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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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neighbor and friend to so many. chad was a resident ofad was a gloucester county well respected there. had a passion for helping people and serving the public. he was vice president of his class that graduated here. and stood on the stage pretty close to where we are right nown to receive his diploma november 2014. >> colonial flare are tea saysll the gunman james brown iii had an extensive criminal history in illinois. he says it is puzzling thatuzzln brown had access to a gun. police say they recovered that weapon and nearly # 50 rounds of am mow he had on him. former charles county judge has been sentenced after he ordered a sheriff's deputy toept shock a defendant in his courtroom. king was representing himselfep and readingre from a document wn the judge became agitated andgie told the deputy to do
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tonight fox 5 has obtained a video of the man being shocked in court that day. paul wagner joins us now with that story. paul. >> reporter: ladies judge roberd nailly says he madeie an error when he ordered an sheriffs deputy to activate a stun cuffat in to thousand 14. prosecutors called the judge's order highly disproportionate for nothing more than verbal interruptions king called whatlt happened to him quote torture. r tonight you can see and hear for yourself what happened in thatt court a warning. some people may find this video disturbing especially children north and east into that's elf delvin king standing at theg defense table inside the judge's crime july of 2014. he's representing himself in a gun case. right from the start the judge appears agitated. >> i didn't ask you what your name was i asked how you wish tu be addressed.
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stun cuff to his leg when theyey can ac 58 sending electricity to the defendant if he tries to run or becomes unruly. minutes into the proceeding theh judge bam exasperated with his w beaver had behavior. watch what happens next. >> mr. sheriff, do it, use it. you want to take him. >> reporter: a little more thana a month after he was shocked tho judge was removed from the bencb and that's the judge on the rightig under the umbrella.a. he pleaded guilty to one count and will have to attend anger management classes. king attended the hearing and told the judge what happened too him was a dehow many knifing deh experience the the judge's sentence was no justice
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his attorney released a statement. we have it on the screen mr. king, he says was on trialal for illegal possession of a gun, was already on probation for fo another gun conviction and was in custody because he fled from the courthouse on an earlier proceeding. the judge regrets that he did not use another means to have mr. king act appropriately in the paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> we're tracking severe stormse right now as we take a live look outside. you can see it starting to get a little dark out there. sun not quite hanging out like t it was earlier. change from what we saw earlier. >> i know.w. we might see more of that gwen tolbert. we got a frontal system heading our way we've been tracking this to see if it was going to fire up. it didn't. thunderstorms warning ended thia last minute. let's take a look at where these storms are
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they start to move their way upa to the north heading more to the north, northeast. there they are seeing, s lightening in this, i can't rulr out maybe they've seen a little bit of hail as these storms are moving throughv to the northeast at about 55 miles an hour. do that march indicated here. could be hail. strong wind as well. w that's been part of the problem here with this today. the severe thunderstorm warning was in effect for carroll, frederick, howard and montgomery county. low den was included in that as well. so, once again doppler indicated we had a lot of sunshine, the atmosphere has become unas statement temperatures into thep '80s. of this cold front that is going to gradually move across our region as we move through into tonight. here are some the cities where it is going to be moving its wav closer to over the next, we cane see knew market, union town, westminster in the next half hour or so. these storms are moving
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the northeast of the there's a frontal system. ahead of it, i still can't rule out, once we continue into this evening that we might not see more activity with it, doesn't look like most of it is going ti be heading south to the i9595 corridor to dc south, its to thi north of us in northeast. north and northwestern countiesr that we haveth to keeps an eye e no. current temperatures right now in the warm conditions aree into the low '80s every where. the sunshine and the warmth as i mention h have made the atmosphere unstable. with this frontal system kind of a clash of the air masses, winde are going to start to i can p up as well. 44 industries for tonight.s i can't rule out an isis rated storm. opening clouds and those winds and we'll keeps an eye on it an keep you up to date if we get any more warnings.e back to you. >> thanks. fairfax county police are on tho hunter for a man who robbed and sexually assaulted a woman inan springfield and they are now are asking for the publication helpi to solve this is case. fox
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in springfield with that story. alex. >> reporter: it was around six in the morning wednesday a woman was walking in this neighborhood when fairfax county police say a man grabbed her, pulled her into this dumpster and sexually assaulted her. after that concerning attack the next few days canvas sink theink area and handing out flyers they hope for tips from the public that will help them solve this case. its a scary scenario a woman is walking in this springfield neighborhood near a shopping center on couple mercy street early wednesday morning when a man grabs her and sexually assaults her. represents dents and workers ini this neighborhood say they are e on edge especially because the suspects on the loose. >> to be on alert, be cautious of who's around you, what's wha around you. y just take precautions. >> reporter: fairfax county police investigators hope the public will help them
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the manning responsible.. his car was caught on sarcasm rays and has a distinctive feature. its described as an older model, red two door car was will with a sunroof and a gray or white patch on the driver's door. >> if you you see a vehicle you believe is a suspect vehicle, wc don't know if its virginia oriri any other state tag. >> when i hear stuff like that that makes me feel sad, how cann people come down to where theyhy need to do stuff like that. >> reporter: now againter: technically the address to thist shopping center is on couple mercy street shear iny stree springfield the attack happened in this backpacker king lot close to a.m. hors t avenue anda cumberland avenue. they are asking the police are asking that if anyone who livers in this area saw anything or if you recognize that car please p give fairfax county police a call. reporting life in springfieldspg alexandria limon fox 5
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news. >> fox 5 in prince george's county tonight where there is new information in the case of deonte ka row way former school aid accused of producing child pornography a new lawsuit but b against other's including the city of glenarden and its mayor. in the lawsuit one of the victims claims carraway threatened to kill her if shef told anyone. any accused of making child pornography and abusing at least 17 children carraway has pled not guilty to all charges. also in prince george'sso county metro police i have made answering aest are in connectioi with the stabbing outside of abn metro station. daniel brown faces several sev charges including attempted murder. police say he got into a fight with a man yesterday morning at the addison road seat employees sander station in capitall heights. the victim was taken who the t hospital and go in stable sta condition.ion. police chase that began in maryland came to an end right ed here in the district. it all started after a answerine armedr robbery in prince georges
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target on donnell drive in forestville. officer located the suspect's vehicle and chase started. s three suspect got out of the vehicle on benning road andon northeast and tried to run but eventually all were taken into custody. if despite decriminalzation of marijuana in the district aic new report says by not allowinga the drug to be sold the city may be leaving nearly 100 million 10 dollars on the table. table according to projections fromm market research if the districted would allow legal wou selling of marijuana by the year 200018 wreck reyeah sales could reach up to 93 million dollarsod in a two year span. take a look at this video shot in southeast. this is showing officer goingg above and beyond the call of duty. you can see one officer playingo jump rope with some little girls while other
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king in a football game. great, we never tire of these videos and it's so nice to say c the officers interact tipping with the community. >> coming up chris swaps red fof nude. >> new collection features nude that match every skin tone. that's not stopping customers from stirring up controversy wheel explain why ahead. google calling more teaserlc than last after an april fools f prank went terribly wrong. find out how that caused damagee to their system. want to look like a successful billionaire buy a starter pack from h and m findin out why this was such a big hit today.
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>> it is april first you know fr what that means it is april fool's day. have you been fooled yet? >> i have not but i have -- not for you but for home the kid. apparently million of g mail users were fooled.led. google attempt today to strike s an april fools joke it backfired. g mail users woke up to find an option to send a so-called mike- drop response to email threadsds that would send
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showing amine 81 character, thia is it here, dropping a microphone and muteting the mut conversation for the sentent essentially allows to you have the last word in email threat. but, it led the center of the email in many cases to think thi that their emails had been deleted and were un recoverable. so it caused tons of headaches and angered some users. now google is issuing an apology in that statement they said well it looks like we prankedranked ourselves this year due to the h bug the mike drop feature inadvertently caused more hesed headaches than laughs we are truly sorry smooch into shows s maybe just don't evenmo participate in april fools. >> didn't do at this time right. >> exactly don't do it at all.ll meanwhile there is facebook mark zuckerberg, now fashion i couldn't icons, well if you
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believe, promoting a line up for h and m they are saying he's a fashion icons, april foolsil foo painings go it was pretty well don. it consisted of one pair of o jeans and seven identical gray t-shirts his signature look. one less thing to think about in the morning. >> that that's funny. >> sure it's his uniform. n>> you bet you got a laugh out of it and his wife too. too >> right. we scoured the web and found other clean good jokes people or playing on each other today.a we p want to show you one that involves or rios and tooth paste. creative swap of the frostting hears a picture to show you how it works. if you have tooths paste lefts a over you might try replacing the. >> can you imagine that one. >> here's a brilliant one create a letter from the schoo s
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that as a result of all those t snow days, they'll be in school there was all 25th. >> oh. your going to have kids crying d over that one. here's an easy one, by grapes and swap out those chocolate eggs from easter, wrap up thep grapes instead. that seems like la lot of work. [ laughter ] >> really. >> pop it in your mouth, put iti around the grapes.s. >> okay. i see how they did it. what a disa appointment. easy. here's the good old tape overape the door entrance.ranc watch this.h one piece of tape all it takes, so easy you know suspectingin victims have no idea and walknd right into do we have the video for this? >> that's a lot of tape. [ laughter ]. >> oh, that thes mean. you can put, you can to the whole doorway that seems like a lot of work. no idea.
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bam. right into the tape. [ laughter ]. it is funny. >> it is funny. pulse your hair out too. i can keep laughing. okay. >> some pranks are tried andan true this one does still work wr after all these years. justin timber lake is beingg sued. what they say the singer stole from them. and there was taylor swift wanted apple to, now, she is falling on hers in a new apple music add we'll show you coming up. an adorable, okay, an adorable little boy panicked after hearing his family's gps saying bear right. we're back after after
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this. narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has great potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> all week we've been highlighting stories pho raiseto awareness about autism in our community. today there's news from the autism world. a new report by the center ofr disease control shows the autism rate remains stable. >> one out of every 68 children had autism in 2012. that's the same rate as it was in 2010. federal officials health officials say it is too early to determine whether this means rates or stabilizing. sta what we've been doing with autism speaks here at fox 5 in context. fox5ddcares has been partnering with autism speaks to feature local families living with joyce and challenges of autism. shawn yancy was in early today on fox 5 morning news to host our telethon with ati
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she joins us with an update. it was great tv. and just really inspiring to t hear from everybody who was involved. >> thank you.>> it was a lot of excitement. let me say the telethon was a huge success. what he want to say thank to you everyone out there from the bottom f o our heart for tuningn in you guys helped us raise a lot of money for autism speaks. in case you missed it here'sa few snip its from this morningss show. >> i got word we raised five rae thousand >> we brought in all sort of o guess to show you where your y money and donations are going nonprofit organization to train service dogs to help people with disability.di adult who has aspergers, he p he introduced us to his girlfriendf and their baby boy bryce look at those little cheeks. we also heard from the wonderful people at autism speaks aboutm why your donations mean so muchc to them and to
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community. guys, we are still tool young up the final numbers.e fi we know it is well beyond five thousand dollars by now.olla we want you to know you've helped us raise a lot of money. you can still donate your donation will help autismis speaks. help people who have autism you can find a donation link on ourr website on the home page. you can also text at the word autism to the number 25383 right now to make attending dollartten donation every little bit helps. >> really does makes a difference. >> really wonderful to do this. to see these stories all week long. help spread awareness. >> i can't wait to see the final tally. >> me as well. into doing d thank you guys. into shoo sure. thanks. more giving happening a huge donation to, you may remember the dc a coalition of women from the various news stationous including here at fox 5 selected the van as
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years ago at our news desk against breast cancer. the president of keels never forgot about the van and what it does, which is to provide access to lifesaving mammogramsing m regardless of their ability to o pavement this in a city where we the breast cancer death rate isa the highest in the country.ry. so, last night the keels teamhe completed their so-called lifeoa ride for women at their georgetown store, i'm hoping we have pictures that we can show, and then they invited dc news women to be part of the giving g as they presented 100 thousand dollars to the doctor, to doctor rachel and the gw ma'am mow van. i guess we don't have the pictures. big kudos to the keel's team forgiving so generously 100 thousand dollars.sand which is going to make a huge difference in so many ve
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is prevention that is what miss will do.o. >> spreading the word. >> you can't skaly. can all right. coming up mayor bowser bans dcoe travel to north carolina following passage of law that prevents transgender people from using public restrooms, matt. >> i'm standing on 180 acres ofs land right here in the million of dc. you might notice rfk stadium behind me soon we can learn what officials would like to do withh this they are going to announce it monday. we know some. details to night. we'll have that story coming up in just a minuted. and also, coming up, awesome woman shuts down a man whoho doesn't think she knows anything about baseball. we'll be right right back.
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he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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>> we are learning new detailsle about future plansar for the rfk stadium campus that sits along the an cost tea yay river.iver some say the area is wasted space and needs to be developed. a huge announcement is planned next week impot fox 5 matt ackls learned some of the details early. matt what do you know. kno >> reporter: a lot of details were given to city leaders already. so they were nice enough to givo me some of the information. probably the biggest headline is that there are two plans thatre are going to be announced oneouc will include a stadium won't be rfk it will be a football stadium. the other plan won't have anyny stadium at all. a if you've been in this area, walk with me over here, it is filled with acres and
5:30 pm
parking lots, one thing we've learned those packing lots oros goinge away. but they are going to put in the place of that wreck reable space probably soccer fields and other types of places that people can enjoy. a video now you might also knoww that this whole area is right along the anna toasty yay rivery people have complained about run off from the parking lot going into the river. riv i'm told there are plans to develop the area near the water so the public can have access to that. maybe volleyball courts. earlier today mayor bowser wasas asked about this site she says she'd like to see it 12 win the next couple of years and wouldn't mind seeing some shopping, maybe even dining near by. >> i have asked to be preparedra to have a plan that can go anyo number of directions the city, t my responsibility will be isib that w
5:31 pm
stadium at rfk. so, i expect that we will havee concepts that would include nfl stadium not include a stadium, regardless, it will be multi m uses. we have a lot of acreage at rfk we can get a lot of uses at stadium. >> reporter: we asked events dc they are the organization that are putting the plans together if they could show us what theyw are going to present to the youu public on monday, they said, no they are still in the process of tweaking everything one thingg h interesting i talked to counsell member jack evans earlier thisai week he said one thing i can assure you is that on monday thn redskins won't be attending thit meeting saying that they are coming back to dc so if you are expecting that he says it's not going to happen. >> all right. rig so we can rule that one out. a lot of people are wondering, what is the time frame
5:32 pm
redevelopment there?lopmen >> reporter: that is a really ar good question, because the nextt issue to be discussed, this is basically laying out the plans, but then you've got to talk about money, how dop fund thisop and you know this is going tooig cost a lot of money, there's going to be controversy over whr wants aecidium, who doesn't want want a stadium, a gentleman who lives in the neighborhood says n we would rather not have a stadium here.stad you got to talk about money anda then you got to talk about theut building process, so it could be several years before we see anything developed here.oped but at least the ball is in motion for now. >> won't hold our breath.ou thank you very much. >> reporter: something's goingot to happen not quickly. >> okay. all takes time. okay. so it's been a long week for the elevator at the washington monument four people got stuck and had to walk down it experienced yet anotherence interruption in service this afternoon. a malfunction happened after unload ding passengers at the observation level.rv no
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park rangers walked visitors w down the stairs. it will remain closed to monday while repairs are made. dc mayor signed an order banding travel by employees to north carolina this comes as a protest against the state's approval of a controversial newl law is under way. the law she is objecting to calls the public facility privacy and security act blockea local government across the state from passing anti discrimination laws to protect lesbian gay, bisexual an transgender people. the mayor says the district stands with the lgbt community. >> i think when good, well-meaning people don't stands up and speak up or speak outut against what is wrong, then, then we are couple mist so wee m don't want to be that way andnd those are the values of our city.
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>> district now joins connect, vermont, new york and washington state all have implemented travel bans to north carolinaorh over that law. big chain at george masonn t law school the university announced it will be renamed later to honor the supreme court justice. comes after 30 million dollars in donations given to the georgo mason foundation to support the law school. henry butler dean of the lawsuiw says antonin scalia name is whas he considers to be the strengtht of the school, civil liberties law and economics and constitutional law. >> illinois governor bruce ron near is lash shinning out athinn teachers in chicago saying their win day strike was shameful.hame the teachers walked officer thef job to bring attention to lack c of school funding. chicago mayor says he greece the state needs to provide moreore money for education but says going on strike was not the best way to get their message across. the school's administrator saysi the law is
5:35 pm
cannot strike and the school district has filed a complaint with the state. the major league baseball season kicks off on sunday. the city of attempted isf apologizing for how it treated e one the games greatest players jackie robinson. city council passed a resolution recognizing his achievements and apologizing how he was treateded when he first came to the majors with the brooklyn dodgers. in 1947 the phillies manager at the time led players in hurlingi racial slurs at robinson he was refused a room at a philadelphia hotel where the rest of hisis teammates were staying for a counsel's revolution will be b sent to robinson's widow, who io now 93 year old. about time. >> its amazing to think about, you think about jackie rob i bin son the player and how much he a did for civil rights. he made his day by before brown vers
5:36 pm
this is a big deal. it's great they are finally fin coming around and apologizing. o >> took them awhile. >> w jackie robinson was a championship player. we have a came 81 ship here inn dc finally. i know a lot, yeah, we needeed positive have the. definitely. yes, there is a champion in dc for the first time and over 100 years of basketball the george washington colonials won a postp season tournament.rnam beating 66-60. they never got to take part in the post season tradition. last night head coach almost missed out on the honor himselfm after the madison scare garden removed his latter. no worry, they came to his aid listing up their coach to not just cut down a piece of the net but the en tier net for himself. players put the coach on their shoulder as he took scissors tos the nylon. great celebration.ea as you canee
5:37 pm
wear the entire net around hishs neck and celebrate with his team. he said he's most happy for his seniors, he said those guys put us on the map. this time last year the nationals started the year with championship expectations. picked to make the world series. while bryce went on to have an mvp season they failed to make the. this year the mets and cubs, nats have gone from hanted to hn hon torr. they are getting preseason praise, nationals still returning raining mvp. while the players are cautiously optimistic, new manager dusty baker wants to see that wears w the ring confidence return. >> mixed he we're happy to be home. happy to start playing. s i can't speak for everybody else, but,.
5:38 pm
>> like we got to get an air of attitude and air of confidenceoi about us that we can build on you know through the course of the season. it's not always going to be easy. there are going to be some tough times that are going to have toa have positive thoughts andshoug positive >> well the best story in the majors comes from baltimore, his baseball career was cut short by energy, he started working in the scouting d his mom was h diagnosed with a brain tumor. while she was in treatment she asked if he could play one morem baseball game. they gave her that one last at bat, signed him to a one day contract so he could play inlay spring training and then he gave her his jersey and a bat and the team had 14 custom bats made foe ryan and his mom, the entire a 's major league team signed them they are auction think off thehk bats all proceeds going
5:39 pm
happen fund that helps cancer patients and their families. >> that's all she wanted t i saw an interview with her, she saidd she watched him play his entire life she wanted to see that one more time. >> that's greater. >> how i was >> it's hard to date these days. finding the right guy or gallono to spend time with can be a challenge. one women says she was puthw off when she tried to meet someone on a dating happen had app the guy likes baseball an he a challenge for her. he said no woman could possibly know baseball as well as a man. so we started to quiz and asked if she could name thet teams in the national league east, well she had quite a a response listing all of the teams names in a good humored ho way. by the end, she basically toldiy this guy to take a hike. >> oh wow. >> marlins in the
5:40 pm
>> there's so many women at baseball games. has this guy never been to a baseball game to say women don't like baseball.eb >> its a shock that that guys still single huff.uff. >> i'm amazed. ama he had to use a dating happen had app to find someone. into in i'm sure he's still looking. >> okay. [ laughter ]. >> coming up, by brody. did it work for you? >> no comment. okay. coming up, legal trouble tonight for justin timber lake grammy award winning museum is being sued and we'll explain whyla straight ahead. you won't brief with they are anger ring customers. we're going to tell you about that. >> a is tweet about beyonceeyon causing friction with fans. way gwen.
5:41 pm
storms move to the north of us, ladies, a frontal system fire up a little more action. i'm goint to havioe all the details in yor full forecast just ahead. we'll be back right after the te break.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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>> all right we have severe weather coming through. under a marginal risk the t threat not quite over yet. the good news is right now though it looks like some ofome those storms are going to wayneg out a little bit.t going to a keep our fingers crossed. you know what the night is not over. and we are dealing with a a frontal system. we've had a really nice dayay today we've had a lot of warm o air and a lot of sunshine. we got a couple combinations off things that we're putting together that kind of let allll that fireing up
5:45 pm
as the sunday came out today it warmed up the atmosphere temperatures into the had low '80s. we had warm in a place.m it creates a lot of instability when we see a frontal systemront such as this coming through, because we get the is crashes at the air mass at the cold frontrt and warm unstable, warm conditions causing lots of instability. we're seeing storms that are firing up ahead of this cold front here.ont and right now, they've all be moving off to the norming eastt at 55 miles an hour or so we did have a severe thunderstorm warning. we don't have any warning or war watches right now. but we still have a little bitte of activity right here where were seeing we've got a that's fired up. another one to the south. this one here once again movingn to the northeast. there's at presentville 25sent minutes dale city in about half an hour.r. 56 minutes we've got dc and 47 minutes mount vernon moving straight up in this direction heading off just to the south of baltimore. so we're going to watch this wat very closely for us.s.
5:46 pm
saturday. low '80s today. no such luck tomorrow. in fact, by tomorrow our temperatures are really going ti be into the 60 every where. so we've got a 20 degree temperature drop. once we get to sunday it's going to get cooler. we got artic air heading our way and a real temperature difference there as w colder pool of air going to move rightt in.o have a chance, folks, i hatek to say this to you, i'm seeing a passing snowflake or two before this weekend is over. nothing that is going to be accumulation, you won't know it happened it's going to be in overnight hours.ov we still have a keep an eye on it. a frost freeze for some of you. strong winds that are going to impact the cherry blossoms. c make sure you gheet out and sees them today or tomorrow because t they may be gone very soon. right now temperatures continuem to be in the lopew '80s everyry where. we've got the warm air in place. and here's a look at future cast for what we're looking at looksl
5:47 pm
bit of rain till noon tomorrow. tomorrow evening we start too pick up again because we're going to see a low pressure system develop along thathat frontal system and fire up again with precipitation. here's a look on saturday. sat we will get however a dry period. we talked about a passing snowflake. we're talking saturday nightatur into sunday.into and here we go again with thatat arctic air moving in. it moves through very quickly mainly to the north. you may just see a passing flake. once again you have to worry to about no accumulation whatsoever. so when you are sleeping, you yu wake up sunday morning it will be like there and gone you won't realize it happened.appe some showers for saturday early patient the day before we start to getbe back to sunday thine t about 60 degrees not bad. and then that other systemer sys brings in the arctic air a few flakes or so showers. high pressure build in by the time we get into sunday afternoon. it's going to be very very windy. be prepared. pre freeze watch in effect from midnight
5:48 pm
areas here shaded in the blue. we have a high wind watch in in effect once again saturday night into sunday.un and those winds could be gustini up to 50, 60 miles an hour. that's where we are talkingalk about the impact on the cherryy blossoms. if you want tone joy a day, we have kensington car show. it will be windy we'll talk about sunshine for that. 54 degrees overnight low so night. can't rule out maybe another storm popping up. up. we'll watch that closely. 62 for high tomorrow. here's a look at 7-day forecasts we get another cold blast i want to tell you, once we get intonto monday night into tuesday, so, you know we went from the '80s to the 60 to the 50s, overnight lows dipping back to the 30s again say it ain't so. >> my a jack system is all over the place i turned the air on a now i'm going to turn the heathe back on. its that i'
5:49 pm
swaps red for nude the foot wear desig
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons d em
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test test
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>> work out where lou anarumo lee money is no stranger to controversy from yoga pans the e company has been there donehere that. but on thursday, just moments after beyonce revealed her own at leisure line lululemon struck up a controversy. a tweet from the company claimed that imitation is the best formt of flattery and teased that beyonce was so
5:54 pm
with their product that she followed suit with her own. beyonce's loyal fans took it ass a ky to get into formation andin get back at them for thehe allegation. eventually the company reconsidered the situation deleted original tweet. and decided to behave. >> have you seen her work out.en i saw a video of it today. it doesn't look anything like lieu lie lay moan. >> okay. so, we heard the feedback. and its been removed is what, this is what lululemon will says thanks for calling us out why wy her product generated a buzz they will not hit stores in that april 14th. >> she probably said thank you very much. >> exactly. so justin is in some legal trouble tonight the grammy
5:55 pm
winning musician is being sued. they say he sampled one of their original songs the song in questions don't hold the wall from 2013 popular 2020 disappearance, they are seeking 800 thousand dollars in copyright infringement damages. see how that goes. >> yep. coming up next on adorablen little boy panics after hearinga his family's gps say, bear right.
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>> he's traw ma tiesed.s this video of atr little boy panicking after hearing his
5:59 pm
>> trouble in video from insided a charles county courthouse.ourt tonight for the first time wee see the questionable conduct by a local judge. then the commonwealth mourns the loss of a hero after a state
6:00 pm
trooper were you gunned down gun during a training skies exercise. and bring the redskins home. fox 5 is for lack of a betterfo term new details aboutr future plans for rfk stadium. the news at six starts now. and we thank you for joining us timer i'm tony perkins. name shawn yancy right off the g time remembering a virginia state trooper gunned down at a business rerichmond bus terminal. people are gathering in hon for of trooper chad cha dermyer. we are lending about the shooter james brown of illinois. troopers shot and killed him. investigator say brown had a lengthy criminal record. he was charged with attempted murder in 2001. then in 2006 charged with posing a weapon and drug chancer. also pleaded guilty to domestic battery and agria 58 today battery of a pregnant woman in 2030.20 trooper dermyer's death is a devastating


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