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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock following breaking news inht prince george's county. police on the scene of a deadly shooting overnight. investigatorg s now tr gying toy find the we're live with the >> and happening today, apeningy police officer involved in theni arrest of freddie gray will learn his fate.le we're live in baltimore as wemow await a verdict. verct >> and new overnight, theig, president kicking off a weekf aw long trip to asia. aa. the decades embargo that has tha been lifted. lte >> straight up 7 o'clock right g let's give you that lookve tha first one this hour.rst onthis it's monday may 23rd, 2016.d, 2 we'll have weather and traffic f coming up for you on the 5s at 7:05.:05. hello, i'm allison seymour.ey >> and i'm steve chenevey. i welcome to fox5 news'm morning.g happening today, fox5 on fox verdict all eyes on in just a few hour the fate ofh baltimore police officer edward nero will be decided.ecid intoer row one
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baltimore police officers charged in the death of geeddie gray. >> fox5's bob barnard lie inn baltimore with the latest now. bob, good morning.n >> reporter: hey, allisoneyllis and steve good morning to yes, we're going to find out at 10:30 this morning here at circuit court in baltimore, balo judge barry williams wille issue the very first verdictt vd in any of these officerse trials. an officerer for named william porter ended in a hung jury in december so wee will have a verdict, innocent, t or guilty, acquitted or not o today at 10:30 because thisau was a bench no jury involved. jury invol so, there will be no hung jury n in this case. judge barry williams who as previously an attorney workingoi for the justice department dep investigated and prosecutedse police misconduct cases across the country so very familiary fl with these kinds of incidents and cases and charges willes decide the fate of thehe 30-year-old officer who faces f three misdemeanor chargeor charg second degree assault reckless endangerment official oial misconduct.ct. officer nero facing
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years in prison if he'ss we don't know how it's goingt'so to go. this was just a six-day trial.ri the defense attorney sayingg that officer here in row wasic just doing hiser job, not responsible for strapping freddie gray into the police van back in april of last year r during that ride to -- to jail.jail freddie gray suffered a spinall cord injury which a week latery led to hiswh death. so, in this officer's case's cae they're saying, hey, he was, hee one of the arresting officers, c had nothing to do with freddiehi gray being in that transport tns van. but you don't know.t you don't o you don't know how it's goings to go. baltimore police say they are standing by the sheriff'sheriff office here standing by.y. they've got the jurisdictionsiso in the area on standby just in case there's a reaction. ct if there's an acquittal we'lltt' find out at 10:30 this morning, guys. gs. >> bob, we'll keep an eye on that. 7:02 right now. also we're keeping an eye oneye what's happening in prince george's county breaking news coming from there thisntng morning. one man dead in temple hills tei after an overnight shooting. sin now the search is on for whoon r
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>> melanie alnwick is>> following this story.owinthis sy she joins us now live. l mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. so, it looks like we've seen the last of the prince the p george's county police carsice clearing the scene here one o 23rd parkway in temple hills,pll but the crime scene itselfnets when we got here at 4 o'clock 4k this morning was just past this little cut through, 23rd parkway is a divided road, so all the cars traveling in this t direction were not able -- webl- actually came across a woman w who has been waiting here forerr hours trying get past theas crime scene. s let's go to the video and slow o you what we came upon around 4 o'clock this morning that was most significant thing we saw was that white mercedesat that was sitting in the middleti of 23rd parkway with the dooroor opened. but we didn't see -- we didn'tt see any gun shots, we didn't dn' see any evidence markers one mak the street. the car itself i got a pretty at good closeup look at it, did,id not see any shattered windowsin or that sort of thing so stillol quite a mystery
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what exactly happened that ledtd to the shooting. sotin prince george's county police say the man was taken to the hospital where he died of his gun shot wounds.ou really no information at this point in terms of a suspectus lookout and they have not rehe h leased the name of that man, m but we have some information ior that he is young, probably inbli his early 20's, so a lot of people out there talking onn twitter about this loss buts ss we're not at liberty toiber t release that name just yet yet until prince george's county police give it to us. should also lliet you knowou k anyone out there who iss watching, who has information on this case, prince george'se s county police are offering afeng $25,000 reward for informationoi leading to an arrest and conviction in this homicide. hod live in temple hills, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local5 loa news. >> also breaking overnight inngi fairfax county, policenty, polie searching for the person whor shot a man in falls this was about 11:30 last at an apartment complex in thepi 2900 block of still woodoo circle. we are told the victim has
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life-threatening injuries. injie >> three years after a deadly aa arm robbery at a hotel in oxon hill two of the co-defendants will be sentenced today.ay williams and washington willhi be sentenced today for their t roles in the deadly armed robbery that happened at aappena clarion hotel back in 2013. deandre weems has already alr been sentenced to life ine i prison. police say he pulled the s trigger that killed a hotel worker.rk >> 7:05 right now.5 rit n okay, tucker barnes, we'll we' give you a pass for weekend. wee >> will you really? >> but today i don't know.'t k will we extend this is anothernr day? it might be too b >> here's the deal. today we wind down the end ofheo this may pattern and it'st' going to change dramaticallymacl by tomorrow afternoon, by wednesday, thursday. >> okay.>> >> right into summertime. o isum in fact it's going to be warm wm enough where we're going to w w' actually want to get in the i pools this weekend. >> unbelievable really.el i hadie the heat on last week. w >> i do feel like it's going to be a bit of a shock.t ofck. >> uh-huh. >> we're talking mid 80's talkid
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>> remember when we were outr at dupont circle and i said it feels hotter than 75 andotth7 you told me it's because we're not used to it so 85. >> i know. >> heaviest of the rain is fading off to our south ando ouh west. that's good's good ne things will quiet down hereiet e later this morning. we may get a littlela midday mid sunshine butter that will only encourage a few additionalddio showers to redevelop thisev afternoon. the rain we get this afternoon will not be what we had aroundh here this weekend of coursee when it rained what feels likeak pretty much every minute of --f >> really does. >> -- second half of saturdayndh and then all day sunday.y. 58 washington, 55 dulles, bwi marshall 56 degrees. i'm just going to did it. to dit i'm going slo throw the seven dn out there right now. now >> do it.t. >> 70 right now or this afternoon. 880 tomorrow. torro wednesday weather day looksay fantastic. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday only scattered storms in the afternoon hours with
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temperatures above 80. abo 8 i did it.did it. >> you did it. y >> all right, we'll take it.ta >> let's check in with erinith i see how we're looking outside. >> i'm just waiting to getting through this monday morningh mmute. grab your umbrella. u taking metro things getting geti back to normal.or some of our drive times from maryland, 29 south from knew frk ham to university red zoneitred really slow moving traffic.ffic. 270 south 85 to the truck t scales slows and then again aswa you pass through gaithersburgthr trying to get to the spurhe s we're let's take a live look at that and slow you how 270 is looking with the rain. a wet soggy commute. com heavy traffic past montrose road. northbound side looking goode s towards 70 this morning.70 t we certainly have you covered c on that one. o let's switch it over nowve from a look at 270 by tuckerman back the our maps. oum we have some other slow areas, the beltway inner loop jamstw from braddock to 236 inay virginia. really slow traffic throughffich stafford on 95 inbound, 66 passing 234 and then againn through westphals church.shu a lot of traffic there.ffichere 295 inbound in theis
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eastern to east capitol downpito to 18 miles per hour. hou 50 inbound slows. had an earlier crash in the district. new york avenue on theyo westbound side by montana is causing delays.using d that's your look at traffic. back to you guys. gs. >> erin thank you. >> ♪ developing overseas thislopi morning isis is claiming responsibility for deadly foreal attacks in two middle east countries.cotr first in yemen where two whe t suicide bomb attacks havee killed at least 45 people.eo now both bombings targeted tge young men standing in line to join the army. arm and in syria, isis says s it's responsible for killingil at least 65 people in multiple i bombs in two coastal cities. cit those cities are strongholds sth of president bashir assad. iraq's military has begun bg a new offensive against iraqi forces trying to retakeink the city of fallujah.alluja isis still controls a large con section of northern andn western iraq including mosulludl the country's second largest
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last week rank troops wereee ablek to retake a western townt in an operation aimed at a cutting off a key isis supplysiy route to nearby syria.yr >> in afghanistan the taliban's most senior figure fir was killed in a utz drone u droe strike on saturday.urda officials say mullah akhtar akha mansour was in western pakistan when multiple multiple unmanned drones fired and tookro him him president obama says hisou deatd marks a "important milestone m in the longstanding effort to to bring peace to afghanistan."nia" >> controversial announcementnnc from president barack obama asde he knticks offer his week long w visit to asia. asia. >> maureen joins us again in in studio with more.h more. good morning maureen.od morninge >> good morning steve and allison.d president obama making headlines in vietnam today forin lifting va decades old arms embargo against the former u.s. foe. >> the united states is fully lifting the ban onte the sale of military equipment to vietnam that has been in place for some 50 years. sales will need to still meet strict requirements includingui those related to human rights.un >> it is a controversial
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human rights activists haveistsv urged the president to press vietnam's communist government m for greater freedoms before lifting the vietnam currently holds some 100 political prisoners. prine but it is a move that comes ces amid growing anxiety about the t rise of a muscular china in cna the south china sea. s >> the united states and unitedd vietnam are united in oure ited support for a regional order including in the south china sea. >> both countries haventries h formalized the relations and and the u.s.ological support vietnam participating in un operations. >> the president announcingre a monday that for the first timefo since the vietnam war peace wara corps volunteers will now be invited into the communistd intc >> for the first time the peace corps will f come to our peace corps volunteers will focus on teaching english.glis >> mr. obama and the vietnamese president signing aig series of new commercial dealsrc monday between the u.s. and vietnamese companies worth c moreom than $16
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that end they include a order for 100 boeing planes by low cost airline viet jet.t the president says the deal thed will support tens of thousands s of u.s. jobs.obs. >> later in the week presidentn obama is set to travel toth s japan wherete he'll attend ad summit of the group of seven ose industrial lied steve andrindustrialized nations >> the president of egypt o saying the evidence is mounting that there was a "sudden catastrophic eventcastro that led to the plane crash in i the mediterranean."erranean 66 people died. d egyptian officials are usingicla submarines to search for ther t black boxes hoping they may have the clues to pieceo ec together what happened. still to come the searchto for the suspect behind aspecbehi robbery carjacking and shootout with officers incersn fairfax county.ou >> and campus police officers o at the university of maryland mn caught using pepper spray to break up a party. par what is excessive or the or proper use of force? bothot sides are -- what both sides are saying this morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we're doing a combination of looking at the billboard a music award and trying to figure out how we can get this s cloud cover out of here today.ou little bit of everything. >> i'm going to work on the cloud cover.itng >> okay. >> you work on the awards. >> billboard music awards. >> yeah. >> okay. fair enough. >> let's get to it tuck.uc >> mostly good
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all that.all th >> we're used to that. >> we are definitely used tofine it at this point aren't't >> year not used to what's tot't >> you're absolutely right about that, so we're going tong be talking about suntanuntan lotion, pools, beaches, all ofos there later this week. wk. 58 now in washington.ashiton. new york city 58.yoity boston, too.ston too we're looking at fog, drizzle,rz showers across the area here.crr i'll show you the radar and yeah, it continued now fading off to the southff ts and west.andes moving east to west there.he an area of low pressure off pref the coast and that'sat's responsible for the shower the o activity moving in a rather rhe unusual direction but there you go.yo g you can see it kind of fade of away here over the next couple hours.hours. early this afternoon we mightiso get a little bit of sunshine sin but because of the setup that sa will only encourage a few additional showers towers redevelop this afternoon.lop tht so, keep aern umbrella you can see it's really justs ry midatlantic getting in on the bonus rain. >> bonus? >> got to, you know, got to to look on the other side here. sih today not
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tomorrow much, much better.hette wednesday close to perfect.ct thursday, friday, saturday, s sunday all look great. allook that's just a scattered thunderstorm each afternoon aero and high temperatures 80 or better. >> that's a holiday weekend.lid. you're giving us some greatgr weather.weat >> right into monday and eveno a little bit of humidity ashumi well so, you know, it willil feel like summer in d.c. i d >> love that. >> high-five. >> thank you. >> well done . >> [laughter] >> , heerin como take it away. >> i'll give you an air high-five.high-five. it is rainy wet soggy monday morning commute a lot of delays, a lot of crashes.crashes. 95 on the social media side slow dale city to 123. average speeds down to t 19 miles per hour.s r h once you pass throughceou p woodbridge you open up a bit a t towards the bottom of the beltway. keep in mind 395 once you hit the springfield interchange edsall to seminary road bigig red soap.doap. fourteenth street bridge a bitit sluggish 11th street bridge
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from georgetown into roslyn ros jams as well.jams wilson bridge local lanes downaw to 3 miles an hour. 3 miles a through lanes down to 24. a lot of sluggish traffic from prince george's as you had head from branch avenue. a duke to seminary earlier delay that's gotten worse.n worse inner loop spring told to 50 t jams. jams. top of the beltway earlierhe crash in bethesda by 355 on b35 the outer loop cleared but b we're still dealing with veryer slow moving traffic from 95ro past connecticut avenue.ut a eastern avenue east capitolt cao street is really slow right r there. you can see that huge red zone e basically from 50 on downn d you're're j 50 inbound inside the beltway bl slow and new york avenue bladensburg typical slow slo moving traffic suitland sui parkway to the douglas bridgeoug also jammed. lots of slow traffic. earlier crashes.ier cra got you covered at erin fox5fo d.c. we'll take a look at metro a lkt next. steve and allison. >> fairfax county policeairfax searching for an armed gunmanr g who
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springfield.ring this happened saturday at thedae brookfield plaza shopping center. er when officers got there the gunman started shooting.hootg. a stray bullet hit a personso driving by. the gunman drove off crashedff minutes later. he ran off and escaped into anto wooded area.wood police say he was carrying a duffle bag.le b >> university of maryland nowrsw what was supposed to be a celebration of s recent graduates found igraduateturnedn >> police used pepper spray in an attempt to break it up. i u wisdom is back with what thet t police chief is saying aboutayib this incident. some are saying was this excessive? >> right. well, that's a big question qst here, how far is too far andtoo there's some cell phone videome we want to show you aboutw this. this is the cell phone video that shows the chaotic moments unfolding as officers used u pepper spray to break up a graduation party. pty students involved say policenvol didn't have to go that g. police chief is answeringweri questions about why things escalated.
7:19 am
intyvestigating after police goo two phone calls on sunday forun a wild party that got out ofotut hand. they tried to break up a crowded party using peppersing r spray after one officer becamer surrounded and the other gotnd r boxed in. this morning the chief davidid mitchell is reviewing body camera footage and videosideo posted online by the students. e some of the students we talked e to claim the party was bustedus up because of race.ause o r police chief says that's not the case. >> 'cause i read some of the comments online that claim thatm that we targeted this party, par we wilwe targeted this group. that's simply not so. we responded to two differentnt calls for service and when wecea arrived on the scene some ofof the party goers themselves theml said there's too many --an-- there's -- they said at the s time there's like 80 people in there. there could be weapons.could ben we have all this on tape. t the body camera. camer and we have that on the 91111
7:20 am
>> two were arrested for disorderly conduct and otherct r once everyone was outside anutsa officer used pepper spray onceay again. the chief says that happened after a man started acting aggressively.aggres now the investigation expectedvo to take about two weeks.eeks. they ask if any outside agency a would be involved. the chief says no because thiseu is an internal he says his agency is fullyna s capable of handling this and determining whether or notinin officers acted inappropriatelyre or appropriately.priately. they have the body camera video. eats looking at it. look -- he's looking atki a there's video and audio sodeo au we'll see what happens withapns this. >> wisdom thank >> all right.>> >> coming up next a massachusetts communitieshuse mourning the loss of a policeosl officer killed in the line off duty. duty >> also the race for the whitere house getting closer betweenclow hillary clinton and donaldd dold trump. the latest poll numbers comingrm up next. ext.
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>> ♪ >> 7:23 now. in massachusetts the suspect wanted in the deadly shooting of a police officer during a traffic stop is dead.e fic stop killed in an exchange ofnge o gunfire with state troopers. t that suspect came out of atf closet in an apartment apame building firing at statet sta troopers hitting one of them. that trooper is expected to bee okay. the officer who was killed was l levers behind leaves behind a we >> new washington poet abct poll shows hillary clinton and h donald trump in a dead i since march, though, it does slow he that
7:24 am
up 11 points giving him aa narrow 46 to 44 percent lead.enl but the result is in thes t margin of error. the poll also found bo ared both the most unpopular candidatesans ever to run for president.nt viewed unfavorably by more unf than half of all voters.ot >> parts of nebraska dealingneba with flooding this morningod after a strong storm systemtorms moved through overnight. overni. this is individual fro from the town of heavy rain flooded mtoany of the so far no injuries reported.eser more wet weather is expect the later today. tod >> all right.>> coming up on 7:25. 7:2 let's have another check in c i with tucker barnes. tucke oh, tucker, where for art f thou. >> i'm right here allison.e alln >> hey tuck.>> >> this is a beautiful live hutv shot. sh look at the low clouds and the e fog out there.he and the -- okay, maybe it'sbe i not that beautiful since we've ' been looking at it day after aft day for the past month.e past this, too, is going to come to an end. i show you the seven-day y forecast in a minute. minut wife queen waiting patiently for summer. r summer. i think you'll love theu'l seven-day 58 in washington.n washington. wind
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trying to pump a little bit ofml dry air in here. it's not winning out yet but y we think later today we maye actually see a few peeks of o sunshine and definitely lesses numerous shower activity.wer act still raining pretty good justrd to our south and south andth a west.we if you get down into central cel virginia still some prettypret good rains down 95 but most ofof the area here trying to dryg tod out. particularly to our north and again later today, generally gel cloudy conditions. condion few peeks of sunshine.peeks of h we'll watch a few showersho redevelop this afternoon butp th they'll be widely nationals game tonight 7:055 against the mets. i think they'll get that gamethe in. say i'm going to be there's your seven day. day 70 today. tay. look at that seven-day sn- forecast. get out and enjoy tuesday,y tuey wednesday, thursday, friday,y, saturday, sunday, 80 or 80 better.bett only a scattered thunderstorm tt in the forecast later thishi week and it will feel summery s around here.arou her it will be great for thet fo pools, great for the beaches,atr great for all t outdoorut activities grilling, et cetera, this weekend so a loto l to look forward to on the on seven-day forecast.da all right. all right. let's see if there's anythingheh to look forward to on theforwd n roads with erin. >> well, we can look forwardlook
7:26 am
traffic, metro problems all that.. >> okay. >> did i sell it? i tried. >> that's good. >> twitterel update. upd marc train dealing with dealiith problems. ob severe delay of train 404 operating express from washington to baltimore and for the green line from metro tf no longer single tracking sockis good news there.ewe. residual delays in boths in bh an earlier track problem pro outside of the navy yard. so, i'd definitely check your yu marc schedule ahead of time. tim check in with me with any questions on erin fox5 d.c. d.c 95 still a parking lot. very slow dale city he to 123 t on the northbound side and then 395 jams edsall to seminary, 19 miles per hour19 m average. aside from that 95 jamst j through stafford, 66 past 234 and the inner loop pastooast braddock road dealing withoad d that usual morning congestion. . let's take a live look outsideoi right now, show you that rainy r kind of sluggish commute you're up against.yo this is in maryland, top ofand,t the beltway in montgomeryway int county the outer loop from 95ro past the point at new at ne hampshire through about 355ut 35
7:27 am
you're very jammed up. very jam. the inner loop looking muchr better. you can see the outer byuter colesville is a heavy leave early get an early startls if you're taking metro evenro e though things are getting backnb to normal a a lo a residual dels cleared.ea other problems we're dealingwe with around the area, we'ree're dealing with 270 congestion asin well as 295 congestion from the beltway to 450. we'll have more flask traffic a few. few. take your time use caution. steve. steve. >> top story this a judge today will decide theece fate of baltimore police officer edward here in row.. >> what can we expect from today's verdict and how willhoww this affect the future cases? tc we're going to break it downas for you next.
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live look outside right noww catching a little glimpse of thl beltway moving pretty slow righo now at 7:30.0. erin said a lot of problems pros because of the rain. tucker saying may be the lasthes day that we see significant rair for sometime. wouldn't that be nice the way may has been going. g verdict expected in thet ped trial of baltimore police officer edward nero. the 30-year-old facing assault,u misconduct in office and wreck a less endangerment charges for cg the death of freddie g he pleaded not guilty and opted for a bench trial. what may happen? joining us now with more what we can expect exc trial attorney and former prosecutor depth debbie heinzebz the founder of legal getting ready to head upeap yourself find out what's had asa happens.pp >> yes. >> you've been keeping close eye on what the judge has beenjudgee asking prosecutors in this caseo and the defense watch do youatcd think so far? what's your take? >> well it's a difficult casefiu for the prosecution, and hones honestly, i'd would be shockeduk if the officer were -- was founs guilty of any of the charges. i mean with respect to thiso t particular
7:31 am
involvement is really very minimal. mi of all the cases, he's probablyy the weakest case. c >> when you hear a judge ask a question of so because they touched hip that's assault it it seems like it's leaning towardat the judge doing exactly what yot were just saying.we >> well, you really can't tell t from the questions from thehe judge. i mean, we're not in his head, and oftentimes we as attorneys e are listen wagon the judge is te saying or the jury is asking i questions, it really doesn't necessarily bear any resemblance to what the actual verdict willl be. be that's not what i'm basing whatn what's going to happen on. >> why if this is, f it does ens up going that way if there's's acquittal today and this is thet weakest of the cases why would w he go first? why would this tht first person that prosecutors pe put up there?here >> well, this is what i think.. originally there was a trialas l scheduled with officer porter.f. >> right. >> and with the most culpable officers being tried afterer offi
7:32 am
weakest case# the three bicycle officers being tried last.ed l >> one of that is nero. >> , h of which is near o we ha the court of appeals and the and appelate decision and the caseie came back down for reschedule rd link and talking about reschedule link six cases with a ton of attorneys and i think itk just shook out the way it had td shake out in terms of the datesd that were involved for the -- t were involved for the attorneyse >> we did have another officertr officer miller who testified inn this case.. what first of all does that dosd for officer miller's case the t fact that he testified in this. officer miller was given gin limited immunity.mmun it's interesting his testimonyes really although he testified fod the state he really helped theed defense because he said i wasaiw the one that arrested freddie f game i was the one who put him p in the van not officer nero is n he that even makes his case fore the state even weaker. >> so if this comes down andown you're going with the gut right
7:33 am
now leaning toward an quit talnl in this case f that in fact i f happens, does every other o defendant opt for a bench trial. >> no. >> what happens down the >> no. i mean officer -- in a criminali case in any legal case you haveh the facts and you have the hav elements of the crime, the law,l they have to fit hand in hand.d. so what i'm basing it on the facts of officer nero's case. i don't think we can, you know, extrapolate anything furtherurtr down the line with respect toth the other five officers because they have different culpabilityy particularly with the three hadt had hands on involvement with w freddie gray. gray. now there is one issue where ite could affect the other officersf and that's under the issue ofue whether the officers were aware of the general police order that said you had to seek out the officers. the main thing to watch out whaw this judge williams say with w respect to that issue. >> is this verdict admissible in other case if's defense caseses for the other officers choose ts
7:34 am
acquitted or is that not play into the strategy at.aty >> they won't be able to bringbb that up. they'll argue what the judge hah said in his rulings on the othe cases when they have legal motions but with respect toh being able to say it in thet i t actual trial of the case no theo won't be a able to bring ito brg other than arguing legal motionm what the judge rules today. rul. >> since we don't know what wil happen today we're going withode feelings at this point let's sal it goes the other wage let's say he is found guilty at least onet of these t we know the mack mum penalties n if the judge would decide to go with everything you could bevet looking at years and years inatd prison up to 10, i believe, wha, do you think would happen if perhaps found guilty on one or n two of these charges?? >> i doubt if he'll get any jail time.. i mean that's basically based on the maximum penalty for assault is t the wreck less endangermenn is five he could get a total ofl 15 and there's unspecifiednsci amount for the misconduct in office.. so but he didn't have a record r and that's how jges reallyeall sentence
7:35 am
he's not charged with the deathh of freddie gray it's not aot a manslaughter it's not a seconugd degree murdr charge. char such as the van driver isdriv charged with an officer porter.r in reality i think that even ifn he is found guilty, i think that he would get no jail time. >> all right.ight first verdict that will comel c down it's expected to happen a p shive three hours from n we'll still be on the air andl d bring it to you when it happens. debbie thanks for joining >> thank you steve. >> 7:35.>> let's get check on the forecast hopefully things are cechanging. >> slowly, steve.>>wl obviously the weekend notnd perfect.ect my apologies. let's get to the map. the m as we get into this afternoon at maybe a little sunshine and much improved forecast as we get intt tuesday and the middle of theide week n fact it's going to be maybe air-conditioning weather here bite end of the storm tracker radarring log atnt shower activity fading off toy o our south and west but still parts of the area unfortunatelya getting the scattered showers s out there and plenty of he hadfd wet roadways and fog and drizzli an all of that to start the day. later today, we'll watch the showers wind down
7:36 am
may get a little sunshine ande then we'll watch few showersewho redevelop this afternoon.fter we've got what we call upper level low that place. p that will allow for showers foro later today.r tay 58 at reagan national.l. dulles 55.lles 5 56 at bwi marshall. marsh little warmer today.ttarmer tody we'll see highs around 70. aroun look for that afternoon sunshinn and again could be a few showero by 4:00 p.m. maybe aaybe a thunderstorm.rm nationals game tonight i think t they will get that game in.ame i there might be a shower aroundd before during the game not aot a rainout. all right. that is a weather update.ate. erin, i don't know where you ary but i know you're in thee in building. >> i am. 7:36 right now.7:36ight got you covered.oved crash activity gw parkway par northbound at the key bridge. southbound side typical slow-moving traffic to the keyce bridge northbound side becausede of this crash jammed from theomt memorial bridge on through.onhr in addition to that, we havee h crash activity as you make youry way out bw parkway southboundouh between the beltway and 410 because of that crash we're craw seeing significant delaysntelay picking up on bw parkway onayn southbound side.uthbe. also keep in mind we have thatea
7:37 am
the district 295 jams on thehe northbound side bottom of the b beltway to south capital street. 10 average. southbound jams by even avenue. live look outside sluggish sluis across the wilson bridge from prince george's county as you make your way across teohe wilsn bridge there. this is by good luck road inner and outer loop look. lk if you encounter den fog use use your low beams out by 202 on thn beltway. take your time watch your slicku conditions from the rain thisin morning. we'll switch it ba tock look at our maps. ou a lot of congestion a lot of lot crashes around the area. a twitter update for you from metro, green line even though there are no longer single tracking only rail line righte now with residual delays in botb directions due to an earl err er condition at the navy yard.ti a lot of yellow and reond on oun map because of that rain rn back to you allison and steve. coming up if you're planning that hit the road for memorial day listen up.n we'll tell was you can expect tt pay at the thep >> newco
7:38 am
virus as well when experts say those mosquitoes may make theire way into the us.s. and the east coast coming up. 7:38. ♪
7:39 am
♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh.
7:40 am
♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. >> angry birds movie you know wr poo-pooed it and said kind of late, whatever. it's the top movie at the box office it made $39 million in its first week mend theaters.dsn captd aieaten america civil wars second with
7:41 am
never made it to the movies this weekend and rounding out the top five neighbors two sororitywo rising followed by the nice guyy and jungle book is holding >> still going strong. g str >> folks who were out and aboutn driving around those gas pricese are still going up according to gas dud dee.d d average price of gas jumped a jd nickel up 55 cents since late february. in the district the average noww 2.46. in maryland two-point fine.nt fn virginia $2.12 accepts gallon.a. busy travel weekend coming upomg memorial day.memoal d next time you hail a taxi, lyft, uber ride service get outt the hand sanitizer. >> new sudden says ride hailingg cars are full of okay. we figured that, right? the insurance company called net c quote did the study they took ty swabs from these cars, here'ss,h what they found the worstorst offenders were ride sharing carr like uber and lyft followed by o rental cars, taxis turned out tt be the least nasty. nty >> kevin has our first look at r
7:42 am
new movie that stars the rockhe and kevin hart.t >> all right. looks funny. later the must see moments s from the billboard music awardsd we're back in just two minutes.t ♪ ♪ z2022z
7:43 am
7:44 am
z2025z ♪ here we come summertime.. doesn't it look nice.k n >> get those clouds out ofhose u there. ocean city looking real prettylt this morning.or >> going to be so crowded thisbw time -- i guess folks come backc on monday, right? right? >> they'll be out there friday,, though. th
7:45 am
love >> all right. all r tucker that's for you. that'for. try to get us in the beach moodh >> that's great. it's going to be great weekend.e i'll show you the seven dayev d forecast in just a minute.justit i promise summertime temperatures and more sunshinesn and even touch of humidity onit the way over the next couple ofe days. not the case early this morningi doing more showers and cloudslod and fog locall locally.ocal 58 washington.ashington. 55 in leonardtown. in ledtow north and west everybody isveryo hanging out in the 50'ss. yesterday only made it toade 57 degrees at dulles for daytime high. 20 degrees below normal.mal there's your storm tracker rad radar. we're quieting down locally lal here. at least inside the beltway. but you can see we still gotll pretty good showers there justrs to our south and pushing here east to west wrapping around oud area of hoe pressure which isprh off the coast here to our east,s and what we can expect todaytod cloud cover here for the next tt couple of hours. i think midday early afternoon r we may actually break out in akn little bit of sunshine, and whaw we'll be dealing with upper u level low.
7:46 am
the air quite cool and daytime heating we may fire up a few f showers later this afternoon. keep that in md you can see it's just mid atlantic once again enjoyingnjon cloud cover and rain showers ass you get up towards new york anda boston they'll right back out it sunshine later today. lateroday here's future cast.e cas there's your late afternoonfter shower activity widely scatter a the nats game tonight i thinkhtt they'll start the game on time.. perhaps be a few showers arounds they should be widely scatteredr tonight.ght then things die off without thee daytime heating and then t tomorrow this is tuesday, wholeo different pattern starts to sett up our jet stream fades off tofe the north and east. high pressure builds in.urilds . and what does this mean for us?u this is what it means for us.s check it out. 80s around here tuesday, wednesday and thursday.y. in fact, seven day forecast, wes keep it going right into ourht i holiday weekend.y nd fry daring saturday, sunday it gets great around here. definitely everybody will be ini great mood and ready to party after a move rain.eai
7:47 am
looks great, sunshine 85.unsh come out and join us at nats n park wednesday afternoon. okay. that's weather update.ther u are rin is back with your roadss >> i'll be there to support to p weather >> i love it. >> i'm excited. i can't wait.i ca wai >> we're getting lots and lots t of people. >> good crowd. good unfortunately problems mondayon morning commute.mute metro largo bound blue line off loading at smithsonian.thsoni silver line train holding outside the so give yourself extra time that can cause problems for the blueb or silver line green line no longer single tracking residuall delays because of an earlierar problem outside the navy yard or the track. let's city we can forward ourrwo maps and shop what else you're e up against this morning.morng crash activity gw parkway par northbound at the key bridge at least one lane is blockedo because of that you're jammedt m from the memoriam bridge all thl way up to the key bridge. bdg southbound gw parkway jams as j usual across the key bridge froo rosland inside the beltway cabin john clara barton, bw parkway pr southbound this is between thes beltway and 410 a crash takingig out two l
7:48 am
some big delays 50 inbound super jams up insides the beltway towards 295.95 and the outer loop is very low approaching 50 with congestion. 295 northbound bottom side ofto the beltway on through south capital 10 miles per hours r average.. from prince george's across thes wilson bridge into alexandrialed you jam up with very slow-movino traffic on the local and througr lanes. then as you make your way upoura let's take a look at our look ao maryland drive times we have a h lot of congestion on 270 south u 85 to truck scales and agains ag through gaithersburg as you head threw rockville.threck 295 south the beltway to 450 we0 can go ahead and turn that yellow zone red because of these crash and then 29 jams from neww hampshire down to same story in virginia.irgia very heavy traffic 395 on the inbound side let's see if we cae switch our maps show you virginia from the bottom of thet beltway to the 14th streettr bridge very slow moving track.rk 66 jams by 234 in centrevilletr then again through west falls ws church and in arlington, 95 north 17 to 610 slow and then
7:49 am
495 inner loop by braddock jamsj up. we'll have more traffic in few. allison and steve. >> daisied deadline day for tomf brady. the quarterback has to appeal al his suspension over deflate-gatt today or sit out for the first f four games of the season.easo the suspension comes from the nfl as punishment for brady's involve in many plan to deflatee footballs to blow league leagu standards.das brady denies any involvement. >> game three of the western wtn conference final as blow out. o. maybe not the blow out people first quarter there you go.te there's kevin duran hitting thet jumper and the foul.. converts three-point play. py from there it was off and and racing.cing. ut-oh, hate it when you getu get kicked in the steven adams down for the counte right there.ri he was kicked by green right there. ther kind of looked like it was w intentional.iona he would go on and continue totu play and the thunder, al works roll 133-105 at one point they t were up nearly 40 heading b
7:50 am
to the west coast n >> you hate to see that on theot court.. >> hopefully it's nott'ot intentional. >> chippy game last la. >> kev is back now.>> kev good morning, kevin mccarthy. m. how are you. >> good morning, steve andrnings allison.alli good to see you guys. high a ms. seive weekend of interviews in new york city.n from the rock to kevin hart to amelia clark who plays on game g of thrones, mark rough low,ow, woody harrell ton, tyler perry.y my favorite interview was kevinv hart and the rock. t >> all right.>> all back on may fifth of this year,y i actually tweeted a picture off my pac-man suit to the rock.k. >> uh-huh.>> uh-huh. >> should i rock this to ouri r interview and he dead said, du dude, beep yeah. >> bad word. i spoke to him. h i'm going to wear this suit.hi s i walked in the room for theom t interview and him and kevin harr had a battle of which one ofhico them was going to get me onen their snap chats. that's at the beginning of thisf interview.iew. highly edited because a lot of curse words i spoke to them very cool seen in the film it looked
7:51 am
they were in high school. sch it's central intelligence thegee rock plays cia agent to reachesa out to an old friend on faceboob to help him out with a mission.n check this out.. >> here we are at the junket. tn my man. here's kevin mccarthy. >> i'm going to do my man. >> look at me.k ate. look at me.look a >> pac-man suit. sui >> hey, my >> good to see you guys. >> kevin mccarthy go ahead.head. >> i have to know the sequences of the younger versions of yourself -- >> ♪ >> look at him. h anything about that look normaln to you?? >> ♪ >> i want to know for you how fr much of that did you actually at film, did you film it there anda they put you on another person'r body and for you, is there any y cg or was it all in the hair anr the makeup how did they make you look -- >> for me it was cg make mowingg look so young and it was
7:52 am
that we put on.n. to grab the whole high school. o what made me laugh was just the high school -- >> age. >> look that was a fun partar about the movie he gets to t change. i get to change.i ge we found for me it was a littlee bit more face replacement we had to do. we had great effects company who did everything.rythg. everybody did like captaine cta america stuff.erica ff >> sure. >> really reall really high quay stuff. fun part about the movie.he mie >> you slide across the floor,f do you really do that? tt? >> no, that was actually --ctua >> he's a good sport. srt >> my guy doing it he's a greatt dancer and it was -- you know, by the way it's like when youen got to get naked in front of thf school and when you got to get o naked in front of the cameras to dance and do your thing, andhina he's a bigger guy, he did it and he embraced it and he was amaze wagon they did they face fac replaced me on him but i stilltl had to do all the dances and i also to get
7:53 am
favorite part.te part. >> one of the best days onset.ns >> that was awesome.we >> i got there three hours early low love you guys.ou guys. >> good to see you, dude. see yd >> good to see you guys. >> so -- i want to mention oneeo thing that scene you saw was aaw scene he was getting bullied.. >> yeah. >> the movie is very funny butnt it also has very good antint bullying message and for someone like me, i was heavily bulliedud in i left a school because of thehe bullying. and at one point in thene int ie interview they actually stoppedo me and said who messed with youy in school then went on a cursinr tyrant yelling at all the at ale bullies who messed with i can't air it obviously. mccarthy fox. it was amazing to hear these twe guys stand up and -- >> there's some things thathingt unify us. >> sure.e. >> that's one things. i'm not surprised they did thatt and you deserve and that shame on those people.eopl >> both of them were bullied.hee the rock told amazing story at y the press conference about how he was bullied he s
7:54 am
himself and knock the guy out. . >> right. right >> kevin hart one of thingsfhi we'll hair when we closer to tht release of the movie i asked him what he'll tell his kids. his kd are you going to tell your kidsd to fight back or not? that'shas the biggest bullying questions q do you let your kids fight backb i didn't fight back.k i wish i did now. now it's an interesting thing.hi movie touches on that.hes on it's really funny but go prettyy serious with that message. >> interesting. >> thanks, kev. >> thanks lot, guys.hank appreciate it. wow! >> time to say good morning toan our facebook fan of the day. >> cary gets the honor today. >> hi pretty girl.y gir >> she loves loves loves fox fo5 and wants to thank us fors f brightening her day.g r d we're like family to her. h her favorites are tucker and mike it.mike it. >> all right. >> the weather department i think.ea (applause). >> for your chance to be tomorrows fan leave a commentom blow cary's photo or maybe because she's wearing that cooll maryland tuck and she knows youn and mike are both maryland guysy might have something to do witho it. >> cute.
7:55 am
forecast. >> you know what, i'm going to give her great seven day. even not perfect monday. mony >> all right. mondays are rarely perfect.. >> right. let's get the bad weather out oh the way early in the week andnd start the party by tomorrow anda wednesday.esday. >> let's do it. current numbers, 58 in washington.wash. we jumped to 60. we're trying to break the cloudo up. look at the upper right handht d corner of your screen. seen. steve, allison, look?k? >> what does is it. >> ? it's blue sky.. what? >> yes. >> nobody seems very excited. >> i'm excited. >> thank you, kev.>> i'm glad somebody is excited.sxc i'm excited, too. t we're trying to break the clouds up and break down the rainn th i showers which continue especialc toll our south.outh. and i do think we'll get middayy sunshine to believe it or not, this time of year with cold air a loft, coolo cold pool of air will encourageu more showers this afternoon aftr few showers around warmer todayt and little bit more sunshine ssh also a little drier than this t weekend that won't be hard to hr do. here's the reason to celebrate.a tuesday, wednesday, t
7:56 am
right into the holiday weekend d generally sunny conditions.tis. it will feel summery around here with highs in the mid 80s just8j in time for weather day it should be close to perfect as we open the pools this weekend.e all right. that's a quick weather update. more coming com more traffic with erin.icith >> so excited for weather day aa the nats game and pool time. tim i like the end of that forecastc a lot.ot i'm not excited too. t i'm not excited about -- id abo- haven't had chance to expose e this to the -- the -- >> i understand.>> i >> to the sun. >> a lot of sunscreen and a hat. >> yes. yes. >> t-shirt.>> t-shirt. you'll be in good shape. b unfortunately the rainy commutee is not looking so hot. h even though we're starting toin see some blue skies peek througg because of the wet 270 south ata 28 very jammed up as you head yh down tour the spur on 270. on so be prepared for that one. o big delays on the southboundun side. northbound side that crash is i causing some additional slowit downs. but the southbound congestion in what i'm really concerned aboute this morning.orng. crash activity gw parkway northy at the key bridge jammed frommed the 14th street bridge past 50 5 towards that lo
7:57 am
a lot of extra time needed eede there. th typical southbound gw parkway congestion 123 to the key bridge and then clara barton cabin johh heavy traffic inside the beltw beltway. beltway itself on the outer lool by richie marlboro jams. j we'll have more traffic in few.f steve and allison.on >> still to come 8:00 o'clock this morning summer is almostngs here like tucker just said.t a lot of time in the sun.he be cul best ways to protect you andtend your family in the outdoors.or >> also a big night in last in l vegas. all the best moments from thetst billboard music awards. ♪ ♪ sure, we have free wi-fi and free hot breakfast. but our best amenity is samantha. free wi-fi, free hot breakfast and free smiles. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at
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♪ this is fox5 news morning. not bad for a a you thought we were coming inin with big bad breaking news.g we are enjoying the fact thathat summertime is around the corner. headlines have been cloudy glooo mow days.mow d this monday you might get moreem cloud and gloom but it will ende soon i now looking at oceanean city, maryland, it's mondays m morning, may 23rd, 2016. 2 we will have weather and traffic coming up on the 5's at 8:05. 8 good monday morning i'm allison seymour.eymo >> i'm steve chenevey.vey let's get to your headlines of the day. happening later this mornini fox seventy two if i on verdict catch. all eyes on baltimore a coupleo of hours from now we should knol the fate of police officerole o edward nero. ner >> nero one of six baltimore police officers charged inicers connection with the death ofoni freddie gray. fox5's bob bar
8:01 am
baltimore now with the latest.wt bob, good morning. >> reporter: allison andllon a steve, good morning to you.morny yes, this is a bench trial so judge barry williams will issues his ruling, his verdict, at, 10:30 this morning here in baltimore.or officer edward nero facing up tp 10 years in prison if he's he' convicted.convte these are misdemeanor nor char charges he is facing secondin degree assault, wreck lesss endangerment, officialial misconduct.miscondu. it was a six-day trial. basically wrapped up thursday. a the judge waited until today to issue his ruling and it will beb the first one in freddie gray'ss death because the first officerf to stand trial the first of sixx officers his jury trial ended in a hung jury back in december. de so there will be a verdict today. to if there's an acquittal whatttaw would be the reaction? nobodyy seems to know.ems to know. barm police are standing by.. the baltimore county sheriff's i department standing by as well. ings and local jurisdictionsis have been alerted to pleasele stand by just in case.
8:02 am
although the feeling here is that even if there is ans a acquittal the real person they want is this -- the van driver e the police van driver in which freddie gray suffered that fatat injury and that's a trial laterr this year. year that officer facing secondinse degree murder and manslaughter charges. charges. so this one --- >> this one is basically threelt misdemeanor charges and we'll w have to see.vesee acquittal up to 10 years in prison if convicted. convict we'll find out at 10:30 this ts morning.g. guys, we'll be here.. >> developing overnight -- thank you bob in prince george'se g county police are looking fore o the person who shot and killed a man in temple this happened at an apartment at complex in the 4400 block of 23rd parkway.arkw victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. die no word yet on the suspect nor a motive.tive. also developing in fairfax county police searching for ther person who shot a man in fallsnf church 11:30 last night at an apartment complex in the 29 hunn doctor block of sti
8:03 am
circle. ci we are told the vickrc are tol tacony-palmyra has life has l threatening injuries. three years after a deadlyaa armed robbery at a hotel in oxon hill works of the co-defendants will be sentenced steve today iy just a few hours kim briee williams and rinaldo washingtong will be sentenced for the deadla armed robbery that happened hpee clarion hotel back in 2013. 201 weedses have been sentenced tocd life in prison. in pson. he pull the trigger that killedk a hotel employee.. the police chief forhief university of maryland police pl investigating how his officers s handled a graduation party thatt got out of hand over the weeke weekend. >> cell phone video shows the che aotic moments at an apartmet in college park. police you've pepper spray topr break up the party. some say that was excessive. the school s police chief looking at body camera video before making a bef decision about how to proceed.. president barack obama has,h s vietnam wher h
8:04 am
long standing arms embargo.. it removes the ban of military l equipment including lethaletha weapon the decision meant toeant improve relations between thatea country and ours. ours. the president made thee esid announcement on the first leg o his week long trip to asia.. later this week, he'll travel tl japan to attend the g7 summit.7s then on friday, planned shop in hiroshima the first sitting siti president to visit the siteithet where the first a bomb was b dropped back in 1445. us naval found more than 100 pieces of debris from the egypty air flight that went down last l week.. focus this morning a locating the black boxes and fuselage. fs submarine and high tech navy ship are are on the scene tryiny to pinpoint where the pings arep coming from.m. evidence pointing to me canto until cal failure.. >> hi, tuck.. >> in all fairness you had 15uad seconds to sit down.itow >> thank you so much. tha >> i'm a little early. lit >
8:05 am
>> no lead in.. >> yeah.eah. >> no live shot. >> now that you're here, i guese we'll get right to it.t righ >> let's do it. hey, blue sky breaking outakg across parts of the area that it great news some improvementmproe today.toda little warmer about 70. yeah, to the south we're stillll dealing with that rain shower t activity.ti trying to fade away from our area but southern maryland, marn central virginia you guys in onn it all morning long. lg and it's set to continue for a a few more hours you can see thean rain redeveloping out in out delaware and pushing across thet for most of the region today,od we'll break out in little midday sunshine and watch the potential for rain showers redevelop thist afternoon.tern although more widespread not asa numerous as yesterday.esrd 60 at reagan national.l. dulles 57. bwi marshall 59. we get little better today.. 70. few scattered showers thisrs afternoon.. going to the nats game tonight i think that game will happen h without too much day and then the seven day forecastc i'll have coming up it has lots
8:06 am
of sunshine lots of warmerme temperatures. even a little humidity and not n much rain. rn >> except for the humidity parta we've been waiting for the restr >> i think everybody will be very happy with it.t. >> cool. c >> thanks, tuck.k >> check in with erin and seen n how the roads are. a. >> roads are bad.ds if you're headed to the natshe n game tonight watch for extraor congestion and people especial i physical you're taking metro byb the navy yard crash activity gw parkway northbound side at theid key bridge still a crash has usu jammed solid from the 14thm the1 street bridge on through andhroa southbound gw parkway jams 123 1 to the key bridge. 11 miles per hour average ara secondaries in georgetown like m and wisconsin heavy trafficvy ta there as well. w montgomery county 270 north if h you're making your way in rococ rockville a crash at 28.ll the off-ramp is blocked. blo you are not seeing huge delaysay on the northbound side but lookl at that red line much that's the southbound delay coming downg d from frederick tons of stop andd go traffic.ffic. typical congestion towards theid beltway this morning. mni twitter update for you if you'ru taking metro good news for thest green line.ine nor
8:07 am
navy yard and then for yourr commute on the blue linein disabled train moving off the line. expect residual delays trainss n are resuming normal spacing muci the red line is on time as withw the rest of your rail lines thii morning.morning. bw parkway south deal with crasi between the beltway and 410.. really slow-moving traffic onff the outer loop of the beltway as you approach 50 and 50 inboundnb as you turn into new york is yo jammed by bladensburg as well. w steve and allison? allison >> still to come this mornings g new word from federal healthal h officials on when the mosquito t carrying the zika virus will wl finally arrive in the unitedarr states. not like we're welcoming themnge but they're coming.'rming >> later, a mistake during the national anthem left one major baseball league in hot water. we'll explain. ♪
8:08 am
8:09 am
>> southern california busiforab overturned on highway leaving dozens of people hurt.ns the bus carrying passengers returning home from women's church retreat in the sand berne mountains much police say the bus hit a car arrndhoch caused e crash.h nobody in the car was injured nd massachusetts the suspect wanted in the deadly shooting of a of police officer during a traffica stop is dead.ea killed in an exchange of gunfire with state troopers. top that suspect came out of a a closet and in an apartment artme building firing at state s troopers.oopers hitting one of them.he that's the allegation there.n te the trooper expected to be okayy the officer who was killedille leaves behind a wife and three children.dren. in louisiana a5-year-oldna5e girl accidentally shot andy shod killed herself while playing pli with gun.
8:10 am
police say the girl found the gun while her father was shot ia the shower. according to authorities the gui was not securelyti stored.y sto. so far no charges have beenn filed. tragedy on mt. everest toret report.rt three climbers have died overbe the last four days whilewhile decenting the world's highest mountain.un officials say two of the items i were caused by altitude sickness. in addition, asher per diederie after a fall.l. dozens out of the climbers hadms developed frost bite or becomerc sick near the summit climbing cb everest only resumed last monthh after a two-year ban. well, we can expect, an e unfortunately the mosquitounth carrying the zika virus toto arrive in the united states inne the next month or o s >> that's the word from top government health expert. hundreds of americans alreadyamc have the virus but those cases c were all travel related. rat got it somewhere else and came m back to the u.s. two species mosquito likely toit carry zika one will blanket thet south but reaches far northorth assan france, new york city. nek the other could spread all along the east cove. coming up, i hate this sto
8:11 am
story. >> i know. i kno why one of the co hosts of f the real will not return nextt season.. >> rather frequent guest ofent o ours. >> yes. >> right here on good day d.c. n kevin will take look back at tht billboard music awards including a special tribute to prince some loved and some had mixeded reactions to. ♪ z2022z what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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z2025z ♪ >> or right now.
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>> you're saying you could haved sunk it yesterday? it yesterday? >> here's the big part, guys. >> tomorrow, tomorrow ---- >> sing i >> what do we do. >> tomorrow you're only a day away. >> you can't sit on me. on >> you said he wanted to sianni. >> auction war.ti war >> right?? >> how do you know it felt to bb me. >> thank you. m the one with the wit t inappropriate saying.g >> sweet little orphan. orpn a curly red afro and she takesak all they are little friends wits her. >> she's loveable. >> and so is her sweet dog dog >> okay. >> there you you go. >> good, i don't have to go nown >> you're welcome.>> you're we >> speaking of something that will bring a smile to your facef that will. >> fox5 first five.ste. >> what's going on little man.i >> so cute. >> he's so cute. this is cameron.s he is just a tiny three monthsen old. that doesn't keep
8:15 am
his grammy every morning whilevg watching fox5. >> you know how little size heez is. he gets the first size ever. sie zero to three months.e that's what size you're in wt si cameron. that smile is like a-year-old.. >> happy baby.. >> that smile is forever andnd ever. >> we love it cameron.came you'll in for a warmer temperatures on the way.. first taste of d.c. summer.c. s coming up. >> all right. >> to send us your child'sld's picture go to fox5 d.c. and sens it on in.n. keep them we love it.e it. >> he's so cute. >> thanks, cameron. all right. loving the weather.lo the not so much this weekend. wee as we had more -- i didn't mindm it but i know a lot people havee had enough. 60 now in washington. whing near 70 this afternoon.. we're trying to break a little sunshine out. in fact i'm looking at a live al shot of the white house.e whit it feels like there might be aea little sundown there and a little blue sky breaking outlueb across the area much that'sa ta great news. grea not so much central maryland,yl, central virginia you're y endearing shower activitie.
8:16 am
later today midday sun will only encourage a few scattered afternoon showers to develop.ev so we're not quiet out of it yey but improvement today and then a big improvement tomorrow.omorro weather day wednesday looks lks fantastic.. sunny and 85. dare i say a little warm an warm little humid by thursday andhuy friday with daytime highs in ths mid to upper 80s. >> um-hmm.>> um-hmm. >> and right now our holidayow l weekend looks close to perfect.r any of those thunderstorms wems get late week are scattered inti nature kind of the late lat afternoon stuff we get in the it summertime. >> um-hmm. >> it won't be a wash out grayst all day kind of thing.nd of thig >> that's good. >> it's a holiday weekend. >> time to enjoy. enj >> lots of folks are off onff o monday. >> thanks, tuck. >> this will be an outdoor weekend. >> fire up the grill, erin.up te we're coming over. over. >> all right. sounds i want to sianni, too.oo. just throwing that out right now, 8:16. 8 let's move our camera over to our maps. i want to do you 395 a wash out with the fog right now a crashoc blocking the
8:17 am
road you're jammed up through'ra arlington and look at all thean red on our map as we take look e at our drive times. 95 north, 17 to 610 as you headh in stafford jams. j jam again through dale city witl the red zone.on that means speeds are underer about 15 miles per hour.r. 66 eastbound 234 to centrevillev same story there and then againa you slow through west fallsug ws church on the eastbound side. sd inner loop springfieldin interchange to 236 little riverr turnpike very slow-movingmong 29 south from new hampshire to t university slows and then 270 south 124 to the spur reallyea heavy traffic if you're headingi out in gaithersburg leave early have some patience wet roads uss caution this morning.iois 295 south 202 to eastern of a o jams as as w crash activity 270 north in ro rockville at 28 and also havels another crash right now as you y make your way in charles county. five north at briar town road. n more traffic in future back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very much.ri can we get the prompter, plen,a? thank you.thank ou. music indus
8:18 am
stars gathered in vegas last night for the billboard musicusc >> kevin is back now with somebk of the most talk about momentsen from the big show last night.igt hello. >> good morning steve andd this is one of the few awardof a shows where it was actuallyy interesting for the entire showo the performances were so up andd down. some very emotional m were veryr craze seek extravagant.vaga pink. pink we'll get to the highlights b wb get to the big performancesformn let's talk about the big winne winners. weekend took home eighte ei billboard awards.rds top hot 100 artist and top r and b artist dead ited his first award to prince. p whole evening had prince vibe ib to a dell took home top artist. beiber took home top male arti artist. bright knee spears, the performancesig were phenomenal.l she opened the show way medley d her biggest hits.. my only complaint i wish shewi actually sang during the performances. here's the thing.herehe >> oh, kev. >> i know she's a performer.e'so i get that. you're paid millions of dollarsd and, yes, i'm awa
8:19 am
may be not be a strong as pinkoa burt pink is up there on acrobatics her performance the visuals were mazing. mazi i definitely give her and thataa i've heard her vegas show is i similar it's all done through do lip syncing. lip later in the show she received i the billboard millennium award. her medley inned womanizer, love -- i love rock and roll,nd, toxic and i'm a fifty five forif you. one of the most talked aboutlkeo performances of the night keshak took the stage and performed a moving bob dylan cover it ain'ta me baby. her first televised performanceo a mid the on going legal battlee with dr. luke. dr. luke. his record label of thisrd l performance almost didn't happen. watch talking to tmz about thehe idea the record company keepingk her from performing a lot of lot articles going back and forth oh whether or not she woulder o actually be there.actu it was a beautiful performance.. very stripped down. s very emotional. she received a standing ovationg it contains messages that coulde be read into about the situatioa
8:20 am
listen to it. it. madonna pulled off a stunningtu tribute to prince last night ant surprise guest stevie wonderview came on stage towards the end td lead an audience sing along to purple reign.rpleei she started the show off with nothing compares to you requeste love inter tow dude her schennr went into the purple reign rendition with stevie wouldn't. celine dion the most emotional moment of the night. n she center the icon award.n a she perform the show must go on. her son surprised her schenn was very emotional couldn't evenout speak for the first couple coupe minutes she dedicated award to her late husband who died just four months ago and the wholeo w idea the show must go on was a w big theme for her as and artist. a dell premiered her new music c video send my love to your newou lover. i like this song a lot. thing took home the top prize lastt night's billboard music awards a beating out justin beiber,be drake, taylor swift and thend t weekend.we a dell thanked her fans via video satellite -- recorded ror video and she currently
8:21 am
it was actually a really cooly night for i loved the prince tributes asis well for me i think the most -- some of the best performancesrmn the ones stripped down, keshaeds and rihanna.. >> i just watched madonna do the prince. >> you didn't love it. y >> i did not love it. >> me eithe ir. mthe >> i'm seeing a lot ofg lot polarizing thing here. thingere i thought it was cool i like i l seeing the purple and the sinkhe ago. you wanted it to be more ae a little mr. expose seive with the guitar playing.lang >> where was slash? who is the hottest guitar.r. >> where were those people? >> lenny krav slits. sli >> high energy and the dancing.n it was not good. >> earlier in the show i washow talking about how much i lovedhi the performance.the performance. it could have been bigger ie be thought it was emotional emoti performance.perfor that image right there made me really happy it was i think is i was more blown away by they imagery of it. >> look -- >> i look this moment. >> giving them all the bands itb wasn't organic.anwasn org it felt like now you waived youe hands with the band. princ
8:22 am
this gave me none of that. >> allison, i see your point. p >> yeah. >> i see your point.>> i see yoi i was more moved bnty it in thit regard i totally understandst where you're coming from.from bigger with guitar playing.ryi i totally agree.taagr i thought it was solid tributeiu to prince. pnce. >> this is a dancing right here. >> i didn't think it was that it >> yeah. >> it was bad. how can you call it bad.l it >> it wasn't good. i won't say it was bad. i'll say it was good.wa goo >> and the thing is it's like il that was the song he wrote for f sinead o'connor.nor where were his songs.. >> yeah. >> any way -->> >> all right. >> love you madge.. >> i did not like that.ha >> familiar face who will ber fa missing from the real nextl next season. >> later this hour summer safetr tips how can you protectrotect yourself and your family out there and stay out of thet of te emergency room this summer? more we come back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ hey, welcome back.he guess what? i just stepped? i outside.outsid northwest washington allison ans steve we have sunshine. >> ou! ou! >> it's beautiful.s betifu (applause).(a >> thank you. let's go to the forecast.. i'm impressed.. i turned red on that. t storm tracker radar, yes, i wish i could take full credit 40. 4 unfortunately i can't. we're getting sunshine here iner northwest d.c. trying get that band of raind oi just to our south out of here.fh i know of
8:26 am
maryland and central virginia are asking where is the sunshinn for me? it's not here yet ieet think much of the area will get a at least a little sun midday. we could see a few additionalddt showers redevelop this afterno afternoon. got one more day of this. this is sort of transitionmo dad and then things get a lot better starting tomorrow. tomorrow. 60 now at reagan national. dulles 57. bwi marshall 59.all there's your seven day forecast. look at that.lo at few showers this afternoon. and then 80 or better tuesday td through our holiday weekend nexx weekend looks great a few stormm each afternoon that's thehat's t weather update.weat erin how are the roads?oa >> they're not looking so greatg tucker. also have new metro problems.bls so we'll start you off way lookl at our tweets. tets. metro tweeting out fifty two ino a end bound orange line orange experiencing delays. a they updated 8:10.ated:1 keep you posted. pos but if you're taking orange linl watch out for delays.s. virginia commute jammed upamd because of wet roads and typicap monday morning traffic.ra
8:27 am
and then 66 inbound 234 to centreville again through west w falls charge.rge. springfield to little rivere turnpike in maryland 29 south completely jammed from new fro hampshire to the university. 27124 to the spur and then 295 south 202 to eastern.aste 50 inbound inside the beltwayel jams to 295.o more traffic in few. few. get an early start, use cautionu on the wet roads.on the roads back to you guys. >> iraq's military launching neg operations against isis what does this mean for us right here in the us?he in >> also the president announcine a controversial decision iner dc vietnam this morning.nam this mi we'll get the latest details dai from fox's bret baier who joins us next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> live look outside. there you go, we have found it.v if you look carefully at the top third of your screen, those are blue ski i know you haven't seen them inn long time much that's what they look like. just a hopefully we'll see lot of them over the coming days. days >> get you caught up what's up a happening around the wore.arou w this morning iraq launching as operation to take back the city of fallujah.jah president obama making a huge ah announcement overseas in lift an arms em bar bow in vet vietnam.n >> joining us now bret baier. >> i that's right we were livin in seattle forri while. non sop rain. >> this entire month every day e but three we've seen rain.n. so things crossed we don't divev writ straight into summer.o s >> let's talk about what's w happening in the war on terrorar right now. n one, w
8:31 am
with isis -- iraqi forces trying to take back fallujah.h. the killing of this taliban heaa in afghanistan.hanist so let's put all the pieces p together and where do we standwa now?? >> well, first of all, the iraq operation it's led by the iraqii military on the ground trying tn take back fallujah which is i close to baghdad after a strings of car bombings that isis hass s claimed responsibility for in i baghdad killing hundreds over recent weeks. the iraqi military trying toryin take back this town.s roughly about a thousand isissis fighters inside fallujah.alh the iraqis are being backed upnb by the us military in the air. they're also at the training tin facilities back in bd and they have some help fromelpf iran as well the shiite militias are helping on the ground we'll see how that goes it's a testhtt run for what they really amountu which is the isis capital in iraq mosul to the north. nor as far as this taking out of tht taliban leader, it is kind of a new chapt
8:32 am
administration to go deep intoee pack tan and take out a taliban leader inside pakistani territory.territ we're told the us went forwardrd with that strike withouthout pakistan's blessing orgr knowledge, and told them after it was d that's the first time we've done something big like that sincece the bin laden raid inside ins pakistan. pa >> speaking of the leadership of this cun treat president right p now in vietnamre.. talking about lifting arms arms embargos and of course, also just part -p beginning part of his trip tori asia. as let's focus on arms and vietnam right now because this isecau something a lot of folks did non expect we would see for some fos time. >> yeah. i think it is a bit of af surprise for some. i think it's an olive branch for vietnam and the relationshipelao there, but more importantly impt probably a counter to china's actions in the south china sea i and the us is trying to be friendly with u.s. allies and as counter to that.o with that said it's getting
8:33 am
the human rights efforts off vietnam is not great in fact f it's not great at all.. and in contrast to some placeela like ukraine, which we haven't really moved weapons to someome criticism on that >> let's bring it baaing to thii country and talk about thehe election.ection. the washington post polled overd the weekend came out showingutho very very close between hillaryh clinton and donald trump muchd o what's shocking in this showings more people in record numbersdum disliking both candidates and apparently disliking them equally. >> yes. yes. the unfavorables are the highesh scene for any major presidentiat candidate in any party. par for both of them. t that's the thing. and they're both unifyingh uni figures for the other party.. so what you're seeing in thesege polls is the opposition toitiont donald trump for democrats is as big united -- uniting factor ano the opposition to hillaryion toi clinton is on the other side.thr i think it's essentially tiedale right now.. but remember hillary clinton could see a couple point bumppot
8:34 am
up the democratic nomination. n she's still fighting berniestil sanders out west.s ou >> all right. i mean the question obviouslysto will be turn out when it comests down it to. it do you see either one, though,ug gaining on this this lack of popularity once the conventionst come around? at least a slights bum there were f people don't we like them now they won't like them up until november? novem >> well, they're going to tryng both of them are going try too effect those unfavorable numberm and going try to negatively neg affect the others unfavorableab numbers.numb i think the one thing thathing donald trump does have is the outsider status. which seems to be driving thishi political year. but right now you would give the benefit of the doubt if the i election were held today in thei swing states to hillary clinton. >> all right. well, keeping it entertaining e for sure. we'll look for you tonight on tt special report. see you then.e yo >> see you, steve. steve >> you got it. bret baier fox news.ew 8:35 right now. n tucker barnes has some good goo news. we saw blue skies out there.oute now we just need
8:35 am
bright yellow thing up there atu some point. >> steve, i'm getting widesprear tweets saying it's sunny andun a bright and beautiful. a >> love it. >> we are seeing peeks ofe arei sunshine out there at thet moment, yes, i mean actuallyct today is transition day.ion gets a little better today and d lot better tomorrow. t we'll probably be able to take t rain out of the forecast.e focas 60 now in washington.ashin. the the swirl you see off theff coast of the delmarva therehere that's where our area of low pressure is that's beent's responsible for the showerho activity we've been seeing for the past couple of cple it continues this now southern maryland, south off fredericksburg you guys areksbug still getting rain, spotsylvan spotsylvania, let's see, downia towards richmond we're still wee looking at shower activity somet of that heavy, too.. locally as mentioned we're w starting to break out intout int little sunshine.leshine thank you tweet from parts of dc getting sunshine. sh great news. n i think we'll be looking at morm sunshine midday and then a few additional showers redevelop red this afternoon. keep the umbrella handy.. not quite done with the shower s threat later today.
8:36 am
and warmer temperatures, too. t hang in there erin i'mri delivering. let's see if you are. maybe not.le >> the good news you can sit inn sunshine instead of rain now.adn >> that's better.s bet >> across the wilson bridge onle silver lining tucker.guc huge delays across the wilson wl bridge. we have a crash it's backing usg up from route 1 so give yoursell extra time. basically park out there on thet outer loop. let's move it over for a look ak our other bridges. 395 at the 14th street bridgedg very slow moving traffic beforeb that point we have a crash by ch glebe road so from basically thc bottom of the beltway to 14th street bridge heavy traffic. the key bridge inbound jams from rosslyn into georgetown.. tucker mention i'm seeingenti sunshine in all of our cameras i like what i'm seeing that way. t as far as volume and congestiono and crash let's move over to ouo maps. in addition to that with metro, you're experiencing orange,e, silver lou delays because ofse slow speed restrictions again at mcpherson square and vienna bound are a ranch lined are passengers dealing with delays there was a service gap betweenb landover and eastern so be patient there. t you'll t
8:37 am
metro.tro. taking wide view nasty ride fror the earlier rain we had wet h roads arc lot of congestion cge outer loop jams completely from 95 as you approach the spur there. th 50 inbound jams as you pass 2955 works 95 southbound very slow. o the outer loop as you head towards 50 from ritchie marlborb delays. you can see 395 again parked. gp parkway southbound heavy traffic. collar what barton cabin johnabj inside the beltway lee is low. 66 through vienna very slow.y so leave early use some caution. ci it's just a messy even thoughvet the sun came out. out >> be patient. pat it will get better, right. >> look at you. you're wearing yellow and aw a burst of sunshine.. >> stay positive.osit >> i like it. liket. >> major league baseball team apologizing over national anthem mistake. we'll explain what >> and summer is almost here, folks. that means outdoor family fun.y >> all right.ll rig >> what can you do to protecttoe your family though when it gets
8:38 am
really warm out there? back inc a moment. a moment.
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ >> that looks like virginia beach. >> it is. i spent many days at virginia beach. >> i have walked right past that giant statue many times myself. >> yes. n> it looks a little rainy down >> it does look a little wet w down there still. s ocean city looked very nice.. everybody trying trying to makem beach plans for this weekend.fos >> i'm trying to find the best b time to gond
8:41 am
you know what >> wednesday leave, come backk the next >> okay.y >> if you've had success, folksl let me know within that likeike four-day thing do i leave l thursday really late, do i leave friday 2:00 o'clock.k. let me know. know. >> depends if you're faking the bay bridge or heading south on 95. >> we'll welcome all beacheach travel tips.av tips. tweet us and let us >> virginia beach. virginia bea. >> still a good day. >> exactly.>>ct san diego padres apologizing tot the city's gay men's chorus.. here's what happened. happene the group was on the field on f saturday night. they were there to sing the national anthemth. but fans instead heard the recorded voice of a woman singing. ng now the padres say it's a mistake said there was no w malicious intent here and thehe team has fired though a contractor and disciplinediscipd another employee though they sae it's a mistake. so does that story jive.toiv >> standing out on the fieldintn getting ready to sing while atoi recording goes off. >> that's very unfortunate unfortunate.fortunate. fo
8:42 am
very much alive. >> thomas posted picture of aa woman who he says would not lett him sit in the empty seat next to her because of the color ofof his skin. sn. thomas said he was on crowdedro train earlier this month when he asked a woman if he can sit in the next seat next to her schenh said it was taken.ids ta the ex nba player saw him give g the seat to white man.te he confronted the woman who told thomas not to play the race carc on her. >> she said she dated a blackeda guy in college.le >> tips to protect you and yourd family in the sun and the waterw and great outdoors.or >> live look outside on thissidt monday morning.mond tuck is back with for forecastat next.xt >> going to cost you more thanen that. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
8:45 am
♪ ♪ >> virginia beach still waitingi on sunshine.on sshin but no shortage in ocean cityocc right now. looking pretty. ptt >> pretty. >> the wind is blowing. you can see thhee flags will onl the left down by the ferris looks like it's whipping around little bit. >> i can't wait to get there. gt i'll be honest. >> so when the song came on, wh, are we playing -- oj's backstabbers. things are getting quite realui for the real. rea tamar braxton confirmed shermed won't return to the daytime tall show in the a statement out on sunday saidai she will instead concentrate onn her solo her announcement, though, comes,
8:46 am
lengthy post on instagramgram talking about being be trade. she'd be stabbed in the back by someone who wasn't vince hersn't husband or any of her sisters and said thai martians will knol the real deal and i cannot -- i can say that the only one ofe those ladies who she still follows on social media is tamara. >> interesting. >> at a player is the only one.. >> you need to investigate.te. >> i love tamar braxton.xt >> maybe she'll come back and join us again on the show.onhe s we'll treat her well.treaher w she wouldn't be so tacky as tos reveal who the backstabbers wee were.we >> maybe she'll do it in code.ho >> um-hmm. i can't say. it is terrible when you do findd out you have have been backee stabbed. >> horrible. i wonder if they'll stick with a four person format. >> i think each brought ah ug different energy to it and she s sort of brought, you know, that -- that real whatever. wha tell it like it is type energy so i don't know if they can do n without that
8:47 am
>> i think it becomes very sortr of hmm, little bit boring without it.ou it. but that's me.that'se. i'm a tamar fan. f >> i think a show like there'str probably a lot of competingom interests at the same time, don't you. >> they seem to work well together. toge they played in their le. she won good for advertising.dvg there was a whole bunch of stuff they put out on her. h >> she has two reality shows, so solo career. >> she'llly just fine. she'lllyu >> as we will. as we're finally weathering theerin storm, tuck. >> yeah.h. in fact we're getting sunshine h across the area much lots ands a lots of tweets.e thanks for sending me tweetsewet with sun reports.or never thought you'd have to geto a sun report in may.n repon ma 60 now in washington. wasng we'll warm it up to near 70 degrees most of the area inr the 50s but sun breaking outg ot we'll warm up quickly it will be much more pleasant day than whaa we had around here yesterday and the day before witness clouds and rain showers. to our south, rain is not yet done there. tre southern maryland, c
8:48 am
virginia, southwest virginia v still looking at rain showers.hs all of that is fading away fromf our area at least temporarily.ei what you can expect later todayt i think we'll be in and out of the sun and the clouds here fore the next couple of then what we have in place anlaa upper level low this is a very r cold pool of air a loft. l with strong daytime heating,ea strong sunshine this time of year will likely fire up a fewua showers this afternoon but itont will be much more widely scattered than we've been kindve of dealing with the last couples of days. there's future cast you can see the scattered nature of theof shower activity later thisity tr afternoon maybe a rumble off thunder.thun but it will be quick moving anda it won't amount to whole lot. l. so nationals game tonight. tigh. i'm going down. d come say hi.ay i don't know where i'll be whe l sitting. maybe i'll just be up in the uin beer garden that's where i like to hank how the. >> that's nice. e gamerom e the game from there. >> it's not so important. i yes, you can.ou can (laughter).au >> all right. there you are tomorrow morning.. things look great. loogreat. real quick just want to show i s was complete pattern flip here
8:49 am
high pressure builds in. pds tuesday, wednesday, thursday,sda what is that? that's the 80s.. >> yeah, bring back the 80she 8 baby. >> bringing it back.g it bk wednesday look fantastic.. thursday wonder a scatter ther e thunderstorm i put the seven dav up on my facebook page and on mn twitter account and getting lotg of great comments. com everybody is concerned about tht thunderstorm activity nextdeto weekend. widely >> i think of the tropics. >> exact. >> it rains and goes away it's nice and hot. >> go back to the >> the beach, pools whatever wer got going this weekend,, barbeques, graduations it will l be fantastic. >> water park opens this weekend. week >> it will be great.>>t will >> thanks, tuck.s, tuc >> let's fine out what's comings up in few minutes on good day.ay here's holly and >> good morning. we are on verdict watch inn baltimore. judge will decide the fate ofida one of the six officers chargeds in the death of freddie gray.dde >> it is expected to happen within the next two ne. when it does, we will of coursee bring the to you >> also at 9a a war of words ons the campaign trail.ra why donald trump is calling c hillary clinton quote heartlesst
8:50 am
>> plus, we are breaking downard the billboard music awards fromo the prince controversy too celine's come back. tell us what you think #gooddaydc. >> don't miss kevin's interviewt witness the rock and kevin hart. kevin had a surprise for both ob them. th you don't want to miss this one. good day d.c. starts in just a a few minutes so don't go anywhe anywhere.yw allison. >> thanks ladies. >> summer kicks off this weakener lot of people will be>e at the pool on theop road, cookg out, et cetera, et but unfortunately a lot ofot o people will also injure themselves c shilpi agalwar isgi with us now with tips to stayo save this summer. ts summe hello. hello >> good morning. >> you look adorable.k >> thank you. you do too. too i love this yellow.el so bright and sunny. s >> we're trying to do something right now. >> yes. the first thing let's talkfirsia basically about what we're doine wrong when it comes to ourcomesr sunscreen.cree >> so we know when we see spf os the bottle that stands for sunon protect factor, and easy way too think about that is basically tt think about how much time youh t would normally take to burn b wi
8:51 am
let's take that's 20 minutes. m whatever is written on the spf bottle the sunscreen, is going g to be a factor of that time.ha so if it normally takes you 20 2 minutes spfly 15 should protecto ugh for 15 times that 20 minut minutes. >> whoever knew this i never even knew that. >> now, what's very important ti look for when we're looking atng sunscreens especially for oury f children is the actuale tua ingredients. there are two different kinds os sunscreen.cree there's physical barriers andris there's chemical barriers.s >> okay. >> physical barriers are when aw the sunscreen has ingredientsens like sing. sing. chemical barriers ingredientsng that form chemical compound to avoid the sun rays.ay. now what we're looking for inngr our sunscreen is very important. so first thing you'll look for l allison is looking for a broadad spectrum sunscreen.screen that means it's going to covero us from uva and uvb because uvaa rays are the ones that deeply de penetrate and damage the skin to
8:52 am
>> uva and uvb. u >> and uv were. >> okay.>> >> uvb causes our sunburn.un we want to have the bottle say s broad spectrum coverage from uvm and uvb. >> okay. >> the second thing is make sur that you're avoiding ingredients for young children and babiesn b they have delicate skin avoid ingredients like written on thee bottle as papa or para amino beb so 86 acid. a i'll right those ingredients ups so we can avoid them. >> please do.>> >> this is one time childrenhild sunscreen that's labeled forlabd babies is actually important tot get.get >> okay. >> because it's more protective for their skins and it help to avoid rashes and other other irritations. we want to actual apply the sunscreen right at the veryt t beginning when they wake up inwh the morning, the biggest mistake i see people doing is takinging their kids to the pool and pool side starting to apply thepplyhe sunscreen.ns do it before.efor use that sink product and thennd also using some sun protectiveiv clothing. we've got the long sleevedong s shirts her
8:53 am
use these are delicate skin and shoulders get burned so quicklyi it has a hat you can cover themt with along with some shoes thats can be protected and help avoid falls. falls. >> okay. but that is just the cutestut little things. so adorable.. sun canopy down here that can help young babies from getting burned and avoiding thosese dangerous chemical rays. r >> that's very cute.s ve we just had this really nastyy s report that came out cdc says s 80% of the pools testify the aty least one violation.lation they had like blown it at leavee once.ce what do we need to do when we gg to public schools, water parks,, whatever torque stay safe?ay sa? >> the most important thing youn can do is look for the reports r of the pool cleanliness andnd safety.fe they're supposed to be testingpt the waters at these public poolp and water parks at lost twolo times a day.a day. >> okay.. >> if you're very diligent youi can also get test strips onlinen that will help you to determiner what is in the pool. poo they're very're you just grab a strip and i
8:54 am
will tell you the chlorinehe che content and tell you the ph andh you dip it in the pool rightl before you go in, and normallyoa you'll want to see the colors cl change based on the gradient on the bottle.botle. >> okay. >> you want ph between 7.2 and 7.8 and then a chlorine level oo between one and three parts perp million.mill >> you know what, let me telllee you quick story. quick story one time we went on summerr vacation, we -- it was not properly -- chemicals.hels the girls had terrible swimmersm ear.ea it ruined the whole vacation. how much do these cost on amazoo or whatever.hateve >> you can get them for free one certain sites. sites. but otherwise less than $5 for a bottle. >> it's tollly worth it.t's llly >> parents remember if you havee young kids you're taking to the pool, please please don't changt their diapers right near the the pool. pool. because it's very easy to trackk fecal matter and urine and dirtd stuff into the pool and then itn makes it unsafe for your kidsoud along with everybody else. >> all right.>> all r we don't have time but basically there's a dry drowning. dwnin
8:55 am
other important tips to keep in mind is make sure you're havingv your child stay hydrated don't t drink the pool water keep them e from doing that and pleasee please please be vigilant abouta watching your kids when they'ren in the that is the most important tiptt don't leave them unattended. because they drown not for a second not even toot n turn around.round. keep an eye on them they canm tc very quickly drown and --nd- >> life can change in an insta instant. shilpi, thank you so much.thanko >> sure. make sure you move this because people need the information.form >> i will absolutely post it.el. you can tweet me >> tucker, over to you. over tou >> thank you allison.>> thank ya thank you very i like the scenes behind you. y. although i think i saw somebodyy drinkindrinking ocean water. let's go to the forecast.dr wes got sgounshine, yes, we dod across parts of the area. are that's still raining to our south.ou that will kind of peter out andd then we'll in for partly sunny midday period before the chancea of a few additional showersnalho developing this tae so still take that umbrella we're not quite done with the wh rain chances yet as we can haven few showers later.rser 63 now in d
8:56 am
dulles is 61. bwi marshall 59.arall quick look at the seven day lool how bright and sunny we get andd summery we are for the end of te the week a lot to look forwardrd wednesday weather day come downw and join us 85 and sunny for game day. thursday, friday, saturday,atur sunday look great.sunday l a few scattered storms. >> erin has look look at at roadways. 8:56.8:56 problems a new issue we'reue wee dealing with in alexandria alexd eastbound seminary road shut shu down at mark center drive a crash there. traffic being diverted toed to bogart. as we take look still jammed upp towards the district fromtr virginia. 95 northbound from one -- from-f 17 to 610 again through dale city. city. 66 eastbound jams through e centreville and the inner loopeo remains very heavy from them springfield interchange samechae story headed inbound fromrom maryland even as we approach our 9:00 o'clock hour. we're seeing outer loop seeg ou congestion 95 to georgia. 270 south from 370 to the spur s you need a lot of extra time.xtm and then the inner loop from
8:57 am
to 295 huge jamups there. t crash activity that we are alsoe tracking as you make your wayr out. gw parkway northbound moved over to the shoulder at the key key bridge you are still jammed up l from the 14th street bridge on through. inbound gw parkway 123 to the te key bridge 11 miles an hour. mio still need to get an early starr any questions at erin fox5 d.c. keep it right here to fox5.ox we have good day at 9a cominga c right up.right up.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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.♪ straight ahead, decisionisn day. this morning, a baltimore judge will likely decide the fate of a police officer charged in thehae death of freddie gray. what's at stake in the case ande what impact the verdict could have on future prosecution.. comrades in arms.mradesn ar president obama kicks off a week abroad with a controversialeral decision to lift a ban on b selling weapons to vietnam.ietn we'll tell you why. an outbreak on the way? way health officials push up a zika timetable saying mosquitoesquite infected with the disease couldu arrive in the us earlier than expected. expect we'll tell you when and what you can do to prepare. ♪ >> and later, stealing thehe spotlight. music's top stars taking centern stage at last night's billboardb music awards.rds.


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