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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fairfax county firefighter and heatit on reaction from her neighbors. >> first show on this tuesday morning 6 a.m. how about a live look outside as april 19 warm and traffic top the fives for you at 6:05. good tuesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> major develops overnight me police involved shooting that happened during an armed standoff in green belt, maryland and police say a 28-year-old man is dead after he started shooting at police have a third floor apartment balcony on spring hill court and green belt police officer shot the man he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead that shooting happened 1 10:30 last night there's a live looking at the scene. police investigators are there and crime tape surround the building no officers were hurt during that gunfire. >> happening today a viewing will be healed for the prince george county firefighter that lost his life in a shooting il
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check at a home in temple hill hills. funeral will be held at st. john parish in hollywood funeral will be held tomorrow. >> the search con tens mean tile for missing virginia firefighter and nickel mitte mittendorf family last heard from her via text wednesday. >> hel mel is live in fairfax where later we're expected to get update on the search. good morning. >> good morning, virginia police described the area by ground and air, saturday night, surprised mean that is the near where nicole was found in the shenandoah national park. at this point virginia police sources are tell us us there's nothing suspicious here no evidence of foul play. who knows we may learn something different later today when fairfax county fire department updates us on the case. >> last night however was a time for prayer and tears as nicole mitten
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her husband and own family gathered at st. paul'sness woodbridge a text message to family member last wednesday was last anyone has heard from her. nicole a firefighter paramedic, was reported missing on friday when she didn't show up for work at fire station 30 in marysville virginia where assigned and her car was located saturday evening in a lot at the base of the white oak canyon trail shen doe 'national park 90 minutes from woodbridge home shared with her his. the couple is well liked and friendly. . >> it's very shocking she striked me as a really good person. she was very nice. i would come out she would be with dogs and i talk a little and ask her how she's doing. i never got a negative reaction out of here. >> she's a nice person and with her husband and everything, i'm very shocked it doesn't sound like something she would do. >> nicole's husband is
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state police sergeant and he did post on his facebook page his thanks for so much support that he has had from members of the community and people he does not even know saying he's overwhelms and really not able to respond to everybody individually. trend tell us nicole was athletic and she liked trail running to reduce stress and they're hopeful she will soon be found. a press conference is oring org nighted by fairfax county rescue and we don't know if virginia state police will attend. back to you guys. >> mel, thank very much. in the meantime a fair fax county teacher is in jail accused of sliceiting six from a 1-year-old boy. a tip led to kathleen capatano. she first met the v
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school she ways student teacher aunt boy was twelve. >> in district police need help tracking down this man caught on camera stealing from a business in northeast d.c.. this happened 2300 block of new york avenue and you see the us suspect jump over eye counter and take off with cash. made together polls today in one of the most critical contest of the year. and front runners on only a path to lock up nomination. donald trump is with the big lead in gop side and hillary clinton has a sliingts edge offer sanders. today also parks one week until maryland prime areay and ohio governor john kasich is bringing his campaign to capital of annapolis set to appear at a town hall tonight. and kasich is running second behind trump among registered republicans. >> also in maryland bament more
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is expected to endorse donna edwards for senate. mosby will make announcement at event in baltimore city and maryland primary is on april 26. . >> federal transit administration says metro needs to act fast. and fda inspection is partially or in functioning and having a than place no later than next friday georgous right sdm if you went outside you didn't want to come backed in. mid 80s and low humidity. >> perfect. >> and low humidity. >> one more day of it. 0, 80 plus maybe 82 today and as we get into tomorrow cooler. just spring like all week. >> okay it could be cooler and i'll have --.
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you realize that. >> my yard is screaming. >> right 59 washington mild today 56 annapolis and 59 winchester and 50 dulles and 40s nass and cullener in mid 40s. few cloud. otherwise beautiful day. there's a weak backdoor cold front that slides down the 95 corridor later today and tonight and that will sort ever rehe enforce cooler air around here for the day tomorrow. one more day. bottom line one more day today should be dry with highs in 80s and cooler weather arrives later tonight and tomorrow. we'll be back into the 60s and 70s tomorrow. again, 80 plus today and enjoy it. and dry. . >> sound great. >> easy. >> off to a good start there. >> how about the roads erin. >> we're supposed to have a bloody mary yesterday and i flaked out on erin hi a good reason imtion.
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reschedule what day. no worry there's. >> breaking news out of howard county 175 west close add approaching washington boulevard. and a person hit by a car that location in serious condition rights now and as you can see investigators are out there checking out the scene. and it's going to be shut down for sometime out in howard county. avoid 175 west at washington dlvd and we'll let you know when they're able to get traffic moving again. sky fox checking out that scen scene. quite a strep of road shut down and they're diverting traffic watch for delays a side from that look at camera 50 inbound side loose dealing with crash by ken ill worth and because of that delays are picking up all the way back to 202 if you head unbound from annapolis you get the slow down earlier than you would. a move over to maps crashes and delays on this tuesday morning and inbound sutland parkway at first sterling avenue southeast getting reports a motorcycle was involved in the cash and one lane blocked causing delays and ramp closure from
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tractor-trailer crash ramp outer loop by springfield ipt change and more crash activity in loudoun and typical con just 5 from stafford. more traffic in a few. steve and allison. >> philadelphia flyers fans need a big helping of sportsma sportsmanship. their actions contributed to the team's breakdown and caps win to go up 3-0 endplayoff series. eight minutes left in the game last night flyers fans threw all their giveaway glow in the dark bracelets wrist wandz through hem on to the ice. they were upset about penalties played and the fact that the caps were crush be them. caps won 6-1 game four of series tomorrow night in fxtd we'll talk more. >> still ahead deadly attack in capital of afghanistan overnight and claim of responsibility. >> good news for
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employees retail giant increas increasing minimum waiming. we're back in 30 second. the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> a suicide bombing in kabul left some dead and 22 injured and this happened outside the country intelligence agency and the site is sure oubd bid security forces and the
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is claiming responsibility. >> it is a race against time in ecuador to try to find survivors ever the earthquake that killed hundreds of people. dozens remain missing following saturday's quake. yesterday crews were able to free eight people that were trapped for more than 32 hours in rubble of shopping septemberer. >> and dramatic scene in southern jam an days after earthquake there killed dozens of people and searchers digging through a land slide pulled from the mudd and rubble. >> little closer to home flood watters in texas leading to rescues after a foolt of rainfall. houston and surrounding communities and counties remain under flood watch and they're blamed for five death so far and rain expected to continue to fall the next few days. bill cosby's wife camille will be back on the hot seat today boston to answer more questions under both about husband's def natio lawsuit and 7 women are accusing comedian of labeling them as liar
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with sexual assault allegations against them and camille cosby gave first part of def significance back in sgleb and foush get president obama supreme court nominee confirmed on capital hill leads to steps of high court today. today is the 21 app versey of the yj's there to at the time he was 42 years old and he managed investigation into the attack and led prosecution for a month until a permanent lead was name. fallout from a controversial state law in north carolina continues as pearl jam decided to pull its show in that state over the anti transgender law and also yesterday classic rock band boston aannounce today would cancel upcoming shows in north carolina and that show in raleigh one of the close toast d.c.. >> among thousands of boss stop marathon finishers
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the bombings three years ago pass and both lost a leg in the attack and also lost her leg in the bombing. >> terrorism is really perverted thing. peace and love and goodness will always prevail. >> and that's something that we have felt for the last three years that i felt when i was out there running. >> a dancer who also lost a leg in bombing finished the race. president barack obama tweeted out his congratulations. >> 6:12 now still ahead a new way to shop what lululemon is doing to taylor kloms to a certain location. >> let's head outside right no now. we'll have weather and pacific
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as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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>> 6:14 a man this happened bring hill court 10:30 last night investigatetors are on the scene now there's live picture. green belt police say the man was shooting a gun third floor balcony and he shot at the police as they arrived on scene. no police officers were injured during the standoff. . >> now 6:15 let's academic with tucker and look at the pour cast. >> what a wonderful day yesterday into the 80s. mover of the same today. might be a degree cooler. here's pickup forecast and again looking at numbers in the upper 40s and low 50s out there and after school plenty of sunshine. kind partly or mostly sunny afternoon 75 to 80 nice conditions around later today. current numbers 59 rjt 59 washington nice and comfortable and 57 baltimore a
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out west frederick 45 and 46 mannasas and 50 dulles 53 martinsburg and hagerstown to start the day. we have a backdoor cold front that gifts us around of cooler air as we get to nighttime hours. up ahead we have mix clouds and sunshine today and again we're talking about one more very, very warm day. as daytime highs should be a good close to 15 above normal later today with high president bush you're off south. here's setup. winds south and west dry conditions this afternoon and nice and comfortable out there and so dmri fact we concerned about possibility of fire threat because of that we have enhanced fire threat across the area and heads up low hultty wind north and west 10 to 20. and cooler air and pleasant afternoon. 81 today and 68
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then looks like next chance of rain showers late thursday and into friday. right now "fox5" rocks and looks nice and dry friday morning. that's weather update erin is back with the roadway. >> unfortunately busy roadways and this crash involveing a motorcycle and blocking lane use caution and watch for delays as you make your way inbound to the douglass bridge. 295 stretch 50 on down is extremely jammed as you pass eastern avenue. watch for that. a person hit by a car this is why sky fox was earlier. 175 westbound shut down for accident investigation and serious crash scene there approaching washington boulevard you will need detour as you head out howard county this morning and as you proceed more crash activity in loudoun county on 7 and eastbound side after ashburn village boulevard another area of concern this morning and 5 dpraiz in fairfa fairfax. lo
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franconia springfield parkway. 62 miles an hour average however that's getting much worse. i guarantee you it will dip down to 30. malfunction at largo town center for metro commute. delays to rest ineast on silver line no alerts for rest of rail and we'll let you know that change this morning and frederick we have volume building 70 to truck scales and then outer loop topside of beltway montgomery country jammed 95 to spur. 50 inbound from annapolis heads up there. we have a crash on up bound side out by kenilworth. >> developing air traffic control system for drones today and flights set to begin at noon st. mary country and blacksburg. each test site will launch several drones to communicate smully for a
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by nasa. >> baltimore gas and electric is helping to prevent fires. they purchased shok alarms to be handed out anne arrundel and prince korj younty fire department. two department have programs where firefighters will install smoke alarms in homes for free. happeninged in district mayor bowser will announce a new initiative to grow local disbusinesses in the districts. it's transformed emerging corridors in d.c. into driving neighborhood centers the city is giving out 0 grants worth more than $5 million. >> still ahead the lululemon lab. details about a new store next. >> limited edition gear though there. >> update for newly wed cup until england. ut, oh the
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larry that was not theirs they represent today and drove it into the house. the bride was in the car. they were not hurt. the car did not fare so well. apparently the groom foot got caught in the car matt and pressed gas instead of break. they put done a 2100 deposit on car and danger will cost --. >> so they'll put 7 qul
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. >> steve you never thought i could work fomo into a business report. we is
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that around nrevl nine months and we're pushing high they are morning. futures up 66 points checking out the dow. why is market going up. couple reasons. but a big one is investors are getting foolish again and they fear missing out on bigger games. flip that coin over and others take a look. things getting lofty and if you look at convictions there's not much of. it volume has been low. >> lauren i would be much more excited about 18,000 if you were indeed wearing 18,000 hat again. >> okay. there's a big discussion i've worn the 18,000 hat before. the first time we hit it. i'm not sure technically speaking if i can wear it again when we regoat that level. >> okay. >> sure enough. >> we'll pull for 19,000. >> okay. >> i'll look into it. >> we'll see what happens. >> in the meantime speaking of money. people who work for target
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ever since the hacking deal. and now, they're apparently opening up their wallets for employees. >> that's what royt ser reporting that any worker at target will make starting next month $10 an hour why are they raising wages because a lot o competitors are and labor groups are pressuring for higher wages as well get that up to $15. this is second wage increase for target in a year. >> okay. good news for folks working there then. if 2459 comes through. for those who have a little more money and want to spend it on at leash you're ware which i know you're a fan of you can't escape it. it will be trendier than ever. >> i need make a confession. i spend so much money on yoga clothing it is ridiculous. >> i know you said that. >> i used to say you're crazy if you bought a pair of $98 pair of yoga pants from lululemon
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all the time it's nuts what is going on with america. this is wrong. yet we're doing. it and now lululemon is saying, well, we'll make you keep buying from the store because we'll do the -- nice split on that woman. >> i saw that ouch. >> we'll do this concept store and start in new york and have 15 designers make gear in the store. we'll taylor it for new york. so no bright colors black, white, gray, all serious looking limited run of items and people visiting that specific store will buy those items. and you can expect more concept like this to come in other places. wham do you think? >> well i think you'll probably visit it and do research for sake of show and let us know what it's like and i also think your 98 dollar pant there will noting $98 anymore. >> no probably more like $150. >> let us know what you find out and have a great tuesday. . >> i can expense it no i'm kidding, kidding. >> if you figure that out u'
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happy across the country if you share your secrets. >> welcome back allison and happy dated thank you lauren. >> [ applause ]. >> is it me or that hugh lieu lemon video i was getting into a little bit there. >> yoga. >> you're still sick aren't yo you. >> heavily medicated so whatever i may say in the next couple hours don't hold against me. >> she was pretty and flexible yes. >> thank you allison for recognizing the same thing i did. >> a combo you don't mind. >> great stription. >> we're looking at satellite and radar and yes we have a few cloud out there and another warm day. low 80s. dry average and beautiful tuesday afternoon to look forward to. tomorrow cooler dry and rain showers by end of week. >> all right let's check in with erin and look at roads. hi, erin. >> i'm walking in right now. you can hear my heels coming from traffic closet
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that is -- i call my office the traffic closet you. >> have an office that's awesome. >> lots to look over in there. 95 northbound soyd lorton frank ownian because of a crash we're seeing delays on suts land parkway inbound and gets jammed up any way this time of morning first sterling avenue southeast and crash mroking the lane as well. aside 23r that as you make your way out a person hit in howard country 175 west remainsz shut down for crash investigation approaching washington boulevard. we have sky fox over college park 95 southbound to beltway jammed and we'll take a close look at that next back to you. >> still ahead the list of best high schools in the nation is out and local school no longer on top. >> big win for taps last night in philly. we'll check in with the sports junkyes after break. 6:27
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>> welcome back. it is 6:30 nice looking predawn right there. what time does the sun come up. 6:25. >> nice dawn then sorry. >> already happening. >> welcome back to "fox 5 news" weather. 6:35. first at 6:30 details about a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened during a barricade situation in green belt maryland last night a man fired at police officers from apartment
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suspect was later pronounced dead. . >> reported miss on friday and her car was found on saturday and at the shenandoah national park the the last time her family heard from her was wednesday by text and mitte mittendorf is with the fairfax county fire and rescue department. >> we know a lot of smart people live in the dmv and now even more proof. list of top high schools in the country is out and several schools in other region making cut and take a look state of maryland was awarded for having one of the highest percentage of top performing high schools in the country. that's walt whitman in maryland number five thomas jefferson dropped a little bits. that's drop in dmv. still doing well
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eric this morning and why did the flyers even giveaway fan giveaways. it's happened before. >> i don't know. >> it happened again. >> the classless fan base that's what it is. >> owner was so be loved. it was supposed to be his nigh night. >> it was for 57 second. >> when the game fell apart they lost their poise. and we vank wished that whole caps can never get to 3-0 lead and if you look historically nhl teams that are up closed out series 199 times capitals are better team and continue to see
6:33 am
dominant phone the penalties. and they have not scored yet. . >> and showing some of the hits there stroing tarry it offer scary moment there hopefully they're not out for a long period of time and i don't know how they skated off the ice and continued to play. . >> that's one of dangerous hits i have seen. sgle and it'sry dick use lus and landed a big scrum to egg on the ice. >> when the fans take a penalty that's ridiculous think said show class and they still did it. don't throw anything opt ice. they did it and got a penalty. that's difficult. typical fans. >> batteries on the ice before orefield. . >> boo'd santa claus
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>> do you think now since they're rolling now assuming they win if they sweep this whoever they play pittsburgh or ranger that to me seems like a different type of catchup and will a lot of time off hurt them if they go 7. >> i don't think so. they had time off before this series and we talked about. it seemingly flipped the switch once the party started and didn't have anything to play for and lost 9 games lost six of them and really over the lasting two months deposit play that well were coast anticipating they flipped the switch and now up 3-0. each round of playoffs is going to get better and theoretically playing better teams it will be tougher and remember cap he's best in nhl. >> for a reason and good news it will give guys like -- an opportunity hopefully to get healthy and be able to play that series at full strength and they recede after first round and it's not
6:35 am
we'll play rangers and penguin we could conceivably play islanders too. i'm not sure caller was correct on that. >> i seen the brackets and they changed mysteriously. change with the warriors last night i don't think anybody was excited about steph not plague except maybe clay thompson. they're rolling. >> at least they shot better than kevin durant. 7 for 33 last night in loss against dallas. >> it's not hard to score on houston rockets defense. >> defense with one of the worst i've seen and best player nonthe planet steph curry sitting out. . >> and bodes well for golden state as well. >>. >> i might have a few dogs in the first round. . >> good talk with
6:36 am
always see you soon. >> thank you buddy. >> 106.7 fm the fan. >> might we win. >> the whole thing bring stanley cup to washington. >> so far. >> really nice if they finish in four. >> get healthy. >> yeah if they win the next one it's done. >> first round will be over. . >> up heard of. >> if they can go to 7 every time. >> last year they did. >> 59 in washington. we're nice and mild. it will be another warm afternoon. high temperatures low 80s. mix vl clouds and sun out there. bit of breeze and just quick heads up. we have enhanced fire threat across the area accommodation of low humidity and winds will increase risk for wildfires around here and if you're one working with flame that kind
6:37 am
thing be on the lockout later today >> we need that rain. . >>. >> feels great. >> feels nice yesterday. >> check in with area and see how the roads are treating sglus 6:27 now and unfortunately not much bert dealing with problems sky fox over the beltway. beautiful tree shot. gloomy and traffic up areaen outer loop coalsville road moving along long fine before this point outer loop you hit congestion after 95 be prepared for that and once you get to coalsdale things on up. we'll move over to a look at one of the cameras now. aside from that heavy traffic moving on 270 southbound as you head out from frederick you hit the delay by the truck scales. >> ooz you get close to spur a long line ever congestion. no crashes to report
6:38 am
you're. 50 crash inbound out by kenilworth because of that jammed by 202. if you head inbound district to annapolis be prepared top hit additional morning volume because of crash. rights now 95 in virginia by 123 heavy traffic south and northbound and new crash activity mad awoman beantown road charles country and fairfax this morning 95 northbound lorton to frank coneia to give you perspective on the 95 camia. volume the entire stretch and southeast inbound sutland parkway motorcycle crash causing additional delays. allison and steve. >> normally we talk about ben and jerrys when it's free cope day. this time it's a different
6:39 am
the founders were arrested on capital hill. that story and what is trending after the break. >> kevin mccarthy will join us live from new york city he had fun with actor kevin spacey during the sit down about spac spacey's new movie stay with us.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? >> we're back now at 6:41 with what's hot on the web. and
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morning. >> president barack obama travels overseas beginning tomorrow and we've learn the first couple will line with britain's royals friday and having lunch with queen and dinner with william and kate. >> and finally, get your hack on the meant gone officially opened a program to have computer hackers try to infiltrate the military system to expose vulnerabilities and hack and pentagon wounty program goes to may 12. the best hacker could win 150,000 steve that's good it's good hacking. >> right. >> as opposed to the one i really hate. >> there you go. >> and the money is not bad either. >>
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>> the new movie elvis and nixon hits threaters on friday and michael shannon also a star. he'll talk with them coming up and reminder as we head to break share news tips 202-89 202-895-3000 or email us "fox5" tips back in a minut
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>> back at 6:45 take a look at
6:46 am
in mexico. and eruption was yesterday near city of pub la. so fewer full. >> what's going on? >> right. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> we're all getting back can we all do this together. give me a hand. we're back together. >> keep it moving. >> another day in the 80s. >> bring it. >> okay. >> your wish is my command. >> okay later today. >> okay. >> here we go. >> tuck. >> let's me know if you need steve to doe weather. >> steve has done the weather. >> i know he has. >> allison the last time di weather you said good job and i was concerned about my future here. so i'm going to ve
6:47 am
not to do the weather. one more 80 degree day. comfortable temperatures. 59 in washington and 56 in annapolis and off to north and west we get 40s there frederick is 45 degrees and 45 mannasas and culpeper and generally speaking very mild pleasant start to the morning. 55 in winchester. cloudyness to start the day. sun up 6:25. so the sunshine now working into the area and that will heat things up pretty quick here into the low 80s. couple things going on. got a little backdoor cold front. little weak cold front north and west will slide through this morning and that will -- the cooler air is laging a bit and that will cool us down later tonight and during the hours daytime hours tomorrow after one more day in 80s today we'll be back in the upper 60s daytime highs tomorrow. still no rain in sight and next rain comes in here partly late thursday and early friday and we get frontal system into the area and until
6:48 am
southwesterly pump going today and temps in the 80s. by the way our normal daytime highs in the 0s. and here's setup for tomorrow high pressure off to the norm and west. and norm west breeze looking at locking in that cooler day for your day wednesday. and very comfortable afternoon. 81 erin. >> love the sound of that. >> maybe rain here thursday and friday. >> weekend now --. >> and i'm thinking outside somewhere. >> all that green out there. >> beautiful doesn't it. >> yeah. >> beautiful spring day a look from 270 sky fox checks in with traffic there and heavy flow as you head down to spur up erin outer loop of the beltway jammed more montgomery county than we're seeing on inner and again 270 southbound from father hurley and you hit a lot of traffic knowledge of that point. out from frederick to gaithersburg this morning and we'll switch it over from the
6:49 am
what else you're up against this morning and take a look at cameras and dealing with some delays as you make your way toe 295 on southbound side by eastern avenue and i'm going to get out of the way. you can see the right lane right shoulder is blocked we're dealing with stalled truck. keep to left lanes. we'll show you how far that delay extends. because of that on 295 eastern you're delayed from few miles norm of that point another crash on inbound side sutland parkway. that's charles country looking to look in loud con county this morning deal with a crash. >> in virginia disstushing information about the heroin epidemic
6:50 am
it's particularly dangerous three weeks twelve people are overdosed all victim over 18 and all have sure vivrd. >> flint michigan continues to deal with lead tainted bringing water. the state's governor vow toed drink filled erted water. he perhaps to refill the water supply when he's in the city and testing shows water quality in flint is improving and safe to drink as long as filter is used. >> and fox beat today all right first of all remembering veteran actress that began tv career in 19 50s and then kevin spacey dishing ba his 34u move move iny. >> and then i'll personally give kevin our kevin lunch for the next year and you all know
6:51 am
city. kevin i was not here yesterday and they talked about. it let me say on the air, kevin got the rock dwayne johnson to wish me happy birthday by twitter i love you thank you. >> not only once allison month problem by the way he is coo coolest person ever but he did it twice. >> i saw that. >> he allison tweet back to you which is amazing he has over 10 million followers and still took the time to sweet you happy birth day. you're a -- he's a genuinely good guy and he saw the photo and you look nowhere near 50 he was mroep away. >> here's the trick with that. >> he said you look 32 topps. >> lay down and take the picture like this with good lighting it works every time. anyway, kevin thank you so much i appreciate it now you can move on. >> kevin went out to lunch and he'll be sending you that bill. >> send me all the bills. >> yes. >> and you'll get relates from me from taco bill
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every day in the next year. >> as long as we stay in that zone. >> i interviewed kevin spacey and first we have to remember doris roberts this morning an incredible actress passed at the age of 0 amazing career spaping over 60 years and you probably know her most as mother from everybody loves raymond she began career in 19 1952 and appears in 30 films. i mentioned "everybody loves raymond" and it won her four emmy awards she received four in her total year and ray romano released a statement she has energy and spirit that amaze me and she did everything with a grand love for life and people and i will miss her dee deerly. she was 90 years old and amazing career and she will be missed and again as i say her work will live on forever. i want to mention spvkly there's a role of hers i always loved. it's a
6:53 am
grandma's boy raitd r not for kids at all highly good movie recommend that. phenomenal career. sad for her. rest in peace. again i'm looking for ward to watching her work this week as well. >> somebody had a long and successful career when almost 40 years ago she played bette midler's mom 40 years ago. >> i know isn't that incredibl incredible. it's amazing. remembering her this morning. lots of outpouring on social media as well for that. i'm in new york specifically i sat down this movie elvis and nixon what amazing story this is obviously back in 1970 december 21 elvis went top white house and wrote a let to nixon and requested meeting with him because he wanted to become a federal agent at large and there's a very famous photograph which is most requestsed photograph in the national archives of the two in
6:54 am
and i spoke to kevin spacey we know it's president underwood house of cards a fictional presence i wanted to know if president under sdwrn wood could meet nixon in the officialal office what do you think they would talk about check it out. >> watching you in the official av al office with how well you're plague nixon and i thought what would underwood and nixon talk about in that office together. >> i don't know one is fictio fictional and one is real person and it was interesting working in the oval office although this was oval office said from west wing and different oval office and our oval office is our on we built. there were two different rooms. but you know i think probably underwood would have a deeper conversation with johnson then he would with nixon
6:55 am
they might find it sim bee onic relationship. >> okay. >> and really quick. that part of the story i was last interview of the day and he gave me extra question when i walked in the room he was talking about michael and all the interviews i had together and knew my full name and was cazy and been top d.c. many times when they left the interview room they stopped by a poster outside the room that had the faces missing and they stood in the opposite of the photos and they're still -- so mr. spacey stood in elvis's place and shannon snood nix don't's place and i had to get a selfie during it. it was epic moment. i'm like i got get a selfie during this moment. that happened after my interview. very, very cool. >> that's funny. >> you should always try to be lost i am always trying to be sfwlaingt get extra time. >> and maybe it's -- it was definitely exactly i'll see you back in 8 a.m. hour this morning and again allison happy wonderful
6:56 am
i'll talk to you in a couple hours. >> thank you so much. see you later. >> pressure is on you have to step up lunch game with al now. >> i would love to do that. >> you piingt be cranky end of day. >> they may gave you extra time though. >> it's a possibility. weather looks perfect today. back in low 0s. mild start. 59 washington and reagan national 59 dulles and 49 dulles and bwi marshall 57. again featuring temperatures well above normal this afternoon back in low 0s. enhanced threat for fires later today with low humidity and pretty good winds out of north an west and keep an eye on that if you have to work threat of fire is higher than normal. 1 today, 86 tomorrow and lane showers late thursday and friday. >> sl ver
6:57 am
rail on top. crash we're dealing with in charles county madwoman beantown drive and in addition to that crash activity 7 east after ashburn village boulevard. taking a wide look into the district and red me usual spot spots. we'll take a closer look what you do to get around 66 cop juston and deep to fox5 back in a few minutes
6:58 am
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right now breaking news armed standoff end in deadly fire and officers forced to return fire of a man shoots from his balcony liver with the latest developments. >> and plus today is one of the most pivotal primaries of election seekle and new yorkers head to the poll this morning and how candidates are making final push in the empire state. >> and also caps just take care of business in ep my territory with night turning into embarrassment on and off the ice. . >> it napped florida. >> a live look outside this is good news. tuesday april 19, 2016 weather gorgeous out there and traffic not so much. erin and tucker will be along on the fives at 7:05. good tuesday morning i'mal mall. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> we'll start with developing story


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