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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 31, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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major roads and metro forced for to shut down. d what you need to know to get around.ou. and donald trump on damagee control, this time overime o comments he made about abortion. >> the answer is that theret tre has to be some form of punishment. >> how he is defending himselfem this morning. mni and hundreds come together t to remember a teenager shotgeho and killed in front of his h mother and sisters. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> and a good thursday morningsr to you. thank you for joining us.u fo i'm holly morris alongside ofngo wisdom martin and maureen umeh. >> in the news this morningnews leaders of china ukraine and nigeria in d.c. for a two day nuclear summit hosted byosted president obama. oma the meetings will face on fe strategies to keep nuclearuc materials out of extremists.rem. >> let's talk about traffic. tal now there's going to be
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several road closures due toclos this last night d.c. police beganicee shutting down many of the manof roads are surrounding the washington convention center. cn they are not scheduled to reopen until saturday aroundro noon.noon fox5's annie yu is live in liv i northwest with more on how on this is going to impactmp traffic. good morning, annie. m >> reporter: hey, goodte morning to all of you. boy, there is a lot ofa activity going on downtown atow this early hour. h preps began last night orbegan yesterday afternoon. aftno it bled into the overnightd in hours and crews are stilld crs r working at this hour puttingting
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the radius to the white house,o, it's going to be very, veryery tight security everywhere youere turn.turn. it's a two-day summit untilumun april 2nd and with the arrivalhv of those top leaders, policeic started working yesterday yte afternoon putting up those street closures. there's parking restrictions.g e there's even limitedim pedestrian traffic so keepri that in mind and there's alsoan changes to metro. we have a andan detailed rundowt but you can find f brief break down is that the mount vernon metro is closed.lo d.c. police began shutting stt down streets again around thed t washington convention center.en theyological not reopen untilot saturday around noon. noo basically keep in mind that k, l, m streets between tenth andnd sixth streets are shut d for a full list go to the best advice we can tellice t you is to avoid the i know opm is advising advising government employees to staynt e home if they can and telework bu
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and road alternatives are available.avai let's head to erin como for that. that >> great advice in you don'tin y have to be down there, definitely advise avoiding the area.. aj lives right near thehtear convention center and said heai had to go toward silver spring added a lot of extra time to tie his commute.omte. right now these are the areashes that are facing closures f around the convention center and the white house.. the main closures k, l, m l streets between tenth and sixth. sixt seventh between l and ninth between l and new york.k. massachusetts between ninthin and sixth and a portion of new york so a large section about a 20 block radius around thatoua convention center and portionsts of pennsylvania as well.nsyl our best advice to you, evenou,e if you're walking around makeroe sure you plan ahead because they're limiting pedestrian traffic. you may have to walk much farther than you any questions about yourbo your commute at erin fox5 d.c. at twitter i'm happy to help you hp find app work around. aun mount vernon square is closed,os no stopping for the green andr n yellow.ow
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stops and also for metrobus nobu stops between seventh andenth ninth between n and k. get an early start if this isth where you're heading thiseang t morning. back to you, wisdom. to you, wio >> all right, 4:34 is the time. time let's talk about thet's presidential race. today the trump campaign campaig scrambling to do damage do control after getting backng bac into a corner on the issue of abortion.abortion. >> yesterday trump made controversial comments aboutrsi the procedure during a sitedur down with msnbc's chris matthews.mattws. matthews asked him if women w should be punished if they the undergo an abortion. art >> do you believe in punishment for abortion yes orre no as a princely.s a pnc >> the answer is that therenswea has to be some form of punishment. >> for the women. wom >> you take positions onitions n everything else.ev >> i do take positions ono taket everything else.ev it's a very complicatedic position. >> within hours of that pretaped interview trump's tmp's campaign tried to backtrack onko the comments saying trumpen believes it is the abortion providers, not their patients pt who should be punished.e pis in a statement he said if
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congress were to passas legislation making abortion art illegal and the federal courtsau upheld the legislation the doctor or any other person o performing this illegal actr upon a woman would t bhie heldel legally responsible not thele n woman. my position has not changed. chd like ronald reagan i am pro pro life with exceptions.ep >> also this morning moreis m violence at a trump rally. police in wisconsin arein a looking for a man who pepperho p sprayed a 15-year-oldpr protestor yesterday.ayye the incident was all caught on tape.tape the teen is seen accusing thesie man of grabbing her.g h then a hand with pepper sprayr s or mace is thrust into a youngag woman's face. she an local by that stand thast were treated at a localt a hospital and released. rease >> hundreds came out toundred remember a d.c. teen killed kil over easter 15-year-old davonte andte a washington was with his family m when he was shot and killed atla deanwood metro station ontion o saturday. last night a vigil was held in d his honor.on it started with a prayer pye focused on peace.eace. washington was
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largo high he was headed to get a haircuttg when he was killed. k there is a go fund me page g to help washington's family with funeral expenses. exp so far more than $11,000 have1, been raised in the last twoast w days for washington's family. f. washington will be laid to rest tomorrow. >> ♪ >> time now is 4:36. timnow is 4 let's get a check on today'sod forecast with gary mcgrady mcg and gary, a much nicer starter a to the day today. >> oh, my gosh, remember yesterday morning we had likernn 28 degrees or something up in frederick.frederick. well, check where it is thiss ts morning. it is substantially warmer outmu there this morning than wherehae we were yesterday morning.ning. i guess if i hit that buttont b that would help so you could y see. 55 here in town. frederick you're 54. you do the math on how muchow m warmer it is this morning thanit yesterday morning.yesterday fredericksburg is 57.icksbu is we have fair skies out there. more clouds today but we areoday going to have temperatures warming up into the lower to mid 70's. 70' how nice is that going to be? speaking of high temperatures, here we go, it will be breezy.
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maybe even 25 miles per houres p but bringing in warm -- warpm -w temperatures. culpeper you're 75, fredericksburg 76, leonardtowneo 75. up here inside the beltwayel we're talking lower 70's. now, look, there's going to be a chance of some showers laterer on. on. whether it's going to be lateoie day or into the evening hourse we'll talk about that comingtom up in the full forecast.ast. and the weekend, too.eeke, to i've made a couple littlee tweaks to the weekendeaks forecast. you'll want to see.ll that that's all coming w up. up. >> at least seven peopleen p injured this morning afterthis g severe weather hit parts ofar o oklahoma last night.t night multiple tornadoes were reported throughout tulsa.tul according to the nationalhe n weather service at least one leo tornado touched down and lifted up numerous times. the twister sent debris flyingr while knockingse down trees andd causing structural damage.g strg >> 4:37 is the time. 4:3 still ahead a maryland manyld m under arrest accused of tryingry to hire someone to kill hismee wife who turned out to be a hit man instead.
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college campus caught onon why a hairstyle sparked thepaedt whole time now 4:37. 4:3 we're back in a moment. yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. dmade with the perfect balance of raspberry ice cream,
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and belgian chocolate. discover magnum chocolate pleasure. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way.
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she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> back now at 4:40 and moreat0n of our top stories. protestors rallied and marched a through the streets ofroug minneapolis after learning to
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shooting death of jamar clarkamk would not face criminalfarimi charges. he was shot back in november. nm happened during appened d confrontation with thenf officers whoro say he was h interfering with paramedicsamed giving aid to an assaultanss investigators concluded theigor officers acted in self-defense. closer to home potentiallymn tragic situation avoidedonvoid thanks to a quick thinkingnkin mother.moth montgomery county police saymery this man tried to kid flap aid f six-year-old girl from her girlh front yard. happened tuesday night on monterey drive in '. driven ' the girl's mother was able toasl grab her daughter and calledr al police. he's being held without bondhoun and faces several chargesfaseve including kidnapping andppg a second degree assault.ault a maryland man undera mary arrest accused of trying to tryn hire someone to kill his wife. howard county police say theyicy received a tip that the manip t was trying to hire a hit man. m the suspect ended up arranging a meeting with anh undercover police detectiveecti posing as that hit man. he offered the detectiveheet $15,000. that man is being held without
4:42 am holly and wisdom. wis >> change coming tonge ng to restaurants in georgetown. geoet >> a pint sized hero.>> a what this little girl did tol dd help a family member in need.n n >> first gary and erin are garyr back with a check of yourckf weather and traffic on the 5s. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> happening now at 4:44 theni top stories you're engagingng with on social media.s yo media first, bernie sanders likely to appear to the d.c. primaryriy ballot despite a registrationist mixup that's according to the t d.c. democratic party chair. also, a warning from the metroet board chair then tire rail t lines could see month long montn closures or more if majormore io repair work is needed. doctors at johns hopkinsopki performed the first organ transplant between donors andnd recipients who are both hiv positive. and a d.c. rapper i
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trouble over something shady police say he did at a -- at maryland live casino.aso. more on that story in justt about five minutes. >> ♪ >> now that's a good tease.ea >> i'm interested to find out what he did, too, allegedly. ald >> what's going on here,ha wisdom.t' wisd >> what's going on here? >> yeah. yea >> not bad weather. >> yeah. h. >> we can say that at leastsa compared to the days past. to >> and traffic is moving whichow may not be the case in a couple hours. hrs >> if you're downtown by the convention center -- you--ou shouldn't be downtown by the convention center. c hello gary mcgrady.ry mcgra >> what's going on everybody. >> one day closer to the weekend. >> which i made a little smallel tweaks to the weekendeaks forecast. >> i hope they're positiveey tweaks. >> will we like it? will >> if not just focus on today because it is supposed to besedb relatively good. >> i don't know with you. we're leading out of marchar into april which would be theldt first weekend of april so, you decide after i show it to you. to y i think we start this morning m
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with temperatures, how aboutper, that, yes, that's what i have in cue for us because really iri mean it's so much warmer thisarh morning than what it washat it s yesterday morning.erday rning. reagan is 55, dulles is 54 and bwi marshall is sitting at 56 degrees.. yesterday morning we had 40'srn4 and we had 30's out there. t here's the deal on the weekend d forecast that i mentioned.ti here's the minor little tweak.e it's a minor tweak now and iownd know you're going to be at toe home thinking, well, that'sha not much but i put more cloudseo in for saturday. surday. some of the guidances hintingesn at possibly some showers around on saturday, okay. o i'm not really ready to justo kind of -- just kind ofust kindo dipping the toe into the waterer on that thing. it's thursday. we should know later today if that will verify.ler if that's the case we'll adde' showers into saturday.owers s if that happens we'll bell mostly cloudy with a fewlo showers on saturday.ows on right now we'll keep it sunepitn and clouds, 63 degrees for as fo high temperature. it definitely looks a lotoks a l cooler on sunday, okay, and it's going to be breezy,, tooy,o so sunday's going to be one oft those days where
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just about all day long andong that's even with some sunshine. this morning we have fairni skies. the clouds are not farng away a and i'm as a matter of fact i think as we go through the we morning hours, clouds will beudl on the increase. incre rain is back to the west oftf us. us rain will stay to the west ofeso us. there's a chance that we cant have a few showers late this le afternoon but it's a very, v very slight chance. we definitely have a veryitely a strong southerly flow coming fw up. that's going to keep gng t conditions breezy.nsre high pressure has shifted offhit to the east now, so in effect,ec it opens the door first for t do more clouds and then possibly pi some of these showers comingowom on across.s. futurecast does not really seeee much, 5 o'clock maybe a spottyba shower here or there.he better chance back out to thehe west.. overnight tonight we'll haveav some showers. sho tomorrow morning it looks likeng we could have some i showers toe start the day. that means a wet and then going into tomorrow afternoon, right in here, that , could be some afternoon andnd evening thunderstorms firingndof up. does not look severe.ot look ser maybe a couple can with someh s wind and that's
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saturday morning notice the notc clouds in place here. here. right now we keep it dry andt dd then there's a little area ofre clouds coming through with thewh colder air as we get on into the latter part of the weekendar saturday sunday.t satu sun here's the forecast for breezy, breezy, breezy allreezyl day. we'll be warm, too and again aga looks like clouds this afternoon. spotty shower possible lateposst day into the evening hours.ou couple of days in the 70's.s in' tomorrow with a little wa li sunshine we could get close toe 80 and then we cool off for forf the here's erin como. >> 4o48 and obviously it's going to be a very busy dane d tomorrow downtown.ow lot of closures by the convention center and whiteentee house. if you're trying to get into the district interstates areinte looking nice. we have no problems as youems make your way in through bowiegh this morning. things in new carrolton andarron greenbelt looking good.d. problem free on the bottom ofhe the beltway through alexandria and quiet commute in tysons tys right now. as we take a closer look at your inbound routes froms prince george's county fiverg north no delays out oe'f clinton and four
4:49 am
fine from 301 to the beltway. i'll let you know when thatw t changes or 50 gets any of getanf those typical slowdowns outwdowo through kenilworth.ilwort aside from that as you look at 395 inbound no incidentsncid reported edsall to the 14th t street bridge.stre we'll take a closer look at those closures surrounding the security summit, the nuclearar security summit as we s as continue. back to you maureen. to >> thanks erin. a strike t is planned atnnea reagan national airport andpo several other airports acrosspos the country.un service workers cleaners cleer security officers and baggageag handlers plan to strike today.ay they're demanding $15 an hour minimum wage and also unionwagea rights. the strike was planned fornned f last wednesday. but it was postponed after the t brussels airport officials do not not expect the strike to have ave big impact though on travelers. in you're going to be doing any traveling this summer brace yourself for long'r the t.s.a. says fliers should arrive to theys airport at leasa two hours before their flightsts or they risk missing them. t the t.s.a. says lines foraynes r security have only gottennly tt worse over the years. the agency blames the lac
4:50 am
travelers enrolling in an expedited screening processroces called precheck. precheck. they leave on their shoesheirho belts and jackets and passd jac througanh metal detectors. detto >> washington monument backmonu opened after shutting down onowo tuesday because of a faultyy elevator.evator. about 40 people were stuck ate t the top and had to walk down d hundreds of stairs to reach oai the bottom. technicians were called in.anre they inspected the monument monm and made the necessary nsa repairs.pairs. now, this is the second timedim this year the monument'sonen elevator has broken down. >> medstar health has says noay patient information wason was compromised during thatg th computer security breach.y each. the lop says its patientat support care systems aree syems moving to full restoration.toti the fbi is trying to determineir if the breach was a ransom aan wear attack. aac >> major change is coming forom restaurants located in in georgetown.geto the d.c. alcoholic beverage control board says it will end the restaurant liquor license moratorium in georgetown. georg restaurants can begin applying for liquor licenses on april 9th. apri tavern and nightclub liquor
4:51 am
licenses will still be limited l to a total of six for the neighborhood.hborhood. >> after facing criticism forint an exhibit of works from bill cosby's personal artl collection the smithsoniantion plans to include two items ite related to cosby at its new african-american historycan- the museum says it is not asot bill cosby exhibition. the two items are the a comicem book from his tv show i spy i and the cover of one of hisis comedy album. aum. the museum has not acknowledged the sexual allegations against cosby. >> popular d.c. rapper facing serious charges accused of aus using counterfeit money to monet gamble.mble 25-year-old martel reefs goesma by the name of fat trell. tre he was arrested at maryland marl live casino.o. casino security detailet contacted police after they the said that reeves presented p $450 in fake money to a tableabe pit boss. now reeves told police he gotol that money from an atm at atm a 7-eleven in d.c. and didn'td d know that it was counterfeit.ou. reeves is signed to ricky
4:52 am
ross' label may back music andnd atlantic records.or. >> in a four page letteret justin wolfe of prince williamel county man sentenced to death in 2002 for ordering ther ordert murder of a drug dealer he ode e money confessed and pled pd guilty.guil. for 15 years, he maintained his innocence.hi in thes letter he writes, "i am responsible for danny's deathord even though i didn't pull the'te trigger. trigge i want you to know the truth ." ." especially prosecutor was p pursuing the death penalty pen again when wolfe decided to confess and plea. >> heated confrontation goneonte viral a white student at sane e francisco state universityversit confronted by a black woman about his she claims the student's sde dreadlocks are a form ofm cultural appropriation. it was all caught on cellel phone video.phvide although the woman grabbed him m during the argument he says he doesn't want to press charges. g he just wants to have a respectful discussion. here's a portion of their p heatedor argument. aum >> are
4:53 am
>> no. >> are you egyptian. a >> no. but it doesn't matter.'t mat >> you know what, girl, you gl, have no right to tell me what w i cannot wear. >> [inaudible] >> yo', yo'. >> the university says it is investigating the video and veoa that the student who filmed itme has requested charges been filed against the woman. woman >> back here at home, a seven-year-old maryland girl-olr receiving a big honor afteroor a she saved her father's life. >> now she was home alone at the time with her father when f he suffered a medical s emergency over the weekend butew she didn't panic. pan instead, she called 911 to getot some help.el take a >> how old are you?ld are y? >> phone number. p >> how old are you, honey?on >> um, i'm seven years old. >> okay. y or daddy there?re >> my dad is on the floor and he's on the ground sleeping.he o >> okay.>> is there anybody else there any with you? >> no. it's only me.nly m my mom is at work and my
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>> now yesterday gina viloria vr was awarded montgomery county's everyday hero medal.dao she also got to meet the dispatcher amanda moore whomoor helped her until paramedicsntil we're told gina's father is on i the mend and gina says she now knows -- now wants to be a doctor. doct >> i bet she does. bethe d >> yeah. >> i tell you, slaw sow s adorable yesterday when we hadae her on good day with jennifer ji davis. just very you know, she's gy ot the sweetest little voice but what a hero she is. you're right holly she's not n an everyday hero.very >> no, no. >> she's an extra ordinary hero. >> teaches the importance ofes t teaching your kids to call 911 in an emergency.mergcy they're never too young.e ver she knew her address. aress. she knew all the information they needed to help get to hereo dad in time. t >> do you know because of thiskw yesterday i started asking zula do you know the number tobe call for an emergency.eency. she didn't know.she di i'm teaching her.hi >> mother of the year.he year. [laughter]r] >> i'm in the same boat.
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tomorrow kicks off autism a awareness month. as part of our fox5 cares fox5 e campaign, we are teaming up teau with autism speaks. speak it's committed to research,h, giving grants to locals to lal organizations that work withti theon autism community andmuni helping families living with autism. autism. if you would like to donate,ld l go to our web site on the home page you will find f a link or you can do this. thi text word autism to the number 25383. text word autism to the word w 25383 and that will make an automatic $10 donation and donad tomorrow we are going to bee e o hosting a live telethon duringnr good day d.c. to raise even aise more awareness so please we hope you tune in for that. >> ♪ >> not bad out this morning. temperatures instead of beingnse in the 20's and the 30's like they were yesterday morning,thdi how about the 50's for you? f y pretty much area wide now. gaithersburg is 52, annapolisnnp 57. here inside the b
4:56 am
mainly in the middle 50's but 5s you get the idea. i everybody is in the 50's thiss h martinsburg is flirting withg the 40's but that'is about it. . we're going to continue to be warmer and warmer today.r today looks like it's going to be in the 70's for everyone. everyon breezy now, too. too winds out of the south at a about 15 to 20. to a few gusts over 20 today.ay. annapolis by the water you may y stay in the upper 60's.0's. 73 here in town. some late showers possible and not nearly as much sunshine today as what we hadday yesterday.yeerda here's your here's erin's erin c very busy thursday morning.orng hey, erin.n. >> hey, that's right, at 4:56 45 we're going get to those t closures for the nuclear security summit downtown inummi just a moment but if you'reif just waking up trying to makee your way to work in the district no incidents let's hop outside for a livetsi look in virginia.gini 95 on the northbound sideund s volume is picking up at princeti william parkway as you headou ha towards the bottom of theth beltway. but the good news is we don't have any majors slowdowns to
4:57 am
report just yet from thiset from point through the beltway orughr south of this point inpot stafford. but as you can see more you cans traffic is picking up.eefi picki we'll take a close look att those nuclear security summitur closures with the next look atih traffic. back to you.ou. >> ♪ >> coming up at 5:00, trump on damage control following his controversial remarks aboutia abortion. the presidential candidate isalc now defending himself. hse >> and we'll have plenty morele on what you need to get around n the district today. t several road closures in c effect as leaders from aroundron the world gather in theworl nation's capitol.ti >> before we get to that weo the got a quick check on the stock market. asian stocks are mixed thisks a morning and it could be a big day on wall street as well. c. it's the end of the quarter q and it's also the day beforeay r the critical march jobs reportep is released. rel u.s. futures are down. d and we're back after this.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.5 m >> straight ahead at 5:00 a meeting of world leadersears prompting several roaderal road closures this morning.ures metro also affected. what you need to know to get around today.. >> live look outside atde a 5 o'clock this we've got weather and trafficffc coming up on the u >> thanks for joining us, i'm'm maureen umeh alongside wisdomdeo martin and holly morris.or >> world leaders are in n for a nuclear summit hosted byod president obama.t oba


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