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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> divorce denied. three years after d.c. residents voted to end congressional
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lawmakers say not so fast. >> be careful what you wish for rain is gone and here comes the humid hughty. you know what i don't mind. >> i'll take it. >> i'm telling you even my hair is saying bring it. "fox 5 news" mornings starts now. >> good wednesday morning to you. thank you for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, may 25. erin como she'll talk about road conditions and gary mcgrady talks about improving weather forecasts. we'll get to the news first. right now, president obama is traveling to japan early this morning. he wrappedp a three day trip to vietnam with town hall with 800 young adults. >> this next leg of president trip through asia is most controversial. he'll be the first sitting president to visit here sheem aduring world war ii. and fiscal independence headed to the house floor. >> advocates for city are hopeful that d.c. could soon be free to spend its own tax dollars
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support from time from the white house. melanie alnwick joins us with more. >> good morning first they have to get through congressional republicans though. some are saying there's a big win here at d.c. budget at least in spirit. white house will veto efforts by congregational republicans to put d.c. back under their thumbs. house plans to vote today on a bill to force the city to once again get approval for the budget. obama administration pushing back though writing it strongly opposes bill noting "the residents ever the district and elected leaders deserve to have the same ability as other u.s. residents and elected leaders to determine how to use their local revenues to address unique needs. and in 2013 d.c. residents you may remember passed referendum that would give city leaders more freedom with their own budget and the mayor would submit the budge totes congress and if there's no action in committee in 30 days the city is free to move forward. referendum was held this past march and
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appeal and they're telling city resident they cannot have the what they voted for and will prohibit attempts to passe refer run dumb like. it eleanor holmes norriton believes the senate won't go along with house bill and if today's vote fails opponents plan to insert language restricting city to must pass federal bill. you can see the fight is far from over. white house says what d.c. is seeking is basic authority and that the city is being subjected to burdens not born by any other local government in the country. >> and maureen, holly. >> mel, thavingz, metro making changes after the fallout on agency reporting crime to the public. >> comes after a rain on red line train was never disclosed to the public until many weeks lightser. liver at the metro sfaition with details. annie. >> good morning to you holly and maureen. another big shakeup in metro. and the transit agency under goes a kilt tour of change right now. so, from now on,
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must publicly report all violent crime that happen on metro property and that came down yesterday during a congressional hearing. metro general manager paul wheatfeld was grilled by congress yesterday during a house transportation committee hearing he had to answer tougher questions specifically about why an alleged rain on red line train last month was not revealed to the public until just earlier this week. and wheatfeld said they make the decision not to release that information because a person was arrested within hours of the crime and he felt there was no threat to the public. well, that answer not sitting well with local leaders and we also asked wheatfeld how his response to that fits in with metro promise of being transparent. take a listen. >> we need to report every day and we'll report every day. you know literally we have things happen every day. and if we want to put our daily you know police plotter i'm not hiding
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it it was something dealt with and that's what we did. >> and again metro being ordered to public report all violent crimes moving forward and take a look. this is the man metro police arrested john hicks held on rain and assault charges and he's scheduled to be back in court in rockville next month june 10. that's the latest here from silver spring, maryland, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> virginia governor terri mc callive said he's doing nothing wrong. he spoke with veronica clearly about reports he's under federal investigation and they're looking at campaign contributions of chinese businessman gave to mc callive campaign in 2013. >> bob mcdonald working to cover his costly legal bills. mcdonald legal defense fund raised 50,000 during the 1st quarter of 2016 bringing fund total to 550,000. little short though hundreds of thousands of doar
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and more than the 1 million experts stimentd the mack donald need to fund appeals of construction conviction. . >> is five past the hour this wednesday morning. gary mcgrady. looking so good in the weather center. >> thank you very much i feel good maureen. >> thank you. >> let's goodet to the weather. you see how cheerful we are and how ham pi we are. sunshine and warmer temperatures. it does everybody a little bit of g i've about hearing from folk on facebook talking about thanks for vitamin d ape take no credit for this. 55 to 60 enjoying it like everyone else. after school 81 to 86. warm day. don't worry too much about humidityed today. obviously we'll have some. wind to the west and keeping us dry at least dry feeling and what we'll end up is more humidity creeping back to the forecasts for tomorrow and into friday as well. temperatures out pretty pleasant this morning, 50s and low 6 0s. here'
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morning. how is it going out, there erin. >> well, right now --. >> on treatment traffic brought to you by toyota. >> and right now, 5:07 and i'm excited to tell you that metro is on time. no alert to cross and i'll let you know if that changes and the yellow and green also on time. we'll take a live look outside in silver spring if you make your way to the district you're out in the area. you see things cruise ago long type. georgia avenue at wayne avenue quiet silver spring commute now same store didn'ts in wheaton and glen mont and bethesda good tom side of beltway and no problems there either from the outer loop starting 95 through new hampshire and cruise ago long. list take a look back at maps. you see the wide on commute. right now 95 between 630 and 610 starting to see volume increase and then again through dale city north of that point closer to the bottom of the beltway. i'll keep you updated and hea heading into the district virginia we'll let you know when the normal congestion pop
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pops. that's a look at traffic. back to you. . >> happy this afternoon. blue angels will soar to the capital of maryland again today the u.s. navy will also fly there d.c. over the weekend the famous flight team will perform 68 times this year and more than 30 different locations. >> can did you see game four nba western conference finals oklahoma could not be stopped. they went on to win it 118 to 94 to take a 3-1 commanding lead over the warriors in the series and that means they're just one win away from the finals. mean tile, eastern conference calves, raptors, both tied at two games a piece. >> come on steph curry. >> coming up, fox news morning is he worth. it one member ever the wizards says he deserves maximum contract. >> man versus machine. more fastfood restaurants could actually turn to automated machines as a way to get around rising pay. >> as we head to break, a live look across the d.c. region. okay.
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>> u.s. justice department planning on talking of a death penalty in the massacre case dillon rough killed in my opinion people last year. the decision came after considering nature of the alleged crime and harm it caused. he is awaiting federal hate charges and crime charges and faces charges in. >> a former cole chief executive waived right to extra diction hearing. anthony aragia is accused of
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is buried. his bond is set at $1 million. >> federal and state investigators are trying to figure out what led it a plane crash. this was the scene from sky fox. you can see the plain line there in the grassy area and two people were on board and they were both killed. no one on the ground was hurt. >> and bill cosby will stand trial for sexual assault charges. pennsylvania judge handed down that decision yesterday. he is accused of drugging and molesting former temple university employee at his home in 2004. he claim the sex was son sent you'll. the judge heard part of the statement con stance gave police. she claims cosby gave her pills that put her in a days and made her up able to stop his advances. >> fast food workers $15 an hour some say human app labor could be cut altogether. paying for 35,000 robot
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to bag french fries is cheaper than paying employee higher minimum wage. so 35,000 robot is cheaper than $15 an hour for a real person. executive added he expect other businesses to take such action as minimum wage hikes begin. >> really? >> i think that will be a talker today. >> 5:121 the time now. legal analysts say the latest trialin the death of freddie gray revealed a number of things about the baltimore police department and lawmakers say metro needs to be like monorail at walt disneyworld. >> he's a break across the d.c. reeingon. time now 5:12. whop are you calling crazy? we are crazy for the good weather is what we are. 61 is the time now. fox news morning is back after test test test dan cuellar
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a developing story police serving for a gunman after multiple shoot ningz philadelphia and a person in a vehicle opened fire in a passing car and struck the driver inside we're told and then the suspect fled to nearby casino and shot a second person in a carjacking. the officer's vehicle was hit by gunfire. police believe the same ghaun was involved in all the shootings. more details as they become available. >> and 61 degrees right now on this wednesday morning. gary, i remember not so long ago when 61 was the high. >> that's right. i remember when it was not even the high. it was this week we were stuck in the 50s a couple days. and listen let me show you the whole weekend, actually. who keeps track of these thing things. 61 for baltimore and 54 frederick and mannasas and 54 this morning. forget about. it gorge thus morning area wide mid-atlantic south, north, a
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new york city, 61. boston coming in at 54. columbus, ohio, 58 and pittsburgh sitting at 6 0. here's the deal going to the holiday weekend to show you high pressure anchored offshore to the east of us. we call this the bermuda high and it will bring in warmth and will bring in humidity. it looks like on saturday, lots of sunshine. temperatures mitd to upper 0s and we'll have feels like temperature for everybody in the 0s. now on surprised, subtle change here as this area of high pressure continues east of us. low pressure is trying to come up into the south eastern portion of coast here and it's going to bring more moisture in and it still looks like it will be a pretty good day surprised. a lot of sunshine of the. there will be a possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon surprised and should not be a big deal. as we get into monday more tropical moisture getting squeezed between the high and low. and we think that means more clouds for us slirn a little more humidity and chance for more shores and thunderstorms.
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does not look like a washout but it doesn't look as nice as per se saturday and sunday doe does. but at this point it doesn't look tear bally bad. spvkly what we're talking about. great on saturday mostly sunny. a few thunderstorms possible on sunday but should be no big deal. temperatures lower to mid 80s and a little cooler on memorial day high temperature 76 degrees. again we're talking about scattered showers maybe thunderstorms and some surprise and clouds on memorial day. we'll see if we can keep that as nice as possible. all clear this morning you you is sa the surprise up there. some any a.m. and sunny noontime and warm and sunny late this afternoon and temperatures making it up to officially about 86 degrees or so for a high. and a few storms tomorrow. 87. more thunderstorms in the forecast thursday, friday, that means more humidity too. here's erin como. >> you know despite the humidity obviously my hair has a bouncy girl to it not an 0s
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>> thursday and friday we get more humidity. >> i'm with holly morris who said they would take the humidity over the rain. we'll keep it with that. stalled vehicle fairfax upper loop near 50 arlington boulevard. caution. there look at the green on the map not closing slow downs light volume. we'll take a live look outside if you head to work by the whitehouse. traffic is moving along long as we take a look at camera just fine. pennsylvania out by 21 street. no problems by the hill either. things in china town all over downtown d.c.. we look back at maps to get into downtown d.c. and don't want to drive things on metro look going now we don't have the problem we're dealing with yesterday morning. the first of five rails also in great shape right now. taking a look at virginia sdriv times coming in from further out rich mopped you will not hit the usual congestion on 95 through stafford and things through dale city across the ak quan and same story 66 and
5:19 am
we take a closer look at mar par drive times next. any questions@erin "fox5" d.c.. holly, mature sgleen 5:18 is the time and let's look at stories we're engaging on social media and the realtime tracker. >> and moving to wisdom martin. >> good morning to you ladies. first this up morning a florida congressman had advice for d.c. metro system and simply to be more like disney monorail. daniel webster childed metro unreliability saying he never seen the monorail at disney breakdown in 38 years. up next president dmepts west virginia can carry a gun hidden or in plain sight. under a law a permit is not necessary sir yeah to pack a concealed firearm as long as over age of 21. and finally bradley beihl washington wizards
5:20 am
beihl wants top stay in d.c. long term, for only the right price. shooting guard is seeking maximum contract and want to be valued the right way. if washington can't do that he's willing to take talent elsewhere. it would depend on league sall sallyry cap next surprise but that figure could be $0 million for bradley beihl. that's a hefty price. hefty price. we wanted to know what you think should they pay this money or move in another direction. >> what do you think? >> i say 90 million is too steep for me tore a team not making playoffs. that's my opinion. >> we wanted to know what other people think. hit us up on the social media platform. >> and unbutton that jack sglet for the right price i can unbutton my jacket. >> for the right price, good one. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" still may but tonight one local city prepares for fourth of july.
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historic visit to vietnam and he's beginning to plan a controversial part of his asian trip. >> and as we head to break a live look outside across the d.c. region with mu stoyk get you going. leslie herarra here's the mark anthony you requested. we love your music mix. "fox5" muz morning after this ♪
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>> the baltimore police commissioner acknowledging this week police in the is they are inaadequately trained and routinely ignore rules and regulations meant to keep people safe. this during the trial of freddie gray ended without charges and commissioner announced a new program to make sure officers read and understand general rules and policies going forward. the washington post reporting that the prince jorming county hospi
5:24 am
is facing more setbacks. the project is too big and too expensive to get state approval. >> project leaders have been told they need to slash the size of hospital and number of beds and reduce the price by more than 100 million before the state will approve a hospital. >> and state school superintendent she's been a deputy superintendent and before that salmon was at talbot country schools. >> gatherersburg city will test the fireworks ahead of the 4th of july celebration happening at summit hill harm. front at 8:30 will set off fireworks in a small show. you can help officials by being a spotter and send email to city hall letting them know your location and what you can see. information is on our web site >> as a nice way to sort of end ever day a
5:25 am
>> exactly. >> sometimes. >> fire work wednesday i like it what do you thirks gary. >> i think it will be round the corner it is already july 4. we're going to be seeing -- saying where did these things go. here we are today. look we're getting the summertime pattern. temperatures out there today. warming up nicely. gorgeous out this morning. 50s and 60s and sun is m coming up and we have clear skies you'll love it sunny skies all morning long. temperatures today 83 for a high yesterday and for the city and dulles 82. so is bwi. today we'll add to that and head up there with sunny companies and winds coming out of west today. that will tend to keep us warmer as well. humidity not a problem. not a problem today. humidity will come back into the forecast for tomorrow, for friday, on saturday as well. okay? so the heat index values not today but thursday, friday, saturday, will be upper 80s to low 90s enjoy this relatively
5:26 am
warm relatively humidity free day okay? all that -- all things considered not a bad morning not a bad morning on the roadways so far. september that what i heard you say earlier, erin. >> we have trouble spots picking up gary, so far volume is relatively light. if you head in from maryland 95 look going baingt icc inbound if you come from baltimore and 50s annapolis or buoy and cruise ago long green zone and sonl slow down we have now on the major is 2 70 southbound 85 to 0 typical cop justian there. in virginia 95 northbound as you cruise out of town to stafford you jam up with cop juston as well. 66, 267 and 395 in great shape and here's a look at area where we have volume dale yetcy to 1 123 as well popping up. as we look at inner loop. 50 arlington there's a disabled car to cause tap of the brakes. we'll take a look at break inside the district next. >> sounds g. airport,
5:27 am
on "fox" news morning severe weather tears across the neetion's heartland leaving destruction in its way. >> and nats bats on fire in their series against the mets and other joels going through extreme uppings in houston. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. >> the time right now is 5:27. 61 degrees is our temperature right now. fox news morning back after this
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>> straight ahead "fox5 news morning" campaign 2016. a protest rally out west. divorce denied. three years after d.c. residents voted to end congressional oversight gop lawmakers say not so fast and president obama is about to become the first sitting president to visit a memorial dedicated to victims ever atomic attack in japan. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you for waking up with us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, hump da day. may 25. >> all right we have crew they're all here talking weather and traffic we're talking about fwary and erin. we'll talk to them in a moment. first we talk news and road to the white house. democratic front runner hillary clinton and donald trump each won primaries
5:31 am
state tuesday. those results come after anti trump protesters took to street in albuquerque, new mexico. >> they have signed and burned a trump campaign purpose and it's all too common scene with protesters gathering in rent months at trump rallies. >> happening today d.c. fight for fiscal independence is headed to the house floor. >> advocates are hopeful d.c. could be soon to free spend their own tax dmrarz and getting support from the whis house. melanie alnwick joins us with more. hi, mel. >> good morning, guys, this is human here for folks in d.c.. a big win for d.c.'s budget. well, at least in spirit right now. and the whitehouse, saying it will veto efforts by congressional republicans to put d.c. back under their thumbs and house plans have a deal to force the city to once again get congressional approval for bumet and obama administration is back to d.c. saying it
5:32 am
will fot noting the residents and elected leaders deserve to have the same ability as other u.s. residents and elected lead others to determine hoy to use local revenues to address their unique need. you may remember 2013 d.c. resident passed referendum that allows the city to spend local taxes as it sees fit. mayor will submit the budget for a 30 day review period. only if there's no action then the city is free to move forward. the referendum was upheld this march and that's when they had the city with this latest bill which would prevent residents from passing a financial freedom ref rep dumb again. congressional representative eleanor holmes norriton believes the senate will block rep house efforts and if today's vote failed they plan to insert language whammy restricting city once again to must pass federal budget bill and white house says d.c. is subjected to burdens not born
5:33 am
in the subject i can. mature each. >> i'll take it metro is making changes after a fallout over the agency policy on reporting to the public. >> after a rain on red line train was never disclosed to the public after many weeks later they then reported. it annie yu is live with the details. autopsyy. >> change happening metro policy as soop as possible. this coming down after a congressional hearing yesterday was a move that came after a lot of public outrage and complaints from congress. yesterday a congressional hearing was held where metro gm paul wheatfeld was in the hot seat answering questions on metro and getting thrilled on why alleged rain on red line train last month was not revealed to public until earlier this week. wheat feld said they never told riders ever the rain because a person was arrested within hours of t
5:34 am
there was no threat to the public. that answer not sitting well with public as well as local officials. take a listen. >> a race aid dimensions because i had the concern m myself. >> should they have announced it. >> i think so that's why i race today. >> a crime occurred. you should say the crime occurred and this is what we're doing you don't keep it from the public. >> moving forward metro ordered to publicly report all violent crimes that happen on metro property and wheatfeld telling us he has no issue with this and moving forward no problem with putting out a daily drim blotter if he has to. that's the latest in silver spring maryland, "fox5 local news". >> let's turn our attention to the baseball diamond now. nats down 1-0. ryan zimmerman solo home run to even things up at one. >> see you later. >> all right. up next, anthony ran don't says
5:35 am
nat goes back-to-back. nats part two, one, nat goes on to hit 5 home runs on the night. stephen strasburg allows one run while striking out 11. nats win this one. 8-0 on the surprise. . >> how about orioles action. in houston against astros top of the sixth. holly who is this. >> if you like many machado♪ . >> he takes it deep top tie the game at 2-2. this wept to 13 innings when carlos from houston hit a walk off single bringing home astros runner. >> we got see many machado. >> niyabi onitsuka time we get to sing many macahdo it's a good morning for me. >> gary the weather team is heading on down to nats park today. >> everybody but me because i have to stay back here and kind of xhapd central you know
5:36 am
>> yeah. >> everybody except the one that knows and loves baseball. >> in all defense tucker knows baseball, too. >> tucker do you? >> yes. >> you can throw it down. . >> i don't know if it's i'm are or type of things. i think we both really enjoy i it. >> oh, my gosh you've been in d.c. so long. >> are you saying too long. i don't know. 61 degrees out there right now. it's nats weather day. we have a whole presentation down there this morning before the day gim. i think the game starts 1:00 against the mets and then so they'll be down there doing all kind of school stuff. mostly for the kids. a lot of kids go to school on this and they're able to come down to the game and enjoy -- they learn a lot of weather while they're down there. 50s and 60s this morning and how gorgeous sunshine temperatures in middle 0 s and another great day for baseball. here's airport erin. >> well, 5:36 khipingz are pi pigging up despite the fact we have a rain free commute.
5:37 am
take a look at 95 as you look at dale city you hit a wall of congestion and that is simply because of a lot of traffic. no crashes to report. south of that point in stafford you backp a bit as well. 95 southbound wide on right now headed to richmond. we'll switch switch it to a look at maps. earlier stall arlington cleared. outer loop is also quiet problem free ride on 66 as you make your way inbound and taking a look at the northeast section district things are quiet 295 southbound side 50 inbounded in the beltway and lots of green and 295 coming up bottom of beltway past malcolm x avenue quiet conditions and got you covered when that changes back to you wisdom and holly. >> thanks, airport, coming up on "fox5 news morning" should police and firefighters being protected by hate crimes. one. >> the man who led sexual inquestion decision --.
5:38 am
live look outside across the d.c. region, 5:37 is the time. 61 degrees. ♪ all right you can call me a diva. go bee on say. we'll have more after this♪ .
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for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> 5:40 at the time developing overnight
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former leader was killed in u.s. drone strike last week and said the group already appointed a successor. the news comes as suicide bomber in cab owe detonated his investigate killing ten people. so far no one claimed responsibility. >> back in the united states louisiana could become first state in country to expand hate crime laws to protect police, firefighters and emergency medical crews. if signed by novrn nor the new law allows prosecutor to seek greater penalties of anyone convicted of targeting first responders because of their profession. >> a mother and 3-year-old daughter are dead after amtrak train klaid collided with suv in california and witness says the suv was stopped on the tracks when struck and amtrak spokes woman did not know how fast the train was going when it hit the suv and train speed limit in that area is 79 miles an hour and none of the people on board the train were hurt. >> cleaning newspaper parlingts of kansas and oklahoma today after tornadoes tore through
5:42 am
at least two people were critically hurt dodge city kansas when a tornado hit there. video was captured of funnel clouds touching down. >> another nfl player dead, said to die from the brain disease ct sglext and after undefeated streak broken have we seen the end of nyquist on the racetrack. >> as we head to break now a live look outside, time 5:42. >> yes, it takes two to make this thing go righting. >> it takes two, you're right, holly, that's famous words there♪
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a live look outside wednesday morning a hot one. >> absolutely love the sound of that. good words right there. hot one. two days in a row. . >> we talk about weather. . >> yesterday was 3 degrees let's go better than that toda today. how does 86 sound the love sunshine pickup time 81 to 86. warm sunny and it's really going to be nice. humidity stays in check. reagan 61. we saw a live picture of that. dimes, bwi marshall 61 sun coming up this
5:46 am
sunshine. here's the deal this afternoon. we're still protected under high pressure and we'll be just dry lots of sunshine and high cloud or two. not too humid and humidity into the equation we're still going have the heat and that means tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening a couple, two, three, four, five, thunderstorms coming up and most of us stay dry and hot and humid and as we get to friday we'll be hot, humid, and a little bit more coverage of afternoon and evening thorpingz and again doesn't look like an outbreak we're folding into the summertime pattern hot, humid, chance of storms. clear out this morning, sunny, today high tomorrow tour of 86 degrees and i do believe a couple of spots late today early this evening could get in the upper 80s and most of that will be d.c. south. these winds coming out of the west at 5 to 10 miles an hour will help with that and we're only talking about
5:47 am
or two coming across. memorial day weekend has not really changed much from yesterday. saturday looks georgous. p little humid. 85. a few thunderstorms on sunday more clouds that means a little cooler. but still we're talking lower 80s on memorial day we think temperatures will be only in the mid 70s because we'll have more clouds. we will have humidity and there's a chance for scattered showers and even the possibility of a thunderstorm. and hopefully we don't have to change that anymore okay and weather day this morning alternates park looks great. temperatures in the 80s for the next several days. remember, tomorrow, friday, and saturday, it does look like it will be pretty humid out there. and so heat index values will be in the low 90s. there's the forecast. here's traffic. airport erin she's here. >> 5:47 for the 6:00 hour seeing usual slow downs from maryland to 70 south and 85 to 80 jammed there through gaithersburg and in
5:48 am
better rockville tortd spur. 50 west quiet 301 to beltway starting to see congestion inside the beltway and 95 south in good shape. taking a look in prince george county 50 inbound noodz the beltway to skhevly and heavier traffic increasing and we'll take a live look outside 295 southbound side you can see all the taillights that's southbound traffic starting to jam just a bit by eastern avenue because of congestion and even though the northbound side looks good south of that point closer to the beltway you jam from the beltway on 295 past laboratory road. we'll take a look at maps. other areas you immediate to woyr about in virginia heavier traffic north courthouse road to 610 and 66 eastbound 234 to 28 slow zone there if you come in from mannasas or centerville factor in the time. once you get to west falls church things on up there and through arlington better and queue eight cross the key bridge and 267
5:49 am
there's a look at the maps as you approach the aquaquan. and i'll let you know if that changes back to you holly and wisdom. >> more fall out this morning for tsa travelers across the country fed up. >> they're tired of stand in long security lines. thousands missed their flights over the past couple weeks because of long wait times at the security check point. ts ais blaming problem on lack of screeners and increase in passengers. this comes as agency replaced head of security this week with official who once headed up security at lax and jfk. lawmakers say we can do better. security and safety of public is our priority. >> if you head out of town for this long memorial day weekend pack patience, more than 38 million americans will be traveling for holiday. >> baylor university board of
5:50 am
star amid a sexual assault scandal involving school's bootful team. baylor is not confirming nor denying report. according to they blame star for failure to handle rain and sexual assault report of female students. >> a father of two bled guilty in 2014 leak ever nude photos of numerous celebrities. brian kol ipz is sdpekted to serve 18 months for hacking into email and on line account. he was not directly involved in the publication of images online. >> time now to take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with realtime news tracker. >> for that we turn to maureen umeh. >> congress saying not so f
5:51 am
d.c. becoming financially independent ept. republicans are push ago bill on house floor that would prevent d.c. from beginning auto muss and white house responded saying the president will veto the bill if it meets the floor and next obama family decided where they will settle when they leave the whitehouse they'll settle in the calarama neighborhood they have not chosen a specific house yet but neighborhood, size and privacy should help the obama s avoid the spotlight. >> and actress told a bomb shell bomb girl but she is not willing to settle for the side role she want the real deal. she told complex magazine she wants to be the first ever jane bond. and i say why not cast a woman. >> i would not mind be cast as james bond evenlyer. >> while we're tat me too. >> i think it
5:52 am
james. i'm old school. traditional. >> with daniel craig up in the air throw everyone in the hat and see what things. >> why not? >> a new study revealing military spouses struggle to find jobs and more likely to work for less pay or in positions below their education level. >> they wrestle with frequent moves, deployment and erratic schedule. military spouses have unemployment rate of up to 18% compared to last month national job les right at 5%. it's not new for the pentagon n present reerz in triggered a flood of companies hiring veteran and spouses. >> for the first time ever leaving with parent is most common arrangement for people ages 18 to 34. one third ever millennials live with parents which is slightly more than portion that liver with spouse or partner. it's the first time that living at home has out paced living with a spouse for this age group since such recordkeeping
5:53 am
>> wow. >> #failure to launch. >> let's talk about this sad story. former nfl bubba smith diagnosed with a brain disease cte he died at the age of 66 one of 90 former nfl players diagnosed with cte. he played nine seasons and smith began an acting career and best known for playing moses hightower in the police academy movies. >> and horse race fans will not get to see another pechb apps from -y winner nyquist. at least not during the belmont stakes. trainer doug o'neal says the horse has fever and elevate the white cell count. they saw his streak come to end and he was beaten by exaggerat exaggerator. >> it's okay for the horse to take a break. >> he is still looked on as derby winner. >> right, university of maryland where the helps. >> laphonso:
5:54 am
inspireing a young boy battling leukemia. that past fall they welcomed the boy to the team as honiary captain. fin was diagnosed with acute limb po plastic leukemia he will get treatments until october 2017 and lasts week the team shaved heads to show support for the fight. >> ram bow off the role, fires, scores. >> this week the terps try toy accomplish the school first trying to win both lacrosse titles in men and women divisions. >> go terps. >> that's exciting. >> let's go ahead and say good morning to the facebook fans of the day. we have carlos and candice again. >> vuper. >> and celebrating their first wedding anniversary today. congratulations and many more do come. thank you for watching candice and carlos. >> for a chance to be face back fan of the
5:55 am facebook page and at a comment below "wedding photo." >> yeah. >> it's only a year in. >> right. . >> i won't say it will get better. >> i'm kidding it does get better. it gets better. >> i knew she was going to say more i knew this she need to say something. even warmer today. high tomorrow tire 86 couple spots warmer than that. we're talking 87 to 88. fredericksburg i'm talking to you, mannasas, call pep ertion, places like that okay wind ouvrt west 5 to 10 miles an hour and memorial day weekend forecast looks like this saturday great. 85. humid, mostly sunny and few thunderstorms possible sunday afternoon and sunday evening. few more clouds as well. temperatures only in the lower to mid 80s sunday and memorial day listen it's not worst but we more clouds less sunshine and chance for scattered showers own thunderstorms too.
5:56 am
the 7 0s and another look at the 7 day forecast locks like this warmen day this morning georgous down alternates park all morning long. 87 tomorrow. more humidity comes in. here's erin como. >> 5:56 now daydreaming of what it would be like to have james bond. if you have deep thoughts for the morning some of you have plenty of time to think about it. >> slowing mc henrey road to five brandi wipe. as for virginia r5 north courthouse to 610 closes and same story 66 inbound to september areville and parkway slow traffic. volume building can officially call this red zone dale city to woodbridge dipping down to 17 miles an hour toward bottle of beltway you're in much better shape and earlier stall declared upper loop and quiet annandale. keep it to fox5 muz morning the 6:
5:57 am
>> xwrext, modern family and wedding going up in flames.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead at a policy change from metro all stemming from alleged rain along board a red line train and new alert you'll receive from the transit agency. >> and violence outside of a donald trump rally overnight and banner set on fire. this as things heating up literally on the campaign trail. >> a live look alternates pa
6:00 am
on this day, wednesday, it's weather day. yeah, it's wednesday may 25 and fox 35 weather day. tongue ser at the ballpark already getting ready for thousands of local school kids to get there and we'll check in with him in a couple minute. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning" it's a great day at the ballpark. tuck ser there and gary mcgrady with us and we you have covered this morning. let's start with news about the prison the president on the move once again this morning and on his way to japan top meet with world leaders they g 7 summit and hours agog he wrappedp a three day visit to vietnam. during his speech the president highlighted importance of transpacific partnership says it eliminates a number of issues including human app trafficking. >> new this morning campaign chaos violent protests erupt outside ever a donald trump rally in albuquerque new mexico and


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