secure thisure i structure and then go in and recover the body of that man. m. now, there was a tenant who wass unaccounted for at this point ti they have not identified theiedt body they found.ound back to you >> jennifer davis reporting.epoi thank you very much, jennifer. 8:04 is the time.8:04s the m also in the news this morningor london county school board met last night members addressed an issue of how to rezone thezone school district that.hat. plan would have impact the havea thousands of students. sdent many of which are minorities orr low and some parents objected to t that plan saying it would havedv led to segregation in the coun county. everyone was able to agree on ao compromise that would onlynly impact a few hundred students. e it would also avoid having tooao many low income and minority mit students attending so-calleded title one schools. >> former skins player facingin assault charges this morningor george stark arrested monday ars night in d.c. police say he was staying at the w oh tell when he got into an in argument way woman that turned r
8:05 am
police he hit her in the face.if he played for the redskins fromr '72 to '84 part of the great offensive line known as the hogs. of course they helped washington win the super bowl. ♪ pause for the weather music, tuck.tuck. >> waiting patiently. waiting p >> yes. >> chilly out that this morningo cold.ld. >> very cold.>> >> what did you think.hat >> i thought it was really coldy at least it wasn't like, two nights wagon that wind wason t blowgun thought the world wasghl coming to an end.coming to an that was insane. >> you worried about if trees it were coming down on your house.. >> i didn't know whether to runo or what. at least it's just cold now. cow i can deal with one thing at aet time. >> at least you can appreciateue crazy weather.crazy weat >> of course. >> let's get to it.'s go it temperatures to start the day. nothing too dramatic butg overnight lows back in the 20s s for much of the area.hea. 30 now in frederick.erick 33 at dulles. at dulle 36 in fredericksburg. hanging on to freezingreezin temperatures in martinsburg andg culpeper right around the arod 30-degree mark.e so chill my start to the day.taa nice warmup, mid 60s. 6 lots of sunshine.un very p
8:06 am
yes, wisdom, the breezes will b back. not the how long winds of a few nights ago but winds out of thet south at 10 to 15. 1 and again we'll be dry thisry ti afternoon. so the kids have this week off,o right. >> they're off.>> >> get out don a little yardtlar work. wo >> oh yeah.>> oah >> perfect d >> wash some cars isn'tsomes i absolutely. >> is it going to rain thisng t week? >> not until thursday night andl friday. >> okay. i'll wait until the weekend tol have them wash the cars. thear >> nice looking weekend.eekend we'll have the seven day in jus a minute. a minut >> thank you tucker. thank you . >> just trying to help.ust tr >> i get it. (laughter). >> take your rag over there andr >> check in with erin.n >> did my car wash with erin a few weeks ago. >> i had a lot of fun doingot o that. taking a look at your commuteom not as much fun.. earlier crash 95 northbound by prince george's cleared from the left shoulder. sder. traffic is lighter here butis lt south of that point you still are dealing with a lot of stopt and go conditions.ons. from stafford leave the house ae least 45 minutes early stilltill going to need the extra time toe get to the beltway.hetw now, a look at our ma
8:07 am
aside from that delay 66 inbound still delayed howard county 1001 it's been closed all morning mng eastbound at long gate because of an earlier crash involving ag tractor water main break right now in alexandria. duke street at early street.tree only one lane gets by in eithert direction watch out for thatn wc one. and then as you head out downtown, most of the closures s are going kick in this evening e and last through saturday fordaf the nuclear summit.arummi so watch out for these parkingng restrictions around l, m and a inform street. white house and conventione center there's going to beoingo pedestrian restrictions, bigictg barricades are already up.. f street closed right now closed last night between freeth andh 15th street northwest and then t keep in mind, a lot ofotf additional closures kicking inki tonight lasting through saturd saturday. all over the district areatric around the convention center ctr again and white house.n i have the full list of these of closures including massachusetts between ninth and sixth and newd york between 11th and sickth listed on my twitter at erint ei fox5 d.c. if you have anyny questions happy to help you navigate your commute for the rest of the
8:08 am
vernon square seventh street ata the convention center. the green and yellow lines willl not be stopping at that metro m stop so be prepared to detouret around and that metro bus not bn stopping at seventh and ninth n between n and k.and they're being diverted as well.w these are changes for yourou typical flow of publicfub transportation that will bet w kicking in tonight, again, and last through about saturdaygh morning. we got you covered on all of this here on fox5. fox more incidents and delays in the district 14th street atee a madison.madin. traffic lights are out and then 295 inbound at pennsylvania tova 50 really back up. up. steve?stev? >> still to come this morningo donald trump'sco campaign managn in trouble. troub the charges filed and why trumpp says he's standing by his stafft the man attacked along a populal running trail in d.c. who police are looking for plusf what's being done to keep youp safe. we're back in 30 seconds.
8:09 am
♪ taking a look outside right old town alexandria. looks nice out lots of sunshine. sin it's cold, though.. 42 degrees at reagan nationalnia airport this morning.orni colder in the burbs f you're buf planning on going for a run thit morning maybe when you get offwf work this afternoon --noon - >> yeah, that's a thing becausee of the weather it's fairlyairl decent that is a warning to pasp along to you after a terrifyingi attack on popular local trail.rl holly morris joins us now ins n studio with more on this incident. >> this is unnerving because itt was so brazen, right? basicallc in the middle of the day.heay or nearing the evening much this attack hammed on a portion ofor the metropolitan branch trailrat around 5:00 yesterday afternoon
8:10 am
it was the time of day you woulu expect to be the victim of attacathis incident happened in daylight hours not too far fromo the rhode island metro stop. sto man was attacked by as many 15 1 juveniles a stretch of the 8-mile long trail thathat unfortunately has seen attacks before. be last july arc woman was attacket by riding her bike on the traill she happened to be wearing arina camera on her helmet which washs able to capture footage of some of the suspects during the the after that, the surroundingd neighborhood pushed to make thee trail safer.l safer. people who use the trail sayra s news of this attack makes them t nervous to walk or bike theik te trail alone, and one person pso living in the area says the weather could play a big role in more incidents.ents >> i'm sorry that that happenedp and the sad thing about, this is just spring break, as the heat h rises, folks going to be more m crazier >> after the attack last summer, lights have been installed alono the trail as wel
8:11 am
markers to help emergency crewsc find someone in need help. obviously, since this latest l attack happened during the day,y the lights won really have maded a difference in this case.ase but probably the best adviceic here is to not run, bike, walk >> right. >> you know, if you don't have to always better to have abett partner. >> the reason you have a runninn trail is so that you can work out. >> so that you can run safely cs and not be running along thelo road or whatever.. >> where you might get hit by a car.r. >> disheartening to say theninge least. >> thanks holly. t >> um-hmm. >> all right.>> still ahead sitting court sidegt from the comfort of your own you home. we've got the details on a new n way to watch the final four this year coming up.p. >> i'd like to try it and see how realistic it is.t i a live look outside on thishi wednesday morning right now.rigw weather and traffic coming up on the 5's coming up next it's 8:11 now.
8:12 am
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♪ >> life look outside the couldn't today the first day of several s days of street closures.lo you can see the securityec barriers up there. those barriers you can see can through right there literally ay tall as most people are. a they'll be smaller barriers b around the area as well but bigb changes coming in the next 48 n hours as far as access to thes o area around the convention convt center because of big international security summit. >> i have security like that ata my house when i have >> a lot of very importantmp people show up up thee >> big fences.>> f >> wisdom, you have to sign thae release saying you won't take te pictures. >> or >> leave your cell phone at thep door. >> i understand.>> i understand. >> just like that. jus >> i would expect nothinle
8:15 am
>> you've been a few times. >> like most clubs by the timess you get through that line it's a disappointment inside.oint >> wait a minute.minute. >> steve gave away all thell the secrets.crets. >> don't give that away. >> what's going on weather wise. >> we're getting cute first.irst >> we're delivering, all right,g fox5 first five photo of day we got kendall everybody. everybody we do have cuteness.. look that beautiful smile. smile >> we have birthday cuteness.dan >> happy birthday! bda >> happy happy birthday it is kendall's fourth birthday.. >> happy birthday.thda >> yes.>> happy birthday kendall.rthd ken love the hairstyle.aity love it. it. >> i know you don't get to dot e this often you retired the old -- ol >> i retired that. >> something new.>> somet >> i have to think about it. tht i have to come up with something new. new. >> let's just wish her a happyth birthday an great day.. >> and let it be that. >> fox5 first five.irste. >> happy birthday, kendall. >> love that beautiful smile and we hope off great fantasticgrea birthday and beautiful weatheriw this afternoon for it. it >> can't ask for more tn
8:16 am
>> >> you could.>> you could want a cake. >> as far as what we cant we deliver. >> oh, right.>> >> give her sunshine andhesuns beautiful day and birthday wishes. pretty picture on tv.. >> four candles you can stillans manage them blowing them out.blw >> yes. >> you get up to 26 like me, itm gets tough. >> one side of the cake.ak >> i was going say. goi s that would be tough.that wou >> all right.ld let's get to the maps.aps. kendall, happy birthday.da we love your picture.icture to send us your picture at fox5 first five.rst five i promise we'll get them on ovee the next couple of week.xt ce of >> 43 in washington.hi much of the area waking up toeap 20's this morning. lots of 20's north and west.nd but we are in for a very nice afternoon.ten. so chilly start to the day. d and then nice warm finish with daytime highs in the mid 60s.0s look at the cold temperatures binghamton 30s this morning. mni 31 up in boston.n all satellite/radar is sunshine lots of it and beautiful high pressure overhead give us clear skies overnight and coldnl conditions.. that will slip offshore
8:17 am
and breezes will be out of thell south today.south tod so the breezes will pick upck again but this time out of theef south so that warm things up ofp look at the 70 around here thursday and friday. next chance of rain on friday ii you are planning to wash the cac i guess you can do it today or y wait until saturday.l satur >> it looks like saturday mightt be a good opportunity.orni >> a little cool, though.. >> little cool but should be nice.ce >> you hate to ruin your goodtou work with thunderstorms onrss o friday. >> that's true. that's a good call, steve made a good call rightcalt there. we'll go with steve's plan.'s pa >> the kind of thing do you ondi the man show.ngman show >> plus the kids will be home. >> there you go.>> >> okay. there you go. wash that car saturday morning.m >> there you go, y we'll do it on it o. >> i like the sound of that.d h. and weighing so it's not just as man show. ow if you guys want to wash my car today or tomorrow it's in therow parking lot couldn't really use it. >> just throwing it out there. >> okay.>> oka (laughter). >> crickets. >> you know what -- - >> you'll have to wear what tucker wore when he wash cars. >> erin i'll wash your car anyra time. i
8:18 am
that. i'll move on theo traffic. tff crash activity gw parkway passed 123. i wish everyone could have seene wisdom's face because it wast w funnier than what you said.ha s right now, delays back to the be beltway from there.omhere. inside the district 14th 14t street at madison drive northwest traffic lights are ouc treat that intersection as i though you would a stop 295 inbound 50 to pennsylvanians down to 11 miles per hour.r h just really heavy traffic in tht district right now and headingea into the district from annapolip right now. now 50 west slows from 202 to ken worth and inner loop reallyop ry heavy traffic five to the wilsow bridge. you can see those delays 66 oncc you get inside the beltway stils very jammed up in arlington this morning. overturn tractor trailer. t we've been talking about thisrat all morning long.inlong. 100 east remains shut down atn long gate parkway. pkw that's for an investigation.gatn water main break in alexandriand duke street at early street onee lane gets by in each direction but watch for a lot of extraxt old town gets really busyy especially this time of morningi aside from that 395 slow to thet 14th street bridge.ridge we're jammed across suitland sun parkwa
8:19 am
capitol and 270 shady grove tove the spur. s picking up a little bit throughh rockville and you can see thecae outer loop still heavy delays d knife as you make your way intoo bethesda and 95 southbound souto of the icc to the inner loop l metro is on time and we'll talkt about all the nuclear securityit submit closures that will besurh kicking in mainly this evening e as we back to you guys. >> 8:19 is the time.9 the republican presidentialre frontrunner donald trump is is defensing has came pan manager corey lewandowski charged withet battery for a confrontation witw a female reporter.eporte trump appeared on fox news lastl night denying the allegationsats and vowing to stand by his side. >> i'm very glad that we werewe able to produce the tape because i don't see i see virtuallye nothing, andhi we're going to destroy a man'san live over this? they're the chopping off heads, they'rehe drowning people in the middlee t east. we're going to destroy a man's live. live he's got four beautiful children and a
8:20 am
we're going to destroy his lifee because somebody makes a charge? >> lewandowski appear to in i court on may fourth.ay >> questions remain this mornini how the fbi was able to breaktoe into the iphone left behind by h one of the san bernardinoo shooters.ooters. officials are refusing to say who help ages break into thereae phone and not say what methodhad was used or whether any relevanv information was found. found the fbi wanted apple's help in getting into the phone. pne was turned down.waow now apple wants the fbi's help'l in revealing how the phone phone security system was bypassed.ed >> the suspect accused of highjacking egyptian airplaneian appeared in court today.urtoday police say 58-year-old syed mu staffa claimed to be the oneimoe wearing an explosive belt.sive b he demanded the plane make ann emergency landing in cyprus. cyp he made several demand to policc during the six hour standoffando including asking to speak to his who was brought to the airport.t officials say this was not an na act of terrorism.rorism that thean
8:21 am
psychologically unstable.nsbl the incident raises concerns about egyptian airport security. >> belgium authorities given ana update on the victims of lastmst week's terror attacks inttac i brussels. 90 people remain in the pple ree hospital. 49 of them in intensive care.ine 30 of the the most seriouslyusly wounded being treated for burnss meanwhile investigators are still looking for at least oneeo suspect wanted for the airport a massive fire at a fire recycling plant undernd investigation in the united kingdom.ngm. >> more 800 tons of plastic p caught fire. 100 firefighters were called ina to help fight the people living near were told tod stay inside about of potentialal toxicity from the fire. fir there were no reports of any ofy serious injuries.njur coming up if you have a jobb interview soon listen up we'll reveal the odd defendantefda interview questions according to one new survey.ur >> later if you're looking forfe the one, watch your posture. ptu why how you sit could boost your love life. ♪
8:22 am
look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with 150 calories each, try our new rich & creamy cheesecakes. fiber one.
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♪ 8:24 is the time.8: we just learn in t24he washingts monument will open at 9:00 thiss morning. it was closed yesterday afterayr there was a problem with the the elevator.. about 40 people got stuck at thk top and had to walk down. d but officials say the elevator e has been repaired and is now working. >> all right. good news there for folks whoe o want to get up the washingtonaso monument like our good frienddri tucker barnes every year we sayw we're going to do it t >> it's going happen.. fox5 field trip with allison
8:25 am
>> have you >> i've never been.'ve never ben >> have you been.>> >> when i was a teenager.i wa you can't go. you can go. >> all right. >> you just kicked steve out.cko >> i'm just teasing you.'m j >> okay. >> his true colors come out. >> steve is welcomed.elco >> all right.>> >> i'm all in. >> field trip.ield >> let's go,.>> let's do it.t. >> okay.>> o >> i guess i'll wait for theit r invite. >> it's in the male. >> send me an invite. sale have to look at it. >> have your people look at it.i yours viewer invited. iited steve. let's dot weather forecast. fors 43 now in washington.hi chilly temperatures to startrar your day. but by this afternoon mid 60s. s very pleasant conditions.onditi. >> that's good.>> that's good. >> um-hmm.>> uhmm. won't be long before the pools open up and we're into the summertime.time. love it. it. >> temps. tps. >> 70s on the way by thursday and friday. it's going to be beautiful day.y it is cool out there this out tt morning. overnight lows back in the 20's' to the norths and west. but with high pressure overheade scooting offshore to the east, and southerly breeze setting upe this afternoon we're going to wi get temperatures about 5 degrees warmer
8:26 am
on track for low 70s aroundund here. got to love this time of year.fy by thursday and friday.. looks like our next chance ofhae rain late thursday after sunsets tomorrow night ande then fridayi doesn't look great lots of lots clouds with showers maybe abe a thunderstorm and that will set us up for a sunny but coolerr weekend. 62 saturday.da 55 sunday. sun right now looks dry which isry i great. >> that is great. appreciate it >> very cool. let's check in with erin and ged a look at roads. 8:26.26 >> i've never been to thever washington monument either i just want you to know i want ton go too on the field trip.fie tr. >> you're always invited.'re >> let's make it happen.'sake traffic is slow on the chainheha just some typical congestionst that you're seeing.eee we'll move it over and a take ak look what else is popping upoppi this you are very jammed up on the ot key bridge from rosslyn intoslyt georgetown. we have a crash still blockingii the shoulder gw parkwayw par southbound by 123. 123 adding to the so just keep in mind that's whaw you're up against coming off the rows vessel bitch some heavierea traffic in the district as welll let's go ahead and take look ata our maps. ep
8:27 am
southbound by bros avenue.s ave that is added to the alreadyeady congested strep of 295 and restrictions in place for thehe nuclear security summit aroundd the white house and conventionei center. we'll have more details on thatt just a a wisdom? >> erin, thank you. coming up the new trendp tht among millennials looking to geg married.mad. >> and some of the strangest jot interview questions according ta new survey much those storiesse and more coming up.g u it's 8:27. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards,
8:28 am
ecial interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:29 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
8:30 am
alexandria this morning.his lots of sunshine but theuthe temperature not moving much yet. 43 at reagan national airportl o about a mile from what you'reatu looking at right there.atht temperatures much cooler out ino the suburbs.e sus. 8:30. over in the kitchen having a a little morning conversation. maureen is telling us about the millennials marriages theserri days. >> i am. >> have you ever heard of starter t or test marriages.arag >> yes.. >> my first one. o >> i think most people look back on it. >> right.. >> apparently new phenomenon.n millennials.s i can never say that word.say instead of saying till death toh us part they're saying see youiy later aft two years. yea new study found that 43% of millennials supported a form ofo marriage that allows couples tot easily split up after two yearss so why get married? mri >> it's like -- they want to wan give eight try. t >> not really -- if you go intot it knowing that it's only goingg to last, a definite period ofe d time then you're not really rll entering marriage.arri >> some of the most are sayingog do like a mortgage after a aer couple of years you can kind ofn reup if it's still going good. g this is -- this is
8:31 am
i have a friend who actually heh has been married, did you veried now, he strongly believes in b this. he says he thinks marriages tnka should be the contract where whe renewable in five yearive year increments after five years your sit down with your spouse. is this working? if it's not, no fuss, no muss you move. >> is this sponsored by divorcev >> a loft of people saying areoa give eight try. if it doesn't work, move on.ov i don't agree with it. >> here's what i say. hs if that's your mentality going g in, it's not going to work. t w. you know what i mean if you'rei going into that thinking i'llnki give eight try, if it workt wor great, fit doesn't, whatever.har then you shouldn't be getting'ti married.mad. >> a lot of people do have thatp attitude, because divorce is soo easy. >> unfortunately i do.nfor >> if it doesn't work i'll justl get a divorce.vor >> if you're not on the same thm page with that and one person really feels like your marriage is -- you'll is have a world ofo problem.oblem >> if you think you're going to get married and it's going to be smooth sailing all the time you're crazy. crazy. >> what? >> what about wedded bliss? b >> not all the time.ot >> what about thfi
8:32 am
increments. my friend who said every fivevev years you reup.yes you have the >> then you'll have drama inll a five years and then -- >> every five years there's tre drama. >> can you do that with kids. dw >> we didn't bring up the kids.. >> let's talk about something ii know nothing about riding roller coasters.aste. who likes to ride roller coaster.r. >> whoo! hands up. w >> not me. par of the fun being able to let loose and scream but a riders a the uk have been told tone ittoe down. do >> please. >> they called the big oneed t opened last week after five year -- ye >> it's call the big one. o >> battle over concerns of local residents the big one part ofar the battle from the residents ii about the noise and now they'vee got a sign at the entrance neare the big one that says, please dd not shout or scream at the big b one. >> what's the point? poi? >> who doesn't scream on the big one. >> why not get on the big one ie you're to the going to screamth and shout. >> when you get on the big one e you're going to scream. >> i don't know. i don't get on the big one. >> i'm not touching any oonf thf >> you're not touching the big g one. >> it would make me scream.
8:33 am
>> i'm talking about a ride. (laughter).(lau >> here's a question.ere's any of you -- do any of of havev job interview coming up? >> don't answer that on tv. since your job is in tv. okay. okay you better be ready to answery s anything because there's a new a report out that reveals thatha oddball interview questions aret on the rise in 2016. 2 here's some of the wacky yesterday questions out there.he what would you do if you found a penguin in the >> take a youtube video. video >> then there's this one.. >> when a hotdog expands in which direction does it split sl and why?and >> on the top. >> length wise or for thehe spacially aware how manyy basketballs would fit in this room? >> 5,623. >> bring them inform let's loado it up. >> here's the deal. it's really noter about theut answer. a lot of these companies arees just liking to see --- >> creativity. >> creativity.>> c how you think on your >> right. r >> your view on things just what angle do you come
8:34 am
more about the journey than thet destination.. >> your flexibility is they'rey' testing.tein >> correct why the actor actorss go good question. qstio >> major league baseball playere will think twice before talkingl in the toilet. >> what? >> this is st. louis' adam wayne white.e. caught by cell phone videoceho talking to sports writers whilee he was on the toilet. >> oh! >> do we have to listen. >> he's actually answering the questions.quess. >> okay. >> first of all, there are somee places that should just be offef limits. >> right. >> no one should be shoutingld b questions at him while he's ine there. there. >> right. >> more so, he should not benote answering them.g them. >> he came out with a big smilei he knew what was going on inoino there. >> i agree. agree there should be limitations andm it looks like he was in on thist it was a gag. the reporter probably asked himd a question and he probably saidd i'm --m >> i'll talk while i'm in theree >> you remember a few years agos a cnn
8:35 am
her mike.. >> sarah phillips. >> i was going to say myayy goodness.go he doesn't remember what we didd yesterday.y >> why, wisdom, why? >> 8:35. check in with tucker barnes get a look what's happening outsidee it's still cold out there, tuck, >> it is, steve.>> it is, steve. >> hold on, i just got to flush. >> ha, ha. ha >> oh, man. >> he always goes downhill.ill >> cricket flush. >> 43 in washington.ashing 44 in annapolis.olis north and west cold temperatur temperatures. 30 in frederick. very very chilly overnight. 30with ily overnight lows off tt north and west in the 20s.he 2 so waking up with very chillyy i temperatures but a nice warm upm it will be beautiful day. sunshine and temps topping outut mid 60s later this afternoon.fto very very quite satellite/radar. winds out of the south todayt of warmer temperatures on the waypa and they're here to stay.. 63 getting breezy again thisgahi afternoon winds out of the sout about 10 to 15. i'll be back in just a moment a with the seven day and featuring 70s. 70s. 70s on the way, erin.ayeri nothing look forward to.g >> i can't wait.lo i need more outdoor
8:36 am
happy hours in my life. my life. i'm really excited for the f warmer temps.em right now not loving what i'mha seeing in this i we have a lot of backed upke you can see afinbound southnb capitol street and southbound 295 basically we have a crash by bureaus by bs avenue on to 295 and that is t causing some atypical congestioc for this time of morning. morng be prepared for that. for t okay. we'll switch it back over fort e our maps aside from those jam ups, other issue that is we'retw dealing with.dealing good news 100 east reopened inne howard county at long gateate parkway.parky. earlier tractor trailer crash. h let's see if we can forward ouro maps to prince george's rightceg now. inbound volume holding steady 50 west 202 to ken worth and inneri loop delays across the wilsonhel bridge have not dissipated oncee you hit the string fieldg f interchange sluggish traffic asi you get into tysons.ys water main break in alexandriald duke street at early street one lane gets by in either direction.ct and for the nuclear summit, keek in mind, closures kicking in tonight at 7:00 through saturdas around the white house and hou convention center.nven cen parking restrictions already inr place and f treat beten
8:37 am
and veepth streets already shuts down. any questions at erin fox5 dc o twitter. happy to help you navigateigat around the downtown area of thet district over the next few daysd back to you guys.ys. >> erin, thanks. erin, thanks. still to come new way for cm some people to watch the final l four.four. also, a new study saysnew ss there's a link between how youou sit and your dating live. l we'll explain when we come backb ♪
8:38 am
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♪ >> 8:39 is the time.>> eating greens m
8:40 am
genes. ge cornell university researchershs found evidence of a genetic variation in populations historically 57 at any timed ana marine diets. eight louse these people tolouse officially process omega three and six fatty acids and convert them into compounds search forhr early brain development.evel if these populations strayed str from a balanced diet, it made m them for susceptible to inflammation.amtion study authors say their work isw the first to connect a geneene variation with specific diets.we >> new study shows acupuncturety may help alleviate hot flashesoh in breast cancer patients.s. researchers studied 190 patientt who's reported moderate toerat severe hot flashes.lash those who received 10 half hourr weekly acupuncture sessions had less of the hot flashes over six months.mohs. researchers say the treatments a has the ability to dilate bloodl vessels and stimulate the release of endorphins.oforph that impacts your bodyr temperature.teerat if you are looking to scoree a second date then you might tm
8:41 am
sitting up straight.. >> that's what your parentsr pan always said that you're one y you're younger. new study suggests good postureg and welcoming body language maym boost your odds of romanticc spark. researchers viewed more 125 speed dates who spent fournt f minutes talking to each.s ta they rated posture and checkednc speed dating results. finding a person who appearedhoa open was more likely to get a yes response from their speedirs dating partner. >> there you go. the you >> speed dating.ating. >> when crew speed date you got to take everything into consideration in a >> and do itat >> hence the speed. henhe >> still ahead today in today'sd fox beat william shatner slammea with a million dollar lawsuit. u >> drama between merrill streeps and dustin what really happened behind thed scenes of their oscar winningcai movie kramer versus kramer? >> ♪
8:42 am
8:43 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
8:44 am
♪ look at the 9:00 o'clock this morning whenct folks will be allowed back ind a it. they had to shut the thing downw yesterday to tourists and tous a visitors.visi they're your view from the top, tuck.. the elevator was not working wki apparently they got all thehey o repairs made that they needed tt do. doesn't the world war iii memorial look so pretty rightttt there in the middle of the the screen. >> that's a great view.grt vi >> i had a park ranger down atow the cherry blossoms telling mesl about one of the projects the aeratinaerating all the new grag put in at the mall. >> wow! >> very complica t
8:45 am
baseball field down. dow >> big project down there.own t >> huge. okakay. >> how is it looking now.king n >> beautiful and sunny but coolb jacket here early and then feature -- hang on there's a tre drum solo.drum so we're ready to go.dy to go. >> take it away.>> >> lots of sunshine and warmm temperatures.mper >> see the stuff i miss when i'm not up here. >> rivetting. rivet. >> ♪ >> you missed this. >> it's all you. you >> this is your solo.hi you >> it's what i live for, tuck.k you got to come out with me me sometime, wisdom. wisdo >> may be. may be. >> very quickly let me do theic weather forecast.hefore warmer afternoon.. featuring mid 60s little chillyy out there to start the s in fact plain old cold north and west a lost 20s. 2 30 now in frederick.derick 33 out at dulles.. 37 in culpeper.. 38 in quantico.nto. freezing temperatures all theeme way down to fredericksburg earlr this morning.this m 43 now in the city. nice balance in temperatures.pee everybody looking forward to 60 plus probably mid 60s for
8:46 am
daytime highs here in washingt washington. and look at all of the clearle skies out there.. nice quiet conditions so a lottl of sunshine. later this morning and this ad t all right. things will be changing a littlt bit as we get into tomorrow. to. warmer temperatures on the wayre but that warm front will bring b us some cloudiness as the cold c front associated with an area oa low pressure in the great lakes approaches the area, we'll have rain showers move in latern l thursday night.ursdayht. i'm thursday night into friday.f friday is not going to be ang tb great looking day with some s showers and maybe aand ma a thunderstorm. high pressure that brought use the cold weather etharly this t morning scoots offshore here.e southerly breeze and again we're setting up for very niceery nic conditions around here today any tomorrow although we will have h some rain showers develop lateep as i mentioned late thursday ana into friday. another look at it future cast.c great looking conditions later i this aerno i'm kind of fast forwarding this quickly. want to show when you the rainhe arrives and it really doesn't want to get into her late her le thursday night.thur that's midnight thursday earlyre friday morning.friday friday morning commute is goingg to have some rain showers arouno if y
8:47 am
accordingly. and there you go.anere you on again, off again showers onws friday.. all right. al seven day. seve 64 today. tod 72 tomorrow.72 t 74 friday but showers in then te forecast and then we'll get it i out of here for nice weekend bue a cool weekend much highs onigho saturday low 60s.0s. mid 50s around here on sunday. that's the latest weather, guysy i'll toss it back to you. y >> all right, we'll send it next door to check in with the ladiee of good day d.c..c >> a lot to talk about ahead ond good day. more strange twists in the racei for the white >> donald trump speaking boutpek his campaign manager facingacg criminal charges. what he has to say this morningi >> traffic changes ahead for ahf many of you has d.c. preparesre for major event. eve erin is coming back to break ite all down for you. you. >> we're live with tmzs lamar lm odom drinking again?ga >> plus kevin geeking out right now, why? he's talking live tot actor aaron paul the guy fromuyf that little show that he likede so much, what's it called? cle breaking bad.. >> breaking something.hi >> at 10a live in the
8:48 am
hid dalston here to talk aboutka new movie the life of hang of hg williams. >> you know we'll ask him about those rumors he could be the t next bond, james bond. >> really? wow.ow plus, we have an epic empire preview.ev the show is back on tonight. tig come on, we miss cookie, didn'tt we. we. >> we d he's only 10 years boy,y is he super talented don't missm jay swagger he's in the houses h and will perform. >> ing forward to that. jam packed show.m pa good day d.c. just minutes awaya >> all right.>> a see you ya'll in a couple of a f minutes. in the meantime congrats to gwsw they are headed to the nit championship game. big win against san diego statea last night. so now gw faces the number one seed tomorrow night for the nit title at madison square garden new york city.y. colonials tied a school recordor for wins in a season with 27. won it be great to set the to s record and win the nit championo >> right there on the garden gar floor. floor. >> iconic court.>>
8:49 am
your final four viewing experience. >> for the first time this f weekend's games will be livee li streamed in virtual reality. now fans who own a samsung gearr vr will be able to watch each ec game from a court sidert perspective for free. fre the feature is offered through r the ncaa march madness live appa if you don't have the samsung gear a version with 180-degreere view will be available to streaa on the web.. >> it would be interested to trt that to see what it looks likeok and how realistic it is and probably go back to regular tv.. >> i may do that if i can ii can remembered to >> you have the gear. hav >> i probably have to try to geg the app. i don't know.n' about the time it figure the out ---- >> it will be next season. be >> yeah. >> disney fans. you'll soon have new way tinderr act with your favoritevit characters beginning on mayningy first lego disney charactersharr will be sold in stores each off 18 figures will check in at a 3.99 price tag and feature ftu classic favorites everything yoh see from the middle there mickee and mini p to ca
8:50 am
films like little mermaid, the, line will also feature two t disney characters never beforeor seen in the lego world.or those characters being mr. incredible and syndrome froo the incredibles. >> love the one of my favorite movies. >> ever. e >> kevin has a lot of favorite movies and also our fox beat headline.head >> that's great super hero filml >> love it. l >> by the way steve, we're abouo 58 minutes away from speaking to are a round paul.are rou >> jesse from breaking bad. b it's getting a little too t surreal here.. >> i believe it.>> i've interviewed him before but it's a little much.uc row watched seven or eightn o episodes this weekend becaused u i'm obsessed with the show. my parents are binging it. bging my fiance' pinch parents arearea birching. >> do you think he watches better call sal. s >> i'll ask him. h. william shatner focus of $170 million lawsuit. a florida radio host believes bl that the star trek legend is his
8:51 am
father. and has filed legal paper workle demanding shatner take a d a d inform a test. test. the court documents weret do published by page six. 59-year-old peter slope says hee was given up for adoption at tht age of five but claims his birtb mother a canadian actress whore has since passed away had aad a brief affair with shatner inern toronto.o sloan also claims that shatnertr admitted he was his father back in 1984 on the california set of tg hooker. hoo that's according to people. peo. now, this then denied. sloan later registered web web domain peter ander a began a radio show under the the name peter shatner. but he says a lot of -- he got a letter from shatner's lawyeraw calling his actions highly ill logical.logi shalt they are's rep told foxepx news he's aware of the lawsuitaw but there's nothing therehing t because he isn't the man'san's father. but i mean, listen, we hear about this all the time.he t could be a cash grab kind ofb nd thing it makes me question wassn the set thing real. r did he really meet him onset ons when he was
8:52 am
really say he was his fatheris e then.en seems strange of the thes ste $170 million how do they come uu with these numbers how much howm they'll sue for? >> do you remember everythingree when you were five.en >> i've vivid about whe yn i wae between three and now.n the an >> really. >> i remember -- i have slimmede memories when i wasries three-year-old going through ant glass door by mistake. i have visuals in my head of alf those thing. thi have a really good memory. mor i don't know.n't know. >> really? >> clearly you got a good memo memory. this seems shows >> drama on the set learningms about tensions bthehind the sces on the set of the 1979 awardward winning film kramer versus vers kramer in new biography about meryl streep the book revealsepe there was a dark sveide to dusti hoffman as they filed -- filmedm kramer versus extracts from the book reveal how hoffman took method actingin so far that he slapped streep is the face and even takenned her r about her ex lover who recenthon the died from cancer so that shh could quote implode on camera.. now kramer versus kramer was
8:53 am
nominated for nine oscars andsca won five including best actor a for dustin hoffman and bestnd bs supporting actress for meryl m streep. the claims about hoffman are shock to go many who is bestt known for his role in rain man.. spokesperson for streep says th actress has no comment whatsoever on the book and thata she didn't make anyake contributions to it.coribu now, i've heard of stories likel this where actors have taken ten things a little too far. obviously that sounds like it'ss majorly extreme.. the question of whether or notet i've heard of actor who's say tt the other actor i want to youan really hit me, real dollar thist but i have a hard time believing like this is kept quiet for that long. seems like, i don't know, whatd, do you think? do you think it?d really happened?apne >> no idea. >> it's possible.s pos because there's a lot of stuffe that probably goes on behind the scenes an lot of movies we justs don't hear about and now we're w in social socl me we get all this stuff going on g it's's p i mean,os it's not like way outo the realm of >> i talked to a lot of actorsto who have been in hitting andng
8:54 am
the other actor i wants to reaa hit me for the emotional moment here.. again, i'm i can't assume --an'a >> doesn't seem like she was thw one saying that.asying t >> that why it seems a little al strange. i'm not sure what happenedre there. we'll see. hopefully she'll comment on it.o maybe it's not true. true. halle berry now instagram onn twitter. wisdom is very excited aboutut this because -- i think she's your number one, right, wisdom.w >> halle berry. ber. >> kevin i don't deal with't det ranings.ra >> okay. (laughter).augh >> too many to talk about, kev kevin. >> berry join the social mediaam sites yesterday her first uper t load it told me she's yourhe number one in the past.the st her first up load a sultry photo of her topless taken from behinh and what appears to be a woodede area.area the photo captioned, says in a a nutshell that berry is excitedxt to share her love of nature and the arts, fashion and much morer with her the actress oscar winning win actress went on to say she's inn awe of photographer. her instagram handle is at halll berry and as i'm speaking rightg now, wisdom is following her ono instagram. >> yup. >> as you can see. >> that's all
8:55 am
>> it only takes that ts >> coming up 9a aaron paul willl join us at 9:50 and tom hit tell stop you know him as low key ony the avengers. >> very talented, kevin that'si' why i like her. >> you love her.ouove >> still just one picture.. that picture kevin had up. >> that's it right there. >> i like that. t there you go. go. >> thanks, steve. sve. >> check in tucker ba. 8:55. 8:55. what's going on in the world ofe weather.her >> testify he kev, i think halle berry copies from me. i posted similar picture atu couple weeks ago. a >> you were topless in manye tss picture.picte >> 43 dallas. 35bw marshall. marsh into the mitter 60's today.oday. beautiful afternoon little litte cherry hill chilly early with aa southerly breeze we'll pumpeezem temperatures into the mid so nice looking afternoone forecastlo. die day if you have afternoon at plans to be outdoors and take scenic nature today is your day.da here you go. seven day. seve 64 today. 72 tomorrow.72 we warm it up. warm u 74 friday. little cooler this weekend, butd should be sunny and bright b
8:56 am
>> that's weather.>> erin is back with another lookie at roads. at roads. >> you know i was going to post the same picture this afternoont but now it's been done. so i'll right now take a look at a k your commute outer loop by out o annapolis road war seeing a little bit of stop and goopnd traffic judgment beyond thiseyod point we have a crash blockingac the shoulder but things are thi lightening up that portion oforf your ride towards ourowur 9:00 o'clock hour you're okay o shape despite that crash.that ca look at our maps right now.ow other issues slowing us down,ngd we're still seeing really heavyy flow of traffic into theff district and 270 south approaching 109 there's a crasha big delay leading from frederici on through that point. so please be prepared for that.t the rest of 270 towards the spur has loosened up a little bitenli with congestion.ion. crash activity howeverer southbound has cleared.ared this is gw parkway southboundtho after but there's a new crash on the northbound side before 123 so gw parkway both directions dealing with delays this morning. mning we'll switch it over ive restrictions in place for the t nuclear security summit. summit. parking restrictions at thetric convention center have been in i place already. alrea f street northwest closedwestloe between 14th and 1
8:57 am
a lot of additional closuresl ce kick in tonight and changes bots the metro as well.el so we'll take closer look at l that during good day at 9a. back to you guys. >> err rip, thank you.ankou coming up more drama for dma khloe and lamar.dar. why she wants him back in rehabh >> an epic empire preview. pvi the show is back tonight. ton we'll talk about it. it's 8:57. good day is next. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew...
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♪ straight ahead, a deadlydl night in the d.c. area after two
9:00 am
separate house fires. fires we're live on the scenes.s. by the way she was grabbing me. am i supposed to press charges s against her, oh my arm is hurting.rting. >> dramatic new twist on thene campaign donald trump campaignmp manager arrested for assault. why the gop frontrunner is backing his right-hand man. parents in loudoun county ct take a stand over school changec they say would segregateegregate students.ts we'll tell you about the controversial plan and thend compromise opponents reached red with local leaders. and later, left in the dark by your head lights. lht why so many people cars failed a new test and the one model thatt passed.ed good day at 9a starts now. ♪ war the lyrics to this song? (laughter).r) >> we're opening shining lightii with information this >> oh, my. wisdom.sdom. full of it. i >> i work hard on that.ha >> good day d.c. right now.igow


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