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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.5 m >> straight ahead at 5:00 a meeting of world leadersears prompting several roaderal road closures this morning.ures metro also affected. what you need to know to get around today.. >> live look outside atde a 5 o'clock this we've got weather and trafficffc coming up on the u >> thanks for joining us, i'm'm maureen umeh alongside wisdomdeo martin and holly morris.or >> world leaders are in n for a nuclear summit hosted byod president obama.t oba
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near the washington conventionto center are already shut down which can lead a messy morningem commute. >> fox5's annie yu live neare na the convention center withnter w which areas you should knowu sh about. about. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodte morning to all of you. all it is very, very busy here downtown d.c. with all ofll o those dignitaries ines washington you can certainlytaiy imagine the security is sire isr tight. this isuper tight. tigh this is the case from nowro n until saturday afternoon with w road closures, you'll be csure affected if you're walking,alng parking restrictions so let's se get to it. here at sixth and new yorkand n avenue, new york avenue ofyork u course leads to the conventionon center, we're about two blockscs away here it is shut down. d this is one of several roadoad closures and we've alreadyve seen this morning a lot ofhis activity. there are police officers ats at every corner everywhere you youu turn with flashing lights and sirens he we saw humvees, hum buses with national guardna gua members on board. board at this gate you can see those
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guarding those gates and soatesd this is sixthyth and new york nk avenue just one of preps began yesterday and crews are still working ate l this hour putting up those u t barricades. a lot of activity.lo now, with the arrival of those top leaders here in d.c., police, secret service began guarding these barricades andseb keeping a close eye yesterdayay afternoon.rnoo again numerous street str closures. the main change to metro, though, is that the malvern square metro station is closedld today until saturday. s all green and yellow line line trains will continue to runtinuo through that station without that station is closed.tion i now, all other metro stations si are opened during the summit. s as far as road closures go,uresg several blocks surrounding thehe washington convention centernt are they will not reopen until until saturday around noontime. nnt you're looking at now some of the road closures there.oses t k, l, m streets between tenth tn and sixth streets are shutrehu down for a full list visit ourur fox5 d.c. web site. sit now, the large gathering hashenh even led to opm urging f
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employees to telework and use ue those other work options if opts they can so that they can help h alleviate some of this traffic that's very latest here in northwest.nort back to you in the in >> and now to the presidential race. today the trump campaigne scrambling to do some damage control after getting backedtind into a corner on the issue of abortion. ab yesterday trump made some controversial comments aboutrs the procedure during a sitdown with msnbc's chris matthews.ews. matthews asked him if women i wn should be punished if they ty undergo an abortion. art well here's a portion of that interview. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion yes orn no as a as a pr >> the answer is that therehath has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman.>> >> yeah, there f has to be somee woman. >> 10 years, what? 1ars, w >> that i don't know. tt >> why not. >> i don't know. >> you take positions onsins everything else. >> i do take positions ontaosit everything else.everything els it's a very complicatedomicat >> within hours of that t pretaped interview trump's t campaign tried to backtrack onkn the comments in a statementts i trump said if congress were tort pass legislation makingakin abortion
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federal courts upheld thiseld ts legislation the doctor or anyocy other person performing thisrson illegal act upon a woman wouldan be held legally responsibleespob not the woman.oman my position has not changed. cha like ronald reagan i am pro life with exceptions. trump's opponents texasts t senator ted cruz released ale statement saying once again a donald trump has demonstratedonr that he hasn't seriously siously thought through the issues andug he'll say anything just to get attention on the importanttant issue of the sanctity of lifeitf and hillary clinton tweetedary her response saying just when jn you thought it couldn't get worse. horrific and telling. telng >> hundreds came out to remember a d.c. teenager killed over easter weekend.kend. 15-year-old davonte washingtonao was with his family when hey w was shot and killed at the the deanwood metro station onn saturday. >> last night a vigil was heldis in his h it started way prayer focusedocs on peace. washington was a freshman atres largo high law headed to get a haircut a hc when he was killed.
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page to help washington'shi family with funeral expenses.en so far more than $11,000 have$1 been raised in the last two lt days for washington's family.y. washington will be laid to rest tomorrow. >> ♪ >> five past the hour on thishet thursday morning and, gary, gy, much better, much better. bte >> i'm glad you approve. aro >> we're going keep you.eep you. >> maureen puts in her order and she writes on the sheet on monday and then we try tond figure t out how to make ito happen. >> why not. >> it's maureen's own personal o pharmacy of weather. >> can we do that, my own m personal pharmacy of weather? h i don't know about the wordord pharmacy, though. tugh. sounds like i'm jonessing for something.someth >> we're all jonessing for j 70's and 80's, come on, man. listen, here's what's going wha' on. we do have some clouds approaching. fair skies early this the moon is out.moon out. it's beautiful out there butut again, clouds are starting totan come on across so we will increase the cloud coverheud c through the day today.rough the you see those clouds, how
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they're kind of creeping in kin our direction.r diction. still enough high pressure pss involved in this whole deal tolo kind of beat those clouds upudsu just a little bit as they'ree bt coming over to the east coast. but, the high pressure loseses out to the clouds today.oday. late showers possible, okay. possible. here's where we are thishere morning. this is what maureen isat m talking about, how just mildustl it is out almost 60 degrees inee i winchester.nche then a little ways up 81 into martinsburg it's 51 degrees.'s 5 here's the deal today.od we're starting off in the 50. t5 i'm sorry i-have 43 degreesy i- there. it should be 53 degrees ats 8:00 a.m. see, i'll change. that 61 at 73 for a high today.oday. showers should hold off untilffu this evening but we could havee a couple late today. tay here's erin como with a lookitho at your traffic this morning. mr >> on-time traffic brought to bt you by toyota.u by t visit buy a forcofo special offers.spfe >> thanks, gary.>> 5:06 right now. now want to touch more on thosen t closures surrounding the nuclear security they're mainly around thed convention center and partlyandl around the white house as well l so getting around those t
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street. they are allowing teleworkewor today for the federaleder might not be a bad idea so youdo don't get stuck in all that there's also parkingking restrictions and pedestriannd restrictions around thections ah convention center so pleaseonene give yourself a lot of extra e time if you have to head too hed work in that area. in at a seventh street between o andet n massachusetts is closed.lo a portion of massachusetts att ninth and new york avenuek a which is a huge route in thenhe morning and evening commutevenic between 11th and sixth. sixth i've tweeted out the map at map erin fox5 d.c. d.c. if you have questions pleaseionp let me know.le they're in place throughce throh saturday at the latest.ayth they're going the try to openy o some as early as fridayday afternoon and if you aren an you taking metro they're bypassing the mount vernon square if you need to get around thatda your best alternate stops aretos shaw or gallery place and metrobus not stopping betweeng seventh and ninth between nween and we'll keep you updated upd throughout the morning and see t howhe the congestion downtown it shaping up.g up. back to you. >> hitting the pump today? ng t you are in for nice surprise.urr gas prices staying low all low around the country from
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they were this time of yeare ofy last year.lastear. in md, virginia andnia and washington the average priceon e is under $2.20. $2. prices are still a few cents few up from last month, though,, th but you can still score a s gallon of gas for just under two dollars in parts of virginia.rgin >> well, we could know withincol the next few weeks if moref mor drastic measures are needed to n fix safety issues with metro. wr the agency is looking at ways a to improve safety and thatth could mean ride leers have toid deal with more shut downs in the future.utur board chairman jack evans says y closing the system for a fewthey hours a night or on thehe weekends isn't enough to do to the major repairs needed.eed. the only way to make repairs rep is to shut down metro for long f periods of time.ofime. metro will review the decision s before any decisions are made.a. >> plans to modernize union uon station are in the works.. the federal railroad administration held a publicra forum lastti night at union a ui station to present itsrese its expansion plan. the revamp will include doubling the size of the the passenger concourse newse restrooms and renovatedoms an boarding gates.boarding gat construction is expected too
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> ♪ >> 5:08 is the time and coming n up severe weather poundingouin parts of the midwest. midwe this morning cleanup is under way. >> first days ahead of the dead nation's next primary thema t campaign trail gets heated as the republican candidates saydae they're ditching the pledge to support the gop nominee. t time now 5:09. 5:0 we're back in less than a minute
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>> ♪ >> 5:09 is the time.>> there's a chance presidentialr candidate bernie sanders' namern won't appear on the ballot in i d.c. for the democratic d primary. now here's what happened withs h that. th now both sanders and his rivalir hillary clinton submitteded paperwork and fees to be on and the ballot earlier this monthon but sanders camp allegedly a sent the registrationistr information a day late.rmat a spokesperson from sanders' san campaign says they'reth confident that he will be onth the ballot.the ballot. there will be a hearing aslle ae early as next week about that situation.situ d.c.'s democratic primary isry i on june 14th and will award 20 delegates. te >> while donald trump doesle dor damage control, otherge con, candidates are focusing onn wisconsin.wisconn. the republican party doesn'tpar appear to be any closer to unifying.ifyi. >> all three candidates now thre say they're ditch, the pledge pe to support the gop nominee andnd the democratic race gets race g tighter as both candidates sayas they are the bes bt person toso beat donald fox's jackie ibanez has more. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much reporter: donaldhe trump backs away from a pledge p
5:11 am
nominee if he fails to get the the donald says he wouldn'twoul take an endorsement fromme senator ted cruz or governor ger john >> they haven't stuck to the to pledge. i don't want an endorsementndore from somebody that doesn't feel like, oh, i love trump, t if he wins he's going to begoine the guy. >> reporter: kasich says she say shouldn't have ever taken therak pledge. >> well, i don't know what i'mon going to do yet and honestly ite don't think he's going to be goi the nominee and i'm going toi' tell you why.ll y because nobody's going to have o enough delegates to go to theo o convention. >> reporter: on the>> democratic side senator bernie r sanders is making a comebackom in the primaries.i and is now pushing for a n debate in new york withk w hillary clinton.inon ahead that of state's >> if the democratic partyty wants a strong candidate thateha will defeat trump or someom other republican and beat them badly, i think i am the am candidate. >> reporter: the clintonr: campaign is now in panic mode pc trying to send off more -- fend off more losses after a sanders picked up big wins in wn several
5:12 am
>> well, i think it matter i where is we stand int delegatel and frankly in popular vote. v right now i'm gratified that i have more votes than anybody a in this election, nearly nea 9 million and that's a million m more than donald trump and t it's two and a half million more than bernie sanders.han >> reporter: both parties are now turning theirtenorning attention to wisconsin whichin holds its primary on tuesday.uey in new york, jackie ibanez, ine fox news.x >> still ahead a maryland manarn under arrest accused of trying y to hire someone to kill his wife who actually turned out aua to be the hit man ins >> and later, maryland andnd lat virginia may be out of the march madness action but one team from our area stillro playing to win.o meet the incredible athletese ah of the fairfax falcons.alco >> first though gary and erinnde both will be back with a checkic of your weather and of coursends traffic as well.c w that's all happening on the 5s. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> developing overnight at least seven people are injuredop this morning following a bout of severe weather in partsol of oklahoma st
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multiple tornadoes were reported throughout tulsa. according to the nationaling weather service at least oneic tornado touched down and lifted up numerous the twister sending debrisng deb flying while knocking downown trees and causing somesing some structural damage. >> ♪ >> six reports yesterday of tornadoes.rnad that doesn't mean sixsi tornadoes it just means sixeanss different reports of theepor most of that was northern andnd northeastern sections ofec oklahoma.ok it's the's tn. there's going to be moregog to severe weather today. i'll show you the storms storm coming up in just a second. sec no need to worry about severee weather for us here.her fo we're increasing the chancese for rain,, ho just look at the temperatures this morning generally in the gn 50. across the region we go.e no different. new york city at 51, boston bto 47, detroit is 54 and columbus sitting at 56. at here's the deal on our weekendee forecast, okay.cast it looks -- i've made a couple u of changes to the saturday sur forecast only putting in moregnm clouds, okay.ou i think we'll have limitede lime sunshine now on saturday. sur
5:16 am
actually some showerse lingering on saturday as well. . i don't want to go there i'm just telling you that tha there's probably going to beng t the trend.. colder air lurking to the north and the west, littleit clip per system coming down. i almost hesitate to say thiss but northern western wte neighborhoods late saturdayhoods could possibly have a little bit of a passing flake movingsim across, okay, just so you knowyk and then it looks like on on sunday afternoon it's going tost be sunny sunday afternoon andnd there will be a channc kind of -- well, it reallyt rea looks like it's going to be it'e breezy and chilly on sunday asua this high pressure comes in.h pc the specifics on the weekend. 63 on saturday.da 54 on sunday, okay.kay. and then we're going to end upnp with again some clouds onuds saturday. hopefully we don't to put rain in on saturday.n rday it does look like it's going to be breezy and much cooleruch on sunday. s here are these thunderstormshund down to the deep south.o th still some active watches in place here mainly tornado tornao watches in place through the deep south.deepouth that whole system is getting
5:17 am
first of all it brings in theinn warmth, it brings in the clouds today and a few late l day showers.howers i do believe most of theosof showers will hold off until later on this evening. eni high today, how about that, 73 degrees. tomorrow close to 80. close to 8 if we get a little sunshine ssh tomorrow, erin como, some s places could be 80. how about that? we'll have showers tomorrow morning, mni showers in the afternoon ander a evening as well. >> i think you just said erin,ie go have happy hour for friday outside. >> 5 o'clock somewhere. >> that's all i heard gary.all the good news is it's fridayri eve. we haven't even addressed thatst yet. >> we usually wait for you to fu mention it first. >> you know, i've been so busy b with the commute that i'vee e ti forgotten the lead.tethe le 270 southbound at middlebrookok road, traffic is flowings flowi freely towards the spur. tow not seeing any major slowdownslw right now.ght north of that point in in frederick a little bit bit additional volume picking upking by the truck scales.he tck s just like that this is a lookk at 66, 66 east out by nutley street, definitely starting toet see an increased flow oflo o traffic as you make your way inside the beltway so wat
5:18 am
we'll take a look at our maps. outer loop moving well newell hampshire into georgia. g no problems between silverr spring and bethesda. bethesd secondaries also quiet.ndar if you have an early morning ear flight to catch things on thehng way to bwi reagan national andil dulles looking very nice. vy n no problems on four inboundnd from 301 to the beltway and bely five northbound is also moving n very nicely out of clinton. cnt no problems in bowie or new carrolton this morning and things in stafford definitelyaf starting to pick up on 95 t northbound in virginiao but the good news is no major delaysel just yet. we'll address those closures c for the nuclear security sumurim in it just a back to you. >> ♪ >> all right, five:18 is the8 it time. we're checking some of theeck other stories making headlines l this morning includingng protestors taking to streetsrs o of minneapolis after learningean to officers involvedly in theine shooting death of jamar clark jr would not face criminalfa cri charges. 24-year-old jamar clark was shot and killed by a policed byc officer in november. nember. it happened during a confrontation with officersn tho who say he was interferingnt with paramedics giving help tong a
5:19 am
investigators concluded thatcled the officers acted in self-defense. >> back here at home are at maryland man is under arrestr as accused of trying hire someone m to kill his wife. w howard county police say they received a tip that the man t was trying to hire a hit the suspect ended up arranging n a meeting with an undercoverndee police detective posing as thete his man.hi police say the suspect offered the detective $15,000. the man is now being held without bond.thout b >> also in maryland a manyl a facing dozens of years in in prison for taking advantage ofae his elderly neighbor. neighbo a montgomery county circuit judge found 58-year-old lows say bacon jr. guilty of 19 of 19 charges including elder abuse a and fraud in court yesterday. yd police say bacon was takingas tn care of a 95-year-old womanld wn who lived next door to his rockville he stole thousands of dollars from her he say by forgingor checks and using her atm gets worse. worse. on top of being a victim of vti theft and elderly abusebuse authorities say the woman wasom
5:20 am
conditions. >> saw and heard and smelled, sl you know, that this case was just off the charts. i mean, it was wrong. wro there was feces and urine andri spoiling food all about -- about strewn all about the house and it's important that neighborsnte that do check in on their elderly, you know, friends and family, let adult protectiveroiv service or our office know. kno >> the prosecutors say theyse were able to zero in on baconacn through surveillance video andrl pictures of him at banks. at >> a scary situation inn loudoun county.ount explosives training materials were reportedly found on a school bus. bus maintenance worker made thence o discovery yesterday.rday authorities determined theies de materials were mistakenly leftnf behind after a federal agency training last week. w school officials said the equipment was in a benignn a b state and not in danger of of activation.activati >> straight ahead in ouraight sports breakfast the march m madness hopes for our local teams may be over but that'sbe e not stopping
5:21 am
wheeling their way to victory. o meet the fairfax falconsal coming up next. up >> before we go talking aboutkia sleeping with the sharks, i mean that is what we're goingha to talk about, if you arere crazy about marine life or o just crazy air b and b b a offering you the once in a lifetime chance to stay in thett "shark tank" of a frenchrench aquarium and you can stay allan night. night. to score a slumber party withart the fear some predators submit a 500 word essay onlineay oin explaining why you deserve to dt be eaten -- i mean why you why deserve to win.deservto w and if you win might weig suggest not watching jawsching s before you turn out the lights l and hit the hey. we're totally playing theng t wrong music. >> ♪ narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify.
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and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. >> time now to talk sports. first up in our sportst up breakfast headlines thein t wizards they suffered a 120-111 loss on the road tooa the kings. washington's playoffs lopes's are now on life support.
5:24 am
the kings demarcus cousins 299 points 10 rebounds five steals and four blocks, a little bitck, of everything. a wizards are three and a halfre d games behind the pacers for the eighth and final playoff pla spot in the east. not looking good for the wizards. >> not going to do it.oing t >> yeah.>> y >> all right. although march madness is gripping the nation our localoul teams all out of the mix.e >> but get this. get there is a team right here inhtr the dmv going for glory in wheelchair basketball of the the fairfax falcons are a group of wheelchair athletesr ae have played their way from a small middle school gym in schly springfield to next week's national basketball tournamentam in >> i feel like i'm around thed type of people that have thehe same disability as me so iisabe feel as like i'm not as muchuch different as they are but it's ' really rewarding to be -- to t play with them. t >> don't doubt yourself.f. never play yourself.rsel just if you want to dont to
5:25 am
don't let nothing stop you.ou >> how inspirational are they.he falcons set up a go fund me account to help for their trip to nationals in louisville.ouisl we wish them the best of luck.fl we should also say that gw is gw in the nit championshipions tonight as well so that's as local team that is alsoo playing. >> glimmer of hope >> uh-huh. o >> all right. thehhell winning with forecast. >> winning, winners. winners off the field, on the field, fie we're winning.inni >> we're just just w. >> in between, when you're walking to the field. >> we got it all >> all of it. >> here you go. go. and for those kids that areseida going to school this morning, mg bus stop forecast 51 to 57 to this morning.thng clouds are coming in, okay, and it will be mostly cloudy clo this afternoon buthis afternoont temperatures will still be up wl into the lower to even mid 70's later it will be breezy.reezy. i think the showers that we have, most of the hours tohe hou hold off until this evening.sve there's a chance that we couldwu
5:26 am
afternoon, early evening, okay. here's the deal. 8 o'clock this morning 54 degrees. it will be breezy. wil breezy pretty much all day pre long. lo 61 at lunchtime.unti 73 at 4 o'clock.'cck that's winning. >> uh-huh. >> closer to 80 tomorrow. tomoro >> now that's victory. [laughter] >> i know. >> all right. >> let's go ahead and talk a little bit of traffic now it's n going to be busy dan tomorrow. r erin como has got all the details. >> that's right. i think there will be a largege outdoor lunch crowd at leastlunc tomorrow espech ially.rr outer loop rightow now rig montgomery county moving very my nicely new hampshire to new hhit georgia. no problems on 270 southbound close to the spur. but north of that point weof have our first slow zone 270 zo southbound by the truck scalesck so give yourself extra time to e get around that area.t a aside from that as you head out in prince george's countyin' inbound traffic looking very nice and we are problem freere through the inner loop.inne we're looking great in alexandria, 395 northbound bottom of the beltway to thef 14th street bridge isth quiet.
5:27 am
up volume in arlington. nothing out of the ordinaryg there. here's a closer look in clolook alexandria where you can seehern traffic is looking good. on 395 as well. 295 inbound to pennsylvaniansyli quiet and metro is on time. t we'll talk about those metroet changes for the nuclearlear security summit in just a few. holly.holl >> thanks erin. coming up at 5:30 a a medical break through through happening right here in ourre ir region. the incredible transplant thatpt gives new hope to those livinghn with hiv. h >> team coverage of what youragu need to know to get around town. that's coming up after the break.
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>> ahead this morning>> a-troubling thursday commute a ahead for drivers ing the district as leaders fromeade f around the world gather in our g nation's capitol.ti's major roads and metro forced for to shut what you neetd to know to get around. and donald trump on damage control.control. this time over comments hets made about abortion.boio >> the answer is that theret the has to be some of punishment.un. >> how he is defending himselfim this morning. and and hundreds comeundredm together to remember amb teenager shot and killed in kil front of his mother and sisters. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> and a good thursday morningth to you. we thank you so much for y joining us. i'm holly morris alongside ofloe wisdom martin and maureen um
5:31 am
>> our big story this morningig at s 5:30, more than 50 leadersl from around the world are in ari d.c. today to kick off a two day nuclear security summit smi hosted by president obama. oba >> there will be several roadalr closures especially around the c washington convention center.ono fox5's annie yu is live ine i northwest now with more on how r this will impact your commute.rm good morning, annie., a >> reporter: hey, goodter: hey,o morning, maureen. yeah, this is the fourth and final summit taking place herelh in washington and it's going is to be taking place today andnd tomorrow and so traffic is tra s going to be impacted today tod until saturday afternoon. aer we are live here at sixth and sh new york avenue where, as you, a know, new york avenue leads lea directly to the washington whino convention center.cotion there is where the two-day two summit is taking place and the convention center sits about a t mile from the white house so security is super tight. tig you have 50 dignitariesries expected to a attend. a several blocks beyond the beyd barricade is closed. is preps began yesterday so thereg are barricades for a fewe barr bl
5:32 am
convention center, a lot of activity, a lot of police p presence. there are d.c. police cruisersc. with flashing lights prettyight much at every corner around here. he traffic is pretty much going p to be are nightmare and thishi large gathering has even led opm urging federal workforce wke consider teleworking or usingng those flexible work optionskptio during the summit to help alleviate some of the traffice o congestion but you know, withou the arrival of these top leaders in washington authorities are guarding theseus barricades closely.rricades cloe about half an hour ago we sawe members of the national guard being shuttled into theo t convention they're also helping to guardela the barricaded areas. aas now, as far as road closuresclos go, several blocks are closed. o they will not reopen untilpen saturday around noon. so if you can avoid this areaca of course that would be oure atw best advice. advice. you're looking at a map of looka some of the breakdowns. the main closures being k, l, l m streets between tenth and a sixth streets northwest.orth those are all shut down inow i addition to those numerous num closures there's going to beth parking restrictions.rkg there are also
5:33 am
pedestrian you're going to be asked tooi walk elsewhere and then therengh are metro changes as well andl nor let's check in with ourn erin como. hey, erin. erin. >> good morning. 5:33 annie, that's right inht addition to all the road the r closures and parking and pedestrian restrictions mount vernon square the green and yellow will be bypassing. byp it's too close to the t convention center. cen take gallery place or shaw.ce o. also for metro bulls the metrobus stop between seventh sh and ninth between n and k nnd street northwest are being diverted so plan ahead and addhd some extra time to yourime to y morning commute aside from all of the closureslo downtown surrounding theun nuclear security summit ifear you're waking up in annen ne arrundel right now we have aowev stalled tractor-trailer.or-trail bw parkway southbound at 100,00 the right lane is closed solo watch for that as you makes u your way towards the beltway b this morng bw parkway northbound makingthbn your way to bwi still quiet. qet same story 95 north andth southbound by the icc. none of the typical mornin
5:34 am
once again i'd avoid drivingri around the white house and theot convention center if at allr ift possible as annie mentioned. holly.hoy >> we could know within theow wt next few weeks if more drastic d measures are needed to fixes are safety issues with metro.ues thm the agency is looking at wayskit to improve safety and thatan could mean riders will have toiv deal with more shut downs indo the future. fut board chairman jack evans says s closing the sim for a few simora hours at 90 on the weekends wee isn't enough to do the major repairs the only way would be to shut a line for a long period of time.iod ofime. metro will review the plans p before any decision is made.ecim >> in our other top stories this morning breaking news outgo of india where at least 100 leat people are missing ophiology a bridge collapse near calcutta.e. at least 10 people died whene dd slabs fell on moving vehicles. c now officials are workingcialaro through the debris to find people still trapped in their te ca
5:35 am
believed to be buried in that hundreds came out to> hu remember a teen killed overled r easter weekend.eekend 15-year-old davonte washington w was with his family when he famw was shot and can killed atilled deanwood metro station on schrat. last night a prayer vigil was held in his none nor. n washington was headed to get aoh haircut when he was killed.ll >> a maryland man under arrestnr this morning accused of trying r to kidnap a six-year-old girlirl if her front yard. y montgomery county police say coe 20's-year-old kabir salamiiralam tried to snatch the girl the tuesday night on montereyn monte drive in wheaton.he the mother was able to grab gra her daughter and call meals. salami faces several chargeshaes including kidnapping andnappinga second degree assault. >> ♪>> >> 5:35 right now. hanging out in the weathern thea center talking with my goodhy g friend gary. ie so, the end of the week seems to be looking pretty good.d. >> yeah, you know, justnow, showers, okay, but 70's so yous kind of take the good with
5:36 am >> i'll take the warmer'll temperatures. >> all right. we definitely have them this morning out there. temperatures are in theerat mid-50's. it is a whole lot warmer this w morning than where we were wer yesterday morning at thisdamorn hour. 54 degrees in frederick.rederi that's a lot warmer than itr t was yesterday.esrd 56 for dulles. for dul here in town we're 55. everybody -- let's see.'s s everybody in the 50's, that'shet right. we don't have any 40's oute 40' there. it's been close to it ine to it martinsburg all morning where the temperature has been hovering right around 51 degrees. let's look at the temperaturesoa for later on this afternoon. afn we think 70's for everybody, evy except for annapolis where it will be a little cooler by the y water, okay. oka definitely going to be breezy.oe winds coming out of the south-southwest at about 15 to 20, 25 miles per a couple of late day showers sho wouldn't surprise me bute but mainly we wait until thisil evening to get some showerseho coming on better chance of rain tomorrowor morning and then through the thu day tomorrow into tomorrowom afternoon, okay.afn, but it's going to be warme again tomorrow. torrow. we'll stay in the upper 70's iep with a little bit of s
5:37 am
for there's your forecast.your how about your traffic.ab oh, wait, weou already looked ae traffic, didn't we? i think it's time to go back over tovert holly and wisdom and maureen's u over there, too. too >> thank you gary.ou straight ahead a major aheaj change coming to restaurantsta in georgetown. georgown. >> don't let erin hear this t one. uh-oh, new research finds catds owners are prone to more angerer outbursts.tbs. not our sweet erin.r swt though that might explain a lot. >> have you seen her before coffee he.u he. >> exactly.>> exact details next in our healthn ea watch. >> first a quick check on the ce stock asian stocks mixed thisian morning and it could be a bigd day on wall street. it is the end of theity quartee and it's also the day before the critical march jobs reports is released.ea u.s. futures are d we're back after this.
5:38 am
♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
5:40 am
>> a medical break through.icale surgeons at johns hopkins hop hospital have transporte now itd an option for thousands withh hiv who need an organ transplant but face high risk of dying while waiting on longnn lists. to the latest on the zika zk virus. virus. federal health officials sayheal the mosquitos that transmit tmi the disease may live in a broader section of the u.s. theu than previously thought.yho the cdc posted new maps of the mosquitos
5:41 am
yesterday and instead of beingf in the southern part of the country, new maps show the sw mosquitos carrying the zikaa virus may also live in parts i p of the midwest and as far f north as new york and connecticut. okay. think cat lovers are moody a moo common cat parasite may be responsible for outbursts ofburo anger in people. university of chicagoty oc researchers say people peo contract the parasite fromasit f cleaning cat l they monitored more than 350 tha people for several personalityly and psychiatric disorders.atri most were diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder or ied.rd or but they also were twice as a likely to test positive for the cat parasite. study authors say this say suggests people who contract peh the parasite are later diagnosed with ied. i >> that's >> it really >> very strange.ery >> yeah.>> yea >> that kind of explains catt ki lady you know what i'm saying.w >> it does. >> i mean, i'm just i don't know. >> that is true.
5:42 am
erin coming in -- >> i'm a dog guy. >> ervin going to come to bursting through the doors in a rage.. >> erin, did you change cat cha litter this morning? funny. fy >> all i know is dogs don't dogt have that problem. pro >> do you have a dog? uh-oh? - here comes erin for real. let's go.let' >> let's move on.>> let's m >> the cat lady with her hands h on her hips. hips. >> she's mad. 5:42 is the time. a lesson in airplaneir how a hairstyle sparked a debate on what not to do when you fly.. >> plus a pint sized hero. pinze what this little girl did tole g help a family member in need.inn >> and gary and erin are back b with a check of your weather wea and traffic on your 5's. if you're heading into downtown d.c. today give ge yourself plenty off advertisement ervin going to tell you what you need to
5:43 am
stop it.
5:44 am
he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him.
5:45 am
as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. >> ♪ >> >> i'll start. okay, here we go. oxon hill there,ay the woodrowho wilson bridge.wi hey, erin, the bridge is bridg moving in both that's good news.d erin will be in with morenh m traffic. there are problems out thereob this morning, especially, downtown. listen, here's what's going on out there in terms of temperatures.erat we've got very mild temperatures this it's 55 degrees here in the city, 50 extend all the way upeu to manhattan.
5:46 am
boston is at 47 degrees.7 degr saint louis right now is i 61 degrees and little rock is 67. all this warmth is just comingtg up ahead of a frontal system. cold air is lurking, though,kino back to the north and the central plains and you know y what, we're going to trend trend colder this weekend. 63 degrees on saturday withy w some clouds. clouds. right now i want to keepeep saturday dry. dry but keep in mind that that t could change.coul some of the guidance ise is suggesting maybe some may lingering showers around on saturday.aay. sunday 54 degrees.aydegree should i mention that saturdayy night, sunday the coldest air cl comes through, there could be a little flake of snow blowing f around out not in the citary.not i think it would be northwestern neighborhoods andgh it's not a big deabol, okay. oy i'm not even using that is ang tease to get anybody going. goi here are clear skies thiskies morning. clouds are starting to move onto across and you see the showerses back out to the west of us.ut t that will move across. acros the deal for today, it looks,t like we're in for a prettyr nice all these winds coming up ong the backside of the high t pressure, that's going to get t us into the 70's.the 7 there is a possibility of so
5:47 am
evening showers but we're nott w talking about a lot of rainf activity until probably pba tomorrow morning and thenow mng through the day tomorrow intow o tomorrow afternoon. afternoon. with the front just back outro to the west of us late day tomorrow, we're going to havegoh some showers. showers maybe a little bit of thunderstorm activity as well. most of that thunderstormundersm activity will stay to thety w south of us but again, wegain could still get some rumblesrule breezy this morning. 54 degrees.54 deg 61 at noontime. noo still breezy.ez really breezy all day. temperatures make it up intot u the lower to mid 70's.mid 7 there's the possibility of ath late day showee r but the bestus chance of a shower will be coming in later on thisngn la evening. even tomorrow showers andrr sho thunderstorms in theth afternoon. cooler on saturday, 63. cooler still on sunday.un it's going to be breezy andoingt almost blustery on sunday,st s high temperature only in the the 50's but it will really feel like it's in the 40's all dayhe long. erin como with a look at >> and good to see that the wilson bridge is quiet garyet g because you know what the w inner loop looks like thereha te inter in there morning.r >> i know that g
5:48 am
excited so i was thinking erinsi would appreciate that. >> absolutely.>> absolutely. right now stalledri tractor-trailer bw parkway southbound at 100. the right lane is closed.ghi watch for delays leadingeadi towards that point.was th aside from that bw parkway par northbound quiet on the way to bwi. moving our maps for a look in frederick volume building 270 from 70 to the truck scales.les. nothing out of the ordinaryg ou there. it's just some congestion. congt same story in virginia, 95gia, northbound as you make your ayo way past 610 it's getting toet be a little bit more crowdedro as well. we're going to take a look at those nuclear security summitsem closures downtown with yourntwiu next look at traffic. lat traff. back to you. back t >> happening today, some s contracted airport workers, ifos i can get the prompter pleasetep at reagan national airport arenn expected to strike. workers at reagan will be joining several otherg seral otr contracted employees acrossct the can country aedt major hubsr who are also going on strikeng o today. workers are demanding highermang wages and the right to right unionize. airport officials do nott of expect this to cause anyau troubles though for planning any get aways awa this summer? if so get ready for long lines at the
5:49 am
the t.s.a. says fliers should arrive at the airport at least l two hours before their flightsgs or they risk missing them. t.s.a. says lines for securitys have only gotten worse over the years. the agency blames the lack of travelers enrolling in precheck.prec pre check hand screens 300hand passengers an hour.passen those passengers get to leigh th their shoes on belts onnelts on jackets on and just passcket through metal >> washington monument backhin o opened after shutting down onttw tuesday because of a faulty fauy elevatorly about 40 peopleut peo were stuck at the top hadn'tck o to walk dop wn hundreds ofhundrf stairs to reach the bottom. to e technicians were called in. cd i they inspected the monument mon and made the necessaryes repairs. now, this is the second timeon this year the monument's mumen elevator has broken down. d >> some good news now. n no patient information wasmati compromised during that computer security breach atecur medstar health. medstar says its three main m clinical information systems inf that support patient care are pc moving to full restoration.estoa hackers hit this computer system earlier this week. the fbi is trying to determine
5:50 am
if this was a ransom wear wr attack.. medstar is still warning thatnig there may be difficulty making k appointments online.ap it's encouraging patients toie call their provider's officer'sf directly for information.mation >> major change is coming forfor restaurants located ind in georgetown.orgeto the d.c. alcoholic beverage control board says it will endd the restaurant liquor license moratorium in georgetown.rgow restaurants can begin applyingip for liquor licenses on april 9th. tavern and nightclub liquorightl licenses will still be limited m to a total of six for the neighborhood. >> after facing criticism forac an exhibit of works from billin cosby's personal artsb collection the smithsonian plans to include two items related to cosby at its new african-american history museum. now that museum says it is notat a bill cosby exhibition.ibition. the two items are a comic bookao from his tv show i spy and thepd cover from one of his comedyedy album. the museum has notas not acknowledged the sexual allegations against bill couldlu >> a popular d.c. rapper.c. ra facing serious charges this morning
5:51 am
counterfeit money to gamble. 25-year-old martel reefs go byeb the name of fat trell. t he was arrested at maryland live. live. the casino contacted police after they say reeves say r presented for $50 in fake i money to a table pit boss. pit reeves told police he got the to money from an atm at a at a 7-eleven in d.c. and didn'tt know it was counterfeit. >> a heated confrontation gone viral. a white student at sanwhit francisco state universitytate couldn't fronted by a blackront woman about his dreadlocks.readk she claims the student'stu dreadlocks are a form of can can cultural appropriation. it was caught on cell phoneau although the woman grabbed the e man during the argument herghe says he doesn't want to presst t charges, he just wants to have t a respectful discussion.iscu here's a portion of their's p heated argument. >> are you egyptian. >> no. are you >> no, but it doesn't matter. mt >> you have no right to tell me
5:52 am
yo', yo', stop touching me.e. >> the university says it'sy s i investigating the video and v a that the student who filmed ithe has requested that chargest chas been filed against the woman. >> who you inconvenience onvenie your next flight because itfl might come back to haunt ink toi you a big way. take a look at this picture. boston globe columnist shared this photo a woman hadn't hisn' flight who long ponytail wasai blocking the tv of thehe passenger behind her.r nd it quickly went viral.ent vi luckily the young woman got womt the message.msa she eventually moved her hair. h ramos' tweet is just the late nest a long tradition of passenger shaming which gives disgruntled passengers a chance to vent about the their t inconsiderate co-travels on social media. >> that is probably one of the rudest things i've ever seen.hig >> yeah, how do you -- y >> you know that the tv is tv back there, you know you have h long hair and throw it overr ant the seat. >> let me even say this.ay t
5:53 am
with no tv i don't want w someone else's hair in my flight space. >> that's rude.>> tha >> people do a lot of weird o things on planes. >> airplane etiquette has kinda of gone out the window he.ou there's a lot of things that t annoy me when people fly.oy people are just not mpeop >> not at all. >> that's a bit much. >> back here at home, a, seven-year-old maryland girlld n receiving a big honor afterorftr she saved her father's life. lif >> here's what happened. happen. slaw at home alone with herh her father when he suffered a w medical emergency over theem weekend. but she didn't panic.'t pic instead, she called 911 to get t some h take a listen. l >> how old are you?ou >> phone number.>> >> how old are you, honey? >> , um, i'm seven years old. >> okay. is your mommy or daddy there. t >> my dad is on the floor and he's on the ground >> okay.e is there anybody else there anybo with you? >> no. it's only me,. me my mom is at work and my a grandpa is at work. >> yesterday gina viloria was
5:54 am
everyday hero she also got to meet the dispatcher amanda moore whoa mo helped her until paramedicsilamd arrived.arrived. we're told that gina's fatherr is on the mend at this point. pi gina says she now wants to be a good job. >> good for her, absolutely. abt too cute for words.or we also want to remind r that you tomorrow kicks offw ki autism awareness month. mon as past our fox5 caresox5 care campaign we're teaming up with autism speaks. s it is committed to respeearch,h, giving grants to local organizations that work with the autism community andtynd helping families living with autism. au if you would like to donate,tiou gold to our web site on the home page you'll find al link there or text word autismdt to the number 25383, 25383.83, 2 text word autism to that number and that automatically am make a $10 donation.onat and tomorrow we're goingd to to be hostingmo a live telethont during good day d.c. to raise even more awareness. are we sure hope you tune in for
5:55 am
that. >> ♪>> >> gary, what's going on? >> we're starting off milding of this morning.this m temperatures are only in thees a 50's. so we're going to warm up to wap nicely. how about this? a littlet thisl breezy today with warmeezy conditions. co we go from the 50's this0' morning into the 70's this that's great, right? more clouds today. to late showers.late sho i really think the best chancetc of showers will be later on latr this evening.this evening. there could be a spotty shower s or two later on today but most d of that should be west andnd northwest, o winds will be south at 15 to 20 miles per hour andr occasional gusts a little bit higher than that.hi we've got two days here where we're going to be in the 70's. 7 now, not a lot of sunshine the s next couple of days. today 73. tomorrow 77 with a little bit al of sunshine tomorrow, iomorro believe 'cause weir starting in the 60's tomorrow, i 60' believe with a little bit ofth a sunshine tomorrow we could touch 80 in some places.lace we'll have some thunderstorms tt in the afternoon.eron much, much cooler as we headr aa through the weekend wherend wre temperatures will tumble.l t 60's on saturday, 50's on o sunday.nd >> live
5:56 am
>> there you go he.o >> erin como talking about thebo traffic tie-ups we're goingre unve today around d.c.ay aro >> that's right and also somes i breaking news for you ifeaki you're taking metro orange andng silver line right now singlegl tracking between east falls church and ballston.nd b watch out for delays there. the your commute downtown by the convention center and whitete a house several road closures.os we advise you to avoid theto a area if at all possible fore fo the nuclear security summit. s closures in place throughures saturday. main ones kl and m street. str also portions of massachusettsas and new york.newk. it's a huge radius around a convention center.en they're also restricting parking, residential andesidentl commercial as well asmmcial pedestrian traffic. if you're taking metro keep in p mind the green and yellow yel shrine not stopping at mount vernon square.on s they're bypassing that stopby because of the vicinity to the convention use the shaw stop or the o gallery place to get aroundplacg that. this is in place according tongo metro through friday evening f so be preparedri for that. t we're going keep you updatedpd on your morning com we'll take a closer look atroo your interstates and things in s virginia next. maureen. >> just ahead at 6:00
5:57 am
moving beyond burritos ready to enter the burger business. we got the details on that.ha >> plus the next time you fly yu brace for longer security sec lines and if you are headed to one local airport today, you, might be in for some delays.e d >> that's because workers ate we reagan national are on we're going to tell you what y that's all about straight ahead at 6:00. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today.
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>> ♪ >> ahead a 6:00 a tricky0 a tri c
6:00 am
district today.od road closures restrictions and extra tight security as the nuclear summit gets under way. >> also sparking outrage donald trump taking back his controversial comments he madel about women and abortion.con d r what he is now saying and ofgnd course its reaction from otheroo candidates in the >> live look outside on this t thursday march 31st, a much nicer start to the morning theor today. temperatures already atatur 55 degrees. you're going to like how it'so shaping up.lishaping up. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. hey, good morning everyone, i'm maureen umeh in for for allison today. today. >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s last day of march today. tay. >> breaking news to begin thisei last dave overseas at least a hundred hun people missing after a bridgesig collapse near calcutta india. at least 10 people died whendien slabs fell onto movingov vehicles now officials arere digging through that debrisro trying to find people stillple i flapped their cars andtheir and construction workers pleasedon to be buried in that rubble.ub >> back here locally worldk loc leaders waking up in the u nation's capitol.tion's capit. they are here for a two-day nuclear summit hosted by the bye president.president. the summit being held at theelde washingn


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