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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox right now at 10, a baltimore television station became the news when a man dressed in a panda costume threatened to blow the station up. he was nodding his head no. fox5 was there for the dramatic standoff that ended in gunfire. tough love or abuse. a northern virginia father is facing charges after this videov of him becoming his son onis social media.. what he told fox5. plus rat infestations are overre running parts of the district. now the city is finally takingy action to rid us of the rodentsr fox5 local news at 10 starts now. we thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawnhawn yancy. a baltimore television station is back on the air tonight after a story came right to them in a way they never expected. take a look, this man walked into the station, made demands and then
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a bomb.. we've now confirmed the identity of the man at the center of today's bizarre events. his name is alex breezy. marina maracco is life at his h house where atm agents are continuing to search his elk ridge home. marina. >>reporter: tony, you can see the agents gathering just behint me. they've just executed that t search want and have enteredre alex breezy's parents' home in elk ridge, maryland and atf agents believe that's where the suspect lives as well.ves i want to show you the scene because it is very much active. they are looking at something that will give them some sort of motive or explosions or guns that he my have had in the home. sources say this 25 year old mao had no criminal history. they're recovering evidence, bue since this afternoon wernoo understand from sources that they were watching his every move at the news station. and then a robot was able to w make its way to the
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and find the car that was burning in flames and trace the maryland plates back to this home and that's how they located the suspect's house. now they saturday on this house pretty much all afternoon until the suspect's father arrived ono the scene here. according to sources, the father has been fully cooperative this entire afternoon.erno now, the suspect's facebook s page, a telltale sign of what was to come today.e you can see the surgical mask he's wearing in his profile picture, the very same mask he's believed to have worn today.. it's being described basically b as a panda outfit onsituate. a flash drive in under that, a surgical mask covering his face. at first site appeared to be an explosive. those devices were actuallyy chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil with wiring connecting each of them. this 25 year old howard county man walked into the
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station in baltimore and made ia clear what he wanted. the guy said he had something worse than a panama papers. he said he had huge scoop that we needed to run. he definitely said i'm not afraid to die.afra i want to get my message across. i have a bomb strapped to my chest. for 40 minutes they tried to tri keep the suspect calm. out in station's parking lot, l the suspect's car up in flames in what police was arson. eventually he walked out, buickb forward police commands.rwar they were in pretty quickk succession, boom, boom, boom. three baltimore police officerso fired at least three shots and a finally were able to take him into custody. at this point the suspect remains in a baltimore area hospital in serious, but ta
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condition. no word if he's cooperating. however, we know from sources s that his family has been fully cooperative with theco investigation and we're expecting charges any minute now. life tonight from elk ridge, maryland, fox5 local news. > if you were outside, you know it was a soggy day out there and you may to keep your umbrellasas handy because sue says we're in for more rainy weather tomorrow. in in fact, it could last through the weekend.nd. we're getting our share of rain. that's right, shawn. we were running dry for a couple months there but we're starting to make it up. many places picking up just over a half an inch. let me show you radar because the first batch has moved on through and this is actually aly line of thunderstorms in west virginia virginia that as we pulled through weakened out to some it will help eliminate brushh fires down the road as we get stocked up a little bit. a l there are still some
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storms pushing through centralhi virginia right you nowng. y it looks like everything is winding down in west virginia. they were under a severe thunderstorm watch until # 1, but that just got canceled. look at the direction of the wind. it's right out of the on east e and northeast. feeling like early march. kind of miserable out there to be perfectly honest with a lot of mist and drizzle when you weren't getting the steadier reign. it is down to 40-degrees. it's also going to be cool. visibilities are a down to a mile and a half in martinsburg. not so bad in the district, but patchy fog will be around laterr tonight. so expect more of the same tomorrow. there will be off and on light l showers through the no thunder expected. a look at the weekend, i wouldn say it's not the best weekendekn we've had. h it does look like saturday willw be cloudier and a little bitdi dryermenert the rain showers wos come through mainly in the evening and the bulk of the rain on sunday would be in the first half of the day tapering off toa showers later. one other thing i want
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about sunday there will be a warm front that is trying tong come through.come sometimes this is a hard pattern to get rid of. we've got to honker down for a couple of more days of off and on showers, mist, drizzle and fog.g. everything everyone lochs ineryo d.c. in p a. > speak for yourself, sue palka. >> for the gardeners. > there you go, thank you. tonight we are learning new details about prince's death. law enforcement officials sayias the singer may have died from af drug overdose. o they found prescription painkillers when they foundy f prince at his paisely park a home in minute annapolis. he died one week ago. w autopsy results are not expected for another three to four weeks. > we're learning new details about a deadly standing in montgomery county.mont the victim maria bunk a was 20 weeks pregnant. they charged her fiance with heh murder. officers were calledç to an apartment on houston avenue in tacom
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they found her suffering from s several stab wounds.s. her throat was slashed. the baby she was caringying did not survive. s we talked with one resident who did not want to be identified. she tells us her neighborhood is normally are quiet. >> we never have this kind of thing. this is my first time i hear that. police are still investigating this case. in the meantime innages a is being held on $5 million bond. in prince william county no word of woman missing for a week. w friends are concerned about her she was last seen leaving a cvs store on touch stone. her family found her reporting two days later. her car was found near her car. people are asking anyone withne information about lopez' whereabouts to contact
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on the elevated lead levels found in dozen d.c. public schools. simon elementary school today in an effort to help parents and students see the led testingin process. in the meantime the district t general services are testing the water sources of all d.c. public schools. officially say nearly 100 students have tested negativeiv for led so far. there is no crisis. in fact, we did in an abundancee in caution, we did provide testing at the one school where they did not tag out or put the tag on a water source. and the water source had tested high and they turned it back on. and so the testing that we dida to the children there, no child tested high. > school officials say new protocols will assure test for led are conducted on every source of water and that tainted sources are turned off. > coming up tonight, it's a ton story you're going to want to to so. the controversialto punish a lol father gave his son for skippi
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school. all day went bikes he didn't h call. so now it's discipline time. d and thisis is the discipline. the father posted this video of him boxing his son on social media. tonight he's facing charges. we're go to tell you what the dad told fox5 about his actions coming up next. a popular snap chat app is at is the center of a lawsuit after a young woman chased her car. the apps link to the accident next at 10.
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you know what to do here. a prince william county fatherty is in trouble with the law aftew he posted this video of himself becoming with his teenage son.ea the father says he was teaching his son discipline and how tod h defense himself at the samehe s time. the question is is it tough discipline or is it abuse? it depends on who you ask. sarah simmons is following the f story and she is here with
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it's gone viral.. plenty of people have seen it and plenty of people have an opinion about it. take you digs he was told himself to turn himself in to the prince william shear after after he posted this video. he says they are a boxing family and it's no one's place to judge how he takes care of his business in his house. the law is not on his side. sid we want to warn you, the video may be disturbing for some to watch that hurt, didn't it. >> this is video posted to a a facebook by a father known as take you digs.ou he says he's disciplining his h 17 year old son in class. disciplining for not followingni myng directs, secondly teaching him how to defense himself. tai digs then shows himself. he says they're a boxing familyf in the vi
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scolding his son about his behaviorç while throwing punch. stop acting stupid. you know what to do here. you want to play around with school. they don't have to come get the work, do they? a psychologist we talked with called the video disturbing. >> he's beating his child. it's not really teaching him a lesson, except the lesson is humiliation. he's a boy a you solve your problems by fighting out with your fist and then no other place can you do that, in your job or in school. sch second of all, it's not making m the boy feel good about himself. it's humiliation. after the boxing ends, tai digs focuses the camera on his son's bloody face. >> i'm sorry. what's wrong with you, boy?
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again fox5 talked with the father by phone and he says that he just busted his son's lip ana gave him a bloody nose, but nothing long-lasting. he also says he's being charged with domestic assault and battery. he also says if given the chance his son would not want him to be punished. tony? snap chat is being suedg over its speed filter which lets you document how fast you're driving at the time of when are ' making a video. last september 18 year old crystal mage recorded hearseorde while she was going over 100 miles per hour before she struck another car. the teen even continued to use t snap chat after the crash taking photos of her injuries as you see here writing, quote, lucky to be alive.. the lawsuit claims snap chat should have been aware of the t danger caused by the feed filter and did nothing to remove or change it.chan a series of metro malfunctions have bee
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over the next few weeks and now a masstive repair blitz is underway on the redline. this is a look where today crews started cleaning tunnels and inspecting power cables and booths much the work is being done from the van necessary tosr the medical center stations. the goal is to stop the water leaks and the rusting and corroding of electrical lines on the tracks. looking at all the cables, c booths and just cables in general, track, anything withck the third rail itself leaks. basically we patched the leaks,l but as you know it's a losing battle out there. until you get in and redo it, i you can't control it. in order to complete the work, w metro says there will be major delays starting tonight and throughout the weekend. virginia may soon vote on whether right to work laws should be added to the state constitution. the national right to workht t foundation is hoping to add the measure to the ballot this november. 26 states currently have righty to work laws.
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forced or required to join a labor union. critics called the move desperate. this is really about not trusting future generations wito their own decisions about what o kind of labor market and what kind of virginia they want to wn be. that's what the critics mightcs say. the fact is no right to work lal has been over turned where wed haven't gotten it back immediately well, the economicoc policy says an estimated 55 percent of young workers view unions as favorable. the strike against verizon isga now in its third week. the company says it is a victim t of sabotage, but doesn't know if the striking workers are to blame. some of its equipment was damaged in new jersey, n pennsylvania and in new york and it's had an effect on service in those areas as well. some 36,000 verizon workers walked off the job at a contract dispute. they are fighting for pay raisin against
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jobs. > there's much more to come at 10. teisha. >>reporter: >>reporter: buckle your seat sa belts. this next story is about to take off for a big surprise for a soldier returning from an oversees deployment. a local boy scout troops' big camping trip could be in jeopardy because someone stole all their gear. ge stick around we'll he's be right back.
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i can see all obstacles in my new at 10, fox5 is in loudon county tonight where a dulles air force based pilot surprised his son who returning home from a redeployment in question tacki the solder had no idea his dad would be flying the plane. fox5's teisha lewis joins us with the story. >>reporter: what a
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everybody was in on it from the crew to the passengers and of course the airline. it all went off without a hitchh of course cameras were rolling and passengers were posting to social media. we've seen so am of these surprise reunion videos, but this one tops the list. you've seen them before. instant tier jerkers. showing surprise reunions between soldiers and loved ones. this was no exception on board b on board this military flight. apparently this video has made a lot of people cry. it made me cry. fox5 local news caught up with
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surprised his son whos was was returning home after a nine-month deployment. united was chattered to do a a military charter.tary i happened to see it and was able to pick it up and so my wife and i kept that a surprise. we wanted to surprise him on his return home. his eyes opened up like saucers. he was extremely surprised. s we just embraced and hugged. > the two just couldn't stop crying and hugging. when i was hugging him i did say, welcome home, i love you. and kissed him on the cheek and we just hugged for a few minutes captain lobes lives in gainesville, virginia. this youtube video showing the two reuniting has nearly 200,00a views and counting. it's nice that something touches our hearts and we
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and caring human beings. > a surprise reunion happened in frankfurt, germany at the beginning of the flight. first lieutenant lobes was stationed in key wait. he never had an opportunity quite like this. it just makes me smile. smi it's one of those incredibleble things. >> i love it.e it > it's the feel good story of the week. a lot of people ask what do youu do when you get back after being deployed for nine months. first lieutenant lobes is enjoying a bates ball game is what i'm told. > thank you.hank coming up will farrell was was castellani to play president ronald reagan in an upcomingg union. we're going to tell you why reagan's family is trying to try stop this film from going into production. one local boy scout troop is in the trenches after someone stols their supplies for an upcoming trip. these stories and much more ahead at
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this is fox5 local newsç at 10. we're back now with a look at tonight's top headlines. we begin tonight with marinaight maracco life in baltimore. marina? >>reporter: yeah, atm agents a just finished searching the home of 25 year old alex breezy, the suspect that police say walked into fox 45 in baltimore andre threatened the station with explosives. he was wearing a panda onis and a flotation device filled with i chocolate bars. he was shot by police and is expected to survive. a prince william county father is in trouble with the law after he posted a video of himself boxing his 17 year old son. the father who calls himself tai digs on facebook say says he was teaching him son how to defensew himself at the same time. he was told to turn himself
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the sheriff and he is facing charges. today they held a walk through at simon elementary school. i was an effort to help parents and students see the led testing process. nearly 100 students have tested negative for led so far. it has been a year now since the death of freddie gray and the te right osteomyelitis that sweptmy through a sectioeln of baltimor. feet end state law enforcementte are still investigating the riots. a number of businesses were vandalized and burned to the ground. even though police have made hav several arrests they are still looking for the people responsible, including an arsonn at the cvs, an arson at a pawn shop on pratt street. a rite aid. and an arson at a senior center on chester street. police ever offering up to $10,000 for information thatin leads to an arrest in these cases. also in baltimore, police areal stillti defensing yesterday's shooting of a 13 year old boy by who was carrying out what turned out to be a bibi gun.
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walking down the street when they ordered him to drop the gun. they shot him once in the leg t and in the shoulder. he is expected to be okay. his mother told them she knew her son left the house with the gun. > this next story may have you saying who would do such a thing. the boy scouts were planning on taking over a trip to west virginia but that may have to be canceled because they have no gear. trailer that is used to store over $10,000 in equipment is missing. matt ackland has more. >>reporter: the scout master says this happened betweend b monday and tuesday here in this church parking lot.arki the trailer was parked right over here in this space. i was backed up against this storage container so the back bc door couldn't be opened.ould the cost of the trailer estimated right around $3,000, $ but what was inside, the
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equipment, well, that's estimated over 10 thousand dollars it took years toit purchase the camping equipmentqp inside this trailer.. some of it even donated to boy scout troop number 436789 num probably about $10,000 worth of tenths, stoves, cooking equipment, lat earns, tables, popup canopies, water l coolers, touch offance, pretty much imagine your boy scout camping we probably had it in there. t troop leader roger henderson had to break the news to the boys. i was all gone. g i told them, sometimes bad things happen. it's better what we do now that defines our character. connie thompson has been happy b to allow the troop to park their trailer, and have them meet in their church. chu she and many others can't understand why someone would take the scouts' supplies. i think it's horrible. it's desperate. they want you toak
10:33 pm
good look at the trailer. it even has a missing left fender. any clue could be helpful. troop leader henderson says hea has maked feelings about thed people who didfe this. sometimes i think the dregs of society that would steel a boyl scout trailer away from a church those are people sometimes i think need a boy scout program c more than anybody else. police told they don't think the equipment was taken to a pawn shop and simply sold. the scouts are holding out hope that possibly this trailer will be spotted and they'll get their equipment back. bac in manassas, matt ackland, fox5f a local news. we have a picture we want you to take a look at. it's pretty amaying. a viewer sent this to us. u this happened after a chain reaction accident on the beltway. if you look closely, it's an suv that was pushed inside a horse o trailer that was for some reasoe full of
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it happened tuesday when a dump truck failed to stop properly. the woman who was driving the suv and her young children had to climb out of the back window. five cars were involved, fortunately there were no seer yes, sir injuries. okay. i did not know there was a song about rats.out rats here, rats there, rats ever where. it's a major problem in parts o the district. it is pretty gross. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says she is determined to get the rat issue under control once and for all.l. fox5's jennifer davis has the story. >>reporter: the city announcedn today it is stepping up its rat rid dense program with a pilot program started to start this spring. it will target two areas, cleveland park and here in bar r reaction row. if you spend any time in the city it probably h
10:35 pm
long since you last saw a rat. r >> we saw one today on the way here, as a matter of fact. how big was it. >> it was a pretty good sizee rat. but some areas are worse than others, particularly those that are filled with restaurants. we are going to double down on our efforts working with wit business, working with the the community. we're going to combat in a a consistent way this problem in p our neighborhoods. the mayor visited a barracks row alleyway in southeast to get a t firsthand look at the runaway rodent program and to annoyancee first efforts aimed at road riddance. wire mesh is effective because it restricts road dents from burrowing into soil and flower beds. in addition to handing out wire mesh to residents in these two neighborhoods to use their the yards, the city also plans to incorporate dry ice in its abatement efforts.ab this is a new
10:36 pm
the mayor says code enforcemente will also be revised to require all commercial dumpsters in the district be fully rodent proof. from what the neighbors said it is a huge problem in cap l toll hill for a long time.ç businesses like eat bar in barracks row are taking it upon themselves to fight the problem. at this restaurant they have daily trash pickups and moved mo all their trash indoors to a to sealed room. they welcome the city's effortss to do more. it's definitely do diddable. it's something everybody can do and should do. city officials say that pilot program will begin this spring.s they want to first see if it works and if it does they say then they will considerer expanding it to others. in barracks row, jennifer davis, fox5 local you. > as the investigation of prince continues, we're learning more about 911 calls made from the pop star's home in recent year. will farrell has been castellani to p
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late president's movie, but the family is not pleased with the decision. the caps second playoffs gets underway at the verizon. details coming up. . be careful what you post online, it could cost you a job.b. according to a new survey, six x out of ten companies are using social media sites to check out potential employees and if you've got a job, watch out, 25 percent of bosses have reprimanded or fired workers over social media postings. meantime it looks like shoppers aren't buying and businesses aren't spending, the economy eco barely growing in the first i threen months of 2016, the weakest showing we've seen in i two years. yea but amazon on the other hand delivering some amazingly goodd numbers. the online retailer profits and sales for the previous three months blowing away estimates. the company is saying it sold sl twice as many fire tablets
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did during the same period last year. from buying a six pack to brewing one.ewin sam adams launching its 20th annual long shot home brewing contest. a.m. tier beer makers can enter their special concoctions. the winning studs will be part of a variety pack going on sale next spring. i'm david asman.
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> welcome back. a judge in minnesota has sealed a search want as the investigation continues into the death of prince.ce. that's right, the search want ih for the musician's paisely parkp home. investigators asked the judge tt seal the search want saying it harm the investigation if thef information was made public. it comes after several news
10:42 pm
organizations reportedons prescription drugs were found not on the musician, but also inside his home. we are also learning tonight that 911 was called on fourd different occasions dating back to 2013 at prince's paisely park estate in minnesota. the reasons for the first threet calls have not been made public. the fourth and final call as we all know came one week ago after princes was found unresponsive in an elevator. e his cause of death has not yet been and autopsy results are not expected for several weeks.or this is as fascinating story. will farrell is under fire und tonight for a movie project who say is in bad taste. he will reportedly produce and r play ronald reagan on a comedy that will focus on the president's second term in worse. patty davis reacted on her blog. she wrote in part, perhaps you p may have managed to retain some ignorance about alzheimer's and other versions of dementia.
10:43 pm
perhaps if you knew more you would not find the subject humerus. davis runs a sport group for family members and caregivers of all i'm patience. i'm going to have to agree withw her. if this is going to be a comedy about dementia. d i don't see how you find that funny. i hope this gets shelved. at first i?xáhought it was a a serious film. f but to make a comedy about someone suffering from did i mei sharks i don't think it's funnyn at > coming up tonight at 11 former house speaker john barnard has some hash words for cruz. also ahead, take a look at this, the incredibly bold all you can take robbery at a vittoria secret. you can see who the people are. new details about the bizarre standoff in baltimore. b what we are learning about the man who walked into a tv station dressed in an
10:44 pm
claiming to have a bomb. it's all coming up tonight at 11.
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knew tonight, if you you a ate, out this evening, you may have helped some people in need. more than 60 restaurants in thes district parse pay thed in an event called dining out tonightn the participating restaurants are donating a minimum of 25 percent of their proceeds to the organization food andod a friends. earlier we spoke with the owner of look shat noir here in northwest. we are happen to do that we hav every year since 11 years we are open we do that every single year and we are always busy and we give the 35 percent of ourf share tonight to food and friends. food and friends is hoping tonight's fundraiser will bringb in at least $150,000 for that group. > i hope they raise a lot of money. > me, too. they do great work. >> they do. a lot of restaunt
10:48 pm
> well, tonight -- i'm not going to read this. it's too form l a.m l we want to say congratulations tonight to this beautiful lady, shawn yancy. she is featured in the may/june issue of bethesda magazine. i read the article tonight.t. it's really great. it's not on news stands yet. if it will be out soon. i have a preview tonight.t. i wanted to share it with you tonight. i was truly honored when the magazine called and asked if they could do a feature on mia. for those of you who don't know, i am an artist. i love to paint, i often go home and work on new pieces. p we talked about my life growingo up in indiana, my family and my career. those are some of of the pictures of some of my favorite pieces in there. also a pieces that are in a few of my clients'
10:49 pm
please go pick up a copy of thee magazine because guess what, i also shared some secrets about working with tony perkins. i'm in the going to give them away. you have to read the article. turn to page 250 to get the t scoop. > it's a great piece.grea >> it is a great piece and theyh gave you several pages and the art is phenomenal. you are multi-talented. we love our shawn. everyone can find out the the wonderful aspects that go into making shawn, shawn. i do want to mention i'm going i to be featured in the august issue of popular mechanics aboua how not to repair your home. >> in popular mechanics. the go cart article didn't workn out for you in. >> i'm the don't do what he does person. > next stop a gyrocopter. g > we're delighted. we will look forward to picking it up. in fact, this may be a good timo to peck up a
10:50 pm
>> it's so chilly. ch i told our folks downstairs, tr to find me a foggy shot. it does look a little bit misty. visibility is in the district ii not bad. b the east winds really lotus up on moisture and cold air. co if you're not going to be reading cover to cover bethesda magazine featuring shawn yancy,, i want to plug this, the t national weather service, our partners collaborating aboutrati weather, severe weather, getting the word out to you they're th having an open house thisç t weekend and we want you to knowu about it. a lot of people go to this, hundreds ever people. it's saturday nine to five and sunday 12 to 5, great for the kids much the national weather service here locally is out near dulles, sterling, virginia. you can see how the forecasts are pay. they're going to launch a l weather balloon. you can learn how to become a weather spotter yourself. y they have a wind tunnel. tucker barnes was out there today and previewed everything. it is free and open to the
10:51 pm
get out and see how forecaststs are made and maybe you can findc out when this pattern is going to break. right now we think it's going ti be a little while and this will last into the weekend.. we do have light showers that have moved on through the area. the drizzle l doesn't show up that well on radar as you faux. the big storm action is down to the south and also to the west e where the frontal boundary is kind of focusing all the energy. we've had all these storms riding along the boundary whiley this will stay to our southo tomorrow it is going to move a t little bit over the weekend. w so if it moves far enough north on sunday we could actually gett into the 70s. right now we think it's going to get close, but maybe not movingt on through it. we're going to have to watch it. it becomes a little bit difficult to go too far out in time when we have a stalled front like this. we are going to have drizzle and fog around tonight and tomorrowd morning as well. colonoscopy know that it's goinw to be reel heavy rain tomorrow h morning andea we're certainly he it's not because of our fox5
10:52 pm
this wind coming in off thehe atlantic ocean keeping us in the 40s feeling like we're back in early march because the highth temperatures wasn't that much warmer, either. ei we're going to say scattered showers tomorrow yes, we have our concert, theone afternoon should be a little less wet, but still cloudy, still drizzly. it's hard to get rid of this pattern. let's go into the future. fu 10:00 we have the showers that already moved on through.. 7 in the morning showing a break, but the drizzle doesn't o show up taking this to 10, 11:00 there could be some showers around. with some luck it will be dry down at farragut north. there could still be a few f showers that come through friday evening. saturday generally dryer, but late in the day, evening. we can't rule out that a few more showers might not come through. and then sunday, it looks like showers pick up late at night and then sunday morning we
10:53 pm
a good slug of heavy rain. this will be the heaviest rain we will see, maybe an inch, inch and that half by the time we get to monday morning. bottom line, more clouds, more showers, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. the rain showers coming in late saturday and into sunday. your fox5 seven day forecast concert time 9 to 11 tomorrow, take a rain gear just case. next week we're starting to get back to what is average for thir time of year, low 70s, a couple of showers still remain. but it looks like we'll get thee bulk of the rain between now and sunday, midafternoon. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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not really a rifery if one team dominates one tonight is a chance to start round two off on the right skate. first period no score, andre bore cough ski puts in the rebound, caps draw first blonde then we go to the second, the penguins scoring twice in lessnt than a second. game tied up two all. then really in the think, alex ovechkin he's out there to oh gee. the pens tied it with over 11 minutes left in regulation the
10:58 pm
it's tied up 3-36789 the skinshs going for a wide receiver josh o docks son out of tcu. the skins trading down a 21st pick for the texans pick. pi the fifth year senior was aas first team all american. sports illustrated going so far as comparing him to giants star odel beck ham, jr. welcome to d.c., josh. finally, baseball, chilly, misty for a late afternoon finale between the nats and the philliess. it was four years ago day that bryce harper made his debut. what does he do, strikes out. scoreless head nothing the he ninth. then jonathan pap elk ridge upok strikes out his first batter and then cameron off comes to the plate. harper going back, can't track it
10:59 pm
the nats shut out for the seconh straight day. day they are swept by the phyllis and they begin a road trip tri tomorrow t at st. louis. fox5 local news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now the at 11, the bizarre tv station standoff at the center of it all a man in an animal costume who claimed tomew have a bomb. the drama that involved swath teams, a bomb robot and candy bars. plus, a surgeon in rats. find out what the district plans to do about this disgusting dim lema. lush for in the flesh. that's how john baynard described ted cruz and he didn't stop there. new details about the suspect in today's bizarre standoff at a tv station in baltimore. thanks for staying with us, i'mw shawn yancy.anc
11:00 pm
the man was wearing a panda costume claiming that he had a bomb. police shot him after he ignored their commands. tonight we've confirmed that his name is alex breezy. atf agents searched his elk el ridge home today. marina maracco is there life with more. marina. >>reporter: tony, they executeu that search want and roughly an hour later all the agents leftet from the home here. with me i have the suspect's father. this issued breezy thanks so much for being with us tonight. was there any sort of sign in si the days leading up to today that something might be wronght with your son? >> yeah, about p two weeks ago e my son came up to me and said i've had a revelation from godod and jesus that he gave me the message that the world is goingn to end june 3 and i need to geto this message to people.peop and that's when we figured out u that there was something wrong


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