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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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have played a part. plus, a sad ending to thendo search for a fairfax countyaiaxu firefighter.te a body found near a trail at shenandoah national park isark believed to be that of nicole mittendorf. coming up what police arewhat saying about thesang a investigation.stig fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you.morning y good morning to you. >> i don't know if such a good g morning.morn >> we got to keep moving min forward. >> i know. i >> we're all mourning the lossll of prince this morning. mncis we'll talk about it throughouttt the morning and you see the picture flawless musician. musicia >> definitely one of those tse where were you moments, rider. >> yeah, yeah. >> absolutely.>>bsol >> heartbreaking. >> we got lots to talk aboutts today but first we want to t start with weather.ther mike thomas give us a sneak a sk peek of what we have in storento today. to >> so far wisdom weda have warmw temperatures out there thisures morning. temperatures around the region in the upper 60's to start the day. that's not bad. another warm oneat but bring the
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umbrella, maybe some showers and storms later today.or >> all right and erin i knowmsrw problems on the roads already. a >> that's right.>> outer loop completely shutetelys down in temple hills.plhills. i'm going get you around that.ud we're tracking a deadly crash investigation. >> thank you erin. generations of fans shakensa by the death of prince at hist minnesota home. new reports this morning shedding light on what may lig have happened to the icon as his regions of devoteesots gathered together to remember his illustrious annie yu joining us with the latest. >> reporter: new informationr: is emerging this morning aboutbt prince's final moments and what may have led to the icon's untimely death at justh j 57 degrees old.. let's begin with the verygin wie latest.te. tmz is reporting that princet p was treated for a drug overdose just six days before his death. his de according to multiple sourcese s the singer's private jet made p an emergency lrianding in illinois last friday justridayus hours after he had performedad o in atlanta so he could beuld b rushed to a hospital too h receive what's called a saveled shot. now, this is typically typal administered to countac
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effect of an opiate. tmz reports that authorities in minnesota are now trying to t get the hospital records fromro illinois to help determine the icon's cause of death. tmz has also obtained this exclusive photo of prince.ri it was taken at 7 o'clock olo wednesday evening outside of a o walgreens pharmacy. prm this was the fourth time that ta prince visited the pharmacyrm this week. w his reps previously said that he had been battling the flu. f. the 57-year-old music legend len was found unresponsive in an elevator and pronounced dead dea after 10:00 thursday morning.ori people around the world are wora mourning the loss of the sevenhv time grammy winner.y winne landmarks throughout the country like superdome in neww orleans and bridges throughout his home state of some s inminute lit up in purple.te lur his sister making a very rare v appearance to thank fans for fas supporting her brother androer loving him. back here locally in d.c. a candlelight memorial shined brightly outside the warnerut theater last night wsihere manyn fans gathered to rememberred
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theater last june beforer lastu soldout crowds.ros. back to you. y >> heartbreaking.rt >> yeah. i mean, we grew up on his >> right. >> law an icon in our time and a it's just so much music and mus any other only did he do the do music but he produced lots of music. we have been talking aboutng a this all morning.this >> right, wisdom you and iyo a were talking off line aboute abu how it didn't matter where youyu were from, how old you were, o u he just crossed over so many different genres and a lot ofndl people don't know this but he wrote so many songs forso m popular people, right.ig >> absolutely. >> like cindy lauper chaka khan. >> nothing compares to you. sinead o'connor. oon >> we can go on.n. >> wisdom is probably biggest super prince fan and i i immediately thought of youatel when i heard this.en it was so shocking to me.o m thank you annie by the way. way so shocking to hear this. t i kept saying this can't ben't b true and called you for f verification. >> and somebody in the barberbe
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because i was barber shope i wab getting my haircut and theyai ad walked in and said prince isprii dead. and i was like what? we all w at some point are going to gng have to go but when you thinking about someone like some this you just think about abo their music and i know it'swt' wrong but you think they'renk going to live forever but we buw know that's not true. t >> a rare morning weirdni w morning with his family, hisis s fans. more on the life and legacy ofli prince as the morningfening continues all right. r >> we want to let you know k this morning's fox5 spring concert will feature a tribute u to prince. p the band secret society willty play several of their songs. s >> they're known for their rendition of purple rain and often close outer with that inia their shows.ho live coverage kicks off at the 7 o'clock hour. >> wisdom and allison downis d there for that concert series. we want a check of the topfo stories.sties. a sad and to the search for aora missing fairfax countynt firefighter.ghte female remains believed to beelo that of nicole mie
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located near the white oak canyon trail nearly 7 miles 7 m from mittendorf's woodbridgeoodg home.ho remains are being taken to the o medical examiner in manassas mas for autopsy and positive identification.fica virginia state police sayay evidence collected including a i note recovered from her carm h c leads them to believe thereeliee was no foul play involved in her death. d an update on thatha heartbreaking story in fairfaxax county.coun. an annandale man facingac charges following the death ofo a two-year-old girl who spentl s all day in a hot car. c investigators say the cany th child was in the care of the mother's boyfriend daiquan fields.. he told police he forgot about h the toddler after dropping offog two other kids. k it wasn't until seven hourstil o later when he picked up theuphe mother that he realized thelizee child was in the car. car fields called 911 but it was bu too late. late he will faces child neglect and involuntary manslaughterslgh charges.s. >> 4:35. >> 4 let's get a check of today's tod fork and talk to mike thomas.too we got the concert series thise morning starting in thertg in te 7 o'clock hour.k
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weather is going to be forng toe that. are we going to be dry? are? a we going to be okay? >> we're keeping our fingers crossed. we're watching this line of t showers come across the mountains butter we may havebutr to watch outer for a lightor l shower or too around concertr titome. we'll keep you updated on that h throughout the morning hours.ngu temperatures right now outsideut as you hit the road this rd morning very, very mild.d. 67 here in washington.asto 66 in manassas, 66 in quantico c as well, 65 for fredericksburgri so it kind of feels like a of fk little bit of a summer morningrr and it feels a little humid hum out there as well. w you can kind of tell thatell tht there's going to be rain onto bi the way today.way tod satellite and radar shows cloud cover overheadve already -- there's that rainre you a talking about pushing pus into the maryland panhandle pand portions of west virginia vgi early this there is more on the way but but again, as the showers crosswe c the mountains they tend tounta break up a little bit so we'reei going to keep our fingers crossed later on today and seern he if we don't keep it dry fortf at least the first part of the concert.conc 65 kind of broken sunshinen susn around 8 o'clock in thelock morning, mostly cloudy, some ow
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78 degrees for a high today.h td watch out for thunderstormsnd later on as we head into the evening hours. hours. all right, that's a look ats a the forecast. erin has got the roads. rds hey, erin. eri >> 4:37 and we are trackingre t breaking news this morning.or if you're making your way out ot in temple hills we have the outer loop completely shut down between saint barnabasna road and maryland side branchyle avenue. b this is for a deadly crashrash investigation. crash involving a car and a right now a lot of crews are c out there checking out theg o soon. they had initially been ini letting a few lanes get by buteb again for at least a few hours h this morning they're going tohe' have things shut down.n. traffic is very backed up.y bacu let's move it over from thisr fi camera and take a look at our or maps. i'm going to show you how youou can get around that. they're forcing traffic to exit at 414 saint barnabas road but your best bet exit at a 210 before that point.before th that way you won'tat hit the h backup just yet.ust y inner loop is still getting byeg so again if we can take a lookk at our maps i'll show youhow y exactly what you can do to get o around that and a few otherer so, you don't want to wait to wt saint barnabas.nt it
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in addition to that there isere crash activity as well a crash h and a vehicle fire after the connector road in fairfax. in fx this was on 66 eastbound. eastb they had all lanes shut down.t d right now traffic is getting by. they've moved it over to thevedt shoulder. you can see the yellow on thee e map though still a delay forelar this time of morning and inng a addition to the that ine that montgomery county a stalled ata truck on the outer loop near clara barton parkway blocking bn two lanes so we are waking upe k to a traffic mess already buteab we got you covered this friday a morning. back to you maureen and wisdom. wisdom >> all right. 4:38 is the time. still ahead dramatic video out d of china. chi this massive dust devil sends dozens of children running for safety and even tosses one kide in the air. a >> flood fierce continues in fie parts of texas many peopleyeo being ordered out of their of te homes overnight.s overnight we're also tracking other bigthb stories trending this morning.ry that's all coming up next. uding. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do.
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president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are
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i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. >> ♪ >> back now at 4:41.>> more evacuations under way inndy one texas town this as the colorado river is expected toteo crest about due too rising ris flood waters.f this is due to water flowinger upstream.upstream. more rain could be on the waycoo this weekend and into next week. week. there's dramatic video ofe'c a dust devil that tore throughrr an e
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event. you can see debris flying asin students run for safety. one child was even tossed into the area. that's amazing.that that boy suffered only minor injuries. >> wow.ow >> ♪ >> let's take a look at the stories you're engaging withakrg the most this mornining onst thg social media with our realtimeea news first up social mediaso exploding following the deathg w of music icon prince.ri in the first five hours afteroua news broke of his death 25 million people hadple 61 million facebookilli fac interactions related to his legacy said a spokeswoman forkew the social media z princecialeda became the top trending termin r on twitter worldwide shortlyde s after his death was reported rer with more than 6 millionn 6 milo tweets. volkswagen reached a deal toea buy back nearly 500,000 diesel cars in the u.s. that arethat equipped with illegal emissions software.twar lawyers are still negotiating ni the fines that the car companysh must pay as well as compensation that owners willhaw receive. and speaking of cars theng o d.c. dmv has called off new mandatory driver educationdu that was scheded
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effect may first.ct mayirst new drivers can still take approved education classes to cs prepare to hit the roads but b mandatory courses have been b suspended indefinitely,ndefin wisdomly. >> all right, yeah, it's --s that's tough, yeah. all right.l ht cool. >> back to you. >> thank you maureen. thank youu can coming up one of there e hottest free agent on thent on market is heading to hding to washington, d.c. to redskinsgton park for a visit t we'll fill you in. i we're taking a live look le outside as we head to break on e this friday.this weather and traffic on theand af 5s coming up next. n >> ♪ ♪
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> ♪ >> 4:45 is the time and breaking news that could:4ng impact your commute. nu are looking live at the outer loop of the beinltway in temple hills. hil the outer loop completely shut down. down there are police investigatingns a deadly crash there. the happened before 2:00 this befor2 morning.rn the cra
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tractor-trailer. we're hearing that one person pr was killed.led. all outer loop traffic mustp get off at exit five. again, all outer loop trafficp f must get off at exit five,t f branch erin will have much more on this in just two minutes. minut >> going to be quite a mess.te m >> my goodness.>> my good >> it's already a mess butalady when people get up and startp as trying to move around it will probably get even worse.or >> that and then the rain ond tn the way. the >> hopefully the rain holdshe rh off for the morning commute.mut. in fact i think it will be a b dry morning. >> that's good news. >> maybe we have to watch oute for a can couple shohawerscouple around concert time but ie but still think we'll get it in.t it >> that's good.>> t >> that's the good news and purple rain andai thunderstorms.thun >> tribute to prince. >> absolutely. aolut >> yeah.>> yea >> this my favorite princeavorep song actually.ctually. >> purple rain really. >> really. awesome. >> that's a good one. >> you can't go wrong.s wrong. >> you really can't go wrong.t o purple rain and thunderstormsnd later this afternoon.ter aftern not everybody will see it.erybws it's not a washout but grabut g the umbrella as you head out the door this morning you mayhi
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work later on this afternoon.. very mild start to the dayd sttt here. 67 degrees, 62 richmond.ond. pittsburgh 59, 55 binghamton bin new york. new york city 65 degrees thisgre morning.morng. generally cloudy skies outrall there but you see they're the thinning out a little bit hear t towards central virginia sogini probably a little bit of sunbi f to start the day and just and j depending on how much sun we're able to squeeze outsqueez later this afternoon willr th depend on just how warm wem we get. get. there's your cold front. fnt actually this is an initial a ii wave coming across the t mountains.un your cold front is thisold front sharper line about to led into o ohio. that could bring us bri thunderstorms later on todayrsto but we'll have to deal witheal the showers first. good news is futurecast here hee 7 o'clock there's a little bit t of sun and it kind of breaks bre that line up. so around 10 o'clock in the morning kind of scattered of scd shower activity. we break out into a little bit of sun that puts enough e emergency in thenergy in theatmg some thunderstorms.erstor we have a baseball game atll g nats park.nats we have to watch out for thun
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storm system in the midwesthe md pumping up the north.or it may be another warm maybem m even humid day today and then td as we led into those eveningse hours scattered showers andwersa thunderstorms in the forecast.a. 78 degrees for a daytime high hg today. today. sun at times but generally aly a cloudy day in store heree 58 degrees tonight, scattered showers and storms remain ind om the forecast and here comes here your fox5 accuweather 7-day again 78 don't forget about ourur concert.coert. wisdom i think says he's says heading down at 7 o'clock this t morning -- 7:00 this morning, right, whiz? he says yes and y couldn't is the starts atdn't i 9:00. 72 on saturday maybe an early e shower but we'll clear it outlei in the afternoon.ft lots of sunshine on sunday. s monday the hottest day.otst d i went 87.i we check out some of these highs. h 90 for culpeper, 90 for fredericksburg feeling like a f little bit of summer time onmeri the seven-day forecast.seve er run has got the roads. >> 4:48. we're tracking breaking news this morning. a deadly crash involving a vehicle and a tractor-trailer-ta shutting down the outer loopn to
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it's completely shut down between 414 saint barnabas road and five branch avenue.iveh should be shut down for hours. u you can see he some folks stuck in that backup there and e the cones set they had an earlier arrow they were letting some wer vehicles through one of those lanes. i want to show you the backup.ku your best bet is to exit at 210.0. otherwise you'll get stuck intun a future delay as folks are fola forced to exit at 414. this is where everything is basically parked leading towards 414 where you have to exit.o we're tracking other issues. o e first i want to show you thisw o on the map to give you some as you head on the outer loopoo you'll move over just fine as you cross the wilson bridge.n right now the outer loop isoo looking good 270 to the spur and then in prince george's this is a look you can see helo that long line of roked.f r that shows you exactly wherectlw that delay s now a camera at cam the outer loop by the americanya legion bridge we have a disabled tractor-trailer that-tt is causing big delays takingng b up two lanes. we'll go over to our map now
4:50 am
unfortunate that camera is auna little blurry this m. there was a earlier crash and vehicle fire 66 on thee eastbound side by the dullesde d connector. those lanes are opened but we'll see significant red zoneei on the outer loop near claraoopa barton. we'll have more traffic in m just a fewly. >> the all clear on the on t woodrow wilson bridge.n bri it was shut down after report rp of a suspicious package.acka the prince george's countyrge'su bomb squad called out tot to assist state police. p the package was cleared as i said. >> now to the wildfire inow shenandoah. t officials say the fire has y e fir grown to 8,000 acres and acr a spread across skyline drive.. firefighters had been hopingad n to prevents that fromrevents thm happening. they say the fire isey s 40 percent contained but mayin t not be fully contained untiltain next week. virginia governor terryy mcauliffe will attend a briefing with forestry in a a couple hours. hou officials and lawmakerss and will hold a press conferencerenc in upper marlboro thislbo afternoon discussing gunun violence and the need for nee stronger happened gun
4:51 am
licensing laws. rushern baker and chris vanan holland will be attending.di >> we saw heroic action by aiony top fire official dealing withlt a heavy heart.heavy he on wednesday assistant chiefistc darren wear was among the mourners attending the funeral r of john he saw a car on fire in brandywine. tyrone wells was with wear.el aney saw a woman inside thels wm car and moved quickly to getly t her out.rut. >> we initially tried to gainri entrance from the driver'sthe de side but while we were tryinge n that she inadvertently hit the gas pedal which drove herda farther down into therther embankment and at that point th we decided it was better to bete make entry and take her outake from the passenger >> wow, look at that.ow, more firefighters stopped toero help as they saw the scene. sce we are told the woman driverom i is expected to be okay. turning to the> turning to e presidential race, donaldd trump once again raising concerns among conservatives coe within his own party. t
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about the transgender bathroomem law in north n he said transgender peoplender l should be able to use whichever bathroom they want. wn trump also called the law badhew for the economy since many businesses have publicallyubcall boycotted the state in protest i of the law. trump's rival ted cruz has defended the measure sayingeasun protects more fallout from that state's anti-lgbt law this t time from the nba. nba. commissioner adam silver isr is threatening to move nextex season's all-star game out of charlotte if a change is not ch made to that law.. silver hasn't issued an ultimatum but says the league l has a sense of which teams t would be able to take on the all-star game if necessary. >> a week after randy with the man's final day with the teamh t they have a new head coach. c scott brooks.ot bro he led oklahoma city to thehe nba finals in 2012.n 20 there is the rumor that's rum ta outer there that this is part ti
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to come to washington, d.c. d somehow they say don' doyne coue on it. former carolineer panther pr josh norman scheduled to visit v redskins park today. partoday. earlier this week the panthers decided to rescind the franchise tag on norman makingnk him a free agent. age his first visit is going to be ashburn.n. he. >> he probably won't leave. l >> the drama okay, let's talk about hockeyboh and a big game for theame for capitals tonight at home.t home. just one win away from advancing to round two of the te stanley cup playoffs. pyo the team is still seething seein about a cheap shot.ap s a cross-check after theer the whistle no penalty called, none and head coach barry trots says making sure the league looksgu into that dirty play.ty play. >> it's a dangerous play and ily think it should not be in
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game and any player who is looking to try to wreck a guy's knee or injure himr ju especially when the play is dead, that is definitely should be out of the game. gam >> we'll use that as tha a motivation to send those guysths home. we don't like that andon't obviously one of our best o b players so we're going to playoo within the rules and hopefullyof send them home send them the >> right, send them packing. pa. capitals looking to closetas out the flyers on home ice. puck drops at 7:00 if they happen to lose game los six will be in philly onn pll sunday. no need to talk about thatout t because they're doing it tonight. the nationals back home today for a weekend series againstes a the twins at nats park.ins atats they wrapped up a four gamer gam series with the marlins last night in miami with a one to five loss.ive los that one run by the way thanks t to another home run by brycey harper who hit six in justn j eight games. g that dude is on
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he's got a little somethinge son something going. >> i know. this friday we have a special hv give away special because it's e fun for the whole family andthea also because you can only only enter on >> you can win four ticks four k tickets to see the stage the s production of the wizards ofont oz at the national theater theat evening of may third. t to enter go to our facebookk page at d.c.f5 one winner selected by random rn drawing on april the prize is provided by the national theater. >> ♪ >> happy friday to everybody.dae we're starting off mild.ff m temperatures in the upper 60'se out there but thwe he do have dh some rain on the way.he we're tracking it crossing thero mountains at this hour. h let's get straight to satellite and radar.sate there it is coming throughe i west virginia. vnia. we're hoping it breaks up u enough that this morning's morng concert is not compromised. comm i don't think it will be. thit i it looks like it will break up a little bit and we'll be able l to get that concert in, fox5 f rocks down at farragut park starting
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morning wisdom will be downll there and the actual concerton starts at 9:00. weekend looks great minus ainusa couple early showers saturdayat but sun returns saturday afternoon and next week startswa on a hot note. n that's a look at the week's forecast.recast erin. >> a deadly crash shuttinghutt down the outer loop.he this is at temple hills rights there. it's shut down completely between 414 saint barnabaseen road and five branch avenue.iv should be shut down for thator a investigation for severalstion hours. some folks unfortunately stuck s in that backup.t bac your best bet, let's take asak look at our map to get around ga that. exit at 210 before 414 so you don't get stuck in thatn th backup.ckup 210 still moving along you can work your way downr wayw south of the beltway back upay c 414 and over to five to getve around i you'll add extra time to yourto commute. again a deadly crash involvingng a tractor-trailer and anotherral vehicle. we got you covered this morning. we want to help you get aroundel that delay. that's your look at traffic.t tc back to you. >> ♪ >> still ahead, celebrating ceb earth day here locally.rth herel how you can help improve the environment today.
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can and tree lightin ag up inp i purple to remember prince.r p coming up the latest details surrounding his tragic and unexpected death.pect d >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> as you wake up on thiswake ut friday morning, breaking newsg w from the the road. a deadly crash overnight onighto the beltway has parts of the t outer loop shut down completely. >> also ahead, remembering a music icon.n. prince dead at the age of 57 and this morning still a lotnini of questions surrounding his his untimely passing. png >> plus, search suspended.uspe a sad end to the week long search for a missing fairfaxairf county firefighter.irighter coming up what state police pe are saying about this investigation. >> all right.>> good morning to you. thank you for waking up wi


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