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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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i'm matt ackland. >> and i'm tisha lewis. while it may be april, it sure doesn't feel like it outside. temperatures are expected to drop steadily overnight and you may want to grab your winter coat tomorrow. gwen joins us now with more on her forecast. >> you're absolutely right. we've got some pretty strong and dangerous winds to talk about. let's begin with a look at radar because that frontal system that we're keeping an eye on is also bringing some rain in across our area and some of that has already started in some of our neighborhoods and on the back side of it, the colder air bringing in some snow flurries as you can see over the higher elevations and i can't rule out that we might see a stray flake here, nothing that's going to be too much to worry about. we've had some reports of some thunder in some of these as well so we're really watching it closely tonight. here is a look at the current temperatures, 49 degrees
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nation's capital but take a look to the west. temperatures in the low 40s. it's pretty evident where that frontal system is right now and that colder air will continue to move through. we have a freeze warning in effect from 10:00 a.m. until midnight on sunday. it will be a big problem for any plants you have outside and right now winds are gusting from 39 up to 59 mile per hour winds and we've had reports of up to 66 mile per hour winds at dulles airport. these winds are pretty dangerous. wind advisory in effect tonight until sunday noon and also a high wind warning in effect. gusts in this area anywhere from 50 to 60 miles per hour is possible. 35 degrees for tonight, your overnight low, we've got some very, very strong winds to deal with and we're going to have wind chills as well and we are
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returning and i'll let you know what to expect in that 7-day forecast in just a bit. back to you. >> we're continuing to follow a developing story tonight. police are investigating a fatal shooting in loudoun county. and they say a woman was shot in her leesburg town home and sadly the victim's 15-year-old daughter was home at the time. alexandra limon has the latest tonight. >> this is all incredibly sad because three children are now left without their ther. police say 34-year-old christina fisher was shot here in the townhouse. understandably the family members didn't want to speak on camera but i spoke to them off camera and they tell me they
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happened. the daughter tells me she was in her room when she heard the ex arrive at the house and she heard fighting followed by gunshots. the teen said she called the 11 but by the time police arrived, the victim was air lifted to the hospital. we now know that victim is 34-year-old christina fisher and she died during surgery. this happened around 6:15 this evening in leesburg. the suspect, we're told, was later arrested in a different part of loudoun county. we also spoke to one neighbor who says she knows the family and says she was outside when that suspect arrived before the shooting. >> i think it was premeditated. >> because he left the car running. >> he left the car running. he had intentions of running back and beck able to take off. he was not happy that the relationship was over. he was very depressed. i hear
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suicide a couple of times. he threadened to take her down with him. >> they located an adult female. >> that her mother had a restraining order against her ex boyfriend. police say they do have a suspect in custody, but at this time they're not releasing his name. alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> a 17-year-old is charged with killing a member of his own family in arlington. this stabbing happened inside a home on third street south last night. police say the teen and 46-year-old dennis adams got into an argument and that argument turned violent. investigators say adams
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stabbed multiple times. police are asking anyone who may have witnessed what happened to give them a call. >> funeral arrangements have bn announced for a virginia state trooper killed in the line of duty. the visitation for chooper chad durmeyer will take place monday. the funeral service will happened the next morning. he was killed thursday while participating in a training exercise in richmond. place say james brown iii shot and killed him after the trooper began talking with him. moments later two troopers shot and killed brown. coming up, we're going to hit the campaign trail. the candidates were spread out across wisconsin this weekend with a big primary there soon. stay with us.
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powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> as world leaders head ho
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today, president obama is speaking about progress made at the nuclear security summit held here in washington but he pointed out more needs to be done to reduce these weapons of mass destruction around the world. he spoke about it during his weekly address today. >> all of south america is now free of these deadly materials. central europe and southeast asia are on track to be free of them later this year. that means that as terrorists and criminal gangs look around for the deadly ingredients for a nuclear device, vast regions of the world are now off limits. >> more than 50 world leaders attended this week's conference. president obama held the first nuclear security summit in 2010. it's taken place every two years since then. >> presidential campaigns are in full swing across wisconsin this weekend. the remaining candidates are hitting the badger state hard. john roberts has more. >> reporter: north dakota and wisconsin are front and center on the campaign
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gop this weekend. ted cruz started the day in north dakota where about 2,000 top republican officials are gathering to choice 25 of their 28 delegates. these will be unplajed delegates and be free to select any candidate. >> it is entirely possible the men gathered here will decide the primary. >> donald trump announced he might start changing his rhetoric. >> they want me to act presidential. >> but at his second rally he mostly dismissed that plan. >> when kruz gets monday, believe me lying ted. >> here's what's going to happen. we're going to have an open convention. we are going to get a giant political -- not political science, but a governmental lesson. we're going to find out how it works. >> on the democrat side, the jabs between bernie sanders and hillary clinton are getting harder as
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harness the momentum. >> secretary clinton originally was saying very nice things about that pipeline under a lot of pressure she eventually opposed it. >> sanders doesn't like it, because you know what? it occasionally helps a big company. those big companies also employ a lot of americans. >> this comes after a poll shows secretary clinton losing to bernie sanders in wisconsin by 5 points. after wisconsin the next big prize is new york state with 95 delegates up for grabs with a contest that is quickly proving that every vote counts. >> coming up, gwen has a final look at the weather.
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all right. so we are in for some crazy stuff this weekend. >> we won't hold it against you. >> thank you. don't blame the messenger, please. but we're going right into a little bit of winter. get ready for the ride, folks. i really don't like being the bearer of this news and especially when i'm going to be talking about the winds because it's going to impact one of our most beautiful things ever this time of year and that's the cherry blossoms, unfortunately. but let's begin with what's happening right now and that is this wet weather that's moving in all associated with a pretty strong frontal system. on the back side of that frontal system we've got arctic air and that's why you're seeing yes, some snow in april, pushing its
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wintertory mix. we're looking at these showers and i can't rule out maybe a passing flake or two. other than that we're not talking any accumulation with this here at all. and it is this frontal system that is the culprit and also in here i want to say we've had reports of some thunderstorms as well imbedded in this. so we have a whole mixture of all kinds of things as a result of this system. so we've got the winds to deal with, we've got the cold air to deal with. that arctic air is going to settle in, temperatures are really going drop. we've got freezing and subfreezing temperatures to talk about. so it's going to be kwoeld in the overnight hours. coldest period of time with this is going to be into sunday morning. we're going to see the showers with it tonight, as i said maybe zwrus a passing flake or two. behind it ridge of high pressure builds in but we have those strong north westerly winds that have already started. plenty of sunshine but don't be
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very cold. not only do we have the winds and the dropping temperatures, we're going to have wind chills and that's what it feels like when you factor in the winds and the air temperatures. right now winds are gusting from 36 to even 59 mile per hour wind gusts. we've had reports of winds up to 66 miles per hour at dulles. reports of some downed trees in frederick county and in college park we've gotten a report of a tree down and somebody possibly being trapped in a car. very dangerous winds with this. we do have a wind advisory in effect tonight until sunday noon but we also have a high wind warning in effect tonight until sunday at noon as well. i want to say over the waters there is a storm warning and a gale warning in effect there. a lot happening tonight. here's the line right here. this is evident as to where that frontal system is. temperatures in the 40s ahead of
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it's not going to be long before we see these temperatures continually start to drop. your air temperatures in the morning, we've got 20s and 30s. it's going to be very cold. if you're going to morning services, dress warmly. 9:00 hour, we're still in the 30s. 11:00 hour we don't get into the 40s until we get to about 1:00 and our high for the day is only going to be 50 degrees. freeze warning in effect, sensitive plants and vegetation will be impacted. here's a look at future cast. showers tonight, you see the snow to the west. maybe just a passing flake. it will be in and out of here. wind chills it's going to be feel like it's in the teens and the 20s. by noon we start to feel like we're in the 20s and 30s only. so 35 degrees for tonight then. once again i can't rule out a passing flake, extremely strong gusty winds. trees and pe
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impacted and those cherry blossoms, unfortunately. 50 degreestor tomorrow, sunny, cool and windy. could see showers on thursday for the nats game, 62 degrees. monday is going to be a warm day at 67, however we are talking showers in the afternoon and i want to say it's not over. we're going to warm up, get another arctic blast monday night into tuesday. so old man winter just doesn't want to go away. >> the whole week looks the same way. >> up and down. >> maybe next sunday will be nice. >> i hope so for you. >> yes. what's happening? you can't tease people that way. >> getting married. >> congratulations ahead of time. >> thank you. coming up you might think this next story is for the dogs. >> one four-legged animal has found a new hobby. you won't believe what it is.
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>> when rescuers met shadow, he was just 22 hours away from being put down and now you can see right there he's flying an airplane for real. they rescue stray
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them new tricks with the goal of training one of them to successfully pilot a plane. shadow is looking good and stealing hearts at the same time. is he really flying? >> i hope not. >> would you be a passenger in shadow's plane? >> absolutely not. >> that does it for us tonight. >> the news is far from over. here's brody logan to take you the rest of the way. >> i'm not buying it. i'll believe it when dogs fly. at this time last year the nats had expectations. they were picked to win the world series by every major sports. so far this year nats players have been reserved when talking about what they expect in 2016. dusty baker wants to see the confidence. >> mixed feelings.
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stafrt playing. i can't speak for everybody else but it's exciting. >> it's like we've got to get a air of attitude and an air of confidence about us. that we can build on through the course of the sees ovenlt because it's not always going to be easy. there are going to be tough times that you're going to have to have positive thoughts and positive attitudes take you through those tough times. >> this new nats season brings with it some new managers, new players and some new i -- amenities at the ballpark. what's new at national's park. >> we brainstorm how we can improve our food and beverage offerings, our retail offerings. >> there's between 75
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people can rent. it's an all-inclusive party. >> this is part one of a two-part bobble head. the next stop on the tour is nursing mother's lounge. we have expanded almost double the size of the shake shack making it one of the biggest in the world. happy hour price is going
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reduced. for the first time the nats operate our own in-house retail operation. for us our goals are to add more merchandise and retail selection as well as to reduce pricing. >> the kids can have their birthday parties here at the park on a game day friday, saturday and sunday throughout the season. >> one of the requests we got from our fans was they wanted to see additional food on the gallery level. we had a chicken sandwich, ribs, waffle fries and popcorn chicken. >>. ♪ the best is yet to come
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>> that guy is pretty good. coming up the caps set a new mark for the franchise. $5 beers. the highlights. we'll be right back. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99,
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the washington capitals have comben playing professional hockey for over 40 years and they've never won 55 games in a season. until now. last night t
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franchise record. besting their 2010 squad by one with five games left to play. >> i think just gearing up for playoffs. it starts now. you can't play these games out and flip the switch and be here we go we're in the playoffs. everyone knows we ought to start gearing up for it now. and kind of hit the playoffs running. >> so the ncaa championship it's set, villa nova, unc. congratulations three local kids for making it to the championship game. unc, villanova will face off for the title on monday. that does it for us. fox 5 news is always on on have a good night. we'll be back on the air bright and early with fox 5 news morning.
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