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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> as you wake up on thiswake ut friday morning, breaking newsg w from the the road. a deadly crash overnight onighto the beltway has parts of the t outer loop shut down completely. >> also ahead, remembering a music icon.n. prince dead at the age of 57 and this morning still a lotnini of questions surrounding his his untimely passing. png >> plus, search suspended.uspe a sad end to the week long search for a missing fairfaxairf county firefighter.irighter coming up what state police pe are saying about this investigation. >> all right.>> good morning to you. thank you for waking up wi
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we appreciate you spendinge youn time with us.ith us. we'll get right to mike thomas a right now and get an update on t the weather.the her. hey, mike.hey, m >> hey, wisdom it's warm outside to starter the day butrt it's also's ao dr grab the umbrella as you head ha out the door maybe somee s showers and storms laternd today. >> all right, erin como problems on the beltway., belt >> thwart. you showed them the live look.ti the outer loop completely shut down.wn deadly crash investigationnves involving a car and a tractor-trailer. right now all traffic is beingaf forced to exit at 414 saintt 41a barnabas road. it's shut down between saintetwt barnabas and branch avenue.rancu to get around it exit at 210.10 that will save you from getting stuck in the backup. it's going ob out there for attt least another hour.anothour. >> thanks. more details as the mornings th goes on.go on. thanks, erin.. >> in the news this morning,his this one is pretty sad.y s a lot of people caught offe cauf guard by the latest on the death of a o music icon, we're talking ofki o course about prince.nce. hundreds of fans gathered on gao first avenue in minneapolisapol overnight.overnigh that's where purple rain was filmed. despite their heavy heartsy hrt mourners danced sang and and shared some of their favorite ft songs and memories as well.ris w this as new reports are out
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about what might have happened to prince.rince. >> prince was treated for a drug overdose just six daysda before his death.reis d according to multiple sourcespls the singer's private jet madeeta an emergency landing in illinois last friday just fridat hours after he he performed inrd atlanta so he could be rushed rd to a hospital to receive what's called a save shot.sahot. now, this is typicallyypical administered to counteract thett effect of an opiate.e. tmz reports authorities in aut minnesota are now trying to tg t get the hospital records from fo illinois to help them them determine the icon's cause off death.deh. prince's reps previously saidprv that he had been battling the flu. an autopsy, that is set foror >> meantime people around theopo world are mourning the loss ofsf the seven time grammy winner.ame s ndmarks throughout therk country like the superdome inme new orleans and bridges bridg throughout his home state of minnesota lit up in purplen p overnight to honor the late legend.lege. purple his favorite color.e his sister making a rareakg a appearance to thank fans forans supporting her brother and and loving him. h >> w
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to know this moworning that the fox5 rocks concert series ats a farragut square park willk wi feature a special tribute tote o prince.ince the band secret society isociety going to play several of his ofh songs. >> they're known for theirno rendition of purple rain and and often close out their showsho with it. our live coverage you can tuneat in to see it, it kicks off at 7 o'clock during the 7 o'clockne hour so come on down toow farragut square park and check us out this i'm going to be down theretoe do with allison seymour and we're ' going listen to some prince. >> it will be a nice tribute. tu >> nice tribute.>> nice tribute. this morning also in the news a the search for a missingis fairfax county firefighter hasir been suspended.peed >> this after female remainsr fm were found in shenandoah shenana national mel, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, wisdomr:ell,w and maureen you can see behind n me here that there is a smallma memorial growing outside the t fairview station 32.tion 3 this is a case as we knows we ko there captured the hearts of h so many people but it does notot have the happy ending that so many were praying
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on the find nicole facebookeb page hosted by nicole mittendorf's family her family y said our hearts are broken.areke we thank you for your supportupt and ask that you keep our o family in your prayers in the p challenging days ahead. ahead it was 2:00 p.m. yesterday yestd when we got the notice fromice f state police that search teamsra from the national park serviceke and virginia state police in the white oak canyon area discovered those female remains. they said it was in a remoteem location more than a mile from m the parking area and 330 yards3s off the trail in treacherous rocky terrain and after nicole's car was that found in s that parking area saturday a night there were five days ofdas searching in the shenandoah shed national park, 120 searchers see on the ground. gun there were air units andnd special mountain rappellingpein teams to deal with various v cliffs, dive teams to search t the bottom of the waterfallss k-9 teams as well. wel virginia state police say that the remains have beenn transported to the medical examiner's office in manassas. preliminarily, though, theyh, ty
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of 31-year-old nicole mittendorf. they also tell us that continuing to say as they haveey said throughout this search and investigation that no foult play they believe is involved. e we found a little bit more information last night, wisdomhs and maureen, a note was found fu in nicole's car. car live in fairfax station, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 localick, news. >> it's a tragic end,agic end definitely a tragic end tond that story. melanie thank you very muchk yo for that report. >> ♪ >> five past the hour is your te time right now. mike thomas not a bad start to t the morning.e mo a little warm actually.ctuall >> feels like kind of ae kia summertime morning.ertime morni >> it does. >> it's got a little humidity h out there.ou you can almost feel the rainmo on the s because bauseme these allergies are killing me. me. >> let's check out theet's temperatures. 55 in martinsburg, and that's one of the cooler spots, 66 at,a dulles as well as manassas andnd quantico.quantico. 67 here in d.c..c 65
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63 in leonardtown so again,in very mild start to the day day yes, there is rain on the way.hy it won't be a whole lot. lot we're not expecting any sortor of deluge later on today.e la it won't be a washout, either er and it should be a dry morning r commute but definitely grabinita the umbrella.the umbrel you may need it later. lat some will, some won't. w just going to be one of those t kind ohof days. day scattered showers andatred shown thunderstorms later on this afternoon.afternoon. 78 degrees for a daytime all right, that's a check ofhe the forecast.forec erin has got a check of thef th roads. big problems on the roads already this morning. >> that's right, 5:06 rightig unfortunately we have a big closure on the outer loo a crash involving avi tractor-trailer and a car.d car it's a deadly crash investigation. the outer loop completely shut down between saint barnabas road and branch avenue. avee. long line of delay. del traffic is completely parked between 210 and 414 saint 414 barnabas where folks areas w forced to exit and you can seeae unfortunately some folks stuckks in the backup leading to the closure. they've been out there for over an a hour. we're going to
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soon as they're able to get g that traffic moving and get and things my best advice exit at 2100 before 414.fore 414. that will save you time this morning. also on the outer loop we havetp a stalled truck taking out the two left lanes right by clara r barton outer loop traffic flowsrt across the amerarican legionn ln bridge. because of that, i'd say leaveal early if you're talking the outer loop today.ter we got you covered here on fox5. fox5. more traffic in just a few. back to you guys. >> there are several earth dayad celebrations planned acrosslaedr the d.c. region today.oday as in years past preschoolreho students at chesterbrook adambr locations in virginia andginia d maryland will release r thousands of lady bugs.ady bugs the kids will even dress therest part wearing red and blackck costumes. in the district students from f samuel middle school plan to t planter wild rice at patuxent px river park and in anacostiaco 100 volunteers will help buildep a learning garden at
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elementary.enta. at several metro stations youti can get a free packet of pollinator plant seed.nt >> paris agreement on climaten m change is expected to bected signed as many as 170170 countries are participating.tici the goal is to reduce globalglob emissions.issions. countries will set their ownwilt goals for this reduction.ucon never before have so many nations signed on an agreement a on the first day.ay. >> still ahead, dining withing h the royals.oy the first couple waking up in in england this morning. plus,.plus,. >> another no-hitter for the cubs. cubs. cubs ace jake areata we'll talk about him and how did a h d fan manage to runyan to theto r field to celebrate wit -- run oe field to celebrate with the team. somebody dropped the ball in security. heads will roll.
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>> ♪ >> ly. >> the death toll is now up to 24 in oil plant explosion inlant mexico. another dozen remain inr zen serious condition.nd the blast happened in ann industrial port city of mexico c southern gulf the fire is out but moreut thant 2,000 people in the area have ae been evacuated as a precaution. check out this massiveis msi fire at a warehouse inse i illinois. this is in woodbridge at a furniture distribution center.en some of the flammable materials inside
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causing explosions.xplosi huge flames and black smokes could be seen for miles luckily no one was injured. iur and what a sight in minnesota as fans gather togaer remember music icon prince outside his bound in a minneapolis suburb.ur rainbow appeared over hisaped home. you can hear people start to sta scream prince before itam p disappeared just a few minutes later.te >> back here in washington ares special honor for prince atrinc the national portrait gallery. e they'll be displaying this picture that you're seeing're right now beginning at 11:30 11: this morning in the museum'susm' in memorium space on the firstht floor. the image was taken in 1993. 1 >> president obama is inbamas i england this morning as thethis can and tree celebrates thetes e queen's 90th birthday. the president is set to be joined by his wife first lady ws michelle obama. oma later today they're scheduleded to have lunch with queenith qu elizabeth, ii at windsorwind it will be the third time that t they have met with the queen and in the evening the firstir family will dine with prince william, duchess kate andnd
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palace. >> if if your social media skills are world class buckingham palace has a jobhas j for you. the british monarchy is looking for someone to leadne te its digital engagementgament efforts.ef that means youfo could end up tweeting for the queen. queen it pays between 65 and 72,000 a year plus you get free lunch c every day at buckinghamng palace. that's a nice >> yeah. why not.why n >> that's a pretty good deal. dl >> free lunch at the palace?lunp >> yeah. all you got to do is tweet.weet. >> man. >> i'm sure he she has toas approve it first sure.t s you don't just make it up. >> applications. the district is a popular city for bicyclist.ycst >> a live look outside as wes head to break on this friday fri morning. weather and traffic on the 5's coming up next.ex >> ♪ ♪ democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle.
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>> back now at 5:13.>> b breaking news that could n impact your morning commute.rnin you're looking live at thee at e outer loop of the beltway in temple hills. hil police investigating a deadly crash we just learned that theth right lane and shoulder are and getting by. the crash happened beforepene 2 o'clock this morning. the crash involved a car an c tractor-trailer and one personr was killed. k erin como is going to have toav much more on this in two minutes. >> waking up to a warm startm s on this friday morning.orning. 67 degrees here in d.c. but very new exceptions mostons of us around the d.c. are starting the day off inay on the mid 60's.0's. pittsburgh a little cooler 58. 52 degrees in binghamton newamtw york. we're ahead of a frontal aro system that will bring a thang little bit of cooler air for your saturday but out ahead of d it a nice southerly flow isws keeping the warmth in it will be another warmnothw one today with temperatureswithe getting back to the mid to upper 70's. however, you see the rain the r coming through west virginia vni here.
5:15 am
little bit and our futurecastutc will show that because we doausw have that concert starting atin 9 o'clock down at farragutt square park. here's 6:00 6:0 it's tracking the rain prettyn e well and look at how it breakste it up as it comes out of thef mountains.moun this is good news for thehe concert goers at 9 o'clock this morning, maybe just a couple of showers here and here there but very spo spotty laterr on. . it's not until we head intoil w the afternoon and eveningnd eveg hours that we see the thunderstorms and showerders activity becoming more widespread. even holding off into theo evening hours for some locations. cold front moves off to ourov east. maybe not fast enough that we e don't get a spotty shower shower during the early morning hoursno on saturday. s but by saturdaday afternoon afto we're back into the sunshine. sh sunday is full of sunshine anduh a beautiful day withit temperatures getting back into the low to mid 70's. so, a gorgeous weekend pretty much coming up here. cing 72 mild again maybe earlyaybear clouds and showers on saturday s but the afternoon is good.oo and sunday is just a beautiful f day all around. here's your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast. 78 for you
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again, we'll be dodging dodgi showers and storms though not to everybody will see them.y ll s 72 for your saturday. sat 73 for sunday.un then look at next week. w starts off like summer, like arl june forecast.june fas 87 on monday.y. 83 on tuesday. another cold front swingsrontwi through knocks us back to 74knoc on wednesday before we go back to 80 on really starting to heat up in u the weather department roads are business z erin como has ero got your traffic.r t >> that's right, mike, 5:16 5:1 this morning already.dy wow. outer loop completely shut down at saint barnabas roadin between that point and five and for the deadly crashdly c investigation. right now we're seeing oneeeinon lane get by single.ine. it looks to be folks stuck intui the backup between saint barnabas road and the closurean at five. we'll let you know if that changes but as we move cameras m i'm going to show that you traffic is completely at a standstill prior to theo diversion point right this is again at 414 and you14 d can see traffic is not they're waiting to exit att 414. again i'll let you know if lw they start to let this tra
5:17 am
through but again it looksn itlk like they're just clearing out r the backup that was stuck between those closure pointssurs on the outer loop.on right now i would still sayti your best bet is to exit att 210. traffic will move a little bitte better there before you get stuck in that major backup.majoc in addition to this problemro that we're dealing with on thehe outer loop, let's take a live al look outside over the americanha legion bridge the outer looputel is also completely we're dealing with a stalledh aa car. it's taking out two left lanes right now. right lane is getting by butut it's causing a pretty bigrey backup on the outer loop thisth morning. again over the american legionca bridge.idge. we'll let you know as soon asyo those lanes reopen.reo a look back at our maps. m we're dealing with some othere h issues this morning. mni 66 eastbound that was shutt wass down earlier this morning ass well.ll. traffic is moving on 66 eastbound after the connector road. it was an earlier vehicle fireve and crash.dra as you can see right now it'sow' green now that traffic is getting b keeping a close eye on thatose t deadly crash on the outer loop as you make your way out out through tem
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we'll keep you updan thatt situation. back to you. t >> if you ride a bike or walko r in the district new proposed ppo law will make it easier for you to be compensatee compe fundamental you're hurt or ifl o your property is damaged in ay m collision with a driver.rive the motor vehicle collision act passed committee this weekmi and is now on its way to the full council for if the council does approvepp mayor bowser will have to sign off on that act.t a days after in order ord symptom announced it wased laying off hundreds of workersfe another retailer is making big cut backs. bac sears holdings corporationdis co announced they'll close nearlyln 80 stores.80 most of th se closures willl affect k-mart but about 10bout 0 sears department stores willrt also close. the illinois based company has y been struggling for years andfoa in february it said it wouldld accelerate the closing of unprofitable stores.tore new hurdle for victims of vs the ashley madison hack.ashl a federal judge ordered 42rded 4 plaintiffs in a lawsuita against the online matchlth making service will have toill h reveal the identities todent continue with the lawsuit. hackers gained access to theed c company's computer system i
5:19 am
july 2015 and later leakeder personal information related inf to more than 30 million accounts.unts >> ♪ >> 5:19 is the time. 59 let's take a look at thek at stories that you're engaginge eg with the most on social media m this morning with our realtime t news tracker and first up, social media explodesal following the death of music mic icon in the first five hours after ha news broke of his death, dea 25 million people had 61 million facebook mil interactions related to hiss legacy.lega this is according to a spokeswoman for the socialr media z now, prince became thew, top trending t perm on twitterwi worldwide shortly after hisrt death was reported with more than 6 million tweets payingying tribute to the musician. mic also this morning> al volkswagen has reached a deal da to buy back nearly 500,00000,0 diesel cars in the unitedin theu states that are equipped with illegal emissions software. stw lawyers are still negotiating nt the fines that the company,s the car company must pay ass well as compensation that owners will receive. rei and speaking of cars, t
5:20 am
d.c. dmv has called off new mandatory driver educationdu that was scheduled to takeak effect may first. fst new drivers can still takeak approved education classes to get ready to hit the roads butut mandatory courses have been suspended indefinitely.initel more classes the better cla for the back to prince. yobau know, what's fascinatingci to me about prince is when he started in the late 70's, he was -- basically a nobody.ob >> like a one hit wonder ionr heard.ard. >> even before then when heenhe got his record contract withontc warner brothers he convinced coi them now we're talking about aka guy with a record deal, aeal, first record deal convinced conc them to let him produce all of o his music and write all of hisf >> and that was amazing backzi b then to do that.t. >> amazing at that time.zi >> of course as he went along to be an advocate forngs ae fo musicians and their musical musc rights.rights >> yeah and the dispute withd ti warner brothers later on in o the 90's, yeah.'s,eah. he was amazing. ama >> he was prolific and afic a he'll be missed and just jt unbelievable.ev >> a guy ahead of his time.f hi. and also think about this.nkut t think about his look back inook the 70's.e 70
5:21 am
>> through the 80's.hrou >> yeah.>> >> think about that, how different he was and how and h people still liked him and him embraced it.aced during that time period that per was not popular. >> right. it was taboo and that's what i loved about him because my mom m was like you can't listen to't o that music and everything everyh about it just drew me in. me in. he will be missed. >> absolutely. >> of course here this didn't h take long.erg. next wizards hiring a newizar coach one week after the team's season came to ace dide d that a intermonthing end.nd. plus broadway, they'rey, t paying tribute to prince. pri the cast of hamilton goingn goig crazy on stage to one of his ofh hit songs, the video coming up. >> ♪
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> the hottest cornerback onotte the market is headed torket redskins park for a visitor v talking about all pro joshro j norman. earlier this week the carolina l panthers decided to rescind the nonexclusive franchise tagsg on norman making him a freengima agent. agent. a number of other teams
5:24 am
also interested in norman butorb the first visit will be in ashburn. big news for the> washington a week after randyin whitmanhi coached his final game withhis the team the organization hasiz hired his replacement.laceme scott brooks is your new your n washington wizards head basketball coach.bask the five year deal worth w $35 million for a coach whofoa o led oklahoma city to the nbaba finals in 2012 and then the there's of course the rumorsumor that this is all a plan to get kevin durant to come here because he coached kevinchedevin durant in oklahoma city.y. some analysts say don't countst on that. kevin durant probably doesn'tyon want to come here anyway. away. >> don't forget to rock the the red today.y. the capitals coming home in com need of just one more win toin advance to the second round ofoo the playoffs.yos. and here's a stats for you.. the caps went the entirehen regular season without losingin back to back games in regulation.regula let's hope they can get thepe t job done tonight.onight if not the series shifts backts to philly for game six andame xd that will be on sunday night. ng >> let's head to cincinnati.cint cubs pitcher jake arrieta hit
5:25 am
his second no hitter in theteint span of 11 regular season11 rulr starts. he threw 119 pimps struck outtrk six walked four and allowed only six balls hit in the outfield.ou that all helped his team to a 16 to nothing win and after a that final pitch a celebration i with teammates on the field f but look closely. csely there's some random dude in a a white shirt, a white t-shirt t-i some random fan and you see y se police getting him out ofting ho there. >> that's not cool.s nocool >> security guards quicklyur escorted him off that question is how was h oe able tt run down there and get on thatea field that fast.eld th they need to get that in check. chec >> and remember the little kidte who hugged. >> carmello anthony.ny. >> yeah. >> that was cute but imaginemage if there was another nefarious r plan at play. play. >> you can't just start letting people runyan to the field. that's a big no-no. nno >> it's not high schoolt's high sports. sp >> it's not high school sports. sports. >> even then you got to been y t careful. mike thomas what's up with thewi better. . >> not bad to start the day ino terms of the temperatures.of t very mild. you don't need the jacket as jks you head out the door this morning but
5:26 am
could be some showers, maybe a rumble of thunder or two.unor t we're hoping the rain holds h off for our concert wisdom martin is going to beng down there and you said sai allison seymour will be too.l bt >> allison seymour coming as well. >> great cast coming down.ast nine until 11 o'clock will beocl the actual concert time.onceim they'll be doing prince prince tributes. trib it will be great.l be gat. secret society will be downl ben there. th temperatures slob in the 60's so maybe near 70 and we are watching that group of raint grr again just out to the west to tt coming through west all of our models say it will brake up a pic as i bit as it cm across the mountains.mouains scattered showers and >> okay, erin como keeping an a eye on the roads.ds some problems already thislreadt morning. >> that's right.>> 5:26.26 still tracking this deadlydl crash scene on the southern at o at temple one right lane squeezing b traffic very slowly moving. mov they had been diverting dti everything at 414 saintt 414 san barnabas road. right now traffic is stillfic backed up from about 210. 210 i suggest exiting at 210 or0 else you're going to g
5:27 am
in that massive backup.ive let's take a camera shot out by 414 you can see once again traffic is moving under 10 miles perles hour because that one lane isone getting through.tting through. again, exit at 210 save yourself some time thisome ti ti morning. we'll keewe'll keep you updateda stalled truck blocking the blocg right lane. l left lane is getting by. lots of traffic already thislrey morning. we got you covered for friday. back to you. >> ♪ >> ahead at 5:30 landmarksarks lighting up in purple to pple to remember prince. >> coming up the latest t lates details surrounding his tragicii and unexpected death.pected dea. we'll be right back.tac >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> prince. remembering a music icon.a c i tributes pouring in thisouring morning from fans and fans celebrities around the world. wo this as new questions surrounding his death with deait some wondering if drug use may u have played a part. plus, a sad ending to theg search for a fairfax countyy firefighter. a body found near a trail at shenandoah national park iss believed to be that of nicole mittendorf. coming up what else police areoe saying about the investigation. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ this is fox5 news >> all right, 5:30 is the time. ti good morning again. a >> good morning.>> gd mo >> we got lots to talk aboutt this morning.this mor you got a lot of inrm
5:31 am
get to mike thomas right now.htn we're talking about prince p this morning. mike thomas give us a littles al quick check of the forecast.orec i'm going to honor prince by saying nothing compares you toot mike.hi >> you're the best i'm going toth he beonor him byb saying maybe some purple rain p later this afternoon.late not a whole lot maybe justbeus some scattered showers, maybeerd a thunderstorm later today andra it's dry so far this morning.o r very mild out there.very we'll have a full details onails that forecast coming up ing just a >> all right, mike, thank erin talking about theal abo problems on the roadsroads unfortunately.unatel >> deadly crash on the outerdlyr loop. right now one lane getting bylag past temple hills.emplhi huge delays bottom side of the t beltway. a disabled truck out by the by american legion on the outerhe loop as well but i'm going to gg get you around all of that.f >> all right. >> appreciate it.>> a >> thank you. >> in the news this morning,ne we've been talking about thisbo all morning many people havenine been talking about it since i s yesterday, a lot of shock thathk this actually happened. happe people around the world arounth continue to mourn the loss ofoue prince who died yesterday ateste the age of 57. of 5 this all comes as there areere e new questions surrounding his death with some wondering ifderg drug use may have been a part ap of
5:32 am
>> ♪ there are now questionser over possible drug use aftere bl the mysteriouse death of the oe music icon prince. the 57-year-old singer was found dead thursday at hist his paisley park compound iny pa minnesota. this comes nearly a week afterea his plane made an emergency erg landing in illinois fors medical reasons. reaso >> all these things will bese t looked at.look a but the most likely thing from the history is unfortunately una some kind of drug overdose.g ov. >> reporter: representativester: for the musician say he was sick with the flu. investigators are trying tosis t contact the hospital irynhospali illinois to get his medicalic records.s. >> it doesn't mean he didn'tn' have the flu.have t maybe that's true.'s but i'm concerned about this ths issue of why is he gettingng better. better >> reporter: prince>> performed a private show for fans at his home in r the minneapolis suburbs just a day a after the emergency landing. ldi >> everybody who was therevebody said he looked great.ked gre he sounded great. gat and, you know, that's nott's n consistent with somebody whohomb has the flu. flu. >> reporter: fans gathered outside paisley park and saypaia they can't believe their t favor
5:33 am
>> love prince i mean, the guy could play every instrument.insu he brought a lot of other a l o artists with him.sts i mean, and no one could do a slow song like prince. >> reporter: prince's first pnc' manager says he's shocked andhod testify stated by the loss. he also believes there is muchbi more to hear from the sevenhe s time grammy winner.ti >> i've heard that there are things at paisley park that het records and records andcoand re records and there's thingse' thg that they will be unpackinge unp for years and decades to >> reporter: prince's autopsy is expected to be done e today. we also wander to let you knowok that this morning fox5 rocks fok spring concert series atie farragut square park willut se a feature a special tribute toribu prince. the band secret society will perform several of his songs.see they're actually known forac their rendition of purple rain to close out their shows. sho our live coverage kicks off inck the 7 o'clock hour.r. >> certainly will be missed.sed. >> uh-huh. >> today's other big story, its search for missing fairf oai county firefighter that has t been suspended. suspe >> this comes after a
5:34 am
remains were found inn shenandoah national park.ah nat fox5's melanie alnwick joins alk us now live from fairfax with the latest in this story. melanie. >> reporter: wisdom and wisdom maureen, you can see there's c e just a very small memorialem here outside station 32. this was here as they were hoping perhaps that nicolet would come home safely but unfortunately, the prayers ofy, so many were not answered inwere the way that they had hoped. hap 2:00 p.m. thursday is whens w police made the news and the the family posted on a facebookac page "our hearts are broken.r bo we thank you for your support sp and ask you to keep our familyiy in your prayers in the challenging days ahead ." . as we know for five daysive search teams from the national a park service and the virginiairi police were searching in the white oak canyon we're told yesterday theyay ty discovered these femalee remains in a remote locatione l about a mile from the parking tr area and 330 yards off theds off trail in what they call call treacherous rocky terrain.ra
5:35 am
saturday night in the schenn ths tow what national park, contingents of one 20's 2 searchers looked on thehe ground, virginia state policee p brought in air units and units special mountain rappelling team to scale the cliffs and t i dive teams to look at the bottom of the waterfalls ase wer well as k-9's and again those remains yesterday then transported to the virginia state medical examiner'sdil exa office in manassas. the preliminary i.d. is that of 31-year-old nicolee mittendorf.endo. virginia state police do tell sc us that they have continued to tell us that they at thisheat point do not believe any foul al play was involved and we alsonv found out late yesterdayrday virginia state police said p that a note was found in her car at that trail parking wisdom and maureen. m >> mel ann, thanmelanie alnwicka for that. tha wisdom. wisdom. >> time to talk weather andto t mike says there's some rain inei this forecast. we got this concert seriesrt ser going this morning so if i gave you diamonds and pearls a s could you make it stopcoul
5:36 am
>> you know what, let's go crazy. >> let's go crazy. c let's get nuts. >> by the way, you got thewa look, >> thank you, mike.ou, thank you. y you raised me up one.e. we're doing prince tributeste that's what's going on here.hatn we're not really crazy.ra >> this day reminds me of a o summer day back in 1999. 1 >> is that right? kind of makes me want to ride arounde au in my little red corvette if i had one.d one. >> down opposite street.t. >> absolutely, mike very good, g mike.mi. >> thank you. >> it's a sign of the timessign when we have weather and a conversations like this. >> wisdom, i would die for you. [laughter] >> i adore you. >> 57 degrees this morning7 de here in washington.herewa 66 at dulles, 64 at gaithersburg. there's your satellite ands yo radar. there is some shower activity we're watching coming through west virginia. it's generally light and ourighd models are being very consistent this morning withtent saying it will break up andwi be we're counting on that for the a concert series this morning. please do come down and see us. us. farragut square park.fa wisdom will be down thererr starting at wil
5:37 am
three day forecast here 78 today. scattered no's everybody will see them. we'll get the sun back b wysun k tomorrow afternoon. that's a check of theat's forecast. erin has got a check of the the roads. hey erin.erin. >> hey. >> very unfortunately very busyus morning.morng. 5:37. traffic is getting by at this deadly crash. crash things are basically parkedallyr leading towards that scene. sce i would say still suggestll s exiting at 210 to get aroundro that big delay this morning.ay we'll keep you posted on that. n we'll move it over to ar different look at one of ourloo cameras and show you the y.lay. this extends a few miles. mil traffic is basically parked onic the outer loop by 414. that is where traffic had been h being diverted earlier thishi morning. mo and the outer loop good newsgood by the american legion bridge.rg a disabled truck that was that taking out two of the left the l lanes cleared. all lanes opened and traffic is quieter but the inner loop is getting a little bitutting al crowded by the american legion as usual.
5:38 am
district. a big crash scene closing florida avenue northwestorth between 14th and 13th street. s so avoid that area. a we'll certainly keep you kee posted on that one and take a ta look at the rest of our friday i morning commute. back to you guys.. >> ♪ >> still ahead some d.c. d public school students beings be tester for exposure to ae dangerous chemical afterl drinking their school's water.sw we're going to tell hugh ishughi affected. >> plus a live look outsidea lio right now ink minneapolis, minnesota. this is first avenue, princee,ri fans gathering outside a clubb there. they've been out all night n long paying tribute to the purple one, his royal coming up we're going to telloio you how broadway alsoadway a remembered the music legend l last night.ight >> ♪ ♪
5:39 am
democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to put food on the table.
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>> ♪ >> we're back with your health watch at 5:41. congress getting closer to approving at least half of the funding president obamapresidt a requested to fight the zikad to virus here in the unitedre states. some key parts of the deal are e still being worked out. comes as news that more than t 2 billion people live in parts n of the world are zika canan spread. spre d.c. public schools willhosw have hundreds of students tested for lead.ed fead. after high levels are found in v drinking waters at three athre elementary schools. schoo here are the schools minor elementary school on schlo 15th street northeast. northeas. pane elementy
5:42 am
street southeast and capitol hill montessori school atchoo a logan on g street northeast.orea city officials say all say compromised water sources haveru been shut down. d looks like man's bestlike'sb friend is also good for youror u health. al researchers found that olderfoul people who form strong bonds st with their dogs tend to be in better physical p that's because they walk themse often more. tmor it also increases social soc benefits because you meet m other pet owners. oer i was the the research didn't find a direct link they say pet friendly residences couldced boost the health of residents.e. >> we flu our four leggedou lege friends were good for us.oo for >> outside you're being active n so it all adds up.ll add >> i got to get a dog. tget >> that's what you got to doot get a d >> i don't know. keep me moving.keep >> coming up after the break tre we're going to check in with wit annie yu actually. act she's live from the scene ofe fe that deadlcey accident on the beltway. and a live look outside as s we head to break on this friday morning. morng. we continue to talk aboutk ab
5:43 am
we're going to talk about how your weekend is looking. lki mike thomas is back with thatckt and hopeful there will will be no controversy about anythinguta that he has to say . >> [laughter]
5:44 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
5:45 am
>> we're back at 5:45 withack a breaking new the outer loop of the beltwaythl shut down because of anuse o accident there.he we're hearing that it's at' a deadly accident that has shuth s down parts of the outer loopf t there. ther there are detours that y
5:46 am
need to take.need t erin como will give us the the details on that in one moment. n but again you're looking at loog the outer loop. temple hills maryland area shut down because of a deadlybe ppcident that happened justcahaa about an hour ago. ago we have a crew headed to thed to scene. hopefully we can get a livelly c report in just a couple of cple minutes but again, it's a messsm out there. if you need the take that way tw to work or that's your commutemm route, we have a work around wka for you erin como will share wls with us in a moment. mom but in the meantime wisdom s do you have a prince reference to toss to mike toss to >> mike hopefully i won't be delirious after your forecastyor for today or the weekend. wee >> i hope not. n i'm not -- n >> i'm moving on. >> but i still have this one. o this is a go-to for today.od purple rain and maybe thunderstorms later thisundermss afternoon. not everybody will see themyb and actually out there it's a mild start to the day and it'odi a dry start so 67 degrees here in washington. i 62 for richmond, 64 for raleigh.rale 58 in pittsburgh.n ittsbu we'll get into some cooler air r
5:47 am
for the today today pretty day . you can see it's starting to stn break up a little bit as itittli comes across the t that's going to be veryng tbe vy important for our concertrtfor series down at farragut squaret park here at 9 o'clock. 9 o'clo watch futurecast again as it ast pulls this energy out of the e mountains it breaks it up so u fingers crossed that that iss the maybe an isolated shower or two but it looks like the bulsok b of that activity should breakd b up. we head into the afternoon hours, we have scatterede sc showers and thunderstorms evenoe through the evening hours ash tn well. now, the actual front won'tont actually come through untile t very early right there veryy early on saturday morning.aturd. so, probably start out sta saturday with some cloudsome c before we get back into the t sunshine during the afternoon.a all right, we he do haveght, nationals baseball tonight. tig. nats are back at home takingomek on the minnesota twins.sota t here's what you can expect.xpec maybe some thunderstorms. i think they'll get the game'llh in. we may have to just watch outatt for maybe a rain delay but idey do think that they will get the game in at the same time thm as the capitals game tonightga at 7 o'clock as well so shouldlo be a bus
5:48 am
skipping ahead to next week, aat very, very warm start to thetart next work week. w week. in fact, it's going to feel like a little bit of summertle f time around here on mondayonay afternoon.teoon. 80's for sure. could be even do a 90-degree 9de read organize two just southrg and west of d.c.anwest absolutely possible.os see that on your fox5see that o accuweather 7-day forecast? again, 78 degrees today. 78 ay weekend not looking too bad at t all. saturday afternoon back to sunshine.hi all day sunday sunshine. sunsh start next week off very all right, that's the weather. a erin has got traffic. >> okay, 5:48 right now and wee are dealing with big backups. b. this is the outer loop a deadly crash investigation at at temple hills.ills just one lane ahead of thatt scene squeezes by.sque they had temporarily closed all lanes between saintet barnabas and five branchab avenue. now because of this gianthis gi crash scene, we are seeing s huge backups 33 extend all the way to the wilson bridge now.wilson bri the outer loop completely jammed. if you can pick an alternatecan this morning, i really suggest s or else you could be addingg
5:49 am
commute getting from the woodrow wilson bridge as youon b make your way through branchhrgh avenue. anticipate on the inner loope that gets heavier this time ofsm the morning.the you may seemo rubber neck delayy pick up because of that big thab scene. the crash was involving ah wavoa tractor-trailer and a vehicle.te annie yu right now is live atsiv that location with more details on the backup and thatnt crash.cras annie, what can you tell us? tel >> reporter: hey, good h morning to you, you, . i mean, boy, there are some significant backups here. here. we're live overlooking thiskingt accident on temple hill roadl rd in temple hills, maryland, here, overlooking the outerookig loop. there you see it. if you're headed out thiersadedt morning you need to be aware of this significant backup onca the outer loop as youyou mentioned erin between saint bet barnabas road and branchabas avenue due to that fatal car crash. right now we're actuallye act seeing two lanes get by.ngwo l they actually opened up the shoulder looks like on thelder right-hand side there so ind mean there's a snailing and crawling getting by but thisy bt happened just before 2 o'clock and so for hours now thersow delays have just gotten worseenw because at one pointe authorities had all lanes shutht down so think about
5:50 am
was those delays just piling but a short tngime ago they didy open up the right lane and the a right shoulder so you're abler e to get by but as you can seeu c you are crawling, moving at a snail's pace. again outer loop approaching apo saint barnabas road the rightab lane right shoulder now r getting by. the backup looks like iga goodla two to 3 miles long. lg. to avoid all of this your bestur bet is to exit at 210. a this accident happened just before 2:00.befo 2 maids state still looking intoin this two-vehicle we came up on the inner loop and this is involving a tractor-trailer.r. they're still cleaning thisill up, still it does involve a fatality, soas keep in mind that these thingsti do take time. te. the investigation is going tois probably be for awhile longer ln but the backups certainly going to put you back as youou u mentioned, erin, 45 to maybeo even an hour. an hr. back to you in the studio he.di >> all right, thank you for.nkof that an update on that heartbreaking story in fairfaxax county. an annandale man facing fac charges this morning after thets death of a two-year-old girl t who spent all day in a hot a hot car. car. investigators say the childigat was inhe
5:51 am
mother's boyfriend daiquanie dai fields. he told police he forgot aboutbo the toddler after dropping offg two other kids. it wasn't until seven hourst une later when he picked underwhen mother that he realized thelize child was still in the car. fields called 911 but it was b too late. he faces child neglect and c neg involuntary manslaughterau charges. >> also in fairfax county, fai police are trying to figurere t out what led to the death of aea teenager who was found unresponsive in a school officers were called to lake braddock secondary school in berk around 6:00 wednesdayes night. when they arrived they found 16-year-old brenda soto. brenda. she was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a fairfax county policeic spokesperson says there's no t o threat of the safety of theety f students at this time.this and in delaware a 16-year-old student is deadol after a fight broke out in thetr girl's bathroom at a high school in wilmington.n wil police say the assault took t place when students arrived atsa the school for the day.r e a witness says the victim hit ht her head on a bathroom sink. s two students are being b questioned but so far no charges have been filed.s have
5:52 am
also remembering prince. p >> the cast of the -- the -- >> ♪ >> last night's show with an exuberant dance set to the set song let's go crazy. >> ♪ hamilton creator tweeted car earlier in the day that he wast gutted by the news of they thew icon's death. the celebration may haven looked spontaneous but mirandaur says hamilton's musical m director spent the day working on it. it. >> yeah, i mean, prince, hee touched so many lives from the time he came onto the scene ince the late, real late 70's going n into the 80's up until now. so much music.uch he was always in the studio. there's probably catalogs ofogof music in the studio right now. >> one of the -- one of hisf first producers or managers man said that his catalog was so w vast that we'll be hearing'll bh prince music for decades too come, that's how much has notas been released.el >> yeah. >> just a profound loss.foun los you just feel it
5:53 am
>> and one of the sad facts, i c never got a chance to see him h all this music and all this -- i i never got a chance to see s him live. he was here last year. >> was it the freddie gray -- g >> i can't remember what itan't was for but he did as performance. it was one of those pop-upop concerts. they were selling tickets.e i didn't get a chance to get a ticket. >> i remember we joked aboutbe that. >> and i regret that. ndears i was on my my way to vegas and he had a clublb in vegas where he washe h performing. pe he closed thrfe club do you know like a month before i got bef there. i was ready to go he to e thougready to go tothat show. s. >> we always thought he wasay going to be here for every. no one lives forever but youer t kind of think he's not going not >> he had had bitter disputeterp with warner brothers in thenebrt mid 90's.mid 90's. they had just resolved that and they were getting ready toe go back and make some new music and they were going to remaster purple rain.rema it's a sad's sad l but we have his music, his music lives on. >> yes, we do.
5:54 am
>> probably so many songs out there. >> all of our icons -- icons - remember when fife dog passedss away. now this happens.this i said on facebook -- itebook wasn't like i was an ardentwas a prince fan but his music m touched me in a way that w t others didn't because it justust sort of awoke something in mengn as a preteen going throughng thr those feelings. >> and he was so different.was . >> yeah. >> law a unique guy,aw uni completely unique and playedyed by his own rules claw cool. >> that i can get with. wh. time to say good morning tong our fox5 facebook fan of the day. it is wanda >> wanda is turning 60 thiss tun sunday and says fox5 has beenoxe part of her morning routine rou for many years. she says she loves the fox5 teams. team thank you very much wanda forana watching. >> hey, come down to farraguto f square park. you can meet two of our team out members this morning, for a chance to be tomorrow's tm facebook fan of the day head to fox5 facebook page post a selfie and comment undernt under wanda's beautiful picture.ture. okay, this friday we havethf a special givrie away specialpe because it's fun for the whole w family and also because you a
5:55 am
can only enter on facebook.eb >> all right, you can win four n tickets to see the new stage production of the wizard of oz f at the national theater. theat to enter go to our facebookurac page at d.c.x5 d.. between now and 11:59.1: one winner will be selected byct random drawing on april 25th. 2 the prize is provided by the national theater. >> ♪ >> mike thomas. tho >> we've been paying tributete all morning long to prince.o pri >> to prince. >> by our conversation. >> with tosses. tosse you have this sly grin. t >> like you did some rhiesearcha >> i came prepared this >> you the? well, let me tell m you something if you're in thehe prepared i feel for you.or y >> that was one of mine.f every day is a winding road,. ra >> that's true.>> t >> i like that one.>>ike either one of you want to give me diamonds and pearls, i'llrlsl gladly accept. >> if i was your girlfriend,s r mike, i would give you diamond o and pearls.and that's a song. no, that's a prince song. son stay in
5:56 am >> i'll tell you what maureen, e let's pretends we're >> i like that mike.that mik >> you should have said that first and i would have saidnd yes and then you could haveld h given me diamonds and pearlsnd because if i were yourere girlfriend i would ad tore you. you. >> my gosh. >> i'm in it now. in it. yup, yup. >> showers and thunderstormsrs a possible later today.poss weekend looks nice.weekend lo maybe some showers on saturdayn morning but after that, all tt,l good. go >> okay. it's 'cause you know it never rains -- or snows in >> it never snows -- sometimes-m it snows in april. >> in d.c. it snows in april.c.i i mean once in awhile.ile. okay, erin como more seriousorer news, though, you guys ares a battling quite an issue on the beltway. beltway. >> that's right. thank you most beautiful girlst in the world. >> i like that erin b como. >> drop the mic. drop >> it's over. o >> let's take a look at what a w is happening on 270 southbound.hb there's construction after the spur at democracy boulevard.leva two right lanes are look at 270 right now.t they'r ae doing sign removal. rv you are stacked basically s parked all the way back to west montgomery. montg i would say exit before thatefot point, t
5:57 am
the beltway or else you're ee y going to get stuck in about 30 3 to 45 extra minutes of traffic t that you're not anticipating anp before the 6 o'clock hour. h we'll take a look at a hugeat ag backup on the beltway outer loop from the woodrow wilson bridge to five. got you covered. fox5 news back in a few.
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> right now at 6 o'clock we5 t have breaking news on theaknews beltway. a deadly crash halting traffic c
6:00 am
shut down this hour. >> ♪ >> you said it was okay if we of wanted to go crazy and we all adored him.ed h this morning we remember the guitar slaying musical genius beethoven of our times, times prince. >> as the nation mournsion mours prince's death a communityommuny mourns over the search for aseaa virginia firefighter. more on the gut wrenchingthe gu discovery that police made yesterday.yesterday. >> and a live look outside. oute it is friday april 2 what a mess out erin will be along shortly.hort really going to want to check ce her out before you head outead o the door today.oor today. weather and traffic coming up u on the 5s at 6:05. 6:0 good morning to you, i'm'm allison seymour.lin se >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mg of course you can see behindeh us this was the news that really shocked so many people pl


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