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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 25, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, messagehemes received.rece metro making changes to the wayw it reports crimes on the transit agency. after the outcry to its response over a rape on the red line. this is so exciting, isn't it? >> chaos on the campaign trail. anti donald trump protestersroer turned violent during thent durt presidential candidate's stop in new mexico. meanwhile, there's no word thist morning trauma cop pick up paul ryan's support but will itill i really make a difference? difre moving on up.ving on up. the first family reportedlyy picking which neighborhood it will move to after leaving theea white house.. so will neighbors there welcomee them with open arms
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it's contagious.. later the last laugh. lau wait until you here hear what wa the famous chewbacca mom is up to now. 9a starts now.. >> ♪ grad glad you're with us ont wednesday morning.dn it's weather day at nationalst o park. we'll talk about that in a fewbn minutes. good morning. may 25th i'm steve cheneveyney alongside holly, maureen anden a wisdom.wisdom >> this morning here's some of the thing we'll talk about this morning.rning. forget all about the prompterboe because it's not moving.e all right.l righ (laughter).ter). >> sorry. i was still singing shut up andn dance with me if i'm being i b honest with you. >> i understand.eran forget butterflies this morningm thousands of students have beese in their bellies because 2016 21 spacial bee gets underway todayd in the dmv.. >> there's a young boy that has coke key lar implant that'slant actually part of theactual >> i am still just it amazes mee
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words to him. >> through a microphone it willi do radio frequency all complicated.lited. >> that's fantastic. >> he'll understand the questiot and then answer.ananthen answe >> that's amazing.>>hat's amazi. >> good luck to everybody inck town. we hope you enjoy your time you while you're here in thein t nation's capital and you shouldu be enjoying the weather becauseu it's down right beautiful out. o it is a beautiful day as well for a baseball game. gam thousands of on the students sdt will get to watch one alongsidee our magnificent weather team. ta look at them all there. t looking good for weather day day down at the park.. >> that's because that's onebeta impressive lineup tucker, sue, caitlyn, mike., m they're all down there hangingde out on the field and teaching tn kids all about meteorology.eolo good morning, you guys are looking good. g no joke, looking really good.ll and so are the kids. >> yeah the kids just arriving.. >> good morning in. >> our first group we're having gfantastic morning.>> i'm having a lot of fun as as mentioned, we've just got g everybody just arriving we areg hear rumors tony is in the is in building as
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so we're all set to go here.o h the kids are arriving. arriving. it will be great day, isn't it. >> it is. tony staff is preparing him i h wanted to say -- wanted to seeds all of you.ou. for me i had to stay all nightht to get up this early. er i'm not sure i'll last i want tt say this chris strong from the national weather service wonderful kleg and partner onndp weather day. it's great to have you back. b >> great to do this every year.t a great way to reach lot ofchot kids. >> what are you going to be doing today.od. >> brought a weather balloon.thr how we atmosphere the above putting a sensor up in thep in clouds and get information andmi do our forecast.. >> dough dope you wish they had field trips like this where youi get to seeke a great weathereath presentation and watch a wch ballgame afterwards.fterwards. >> when i was a kid i would go to the air and space museum we would arrive at 11:45 and have h to leave at 12:30.2: >> they'll be out here all day.. this is is exciti mike you've been out here outere before, too.. >> once outbuys.utbuys. first time i'm involved.time it will be a loft fun.un >> he's so good with the kids. k wait until you see we're so we'
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happy to see the kids coming in now. >> we've got thousands of o students will be here.ilbe h our presentation goes from 10:00 to 11:00 and meet and greet f you're coming down meete us at the park benches out neara centerfield and we'll be theme say hi to everybody and gorgeoue day for baseball.y for ebal this is a special day for us att fox5.. as you've been mentioning forin days and days the nationals very kind to give a dollar for everyy ticket to sport the lls and this is going to be perfect day for f great weather, too.grea >> that's one thing we talkedthl about. often when we have weather day a early spring we get demo what d we're talking about. abo here's as a matter of fact there'sat lightning. today we don't have to deal with he it.het. yay good >> we've been waiting a month for it it's rean lly nice on ti. all of the kids just starting tn pile in to enjoy such a such beautiful day.beautiful d we have videos that go overo o weather safety like you said,iks sue and also fun videos.. we're totally excited to talk with the kids and share it withw them as they are, too.oo. we're starting to hear the roara of the kids piling in theinhe stadium.
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weather quiz and they pricesrice from the nats that's the hard te part there aren't enough pricesp for everybody but they're reallr good prizes.od pri. >> fantastic prizes.s. jerseys, baseballs.asebls we want them. >> absolutelabsolutely.lutely give me that! >> much better than our -- >> we'll talk to grant paulsenas from 106.7. 1.7 just great morning.orng. we'll toss it back inside, guysy having a great day out here. dae >> all right. >> huge game last night. n lots of homeruns.f homeuns chat about that little get news of the day right now. n metro making more changes nowhas after fallout over the agency's' policy on reporting crime to tht public. pu >> comes after a rape on red ond line train wasn't disclosed toco the public until week late.ate. fox5's an know crew live outside the glenn montgomery metro station now with the details. annie? >> reporter: good morning toorni all of you. another big change coming toin metro policy and this time basically moving forward metromd has to report violent c
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it happens on metro propertyy this all stems from an incidentd alleged rape incident thatd ra happened here that started atthd the glenn montgomery station ono the red line train. train that happened last month. and so moving forward metro isg being ordered to publicly report all violent crime so that themet public is aware of everything that is going on for rider safety. metro gm paul wiedefeld was inln the hot seat during a houseg a e transportation committee hearing yesterday.ster it was a meeting aimed atng aimd improving metro safety and wiedefeld was thrilled about --- grilled about why this alleged rape on the train last month awnryville to the public untilct earlier this week.his we're talking weeks after this happened. he says they never told ride rid because the person was arrestedd within hours of the crime.ours and he felt there was no threatt to the public.. well, that answer is certainly c not sitting well with the riderd as well as some local leaders, and so they will have to informi riders upon happening on metro o in the form of a daily crime blogger or social media. med and this is a move that
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riders are pleased with.edit we spoke to a few this morning g who say that they think this isi a great idea.. that this should have been done in the first place and theyce ay don't understand why it tookrsti them weeks to get thishi information out to the public. i i also want to show you aou picture of the man that metro police arrested in connection tt the rape incident that this alli stems from. 3984 old john hicks.n h he's currently being held inrent montgomery county without bondon on rape and assault charges. and he will appear in court in rockville next month on m o june 10th.ne0th that's the very late defendant here in silver spring, marylandl annie yu, fox5 local news.s >> what kind of sense are youndo getting from riders? do theyo t want to know what's happeninghae more? are they upset they didn't hear more from metro m after this incident a month ago. >> reporter: absolutely.olut all across the board people area wondering why it took weeks forf this to get out. o and also, that they want to knok about every crime, because theyt take the metro every day, anday so, you know, it's obviously foy their own safety they'd like tok know and have that information. so o
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would just work fine.k fin he would check it and make sures he follows and then, of course,, paul wiedefeld mentioned theyont might actual dollar a daily crime blogger as well. as w he has no issue with doing thist and so moving forward this ishis what we'll be seeing from metro. >> annie d mr. wiedefeld ordeld anybody from metro ever say why they didn't disclose it earlier? >> reporter: i mean just likeusl i said, he thought in his h opinion that the public wasn'tt in danger because they arrestede this man just hours after theer crime was committed. and so that is -- that is hist s response to congress as well yesterday.yeerday. >> didn't feel like we needed te know. know. >> thanks, annie. >> congress now stepping in toi try and speed up those securityr lines at airports nationwide.i today the head of the tsa issa i going to face lawmakers onn capitol hill. h peter neffenger will testify. ti this comes after days big shakee up at the agency where the topht security official was replaced.r comes a few days before the the start of
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season. tsa trying to deal with lines ss long hundreds of people havee hv been forced to miss flights.ts happening day did dc walkalk away from congressional bill a bill to block the wishes of citc voter social security headed to the house today.. big stakes in the district'str fight to spend its own tax tax dollars. do they're getting big support froo the white house.ou melanie alnwick is here to here explain.plai >> this is big news.his is b this statement of administration policy basically the white housh is if youing out fighting wordsw saying the move by house hou republicarepublicans is afront y leaders and residents and it also comes with a veto threat.t. in 2013, dc residents pass add referendum that allowed the cite to spend local tax money as it saw fit. it every city budget had to be hadt approved by congress under thene home rule act that has been so s hated by d.c. taxpayers. there was a court challenge butn a judge affirm the will of dc voters just this m
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republicans that d.c. asserting independence and they say only o congress can grant the city itsy budget freedom and that is the d reason for this new bill that bt would put the city back underacd their thumbs and would also prevent residents from ever e passing a financial freedom fred referendum again. aga now congresswoman eleanor holmes norton believes the senate willl eventually block house hou republican efforts since the sce votes aren't there to get thisei billing to through.hrough but if today's vote does failil opponents say they're going tore try ain by inserting the same t kind of language restricting the city into a must passed federalr budget bill the president psi probably would not be willing tg the white house d.c. is beingben subjected to burdens not born by any other local government iner the country.un. so like we said strong wordsds voting happening today probablyo is going to pass the house aftea the senate now to stop it.. >> that's strong they said noty only are we not going tooing acknowledge this, but we're going to make it so you can'tyon even vote on it any more. me. that's hard core
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>> is it just --us >> eighths power play. eighths w >> is it a power play? feelingi are hurt? i mean i don'tean i understand. >> that's what it sounds >> all right. >> all right.>>ll r thanks, mel. th >> 9:11 right now. check in with allison find out the other stories making min headline. good morning, everybody.eryy first up campaign chaos.haos violent protests erupt outsidept of a donald trump rally in albuquerque new mexico overnig overnight. demonstrators tossed rocks ands bottles at police officers inici riot gear. gear. those officers had to eventualle use pepper spray to get thatha crowd under this morning, we're hearing from several media reports that house speaker paul ryan is ready too endorse trump.rump official announcement could comc areasly as today. president barack obama s ha wrapped up three day sbatrip tot vietnam.etm. president's next is stop is japan where he's going to make a controversial visit to hiroshi hiroshima. that will be the first a sitting president has visited a victim'' memorial in that city since the united states dropped the atomic
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bomb during world war ii.. back here state sideste sids cleaning up parts of kansas andd oklahoma today after twistersst tour through those states on tuesday at least two people critically incurred near todd dodge -- newe camera and storm chasershase captured video of several sever different funnel clouds touchinh down.. severe storms are forecast all week in the great planes. hey did you see game four om the inform ba westerne conferee finals? oklahoma couldn't bea d stopped. they went on to win it 118-mowem to take three-one lead over thee warriors in the series.ies that means they are just one wi away from the finals. final eastern conference meantime the calves and raptors tied at twoi games a piece. pie and finally, call call eighg close call for a tourist camping in of a forty three casm theasm woman woke up to this. yup. three thirsty lions licking the rainwater from the outside ofute her at the present she was at a game reserve t
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she claims that she was calm and i guess she was. she was calm. cal she basically picked up her device and film the whole thingg she later posted it to herer facebook page. pag that's why we're seeing it. i. she calls the experience a privilege.ege. >> what? >> you see that puddle off alcohol in that tent. that's the first thing i'd drind right there.righthere >> i'd grab that before myor m >> oh, my word. >> what do you do? do you yelly what do you do? d >> you just wait for them to gog >> stay really calm.taally >> don't move. >> crawl up in a little ball anb pray to every god. >> they smelled her in there.el she knew she was there. if they weren't in the mood to do anything but lick the water w just let them do their thing.hi >> she's controlled she was aonh game reserve. reser. >> really al? a >> have you heard of peopleeoe getting eat den in those game ge veve i. >> the worst words are they rip your face off and comec back and get you. get
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they're no joke. >> you don't want to anger thene lions.. >> maureen even have a >> still ahead more than justt s coming up a little later, laurau evans joins us live with part wr two of her interview withit maryland governor larry, laura -- maryland governor larrl hogan. easy for me to say this morningm what he said played a major role in his cancer treatment.reme >> first family, the first former white house residents ton stay inside after leaving officc in decades heading to one of the top neighborhoods in theig nation's capital as well.el real estate shopping ourselves. ♪ the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should.
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eaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. .♪ 9:17.>> back down to the ballpark rightr now because we'll talk a littlel baseball. we'll talk a little weather. wea it is weather day at nationalstt park and you couldn't ask for af better day for baseball game weather wise.wth >> that's right. the nats are coming in to this afternoon's game with red hot fans and aft recording setting i five homerun win over the metset last night that's pretty good.ry five homeruns.omers for look at how the seasonhe sen shaping up so far, and what thee expect this afternoon, w t
9:18 am
to tucker barnes and fox5 sports reporter grant paulson live atav nats park.nats p >> oh, wait a minute.>>h, wait u >> i'm sorry, and -- >> oh. >> >> who is the guy to the right.g >> the guy on the right i don'td recognize him.gnize h >> i believe that's hollywoodie tony perkins there. >> yeah, tony giving i was shout out. they can't believe you're here.e >> i can't believe i'm herean'te either.ther (laughter). >> i can't wait for the seventhh inning stretch and get nap.. >> seventh inning nap. >> all right.ig we are privileged to have grant paulson join us.n join let's talk baseball man.all the nats are off to great start off to for good season.n >> it's been mazing. 28-18. they're a game up on the mets.s. it's about pitching for them. second best team era in baseba baseball. more strike outs than any other ee major league.ea 13th in runs scored out of 30 teams. s. average in that capacity butt cy pitching staff has been speciale it seems to mow like new managen
9:19 am
with many of the players in this clubhouse they really likee thel playing for this >> not only does seem like he'sh a great rapport some of themf during the last couple of weeksf try to get offense going. g >> he made a couple of tweaks to the lineup moving down fromown f second to sixth.ixth. he's gotten going.oi homerun last night. well over .3 hadn't dread the dd last week.lastee he also moved jayson werth up ir the lineup a lost productive pdu outs were he's not getting on base. ba moving runners over you get give on first get him to second.oec he's been able to do that.. i like those tweaks and maybe the biggest deal for this team s what will they be without murp murphy. clean up. >> leading major leagues batting .3 into that is unheard of inrdo this point of season.nt of sea second in homeruns behind harp harper. second in rbis. no one in the major league lea higher batting average for themt clean up is treating him nicely. >> other than the braves its it seems like it's pretty activee compet
9:20 am
>> the team that's here today the mets biggest competition. this is -- we are in triplepl crown season final furlong willw be the mets and nationals thatha have real team. what's been surprising theing te phillies and marlins are veryer competitive.itiv philadelphia supposed to be a bottom feeder one of the worstrt teams in baseball. not only over 500 but they'vey'e actually been very good.. two front line starting pitcherh who have been outstanding i liki for them to be the surprise team around .500 something to say s about the division but the metsm the national right now separates beside a game and a half you hau have to take a peek out.k out. >> obvious these mets with theh games important to put distances between the nationals and them.t what do you look for today.ok fd >> here's my story line iferto you're at homecoming to the t t ballgame checking thing out here through out the day i would say watch bryce harper.e harper. batting adversary watch dipsip below .250. .0. super star talent. d.c., dmv out there.
9:21 am
he has to make the bullpen go. . he's in a rut right now. right . the power has gone away.has gona owe want to see bryce harper ger he loves day games. lov day g he does normally somethingomethg special with bunch of kids ath the ballpark on a day like this. he can could be the guy tothe ut watch. >> speaking of bryce as a casuac observer they're pitching aroun him more than ever this year. >> oh yeah.h >> is that a new strategyy otheo teams have taken on. >> a smart strategy.y someone somewhat knew. last season what he surprised sr did some people.e p he had never hit 30 plus0lu homeruns. he hit over 40.heit o he's never done anything hittint well over .300 he became the mve of the national league.lgu teams are not going allow brycew harper to beat them.hem. they'll demand zimmerman, randoo don't, to score runs for thehe nationals, drive runs in. so with bryce having recalibrate his brain to understand a walknr is a good thing not bad thing.a. >> that's right. >> leading major leagues in walk. he ma it walk more i than anyboy than barry bonds. b >> it affects his record and the team obviously.te obv
9:22 am
i think this would be limited number of times you can walk aua guy. guy. >> sign me up for that. i would like to get igrid of the intentional walk altogether. what if in basketball stephall h curry going at it with kevinev durant. you don't get to touch the basketball. your teammates have to score. so i think to get rid of that asf t well. they're not going to. in the meantimeth bryce harper s to wander down to first base, bb content with that and they needn help. zimmerman, rendon, ramos hit a h bolt last evening those guysho s have to stand tall here andhere really help the nationals. nio >> grant the team is so farsoar survived the injury bug.y thick take care avenue couple of guys will be out for o. >> they're deeper this year thaa in years past.t most teams key injuries you're'r going to suffer.goinr. it's a great question.'s that's the biggest reason they're still in first place ane one of their best starts in srt franchise history.isry disable list hasn't has been hab kind to them. maddie, a reliever.el probably their first most important reliever spent time on
9:23 am
in years past you've already had five hits by rendon or harperr h jayson werth the fact all thoseo guys have been in the lineup that you fifth inning start oneo of the best rotations in baseball. only max scherzer era over that's why this team is in firsi place. >> i have a question for tuckere is this how long all of your y segments are in the morning show. >> we've done five segments byeb now the 10:00 o'clock news. news >> he started six minutes ago.eo i'm going to keep going. g >> we do have to wrap it up i grant much do you have anyny special nooks in this park youno like to watch the game. >> i sit out hoker te. we brought -- >> fans out in the red box.ed b >> i like to getted radio pull o the radio out and listen to thet radio call while i'm sitting in a chair.. got my peanuts, popcorn.op one of the real nuance things ti about this ballpark you'reark sitting up top, way up here, yoy can see some of d.c. back behinh i was little.i was le. b beautiful. >> there's actually site linesli as well for me tr
9:24 am
balls into the outfield i thinki that's a good view point aspoina there is at nationals park.sar people don't always sit there d but if you go as high as you can behind home plate, that's a gooo site line of dc you'll get.ou'll >> me and tucker's seats usualll are. are. >> we spend a lot of time upendo there.. >> we appreciate it. >> all right tony.httony toss it back in to them. >> who am oy tossing to you. >> >> back to you guys.s >> after the leapt of that segment i feel like we need to n have a seventh inning stretch. h >> right. >> you remember 6.5 hour show. >> exactly.. >> a lot more film than thosehan night folks do.s do. right? >> meanwhile tucker star powerr demands that amount of time.ime. okay. it is 9:24 right now.ow coming up, we know the presideni obama and his family are stayini in washington aft they leave the white house.e hse well, today we actually know the neighborhood they've chosen andn we'll visit it.sit i see what's available there ailab coming up next
9:25 am
later, jason zurillo ridingd so low. so low the details on the singer splitl what else is making headlines ii hollywood. z2026z
9:26 am
9:27 am
z2024z >> we knew the obama familiar woman stay in washington aftern they leave the white house. now we know exactly t which neighborhood, maybe which house, just kidding, they'll call homem >> let's j
9:28 am
to exclusive addresses, it's not exactly a big step down from fro 1600 pennsylvania avenue fornuef details and reaction to the report, fox5's bob barnard joins us live from colorama area of northwest.rt how exciting they're going to bb your neighbors, bob. >> reporter: exactly. there's beautiful homes here.omh you can actually hear the birdsb chirping and feel the nightsthe breeze this morning.ze t gorgeous homes. hom the houses here range in the five to $10 million zone buteut this house here, first time on n the market in some 40 years wee just check red fin our app hereh it's listed for 3.6 million. mli nice security from the trees and what have you.what you got great neighbors a lot of ambassadors live inive this neighborhood. the french ambassador,mbassa portuguese ambassador.assado the ambassador to thailand livev here. the president of the world bankn had house here.. so did donald rumsfeld so there used to vip's in this neighborgh you mentionedhe
9:29 am
according to the national nio journal they have selectedl thev colorama for when presidentn pde obama leaves the white house next january.anry they'll stay here for two yearso so that younger daughter sashaga can finish high school.fini hig she goes to sid well friends. f so they're going to rent. r they're not going to b they'll rent, and rentals in this area you're talking about $15,000 a month. onth. that's about on average.. now, we spoke to realtoro rlt earlier. earl there aren't a lot of nice homeh for rent currently, however, hev it's more than likely that thehe obamas will have some kind ofkio inside deal with either ehe democratic donor or someone that they'll know and so privatelyria this will be through long andona foster are on the market or whaw have you for compass real estate or any of the other realtors inr this area it's more than likely a private inside deal for the il neck two years colorama will be home and at least one neighborno is pretty happy about it. >> i think it's going to be ao b great place to take a pie andnd welcome to the neighbor just
9:30 am
knock on your >> of course you will. the drive by is oclways great. . nobody does a drive by ofteny enough around who are film when you hear colorama does that make sense.sense. >> absolutely it's one of the ot best neighborhoods in d.c. it's close to downtown largenar homes with large yards. yds. it's important because the oba obamas need peac e and quiet ani they want to be separated fromat their neighbors, and for and security and privacy reasons i'i sure the secret service will keep an eye out fore out neighborhoods like this for thee because of that very reason. >> reporter: so there's no official word from the whitehi house they have picked coloramaa we know pretty sure there's not one house right now at least that's been identified that weha know about. perhaps they the late senator ted kennedyed lived in house two blocks froms here.. perhaps there's someone who owno house won't be living there fore a next couple every and so they'll make way for thet obama toss move in.. so the house has not beenn identified we believe now it's '
9:31 am
white house. guys? >> um-hmm. >> the jackson caught that. t good one.od. very good one. good o >> reporter: it would be nice. n >> it's interesting because inti actually posted this when i sawi this come down last night it nig posted this on my facebook pageo and all i said was, you know,yoo what would you do if you found d out the first family was going s to be your neighbor? and it waw crazy to me. m the overwhelming response wase that people said they would mo move. >> they would move. t >> they would move film why?ul >> they don't want to deal with the traffic and security. secur >> i was really surprised a few people that guy i'd bake him a i cake and welcome to the neighborhood. >> are you kidding. >> they can come stay at my>>cae house right now.t i'll move out.i' they can get in mine. >> that's the only bump you'llul get in real estate. >> neck to the president ren itr out for a year.for ea >> we'll talk more about it in the 10:00.0:00 there's been five presidentspr lived in the colorama area. a not unprecedented.recedented. >> very exclusive part of town.f it i
9:32 am
indeed. 9:31 our time right now.. everyone is just basking ini the sunshine.. if i'm being honest, gary,ar counseling the minutes until --- with you i'm always brutally brl honest. whether you like it or not.ot i'm counting the minutes until s too can go out and be in thehe sunshine.hi >> oh, hold on one second.ecd. >> yeah. think about it. >> how about that? >> nope. >> how about now. >> yes. >> there we go. you got to turn it on.>>urn n. you got to turn the on. tth say that again for me holly real quick.quic >> i said -- oh my gosh. >> i said i'm waiting for theor minutes to bask in the sunshine myself i'm waiting to get doneed with work i want to be outside.i >> this is one of those days you wish you could be outside, take, the show outside it would be good.od 69 here in town. here tow now manassas 66 andnd fredericksburg is 73 sunny warm today this nicehis nc string of 80 social securityf going to80 continue. cti as a matter of fact we're ramping it up a little ut 83 yesterday.ay. 86 today. and by the time we get to tomorrow
9:33 am
weekend, i think we'll bee'll feeling more humidity around he are temperatures will keep climbing, too.,oo high pressure off to the east of 80 today's.'s 80s tomorrow and then into int saturday sunday still looks like we'll have a chance for 80s as a well.we there will be some scattered showers. shower some thunderstorms. very much like a summertimeumrt pattern as we get through theou weekend.week right now we still think tnk memorial day is going to be more cloudy, a chance of some some showers. maybe a thunderstorm, too.undero as this tropical moisture starta coming up from the south and the southeast.. i will have -- it doesn't lookso like a real bad memorial day buy it will be cooler since we'llce have more clouds and showershors around.nd spics on the weekend look likekk this. this saturday mostly sunny and 85. a few p.m. thunderstorms onms shouldn't be widespread. 83 degrees there.. more showers there definitely bb a few scatter thunderstorms t around by monday.nd byonda again more clouds and theuds ant showers temperatures will onlyr be in the mid 70s or so.o. we're good this all of that sunshine and it will warm our temperatu
9:34 am
we're searching for a high today of about 86 degrees so warmerarr than yesterday and a couple ofpf spots. not everybody.e but a couple of spots todaypotsy could get up into the upper 80sr before it's all said and done and future cast is really likink what it's seeing, too with all t this moving through. tou okay? next seven days, well, you know, stay in the 80s today. 80s tomorrow. tor close to 90 on friday.y the next couple of days, notot necessarily today, but the nextt couple of days we'll reintroduce more humidity and that means ttm temperatures will be feeling fei like we'll be in the lower 90s 9 as we get into thursday, fridayy and i think even heat index on d saturday as well.s w but look enjoy the 80s. 8 i'm not hearing any complaints.t >> nope. i love the 80s. >> i mean i like the weather, too. >> that's when we need a littlei boy george or cindy lauper whoao will be at wolf trap next week w bite way june 1st.1st. still ahead on good day part twr of laura evans exclusive withsit maryland governor larry hogan watch he credits for his cancere recovery besides the medicine mc and at
9:35 am
his term as the free state'sta chief executive.. >> was tamar fired? one of her co-hosts responding to thosepo rumors. more millennials living at homea these days. we'll tell you why. why another reason producer chrisduc will not be moving to northnoh carolina.carolina why the tar heels state deman demanding a ban or debating an e ban on skinny jeans. jea i think -- make up that will not melt in the summer heat. h we'll put it to the test thisest weekend for sure and cheers to this. >> cheers! >> again, cheers to this.his it is national wine day. we'll tell celebrate with hatsit that will make your celebrationl even more perfect. by hats we mean life hacks. >> cheers!
9:36 am
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>> yesterday we sat down with laura evans for part one of errr exclusive interview maryland man governor larry hogan. h he talk about his cancerance diagnosis just months into thist term how about he managed to abo undergo treatment and work so s hard at the same time but ite sa wasn't just the medicine thatdit helped him through the ordeal. a for details laura is back withaw us this morning with part two oo her sit down with governor. ger. >> he went through a lot in a ai year. five rounds of chemo, three surgeries, spinal taps. five months of grueling canceren treatments he announced in i november he is cancer free and d in remission. he still is. but his maintenance treatment t
9:39 am
now nearly one year since hisis initial diagnosis, he sat down w with me to talk about his past t year and while medicine is mores advanced now than ever before, f the governor believes it wass iw more than just the treatment trt that helped him diagnosed with an advanced andca serious form of cancer, onlyy five months into his governor ship, governor hogan let thean t public in on everything.rythg he chronicled his journey onn facebook and wasn't afraid too attend press conferences andnd public events despite his changing appearance.ppea all the while as aggressive asie the cancer was, he was as aggressive in fighting it. >> did you at any point think t you were going to die? die >> i tried not to focus on it. n >> reporter: what he did focusif on were the thousands of getf well letters he received. his staff put together binders b of them from president obama fna other governors, heads of tate, even strangers.anrs >> i would sit in the hospitalta and sometimes cry reading them.t
9:40 am
not, you know, just wow this is incredible. and made me feel, you know, likk i'm not going through this alone it had a lot to do with meith getting better. i believe in the power of prayer. >> reporter: what the governoe o particularly loved was meetingng others in the same boat he was. >> it was the kids that wereat r really special. >> reporter: he told me about one in particur:lar.lar. five-year-old andrew who had had some advice.dv >> he said, governor, i know knw you're going throughhrgh chemotherapy. i've been doing it for twog itor years. so i wanted to give you someou s advice. advice. and he gave me a list of the top 10 things.10 make sure you have your huggingg person and fun yesterday one heo said make sure you get the numbn numb cream before they give youg the pokie so i guess they round p rubbed something on him beforf they gave him shots. i went to the hospital and ispii said, hey, doctor, i don't getet any numb numb cream. >> reporter: does it make you look at politics in a differentf way in terms of putting thingsng in perspective?tive >> makes me realize that therehh are things that are much more important.rt i had conversations with
9:41 am
speakers of the house and theset president of the senate who sometimes have tough battlesgh s with they were both very nice during the battle i was wegoings through on personal basis, and d said to them, you know, all theh things we sometimes squabble over or we're havingav disagreement on aren't really that important when you thinkheu about it. >> with a 71% approval rating in recent polling, governor hogan n is now the second most popularur governor in america. ameri >> how much do you think yourhiu health has crib to do your do yo popularity? >> i don't think it's really the health. health. i think it's maybe the way w people seem to relate to mee because they think i'm a regulal person and i fell like this. >> win five months of hisive treatment, governor hogan was w back before the public againga with another announcement.emen >> i am 100% cancer free and in meet remission!sion >> now, the governor continues i with what he calls his tune ups. >> i've been feeling great.eneee i'm actually happy i've had the experiencing to and i appreciate every day mored than i ever did.than i eve your know, i wake up every dayvy trying to make the most of it.
9:42 am
friends and i appreciate peoplel more and i think there are on te the things more important than the day to day, you know, nonsense that you have to dealol with in politic. >> do you have aspirationsat beyond governor?ovno >> no. i'm just really focused on trying to solve the problems wel have in maryland. in ma >> he tells me he now has a neww to take on cancer on a larger scale. by raising money and spreadingea awareness.areness >> there are incredible break throughs that i think are veryar close to >> he has met withet w vice-president joe biden to discuss biden's cancer moon shoo initiative the gov also says als he's glad he's been so s transparent about his health.ea he says several people told himh that they watched that initialtl press conference and they wenten to their doctor to find out they had similar issues and have beeb treated for cancer.. his only complaint now he tells me is as he says he needs to get in shape but the weight gain isi the result of all the steroids o and all the treatment and he a h says he also
9:43 am
break. he has not had day off.ff he sometimes was working 18 houu days throughout his treatment. e >> you know what he should takel today off. you know why? it's his birthd birthday. >> it's his birthday . >> happy 60th birthday to you, , governor hogan and i hope thate you are celebrating it in some super special way. w in way that is as awesome as yoy are. are. you know what i took away fromwo to report, too, as well the t power of a handwritten card or r note to someone that's goingha through something.through some >> amen. >> you know what i mean.w i m a men. they make difference. diffe >> i read a lot of those notes n in the binder. they were just -- they were very powerful and he you heard himrdm get choke up, and that meant so much to him to hear from peoplel he didn't even know. >> well, it means much to us yos came in this morning.. thank you so much and thanks fos the interview. interview. it was great. wasreat >> thanks. t >> back over to ya'll in theya'h loft. >> we wish the governor happypy birthday.ay sometimes it comes from the the personal strength they can puttt out to other.
9:44 am
still ahead in the fox a beat jason is a rullo talking dirtyir to anyone but him said.d. he's single we'll check in with tmz foror details.s. what else is making headlines ii hollywood.. time now 9:44. 9:44. ♪
9:45 am
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>> today's fox beat legal victory for chris brown info custody battle and jason derulo riding so low. turning to tmz dax holt live ini la. la good morning, buddy.ning,ud >> good morning, dax.d morning, how you doing buddy. >> hello, good morning.orng >> start off with chris brown b legal victory yesterday in court.cot. obviousliesly in regards to his one-year-old daughter. daute talking about what's going on gg here the latest. >> yes. so baby momma went to court tcor bakely saying that chris was nos fit to care for their the one-year-old daughter without wo supervision. she wanted a monitor to be put e in pla she wanted his contact to bee reduced.duced. and the judge said, nope. nop i think it's going just fine the way it is. which means they will continue to have joint physical and legal custody.custy but he will remain having 12avi1 days a month with the daughter,, and will be unsupervised i guesg the judge just did not agree a with her allegations, andnd decided to side with chris onisn this, and on top o
9:48 am
that she is also going to be to gunning for a raise in her child support payment basically rightg now she gets $2,500 a month.. she wants it up to $16,000 a month.month that was part of yesterday'sesrs court case that's what she'shah hoping >> what does that jump come fr from? why that much money.. >> why she bringing this case ii seems like every three months?t? >> well, she's just unhappy witw the situation.tion. and so she keeps trying to getg it switched, but, you know, i guess the judge says, hey, iey think that having the father inn her life as much as possible iss probably best thing for the kidk and whether or not you like chris, you chose to make babyakb with this guy.with this guy. so now you got to deal with the consequences and, you know, it', about the kid now. >> it sure s let's talk jason derulo.deru no joy if you will in his live l any more?e? (laughter).aughte. >> i like what did you there. dt >> thank you.ha >> so jason derulo and daphne d joy have broken up.n the two of them have beene b together since
9:49 am
mutual breaking up much she wasw the one who initially said heyy we need to move apart but no who are feelings in thisar relationship but i can tell you definitely one hot couple.e ut . we got photos of them on them on beach in mexico a couple monthst back, and basically the internee broke over them because peopleel were loving these photos so much. so unfortunately we won't be get anything more of beach photos of these two. >> no chance of her getting back with 50-cent. they have a three-year-old-yearl together. there's no reason that was anyea reason, right. r-oldey have a three-yea together but i don't see that - i don't see that reunion. >> curious.>>urio >> who do you think daffy joyffy ends up she's got a pretty goodg track record here.rd h >> she does have a good track record.cord. shoot. that's hard question.tion (laughter).(laughter). >> think about it.>> get back to we'll talk about it later. lat >> i'll have to think about that one. on >> thanks a lot, dax. we appreciate it buddy. >> that does it with us for you today.y. tmz airs
9:50 am
fox5. fo back over to ya'll. >> 9:49 is the time.t coming up more proof theofhe internet loves chewbacca mom and her 15 minutes of fame. f not up just we'll tell was she's up to nowow next. ♪ brandon thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. at's because our gredients come from... is heaven in a jar. rmers committed to responsibly urced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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>> darryl you look really good.o >> you both do. >> i look good in it, too,it,oo darryl you look amazing. amang >> i got to say you're right.. >> what's funny that's the day i interviewed the rock and kevin v hart with that suit on and theye were fighting over me on whoe oo they were going to put on snapp chat. ch everyone loves this suit by thet way. it's an amazing suit.. >> it's >> 110 bucks for it. it fits perfect.. >> apparently darryl grease.lre >> 110 bucks. >> here's the thing
9:54 am
people think suits that fit welf cost a ton of money.on >> because they do. >> this suit was $100. $ >> listen we need to move on.n. internet by the way just can't get enough of chewbacca mom candace pain.cae p >> facebook video of her wearina toy chewbacca mask asset a record more than 150 million views. the chewbacca mask has become so popular wal*mart, target and tar kohl's are sold out.. viral video went viral video v shows do. make you laugh and because of pure joy so many got from this video.. james corden host of the late tt late show saw the video and invited the star wars super fanf out to la for round of carpoolol karaoke on the late late show.h. check it out. >> i was chewbacca
9:55 am
>> i know you're happy chewbac chewbacca. >> he's looking at her. >> about to get a big surprise.. >> okay. oka >> wait, wait, wait. >> yes! >> jj abrams. a >> the director of star warsof s popping up in the back seat. >> clearly. >> it gets better. >> it gets way better. bte >> yj abrams as we just said jua popped up in the back t they put on masks and startedta laughing.laug earlier in the same show theow e real life actor who playslays chewbacca peter may who invitedt her to meet him at a star warsrw convention later on in the year. >> here comes the best part. >> oh, no.>>h, they all put it on. >> fun continues saying they gog to visit facebook headquartersdt her chewbacca video got 141 million vines the most m watched facebook video lifeife video ever. she a blast riding aroundd headquarters with chewbacca.hewb >> i don't know why we try to k come up wi a
9:56 am
clearly we just needed to more m inn ain't. >> i don't get it. >> finally -- - >> laughter is contagious. >> all the time. t james corden puts the mask on and they three start dyingrt d laughing one of the fun yesterday things ever. eve funnier than the actual video released with 40 million views.e corden is >> i'm putting on cary underwooo mask today. tay >> he wants to meet h he wants to meet >> he did meet her. her >> he wants to meet her again. n he wants more quality time. t >> that's >> with her. you know what we are celebratina today national wine day.e d we'll do so in big way.. it's hot out there.he make up is melting. kym lee our resident make upp artist to the rescue for us this morning and ross matthews -- >> talking about contagiousgi laugh. >> he'll join us live as well. >> first though time to give toe away mug. mug. if you're been eyeing one of thn mugs we have one up for grabsp f right now. perfect with your great dunkin'' donuts coffee.
9:57 am
facebook page. enter the mug contest one lucky winner selected by random youanm only have until 11 a.m. to.m.o enter.enr. 9:57 now. 57 we'll see you for the 10a next. >> i don't want that mask. 57 we'll see you for the 10a next. >> i don't want that mask. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together.
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z2025z ♪ the hot toast story andto a hottest guests.ttes always in one place good day att 10a. was thai more fired from the real? jay-z back at bee i don'd know so's let me made. the one and only ross matthewses joins us 35 dish about celebs, c fashion and whole lot more. mor plus the heat is finally on. ladies don't sweat away thatwayt beautiful face. we have tips to keep that summer sizzle.zz. did we mention
10:01 am
wine day.. we'll give -- cheers to you thee 10a starts now. >> let's do it again.'s dit a >> ♪ don't if we do. >> you can drink she's the wine coach.. >> wine coach for me.or me. sign me up, coach. >> batter up. >> she's help us celebrate later with great wine hacks. hac >> this is row say. >> this is news you can use c right here. coming up a little later. and it is weather day. >> weather day. >> this is water out at theteou ballpark which is why we're why' hearing take me out to the t t ballgame.bagame. >> ♪ >> start with wine today.oday. national wine i think we shall do this everyhy day. day. >> if you were at the ballparkrk right now very quiet you have ta listen to tucker give ar g presentation with the help ofon sue and caitlyn and tony and mike. they're ge
10:02 am
down there now.down tre n we'll check in with them a t little bit drink up. dr it's 10:00 o'clock.'clo >> here's to them.>>ere's to those people that are reallylly working. i mean we are.mean >> thanks for staying it wuss for the 10a.. i'm steve along holly, maureen and wisdom. wisdo another big even in the nation' cass top this week. w >> thousands of other students o also in the dc area but they're here for a spelling bee. annual spelling spellin this year's contestants can expect a difficult word list wd tweaked after the last two years ended in ties they want to makek more difficult for challenging.n the bee will be televised liveev on espn3 and the champion or champions will be determined in the final tomorrow and making it to the scripps national spellins bee is amazing a chief many n fr any kid for 11 year old neall being born deaf made his journeu difficult.ffic aft receiving cochlear implantsp he had to train his brain to understand spoken words andnd after countless hours of speechs theraphe
10:03 am
nation's top spellers. sller so we wish him the best of luck. >> yes. >> all of them luck. allf them l >> what a cutie pa taught tee he is. >> eyes mag. amazing. >> welcome everybody to the dc h area that's in town for the week competition should be great. 10:03.:0 let's check what's trending on this wednesday morning.nesday mg >> first family has called theat white house home, of course, fo, the past seven years. y but in january, the obamas willl have find a new home and we knok they're staying right here inrii d.c.d. the decision was apparentlyy coming down to colorama andnd embassy row both located nearatd each other.eachther but the first family hasfirst lh reportedly pick the colorama neighborhood where they willhood live after the white house.ou the obamas plan to rent a homeea in the colorama neighbor theirbr plan is to rent i shall say.haly that's -- it's just northwest oo dupont circle there.cle it runs from rock creek parkway to connecticut avenue. anu the neighborhood is expensive and in fact they could pay up t $15,000 a month in rent. ren it's eclectic filled with plenty of character homes for sale there reportedly range fromm nearly
10:04 am
$7 million. now dye say earlier i foundsaeal condo for 2200 bucks a month. >> really? >> how big was it. h >> 434 square feet.qu >> there you go. >> i did read an article in thet washingtonian did and they saidi that one of the reasons they rey might have chosen thatve c neighborhood as well it's verysy similar to their neighborhood nd where they live in illinois. >> hide park.ide par >> the same feel.>> >> hide park is very tree line. huge beautiful homes. h. i think colorama has more more stately feel. fl but there are similarities i'mii not surprised. >> it will be interesting to set when they go back to the chicago area. ar and it gets cold for real. r how they adapt. >> they'll move back here. >> if i found out they were ther moving next door man i wouldanou have the biggest party. p i'd be baking cookies. ckies. come on in. >> they'll work on the the neighborhood properly. properly. >> that neighborhood so used to high pro feehbl people that's t probably another reason why they chose i
10:05 am
just another important personta moving in. >> hold queue they're >> speaking of home a growing gg number of millennials areia staying hope not leaving the l nest at all. all to the joy or chagrin of the of parents. nt for the first time ever e millennials are more likely toml live with their parents thanen n anybody else.ybody research hers say almost one alm third of millennials live withit mom and dad now. now these are people millennials upa into early 30s now. almost one third of them livehem with mom and dad the rest liveie alone with other relatives or ii college dorms. all this because of two things t the economy and millennialsilnna putting off getting mary. mary not a lot out there supportingrg themselves.emselv living weiss that is. this is the first time that living at home is out pacedtht living with a spouse for thisfot age group since recordkeepingori began in 1880 a lot of younger u people not getting married until later in life as well.el >> wisdom, say what you saidt yi earlier.earlier >> if you're 18 if you're not in college or not in the military t you got to go you got to be out of here. he. >> allison said she would love u it if the girls would stay withw her as long as possible.sie >> really?
10:06 am
>> you got to go. to g >> you got to spread your wingsw and fly. >> i would have thought youave o would said --would id - >> no, no, unless there's some'm kind of issue,. >> there is an issue like it's s very expensive.veryensi >> no, no, no.>> no, >> if you have a good job and you still can't afford to livedl on your own -- >> we were all making in tv $12,000. >> it was cheaper back thenpebak though. though. >> apartments were $400. >> get another job. >> it wasn't that expensive in ohio. i can actually live there okay. >> my apartment was 325 a month. i didn't live with my parents. >> i paid for it.t. i made $6 an hour. >> $12,000 salary didn't go that far. >> you barely had enough moneyum for food.r fd. >> once a week i got to go toeko the pizza hut. >> steve, you're agreeing withi me. >> stay as long as you want in that's what you say now.
10:07 am
noodles. >> i had a hot pot. >> rail men noodles -- >> all the women you were datint were cooking for you. >> i didn't eat their food.t t >> you did, too.>> you d you were out there eatingatin steaks. >> don't say anything about th >> we better just move on speaking of food at thett threaa of paying fast food workers $15$ an hour, some business leaders say human labor could be cut c altogether.together former mcdonald's ceo claims clm paying for $35,000 robotic arm a could bag french fries is cheapc are per than playing an employee the higher minimum wage. now, ed, told fox businesss network at the nationalatio restaurant show yesterday and ia you look at the robotic devicess coming into the restaurant industry it's cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who is innsn fish making $15 an hour baggingg french fries. it's nonsense and it's very it'e destruction tough and it's
10:08 am
cause a job loss, a lot of jobf loss across this country like l you're never going to believe.el now the executive added that, he expected -- expects otherts oth businesses to take such actionht as minimum wage hikes begin. hig here's the problem with thish t whole mechanical robot what happens when it breaks? brk >> you got to have somebody to t fix it. >> some employees, yeah. i obviously i don't agree ingren getting rid of jobs because i b think we need those jobs insn i think they'reci very importan. but playing the devils advocatec i see the full-time employee the cost of insurance, vacation,, sick time.sick tim figuring that all in. it's not just --t >> what are people who are low earning supposed to do? if thi is the means of their liveliho livelihood, where are you pushing them. >> i agree.od >> if we become a society nowoce says, okay, let's do away withyt people and have robots.. >> slippery slope. i work for minimum wage for min
10:09 am
but that's the fine line andin a it's very sticky point because c they're saying there has to be a limit somewhere in between. betn the minimum wage across the country is 7.25. dr is 11.25 an hour. h that's the highest in thehestn country. we're talking nationwide notnwin just in dc people are stillplres makinmaking 7.25 an hour. h that is more than 100% jump you're asking to us make in me i people's salary.le's salar you have to meet in the middlemt there.ere. >> okay. >> you don't want people to loso their jobs.s. worst thing to happen to bum itm up to 15 and you'll be out of a job.job >> i do see that.hat. talk about slippery slopes you go this far and again what are t people who are not highering whw don't have the education whatha are they supposed to do.d o. when they start asking forskin f government aid everyone jumps uu and said i don't want the don'tt government taking care of peop people. s.t's rain in all these folk >> minimum wage so high the small business owners can'tus afford to keep thosein employee. small business also mak
10:10 am
minimum.minimum. >> it has to be middle ground. >> another thing is, life gets g more expensive. so the wages have to go up.o u you just can't leave minimumin wage where it is.. >> seven point 25 back in the day. ve whatever they make justte ignore the fact that life isife more expensive as you get olderd you know, back in 1980 it's noti the same cost of living as it is right now. right now. you can't just leave it alone.. minimum wage has to go up. up. >> it has to go up. to go u it's going from like 7.25 ---- almost doubling. >> you have the governmenteren saying private sector needs toeo step and in put their billionss dollars into it. the private sector saying the sg government needs to step in.n. welcome to the world of politi politics. >> welcome to the world of compromise.comp you know what i mean? mea >> it needs to be.>>t needs to . everybody needs to get give. >> it's a talker you weigh in #gooddaydc we want to hear whatw you think about all this. t new ban to coming to north one e carl school system it's not about gum or teching in class but we're talking skinny jeans.
10:11 am
>> really. >> i know right. new hanover county school systes considering a ban on skinnykinny jeans and leggings and othernd h tight fitting pants.. a lot of parents spoken outke about this ban and here's whatea they're saying.they a form of body shaming anothernh act the school board would fundn the new wardrobe shell need if i that ban actually goes through.. >> i'm about body shaming butmit i've seen some leggings -- >> there's bigger fresh to fry.. >> i'll go with you on that onen steve. i think there's bigger fish fry than skinny jeans.y jeans >> i don't care if you'reon't c wearing skinny jeans.ifing ny j if you come dressed in other o kind of ways all skimpy and noty i don't care about jeans. jea find me real issues to talk about.. >> minimum wage issue. >> maybe leave reality into thee world of fantasy and super super heroes. >> you want to do that.ou want >> i'm all for>> ill f >> what universe are we in? >> marvel.. >> kevin will join us next. us he sits down with the x-men-men apocalypse cast and they're a showing off a little mutantant p
10:12 am
>> first though jay-z responding tn let me made finall finally muchs a question for you. was thai more braxton actually fired? jason today rullo ridind so low and hometown favorite far crowned a dancing champion.. hooray? he's so good looking.n. 10:12 is our time right good day celebrity dish servingi it up next.p next. 10:12 is our time right good day celebrity dish servingi introducing oikos crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings like chocolate and peanut butter chips. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable.
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>> it is time for the good dayim celebrity dish. first up -- >> serve up.e >> ser >> we're drinking lemonadeve. jay-z addressed lemonade one month after his wife releasedea her album and zen the beehive on for becky with the big here. h he was all the way up at a uat yankees game.eegam before jay-z references --ces -- referenced to you back, blue ivy and 21 grammy awards hemmy ards addressed lemonade saying quoteg you know you made it when the fact your marriage made it ist worth millions.illion lemonade is popular drink and ii still is survival of the little left. the song is available exclusiv exclusively on tidal. >> you know what that means? #gooddaydc let us >> good luck.>> g >> all right. over the weekend tamar braxton was fired from the real and noww the rea
10:16 am
actually coming to light.ight the 39-year-old deaf liciousf lu attitude made her incrediblyr ei difficult to work with duringg season two going as far as screaming at executive producerr in front of the audience.. perez hilton is roaring shering through a temper tantrum whenume she was lose the pinterest warss game. game. she acted out in front of studii audience and exploded behind the scenes and the segment sponsor was onset and witnessed thess whole now, we will say tamar is as friend of good day d.c. she's always been nothing butoti fabulous and pleasant when she n visits the loft.of we enjoyed her thoroughly.. >> that's hard to hear.r we've met her and she's so down to earth. ear that sounds so contrary from who we know her. h >> you would think she would bee a diva when come to a localoc station you would exceed your star power and she didn't don' that at all. >> she is sometimes stayedomet lo
10:17 am
to stay on her own just decidedc to hang out.tog ou >> yeah. y. >> just respond to the viewers. really cool.ool. >> we wish her the best.e >> we do.wi >> we're just reporting. i cannot say we witnessed any oo of that behavior that is not all for the show's drama. braxton stopped following nearla all of her co-hosts and until yesterday only co-host lonniest love had responded to the newshn of her firing on instagram yesterday adrian a bar roane rne posted this photo of the duo duo with the caption my sister my s forever greatest thing that hass come from being on the real is t that i have forever found my m best friend, my vault, i love le you always forever. >> hmm. that's bizarre. okay.okay i'll just leave it alone.lo we'll move on.n all right.> l ri kelly osbourne is not quietly qt taking the high road when itad comes to her father's allegedald the 31-year-old tweeted thed t phone number of her father's fa' alleged hairstylist and mistress to anyone seeking to blow out or something more. more. shortly after the tweet wentwe out, t
10:18 am
disconnected and changed but the former fashion police co-host c- has not deleted her shrinkingini she sparred online with usersite who were calling her public attack childish. cldis remained kelly it takes two to tango. she shouted back saying myin father is almost 70.s st 70. ever heard of elder abuse. >> oh, come on. >> really?lly? >> that's funny.nn. >> it does take two to tango.. usher got serious problem shakinshaking an obsess fan. f it's got so bad she had to beadb arrested for standing outside aa recording studio trying to filmm him.m. you shore was atlanta recordingg studio earlier this month when w his stalker showed up. u law enforcement told tmz she was trying to record the singer ongo her i-pad. despite the fact that he had a d restraining order against her. h now according to the arrest report, jones is only 100 feet t away from the studio and the restraining order says she has to be 200 yards away f
10:19 am the woman was booked forr aggravated stalking and is stils in custody in >> that's scary stuff. sff >> um-hmm. well, he couldn't hear thent beat but he had no problem dan dancing it one of our favoritess demarco is the new champion ofho dancing with the stars.he sta. demarco and his pro dance partner pita cook -- congratulations nile. n because they took home the trophy after the votes werees tallied on the season finale fal last night. niles is a graduate he's a alum of gallon i was debt universityt >> that's right and he's dearand dear friend of the loft, ofof course, there he is. you remember. he joined us to talk about hisbt time on america's next top model he also went on to win by the way.y niles so this is what we'reis w saying right now.sayi please come back and join us in the loft with the trophy. tph we could all use a dance lessonn or two. t look at
10:20 am
>> come back to us.. >> congratulations to him.ulathi he's a big winner.inner >> he was also amazing when heng was here in the loft.e incredibly nice.incred we loved having him.m >> yeah. all right.righ jason today rullo riding so lowl singer and girlfriend daphne joy calling it quits.lling uits he's colonelly nursing his broken heart in my am knee florida. >> ut-oh. >> nothing says recover fromecof broken heart like miami beach. >> like south beach. lik >> right. >> the two began dating lastega year. no word on why they call itall quits. sources say it was daphne whoapw pulled the trigger and dumped him. she may have gotten tired of hif foolish ways.foolish ways. i'm just >> he won't be single for long.. >> there's always somebody outot there for somebody else.. >> always somebody on southbon s beach.. (laughter).. >> always. that's a wrap. >> i think he'll be all right.el >> he will.>> hil >> thanks guys.>>nks guys. it is 10:20.s 1 coming up we'll check in withit melanie and get a look at somet of the stie
10:21 am
today. >> hollywood today live.iv ross matthews joining us live. l it will be so much fun. we'll be right back.
10:22 am
10:23 am
♪ hello. thinking outside the box with bw that camera shot. sho >> big scoreboard right therereh tucker barnes is hard at workdt with our entire fox5 weather
10:24 am
team down there sue palka, p talking about weather knowledge. offering knowledge to kids downn at the ballpark today.allpark td they had 5,000 tickets availabla for the weather day portion ofoo this and they sold them all out. >> awesome. >> which is we love it's just absolutely fantasticsc day for ballgame. balam first pitch at 105 today. t a lot of us will head down toea the ballpark after work today wt and catch the game. g it should be fun. >> cheer on the mets film melanie alnwick working hardalno with a look at what else is happening this th mr >> i want to let you know kno breaking news right into the rig newsroom now regarding hillarydh clinton and her e-mails. the associated press was able tt obtain an internal statena sta department audit and in that iha audit it says that hillaryt ll clinton and previous secretaries of state poorly managed theirane e-mail and other computer com information and responded slowly to new cyber security risksks again we know that hillaryhi clinton under such scrutiny forf using that private e-mail serves while she was secretary of state
10:25 am
state. report cites quote long-standing systemic weaknesses saying theyy started before clinton'sli appointment as secretary stateta of but her failures were singles out as far more serious than the others. moving on now to story wee brought to you yesterday.. that plane crash in orangee county, virginia. vginia. now virginia state policeolic identified the two people killee in that plane crash. cra they are 57-year-old charles caldwell of florida and 81-year-old john quinn, jr. off culpeper, virginia.nia. the 2,007 fixed wing single enjoy aircraft crashed aroundund 4:30 p.m. on roadway in orange a county. that is just west of spotsylvania.lvania. investigation into the cause off that crash continues.. and we're having a beautifuleaut weather day today.r dayod as we know and warmer weather once it comes upon us also meano some of those summer storms anda pepco right at this very momentn is having a press conference. ce not only to talk about storm preparedness and what theyha t expect this year, but they are a rolling out a
10:26 am
command center. this is a huge vehicle and it'si going to be sort of like we seee when we're out there on -- i o hate it to certain came scenes when police bring out all ofe gu their resources.rc this is a mobile command center for pepco that will be rolledlel out to certain neighborhoods when they're experiencingerienc significant disruptions. disrupo it's going to be there to support crews, restoration work and customers. custome no word if perhaps they'll have' hot food and showers and water a for those people as well. a w back to you guys upstairs. all right, mel, thank to yoo for that. still ahead on good day this day thi weekend mark the unofficial start of that means heat, whoo, and humidity.di this morning we're showing youhg ladies to keep your face inac place when you start to sweat. make up artist kym lee joiningoi us live she's coming up.. >> first only the strong willg w survive.. kevin sits down with the cast c and the crew of the new x-men movie coming up next. nex time now 10:26.
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sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ all eyes on me. me. kevin mccarthy is here now toerw talk about the new x-men movie.. >> hey. >> good to see you. >> what's up kevin.
10:30 am
friday. frid a couple week ago i was inle london oy had the amazingthe ama opportunity to actually live out dream to see how a film -- scens was done in movie. mie you know i love the way movies v are shot but specificallypell there's great moment in the daye of future past movie which weche all saw where quick silver is spinning around this room whilem they're trying to take mag neat out of prison. priso we have video of the new scene in the film new -- there's thehe new here's me in studio recreatin rg that same scene.ame sc. what they do evan peters who plays quick silver he runs on a green treadmill with a green grn background they blow wind in hii face you'll see here my hairy will start moving i have a wig on just like he does with the glasses. glas >> that's not your real hair.yoa >> that's not my real hair.ealai you'll see the final that's how the movie, him againm as well. as wel very very cool how they're t they're able to pull that off. a i spoke to him.i spoke to h in this same interview, if you're a big game of thrones far like i am, sophie turner is on n
10:31 am
now john snow very famousam character in the show died iniei season five. and of one was wondering is hedi going to come back in season s apparently she didn't even know he was coming >> okay. >> first olivia munn in thiss interview talks about reallyiew cool epic moment she slices ahes car in inalf. watch this. >> i up on platform and i hadm a wires on and then i have to jump and flip and holding a sword and land really like on dime becausc the camera guy was writ there, t and we basically practiced that from the time i got to montreal and that was the very last shott i shot for the entire movie was that slicing the car. c very last thing we shot.t. >> awesome. awesome >> we wrapped the movie and went home. >> i know you've been asked thii question about john show.n obviously we saw what happened a much he's alive n i'm wondering how long you knewk about it. i >> kit in the fourth season i so think or whatever season he died at the end of. >> fifth. >> fifth. she told us a
10:32 am
gone. he was dead and then he, um, like i was the only one whoe believed him and i wrote himte like a really long letter abouta like how much i enjoyed workingr with him, and really heartfelt.t i won't see him again it mightti be embarrassing. and then like the next season ha came back and he was like surprise! i was just like, dude, i don't do that for anyone. anyn you know, like i don't givei d't complements out to anyone. so any way, we find out in the n sixth season.easo >> the first tumor i saw days oy future past i would say pay $20$ to watch that scene on loop forr three hours when you're shootinh that scene, are the actorsct really standing still around a you? are you really movinglly v their arms. >> yeah. they're doing i don't know if you guys ever ee learned mannequin. >> how do you do the mannequin.m >> like mannequin. you know, and then i go up and i move them. them. that's kind of what happened. hp >> i know the bullets are cg but is there anything there,ing. thi >> actually new york city, thate stuff wasn't there
10:33 am
the soup wasn't there. >> they tell before you handte what you're moving. >> yeah.>> yea move to the left. move the head.d. you're into my space now. move it over there. so, yeah. y it's kind of trial and rower and are. >> you're on a treadmill, rightr >> i'm on treadmill. treadmill. >> the camera is right in your r face.face >> yeah. yeah. we had great rig this time grear though. it was like attached to me one this metal thing and the camera was there and i had sand bag onb the back to balance it out. o i was sitting there going likee (laughter).r) >> staning still.till >> it looks so much cooler insol the actual movie.ovie. it looks so much cooler. cle show cool how she pull that pula scene off. that scene blew my mine. me. there's two new ones in thiss in film as well. very very >> looks like a great movie. >> it opens on friday. friday huge cast jennifer lawrence, ross are a isaac. isaac yeah. thanks a lot, guys, appreciate t it. >> the weather we've been waiting for all spring finallyhy arrived and most likely it's i here to stay.o with the heat comes humidity and that combination can have prettt impact on our make up.r mak
10:34 am
place when the temperaturespera soar. for details let's walk on overr here. he >> ooh, i'm sorry.>> ooh i didn't know you were getting,e up. >> that would have been live tvv at its worse.. celebrity make up artist kym lel joining us live this morning. mr hello to you, beautiful.. >> hello. >> you guys see this lady lady.y this is style personafied.sofied thank you.. >> okay. moving on, we're doing these sie trips this summer and ladiesnd d complain about you got your faco on and it starts melting in an very ugly way. help.lp >> absolutely. so listen, summer has plenty of wonderful pleasures but runny makeup, pudgy eyeliner is notlis one of them. tm. >> right. >> make sure we are prepping oue skin. it takes little bit of work.of w i need you ladies to take note.t first thing when you get out of the shower before youet apply yr makeup shake make sure you coolc down. do we rush and put our make up on n and you're combating everythingh that's kind of coming out all of your sweat -- pours and stuffrss
10:35 am
what i have is my first model. l i'm going actually talk a littll bit about what you wanted tot prep your skin and by prepping your skin you'lp actually put onin a primer and s your primer actually is going tg help think about primer in arima house. the primer is going to be a shield between your skin and thd foundation. fo it will help lock it in. okay.ay put your primer on and allow all your primer to actually seal inl the foundation and once it seall in the foundation, you don'touny want to use a lot of foundationd you might want to switch over o from a liquid foundation too maybe a tinted >> should you have moisturizer r on your face before you put that primer on.pri >> do your moisturizer at night. that way your skin is really kind of supple because you don'n want to over moisturize youre y skin. sk >> okay. >> primer will actually help toa do that a little b you want to make sure you'rere using tinted moisturizer that mr will actually help.el absolutely. >> the foundation you said fatio switch to a different base. bas. >> yes. switch to different actually switch to a waterproofr foundation something with an spa in it. in it.
10:36 am
because it's going to actuallyca help you cut down some of sews s steps.steps you're cutting down the steps are ladies you don't want to dod a whole lot.a you got your foundation primer on first and off little bit ofe tinted moisturizer or lightr foundation. then you'll -- i still want toat wear eye shadow.hado what do i do use eye shadow sha primer which is going to be t b helpful because you can't applyt eye shadow to the naked skin. si >> i didn't think of that. >> shadow will crease on coldse day. so you want to make sure on hotn day because the skin on the eyes thinnest skin or your face. fac make sure you're priming it eyee shadow primer totally differentd than the face it really locks in and we havee this wonderful new primer we love an is that so is a has at s wonderful one and urban decay dc all three wonderful prime mers i for the eye makeup. put your primer on.prer use the primer wet.use the primw if you use it when it gets drytd it's going to be a disaster. >> crackling and all.nd all >> absolutely. you want to also gravitate toavo products that are waterproof. we have waterproofha mascara
10:37 am
lots of companies havees h waterproof mascara. you have l'oreal, chanel. graph tight to waterproof.. waterproof cub clunky.roof you wanted to behavior eyes first with base mascara.. >> okay.>> >> mascara base.>> masca >> like a clear isn't it.a clea' >> clear, yes.le, put that on first and put theut waterproof on because that wil will -- >> does chef everything you're e talking about going on here.abo >> yes, she does.esshe d after do you all of those thingg you'll actually set your makeupk she's going to use one of your r phrase like i said wink and pout were you a is hing spray.ou a ig lots of wonderful setting spra sprays. sick plus by max another p wonderful one we usually use tou set the makeup. mak you got to make sure you takeou the steps ladies take the stepse because guess what, it won'ts wt work. >> i know. it seems like awful lot. lot you're proof. you guys look wonderful.on it takes little bit of time thet out come you don't have to
10:38 am
fresh looking under the hot sunn >> absolutely. abs absolutelabsolutely. >> if you have to do only one thinha what would that be? >> prime, pile, set, seatworksks thing.g. got to do prime and set.e an i can't just do one. do one. prime and is he. >> prime and set. >> kym lee. lee looking fabulous.s. >> thank you. >> look at this.>> you see this on me, >> favorite tinted moisturizer. >> la marcia. marci love it, love it, love it.. >> thanks, kym.nk >> love you.>>ove >> heating up quickly out there. today one good test 10:38 still ahead sneak peek at our friendsi hollywood life. l host ross matthews you know himh from the e red carpet specialsls he'll join us live next. never kno know what's going to happen.
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
>> we her the commercial we got to go to ross. two, move overhead today and kathy lee we have give you a rur for your money. mey as far as drinking in the am.m. we're talking fun fashionable and fear.. >> rock matthews we're talking t about you, baby doll. d the hollywood today live hostivh joining us live to dish about it. it >> a couple of topic we've beenp talking about this ross, let's start with le fashion
10:42 am
>> how would you critique what we have on? on? >> well, for starters, hi i'm so happy to talk to you.oou hello dc. dc. look, look at the picture i'mtui hanging out with. look. >> yay!! >> we look -- who are thosereho pretty girls.. >> and you look great.reat and before you even sea it,ve i, thank you. th i look great, too. hi. >> hello! >> on facebook life the audiencc pick out my wardrobe on wardrobe wednesday helped mow pick thists out today. t >> i love that.>> i >> big day an htl coming up. you know thai more braxton was fire from the real. from the rea i still can't believe it.can't v i love tamar braxton.. and so her co-host lonnie lovenl was on wendy williams last weekw wendy said this week i'll bet lonnie knew what was going onw w and she didn't tell me. but lonnie who is great friendri of mine went to social and saidd no, no, no, wendy that's in the true. i didn't know
10:43 am
shock.shk. i found out.. i got group text from lonnie reach out to tamar but hasn't her back.. she asked tele pictures what'sra the deal and they said none ofdo your business.yousiness. >> tamar has been here to our show and she was doll.l. she spent the whole hour with ht she was here a couple times. api we loved her.we loved h now we heard the rumor more wasm she was little bit of a diva ana that's what caused her to get g did you hear anything about th that? >> does that surprise anybody? n i mean, i love tamar and part of the reason i love hershey's aeys diva.di i don't know the details. detais but i'm sure they'll be coming n t t little bit.ou i just think it's sad because ii love that show so much even lovv all those girls.l we'll see what happens. happe >> better news you guys the movie -- maybe. maybe they'll hold auditions. as maybe move out to la and hangndn with us.ths. >> hey. >> you stay put.ou stat >> the movie star wars get ready to feel old premiered 39 years a ago today.ood >> well we weren't h
10:44 am
so tell us what was it like, roz? roz? >> i can stan that stt >> how dare you. (laughter).(laughter). >> you just told to us stay putd i had to dish it back a little (laughter).ghter) >> you can dish at me. you dis honey, i love it.t. for the record i never seen staa wars because i spent my timeyim doing better things likee watching steal magnolias overlir and over and over again. overgan but we'll be playing a star warw trivia game here on the show sow may the force be with me.ith m which i think is saying from san star wars. >> yes, ma'am. >> we have a special furry theme surprised for you you'll have te watch. for the first time in a hundred 30 years more americans aged 18 to 34 are living with their ther parents.pants. >> right. >> we talk about that.e >> here on our show as well as w watch do you think about that? >> yeah.>> yeah. like i'm so thrilled i'm not onn of them. of i love my mom but like, bummer.r you meet someone.omeo come to my pad. pad
10:45 am
casserole.cass >> the thing is boomerang kids k that's not that always happened as long asa you're under employed a lot ofdt people think mom and dad that's' perfect place to crash until i i get on my feet, right?? >> yeah, but if you're still, ff you're still living there at 34 that's kind of a choice you've made. de. as liz minelli ring them bells,, honey, go out and about. >> i think that was a movie.ov >> you loved her on martin and now on dr. ken our specialcial co-host tee in a is a campbelll and from top chef, chef bobby is here. >> i love him. >> let me tell you something. s. it's going to be hot in this hti kitchen.kihen >> he is queue.ueue. >> roz, roz, i'm counting on to you bring it. i want to you ask tisha for reaa for real the bankruptcy thing t what is really going on there ii read a lot about it. there's something hinkie outinke there. someone should bring the heat.ld i want to you grill her. ask her what's really going onyg over there. >> listen i'm going c
10:46 am
you can't put me on the spotpo like that. >> what?>> >> wait, no, no, roz, roz, i'moi the nice i'm the nice one. so, um i'm justifying you're ini d.c. sometime, if you're in d.c. sometime, please know you have a standing invitation to come ino the loft.e that's first and for and we would love for you to comeo and be a part of our show.ou s >> and we always have his core. >> second it's national wine das we're celebrate ing. >> let me tell you something. si every hour with me is happy isap hour, honey.hour here's the's the dea i'll be in d.c. in a couple ofoo weeks. i'll hold to you that >> yes.>> yes >> is that a >> that's deal. >> that's deal.ha >> we'll bring to it. >> and just so -- you will drink. everyone knows in d.c. i'm on everwsy single day at 2:00 p.m.n right here on fox5 and after dr. oz spend time with us everye single day, okay? oka >> all right. >> we look forward to seeing ins you person in couple of weeks ws here. >>
10:47 am
>> and love the show, too.e e s >> i feel -- i love you guys. yy i feel like this is theike beginning of a really goodg a r friendship. >> we'll drink to that again. cheers!ee >> until one of the throw of ush gets a better job and we'll andw we'll diss each on the.on beau ye. >> bye, babe. b >> that was good.. okay. i got a >> i know.>> i right. you don't actually really bringy it maureen you just act like iti >> no one told me.d oh, my gosh. the things i have to -- 10:47.. coming up wine is a win with ann e on the end. e get it. it i seen what you did there. t i love tha in that spirit we are winningng all over the good day kitchen aa if we needed an excuse. e it is actually national wine day and we're showing you how to perfect your celebrations.s because we work for you. y that's what we do here on goodno day d.c.
10:48 am
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jane loves to treat herself. so she loves new light & fit crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings like chocolate and almonds. now that's a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy. ♪ christmas might be months awayha but in the last week we've beenb treated to two of the best t holidays in my opinion that the calendar has to offer.ndar to or last week we celebrated nationao pizza party day.pipa remember that
10:51 am
well today actually might bellyi better because it is national neck of the gods day known asnoa national wine wine d since it's 5:00 o'clock somewhere we'll dive into a bota toll or two and share wine hacks with all of yes fellow wine hours.s. the woman with the best job title ever wine coach laurie lau forward. good to know you.od t >> national wine day. >> why does it have to be lippel just one day.ju >> it doesn't. it doesn't. that's why i made a career outar of this.of every day is national within day for me. you to guys to guys experience it this time. tim >> sometimes in all fairnessrn sometimes people are intimidatet by wine. win you've got some good hacks forhs us and this is going to be like real wine tips for real people. >> and some great wines for the g holiday weekend.daweek >> it is memorial day. d that holiday, too.oo >> yeah, that holiday. hol >> you get home from work you wu pick up a bottle of white wine i have the from the west coast ofe spain. >> okay. >> and maybe it's warm because
10:52 am
the shelf.the she but you need that emergency ecy glass because it's going to yout know what.know wha quickly chill the wine much what's the best way? put it in ice were you you have to have yu equal amount of water and ice. >> oh.>> >> to really good it that chill. and then if you put salt in thee water, that actually lowers thet freezing temperature of the the water so that it gets colder c even faster.even >> stop it. >> the salt is going to make iti really quick. q you can go ahead and pick up thu glass. i actually put your name on it. >> put my name on it. >> all the guest had comes up way personalized wine glass i'ml just saying.just say >> they sell really fancy wine writers like $20 piece you get a wet erase marker from staplesm e and guess what, you have a wine glass writer. so give eight taste it's got peach, but it's also got thee gt brinn kneeness like the sea ande this is on the coast of thehe ocean.oc and it means the drops of sea. it's a -- a - >> very refreshing.. >> quintessential.
10:53 am
i always stuck mine in ice in i the freezer much this is muchuch better. what are these little little --t >> these are wine ice cubes. cub you keep them in your freezer you stick them in the glassnhe instead of watering down yourn y wine and to keep it cold without dilution effect.di >> great gift idea.>> g >> they are. >> i know some people i can giv that to. >> now, the hottest thing goingi in the wine these days is dry dy row high to bring i was dry row say. and this one is from tuscany. made from,, what i wanted toan show you two things.ou t this is a winery fresher where w you keep this thing in thehi in freezer.freeze stick it in the neck of thek of and then you go ahead and it'ss frozen so you go ahead and pouru through that and it chills the e wine. >> it chills the wine.t ls t >> wow!>> >> you don't have to be ill bil prepared. >> my hack here is any wine evee a cheap wine is going to tasteo better in a great glass. g so go ahead full and taste thett wine out of the solo cup.olo c >> i never had wine out of solo
10:54 am
>> none of us have. nonof u not at a tailgate. and note what that tastes like.s this is a little cheapy glasschy you might get a wine festival or kind of like a shot glass it gla think given the size, but -- b >> it's a little better than tht red solo.olo >> then really nice stem less ss glass i pick up big box store. s >> it wins, right? >> i know you guys probablys pro think i'm just saying thising ts because we're on tv the winee gets progressively better. >> it does the more drippings ig have. no. the wine gets progressivelyessie better the better glass it'sss served in. >> even if you're serving bockec wines one of the premium bockedb wines put it in great glasst ing because it makes such a big big difference. >> i do agree with that wholele heartedly. some people just aren't happyn'h until they have their big red. so mal vick is very popularopul right now. this is a great one. our wines are 1619 this one is $18 from cube lay the familiarly from bore day but they make thit way in argentina.rg
10:55 am
taste this.hi >> this is non aerate. a dark fruit, berries, little bit of cocoa. quick way to aerate your wine do it in the blender.lend. >> really? rea >> really. some people even say this makes inexpensive reds taste better because you get the aeration.ato looks like a ig right. >> oh, my gosh. >> take sip of that.ha >> aeration is what you do whenw you swirl your wine any way butt this is is doing it very -- ver >> vole la tized the >> yes.. >> get all the bad junk out. >> or violate esther. >> go ahead and violate esther.r it's national wine day.nal winey we shall violate whatever weiola feel like. >> you know i'm a big believeree in aerating wipe.g w it just tastes better.t ta >> it really does. it really does make a differen difference. >> all great wines under 20 bucks and wine hacks y gou can e at home. >> i absolutely love it. >> another hack.thack. leftover wine which neverer wwh happens in my place. p >> i was going to say. to s >> you just put your left
10:56 am
wine in ice cube tray my 1384y old look at this thing and said what is this.what i >> she's never seen ice cubece c tray before. ef but you put it in the freezer and now wine for cooking take a little cube out and you've got u your >> i was thinking that could be way to chill yourth wine and not water it down. >> well -->>el >> yes. >> make a little ice pops out ot it. >> make the ice cubes out of ths one you're trying to chill.ll >> yeah. everybody grab a glass.. >> i'm grabbing my four. >> when you cook with wine are you cooking with the same winehe you would drink or -- >> ideally you drink -- if you wouldn't drink it you shouldn'tn cook with i that's what i witths believe. if you're going to have a realla special rare 200 bottle cabernet do little less expensive expen cabernet i still would drink ani cook with. >> you can mick them right up.. >> it's gone my head little bitl but it's really good.y >> it's a fantastic day outside. gary can vow for that. t hopefully we see you at the seea ballpark. 1:
10:57 am
nationals park. we'll be down there in a littlet bit. enjoy the day today. enjoy the wine. cheers!
10:58 am
10:59 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i have to say. with all due respect, my girls are are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> announcer: now here's wendy! >> back at you! hi! welcome to our show. thank you so much for watching. i'm a


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